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\:.U\ VI "1 I ill. 1 M 1 Kl» SI ATI.S.
7V<> Dnyt Later from California.
>i w } okk, IW. 19.— Ihe steamer United
f. - h«« arrived, bringing 200 passengers
$410,000 111 gold, and two days later in-'
, i-:n-e from California, brnaght down hv
\\ to IS, ott. Among In r
, . aptain and officers of (he City of I'lttc
: >i*. rntl> burnt at Valparaiso.
I'. I i-ted Sntc., off Little F.gg harbor,
»••>••• N spoi.e the Kfiioon-r BrandvwineJ
ii Godirev. oi Philadelphia, fo; New'
i - » > '""1 "> a sinking condition. Cap-
It l -' r - ■ t t '-'■<* * itv ot Pittsburg, Toiun
.o to the reiiel «>f the Brandvwme,
r i n n were ail saved.
J - wns more active. Flour unchang-
I tei. Ms: downward. Pi ices of provi
thcr stapli - favored buyers. Clean
f -h. - s ■ ,!l .
( r .-i news is uniinportn.t.
- ii in Miegon rue to the 10th. The
:. .i ~:rants had nearly all arrived.—
H 1 iad plenty of provision, on the route,
ted ■ ut little trom sickness.
ni i !. mi i ,d airin d at Panama
• \ , araiso dates of the 15th and Lima
» . i. She brought $200,000 in specie,
i t th former place had improved a
.! w is not active.
i ru w •q: t.v ci ncentrating her military
: ;wi .! purp -se was not known. »
mi she is | r paring t i lesist the
- i t Lquador i>>r satisfuct.on iuiegard
i ion 5 tlair.
I I! j'i-li (jiOTem:t ent had made a for
. . ,aril nto blockade the coast of Peru
-it « - the Mackintosh claim, but the
• was afterwards countermanded.
''f "* • widor H ildan had i»eeu appointed
• i •• m rot Panama.
1 I' l ruvisn Cout-u! of Panama gives no
sf t It iiient ot' the Lobos question,
! w ari.« ul! vt sseis that present themselves
at ("a iao to load with guano under the condi
i he !i< aty, that their charters will be
»i -1 4:l'. '.and any attempt at fiaud
t« i< !y punished.
I s . -11 received by the pa==en
"i'> < i Pittsburg had enabled most
1 1 continue th irvottige to California,
i 1 ; assengers received G ounces and
• ' ' ,«rs 2 ouuc<
iv < 1 dates ure t 1 December 9ili —
-- was dull, owing to advanced pri-
Arriral af t!,e Cherokee.
,N> \ of.K. l>ec. 19.—The steamer C'riero
t ru an v, i from Havana, where she was
; ...; I a lull communication with the shore
' , 1 and and receive mails and passengers,
stions were ottered respecting former
• f.es. Tiie United .States ship Cyane
■ p«-rt. The city wus healthy, Presi-
Fiilmori-'s message was discussed and
. y coaimendtd i»y tha papers.
I.ut r from the Kiu (Irande•
.V \ Ok:,i an-. I)jc. IS.—Advices from the
1; < i ifi!>• { t .' state that (i'-n. Curavujil crossed
th 11 > 'irundo with MO Toxnns, marching
u., .Mon ri v. It is repotted that he »as in
vit> ! by the i itizen*, and that <ie&. Cruis, 'he
iliinr* i onimunda:.t, is secretly aiding the
:i. \ eii;ei::.
Letter from (jcu. I'ierce.
\V a -111N",. i <-v. I>■ ■. IS—A Inter lias been
ri-eei •ii within a l'<*w days past, from the
I'll -i :ent fleet, 1 y a distinguished personal
is,-- i in this city, in which lie alludes to the
atti :ipu lit newspapers and politicians to
make a cabinet for him, and ?nv>. in sfhstauce,
i;. .: a- ; people of the Lnit- d States linve
Ji.'.olved upon him the Presidency he shall
' the responsibility of -electing his own
(Jj> ti'Ht.NE Lami'.—Saturday last Mr. Jacob
< i i ihi i I', of Bowling Gieen, Caroline coun
t\, a heavy loss by the explosion ol
?i ci-::iphine lamp in his store. The lamp e.t»
!"'J r.u i set on fire everything under und
.'.ear it ; und before the flttines it occasioned
s - I I.- extinguished, his pocket book, con
l-i.'ii. : was entirely destroy* d, together
w.ili ut eix or seven hundred dollars worth
01 j 'M !>, J'be loss is vi r\ hard upon Mr.
G. The Occident is another added to the
j, ... .10J- - exutuplea of the dangers attending
! the cauiphine and other fluid lamps.
\ ice I'resident King's Illness.
YVa-hint, to.*, Dec. l'Jth.—Vice President
i\ was !no:e t et-ie yesterday, and is still
a. im: to-dav. Tiie nature of the disease is an
■ jii of the lungs, similar to .Mr. Clay V,
a. i re h.,s the same ph\sician, Dr. Hall, lir
s n>ig» tie I're.-ideucy ol tile Senate at an
day, hut tiieie is no probability that he
a iii bt able to do it personally soon, if ever.—
-o. Atchi.-oii, of Llissouri, will undoubtedly
succeed him.
l.os* of two IStemui is oh the
Louisville, Dec. 18th.—A dispatch from
Memphis Platen that the steamer Western was
run into and sunk by the li. K. W. Hill,
utur Hunit*tine Island, and was turned bottaru
ap, plowing a total loss. Several lives were
I.i-t. I'm* fteiuntr Moro Custla has also sunk
iicai tie i-aine place, but the particulars ate
not yet kno an.
Movement* */ (i n. Pierce.
1! -ro>, Die. 19.—'Jeneral Fierce is still hi
•i 'i'v, an 1 intended .-eivice this morning ut
• ie it v. Mr. Knk's church.
J>rath of Motet li uuJienrd.
i' i n am> Dec. 18.— Mose* Woodward,
propiietor of the L uited States Hotel, died ve
i) iciov tins uioi iiing *1 apoplexy.
loan uf <• lii iln/t Uri•*.
• : ; i i., Di e. Is.— I'n L»i :tish brig Mary,
! • an, from Alexandria, for Liverpool* with
. tain, unk oo il.milay nisht, and
was .• i doned ofl K . >tt's i -ia.id The crew
<iotd m (J amid a.
- Nil \t, D' c. IS—Mr. Logan, the prc
■ i geologist, has just returned irom fther
jrok ". i. i reports much larger deposits of
■ .'i than on the ChaudLre.
