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rai of tk* Itabel—Further from Hava
ua and Key \% r C9t.
I'HißtrsTON, |)er. IS.— steamship lsa
! .rmi-a line to .lev from Havana, having
t: i'k> on the Im!i. Everything was quiet
r, in,! tti« excitement in legnrti to the Ore
,i I v Mli-r had entirely subsided, 'l'hc
*"i rv\ as «iil! in port.
i riir I iurin.l, from Charleston, bound for
4 ' • \' 1 '"'"S O <f c. tton, nad put into
.\*\ \\ rst. l>*<llv. tSa© wa* ron
. v. an . sold The brig Empire, from Gnl
, . n, bound foi New York, had al?«. pat in
: K >> '-i : : repair*, having lost nail., aud
1 ■ t • S C"TU . Court .it Key West had
I encased with the trial of the parties in
i destroy me tba property of Spanish
ul i 1 - 1. A 1 vv. re acquitted.
i rai f the Daniel Webster, ,Vf.
% t on • n--. D-c. I 'J—File steamship
v *'' ~ ! ' '• " 4!I ;» ha* uriived
1 • •:» li Nn »eui. bringing udvices
. ! IC'h tilt , tiic same
.V w • k by tlie lllino:*.
.*'■ " ''. I' l v Wm. l», r .n have
■ -r '' <1 : - t-oif, :'.ie latter hav in"
• rd nearly $1,000,000 in specie.
1 r- i *uitpuscd Hurdrrers.
11 !k " • v 1 1 - —I' lank < 'oilitis and
Edward •—i charged with committing a
iin I'abauis, have been arrested *n N.
.iu uie watcng artq lisijjou troni the
Wvshi s riix, D . 21.-A great number of
tne N vy an I two new pursers
nliiin i! in t! »♦* Senate to-day. This
'• ' •> " i< r since the lust ses-ion,
tfapt. D.le bring overslatmhed.—
|| - bit's since removed the difficulty.—'-
• ' mbiat es obici rj from midshipmen to
t ~ -'I'd ■ > nces assistant surgeons.
Chu-ge of Libel.
■ la:.'. !■;, :> c. 20.— iVie editors of the
" "i •'[ Mes.-rs Weaver and
• vt : 1 Jo-day, <n 1 he'd to bail
!i ut > o : r ; ! i **ir appe trance at
• ' ■ ■ l> 1 1 1 ■a- 'i : for damages, alleged
•been sust tin , b> '*eorge li in
. u que nee oi an ailrqed libel.
ticn, I'n rce in Boston.
'■ i " D-c. 20.—<). i Saturday the I'iesi
'• !» coii ; ani'-i: bv Hon. Amos I.iw
, und President Hopkins, of William Col
' ■-. ii ' Matiivrschool in SouUi Bus
(iti!. P. in u brn I address to the echo!-
' . ::i :iik< r l la* the »u .'cf-si- and honor of an
v • I an citizen, de; ene- it:; ,;ii on his own
; . Lverv boy before me, whether of
\ .eiican or fo eign origin, is here fmin" t >
u< in American citizen, and so let him improve
i •• opportunities th n he may become a bieo--
rtih-.;niii ino! his country. He
,ud '1 y a.l buiih-t appeal lo the boys to
• iu-'lrn-'!*, I' r each on -■ nas a duty to per
i si;ti u»e s-chr..! :> t•: place to become fit
* i' till -ttition vvaicii he will heiefter be
. Ik-J to li.i.
U it. Ki .ii I'lv.txr at llai.timcke.—The
'»'• n-i: O.iiu Kh.l Ho-ici Company have
"•<! prut <:> i! ai o:: '• with the construc
tion (f 100 miles of double track—GO between
: " >' mi Cts übi-il !tid, an-! I'J between
' umbetland and Wheeling. One hundred
ao 1 doll .r- wor.ii oi additional locomo
tives ani earn have been ordered. $*2,500,000
1 !s are to be .ssued to cover these < bjects.
iifTTER IK M h.NOI.AM).— The Kngliell
'•-Mi .; Niagaru, which arrived at LJu.-.ton on
ay «ik, biougiit 1,0f>4 hiking of but-ji
.1. At the present high price it can be
loimiit irjin England and sold at p. good
T.," ! . S. riteamship Illinois sailed from N.
York. .Monday, v\ it h tne luaili for the Pacific,
W'J pariseiiger«; to. California, and '200 inechan
- uud tabor rs for the IV-inma Kail Iliad.
j'hii.awki.phia, Dec. 21.—A quo waranto
.a-. ■;i issued by the Supreme Court, sum*
t i ' oilicei- ol the \Vent iiunk at \V il
,ia.i >p •t ■, I'a., to appear before tiie Supreme
t 'ouit in i'iiiUdeiphia, on the 10th January, to
-L .-.v e-.u»e by vvtiat authority they exercise
I'iivili'gt m and franchises of a bunking in
. • / sjj«. KUU THE SKASttN.—We have
Ijf a L •.-tit.Jul 1.1 ol Fim.ch Eiubioideiy, shy,
_i£i iro d - i lia'Jtin 'rc i; Is. Embroid 1 Jfjcvbs,
.ji ji i-' i Cn .-m:zetle.i, 6ci:•iiej tilings lor
■ oiictuiM aiii N .-v.- Years pr-
tj. ..{ •"wan'l'iv r:i.
v""i UO-V. ilifc -li K > El>Vfc.'l—.~ b.ucK,
I Jr. Gretn and Purple yard-wide
»ei\t .s. lor CiOads i 'I* -by
d -j,; Opposite S .van Tavern
n. rjAMAi A K(M —Just received a lew cu.ea
very line Jamaica Rum ; also, ou« d( z*n baa-
I-* scpe*i *i ' i.i.inp. 1 _'ne VVme, in CjUart and pint
bottles, tor sale by
g\ } i,,A~ —Ju>t received a lot of very tiae
J treuauJ optica feaa lor by
a-, -rf (,i .O J HERRISG.
~ } ;k'l l.\Oi ANO KlFLfi POWDBJt.-
5 ,) i, .A b. .-I t. Hiilv, !« r sa.e !. >
_ , I.'A V f.N I'URT. ALLI.X &■ CO.
O" 1,1) Will shiiV.-ij choice q±au>y
f... ta J bV
t AUB, w Moun-
Ij . . i -,r ~jj k" pi:uij Butter. Jurt ro
j» d* a for -a.«. "•> ft) t & CO.
fj ALIFAX lIKItiUNUA,—t! »«••'« Haii
dH " " >!S ' 1 b ° p".\vOOI FOLK.
> | KRC'tR PUTAI'OKS — Very i! 1
' 5 1 :j ' "'"j iMi- - 8.-HELTON,
Cri erf-f -itu a.id :.roaa streets.
, U TIVK, ■1 1 ,V ,u . n ' r >', J'°J bald
j , ..M B s.lLLTufc,
: ~.■■• . .. J ■••.•-t,-.
.... Coruei ' B:"a 1 and4th sts
1 uTir». v £Xki».- a •. ry
* •, j[ ['Oi" Ly
J AM.-3 ". iJEL'i'ON,
. 5 (', rr.< • li ■ a:,d 4th
\ jj I>w UABIbS.-Win, K i, Cbiua u:.a
I / I„ • . . ibber Uolle, loi e l< by
K Z -I M i M
ju,t rec ved,
* " J K. ZIMMEUM _
7TT,~V i't> V 1." - t u ruiauaud
t> r< 1 * vilvnu 1 J
j,; V, ' it. M. ZiMMERMAW.
