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The DAILY DISPATCH is Him to KMbtn
<R|« Wimit Dipa<rc«ta baaed mrr filter
eca mailed to sabacrlbart at *1 par aanan.
MFOR REN T—A very desirable
HOUSK.ou Main »treet, over the store of 8.
Merchant and W aUiger, containing 5 rooms and a
(rood large kitchen attached, all in good order. Poo
session can be had in a few days. Apply to
f* I> General Arent and ColUotor.
FOR RENT—A desirable new brick
Ei. DWELLING, with 7 rooms, gas and water* on
Clay street, between 7th and Sth streets. Possession
*ivcu immediately. For terms, apply to
fe 15-3t» E. A. J. CLOPTON
FOR RENT—An office in the "Law
-EiL Buildiny." Immediate possession given. Ad
ply to ns. ffe 141 TOLER k. COOK. Agents
ful farm called "Rosedell," three miles from
town, on the P iankf Road, con tain in* 2.5 acres, with a
small dwelling. The soil is well adapted to garden
ing purposes.
Tlie owner would Rent or Lease for a term of
veara, on easy terms, to a good tenant. Apply to
fe 11 Gen. A*t. snd Collector.
JEaLTF.L now kept by Mr. Jaa. T. Kearns. Posses
sion «iven on Ist February next. Apply to
ja 19—1» K McADAM
MFOR RENT—The large and desira
ble house on Grace street, between 7th and
8;h, (near the Catholic Church,) at present occupied
by Mrs. Colemaa. Possession given immediately.—
Apply to S.B.JACOBS,
ja 12—ts at Garrett & Anderson's, 40 Main St.
®FOR RENT—A brick dwelling, on
27th street, Church Hill, now occupied by Mr.
Chilec, but can be taken possession of on tbe Ist of
March. It contains six rooms, aud has a kitchen at
tached. Rent S2(K>.
fe 13 TOLKR fc COOK, Agents.
the handsomest RESIDENCES in the town
al Manchester, a fine two story wood HOUSE, built
laet year, with all the necessary out-houses. This is
one of tbe most beautiful situations to be found. The
lot fronts 62t .eet, and runs hsck haif of tbe square ;
has an excellent garden, witb a well of splendid wa
ter, and is in an excellent neighborhood.
Perscns desirous of purchasing will please enquire
at the Dispatch office. fe 15—I w
We are authorized to treat, privately, for the sale ef
a square of GROUND in Sydney, nearly adjoiuing the
public square, and bounded by Mair, Franklin and
streets, having a large and beautiful front on
those streeu Besides. there is an excellent Dwel
ling. Stable, inc., recently built, while the property it
well enclosed and drained.
Bcins admirably adapted for building site;, and lo
catt-i in the most rapidly improving part of Sydney,
this property is highly valuable, more especially as
this is about the last opportunity for purchasing land
in Sydney by this square, so near the city.
Terms.—On-fifth cash ; balance at 1, 2, 3 and 4
years, with interest, and satisfactorily secured.
VATE SALE. —For sale, a new blick COTTAGE on
Clay street opposite the residence of Peter D. Glinn,
Esq., containing from six to eight rooms with nßnal
outhouses, all finished in nice style, the whole pre
mises presenting a remarkably neat appearance, with
150 feet of gronnd on Clay street, adjoining the
above, running back about 150 feet.
A long credit will be given for a considerable por
tion of the purchase money.
IS WA'iCHES.—A very large and
varied assortment ot WATCHES, JEWEL-
JsTJiL RY and SILVER-WARE, may be found at
store of the subscriber, 106 Main street.
Expecting also to receive, in a few days, from Liver
pool and London, a supply of those celebrated " Da
vid Taylor" and " WATCHES, in hunting,
magic and other cases, which, added to his large
stock of other English makers, chronometers, an
chors, cylinders, duplex, tic., will makfe his stock
compare with any importer in the country.
ELIAS HALE t> lo6 Main »t.
Ladies in want of HEAD-D R E S S E S or
of any description, would do
—**— well to call on CHAS. H. LOE WENTHAL.
at his French Flower Emporium, Millinery and
Fancy Store, on Broad street, corner of 3d street, as
he ii desirous of making room for his spring importa
10ns. Ladies may expect great bargains.
ja 13 Broad St., corner of 3d.
From fifteen to twenty per cent saved by buy- &
ins from J. H. ANTHONY, Columbian Hotel
Building, Richmond.
Moleskin HATS, of best quality $3 50
Do do second do 3 00
Fashionable SILK HATS 2 50
Fine calfskin sewed BOOTS, 3 50
Fiue calfskin sewed SHOES 2 25
J H. ANTHONY has made arrangements with
one of the best makers in the city of Philadelphia to
supply him with a handsome and substantial calfskin
•ewed BOOT, which he will sell at the unprecedent
ed low price of $3 58. de 1
splendid CANARIES, received yes
i£gtwterday from New York.
Al«o, 2 dozen different styles of C A GE S,
for sale at
fe 1 ALLEN'S Arbour.
Removal,— a chance for bar-
street, being about to remove to Main street, will,
for the next three weeks only, sell off his present ex
tentive and well selected stock ut cost and charges.
