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The DAILY DISPATCH ta nrwd to nWribtn
« six and x «r*«rr» centi i>ke vcik, payable
i > the Carrier weekly. Price for mailing, |( a year
in advance.
The WKKKI.Y DISPATCH U lamed tnt; M
fty and mailed uwtubacHbera at §1 per atmatn.
Thk Makchmtkr Bvii.mng Fvi*d Com
*nv i« now fully orrttiired. All the shares of stock
> mid Company are, however, not subscribed for —
IVrs -ns wishing to subscribe, can still do ««, ttader a
■Melnl'or. of the Rosrd of Director*. at any time
previously to the tMilnst,, on the same termawilh
the original *nbscribs">s.
Arrangements hare been made by tlio Secretary
to receive the regular dnes and payments from sub
in-.rbera residing in the city of Richmond, at Mr. R.
M. Zimmerman's store, where he can be found on the
! |th Inat.. between the hoar* of iO A. M and iP. 11.
ap I—3t* JAS D SCOTT, Sec y.
Tiik Subscribers lor Stock in the Monroe
Funding Kund Association, will please come forward
and psv the initiatory fee ofScnrs on eschshare.
An ad timed meeting will be held at the Temper
ance Hall, tear of Grace Street Baptist Church, on
f li.ia* Kvenina. April 7th, at S o'clock.
The Stockholders are requested to come prepar
ed to piy the tirat monthly instalment.
ap 1 —6t Treasurer.
wanted by C. B. LUCK, at a discount of 85 centa on
the do'.'ar.
nih 27—ta C. B. LUCK.
Corporation ot Fkkdericksbcrg. —
Notwithstanding nearly every person refuses to take
th.x money, vet POWERS, Die Dagu&rrean Artist,
v . :l known ("or the infinite superiority of hi« KLESH
tint PAtiI"KRRKOTYFES. proposes to take it in
exchange for hi* beautiful "tlesh colored" picturea.
Those who want good pictures can. by cailing at
POWERS' splendid Sky-Light (lallery and have
their Pagnerreotypes taken in exchange for the cor
poration notes.
These not« s will be taken but for & few daya only*
Call immediately at 139 Maiu at.. Eagle Square,
si«n ot the RED KLAO, over the Bookstore 01 .laa.
VVoodhonse. mh 25
Lton's Kathaikon — For Preserving,
Restoring. Cleansing, and Beautifying tho Hair, al
leviating Nervous Headache, and Curing Eruptive
Disease* of the Skin.—lts reputation is
with the civi'ization of the globe, makes all praise
siipertiucua, all exaggeration impossible; and since
its discovery has found no substitute to compete ita
incontested —its incontestible superiority. Physi
c ;-i« and Chemists—honorable citizens from all pro
fessions 01 i.ft-—ths leading Journals of Europe and
Amer ca—Larues who have used it upon their dress
irg-t*l>les, and Mothers in their Nurseries—in fact its
million patrons everywhere, from plebeians to kings,
p nonnce it the most pleasing and elective article
.itheras a Medicinal orToilet preparationfever pro
tiuced. Do notfai'ito give it atrial. Price but 25c.
S. D. BARNES, Proprietor,
ma22dim 161 Broadway, N. Y,
Lt xt uiANT Haik.—The care of the hair
may be unceasing, and its cultivation superintended
bv the most unquestionable skill and judu-.ent, but
without a isenial growth and condition of the mate
rial to work upon, every effort will be fruitless.—
The most thicly-scatterea locks, that defied every ef
fort of art, may be converted into luxuriant tresses
by the application of Fletcher's Hair Tonic,
which has thus become the indispensable appendage
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d>aring dandruff, and aiakes the coarsest hair soft and
p iant.
It is sold by Bennett &. Beers, A. Duval. John 11.
Biair. and under the American Hotel by the manu
facturer. JOHN JOHNSON.
No charges for n trinl. rnh 22
Geo. W. Williams & Co., Commission
Merchants, Richmond, Xa.—Office on 18th street,
opposite bhockoe Warehouse—will attend strictly to
the sale of Corn, Wheat, Tobacco, Klour, &c.; and
w iil promptly "xecu'.e orders for the purchase of
Goods, 4tc. Thev solicit the patronage of their
friends and the public generally.
mall—lm BAM fi. WILLIAMS.
Brand Cutting.—Brands of all sizes and
designs for marking Fiour, Tobacco Boxes, Bags, Ma
chinery, Linen, kc., made to order.
At Langley's Tin and Gas Fitting Establishment,
I3fh St., between Main and Franklin.
mh 9—d3.x
Ballard's Hair Dye!— New and Im
ißovKt) Edition.—The Cheapest and Bkst in
the World —Warranted not only to color the Hair
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ma 7—lm Ac-nts for Richmond.
Fire and Marine Insurance Company.
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3. \V. KNOWL.ES, Agent.
Office at the Bookstore of KNOWLES k WAL
FORD, corner Main and 11th sts.
r?'-A few dollars paid for insurance, is security for
thousands. mh 6—dim
Havana Cigars.— Wm. D. Meriweth
m invitee the attention of dealers to his stock of Cl
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Constantly on hand and for sale. Leaf Tobacco,
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2nd door from Columbian Hotel,
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General Agency, for the Sai.e and
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tary otOte Virginia State Agricultural Society, and
N AUGUST offer their services to the public as
GENERAL AGENTS for the sale and purchase of
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Office—at the office of the Virginia State Ayricul
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Office—as above. fe B—U
T. J. Carson & Co., Nos. 41 and 43
ment of Bacon, Pork and Lard always on hand, and
for sale at lowest market prices. je 18—ly
Abrl U. Mayo, Attorney at Law and
NOTARY PUBLlC.—Office on Franklin street, under
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American Hotel,
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Sight Drafts on New Orleans—ln
rums to suit purchasers, for sale st all times by J.