DKUFI HUBV, Sie.—Lubla's Extracts, Co
i 'j H iiiiiir'n an J kiiU .'Marrow H*,ir
! /• ■- 1' .it :>1 uaies, 1' ck t lioks, Cigar
ii.i Hrtuli ;* ot va i juj patterns. ai all
. , t>jy E. J J»IC'OT,
Curt.' n;ip O d Mark-•
" : F<JK Pill J. IDKJL.PiUA.-Th*
_ a i.*'-.p I'i.M Na VI. T.i N! A Captain
f. 't" i ttJy l re ive •.• uht, Friday
»i." -i ,i lust., Mid »j.i Mil -j M >n U> tts ~7in, at
.i. M. lor l't'uiiitit or apply to
i* ■ - ri W ' p!a»se :nd down ti.ei goods
ij.n .nt n Frio v cfe 21
Tj i;unu \ i -* Will li.itl, faf -'jUi btrjite,* lsr^-
•i t'. .I I; afik Hooks, inalijfactur<»d MpKttljf
' o-r </'Au talcs, to wiiijb we invite th<,-ir alteu
c<: n <> rr wk.st a bko.
I ' OUty AM) LiKAHAM, just received by
\* A MOHRIrf,
Drinker & Morris, 97 Main st.
<. a-y* Lady'* H- k a-. J <ir«>harn's Magazine
fjr ,'aiiuaty • ich besuUiul puiabirs, coin mete.u/ f
.. sew ' a . de
JHI HO doc ;i ti r sa!»- by
J' z' HKMNKTT A BKMK3, Drugfrfats
I JitiHf. l T (>JtT<> Ml ID .tII)LA«M!i
I i« <> c-tit'ar Oo
N vv i'vrk ti/i up —lor sa.e by
Washikgt.js, Dec. 29
• lr. King, President of ihe Senate ia worse
«o-<a» and sent in l,i a resignation as Presi
dent of the Senate.
he S-K.NiTK then proceeded to tha election
of a Present, to iill ihe v ßC ancv, when Hon.
w [J A,c hi»on, Of Missouri, was elected.
Mr. Bro.dl.eaa introduced a bill in relation
to 150unly Lands.
A number of petition, presented.
" ' Hoist i;j'hing of importance trans
i com U uram ▼ res.
i> , . *^ EW York, Dec. 20.
Lv advices from Buenos Ay res, to Oct.ber
JU. we lean, that «n official document has been
pu j ished in favor of opening Panama to the
■ rale of all nations.
The independence of Paraguay has been ac
A proposition from Mr. Graham, the United
' Coniu '. the abolishm-nt of the law
ot oiscr;mination against American vessels
and in favor of reciprocity, has been referred to
the Legislature.
I>lr. lireenou^U.
Ntw York, Dec. 20.
It is icported here, ;o day, that Mr. Green-
Ough, the sculptor, is dead.
lluuiop, llodcurc & Co. ask the
a>tei:tiun ot deHiers to ih-ir auction g*!e
ot i,roceri«w, Ac, thw mosniug «i« oViock, with
out regard to weather
Also—At II o'c;oct. tn a3strtment,.f extra qua!i
ty Mierry, Madeira, Claret and Champagne Wines,
fj.'iiji.y hiiJ Uum, imported t>r private use, to be
eoiii witiiuut M'tTT? to clot>e aa estnfce. d#
£1?; Dajguerreo types Christmas aid
™ rw 1 li ' s I'resen!* in wiiieh nianLer can money
ur Sjiet-t bolter than ty pr set.ling a friend with a
lailnlul Jiseii! »s of yourself.
' And v. bile tn«; wir.gs -.f tancy stil. Ere free,
And I can vi»w this mimic show ' I thee,
'! ime has but half succeeded in his thelt,
1 nyst'it rem'iA'cu the power to s.'ithe me left."
A very choice ass .rtrnett of Le Cmi-e. Frames
Go d Lockets, Pins, Ac, selected eapr-ssly for the
Uolydays. _ M. P. .SIMONS,
10l 6t r i*pt, Euile Square.
,u -d you Kef ptn ,se pric-.'ess treasures,
Memories of long vanished pleasures,
And pre*, rv, for your beholding.
Forms and laces Ijd_- since moulding?
Moulso.n nan take, wnii bruf endeavor,
lacaand 11>nn t r ial iast lorever.
A truthful, life-like, tioelv finished portrait or
tniniatuie of a relative or friend, severed from us
oy distacce or dec th, who would not prize and de
s.re to possess ? A clear, rich-tuned, durable Da
guer;, ..type ie an object rarely seen. ButMOl'L
i l-tures withstand tile test of tun' 1 , and are
proii' unceij by ti: ( * i: .ii■ &t authority, unsurpassed
one ne: sidr the Atlantic.
Our I (■< for one el f. :<> r- rt aits is only
ONE DOLLAP. corr/i-te, Mna warranted to pli ige
or no sale
fuange; a and cv.iz ns are cordially invited to call
and examine specimens.
Observe the name and number—MO ULSON'ij
Sky and .Side Light Daguerreau Gallery, 110 Main
street. ded
tST~ Grand New > turn I'roseat—A Fine
Go:,i Watch, w.,rtn sixty-fir.; dollars, will he pie
f nti i on New Yearn' day ut S i> Mountain i Co's
•lew.:.ry and i ... y Store. N0.217 Main street, liith
mond. The sub'cribers cfler to the public a rare
clriLci* to gei it t ■ . jlitut fiiu ;r' carat geld Hum' rig
Case W itcti. eii t - ii-le !'->f a lady or gpntiaj.ian, as a
new years present. 7he f jiiowing arrataairients
wi.l b" made untf:v li'ul November, and continue
until the Ist o! January, ) c*."» 3 :
Every person, on purchasing each and every ar
ticle c! tin value of i>J and upwards, will r, c-ive a
card with a number on it, and their name and cor
responding number wLI he registered hi n bank
kept lor that purpose. Or new year's day mi the
corresponding numbers i i ctrd-; issued will b» put
in a baii ana w -li shaken, wh- n a number will be
drawn by a person entirely disinterested, and tun
person holding the caid wiin the number corres
ponding to that which is ciawn wili receive a pre
sent ol a tine g. Id hunting ease watch.
Each peri-n, on purchasing each end every ai ti
de ol the vaiue ol Si.so to $•>, will in like manner
receive s caid as above, and the holder of the cor
responding number drawn wilt receive a presi-nitf
a tine gold 1 clwet worth it. And each person, on
purchasing or getting repaired each and every ar
ticle ol the value 1 from i>o c uts to 61.00, wili in
i.ke manner as a!- ve drawn, receive a handsome
port moncaie worth S'J.
A line assortment of Jewelry, Clcoks, W&tchas,
and Fancy Artiah-son hand.