YKW LAItU, —A Ifwj ickajjea of very supe"
,':or ..uid. 1 r thi- i "
i . W OtiLFOLK. Ja,
,-U Kio:i'l
IJRIMK K' l.i. UVTTHH.—eHJO lb»Prima
1 'Lu. bu'l»T jut leceivt d lor naio by
Ko J P. SVOOLt OliK. JH,
Hr«ad »tr<*L
V>; V V J<: ; Mh A lei ol pi "i •c< w ilatwi, Riioul
\ .lid ii It: l'-'-'CI r : .r »«:• by
* 1' WOOLEOLK, Jb,
180 Hrohd »trcft.
% J/ . iTF - <7rAN lectivcj, atd
- > 6 ' j!d " ,W ' l " NOTTtCO.
VhW CliOf M. U. J!OJiA!»!4K», lor noils
-7 n iTi>>. i'KlilK OLD BACON rIDES,
1.1 ~ .... ' „ cjjgoMjS
praVMnLY wM.piSZ&uu.
Transmitted for the daily dispatch
Connr< •■ionnl.
Washington, Dec 22.
In Senate to-day, Mr Uwinn introduced a
'•'II for the construction of a Kailroad to the
Pacifie, which was made the special order for
the 10th January.
In the U.x'fK, that part of the Presidents
Message relating to commerce and River
and Harbor improvements was referred to the
Committee on Commerce. The bill fixing the
compensation < f Congressmen at $2,000 was
then considered.
■'•Hlilijjj of ftinjtara.
Boston, Dec. 22.
s, earner Niasp.ra sailed to-day, with ;>0
p .ssengers, mnon? them,(Jeo. W. Kendall of
the New Oileans Picayune.
-Vi A KK.L. I'S.
Baltimore, Dec.22.—Flour—Sales of 7200
bblg flour at 25. Wheat is firmer, wiihoat
change in rates. Coin very active—white 58 a
viJ eta; yellow CI aC2.
>'iv\ \obk, Dec. 22.—Flour— active: sales
• 20,000 hb!j. State $0.00, Southern
\\ heal—White gl.ao. .Mixadcom 79 cts.
->lacat;er>», Hichinond. V;ri:ln»
Successors to J. VV. Maury <fcCc.-ofcco N0.62
Main stroet.
Diawr, Noa Delaware i. ;■ ry, ife Doc n •
17 26 12 (," 60 31 44 23 53 49 1 tki
i ,T *"~ : * :w ljo °, 10.000, 5000
20 of l,ouo, &c &c. 75 numbers, 12 draws. Tick.
!-U f.J.
To- i|<»ri ti\v. -C«t-ia : $U0,«7. 5,0f.0,3,C00
• J °\ ' '-*W, ic, fcc. 75 liLßjl4 drawn. Tick'
etsfej de "iJ
»XJLA IV U \ ~yjt j i &
Draw a f.'oa Delaware! Class 16?. Dec. 21:
047 ifc 32 65 Cj 31 44 23 51 <y l '
. o-day. ifflawaie, N< l'G Cbput.l §7 300
7e i.umbe. s, 13 drawn Tiekets S2.
Also—DelhWare, No 170.—Capital €30.000 75
■i- 12 dr-iwn Ticfcete -S5. * de 23
ivii•* i,L'"i"Tfckv~4.iTFT» : h.
Wail .street, under the I Ity liotti.
liiav.n h.. * faupsco, 17:
0 44 3'. 70 46 47 48 03 7j 13 9 29 ]g.
Huh 44 03 70
Drawn Nos Washington County, 3
22 24 15 Hj 73 59 14 21 o5 72 4c b> 70 12 27.
'ticket 15 21 04.
To-day.—Carroll County, Cla«B3 Capitals: 1
v' £20,0v>, 1 010325, i oi 3000, I of 1:700. 10 of 600,
JO 1 300, A.: 7o numbers, 14 drawn. Tickets #3
— proportion.
Ats<—l'atipico, Class 2Capitals: 1 of iSOOO,
10 ot 500, Ac. 75 nionOers, 12 drawn. Tickets 61
— shares in proporti n.
de ~3 SMITH.
ija.«u fa it v>* okftea.
14th Street, tender Kithaaae Hotel,
Drawn Nos • t Delaware, i.x 174 Dec 21:
]] 34 M 70 38 75 04 51 0 73 25 19 13.
Drawn Nos Delaware Ciae» 168, Dec. 21 :
e 47 20 12 <7 00 31 It 23 50 43 i 22.
IIa! i 1 31 44, a prize ol $I'j'Jl'j'J sold by
J. A MBl.lt r.
To day.—The Delaware Stat.- Lottery, Class
N > 170.—Capita.s : £3'J .00, 10,000, 5.000, 3,500,
2740, 2Uof 1000, Arc. 75 r.ui.'ile : a , 12Jiawa. 'l ick 8
Also, the Two Dollar-Lottery. d« Si
% I U1! 1. lii.M i-11' i,i)l'N Y —Charter per
xt I petual— N't t <■■■!■ :ta! itt Oc.oli<.-r, i? 52, alter
; '-tying ali loss* sanu eap« -ii, -.'4.258 75.—The
jnutils a!t bfi.ji.j; toti . insured. The dividet i are
made aiiiiunahy ai.e averaj:<! ov. r one-, hit a tic
J) -Hiium J. aid. '1 l.is c< mpaay paya its tlivij. uds
wbiie tho lii-un d is living—and thus ihe in
sured to pay Lis pteuiiun a with eise.
Worn use aaituai pri niluin on a I.il'e Policy
amouuts to 400, bail i* loaned to the insured it he
w; - Lt-n
1.->dies c. n insureti,e.i husband's liv. s, free from
the demands ol h :s creditors.
11. W. KNOWLKS, Agent,
OUce corner i.tain and 11th streets
de 2 1 —2 a- Kichniond V'a.
No. !»-> .lining t ,
Importers uf Carpeting*, Hackings R-tgt, ,yc
IN addition to i.ur usuai fctuck, \%e have lalely re
. ceived from Europe a fresh supply of Ca'pet
ings, Hugs, Ac. We therefore invite an examina
ti "n ol—
Ki ti Velvet en':, ely new patterns,
imported express y lor ti:s3 lia ie
f'uper Velvei l ape s :ry snd Hrussels, of handsome
desi jns, EUrpas.-i; n .si riv hie *5= ot coloro,
and shading, an;, iieieti.loic iuij orte.l
iii'dallion Carpets, lor dining 1 ■ ;ma
Three p!y, Ingrain and Veneuan, 11 the ict»t d< •
liable pttlt' ius LinuaihCtured ia l.urupe and Ainer.
ALSO —;-uper Axuiliibter, Mosaic, Velvet, Che
1 ulV'i and other Uugs
Table and Piano Covers. Mats, See
Oorarrhugemeut with Eup ish ani Ameiican
manuiacturers enable us to offer as an assoi t
inent ol the above goods aa any Carpet House i t
tb Soutli 01 in the Union, and we are disposed to
sell a >s loiv prices as any.
de 18—d6tclt* < RICHARDSON Si CO
received a new publication, vii : Neand'-r and
the first Epistles, of jobn. This couimentary is suid
to be by many the of that abie Divme. Also on
hand the annexed Commentary^.
