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tbk daily dispatch
Wsdnksdat. Match S3.
H«a*t *f Dtltiate*.
The following House bills were returned
from the Senate, with amendments, to which
the House agreed:
Conferring the privilege on Ohio railroads
•f erecting abridge across a part of the Ohio
river, at Wheeling, erecting depot* on Zane a
Llan.', A.C.;
Extending the time for commencing ana
completing the Abingdon and Pattonsville
Authorising a branch Bank in the town of
Harrisonburg; .
Establishing the "Central Savings Bank
at Staunton; ,
Incoi porating the Martinsburg Savings In
stitution; _
Incorporating the Trustees of the Hebrew
and English Institute for teaching the English
and Hebrew languages in the city of Norfolk
—and . ,
Amending an net districting the counties,
authorising the County Courts to re-arrange
said districts, <tc. _
The following bills were also passed:
A hill authorising any two Justices of the
Peace in the county of Isle of Wight, to pro
vide hospitals for persons having the small
pox, or other dangerous contagious diseases —
A bill amending the 15th section of an act
passed in 1852, concerning the holding of the
terms ol the Circuit Courts in Montgomery,
and other counties adjacent.
The following bills, not having obtained con
stitutional majorities, were rejected
A bill fa substitute of the increas
ing the capital stock of the Richmond ond
Petersburg Railroad Company;
A bill extending the time tor the payment of
the State taxes of Norfolk city into the Trea
sury, by the Sergeant of that city. [ The vote
on this bill was reconsidered, and the bill again
laid on the table] —and
A bill authorising a State subscription of
$30U,0C0, in three yearly instalments, to the
Morgantown and Independence Railroad Com
pany for the purpose of constructing a road to
connect with the Pennsylvania and Baltimore
and Ohio Railroads in Northwestern Virginia.
The House adjourned.
The New Wk ' Tribune" publishes the
following as a "special despatch trom Wash
ington." It is interesting, if not important—
if true.
"Louis Napoleon is about to send a nava'
force to San Juan de Nicaragua to demand
from the ftlunicipal Authoiities there satisfac
tion for fines levied by them upon French sub
jectsfor their refusal to comply with some of
the demands of the authorities of that place.—
The French Government, before deciding upon
this course, made a demand upon the British
Government, but that Government replied thpt
it had no responsibility in the case, for by treaty
with the United Biases it had relinquished all
authority and dominion there.
"Mother," asked alittiegirl, while listening
to the reading of' Uncle Tom's Cabin," "why
don't the book mention Topsy's last name? I
hure tried to bear it whenever it spoke of her
but it has not once spoke it?"
"VVhy, she had no other name, child."
"Yes she had, mother, and I know it?"
. "What was it?"
"Whv, Turvy—Topsy Turvy?"
"You had better go to bed, my dear," said
the mother.
"Rumor-making," says one of our exchanges,
"is a regular business at Washington." Yes,
and a very miserable kind it is, too. If those
who get up rumors about oihers, should have
the truth told about themselves, there would
be "the devil to pay." Well, there would.
One hundred head of mammoth fat cattle,
raised by Felix Seymour, esq., of Hardy coun
tj, Va.,Jlef( that county last week, and ereto be
driven to New York, where they are expected
to arriveabout the time oftfte opening of the
World's Fair. The average weight of twenty
head t;f these cattle, three or four weeks ago,
wus nineteen iiundred and thirty-ona pounds.
The King of Sweden, in consideration of
the great scientific practical value of Lieut.
Maury's labors, has ordered that the Swed
ish navy co-operate with this officer, by mak.
ing observations according to the form pre
scribed (for his "Wind and current" chart.
The Army and Wavy.—lt is stated that
the annual cost of the army and navy of the U.
States per bjad for the population, is 67 cents.
The expense of the same establishments to
Great Britain and Ireland per head is $256; t*
France, $2 10; to Germany, $2 28.
Important Decision.—W. C. Clarke, Judge
of Probate for tlillsboro' county, N. H., has
recentiy decided that the inveatmentofa ward's
funds in a new railroad enterprise, is not th« ex
ercise of sound discretion, and that the guar,
dian is liable tor the money and interest.
A letter in the Philadelphia Sun, dated on
bonrd the United States steamship Susquehan
na, at Hong Kong Island, December 18, states
that they were to sail on the 19th for Amoy,
■where a Chinese mob had put in jeopardy the
lives of all Europeans. It was reported that
the British steamer Salamander hud fired inta
the place, doing considerab'e damage.
The Press and the Empress.—Several of
our contemporaries appear to question the fe»
licity of the emperor's marriage. For our
selves, however, we confess we cannot regard
■them otherwise than as quite a Nappv couple.
Prize (Fighting) Joke.—A distinguished
pugilist hearing that there had been some fight
ing at Milan, said he didn't see how there could
be raillin without.
Emma Snodgrass, the girl in pantp, was at
Albany one day last week, where she regis
tered tier name as Henry Lewis. She says
She ia going to California or Australia.
Railroad Casualty —Mr. Perry, the tele
graphic operator of the Morse line at Meridcn,
Connecticut, was run ever bv a train of cars
at Springfield, Massachusetts," on the l'Jth in
stant, and killed.
New York Crystal Palace.—The New
i ork Journt.l of Commerce states that in con
sequence of the unfavorable state of the weather
during the past month, and a temporary delay
Occasioned by a want ol building materials,
the Crystal Palace will not, probably.be ready
for the reception of articles before the first of
June next.
ChickeringV celebrated Piano manufactory,
ofßjston, not long since destroyed by fire, "is
again under way,and turning out twentv piaoos
a day.
;®-Payisg Firemen -Cincinnati and Bos
on have paid fire departments. Ti Je city of
Baltimore is inclined to adopt the same plan _
A committee of the fire depariwnt have deter
mined on recommending chat plan.
