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n« DAILY DISPATCH la uml to itkNtlkwi
It (IS AKD A «UAUtta CCNTS m WtKK. Myablf
• to the Carrier weekly. Prise for maillaf, •* • yaw
la advance.
The WEEKLY DIlfAa'CH I* lm«i tntj W
t»y Mid nailed towtwriber*at Si per mtia.
Novemri k l«t. 5854. 5
AT * mating of the Board of Directors,
held (hi* date, Mr. JAMES C CRAKE «h
unar,imo«»ly electnd Prraident o( theßichmond Fir*
AwocUtioa, vice J«ra« Bother, dec'd.
Bv order of the Board of Director*.
,n S-ti JNO. H. BQBHER, g+crelary
TER DRY GOODB.-I have Just opened an
entire new clock of
which were purchased in the Northern market*, on
the oioatfavorable term*. I am prepared to offer
great inducements to purchaser*. Among the as
lortinent ma> be fooni—
Ladie*' Drew Good* Of all itylea
Erobroiderie* and Laeea
Ho*ety, Glove*, Ribbon*, Ae.
good assortment for Gentlemen. Boy*' and Bar-
Wear—with a large itock of Domestic Good*
and Farcy Article*.
The public are roepeetfally invited to give me a
rail, a* I am determined to eell aa cheap aa any other
house in the city. B. ROBENFELD,
•e IS—Siu 17S Broad at.
Corner of Governor and Franklin Streets,
HAVE" now in store, their Fall Stock of
Preach and American PAPER HANGINGS,
TASSELS, Lace and Motlin CURTAINS, Table
»hieh they will eell er work up to order On the
mo*t reaeonabla term*.
We arealao prepared to execute PAPER HANG
ING and UPHOLSTERING promptly, la the city
or country. oe3—3aa
TH E seventh annual meeting of the
Stockholder* of the Richmond ana Danville
Raiiroad Company will be held ia the City of Rleli-
Luondon WEDNESDAY. December lath, ljo-t, at 12
o'clock M. The Stockholder* will, aa u*ual, have the
privilege of coming to and returning frotn the uieet
lcr » EtE on the car*.
P. VAN DEURBEN, Secretory.
Nu > ember I3th, 1554.
Knovau. ken bv these prksents, That
tbe under*igned do hereby constitute and appoint
attorney for and in name, to
vote on all question* that may bo brought before the
meeting of the atockholden of the Richmond and
Danville Railroad Company, to be heir: at on
—- the day of , or at any adjourned meeting
thereof, hereby ratifying all the act* of said
attorney in the premiaes, aa fully aa if were
present and'voting in person.
In testimony whereof, have hereunto affixed
nand this day of .
no 16—tltthD
A CULAR SAW-MILLS, Ac—The subscriber*
are prepared to furnish Portable and Stationaiy
Steam tniine*, Circular Saw-Mills, and all other de
scription* of Machinerv, with dispatch, and warrant
ed of best material* and workmanship, at their work*
on Cary *L, next to the City Ga* Works.
-L CASKS.—The subscriber keep* constantly on
hand an awortment of these BURIAL CASES.—
They are extensively u*ed, and po*se*s advantages
over all other Coffin* for transportation, depositing
in vault*, or for ordinary interment* They are made
of the most imperishable material*, and are ena
melled inside and out to prevent corrosion. When
properly cemented the bodies of the dead enclosed
in ihem are free from irruption of water, closed
afainit insects, and may without offensive odor be
transported to distant places. The remains of Cal
houn, Clay and Webster, were entombed in coffins
of this kind. .
The subscriber ha* also a large supply of WOOD
COFFINS, and keep* on hand SHROUDS and every
requisite for Funeial*. He will attend Funerals and
furnish both Hearses and Carriages.
oc2o—3m J. A. BELV IN, Governor *t.
Thirty five thousand dol-
BELOW COST, KOR CASH.—For the purpose of
closing our copartnership, we will from this day, of
fer nur entire stock of DRV GOODS, at ana below
tost for cash.
The itoVis nearly new, having been recently
purchaseflßb the most favorable terms, and consists
of the usual variety of FANCY AND STAPLE
GOODS, keptin a first class Dry Goods establish
Those in want of really desirable Goods, would do
well to give us an early call, as the assortment is now
very complete, and such an opportunity tor BAR
GAINS is but rarely offered.
no 7—dtlj No. 141 Eagle Squre.
No. 170 Broad, Corner of Sixth Street.
INTENDING to remove earlyJjj, the
Spring to our new store, and to make at that time
some changes in the character of our business, we
offer from this our entire stock of Goods at prime
Cost for Cash. We mean what we say, and ask those
in want to call and examine our stock, comprising a
full assortment of Ladies' Dress Goods, Linens, Em
broideries, Shawls, Ribbons and Hosiery. Also a
very large stock of Cassimeres, Satinets, Flannels,
Blankets; together with every description of Do
mestic manufactures.
Our stock ii large and has been purchased for cash
at exceedingly low prices, and most of it within the
last few weeks, at oar second trip to the Northern
markets. A rare opportunity is now offered for con
sumers to supply their wants
We respectfully invite our friends and the public
generally to give us a call.
no 15— lm J. k M. ROSENBAUM.
Commission and Forwarding Merchant,
his services to his Country
V/ friends, and will attend strictly to the sale of
all kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE. no 18—lm
No. 5 Pearl Street.
highest price paid for Gold and Sil—
JL ver, and Richmond, Petersburg, Lynchburg,
Fredericksburg. Charlottesville, Staunton, Norfolk
and Portsmouth Bank Notes.
