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VOL. B—NO. 222
= jis A.. CO WARD IN, Proprietor.
pabiskm a- kin«m
Iv - TION, &c «c-
Tjjj. proprietor, having made now arrangement*
for the alii! better diapatch of their Expreaa by
the ateam'hipa Uoanoh® and Jamestown from
York, they wish to keep it before the public,
EXPRESS i« always on hand tor the accoraraoda
ti«">n of their frienda, at the loweat rate* and unpa
ralleled ditpatch— their Expreaa leaving New York,
i* seiierwlly delivered atalmoat every point of Vir
sluia in 43 h mra, and throughout North Carolina in
5« hour*, «n<* at forty per cent below the old HUM
PARISEN & KING'S facilttii * for the expedition*
of Freight and Package*, cannot be
be*t by any > xpret* company in exiitence, and they
defy ar.y c mpetidon, therefore, In the tnape of
humbug Imposition and monopoly.
ry- Bit aure to order your gooda by Parlsen
& Klngi Expiree, No i Barclay (treet, New
ry R(>«t assured. that all they promise, they
vrHI faitkfully fulfil 1!
PARI-EN A- KING, No 2 Barclay st, N. Y.,
and Boliingbrook street, Petersburg, Va.
V D Groner Norfolk, Virginia
J W Womack ................ Farm ville, Va
M W Bailey Fredericksburg, Va
Wrn L Mau'e Richmond, Va
Geo Bagby Lynchburg, Va
Ja* Minor Charlottesville. Va
Joiin Campbell ...Weldon, N C
John Nutt Wilmington, N 0
H D Turner Raleigh, N C
James L Reid_ Henderson, N C
ec Stallings Warrenion. N C
S H Ham1et......................G01dib0r0', N C
St<rk & Pierce Fayettf ville, N C
J H Wh'.tfield Fratikiington, N C
L Duke Ridgeway, N C
C Alien Littleton, N C
je i:i—2m
!■ a—»
New York, Virginia and North Carolina
To and from Ntie York, R'ckmond, Petersburg,
ire. ifC
HAVING e£T"cted arransements with the U. S.
mail Hoe of steamers from New York to Nor
felk and Richmond tot special Express pri
vileges on that route, we are now prepared to
receive and forward, to and from New York, mer
chandise and packages of every description with
dispatch and at greatly reduced tates.
Our Express wiil leave New York every Wed
nesday and Sarurday per splendid steamers Roa
noke and Jamestown alternately Goods will
be received at our New York office, 59 Broadway,
ontii half past 3 o'clock, P. M , on the day of sail
Merchants and others ordering goods from New
York, are requested to order by ' ADAMS & CO.'S
Our inland Express will run as heretofore, leav
ing Naw York and Richmond daily, in charge of
•pecial messengers Ail goods not marked to go
via the inland route, will be forwarded by the
Steamer Express. ADAMS <fc CO.
J. L. fticDONOUGH, Agent, Richmond.
NOTlCE.—Expiess nacauges for Norfolk, Pe
tersburg aud Richmond, intended for shipment per
*Wiaer~s Roanoke or Jamestown, will hereafter be
•ehrad by ADAMS & CO ,59 Broadway, who are
i only authorised agents for Express privileges by
-lose steamships
je 6—ts 32 Broadway, New York
posain will be received at the Alum Sprinss, Bath
county. Va., from the Ist to the 15ih July, for all
the heavy sections on the Virginia Central Rail
road, between Millooro' and Jackson's River.
The work now opened embraces some very de
sirable jobs, including heavy cuts and fills, several
tunnels and the abutments and piers of a number
of large bridges.
Tne plans and specifications will be ready for ex
aminalion by contractors at the effi. e of the Division
Engineer, at Millboro', any ,lim« after the Ist of
The successful bids will be published at the Bath
Alum springs on the 16th.
By order of the Board,
CHARLES ELLETT, Jr., Chief Engineer.
Je I—dt!sJy
are hereby informed that at the time of the letting
advertise 1 to tnke place attheßsth Alum Spriugs in
July, proposals will be receivtd for furnishing one
hundred thousand Cross Ties for the track of
the Central road, between Staunton and Millboro.
Also at the same time and place, proposals will
be received for a large amount of very heavy tres
seling, to be erected near Millboro.
By order of the Board."
CHARLES ELLET, Jr, Chief Engineer.
Bath Alum. June 22, 1853 je 28 —td
alter the istol July, the following charges will be
made on the articles specified below ia lieu of the
rales on the present tariff of Freight:
"G geo a
~ i _ O —B
§| §| r§■ H
?l :1 : |
Jo I I 11 I 1
; 1 i 1 II : §
Coalfield W 12 jj
Wytnoke 18 21 30 7.8
2"? ,ok rl 8h 1 27 40 9
ff •' 9fi
General Freight Agent.
