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yn»n«T ipmt *. !»**•
DtsFATCH run THE PemiM
("in* to the Spring* can have the Di«patch
■rat to them for 107 length of time they
may d»»ire.
Many «f the New York clergy, abolition
Ist* included, preached sermons on Sunday
lust, invoking the people to sustain the pro
hibitory temperance law, on the ground that
when tinman Law is in accordance with
Divine Law, there is no possible excuse
for disobedience.
It will be seen that these gentry have left
themselves a loophole to creep out of in case
they should be asked why it is the duty of
the citizens to sustain one law —such as the
temperance enactment —and to disobey ano
ther—such as the Fupi ive Slave law. Tbe
human law must accord with the Divine Law
in order to render obedience a duty ! Tb»-y
do not condescend to inform us who is to he
the judge of that accordance. They daren< t.
Well knowing; that the right of private j"de
ment is one «>f the most valued rights of Pro
tostantism, they are aware that their doc
trine translated into plain Eat<lish amounts
to this: that if any and every man inlbe com
munity chooses to oonsider any law unscrip
tarsi, it is their duty to disobey it—a princi
pie which, if carried into practice, would <>f
c<>ur«e lead at once to rebellion and anarchy.
We Should like these worthies also to ex
pi-in what is to be dune und'-r their princi
ple in ca«e one portion of the community be
lieves that a particular law is in accordance
with the Divine Law, and ano'her portion
believes the contrary. Are the fi'st to obey
and the last to disobey J Or are th«y to go
into the streets and settle the theological
question at the point of the bayonet / i*T
«x imple, there is the Fugitive Slave Law —
Abolitionists think it opposed to the Divine
L>»w. Slavery men point to the epistle of
St. Paul to Philemon, in which a holy apostle
himself returned a fugitive to bondage, and
exhorted him, as a Christian, to be obedit-Lt
to his master. They bring up hundreds of
other passages from Scripture proving that
slavery has the Divine sanction, a fact which
vraa never questioned by any commentator
of any church till abolitionism after eighteen
centuries, made the wonderful disoovery.--
What is to be done in such a case ? So too
with a prohibitory liquor law. If obedience
is to depend on a nan's opinion whether a
law is in accordance with the Divine Law.
then a great many people wi 1 maintain the
negative of that proposition in reference to
the snti liquor enactment. They will main
tain that, to yield obedience to the new law,
is to be "subject to ordinances—touch not,
t«te not, hanale not"—which subjection was
condemned by an inspired apos'le. This
plea will have quite as much color from
Scripture in it as any the abolitionists can
produce against the Fugitive Slave Law.
The true doctriue on this subject is set
forth in the words of Inspiration itself:—
"Let every soul be subject unto the higher
powers. For there is no power but of God :
the powers that be are ordained of God-
Wherefore ye must needs be subject,not only
for wrath, but*l»o for conscience sake.
This new paper made its appearance on
the 4th, printed in handsome style with new
types. Itaeise is large and well proportion
ed. It is understood that an association of
gentlemen will contribute to its editorial co
lumns. We have heard only a name or two
mentioned, and they are gentlemen of ability
and practised writers. Mr. Heath is the
only gentleman officially announced as con
nected with that department. His well
known character as a gentleman and a man
of talents is a guarantee tor the decorum and
dignity of the paper. It is understood that
the bows and other departments of the Na
tional American are w«ll organized.
By a communication in a late Whig,
it appears that Miss Linden has returned
to her editorial post once more, and pro
mises to reply at length in her paper, the
Repository, t# the various charges which
have been brought Bgainst her. We hope
§he may be able to dispel all the dark
olouds which have lowered over her fair
name, and come forth bright as the sun.—
This is an uncharitable and gossiping world,
always more delighted to discover a f<»ult
thau to recognize a virtue. We do not pre
tend to rit in judgment in the case of Com
mnn Rumor versus Lille Linden, but this we
miy say, that we know Common Runnr to
be a lyiDg jade, whereas of Lille Linden we
know nothing. Lille may console herself, if
inuoceat, with the consciousness of her own
parity, and the reflection that some of the
best people in the world have be»-n slander
ed. The fairest flowers are often cr pt over
by th« foulest reptiles. But if guilty, she is
receiving a portion of the natural and pro
per results of her own acts. We dislike,
however, to indulge the idea of such a possi
bility; and if Lille can only ezcnlpate her
self from the ugly charges sgaiuet her, we
will throw up our caps, and hurrah for the
True or false, there is nothing so agreea
ble to the hum-m palate hs a well stunned
dish of scandal, especially if a woman be
the object. We shudder at the South Sea
cannibals devouring human flesh, but the
w«jr civilized white people devour human
reputations, throws cannibalism entirely into
the shade. Gourmands of this class, like epi
cures everywhere, prefer their meat a little
tainted. Nothing can exceed their bliss, as,
with eyes turned up and mouths watering,
they swallow some unclean repast. The only
reaaonable explanation of the unnatural appe
tite iS( that those who indulge it, are con
noioas of their own frailty, and delighted to
find that tbey are not the only sinners in the
world. We hope the fair Lille may be able
to show that in her example the scandal mon
gers have no ground for encooragement.
We understand that Messrs. Anderson,
Delany A Co., have contracted to build
twenty two Locomotivet for the Memphis and
Tennessee Railroad. They are to furniib
two in four months, and the others in the
coarse of the next eighteen months. Thia U
a gratifying iact. When our Railroads are
connected with the Western and Southern
roads, orders for railroad machinery and
cars will rapidly accumulate upon the bands
of ov maaufaotaren.
LOCAu MAi-TNtlii*.
The Weekly Dispatch for to day contains
the lift of students and graduates of the Uni-
versify at the Commencement of that insti
tution—a sketch of the Commencement o!
Richmond Collie and the address of Dr.
Ktland —the late interesting news from Eu
r „pe— interesting correspondence—Poetry,
••The Charge at Balaklavs," —currpnt mwp
of the week—miscellaneous selections—Edi
torials—the prices current carefully correot
ed and the Receipts of Produce, 40., for the
Price thru cekts for single copies—only
One Dollar ptr annum.
Severest Ibjobed—The floor of the
porch attach mi to the dwelllug bonis at Oak Wood
C m-fry, when filled with ladles and children
1 sat Wednesday afternoon, gave way, siskin* about
•evo le-», and precipitin* nearly all who were
la 1( to the basement In the fall Mrs. F| ir d, wife
of lb* Mi Miter *t L?i«h Btrw®t Chnrcb, Mr§.Btrtt
ton and M m McOul were ievereiy. thongb not
■langemualy iijured, and several small children
• rt*hilf bruUea. No bones were broken that we
know of.
Brokk Town. —The cars on the Rich
mond And Fredetleluhnr# Railroad were detainee!
an boor or two last Wedneadsy afternoon, by a
■mail break in tbe engine.