This he considers preferable to paying the expense
of removing and incurring a heavy loss by breakage
—thus verifying the old saying, "that the first loss is
always the best."
Therefore, now is the chance for the inhabitants
ofShockoe Hill and vicinity to supply themselves
with China, Crockery and Gla3s-ware, and au end
less variety of other goods, both nseful and ornamen
N. B.—The Store and Dwelling for
Mii£ rent. Apnlv as above. ja24
JII chant and owner of a warehouse
? '£ , liri Wfc should have one of my improved
iJkll l l Mv Koodn to hoist to the upper story, as
j ! 1 ||g| he will save time and expense, to say
nothing of the safety of bis goods 2
or 3 stories above his head.
These Machines have become in general use in the
northern cities, and in Baltimore 1 have made many
I have three sizes, to suit large or small ware
Messrs. LEE fc CO. are my agents in Richmond,
who receive all orders and give all information for
the same. JAMES BATES,
Iron Foundry and Hoisting Machine Manufactory,
No. IS President street, 3 squares north of the Phil
adelphia Railroad Depot, Baltimore, Md.
fr 7—flt m
Richmond, Feb. 1, 1854. 5
■SllMfiMhAll Consignees of Goods by steamships of
this co.i pany's line, from Philadelphia, are hereby
notified that the LIABILITY of laid Company CEA
SES W soon a* the rood* are landed on the wharf, a>
that is according to law—the bills of lading being
then fulfilled. And all good* not taken away en the
day they are discharged will be stored at the expense
of the Consignee*.
By order of the Director*.
ft ti Agent Union Steamship Co.
BILE are running weekly between Richmond and
Tve River, and will reeeive freight for that point,
Scottsville, Lynchburg, or any other place on the
canal. Engagements are solicited for these boau for
the freighting of iron, plaster, lumber, machinery, or
any article not liable to damage.
W. K WALDROP, Agent,
Richmond Planing Mill, 9th street, raw Paper MiU.
ft 9—lm
O 200 bbls. "Stuart**" and "Rowland k Moller's"
Coffee Sugar
190 boxes and bbls. loaf, crashed and pewdered
250 bag* prime new crop Rio Coflee
100 bags prime eld Java do.
two side* good and damaged Sole Leather
100 boxes Glass, Bxlo and 10x12
69 bbls. Tanners' Oil
fio gross Mason'* Blacking
25 bag* Pepper
100 dozen Brooms
206 boxes AdamantineCandlee
hif™. - 'VtffanHias. c„ ««■
PLASTER, rcceiwi and for s&le
JT bbis. assorted Pipes ; tM» Cane Btmm, bond
and ready for aee 1180 groc* Oronoke and ether To
bacco i Iwgreee Matches, isr
bit eoaer of Mate end 12th streets.,
VOL. IV—NO. 99.
Of Th« aire ilation of the Daily Dispatch exceeds
aonsiderablv that of ail the Daily papers of RiakMoad
Several accounts of the disaster to the steamer
Georgia are published in the N. York Times, some
of them expressing much [indignation that such a
large number of persons were sent to tea in a rot
ten vessel. As the matter attracts general interest,
we copy the following brief account of the scenes
on board during the storm :
"Throughout this day, (the !>th of February,)
there was a strong wind from 8. S. E., and we were
under steam just enough to ke»>p her head to it:
but altliouhg only a common eale, the ship tailored
heavily. At about 4 o'clock the gale broke, and 1
went to bed. I was soon startled by one of the pas
sengers calling me and reporting the ship full of wa
ter; and indeed the cabin presented tnat appear
ance. The women and children, together with the
men. presented _ a dense mass crowded together
praying and calling on the Almighty for protection.
I found my way through the crowd as beef I could,
and went forward to survey the wreck. "The scene
that presented Itself was frightful; the whole bow
was store in. The upper deck was crushed in a
thousand pieces, and lay in a mass down on the se
cond deck; the head and cutwater were gone. Her
stem alone remained, stripped of everything that
had ever been attached to it, looking like a naked
post; her bulwark timbers and piankshear were
broken oft' as smooth as if it was done by design;
and every time the ship pitched, the water came in
by tons, and the second deck was flooded. Daylight
soon came. The pumps were all at work, and gangs
organized for balling. The captain coolly thought
all was right, and gave orders to Mr. Barker to do
all that could,be done; audthat all was to cut away
the broken plank and timbers, shove in pillows and
mattresses between the timbers, and cut away the
larboard anchor, get the yards down on deck, nail
canvass over the heads of the timbers, and forming
a breakwater out of canvass and plank to keep out
all the water we could. The exertions of Mr. Bar
ker, the first officer, were incessant and laborious,
and deserving of the highest praise. Fortunately,
the gale had about ended bef ore we met with the
accident; otherwise nothing could have saved us;
but by ten o'clock Thursday, the sea got to be
smooth. Her head was got to the westward, and
being very smooth we were enabled to carry a good
head of steam; and at 1 o'clock, P. M., Friday, the
10th, we made the capes of Virginia; and by the
fortunate circumstance of having good weather, we
were till saved from a frightful death. 'Die accident
happened in lat. 34 dear., lon. 72deg. 54 min.