B. MACMURDO, at Exchange Bant
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mh 22 3m*
New York, March 9th, 1854.
iS'lajC Herrimg, Esq.:
I/Kir Sir —It ig with gratitude and pleasure that I
itiforu! you of the complete success of your celebra
ted SALAMANDER SAFE, in preserving my mail
ho ' «, papers aod accounts deposited In it, from the
destructive fire of the . r >th inst., and which, after be
ing buried in the burning raini 4 days, came forth with
out a trace of fire upoi. them. From this aevere
tut, I Lave increased confidence in the superiority of
youi Saf>:» overall others 1 have yet seen. You will
*reatlj oblige ine by sending me another "Baleman
cer" forthwith, ajid hereafter I ahall give in }self
no uu< usii.en as to the sufety of ita cootenU.
Truly youra, /,. P. HATCH.
„ r?" A full HMhrfment of HERRINO'S FIRE and
BURGLAR-PROOF SAFES may he found at 136
Caiy struct, sign of the "Red Safe "
mh 15—f Agent for V«.
W OOIJ.—I offer for sale, at the wood
* * yard recently occupied by Mr. John 9. Reeve,
in Broad street, forcaab, or to punctual customers,
food WOOD, both Pine and Oak, at low pricaa.—
Waving a number of handa engaged iu cutting Wood,
1 ihall be rtavlarly supplied with it. Through the
kmduess of Mr. Luther P. Kilis and of Mr. h. W. Dak-
J'l. 1 have placed a alate at their atorea, where or
ders can lie left, aud which will be promptly attend
fcd to.
ft ' H. N. DAVIB
( CITY HAMB.—3O li *reei John
..V c - Sehooley'a <jn»eu City HAMS, the beat in
"""U. lauding and for sale.
. i**,®" 1 for sale of the abeve Kama, I ahall fee
suisrly tuppliad, direct from the curer.
VOL. IV.—NO. 139.
CV The circulation of the DAILY DISPATCH
exceed" considerably that ot all the Dally papera of
Richmond combined
Of late years, a most interesting perils of
discoveries have Wen made of mieroseopie
parisitical plants and animals living upon
and within bodies vegetable and nnlmAl.—
The discovery of the existence of whole
plantations of alg<r in the human mouth, has
been succeeded by a number of curious de
velopments brought out by prying savans,
who have been applying their magnifying
glasses to all sorts of bodies and in all kinds
of out of the way places. "Life within
Life" has manifested itself almost every
where. Think of a delicate and beautiful
young lady having a mouth thick set with
acres of parasitnl plants of the same family
with sea weeds! who would believe it? yet
yon have only to apply the microscope and
be convinced!
Dr. Joseph Lkidy, of Philadelphia, has
been amongst the most successful of explo
rers after these infinitisemal phases of exist
ence. The vegetable parasites are divided
into epiphytes and cntophytes, or outside and
inside pi a fits; and the animalcuhr which
generally choose the inside of other animals
for their habitation are called eiilozoa. It is
one of the entophyte* {the uredo fft ids)
which produces the disease of pepper brand,
orviildcic or rust in wheat, known to the
Romans as Ru/iipo, from its red or rusty hue.
It preys like a true parasite upon the heart,
and shews itself upon tha surface when the
spores are ripe, and ready to be dispersed
for further mischief. This disease was
known to the Hebrews, the Greeks, and the
liomans. 15y the latter especially, it was
greatly dreaded, and they dignified it with
a notice in their religious rites, whereby they
hoped to avert it. Sacrifices were offered
up and prayers uttered, which were followed
by gnmes. They are noticed by both Ho
race and Ovid. The following is an Eng
lish translation of the prayer offered by the
priest to the presiding deity:
"O, blighting Rubigo spare the corn plant,
And let the ear wave gently o'er the face of the
earth ;
Suffer the crops which have been nourished by the
Stars of Heaven, to grow until they become fit for
the sickle.
Thii;e is no small power; the crops thou hast marked
The dispirited cultivator reckons as lost
Neither winds or showers so much injnre the corn;
Neither when bitten by the frost does it acquire a hue
so pallid,
As if the sun fervently heats the moist stalks;
Then, oh! dread goddess, is the opportunity for thy
Be merciful 1 pray, and withhold your lusting hands
from the crops;
Nor harm the cultivated land; it is sufficient to be
able to do harm "
It is indeed sufficient to be able to do harm;
but the goddess sought to be propitiated did
not concur in the idea. She continued to put
fort!) her rusting hands," and does so to the
present day.
Science has probed the mystery—at least
so far as to find out its locality, appearance,
and progress; but a remedy has not been
discovered. Other parasites attack the
leaves of trees, the fruits and the flowers,
singling out the redest peaches and the roses
of deepest blush, to the dismay of the gar
dener, who sees his produce and his hopes
blighted. It is one of the same family that
has fastened upon the grapes of the conti
nent of late years, under the name of odium.
At times they make white fairy rings on
cabbage leaves, cover the stalks of onions
with a velvety meal, and put a grey web
about peas.
