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•obttit ut* which affirmed U>. deairjblen.ta of prohib
itory le«sltfk>i»s kut, whic«, for the present, slight
only to »rocu e the of l»« restrict!** of ths
traffic—that he-cg uhiuthi public wouldat present
»o hj Mr. L. Minor of Louisa, in •
vigorous tpeecb. advocating prohisiiion, without an*
lifenntlve. Mr. Miner w*» followed by Re*. I 8.
Tootle*. sni Mr. Tilden of Lynchburg, who took the
ime.ide. Mr. Preeton replied at cont der.ble lenflh,
Md with treat enemy andelearneet, advoc»ted the
nrnnocd tuba i ute, and thowej the ;moractica*ility
and tnexpe tlency of pretaini a prohibitory courte of
in the pretent state o* oubho »Mtlm#i»L
fcMr Pretton waa followed by Mr. Fo lard of S»ott
Jrlvania, Be*. Mr Tlneley, Mr. L Minor, and Dr. M<u
Gufley, a 1 i« ooposition to ths substitute.
\t about half past 10 in tne eveaing, on motion rf
Mr Gibton, the Convention adjourned till U o clock thie
(Thursday) morning. Aag 4 , , A . M .
Tne Convention met according «o sdj ;urpm«»nt,
sni watopenod witlt prayer by Re* Mr Scigfrled,
° ! Tb°e rg was bricht snd beautiful aftir
* b^*eT«TDe>la!M. T not before reported, reported
tbrra selves, and took seats in the Uo=*ent!o n .
Mai Preiton for various ressor.s. withdrew hit
substitute, ottered yesterdsy, fcr the Committee'.
&r NASturdivantcfl r«d the following resolu
tion* by way of compromise, as a substitute for the
report of the Committee, and spoke ia behalf of
bit substitute :
Resolved, I. That there ouglit te be a law prchibi
torr of the m >nufacture or keepinr for tile, and of the
treific in intoxicating drinkt. guarded by proper nra-
Titicnt and penaliiet. and eepeciaily by the provision
that all such liquors foucd i r oae't posteation, contra
il to law. shall be dettroyed,
2. That each law ought to be aubn<itted to the peonle
of each county and city, and fce in force, when it it
adopted bv a majority of iegai votes.
3 That in those countiet and eitiet, where it thall
bs rejected, the county or hut.inga courts ought to
have power in their discretion, ta refute all licenses
fortre tale of intoxicating liquors.^
4. That a memorial be drawn up is accordance with
the purport of the above reeolution, to be presented to
the Leg tlature, during the ensuing win er.
5. That be appoin ed to pretent said paper, and
that he apply tor perm ttion to appear at the bar o'
the House, for the purpote of addretting it in favor of
the law prayed for.
6. And that there be formed througho rt the ,State,
asjoeiatisns to called Anti-Licente Law I. eat net.
to be compotea of all tuch persont at will rledte
themtelvet to labor, and *ote for a repeal ofllieLi
cente Laws, and the adoption cf a crohibitory liquor
iaw. The following form of pledge it recom Tended:
1 pledge mytelt to ute all proper means to tecure
a law prohibiting the manufacture and sale of intoxi
cating beveragees and will vote far it, and a.d in en
forcing its due observance.
Mr Minor objected to the substitute offered by the
gentleman from Richmond.
A running discusiion w»« kept up between
mNiri Minor and N A Sturdivant, touching the re
port and eubaUtu e
Her Mr Fle«cher, of Jefferson, thought there had
bsen much deliberation r,n the subject; he was op
posed to baste; but it was his deliberate conviction
that no recommendation should go forth frtm this
Conventicn or any other Convention, except ote
of a prohibitory law character —he was in favor of
the substitute, m it contained all ih<*t was essential
cn that Doint in the Committee'* report, and con
tained other things he was in tavor of. Mr F made
a strcng speech m favor of the substitute.
E Davis,of Albemarle, was opposed to all partial
legislation, as it loat the moral force of a general
Kev Mr Isaacs, of Clarke county, was in favor of
the original resolutions far absolute prohibition.—
The difference of the two substitutes it that be
tween tweedledum and tweedle dee. In Clarke
ountf all want prohibitory law and mean to have
it. It seems to be assumed that th; public are not
ready for it How do we know thai?
Mr F R Farrar, of Amelia, has always been a
friend of temperance—* firm friend of tamper
a icc—ha gloried in being a Son of Temperance, and
has ever done ao since he first united witb them,
which has been a long time. But he was for cau
tion—and would say to the Convention, let us be
ware of what we do. All ct the eyes of the State
were upon us, therefore iet us be deliberate in what
we do. Let us enlighten the people first, and then
preas the matter. He was in tavor of the substi
tute—liked mild measures—was in favor ot persua
aion—was opposed to coercion
Mr H Ripp'tce, ot Augusta, did not believe in the
gentleman's, of Amelia, philanthropy—he never
theless admired hl< zeal. He was m favor of the
most stringent prohibitory measures, and spoke
fully to the subject.
The above report brought down the pro
ceedings of the Convention to 11 o'clock, on
Thursday. The Convention adjourned at 11
o'clock yesterday.
The substitute offered by Mr. Sturdivant
was adopted..