Exchange on Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York
and Boston, bought and sold at best rates.
WM. HURLEY, No. 5 Pearl st.,
■ e B—3m Formerly Stratum's office.
7 pti ~n crfnti 17n
PRACTISES in the Courts of Rock-
X bridge, Augusta, Batb, Botetourt, and Lynch
burg, antugives his attention ezclutiveiy to hie profes
sion, as he has done for the last six years.
Strict attention paid to the Collection of Claims,
end prompt remittance made. jy 29—6 m
XTOTICE.— All persons having claims
A. against the estate of JOHN LYNCH, dec'd, are
reqneated to present them properly authenticated to
the undersigned. And ell those indebted to the said
estate are requested to settle their respective dues
with as little delay as possible.
R. M. BURTON, Administrator,
se 14—t* With the Will annexed.
IO OAK —The Subsciiber hu now on hand 200.000
tiHINGLKS, wbieh ho will Ml) cheap for c«*h. He
Also hat 130,000 feet of BUTTONWOOD PLANK,
and 50.000 feet of OAK, «uiUble for makios Tobacco
Boxes, which maybe purchased on reaaonable term*.
In addition to theae, he 1* hourly expecting 60,000 ftj
Soaqnebannab PLANK, to which the attention of
builaera and other* is invited. J AS. CJUNN,
de I—lm* Corner of Broad analßth it*
V/ in receipt of a large rock of Hand Saw*, Chi
sels. Firmer*, Brace*and Bitt*, Plane Iron*, Drawing
Knives, Spoke Shavee, lie., fr«m the manufactory of
Meier*. W. k 8. Batcher, Sheffield, and have in (tore
• large (took of Bench and Moulding Planes, Chop
%r igsre
Now la the time for bargain* All in want of Cloth
tag or FomUhing Goods, will find that A. LEVY is
eelliog cheaper than the cheapest: he is determined
net to be outdone, and hie determination will be car
ried out—eo call at his store and make yoor par
chase*.and yon will save 35 per cent, by the opera
tion. There is no mistake about It. no 90
J? store all the varieties of Bcaioc manufactured by
Nun Fairbanks. Tbev are acknowledged by those
who have need them to he the beat and Moot relia
ble Scale* wads; for sale at manafacturanf price*by
de I 85 Main Mtraot.
Dspoaitor* in tU* inettuoiou will receive *U per
«eot. on eu *sau reauiuing on deposits st* month*
IU V' •»«•«», Ttom J»M|
daily dispatch.
■ .... I ....... I
VOL. V.-NO. 339
Thk Vai.i.bt or Virginia Firb and Ma
rine INSURANCE COMPANY-cf iul ia» oor
-office onl l4th *tre*t, n»»t to the Port Office. Tfcte
Company intwemwinH lot, or damage by jlr. la th*
pity or wrf Personal Property, Inola
* UTf *** W|mi In port or oa voyage.
•® 25 -» n > O. V BRESEE, Actuary.
Hair Cctttiku,—Citizen* and Htruieri
visiting the eity, wiririag to gat their Hair cat in the
1 ***« 1 wo#ll « l »<vi*a them
to call on ItOlgOH, under the American Hotel, ea
trance on llth *Ueat.
® —Hot, Cold end Shower Bath* can be had at
all I>NH. Single Batb or 5 Ticket* for *1.
SO 14
Horas, Siaw and Ornamental Painter,
10th at., between Mala and Cary.
,<Rr All work entreated to hi* care win be faith
folly and promptly executed. ae 20—am
CARY, Cvmmusionert in Chancery.—OS&C9 in Wh
BulUng, fronting on Franklin »t. oo 3
F. M. Robertson, Draper and Tailor
Governor atreet, oppodte tke DUpatch Office, Rtob
mond, Va. ae 9—ddm
O. H. Chai.klsy, General Agent and Col
lector, 13th atreet. between Main and Cary. over the
•tore of G. R. Peake. Refer* to Meaara. C. T. Wor
tham it Co., Wiiliaui* it Brother. Butler fc Tineley,
«', H : C '»Jborne, G. R. Peake, J. B. Bdater and Dr.
W. A. Peterson. ae 13—3 m
L..bus & Suine, Auctioneers and Coin
wiaaiou Merchant*, will attend to a 1 *ale* of Real
aad PeraaiuU Ettale, stock tale* ot Dry Gooda, Gro-
C4.no* Boot* aud Siioea, Hons* Furniture, tie. ka.
ocl3— U N. Bmwa, | P. C. Laau*.
Gcnsral Act Nor, for the Sals and
Purchase or Lank?.—FRANK G. RUFFIN, Secre
tary of the Virghiii State Agricultural Society, and
N. AUGUST otter their service* to the publie a*
GENERAL AGENTS for the sale and purchase of
LANDS in Virginia and the Southern and Weetern
Office —at the office of the I'irginia State Agricul
tural Society, ATo. 115 Main itrcet.
N. AUGUST, Notary Public ahu Accountant
Office—a*above. fe B—t*
Leeches Leeches.—The public are
hereby informed, that I have ju*t received by Adam*'
Express a lot of superior Swedish Leeche*, which
will be applied upon the most reasonable terms; cq£
be found at all hours of the day at the Hair Dressing
Saloon nnder the American Hotel, and at night on
25th, between Main and Franklin streets.
N. B.—Cupping and Leeching promptly attended
to, at the shortest notice,
no 6 R. C. HOBSON.
The condition of the Stomach is of
vital importance. No tnv.n. woman or child can be
healthy unlets the work of digestion is regularly,
thoroughly and vigorously performed. WitL three
fourths of civilized society this is not the case. And
yet the remedy is within the retch of all. Hoof
lakh's German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M.