The animal parasites are more numerous
and as they come somewhat nearer home to
us, more interesting. Strange creatures they
are! These tiny beings need a different ha
bitation for every stage and as close as they
are watched, it has as yet been impossible to
follow them thoroughly. Now, they are
found in one organ, now in another ; now in
the viscera, and now in the veins. In some
instances they leave one animal and inhabit
another, before their developments can be
Numerous tribes are met with in the intes
tines of cockroaches, beetles, and other in
sects. Dr. Leidy has discovered that a spe
cies of gordiu* Infests the grasshoppers of
the fields near Philadelphia. The number of
gordit in a grasshopper are from one to five,
from three inches to a foot in length. They
lie coiled up in the viscera, and often extend
from the lower part of the abdomen through
the thorax into the head— sometimes being
heavier than all the soft parts and even mus
cles of their living habitation.
The gordiu* or hair-worm is vulgarly sup
posed to be transformed horse-hair. It ap
pears in brooks and creeks in summer and
autumn. No one has ascertained tsi origin.
The female deposites millions of eggs in the
water, and in three weeks the embryos es
cape from the eggs totally different from
their parents, their bodies being l-450th part
of an inch long.
The grasshoppers appear to be little trou
bled by their parasites, and when they die
the worms creep from their bodies and disap
pear in the earth.
It appears from recent discovery, that most
of the cryptogamia—ferns, mosses and alga?
—actually possess sexual elements, and Dr.
Leidy thinks it not improbable that they
may be discovered even in the fungi!
Thirty-nine species of entozoa infest the
bodies of human beings! They are found
in the eye.inthe bronchial glands, in the kid
neys, liver, gall, bladder, and in the muscles
and venous blood, as well as the viscera—
different species being peculiar to the differ
ent organs.
Of entoj>hyta subsisting within the hu
man body there are known to be ten speciM,
also peculiar to certain parts. The tarrina
is found in the stomach, and again on sores
and the mucous surfaces. Others appear nu
merously in those annoying and disgusting
diseases, porrigo and plica jtolontca; i e. ring
worm or scald bead, and a disease in which
the bair becomet matted, and is peculiar to
Poland, Lithuania and Tartary.
Dr. Leiuy baa added many discoveries to
the microscopic parwitw. animalculas and
vegetable. He hatf discovered parasites upon
parasites in wonderful multiformity. We
>«hall not follow hint in the minute detail of
his scientific description, but extract from his
observations the following, which possess a
general interest :
" The presence of entozna within the body, aa a
l ?" f ' e auae» neither harm nor InconTenience: they
icequently appear, establish a numerous colony for
a aeaaon, and then disappear, without the indlrtdual
having been at all aware of their presence. Ento
phyta, on the contrary, do positive harm: silk
*orms are liable to a disease which kills them in
<re«t numbers, and shews Itself on their bodies a
bluish-green mould, but which is an Insidious ml
oute vegetation. The Citada teptendreim, or seven
een-year locust of the United States, is also preyed
upon by paras:tea, which grow within it in the form
;)t a whtto moist (uncus that ultimately destroys it*
.ue; in which we probably see a natural counter
'-Jieck to the too creat multiplication of a destruc-
inseet. People of sluggish habits are more
'übject to the invasions of parasites than those of
an active disposition; and persons who lire much
"ii iunutritious food, or substances slow of diges
jestion, will be infested, when those who diet them
-lelve* generously, and with well-cooked food, will
be exempt. Cooking is one of the means of pre
vention : and it is often remarked, that those who
live chiefly on vegetables are constantly troubled
with parasites. The Swiss peasantry are a striking
case in poiut. Peeing, however, that foreign liodies
are more readily introduced with liquid than with
solid food, acquatic animals are more infested than
This is a tremendous dig into the Vegeta
rians. Greeley and his old white C«at
must be pretty well infested. Dr. L. com
bats the idea that diseases are propagated by
parasites taken into the body. He declares
that he has purposely swallowed water con
taining myriads of different kinds of animal
cule, without ever having perceived any
subsequent effects. He also discredits the
idea that epidemics are disseminated by par
asites floating through the atmosphere. It is
quite possible to distinguish particles of mat
ter not more than the 200,000 th part of an
inch, and as the smallest vegetable spores are
from 20,000 th to 30,000 th of an inch, they
could hardly escape notice, were they floating
about in the air. I)r. L. says:
"I have frequently examined the rains and dews
of localities in which intermittents were epidemic,
upon the Schuylkill and Susquehanna rivers, but
without being able to detect animalculte, spores, or
even any solid particles whatever. I have exam
ined the air itself for such bodies, by passing a cur
rent through clear water. * * '* Ordinarily,
when the atmosphere was still, early in the morn
ing, or in the evening, neither spores nor arimalcu
la? could be detected. When piles of decaying
sticks or dry leaves were stirred up, or the dust was
blown about by the wind, a host of most incongru
ous objects could be obtained from the air; none,
however, which could be supposed capable of pro
ducing disease."
"To assert, under these circumstances, that there
are spores and animalculw capable of giviug rise
to epidemics, but not discernable by any means at
our command, is absurd, as it is only saying in oth
er words, that such spores and animalculw are li
quid, and dissolved in the air, or in a condition of
chemical solution. That the air may be poisoned
by matters incapable of detection bv the chemist, is
proved by the emanations from such plants as the
Rhut eernix. Hippomanc mancinclla, c."
