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Whilst in the neighborhood of the city w« j
have bad the most abnndant rains, th.
, drought elsewhere has been so uuiversa
and severe that several of the Northern pa
pers are disenssing the onerous question
"Shall we have a FamineT" The Northeri
and Western journal* are filled with gloom}
predictions of the failure of the corn crop
The Boston JW thinks there is no greai
present danger of Amine, but there is dan
ger that the price of breadstuffs will rol<
high, sad that tbey will bear an adverse pre
portion to tbe general profits of labor and
business. It thus proceeds:
Until within two or three wooka, the proapecto?
an abnedeut aapply of broodetot* were
coarifin*. Tb. wheat orop aod the seitter\i»4» ot
•rain. did ind««d eome in well, oad porbaoe farm a
heavy aa i|P»M project aaovor waa known it
thit cOantry. Th* l»aj cw» bapatoo bee* almojt en'
leieally large, hot US faUaTori droaght of the ljut
few #«•»• haa to meta'ly bll«bud the eroo of In
diaa corn, op >n which tu moot endra pork trad>
depondt. that It la won to beeta to l|are apretuli.
Theeora crop of tbo tJaltod fcatM eieoed. in flaan
tit* that Of aay othorl it la aieallj aboat one-thirc
Irealetthan tbo wheat wop; art aa Indian
cording to tho ozpadmoßta of Boaamont aad otben
containa withinfi»e tc Unaor eont. M n«tr
tiooamatter aa ujiimlDatlon
nearly atmncb inflaeoee • » tha price of food aa »
correapoodiaffailero of tho wheat crop u;
Tho groat corn (towing Stateeof Illmoit, Miwoo
ri Indiana, Ohio, Eentacky and Tenneeeee, prod««-
ia 1140 t cording to the centot retornt, apwar*
of 3 5.U00.006 bathe)* of com. Thia WM ranch «bor
Of the actual crop, *« many prodoeert did sot*
in tbe amoant of their prodncU. The total;<ja J
raised that yeir In tha United ®
than 0 o,ten,(WD b»»helt, althoogb the cropwMpaj
total" crop" w*« mneh ft?
. Z a.l .«ounU, i,
»*ery man, woman and child in the United .
There la certainly a heavy deficiency of food, and
when it added titbit the deficiency *f f
for ttoek, and tha necetti y of tendina
tlet of beef cattle and eheep >o market .n a P~r con
dition. we have an array of advert® circumitancet al
mo* frightful to contemplate. Y
It it Irae that a large portion of the corn eropof
the Wett baa heretofore been need up by the ditttl
leriet, and thu« randcied anavailabla for tood.
bo rtifon to •appoie, howevar, that the pro
portion of the preteat yeartf crop Bted for wbirtey,
will fail in any degree below that of the previont
veart. The pretumptioni», that the proportion will
Be greater; for there are tome locaHtiee at the Wett,
wo are torry to aay, where, to be thort of wtaiekey.
would be eeteemed • greater calamity than to be
thort of broad.
The Mail disclaims any design to feed the
hopes of speculators in the staff of life, a
"heartless trade," for whose gains it has no
respect, and for whose losses no sympathy;
but it wishes to set people to thinking on a
subject which comes home to the means
whereby they live, and to suggest, by the
publication of facts, the necessity of hus
banding their resources, under the very great
uncertainty which now hangs over the food
upon which they are to exist.
The New York Tribune has also a column
on the subject, under the head of "The Great
Calamity," in which it says that rain will
now be too lale for corn, potatoes, garden
vegetables, and buckwheat. It may help
turnips and cabbages, and give a scanty sup
ply of fall food. But it fears that it cannot
give more than half a crop of corn, nor 8S
large a yield of potatoes. The Tribune winds
up with a denunciation of the distilleries,
which, after giving people the choiera, with
their detestable whiskey, are about to help
on a famine by devouring a million bushels
of grain per day, and converting the staff of
life into deadly poison.
The New York Herald takes a more hope
ful view of the matter. It says that many
persons believe that the effects of the drought
upon the corn crop, is greatly overrated, ta
king the whole country in view. In Alabama
and other sections of the South, the crop is
said to be larger and more promising than
for many years previous. Large supplies of
the old crop are still held at the West.
Railroads is Great Britain.—The an
nual report of the British Railway Depart
ment of the Board of Trade, gives a synop
tical view of the business of the British rail
ways during the year 1853, from which it ap
pears that the railway spirit is again awaken
ing in England, 940 miles of new railway ha
ving been sanctioned during that year. "At
the close of the year, 7,686 miles of railway
were opened in the United Kingdom; of which
5,848 miles were in England, 995 in Scocland,
and 843 in Ireland. In the ten years previ
ous, no less than 5,650 miles of railway had
been constructed, an average of 565 miles a
year. The total amount of capital invested
in these railways is about $1,350,000,000, on
which the gross receipts in 1853 were $85,-
000,000, rather more than six per cent. The
total number of passengers conveyed in 1853
was 102,286,660, an increase of upwards of
thirteen millions on the year before. Out of
this number 305 were killed and 449 injured:
a proportion we believe considerably less
than the mortality on our own railways. It
is greater, however, than the mortality in
Great Britain in 1852; and much'greater than
that on railways in France and on the Conti
Hard Times.—The Baltimore American,
in an article on the subject of "High Pricee
and the Poor," remarks that never before at
this season of the year have the pricee of
provision, fuel and rent been so high as at
this time, and that a gloomy winter is in
prospect for the poor. It says it is only ne
cessary to pass through the markets to get an
idea of the immense cost of living, even the
most comman articles being sold at twice
their real worth. One cause of this is the
purchase by speculators of articles before
they reach the market, who re sell them to
the smaller dealers at an immense profit, who.