An Executive Committee was eppointed
consisting ofthe following gentlemen :
Gen. John H. Cocke of Fluvanna, Capfain
Din,mock, Alfred S Lee, Samuel Reeve and
Col Thomas J. Evans, of this city; F. N.
Watkins ot Farmville; Lucien Minor of Loui
sa; John B. Minor of Albemarle; D. Robert
Read of Henry, and Daniel Dodson of Peters
This committee was authorised to employ
four lecturers to visit the differen* parts of the
State and deliver lectures on the subject of
Temper nc s
With regard to meais for advancing the
cause of temperance, 27 counties were pledged
to raise $-2500 for that purpose.
The Convention appointed fifty delegates to
the "World's Temperance Convention." X*his
is not that World s Temperance Convention
ot wh ch Greeley, Lucy Stone, Wendell Phil
lips, Douglass, and others of the same genup,
are the moving spirits. It is called by some of
the mast respectable men in the South and
the North, and is to meet in New York on the
6:b September.
The Convention was concluded with an im
pressive prayer by Rev. Mr. Broaddus, and a
valedictory addrets by the President, Dr. Jno.
B. Minor.
Thursday night, at a large meeting, address
es were delivered by Mr. Farrar of Amelia,
Maj. Preston, of Lexington, and Mr. Sturdi*
vant, of this citv.
A Horrible Death—The New Orleans
Crescent, of the 29th, states that on the day
previous a boy about 13 years old, was driving
a cab on the Shell Road, when a carriage came
along driving furiously, the pole of which
struck the dash board of the cab, going
through it, striking the boy in the abdomen,
, on d punching a hole through nis body. Th*
boy waa taken to the Charity Hospital, with
his bowels protruding through the wound>
where he died in a few hours. The verdict
was, death from careless driving of thy car
riage driver, whose name waa unknown.
poor old maiden woman, named
»llie i *tram, who is deal and dumb, and an
»nm»te of the Petersburg Alms House, bit an
"m and narrowly escaped with her life on the
Whs.de Railroad, on Thursday. She was
"J, ™ ""-ckon iac | illcd d<>
"t 'c" « d n ' her .
those managing the car. She was knocked
was W j ß 8000 P rocure «l, and the arm
•ccounu" ' She W ® B dO ' DB weH at ,aßt
comio K famous 2"" °* Col ° f are b "'
Several affairs of hon or Ne " ° fleauf >-
have recently come o ff P *"* § ®f catle ,
of the 27th announces that n r Cre »ceni
ceruedina bloody duel. * con *
-&T The Farmville Journal notices favora
bly the management of the Farmville Female
Seminary. The exercises at the recent close
of the Institution were, it says, highly credits.
Lie to the pupils sod teachers.
mrc. j. Mitchell, editor of the Victoria
Texas, Advocate, died recently from the effects
of injuries received in diving from t wharf
wijjle bathing. He was quite popular.
CT* The circulation ot the Dally Uiapalch ex
ieeds coosldersbly that of all the Dally paper* of
ilehmonvl combined.
sutnrriity Mornin«. Au((u:t6, 1853.
liiiitrial Correspondence.
Green Springs, Aug. 4.
I ana thus far on my way home, having
spent a moat agreeable ten dayi in the moun
tains. We left the White Sulphur on Monday
last, and stayed that night at the Warm
Springs. For the first time, I had an opportu
nity of inspecting the famous Warm Spring
bath. Truly, a man who wished to spend a
summer in oriental luxury, could go no where
to secure that olject with a greater certainly
of succeeding than to the Warm Springs. The
accommodations are superb in e*ery respect.
Airy rooms, excellent beds, snow white sheets,
and the entire absence of mosquitoes, or other
more objectionable visitants, invite to repose •
I should lear, only, that 1 should sleep too
much, were Ito stay there a fortnight. et
there is enough, too, to keep a man awake, and
to make him enjoy life with a keen relish. The
table is not merely good—it is sumptuous. It
h such an one as a priaca might sit down to
every day, and bless his stars that it was no
worse. I found that the lady undei whose im
mediate charge this part of the establishment
was, was an old friend and acquaintance of
mine, and i was welcomed by her with a cor"
diali y which gave zest to the admirable fare.
They are said to live remarkably well at seve
ral of the other Springs. They cannot live
better, anywhere, than they do at the Warm.
At least, if they do, I feel satisfied that they
keep something to eat of which I never heard,
and which Ido not care to see. Then there
is the baih—the glorious, sparkling, crystal
bath—forty feet wide and five feet deep. Talk
about luxury ! Can there be any luxury great
er than immersion in such a stream of living
water 7 The ssrvanls at the Warm Springs
are extremely attentive, and they are so neat
and tidy, that it is a positive pleasure to be
waited on by them. I fell in, at that place,
with a gentleman from Richmond, with whom
I was well acquainted, and who pressed me so
hard to spend the week, that I found great dif.
ficulty in resisting, especially as I had every
disposition to do so without any solicitation.