What a world of inquiry is opened by this
question of "Life within Life." How do we
know but that a beneficent Providence has
designed many of these parasites to assist the
functions and add a zest to the sensations of
life? The idea, however, is rather disagreea
ble at the first blush ; but will not the study
do good? does it not attack the strong-hold
of Vanity and inform us that even our bo
dies are not our own? and that each has a
number of living tenants —whole races of
them indeed —which no writ of ejectment
the lawyers can frame, no emetic the doctors
can concoct, will dislodge? In the words of
Mr. R. W. Kobinson, in the famous Brai
nerd campaign, we trust it will "make us
wiser and better men.''
Election in New Orleans.—The N. O. Pica,
yune of the 27th ult., inclines to the belief that the
Reform ticket has succeeded in that city, and that
General Lewis, the Democratic nominee, haa been
elected Mayor. There was much excitement and
some rioting on the day of election. In tbe Seventh
Ward a policeman named William Mocler was
killed. Another man was said to have been
knocked down and trampled to death. Two men
named Jerry Osborne and William A. Hill, were
arrested on the charge of being accessory to the
killing of Mocler. The Picayune also notices the
destruction of the ballot box containing the votes of
the Seventh Ward, by the infuriated populace, who
professed to suspect unfair play in the counting of
On the day previous to the election, John Mocler,
also a policeman and a brother of William Mocler,
was stabbed and killed by some unknown person
A private letter received by the editors of the Sa
vannah Republican, from Darien, Ga., informs
them of a disastrous fire at that place on Tuesday
morning, and says:
"Tbe fire broke out about 4 1-2 o'clock, A. M , in
the store of Mr. Henry l'endarvis. The building,
together with a stock of dry goods and groceries,
wno soon consumed, and the flames next seized
upon the clothing store of 1). Abraham & Brother,
burning it to the ground. Their goods were saved
in a damaged condition. Two bar rooms were next
destroyed, one owned by Amos Allen, and the other
by General Pearce, when the flames were at last
checked, after destroying the office of Dr. Holmes,
Mayor of Darien. The buildins* burned were own
ed by Messrs. A. G. Collins, l.nchlin Mcintosh, and
T. P. Pease. None of the property was insured ex
cept the stock of roods of Mr. l'endarvis,—his insu
rance will cover his loss."
Indian Difficulties.—The following is from
the Bonham (Texas) Advertiser of March !Uh:
"We stop the press to give the fallowing intelli
gence, which was brought last night bv George N.
Butt, Esq., of Preston. Mr. Butt hud received a
letter from the Chaplain at Fort,Belknap, (trans
mitted by a confidential servant of Mr. 8..) stating
that the whole force of the garrison, except sixteen
men, were off in pursuit of the murderers of Col.
Stem; and that 400 Indian warriors were about the
Fort, challenging the commandant, Maj. Merri'l, to
* fight They had dispatched a party with 1000 (Jo
vernment cattle, ol' which they had taken posses
"Major Merrill was temporizing with them—gi
ving them goods and provisions—in the hope of
succor, either from the return of the scout, or from
two companies of recruits hourly exported.
"Port Belknap U • collection of buildings on an
open plain, and aixteen men can do very little for
its defence. Unless the expected succor reached
them soon after the di«patcn of the Chaplain's letter,
Major M. and hi* little command are already mas
Mukdkrkb at Lahob.—The Augusta Chronicle
publishes the following dispatch from the Solicits*
General of the Northern Circuit, Georgia;
Ukion Point, March 30.—Alex. Fitzpatrtck, 21
vears old, weighs about 140 pounds, about 5 feet 7
inches feigWeract statue, blaek hair, light bine eyes
and fair skin, though slightly freckled, murdered
Tho«. June*, last night, in Washington, Ga.
Explosion.—Tbe boiler of the boat at new bridge
■terry, Charleston, exploded on Friday last, slightly
scalding the Captain and badly scalding tsrsne
grocs 'iWoat sunk down afterward*.
The Earl of Mounteashali Profeeenr Rob ley Dun
glUon of Philadelphia fob*±SXSfSSmTsaSSt
lly, met. Mr. Magoon, at tha OHw Bipti*
C&ureh, New Tork, and A. W. Little, bearer of
dn*patcb<M, are aim** the,P£*"f w * UT,r "
pool inthe Collia* staamft'p Psdflc.
, [•**"»»»• The Lynchburg Vir
ginia la a brief accost of the murder ofJo^h
W. Moore, of T.exiogton, by Wm. Winn, say*
Wiw, wm a printer by profit. thmt Moore WM
formerly a constable and wme d®e«Uy i. aß d«r»
•tood to Lave listed between then, 1„ co Wq «ence
of pome account* which M held agaiut W.
Jas. IL Bakrs.—This gentleman, who died last
week in Hardy county, was among the Virginia
volunteers in the Mexican war. At the tima of bis
death he was editor of the Hardy Whig. {{j t rn .
mains were conveyed to Winchester for interment.
Fim.- The dwelling home ot Mr. Jacob Cassell,
Br., in Wythe county, was destroyed by firs re.
cently, together with all his household furniture —
The fire originated from some sparks falling on the
roof, and the wind being very high, all efforts to
extinguish the flames proved unavailing. Loss
about 63,000.
Mortality —There were but 21 deaths in Pe
tersburg duringthe month of February—whiles 11;
colored 13.
They have a town clock in Fredericksburg which
also does duty as a rat trap. It is so constructed that
when a rat is caught the clock stop., „nd thus the
citizens are all inturmed of the important fact —
Piedmont Mug.
