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v v r . 3--N0 55
iAt? A COWAKDIN, Proprietor.
i;. GS K. I'LIjASANTS, Editor.
iti ■ •-1 ■ ! *i ! f uiYiHirft vi belore
\ v. iv.■ e.'irm stly call attention to
11 vH.'e l)rrM Si'.ka
i and Striped do
! :.ti\i Paris M i.-.sliti De l.ant"»
,i do Cashmeres
» . Divs Goods, a variety of
. > » " ■ »t c< st. eemmencing'tbis
» a large*; ck of embroideries, at
> i i t l.agle square.
Ml.. K- OI- TMh <; HAN T»
\ ai.i A:;:.r. masonic books.
>' :» »• > 1 tho members oi the
i .:<■> ..- invited to the laree assort
• ; ••'* w ,r * s - a '- the B x.k, Sta
. .. i erte C.abJiihmeut i t
■.v Pniik rA M rris, i»7 Main st
V'.'-.eut Crtklt Maaonry to Matu
. u ; . R. by Charles Scott, AM,
vjiar.d Lcil *e oi Mississippi
. . :ti-s.mry containing a derinl
- e ;r.:n ic.iii terms, tlotlcej of its bis
- F-r.t ijait;es, and an account of
. soi the ancient world, bv
> .M;i 1
u-1 '- .; ie, eontai Bine elucidations
- •• *ot i";eeuiHaonry, A.c
- M r.ua!, a compacii c tor tho
' degrees ot Kreeuiasonry,
n;:;e to the higher degrees
v K J Stewart. K T
. - iext Book, e ntaining a
■ y a ; Maecaic Oraud Lodgtg.
• :..::ei, teyether with the Coiisti
i y ,>r A.iiir.ari Reyon, and a Hi
i fcnj regu.atio sot the Grand
'• 1 "/ Jctn Dove, MD,G St cre-
G L i . Va
i .art or Hieroglyphic Moni
iv C:. «i i.
- - :: J i ficmasun's Guide, con
-n »! t. • Ritu ilsjof Fre-'niason
: a r ci 1: . 'sthood, by Cornelius
:ec '.- d t.- t'ut> Southern and West
■ ' n y> edited by A G Mackey,
lie 13
' 1 r ' L PIANO FsJR'J ES.—Recent-
J 8j f 1 ' received, four elegant instrc
-4 • J in-'sts tr. ra the distinguish-d Piano
■•i bickering " with6,frjhi..l 7 octaves,
.1 in ruse wood and black walnut,
•v .- ; - s irjm th > established uianulac
■ uri, s-' 1 .art & Co., and John 15. Duu
i k—ail of which have their usual tine
-i * ol tinisb.
.1 uiices allowjd tor old Pianos in ex
de 7
.. r 11 UO.U -> CHRIS 1! \M d~U
. !. w\.ul j call the attentioa of purchasers
■v Ol—
.v-'t and Brussells t.-.pestry Carpets
. y. "> .hread ai.J ingrain do
" . teh do
issrs from the most celebrated Eng
-m tori- s < : direct importation, and can
. - d either iu q iaf-ty or price.
pric i. ail wool, iiemp and cotton chair
y a riugi, printed Drugget, &c. ico.,
' : : U\l, .AGENCY, Otf, —Richard Hill,
* ■ '.a B. W.lal.y ot Hanover, have enter
:ineish'.p for the purpose of conducting
Agf-ncy in a;! its branche?, particularly
! negroes and rentiug ot h"u>. s 'i'hey
. ■i- d to receive the lavora of their friends
—diictoj B. W. TALLY.
» I Eich IS A < il AN I ITFo K HAK
Jl.i! N J, 12, Main Street, Richmond, Va.— We
.*•• jo received, in addition to our already larg®
i . Ready Mi.de Clo'.hiig. a superior lot of
-■ r Coats, ot various Styles. Also, I)r«68 Sacks,
. -eg M.J I): -ss Coats of every color, style and
v Plain Black and f-ncy Cassimere Pants.—
>. sis in endiess variety, and of every style
aa4 material. A large and very select stock
<; iiti-'EEen's Furn'shlng Goods Every article
: • complete th'< (Jentlemau s Wardrobe.—
rab • :'as, Carpet Bags, &.c Aic. Al l of which
'v,., £ at cost until th-; Ist of January, ns we
. to e - .use out the entire Stock by that tune.—
> who cisil tarly will ft the b->et bargains.
•4— n 132 Main Street.
.. T77i OfF AT CtJ.-T At i.'o 17G,
1"* tJorner '.t Bri.«a-J and tlth street We have still
st k of Steele and Fancy Dry Goods on
. wi.a hwe are offering at Cost Prices. The
. • v. ■ isi. nd mahir.g in tur Business, and 11
r; w now occupy refitted, compels
y the rirst of next month. Persons in
. D: -Hods wi!i find It to their advantage
..i aca . as we are offering great induce
et o. of Cloths. Casimeros, Vestings,
» .rp' tin-js, Alaoaeas, Mu«'.,n do I.allies,
e..oAa Dc m--atics is large aud well
a full st ok of White Goods aid
£ g- aeraliy kept by us, at prices which
i o please.
| 11Nfc.lt \L - A CAU 1>. —The
If .. .-:,ed, foe the last eight years employed
! i •. . ov-ss of Messis T er a Cook, having
( "• d t do a similar business himself, ten
i .i os t i his tr i.'ndo end the public, from
t: - first day of January ensuing, as agent
It. .jg out ol Houses, th« hiring out ot Ne
| a t•• coii- cti-m >A Claims, ice. £ic. He
y '.lie otiice on 14th street, between Main
t i d< w occupied by Mr Wn, W. Eus
t a ! j ...di-es iiimsi-k to adhere to promptitude
l pu -.a >in all Stings relating to hie business,
tern 5 will be moderate and satisfactory.