Neaiider i.n the Epistles oi j ane=, Robert Ha! i-.iv
on the Epistles ol the Romans; Charles {lodic s
C ii:.;iic:i.-it> oa Kuiuaiit; K-vAA Brown's do. en
Leviiicut; John Hi wn, L) I), on tue First Epist'es
i-1 lb'ter, J A i.i.s iiid- r o*i t:..' Ps ilnii; Ul. rue
flume D I>, en the i'c . m-: 11 li Hacknon the Acts
oi the Ap sties; ll C'l eacb's notes i n the iii-ri c
of our l.iud. If C Tench's notes 11 ti. Parables 11
d j ; Jobn Brown, 1) i), dUciiUue* on the sa; .ugs ol
cur Lord J<-iUs Christ.
li.i dsol the Bible, by G • .rt,"'' CiiliKan.
de:o ('HAI'IJiS WtJKTUAM. lu-posiHry.
tii -.ii - ". . AL..HAAAC FOR 1833.—
» V J. W. K.VNlMLi'ti tlis 1 r sab', Dei-
The M tie! ike, or Sign of the M/slie Tye, a
Taie . t' tl.e Carr.p and < 'ourt, iiunupar Le, b_. I). P
Pe. r, -J")C
Dioi-.i =' C irlrtmas T#'.'-t c , ,p!e!", 7oc
My Li. and Act.- in llan.Hry in t.'i yeais -9,
by .iitf.u:' G jrgie. i
Jain.; irj No « ley's i ndy's 1! ..k-per year
i'.i ■ J
Hianjß, a Tale of Lning Italv, Ly E Maturin,
pie «l 00
1 1 7 J- iv A tains' Life puJ L r.-rs
A<ueiiOa:t Altn-m-iC and hej.-uitory of Useful
Knowledge f r 1853—price 8! uo
Putnam's Monthly lor January, 1833—; per year
Je .»: y iraaivn's M^nzino —per year
\ •. -yofLu jn t.. Isthmus, by J \V Fabetis,
~-Hp •' cfi::s
i' I'dai; '.u li-iOi arses < n i»i-!oct Topics,
a.id ' st- it tli- sutf rii._ peoplu ti God, by JVV
Alexander. 1> ')
Life ot W i : ;r .-'cott, by D McL -od, SI 01
Mrs Hale's Lad} V Huuk ot Cookery, ,j>l U0
Mi ji :ra of a liugueui-t latni.y. including Tr»
veU in V'.zln ■». fee, by A Maury, ti 50
Whew i s Agronomy and leueral Physics, con
sidered with r«'{. reuse to Natursl Tneology, Lou
don edUioii, 00
The Vict.'r: -l ol W'e'i.i;!.-! i p.ud the British Ar
mies, by the »-ufhor .A r-L ries ot Waterloo, I*l
- i.-', edition
: p«e:b- • n tbe Legislative indapendrnce nf
!;• a* 1, with introductory notes, by I'Uu*
'i'he i'.ctty Plate, by John Vincoat, Esq, illus
trated by Darley, 87 cents
Th>- L'.te mi i ' rreapondi.'BDe of John Foster,
edited by J L Kyland, A M—with notices ot Mr.
Fester as a Preacher ai:d Companion, by Jao Shep
purd, London edition, t! OJ
'J fce Greek Aotiioiogy, Literally Translated into
Kug.isb prose, ch;« ti/ by Georgeßurgess, A M, &.c
ir, London edition *1 de
W r ]', W. TA V I.OU Would-uloim his i.ieu<l»
• ui. J cuktwrn-'rs gene-ally, that be has u w
iu store all ol the various sty.es o! Boots uud isho'-s
lor Gent emeu, Ladi-•«, Misses and Children, and
solicits a call from those in want, at No i!ii* Broad
street, wnere may be foind k general assortment
to seicct trial, at piieea ,to pi' as--.
de Bi—3t VV. P. »V. TAYLOR
holyday presents.
. *^ W 1 Fre.ei.t-A Fine
seatedon Ne JTv "."J**** foliar., will be ? r-
In % W . B day Rt 8 P Mountain 4 (Jo's
mend y T?,I BnC? No - 217 Mein "«**• Hich
mond. The subscribers offer to the pub ic a rare
8 I TViH uI fino 18 " r " «°M Hunting
W«tch, suitable for a lady or gentleman as k
Th« following arrsneementi
u - d
tipU» T ff^ per *? D * °, P urch aein*each and every ar
ctrd Ji h , V » Ld upward., will receiv.; a
,Z ,! n - n it. and their name ard cor
ratf L"™ ' wUI bfi r, y!f"T'-a inn book
Purpose. Qc new yea.-'s day al! the
f' • ;*Por.ding numbers ofcirds issued wiil be pat
rEn wtui * bak " n < wh-n a number will be
•; ' h y M PerS u n e!jtire! y disinterested, and tie
f: .< : l holding the card with the number co-res
-1.. , l " at ! } ich u (iraTn will receive a pre
s it Hi a una gold hunting case watch
chpers' "> on purchasing each t.nd every s.-ti
c ■; of tee value oi *1.50 to S3, will in Lite Banner
receives card as nbore, and the bolder of the c^r
• i "ponn:r; number drawn wilireceive a : ;> f
* hoe ?old w »rth Sc. And e« c h person, on
pureeing or getting repaired each and every sr.
> o! iL" value ol from £ j cents to 51.50, will in
. i:x»: manner as above drawn, receive a hand-.ome
port monnaie worth S3.
A fine assortment of Jewelry, Clocks, Watches,
and fancy Art clesou hand.
f£ and \V atchea repaired by an 1 sperf*
workman. A., kinds of Jew-:.ry inad ■ and repaired
at the shortest n .ticeand Kwea'. crices, ar.d satis
faction warranted. Diamonds aad o«h< -pr ;ci us
stor.'-s set to order in the lab stKew V tk style.
,' i— * *»<>articles wiji be exhibit din the window
until the drawing. Don't [■ rz> t the place.
fa f MOUNTAIN i, CO,
PO ?m* No 217 Main street.
£I®°7 "asaerreotrpn tTTr Ciimrrnfi3 and
.< w Y-'ais fv,nts, in « ich manner can money
oe sp-nt b- ti- r tran by pr. sent.r.g a friend with a
faithful likeness of yourself.
' And while the win?s of fancy still are free,
And I cao vie a- tl.la mimic show thee,
'1 i:ne his tat halt s ic--eeded in his thel:,
'i r.y»> If rL.'L ved the po'.er to so the meleff.* 1
A vi"y ch(.:c-! ass.rfiaenf (ffi .e Crses, Frames,
'd Locket \ Pir.3, &c, selected expressly for th*>
Holyday*. M. P. EI MOMS,
■ !t ' lo! Va n st'et.-t, Lla«le Square.
iIKKKr' Msin street, ar.d tr-J ah n i ]
some pies .nt. They have beautiful Paiii Flower !
Vases, very i ich; 'nai-i.'fSci nt I'st ian and Gilt Car>i |
111 ceivi b i.atitT i'i.per \V\rights. Ivory Tebietf, 1
epleudi i i heti. Toii-t Bottl r1 of tr.e elegant j
I'er.'umee ol I.i b'-r,. I'o. t a la. ge vanity
new [jat; riu; the tiefX Honey and F.ench Saps, j
liilr 1 rush's Combs an i C iab I'ruth-s, Powder,
t'nuff-, Cigar Casej and Holders, aad a numLer of
beautiful and mgfal r.rtic '''. suitable for presents.