Richmond* Juntf 27th, 1853 J[f—__
receiving by Express and Steamships, the
choicest qualities of fresh Butter the country af
fords, for sale wholesale and retail, at very
prices. For the accommodation of f R m,Hpj, But
The subscriber haa just fitted up a "J*?®.*? 0
for the DropuUion of Baws, with which be
Sinn to saw Slats and Pannel Stuff and square
?osU in the most accurate and expeditiou* man
and on the most readable terms. HU jhop
STlocated on Brooke Avenue at the corner of Mar
«r»ol™.le p^rfSSS ™
Wetsrs Purcell, Ladd fc Co, wen w
BarUn* McKer&Co. and Mr
Bnj'.rc; C A Meigs, Esq > Rosa, Falconer,
change Bank, New York; **et Pase, Bacon
164 resrl Street. New York;
& Co, Bankers, Sao Francisco; Beverly
tsq kte Collector of Customs, San Francisco.
Je I—3m — ——; —
WOOD FOR of. bflJ
a targe quantity of Wood to d P uuroo#e
fooud It conveniant to take » T«rd
His yard U on Br«ad .treet, opposeßroaM
ATetu- Orde- lor W««d may be
■tores of G. G.. errfeig, Eaq, Messrs Reeve*
jBS B. Shelton, Esa .o'at the yard, which wHI
OjJ W£. .WAta «1
#!\ 52 T *it ED AT WHOLESALE
HTH-* J J ?ANCY (io "D!3, AT ELIAB
*' MAIN STREET.—On h«od and
receding aWt daily, by Steamer and E*pre»», a
IH r -fl* M l C I B u nt °f < " > * d «nd Stiver Watchei (rote
manufacturer*, of every varle
/ granted to perform well; Gold
*ob Brea*t and Guard Chain*; Gold Ear and Fin
ger King*, a great variety new styles and pattern*
Bracelet*, Breast Pin., Pen*and Pencil Thimbk*
, y *', °' ~ •?• • ' ar *" assortment of low priced
Jewelry, suitable for the country trade. The al
•ortment of Gold and Plated Jewelry la more ex
tensive thsn at any (tore in the country, compris
ing a atock from upward* of thtriy different man
tacturer*. and tor tale at their prlcea; Bilver Ware
• large assortment Al.o, Plated Ware, con.i.ting
of Tea Seta, Mu.tard Pot* Salt Cupa, Spoon.,
torka, Ladles, Sugar Tonga, &e. Alao, a large aa
aortment of Hair, Cloth, Tooth and Nail Bruabei-
Fancy Boxea, Soapa, Oila, Cologne, Knivea, Sela
aora, Razora, Comba, Button*, Pins, Needle* and
Thread, with an extensive aaaortment of amall
warea in the line, too numeroua to mention, foraale
In quantities to auit pnrchaaera, aa low aa can be
bought in any of the northern citiea, or from the
manufacturers, direct. ELIAS HALE,
Importer and Manufacturer' Agent,
my 24—ta 106 Main atreet.
HYMAN, of 96 Main street, Richmond, Va—the
only direct Importer of Watehea to thia city, and
also direct Importer of double and tingle barrel
Gun*, ha* ju»t received from Europe, direct,
another lot of splendid G Id Watches, and tome
very auperlor double and single barrel Guns, which
1 will *ell a* low as any Northern Imperterin the
United State*. Country Merchants will do well to
examine my stock before going North, and al*o be
fore purchasing elsewhere, at the Cheap Ca*h
96 Main *troet,
The only direct Importer of Watche*, and
Direct Importer of Guns to this City.
N B— Just received, direct from the manufac
turer, a few more of the latest patent double bar
rel Guns, which have given such general satisfac
tion; call sportsmen, and examine them. Also, a
large lot of the best English Caps, Shot Belts, <fcc.
ap 8
EVE WATER.—Fuller'* "Aqua
rgStg? l Opihaimla.'.' or celt brated Eye -Water,
is a never failicg remedy for sore, weak
orinflnmed Eyes, Kyelids or imperfec
tions of vision This article has been very success
fully used, and in every case has given satisfaction.
To be had only of
R R DUVAL & BRO., Druggists,
199 Bank Square.
Read the following Certificate t —Tbis is
to certify that my daughter has been suffering with
a sore eye for one year, perfectly closed at times
■o that it could not be seen at all. I tried physi
cians in the cities of Cumberland, Baltimore and
ftichmnnd, and none of them afforded her any re
liet whatever. 1 saw the ''Aqua Opthalmia" adver
tised in the papers, and was induced to try a vial on
my daughter's eye, and one vial has completely re
stored her sight, and her eye is now as well a* it ever
was. I would advise all who suffer wi;h any affec
tion of the Eyes to try the "Aqua Optbalmia "
Signed, JNO. McDOWELL,
Richmjnd, Va
To R R Duval & Bro, Druggists. js 20
TSgggfc. INSURANCE —The Richmond Fir,
Association are now prepared to issue
—policies of Insurance on the above de
ao iption of risks on as reasonable terms as an)
similar company, and respeotfolly ask a share ot
the patronage of the public. Applications will b<
received at the office, No. 223, corner of Main antf
9th streets, where the officers will cheerfully fur
nish ail information that may be required. JLI
losses promptly &nd liberally adjusted.