Steel Spectacles, lUhtanfT 10 ,uit 41 ' •S e< -
ladies aud gentlemen ° t,leiUßnt "ear, for
Ey eGu££*d * re nc " r lighted. Shell
•id e Md TPhCW
Lamps, and articles usual tuhu
and retail. Call at 117, M* ln St
1 J. D, B. evans.
Matthew*: (i W Paddock, J B Dickinson, N
V; PK Wood, S Wood, 8 A Staple*, A Da*
vis, Lunenburgr G Haiistou, jr. J M Dillard;
E B Turner, S Puizel, Henry; J A Crews,
Pimylvania; Col Mosby, V D Markham, B A
Goode, Powhatan; S T Hancock, California;
L Elam, Chesterfield; Dr Coates, Goochland;
5 R Seay,J \\ Ellis, DT Jones, J H Haskins,
A E Whitworth, Amelia; W A E Laieon, R
6 D R R; John A Brown, Albemarle; J H
Stums, N C; V B Hamman, Craig; P J Ham
man, J Taylor, T J Obenchain, J G Rowland
Botetourt; L Brugh, H W Camper, C F An
derson, J Bodkin; Fincasile; R C Johnston,
Vij J Andervou, Gray on; J II Wilson, Lex
ington; J T Shields, J A M Lusk, Rockbridge;
R W Wyatt. Albemarle; W B McCraw, Nel
son; C >V Cosby, Cumberland; fis P Parrish,
J Sclater, Fluvanna; J D Jenkins, Cumber
land; D Boatwright, F W Anderson, Bucking
ham; W llSmoot, J P Bondurant, Amherst;
RS Paulett, J R Hilliard, Farmville; H D
Aston, Russell; J A Neal, Scott; J H Chit
(ire.Sfj Va*
R Hubbard, Norfolk; K Douthat, lady and
servant, T F Harrison, Chaa City; Miss Mar-
Bhal', Fauquier; W S Arche* Amelia; J h J
Valentine, Charlottesville; J Co'by, IN 1. t
Taylor, Orange; R S Walker, Albemarle; G R
Barksdale. E 15 Hall, Richmond; B J Haden
and ladv, Fluvanna; Mi'a Newman Mtaaßeid,
Henry; O H Hob,on, A G B*rge, D Bragg,
Petersburg; T M Bustall and daughter, S G;
ME Viele and lady, Miss Townsend, Mrs
Fondrv, N V; L Bright, C F Anderson, T B
Bondurant, Va; J P Montgomery and lady,
Philn; Mrs Ciayton, T Evans, Lynchburg; W
Stratton, Cumberland; D I Williams, Va; C
Beaie. Tenn; W Douglas, New Kent; J Chris
tian, Middlesex; E Faickcl, N Y; M Anderson,
Fincastle; S H Fcss, Mass; Miss Ruftin, N C;
J McCullough, Washington; D D Morton, G
Cummings and lady, Va; W McCartney, Pa:
J B Campbell, N J; J H Custisand lady, Bo
ston; VV M Warren, Nelson; J J Crittenden and
lady, Mrs and Mis 3 Coleman, Ky; C Conrad,
AMERICAN HOTEL- —R E Anderson, Ameiia;
H L M Goode, Charlottf; YV fil Hannah, Appomat
tox; J N Tinsley aid lady, Pittsylvania; A B Ven
able and M Barkidale, Stauntion; B W Daniel, Pitt
sylvania; Wm Bronie, Mass; Dr J A Guion, North
Carolina; E F Gay, Philadelphia; J B Mlnnot and
lady and J A Washington, N C; Dr Gant and lady.
Albemarle; DT Van Buren, U S A; J C Farrow and
lady. Petersburg; Cspt Alex McCausland, Wash
ington; N Bush and R Dickinson, Frantilin, Ve, W
Dickinson, V»; Mr Sackett, Yankee Card Writer,
Boston; A H Brown, Amelia; W T Joyces, Peters
burg; J D Maclin and servant, Greensville; W H
Watiuns, Baltimore; J T Morton, Farmville; L
Laneott, Faltimore; B W Morris, New York; C R
Carrington and O Andriot, Cumberland: A J Tur
ner, Alabama; G H Taylor, Philadelphia; W A
Walton, Farmviile; J Branch. Petersburg B John
son and lady and Mifs F Jonas, New \crk; J H
Macrae, Fr dericssburg.
CITY HOTEL.—Jas Hunter end John Hunter,
Norfolk; Col E James. Princess Ann; Co! S Whee
ler, Portsmouth; J Chapmsn, Smithfield; Wm F
Bnrke, N Y; G F Hall, isle of Wight; J L Roane,
King and Queen; H Yateman, Norfolk; Captain C
Thomson, Hanover; J N Phiilips, Ya C R K; Wm
G Essex; W 8 Marsh. Richmond; Thos J
Brunswick; GH May, Bait; A Cunning
hem, Cumberland, R Greenway ana A Clutier. N
Y: J Richardson, A Morce and C H Wilson, Phiia;
Dr W Jordan ar,d servant, S C; WE Hill, Greec
ville: H C Bask>-r, Buckingham; A Thomas, N C;
A Y f rentiss, Ge; J W Smith, Steamer Powhatan;
W A Mosley, Mr Jackson and Mr Smith, Virginia;
A Phiilips and lady and Miss E G Hayden, N Y; J
G Cross and lady, Bait; H N Firth, Ky; S Powers,
Schr Marcella, Elms, Attakapas, sugar and molas
ses to Dunlcp, Moncure & Co
Schr Jno Compton, New York.
Steamer Pennsylvania, Baymore, Philadelphia,
mdse toR Rankin.
BchrJos Porter, English, New York, mdse, D
Schr Orianna, Dodge, New York, mdse, D Cur
Schr Leah, Saunders. Philadelphia, ccal, W D
Colqu'tt & Co.
Steamer Belvidere, Gilford, Baltimore, mdse,
Ludlam &. Watson.
New Yohk, March 22.—Arrd, schrs New Y'ork,
Wyatt, Richmond; Hampton, from Fredericks
Governor Street, ii doors from Main,
Pamphlets, | Business Cards,
Circulars, Tickets,
Handbills, | Blanks, Arc. See.