[History tells us of a clock that always "struck
one'' when it caught a mouse. The editor of the
Whig will remember how beautifully a poet has
handed down the fact, in the lines commencing
"Hickory dickory dock." In this, however, the
Fredericksburg clock is an improvement]
Thk Wkather awd its Results.—The Cbar
ottesville Advocate, alluding to the unusually cold
weather of the past two weeks says—
We learn that in the southern part of this county,
and in Buckingham, the typhoid pneumonia pre
vails to an al Arming extent, carrying off large num
ber* ot slaves, and some members ot-each white
lamily. Iwo gentlemen of Buckingham have lost
by this disease, about filteen negroes each. In the
Hrown's Cove neighborhood a disease resembling
the putrid sore throat has prevailed, and until a
short time since was fatal. With a change of
weather we suppose these diseases will disappear.
Among other evil results or the cold weather the
Advocate notices the complete destruction of the
Tobacco plants in Albemarle. This must seriously
affect the next crop, as the season is so far advanced
as to render it impossible by re sowlng, to make
plants in time for early planting. All the fruit has
likewise been killed, dead as Julius C«e?ar.
Triumph of Steam.—The Staunton Vindicator,
having received Baltimore papers on the evening
ot the day on which they were issued, say»—"A
person can take breakfast in Staunton at six o'clock
in the morning, tup in Baltimore on the same day,
and get his breakfast in New York the following
morning. What changes have been effected in a
few years!" True. Each particular individual is
now a human flying machine. It's enough to inake
the hair "stand on end" to think of it.
Couet Day.—The Vindicator alludes to the re.
cent Court Day in Stauntoa as one worthy to be
remembered. Never heard mortal such a jabber,
ing. Strong-lunged orators here and there pro
claimed the intrinsic virtues of razor powders,
grease-extracting soap, toothache and corn paste
saddlery and horses, old furniture and galvanized
watches. Kind-hearted chaps, who had been In
dulging in the soft pleasures of the whiskey jug,
held up the sides of brick houses, while ragged ur
chins besought a penny for their poor blind moth
ers. Suddenly the stern whittle was heard in the
distance, and tlie iron liorse cauie thundering down
among them. Then there was'fearlul "hurrying to
and fro," and men, women and children rushed
pell niell to see the elephant—many looking upon
him for the first time.
A Bold Thief.—\Vc learn from the Rocking
ham Register that a thief recently entered the
dwelling of Joseph Miller and Daniel Bowman, of
that county, and stole two watches, after which l.e
went to Mr. Miller's stable, and stole a fine horse,
saddle and bridle. The horse he left at Mt Sidney,
and wrote a letter bnck to one of his victims, sta
tins: that he had stolen the horse and had gone to
California I Mr. Miller's watch was sold at auction
in Staunton on Monday, by auctioneer Bowman, to
whom it was handed for sale by the "nice young
man" who stole it.
Appointment—Jefferson T. Martin, Marshal o<
the Western District of Virginia, has appointed D.
T. Huehes deputy Marshal at Clarksburg, to sue.
ceed Nathan Goff.
Fire.—The barn and stables of Mr. Duncanson,
of Culpeper, were destroyed by fire recently.
Noble Conduct.—We learn from the Valley
Democrat that a little daushter of Mr. Philip Long,
oi Page county, narrowly escaped from drowning
on last Sunday week, in the South branch of the
Shenandoah river, but was res cued by the heroic
conduct of Mr. John Brubaker. Mrs. Long and her
little daughter had started on horseback to visit a
neiahbor living on the other fide of the river, and
whllecrossing the little girl became frightened and
fell into the river. Mr. Brubaker was standing on
the bank of the river, and immediately plunged in
and saved the child at the risk of his own life. His
exertions were so great as to exhaust his strength,
and he has been confined to bis bed ever since.
Accident.—The steamer Wm. Seldcn, bound
from Hampton for Norfolk, was run into by the
barque J. W. Dyer, last Thursday, and damaged lo
the amount of about 81000. Tbe Coffee will take
the Selden's place until the latter is repaired.
Contradicted —Tbe Portsmouth Globe contra
dicts the statement that Moncure Robertson had
purchased out the Baltimore interest in tbe Sea
board road. He haa, however, in company with
other capitalists of Philadelphia, taken • large
amount of stock.
Pabwbt S. Cab*.—We have already noticed the
death of thia gentleman. The Charlottesville Jef.
fersonian states that his remains were taken to
Monticello for interment, where his ashes now rest
near those of the great American patriot and states-
Mi n, Thoma* Jefferson, whose disciple he was and
whose political principles he advocnted and defen
ded to the day of hi" death. Mr. Carr was born at
Mr. Joseph N. Woodward was elected a Director
of the Central bank at Htaunton, en Wedneaday,
the 20th, vice Col. James Crawford, resigned.
A paper, to be called the "Virginia Chronicle,',
is aoon to be started at Ravenswood, Jackson ccnn.
ty, Va., by W. P. Frost, a practical printer.