John H. Bosheb, Secretary mh!7
(8* undersigned begs leave to inform the pub
lie that be has op band a tine assortment of
11 Cloths, t'asslmeres and Vestings,
which be will be pleased to make up in best style
and on reasonable terms.
He takes this method of informing his friends
that he has secured the services of Mr. WILLIAM
ALLEN, so lone and favoiably known as a Mer
chant Tailor in this city; and every exertion will
be made to give satisfaction to those who may fa
vor us with their patronage.
He has on hand a good assortment of Ready
Made Clothing, manufactured in this city, which he
will sell on the most liberal terms Please bear in
mind the Clothing b-3ing made here gives employ
ment to our own people, who expend their earn
ings among us. W. H. BENSON
Having connected myself with Mr. W H 8., I
respectfully a*k the patronage of my friends and
customers. W. ALLEN,
ap 27—1»
BIjE ci.othing.
- |>.| THE subscriber has now in store, a most
VI splendid assortment of Spring aud Summer
ltfjp Clothing, of all styles and quality.
Every style of piece goods of the very latest pat
erns, which he is prepared to make to order at the
shortest notice. Come and see for yourself.
E B SPENCE, No 120,
my 4 corner Main and Governor streets.
s§jsP STORE—The subscribers have entered into
iM co-partnership and taken the store lately oc
fl® cupied by A Levy, Jr, 201 Broad street, a
lew doors below Messrs Breeden <fc Fox, ofler for
sale a general assortment of Drugs, Medicines,
Paints, Oils, bye Stuffs, Perfumery, See, wh ; ch
they can recommend to the public as fresh and
genuine, haviDg been purchased in the last few
weeks be one of us in person.
Particular attention will be paid to the putting up
of Prescriptions at all times of night or day.
We respectfully request a call lrom our old pat
rons aud the public generally.
175 Broad Street, have on hand and
are constantly receiving—
Rose's and Jayne's Family Medicines, Car
ter's Spanish Mixture, Baker's Premium Bitters,
Richardson's Sherry Wine Bitters, Arabian and
Mustang Liniment, ice. Also, a full supply of
Preston & Merrill's Yeast Powders, so justly cele
brated for making light, sweet, and consequently
■utritious bread- ap 16
Repairing every description
tical Saw Makers and Repairers, 9th street,
between Gary and Main, opposite the Pbosaix
Foundry, Richmond, Va: —Circular, Hand, Kip
ping, Cross cut, Miil, Table, Brass back, Compass
and Concave Saw*. Butchers' Bow Meat Saw*,
Hack Saw* Pit Saws, Felloe S*ws, Turning Saw*,
icc. Sic
gy All Sawi warranted to run true.
jc *9—lm*
SUMIUBR BOARDING.—The subscriber,
situated at Meehum's river, the present termi
nus of the Virginia Central Railroad, has accom
modations for twenty or thirty boarders. His
house, beds and furniture are entirely new; his
rooms well ventilated, the surrounding country
healthy and delightful Every exertion will be
made to render his guests comfortable. Terms
moderate, and made knewn on ■Pg r l «^ VEg
Mechum's River, May 85th, 1858 my 26—dtf
EAL».—Having gotten my mills, at Spring Hill,
in operation, I am now to furnish
Meal, either Bolted or Unbolted, of the best quality,
made of best whit® eoni, on the moat favorable
terms. Apply to Jeter & Leftwich, a doors be
low the Columbian Hotel, or «• ■»* the Hoyd
House JOHN A. JI.TEiI.
ap s—dts
10 dosan Pine Apple*
5 bunches Banana*
For tale by 8* BOM A VITA A '
j e 3q Ho 76 Main alreet.
i Clung * Swoope's Family and Extra toe Flour
to, »Wb, EM<clllDll , H
Orrics JiMie Rtvzs and Kanawha Co, I
Richmond, June 18th, 1833 J
mo CONTH ACTOHB.—Sealed proposal*
I will be received by the undersigned, at Bu
chanan in the county ot Botetourt, Virginia, until
5 o'clock P. M. on the fir*t day of August next, for
the Lock*, Dam*, Culvert* and Section* of tifli Ca
ual. from Buchanan to Craig'a Creek.
Pay me at*, will be made in current bank note*
Beiidec the usual reservation of 20 per cent, on
the monthly estlmatea, the contractor* will be re
quired to give ample aecurlty, satisfactory to the
Board of Director*, for tfee completion of the work
at the time and in the manner specified in the
Plans of the above work* will be exhibited by
Edward Lorraine. Assistant Engineer at Buchanan,
and specification* will be delivered by him, and also
at the Company'* office in Richmond, on and after
the 15th day of July.