Bobb»ry.—On Tuesday night last, the
carriage ab'.'p of Mr. T. H. Fowler, on Franklin »t.
nearly oppoalte Trinity Church, wa« forcib'y en
tered and robbed of one roll of dark daraa»k, one
large piece block er>»m»l leather, two aetg ilk cur
tains and frlnj{»», £15 worth scrap sil»er, one roll
fine carper, a lot o' tools, etc Tbe attention oj
the police and grocery keep«ra is failed to this rob
bery, with thebepeof det»cl"g the thief.
Accident —Last Tuesday afternoon, as
Mr. J n»ph McAlitater was riding along Broad st ,
from 23' d, towards 17th, bin horse Ml. and ca'ch»
In* bis leg* under him, ma*hed and irjured him
badly Mr. MnA bad no Pones broken by the ac
cident, but his injuries are of a serious nature.
Sabbath Fchool Celebrations. —The
<if the 6r«t BiptUt Onurch celebrated the
4 b. in the bus-moot of the cborch, where an en
ticing col la'ion was spread. of which the scholars,
teachers and trienda present partook.
Tba Srcond Bap'iet Church School made an ex
cu'sion to Slush Cottage, and, we are informed,
gp»nt a delightful d»y there.
Grace S iHPt Baptist Church School made a short
trip up the canal, and but for thu rain that fell du
ring the afternoon, would have hod pleasant
L.~igh Street Baptist Church School had a pic nlc
at Oak Wood Cemetery, and all who w-re present
were er joying themselves to their heart's content,
when th" itorm came up and compelled them to
«eek shelter in the adj >loin«r building, In ondeavir
ingto do which au accident occurred of an alarm'
ing nature, which we have noticed la another ar
Asbury Cb»pel Bchool had a pic nlc at Voegler's
•price, but the raia came on and compelled the
crowd to seek shelter in Mr. Vnegler's house,
where they remained until the arrival of the otnnl
busies to convey them home.
Burned —A young man named Caudle,
a mcßb»r of the National Guard, had one of bis
eyes badly bu r ned, last Wednesday afternoon
while at Vuegler's spring During the rain storm
he attempted to fire bi« fun, but the powder having
become darcp, merely fl-jshed in the pan, and by
some unaccountable means succeeded In burning
his lacs.
Sudden Death. —Mrs. KesiahF. Pregg,
aged about 22 years, wife of Mr Wm H Bragg,
an employee at the new Ga« Works, died suddenly
on Wednesday night last. Mn. B. was subject to
attacks of croup, but had, to a'l appearances, been
unusually well on the 4'h Alter retiring to bed
«he was laken suddenly ill, and before medical aid
would reach her, was a corpse. She leaves an in
fant but two Months o'd.
Stealing Monet —James McGowan ap
peared b-fore the Mnyortn answer the charge of
stealing money from Daniel Dunnivant on the 3rd
last, but as the offence was committed in the county
the »'-cu»ed was sent belore a county justice for a
Impudent.— George, a slave, charged
vrlh being insolent to Catherine Botto, was cijai*
mltted lor examination this morning.
Convenient. —Street omnibuses were of
great convenience on the 4<h, particularly in the
a r t«rnoon. while the stortn w<i» raging. A r,amber
of them were employed during the d«y la oon-
THflng pxrtiea to and from the various pleasure
froordi. where the Sabbitn schools and military
were having their celebrations.
Fire.—Yesterday morning, two smalt
houses, one brick and the other wood, belonging to
;he '-state of J ibn Wolf, dec'd,, and situated on 17th
street, dp»' its northern extremity, was get on tire
arid destroyed. One ot them was occupied as a
groce y by Mrs. Wolf. Tne hnilding, stock ana
f u-riture were ir.euied in the Fire Association for
91375, which will coyer the losspf.
Bai.logn Ascensiok.—Owing to the bea
vy rain that fell U»t Wednesday afternoon, Mr. A;
L Carrie', »he wa« comp el*d to poai
pone hia ssrial flight from the Agricultural Fair
Fire Works—The inclemency of the
weather la»t Wednesd.y ni*hf, compelled the Fa
yette Artillery to defer their exulbltioa of fire
The Mount Vtß*o» Association held &
ra»eting in the African Cho'cn on the 4 h Inst, and
we'e addressed by B. B W llford, E q , and l)r
B trrowa, of the F rstß-p Ist Chu cb. Toe
»ddresses are highly spoken of by those who heard
The Mostoomtkv ou»ko —This gallant
retired to <*r:ffic>a Spr Eg afer ih* parade
the 4 h, and tb-re parr, ok of a sumptaoua diouer
The company reached that agreeable retreat aboot
19 o'clock, rccoirpooiei by tne Corret Bat.d and
from that hour until 3 o'clock (iinner hou ) the*
' tripped i!" almost incessantly to the munc of tae
Bund Alter dinner Cspt P T Moons. »ho acted
as Pre«ident on the occasion, arosa and read oot the
followiog r-Mtar t< asis which -ere repeated hy
11* Vice President (Dr Mayo) frem the ether end of
ib« t*Mf:
I The 4th of July 1 77«~Freedom'a natal day. It
w-a *;iled b> a nation tha trie tide of tyianny •hoald
roll b«c*, 't HH
3 The memory of Wahington —la the language of
one ot fciime.ui "No p-.,p a can c'aim. no ooant'*
can appropriate him The boon of Proyid-nce to
tha hauian taca. hia fame is eternal, hla residence
efae ,- "« "
3 The memory of th» Signeri of the Declaration of
Independence -An uaeroblaae tr.ou a H-rea naiwus
nee ing upon American groncd es American oi'l
sins, proclaiming to tr-e world "who would be free.
u oat afnfc* the bi<>w "
4 The memory of the Heroet ■ f the Revolution— 'L b
erty Bi'icuibm tbotr awurda—aocewuy etaineri
th«nj vc*o v returned tbe ji "
5 The Union
'•Rn'l on, i or fear »o the se»;
Oar heard our hopea, are ait with thee;
Oar heart* oar hopea, our prayer*, our tear*
Our Nub triuu>pbant o'er our fear*.
A" *1 1 with thee are all with tlie*!"
6. Virginia The brig Meat getu io the diadem o(
S'atr* Hue but * *»« h*r «4<<i'innal lu'tre
7. The memory of Thomat Jeffereon-"Author of tha
D-elara'ixi or loaeueoj. uce -ut .he act lor tbe r»
ÜbH haaitif religion* freedom, and founder of th>
Uni»«'« tv of Virginia."
8 The Army a»« A'ary of the United State*-Tbe
thuri"-- ano inn oi a ~.i ou nbn. ti«.n hcie below
» The President of the United Statei
10. The United Staut and Ireland— E Flu/lbu.
Erin, lluaui ge bra.
Mr Wis. t Wat.on, in reapouae to a load call
(on all pre*ent, cflertd a f»w remark* io appro
priate keeping with toia *eutia>ect. He tbunjered
ball-tire and orimrone upon tbe Britiah Uoveru
ment a- d 'he «nmp»u| to a man anawered—Amen.