In their turn, make something by it, making
the coet to the consumer far more than it
ought to be. Th* American advises all who
can to retrench their expenses, urging that
the purchase of no more than is necessary
witt leave the markets filled, and the exorbi
taut prices which are now charged will find
their proper level, or k*s must accrue to the
dealer. There are poor people, however,
who we obliged to practice the utmost econ
omy la the heat of tiaee, and how they are
to weather the storm is a problem for whieh
no soiutioa is offered.
The London Time* is down upon Admiral
Darts* far allowing the Russian steam fri
jpOn Ytedtmer to evade the blockade of Se
»—Hp at and pUy havoc among the Turkish
ooai and oorn vessels. It speaks highly of
tltntepiiu of itoasiana in this affair, and
Mft, "Iftfce Bajsian Cxar has the discretion
to know when hoU well served, he will give
iSir sSttl ww *
Birtam'i great show attracted » (?"»♦
crowd The fact that H had been j<rnuounc
el a flr«at humbug, only seemed to increase
the public interest. The world undoubtedly
wants to be humbugged, wad Barrnim under
»tand» the want* of the world. We do n«t j
undertake to pronotmce his menagerie a\
humbug, for. excepts distant -view of the tip
end of an elephant's trunk, as the procession
passed through the streets, we s iw nothing of
: it. riot it drew an immense assemblage, and
produced a sensation on Church Hill which
has not been equalled since the day when Pa
trick Henry electrified that neighborhood and
all the rest of mankind with the thrilling cry,
"Give me Liberty, or give me death." It
was worth doable the price of the show to
have the monotony of summer life broken
op by the excitement and commotion which
llaraum's show produced on Church Hill.
For ourselves, we feel at least ten years
younger, from the general animation, frolic
and bustle aroused by that grand event. We
consider ourselves as having gone to the
Springs, and that, at no greater expense than
looking out of a window, and beholdiog the
general joviality. We feel under personal
obligations to the very gentlemanly lions, the
amiable tigers, the courteous bears, the affec
tionate hyenas, and the accomplished mon
keys of Barnum's travelling troupe of four
legged artists. The man without arms is also
entitled to a share of our gratitude, and Ge
neral Tom Thumb is a public benefactor. —
The question of humbug we are not disposed
to consider. There can certainly be no hum
bug in those ladies and gentlemen from the
forests and deserts, who are the principal
performers in Barnum's theatre. Among the
other infirmities of their nature, lions, tigers,
&c., have not acquired the human habit of
humbugging. Any one who is sceptical on
that point, can easily satisfy himself by walk
ing into the apartments of one of these gen
try and exchanging salutations.
But humbug or not, 15 urn urn affords every
individual, when his menagerie appears, at
least fifty cents worth of new life and anima
tion. If they can't get their money's worth
in anything to admire, they can take it out in
things to laugh at; for which refreshing exer
cise the wax works afford a wide and attrac
tive field. Humbugging is sometimes an
agreeable operation all round, and if Bar
nom's menagerie is a humbug, it is one of
that class, in which
"The pleature la at great
In being cheated at to cheat."
Russian Contributions to the AVak.—
The Berlin correspondent of the New York
Journal of Commerce says that the Russian
papers contain daily announcements filling
several columns, of the contributions of the
poor to the war. The wealthy classes are
contributing immense sums. Among these
says the correspondent, is that of Baron Steig
litz, who has just paid over €2:25,000.
A militia of 200,000 men is about to be
raised exclusively for the defence of the in
terior towns, thus enabling all the regular
troops to be concentrated in the exposed po
sitions of the frontier. The Emperor is re
ported to have said, in reference to the Eng
lish, —"They may repel me from the Danube,
they may enter Cronstadt and take possession
of St. Petersburg; they may force me to re
tire from Moscow ; but they must drive me
from the wilds of Siberia, or take me prison
er in the mountain passes of the Ural, before
I can cease to strive for the position I have
The Esglish Aristocracy.—A London
correspondent of the New York Herald,
speaking of the English aristocracy says :
"The class essentially aristocratic ia not
proud and overbearing—its youth are early
impressed with the truth that their social ele
vation in the political scale is more than neu
tralized without personal acquirements, and
that the most powerful British Thane is no
thing without moral as well as material influ
ence. Onr great universities at Oxford and
Cambridge may be cited in proof of this,
where it is seen that the most unassuming,
most prudent, most obedient and pains-taking
members of its body are chiefly those with
ancestral pedigrees extending as far back as
the conquest. - '
The contrast between this picture and that
presented by the snobbitm of both England
and America, is sufficiently striking. And
the above is no doubt a true account. We
have often heard it remarked that the noble
men of England as a class are far more ac
cessible and unpretending than the upstart
millionaires of Liverpool and New York.
gy The New York Evangelist (Presbyte
rian) administers, says the New York Ex
prets, what we cannot help considering a well
timed and well deserved rebuke to those cler
gymen who abandon their churches, in the
city, at this se .son of the year, especially
when a deadly disease is sending so many
daily to their graves. The Editor says:
" "pectacle of closed churches has been
one ot the incidents ot the hot weather and the sick
ly season, this year as heretofore. It cannot be de-
J? * n •PP* ,r « n f« of incongruity in
£i*£2l OCCUrrID « * * t,me the nfragM of
me Destroyer are everywhere turning the thoughts
ot the living to the claims and solaces of that rell
SM T t hlchour chnrches are tSe symboU
and thedUpensers. At a time when dum V™
hardship in the emtom which banUhM t" ? S
the Christian pastonoi the city from their eh 1 1"
All that can b£ said of the neurit* of r J^P 9 -
of thin audiences, and the convenience
of intermission in the servires of the
hardly diminishes the evil which must oft«
outot the absence of all spiritual advisers at the
most unheal,hfnl and perilous Maw
The suffering and dying, who need mur*th.n!n
the attentions of the physician the r *"
fort that the pastor °L com
gard this annual heglra as a thing' quite
comely; and the exclusion of 3**Xare£n
from all accustomed religknu services, U not air rue
able, to asy the least." g <#e "
The Baltimore Patriot disserves the thanks
of the South for the stern fidelity as well aa
distinguished ability with which it milnt.in.
the cause of the South, and holds all party
considerations but aa dust in the balance,
righto of the States andtothe Constitution of
the Union. Tlu.i.ih.
mands the respect of enemies, awakens the
admiration of friends, and ensures the confi
dence of the community.