FOIt V'!!|. 15(11. i !MV.-J
I' W . RANDOLPH, 1 'Ji If»:n Ft, ispp r v.ired vvi.h
a ir.rt" stock r,f annu-.ls Or ISSo. New a:.d Stan
dard 11 > ka illustrated and h und in ornair : r,;-:!
style. Prayerß oks Rrd Bibles fu Ve.vet, to., and
many Fancy Gouds to suit the taste and purse o:
ni: 1 «.kiii j tur P-e6ents de 21
POJJ THE SI!»L1 OAVS. —G. M. Whsi &
i. E.iOTi'ER have for fae a ::ipaib a=-u:tmeiit
of richly bound Annua!?, Stpndard, Poetic:.! and
Prose Woiks; Bibles, Prayer B k», &:c , suitable
fir Chiistmas and New Year's Pre-enta, which th< y
offer i .raale at very low pi e s.
de'-H 5 anil 6 iCxeh mae Hotel.
/Uinl.-iMAS ANli NEW YKAK'S i'Rt-.-KM.-'.
' J Bmles, Prayer Books, Hymn Books, &c; Writ
i! • 1 =ks, Ladies' Work Box- s, (.1 Rosewood and
Wah S'.ry.
Nei .u» L'ltras, vari <as 2,- .niq.alit';
Portfolios, of Papier Mac he, Moi cc >, o.c
Gentlemen's Diee-iog Cases
Port Monties, r. if-r :.t styles and qualities, at d
many arti-M.r of a-. 1 iluess. For tale at
de 22—4t 2i9 Main binet.
JJOK i! IMiHOiIEAM) CliEAl' ClißlsT
r ,'hAS PRESENTS c- 1! at No 2»tj i'.r. ,1 an-".
Ji>-'iu-:iii:'y decorred Motto Cups find Saucers,
China Mugs, Flow-r Vu- s with a gte-.t many
< :hs r cnina om--;n nts ; alto. some handsome
Port M'-ii ii?, Work ;■■ liuU" Druihes, i u.;cy
Soaps, I vrfuii. ry, Ac.
Also, j _st r> c -iv»d an assort - . nt of Forks, Tea
a-.d Tab'-- .* .;oon~ Soup Ladles (3>me l-.v pat
terns ) deeply plated « n English Aibata or white
lrie'a!. e.n ••■-ceellent and dura' a: tide, nearly as
good as silver, an J :i- t ,ue lou.:': the o:ie>
de gg I I . Tin K<ON
tfuit AfHt'/AOi.l.v; HosTy"
J. DAYS.— We have in &tore a large lot < f Dreis
uod r rock Coats, Paa'a. of whi.h *.ve h-"<- just re
c« ived a fresii supply of new patterns, just trade
up tjou ' urdi-r, together v. ith au eatdnuve assort
ment i i Vesta, to w hi -h we would invite tb<- atten
tion oi t l i;e who wi-h something n j w i',r Chiist
Wew.il Jit th' -n La idsoir., .y an i sell the.n
very low. HENRY MIAFER&CO,
d IV 103 Main r.t, co;ner 14th
IMIUBi.E AM) ►- I N i: JL t
GUNS \c —Tnei-u'-sciib r has now
on hand a line as«o: tmeiit o: loub!.'
' i* ' -» and c e Gai:S. -1.1 ail aLj
/ lso, fine and c ci.i n Flask-, Shot Pouch
es, l'ercttßßto « < <Ve.
Ile a I way 3 on nand a*. I stock i i Fiat rils,
Hiilea, I'o kt t I'u iery, Miot- srd tine and
coromon l-UDpowiU't; together with every art!
c!e in ihetJun and Spoiling !ir:<-, suited to the pre
sent and approaching -' asoj. Fiesh always
receiving. " sj SIITHLRLAND,
de 2-.'—l w No l" ( ii Main »t . ojp. ihe Hanics
VIS ani THOMAS i.AWSON havo united in
business, under the name of DAVIS Jc LAVVSON,
tor the saie of Anlhrp.cite Coal. They pledge
themselves to their frlends and tne pubiic to sup
ply all orders laithfully an i promptly.
Orders may bo left at < ither of the following
place-*, h»,d th-y wi.l be icime.Jiat- 'y attended to—
v z : ut their private residences, at th ir yaid on
Cary street, or attbeiri la e, in the room i 1 Messrs
Tol- rtc Cook, Corner ot Main and 14ih streets—
fp i-tuirn. de 21—gaw3t
HI itlMJ.— iheaubsiriber willcon
tinne to Lire out Servants lor tne i nsuing jear,
. goi.d i.omea ana prices, and v.ala.ehis
I est endeavors to civesatisfacii n.
ROliiaßT HILL,
(Je *Jl—dtl J i Wail street.
I WISH en.pj y! . suin • v .>r aFf
i mule Teacher. The senjo tjconei-.tot i'J
or i 2 scholars.
Ke. !i hßraaohe and Marie to tauih'.
My residence v- ry healthy, in a j» ,d n ighb it
h ;d, ar 0 ; =5 ia;: aof ccott'i Slio;. on tae
Danville Rai'roaJ.
Persons applying, will t-.te t, nr.a Ac.
lie e _;r WinterUir.a P. U . At:i,.:ia Co ,Va
.1 ' A "-T i. D = —iol.No N wl; h a tho
*»' i in. h know edge t th • tro.' • 7 and c n:-
oaission babooes, is desirous of obtaining • kitua
t uii Siaiy 1: l ■mjr : ct ! .s api rrrani .t
situ i,.pj. lie ". n lei. l hi-: ernpioy-; to
4siW :l d-JiirHbi 1 , or v.. 1... take f-n . rest in any
or-ihlt ible business. Addles* J li S, t P. «t
O -co- d- '-1- Oe
\&i A.N'l'i ii—A i nspetent person to it
* Watches j one tnal uud-r<tui> m his : itein;ss
lieirough.y in a ! ita branches, an i caa come well
1 c- irii'.e.-.'-leJ. may apply fit my store, i r postal
paid, tb rough tha PortOflie.
de 1.1.1 \S H4L!', 136 Main st.
'l>t> TUB PUIMsIC.—HENRY SilAFEtt it
* CO. Lav bow i:i si r.'a a.vi varied as
tt j tLeap wotki'ig C'.othfS, » leu th-y
(as th 3 seas-m is far advanced) wry .w,
tor Chsh.
Contractors aai hirers if ban's will find it to
their intere-t to supply th 'inspires at our establish
ment, No 103 Main street, c riser 14th. de
LA.SU W .VKK tNW wtaiuH
the hicnest cash prices will b- oaid.
Land Pension and General Aeent,
d'' 22—3t" Corner of Hankand 11th t t(p-'ts.
IVTOTICB.—The Annual Meeting of the til jk
1 ' holders iu the Manchester Cotton and Wool
Manufacturing Company, wtil be be!d at the e fficß
ot the Agent, on .Monday, the 27th lest, at twelve
o'clock. de s>i— did"
1/ILhK PAPKH-i I.OS'f.—Lost, on Sunday
JL last, either on the iiasin or Cary stret t, my
i' roe i'apei h, wh eh were tu a Ftnall tin castf —
The fii-d'r wiil f,e liberally r<. w uded by le*vicg
thtfia at this office, or tetuixiag th same to
David smith.
de 21—3t* A free man o' color.