11. The Family of lemi."— May harm«i, j tliami
oa e their hoi>a«i.oid»: and, under ite influence, may
all find a common altar 1b tbe ehnrch of Coaati:a
tional Republican-' ia-n "
12. The Ir ih Patriate of '48—Felon* la tha eetima
:ion ot a tyranfi governa out, are patriot* where
the prnole ara *tivereign*
IS H'tmiaa—"A (mile of God, thou art "
Dr. Mayo being toaated. aaid—Mr Prealdaat: lam
diapoeed to behave that many who are eocveraaot
with «ny Mai for tha lata eat and piotperlty or the
Montgomery Guard, ara of opinion that tbat feelirg
iethe reeaUot a direct Uneai connection with the
a 1 of yoar nativity, pred cited upon the Tact that a
oanty ta that old aed cbieaJroaa nation bear* tbe
aama of "Mayo." I can eat tbat I am not myelf
from that roanty, bet the relation* which my proge
nitcn have borne to that coil, aad the ayaonyme re
ferred to, la aw-ther matter. Certain It ie however
that the seal ta regaid to the Sloetgomery B<itrl, to
kiadlf a* ribad to me by many, doea truly ex at aod
will alwaye be ahariahe a whena«»oe»ar ft proceed*.
This attachment I aaa falij ta aajeelt, and
heoee It to 1 feel • pride le e?to't»lnieg It I will
aim vn now fi» f »llowingtQe«' :
Patrick md PatrioUtm »t«Mee twlw. «lway« tc
setber [Uraak -nth •ntb»«le«m I
Mr. J. H«rr<«m. who f« « »■ >°"
vUisd iiMt («*• Uie 'olowing t mat, la respoat* to a
sell f-om fhl : ....
7%, ftmrik of Jmly and the lepenteemtA •/ MnreA-
You. i America «n> alweyr P"»«« S"« "> uff'iiM
dae reverence to both ...... . ...
Ce»t. Moore »aw at bla right bis g»eet an old fa
miliar friend (.»« long -eteemed and wall ramem
bare-t »nce hie fir* r«o"II*etio» of Richmond, who
had Iwoatbaaat from Virginia some time, and had re
turned now a weleome gu«et. and cava, "Health,
wesl-.b aad long lifa to oar Mead, Charla* Palme'"
Mr. Falser exyreesed, in tbe foln«»a of heart hn
grateful tbaoks to Csp'ain Moore and hU Company.
He folly roMD'Ocated their hospitality and kindness,
a d r»«pnd*d:
Ireland—The country of C*pt. Moore and hi* gal
lant soldiers, the Hod of brilliant geoioi aad !«•
, . a « heart!: It bss erer furnishad Its fall queta of
men to tbe world, aad to England tbe moat illustri
ous patriots, e'atesmen and warrior* — [Tone, Battle
of W'atirloo "J _ . , .
Mr CarHngtoa Watklns offered a few banpy re
mark" in repiy to a call from all present. He waa
wa-alv ch-e-ed at tbe e!ose.
Mr. Wn 9- Watson proposed—"The health of the
man who bad an aversion to ' Id hate '"
Mr John Dooley arc»« and aald : "Mr President.
I fancy tbe gentleman aUcdes to me The tout has
to much p«iot. appl cahili y acd trathfelneae. by tbe
way. that I otuld hardly mla'ake Ita bearing, or re
main ind ffarent under ita force and application I
cannot now, h"wever. eater Into any explanation of
tbe rea«oas »bicb justify ita application to me, far
ther than t3 remaik, that the aeo'iment seem* to
be founded open a very escnr-te conception of my
feelings in respect to the clees of goods to which the
gemlemao baa referred I regret I cannot entertain
yon wi'h any remark! which rrav be of interest to
yon 1 'eel aomewhat fatigued after the partde,
f ifr Watson —' I.et tbe gentlemen have a lutte
br oiv and water "J
It m ••• -*' ne. a .d Mr Hoo.'ey having he'p-d bim
ael' to a Utile sung tne "Fur leaved Shamrock" in
exqnialte stj le
tir. Mayo being again cilled upon, cfiared the fol
lowing to*ft:
"The Smii o/W —May Ihey always emulate the
!ire» ot '71"
After b few other appropriate sentiments and some
excellent Irish songs, the company again (ell into
■ank« aud retuned to the o'tj, where they arrived
about bal' pastseven o'clock iu the e-.-ering.
Tne < coaston waa one of nnusual hilarity, and all
sea wed to ei j jj it e»ce-"i»ly
Eagle Isfantry.—After tte regimental
partdc, this «a Unt corps, under the command of
Capt Mu.»f ro. repaired to "Bueh>oan Spring "
where an excellent dinner wss in waiting for them.
Having spent a short tim- in recovering from tbe fa
tigu-sofa long march dinner was aanoa-'ced, and
tbe Company and Iheir guests were ordered to
'-charge" the feast before them. At the conclusion
of the -epast, to which due regkrd had b.-en paid,
Cant called to oraer and read the fol
The day we celeirate — Con>ecra*ed by the glorl
ou< d-icas ot patriot aagei. Remember it tc keep it
The Signer* of the Declaration cf Independence—
In lubsj.ibiug tns'. sacred instrument, iDcy nave
st' r-oi?p*rf »h»i r f«m«
The President of the United States
The Confederacy of states—Toe harp of varied
stunts. Inspired by tuo aom of treeoom its music
wiil «'<r refinMican h»*rt» throughout the world
Washington — While History en!' gi*e» hit life,
poeiy we -ps over hi* tomb, ana eternity will hallow
b • virtue*
The American Flag— Honored at the proud em
blem of a nation's atrengtb and glory. It shall be
Virginia—ld»t virtue and wisdom be the delight
n* be enildren, and her land will teem with every
When the regular toasts w*re concluded, the fol
lowing vulun ee- t»ntim»nt w»s offered :
'■Our beloicd Lieutenant—R. Milton Cary "
Ttiia tmtiment broQsbt cut Lieut Carv, who re
sponded io one of the happiest and mojt feeling ad
dresses thit we ever listened to, on s ch an occasion,
being contiuually interrupted by applause as be pr-.-
ceeced Wnen he cl-jaed, three loud and deafening
cheers were siven bim.
Surgeoa Coleman, on being toasted, responded
mosc bappily, and concluded with tbe following sen
timent :
"A Lion's In tbe field, and & Buck's among the wo.
Lieut. Wm. Lyons waa called on and responded In
one of h's most wimg sp- ec>>es.
Addresses were also a.ade by Capt Wm
J. M Munford, ex-L.eut. X. C. Burns, Ensign Wil
liams and ethers.
jvtr. Jar »S Lyo"« sent io tha following rentiment:
The Citizen Soldier - Like the States at d th- Union
—di tinct crxtHcieis li one body—in r>eace the pro
tector of individual right; in war the shiold of the
natii-B—each is necessary to the efficiency of either
and the harmony of the whole
The ' Lady Patroness of the Corp« " was next
roasted, to which Lieut Cary responded. Hit re
marks w re received witb slue eb*ers.