Jackson. Philadelphia, will as surely create a legulir
aud healthy action of the stomach as oil will lessen
the friction cf machinery. Let the victim of dys
pepsia or indigestion in any of its forms try it, and
we guarantee a good appetite, physical vigor, firm
nerves, sound sleep by night and increased cheerful
ness by day.
Agents for this city—Messrs. Pcrcell, Ladd k
Co., and Bennett it Beers, Druggists.
no 27—2w
The Bai.m of a Thousand Flowers, for
beautifying the complexion, cariDg diseases of the
skin ; for shaving, cleansing the teeth ; for the Toilet
and the Nursery; for bathing and many medicinal
purposes; discovered bv Dr. Fontaine, Paris. Price,
50c. per bottle. For sale by
SMITH FORE, Booksellers,
no 24—tf No. 194 Main and ISO Broad sts.
Constitutions that have been nearly
worn outfroiu Dyspepsia and Disordered Bowels and
Liver, can be entirely cured by the regular use of
all the principal Druggists in Virginia.
Orders will be promptly filled, by addressing
no 18 K. BAKER, Richmond, Va.
What our neighbors say of Dr. M'Lane's
Celebrated Liver Pills.
New York, August 30,1052.
We. the nndersigned. having made trial of Dr.
M'Lanes Celebrated Liver Pills, must acknow
ledge that they are the best medicine for siek head
ache, dyspepsia and liver complaint that we have
ever used. We take pleasure in recommending them
to the public, and are confident that if those who are
troubled with any of the above complaints will give
tbem a fair trial, they will not hesitate to acknow
ledge their btnefioial effect.
Mrs. Hill, East Troy,
Mrs. Stevens, West Troy.
P. S. —The above valuable remedy, also Dr. Mc-
Lane's Liver Pilis, can now be had at all respecta
ble Drug Stores in this city.
ty purchasers will please be careful to ask for,
and take none but Dr. M'LANE'S VERMFUGE.—
All others, in comparison, are worthless.
de 4—diiclw
Common Sense Thoughts for Sick Peo
ple.—Bronchitis, Couch, Dyspepsia, Liver Com
plaint, Rheumatism, Scrofula, &c. For a'l dis
eases of the Femala System, HAMPTON'S VEGE
TABLE TINCTURE stands pre-eminent. A Cler
gyman just informs us it has cured him of Bronchi
tis, of a desperate character. Particulars given here
A citizen of the Old Dominion thus speaks:
Scottsville, Albemarle co.. Va.,)
March 28th, 1853. 5
Messrs. Mortimer k. Mowbray :
Gentlemen—l have been afflicted for the past 8
years with Dyspepsia, Rheumatism aDd Liver Cora-
Slamt, suffering all the while with pains in the shoul
ers, hips, back and sides—shifting from one side to
the other—palpitation of the heart, less of appetite,
cold sweats at night, excessive costiveness. ana great
debility and weakness. 1 triedjmany remedies, which
done me no good, but rather grew worse. Last fall
I was advised to try HAMPTON'S VEGETABLE
TINCTURE, and I am hsppy to say it has cured me.
I am cow free from all pain, and in the enjoyment
of perfect health, and take great pleasure in recom
mending the Tincturc to all afflicted as I have beeu.
Yours, Jas. M. Noel.
Call and get a pamphlet gratis, and see cures.
Sold in Richmond, by O. A. BTRECKER and PUR
CELL, LADD fc CO., and by all the Druggists in
Petersburg and elsewhere. Call and get Pamphletts
gratis. no 23—dfccts
Give Them a Trial. —Mercenary per
sons have in so many instances succeeded in foisting
upon the community worthless preparations, claim
ing for them great medical virtues, that* great many
individuals refuse to take anything notVfcactioDed by
a pht&ician. This sanction has been bestowed npon
Stabler's Anodyne Cherry Expectorant and
Diarrhcea Cordial in more than five hundred in
stances. Indeed, many medical men who know their
virtues regularly prescribe the Expectorant in cases
of Coughs, Colds and diseases of the respiratory or
gans, which come under (heir care. And m all dis
eases of the bowels, too, such as Diarrhoea, the Diar
rfca-a Cordial Is prescribed bv them with the utmost
confidence in its beneficial effects. Give these excel
lent medicines a trial
See descriptive pamphlets, to be bad gratis of
the Agent*.
Price for each only 50 cents, or six bottles for
K. H. STABLER t CO., Proprietors,
Wholesale Druggists, Baltimore
Wholesale Agents, Richmond
Aid by Druggists and Merchants generally through
out Virginia. no 27—dfcelSt
A GAIN offers his services in HIRING
it 3
SERVANTS entrusted to hi* care receive every at
tention, particularly when aick. And he feel* thank
fa! while saying, that daring the cholera of 1849, and
again this year, be wi* very successful with those an
-4%r hi« charge.
Office ob Governor ft. do 30—dl m4tw4fc
nOCT. PLUME, of the Old Medical
XJ House, is still engaged in treating all sorts of
secret dUeaaas, and hereby Invite* a call from those
who may have been unfortunate in their associations.
Dr. r. would particularly invite a call from persons
in the country who have been given ap by their phy
sician* as incarablK Cases are few indeed that can
not be reached by medicine when correctly applied.
The article known as the Chemical Extract if French
Flowtrt. is probably the very best thing now before
the public for renovating a system already shattered
by dissipation or other cans*. The Ague adl Paver
remedy, called Frnuh Milk, I* next to a certainty.—
Price fl per bottle.