Mexico.—The following additlenal items of in.
surrrotionary news from Mexico, afford more proof
that Santa Anna is by no mean* reposing on a bed
ot roses:
A battalion of troops, the Universal announce*,
while marching from Morelia toward* Mexico, on
the 25th ult., were greeted with cries of " Vit« la
Federationat a point called Arroyo dc la Luua,
situated between Acanabaro and Mara vat 10. Home
of the men immediately left the rank*. Gomes,
the party who raised the cry, was a deserter from
another regiment. The greater part of the troop*
remained in their ranks, and obedient to the onters
of the commander. Col D. Luis Ramirez:; and G<>
mez was captured, the movement put down, and
immediately afterwards. Gomes and another man
named Hilario Jaramillo, were ahot at the head ot
the troops. Report* are rife of an anticipated seri
ous insurrection throughout the department of Mi
choacaa, in which these event* transpired.
We hare prepared a brief abstract ol Bedini's
letter to the Arahbiahop of Baltimore, which we
»re compelled to defer.
candidates for office.
_ Ward.—Ewction oi Council
•mhTl?" fo J l ° ,rl ««Ticket of iMtdasd trie mtn
•ill be rapported at the approaching election:
D I. Baonders, T. C. Eppa,
D " Denoo "j , „ Tboa. Sifmpwm,
Samuel Reeve.
" 'l-» wßarfwJ Fran kiln »ts.
Jefferso* Ward.—
£ or j}f ty s r T Joae F h Mm.
J 0 'Clerk of the Hustings Court—Rohert TTnw*rA
Jw Oram Meararer—R. H. How*r4
For Ganger—John A. Hicka.
R.O.HMki O .r U " C,LME! i« M Talbott
M - Carrwgtonj g Ric'harda,
mh tictetwi " ree^et^r^v. na
beraofther W * l ¥ , ---Ail the present mem
to*Jr««n^ UnCll from th, « Ward hiringcanaented
Sana *• «»«*
new ones. They i',e-' W aad a ho " »(
V.m.. a S a Dn 4°" Joa. R. Andeoon
JameaA. Bcott Dr Albert Snend i
John M. Bheppard. Jr. mh 30 Ct*
Grain Measurer.—j respectfully an
nounce my.elf acandiat. for re-election to the above
vmco. g LUCK
mh 30 dtde Grllin Me " ,nrer fcf Port
To the Voters ok thk Citt of Rich
mond.—l again beg leave to offer myself as a candi.
date for the office of SERGEANT of the city of
Richmond, which office I have held for a number of
years paat, I hope, to the satisfaction of my fellow
To the Voters or KicHiuoNu.—l an
"?SPSJL£V,S"* candidate forre-e'ectlon to the office
To the Voters of Monroe Ward.-—
The Ward elections are cloae at band, atd we take
lnur\\2»S , ?. re JoT?s* l?e,tsne the nam9 of Captain
THOMAS C. EPPfi, as a suitable person to repre
sent usin the next COMMON COUNCIL.
In presenting the claims of Capt Epps, we deem
It useless to say Much, as all who know him are satis
fied that he will do all that is possible to advance the
INTERESTS of the Ward, and also of the city.
Capt. Epps resides in the northern part of the
Ward, whic.h section has never yet had a represent*,
tive, and m sheer justice to it, we think it the duty
of the voters not to overlook this fact, end sincerely
hope it will be the pleasure of the voters to ele<;t
Capt. E., a man of the people, by an overwhelming
mh 28 6t* MONROE WARD.
To the Voters of Jeffrson Ward.—
The name of various gentlemen have been suggested
to you as suitable representatives in the Common
Council—amongst them C J. Sinton and E. McAdam,
either of whom would make most excellent repre
sentatives. Mr. Siuton will not serve if elected. Mr.
McAdam could not serve if he were to receive every
vote in the Ward, as he does not reside in the Ward.
1 therefore suggest the following ticket, hoping it
may obtain jour unanimous support. They are all
good m»n mid true.
N. B. Hill, Jas. M Talbott,
R. O. Haskins, P. H. Butler,
A. Richards.
ap J—3t* DOCK.
To the Voters of Kjchmond.—l am a
candidate for the office of CLERK OF THE HUST
-INGS COURT. Having been appointed by the Court
Clerk, to fill the vacancy until a Clerk be elected, a
faithful discharge of the'duties of my office will pre
vent my calling on you personally,"as is customary,
to solicit your votes. Relying upon my long expe
rience in the office as a sufficient evidence of my
qualification, I take this method of asking your surt
mh 28-dtde ROBERT HOWARD.
To the Voters of Richmond.—Fellow
Citizens : Being a candidate for the office of HIGH
CONSTABLE.it would give me great pleasure to
call upon you, individually, to solicit jour suffrages,
but that the duties of the station I now occupy, do
not leave nie leisure to indulge mv own Inclinations
in that respect I therefore take this mode ef apolo
gising for not seeing you personally.
As you are aware, I have been appointed High
Constable of the City by the Hustings Court, to nil
the vacancy in that office, created by the resignation
of Mr. Blair, till the Spring election. The faithful
performance of my duties does not allow me time to
canvass the city, but I beg to assure yon that I shall
be happy of your support at the approaching elec
tion for the important office which fam now filling;
and that if elected, T shall devote my best energies
to the efficient discharge of its dnties, and seek, by
nntirini diligence and fidelity, to demonstrate my
gratitnde for the confidence of an enlightwsed com
munity. J. P. Ti'LER.
mh 27—dtde
Monroe Ward—Spring Elections —
Mestrt. Kditort: Tha Ward .Elections ate near at
hand. Allow us to suggest to tbe voters of Monroe
Ward, the name of SAMUEL D. DENOON asa sui
table person to represent as in the next Common
Hall. In presenting the claims of Mr. Denoon, we
deem it noeless now to enter into a disenssion of his
qualifications and merits. We hope it will be the
pleasure of the people to come forward and give him
a warm support and ensure his election by a band
seme majority.