The Central Railroad does not pass within
twenty miles of the Warm and Hot Springe, I
believe ; yet they must be benefitted in almost
an equal degree with the rest, by the comple
tion of the great line to the Ohio. The Virgi
nia Springs form a great system, of which the
White Sulphur is the centre. They all pos
sess medicinal properties ofvalue, and of such
a character, that it seems necessary to go
through them all, as through a course of me
dicine. First, there re the White Sulphur, to
set right the liver and the digestive organs'
which, it seems to me, who am no doctor, are
at the bottom of nearly all ex diseases. When
the functions of these two important organs
have been restored, their action must be con
firmed, and then come in the tonic waters of
the Sweet Springs. Next, the patient must
have his baths, etc , which he can get no
where so well as at the Warm or Hot. 1 do
not know what part the other Springs play in
this grand drama of restoration, but I believe
each has its part. The reputation of the
White Sulphur, however, is, and must contin
ue to be, until at least the discovery of other
waters equal to them, like the sun in the s>s
tem—alone and unapproachable. It is this
Spring that has given tone and character to all
the Virginia Spring region. Wiihout it, pro
bably, the many valuable waters that have
since been discovered, wculd have been, com"
paratively, unknown. And now, even at this
late hour, the prosperity of the White Sulphur
is the prosperity of every other watering place
in the mountains. Extingaish that, and you
blot out the sun—you throw the system into ir
remediable confusion. Taken all together, there
is no where, upon the face of the earth, com
parable to the western part of Virgiuia for its
mineral waters. To ir.e it seems wonderful,
that people should flock to them in the way
they do, considering the difficulties they have
to encounter, for the present, let them come
from which direction they may. If they were
merely in pursuit of pleasure, from the West
and Southwest, they might easily pass on up
the Ohio, to Wheeling or Pittsburg, without a
day's stagiug. From the Southern Atlantic
country it would be even easier to reach the
grand centres of gaiety and fashion, Saratoga,
Niagara, Newport, Canada and the Lakes.—
There must be some very powerful motive
which can induce them to stage it from Guy"
acdotte, on the one side, or from Salem or
Mecham's on 4 the other. That motive is, to
me, sufficiently palpable. It lies in a simple
truth : there are no Springs like the Virginia
Springs, there ara no mountains like the Vir
ginia mountains, there are no breezes like the
breezes of Western Virginia. To drink the
waters, to take the baths, to breathe the air,
ihs sick will run the risk of being stranded
upon sand bars for weeks, will climb raoun
tains at the imminent peril of life and limb,
will spend days upon bad roads in the most
execrable weather, travelling distances which,
on a railroad, they would traverse in as many
hours. They press forward to the ehrine of
health, with all the enthusiasm of pilgrims,
who know that when they once reach it they
may hope to live. Do not these facts plead
powerfully for the Springs 1 Ought not Vir"
ginia, while she is pouring out her treasures
like water in other quarters, to open the ap«
proach to them, the pride of her children, the
very jewels of highest price in her crown ?—
During the present season, the number of visi
ters from the Southwest has been immense,
and they have come in spite of every obstacle
which it has been found possible to throw in
heir way.
Nor will it be found at the end of the season,
that the crowd has been less from this side of
ihe mountains. Already, before I left the
White Sulphur, they had begun to pour in ; by
rt»ie time the stream was swelled to a deluge,
ni thei second of August, the Central Railroad
third* T P pa *" BngeM > BU( 1 tt " many on the
of - ° have D 0 doubt, the number
as treat"' 6 '* *** l< > have been fully
- dimiaiahed
].U.« Mm to K«i (bf«u|li our grttt
liaea. The mountains now count their vtaitera
by thousands. Why not let them be counted
by acorea of thousands T Every thing which
attracta visiters ia beneficial to a State. They
al! bring money, and they apend it hsre, ol
course, adding, every one ef them, hia mite to
the wealth of the State. In the mean time,
there is no limit to the means of accommodat
ing visile a in the great Western Empire of the
Old Dominion. Let them know that they ere
coining, and they can provide for them, though
they be as numerous as the locusts of Egypt,
and as voracious too
"—as wban the votant rod
Of Amram'aaon. in Egypt's evil day,
\Vnted round the coast, u|-cal<ed a pitchy cloud
Of locusts warping on the western breea>,
That oer ihe realms of impious Pcaraoli annj
Like night, and tokened all the land of Nile "
Our legislature holds in its hand the warn'
that can conjure up a crowd aa numerous, but
of a very different character, every year, in the
mountains of Virginia. I truat it may ba its
pleasure to try its virtues as soon as possible-
After a long day's staging from the Warm
Springs, we arrived safe and sound, though
aoreiy fatigued, in Staunton, about 9 o'clock on
Tuesday evening. Weiound our friends, Mc-
Clung 6c Peyten, up to their eye lashes in bu-
Biness, Their house was full tooverfiowing be
fore we arrived, and we added four full coaches
to their numbera. We had not been very long
in beiora we received a tremendous accession
from the Eastern coaches. I lound Judge
Mason and Major Ellis from Richmond, among
the visitors. 1 think I hardly ever saw so
large a pile of trunks iu a hotel before, and I
have been in some pretty considerable hotels
in my day. This house must be doing a tre
mendous business, and really I think the pro
prietors deserve it, for I have never.seen one
in which a traveller was treated with more uni
form kindness, or in which his wishes, or even
his caprices, were treated with more indul
gence. Warm advacate, as 1 am, of the Cen
tral Railroad, I almost regret to think of the
injury which it will do our friends, who so well
deserve all they receive at the hands of the
public. I trust, however, it will be more than
made up to them in some other way, and I feel
very certain that such activity as they possess
will not ait down quietly and count over its
losses, while it has bo many resources open to
its exercise.