OSioe oo Franklin street, just below the Exchange
Hotel end tint door south of Trinity Cbureh. Rich
m|l wilcine* securely packed and seat to -*er, with
full direction*. to I*
•o»*d Fire Assooiation, (in sonasqaenca of ths dis
aspoarßßeo Of cholera,) Mve teoamed lnsnraacs on
titUhofWave*. at the former rates of pwmi—i,
■or of Mate V. PreCt
Jme. H BoWiMW!'
fx^oi,nr~■ ° f th * ®AILY DISPATCH
U,t •* «»• Drtypap*" f
kSTbe North Brituh Review for Novem
ber has a lodk article on tbe Eastern war,
written just after tbe news bad been received
of the battle of Alma and tbe fall of Sebas
topol. The writer says that tbe prompt over
throw of such a powerful fortress as Se
vastopol confirms all his preconceived opin
ions of tbe military inefficiency and cowar
dice of the Russians. Wonder if the real
facts of the case have in any way changed
his preconceived opinions.
English journals are much given
of late to suggesting for the benefit of their
" cousins of the West," that the same fleet
which has summered in the Baltic can win
ter in the Gulf of Mexico. Certainly it can,
and, if it prove as harmless in tbe Gulf as it
did in the Baltic, we don't know why anyone
should object to its coming.
An Execution in California.—James Lo"
gan and William Lipscy were executed in El
Dorado county. California, on the 3d ult., for
the murder of Powelson. They were the first
criminals ever legally executed in the coun
ty. The following revolting particulars are
copied from a California paper:
"By an accident as unaccountable as it was
impossible to prevent, both knots slipped,
notwithstanding they had previously sus
tained a weight of four hundred and fifty
pounds each, dropped six and a half feet, the
distance fixed for the prisoners to fall.
" Immediately after striking the ground be
neath the scaffold, Logan pulled the cap from
his eyes to see if Lipsey had come down with
him ; then rose to his feet, and with little as
sistance (his feet having been untied,} re-as
cended the scaffold. Lipsey had to be car
ried up, though he had not been seriously in
jured by the fall. No disturbance had been
created by the fall, except that nearly the en
tire crowd seated on the hill side involunta
rily rose to their feet.
"The ropes were speedilyre-adjusted. After
the cap had been drawn over their eyes, and
just before the rope was to be cut, Logan
asked the time of day, and demanded to see
a watch. The cap was raised and a watch
presented. He remarked, 'Ah, you have
twenty minutes yet—if it was two o'clock I
would demand my liberty under the law,' and
turned away with a muttered laugh that we
could not_ have expected to witness coming
from a dying man.
" Lipsey required support to stand up. Af
ter being placed on the drop the second time,
he said, in a suppressed tone, as if to himself,
'I don't think I'm a murderer at heart." Just
before the rope was cut he said, k ' Be as quick
as you can ; lam fainting—l am just gone.'
These were his last words. Logan's were,
'Lord Jesus, receive my spirit. A brief
prayer from Mr. Taylor, and James Logan
and William Lipsey passed into eternity, at
the fall of the drop, with scarcely a struggle.
"Lipsey has left a written confession. He
said in prison that he belonged to a good fam
ily—that he once conducted himself proper
ly, but that liquor had brought him to a terri
ble end. He was a young man—about twen
ty-five, we should think. Logan, also, has left
a written confession.
" We are informed that Logan's wife and
children visited the scaffold after the bodies
had been placed in the coffins. They were
buried at the foot of a knoll near by, on the
top of which is the grave yard."
Artesian Well.—The Charleston Courier
states that the Artesian Well, in that city, which
has patiently submitted to a long and incessant
boring, begins at length to present avgurics of suc
cess. On Saturday evening last a vein was reach
ed, which has continued since to yield a stream
apparently unvarying, at the rate of two and a
half gallons per minute, or one hundred and fifty
gallons per hour. To the taste, the water is not
very pleasant, yet indicates no ingredient that
would render it inaaplicable The total depth ol
the well is 1211 feet, of which 1200 have been tubed.
The depth actually bored by measurement has
been 1205 feet, and the aperture has been deepened
and extended six feet by the action of the water
itself, and by the subtraction of the quantities of
sand that have been forced up on several occa
An Unkind Cut. —Several of our cotempora
ries, throughout the United States, have published
for the edification of their reader* "a map of Se
bastopo),'' which was in fact a wood cut repre
senting that beleagued city, with its forts, arsenals
and other prominent objects. It presents, It fs
true, many inexplicable features, but may be very
like Sebastopol, St. Helena, or Gibralter. We are
not, however, prepared to say, as many years
have elapsed since we visited either of those
places, and our recollection is sadly at fault.—
Among the papers that gave a copy of this work
of art to each of its readers, was that entertaining
and valuable publication, the N. O Picayune. The
Delta, another paper of the same city, turns around
on its neighbor and says it is the "unkindest cut''
which the veteran Menchikoff has yet receiv
ed! The Picayune owes the Delta one.
Convicted ok Musdkb.—Wra. Young, who in-
September last "beat, bruised and otherwise Injur
ed and abused with stieks and a rope, a male
child," so that the child died, waa tried on the
charge in New Orleans on the 28th ult. and con
victed of murder in the first degree. 'The Delta
calls Young "the friendless man." Ha had not
evenacoattohi* back, and notwithstanding the
coolness of the atmosphere, sat in the court room
and was conveyed to and from the prison without
that uaeful garment. When the verdict of the
jury was announced, the prisoner's wife, who ia to
be tried as as accessory, smiled with evident satis
The details of the crime of which Young has
been convicted, nre almost too horrible for belief.