Koszta not Quite Deserted.—lt now appears
that Martin Koszta has determined to abandon the
daguerreotype enterprise. We learn from the N.
Y. Herald that Mr. Kedzie, a generous attorney of
Chicago, Illinois, having seen a report of Koszta's
destitute condition, wrote him a letter with a pro
mise to support him until he may become sufficient
ly acquainted with American law to open an office
for himself. Koszta is said to have accepted the
offer; and having procured fifty dollars through the
same gentleman's liberality, was to have left New
York for Chicago last Monday. Meanwhile, we
learn from the foreign news that Captain Ingraham
was having a grand ovation from the Genoese peo
ple on account of the Koszta case.
Desperate Leaps.—Hugh Sloan, the pugilist,
while on his way to Chester County, Pa., in charge
of a sheriff, last week, leaped from the cars while
they were going at the rate of thirty miles an hour.
The Sheriff followed immediately after, and being
but little hurt, he ordered Sloan to stand or he
would shoot him. Sloan yielded quitely, and
though he was somewhat bruised, he walked with
the Sheriff towards Philadelphia. When Sloan
was asked why he yielded so quietly, he remarked
to the Sheriff, that he thought if he was fool enough
to jump from the cars after him, he wass fool enough
to shoot. The leaps were desperate, and the won
der is both were not killed.
Marshal Wynkoop, of Philadelphia, on Friday
last proceeded to Lancaster, and re-arrested Gen.
Ford and Judge Vandersmitb, along with one Wal
ter G. Evans, an Alderman of that place, who are
charged with frauds upon the Pension Bureau.—
The parties immediately petitioned for a writ of
habeas corpus to Judge Long, who granted it, and
a hearing was had at once. The Marshal protested
against the interference, but the Judge finally bound
the parties over to appear and answer on the first
day of the approaching term of the U. S. District
Court in Philadelphia, and then discharged them
from the Marshal's custody. Col. Wynkoop again
protested, and declaring himself obstructed by
force yielded up his prisoners.
Electioneering — Solomon
Stockpole, jr., puts forth liis claims for the office of
Sheriff, though the columns of the Monongalia Mir
ror. We extract the following brief allusion to him
self and the Stockpoles in general:
One word as to myself—ime nun of your colledge
breads. Wus born and raised between the handles
of an old True American plow and never seed en
ny thing tel i was morenur 16 years of age.
Feller sitisens, the Stackpole family is very nu
mersome in this section, and 1 expect will be well
represented in the contention. My advise is, Eyes
right! Dress up! Solomon Stackpole expects every
man to du his duty. Remember Paoli, and what
our four fathers fit and bled, &c. for.
Stheet Commissioner Resigned.—Mr. Henry
Arcularius, who has held the office of Street Com
missioner of New York for some time past, baa re
signed his post. It is to be regretted, says the He
rald, that he did not leave a cleaner record of his
acts upon the books or the streets of the city.
Cockt or iKQuiaT.—The proceedings of the Mill,
tary Court of Inquiry, in New York, are getting to
be quite interesting. Serious charges have been
made against Col Gates, but as the defence has not
yet introduced any testimony, it will be well for the
public to reserve their judgment Indeed, itis said
that Capt Gardiner, who has testified so strongly
against Col. Gates, will have to answer some serious
charge*, which the Colonel, anon, is to present
against him.
The Bubolaxy Cas*.—Wlnfield Butcher, Ro
bert Evans, Amy Butcher and a boy, were exam
ined In Petersburg on Tuesday, on the charge ol'
burglary. The two Butchers and Bob Evana were
aent on lor further trial,and the boy was discharged.
Mr. Schildeschiem, in whose store some of the
stolen goods were found, was required to find se
curity for his appearance to answer the charge of
receiving stolen goods.
Daniel Sowder was recently found dead in the
road in Floyd county. An inquest was held and ft
verdict rendered that "the said Sowder came to his
death by casualty and not by violence."
The Wheeling Intelligencer estimates the loss of
property "by the explosion at the Virginia Paper
Mills, last Saturday, at SUOOO. A%oy named Israel
Mobley, wofchad sought a night's lodging on the
,op of the boilers, was killed.
John Mornnt and John Ford, charged with com
mitting a morder in Savannah, have been arrest
ed and imprisoned in New York to await a reqoiaC
tion from the Governor of Georgia.
Jeremiah Lao* has been fouad guilty of man
slaughter, to Mew Tort, to causing the death of Mr,
Hyer, by striking him on the head with • cart
The Washington Star apprehead4»hs Intern*
tional Copyright Treaty stand# no aort of ft obaa»e
WsDrntsoAT, Feb. 15,1854.
Forming special Courts of Appeals to try cases
remaining on the docket of the Court of Appeals;
and when the judges ceased to hold their offices ua
der the late Constitution; and to try eases in re
spect to which a majority of the judges ot the Su
preme Court may be so situated aa to make it fan
proper for them to ait on the hearing thereof.—
Ayes 35, Noes 9.