Clocks and batches repaired by r.u expsrienaad
wn. kuiaa. All sinde ol Jewelry made and repaired
at tu ■ shurtest n tice and I,'.vest prices, bud saiis
lacuon warranted. Diamonds and otht-r preciou*
*t- nes -et to ord- r in the latest New Yor's style.
N 15—'J'hearticles « i,i be exhibited in '.he window
until the drawing. Don'; forg-t Siie place.
S P MO":'.STAIN ii CO,
no No 21? Main street.
JJ 7 i'ratr's hagueirtuu lialiery, No 145
Mam street—Messrs. Editor-.- Please publish tue
following testirmnials: "A v. ry superior iikecess,"
Hubert Thorp. "Very i,ke," Koger A Pryor, Eui
tor Soutn tide D< inocrat. ' I.ikeuess executed su
periatii iiy good," 1. W. Robeits. '• I give Mr I'ratt
the preieience to el! the world in taking picture*,"
f. i*. Goodwin, Louisa county. "Mr. Pratt needs
nut a t'ial and success will be inevitable," David J.
Mood v. " Mr. Pratt's pictures are ne good or better
than 1 havey- t seen, 'W. J. .MeD jwner, King Wil
liana "1 he daguerreotypes in .Mr. Pratt's collec
tion equal any 1 have seen ill Li-adun." J no. Tho
mas. M I'- Editor of the iieraid of the Kingdom and
Age to Come. ~ co 11
* KWnt'A rnUf>. .«A v- 4 /.i t: -<, A ,\-
ic , tor sa>; at IX'.VIS SMITHV,
Ch 'sp ISojkstore, t pposiu- Aim rican.
!.' ley's Lady's Book tur January isoj—fcc
(IraiiamV M< _:«*ine for Jaauaiy, ie ">J—2sc
N*tiviu.ii Mug;./ue, ty Abel ttevcus January
Arih-it'f Horn M«g-.zi »• for January—l?c
Ladit»' Nati. im! Maguz'n"- :<r January—lee
Asp;"u.id assortm nt ,-t Annuals, (ii:t Bo .k»,
Ju» ia'e?, Vc.. ijr C...ju.-t received. Give
me a caJ.
ifa Main uk". or the Sign of ;a3 Mv.tl: Tia. by
li lVr'i y Poore—2sc
<;«: ety t f Engraviass: a large pam
pule; b twecn 40 aad 50 steel engrav
iuks ioi se up bi, 'ks or ai»iu frames—price 75c
ake \V in en. by Km r= u Bennett—
Buni. —o'Jc
h - -uceesttV: Merchant—ZCe
\\ ■ niy»o Jh: im.uiy < t the American Stage: a
bo k tor the profession—Sue
Pitft rial Brother Jonathan, Pictorial Picayoae,
F.k, utUur r.iioa Waverly, Home Gazette, Cour
ier, Banner, Piiva eer, N V Picayune, Pick Lan*
tern, tsoi, Da.iy Herald and Tre-ane, «holr-aaie
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Ji ready at I'. H. URKdU AM'a, Broad st,
Opposite Broad street li-l-1.
Gi dey'a Lady'o Book for January, a splendid
Giahtm's Mag"z'! e for January, a very tick
Arthur's Magazine for January, ikj
The Nat !<e,a! Magazine tor January, lee
The Ladie«' National Magazine for jacuary, 180
i'wo Magazines for 54,5.', or one Magazine and
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eia-i de -Jl
Ol.lf JA Y A ,'Laguayi a, i osta llico, i.a, e and
Kio CUff trl, for e»le by
.» I x It HI,-. W'UlTfc A> H IKbLUW
COFFEE th'GAH-i, for >a'e by
JMtU.N rtllOl LillKit-*.-1U hhds, for a e
J low to closaa consigament.
de .'1 WxLLiAMS U tROTHER.
Massrs. TAYLOR & ULAMfIE r
Tucday, December ai«, ISf?.
Natz T^" V ° OVT M,,K
Max, with song.". Ul w°
*OUM« lUil-I.E.
Henrietta tllen Bateman
c , .. riatoirmn
Scotch Medley...." , M lie Th , odore
Faint Heart >t»sr \V«n Fair I.«d T
Riy Come*, Mr Marchajit^Duche^s,Miss Raymond
dr^7,^h n ! TIM! of the Batemsn chi!-
u"' i of fami.iea, S-ats may
y3 in » dya ' j ce- de2l
P-MiLfsil BI Ciha SO OA .-75 ktes for
d,*2l BENNETT & BEERs,
-~r—- —- Druggists.
M U hn, ASS, ' S New Orleans, Cu„a aad iu^ar
house, in store, tor 6ale by
| * Jamaica and St. Croix, bottled '
**- Is,ay g scutch Whitkey, do
rale and dark Brandy* <j 0
/ r ,?' ,rJ ' l M ' non ß dh a » nd Game Whitkey
Old Peach liraiicsy—lor sa e by
« FKAlTOJli>y> OfFiffa
Drawn Nos < f Delaware, Ex 17a D»c i a -
T1 . J -'J 3 10 11 ~3 iii
l icne t Nos •> 10 4S, another one »' Id and paid by
t, r . BTRATTON.
Drawn nos o".aw,-ire, C.a=s 166, Dec. 18-
. IJJ 4J ;-J 3i 4) 50 3 54 52 57 33
wJV 31 54 57, a prizi ol «300 gold and
pa ~' )y , r , , STRATTON.
i e-uaj .—Delaware, Ex 174. Capitals: $4094.
<c Dumr>er«, 13 drawn. Tickets 31.
Aiso—Delaware, No Itfc. Capital: £23,5<J0. 75
numbers, l.i drawn. Tickets £5. j
t.iffcl.UHV i UAL Hi,
■ iiiaasers, Richmond, Virginia,
successors to J. VV. Maury <sc Co.—oi2ce N0.62
Drawn Nos Dtlawa.e Lottery, 166, Dec 18 •
13 941533119 50 3 5452 5? 33
To-Daj — Capitals: c 23,500, 7,500, 4 000, " of
14-u, Ac ic. 75 numbers, 13 drawn. T.ckeH 35.
1 o-.Uorrow-Calais: ®-iO,OU'. 13,000. 10000,
ju ol 1.000, &.c, dec. 7d num-jers, 14 drawn. Tick
eta^u'- _ _J de 21 g
14tb Street, nctier E;c:iai:se ilotei.
Drawr Hos Delaware r.xwa, 172, Dac. IS:
5 5> 25 4t> 7 t.O 3 10 11 S3 27
1/rawn il ji Delaware, Class ICS, Dec 18:
13 2 i 3 53 31 4i» 50 3 54 52 57 33.;
, To-day.—The Delaware State Lottery, Class
N , lb;.—Capitals : $23 500, 7500, 4000, jjM, 5
ol 14 0, dec- 7j numbers, ia drawn. Tickets >5.