PKK FLiMfc*H% , d*f,—tubms Extracts, Co
ligno Water, Pomades and Baffj Marrow Hair
Oil, Tool-s, Poit Monaies, Pocket Books, Cigar
Cases. Ha r iirush:S ot variou. patterns, at all
prices, for sale by E. J PICOT,
de 21 Corner opposite Oid Market.
Msssrs. TAYLOR Jl CLAHfTT. Lessees
Th irsdny, Decerrber 1852.
f b,ch :°? ....Ellen Barman
heopridins Kate Ba-e m p n
Dr Btrchim Mr Batemso
YOllNt. CO, f'LE.
Charles Ellen Hateman
i.enrietta Kate Bateman
La P01k5..... M lie Theodore
Trisfam Fisk'e Mr Msrehsct
Sne?r ..... — .Vir W P Smith
Miss a Miss l.'aymnnd
f PROFESSOR SCHKR3 w:i> at the Atbf
i i a»jm To-Mght. ur'ti toe D.rina Com
m>jdia ' f Dante begins 6t ? o'clock.
1 iek'-ts i'sc» nts • ach: for sa eat the di.or.
The Committee on the Athenjj-*
I V \f »; Hills. AN U ABIN «CON
Lf TELEGKA I'll CO.'l PAN V. —This com
pany have removed :h-ir t tS.-e in Rtcumond to
i v-.-.fih street. 1 etwe« n Main and Cary.snd are
r o.v prepared to transmit dispatches with great
ri aularitv ar.d prom; tn «s.
Ka'> st j Lynch'.urg for tirrt 10 vrcris or 'o;s. 5Ge,
* ""it. O. ( ROWLEY, Operator."'
ON If JAM Aft Y. 1 Euriendfr
n.y stood ana stock t. Messrs MoTT, LEW IS
ii CO., a..d until ii a J will nil Ploughs, Fans,
She:-erg, Cutters Snovels, Spades, 1- tk-. Plough.
Castings, Seeds, te. i - c ,at greatly rtduced prices
Pert cut in want should ea'.: early, as there w:li be
co such ci.aace alier that day.
('■- —c licit* Near City Hotel.
> VV ' " f *'' °
A, St J'.rt A. Co. Some c: them nr<: vry new
s'.>i( and Would iorm ta appropriate Christmas
j r-'j r.t do vri
81'jVfclt .""fttC :< .*•. — V, e nav- received te
c-.-ii; hdwuti'. ns 11 our Silver Spoons, Ladles,
Sugar Spouna, Forks, Batter Knives, w, fee.
ce .'2 liable Square.
S PANTS.—On ha;:d a frw assortment of Black
BnU i* in 'J ('tir-aiiin.l >: Pant-. I 'an Lt N> Ix 2 Main
su, and see them.
I ifl< VEIiVKT VtM's—Call at wTTTTa
VV Main itreet, and si ea beautiful lot ot Cut Vel
ve; Vests, ct to- newest st7l"s
deS2 112 Main street.
G< A3IE WillitEY.-A lew L ttrel# L r tale
i by
'I OXfi A fill A .Nts ; Oils Almond, Ciovee,
I Ci.:Uttrn'.jn md Aait<; Mace, Ac, lor «aie by
FUKCiLL, LADD X. Cu . Druggists,
li 2 'J2 Main stree-.
| ,>(JO JiA.fli' Ul..
PURCEEL, \jAuD Si. CO, Druggists,
de Ui Main street
vEi.'aO ri,OTUl.\t;,—C-ll a. N , ii- Slaiu
11 t" :tl. otid eupp y yourseivej with Negro
Clotbiie; ataljw price.
de " S M r.ltd!! VN 1 A WEI.-IGER.
/a I'liiitillA.-. aLMA.NAI; KOR lsa3.-
-£■]*- Jutt received tt:e .Ani--.- -e tn A.m ':.ae for its -i
de aa A. MuitRJS, 'j'i Main strei-t.
S>. —W- Oily lliVoiC d
)J d üb'e disii .uJ Buri.iog f iaij, rt : i»"ed &Jid
for fihl'j bl maLU:act-;»iro' y: 11* s, bv
'-e-iI o A -•■TRPCKE'f.
' — Fresh Cun.phmc eoiist«nt.y -~n
h i und tor S-: by
de ia O. A. f-T.MiCKEIt
fc it Kings, ct:i. ens'
U i'.n.: r lUr :s, Goia <- cb, Ae, at
c '' ; K'.gle.-qiar.-.
LMIil :• AI,K, a i-Md i cond Land llMtfijw—
" A-'pH at this'ih"- de J ) tit
lv Al< A N ,>t I L nT; i. I IL'~~
dcC: KKKKEiT A* pEnit?, Drocrista
i hU -IAVA, Lagijayia. <.'■ »ta icic i, L-ape and
yj i.i CUr FKE, tor s ie I y
•j|i aai.f». iViiiTt A.Ni» rtLi.o'iV
\J (. Ui-FEE JiUGAKS, forsaie by
pKI.HK I'uKYd tticO .UOI.AS.-j|i»
i. N(J Sut;-.r Co
S- •• oi Syrup—fir su!; t v
de -1 VV, L A : HCGLESTuN
(UUItK. —A few bat rels superior haiopasas
J C.d :r, Ijr salt, by
de 16 It. M. BURTON
|>A< ON ii i> I. .L DiaiiH. —1 J haua, tor saie
2t> low to clc. = aci nsiirriment.
JjSilAI.. .MiW i.AUR.—IU bo.s just received,
i for sale by
de 21 • WILLIAMS t: BROTH Kit.
p"l.AltiMKi> C'IIA.HI'AI 4 lii Kit)
Ij for sale by the subsetioer. at Ail ntown, Mon
mcuth ci nut;*, N.J Orders promptly attended to.
Terms cash. JA.MKS D HALL
ce 21 —lin*
POTATJiES. —300'J oashels superior Northern
Merc r Potatoes daily expected per schooner
Schoolboy, tor,sale by JOHN W.WRIGHT,
de Id " Dock Wharf
1~~ fBTN?TKXTiriCTS-fTThe Haiid^er
i chitl. For saie by
il !• J Drug :iits, 'J2 Main street
I 'ARPE.VrfcRs WANTt*».—>Ve wi h to
' employ i ninediateiy four or r/eg.ad Ciir*
peutern. Such !•» viil suit may tiad eoip oy
nn.'iit tor a large p. i iion I the eusutnp year,
tie 1: LiIVVIS D. CRKNSiiAW si Co.
RC'.IJ, &c.—Hhi superior i f Jamaisa'ttu i '
finest Cogeac tirandie*, dark and pale o'.d V
pi i a>:d Peach liiandy, together with a"g neralii.
sortcnent ot \N ii.es and Liq iors, for s !tby
de 16 R M BURTON.
N.M.i I?.U i'i t. \lt.« "iO i>A.—7o ketb tor
1 i sale by BLNNK'i I'tt BKLR^,
do 21 " lJru.-idats.