Ai COST —IIYN EM AN, at 90 and 9J Main
: .1 his large atid well selected Stock
i I.« _,t cost, tor a f-w weeks, after which
• •■ • oalauce will bo eold Jat aucUun. Look at
■ i,'.>th Dress andFr ck Coats, Sti to 10
saCoat" 3 to 7
. s if-.j'un- yV'as I'anU 2J to 5
». .fi iMI 1-8 variety 1 to 4
.) \. t iu:. to f.n': so ,a it y m want b<rg*m».
LEWIS HYNEMAN, Proprietor,
j,. i!_ut* SO and 9e Ma!n strret.
7 •.-« ! illU;li> WANTED TO TIIK
i a monthly mtigazinp, d voted to Ma
* V.*t«tatiir«. and Scie.-.0-;. Edited by B. Parke
h bluoii'iithal, P- nnsylvaaia.
. is a rniisonic and literary periodical devoted
. t- i»iii itlou of u«elu! masonic doctrine, and
i ting literary matter; calculated to en
r i.d, gratily the tasie, and Improve the
Tr —a. f. e, t i" make such a magazine us shall be
w ■ ,!j;e visitor bod iiitereatiiijj companion in
j ~ s ■,( all the brethren of the "mystic tie,"
A . as many who havj never yat .stored tiui
7 bob: -:iption to the work is at such a rirte us
it wiihid the reach of all Tehsis—always
.able in tifnee, Si 50per fknantn. Four coptea
•t j oiit; adiin-m tor *5. Ten e p!e« to one a<l-
J O , 'j'hcise in the city wishing to «uh
can Oo eo t'.r »! 50 !■("■ < f postage, payable
,to,•.<>•, by h utlij in their came* to
U (,y , f.\ w th't City Hotel, Wain .«t,
' \ \ lcr the State of Virtr nln.
i'uS OKii'ort FKOI K COAT.H, A
i. .v la Frxk juiit rd
. d i' yiuui atrfet .
•I S MKI'.CHAX'f k W; 1.-KiF.ii..
j VI• T V I -»'I Wb i.Bie n w < ti band i
..} „ auttlui cii'sottmeut ol fi.k Velvet
i V. ti whicii will cu».,aie lavorably
, r pattern* ol onr made ■
, : we will til veiy low.
' ' ' • ' liL'NKY' SJJ .i Eit. A CO,
f . io:j Mb! ■ ttrt i t, corm.i . .th.
, TitK WisE—fuic .lopoiud "Uolli'
ii d " l,jr pivSimT ALLEN & CO.
N™ HOOKs, Jl'st l{Kmvßn nv
S t v■>•!. -r..ti r ,. „, {J ~ «"• b, «
Great Britain, for the hut tvT, Orator, of
•ketche.ot their live, a'. , tw « centune., with
li -h-a 50 ' Chsuncy A Go jd
Ti!; i^c WelUngton a,ld r «'. from the London
» s; (»<»ntoel Storv he T I,^l.
History ~1 Henry Esmond K<q
50 cents ' J *bac&aray—
A Lift< t f Vicissitudes, bv G P I? i.„„
History of Romulus. by Jacob Abbott-60
AUNew V K n, b y °'
.o 29 received a 9 soon as published
! *\v.*Y U * ,M< ,NAI ' vtuiTTT
Ust )U i tn, V taken so late a, Austua
' Uil "Dtamed during this month is of murh
greater medicinal value than that obtained at arv
ether «e J6 oa of the year.owing.it i. supposed
the tnen condition of the f-edins grounds of that
valuable huh. For sale by the galf on or bottle by
J. 11 AOIK 4- GRAY,
14? Main street.
P LYRLDUCEf) PRICES.—From and afieMhis
date, we are otfering our large atd cheap stock of
Fancy and Domestic Dry Goods, at greatly reduced
prices, in ordur t ) reduce the same sufficiently, prj.
or to taking Inventory, by Ist of January next. All
. b " nrc h tor really cheap and handsome aoods,
niUbt not fail to call on us. We have the largest
assortment in Drt as Gooes of all kinds; beautitul
Mousiiues at one shilling. Also, another lot of
those superior Linen Town's, at $1 per dozen.
Needle work, of all descriptions, very cheap!—
v> nite.red, and Yellow Flannels, very iow ; in fact
everything needful and desirable in the Dry Goods
line, can t > had at our store a little cheaper than
anywhere else.
Ribbons, Florences, Marcalise, Satins, Bennett
and MantUia Velvet?, we will sell at cost to ail who
will call. J. MILLHISER &. BROTHER
RtJ -- 193 Broad street.
IV OTlCJii.—Having sold the Retail Branch of
i- * mv business to Messrs Collins & Buckley, of
Savannah, Georgia, who will cotne in possession
on the First of February nest,l will, from this time,
sf'i: my entire st> ck of Goo js at greatly rediie
t'd prices. Persons wishing to purchase fine
Fancy Goods, or the necessary "House Furnishing
Articles, will tind a complete ass'rtment at such
prices as will prove highly advantageous.
The stock of Plated and Block Tin Ware, Cut
lery, Tea Trays, Fenders, Fire Irons, <fcc, is large
and complete.