It appears from the evidence that it was his custom
to hsng die poor child op by the neck with a scarf
to a nail, and then beat It with a small rattan sane,
puncture its flesh, crush its sides together, scratch
its body and place his hand over its month to pre
vent screamteg. Though the wows did not par
ticipate, still R was in evidence that she did not
interfere to prevent her husband, but was rather
pleased with the torture of the child. She employ
ed a lawyer to detoad herself, bat refaead ta do
anything for bar husband, remarking that ha de
served hanging, and she would do nothing to save
Komi's HromnoAuu have baaa playing ia
Washington, with great success, a trsveatry ef
Macbeth, the production of Mr. G. W Tay leu re of
ths Richmond theatre. Mr. T. we understand, has
wrtotoa several usrttorfcms play a, some oi which
we suppose will be produced here during the sea
son. ;
A Wnrura Wwxow — far
ktektag riwdow 4», kM-bMB -Mat
to ttowMttMMta
h* wtopa «*a waiia Otof kli k*rd ttto.
i Mr. J.T. Edward*, a highly wpadaj
fcetawbarj, wWM rateide oa To»
"T tat It i* itatod that he ptn-ehaaed five
•trychnina at the drof store ot Meaan.
Mw* Rive., aboot a quarter before 9 o'clock,
avtaraen the hears of 9 aad 10 he expired. No
aaaigsed for the act. Tbe Expreaa aaya:
1 —d hi* lady boarded with Mr. Joha
■2*Me Walnut atreet. aad we ndamaad the
™*tataatioa Mra. Edwarda raeeivad of the aafor
eotidiiion of her hnebaad, wa* from tbe airo
ywy °»n*edbythe palatal effect* of the
«» 'named lately eoqaired of hia> what
. *""a***ter, to which he replied BOtbiig. She
pewfoted in the enqafry, when to her hor-
Informed that he bad (wallowed poi
Medical Sid wa* immediately procured, but it
Whoßy unavailing, for the deadly drug had
edWaJalt. WOr ' t * *° 4111 * ' Bw hebreath-
WW <k BTKNCXX, of thi* city, aad waa universally
JJJf** 8 * *r *11 who knew him. He leave* a wile
*aa *a o®ly child to moura hi* melancholy end.
H*ayt Robbeby. —The Norfolk Argui state* that
the iron aafe in the counting room of Meaara
C«"|» A Bonsai, cotnmteeien merchant*, of that
city, was robbed last Saturday night of about one
thomand dollar*. It appeared that Mr. Roger*, the
f etafc to whom the key* bad been entruated, we*
met on hi* way home by two men who acked
him to ahow them the residence of a citizen of
Norfolk. He complied with their request, and
•oon after parting with them, he found that hi*
pantaloons had been cut and the key* abstracted
Unity lug back to the store, he found the back door
open, bill* and papers scattered about, and the
money gone as above stated. A reward of $200
ha* been offered for the arrest of the rogues.
Death of an old Resident oj- Norfolk.—A
paper published in New Liberia, Louisiana, (say*
the Norfolk Herald,) announce* the decease at that
place of Mrs. Sarah Canby, at the age of one
hundred and seven year*. Mr*. Canby was born
in New York in the year 1747—50 runs the "family
record," and some time previous to 1800, Wamo a
resident of Norfolk, where she kept a respectable
grocery and clothing store, until about the year
1810, when she removed to New Orleans, with her
son, Mr. John P. Miller.
Cask Critical.—The Buchanan (Botetourt) Re
corder ol Saturday last, says: "We stated last
week that Mr. William A. White, of this place, was
stabbed by a boatman (a white man) named Fa
ri*i, who was committed to jail, and that Mr.
White's wound, though dangerous, was not likely
to prove latal. We learn to-day, from one ot the
attending physicians, (Dr. Wood,) that Mr. White
i* in a very critical position, his case having as
sumed a worse appearance within the last few
Deceased.— Capt William A Powell, a native of
Amelia county, Va, died at his plantation on Red
River, Texas, on the 2d of November.
The Whig comments upon the Enquirer's appeal
in behalf of the democratic nominees. In regard
to that portion of the article which claimed that the
democrats and their nominees have stood, hereto
fore, side by side, worshipping at the same altars,
&c., the Whig asks —
Where was Mr. Wise when Van Buren was the
chief priest officiating In tbe Democratic Sanhedrim!
What were the offers, and what the incense, which
HE threw on the "altar of the party," when Gen.
Jackson wasthe iron-willed exponent of its creed 1
We ask, where was Henry A. Wise when the En
qnirer and its party were "glorying over tbe tri
umph of Van Buren,*' and mournin/r over the de
feat of the same "Northern man, with Southern
principles t" We ask our neighbor to reconcile
these little differences, merely as a matterof his
torical relation. We are sure he did not intend to
violate historic truth.
In conclusion, the writer invitee the democratic
crew to quit the (inking ship, leave "Capt. Luce,"
and take passage on the ship "Whig,'' which "is in
fine sailing order, and in no dagger of a wreck or
The Penny Post has another editorial on thepres
sure io|the money market. The writer believes that
the stringency is mainly due to the reckless extrav'
agance of speculators, moonshine corporations
and fancy stockjobbers, and that the money of the
country is generally in the hands of the agricultu
ral|community. The rage for speculation and fi
nancial adventure in this country is too great; for
while it is true that it stimulates enterprise and en.
courages trade, it often leads to disaster and ruin-
The Post advises the commercial and manufactur
ing and all other interests to take a lesson from the
agricultural—and, by confining themselves to the
legitimate pursuit of their respective avocations'
guard against ruin and distress on one hand, and
insure peace of mind and a certain competency on
the other.