Also—A One Dt iia« Lottery. de 21
'e* LOTTERV 01-KICE, "
Wall Street, antler tic City llotal,
To-day .-Bel Air, Class C. Capites : lof §20,.
000, 10 oi 10,000, 1 of 500u,4 of 3800, 4 of 1500,4
ot ILOO, 5 ot oUO, 200 of 105 75 numbers, 12 tirawD.
Tickets $s—shares5 —shares in proportion.
Als.i—Patspsco, Class l? —Capitals: 1 of «4-;57,
5 ol 1,000, 10 ol 5(0. 143 of 4>. 7S nnmbeis, 11
drnwo. Tickets SI —shares in proportion.
de 21 SMITH.
respec'. ully inform those who will be looking io.
o-jks f- r CLristo-as tnd New y tars' Fre-"-"
ilia tb-:y have now on hand and a-e daily receiv
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Tue Boot ot G. m-. or ih» Poets ana Artists rf
Great BnUio, embeliisii d with upwards of 150
.ine ongravinge. 3 vols ?vo in rocca, git
Macau' y'e Liys (.1 Aiicient Ron?e, beautiful/
printed, i lustrated cod bound
Clems fjt th- Drawing K w, f.nely colored ii
lustrations of Fruits aCd Flowers, letter press :u
gold, very c'na-'.oiy bound
The B >ok of the Heart, or L'-ve's Emblems,
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» i,!,d " '
The Fit;its of America, a series of 4 : drawings
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American Fruit, by C M Uovey, w.:'i Botanical and
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Atneiican Authors, beautifally engraved, printed
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The Book of Beauty, or Court Album, Potrai'.s
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Christmas with the Ports; a cone -tion of t-:ngs,
Carols hnd d- scriptive Verses. rt-l-uiig to the IVsii
vk oi Ch. ultima 1 uatiioAn.. 1 N rniaa period to
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Women's Uncord, or biographical Sket"h«s if a!?
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time, by S.rah J Ha e, i lustrated with wore
th in 2lio (.ortrtiiis
the Village U'.een, by Thos Miller, illustrated
w.ta beautiful water color .irawiags
St! We u-; original specimtng cf iri.-h Sea
Weeds, very neatly put up between two
tlielis, representi h bo. it
c-p.endid Hrulibh Editions of the W.;:ks of
e'haksp. are, Byron, Moore, Burns, Campbell, lto
gers, Sir Wal er Sc >tt Wordsw jrth, Loocfellow,
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Goldsmith, Thompson, P jpe ; Young, Cnaucer
Coleridge, C w;ier, Milton
Together with many others, which the subscri
Lers wi 1 take pleasure ii th- wing de"2o
|>APTlf?i fftfOh liKPOSITOKV.-Jtut
a> reciv. d a ni w publication, via : Neander and
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Neand' Ton the Ep.sties ol James; Booert Haidane
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Home, D U, on the Psalm.: fl t> Uackeionthe Aets
o: t ie Ap stl-s; K (y Teueh's notes on the Merielts
of oar i.oid, It C Tench s notej lii the Parabi- a ot
dj; Johu Brown, i> D, on the sayings i f
our l.ord J> -as Cnrist.
Barda of the Bible by Oe rge Gilnflaa.
de'U CHAKLfiS WOUTHAM Depo.itary.
BT '" 1>? 1:11 ' u £u:;
Kait-inore ;'nd I'Uiiadelphiu.
Th itr.ij« i JKHF, Cuptea ti'.dorJ, w.,t oe ready
t j uc-.'ive ireitht tj day i. r the abov■■ ploees at 1J
o'c a, and will 'oi.una to rec -iv.; it up tj h.ur
oi -j o'c.oca, P. M.,Tuead<iv the •.»« :n.*t.
de2U—-t LLDLAM A- WATi.ON.
Be the K'-aat.t Side-vhrel
Ltaccs Hi 'i■dulld rtgitlarly cc(ry 'l'u. sday afternoon
at 4 o'clock.
m .r- w Ti! L itUANORE, CAPTAIN
'*f£ '' A l! f ' : 11 Will i> c - fieiahtto
,>•, Monday, at 12 o'c eg. ior
#£2SiHECI3&» N. e/ York. a:.d wi.: continue to re
c> ire it up to tie hour oi 1 o'clock, M., to mor
row, Tu «aay. 2 et instant She will leave ws*
afternoon » t 4 o'clock, by which hoar hir passen
gers wiliplefti'* be r d
Con?it-i eej wiii seui in their hill* lading before
the ship leaves, they cannot be c.iuei atter she
docs le-'. ? ; and utiieS3 th-' arek-;j'.vn
th>' goods loust be stored in New Yoik at the ex
pcßie and ri;k of c.,nsigne«*s.
The Roanoke will be after this trip
fir s few Hue notice wi.l be giveu waeu
•he resumes her t. Ips aitaia
de 20—-1 LUDLAM & VVATSOX.
DERVAM'M WANTED. —Wanted to pur
-0 chase, to r uiatn i'l the city, a Nu-se aad Cham,
bertuaid, without incumbrance. For such, of t;ood
character ar.d auaiificutioni, a iiberai price wi i oe
given. Apply at this oSiee. de - JJ—:tt
* POK AAhfi, a th d
Aj rehire ilall, nine yea a id.
—de —ts At fall's P antj i n. .
1 <Ol,t> —An the various Unas ot 0.0.d
vJT peus, anions theai Ritop s celebra'tj Meat
Pen, tupeiiar to a., others Stye on- gentlema,.—
i have tried many Gaid Pens, nut have never fcad
a good oae until i outaiutd the Niuche Pen For
sa e only at GLNNET Sc JA.Mh.S,
de Eaul« .^auare.
P _ INE APPLE Oc I.UiTATiO.n Lutf.ct
for sale by
de 13 Wtf. EQ3LESTON
, , No. 95 '
| 0/ Carpedngt, Backings. Rugs h
IN addition to our usual stock, we havelatei v r».