Time will be taken for the consideration of the
bid* until the fifth day oi August, when, if satisfac
tory, the several jobs above advertised will be let
Chief Engineer J. R. and K. Co.
Je 21—2aw4w
have, within the last ten year* been applied to twen
ty-flve thousand building* In the United States and
Canada, and are universally recommended a* po»-
sesslng the following qualities in a greater degree
than any other roofing material known viz : cheap
ness of construction, durability and perfect pro
tection against tire and water
Buildings toofed with this article are insured at
the *ame* rates of premium a* those roofed with
metal or slate.
Richmond References— Meur* Wm Barret, Jno
Water house, John Dooley, Smith Jt Harwood.
Offioe* corner North and Baltimore street, Balti
more; and at Smith it Harwood'*, 85 Main itreet,
Richmond. mv I"'—2aw4m
XX NAKD having purchased the yard lately occu.
pied by Mr E H Clarke, are now prepared to furnish
Anthracite Coal at the shortest noticr. They also
keep on hand a supply of Clover Hill Coal and
Wood, all of which will be sold on their usual ac
cummodat'ng terms. je 13— mthßt
flaftg LADIhS AND CHILDREN-I have on
"BHh hand a large assortm -nt of White Corded
Bonnets for ladies and childen of all ages,
suitable for pic nice and excursions. Those
in want will do well to call esriy and select.
C EZEKIEL, Millinery Store,
17 ih street, west side, opposite the Old Market,
je 30—3t*ThFM
—Tbe Horse is six years old this
spring—sound and kind, and a splendid drive'—
never bad a whip behind bim, and warranted frea
from all faults. With a little practice cjuid be
mude u 3 minute nag
Also, a light Buggy and Harnesp, sold for want
of uee, and on a credit of 90 davs for good paper.
je 30—ts
MFUU SALK.-I have for sale on est.
James street between Baker and Duval its.,
a small Wooden Tenement, containing 2 rooms
and a kitchen, all in good repair.
For terms, <vc , a; ply to
je 30 General Agent and Collector.
BFOK RUNT.—Three or four rooms in
the Law Huilding, suitable for professional
gentlemen, or lor lodging rooms. Apply to
je 30 TOLER jc COOK,
A TLE.—G W Merchant's celebrated Gargling
<>11, or Universal Family Embrocation has been
tried and proved to be one of tbe best external ap
plication* ever discovered for Spavins, Sweeny,
Galls of all kinds. Flesh Wounds, Ringbone, Poll
Evil, Mange, Lameness, Sand Cracks, Striughalt,
Foundered Feet, Scratches, Horn Distemper,
Strains, Windfalls, Fistula, External Poisons, and
many other diseases incident to horses and cattle.
For sale in bottles at 25 cents. 50 cents and $1, by
he agents. ADIE & GRAY. Druegists,
e 29 147 Main street.
LIMK AND TAR.—SOO bbis Washington and
Thomaston Lime
50 bbla Tar
200 beat Nova Scotia Grindstones
For sale by
Hydrant & pavkhknt husk—
Having received a fail supply of the above,
with suitable couplings and pipes, we can now
furnish those in want, with any quantity the;
may require.
Flag of eur Union
Star Spangled Banner
And a number of other papers, will be regularly
received- For sale by
ja 29 220 Broad street.
LliATtttCK B£LTB.-Juit receivedjby ship
Jamestown, a tnrther and complete assort
ment ot those superior machine stretched leather
Belts. We are now prepared to furnish any length
frem to 14 inch width, at the shortest notice.
All Belts warranted. For sale by
ja 29 Corner Cary and Pearl sts.
Niagara jet shower bath—
This Bath took the first premium at the late
fair of the Maryland Institute. We have also the
much approved portable Shower Bath; Sponge
Baths, Bath Caps, Brushes, Flesh Gloves, Ate.
je 29 L 137 Main street.
NOTICE. —Intending to discontinue buniness
in Richmond, all accounts due me will be
placed in the hands of Mr Edward D Eacho, for
collection, after Ist of July. All persons holding
claims against me will please present them to him
tor payment, and all persons lqaebted to me will
please make payment to him witfiout delay
AND DRAWERS—We have received a tine
stock ol Silk and Gauze Merino Shirts and Drawers,
just the thing for this weather. Call and se.e them
je 16 No 112 Main street.
LICORICK STICKS.- 44 cases very supe
rior T G Licorice Sticks, just received per
steamship Jamestown; for sale on accommodating
ie 29 nor Cary and Va streets.
LICORICE.— SO cues Inenparada Mass
Licorice, expected per steamer Jamestown,
for sale by
je2s SAMt. AYREB.
yj purifying the blood, Ac, for sale by
JAS D THOMAS, Druggist,
je 15 Opposite Old Market, Franklin st.
Tobacco box boards.—sooo feet To
bacco Box Boards, seaioned, for sale low to
close a consignment. Apply to
Green Rio Coffee, jut received ana for sale
owby AS LEE.
la 10—la
Gas FIXTURES.—An assortment of Gas
Chandeliers and other Axtarea of large and
desirable patterns. Those in want are invitedjto
call and examine oar stock.