Isabels, of every description,
Printed at short notice and upon reasonable terms.
EST Orders for all kinds ot Printing will be re
ceived aad executed in the handsomest stylo.
jy 13
Merchants are invited to call aßd examine the
prices and New Books and Stationery, &c., re
ceived by late arrivals, at 121 Main Street.
These Goods were purchased at the Northern
Trade Sales and other places for cash and will be
sold at wholesale and retail on better terms than
is usur! in Southern Markets.
A large stock of home manufactured articles,
such as Blank Books, Paper, &c , always on hand
at moderate prices. Teachers will be supplied
with Koois at a liberal discount, and many impor
tant new School Books given without charge.
Gentlemen or societies forming or adding to their
libraries, will save money by caSinjr on J W RAN
DOLPH, Richmond, Va.
fW Catalogues caa be had on app'icatioa.
mn 32
A Child's History England, by Chas Dickens, vol
1. England from the Ancient Times to the reign
of Henry the Fifth—so cts
Punch s Prize Novelists, the Fat Contributor,
Travels iu London, by VV M Thackeray—soc
History of Nero, by Jacob Abbott, with engrav
ings- 62c
Live* of the Brothers Humboldt, Aifxander and
William, Translated and arranged trom the Ger
man of Kleucke and Schleiser, by Juliette Bauer,
with portraits—Bl
Interviews, Memorableand Useful, from Diary
and Memory, reproduced by Samuel Hanson Cox,
New Cook Book, by Mrs Bradley, to which is ad
ded directions for the Cure of all the Principal
Diseases ot the Human System—2sc
Agatha s Husband; a Novel by the author of
"Olive," "Ogilvioa," etc—37^c
Woman a Life, cr Trials of Caprice, by Miss
Emily Carlene
For sale by
mb - 2 Noa 5 and 6 Exchange.
HI very likely Boy,accustomed
*■ to waiting in the House. Apply to
m h 22 General Agent and Collector.
■il and Graham's Magazine, received and for saie
!>y >> JAMES B. GIBB,
mh 21 No 53, opposite City Hotel.
ceived, the new style of Oalters called the
Wellington Gaiters, to wcich I would invite the
attention of tha ladies. ALEX HILL
f«' 127 Main street
LI AoTINUS' SVlttP 'I'Att, * :,w « Bai"
£X sain Wild Cherry, Hampton's Vegetable Tine
ture; iursaie by JAS D THOMAS, Drugiris'
.mh 1 Franklin street, opposite Old Ma-kk
R«» tOJ-'JfKE—ivtt ba B 's prime Rio Coflee,
'o stare, and tor sale by
roh 4 ~ u A. 8. LEE.
(]I«AK».- tieuuine Havana and Principe Ci
/ gars; also, Smoking Tobacco ot the most an
proved brands, tor sale by
JAS D THOMAS, Druggist,
_jnta 1 Prats*lto atr*et, opposite Old Market.
I li A . MI *T4 ws V*«K*ahl,K mixiuke?
mh ~ r - TU ° B E
I mh 18 Garner of Broad and i\h streets
BY packet! mm) *taamer» from WPNM®o®I«M
Havre, we «r» ourSprtfSi*?!#?#
tations, of BRITISH, F&BftCHndOERMA*
GOODS, pu.ehaMd tor oa.h *
and Continental market*, o ® m P r J^?* h Ir JT TBrle _
and splendid assortm-nt. imoog »«»><:•• ™f
t T of new and beautiful *tyte- of Ladia. Drea.
by variou* arrival, "d
Boston, we are receiving our AMEBIC AN
FABRICS, the whole ever l^
and mo*t attractive assortment* we toava ever ween
>b ftnr stock has ben purchased under the mo*
} \ 1,7. pi* cum stances, and by the l.t March
trtTl'ta entirely complete; and we respectfully *o-
T™ . merchants of Virginia, North Carolina and
T«nes.r» s"ve it an examination, with the a*-
iurancs that our Gcoda will be uAd low at they
"n be boa.ht m any market ta thi* country
We have »lso on hand a laree and fashionable
*tcck of READY MADE CLOTHING, manufac
tured st home, under our dircct »npervi*ion, with
the aid ol the most experienced cutter*. We have
made such arrangement in thi* department as en
able* us to compete successfully with any clothing
establishment in tbe United State*.
The whole will be offered at price* satisfac
tory to the purchaser, and upon liberal term*,
le 26 KENT. PAINE & KfcNT.
TRADE, 1853—The subscriber is now re
ceiving hi* *tock of Spring Goods, to which he re
■ pectfully aaks the attention of the trade. From
his long experience and untiring efforts in selecting
one at the moat varied stocks ever offered in Rich
mond, he ia enabled to offer to purchasers some
thing realiy nice and well made. He asks those
who wish to purchase, to examine the work, cut
and tit of his stock, and compare with other stock*
in the city. Ail he asks ia a fair trial. Hi* assort
ment will compri»e every article in the line of
ready-mads Clothine, and the newest styles out.—
Call on ~ JAS. D. GOODMAN,
No 134 Main street, opposite Eagle Square,
mh 10
JL'A>i fiZZOii, Contectioi.erandFruttdeal
er, next door to Exchange BanK, Richmond,
Va, offers for sale to the traders and country mer;
chants, the following:
175 boxes prime Bunch RaUins
75 boxes extra Layer do
200 drums Smyrna Figs, Jre»h and good
100 fancy boxes do extra quality
100 boxes Messina and Palermo Oraoaes
50 boxes Lemons, 20 frails Ivica Almonds
10 bags Taragona Almonus
5 bales Bordeaux Almonds
5 do Cicily do
10 bags Brazil, or Palm Nuts
10 bags Filberts, 25 boxes preserved Citron
10 casks dry Currants
100 jars No 1 Prunes
50 boxes do do glass top*
20 hexes shelled Almonds
10 cases preserved Ginger
10 do dry do
SO doz Pickles, assorted
10 bag 3 Pecan Nuts
100,0t0 Cigars, from ?5 to $40 per M; together
with a'argfi assortment of plain and fancy Candies
o! my own manufacture, warranted to stand all
climstes. nih 7
JL THE AGE.—The Va. Magic Washing Fluid.—
This article now so well known and extensively
used, has to a considerable extent superceded the
eld and laborious method of clothes-washing with
rubbing boards.