A long discussion arose on a proposition to inde
finitely postpone the above bill—made by Mr.
riHACMLro*i>—in which Messrs. Axblkb, J owns
and Skackslfobs participated. The proposition
was negatived—Ayes Noes &.
covers fob kinth ciacurr.
The House amendment to the bill concerning the
Courts of the Ninth Circuit, was concurred in.
repobts or OOKMITON.
A great many bills were reported from the
i--|%nding Committees; among them,
A bill authorizing the appointment of a clerk to
the banking department in the Treasury depart
Resolutions of enquiry were proposed; among
others the following;
By Mr.X'AicpßELL—lncorporating an Indepen
dent Bank, with a capital of $100,000, in the town
of Farmville.
By Mr. PASKBB-Repealing the law requiring
the inspection of guano.
By Mr. llabbis—Amending the charter of the
Central Bank at Staunton, so as to enlarge the num
ber of directors.
By Mr. McKennky— For the establishment of*
line of steamboats between Norfolk and Fredericks
burg, and other point* on the Chesapeake Bay and
Mr. Thompson presented the memorial of the
Committee of the Medical Society of Virginia,
praying the passage of a law requiring the vendors
of secret nostrum* to put a printed label in English
on each package, stating tHe ingredients of which it
is composed.
Mr. Campbell presented the petition of 76 citi
zens of Lunenburg county, prayine that certain
slaves emancipated by the will of David M. Dos
well be permuted to select William Doswell as
their master.
Mr. Baldwin ottered a resolution that the Senate
I would, every day, take a recess from two and a
half to four o'clock, P. M., which, on motion of Mr.
Catlett, was laid on the table.
The remainder of the day was consumed on the
bill for the suppression of the circulation of notes
of a less denomination than five dollars.
Mr. Johnson's substitue—to authorize the Banks
of the Commonwealth to issue small notes—wa*
rejected—Ayes 17, Noes 2li.
A motion to indefinitely postpone, made by Mr.
Thomas, was voted down —Ayes 16, Nees 27.
Mr. Harris moved to reconsider the vote by
which the imprisonment feature was stricken out ol
the original bill.
The Chair decided that it was first necessary to
reconsider the vote on the substitute, which was
done—Ayes2B, Noes 11.
Mr. H arris then made his motion, and
On motion of Mr. Campbell, the Senate ad
Wednesday, Feb. 15,1854.
A communication from the Senate announced the
passage of sundry bills which were appropriately
Committees made report*.
Mr. Brown, ot King George and Stafford, moved
to refer the report and testimony in the case of the
Bank of the Old Dominion to the Committee on
Banks, with instuctions to enquire whether the
charter of the Bank should be repealed or amended,
on account ot any violations of the charter which
may appear from the testimony.
This motion was carried after abrief debate, by a
large majority.
On motion of Mr. Garnett the Committee of
Banks was instructed to inquire whether there
have been any violations of their charters by any
of the old Banks or the independent Banks of the
State and to report what course the Legislature
should adopt to punish or prevent them in fu
The House then took up the order of the day, be
ing the bill for the extension ot the Orange and
Alexandria Railroad to Lynchburg, and a subscrip
tion ofjthree-fifths by the State to the increased
stock. The question was upon the passage of the
A discussion ensued and continued until the hour
of adjournment. Messrs. Lee and Dean* *upp ort
ed and Mr. Martz opposed the bill.
Seduction in High Lif*.—We published yes
terday a brief statement to the effect that the notori.
ous Madame Restell had been again arrested in New
York on the charge of producing abortion. The
New York Herald of Tuesday, soys:
"We alluded yesterday to a complaint pending be
fore Justice Stuart, charging Madame Restell, or 162,
Chamber's street, with producing an abortion on the
person of a young woman whose name we had not
learned. Since then, however, we have seen the
affidavit, and find that the party complaining is one
Cordelia A. Grant, a native of Portland, Maine, 4 very
pretty young woman of twenty-two years of age,
whose parents, we understand, are still residents of
that place.
"it now appears from the facts in this exciting case,
that Mr. Oeorge R. Shackford, a wealthy gentleman
occupying a splendid mansion at Fordham, Westches
ter county, became, some seven years ago, acquainted
with Miss Grant, while on a vist East, and by a mutu
al arrangement entered into between them, she
agreed to elope with bim. They went direct, by pack
et, to New Orleans, where he represented her as his
lawful wife, and in the like manner, they travelled to
various parts of the country and then returned to Mew
York, where they took up their abode. Since this
time, it appear* by the sworn affidavit made by Miss
Grant, she has occupied towards him the position of
a kept mistress, and at hia instance has suffered no
less than five abortions. Three of them have been
the work of Madame Restell, and the other two were
operations done in Massachusetts. Up to a few days
ago, she was acting as his housekeeper, at his man
sion in Westchester county; bnt some disagreement
having taken place between them, en the asramptiou
that he intended to abandon her, and she, fearing to
be left destitate in the world, proposed a settlement
by asking the sum of $6,M0 for a clearance and final
separation. This proposition was disregarded by him;
hence, in view of enforcing her demand, the com
plaint before the Police Justice was preferred, and
the whole matter exposed to the public.