Many other volunteer sentiments were'effared,
which we could not catch. Suffice it to say, that not
wirstan-iing trie heavy rain in the afternoon, the
' Eagles" and their frisr-ds enjayed the day to thei r
iie-rt's content, acd returned to the city before
uight, deMshted that the f; urth had passed of} with
out an accident to mar the p'rsseres of tbe ecsasion
Celebration or ihb 80th Ansivjr-
or A Flag, &c.—The An-iveraary of American
Independence wa* celebr tei Wer a • ay, In this
city, by the Young Guard, with uuuau&l enlbu»
• i»m Tao corp* paraded at SA. M., sod after
drill, repaired to the American Hotel, wbere they
partook ot to excelled breakfast. They then
inarched to their Armory, and were dismissed
uotil 9 o'clock, at which hour the volunteer regi.
ment bad received orders to parade
Punctual to the hour, tbe Young Guard warn in
place. and octupied no inconsiderable portion in
the column which formed the Volunteer Regiment.
They mustered seveniy-elgbt m»n upon parade ;
bu> this number nai subg- quently reduced to
seventy six, by the Indisposition of a couple of
privates, who fourd that they were phyilcally un»
able to wiihttand the heat and burthen* of the
Toe volunteer regiment having formed on Broad
•treet, repaired at once to fba African Church,
where exercises, appropriate to the day, took
place, under th« Auspice* of the Mount Vernon
Association. baviog been concluded, the
t ■-»c»iv«d order* to repair to the r»,iitol
Squ- e wher 'the na! onal *a u:» wa* fired. O >iig
to tbt- .reumitauce tr,at ib« Youtg tiuaiu nave
h en un=>b e to obtain tbe rr-qaUne number of rell
be > oik t* from the State Armory nutwitb*t»naiiig
an oder to supply them ha* been pl-o°d in pr. p*r
n*ud« ne»r two year* since, they were unable to
fi'» as effectively a* could have been desired.—
Fully lony private* were unable to fire at all, in
con*equi-nce of thy worthleegnee* ol th> arms in
ih> tr poseessli n
Alte'the fue de joie had been fired, the Young
Gn*rd forinsd ia front of the eastern base of 'he
MunumMnt. now in of erection, to the "'Fa
tbor ol bis Ci.untry," for th« purpcae of formally
g a l»w and beau'iful banner, which Geor
gl* Vi r ginia Pa'ton, a sweet little Mis» tf only
«ome tiv - *umm->r», d«tired to pri'ient theoi Cot
1 boma* P August, having consented to
the incrrestitg little slonor, prwented the Flag to
the Gorps in th»* foil wing appropriate term*, i-d
dreaaine hU remarks to C-ipt. liich«rd»on, of the
Youn* Gu«rd H- —
Ce/itain hi hardrm and membert of the Young Guard:
i It iUU n»-e t . day «a tne « pr. eeatattve of V t;-
fin ft Georgia ration, the «w#%t and lovciy child by
uiy *tae to ut you- at her band*, cf
buneh and banner It i« the offering of
T.fant innocence to youtnful valor If ycu could
I jo* into her i:;le heart aod se« the fealii.s which
h ve protnp-.ed this beautiful tribute to yiu' gallant
corps, voo would a faiihfal da S u»rr B otype of
the wifle-.pt-fd love and »dtniratioo in which the
Yonng Gu.rd aeb-ld by the whole people of the
tr ettO|.oa« ai d tbe State. To yeur har.ds >be con
"dss H as pnre a.'id .taiaiess as her owe little heart
end so It * til no preserved until the beartofevaiy
Younn Gu-rd uas kloodless ss fceis i« pare I knew
with wnet pr d» eid pieraare joa win dispU: it in
the Flplrg time* of p-»ce," ard I think I know
t-.e de.perste courage ytu will bring to it« defence
.f it shall be unfiled upon the red field of wa~
Tv berever the fray i< hottest and danger the thick
est, It. bright stare snd glittering fold* wi 1 give Lew
impulse to your ardor and fresh strength to yout eou
"&1' * nd * hI np "nr P«'h»ay to v.ctory.
The im»ge of the Capitol ar-d the coat of arms of
yoarnttir# State vui remind yoa that you th©
*oldler* of a commonwea'tb who*e gallantry aod
patrlotiio* have been atteited npon every battla
held ol tbe country, ard have won f. r her impoi * »
• b * 'tscowo and gb y; tbe atars and s.tipes wli,
remind y \ that y u a • iha soldiers of a repub ie
caree, "a peace .nd war has p aosd her upon
a proad height, where she rend* and will continue
to s'*nd, the pride and admiret on of the eiviliied
world. I know ibat, however dark and trying the
y h r f tfce P " Jer "' d '"«"«• •»
"•Forever fl /at <hat standard sbeet
br "•^ e • th ? tb»t stand* before us,
U lib freedom', aoil baneatb our reet
Ana freedom s banner waving o'er ua."
To this Capt Richardson responded a* follow* •
.n , re * r *t ' h ' t tbo pl»»*ant duty of receiv r*
k! q '* bl<, , no t devolved of .n one more
St.ed for th. ./*,, * i wbo coold bava done it mora
Juariae; ans wuh nt attemptiag a >e( .peach 1
only offer through reprtHntativ* of *h : i
f.ir child, tbe hearty thank. aaVgrtldituJS of th.
Toang Guard for thla handtome present with the
a.ior ,nea tbat it* brigat atari and atripe* aha 1 save?
b. tarnished In an nnr-ghteou* cau*e or *urrend!«d
to an enemy while there eiancs a man ol the Gja'd
to defend It; f.om oar Knaiga. wbo<« praud Ho « »t|.
to bear aod proieet It t-> ihe ' 6oya" who as ark the
various evolution* of the corp. aD d thoogn .be h.
now too youag to undera and t bi* hippy K eoe the
time will o .me whaa 'twill be ramemlire " hV
-•one of the moat happy day. of her rfcildfood—
asdl aap.afaly *ay that she wnl be rrmembarad and
pro ect.d by tbe Y una Guard, tl 1 in future year*
■h-find. >n* who alnna will a.surae that pleaaaat
retpottibilily aad may be bs a wonky Midler ol tbe
Uu.'d « ..or hearty ch.ska p h-r"
the conclusion af thla lotereatlag aeramoar
tha eo.pt repaired, by luvitmuuu, to the raaideaee of
Col. O. W Man ford, where they partook of refresh- I
menu leedered by that tree
ol'sh'd ofli«r, C»pt Win. They then
ma>obed to tbe United Statea Hotel, wbare s a»-np- |
raoes dl»ner—tendered tbe cot pa and tbelr giies• i
he ene of Ita honorary member*—bed •••f pttrri«e«
After <he sabstaotisU and
booatifally provided by mine host of the U 8 Ho
tel the cloth wae removed, when Cept Rlehardaon
roae and rem*rk«d that tbe intsrestleg oeremeiiles
of th» morelng had operated to prevnt the Com
mittee on Toaeta from preparing a formal set. Ha
would, however, endeavor to sepply the omlssiots by
aaoonncißg saeh sentiments as might be deemed ap
otUte to the occasion He then gave—
TAs Day hi Celebrate-The birth-day of a great
cation, and if he oiigi.t b* permitted so to claseify it.
also of the Toeeg Gutrd. He then remarked that
fire years ago the Young Guard made its irat parade,
it bad survived ali the views!redes incidental to vo
iacteei aotr-panlee. and was that day stronger In aem
bers aad better diselpliaed than U bad been at any
period of Ita existence.