Lkxinoto* Ijaw Mr hooi.—We recom
mend to the attention of atudento of law the
advertisement of Brockenhrongh. A
thorough lawyer and an accomplished and
amiable genrtenn, hk school offers sdvan
tagea and attraction, of a high character.
The GrRtTTowK Affair—'lfee NewTork
Tribune it much disappointed that the Bri
tiah jnaenala do net speak more angrily about
the Oreytown affair. Their tone is Tery dif
ferent from the Kingston journals. Great
Britain is not going to break with the United
j States for trifles.
Rainriso -rft* Ohio —Effort* are being madeto
aecore the construction of a bridge over theObio
river, to connect Cincinnati and Covington. An
effirleet Beard of Directors has been appointed, the
rffht el way granted, and the reqiMte amount of
atexk taken. ____
VttGiNiA Arr<mrr***Ts »r THK PoeTMASTKA
Ob vhxai. —Stephen Morgan, postmaster. Mor-
Ridge, Marion county, vice John May re
alm' *1. O. G. Lowe, postmaster, Cacapnn depot,
Morg an county, vice Thomas C. MeKinly, re
The cadets of the Vs. Military Institute are ex
pected to visit Washington to-dsy. „
Panel okktial Relaxation —The President of
the ITnitnrt State*; the Hon. Jefferson Paris, Secre
ts. y of War; Sidoey Webster, Esq., Private Secre
tary to tb« Preaiden?; and the Marshal of tb« Dii
trict J I>. Hoover, F>q., left tbe city yesterday af
ternoon in the 5-o'clock train for Baltimore, Irom
which city they will take passage in a steamer for
Old Point Comfort, where they expect to enjoy the
delightful sea breezes for a few days.— Union, Tuct
In this city, on Tuesday. 29:h Inst. by the Rev. Mr.
Rowfr* Mr CORNBLIITS K CHAPIN, of tbia
city, to Miss VIRGINIA E. EVANS, of Savannah,
Ga. _____
On Tnetday afternoon, after a protracted illnas»,
which »he bore with Christian fortitude, BOSINI
S. ROSS, youngest diughter of tbe late David R.
H»rfriend« and aequaintarces. and those of her
brother, W. B. Rots, are requested to attend her fn
neral (Vera her brother'® on Church Hill,
thi« afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without farther notice.
Ef Philadelphia p?per» pleaae copy.
S Cheatham, S T Hancock. D B Hancock, Chestei
fieli'; J Gammet, Hampton; G D Moore, HkDRK;
J M Conch, Pr Edward; J J Hampton, Palmyra; E C
Mosby, Powhatan; J J Crogwell. Gooohland; Joe H
Talley, Mia*: DrL M Blanton, W B Blanton, JaaM
Armiatead, F B Blanton, Cumberland; Thoe E S.ma,
Timbocto; T Steptoe, Richmond.
AMERICAN HOTEL—Geo Kirid, Petersburg; G
Gait, Fluvanna; Miller Michaux, Powhatan; Thoa R
Dew, Va ; Hri Tayior and daughter, M J W Cot rail,
Oooch aud; Marks VVeiler. Aberdeen; ARSpjndle,
Va; J M Harrison, do; P 8 Spindle, do; Dr A Hopkins,
Surry; M F Anderson. Lynchburg; J"hn T Davis, do;
J P Scett. dr; \Vm Ware, N C; J H Clark, Halifax;
John H rfobson, Powhatan; LT Gatefrood, Henrico;
Jas Gait, Richmond; RF Maynard, Baltimore; Lu
cina C. Winn, Richmond; Upton B Guvinn, Raleigh;
Wm H We.at Key West; R W Tumbill, Harrison
burg; .loa M Heed. Norfolk; J M Trevelian, Gooch
land; Ja* Banks, Falmouth; Rich'd Edmnnda, Va; F
A Griawold, Bait; C Reynolds and lady, St. Louia; M
B Stevenson, Miss Andrews, Miss Conway, Phila
more; J C Curtis, Petersbt; A M Goodraf, Amherst;
J H Old, Petersburg; E G Thompson, D And re we,
Pr George; P Harwood, Charles City; J R Warren,
M L Warrea, James City; R P Meredith, J B Lacy,
L A Sinter, New Kent; J Bard, Orange; J Slaman,
EXCHANGE HOTEL—T B Hamblin, Nashville;
Rioha'd Savior, Robt Baylor, Essex; L C Ball, Wash
ington; Dr Humphreys Md; J W Marshall, B W
Marshall, L B Sprncer, Charlotta; J D Meridith,
Buckingham; D H Miller. Bait; Tho Marks, V Dunn,
A Deiais, New Orleans; W R Rovster, Alabama; J S
Wood. Bait; J W Picks, Va; J W H Payntarr, N Y;
W H Harrison, Aipelie; Dr Wm A Selden, Charles
City; W N Whiting, Norfolk; W D Wilson, Peters
burg; A C Mason, New Kent; P H Willcox, Charles
City; J Robinson, Misa; W g Kyle and lady, Alabama;
A Thornton, RToppsnd lady, E L Topp, Memphis;
8 Gilmore, N C; Miss J Brown, Nashville; W F Hal
lett, Lynchburg; R H Clarke, Weldon; Wm E Clop
ton, New Kent; B L Johnson, Louisa.