The Enquirer gives a synopsis of the suggestion*
contained in the President's Message, and thus
speaks of the document:
In style, simple and [straightforward, it i* lea* or
nate and ambitious, and much better adopted to
the purposes of a State paper, than any preceding
performance of the same pen. The country wili
receive the message with satisfaction and applause.
The Democratic party will see in it an unswerving
fidelity to the principles of its creed.
Firs.—On Monday of last week, the Furniture,
Saddle and Harness Store*, Carriage House and
Stables, on Middle street, Newborn, N. C., belong
ing to the Messrs. Dibble, were entirely consumed
Contents mostly saved. Loss estimated at about
$1,500 Some other fires have recently occurred
in Mewbern, and a negro woman and boy havo been
arrested on suspicion of being the incendiaries.
[From the San Francisco Alta California, Nov. 9 |
Again doe* it fall to our lot to chronicle one of
those onhappv events too frequent in this State,
which has cast a dark shadow over on* hearth at
least, and left one heart desolate.
The principals in this duel were Achillea Kewen
and Colonel Woodlief. The particulars, a*'well as
could be ascertained, ate aa follows:—Last Friday
evening Mr. Kewen and the Colonel, were with sev
eral others, in the saloon known as the "Bine Wing,"
Montgomery street. The conversation waa princi
pally an the politics of the day, and became rather
animated. The Colonel remarked to Kewen that he
waa a d—d "Know Nothing," upon which Kewan
struck him on the month with bis hand. Friend* In
terfered and arrested farther proceedings at that
tfane. It is asid that on Monday Mr. Kewen noaght
oat CoL Woodlief and offered a* apology, which
waa refused. The offer was again renewed. Kewen
t.n.| that he woald make the apology 1b writing,
if it woald he aaore acceptable. The Colonel in the
nanan tinse had ssat a challenge, and ha expressed
his determination to have it aettled ia the nana! aaan
ner. Friends were accordingly chn*en, and it was
concluded to cress the hay and adjastthe difficulty
by reoearse to fire-arms.
TasJnnUy aswnlaf Aa parties left ia the Oakland
ferry-hoat j a*7 o'clock lathe mornicg. Several par
ansa ia the city having been informed of what waa
going aa, crossed over In the ferry-boot. Oa arriving
■aaiatahflt —tTkii h«wa t i> - - - . ,
fcithi* toe
pal* took theirftaea*. aad
the weaad. TUa
nnnV y Th^P* T *f iM - takM *• tSSuZ
T« Taaa-
aod *Uyped in Baa Antonio white the aart*
SThSSJ;. * mnrßß4 to the IS
rnP- TTT ■? . w °'dl'«f w*a born ia GreaavilJe
S®"?' Virginia, and moved to Texaa more thaa
twenty year* ago. He waa elaetod a Coloaal In the
Te*» army, and was,<a active wvSSTdwln, S
Revolution there. Subsequently ha wa* one of th*
If«SnK? r, J2l rl ?* tha ***taa war he accom
panied the American forces a* an anatear warrior
"i d»ting B i.hed forthe independent
whieh he tooh his aealtioaa durtn* the *-|*fin aad
the accuracy of hi* mark*man*hip. Hahad bean
engaged in a number of duet*, had been wrnmdZl.
number of time* in battle, asiwriu toTSrSL!
is!? 6 b s" et * He *• CallfonSa ia
1849, and waa collector of the foreign miner*' tax in
2SftiTn2ESSL woodii.fiSL^rgoth".;
wealthy Diercb*i»t to New Orieaw. With tMe hn-
" * nhm 12 o*l3
A Circu* Company at New Orleen*, i* playing a
new piece entkled the "Capture ol SeWopol.'
The manager cleverly apologfee* for thu* taking
time by the forelock," by declaring that hia niece
has been ready three week*, aad he cannot afford to
longer await the tardy movement* of the Anglo
r rench Allies. °
A robbery was committed at Aasuata on Wedaes*
day night upon the Georgia Rail Road Company,
by entering their office and forcing their *afe b*
gunpowder. *
A . rer / disastrous fire I* reported to have been
raging in Salem, Russell county, Ala , last Thursdav
morn'og. J
BOOKS.—Just received at the
New Bookstore, 211 Broad *t , the following
new publications: "
BH-t-*8 H-t-* Ease, or the Brother 1 * Wife. 2vol*.,price
Maxim* of Washington. $1.
goefd' 6 $i OnM " 0,11 e Journ ®7- Samuel Ot-
The Youth of Madame de Longuevilie. $1.
Wood's Illustrated Natural History. 91 50.
Ida Norman, or Trial* and their Uses. Bv Mr*.
Lincoln Phelps. £1.25.
r °Vf ive Yew » in British Priton*. By
Jodd Mitchell. $1. *
retdy D *«l 25 Marion Hirland - Sixth Edition now
Lo»t Hsirei*. By Mr*. Emma D. E. N. South
worto. f1.25.
Hapt and By Grace Greenwood. $1.25.
Party Leaden, or Sketches of Jefferson, Hamilton,
Clav and others. #1. *
Virginia Comedian*, or Old Days in the Old Domin
ion. 2 vols.. Si 50.
Freaks of Fortune. By J. B. Jones SI .25.
For sale by HARROLD fc MURRAY,
des 211 Bread st.
riT" from tbe Fort
folio of the lata Horace Binney Wallace, of Phila
delphia. $1.25.