Those who wish to save the hard rubbing on
washing boards, the loss ot time and " wear and
teai" of clothes consequent of such a method,
should use this celebrated Fluid. Once used amd
its utility seen, it will never be given up so long as
there are clothes to be washed
Beware of ail imitation*. The genuine article
can be had in any quantity at
mh s—3m Corner opposite the Oid Market.
tiOD jLIVKR OJJLi. —Our efforts to obtain
> this article pure and unadulterated having
succeeded to the satisfaction of Physicians and oth
ets who have tried it, the increased and increasing
demand both here and elsewhere, has induced us
to make permanent arrangements with ;be same
reliable manufacturer, at St Johns, Newfoundland,
for regular supplies, which we shall continue to
receive direct and always fresh.
Persons of delicate stomachs, who find difficulty
in taking Cod Liver Oil, can have it so prepared
as entirely to disguise the taste.
For sale by ADIE &GRAY, and by J BLAIR,
Broad street. fe 21
CEDAR TAR —Consumption Cured. —
The most successful remedy now In use for the
cure of Incipient Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma,
Cough*, Sore Throat, diseases of the Liver and
Kidney*, King'* Evil, Tett-r, Dyspepsia, itc., pre
pared by Mr* 3. B. Norri*, 343 Baltimore street,
Mas. B. B. Noaai3—Dear Madam : For several
years i hava been atflicted with Iraq-dent hemor
rhages of the attended with a painful cough.
I tried variou* remedies, and bad the beat medical
advice, bat without relief until I triad your Cedar
Tar, which has entirely cured roe.
Yours reapecttuUy, GEORGE PARKS,
127 c-aratoga street, Baltimore, Mi.
October 3d, 1855.
Cail and g9t Pamphlsts containing certificates.
Beware of counterfeits. To-) genuine arti
cle is for sale by
P. HORTON KiIACH, 91 Main street.
Sole Agent for Richmond, and
mh 19 General Ajeut tor Eastern Virgintai
A The Oid Arm Chair, how it my memory re
Of tune 3 that have passed, of those happy faces,
Worn out with fatigue, to my seat I'd repair,
Wniie my lather would sleep in the oid rocking
But now the old Chair it belongs unto me,
And my forefather's Watch, with the old fashion'd
It iiaa stopp'd for years past, for I've no money to
Or I'd take it to BARTHOLOMEW'S, tor him to re
One trial I'll give, when my purse it enlarges;
I've heard people say he is moderate ii charges.
So now if you have Watches, for him to repair,
I doubt not he'll please you, or 111 give up me
Opposite the Dispatch office. Governor street,
mh 4
Good news: good new*:: colts
REVOLVERS at Reduced Frlcea.—Hav
ing just received a large supply of the above Pis
tols, will sell tnemat reduced prices, from $17 te
$20, with Mahogany cases and everything com
plete, all are warranted the genuine Colts' Revo
Cailsoon at HENRY HYMAN'S, direct importer
of Watches. Guns, See. 96 Main street,
mh 22—lm Richmond, va.
1* scribsrs have received per steamer Roanoke
and New York packets, their stock of Spring and
Summer Dry Goods. Their stock is large,
embracing every variety adapted to the season,
which have been purchased on tho moi: advanta
geous terms, and will be ottered at a very small ad
vance. Our friends and the public are respectfully
invited to give us a call before making their pur
mh 22—2 w COURTNEY & HILL.
| • OAL, WOOD AMD POSTS.—I keep con-
V/ santiy on hand, Lump, Hail and Smith's Coal
of superior quality; Osi and Pine Wood and Cedar
and Oak Posts, al! of which 1 am selling at the
lowest market prices for cash, or to punctual cus
tomers. g TYLER
mh 22—im' Stone Warehouse, Basin bank.
Jr.: * *J Bnd - acd dai 'y receiving, an
entire Fresh Stock of Confectionary, Fruit 3, Nuts.
t Urra^ ti ' Kaisio »> Sweet Oil, Catsups!
f gS ' pru . neß - Ac <fcc, Fancy
•Ii f every des cnpticn— together with everv
article in our line, whiclTwii! be sold low by 7
* BONAVITA * CO, N076 st.
° i ° 14 Late stand of Jos Bonavita. dee'd
Pnced \ eets, assorted colors
laOO pairs low priced Pants
1800 Linen, Check and Fancy Coat*
And additionsl by every Steamer, direct from cur
tactory at New York.
JLU Apple Brandy
3 bbls superior Old Smitbdeld Peach 8.-aad?
10 hhds Onio Family Bacon Sides
10 do do do do Shoulder*
10 bbls do do do llacii
Just received, for sale by
81 J. W. WOMBLE ii CO.
{* han <l» »e«ro Man, of m< diuia age, who it re
hire for the binac* of tho yew. * 00 U ,or
mhl9 TOLEU. k COOK, Ag« DU .
On and after Monday, November SUi, 1889, a re
gular paaaenger train will run dally (Sunday* ex
cepted) between Richmond and Key*»Hle.
The train will atop for paaaengera only at the fol
lowing pointa: Manchester, Pewhite, KoMou'a, Coal
field, Tomahawk, Powhatan, Petersburg Road, Mat
toax, Scott'* Shop, Amelia C H, Wyanoke, Jennioa'a
Ordinary, Haytokah, Liberty Church and Clark'*.
Leave Richmond at 7 o'clock, A. M. Returning,
leave Keyavtile at 1.88 P. M.
Children under 10 yeara of ace free, provided a
aeat ia not occupied by them ; from 10 and under
15 yeara of age, half price. Servant* travelling by
themselves, muet be furnUbed with two pacsea, ao
that one can be retained in the office, and it must be
expreaaly stated on the paaa that they are permitted
to so on the car*.