On going up the mountain I took occasion,
in company with our friend Sturdivant, of the
Era, and several other gentlemen, to get down
and pay a visit to the western mouth of the
Blue Ridge Tunnel, though I could see no
thing after I got there. I merely wished to
have it to say that I have seen it. Knowing
nothing about the merits of the question, I of
course can say nothing about the complaints
made against the Engineer with regard to the
tardy execution of the work. It is, however,
a stupendous undertaking, and it is probab'c
that its difficulties may have been underrated.
One thing, however, I hope to see done very
shortly, and that is the connection of the bridge
near Way nesbotough, about which so much
has been said, and which is so indispensably
necessary to the successful operation of the
road projected by Col. Ellett, fhere is another
man restored to his proper title,) across the
gap. I had hoped to see the cars running to
Staunton during the winter, and I am told that
t'ley will thus run, provided the bridge in ques
tion be put up. I hope Col. Crozet will turn
his energies in that direction as soon as possi
ble. In Waynesborough, where we took break
fast, I learned that Alexander did not exagge
rate, in the least, when he gave such an amus
ing account of the excitement produced by the
arrival of Col. Cih's black horse. The Colo
nel is just now the most popular man in all
that region. They would vote for him for Pre
sident, if he would offer, to-morrow. Nothing,
depend upon it, makes a railroad so popular,
as the sight of the engine in motion.
When we patsed through Charlottesville I
learned, for the first time, that there was a
grand Convention of Temperance men assem
bled there. That accounted, in some degree,
no doubt, for the unusually large crowd which
I saw about the Railroad House. Among
them was our triend Alexander, with whom I
had about half a minute's conversation, and
was just about entering into a regular chat'
when the whistle warned him to go ashore, un"
less he wished to accompany us. I took din«
ner at Gordonsville, an excellent dinner it was,
too, and I was glad to see the worthy proprie
tor so well patronised. I arrived safe and
sound here among my friends, took an excel
lent night's rest, and this morning sat down to
write this letter. And so endeth the chapier.
H. R. P.
The State Agricultural Fair.—Gene
•ral Richardson is exerting himself manful'y
for the Slate Society, and the Fair next fall. —
We see notices of his career in the valley in
the newspapers of different places which shew
that he leaves nothing undone which he can
do tor the good of the Society ; and he can
do, we reckon, about as much as any other
man. We have no doubt he will strengthen
tie Society greatly by assistance from the
The Pacific Railroad.—The Journal of
Commerce, of New York, is out against the
Pacific Railioad on constitutional grounds.—
It says that if the government "shall enter into
the business of carrying freight and passengers
it will constitute a declaration of war Qgainst
all the reserved powers of the constitution;"
and it contends that the construction of a road
for this object will divert the entire revenue of
the counfiy for years from the legitimate ob
ject to w*uch it is oow applied. The Journal
hints that the road is a scheme to divert trade
from the Atlantic seuboard to the interior, in
the rain hope of making some Western city
the point of distribution for the West.
The U. S. Navy.—The Journal ol Com
merce urged the attention of government to
the increase of our naval power, as necessary
to secure a due respect for our neutrality, and
for our commerce. When our Minister to
France complained to Napoleon of the viola
tion of our neutrality, under his edicts, which
were retaliatory to the British orders in Coun
cil, he exclaimed—"Let America declare her
rights, and defend them on the ocean with her
ty The anniveraarjr of the embarkation 61
(he Pilgrims at Delft Haven, in 1020, was cele
brated iu Plymouth, Monday. Mr. Everett
made a speech on lha occasion, which ia at
tracting much attention.
The following is a list of the tobacco inspectors
appointed by Governor Jobcsos on the 3d lostant>
to take effect let January, 1854:
Pubilo Warehouse—John F Wren, Benjamia J
Vaughn, Robert L Wren and William E Burton
Bbockoe—Benjamin Sheppard, RobtC William
sou and Wm Y Sheppard.
Seabrook'a—James H Wilaon, Conway C Macon.
T wo vacancies.
Moore'a— Jr.bn Pegram, Rubert H Jones. John T
Sydnor ud Wm Thweatt.
Weathill—David H Branch, Joseph A Sydnor
and Wm Mitchell.
Centre—Edward A Wvatt, Nathaniel Blick, Jos
G Boiaaeau and Robert H Sydnor.
Oaks— Benjamin B Vaughn, Jamea Young, Lewis
Meredith and Benjamin R Lewis.
pbikce edwabd.
Randolph's—Thomas B Rice, Edwin N Price,
James J Rice and Franeia Anderson.
Farmville—Joseph G Williams, John W Ritchie,
and Granvi.le F Deabezan.
Venable's—W* Jeter, Richard E Walker, Thoa
Jones, Littleton Jonea
Royater's.—Wm H,Horton, Nathanial Morton, Al
len Holcomb, Charles Yancey.
Martin's—Thos G Hill, Wm C Fowler, Jamea
C Horton.
Friend's—Luke Waae, Henry E Hay ties, Pow
hatan E Haynea, Robert W C lUns.
Liberty —Jease J Sammons, Lawrence A Hor
ton, John Gannaway.