1 will continue the Wholesale Ba*inesß,at
No 1G Pearl street, nearly opposite Messrs Kent,
Payne Si. Kent, end will open for the Spring Trade
a large and desirable Steel: of Goods, suitable for
the city and country, at wholesale only.
fog 137 M tin sfeet.
cail the attention of Physicians and others to
this Mineral Water, as being otm of the moit effica
cious, and at the satr e time one of the most simple
remedial agents known. It hes been successfully
used ii: the treatment of many diseases, especially
those at! cting the stomach, bowels and urinary or
gans, as Diabetes, Dyspepsia, Piles, Chronic Mucous
Catarrh, general debility and loss of rppetite, Scald
head a:. J Salt Rheum, night sweats, aud all diseas
es of the skin. Dropsy in its earliest stages has al
so been successfully treated with this water. Des
criptive pamphlets furnished gratis by
ADIE & GRAY, Druggists,
dell Sole Agents for the State of Viraini*.
jm iTw WIiKKL Y l,!>K t Olt
Yi RK —The Steamships
< i!y of Klehmond and Ontu
tesawhtyarr-'ffj rio, will commence their regular
trips THIS WKEK.
The City of Klehmond win leave New York
on SATURDAY, the lithinst, and the Ontario
will succeed her on the following SATURDAY'.
'i'hey will alternately leave New York every Sat
urday at 3 o'clock, and Richmond every FRIDAY
MORNING, at 9 o'clock.
For freight or passage, having superior accom
modations, apply on board, or to
X RESTORER, tor invigorating, beautifying and
promr ting a healthy growth of the hair.
The Hyperion, from its introduction some years
since, has gradually grown in public favor, and by
its really valuable properties deservedly become
one of the most popular articles of the day. For
sale, wholesale and retail, by
PURCELL, LADD 4: CO, Druggists,
de 8 92 Main streek
fILKKANT JELLY, &c.—Fresh Curiaut
\J J'-lly, in Glass Jars
" Cross i Blackwell's" Durham Mustard
Worcestershire Sauce
Walnut, Tomato and Musbroon Catrop
Assorted Pickles, in halt gal jars, &c
For sale by
de 9 R. M. BURTGN.
i green with brass mouldings, bronzed and Nur
sery Fenders, suitable for city and country tire
places; brass head polished and kitchen Fire Irons,
assorted, in prices from 50 cents to 87 50-
Also, a good assortment of polished and brass
bead Pokers, for sale by
BliO A U ST RE KT C'l t> A UjSTOKIi, No.
101.-HAWLKY & HAYES take pleasure in
in formin/their friends and the public generally,tnat
they are now'prepared to furnish them with a
choice article oi imported and domestic Cigars ;
also, a tine artiale of Chewing Tobacco, Scull", Ac,
wholesale and retail
Remember, sign of the Negro end Indian, near
Broad Street Hotel.
N i; All orders left at this store, or the Post Of
fice, for Lightning Rods, will meet with prompt
de 10— d 1 m I, J. HAWLEY.
19 A lii K dtr (iItAV, DRUGGISTS, 14"
ySSui 'Aais Stiiekt, have in store, andare reoei*
\M ins, large additions to their stock of Drugs,
.Medlcluex. MurjjfODs' luKtrnmenta.
PfiiutH, Oil*, Wyes, Window tilnsa iind
Yancy Article*, which they offer for sale on the
mi st favorable terms to cash and punctual dealers
i) " HALF CHESTS TEA, good to very supe
** 'J rior quality
20,C00 Cigars, good quality
Si,ooo Cigars, superior quality Regalia
1,000 Cigars, nood do do
17 boxes Adamantine Candles, 4's in 8 lb • paper
5 boxes Adamantine Caudles, 16's
5 barrels ao ar winter bleached Oil
5 do winter bleach-.d do
Just received, for sale by
no il9 L. 1). CRENSHAW & CO.
O A general assortment U the real kind—lor sale
ut factory prices, by
de 13—ts FRY & McCANDLISH.
ANTT. I).—A young Lady to t«ke charge of
a small tchool iu Amelia Co. Address Box
63, Richmond P. O. de *3
HUNTINU COATS.—6 Merchant & Weisi
ger, have just received an additional lot of
Hunting Coals of superior quality. Call and
see tlx?in lit No 1 lii Main st ~.
11BLS. SYltll'i landing andl lor sale by
■ ■ ,/i |iO\E!"> Jfckauu u and city made CAN-
X UU DLLS, fur sale b»
THTa W li fi ANI» l 1.0AK1.-l-«g and
Osquaru I'laid Shawl*; Printed Catbmere Shawls;
Me.i-CloU-.-d Velvet qo^ R^^co
lJ fcUVANT \V AM iii».-Want. ,110 hue for
O the ensuing year, allouxc GIiJ,MK>U io
y,ar S jOl age, and ol )ANAt LATHROP.
oTT^HUXBSIiI.AC K TEA, tor sale by
200 DAViiM'OiU, &LLLN fi
MORNING, DECEMBF.R i>i isr, a '
C"-r. ou( Manures* by °"
fdimerot Virginia from lflU f j 8 f" actK:ai
u d s. 0r O f o, £ c &•' Kf
SW«S?3 ISK j
btate Agricultural Society, £,£' °L "*
S'S Jer U b* "A™ tS^SISS
The Southed Plknte? n s ß « "'.AVI "J 1 ? -
iarS te r a itt
A «% . r ,1 Bury of Life."
QTEAMsijiji .11 a I L link
is so f«r advanc.-d, we ie'l^at^y
NcTlO-J C rr Cagh , The stock now <"> hand at
r rer wasb e«er, atd the subscribers never
bargahis* »nnd fiJ" e , Baleß - Mow is tae time for
oargdius. good ti s, and we 1 made Clotbin?
rnafJ' u" • qUalii ;, n9 ' , color5 > «id prices of Over
PanL and Frees Coats,
F»nci('ft ri" i*» Sbirta and Drawers,
Mata gtreeu* 7 * CiothiCS ' Ca " at N J 103
W- " —Negro Suits. , 6
M>TllK.-The tuD.-criter
ha* mg determined to discontinue the Dry Goods
buflness, offers hi. entire Stock at nml below
l ost lor Cash. Country Merchants, Farmers
and others in want ot Dry Goods and Fancy Arti
c.ea, will find ihis a very f ivorable opportunity to
secure Bargains, as I arn determined to sell at the
Counter in preference to selling at Auction. Call
aoon,oelor» the Goods are picked over. My as
sortment at present is very good, havina been pur
chased this Fall. WM J SWORD'S,
de 16 225 Broad Street, Shock* e Hill
lor Sale wholesale and retail at the Chenit IJuok
8to *e of LEWIS L. SMITH,
, . , Opposite American Hotel.