- ceived from Europe a fresh supply 0 f Caroet
t° g n of- 8 *' iC ' We ,herrfjre in "* »
Rich Velvet Carpetingg, entirely new DaUern».
imported expressly for this trade P*"ertu,
> t?»* r Velvel Tapestry and Brussels, of handsome
frd *h / Urp D iF ' n nchness ° f patterns, colors
and shading, any heretofore imported
jHedadton Carpets, for dining rooms
Ihreepiy, Ingrain aud Venetian, of the most de
ica" P&tt " rLS m » n ««ctured in Europe and Amer-
ni^le S °~^ Up%r Axm - Seter - M »*ic, Velvet, Che
lufted an« other Rugs
Table and Piano Covers Mats. &c
Our arrangement with English and American
manufacturers enable us to offer as iarge an assor*
! meat ot the above goods as any Carpf? House
«"?i ? i° r 1 Union, and we art- disposed to
I sell at fs low prices as any.
de 18—dfitcit* , RICHARDSON & CO
L> U.H, dte.—Hhd superior old Jamaica Rum,
t an H P s ' C u^ ac B . racdie4 ' d " rk pale old Ap.
p.. and PeAcfe Branny, together with a ganera', as
sortment ol v\ mes and Liquors, for sale br
UrrC:di iUpe " or Cbam P"Sne
g ae lg R. M. BURTON E
CLOTH!>t;._just received',
V, a large assortment of servant's Clothing, tuit
ao. e for outdoor, as weii as servants all of
wnich wiii b°! sold at unusual low prices for
Aii il want, wi.l please give me a call.
. --j J.D.GOODMAN,
ee 18 No 134 Main at, opposite Eagle Square
TKl'. v K«i, TUL NJ4S.-! have
x just opened a large and new supply of Travel
ling I iunks, Carpet Bags, Va'ioes, and Misses'
school sutchels, which will be s ,!d extremely
cheap, at WM WALSH'S,
4 p "•No 43 Main street, Sign of the Boot.
~7 jr 6ale ' Yer y cheap, a Furniture
qb and tiarneaa, for one H j ras. d»» 1R
UI SK Ai; ItOXES.— Large Mu»ic Boxes",
i«. p:ajing eii and eight airs. Also, small ones
p.aymg two airs, cased in shell or japanned for
° e la Tne Agents, Eaale Square.
j Ve «^r. ; ay aitern^.o ii, between Church
U Hi 1 and the Union Hot 1, a Ladv's <; o ld
Breast I'in, large s:ze. Also, about two weeks
since, a f.old Pencil, marked AC G. The tind
erot enter will be suitably rewarjed by leaving it
at this ofc ;e. de 18
fiV—— P Oit fcl.— t'wo very superior work
i>ra> and liarnest. A bar
gain can b j had hy au early application to
a ic o * LP. ELLIS,
" e At lfil Main street.
Ware-Rooms opposite the Exchange Bauk, Rich.
moud, Va. Great reduction in the price of Car"
pets. Now is the time for Bargains. Secor d sup
piy—C A GWATKIN has just received, from the
large Auction sales in the Northern cities, an addi
tional supply of I O.OiJO yard* Carpetiu»
oi ail kinds, grades, styles widths and colorings
comprising the largest and cheapest stock of Car'
p ts to bj liund in Vnginia, and greatly under
manufacturer's prices. ,~
'The special attention cf buyers from all quar
ters it invited to this larj,e assortment of Carpets-
Being bought at auction under the most favorable
circumstances, purchasers wi.l find it decidedly to
their int- rest to attend us tiiey will go chcay—
cheap—cheap. One price only.
ne xo—3tif Opposite Exchange Bank.
j\ji£W lUAUAZiMKJi.—God.y's Ladies Boos
•>-> for January, and Grahams Matjaz.ne lVJanu
a.y, are cow received, and ready lor delivery, at
C J_ ! 20 Under Exchange Hotel.
i* by A. MORRIS, 9/ Miin s:reet.
Li--.ye at d Tales iu Pros,-, by ilarny Cornwall.
Lcjlish lalec and Sketches, by N*:wton Cro6-
1; " [i - de
15J bjis Snend's Bakers'
100 d j C Wuskey
100 do Cedar Grove and Banker H'li
15' i do Scot.svil'e. assorled
A ! so, iirdjiu s best Family
Foi sale by
de -.0 FRY & McCANDLJSH.
piU Uh. NEW li.-t JI««, tiues, cnouiders aud
Jl hio'aots, laudiug per -termer, ljr s.Jo by
de 20 J HN II CLAiiiORN'E.
V%/i»iTfc. oV JittlU APPIiKS
* * WAS i'ED. Tnj iii.h 9 t uiurn-.t trice will
he uaii by
* * Et "fl l'll.l> VVIII.hKI.V, Si. L.liuuiaLd
Apple Brundy ; tor sa:e by
'| • rituii, «; T «i vi<»-<•' I.HI*O*I
L SIBLE TO BELIEVE.—AII wh . have aeeo
the Goods that ar' now being £old at LEVY'S st re,
a e surprised ti'tiud the pr:e;'S sotrXceeoinKiy iow,
they oec-.ioie convinced tiut he is r« a:ly »eo ng o:i
at coil; and he as.sure all thbt he is selling out to
close business in this city, as it is his intention to re
move to thi West, Ah in want ol Dry Goods at
and below cost, wi.i please call at once
d~ 20 201 Broad stre t.
/ \OLU SPtCl'Atl/tS. —We :.ave G jIU
VJF Spectacles for ladie:, and gentlemen. Tliey
would uiiik-- a vi ry «uitai>: • present for :he ap
preaching festivities. GEN.SLi'I ic JAMES,
ue2J Eagle Square.
->! A I.!. Ait v i ti>ti it T, that veiy de
strable place in the West cad ot Sydney, with
a gooi biick dwelling house, ic cn it, recently oc
cupied by N ESutton, Esq, containing 12 acres, is
for rent. Apply t, WM GOULUIK,
do 80—lw General Agent, Governor street
AT i'ltlVATi. a splendid co. lection
IL ot Man tie Clocas, Papier Maehie Work Boxes
and Port Folios, 6Uitiblo for the present seas n.
de 20 ALEX NOTT dc CO.
3(70 , A,K BLANKIi'I'H, at
de 20 " " ' ALtX. K-iTT tCO
BBJ>. fSWELT OKAMii.*, just re
'* co'Ved m store, and wiil Ui sola low pri
d~*o ALEX NoTT A; CO.
"73 *TOI. i. N 1 i.i M~-
iav ia-t. a Setter i'uppy. aoout halt
grown, answi-is to the tissue of L.i.ver ciier,
..h a whit • Bj,ot betsv. en the for • . vs. A iibeial
reward wiil be paidior his r-.tura to U-S oliice.
I-OH MALE l-.ave tor oa;e a hue,
><r>V „n.;y UID.Xi li llit'E, IU WniCJ abai jji.n
may oe had by early spplicatii n to
de 18—3t ' G L-1 IBMEsT.