Emma de Li**an; a Narrative of Striking Vicissi
tudes and Peculiar Trials, with Note* illustrative of
tbe Manners and Custom* of the Jews. By the An
thor of "Sophia de Lissan," etc. 75c.
Joys and Sorrows of the Ecclesiastical Year. By
Maria O. Mil ward. $1.
Sermons on the Christian Life. By the Bt Rev.
George Barges*. D. D., Bishop of the Protestant £
Church in the Diocese of Maine, tl.
Memoir of the Rev G Bedell, D. D. By Stephen
H. Tyng. Second Edition. 75c.
The North British Review for November. Sub
scription f3 per annum.
The above new Books, with many others, iust re
' 139 Main st
Fifty cents only.—-powers,
over Woedhouse's Book«tore, is the only artist
ill Virginia that will take yon a Daguerreotype for SO
Cents, and yon are not compelled to take two a* it
has been reported; bat yo* can hare one Picture
taken for 50 cents, equal to any yon pay Two Dol
lars for at other galleries. Now, I am enabled to
give yon a firat clan picture, from the fact, (hat I am
alwaya kept b«sy taking doable the number of pie
tare* that I did at my former price*. Remember
what I say, that aa yon can have (a good Daguerreo-
2 pe at my Gallery, (only) 139 Main at., sign of the
ed Flag. de 6
/^ALLOPOION—For chapped face and
V-' hands, roughness or Irritability of the akin, cba
ting, kc., ice. Being a judicious combination of vege
table substances, without metallic or other corrosive
admixture, it may be osed with entire safety in eve
ry instance. A single application will at once prove
its value, whilst its continued nse will render the
roughest and most irritable akin delieately soft and
fair. Prepared and sold by
de 6 Druggists, 92 Main st.
PEACHES, lie.—The greatest variety that ean
be found In any house in the city and at moderate
prices, viz : Preaerved Ginger, Pine Apples, Dam
sons, Peachea, Crab Applea, Cherries, Quinces. Green
Gages, Limes, Quince and Peach Marmalade*,
Pickled Lobsters, Mixed Pickles, in different size
jars, Worcestershire Sauce. something nice, Brandv
Peaches in quarts, half and gallon jars, OHves and
Capers, Currant, Quince and Apple Jellies, Gnaba
Jellies, fresh Peaches and Tematees. All peisons in
want of such articlea will do well to call on
de 6 No. 76 Main st
JL RANAWAY from the sabscriber, on Tuesday
morning, the 7th of November, his negro woman,
LAVINIA. She is about 22 years of age, 5 feet high,
and of a brown akin; has one tooth broke out and
several others decayed in front She is from Rich
mond County, where I think she will try sad get to.
She was purchased from Mr. L- H. Dlx of Lancaster
C. H , though sbe formerly belonged to Mrs. Mont
gomery of Richmond county. I will give the above
reward of Twenty-Five Dollars for her apprehension
and delivery to me. or for her confinement in any
jail so that I can get her.
BT All expenses paid.
no 9 ALEX. HILL, Richmond. Va.
JL ING IEONB—aa exhibited at the Fair or the
Mechanics' Institute, will be delivered to those who
engaged them by us. We have also a supply of thain
on hud which are for sale at manufacturers' prices.
The ladies are especially jnvitod_tq examine them.
no 21 101 Broad st.
IBEG respectfully to inform my friends
aad the aahlie, that I am now in the boose of
Messrs. SMITH fc BAR WOOD, No. 85 Main street,
sign of the broad-axe, where it would afford me pieae
are to see them, and to supply them with any foods
m the HARDWARE LINE. I have been employed
in the boose of Mr Tbeo. Robertson for about fifteen
years, and a partner with him aad Mr. Wat. R. Gitee
from the Ist August. 1851, to Ist Jaly, IBM, ud any
orders entrusted to ma from the patrons or Robert
son, Gates fc Ratcllffe, would he very thankfully re
ceived, aad have the best and most careful attention
of the honae in whieh I am new employed.
nog—lm J. W. RATCLIFFE.
]\TOTICEAII persons having claims
1" against the Estate of Hbulkv D. CLorroN, d<-
ceased, will praseat them to me; and all indebted *0
said aetata, will settle immedistely, ea longer iadal
gence cannot be allowed. _
no 6—ta Adm'r of Henlay D. Cteptou. dec'i.
1/lIAffS FOUNDER, having opened a Ftmndry
on 10th street, hetweea Main and Cary streets, u
prepared to execate orders for all kinds of Plain and
Ornamental Brass aad Composition CASTINGS, in a
workmanlike maaatr
As he te prepared to eaet semi day, pareoM want>
iagwotkdsns ssaho sssnmmndstsdlaa fswkmrf
Homes sad Church SELLS made
jk petroaaga from the pallia It respactfklljsoiialfr
H pHee paid fwsWaiM*
. *•"
, _ . , „ _ A. wiUU,
— . ..■. ,*-; „.-ir, I *■»?:?■■ r' -Isi *»•*¥-?
g. , sgaas«g»-»,
T\JOTICK.-—I law teMrf ITaug#
v 5? COAL FITS, ia rimtui IV>|t CnH j.
on t)M Coal Baaiaciaio it* TVIOQI VtlintiMiii
.We have appointed Mr JNO. FAB3UK,
the hrmM Ageatof the CnritohCo.. oarAsvut uul
HOSMTAL.-Thia Insti
„ .'"Hon u *ita»ted ob Church Hill. Richmond
V*i m I delightful, airj pQBUIou, end 1* J
Convenience. Th* Lying-in Ward* ar!!
peculiar); commodious. Theun4i.elg«ed lira their
& e e'l?Sir^ e ' d * ,16e * *" »» U *«" "hT«
v w^
accommodations.to W "
These Rate* embrace alt charge* for Board, Medi
cin»* and Medical *nd Surgical attendance.