N B— Paaaengera for Lynchburg will take the
Southaide train at Haytokah for Kice'a Station,
thence by Flags <fc Co'* *tnge* to Lynchburg. Pas
sengers tor Halifax C H can meet Messrs Flagg A
Co's four horse coaches at Keysville, and p«*sen
gers for I anville, Va , Greensborough, Salisbury
and Charlette, N. C., can meet Meter* Flagg it Co's
four-horse coaches on Tuesdays. Thursday a and
Saturdays at Keyaville. Passengers for Clarksvflle,
Boydton, Milton, N C, and Yancyaville, can meet
Mesars Moss it. Cb's coaehf a at Key*»ille on Tuee
dayt, Thursday l ! and Saturdays, and for Mijtonand
YancysviUe by Flagg Sc. Co 'a line Mondays, Wed
nesdays and Frldaya.
te22 IQHN H. OSBORNE. Snpt.
ON and after Wednesday, the 15th Decem
ber, a Freight Car arranged for the purpose,
will run with the Mail train daily, (Sunday except
ed,) for the more speedy transportation of Milk,
Butter, fresh Meats, and other pevishable articles,
and package* of merchandise, itc.
A special Agent will accompany the car to attend
to the receipt and delivery of artictes at the several
depots. All articles must be put up securely, with
their weight and destination marked thereon, and
be in place before the arrival of the train at the de
pots in the country.
Articles to be transported from the Richmond
depot, must be sent there between 9AM and 5 P
M, accompanied by two tickets stating to what
place they are to be sent, by whom and to whom. If
the articles received correspond with the tickets,
one will be signed by the Agent at the depot aua
delivered to the person bringing the articles, and
the other retained by the Agent.
An Agent will be in attendance at the Richmond
depot from 9 A M till 7 P M, for the delivery of ar
ticles brought by the Express Cars.
The freight on all articles must be paid in ad
vance, and no article will bo taken lor any turn,
Trnnks, Boxes and Packages,
Single packages, not exceeding five pounds
in weight, foraH distances 25 cent*
Packages weighing over live pounds and
less than fifty pounds, for all distances..3o "
Packages over fifty pounds and less than
100 pounds 50 "
Articles exceeding 100 pounds in weight
between Richmond and Louisa C. H., per
100 p0und5.................. 50 "
Richmond and Gordonsvflle per 100 1b5...60 "
do Meechum'aßiver do do ...75 "
Butter, Lard, dressed Fowls and Fresh*
75 cents per 100 poinds for all distances; no
charge to be less than RX cents.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Per bushel 25 cents
Oysters—By special arrangement
de 10—3awts Sunt Transportation.
(j New and Comfortable ftchedn'ies.
ter the Ist of March, the following quick and com
fortable schedules will be run over the inland route
between Richmond and New Yerk: Leave Rich
mond, daily, at 7 o'clock, A. M., and 9 o'clock, P. M.;
arrive in New York, daily, at5J, A. M., and 6$ P. M.
Fare to Washington, Ist class seats ...$5 50
" " 2d " " .4 00
" " Baltimore Ist " w ,7 00
" •' u 2d " " 500
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia by rail
road 3 00
Between Baltimore and Philadelphia, by New
Castle and Frenchtown line, 2 50
Between Philadelphia and New York 3 00
For Ist class passengers, and $2 on each for 2d
class do.
Besides the through and direct connexion named
above with the main Northern Route, through
tickets, direct, can be obtained at the Depot of the
Baltimore <fc Ohio Railroad Company, in Washing
ton, for Pittsburg and Wheeling via the Ralay
House on the following terms:
Between Washington and Pittsburg—
(Time 24 hours) ......811 50
Between Washington and Wheeling—
(Time 32 hours) 12 50
For through tickets to Washington and Balti
more, or other information, apply at the ticket ol
It is deemed proper, in addition, to state, for ths
information of passengers, that four daily lines are
ia operation between "Washington and Baltimore,
by means of which the traveller who, through
business nr nl»««iir« has K<v>n delayttl in Wash
ington, nas h always in nu power to proceed at a
convenient hour directly on his journey to any
point north of that place. S RUTH,
Agent of Transportation.
Office R., F. <fc P.R. R. C 0.,)
Richmond, Feb. 20,1852. J
P. S.—The Night Train will not stop to take up o*
put down passengers, except at the following sta
tion* : Cottage, Taylorsville, Junction, Chesterfield,
Milford, Gianey's, Fredericksburg and Brooks'.
N. B.—By order of the Postmaster General, no
mail train win be run between Richmond and
Washington on Sunday night*.
fe 21 _ ° B.K.
v .
ON and after Monday, 25th January, 1853, the
Mail, and regular Passenger Train will leave
Lyncbburg dally, Sundays excepted, at 7 o'ciock, A
M, and arrive at Salem at 10i o'clock, AM. Re
turning will leave Salem at 2i o'clock, P M, and ar
rive in Lynchburg at 5$ o'clock P M—stopping, go
ing and returning, at the following places only,
Forest Depet, Goode's, Liberty, Oak Mulga, Bu
ford's, Bonsack's, Big Lick, and Salem. There will
be a Freight Train leaving Salem daily, Sunday*
excepted, at 6$ o'clock, A M, and one leaving Lynch
burg at 1J o'clock, PM. To each a passenger car
will be attached. The*e trains willstop for height*
and passenger* at Halsey's, Clay'*, Forest Depot,
Goode's, Lowry'*, Liberty, Oak Mulga, Buford's,
Bonsack's, Gish's Mill, Big Lick and Salem.
Slaves travelling by themselves on either train
must be iurnished with two pas*es, so that one can
be retained in the office, and it must be expressly
stated on the pass, that they are permitted to go on
the cars. Freo negroes must obtain tickets before
suiting, of the ticket agent, to whom they mu*t
produce satisfactory evidence of their freedom.
ja 29td— Supt Tranp't Va & Tenn R R
INSURANCE—The Richmond Flu
Association are now pre oared to issua
policies of insurance on tho abovo d>
script!on of risks on as reasonable terms as any
similar company, and respectfully ask a share ol
the patronage of the public. Applications wHI b«
received at the office, No. 323, corner of Maui and
9th street*, where the officer* will cheerfully fu*.
nish ail information that may be required. All
'owes promptly and liberally adjusted.