"Mr. Shackford is a tine, gentlemanly looking man,
of about thirty-five years of age, a ritive of Philadel
phia. He is said te be worth $100,000, and is concern
ed in an extensive wool bouse in Pearl street. His
mother resides in Philadelphia, and is estimated to be
worth $400,000. Mr. Shacaford is said to be her only
Miss Grant's affidavit, in support Of the foregoing
♦acta, is published in lull in the New York papers
but as yet no corroborative testimony baa been ta
ken. Meantime the magistrate leaned a warrant for
the arrest of Mr. Shackford, but he voluntarily ap
peared in court, fai company with his counsel, ex.
Recorder Tallmadge, and surrendered himself to
answer the charge preferred against him. The no.
torious ftestell was arretted by the police, and she
now stands charged with the comaaission of a felo
ny, which is punishable by imprisonment in the
State Prison for a term not exceeding three Tear*
nor less than one in the Penitentiary.
CoNTKsn-LATXD Majuuaok.-The lady to whom
it Is said ex-President Fillmore is about to be mar
ried, is Miss Elizabeth Porter, of Niagara Falls, only
daughter of the late Geo. Peter B. Porter, a hero of
the war of 1812, and Secretary of War under J«i»p
Quiscy Adams.
The Tampa Herald of the Ist test, learns by the
antral of the steamer J. T. Hprague, that four of
the Indian Delegattoe le the Seminolea in Florida,
have visited Billy Bowiegs at his headquarters, and
that be has requested an interview with the eaSns
Delegation, a part of which remained at Carloosa.
hatchia The whole number are now in the Indian
country, but of their success nothing fa known.
A person named James J. Cutter hat been arrest-
M. Thomas, daughter of Captain Thomas, who was
!°»* fefjf W g.jyHmtetolkxoai.
A Utthi ant •fltr.6i«Ha,li*tagM W ltHi^nH. 1
T* «*»•! having been
lound too nn.ll, an effort wit made tea years
■go to enlarge it, money was .ppropri««l.
tract* and in fartooa mode* of swlndlia* the
State-but every thing haa ended In smoke A
proposition has now been made to amend fte Con
stitution so aa to borrow ten millions to
the enlargement of the canal—and the people were
to vote yesterday on its adoption. The result is
T* to be seen, Wit the Whig thinks the money will
beexpended without accomplishing the object in
r>ew; and that as Virginia is about to be predpi
tated in the Career, begs the members of the
Lcgiilattirc to pdfac before the deed is done,
sttempt to devise some means to shield ua from the
erila which afflict our sister States. The Whig in
conclusion urges the abolishing of the Board of Pub.
lie Works, as the only alternative to save the pub
lic morals, the public credit, and to insure the suc
cess of all our improvements.
The Enquirer, alluding to the fact that Mr. Jef
ferson's participation in the enactment ot the ordi
nance of 17(37 has given rise to the opinion, or at
least color to the assertion, that he was an advo"
cat® of the restrictive policy in regard to slavery,
gives extracts from the writings of Mr. Jefferson,
furnishing abundant evidence of his hostility to any
geographical restriction on slavery; and any inter,
vention by the Federal Government in the social
relations of the Statec. The principle of the Mis.
souri Compromise, which the friends of the con
stitution are now seeking to abrogate, encountered
from him an early and vehement opposition.
We also find in the Enquirer the following state
ment, showing the composition of the present
House of Delegates:
It may not be uninteresting to our reader* to know
the professional character of the pre*ent House of
Delegates. It will be seen from the following table
that the number of "gentlemen," and the number of
"editors" i* equal—two of each.
There are 83 Farmer*, 26 Lawyer*, 18 Physician*,
13 Merchants, 2 Editor*, 4 Mar ufrcturers, 1 Machi
nist, 1 Printer, 1 Millwright, 1 Miller, and 2 Gentle
men. 11l are married, 28 single, and 13 widowers.
18 are Methodists, 11 Baptists, 8 Presbyterians, 3
Episcopalians, 4 Disciples, 2 Lutheran*, and 1 Ger
man Reformed.
Gen. Smith of Kanawha, Is the oldest, (65) and
Mr. Sinclair ofPrince William, the youngest, (23.)
25 are under 30, 55 between 30 and 40, 35 between
40 and 50,33 between 50 and 60, and 4 over 60.
The Penny Post continue* it* sketch of the De*
bate on Brodnax's Resolution*, giving a portraiture
of John Thompson Brown, at that time represent,
ingthe town of Petersburg in the Legislature.
The Mail has an article on Sectarian Colleges.—
While objections to sectarian organization* are pal
pable, it would be difficult to find another spring of
action, sufficiently strong to keep in motion the
great machinery of education. The Maii discusses
this subject at considerable length.