The Prosideet t»en gev»—
Ourgloriov* Colrmel of the Firit R'gimni oj Va.
Volunteer* Thot P Auguit
Tn.s asutiuieec waa leceived with every demon
stration ot enthnsiasm, aud was tespended to in the
handsomest mesne'' by Col August. Hepaidab'gb
•omplinseat to tbe Toncg Gaard for efficiency and
•eld>ery bearing, tie remarked that by a »ingn-ar
eoiceideaee the corps bad that day paraded teienty
iu n'an He entertained no question ab-'Bt it, bet
Lbat they bad 'hus designed specU'ly to oon.pllmeot
tbe da^; for, said he, knd the oeeasion required it
se believed the Young Guard wonld hive paraded
one hundred and aeventy-«ix wen. They were equal
to any emergeocy; aod, judging the (uture by the
past, should not be surpnsea to find the corps, five
years hence, parading a regiment of men ! He then
alluded in appropriate terms to tbe day, and closed
by proposing .h« following sentiment:
TAs Fourth of July. 1776 -Hallowed as the birth
day of nation s freedom, may eech annual re;nrn
of it And among our people increasing prosperity,
aid sii increase of g aritude to loose who achieved
by 'heir vaior the liDerty which has rendered it im
The President then gave a sentiment complimen
tary of Lienr.en»nt C..1 Harrison wh'eh teas appro
priately responded to by th»t gentleman.
A sentiment from Iju-geen H<noock broaibt 8
Bsseet Krench feet. He entertained the com
pany by a wi ty and spirited effort, and oonemded by
cßi'iog 'be follown* *en'iment:
The OJJlcert and Private* of ifm Firit Regiment Va.
Vvlxtnteeri: fney a e invested wito the oetence of
Virgiuia's rights
T"e President then *ave—
Mitt Georgia Virginia Patlon—the sweet little
eHla who had that a»> presemed the Vaung Guard
with a boantifnl banner: Though too y u.>g now
fui.y to aparr-ciate tne bright scene through which
sh« had passed, may her pith thiougta life be pro
fax iv sce-iered witn the choicest blessings of a be
nignaut Prova^nce
'fin. sentiment was received with the liveliest en
thusiasm, slid met WKb an appropriate response
fr ua Honorary Member Pattou, the father of the
litt e io io'.
Sag on Hancock was then called for by general ac
c'aiiu, buti.or itly excu-ed b'mself b? calling on bis
frirnd Dr PeticoUs, wllu resp >ndea iu the h»poiest
manner, andeonclnaed by ottering the following sen
The Yovng Guard; Foremost in hospitality and
soldierly beaiiog <uay ihey never need, in peace or
in war, ifae serv cei of their accomplished Surgeon
Sergeant Kady was next called upon, and It is need
less to s-j, was found, as be always is, ready to d s
oharge bi< whoie duty. He tesponded in a spirited
manner and gave —
The OJUcert •/ the Firit Regiment Virginia Volun
teer* : iney command our respect as officers, ana we
b*nor and love thru as gentlemen.
Lieut. Pry, of tbe Young Guard, was then ctlled
for. He rose acd remarked that be bad prepared a
speech for tbe occas on, Kut that tbe drenching rain
vi ich he a .d his cornrid I tad encountered in the
march ro the Hotel, feftd effaced it from his reflec
tion. He wm!d, however, while up, piopose s sen
ti"->mt. He gave—
The Memory of Charlet R. Hard'tty—Tbe only
member or tne lou- g uuard woo uau tougbt, bled
and died in tbe ser.ice of tbe oorps. | Drauk stand
ini and in silence j
Lieut. Satterwhite, of the Young Guard, was then
died upon He begged to be excused from speax-
Ing at length, and concluded bv uttering a sentiment
c mpltmentary to the libdrality of honorary matn
ber Patton.
Lieut Barlow, of the Young Guard, was naxt
tailed out. He, too, declined making aot speech,
and concluded by offering a sentitnenC complimen
tary to the Armo-y Bind.
The Captvn iben give—
The Honorary Members of the Young Guard.
To thb lomima.t • tmaiier of bouuraiy ujemkera
Mr. Wood remarked that he bad already furnished
one aotive member of the Tuucg Guard. and trusted
that in ihe court* of the next 2i years, he might be
enabled to fu'nish three more wstnbert
Mr J. B. Viglini, upon being called on, said he,
too, had furn shed ».ne aativi member of the Young
Gsaid, and, Providence permitting, hoped in th»
courts of the next three year*, tj furniah three ad
aittonal members
Private J H Bane, of the Young Onard. was then
sailed upon, and rssponded by lirging a long, whieb
created the utmost merriment.
Col. T. P. August rose and remarked, that nearly
every arm o; serv ce had been heard from. Thore
was oee arm, however, which was potent and pow
erful for good, which yet remained silent He al
luded to ths Presa. end (.ffored a sent.ment compli
mentary to that estate
Mr West, of the rVbig being called upon, excused
himself from making a set speech Ha. however,
indulged in a f-w remarks appropriate to tne occa
•ion and coiaol id«» by uffarlng tbe following toast:
The Young Guard—Tne Sampson of the Virginia
Regiment: May It never be shorn of its looks
Hoc. member J. 8 Winston was then called cpon
for a sentiment, and eave—
The Active Member! of the Young Guard— They
can pus, i zeal at-d • t£oi«ocy tan put lUeiu through.
A sent'ment complimentary to the ft L I Blues
™»»t ~ltu an apprcpi late response iTOm Mr. William
UadT. a member of tb>t. Id a.d p -polar corpa.
Ord S-rg'cG. t Rady, O' the Yonng Guard,
a toast compli'rentary to iba Liberty Gnsrd, wn:ch
brought forth a response from £asigu Addisgton, of
tb* tt G He rave in return—
Tae Young Guard—Huf thoy celebrate their 50ch
anuiveiftdii »ili lull ranks and under tbe cvmmud
of their present efficient Captain, John H. ftxhaia
Tbe company w* then amused and entertained by
a captal lri.h soug from private O'Neill, of tbe
Young Guard and u uiic from Smith's Armors Band
Hon member J. S VVin«;on oflered the followint
The new Banner of the Young Guard -May it, in
the s.giohcaut iaogun e ■ f th« old uatkey, "floli and
bi w and waive anl butt ev.r the land of the free
and the heme of tne n ava "
G- C. Wiiae, of the It. L. I. Blaes, sent th* follow
int! tout:
The Day we Celebrate-A perkd lo tbe cycia of
jfa s at » oic.i tne gam us of Hmi&n Liberty takes a
succeaiivs and rere ,*ed pledge from her votaries
J*v Private J B L><mbert,Y G —
The Day we Celebrate -A hallowed epoch in the
mem <n of evei> uaujirer of a vil and reiigieus fre«-
d m—May its iua"e never fade.