Planter's—Thomas Jones, Joaiah H Whitlow, B
W Jjnes, Jamea R Kord.
Lynch'a—Jacob H Robinson, Wm H Watson,
John A Moseley.
X inn's—Robert F Linn, John Riahardson, Wm
Richards, Benjamin Philips.
Howardsvllle—Francis 8 Turner, Absalom John
son, Richard L Wilbourn, Nathaniel Lewsllen.
Tye River—Miles T Shipman, Geo Vaughn,Lan
don R Fogers, Wm S Jones.
Thomas Taylor, Wm Atweli, Charles P Shaw,
Robert Hunter.
putna* co.
Robert R Hodges, Wm Matthews, Charles Con
There are several vacancies remaining to be filled
which the Governor will attend to in a few days.
Fire at Fairfax C. H.—A fire occurred
at Fairfax Court House, Wednesday, which
destroyed the office of the Fairfax News, and
several small buildings occupied by lawyeis
and physicians, all belonging to N. Conrad—
not insured, but loss only $1000. The chief
sufferer was the editor of the Fairfax News>
who loses not only all his printing materials,
but his books and accounts
The High Bridce.—The bridge across
the Appomattox, on the Southside Railroad,
called the "High Bridge," is a very heavy
piece of work. The Farmville Journal thinks
it will take twelve months to complete it.
Her St. John, N. 8., papers of the 30th ult.,
state that fires were raging in the woods near
Shediac, and had already destroyed a large
quantity of valuable timber.
ISP We learn that Dr. Wm. R. Savage, a
popular and high ly esteemed citizen of New
Kent, died after a short illness, at his residence,
on the 3d inst., in about the 421 year of his
dP The Charlottesville Jeffersonian notices
the large and increasing travel by that place
to the Virginia Springs.
t^ 1 There was an extraordinary initiation
in the Lodge of Sons of Temperance in Char
lottesville the other night—that of a deaf
Norfolk has determined to quarantine
vessels from New Orleans.
Vain words from earth derive their birth,
Whi e ncighty deeds from Heaven descend—
Not those who boaft exeei the most,
Nob beputation vain defend;
'Tit Art aione nas always shown
The truly great ana glorious rise
Bv wisdom fair and talents rare.
Heaven born gifts on nobleness bestow'd
Not those whi dream themselves supreme
Aud curt the idle curious throng,
Will wisdom deign to hold hub reign,
And on her pinions wsft teem on.
Some search in vain earth's wide domaia
To tind Artistic skill, with grace,
And swift pursue eajh object new
Till they grow weary of the chase—
Then let ihem come and g'anee around
Whebe life like beauty can be kound ;
Each ieature shewn so rich in tone,
Each varied, pleasi"g, natural style,
The eyes'expression and the witching smile,
Acknowledge some great master's hand.
Wo«id you the Stereoscope in all its beauty see,
Matchless, unrivalled, surpassing all in purityt
WHI i EHURST alone such beauties can disclose,
As skill and long experience clearly shows.
For proof of what you read, a single trial we de
WHITE HURST'S Artistic operators only can com
Toe taagic camera with unerring skill
And make each science yield submissive their
au 6—3t* 77 Main street
NOTICE. —1 have this day sold out in? entire
interest In ihe Book and Newspaper Ager.cy,
heretofore conducted by me, under the American
Hotel, toMiJW EVANS, of this piace, a gentle
man every way worthy of the public patronage,
and do beg ter him the patronage so liberally be
stowed heretofore on myself. All moneys due for
subscriptions must be paid to him. Subscribers
having receipts in the name of T H Gresbam and
ityjeit will be tarnished by him.
Richmond, July 30th, 1853.
Having this day bought cut the entire Book and
Newccaper Agency, heretofore conducted by Mr B
J Eddies, under the American Hotel, I respectfully
solicit a share of the public patronage. All moncjs
due for subscriptions must be paid to me. The
subscribers of Mr Eddins and Mr Graham will be
furnished by me. J W EVANS.
Richmond. Ju'y ?oth, 1853. au 6—lt*
INSURANCE AGENCY.—The undersigned
having been appointed Agent of the Petersburg
fire and Mtrinelnsurai.ee Company, will hereaf
ter be prepared to extend to the patrons of the Vir
giaia hire and Marine Insurance Companv and to
the public generally, increased facilities in effecting
Fire and Marine Insurance at hojie, instead of
going abroad for that purpose.
Richmond sth August, 1853. au 6—d3t
FUK Hltik—A first rate nurie and house ser
vant for hire, tor the balance of the year. Apply
to P M TABB <fc SON,
au 6—2t Office on Governor street.
FOR HIKE—I have tor hire for the balance
of the year, a good cook, washer and iruner,
without incumbrance. Apply to
au 6 General Agent and Collector.
vJ thing New and Bexßtiful.—The "Flesh
Tint," applied to the Daguerreotypes taken by JNO
MURRAY, cannot be produoed by any other artist.
It gives the picture a life like appearance that is ua
rivalled. Call and get a Picture.
ait 6 Sign ot the Red Flasr, Eagle gqaare.