* 1 t»s.A*t.-«K> —N.-w Orlei:.*. Cubu fc id tugaf-
F 'i 1. .uje. i-i store, for sale t-y
de 21 W!l LIAMS ii BROTHER.
|J » l .ri —i) Jaiiiau a and et. Croii, bottled
■lo l.i y'. Sc ten Whi k y, do
Pale »ad dark ilrartdy, do
j- aai b' 1., 51010:. j ihe . ~nd G tne o..key
O.'d Peac' iana . —tor sa'e by
deai William rggleston
; i.U !!•><;, (. JjOTlllMs.—Forth- 1 _re u t-
VV est bareaitie ;u good and w< 1. mari • ( "othing,
ca . at J- D. GOODMANS,
N . Ijl Mainstrre., opposite Eigl-: square,
de 21
• T ANO at'LUIV •' Oft'l'i fiioasiaiue.-,
£s- Merinos, A;p»cio, Gioghaau, C*-
,;o. s, Sus. Ac Rather tkia s. 11 the »bov Goods at
hu. : .1 1 will h 1 at tfc« counter. Call toon
[or ! . a -iaiuj it ' W. J. SWORDS',
d r f 12>5 Broad street.
i 5 hut HANTS will h.id, ai our atoice, a .urge
iii ,tucK < I * ink Bo .ks, osanufiaetured expiessly
fjr c_r own tales, to which we invite their tttoo
l' dezi G. U WEST A KttO.
I ' ODiTy AND «,i< AH AM, just received by
Lute Drinker A Morris, VI Main st.
G rlry's Lady's Ho. aud G-»n*ii-'s Mi,ajue
January, etch bosut.tui numbers, commencing
new y ear. de 21
1"~ \A*#KL.H Putt fhtlAhS — TastJlsi lor
ciuakg, as afio: tiiicut o! colon, !or fiitics by
X The tubecrit>- 4 r iolicits alientiuu of 1
CO Mdnufnet'j '"ers to hi# superior Presses and Muls,
ot every description. P RAHJI,
Eagle Foundry, Cary. below Pearl street,
au 31—<i.u —
B~ttUl.lKS, HKOCil' MS. —City I Sje uued
and bouiid, and pisin Brogues, lor sale ny
de 15 Corner of Broad and 4th »tr' «-ts.
»?PLK AND PKACU s*stA.>l>k ,
ijL store ai.d for tal-i by
Fl'l'Ußt: &AT3.
By Wellington tJoddla.
House and loi in duvals addition,
VJ RR, foR SALE AT AUCfION —VViil be sold
-•a Tuesday Afternooa, the iiSth December,
l?i2 spec the premises, commencing st 4 o'ch ek,
a Lot of one sere, wuh a smsil house thereon, now
occupied by Mr Francis and adjoining tae
retsd' nee of Ker Jer»?aitab Porter.
iEaais—One fourth cash; bkl&zkceat 6 and U mjs.
for negotiable cotes, interest added, secured ov a
irue-i deed,or title rttiined
de "-' 3 W. GODDLN. A ic-.r.
By Oeorge J. .Huianrr,
A l t'7 ION ,r ALt OK ~* 1 NK HOHgES,
Monday Mornln*. the ltih Jsnua.y next, c m
m_ncingat .0 o eloca, (for tht- purpose of closing
o-; piewLtc -partnership ) w , sL i se.l „ auction,
without r serve, the whole of the it .ck and equip!
meets c onnected with our Livery stab.e ~i Wa'
street, consisting of 9 valuabl- young liases all
warranted sound, and well bicke i, hsruess'• 2
liLcks with li »riit'ss, uearly i.ew ; 2 ,
iiaraes:; together witn Several other Hurs~ s, B <g
gles, ij.
Previous to the sair of tbe Stack wi'l be soid, the
ut;expir d L ase of the Livety Stable, whkhcas
* yfars to ruu ,r m ludny r.f January, i; 53.
i stasis—r "T a!l sums under cash ■ over that
amount, 4 months credit tor appr red negotisble
no i" B ' . -• COSBY Ac CO.
£*a.e to je conuuctea oy fiEo. J. St*2t>Kß, Auctr,
N f,. A:i persons indebted to the ccncern ot J.
W.Cosoy &Co . are requested to come forward
snd discharge tneir obligations, as it is important
tn» bus ness of the firm saouid be cl.is >J forth*itL.
dy -' 3 J W COSBY Si CJ.
t A On Tuesday .Uorning next, inst.,
comiaencintr at 1U o c*ccl*, at the residenco ot Mr
A. Arsell, in Franklin street, opposite the Law
Building, (who is declining housekeeping.) will he
at auction, a portion of his Household Furni
ture, coriiltung of the usual variety.
Terms ciish.
ne GEO. J SK.SiNEIt, Auetr
iiy J. i£.l». t'uyne, Salesman.
\II LES AND IIOKSES.—Wi.I he sold on
ill Friday morning, the 31et inst, at 10 o'clock,
at Mr m VVo*,d s t'.able on Cary ttre-'t, 2
Mu.es and an excellent Horse. Also, one Coal
Cart. Terms cish.
< 3 -' -- J R D PAYNE.
JiAirtY ANu iMAKHET FAU.tI F<»l{
•■'ALE —ffir fa:e nrivately, a prt tt>-iittl- mar
ket erd dairy FARM, about )i milt s i r ..:u Rich
mond, f-ni'.racitig 13 U3i»s. beaulilully undulating,
sad idapted te tile cultivation i 1 every variety
ot vev' thbies. ine Soil :£ "1 clay Oolt :u. and verv
sus' , r. I .ti • of impr. verr ent It is a fine situation
lor t:.e ice business, ut.d has on it sn excellent ice.
hou.:» acd pond.
'i he tmprovernents arc n< w aad aubchntial. The
dwelling is t f two stories hiih, r.-ptainin?
s x good roi ma, with a porch iu fi\ w and u tin- >
sh ded j,i .zza in rear. It c irimands a b-auiilui
v w of iiichmond and the surrounding country,
and is a t * ther a healthy, ,niproving and desirable
piacj. A great bargain can be bad n early applies
li.n be rn- Je. as the owner is desirous oi belling iu
ord- rll rc move to the lo.vercour.try-
For terms, apply to W. GODDIN, or
Tie above Farm, (now in the occup rn-y of Dr R.
'i'. Hundley.; .1 not au Id privately, will, on Thurs
day, the J'ith inn., be sold at public auction, up. n
th - premises, comaencing at 3j o'clock, i'. M.
Terms at sale.
de U—dLds W. GODDIR. Aucfr.
WAI'l OF AlAfiii Kl' (iA KItK>T\T At I -
l -5 TIUN.— The subscrioers timiinL' it very incon
veci- ntt; 1 11.'.--:r Ma ket Garden on Mcchan
icksviile Turnpike, effer the aane for aaleat
l'ub :j Au.t on on Friday, aist day ot Dec., tt la
o'ci -k.onti.o prMni=-.i it is situated on Mecbao
i'-'-v, !e Turnpik ', mil -s from liichmond, contain
i' ? -'1 aces of land, übi ut ha.'f of wh.ch is cleared,
aad i.i a oigh f im: a'l cf it has
been weii iini d and manured, and is at this tin.c
well.se: in v-':,—tablec It has on it a comfortable
dwi nine, kitchen, stable, cow houte and a oump of
• >:c >11---it water The v>no!n place is well incl s. d
We w: : sell at the same time two mules, tbn e
carts ar. iall t'.egarden implernenta
We will aeil privately before the day of sale; if
application ie made.
N. t.iC B.HILL.
V.,- hire to the purchaser, 2 or 3 N 'groes, ac
cue tned to gardening. de2L ltd
SJAII«i2. —By virtue of an order
' 3 ot th ■ Circuit Court oi the City of Richmond,
wiii be so! j to the highest bidder tor cash, at the
County Court Hause ol Heniico, on th;; 24th day
ot iJtc-«nber, 1652, c:mrnench»g at 10 o'clock, A
5! ub Ail ;ti JJ v. oi th of K.fidy uji.de Clo'.hiug, Con
sisting ot nearly every variety.
deol--lt THOw. DOS'.VKLL. M C. R.