At Randolph's Bookstore, 121 Main st., yesterday
7 o'clock. I 12 o'clock. I 5 o'clock.
74 | 86 | 67
Schr Eliza Jane, Blakerman, New York, mdie, D.
Schr Barnegat, Fiteh'tf., Chickahominy, wheat.
Schr Julia Ermina, Cu-tis, Chlckahotniny, wheat.
Schr Passenger, Rawley, Turkey Island, wheat.
Bchr M M Freeman, Rowley, New York, mlt,
Rawlingsk Miller
Schr Martin Pike, Mori it, Boaton, ice, Griffin i.
Schr BenVandiver, Jones, New York, plaster.
Schr Cherlct ke, Kirkmeyer, Pamunkey River,
wheat, Taliaferro & Bro.
Steamship Jamestown, Cavendy, New York, mdse
and passengers.
Steamer Belvidere, Pritchard, Baltimore, mdse,
Ludlam k Watson.
Schr Westover, Gray, Boston, mdse, D. Currie.
Schr Eugenia, Mason, Norfolk, mdse.
New York, Ang. 56.—Cleared, schrs. Jerolemon,
Line, and Henrico, Scranton, Richmond. Aug. 28.—
Cleared, schr Lydia Ann, Voorhees, Richmond.
Boston, Aug 2G.—Cleared, schr George, Ward,
Philadelphia, Ang. 27.—Arrived, schr Phebe 8.
Williams, Kirkham, Petersburg.
MJ BLAKEY, surviving partner of Jas G. Blaket
Si. Son, formerly proprietors of the Broad Street Ho
tel, respectfully informs his friends and the public,
that he will continue to condoct the above Hotel,
and hopes by strict attention to the comfort of his
guests to receive a continuance ef the patronage
heretofore extended to the old firm. au SO—fit*
RANAWAY, from my plantation, in the
county of Prince Edward, on the morning of
the 28th inat. 1854, a negro man named JARRATT,
of yellow complexion, busby head of hair, about 5
feet 6 or 8 inchea high, between 4*) and 45 yeara old.
Having many acquaintances on the Richmond and
Danville Railroad, induces me to believe be will
endeavor to make hia way to Petersburg, aa he haa
aome two or three children living with Sjlvanua
I will pay a reward of ten dollars to any person
who will apprehend the said negro or confine him in
jail so that I get him again.
au 30—3t Bnrkeville, Aug. 28, 1854.
CLARET WINE.—2S cases Claret Wine,
a nice article, for sale by
au3o—l w DUNLOP. MONCURE fc CO.
POET WINE.—S casks fine Port Wine,
for sale by
au 30—lw DUNLOP. MONCURE fc CO.
r T*EAS.—2o half chests Black and Green
A Tt as soma ver« saper or, for sale by
ao 30—jw DUNLOP, MONCI'RE k CO.
/\LD WHISKEY.—IO barrels very fine
V/ old Whiskey, fir sale by
an 30—1 w DUNLOP, MOWCURE fc CO.
pIGARB.—oO.OOO Cigars, some very su
perlor, for sal« by
ACKEREL—SO barrels No 2 Macke
-1"A erel receiving a"d for sale low to close,
sn 30-1 w DUNLOP. MONCURE ft. CO.
pOFFEE SUGAR.—SO barrels C. yellow
for sale by
au 30—1 w DUNLOP, MONCURE fc CO.
OHOT.—IOOO bass Shot, assorted sizes,
O receiving and for sale *>v
au 30—ltr DUNLOP. MONCURE fc CO
f —100 boxes assorted Candies,
V/* receiving soil for wis by
an 30—1 w DT'NLOr. MONCVKE K CO.
f^ANDLJSS.—ISO boxes Candles, Ada
maiiUns «rd Sperm, for aale by
ii. ticiPrtHo? SZISSIgTSi
A liberal reward wi 1 b» paid for theirZitS
on Brook Avecoa atreet cr at the DianaJeh office
anSS—lt* a rt>« Mae m Oa|>r.
without children for »•!•. Eaqaireat fht. of
»"*• a« 30—<t
|?OB RBNT.~Two new brick Stores a>d
. P w '"^!V~ tk * l*b «"» Manbail
a treats. Poaeeastan can 1M bad ba tha |.t r.f Bent«m
bar. EDW O. P.ACHO.
as 96 General a jrent and Collector
«- ana tir tine. jsat it Ccivsd a->,i for aata fc*
•rnuN t mo,
. Mnrth aids Basin
ftsa .r.i'stferis.'K"* prsaaiTattva
LOCAL mattbm.
Railroad Aocidebt—When tbe Cea
tral rare were near South Anna
iv., inn the begfafe car and Ibe Brat wweiu 01
tfc«?nas*engtr car were accidentally threw* fj? 1
th!! the sills on the roed parting. The
w« P Jon the engine
r~r. mp bat the passengers ale not arrive uora
™'«hl° clock. Mr. rhH'ipa, the iumß ag«*
save some slight braises.