Adamantine candles, in plain and
fancy boxes, for sale by
PICKLING VINEGAR, Allspice, Cloves, Pepper,
Ginger, Nutmegs, Mace, Ac, on hand and for
sale by
pUtt* UUOUND COFFEE, Ground Spices,
Sadler's London Mustard, in bottles
Bauger's, Cromeiias and other brands do
Received and for sale by
au 6 r WOOLFOLK, J», 160 Breed •!.
Dismissed—A warrant Waued at the inatance of
Jamea W. Alien, charging Waiter 8. Chandler with
aaaaahing him (Allen ) was on yesterday, dismissed
by the Mayor at the request of the complainant,
and upon payment of costs.
A warrant charging Mra. Catharine Ford with
using threatening language towards Mrs. Harris,
and a warrant against James A. Harris, charging
h m with threatening to ehoot Emanuel Raymond*
and burn hia(R'i) house, were on yesterday, tried
and diimiated by his Honor. The parties lire in and
near the famous 2d street A great many witnesses
were introduced and the amount of Ihelr testimony
waa thit there had long been a neighborhood qjar
rel between th 9 Harria's and the Ford'a and K«v
mond'a, but no overt breach of the peace hid been
committed. It wou'd appear from the many caaea
of a similar character to the above, brought before
hia Honor, that there are a good many backbiting,
contentious people located about Richmond, who,
every time Ihey get into a snarl with eacn other
about women, child.en, fences, chicken*, dogs,
pigs, land titles and water privileges, think they
matt come to the Mayor and bother him tor an hour
or two with their petty allegation!, childish com
plaints and incoherent testimony. If in all auch
trivial cases, the Mayor would fine the partiea in
good round sums, they might perhapa concu.t their
pockets before they consu tad his Honor. In the
case of Mr. Raymond, above mentioned> it is due to
him to say that it was not at his inatance that the
warrant waa issued against Harris- That warrant
waa the result of some testimony sff;ctinj Harria's
character, given by Raymond in deience of Mrs
Bound Oveb. —The continued case of James
Gill, charged with assaulting Jamea Stevenson,on
Tuesday evening last, on sth street, came ap in due
order before the Mayor yesterday. Mr James
Martin corroborated Mr J B Smith's statement
made Thursday that Gill followed Stevenson about
for upward* of half an hour, threatening ta whip
him. Stevenson seeing that Cill was intoxicated
avoided him at much as possible until the final
attack when he struck him in telf defence. Yes
terday Gill frankly acknowledged that liquor had
made him act in a most foolish manner. Thesa
•'bits of sprees" will bring the boys into trouble
some time or other. Gill was required to give se
curity ia the sum of $150 for future good behavior,
and the case was sent to the Grand Jury.
Suspicious —William, (lave to John Shield* of
Eearico countv, wai arreited on Thun day evening,
with some corn and chicxem in his possession,
supposed to be stolen. On yesterday, Mr S s*nt
word to the Mayor thai the neirro bad doubtless
atolec the chickens, but that business prevented his
attendance as • witness. A summons was issued
for Mr 8 returnable this morning, and the negro
was remanded to jail.
Continued.—Tee continued case of Otway
Smith, who stands charged with forging the nane
of Robert J Pace o! Goochland, to a promissory
note for H2lO, came up before the Mayor yesterday
but Mr Pace not having arrived from Goochland it
was further continued until half past 2 PM.
At that hour, Mr Pace still being aosent, the
Mayor further adjourned the examination over
until Tuesday next, it being understood that if Mr
P arrives in the meanwhile he wiilbe recognized to
appear before the Mayor on that day. Mr Smith
was remanded to jail.
Recjveeing — Mies Rebecca Crabin who on
Sunday and Monday last, attempted to commit
suicide by taking creosote—under the careiul at
t ntion of Drs Waring and Hill is steadi y recov
ering from the effects of the poison.
We are informed also that Wi lism McCready,
injured by tne fail of tha deriiek near Rockfield,
one day last week, is much better. We have not
from Patrick Newman, the other person In.
j ured by the same derrick.
ExcuasioN.—One good thing very often follows
another, and we are pleased to-day to announce
that the Caledonian Guard, under the command of
the gallant Captain Caskle, wi 1 fciveagraai mili
tary and civic exsutsion down the river, in ths'Cu:-
tis Peck, on Monday evening the 15th inst. In ad
dition to the music from the Armory and two Co
tillon Bands, we learn that two bona'fide Highland
pipers will enliven the assembly with the spirit
stirring strains of their favorite instrument If,
with the live y sound of all this music operating
upon the sensibilities, some of the "bra w laddies
and lasses" do not foot the "fling ' and "reel" in
true Caledonian style, we know nothing of Scotch
•r American bKoi either. Ws know something
about these Caledonian excursions from attending
them in other places, and tor substantial enjoyment
and recreation, marked by the m jst perfect deco
rum, they are certainly unsurpassed.
Without Papkbi.—Eliza Davenport, a free ne
greis, arrested on Thursday evening in default of a
register, was discharged yesterday by the Mayor,
en promising to procure the at them next term of
the Hustings Court.
Sallna Ann Jackson, afreenegress, who has bean
careless in procuring and keeping a register, was
on yesterday committed to jail in default of a pro
per pass.