Or No contagion* diseases admitted.
7. Marx, U. D., n. " M n
R. G. Cabell, M. D., James Basft MD*
Jame.Boltw.Mtf., fTroSm.MD
ocfntcSm PH¥ " CU "- 1W - ° reW - M»•
T For Coiunmption, Scrojula, Sf-c. '
5E great success which has attended
the use of the above celebrated article baa imi
to many imitations, and as much disuppointinent and
injury baa been (offered from (parlous article*, pur
chaser* ihonld nae (he utmost CAUTION in
that the nam* of RUBHTON CLARK k CO. in hi!
is blown in the bottle and i* on each label, the
■lgimtur* in fall over eaeb cork, asiibne other is zen
nine. We have been at great pains and expense to
secure our patrons the pore article, aad oar Mr.
Clark went to New Pound land to superintend the
manufacture in person, and we will warrant our Oil
pure and superior quality in every respect, and aad*
from tbe fresh Livers, and not purified from the
common oil, as is the case with a grew deal that la
sold for genuine.
. T £®|® n "' n * Clmrk *• Co.'» «* *ale
by PURGE!,!* LADD It CO, and by Druggists gea
orally in Richmond and throughout Virginia,
no 6—dfcwSm
47 and 49California Street, San Francisco,
CELL Tobacco on Commission direct
k? from and for account of the Virginia Manufac
turer*, aad to whom we refer.
Messrs. Edmond, Davcnpoit k Co.,
wlil reply to any questions aad transact aay business
for our house. *
Meisrs. All.cn k Paxson, New York, will da like
wl*e- aoig —dkwly
on THURSDAY, the Bth day of>ebruary,lSSjS
the new and * plendid Hall of the Smithioalan Insti
tution, which is one of the moat magnificent room*
is the United State*.
To this Exhibition, the Manufacturer*, Mechanics,
Artists, Inventor*, and all Other* desiring I* display
the retnlta of their labor. skill, ingenuity aad
frw dl portions of the Union, are cordially invited
The Machinery Department will be under the
charge of a Special Superintendent. Steam power,
fixtures, labor, 4c , will be given free of anMM.
All intending to exhibit, are r*qu**ted to give no
tice at aa early a day a* pouible. Good* abooid be
acoompanied with a proper Invoice.
The Committee, therefore, feel that la inviting
contributions from all portion* of the Union to the
Second Exhibition ef ibe Metropolitan Mechanics'
Institute, they are offering to the produear of excel
lent article*, a valuable opportunity of making known
to the whole country their novelty aad utility, the
superior style of their workmanship, aad their adap
tation to the purpose* for which they may be iatend-
Tliey would respectfully solicit from the ladlaa
those specimens of elegant handiwork, which here
tofore have formed aa attractive and impact*** a fea
ture of these displays. It is proposed to submit
such contributions to a Committee of Ladle*, aad
to award to article* of merit, premium* of jewelry,
be., raited to the tastes of the fair exhibitor*
The Hall will be opened forthoroaaptioaof Goods
on Monday, the 29th day of January, aad oath* eve
ning of Thursday, the Bth of February, at T o'clock,
the Exhibition will ha foruiallyjopeaed for the ra
ce ption of visitor*, and contiau* open about font
No artibla deposited alter Batvday night, td of
February, eau be entered upon the Judged List* for
competition,"or premium, eseept such ae the Com
mittee aball be satisfied were dispatched from a dis
tance in time to have reached the Ball by thatfay,
but failed to arrive, from unavoidable detention.
Articles designed for exhibition only, will ha fa*
ceived free of charge, until Tueaday night, flch of
February, at 10 o'clock; after which time, depositor*
will be subieetto a charge of from SO eeata to |i,
for each article deposited.
Apprenticea and minor* who contribute artieleeof
their own make or invention, shall specify their age
and the time they may have served at then businees.
All articles depoeited for coaipetlUoa aad premium
must be of American manufacture, coaepiceoaalr la
belled with appropriate names; the name of the
maker and investor, (if known,) aad the aaata of Ik#
depositor; a copy of which label must be famished
the clerk at the time of bringing the goods fereatry
on the record. Fricc* may be aSixsd, or not, at the
option of the exhibitor
Depositors, at the ttase ef ea try, will reeetva a tick
et of title to their goods, which tickat will alao ad
mit them to the exhibition et all tt*a*« wh*a open
to the public
N. B. Good* choald ha addraased aa follows: •*£*-
c y MttrapoUUm Mttkamittf ImNM*l
WaAington, DC" and ahoald have the nature of
the articiea. aad the name of the party landing them,
distinctly marked on the pachasec. They timid
alao he accompaaled by a detailed (avoiaa.
Circular*, eeatalain* detailed hwt*wdw*i*« ha
forwarded, aad anv infornaatioa give*, an application
to the Corresponding Secretary, to whom ail eotoma
siaaMenaoa the hoAuat of B>* Institute ahodU ta
fitfTSSfflt! SKBttfißUSS**:
mt tlnm i» th« udtnipnl fat tttwwt tmmm
lag to law. T4mm indebted to her eetate will fleaan
make payment to me wttfcoat deley* "
* uk )M e«i&.
|?0R HUtE, fas U» b«)wc> aI Uwy t,
Ji a troB«. |M« WM M|i» rtwMl
tmh nH,«eM** Majpii C—>, awjlm»et
the will aleo be ft
ciir wntmruSST

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