Lt Fry, of tha Y G , here rose and remarked that
tbe company had already heard from their long
m«n and their snort nsen. and be 'h nght It high
rime they were bea-ing from their Sixers Where
upon vociferous call* "ere made for ui Sliar, but
tnat gentleman bagged to be excused from miking a
"Three times three and a tiger" were then given
for mo'bf's, w v»» and swe*'.h*»rts; for b> aor rj
memsii Quarter Master Alien, and ether*.
Private Hyde of tbe Y«ang Gaard, then *asg aa
Ir sh aong, which ceated much merriment.
Capt. B chardson rheo gave the crfler, "Fall in
men! ' wben the Yoasg Guard aeco arar.ied by
tbeit |n*s-s, marched into the straer, formed iato
sections, and passed np Main street ti 12-k, aod
to their armory
Tb'isecded one of th* most pletsant and agreea
ble aan vsrsery celebratloes it has b»*n the foitnoe
of this hne aorps to erjoy Not an unpleasant inei
datit occarred «nriog tn- whvle day to mar the festi
v.tiei ef the occaaiou; and it will long becberi hed
as a bright day in the memory of avaiy Yonng
Before e'osing this semewbat extended noti*e of
the celebration it is bat j ,*t to remark, tbat upaa
the ooncUiriou of the interesting ceremony of pre
sent ng the flag to tbe You°gGuaid,tfie Fayette Ar
tilUrv tirad ,ne guo in honor of the oeca.lou Thl*
complimen'. waa happily conceived aad properly ap
Citt Council.—A called meeting of the
C lUcicil wan Held at th - Canm! erlain-'a office yea
terday afternoon »t 4 o'clock, Fr.-»id«nt MilU and
Mes»rt McOanca,Butler, Sln'on.Siearna Rlchardi,
Criitctfie d, Saundera, Fry, Talbott,Quarlea, Ajtet,
Scut and fnead belnt preaent
Special Business — The P real dent to formed Ike
Board thattn* Council had been called together to
rec«We the report of the committee on the lire de.
pttrtmeot, and called tor tb* report.
Dr. Snead, tbe ahtirman, ata'ed tbat the com
mittee h*d net heeo ab'e to agree, eona» qnently
mere wnnld be tworeporta roadetothe Council.
Col. Qoarlea then tubmlifd the followhg ordl«
nance a* the majority report, which waa read and
laid od the table. It read* tbua:
An Ordinnnct concerning Firu and the Fir* Dt
parlment of tht City of Richmond.
I. Be it ordained by the Council of tbe City of
Richmond, Tn»t aa toon at may be afierthia ordi
nance eff-ct, ahali be appointed by the
Council a "Principal Engineer of the Fire Depart
ment »f the City of Richmond," to conMnoe In
iffl~-e until tbe lat Monday of March, 1856 or
until bit aucctaaor ahail be appointed in the manner
hereinafter provided. He ihail, aa aoon aa may be
alter hia appointment, cauaed to be enrolled In
aaid city five companlea, according to the
pruvialoca of the 55ih chapter of the code of Vir
ginia. The aald companlea aball In all reapecta,
aa near aa may be, be regulated by the prevfalooa
<>t the aaid act. They ahall, within — daya alter
being enrolled aa a oreaaid, at • meeting of each
company, to be called without delay by the com
mander thereof,nominate by ballot petaona to
** rlre Wardeua, and each coirmtuder aball
wlihln daya after ntmloationa ahall have
breo made by bia ct mpany, notify to the Preal.
dent of tbe Council the name* of thoee who have
been ao nominated. The Pretld. Nt of the C.>unoil
wall wiiboiat anneocr.aiy Jet,,. c ,„ a meeting of
the Couocll to receive and ccnaider the aaid boie.
Ie« •*. Out ef the peiajat ao ncmiuatad to fill the
offloaof Fire W«rd«w, t , »» * ,oe ' **
ballot paaoiia, wbo shall h« F.ra WiH»m
of, he city o! Richmond," and w*o aball c-oHnafl
In offlwanin tbe Ist MoB««T <>[ ~* r0 # h - 185fi - or
uriti l »b»lr *ncee*aor» are appointed Io the Rianaar
bereioofeer provldnd. Oa the
March, 1956 or M sonn thereafter fa that mor th aa
may b<?, and at the»ame time aooaally, la each
suewsdlog yaar, the respwctlva bra coiupstdea
sball, at a roeetlag of each company to be called
by uoooloate one person to
act aa Principal Engineer, and three peraoM to
a:t aa Fire Wardana, wh >ae same* ahall be In like
manner be notified to the Presidoatnf tbe Council,
wbo aball without delay convooa the Council to
receive and consider the aald nomination*. Out
of the peraona ao nominated to fill ihe cfflce tf
P: loclpal Ejgloeer, «h-CJuncil shall elect by bal
lot "tbe Principal Engineer of the Firo D-pan
m-nt of the city of Ricbmood;"«nd out of the pel*
sons ao nooiioated to till the < ffljea of Fire War
dens, tbe Council aball sleet by ballot persona
wbo ahall be Fire Wardena of the elty of Rich
mond." The officers thus appoloted shall remain
In office until ibelr successor are appointed.—
Should the respective fire companies fall to m*k«
the aald nominations at tbe times herein provided,
that la to say, wlrbio days after their enrol
ment aa aforsaaid, and ia the mooth of ia
each succeeding yuar, the Council aball pro
ofed without d>-lay to appoint the Principal En
gineer and Fire Wardens, who shall con
tiuue ia effioe until their succeisors are ap
pointed In the manner provided in tbia act.—
No Directorol a Fire Insurance shaii be eligible ss
Principal Engineer The Fire Wardens ihail be
numbered ''ODe," * two," "'c , by'he Council. Tf - ®
Princ'p-1 Euglne>r and Fir- W*>d«ns aiall.be
f .re eiiterloji on tne uu l»s of their respective ot
fice», malte oath before the Mayor or any Alder
man of 'he ci:y, falrblully to perform the same ;
and the Mayor or Alderman shall make certiflcatts
thereof to the Council
11. The Principal Engineer, Fire Wardens and
Commanders of Fire Companies, sbail constitute
the Fire Department ol tbe city oi Richmond, aud
tbey, or a majority of then, rimy make by-laws to
promote its objects, consistent wifb tbe laws of tbe
State and charter and ordinances of the city; but
such by»laws shall be of no force until approved
by the Council. The Principal Engineer, or, In
case of hl9 absence or inability, tbe Fire Wardens
In tbe order of precedence in which tb'-y are
numbered, >hall preside at all meeting of tbe Fire
Department, and may call meetings when It may
appear necessary. A journal shall be kept of 'be
proceedings of the Fire Department, for which
purpose It may employ a clerk; and a full report o
taecondition of the Department, or of Its operatic us
1 >r the ye»r, and of tbe cumber of each Fire Com
pary aud tbe condition of tbe engine bouses, en
ksea, hose and apparatus, aball be made annually
In the month of to tbe Council, by tbe Prln ■
cipal Engineer. lta Journal aball at all times be
subject to the inspection of the Council It shall
meet monthly for the transaction of busloess, and
oftener If necessary. At its first meeting, and an
nually thereafter, it sball make a proper upper*
tionment of force to e<cb engine and bose, aud
hose and reel, and book and ladder apparatus ;
and there shall be appointed to each engine and
bose, and hose and reel, and hook and U'Jder ap
paratus, a foreman and two aseistun » to manage
the same, under the direction of the Principal En
gineer. Tbe foreman or assiitant acting in his
place, shall, immediately after each fire, report to
the Principal Engineer the names of members ab
sent from such fire, and also II tbere be any defect
io the apparatus committed to his charge.