Committed.—Charlotte, siaveto Lucy Coleman,
came to tho watch-house Thursday evening, ac
cording to the record, for protection She was
e immitted for the present.£
Whipped.—Maria, s.ava to Mrs. Mary Burton,
was on yesterday puoisced with 15 lashes for strik
ing a boy named John Mescae, on Second street,
Taursduy afternoon.
|y The Walking Gentleman was still standing
up to his wager, and walking his plank vigorous'y,
at Mechanic's Hall, when we last heard from him—
having gotten a little cure than half way his time.
On Wednesday night, August 3J, bv Rev. Dr.
Icnes, at St Pauls Church, JaMES LYONS, Esq.
of this city, to Miss IMOGEN, eide&t daughter of
Alfred Peun, Esq, of New Orleans.
Such opposite* were ne'er before
in web of Hvinen caught;
The forest's monarch and the queen
Of aiLthe realms ot thought.
Meeting.— Ihe regular month
ly meeting of tne Ricfmoucl Typographical Socie
ty will be held at Odd Fellows Hall, this (Saturday)
evening, at 8 o'clock
au 6—lt J M FRANCISCO Sec'y.
CyAUCTION NOTICE-Attention Is so
licited to our sale THIS MORNING, at 10 o'clock.
au 6—lt ALEX HOTT fc CO. AucU
May be seen at the office of tne Exchaiwe
Hotel, one of these splendid Sales, manufactured to
order lor the Proprietor, Mr i P Ballard, wnich for
beauty and Btiiiiy cannot be surpassed. This Sate
reflects great eredit on its Inventor, Mr Herring,
and for Beauty ot design and finish cannot be ri
valled. A lull assortment can be always totsnd a!
the State ageney, 136 Cary street, where Mr R
McCandlish, J*, the Ageut, will always be tound
ready to select or have manufeatured to order,
Saf«a of any dimensions. Call and get one ol the
Ciena la* Uerilag'i SaJaaaaders, before
your books, papers aud money are aestrojed by
fire or stolon by thieves. aat.-lf
®r. ■«Waltkall, ilsmspa.
•CSfc thte PkyelclM, Office on Governor
street, nearly opposite the Governor's House,
mh 14 —tim*
iOa TAKERS, Governor street, between
Main and Fraailia. (eSSS-lf
— JL KJ9
m - WT*""* Caledonian Gaard, Cap- U
Jtwe ' K Caakie.bave eh%r flk
tared lb« imvorito at»»mer Curtia p 3C fc ft,-!!!
MONDAY Ev«ning, Jsth inalant, wbtn they widM
give • Grand Civic and Military Kxecral.-m down
the river. The boat will leave the waarf at 7 o'-
clock and return about 12. Mo e*e»tiona wl]] be
•pared to make tfcia tile moat agreeable excuntoa
of theae*i»n.
Id addition to the moaic of the Armory Rraa*
Band and two Cotillon Band* which have been en
sa<f d, two Highland Piper* will enliven a* with th«
•pirit itirriog cotea of their favorite inatrument.
Refrnabment* will be furniahed at city price*.
Ticketa admitting a lady and •entieoitn $t ; each
addi.ionai lady 50 cent*. Gentemen ur,«ccom pa
ri led by • lady $1. Can be procared from any
member of the Company or at the boat on the
eveaingfcf the Excursion.
Our military guest* are invited to appear In oni
form ' au 6—d:d
ill RIFLES, Capt. John Hartz, will make »n 25®
•Kxcuraiun to tbeSlaah Cottage, in HsnoverfiSL
county, on the afternoon ot Monday, the Bth of
Auguit, and will give a Grand Military aid
(;i*it Ball at the above place the nn« evening;
leaving the desot of the Richmond, FrederUkaburg
and Potomac company precisely at 4 o'clock, P. M. t
and returning, leave the Cottage at 1 o'clock, A. M.
To tkose persons whoae engagement! may prevent
th«m from taking the train at 4 o'clock, an oppar
tunty for participating in the. scene* of the even
ing, will be afforded by the regular mail train at&
o'clock, by which they can go on like terma aa
above, and auch aa may desire t > sta- ail night, can
return by the mail train at day light"
Refreahmenta will be on tbo ground* at city
pricea; the entire ground* brilliantly illuminated,
and the Richmond Cornet Band and Cotillon Band
•re engaged ior the occasion
Ti.kets for the Excursion and Ball $1 50
for each gentleman and lady; and 50 cent* for each
additional lady in company ; children under 12
year* ot age 25 cent*—to be had of any member of
the company or at the ticket offi :e of tne Rich
mond, Fredericksburg and Potomac company on
the evening of the excursion.
N. B —Ticket for a tingle gentleman 3i.
au 4—4t*
STILL WALKING !—Tha American Pe
deitriant FHANK WARDLE, h-tabeea walk
ing aince 1 haraaay laat, 4 P M, and wiil, wi hout
sleeping or sitting down, continue walking till 10
o'c:cck7TO-NIGHT —being £4 bouis in succession.
To be seen at Mechanic a Hall, 12:h street, rear
of the Arbour.
I2i cents. au 6—lt
Parade in front of City Hall, on MONDAY, the
Bth of August, at 3 o'clock P M, precisely, in
full summer uniform. By order of the Cap:ain.