KALE.—io pursuance
1 j cf a d eree of tie Circuit C iurt of Chancery
for toe county of I! jnrico pronounced on the27th
day oi Feoiusry, Jin the sui* ■ f Solomon Lo
gaa, who eat s by Walter Leake, bis r.t xt Iriend,
au'aii.st McKitiney and a!*, i «i:l offer f n aa.e. for
cash, at to • Courthouse of II .rico county, on the
fi st day (! January, 18>3 the -aid S !oj.i nI.
gnu, w ho t y v rtue of the said degree is to besoid
:orsuch h teira o! years u may oe necessary to
s-.lUty a certain demand of the sail defendant, j
M Kinney against Henley >:ni wi'u, s^e -iiied in a
decree oi tie Citcui*. Superior Court ot Law and
C. ii.c ry tor the County of Buckingham, pro
nounce! on the 16th Apr.!, 163J, in tae suit of Mc
Kinney vs lit nloy, wife and ais.
de 2!— dtiisn SCR
FOlt SAI.E,—The subscriber having deter
mined to mova to th:* country, otiers for sale
privately, his ttabies, (known as the Marshall Live
ry S'.ablee) situated in 7th, between iiroad and
Marshall streets—a stand net surpassed by any in
the ci y.
He will also sell one Hack, with Harness, Sad
dies, liridles, liutigies, Horses, ic, ic.
f'hojld Ihe above riot be cMsp fed of before
Thursday, the 23d inst, they wi.l on tuat day, coin
Bienc.cj at i 2 o'clock M, I*. r, if not, the fair
day, be i, tiered at public auction.
for terms, itc, call on Seabrooi Si Reeve, or the
de—t-2..:ir |.«AMI:KL A ,RKfrVt''^
> Mlii. > lEii, H iuorougnbrtd
Ayrshire Hull, nine jewsotd
Appiy to CIIAS. MAItX,
** ■ " de 20— ts At Fall's P at.taiion.
_ A.\ K.VI Jil.hhNT II *' K AMI
Jfjljjce first rate Hiimess Horie lor aa e.
i,7.' , :I. be seen on ath street, t.eir tn.; Lalsy it
Ha A L'ieat ba.ga.nmay be :.1 by immediate
a ap.icau.n t j WILLI "»M IXWI-,
• j,,-o 31* N ; I Ka.-t .Main stre. ■».
ST It A V IT), irom myttabie on sut-
J<r¥?day, l-tucf Decern , ■*, a t .11 grey HuK.SK,
7 . \ : ,ase in the right hind l«y, and rnouthrve-y
m Jca cut- 1 will uive a liberal reward l.r hia d -
liiTfrv t© nip, ut IC - -citota
FOK Fll 11. Ai: KI- "" » A 7 i he
p Pi.NNY:. VASIA. Captain
HVyT TVll be ready t> receive Ir :.ht, rtiday
th." 2l : n inst , and will sailor Monday the ~'t h, at
a o'c.oci M. For freight or palace apply to
p S—Sl'ipper? w:'l p'e&se s-:i d down
for i-.:ipfnent i.u Friday ' i[ _
<•?=. fOH KENT,nndpossession given the It;
Ed y«t January next that deairab-e ana well
i~?7 d Restorat-ve or Motel, on Franklin street,
i' w ca:l' J "Licerty Hail," in the immediste T.cwi
tyof the Central Railroad Depot, wi:h its tar na
tures, cooking ranges, city wat. r andfcass, a.t com
plete. Tnis establishment will sft <rd nine separate
and commodious apartments exclusive ot bar room,
cellar and kitchen, with a good yard, &c. loa
good tenant, the terms will be accommodating.—
HiisC'A'iY AND tirH STREETS, tOti SALb
Suv AfELY.—I ofler tor sale privately, those two
Houses and Lots situated on Cary street, at iu in
tersection w:th 6th street, and adjoining the tobac
co factory of Mr Jsmes Thomas, Jr These Lots
trot-t >5 (-> t each, and run back 155 feet to an al
ley. Thi6 property betng centially located andcon
venient to the business portion of the city, is well
tutted far tobseeo lactones. Ac ; and a bargain inav
be had by immediate application. Terms liberal,
de il—ii JAMES M. TAYLOR.
AVuIC IttNT. —five roams over out
Store, and Kitchen in the yard. Possession
aiveo the first of January n»xt.
E. FLEISCHER a BRO„ Mos Ma'a at,
de 22—31* OpjMjsite the Oid M >rket
Oofi liUXBlt BLACK TEA, for sale by
fHia i>rr. r
By PtTfiurt, Alln A Cm.
/~1 ROC'EKIES, Jfce.—On THURSDAY', 23rd
st 10 o'eieek, will be fold at oar Auction
80 fchds new crop N O Sur»r»
100 bbls Br"wn do
2W begs prime Rio Coffee
20 fchds M Amea
10 c»sks Rice
Chees? Bacon. Teas
Taper, Rare, Whiskey
Brandy, W'nee and Starch
Loaf Susars and Lemots
Orang«s, Dates, Sc.
ALSO—iO tbls Dainty's pater.! greasing Oil
K bbls Tanner* Oil
ALSO—IS bbls superior i!d 4th proof Whiskey '
lerms: L'd«r feiooc*sh; over inOQ four mot.
credit tor approved paper.
, _ iMYLNi ALLEN Sc. CO.,
' ego A act*.
lij J. K. U. Pu?ne « fialtsiEuu.
TWo i-'i-Mi vol N(J Mll.ru
TV, A T Al-rriON—Will be «otd in
front ot my t.tflce, en MOKNiNG,
precisely at 9 o'clock, two sup- nor youijg Miich
wita youcg Calves. leruisca»h.
'• ' J. R. P. I'W.NK.
B J' Ueorge J. miimuer.
KV V r.'i 1 "' 1 KKltS * STORK
b% . , *•> K.KRS AMI LEASE OK PRE-
MlaEe, A 1 ALI-iloN.-On THURSDAY morn
ing, ci Xi, the . d instant. 6t st re ot Messis A
IxsrueU 4. t o,c u.erot Pranhlto fcrd IS h street*.
(wti»j a.e deeming bus:cest) wih be at auc*
tiou, without reserve, their » ntire stoci o: Groce
ries, consisting o{ the usual assortment.
Previous to the sa'e of the Stock, wiii be offer
ed the urit xj ired lease ot tb; premises, which ht»
cow mure taan fjUr jears to ruu, and The improve
ments thereon, consisting of a good Store li. use,
wit,) stable in rear, I uinn*.i- House, and eve»y con
venience necessary for a (i, eery. The above pre
mises wi.l be leased out prirat. :y upon application
to the Auctioneer, or ;! 11. : will beollert d at Auc
tion to the highest bidder, on the day of sale.—
Terms a! s-.le. Sale to c ir menceat 10 o'clock
- ' GEO. J. SUMNER Aurtr
By Wellington <«oii«tiii.
U.'tLF A( Kl. i.ln \ »i> PARCEL OP
Will ha sold en Thursday, the 23d Dec, 1852,
upon the premise*, commencing a" -J o'clock an*
hail acre Lot cdlei "Cish Corner," well etic'osed,
situated in the Valley, in roar of tha Poor House*
together w.tb about 00,0v0 old bricks.
del? \V (iODDI«, A net.