1 he Writings of tne Milford Bard, in Prose and
I oetry, with a uortrait, baudsctaely bound in mus
lin—price $2 50
Lord Saxondale, or Life 8mot( the London
Aristocracy,by GW M Reynolds—soc
Ladies' Nat'mal Magazine for January 1353,
containing nine beautiful engravings and 100 pa;es
of reading—subscription pi ice, $2 a year: single
aotiies, 18c °
Home Scenes and Heart Studies—sos
My Novel, by Bulwer, 37>£c
Waide Warren, or Circumstantial Evidence, by
Emerson Bennett—soc
The Ocean Born, by S A Go idman —25u
Zingra, the Gipsy—soe
The Adventures of an Aid?-DeCam? —50c
Captain Kyd, or the Wizard ut the Sea—soc
Minnie Grey, or who is th« Heir—s'Jc
Henry Esmond, by Thackeray—soc
Life and Adventures of Davy Crockett—s9c
Yankee Jack, the Perils of a Privateersman,
by Harry Hazel—2sc
The Bivouac, or the Rival Suitors, by Maxwell—
Stones of Waterloo, by Maxwell—2sc
Ruffia on Manures, 1 vol—s2
Basil, a Story of Modern Life—loo
The Successful Merchant, by Win Arthur—soc
New York Weekly Hera'd, Police Gazette, Life
in Boston, Boston Pilot, Home Journal, Banner,
Gleason's Pictorial, New York Picayune, Pick,
Lantern, Brother Jonathan, all for this week, for
sale wholesale and retail. If you want anything
in the Newspaper, Magazine, or cheap Book line,
eoitee to SMITH'S Store, opposite the American
and you will be suited. * de IS—2t
NEW BOOKS,—W»Ide-Warren: a tal3 of cir
cumstantial evidence, by Emerson Bonn t—2sc
Zingrs, the Gipsy, by Annette Marie Msillard—so
Minnie Grey, or the Heir} by the author
of Amy Lawrence—soe
Home Scenes and Heart Studies, by Grace Agui
la r—soc
My Novel, or Varieties in English Life, ty Sir E
Bulwer Lytton, part Ist—37>£c
1, ;rd Saxordve, or Life among the London Aris
tocracy, by G W M Reynolds, part Ist—soc
Uncle Tom's Cabin, 2 vols, muslin—l 50
AaDt Pkillis' Cabin, or Southern Life as it is? a
reply to Uncle Tom, 1 vol, muslin—7se
For sale by JAS. B GIBB,
de 17 53, oppasitethe City Hotel.
i" The Ocean Born, a tale of the Southern Seas,
by Stuart Adair Goodman author of the Opium
Smuggler, Aie <S c, splendidly illustrated —25c
My Novel, or Varieties in English Life, by Sir E
Bulwer Lytton, author of The Caxtons, Peiham,
Harold, &c—37c
Zingra, tti" Gipsey, by A M Millard—SOo
Lord Saxondale or life amonji the London Aris
tocracy, by G VV M Reynold, author oi' Court of
London, K-nneth, Sec— £>0c
Walue Warren, a tale of circumstantial evidence,
by Em?rsvn Bennett, author of Vioia, Prairie Flow
er, L'-ni Le»ti, Ac, complete in one vol—23c
Life aiid Adventures ol Darid Crockett, written
by himself, splendidly i.iustratei—soc
Captain Kyd, or the Wizard of the Sea, by J 11.
Ingraham, author of Lfttitle, Southwest, Ate—soc
Pictures from at Petersburg, by Edward Jerr
fnann, translated from the original German, by
Frederick Hardman—cloth -U<3
Kathey, a cruise iu the China Seas, by W Hast
ings Macauley—7sc
The Lile and Adventures of Punchinello—7so
For sale by G. M. W EST & BRO,
de 17 No 5 aud 6 Exchange Hotel.
E\\'ULIBII NEWSPAPERS, for sale at
The Illustrated London Yews
Bell's Life in London
Gleason's Pictorial, Saturday Post
Weekly Uerald, Waverley Magazine
S S Banner, Flag of Oar Union
Empire City, American Uni n, all for this week
If naruum'M New I*iet»rinl expected
to-tiny—price b cts single copy, or $}I 3# per .vol,
delivered or mailed free of postage.
tsr Another supply of the Brother Jonathan
just to hand. For any and everything in the Book,
Newspaper land aheap i/Ut>i;c«uiou call oreeiid
de 17 Opposite Uroad Strtxrt Hole!.
BKINti your Toilet Bottles and have the n
tilled with that admirable and choice perii.me,
the D'Orsay Cologne VVnter, at
i. B. WOOD'S, City Drugstore,
Corner above City Hotel,
Sole msnafacturer of the Genuine D'Orsay
de 17 Cologne Wate.
CO .practical Stone Cutters <k Masons, South
Side of the Dock near Mayo's Bridge We return
thanks lor the liberal p tronagfl we have received
and trust by strict attention to business to continaj
to met it th« conli Jence of the public, de 16— 3rn
4JO.ND liltST. —Lost, on the 3rd of ostober
J last, a Bond of Robert A. Maya, payable to
Batsey Green given for cesro hire—for thirty-five
dollars, three quarters oi which had been paid.—
The tinder will confer a favor by returning it to
us, as it can be of no use to any one else.
de 16 Main street.