An American Steam** for Turkey. —It i# re
ported that the steamer now building in New York
according to the plan of General Norris, of Phila
delphia, which is intended to make the run to Eu
rope in six days, is *old to the Sultan of Turkey.—
Shei* nearly completed. The price paid by the
Sultan, it!« said, i* 8730,000, without any trial.-
Maryland.—Hon. James A. Pearce, a* before
announced, was on Tuesday elected U. 8. Senator
from Maryland, for *ix years from the 4th of March
1855, when hi* present tefm expire*. He r?seived
58 out of the 95 vo.es cart. Dr. Dennis Claude,
Whig, was on the same day elected Treasurer.—
The Hous*has amended the Prohibitory Liquor
Law Bill by postponing its operation till the Ist of
May, 1856, and providing for taking the aenae of
the people by a direct vote for or against it at the
general eleotion in 1855.
Destructive Fires.—At M'Minneville, Tenn.,
on the sth inst, a fire broke out in the third story
of Farner's factory, which was burned down ; ma
chinery and building a total los*. The. fire ia sup
posed to have originated from a lot of waste cotton
in the room, which ignited. Loa* $80,000 to $100,"
000. We learn there was no insurance. • s>J£
On the sthinst., there was a large fire atMiami>
Missouri; every store in town was burned except
one that was under the hill. Four storea and three
dwelling*, with the Odd Fellow's Hall, were burn
ed. Little insurance.
A Parting Compliment.—We learn from the
New York papers that a handsome entertainment
was given last Monday, on board the steamer Paci
fic, by Capt. Nye, to Capt. Creighton, of the ahip
Three Bells. It was intended simply as a parting
compliment from the gallant commander of the Pa
cific to a brother Captain whose noble intrepidity
and daring conduct have gained for him a world
wide celebrity.
There was an admirable opportunity for ambi
tious sportsmen to display their skill in Wheeling
last Sunday. The sky was almoat black for several
hours with floekaof pigeons going north, many
of them Hew so near the earth that they might have
been easily shot on the wing; but the sensible
pigeons selected Sunday for their journey, well
knowing that they were protected by the laws,
both divine and human.
St*am» Gboboia, —We learn from some of
the passengers of the Georgia, that there were up
ward* of a thousand souls on board at the time of
the disaster, there being three hundred more Hi»fi
she was built to aeeo nmodat*. This steamer hn>
been quite un/o lunate. Several persons were
washed overboard and some three or four shot
themselves in despair, giving up all hopes of safety
Norfolk Argru.
Other accounts say there were but7sopassengers
on board, and make no allusion to the shooting.—
The Empire City left Norfolk on Tuesday, for
Chagres, with the Georgia's passengers.
We lean from office order, published in
the Petersburg Democrat,that there will henceforth
be two mails per day from Petersburg south.
CeaaxcnoN.—lt was Thomas Gholson's house,
in Petersburg, that was somewhat damaged by Are
lot Monday night; not Sylvanus Johnson's, as
The citizens of Wheeling an moving (or the wee
tioa of a custom bouse, in that place, with strong
probabilities of success.
Mrs AsoaJtida Derohug, who tilled her babe
ha New York, the other day, with a haftbet, was
insane at the time, and will probably be placed In
the lunatic asylum.
Nothing he# lately been heard of fee calorie ship
Ericsson. She still lias at herwhai£ foe*«* lWh
street, N. Y„ where a great many men are at work
upon her. The long promised trial trip is looked
tor with greet interest
Gavasxi. who is In Loudau, writes to
the Qramdtr, of Now Yerh, ttrtft **arop*lsc«the
eve of great eve*ts"-end qnM "HAhofm
for his 4a>r Italy."
Ortßth, charged wfah *n*ng Omtbrntg, U
Alexandria, he. been belled in the mx o( MOO, |o
General Agency, tor the Bale ahv 1
Pvacjuse or L»*n».—YRANK O. mm. ir«cr. 1
Office—mSwtJs o****0**** *** <a « add Acwwmiß,
offS R n»i 2 PRICE & CO.
Prmctw? M f 8 » ® VA * S » Attorney at Law
° f th " ofEiehm °' i
«d?e2kin !LS K^ s "T° ffice ®n *l>® Sooth
from 4 to 5 to the afternoon. **
In the Midst or Lor* we are in Death
So don't neglect having DAGUERREOTYPES ta-'
examine specimen* before geing elsewhere as k«
spare* neither pain* nor akilfto please hi* costemen
and fnends, at the Hall of .Science, 110 Main street
Sight Drafts on New Orleans—ln
■una to aait porclaMera, for aale at all ft»«< bv j
B. MACMURDO, at Exchange Bank.
dee a&—46m
Henry 6. Cannon, Attorney at Law.
NOTARY PUBLIC, and Commissioner of Deed*
to., for New York, Pennsylvania, North Carolina,
K%2££%£^„lWr' ou - ■*
Practice* to the Conrta of Richmond city and Hen*
rteo coanty. Will attend promptly to alt Legal aad
Notarial business with which he may be entrusted.
Office on Franklin near Governor street.
■•9—6 m
T. J. Carson & Co., Nos. 41 and 43
ment of Baoon, Pork and Lard ahraya on hand, aad
for aale at lowest market prices. je 18—ly
„ Abel U. Mayo, Attorney at Law and
NOTARY PUBLlC.—Office on Franklin streets under
the Metropolitan Hall. Richmond. Va. no 1
American Hotel,
•e 15—ly Formerly at Jonn'tHoUi, Philadelphia
Roper & Murray, Undertakers, Goy
emor street, between Main and Franklin.