J ohm H. Boshee, Secretary. mh 17.
ADIK & (iiiAV, »RL v GGI«TS, 141
Main Stekbt, have in store, and are receiv
ing, large additions to their stock of Drug*,
Medlrlaea. Surgeonn' Instrument*.
Faint*, OIIh, Dyes, Window tiiass and
Fancy Articles, which they offer for sslp on the
mnst lavorable terms to eash and punctual deviljh
W~jf AND DRUGGISTS, 175 Broad street, have on
UB hand a general assortment of Drugs, Modi
ciaes, Paints, Oil*, Dye Stuffs, Ac , to which
tbev respectfully invite the attention of their friends
and the public generally, prescriptions carefully
compounded at all hours. Orders from the com
try will meet with prompt attention. They hare
also in store a choice selection of Chewing Tobac
co, and an assortment of Cijars of the most ap
proved brands. j«sj4
gILTEK .—The highea: premium pud for »H
--feSSI ' C.W. PURCELL 4. CO, Btoker*
rntahL Paek*«« nn4 PareM
Per Steamship* ROAFOKE and JAMESTOWIf.
_ -C-Tfl, The Proprietor* Iwteg booght
t the entire Interest of Doogs'a Vtr-
JtEllnuiniorrti Carolina Exprqss. and made ar
rangement* with the New York ud Virginia Steam
ship Company, for the tramportation of their Ex
press between Mew York and Richmond, take
pleasure in itrtormirg the Merchants and public
generally of Richmond, that they a™ now pre
pared to transport with care, and under charge of
special messengers, every description of Freight,
valuable Package#, Jewelry, Specie. Bank Note*,
Exchange*. 4c; the execution of all oidera, large
or small, with prompters* and fidelity, and at the
very lowest rates. Our king experience in the Ex
press business. North and East, our ample means,
ability and determination to make this Express the
Eopular one of Virginia and North Carolina, we
ope will be a sufficient guarantee to the Merchants
of this city, to enhance their own interest by giving
u* a full share ot their patronage, and the Proprie
tors guarantee on their part, general satisfaction
to their patrons, both in regard to the expedition of
their goods aop the economy of their charge*.
Proprietors, New York.
WM. L. MALL, Agent,
Pear! street, one door Irom Main,
rah 15—Sin under Toler & Cook's office.
FACTORY and Granite and Stone Yard, east
corner of Bth and Main streets, Richmond, Vr,is at
bH times prepared to furnish Marble Monuments,
Tombs or Head Stone*, o< any size or pattern; Mar
ble Mantelpieces, Marble work for cabinet makers
or any work of the kind, of the best materials and
workmanship, at the shortest notice, and on as fa
vorrabieterms as anyjothar establishment between
Boston and New Orleans. Having extensive Gra
nite Quarries of easy access from the city, and
of a quality not to be surpassed even by the far
iamed Quincy Granite, he also engages to put up
Granite Fronts, or any other kind of house
work, in ihe most reliable manner, with such dis
prtch and upon auch terms a* cannot fail to please
every one.
furnished of specified sizes for
stone cutters, or rough Granite for mason work.
N B—Having recently engaged a very experi
enced Carver and Engraver, bel* prepared to do all
kinds of ornamental marble Work, at the lowest
possible prices- rah 16—3 m»
City HoH, office of the Sealer of Weights
and Measure* for City of Richmond.
TO MERCHANTS and others using balances,
steel yard*, platform balances, weights or
measures frr the purpose of buying and selling, are
hereby notified to bring or send them to my office,
in the City Hall, to be tried and proved, and at
which place I will be present every day from 9
o'clock, A M., to 2 o'clock, P. M. Under the act of
January the 12tb, 1853, this duty is to be perfrrmed
every two years. JOSEPH C. WINGFiELD,
mh I—dim* Sealer, 4c., of Richmond City
|>RKEDKN & FOX, have this day received
A3 by various arrivals, the most attractive stock
of Spring and Summer Goods ever before offered
by them, eon»istin| of ail the new fabrics and de
signs in Ladies', Gentfenien'a, Boy's and Servant's
wear, with a full stock of Housekeeping Goods, to
all of which they ask attention of city and country
buyers, assuring them good Goods at very reduced
mh 18—2w ai? Broad .Street.
DA.MKIj H. JLiIMDOM offers tor sale a large
and varied stock of
which will be sold at unusually low prices, to make
way for a heavy importation tor the fall. To per
sons who buy for CASH, and to those who are
prompt in the settlement of their accouats, large
concessions will be made, as the desire is to sell
every thing on hand by the Ist of May, the day of
my departure for Europe. Planters, manufacturers
and merchants SHALL find it to their iaterest to
buy their Spring Goods of me. Persons who wish
any sty es of Foreign Goods, will please make up
and sand in theii orders, as usual, before the Ist
May. mh 17
Duncan for sale The
above named very desirable residence, and
the valuable Tract of Land, containing 28 acres on
which it stands, are offered for sale privately on
very advantageous terms.
It is situated on the Deep Run Turnpike, on the
continuation of Broad street, about three quarters
of a mile west of the city of Kichmond,and about
"-.00 yards from the Richmond College.
The land is highly improved by abundant ma
nuring and good cultivation, and has a small
stream of water passing througi the corner of it.
In the garden and near the house are shrubs and
trees beating a great variety and abundance of the
choicest fruits arid flowers.
The dwelling house is well and handsomely built
in modern style of brick, 50 by 43 feet, two stories
and a basement high, with all convenient out
houses and offices, also of brick and in good repair.