T PRIVATE SALE,—A second hand top
BauTt with pole and doable set of harness
FOR HIRE.—I have for hire a good Cook,
je 28 Genera) Agent aad Collector.
AT PRIVATE SALE—A Feather Renovator
in complete order.
28—6t ALEX NOTT It CO.
OR HIRE, a number one Female Cookie
Apply to TOLKK A COOK.
je *>
SARATOGA WATER.—A supply ol this
" w "' reeve ?£&
Je29 Druggists, 175 Broad stree
Mich mend, July 4. 1853.
Remarkable Murder or ah Ikfaht.—
The Baltimore Preaa of Friday notices a
case of Infanticide of a shocking nature if the
conclusions of the jury of inquest were cor
rect. The body of the infant, a pretty male
child, whose first teeth had juat begun to ap
pear—was found in a carpenters' shop on the
corner of Low and Aisquith street. The ver
dict of the Jury waa that "death was caused
by the administering of poison, puncture in
the side, and having the neck broken, evi
dently by surgical bands."
It is stated that the bowela bad been ripped
open and the contents emptied, in order, as
was supposed, to do away with the appear
ance of poison, which from some sign or other
the jury concluded had been administered.
It is further assumed that the side of the in
fant had been punctured with a sharp inatru
raent which penetrated to the liver; and to cap
the climax of this killing, the infant's neck
was broken, and all evidently by "surgical
hands'." A coroner Rountree held the inquest,
and he and his jury certainly exhibit a rare
degree of acuteness in their investigations
and conclusions. What there could be in a
puncture or breaking of a neck to show the
surgeon's skill we can't imagine. That some
skill might be displayed in ripping open a
body and sewing it up is not improbable;
but other hands than a surgeon's might do
that simple act with passable neatness. Inde
pendent of whether surgeon's hands did it or
not, the story that a feeble infant was sub
jected to three several modes of murder,
either of which would have completed the
*ork, is altogether improbable. the
wise jury really believed a surgeon had had
the body, we wonder it did not occur to them
that it might have been after death to make
en experiment or anatomical preparation of
it. They have certainly made the most shock
ing story they could out of it.
Texas.—The editor of the Marshall, Texas
Republican, speaks of a cotton bloom sent
him a few days before the 18;h of June, by a
planter. The first blooms of his crop wjre
noticed on the 12th.
The Railroad fever was pretty high in
Texas by late accounts. Individuals were
subscribing very freely to the principal lines
that had been projected.
An exploring expedition under Gen. Rush,
was about to set out with others on an ex
ploring expedition via Fort Graham to El
Paso, on a mission of survey and discovery
relative to the Pacific Railroad project.
Louisville and Memphis Railroad.—H
Taylor, Etq , assisted by an efficient corps of
engineers, is now engaged in making a prelim
inary survey of a branch of the Louisville and
Memphis Railroad from Bowling Green via
Kussellville and Clarksville to Memphis —
The company passed through the upper part
of Russellville on Mondav morning last.
Memphis Whig of June 23d.
This road is that of which we have so fre
quently spoken and forms a part of the line
which with our Central and Covington and
Ohio Railroad is to place this city in Railroad
communication with Memphis. It i 3 gratify
ing to see this movement towards the com
mencement ol the work. We believe that un
less Virginia pushes her works she will not
be in time for these western connecting lines.
from St. Thomas to the 10th
ult., state that the yellow fever was raging
fearfully there, and that several vessels had
lost their officers and crews entire. Thirty
seamen were in the Hospital and four to six
deaths occurred daily
Prepaid Envelopes —In pursuance of of
ficial orders, received from the city of Wash
ington by Mr. George F. Nesbitt, a large
quantity of the United States prepaid en
velopes were shipped from New York on
Thursday, by Adams & Co's Eipress, to the
postmasters of the principal cities in the
Southern and Western sections of the United
f3PThe people of Norfolk are going to
work in earnest in the matter of supplying
their city with water. They are about memo
rializing the common council to go right
about it—forthwith, if not sooner.
Death of Mas. Foote.—Mrs. Feote, wife
of the Hon. T. M. Foote, latelj charge d'aff lirs
to Austria who arrived iu the steamer Baltic
on Sunday, died in New ork on Tuesday.—
Mrs. Foote has been in feeble health for some
time. Her remains were conveyed to Buffalo
Tuesday evening.
George Law, of Atlantic steamer and Cu
ban-difficulty fame, has joined Mr. Conkling
in the contract for the enlargement of the Bat
tery at New York. As Law is a perfect loco
motive, it is supposed the work will be pushed.
BP* The Lynchburg Republican says the
wheat crop in that region is a fair average; but
there is very little prospect (or more than half
a crop of tobacco. It adds that it learns from
Bedford and Franklin counties, that the pros
pect for the tobacco crop is worse than it has
been for many years.