Post,no Laud.—Every fcrmtr should
oast his lands to keep off la traders, and when tatet-
Cer. are found upon them, they should be made to
f«l the force of the law for We.passing upon others
uremic. oreal complaints are raade by tbe far
mer* on tbe Jamea River, and along the Cbicka
heminy, ol the depredations of'pot-house hunters,
who viV t their farms under the pretence of shoot
taa wi d game. bat whoslo not hesitate to bag "barn
var<Tpoul*ry/ or even small pigs, wheu tbey And
fhry can do so without being detected. Tame tu/
keys make admirable substitntea for wfldonea, and
are freely taken when caught beyond their owners
'""if farmers generally would post their lands, and
then see that the law was rigidly enforced against
nil trespassers, they would not only prevent depre
dat ions upon their property but wouldalaopre
vent the wholesale murder of game ol all kinds by
those who hunt them out of teuton to supply the
From our knowledge of the fanners in this section
of the State, there la scarcely a single one of them
who will make any objections to having their lands
bunted by gentlemen, in proper seaaona, If their
permission is nskrd, but no man of proper spirit
likes to have his premises invaded by Tom, Dick
and Harry, without his knowledge; and if intra
ders force themselves upon him, he only does his
duly to make them feel that the lawa of the State
will protect him in his rights, and that it is bis priv
ilege to say who may and who may not enjoy bis
property, in common with himself.
We have called the attention of our country reed
era to tbe subject of "Po«ting Land," at the request
ef a number of farmers residing in Henrico and
HanoVer, who are greatly annoyed by "pot-house
hunters'' on Sundays as well as the other daysot the
week, when there is any thing to be shot, and who
desire the owners of land to take such steps as the
laws of tbe State recognise, to protect them against
the inroads of the lawless, and of all men who
claim the privilege of carrying out their own wish
es, regardless of the rights and feelings of others.
The Arson Cask.— Ezekiel, the slave
ol Mies Ann Robinson, wai again before the Mayor,
yesterday, charged with setting fire to the factory
of Messrs. Hatcher St Gentry, oil the 2 let instant.—
Only one new witness was examined, and he a lad
about fourteen years old, who had made a state
ment relative to seeing some one jump out of the
second story of tbe factory ten minutes before the
fire, but afterwards acknowledged that he had
made a false representation of the whole matter,
and was not on Ory street until after the alarm
was given.
Tbe Mayor remarked that the circumstances
were strong enough to be inquired into, and there
fore committed the prisoner for trial at tbe next
term of the Hustings Court, which takes place on
the second Monday in September.
Thf. Union Guard—anew and popular
military company, propose making their first ex
cursion to Slash Cottage on Tuesday next, when
they hope to be attended by all who feel any inter
est in their success, or have any desire to enjoy a
pleasant ride and a lively evening in Innocent so
cial amusements. This company intend making
such arrangements as will ensure good order and
tbe comfort of their visitors, and as they have late
ly organised, they hope to receive a warm support
lrom that public for whose protection they are
banded together. The "target shooting" for a
handsome silver cup, will take place shortly alter
the arrival of the first train of cars; after which,
Smith's admirable Band will furnish music for the
ball. All who can spare the time, should be with
the "Union Guard" on this occasion.
An Attractive Excursion.—On Sun
day next, those of our citizens who may desire to
take a pleasant ride in tbe country, will have an
opportunity of doing so at a very small cost There
Is to be a protracted meeting in Powhatan connty,
20 miles from Richmond, which many in this vicin
ity are desirous of attending, not only to listen to
good preaching, but to witness the gathering to
gether of a multitude of people—the old men and
matrons, the young men and maidens—who inhabit
the pleasant neighborhood of Liberty Church. It
will be an occasion of much interest, lor the reasons
above named; and it might perhaps be proper lo
quote some brief remarks of Captain Sims relative
to the glowing beauty of the ladies who will grace
the meeting by their presence; but we forbear.
The mere mention of such an attraction will create
anxiety beneath the waistcoats of our city gentle
men to be present, and if they go, and listen as they
ought to the preached word, much good may come
out of it. Let all who would spend • quiet Sab
bath in the country, place themselves under the
guardian care of Captain Sims, next Sunday, and
he will put them through according to the pro
gramme set forth lo another column.
Bad Behavior—James Children and
Elizabeth Near, denizen* of 17th street, near the
new vegetable market, were arraigned before the
Mayor, yesterday, on a warrant—the first charged
with using threatening and abusive language to
Ann Walker, a next door neighbor, and the last
charged with whipping Mrs. Walker's child. After
the complainant and two or three other witnesses
bad testified, Mrs. Childress was called and stated
that she knew very little of the difficulty between
the parties; but that her husband, the prisoner, bad
Miss Near living in the house over her, and that
they were on terms of the greatest intimacy. This
charge being sustained by other witnesses, the pri
soners were required to give bail for their good be
havior ; failing to do which, they were taken to the
city jail and their locked up for safe keeping.
Runaway.—Two horses attached to a
furniture wagon, ran off down Broad street yester
day morning, and came very nigh crippling an old
negro woman, at the corner of Tenth strttft. For
tunately they were arrested in their fllgW before
doing any other damage than breaking a wheel —
Horses should not be left alone in the street, and
drivers who thus neglect their teams subject them
selves to punishment
Cheating.—A case of "cheating" while
playing "bluff" will probably be brought before the
M ay or this morning, as a stranger to us called upon
Ilis Honor, yesterday, and alleged that he had
been enticed into a game, by three other men,
against his consent, and bad lost hia watch and six
dollars and a quarter in cash, before he got out ol
their clutches. He had been on Church Hill to
see the "elephants," but on bis return came in con
tact with much more formidable creatures.
Intemperance seems to be on the in
crease among the lower classes of our citizens —
A great portion of the time of the whole city po
lice is spent In arresting drunken men and women
and the Mayor ha* but little leisure to attend to
any other business. Until the city hu a work
house in which to confine and employ such crea
turea, where they may be taught lessons of sobrie
ty, we have no hope of seeing • reformation
brought about.