I "*OK lIIUE,—We wiii hire out, lor the bj-
T lancc of the year and for Njrcext a re
markably nice Nejjro Girl, suiUb.e tor a cnam
ber maid, or lor nursmg. TOL.hR At CO'US,
de »o General Agents.
IISSEEI) 01L..—1000 gallons Linseed Oil, in
1 a ca-ks aud barrels, for tale at the lowest m*r
kedeP!6ee BENNETT & HEF.RS, DroggUU.
I LIUUORICE — Wewill be regularly supp.ied
bv the importers with Mass Liquonce of tna Beek
i Co." brand, a genaii.# and pure article, wfc.c
wo are bUthoriz. d to sell aid warrant es suca.—
Also with the "G. C." brand. Manutacturers are
requested to give us a calL Orders irom coua
TtoHH Nt A CitlOlif. — i HOS. R Pii-ICE
iVI A CO, have Just received new sty.oa
Cloth and Silk Un.aks and Mailt es
Back Velvet Rioi>ons
Rich Furairare Prtus
Lace Pcitbes .. .
Black Luce Mitts, and tnaDjr other erUcl *.
Ov il U
££**£ as to Wis* Men."
**. i-VEtt Men Cl'liEM M4DE
by any other Medicine than llama.
cal'dhcoVEßY* T u nrt " r ? : ~ <;iit:A T ME£L
1 et t^J& t °?'! ) Ve? !^ ble T ™tur e . tm '
Let the afflicted read; read!
Barrellyille, Allf.gast Co, SfD, >
To Messrs Mortimer fc Mowbray.^ 7 185 i
Dear Sirs: In justice to Dr Hampton's Vegetable
you that I was taken sick
*r! Ilkv y°f Jan ' j l ar j la3t - w'th an affection of the
stomach, bowels and kidneys. I was attended by four
emin«Btphvsicians for more than two months, alftoht
tie or no eflect. I had some knowledge of the great.
niv » e 'f ß h Tincture from one bottle which
mv Uite had taken two years since.
I came to the conclusion that I would take no mors
medicine from my physicians, but try the Tincture
and I am happy to inform yon I had not taken it two
days before I telt us powerful influence upon my stom
ach. I have continued using the Tincture, and am now
able to leave my room, and can eat any common diet
vruhout much inconvenience or pressure on my stom-
The afflicted or theirfriends are daily visiting me to
learn of the great virtue there is in this Tincture' of
Hampton s.
I expect to send you several certificates in a few
days—one especially from a young lady who has been
conhned to her room twelve months, with a disease of
trie head, effecting the brain*
Respectfully yours, g W HALL.
On the permanency of the ctrre hear him. Stiß an
other letter from the above 1
Barrelltille, Allegany Co, Md, >
October IS, 185 i J
Messrs Mortimer k Mowbray:
Dear Sirs fam happy to inform yon that this day
finds me in the enjoyment of good health, by the use of
your Hampton's Tincture and the blessing of God. I
am enabled to pursue mv daily avocations as usual, and
I have a great desire that the afflicted should know the
great curative powers of the Tincture
I am, with respect, yours,
;b w halu
Truth Stronger than Fiction ' —If one need Veipotri
— A Lady s Testimony after thirtyeig/U years of
Were there not real virtue in tkis wonderful medi
cine, could it perform the astonishiug cures made bv
Northampton County, April 13, 1852.
Messrs Tyler 4i Adair:
I have been afflicted with rheumatism, at times, from
my twelfth year; I will be fifty yenrs of age the loth
ofthis month; the attacks were at times so severe as
to render me helpless; 1 have tned various remedies
to very little effect. Last October I was attacked in
my shoulders, 6ides. back, and hips; I could not
day or night; I could not move ar.y part of mv body
withoutcrying with pain, at this time I also tned ma
ny remedies,internal and external, without receiving
any relief: 1 was at last advised to try Hampton's Ve-"
getable Tincture; before I had taken one bottle of
which I felt much better, and as I continued taking it
1 felt strength coming into my back and limbs, and my
stomach strengthened and revived everyway; I have
taken five bottles, and am much better than 1 expect
ed to be. I intend to use it whenever I need it, and
would recommend it to the afflicted, believing it une
Rev. Vr*non E*kr!«lj(e, F. S. N.
Portsmouth. Va, August 13, IMI.
Mr JF, Bonsh—Dear Sir: While lam in general op
posed to Patent Medicines, candor compels me to state
that I have great confidence in the virtues of Hamp
ton's Vegetable Tincture. For several months past I
have used it in my family, and in dyspepsia, loss of ap
petite. dizziness, and general debility, with entire suc
cess. So far as my experience extends, therefore, 1
take pleasure in recommending ii to the afflicted as a
safe and efficient remedy.
I am, leapecti'ully, yours,
Ch_plaiu in the U. States Nuvy,
Hampton's Vegetable Tincture, ny its mild aetion »i.
the stomach, liver, and the kidneys, will cure dyspep
sia, cough, asthma, bronchial and lung affections, pains,
in the back, side and breast, consumption, scrofuM,
rheumatism, gout, neuralgia, fistula, pitfs. bowel com
plaints, worms, nervous debility—with all diseases an*;
sing from impure blooi, tuid is the greatest female me
dicine ever known
Call and get pampklets gmtia, and see certificates »f
For sale by O. A. STRECKER, Main street, Rich
mond; G. fi. JONES «t CO., Petersburg, Va.; Doctor
COOKE, Fredericksburg: MORTIMER i MOW
BRAY, Baltimore; and £y Druggists generallj.