'ihi» G- :<Uij is str- thau laingiass—is ol
a rich nni cryda... -e appeanuice, ar J made in a
Vt yth yit time Sold by
tie Id OA-'" tKO-KK t.
fjl iJ TO It AC L O A! A > ;;F A V i't K K Ks.-
.1 The übscriber so i-its the c.t' -ntiou ol * t>4B
- Manufa'-t'i-er* t ■ h'ssuv.'rior Pressed d Mills,
ot every desciii>!ion. P. KAIiM,
Eagle Foundry, Cary. belotv Peail str -et.
au 21—h'<a
pKttii I KM-! t».—City made :io-d
i) ai.j bound, tud plain Brogues, f.r sale uj
de 15 Corner ol Broad a'ld 4th str- eu
.*l petual—Ket capital Ist Oc.ober, 1~5.', alter
ah losses ariu *>i ,5-4,20 i "s —l lie
profits all belong to the insured. The divi .ens are
uiiii'j aiitiunai 7, and average ovor one-third the
premium paid. This company pays its dividends
while the irnured is living—aud thus he ps tiie in
sured to 1 p-y his premiums with ease
Ween the annual pr mium on a Life Policy
am -:.ts to #50, half is loaned to the insured if he
Ladies can irsurelhelrhusbana's lives free from
, the demands ol h:s creditors
11. W KNOWLES, Agent,
OffiC3 corner Main and 11th streets,
20 2w Richm'.nd, Va.
>* tiKO IflKlNU.—Tr.e sub<«;-ibcis again
I ofler tlieir service* to their liiecis and the
public to hire cut N groes the ensuing year They
will use tlieir test efforts to i'etgo»d prices and good
homes. Persons wishing us to hire out their Ne
eroes will please mform us as s-on as possible.
& K. B x C. B. HILL,
Comer of Frank.ioani Wall streets.
de 15—dtliJa [MM
UA.Mi.jEM.—4O bh's, for So.e by
By Alexa«4er >ott & Co.
■egday Moruing, the 22d inst., commencing at
10 o clock, we will sell at auction, at the residence
ol Mr M. Archer, on Valley street, neartna Distil
lery, his entire stack of Groceries and House Fur
niture, consisting of she usual variety.
Terms cash.
de2 l ALEX NOTT fc CO., Aucti.
By Davenport, Allen dk Co'.
v* at 10 o'clock, will be soli at our Auction
80 fchds new crop N O Sugars
100 bbl« Brown " d"j
200 bags prime Rio Cttf-.e
£0 hhds Molasses
10 casks Rice
Chees? Bacon, Teas
Paper, Rum, Whiskey
Brandy, Wines an 1 Starch
Loaf Sugars atid Lemons
o:aß.'eß, Dates, &.C.
Terms : — Under SioO cash; over $100 four mos.
credit for approved paper
f ' e Aucta.
By l«eor{;e J. Suinuer.
A AUCTION—<>n account of whom It may
concern.—On WEDNESDAY MORNING, the
22d instant, com.'uencirig at 10 o'clock, at aiy auc
tion sales room, No tf Fifteenth street, will be scid
at auctioa, without reserve, a? above stated, 2 new
mahogany pianos, 6J ictuves, manulactured by
Louis Stern & Co, ot Baltimore- The above
Pianos are ready tor inspection, and can be seen on
application et my store Terms cash.
oe 15 GEO. J. SUMNER, Auctr.
Will he added to the above, the FURNITURE of
a lady who is declioing housekeeping, among which
will be found 1 Soia, Chairs, Washstaoda, 5 good
feather Beds, Bedsteads, Mattrasses, Sheets.
Spreads, Blankets, Tabies, Earthenware, China and
Glass, Kitchi: a Utensils, See ; also, several hand
some giit Mirrors, and a large number ot tine Eng
lish and French Engrav.ngs.
de 20 GEO. J. SUMNER, Auctr.
ing, next, the 2~d instant, at the st~re of Messrs A.
Garnett &. Co., corner ol Franklin aEd Itfih streets,
(who are declining business) will bo soid at auc
tion, without reserve, their entire stock o: Groce
ries, consisting of th-: usual assertmect.
Previous to the sale of the Stock, will be offer
ed the unexpired lease of the premises, which has
now more than lour jears to run, and the improve
tneuts therejn, consisting of & good Store H use,
with stable in tear, Lumtu' House, and eveiy con
venience necessary for a Gi .eery. The above pre
mises will be leased out privately upon application
to the Auctioneer, or il not, wiii be offarrd at Auc
tion, to the highest bidder, on the day of sale.—
Terms at sale. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock.
do 18 GEO. J. SUMMER. Auctr.
By Wellington Uoddin.
1 f AI,F At UK 1,(1! A>l> PARCEL OF
Will ha sold on Thursday, the 23d Dec, 165 a,
upon the premises, commencing at 4 o'clock, an
half acre Lot called "Cash Corner," well enclosed,
situated in the Valley, in rear of the Poor House,
togetn with tbout CO,OOO old bucks.
d ■ IT W GCDDIN, Auct.
WEDNESDAY next, the22ad instant, immediately
hi erthe sale by the Administrator of Poitiaux Ro
binson, deceased, »f the personal property oi the
decedent, will be rented at public faction, to the
hi.best bidder, upon the premises, L»r the term ot
one year, con>au ccsng on the Ist of Jmuaiy, 1853,
aii that valuable and well known tenement, situa
ted on Cary street, heretofore erected, used and
occuniji oy the said I'citiaox Robinson, deceased,
hs a Tobacco Manufactory. The reut to be paid
qua terly. MARY E. UO.HiNSON,
\V:d j '.v ol I'. Robinson, deceased, an i Guardian ol
John E. Robinson. By John' Lndehs, her At
torney in l-ict. de 17— d;ds
DAIIiV and market kak.m fok
SALE.—For ia'f urivately, a pretty little mar
ket and dairy FARM, about lj miles fro in Rich
mond, embracing 15 aer«£, beautifully undulating,
and well adapted tc ti.<- cultivation ol every variety
of vegetables. The soil is of clay bottom, and very
susceptible if improvement It is a fine situation
lor the ice business, ar.d lias on it an excellent ice
house and pond.
The Improvements are cew aed substantial. The
iweiiing is of wood, two stories high, containing
six good rooms, with a porch in front and a hneiy
sh'.aed piazza in rear. It commands a beautiiul
\w of Richmond and the surrounding country,
and is a! to if- ther a healthy, improving and desirable
place. A _r>:at bargain can be had if early applica
tion b» ni.de. as the owner la desirous ol telling in
order t-; rtmova to the lnwercountry
t or t:rms, apply to VV. (iODDIV, or
The above Farm, fa w in the occuo-ncy < t Dr It.