111. The Principal Engineer shall have charge
of all the fi-e engines, engine bouses, hose and
other apparatus belonging thecl'yof Richmond,
and during fires, for the purpose of ex'loguishijg
the same, and for washings, he shall have control
Ol the tire plugs of the city water works. He shall
at all times k-ep the fire engines, engine bouses,
hue and other apparatus, in eoi;d order and son»
d'tion At fires and washm.'s be shall have b'so
Ike coctrol, aed under tbe by laws G f the Flia
D-parttrißLthe ih ll direct a- d control the 11 re {po
lice hereinatu r lie snall.lf practicable,
ascertain and report to the Fire Department the
cause of each tire, the place wheae it may have
occurred, and the probable atnaunt of property
destreyed by the fire, or saved by ths Departmeat,
and thansmesof the owners of tbe property, and
the amount of insurance and tho companies in
which the property is Insured, and the same
matters shtll appear in the annual report of
tbe Principal Engineer to the Council He
aba'l rentier the.ire companies ancually In tbe
months of April aud Oatob-r or oftaa*r if deemed
n«e»mrj, forth* purpos* of washing aud pravlng
ths engines and apparatus, sad for the parpoee ..f
accustoair g tba msmbers to the ju.icessfai ose cf
thasunid ia case of tbe death, remaval or r*sigi<a
tion of the Piioe'psl Engineer, until bis successor
sball ba appointed in oasa of bis absence or inability,
his powers acd duties shall d*vu!ve on ths F:ra
W riens successively in tho order of prucedsoca :n
»-bich tbey are numbered. The Principal Engineer
■ hali in eaeb ysar fucnlsU to tbe ii si and second offt
cars of tbe Night Watcb a list ot tbe nam » sf the
m,mbsrs of m« Fire Departm»ot. dasgnatiag
tnereon the pltsss of thalr is«!deos>;, aud th<
Karnes and piaeus of residanse of said memhars
sball be mida known by the Captain to each U'atfb
man wbo, upc-n an alarm of fire at night, shall forth
with give iaformation thereof to such of said mem
bars as juaj resid« in his district.
IV- Tha Council (hall, as soon aa this ordinance
t*k«« effect, and knoaally la tbe month of—— there
after. appoint peraoaa, to aat as the Firs. Police
ofthaciiy who snail be paid Tor thair sorvices,
nut snail hoid tneir i ffics at tha plaaaure of ti •
Coucail who n»j fill all vacancies that may oscur
ia the Fire Police Ooe fire policeman eball be aa
aigued to eaen engine home, wno laail remain tbnrr
in ctsiiog tha or immediately cont'guoea
thereto; and shall remain in snob convenient prox
imity thereto duriag the day, aa to be imrued'ata t
present at the engine house on an alarm of fira It
saall be ,be duty af the Fire Piliee to proceet tha
engine bounos. engiras and apparatus enfaated to
tuelr c»re They (bail keep of all iatrudars aad
loierers about the angina hvuse, aad prevent naau
tboruad persans from attaohiag thaoasivea to tbe
etgiaes or other apparatus or in ant manner inter
fering therewith. and report the nanus of al. suab
persons to the Principal Engineer Tbe said Fire
roiice shall, unless otherwise ordered by the Prl<--
aipal fcuginaar. attend fir«« with 'heir respeat've
• ■>ginaa;a«d'iinder hi«,aut bority per orm the autiei
of police on tbe fire ground, aad oney hi* ordara in
all matters connseted wtth tbe atanage'nant of the
c^flagratiou—forming a aord aroood the lire groaad
—for whieh purpose ropaa provided by tie
hie nayariraent—aroteering tbe fire dapartmentand
a (inpaniss from intration or intar u* ' «y -*-d doing
ali things p«c«aa-:rT tor the proteitloa of tha naia
and of pr< p»rry The Principal Engi- e, m , grant
leave of absence froin dety to tbe member* of tha
rire rol'ee, du>ing which he may appoint aaburi
ta-ea for tbe atraent raambara who shall be paid oat
".V 1 ",? , ary cf the ttb,eul oo ft bisaervices
V Unless tha engine hoaae be iisslf ou fire, tbe
fi-e eugine belonging'hereto ahall »ot ba taken i r
; t-ii.ovea tharef.om. enept by nrd«r of tbe Primi
pa Engineer, oi In the presence i f tha foreman . r
an assistant appoi't«4 to that an*,ne, ar of a ri.ee .
b r »pfolD'Bri Uerato. Any pareoa violating th ■
«c.iua, thail pa, tor aaah ctfeaae *5.
VI. Uppu any alarm of tire at eight, aeeh wa'eh
fcaa shall ring (aulas* It bo seoner done by another)
a oity bell lu f,, distrist; or if there be none therein
tsen sach as ( may ba tnostaoavenieot to biui The
Fire Department shall prescribe tha manner In
wh e*i tha a arm be.l «kaii be tacg. eo a« to iodieat#
A *u>*t T .V P°« iib, « * b# ward < ftDd P* rt of th® ward i*
which the hre may be. Any whhe pertoa who «h« l
wi'fu'Jy ra:»e a falsa alarm of fira, aha!- pay a fin*
L~4,»T X » <e ® dlni ;°llf a ntt « ro » •hall ba paunhad
wi r h •tr>p«« not —
VII. It any minor, who ia umlerthe age of six
••n years, and nota rnemberef a fira company aba'l
Mm. fc if'l^L°^ ,Bawi,h , orin " y """>»•'• connect
t lma.lf with the topaanf any angina or other *i.