In for the Season.—Edward Dewes was
arrested *nd eaged last Monday night for being
drunk and disordeily is the street Yesterday
morning, when brought before the Mayor, he was
nnable to give bail lor hia good behavior, and con
aequnntly was sent to prison.
Fighting.—William Frazier, Samuel
Trewaller and John Frazier, chanted with assault
ing and beating William Vest, on. Sunday last an
peered belore the Mayor, yeaterday, to undergo an
examination, but owing to the absence of witimae!
the case wa» postponed until this morning.
Bad Sidewalk.—On the south side of
Thirteenth afreet, between Main and Franklin the
sidewalk is in a dangerous condition and needs rZ
Soot*" 41,6 *****
Lightly dealt with.—Sarah, slave to
Joaeph Jarkaon. was captured and cued l«tMon
day nijht for being in the street with an Improper
pass. She was convicted of lying and ordered ten
Too Fast —lffHsrs Warwick * Barks
dale were fined $3 and costs for the violation ef an
ordinance against rapid drying by their servant
George, who ma detected by officer Seal while
trading Ms tanas along *
Caught at Last —Ruebea, slave to R
Taylor & Co, was brought before ttte Mayor, yes'-
terday, to answer Hia charge of trrsjiasslns imhs
premises ol Mr. F. A. Jeter. and aeeaulUng and bew
Ug Racltael, Mr J.'s servant
been ordered to keep sway rrom Mr. J'« lot, seve
ral limes, kit perflated ia going thara, at all
irSinKTntT 4 "" lOrwtT * tbkl y Mr^es
?!■«>—Jaa. H. Hubbard waa fined $3
yad wswtyffca Mayor, Ma tram to
fcSfijliT * •#» to «*
°s» £jSiSSZZ
- V?-^SSinipill" ItdlfcsHeheve
n !>■ y^^ nnd % flior 'covered
with excellent oil eleth. ' There are «Mny othirr
'mprovemeots making wbfch wOl wM jfielly lo
its general ippetfue* when compHed.
Fairfield Jucnt UijO».7-Att Js»p©rt
■nt meeting of this "Club* wM be Intd «t lite Aa*
rican Hotel to-morrow night at « o'clock. W«»r»
requested to say that no member should be abaect
on the occasion.
Par trims 8* dot I*o.—lf tbe formers
sad spoilsmen „f Virginia have any desire to pre
vent (he compete destination of evaryspeelea ef
cams, and particularly that of tbe Pamiage, they
mast lake Immediate atepa to ennre the f*sw(e of
a pot lew el the next session ef the Lasislstare.—
To their shame be it said, there are a number of aaee
in the neighborhood of this elty end throughout tbe
State, who have already eonrnenced their depreda
tions upon the yomg, unfledged birds, and If their
hands are not stayed by law, it will require but a few
season* to exterminate the whele race. In many of
the States of the Union stringent laws have been
passed, to check eot-hoese hu.iters in their anxiety
to slaughter whole coveys of partridgea as soon ss
they have lost tbe she'ls from their beads, and the
eonteqeenee is that in districts where these birds
were seldom fcuad a few jeers ago, they are now be
coming plenty: and when the proper season arrives
for taking the field, the true sportsman wfl' have am
ple opportuoity for asmwuient with gun and bags.
At least two weeks ago we heard a o«*/fana» brag
ging to a party of fiieade that be had bagged, the day
before, twenty-one fall grown partridgea, and that
two-thirds of the coveys he saw were sufficiently
largo to shoot. We are not prepared to say that the
declaration was entree, aa we did not see the birds;
hat our own experience teaehesus that as late as the
15th of October, before which time a dog and gun
should never be taken in f o the field a large propor
tion of tbe birds fouadwre entirely too small to be
if persons who tske pleesnre In field sports would
make an effort to preserve Jtbe game in the Eastern
part of this State, in less tiaa five yeare there would
be aa abundance et partridges to be found in every
wheat field; bet unlep some jteps ere teken to do so,
the time will soon come when Virginia sportsmen
will have no opportunity of Indulging in that agreea
ble excitcment produced by the sadden rise and
"whir" of the well grown partridge, as It dashes
from its cover at lightning speed and is brought down
at the crack ef the good fowling piece.
Richmond, An*- 26th,
At a meeting of Washington Camp, No. 1, J. 8. of
A. of Va, tbe following offiaers were elected: P P.,
R. M. Crawford; P., Joo. J ration; V. P., Wo. 8.
Allen; M. of F. and C., Geo. H. Fitzwi'son; C.. Alfred
Collier; R. 8, J. W.Thomas. Jr.; A-R. V.. Wn.O.
Taylor: F. S, Edward M. Alfriend; T., T. W. Pairo;
1. G, J T. Beasley The election of O. G. tm laid
over nntil next meeting.
Late Vice Rector of the " Hall of St. James the
Leas," near PhHadelphia
Tbe duties of this Sobool will be resumed on Mon
day, 3d October.
English Department $40
Junior Classics and Mathematics 50
Senior do. do. 60
Modern Languages, each 20
an 29—d Oct lat
r T , HE Sixth Scholastic year of.Mrs. MAL
-1- LORY'S SCHOOL will commence on the 18th
of September, and close the 15th of July.
Residence Ith street, between Grace and Prank-
parate spartment. an 30—d»20S
\IRS. GORDON, assisted by her daugh
-IYJL ter. will re-np«n her SCHOOL for Young La
diss on MONDAY, 2nd of October next, at'the resi
dence of Mr Brockenbrough on Clay street, between
3d and 4th, where application may be made persoc
ally after the 15th of September,! or before that
time by letter addressed to Mrs. Gordon, Richmond.