By Alexander Nott Jc Co.
pLftTHINt?, DRY (;doDsi, Are., AT
AUC'llOx —On THIS (Thursday) MORNING,
commencir.g at 10o'clock, we will sell at uu'.uon,
tj close sundry consignments—
piece* Mou* hn de Laiaes
-5 uc,i»u Linen iidk's
00 do lid.ca' Colla-s
—0 do do Dress Sieeves
:<U do Tooth Brushes
AL.-O—A lot of cit a*»d j icce Dry Goods
'♦'4 Carpet B-jgs ; 25 h' ivy o»sf Coa's
i!o bb!s ot Sweet Cri>iigre—with many other
til ticks.
<?f 2:1 ALEX. NOTT & CO.. Auc!«.
V O i'H h — llttai V a NS T A H I. t. ' *
i. » SALE.—WiII be soldon Timretday,the23rd
initant, at iOo'cl.ick, 111 tror.t ot tl,« (.'unstable'*
olhce: I Matrass 1 Birber's Pole, 2 Largo Ha;-
' t'i ' nairs. 2 Stools, 1 Stove. 6CI airs ll'rih, 1
Sa e, Lot lu.tis, 1 Lot Crockery,
a:.d stiniiy fcuaa:! articles, to ca'isly executions ia
iuy hands.
immed'.ateiy after the above sal*", will be sold
up; n the pr< mis> s, at the corr-r 01 Main ard 15th
streets: 1 Btjd and Bedsiead, 1 W«sh Stand, 1
iit -k, I B.- sin and l 1 iWrtl Ci-go, 1 Kocain>»
Chair, 1 Stove, 2 Bui k u I box Lot of Book* and
tundiy oth r aiticl.a, to ifUisly dibtrots warioiit
inir.T h«t.ds,vs A Pogart.
», t.\k li.A A.iU UAHbltn'
LY, b i.i Sin ad's Rakeib'
iOO d.) Wa»key
100 do C'-Uai (Love and Banker II'II
1./ do Scot'svi;>, assorted
A'iO, llragt'i best Family
t or tc.lc by
d. FRY £.'.fcCANDLia.'l
"He !»peuk a.i to W i»t> Men."
ii'tßt; KH U >Vl !l Ct HICS .HADE
*» by any o»b«-r medicine than linuip.
fors's V*j;«-tisl>ic Tincture!—(JßiiAT MEDI
CAL EKV!—VY ltli such testimony, no s tron >
ger proofcan be gl*eii, unless it be trial ol this won
derful Hampton's Vegetable Tincture.
Let Lilts attHcted read! read!
May I, 1862. >
To Messrs Mortimer i Mowbray.
Lear Sirs: In justice to Lr Hampton's Vegetable
Tincture, I wish to inform you that I wan taken sick
on the 3d fi ty of January la&t, witn an affection of the
stoniack, 1 owelsand kidneys I wusattended by It.or
en.meat physicians for more tii tn two months, all to llt
tie or no etfect. I bad some knowledge of the f trtA
virtue in Hampton's Tincture from one bottle whw.li
my wife had taken two years since.
1 came to the conclusion that I would take no mora
medicine from my physicians, but try the Tincture;
and 1 am happy to inform you 1 had not taken it Iws
days b ' ire 1 felt its powerful influence upon my sti»»-
acn. 1 bavecontiuued using the Tincture, and am now
able to leave my room, and can eat any common diet
witbouttnucli inconvenience or pressure on iny stom
The afflicted or theirfnends are daily visiting me, t»
learn of the great virtue there is in this Tincture o#
I expect to send you several certificates in a few
days—one especially from a young lady who has bee*
confined to her room twelve months, with a disease Uf
the head, affecting the brain. .
Respectfully yours, K W H ALL.
On the permanency of the cure hear him. StiU an
other letter from the shove 1
Bakri;h.vii.i.e, Am.e&any Co, Mb, j
October 13, 18-52. >
Messrs Mortimer i Mowbray:
Hear .Sirs I am happy to inform yon that this day
finds ii.e in the enjoyment of good health, by the use ol
your Hampton s Tincture ai d the blessing of Ood. i
am enabled to pursue my daily avocations as usual, and
1 have a greet desire that the afflicted should know U*»
great curative powers of the Tincture.
1 aw. with respect, yours,
Truth Stranger than Fiction ' —JVoue need //etpatr
— A £.<i(lij 6 Testimony after thirty eight >/tart tf
eie th' ie not real virtue in tris wonderful II r<lV
cine, cou.a it perform the astonishing cures made by
Northampton County, April 13, IHOU.
Messrs Tyler \ Ailair:
1 have been a;i!.cted with rheumatism, at times, from
my twelfth Tear; I will be hfty years ol age the istb
ot this iiiontiii the attacks wet*: at times so severe a*
to lender ine heipless; I have tried various remedlee
to very little eSect. Last October I was attacked ia
my shoulders, a.ilea, back, and hips; I could not rest,
(lay or night, 1 couid not move e«.y part ol my body
without crying with pain, at this time I a.so tried ma
ny lemedles, internal and external, without receiving
any reh-!; 1 was at iast advised to try Hampton's Ve
getable Tincture; before I had taken one bottle »f
which 1 leit much better, and as I continued taking It
I leit strength coming into my I ackand limbs, and my
stomach strt ngthened and revived everyway; 1 have
taken live bottles, and am much better than i expect
ed to be. I intend to use it whenever 1 need it, aud
would recommend it to the afflicted, believing it hw
(i nailed.
Iter. Vernon Et-Urittge, U. •*. M.
PORTSMOUTH, V*, Augn»t 19, ISAI.
Mr J E Bouah— I)»ar Sir: VV'lnl* I imitpiical op
poted to Pete lit Medicine#, Candor compel ine t© iui«
tost i nave jurat confidence in the *irt»f>a of Hamp
ton'a VtMlwbllattiin. Vor aeveral iHHrifea put 1
have uaedit iu my larnlly, and tndyapepaia,
petite, diizineea, and general debility, with enure tea
ck»». So far an my experience extcuda, therefore, I
take pleaaure in recemmending It to the atSLicted aa •
•ale and efficient remedy.
1 uu. reapcctfuliy, youra,
Chaplain iu the L' Mute* Navy.
Hampton'! Vegetable Tinctare, oy ita mi.d action
the itomach, liver, and the kidney*, will cure dyapey>
«ia. cuuxh, aathina, bronchial and lung affection*, p*l«a
in the back, (ide and breaat, consumption, iciolulfc,
rbeumatmn, gout, neuralgia, ti»tul«, pile*, bowel cgea
piaioU, worm*, nervou* debility—with ail d'.aeaaeaaot
*>ng from impure blood, end i» the (reateat feuttle a>»-
dicine ever known
Call and |et parnphleta gratia, and ice WlWintM «f
Kor .ale by O. A. STRECKKR, Main afreet, Klc*-
moud; O. B. JUNES feCO., Petersburg. Ta., DartM
COOKK. Kredencksbuig , MORTIMER k MOW*
BRAY, Baltimore , and by Liruggiata generaUj.
oe 29
| * KLAl'l dkc.—Krnucu Amber (itIMK
VI and Co |i r'a l» uglasa, lor JelUoa, UiK
Mange, 4. :. I 1 jr gale ty

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