ALE is prepared expressly for Invalids and Dye.
peptics. It being prepared from Pure Malt and Hop,
it is strongly -ecommended by many of our beat Phv
sicians as a perfect cnre for Dyspepsia.
Scotch and Philadelphia Ale: London and American
Porter, constantly on hand and for sale at the lowest
cash prices.
Also, pure Wines and Brandies for medical purpo
se*. Sold by DUDLEY It CO..
_ , 72 Main Street, Richmond, Va.
Delivered in any part of the city free of expense.
VESy valuable and desiea
MOND.—In consequence of the continued ill health
of Col. Samuel S. Myers, (who has determined to re
tire from business,) we are authorised by him to otter
at private sale, the following very valuable, desirable
and attractive Real and Personal Estate, vis: The
two large three-story Tobacco Factories, at the coi
ner of Canal and Seventh streets, having an aggre
gate front of 150 feet, and a depth of ISO feet, to an
alley 18 feet wide; also, the adjoining Let, at the cor
ner of Cary and 7th street*, fronting on Cary street
150 feet, running back 140 feet, with two large Shed*
for storing lumber, a new Carpenters' Shop, and se
veral other wooden Buildings thereon, admirably
well adapted to a lumber vara, or for building par
poses, and well enclosed by a high brick wall; also,
several valuable vacant and improved Lots on the
West line of 7th street, (opposite the above,) on on*
of which there i* a large building, used for quarter*
for the factory hands, and admirably adapted to that
purpose; also, the new Briek Store and Dwel
ling, adjoining the above, occupied by Mr.
Tarbeck, fronting 17 10-18 feet; running back 63£
feet. Also, a number of moat valuable Staves, con
sisting of a steam engineer, several carpenters, fac
tor; hands, and house servants—all of whom are
well skilled and familiar with the business to which
they have been accustomed. Also, a large assort
ment of Tobacco Presses, Screws, Flattening Mills,
Machinery of every description,including a fine steam
Engine, with circular saws attached; and a large lot
of perfectly seasoned Plank, consisting of oak, pop
lar, cherry, and button-wood, of proper
for the manufacture of all kinds of Tobacco boxes,
includinc a number of set* of Carpenters' Tools for
making of boxes.
Maps of the real estate will be prepared and exhi
bited in a few days, at the office of the undersigned.
The Tobacco Factories above alluded to, are built i*
I the best manneT, upon the most approved plan for
convenience and utility, and are justly regarded a*
among the moat desirable in this city. Besides being
admirably adapted to the purposes for which tbey
were constructed, the said factories could easily be
used for sterameries, or converted into large wareh
houses for storage or business purposes generally, and
from their proximity to the James River and Ka
nawha Canal, a lateral branch of said Canal eontd ea
sily be constructed at the Eastern end of the said
factories—thus giving two water front*, and thereby
enabling perssns to receive and forward goods under
cover, without any charge for dray age.
In addition to the foregoing property, we will sell
his celebrated " Phornix," " Aromatic," and several
other well established and favored brands, and will
impart to the purchasers thereof his mode and man*
ner of preparing the tobacco.
Persons disposed to purchase any or all of the fore
going real and personal estate, are raspeotfally re
quested to call on the subscribers.
Terms will be made accommodating.
Richmond, Feb. Uth, ISM. J
J? This Company continues to underwrite on Fir*
Risks of almost every description, and on Marine
Hazards to all part* of the world, oo favorable tenia.
The character of the policies issued, the mode of ad
justment of lone* adopted and practiced on, and the
prompt and liberal manner in whicfc the business of
the Company i* conducted, being considered induce
ment* not everywhere met with, are held out to the
public to extend their patronage and confide their in
terest* to this Company, which has hitherto lent
material aid to the commercial and business enter
prises of the city, not only by land and sea. but by
affording financial facilities when much needed.
Applications at the office of the Company, on Mtk
or to the undersigned, iumittif **
fell—eod4w Secretary.
1 7 principal of the Hsbraw National School, Kings-
The course of
l^i^Arou A atjia.aso.
svasaa gajgsaaarq.t
ssiaat allhaaftasi «»■> ssanw aC Ms *ed
■traanaijrtwife the iN
TNiy j|^i¥A Aifciara
■ i&T
*wiwfieeeeNi^ e y.
"PLEAKBEmakic' w AwriSiß "Sfea
S* *
sr&t,x e id&rassSSSs
tr No charge W —i j i w^p**
* ottkeMoeau JkMnho
srssssfc SSfcs®& $*«•
OSSORNJE aa MBtf«f MMniSa* * r i.
toraa in the kaawaworid. H« fcZ T CTL"
atyleof Feeri, Shall, Vet vat •aJ&m2JZVtm£7
fa 8 Bi«n of the Mammoth jISSSB^u.
« FACTORY—The following an a*
Pt-Porter fcA! «•...« 7. do. ST Ma, #£
9'- 4# - *>•1-"*, do. 4a. «£• So
Cider. - lite. -~ «La
All hoUleenot 'etomMwill
for at theabove rate*. Whaa bottkehrt aaatSitof
Fieaao keep the bouieaoa thoireidea whoa, fell.