oc 29
1,1 V Kit noH'l,.\|>T,
And all
diseases ari
sing from a disor
dered Liver or Sto
mach, sitfh as Constipa
tion, Iwxard Pius. Fullness,or
Blood to the Heud, Acidity ofthe Sto ■
mack, Nausea, Hart-burn, Disgust for
Food, Fullness, or weight in the Stomach,
Sour Eructations, Sinking or Fluttering at
the Fit of the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Htvr
ried and Difficult Breathing. Fluttering at the
Heart, Choking or Suffocating Setisationt
tchen in a lying posture, Dimness of Vi
sion, Dots or Wths before the Sight,
Fever and Dull Pain in the
Head, Deficiency of Perspi
ration. Yellowness of
the Skin and Eyes,
Pain in the
, Side,
Bnck, Chest. Limbs. &c, 3pddeu Flushes of Heat, H in
ning in the Flesh, Constant Imaginings of Evil, and
Great Depression of Spirits, can be effectually cured
BITTERS, prepared by Dr C M Jackson, at the Ger
man Medicine store, 130 Arch street, Philadelphia.
Their power over the above diseases is not excelled
—if equalled—by any other preparation in the lliutejfe
States, as the cures attest, iu many cases after skilfdl
physicians had failed.
These bitters arc worthy the attention of invalids.—
Possessing great virtues in the rectification of diseases
of the liver and lesser glands, exercising the most
searching powers iu weakness and atlections ot the di
gestive organs, they are, withal, sate, certain and ple»-
" ant read: and be convinced
Charles Robinson, Esq, Easton, Md, in a letter I© Dr
Jackson, January 9, 1350, said :
My w r iife and myself have received more benefit from
your medicine than any oftier we have ever taken tw
dyspepsia and liver disease.
The Tenth Legion, published at Woodstock, Va, Ja
nuarv 10, 1850, said:
We have uniformly refrained trom recommending to
the public any of the various Patent Medicines ut tile
day, unless thoroughly convinced of their vajue. A
mong those we consider worthy of notice is the Ger
man Bitters, invented by Dr and prepared sy
Dr Jackson, in Philadelphia. One iustancetn particu
lar, in which the superior victime of this medicine ha.s
been tested, has fallen underfur observation During
the lust summer, a son of Mr Abraham C rabill, uiuiis
county, was very seriously afflicted with I'ver coia
plaint, and after trying iu vain various remedies, tte;
purchased a bottle of the Bitters, and alter using it. wm
so much relieved of his distressing malady, that
procured toother bottle, and is restored eiitis&iy ce
The Philadelphia Saturday Gazette, the best famt*
newspaper published in the United btates. J.'ie isde-
It is seldom that we recommend what are termed
Pateut Medicines to the confidence and pa.ronage
our readers; and, therefore, when we recommendDv
Hootiund's German Bitrers. we wish it to be distinctly
understood that we are not speaking of the nostrums <rt
the dav that are noised about fur a brie! period sad
thin forgotten after it has done it. guilty race of mis
chief, but of a medicine long established, universally
prized, and which has met the hearty approval ot the
ta has attained that high character which
is necessary for all medicine* to attain to induce coun
terfeits to put forth a spurious article st the r.ak ot ttk.
lives of those who are innocently deceived.
l.oob well to the Mark* of the t,enulw>.
They have the written signature of C M Jacksus
upon tie wrapper, and the name oiown ui Uw
For sale, by
mh 3—3 taw 1 y 9 2 Main st. corner l«h.
D 4 liTIC I LAK NOTICE.-l beam od Moo
1 dty M tuke ny wni tncuai inventory, *nd of
t--r for »'jl« a.i Witt-r G jud3 at eot, tor CMb. lte
Block is vrj large in—
Heavy V. oo.lc-n! 1 , Dre : « G ) r > a
Caii'meres, Cloliu, B ankft •
Vestii ?•) Prinifctt Sh»wl», A'pacsa
Cs9-initt«, Ci-rdt aud FusUa .a
Pri.iW. Top Coaling*
* i- pf O. LOHDOM
jja 10 Mam »i, t.e*r Qld Market.
Worn the London Timet, lat inst
The Stafford House Movemeat—The Lou
don -Titles on the Dutchess of Sutherland,
and Lnghsh Abolition in general—A Tel
ling Rebuke.
In one point there is a very general ajree-
HJf 1 ? 1 ®' non g the nations of the earth. Thev
a.I behave that they understand their own dif
n«u!ties better than their neighbors do for them.
1.1 k st '" tiave > 111 any social
problems, which event?, and the " sponta
neous chang« of society, rather than legisla
tion,are solving in one way or another. But
whether it be the condition of the Irish peas
-B*!ry> °r 'he Irish Church Establishment,
or Enghsh pauperism, or factory labor,
or the excess of our female population, we
nave never attached much importance to the
opinions of French or German writers on these
subjects. Indeed, if their remaiks on our so
cial questions are ever read in this country, it
is rather in the hope of comieg upon so i e ri
diculous m;sapprehen»ion, or some queer in*
trusion of foreign peculiarities, tha« for any
valuable suggestion we are likely to meet with.
When we find this national jealousy so strong
in ourselves, it is reasonable to expect some
thing of the kind in our neighbors, and proper
to make allowance for it. They all have their
troubles, more or less ancient and inherited—
more or less mixed up with their social and
political institutions, so intimately at any rate
as to defy the rude hand of the abstract re
former, and still more the unfriendly criticism
of lite foreign censor. Negro shivery, as it
exists iu the United States, is just such a
deep and apparently incurable sore, and such
ate t'ne feelings with which it is regarded in
the Union. We, the great British nation, hav
ing our own slave colonies some six or seven
thousand miles off, and having also more mo
ney and better credit than any other uation in
the world, indulged our benevolence and our
our pride in abolishing slavery and adding
£20,000,000 to the figure of our national debt,
with very little regard to the results either to
the planter or to the slave.