M. B—Military gentlemen are requested to ap
pear in uniform. au 6 — 2t*
M. WEST, Noa, 5 and 6 Exchange,
• cffjrs for sale-
Spirit Rappings Unveiled, by Rev H Mattison—
50 cents
Psychomaney, Spirit Rapping and Table Tip
pings exposed, by Prof C P Pago—2sc
A Journey Round the World, by Ge.-staecker—
$1 00
Philosophy of Sir Wm Hamilton—Si 50
Coleridge'* Works, vjl 7. This work completes
the series
Books sent by mail free of postage, apon receipt
of the advertised prices au 6
Now Ready at
J W. EVANS', Under American Hotel.
The Illustrated Magazine of Art for August—2s
Ec!e:dc Magazine tar August—soc
Hunt's Mercnant Magazine for August—soc
Appleton s Mechanics' do do 25c
Koicksib icker do do 2oc
Blackwooda do do 2'» c
Harper's do do 25c
Plough, Loom and Anvil do 25c
Part 2nd of the Practical Draughtsman—37
Agnes the Beautiful; or the Gamblsrs Conspiracy
Tbe Robber's Wife—2sc
Miles Tremenhere; or the Love Test—soc
Rosina Meadows—2s
Gleason's Pictorial, Weekly Herald, Police Ga
zette, Boston Pilot, Sat Post, Sat Gazjtte, Boston
Museum and all the papers for this wertk; tog-.uh )r
with everything in tha Book, Magazine, Newspa
per and Periodical line, wholesale and raull
au 6—lt* Uader American Hotel*
Mayo having purchased the buiiding .on
Frank.in street, well known as the First Preibyte
rian Church, ha< fitted up the same at great expanse
for the accommodation of the citizacs of Hich
m nd and for iravfiling artists.
Tne location of the building is in tee centra of
the city. The main room, on the first fljor, is 65
feet square, independent ot the stage, an 1 will com
fortably accommodate from nine h wire J to one
thousand persons, and the Gallery (which is set
apart for colored persons) w.U seat to ir or nve hun
dred more. The stage is 24 by 39 feet, having a
front of 24 fset, with a height of 16 feet, and is ad"
mirably calculated for the exhibition ot Panoramia,
Dioramas, or Paintings of the largest size. Tnia
room is without doubt better suited than any othsr
in tne city for Concerts and Exiibitioos ot every
kind, or for general meetings of tne citizens for
public purposes, and it is now offered for rent, by
the day, week or month.
in tne bailment U « large room, alto well salted
for many purposes, which will also be tested far
the liae period of time. For terms apply to
au 6 TOLER A* COOK, Agents.
Fine old Madeira and Port Wiaeg la bottWs
Prime old Kye Whiskey
Heidsick and other approved braods Champaigns
Chewing Tobacco and Segars oi the tiaest quality.
Forsa.ety. P WOOLFOLK, Ja,
au 6 iSii Broad street.
A LOT OF FKLUKCHKbßKju.irecelr«
and ior sale by |P WOOLrOLK, Ja,
au6 183 Broad st.
Black Teas, just received and i»r sale oy
au 6 P WOOLFOLK, Ja IsO Broad St.
Sides and Shoulders; prime Leaf Lard in bbs
and pails; Sugar Cured Hams, of superior quaity.
Received and for eaie bv
au 6 F WOOLFOLK, Ja. 180 Broad st.
HOE liEilK.l .Ni»S.—K Wood's
No 1 Family Hoe Heiring*,Ls »:oieiu<l for sale
WIU-jrT7-.TVTV F»(tLV«tUBIK«,-aust
'* loading, and Will
leave ou *► cuufaiiu y, 10th Instant.
au 6—4t A 8 LEE
HUWbAMU >s KLJI.— oj bjis, for sale by
IOST Oil MfSL.UU-A pruinisoury note,
« made by E Morris, dated Feb'y ia.ii, 1633,
payable at the Kink of Virginia, lix inoa;ba sitsr
date, tor drawn to the order of and en
dorsed by the maker.
All persons are hereby cautioned against receiv
ing or negotiating said note as payment has been
•topped. TUOs HUNT A. CO,
au s—2t* <ii Wax at. New York.
WKW HTOtCK.— iba aaoacribers would re
•tectfuily inform tneir friends and the public
generally, that thay havj taken the stoie on Main
street below the City Hotel and next door to Win
Palmer's, where they intend to keep on band a full
and well selected stock of GROCERIES, suitable
for the city and country trade. Persons desirous
of purchasing goods in our line would do well to
give ua a call, as we intend to aell on the BK-ai rea
sonable terms.
au S—4t» BASS & WILHELM.
A CARD.—I hereby infer® my friends and
cuatoaaers, that all business relations between
myaeil and Mr. W. H BENSON have seated. As
soon as arrangeiß3nta shall be mads to recommeooc
business, 1 will give notioe through tne papers.
I tenoer my thanks to those who have so lob|
"SIX."*- W* ALLEN.
1 KNVKCOPKs FOR 14 1-51 CM.
lUU JAMAIS WOOOHOUaK, (late Nash *
Woodhouas; Eagle Square, ia selling a fair artiois
ol Envelopes at I*X •*>»« P er hundred. Also, ft
better article from 15 to J# cents psr handrvd.
aus %W8
t. at A. »TUAMT'» COFFEE #I'.
• GaH, "C " brand—loo bb:s, receiving and ior
ule bv

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