£?\ P O RTEEB!—On* or in ClimtT
*4 §Ksr sußvasß. !*« «*
Doable banal Engllak Owe,
ranted, * *■>•"***.■Wfc
Doable barrel Engfeh Gone, raperior, BUh aad
fowderFlaaka, >4 j$
BowieKnlvea, from AliaS on
"iii&srsisa «
"ESi^sps^te- - " ' a ' vl "'■
Shot Ponenea, BelU of nan kind at aU atieea.
Colt'i Revolver*, Allen'■ Pijtola, and a general amort
meat of aporting articlea too anmeraaate mention.
Go na - 4i#WßU,ta * ie *U )00
Gold Levera. 13 jewel*, . . » «,.,. aoq
"nSSSS *""""■ l3l '"'*'"""
g$ «?&?"• to " "StBS
Gold Fob Chain*, front V IS toll 00
Gold Pencil caaea, from 75 eta. to 10 00
Ooid Witchm, Ire.
Don't forget that It la at No. 96, Main ft. ae 90
i' HOUSE.—The aubacribera have thta day aaao
conducting the GROCERY AMD 0011 Mil—fill
BUBIMEBB. Thav have take. aa»»oo»Wth *r.S
between Main and Caryatreeta, and wifi; in a Aw
day*, have a well aelacted aaaortmetu of Oroaeriea,
£SAi'Safii/5t ;»KSfcffiSv. - 11
Richmond, February let, 18*4. ft|
'■Mia " WHIHS URBA&E* i» > new,
X convenient and economical.anhatitato to* tar, and
other Inbricatora for the axlet of tranaportation cara.
omnibnaaea, carriage* dray a, wageoa, ke. It U aot
affected by the weather, retaining the mpe eopfia
tency winter and aunoer. It doea not gat* iwfhe
axlea, and ia cheaper aad aaoae dar»*(e than M>y
other greaae in nae.
For aa!e in tin can!atera of three aad atz poaada,
andlnkegaof 25,50andl001baeach. hj ~.. ■
n» 34—dfceU Areata for th t Vr—ift«taf m
We are agent* for the aele of Mr, J**, Bate'*
HOISTING MACHINES, end will fgniiwtkff) at
manufacturer** pricaa, with or without tba Mate*.
Samples ma; be aeen at our (tore, ou
DOCTOR E. D. ROB IN BON continue* to offer
hi* *f rvicei to the afflicted, and eapaciail j Una a mf
feting with chronic and auppoaed incurable forma of
diaeaae. The D». hu been engaaetln the pMotioaef
medicine twenty yeara—the laat twelve in thiapify,
•ad therefore can givto aatiafactory reference.' Thoe
tanda who are dragging oat a miserable aziataace with
Dyapepeia, Rhenmatlrai, Bronchi da, floor Alhna,
Drop*y, Neuralgia, Baralyai*, Scrofula, Lftwr Con*
weekly relieved and many** pertnsnentl
raiaonaata diatane*would do wellaeettara loth*
city and remain until their health ia restored. Es
tracting Teeth only % centa. ' ' '
Office on Franklin, between 13th and 14th atraaM.
Secret forma of diaeaae treated with great yucca**.
WAR! WAE!! WARj!!—*otwiih
f I atandhig the continnatton of war between
Turkey and Ruaaia, and high prieaa of atroviatOMapd
labor In conaequence thereof, BLINDS, SASHES
and DOORS are yet meaaftetuMd for IH natiu old
price, atthe old eaabliabcd e^rj
ja27—ta . . .MmfafieooH
W MANURES.—Aa the above earned arti«la* ya
tranaported on the Virginia Central Railroad iat very
lew rate a, notice ia hereby given that thay will only
be received at the Depot and tranaported at *ufh
time* aa any rait the convenience of the uwbpmy.
By order of the Board.
E. H. OILL, Soot.
Richmond, ffobaary X,tIM. - fat' a>>
TTaKDEN SEEDS, warranted fres&md
VJT genuine, obtained from the celebrated' *»•**•
men, R. Sinclair, Jr. k Co., Baltimore. Thee* Be*da
are ofthe fioeat quality, andanch aa will reeesametid
themaelve*. They are from eae of the baa* Beeda
man tat thla country. A fall (apply of the above juat
received and for aale by t
r|V) THE CITIZEN® ; AMD »«**-
I Serb vniTiNO Tm4trrr&m**+f*
drfjrfro® o A »Tto *t.
trtlMOOlltb : . * • . , . *
II GEORGE reapectfony tafbnM the e«i<aro«
Richmond and iMmr that he baa *■ i«ial a mm 111
theaala of CONFECTIONARY. both of formal aad
domeatie manufacture, FRUIT* * r RBMICVW,
•cription of article* uaually kept (a rach aa <aW
lialiment, at the COMfe* OF*MORDx AM®
vacce the price of craakar* to the *Mwna( adtl>ll
Soda Craekera.
Butter d 0............
•vary other varUN wil>'l^^

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