At the present moment, indeed, if there is
one thing in the world that the British public
do not like to talk übout, or even to think about,
it is the condition of the race for whom this
great efiort Was made. We are not the less
proud, however, of our achievement and its
cost, and think that, bavin;; dune so much our
selves, we may fairly impose the like sacrifice
on our neighbors. But the precept, " Go, and
do thou likewise," seldom comes with much
loree when the spokesman is urging his own
example , and, as it happens in this case, the
example does not apply quite so closely as it
might do. In the United Slates the evil !3 con
stitutional and incorporate. It is political and
domestic. It is gigantic and household. It is
a question that atlecis families, institutions,
States and the whole Union. It affects slaves
and freemen, both, of every possible shade. —
Confessedly, and on the showing of the lady
whose work has eo spell-bound every heart
und every mind in rtris country, there are two
»reai negro difficulties to be dealt with in the
United State*, —the difficulty ol the coined
t-lave and that of the colored freeiuau ; and, of
the two, the latter is the worst. But, when
Eng.and interferes in this matter, what is to be
the exact manner and particular object of that
interference ? Are we to tell the Americans to
love those whom they loathe, and associate
with those against whom they feel an actual
repulsion? If we do, we are dealing hard
measure ; if we do not, we are not touching
the greater of the two difficulties to be dealt
Of course, w« are disposed to regard with
every possible indulgence the ptoceedings of
the select iittle contention of ladies that met
the other day at Stafford houso. Never did
any thing more defy rrit cism; and it would
really be breaking a butterfly on th# wheel to
remark on the affair as we should on the rough
tustle of opinion in the House of Commons, or
the tempestuous rhetoric cf Exeter Hal), We
may be permitted, however, to doubt whether
women of the calibre that assembled the other
day at Syracuse, (U. S.) will be able to appro
bate the satin paper and rose*aier of our fe
male aristocracy; much more, whether the
Haleys and the Legrees, or even the Shelbys
and the St. Clares, of the Union, will take
much heed of so eoftly whispered a warning.—
The Americans are not veiy kindly disposed
to our aristocracy. The may rejoin. "Are yon
so ready to drop all distinctions of classes? —
Do you consent, at die bidding of any monitor,
to associate wi th al! who are your equals in
education and merit? Are there no castes, no
quasi negroes, Creoles mulattoes, or quad
roons, in the gradsitions of British society?—
i'iie Court Circular, and published catalo
gues of guests at your banquets, tell auother
We will not anticipate the American re
joinders on the mere question of slavery itself,
its physical distresses, and moral degredutions.
These must iiave occurred to the aristocratic
and not less philanthropic circle at Stafford
house, who knows too well the fragile mate
rials of their own social system cot to (ear the
damaging reply they are bringing on iheui
ssives. It is too late to ask them to reconsider
their movement, for the movement is made, and
the address ouee before the world, we only
hope it rnav receive a respectable number of
lady signatures. Really and honestiy, our
chief motive in thess remarks is to entreat the
indulgence of the American public to a pro
ceeding calculated to wound their amour pro
pre, to rouse tiiat jealousy which all nations
(eel towards one auother —most ot all those
nations which are most alike, and possibly
even to augment the difficulty ot the eiaveiy
Our fair readers who are invited to enter on
a crusade of u somewhat international eMur*-
ucter will excuse one little warning, which
we venture »o make in oor columns to u»y.
We, of this free and happy country, are just
the most extensive employers ( indirectly, but
u< t less really,) of slave labor in the world.
Negro slaves, working under the lash in the
mid-day euo, and ' keeping their toe we.l up
to the mark," as Mr. Legree would say, pro
duce th<» material of our cravats, our stockings,
and the simple and comprehensive garment iu
which we take our repose. They supply the
mnslins and prints, and nearly all the other
fabrics of our female costume, tfoui we <- r e»s
of the to mat of the poorest needle
woman. Slaves pioiuee our coffee; and the
su»ar that sweetens it. .
iiy dav and by oigut, sitting do* ll and "sing
up, we Jre still encouraging slavery by con
euming its produce. The prime agent who
moves the wheels of Southern slavery, we
are told, is the northern capitalist, who has
his mortgage on the slave estate, or holds a
bill of sale, ami who secures himself, when
necessary, by an order to his agent to eel t-fl
everything on I tie estate, slaves and ail tor
what they will fetch at the hammer. I his
mun, Mrs. Stowe tells us, is really a guilty
partner in the transactions, if not tne most
guilty,—the guilty because he supples
me strongest a.muius of the system, and com
pels the musj, violent mens urea. But, tf the
Northern cspittlisl polls the! strings ut the
southern planter the suing** o! the
uoitiiera capitalist? -VJost assuredly the uier
chants aud hiokers at New YoiK u r e uuutuy
dependent ou the British market. \V e use she
slave eottou. We supply the *.ave eapiui.—
Our money buys the neg ro ,_our mon»? bovs
I his work. It »an indissoluble union J i.te '
estsand operations, of which ths white slave
of this conotry is at one end, and the black
Th VP °l A { l i er,ca »« ,he oiher end of the chain.
This should teach us a little more modest?
jhao'f we were simply preaching to the oeo
pie of limbuctoa to burn their idols and desist
from human sacrifices.
THE Garrote if HiTA.VA.-At 7 o'clock
A. M. of the bth inst., two men and a woman
wrrs publicly executed by the garrote in Ha
vana. I he circumstances which brought these
unhappy wretches to the ecaTald, hare erea
nleofSH of sensation among the peo
?' e ° f " aTß " a v .1' "MiJ that the woman wa.