Terms for the session of ten months.
English tuition (40
Primary department 30
Languages 20
Music 50
an 30— 2awt2oc
A. FRAkSER respectfully informs his friends and
the public generally, that he will resnme the duties
of his School on Monday next, September 4th. The
oourse of studies taught in mv School will compre
hend Frsnch and the English Branches, toge
ther with Mathematics.
Thankful for th« liberal encouragement heretofore
extended to him, he promisesrenewed exertions for
the instruction of scholars entrusted to his tntelsge
r | School will be re opened on the
A fi.at Monday in October next.
(Per Quarter, of tico and a half month).)
Elementary English, including iirat book* in
Geography and History $5 00
Full English course 00
Latin, Greek and Mathematics ]0 no
Charge for fuel, per annum j oo
Instruction shall be thorough; discipline mild, but
No pupili received for less than a quarter, and no
deduction except in cases of protracted sickness,
au 31— lm
imposts* or
Glas*, Looking Glasxc* and Fancy Good*.
No. 20, Pearl (*r 14th) Street,
"RESPECTFULLY invites the attention
Alt of the Merchants of Virginia, North Caroliaa
and Tennessee to his very large and desirable stock
of CHINA AND EARTHENWARE, of his own di
rect importation, embracing many new and desirable
patterns and shspes,and a general assortment of Cut
Moulded and Pl'in GLABP-WARE. LOOKING
wants of the trade.
He pledges himself to sell on as good terms as any
re-packing house in the United States, and to use bis
best efforts to give entire satisfaction
STONE-WARE, of the best quality, at factory
N. B. Particular attention given to the careful
packing and prompt forwarding of Good*.
CAPS.—The subscriber is now ready to fur
nish nerchaats and dealers with as large ana well as
sorted stock of HATS and CAPS a* ha* aver been
offered in this or any other market.
Purchasers will find, on eaainination, that this Fall
Goods are lower in price than uiual while the styles
and qaalitie* are in man* respects mach Improved.—
There are many new and ta*U fally gotten up HATS
and CAPS for gentlemen, brss and children, which
bU handsome and will be feund very des ra-
Th* subset iber keens also a large stock of ladies'
fashionable FURS ofVhe wwest a.dSst
able styles; also, misses FURS, which will be sold
at wholesale and retail on thebsstterms.
su 30—dim 81 Main street, Richmond
a. large assortment ef the above goods on hand,
which we are diroeed t* close on t at a bargain
* ,3 ° K Main st
in large quantities, made wp In the best manner
and, the •» ortmeut oentalns every quality to su't the
30 Main street.
AJA Ives, Capers and Pickles, Olive OIL Mustard
Ground Spices. Vinegar,
Chen, the meat of the season. Just landed and for
•• 3" Corner Pearl and Car? at*.
THRESH BEAT KICK, Painted Buckets
M^kin!orrNowi^;. r :i
ti Corner Pearl and Cars st*
JnU andlir *** Wtoa.-
11 LACK DRESS OOODS.-We kare a
AJ *sry »ood assortment of Rlaak Dre«s Goods on
* whrf,M wrfl
e oi*4ihiM«n
•h Ir borne* Sto** w<f»T!\» iiff< 111 iirlllM of
the vMtor* toUM* a weel §jit d eligbefbl BHie: and
knowing well ftffapod, tafarw the elf.lzn* of Ricb
oi>*4. we ehoad«lMk<!liiifo«a Hi— to tbMf M
'°orth '' ° r to awl
Tb«»t or Tii War*
*t A uct ioW_— TOWBKKWrwniwted to my rale (bta
morning at (MMHrrf Mr. «<;»«, o?t»«t of Bnd and
Broad atreeta. eommnotatCAt 1* o'clock, of all of hi*
•foek of Tin Waia. fce, by crder of
lb* TratUe. . .
—» *> ~ ."/*? W. KEE»EE, Anet.
lyAhllii)) TH'UfeiAIELY, i young
" GENTLEMAN, frclpH to 30 yean of Mr, of
pleeaing ad draw, to loam the Dag aarrean Boaiaeaa,
•n a firat-rate eetabliebmeat In tbie eity. Salary for
the tint year wiTl betOU). Nose need apply (bat
eaanot give good refereaeea.
Communicationa'addmiad to A. B„ D'apatcb o'-
tieo. will bo daly attendedU •« aa 3)—aota
X\TANTED —A eent)«i»u who write* a
T » rapid and fair $kad.«adbaa a knowledge of
book-keeping, wiaber emjjteymeat. Any bouts
wiahing the aervioea or aa«b a~. one, may addreaa M.
#, Richmond, Va. _ .. J aa 30-2t
WHEAT wfab to bof
T T Wheat af Inferior 46lfflh__
an 30 (fcrfHtITDER'S SOHK.
SITUATION mmcisD—By a White
O Girl aa CHAMBERMAID; and woo d aariet in
ironing In a private family preferred. Apply at tbia
office. : , . an 38—It*
XXT ANTED—A pepon of good ad drew,
TT well acqnaintea fa the eity, aa Agent for »o-
I'eitinc lobacribera and advertiaementa to tbe new
Gazetteer of Virginia. None need apply witboat
The beat of aa good aalary will no paid.
Apply between th* boon of 7 and 9A. M-, at tbe
American Hotel.
an 30—11* F(CHARD EDWARDS.