A Mr. Graham, a blind man, wai murdered
in his bed at Stone Mountain, Georgia, on the
25th ult., by some one wbo entered his room,
and with a heavy weapon, struck him on the
bead. Money is supposed to have been the
object. A letter from the Rev Mr. Richardson
Graham, brother of the deceased, dated the
25tb, saya the murdeier had been discovered,
and that he had confessed the deed.
EFThe Milton. N. C-, Chronicle of the 30th
represents the heat and the drought there to
be excessive. The cropa.it saya, have suffer
ed severely—especially oats and tobacco.
Montgomery, Alabama, by an overwhelming
vote of her citizens, has determined to aub
scribe $509,000 to the Alabama and Florida
The Jamestoww.— This new steamer had
a gay voyage up James River. The Nortolk
Beacon girea an aceouot of it. Upon enter
ing the mouth of the riser, she hoisted the
cross of Sr. George in honor of the first coio«
nial navigators and settlers. She was hailed
at every wharf and landing with cheers and
other nodes of greeting. She stopped at
Jamestown add gave her passengere an op <
poriunity of aeeing the remains of that old
place, so full of stirring reminiscence of the
past. At Clermont, the estate of Mr. William
Allen, a salute was fired from hi* yacht all
decorated with flags, and the Jamestown was
immediately boarded by a number of barge*,
from the shore, and the whole company invit
ed by Mr. A. to his house. There they
were most generously entertained, and to the
rich feast which was prepared for them, toaat
and sentiment added zest. Much time was
passed in this agreeable manner, when the
company took leave of their gentlemanly eo
tertainer, and returned to the steamer. The
remainder of the route waa marked by unsual
demonstrations of pleasure at seeing so fine a
steamer on her first appearance in our water*.
Correspondence of the Diapatch.
Norfolk, June 29,1853.
My first visit to the steamer Jatqestown,
was marked by a cordial reception, and the
result—a trip upon said boat to New York.
The Jamestown, like a chained eagle, was
kept at Kocketts until sundown, owing to low
water, when the friendly high tide relieved
as from the dull occupation of watching the
upheaval of dust at Rocketts, the mishaps of
drays and draymen. Soon the shades of
night, illumined only by the moon's pale rays
gathered areund, and we passed down the
river by long armed spectral trees, naught dis
turbing the solemn and romantic stillness
resting upon the waters, save the croaking of
bellowing frogs and the noise of the busy pad
dles of the steamer.
We arrived at Norfolk this morning about
half past six o'clock. The Steamer stopped
at City Point an hour and run the 157 miles in
nine hours and a half, exclusive of stoppage,
wiih a very low head of steam on. No effort
to attain speed was made. Mr. Henry Lud
lam, one of the gentlemanly proprietors of
this line was on board and extended every
courtesy possible to his numerous friends and
acquaintances among the passengers.
The business section of Norfolk appeared
modelled after the northern plan, so far as
signs were concerned. Mammoth, lillipu
tion and of all colors, they hung out, clung
to walls, and flaunted invitingly in the breeze.
I am much afraid that the papers are the losers
by (his plan.
Found the worthy editor of the Norfolk
Beacon enduring the confinement ot the sane
turn with Spartan fortitude and equanimity.
Enjoyed a brief but courteous conversation.
Visited Mr. Fisk of the Portsmouth Tran
script, and found him roost industriously em
ployed. He id a gentleman of truly practical
habits. Norfolk at this season, lam informed,
furnishes one half of the freight and passen
gers of these steamers to New York. We
leave this place, Norfolk, at 1 o'clock, the
steamer overflowing with freight and passen
gers; not leas than from 275 to 300 of tin lat
ter. Shall give speedily some inflections from
the mirror of life in New York City and en
virons. " L.
Correspondence of the Dispatch.
The annual Commencement of this Institu
tion took place on the 16th of June. On the
day previous an address, full of thought and
beatifully expressed, was delivered before the
Phip Society by the Rev. VVm. S. Hoge of
Baltimore. On the eveniog of the same day
junior orations and a valedictory address were
delivered by members of the Union Society.—
At night there was an adjourned meeting !fthe
Phip. Society and never was an aud'ence more
pleasantly entertained and richly rewarded for
iheir attendance than by the exercises of this
occasion ; orations were delivered by R. B.
Davis, of Halifax, and Charleß H. Winston,
of Chesterfield; the former on the "fall of the
Ottoman Dominion," was admirably treated
and showed an acquaintance with the subject
worthy an older head. The latter, on "local
associations," was a chaste, plain and beauti
ful address abounding in rich and varied lan
guage. and brought down the applause of the
whole house, with a profusion of smiles and
bouquets from the lovely fair ones. The pre
sentation of the "speaker's medal" by J. B.