/ . w "h child at the time she was execu
ted; but great pains are being taken to denv
thai such was the fact. The woman herseLf
her hlfna she fwien/e-that, indeed,
the h'r 1° WSB 'r C cause her committing
tJI a Cr ' me f ° r , wh,ch 9he ha < "uffereS
death. A certain wealthy woman. Mrs. Lance
towle, became unwell about the 2d or 3d of
September, and lingered until the 27th, when
8 , died - Some days after her burial, it was
discovered that a robbery of some moner had
been commuted in the house of the deceased
lady, whose husband. Mr. Fowle, while prose*
euting his investigation as to the theft, learned
with dismay from one of his negro servants,
Ik! m W 'f? ? l ! been . Poisoned. It appears
that Mrs. frowle s maid servant, Merced, be
came emciente by some men living out of the
house, and dreading her mistress's an°er when
thu fact could no longer be concealed, in an
evil hour she allowed herself to be persuaded
to poison her mistress, being instructed how
to administer the potion without detection by
a notorious scoundrel, a mulatto, named Juan
Guovrero who also procured the arsenic which
he dissolved in water. The girl Merced, she
mulatto Guovrero, and Mr. Fowle's coachman*
having been c ndemned to suffer death, were
dragged in confounance to the sentence of the
judge at the tail of an ass, outside ot the jail,
from whence they were picked up by the
Brothers of Charity, and carried to the scaf
fold, w here they were gurroted, in the presence
of their companions in guilt, the other man
and woman—the man being sentenced to ten
years in thechain gatig.ot Ceuta, and the wo
man to imprisonment for life in the Havana
John Bull delights to lecture the ''Model
Republic" for its Anglo-Saxon lore of Land
Ilis own propensity for acquisition he affects
not to be sensible of. Hardly a steamer ar
rives but brings some news of another link or
two being y.dded to the chain of British Do
minion. The last steamer brings the follow
ing account of the capture by the British
troops of I'rome in Burmah:
It was mentioned by previous mail, that the
British forces hail advanced up the river, on
the 21st and i;2d of September. They ascend
ed without inteiruption till the morning of
the yth October, when they reuched I'rome.—
The defences of the Burmese consisted of a
long stockade on the edge of the hills on the
right wank, a breastwork of masonry on the l
point, and guns planted on every position of
advantage on both sides of the river. Sosooa
as the squadron came within range, they were
fired on from all the points by tha enemy; this
was returned by the steamers I'hlegethon and
Mnhanuddy, and by the rest of the squadrons
a3 they came within range. In two hours tha
fire of the enemy was completely silenced.—
As a sharp discharge of musketry was still
kept up from behind the numerous pagadaa
which lay on the bank of the river, and the if
regular portions of the ground where marks
men could be concealed, the steamers came
to anchor, and commenced about noon throw
ing shell*, which speedily cleared the neigh
borhood. As the heat of the day diminished,
preparations were made for landing. At SP.
M., one wing of the 80th Regiment landed.—»
They experienced scarcely any opposition.—
On touching the shore they threw out skir
mishers and pushed rapidly up the hill, dis
lodging the enemv as they advanced. Thfl
Golden Pagoda in front of them was defended
by 500 men; a fharp but short struggle here
ensued; the enemy after receiving two or three
heavy volleys, broke and fled in all directions.
At so late an h< ur it was not deemed expe
dient to attack the town. In the course of the
night the troops, in all amounting to about
3,000 men, of whom 500 were seamen, were
landed; next morning they marched without
opposition in'o I'rome, which had been aban
doned by the Burmese. The total loss of the
British was but five or six, notwithstanding ao
tmii'h firing. It is said tiiat there are about
6,000 Bur neae, defended by strong stockades,
about six miles from I'rome; and though the
opinion was that they might have been dis
lodged without the slightest trouble, General
Godwin hesitated to proceed fur her without
reinforcements. The troops meanwhile were
housed within the town. Nothing was known
of the future plan of the campaign; but the
troops remained in good health and spirits.
The war was considered to be nearly over.
The following is the summary of the budget
jufroduced by Mr. into Parliament i
Shipping to he relieved, and only to pay for
lights which benefit it. This relief will cost
i\>c country £100.000 per annum. Select com
mittee on pilotage I b illastin*.
Koval navy salvage abolished.
Important measures regarding roaming the
navy and merchant service.
Stamps used for shipping to be considered.
No change in sugar duties.
Colonies may refine sugar in bond.
Duties on rum and molasses used in brewe
ries to be considered. .
Measure of high vuy rates to be introduced.
So change in county raws or local tares.
Malt duties reduced oue half, from 10th Oc
tober next. . . .
Drawback upon malt spirits in Scotland to
be done awny with.
Tea duties reduced. First year reduction of
4Jd, and live following yean 2d. peryear, un
til the duty reached Is.
The Hop Duty reduced one half.
Exemption on industrial incomes, to com
mence on £100 per year.
On property, income, exemption to «oai
inence at £i 0 per annum.
Schedule A and B at 7d., D and fc. would
be 6Jd. In schedule B profits would be esti
mated not at one-half, but at one-third of the
rent* ~ . •
Fioperty and Income Tax to extend to Ire-
Increase in Estimate for Artuy and !<avy
Surplus on the year would be about £1,490,-
The subject of administrative reform to be
The house tix to be extended and increased.
Ship Bcildiso is Louisiana —Tie Stale o{
Louis »u» hs» recently a to encourage
tbip build.; iu teat dute.aud a boou* i« t rteredta
frvry pei»i/'. wuj »afcll c*u»e to be f<uili wilt 2 the
>tale aaj vesael of a t jr.u&a? esootdiug oce tua
dr.d ton*burthen, *a«oii>s rteamen, oi
u»e dollar* a too—and i'or every lint or lake Ham**
ol I'.u: do i»r* s U«-

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