T. Uund.et.) if not s. id privacy, will,on 'i bar**
«!u», ihe o Jth intt ,bellld at poulic auction, up n
the premises, coma dicing at ii| o'clock, I'. M.
Terms at tale.
de 11—.lias W. GODDIN, Auctr.
|U£W SlDE*.—Superior Si - foraaU
de 16 18J Bread street.
rnAS!»ELM JFOit tl,l>AK-- iassei. tor
1 cioake, at. assortment of aolors.for sale by
de 15 C. H AIIT WhL!,, A. CO.
IIOU SAI.K.-Thu- subscriber having ueter-
F miaed to move to the country, offers for sf.li
privately, his Stub'ee, (known a» the Marshali Live
ry situated on 7th, between Broad and
Marshall streets—a staid not surpassed by any in
, tue city.
He will a'so sell one Hack, with Harness, Sad
dles, Bridles, Buggies, Horses, dtc, icc.
Should thu above not be disposed of before
Thursday, the 23d inst, they wi.l on that day, com
menciE.' at 12 o'clock M, il tar, ll not, the next Kir
day, be ctfered at public auction.
i'or term?, kc, call ca Seabrook 6i Retve, or the
sui-'i -fiber.
deß—t23D* fSAMBBL A^RKiCVK.
jIEDAH TAlt—Consumption Cured.—
Ij The u.ost suecvt..lul remedy now in use for the
cure ol Incipient Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Couihs, Sore Throat, diseases ot the Liver and
Kidtieye. King's Evil, TelUr, Dyspepsia, <fcc., pre
pared by Mrs B. ii. Norris, 343 Baltimore street,
Mas. B. 15 Notass —Dear Mad .tn : lor several
yenrs 1 ita".# been atSioled With Irequent hemor
rhages of the .Unas, attended with a painful cough
Itri jd various rerr.eai -r, and had the best med.cai
advice. but with jut relief until i tried your Cedar
Tar, which has e.itir- .y cured me.
Vours rcspectfuiiy, GEORGE PARKS,
I_T Saratoga street, Baltimore, Md.
October 3d, 1652.
Ca'l and get Pamphlets containing certificates,
p?" Beware of counterfeits. The genuine art!
tie u for sain by
i' HORi'OX K.'iACH, 91 Main street,
Sole Agent for Richmond, and
no 9 General Agent for Eastern Virginia.
_!|«*» 'X'ue Steamboat Augusta, Capt
S^^ggjjjjggWm. C. Smith, will reset no hr
pla;;<- ol H me line via Port Walthall, f>r the
n't ve place l , on MONDAY, December 20th, 185-.'.
The Cars runniug in connection with the Augusta
u i.l 1-. ive the Kichmond ani Petersburg Drpos on
that and every succeeding Monday, Wednesday
a .d Friday morning, at C>» o'clock.
To City Point &1 CO
loCoie'i and the Grove 1 50
To Norfolk and Portsmouth 2 0(J
Meals 50
Children over 3 and cot over 12 year* ol age, hall
de 18 THQ3. DODAMEAD, Supt.
£ r .1 UK VVAKD.—Ranawny trom the subscn
ber, about the middH of November, a ne
g.-o boy nam--J CHARLES, a carriage driver. He
is about 21 years old, about five feet four or five
laches high, dark copper complexion, has a alight
cast it) one eye, aud when questioned looks down
before he repdesT He is from the county of Glou
cester, and may now be lurking iu that vicinity.
A reward of #50 will be given lor hU delivery to
me iu Kichiueud.
de 19—Iw WM. W CRPMP.
'POBACCO AND C 1 (i A US.- Havana aid
A Principe Cigars, Chewing and Smoking To*
bacco, oi the tn *t approved aud popular b. aais.
For sale by I URCELL, L \DD it CO,
de let Druggist*,92 Main Stieet
FOtt SALE, a gotec.ndliand —
Apply at this oftc-J. de ifti— fit
I'Hia haT
John R. P. Piyn, ialesmw.
A I R?r?n 8 TI?L A '!? K ' 8 SALK off TOw
fcS ' * c ~° n Tuesday, the 21st December, tart,
commencing at 10 o'clock A M, at the FsctorToo
Cary street, (between 14th and 15th streets,) in tan
city of Richmond, occupied for several years part
* ttia Poitiaux Robinson, will be offered for
• ale at public aaction, without reserve or regard to
weather, the valuable and extensive assortment of
Machinery use j by the said Robinson in the manu
facture of Tobscco, consisting of Tobacco Screws
and Presses. Mills, Brands, Casings, &c Ail ia
complete ard perfect order and of the most ac
proved patterns. *
A!t-r the sale of Implements, alarge and well so
teemed stock of about feet of Boards, suita
ble tor I cbacco Boxes, « eii seasoned and ready
tor use, will be sold. Also, the (forces, Mules. Car
nages. v\ agons, Ac, See, when from the Mule*
pttrchasets will hare the opportunity of selecting
some o! the hna.t uiiim st g.-nt e animals in tb u
.«£ ; n 0D ,fce <iay fol!ow: »g. (Wednesday, the
iwk st ' hd Factory, situated on the
iJocB.Wi.. be sold the entire stock of Machinery
used by the .ate Poitiaux Robinson in said Factor*
—ad of which ts nearly new aud in tine order
f K K e „ u completed at the lower Factorv
the celebrated Brands of "Ru-seW and Rob.nsonf*
••Ke«e.Robta.o n^C,r .-Ne'son, '
and 'P. Robin»en ic Co," wM be sold to the b ; «fc.
-:st bidder, the reputation and Celebris of ihfse
or«nds, it is behevtd, will insure to the purchaser
a uandsome fortune ill a short time, if well man
Alter the above mentioned property it disposed
of, the sale of Negroes (about fifty in number) wilJ
ta»eplace. Among them, tha public is assured*
are som« most valuables h'ac»ory hands, such a»
Stenimers, Twisters and Prizers, and some that
would make excellent Drivers ani valuable i- eid-
Hands. "
lhe attention of the public is requested to these
sa.es, particularly those about to embark in the
business of manufacturing Tobacco, as it is believ
ed tnat so extensive, well-tried, and perfect an as
sortment ot material for tha business is rarelv uitl
with. J
J eems —For ail sums under $100, cash wil be
required ; over that sum, four months credit will
oe given tor negotiable notes with approved e*
dorsers. JOHN ENDKRg,
Adm'r of Poitiaus Robmeon, Dtceast d.