VVTANTED —A young Man to attend in a
T f Dry Goods Store, who is acquainted with tho
hnainew. None need apply bat those who can come
•rail recommended. One from the ecietiT pre
an 30—3t*
Li twelve miles from Richmond, on the Vir»ln>a
Central Railroad. App yon the work to J. \V. Mel
ton, or to tho undersigned in Richmond
fy Pmsye free to the work. au 30— 3taw2w*
wANTED —A good BAKER; also a
TT good COOK. Apply at the U.S. Hotel.
an 30 - 3t
A MIDDLE AGED MAN wishes employ
ment. He is * food Penman and Accountant,
ard a desirable assistant in any cepacia*. Address
"B. T.,' at TOLER k COOK'S. an J9-3t*
VAT ANTED— Before or by .the lGth of
T » September, by a young man twenty-two yen •»
of age, a sitnation in a wholesale or retail Dry Goids
store or Grocery. He has had three or four year.'
experience in the mercantile bnsineso—a portion of
the time in Petersburg and thii city; not cut of busi
ness now, bnt wishes to make a change; writes an e'e
gant hand, and has an extensive acquaintance through
the country which the Dsnvlllo and South aid* Rail
road panes. Undoubted city or country reference
livea. Address E. B. T., Box 674. au29-7t
\J{TANTED —An Apprentice to the Print
» » tag business at the TOBACCO PLANT Office,
in Clarksville. A smart, active lad, between 10ard
18 years cf age, who can read and write, is required.
Good treatment and thorough laatruction in a profit
able calling insured Apply to
BOYD k EASLEY. Clarksvillo, Va ,
Or C. H. Wynne. Richmond.
N. B.—Accompany application with good refer
ence. an JB— 4t
\J\TANTED —An active PORTE H, accus
» T tomed to packing goods. Apply to
au 28 GINTER k ALVEY. Wo. 16 P»«r' «t.
\\T HEAT WANTED.—I am prepared to
v > buy Wheat at the highest market prices.
Apply to fan 26] CHAS. W. BNO W.
WANTED TO HIRE—An able bodied
* T NEGRO MAN to work in store.
ALSO—An able-bodied Negro Man to drive waaon.
T T customed to do house work. To «uch as will
suit, eonttant employment and the best wages will
be given. G. k A. BA ROAM IN, Jr.
au I"—ta Cor. of Main and 10th sts
\XTANTED—A Female Teacher u» unex
▼ ▼ ceptionable character and qualifications. to
teach English, French and Ma tie. None bate South
ern Lady need apply. A pleaaant lituatioa and a lib
eral salary li offered. Address
8. r. SAMPSON,
Keswick P. 0., Albemarle C«uoty
au 2—d till Ist Bept
B Richmond, Ang. 29, 1854. 5
n Orders, No. 44.
Jl£ The Company will assemble for Dkim.
quarter past 8 o'clock punctually.
Ky orderof the Lieut. Commandlnr.
»"30 V. L FORE. Orlarly.
HRY — Attend a meeting of your company at La
-111 fayette Hall, on THURSDAY, the Slat instant, at
*8 o'clock, P M.
By orderof the Ist Lieut, commanding.
au 30—2t J NO. C POWELL. O. S.
J9> The subscriber having taken the
C"'! tenement No. 131, smith tide sf Main ss„
Ki*- aseond door eaet of 13th, baa opened • well
telected assortment ot* WATCHES (sold
and silver) and JEWELRY of all kinds. and b»ge
leave to inform the public that ha la prepared to sell
goods In his line, on moderate terms. He a»ke atten
tion to his stock, and feels assured that all who wish
to purchase, can find no objections to his prieea
Being a practical watch-maker, he la alao prepared
to repair Hatches at short notlee, and in the best
manner, nr to mend Jewelry In good style. Believ
ing that those who have work to do, wiil seek the
best workmen to doit, he feels assured that parses*
who favor Mm with their patronage once, will need
no Invitation to continue his services when seeded
an SO—ts C. L. VOiCOELK
ro®«t!ng of the
C*" P*»rteld Jockey Clnh will
at the American
„ , ~ ■ Hotel, on TH URS DAT
Kvening next, the 31st instant, at S o'clock. Every
member of the Club should be present by a'l means,
as matters of great importance to each and ail will
be acted apoa. By order of
AJMT on 18th street between Franklin and
urice, fronting about 70 feet, with the a seal depth.
It ia very desirable for a carpenter shop, lumber yard
or for grocery stores. To a sood tenant, terms mo
derate. Apply to D. Baker, Jr, at
au Sft—St 17th and Frankiia streets.
■ two or three very fine HACK*, wltfc
g«ntle horses and careful drivers, to hire t. families
and the public, which may always be bad bv apply
ing at Ar. Tbompaon Nayior'esublee, oa 19-bst eet,
opposite the United Sla-es Hotel.
Families and others needing a ttaadeom* and safe
turn-nut, on any occasion, may rely upoa bolag ac
commodated by seeding me their ordera
LOST—On Bnndav, be
' *—■* tweon Porerll It La4<t'*«>.4 Ail"
A Or*i'« (tor**. •jpmir of Oold SPECTACLES. A
r« W d wWih* p»l/th. finder by tb.. * tb.
D apatch »ffice, or with
EO HAMB, ja*t tocolvad iii far n|> b*
▼ FLUID—A *apply of tbte mtrlof articlo «o»
#U«Ut on hud. E. J. PI COT * CO.
»■» ItHrtO
fZJLUE —Six bbl« Glue, r*riou* aeafitte*.
V* lost reclTed by E. J. f ICO* * CO.,
"» DnnWU.
A- of th« UtMt »p»nr»»d ttyfc. •»' JWWM
ssftSJESSrsirr to «**—»• -*«•
»«3» »M««m O.
DopooltoraU I ——'t -gill iwlil 4m mmt
Mit.Mtfnw raauWaioa <rr idli if mAi

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