Many Voters of Monroe Ward.
mil 27 dtde*
To the Citizens of the City of Rich
mond —4t tbe solicitation of many friends, 1 an
nounce myself as a candidate for the office of HIGH
CONSTABLE of the City of Richmond, at the ensu
ing election. After many years' service in the Police
Department, should my jellow-cilizsns think proper
to confer this office upon me, I pledge myself to use
every effort to discharge the duties Faithfully, and to
give the most ample security for the just accounta
bility of tbe people's money.
mh 21 —dtde CLEMENT WHITE.
To the Voters of the City of Rich
mond.— I take this method of declaring myselfa can
didate for HIGH CONSTABLE. Should the voters
think proper to confer the office on me, it shall be
my greatest effort to discharge tbe various' duties ol
"mflST*" J. P. TYLER.
To the Voters of the City of Rich
mond.—l respectfully offer myself as a Candidate for
" C,TI rfiUoM iOH» A. HICKS,
mh 9—lm* Deputy Ganger.
To the Voters of the City of Rich
mond —I asain tender my services to my friends and
ft Mow citizens far the office of CITY GAUGER-
Should it be your pleasure to elect me, nij undivided
attention shall be devoted to the diichsrgo of the
The Voter* of the City are respectfully
informed that I am again a for re-election
mh B—dtd ' City Ganger.
To the Citizens or Richmond. —The
Clerk of Richmond Hastings Court being compelled,
by continued ill health, to res'gn his office, I present
myself before you as a candidate.
Having been Deputy in the otftee for nine years,
and having for the last five months, during the sick
ness of my brother, been the acting clerk. In court
as well as in the office, 1 believa myself fully com
petent to disc the duties. Bbo aid it beyour
pleasure to elect m»T I will nerform all the duties of
mh , W JSiir mPtnom feg&T HOWARD.
MOifH.—At the .oliciUUoß of my frieadr, '« n ° u "£
myself as a candidate for the o&ce of HIGH CON
STABLE ofthe city of Richmond. And U it: ahovM
be vour pleasure to elect me, I pledge wj*«lf
every effort to |ive satisfaction inthe discharge ot
thelites of the office. T j CARTE I.
Norton. —I «ni a Candidate for the office
Te TBi Cnizißi or Bichmord. —;Tfce
/table, eflers himself a candidate for the suffrage*
of hi* fellaw-cltlsens- Should they confer npon him
the honor of aa c taction to that once, he will exert
By the request of my friends, I nntioanoe
.vaelf a candidate for the affiea ofHJOH CONSTA
BLE of the City of Richmond, at tba ensuing elac
tlfc'6-4t4 J. 8.8. TIKBUf.
Notion.—l again tender my service* te
unfriends and fellow-eitiaan* for the office of Hi OB
CONSTABLE, in the city of lUcbmond, at the «im>
tag election. Should it he their pleasure to elect me
it will he my pleasure te serve then to the heat at
snv ability.
Jail eEO. W. TOUER.
Notice.—At the solicitation of who
friend* and acquaintance*, I hereby anae—aa wyaalf
a candidate tor the office of Hi * a Cokst a so-s of til*
XT"* a. um '•
I respectfully announce myself •
flat, for* action to theeffig*
To the Voters or Tttr. Crrror' Kioh- t
mukd—Hrrfnrseen that Mr. CW. **- -Irntttas
1 bwby an dob net royseifaeaadidatm for Mid .
owrt, and promise joo if elected to use my utmost
exertion* to give general Mtufrcttoa in the parfotitn* .
ance of ill iitin,
Ci.e«k or the Hustings Covrt. —As
■ Ae dnties connected With this oflee
may not be generally »t*erslood by » «reat portion
?.ii .? ■*!*■*, 1 con ?'sL ßr '« ■>! daty, it a citizen, to
call ttcftttention of tbe people to tie qualifications
Jrf .£**". f* n T9ttfm the dutioe
of tbe oEce without long experience— without a per
th* ™" tine °< tbe bnstoG*
Jrt./™« ~ o, 2i in *l'1' «ri«d »nd complicated. A
•e.sim on the suffrages of the people can be ft> eroded
2?2L£j* eomp'eu knowledge of tbe bmiaoe* a
Knowledge which no oae pomnea or can possess in
! the nmc degree u Ifr. Roftr.ftr Howard, whose *x-
SSSffH-AS I "Wended through win* yuu, and
wnose abilities hare recently received tbe commend*
tl»» Court, who appointed hf» to ftU the ««.
•lS 1 ?* **"■ brother's resignation
*p *-21* _ ciTize*.
JUT"**** >or o*aw Measurer.—ln
, °™P;,5 Dce w , ith the reqaest of a number of my fel
of • c »» did **e for the office
of J? » Should it be the pleasure
.n af .Wehmond to elect me, I shall spare
office withSH °?* 10 di »ch«r*o tbe daties oftho
ottce with promptness and fidefitjr.
»n?* KBs jV Editors— Having seen my name
«'di" Te &TY «
ajs&sSHS-i'rass lu£1 u £
mostrespectfully, at
ttp3 2t * E. W. TOMPKINS.
m/self *'**•"** i'^SK
bestt>ner*ie«? I,liia if ele *'""
• ap 3-3t* PETER W. GRUBBS.
To the Voters of the City of Rich
mond.-p-I respectfully offer a candidate far
B P 3St * M.BATES.