John R D I'ArxK. Auct. ,j e 9
To the Manufacturers.—Th# brands of m*
late Brother Pcitiaux Robinson havir.g been giveu
to me by him the day previous to his death, in tbe
presenceoi his wile.and that giitnot being recognis
able by Isw this is (iu cute ot my art becoming tb«
purchaser) to notily whoever may become the pur
chaser ot trie Russell & Kobinson brand, that tbe
firm oi \Vm R Robirson & Co intend estsblishioe
the name of one of our concern, W Russell Robi£
son, ai d intend putting up Tobacco in the same
manner in which we have always,B3 agents for my
late bio'her, put upthe Russell &• Robinson brand
and giving the customers ot tbe bland notice tbat
wer« thi' agents of my late brother, Mid super
intended personally ice manufacture of the Husscl.
6c holiin&on brand.
de 10—tds WAf It. ROBINSON.
u T °hl' I u Public.—*rom tue advertise mcnt ol
Mr. VV R. Robinson, appended to my notice cf
sale, the public might inter ttiat he is deprived of
trie property iu the brands belonging to the late
Fo.tiaux Kobinson, merely tecause ot some | f «ai
1' It is my duty to thos+t i n teres tod ia
tb'3 fc'.state to say that tbe sale proceeds from no dis
position to deprive Mr VV R Robinson of any of
bis rights, but because the interest of creditors de
maud that the wn oie oi the oereonal property of
my intestate must bs made available f.. r the pay
mcnt ot their just claims
Administrator of P. Robiuson, dee tl
de 18-dsda
HV IftiNLOP. :tI»MT|tK <Sc CO.
Ai Atl t'ION.—O»TUEB
- DAY, :ilst ins.., commencing at 10 o'clock,
we will sell a! our stare, a general msorUnem of
Groceries, consisting in part ot—
10U hhdt Sugar, ; art prime quality
Laguayra and Kio Coffee
N O Mvias.es and Syrup
Kye Whiskey, pa;t old and v»ry superior
100 boxes Adamantine Candles
Gunpowder and Pouchong Teas
Mustard, Cigjrs, Indigo
Terms—Under §iOO esse; over that amount, fj*t
months'credit for approved negotiable paper.
Saltt without retard t" weather.
d* 15 Auctioneers.
il» Alexnn.ler >oit A. to.
it!OJt.Ni ti t at 10 o'clock, we will sell
1 i»t auction, fit our store, a larije collecti-m oi
House Furniture, Clothing and Miscellaneous Ar
Also, 25 bbls Sweet Or«nges, in prime order.
deal A MIX NOTT i: CO, Auets.
'|UIK KAK.II lf» llfMtll l) <,'Al.l,tiO
subscriber will offer t'.r sale at auction, on the pre
mise j, on Tiiesdny, the aist of December n- xt, li
fair,if not, tro text fiir day, commencing at il
o'clock, this valuable Finn. It contains 53a seres,
of which about 100 acre# are iu woods ol oiiiiiriai
growth, nod adjoining the farm of Dr John N Poweli
and others. It will oe divided into two or more
tricts, to suit the viewso! Oitidr-ia. With tbe horse
trect, there willbe about 3.0 aer».g, of which 40
a"r » are in meadow, and a sufficient quantity ot
wood fir the use ot the place; and upon this por
tion of the tract, 40 acre* have oeen seeded in wheal,
with the use of guan-j.
The pl&oe abounds in marl of excellent q .ality,
and quite conven.ent. The improvements are sut
Sclent f,r the accommodation of a laige family —
The dwelling has six rooms and fire-places to «teh.
The loiatiin is a very healthy one, beipg near the
end of the Brook Turnpike oi a trooa road, and
within an boar's ride ci Richmond. There it an
> xcel ent sp'ing of water within a short distmce oi
the dwei;in^.
J he teirns of payment, which will be msde verjr
accommodating, »ill te made known onthe day ol
At the earns :.u» and place, will bo sold ail the
personal estate up' n tho 1-rrn, consisting oi Corn,
Fodder, Shucks Wheat, St.-asv, Farming imple
ments, Hoinseh Id F'arniture, ie. Also, ail the
stock of Mules, Horse* and Catt.e.
Teems —For the personal estate, all gums uii<J«r
«aO, cash; over that amount, 6 months' creditfcr
apt roved endorsed negotiable pap.-r
If, fr m any cause, th - Land should not he sold,
it will l>e rented oat I ir the next year.
Pale eondueted by W. Goddin, Auctr deH
P. S —The asove Farm haviag b< tj d'.p ,sed ol
privately, al the persona! estate will be sold at tuc
t,on this dij, c mmencing at 11 o'clock
'lher.fat-' s* m*- ti'.e un.Ch (N,wi, Oxen, s<.nut
good M..lef> about aSU be.re aof Corn, large par
ce.s of Shuck l ; i*odder, Ace. A nu, some Houao
hold Furniture. Terms as above.
deal W UODDIN, Auct
By Weorte J. xuntsr,
AUCTION —Oal L'KSDAY afternoon. the a Ist
ir»»t, at 4o'clock, upon the premises, wi:i be sold
at auction, th 2 two wooden tenements situated ou
l?ih or Vajley street, immediately in rear of A. B.
Clarke's Hardware store; said bui'ding to be re
moved on or about th ■ Ist day ol January next.—
The above builciugi be:r g framed tenements, ean
bi removed at a very small expense, and will no
doubt pay a good interest to any person owEtag
vacatt lots :n thee;»y. Terms ca.h.
By order oi Rlt.'H'D SEDGWICK,
Adir inistr&tor ol H. M Ntwburn, de«"d.
Oe j J. SvM.iaa Auct. de 17
iiy Aiexnnder >ott|dL. Co.
Ol'R KVEMMs SALfcH will be coatlußeA
until the season closes, commencing at aevra -
o'clock, at which time we will sell irom the shelve*,
in lots to suit purchasers, a good selection of piee#
and cut dry i;oode, hardware,cutlery, guns, pistols,
tiold and silver watches, and clocks and time ple«M
ot eveiy desciiption. Aiao a genet al aatoitmealtdl.
luicy goods. ALI.X NOTT 6i CO,
no 1 Auctioneers.
L> supply of this popular remedy, ijr a. I disease*
aris ug trom Impurity Oi the Bloot', tieiof%t>»
Rheumatism, Liver Complaint, 8j philltic dlaoi
i:-is, and diseases arising from injudicious use ol
mticury, lix. Ju-.t received irom the proprietOM,
t J FICuT,
de 18 Corner opposite Old Mnrhil
bATIIbtt Ml-.AO TAt Rh.-t'arpslT»ll»
wi h leather beads, Tacß ilamuiers, WMsi
Mallets, Wood Hatchets Wood Haws, <cc, for Mi*
de 18 Corner Main and ittth stlscU
t'Jlf K, la; ding and tor a»i« hy

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