The situation is an airy, dry and perfectly healthy
one, and well supplied with ezeciient water. An
unexceptionable title will be conveyed to the pur
chaser. Apply to T. G. McKenzie or Mrs. Mc-
Kenzie, on the premises, or to the subscriber, who
is duly authorised to sell and convey the same,
mh 19—dts P V DANIhL, Jn.
Proposals will be received at this office until 12 M
on MONDAY, April 4th, 1853, for supplying 40U,000
feet B M of R R scantling.
Specification—To be all of yellow Pine, of sound
heart, and free from knots, windshakes, cracks,
Bnd all other cefe ts that will injure its strength or
durability; sawed to a section of 4J x 8 inches, and
cut in lengths of 21, 24i, 28, 31 j and 35 feet.
The above timber will be received at Richmond,
Staunton River, or at any of the Company's stations
for receiving freight between those places.
mh 19—d2wclt Chief Engineer.
RAN AWAY from the subscriber, living in
Hcnrico county, on Sunday, the 13th March,
a negro man named EDMUND. He was hired by
me of a Mr. Hope, the agent of a Mis Nancy White
of Louisa. He is spare madr, 5 leet 6or 8 inches
high, and of brown complexion. Had, when he
left, a very bad cough. Was dressed in grey pan
taloons and coat. He has brothers living with Mr
Quarles, (brick-layer.) and may perhaps be in com
munion with them. 1 will pay tue legal reward on
mh 21—tf A M TERRELL.
now m store a superb assortment of Stocks,
Ties, Cravats, Hdkfs, Gloves, Suspenders and Loop
Buttons, embracing all the Spring styles and pat
terns, which were selected with excellent taste,
with an extensive assortment of Robes, Shirts,
Collars, Undershirts, Drawers, hail Hose, Suspen
ders and Gaiters, which I will sell very low
21 103 Maia street, corner 14th.
The agency of r. France & co.,
Managers of Lotteries, Is removed to the Office
late in the occupancy of Ro G Scott, Esq, on Gov
ernor street, and will hereafter be conducted by C
B LLCK. I take pleasure in recommending my
old customers to htm. as one in every way worthy
of the confidence which they have so geuerousiy
extended to me during the last eight years.
The subscriber has recently gotten up a Lamp to
burn Fluid, which he warrants will not explode,
and is entirely free from dangnr, only to be had of
him He has also the safety fluid lamp, which is
made ordinarily at the factory, and any one calling
can see the difference Call and see them tried.
mh 21 J. D B. EVANS.
OLD DOMINION NAILS. —I have on hand
a full supply of this superior brand of Nails.—
Dealers can be supplied much cheaper than by or
dering from the North. Every size and description,
including box and lining.
mh 16—ts 67 Cary street.
THROP have concluded to c'.oso their stock of
genuine Mediteracean Watfr Flit' rs at greatiy re
duced prices. Those who have not supplied taem
selves, will do well to call ur.tncdlh'ely at
mh 21 ___ 98 Main Street.
ton CiIAiiLES 1 ON, S. C —Tne sulmTT
or fait sailing Schooner JOSEPH JAMES,
capi. Mitchell, is now r- ady to receive freight, and
will saii with all possible dispatch,
Fcr freight or passage apply to
mil3l R. RANKIN
lyroflCE.-I have appointed and do hvrvov
il constitute and appoint CARTER BETHEL
my agent to conduct ard carry on the Grocer*
business in my bouse, near the Central R R nJ
pot, aud to sell and buy goods, for cash only, but to
contract no debts on my account or respoMibi ttv
1111121 J- B. STEGAI.
|fOR 111 RE.—A Cook, Wa^i^lT^r
H-ant*''aVoW b to BtlC<s Ul tae K? r * lnoutn"
mh 21 PP * r„ , *"»• D - fcACHO.
mi H General Agent and Collector.
/1 CHlfll HALL,—By the
«blPi Toaanonda ud Amerfcs
tflte \ r a u '
mm ssvxz
tories. and by thiTpwaets'f^'
Boston, his suppliea of Glaaa, Leoki..
Gluwi) Fancy Goods, ace. Bavin* o„?
of the best aasorunents be has ever offeril ?«
wblct are many new and desirable
his whole stock having been purchased
recent rise in Earthenware and Glass, he is *bI.T,
offer gnu inducements toUiosain want
•rude in his line. HUGH A WATT
mh 15—2 m No 78 Mairratr^t
chwa.ckockkey * glass warjT
TQO R L. HICK3ON, importer and
CWdealer in English French and Amrr IMTI
kin. China, Crockery and Glass- tSfrf
ware. Country dealers and house- W
keepers would So well to give him a caH, as f rom
adv*nt«geons arrangement! tn buying his Good,
lie will be enabled to sell low. "®cda»
Waiter*, Tray, Spoon* Knives and Fork, Cat
tor*, Looking Glasses, with a variety of Fmtn a-
moved his Office to his father-* re
itoence, on Broad street, near the
Powhatan House, and opposite the City Hal!, offers
his professional services to the citizens of Rich
mood and vicinity, and would be pleased to »ee hw
old friend* and ctLitomers. jal£££.
DK. ADDIPiGTON, (graou-
DENTIST, practitioner Sine*
having fully tested his redcap
prices, desires to make known to
every person that be will continue permanent, the
following charges for his services, with the assur
ance that hi* operations shall be performed better
than under his past exorbitant fees. How so! Be
cause he and his asalstants|are kept in full exerc.se
and make more money.
Extract tooth 25 cents; Plug with sliver or tin 50
cents; with geld 75 cents; Pivot Tooth (2 50; Plata
Tooth €3. upper or lower setts $25, with or with
out natvral, artificial gums, 4ic. fe jq
(I I 1 1 FIHOUSE have just received a furrier
U • m J "supply of Piano Fortes from Messrs
A. Stodart Sc. Co. Bome of them are very new
styles, and would form an appropriate Christmas
present. de 22
receiving elegant and
III!} fl plain Piano* from the popular ma
ll H M U Ujiers, Nones 3c Clark.