To the Voters of the City.—Believing
that Mr. Peter \V. Grcbbs would make an efficient
on cer, we hereby anmmnee him as a candidate for
Serubant of the City of Richmond.
apl-r4t* MANY VOTER?.
To the Voters of the City of Rich
mond.—-I respectfully annennce myself a candidate
f? r "if xir* Ctl ° n i l " tl>e office tf SUPERINTENDENT OF
City Water Works.
»P 1 ~ 4t * JAMES L. DAVIS.
To the Voters or the City ok Rich
mond.—l respectfully announce myieif a candidata
for re-e action to the office of Register or the City
Water Wanks. M. L. STRATTON.
ap X—4t*
Common Coui»cilmeit.—Monroe Ward.—
Tlie following Ticket will be supported for Monro*
Ward, at the approaching election.
S D. Denoon, D J. Saunders,
Thomas Balie, George K. Crotchfield,
Thomas Sampson. ,
from different parts, of Monroe Ward,
mh 31—5t*
To the Voters of the City of Rich
mond.—Since I have found it to be the desire of a
very targe number of the citizens of Richmond that
I should be a candidate for the office of CITY SER
GEANT, I now, at the solicitation of many of them,
declare myseif as soeh; and should it be your plea
sure to elect me, I shall endeavor to fulfill the duties
of the office to the satisfaction of those who desire
me to fid it. Your bumble servant
mh 31—5t WM. GOULDIN,
Ticket for Jf.ffekson Waru—
For Mayor—Joseph Mayo.
Alfred Inleea, Edwin Farrar,
Win. Taylor, R. D. Sanxay.
Alex'r L. Royater,
R. O Haskin*, N. B Hill,
Jas. M. Talbot, Anson Richards^
Chas. J.Sinton.
The above named gentlemen are well and favora
bly known to the voters of Jeffeuon Ward, and will
receive their united support.
mh 30—6t* MANY CITIZENS.
The People's Ticket for Jefferson
R. O. Haskins, N. B. HIH.
A. Richards. James M. Talbot,
Pat. H. Butler.
for aldermen:
Alfred Inloe*, R. D. Sanxay,
A. L. F oyster, . Edwia Jfarrar,
Wm> Taylor.
Fellow-Citizens:—By supporting the above tick
etjyon will promote the interest of your Ward, and
consequently your own interest.
House and ship plumbing.—
The subscriber beg* to inform Hi er public that
he isprepared to execute sll orders for PLUMBING,
either in bouses cr ships, in the best maimer and on
the most reasonable terms- Being himself a Practi
cal Plum BE*, lie feel* assured that be can give the
most entire satisfaction to all who may favor him
with order*. He will also pot np Water Closets,
Lift and Force Pump*. Bath Tabs, Wash-hand Ba
sins, Copper and Iron Boiler*, etc , on the moat ap
proved principle* and at the lowest price*. Order*
from the country promptly executed. Hi* establish
ment 1* at No. 220, Mala street, between Bth and 9? h,
where order* sheuld be left. ..
mh 6—l m* DANXKL (VDONNIfcIX«
BOAD —The undersigned has just completed
a very neat COTTAGE, eo the above road. 2J mite*
from Richmond, which he will open for the recep
tion of company, SATURDAY. Itth inst.
Gentlemen will Hnd this a delightful drive, and
when theie the Larder and Bar furnished with the
be«tquality only
The bnaipeae will be under tin superintendence of
his brother 1 in-law, Mr. E. T. SIMONB, already fa*
vorably known at the Saloon attached to the Arbour,
Re hopes, as be ha* been to considerable eapenso
sndaSKch a Retreat, ha* long been wanted, a gene
rous public will (as they ever nave done) sustain him
In hie new enterprise. R. W, ALLEN.
N. B. Military Companies and Clubs famished
I with Dinner*. mh 17
C.AMUEL D. DENOON, Bell and Braw
(3 Founder, on Main, between 8t h end 9th streets,
Richmond, V*., continnss to carry on tha.above bu
siness in all Its various branches.
BELLS for ehqrtbes, ships, railroads, tavern*, and
all kinds of Hotue Bell*, made to order.
From the large number of BeTl* that I have toad*
in the last W year*, and their superior tone and Qua
lity I ran assure my friends thet they are eqnaT to
any made in thi* cwnntry. I shall always keep on
band a regular (apply of all kinds of BELLS, te.
rsr- All kinds of REPAIRING In the Brass Fosm
dry Business promptly attended to. Bell, Brasa, and
all the various kinds of Metalie Castings, done attb*
shortest notice and the lowest rate*.
N.B. the highest price paid fog OLD CQPFER
ard BRASS. fe2s-8m»
r>akgajns : bargains !»~i am in
.D receipt ofa larae aaaortmrtit of
direct from the imMtnfactareM, of many new and
handaoine ahafca arwi pattern*; to wbieli, with a
choice stock of FANCY GOODS. LOOKING
the particular attention of both wholesale aad retail
Being determined to redaee say atoek, with a tUw,
of mitktaa a change ia ny buaioeaa, ittdaeemeuta will
be offered to pncctnai coetomera, or peraoaa pnroha
ting for ca»h.
Special attention paid to packing, and the Jlßwy
of pooda in good order. _
mh 14—dim J No n, China Hall.
aala at reduced »» r
the largeat atOek of OtATOw FIWBM 'W
Circle, fce., with boaoSfll

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