Burwell, ol N. C., to Richard Mcllwaine, of
Petersburg, was one of those pleasing and en
chanting scenes rarely ever witnessed in exer
cises of this kind ; the meeting was closed by
an appropriate and affecting valedictory to the
Society by E. M. Henry, of Richmond. On the
next day at an early hour the company began
to pour in from all quarters and though there
was a report that the small pox prevailed in
the neighborhood, yet the crowd was immense
and it would be ungallant in the writer not to
say, that such an array of beauty is not often
seen in old Virginia. At lOo'clock a proces
sion of the Students in their appropriate badges,
was formed in front of the College and headed
by the Armory Band, with sweet music, march
ed to the church aad took their accustomed
seats. Were we to attempt to eulogise the
orations of the graduating class, it would be to
"paint the lily or throw perfume on the
rose;" suffice it to say they were highly com
mendable and reflected great credit upon the
Institution. The degree of A. B. was con
ferred upon nine young gentlemen of the gra
duating class, and C B. White, of Hali
fax, of the class o f 's2. and that of A. M. on the
classes from '46 to '50 inclusive and D. D. on
Prof. R. L. Dibney of the Va S. Seminary.—
Never has it been our lot to attend a more in
teresting commencement; though the weather
was very warm and the roads dusty, yet the
people seemed not to be Weary of attending,
and those aid Students who love to lingei
around these classic haunts will ever recur
with pleasure to their College days and their
hearts will glow with feelings of affection
whenever the name of their Alma Mater ia al
tered. And will Virginia let auch an Inatitu
tion to down/ No! is the response of every
true hearted son of the old Dominion ; how
can an loaiitation but prosper situated in auch
a kind and refined community and governed
by such a great and good man aa Dr. Green,
aisted by auch an able corpa of Proteasore.
„ Aujmuvb.
Chatham, June 28th, 1853.
Shocking Murder.—A young man named
George Sellers, who had been harvesting on
the 20th ult, near Brownsville, Ohio, with Dan
iel Salisbury, waa found dead on the next daj,
with a large cut across the head, the acull boo*
fractured, and his throat cat from ear to ear
into the bone of the seek, his pantaloons poek
et cut off and his pocketbook, containing
$3 35, gone. Salisbury eacaped, but waa sub
sequenily arrested at Bull Cieek, Va.
PoLiTKNEsa —When two goats met on a
bridge which waa too narrow to allow either
to pasa or return, the goat which lay down that
the other might walk over it# was a finer f«o*
tieman than Lord Chesterfield.
Waihihoto*, Jooe 30ih, 1953
m , a SZ. gßL*gteW».»»<»
England. He baa not done ao ««T?.*
probability strengthens that be will do ao MV
Marcy is firm ia refusing Mr. Buchanan's ill
mud to srrite bit own instructions, Mr
Soule will probably be pertained to abase b»
In accordance with the act of tbe last ess.
sion of Congress, directing that the Chief (favat
Com true tor ahail be • practical ohm, Ce»>
structor Hart has been appointed te tks
head of tbat Bureau, vice Commodore Sha
Among tbe removals in tbe Poet Often Dt-'
partmeot ia Robert Morrison skilful aad th
tictent officer, and a grandson of tbe Banker of
tne Revolution, and a signer of tbe DeclaratM*
of Independence. This act excites much feel*
?**** He has also f
£?7h Le * i -«"» Vandevea
+S" N ? w ,Y,°tkera.
«. y '* "»<«ined in tbe Pension of-
n fK^D ble ••tary, is William Orde»
Er*ASsss. 3%J2ws
not IT dolu ™- The removals are
22a£l £K2* " .""cipstej; but have
created much distre- ,n tbe frwilierf of those
r£ecuied.—Corre tp<m dtnce ,f the N. Amcr*
D*ath of as Indian Waheior.— AiHaniot
alias Peter Ptlke,.Chiefof ,he Sioux Nario£
and nephew of the celebrate* Black Hawk!
died at Lake Simcoe, Ma; 28. He joined the
British army when it penetrated the head wa
ters of the Mississippi, during the laat war of
the United States. Antonio waa present at the
fierce battle where the gallant Tecumseh t«U»
and acted daring that bloody conflict as Te>
cumseh's aid.
Fire in a Schoolhocsk.—A great panic oc
curred among six hundred children in one of
the public schools in New York, on Wedaea*
d»y« in consequence of a large volume of
smoke rushing in from a chimney in an adjoin
ing house. A number of the scholars jumped
out of the ts' the roof of the adja
cent house, sfnd others ont of the doors, in great
confusion, bat fortunately no damage en*
1/ LA.H, S.UITH A CO., Grocera aad
tsmmirtisn IHtrehaats. Cary street, ad
joining toe Columbian Hotel, keep constantly on
band a well selected stock of Groceries, which
they will *ell to their friencs and the publie on aa
reasonable terms an they can buy them elsewhere.
Their stock oonsUts of the usual variety of goods ia
their line of business, together with a tine assort
ment of Wines, Liquors, Ac.
They will also attend strictly to the sale of coaa*
try produce of any kind, which their friends mar
confide to their care.