These Instruments received the great gold medal
prize at the "World'* Fair," London, 1851; and
they have invariably received the first prize at tiw
American Institute Fairs in this country. They
combine all the modern improvements with too
Meial'ie Frame and patent over string*, and ara
confidently recommended for sweetness of tone and
gnat durability, which quality will be appreciated
in the country, where food tuners are seldom
P. H. Taylor has sold these Instrument* jn this
city for the last seventeen years, to the entire satis
faction of his numerous customers.
OH Pianos taken in part pay.
Piano Stools and Music, (the largest and best
collection in the State) Violin and Guitar Strings,
Violm* and Guitars of the best quality, at lew
prices. P.H.TAYLOR,
Piano and Music Store,
oc .*> 160 Main street, opposite the Backs.
iAM now opening the most complete assortment
of Fistring Tackle ever offered in Richmond.—
Amongst my assortment may be found all the va
riety of Hooks, such as Virgmie, Limerick, Kirby,
Ringed Trout, Sockdologers, Ax., betides a full as
sortment of Hooks on gut and gimp ; also, gut and
gimp extra; single and double Trimmings; rigid
Lines, with floats and hooks complete; sea, grass,
and horse-hair Floats and Sinkers, extn; cotton,
linen and dax Lines; twisted, plaited, apun, cable
laid and braided Silx Lines, in rolls, of superior
quality ; trout Flies and Reels; walking cane Fish
ing Rods, in great variety.
Also, just received a line assortment of Colt's aad
Allen's Revolvers. JAMES WALSH,
mh 14 2w Maker & (mporterof Guns, Rifles, icr..
I ssOT'l i SUTHERLAND, oppo
the Farmers' Bank, otters
tor sale an extensive assortment of the following
articles at very low prices, wholesale and retail,
consisting of superfine cast steel Kirby, Limerick,
Virginia, Trout, Salmon, Sea and other Ffoh
Hooka; Artificial Files and Insects; silk, hair and
gut Linea, span and platted silk do, hemp do.;
Canton sea grass, silk worm gut, fancy cork and
quill Floata; gut, hair and other Snoods, (Snells.)
Deep sea bows, Trout Baskets, Fishinc Books.
Walking Stick, jointed and cane reed Fishing
Roda, Brass Reels, Drinking Cups, Powder Flasks,
Shot Pouches, Game Bags, Fercnaaion Capa,
Si,c. Slc.
{y Merchants, Sportsmen and othera are in
vited to call and examine before purchasing,
mh 21—lm*
Opssa HARREYS <Sc BLHGK*S have
removed to 13th Street, between Main and
where they will still continue to
undertake and execute all kinds of Painting and
Glazing, with the very beat MATERIAL; and
not being altogether dependent on journeymen to
do their work, can safely promise, it ahail not be
surpassed by any other in the city, and by strict
attention to business, hope to merit a share of the
public patronage- mh 18—3 m
BAGS. *e., See., >0. 161 Main Street, Rich,
uiond. Va,, a few doors below the American.
ißyyyTT) WE nave in store and
are constantly receiving,
Jtock to suit the season, Patent
Leather Work for gentlemen, Boots,
Gaiters, Pumps and all styles of Summer Shoes.
ty Competition jH
Encouraged, tends to reduce and.equalize prices,
and as we are new beginners, we ask hut a call from
purchasers, to convince them that we are disposed
to be satisfied with small proflta. mh J J
LIVERY STABLE.— The subscn-
takes this opportunity of returning his
tnatias to bis customers and friends for their liberal
patronage for the last three years, and hopes by re
newed exertions on his part to give satisfaction, to
merit a continuance of their favors. My Grooms
are not surpassed by any in the city for neatness
and attention, so that those who patronise me may
always expect a neat turn out. My prices are as
they have been heretofore. Beard by the month.
*15; by the day, 62#; lor single feed, 25 cents. L
shall also keep on hand some single and douoltf
buggies, and saddle horses for hire. I also nick
and dock horses, and buy and sell on ccmmlssiea
for those who may think fit to entrust such matters
to my Judgment. G L EARNEST,
Council Chamber Hill,
nearly opposite Exchange Hotel,
mh 19—d&wlrn
|\! OTIC it.—PRICE OF WOOD AJ»,J coal,
i" REDUCED—From this date, the subscnoer
will sell Oak Wood for 94 per cord, deliver,
P.no for $3 50 per cord, delivered; Hard Coat a
good article, warranted to burn well, at $3 M per
load, delivered.
5 per cent will be deducted from the above prices
for cash.
Orders left at Mr. P Woolfolk's Grocery on Broad
street, or the office at the Yard will be Drompty
filled. *
1 f THOS. rosTiat.
CO. m%j be consulted, conddeettally, for tint
treatment of the following diseases: Eruptions,
Sore Legs, Ulcers, Glandular Swellings, or eo
iargements, Hyphißs, and all morbid duo ha .-fa,
whether recent or chronic. Also, all those com
plaints termed female diseases. The advertisers
Urvtte attention to their chemloal extract of Wild
™owors, which may be regarded as the ver7 fc'*»
article known, to give tone and vigor to certata
abused aud debilitated organs, as well as to reoorate
a system shattered by dissipation or other cause.
Medicines securely put up, with full d!mctl?n«,
And »ent to order. Post paid letters pr jrnptly: at
tended to. Oifloe on Franklin street, balow Ex*
change Hotel, and hrst door below Trinity shuraa,
lUcntaond,Virginia fa
w| AA jjtl.UO.—Ote thousand Llkenvtsoa
V -*• • VTV/j have buen token at OSHORN'S Da
guerreaa Galleries since the reduotiuu ul pric««.~
Ani we now wish it understood by all that Osuora
will oontiuue to take fine Miniatures ;a a
neat case tor <1. Remember, thia is the only place
whefciSlur-Light Miniatures are htkon for el. To
those that think one dvilar is too cheap for a good
Likeness. we would only say, call and get a Like
ness worth sor $10- Remember the place.
~ l » . OSbOiINS,
Opposite the jjfraks, sign »f the American Flags
1 U.UUU BONild for mm by

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