All orders will be promptly attended to.
They return thanks for the patronage heretofore
received, and respectfully solicit a continuance of
the same j e j
NO TICK.—On and after the 4th of JaJy, 18j3,»
Hack will leave Tomahawk Station, on tha
Dannie Roed, every Monday, Wedaeatejr
and Friday, after the arrival of the cars frost
Richmond, tor Ballsvilie via Fowhatan C H Re
turning, will leave Ballsvilie every Toeeday,
Tharaday and Satarday, ia time to nnnimrt
wuh the curs
Mr MARTIN will take pleasure in attending to
any bundle or package sent to his care.
jy I—dim*
riT¥ LOAN OK 8300,000.-In pursor
vy ance of an ordinance passed June 13th, 1853,
sealed proposals will be received at the Chamber
lains office, in the city of Richmond, until the 7th
day ot July nex', for the purchase of bonds of tha
said city, to an amonnt not exceeding •300,000,
payable on the first day of July, 1887, and bearing
interest at 6 per cent per annum, from July Ist,
1853, payable semi-annually, on the first of January
and first of July at the said office: one half of
amount offered, receivable on acceptance of tha
proposals, and ths oth*r half, on the first of Janu
ary next Proposals to state what rate will be giv
en per »100, for bonds wi h coupons for interest, ar
without coupons, or for both, and if for both, what
portion of each, description of bonds.
. , „L 1 WM. P. SHEPPARD,
j7 1 dt7thjy Chamberaia.
NOTICK. —R. AD. it. R.—Tha Depot la Uk
eity will not be open for the reception or to
livery of freight on Monday the 4th Freight will
be received on Tueaday for way atationa
J7 1 General Freight Agent.
DKBBBBO FLOORlNG.—Bl,ooUleet*uper
Southern Dreaaed Flooring Plank, even
length*, just landed.
70,000 6 inch cypreaa Shingle*, of good quality,
for tale low by Rfc G. WHITFIELD,
iy I—3t Corner of Cary and 10th rtreeta.
MtfOK SALE OK RBNT. a largebrtek
Tenement at the Weat end of Cary street,
near the commencement of the Plank Roak. Tbi
lower part ol the building la occupied aa a atora
room, and the upper part aa a family reeideoee by
HlUiard Alley. Poaaeaaion given in a few daya.—
Rent $300. Apply to TOLER * COOK,
Jy l Ageata.
KW JUVKNILK HOOKS, juit receive*
and for tale by A. MORRIS, §7 Main *treot.
A Hundred Short Tales for Children, from the
German of C Von Schmld, by F B Weill, M A—SO*
A Shepherd's Call to the Lamb* of hi* Flock, by
Rev Corneliua Winter Bolton—("Feed my LambO
fcequel to Mama'a Bible Storie*, chiefly in words
not exceeding two ayllablee—soc
Three Month* under the Snow: th« Journal of a
young inhabitant of the Jura, tranalated from tha
French of J J Perchat—37c
Frank Harriton—37c
The Coiliea Tale: a true history, by Ja* Bridges
Eaq- 25c
An Orphan Tale, by the Rev Geo Fl*h—2sc
Al*o, Ralph Wardlaw on Miraelee—73e
M tanirsof Aaron Burr, vol 11—>1 50 je 38
-I- reduced price*—which will aait all tradaa,
at Wholeaale ano Retail. The undersigned would
invite the attention of the public to hta new sad
deairable ttock of fine old Havana, Principe ae4
American Cigara; Tobacco, Bnuff and Fancy Artt
clea, on accommodating term*, to the eity as*
country trade; and ia weekly receiving large iota of
Cigar* from the largeat import* So ha ia prepare#
to cnpply the trade *t acort notice, at the corner of
10th and Main air ..eta, Richmond.
VT No. 134 Mala Street,—The sub c lber
Intending to eloae out hi* stock of Trunk*, will of -
fur them at auch low prieea aa will enaure aalaa to
all in waat. Traveller* in want of large ate
Trucks, are particularly aoiidtcd to call cm
No 134 Mala atreet, oppoaite Eagle Square.
le 89
fppK Mimt-KHhorfor the ramaindjo at ttie
year, or by the month, week, or Job, the eai»>
brated musician and fiddler GEORGE WALKER.
All peraoae deeiriog the aevieea of George, are mo
nfled that they mait contract for th at with i%a*i
in no case pay to him. or any other peraoa. *e
amount of m* hire, without a written orderfroaa
George Walker ia admitted by com sice roeaeeL
to be the beet leader of a bead ia afi eastern **i
middle Virginia.
W 19-daw TOLEK * COOK.
John ithay'a superior angar cured Haasa
Schooley 4 Soe'a Qoeen Cfty do
Brigga* Virginia eared do.
Do <fc do Side* aad Shoeldef*
Jaat received and for aaie by _ ,
V RYE WHISKEY.'*—A lew Mfc Je*«reaahe4

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