pa.etna for axungßishir| «•«; orif p» r ,or. aha 1
in ent way interfere wun tha Prineipal Engineer
or any. fhoei of tha Fire Oapartaient. or an* f -a
maa, a«a sunt ar mensser of a fira aompany. In tha
a of his cuty at a fire or washing, the t fiel
der, if a negro, ahall be panlahad with atrlpas not
?" e9d L n %— : "? ,r (: whit -' •h.ll pay a finaor
for each cflet ca— the fine, when the offender is a rui
mVa'ta 1 " «coTared of tan parent, guardian or
annii I ,' .T b " ,I,el P 4l E«|tneer ahall, for failing to
appear at a fire or waabing. or for failing to keap
the eajloa honsea, hose and apparatus, ia good <>»-
' ° r for f.illo* to reDort tbalr condition, or tha
naiaber of members of eash fira aompany to tha
F°k* j2 n 7' ,h *" 'Off* l ' for aaah cfanaa *10
tc be dadaated from hlaaalary. '
1A The Principal Engineer and Fire Wardana and
a miaanderaof ail aompaniaa, ahall ia all raareot>
(•vara th»meelT«s aocurding to tha provisions of
tha 11th. ISJ,h 13th. 14 h and ISth action, of t°.
f , cuaptar of tea Coda of V.rglala; and sash rasa
latioas not lnconautaat tharawith, aa may bap. t .
scribed by the Fire Depaitiaeot And for the as
foiaement thereof the Fira Oepartmect may pra
aciiba aneh fiaea, forfeltara* and penaltiaa as tha
Ccuaeil approve.
X Tha Prlnelaal Engineer shall ba paid a talari
° f .— P" » nn n m . «nd tha Clark of the fira Dea.it-
T*l ,# f ßi ; e * " Ur * of F* r uduei
Al . When it shall appaar to tha Coaaall that tha
Fire Department of the oity of HJohmond haa bean
organized u piovided by this act. it shall so declare
by leaulotion entered on lta Joarnal, wbaraapon tha
P i r i°*^. on "° thii brd >naaca ahall golito edaot, and
all ordlaaneet and parte of ardinanoaa coming witkia
tbe praviaiaoa of tuia ordinanee ahall ba thentefot
ward tepaaled aad of bo affect
Dr. tnead preaaataa a mißorl y report, which waa
LrVi. 0 !* r • " d . bo,h '"porta ordered to bs
•» fertha use af tha mambere
Dr. Snaad than piesaa'ad two petitions, nume
ronsly signed oaa by private eltUens and tha other
by flranieß, prayiag the C >ancil not to separata the
Aaaocialloii and the Department, whieh, oo bains
lead, were laid apon tbe table.
Ob naotioß, toe Cooaeil with th« aa
darataßdioi that tha above reports ahoa.d ba meat
<iay 'weak •" ,ot * WkIUS uieeiiug next Moa.
pOR RENT—A deniable Briok Be«i
-1. d«n«a on Charcb Hill, eoraar of VTtb »ud Lel.b
*' th » ««i4«n UMekU, »ud «*«de<l with
all ktod*ot v«|6tabla«. Apply to
4_ g )UJiAU» k iHINH.
" * - ta T4 lUiu «•»
Oa Moadav ev-aon. tha Jd | s * , t t .
0-thri»bt, aged S months. D ' l
Ob J«!y S:b. at 4 yoliok v u
ROB BUT BiNKKft, after a Ll.f.l"J.* , C ,
months, aged 63 years. 0i
His f«ee»*l will 'a»e ptaea this
o'oloek, at his »at« resMsnee, Rehta PirkT n *
•ouaty His friends and those of tba f.JII *•">
spaetfnlly invited to attend. J »'•
la this city, July Ist, at 8$ o'clock P w '
*fA. infant dangMer of J"hn D. »dH v
asad 2 moeths and 2fl days.
ttr Petarsbnrr p»p».-s p!aa»» bid v. ' '
Th £ Commit rgg or Arba.
superintend th* Demoe-aila e-labr*Mo- " V
ed to meat THIS E*ENINO at tba MirVi,'*?■»
st 5 o'clock, f aoetual attends*** i, r «rtj«<.?,' ; •
qaestad. C. t. HlLuTk® * '» t
H ft M Nimm*. Bee-etary. '
The Ccmmittae consist of—
C B Hill, H-nry Mi U r
R. O Hasfeina, Mars Do*,.:
R. M Nltnmo, L W 01 , k!'
Dan'l Haser'y, This. T.. W,„j^
Bam'l Ffis'iags, Berra-d
A. D Bi-»>s. Pam'i D Deor«i
J 'ba J Wilsan, Jos Hi.rh,
wm*. YJ L,.
Acotio* Notice.—The attention of a
pib ieis solicited to onr sale ef Wsr e h„ r . '
J * weiry. ho , Household and P*rlor Fomitar *
puted Cisars, lie , this morning, at 10 o'clo.k'' I*
ALSO—WiII be adds. Ito tba above »« ..
I"P rted Cigar* "'"ales,
it 6 V SHINE 4„ {u
To the Public —A ni«etii. 4
Believe'* io 'he Gr>*pel of tbe Kiotiom Br
and eonfi-m»d to rbe s-sd o f Abraham, »n| kl o *'
a Slish Cottes*. Hanover Va. commenei,.
21 Lord's Day f'heSth Inst ) and eonlinuioi o-?"'*
31 Lord's Day in July, inclusive. A. 8. Mt» 11
Dr. Thcmst. Albert Anderson. Dr.
Pastmor- and other pnhlleadvocates of th*? ""
of the Kingdom, are exp-cted The a. h „
ral'y are respsetfully invited to siteDd—i k' 1 *
h »" d - jrs-l*
Tooth Drwiho in thk l/HiTtDSTu
The last censns reveals the apttalllng fact th (t ''
»re nearlv three dentlrts in ths U a", -I .*'
It probably costs the pe -ple two raillloo dil %,
ten million wrenches of agony per atinam •„ l'' l
their t-eth in ordar. 1
A'l of which may hava b»en avo : d*d h» ts«.
f»r o'-aning and ortservinc the Teeth soi) (Jj.
Y« foolish one*, ]-**ru wisdom For sals b»p'"
gists. Price 50 cents per bortle
jy 6—31 Whnl*«al« A*i-nt*, Rtchmocj
Notiok.—Special attention is
my sal- of taooa, Herrings, Tobsccj, 4ie.. t „
iig, at 13 o'clock. **
jy 6 B C AUTHORS, k :
Special Notice.—'J be attention i, : ,
pnhlia is asked to the sale of spiendid Faraitji"
the Prescott Hcuse. Main street, a few dion t -,
the V a. Banks, which will take piao* this di) c
o'clock. Bale positive,
jy 6 A I.FX NOTT, Auction
Perkins degiring laloruintion of a bti.
res» cba r acter wltb <h- oaderalsaed, are ref*r-«4
his friend Ro. W. Hughes, Esq , Editor of th»»t
aniner. The subsu'iher expects to be
Virginia for some three or four month*.
jy 4-St» B M. DEWlfl
Rev. Mr. Mookb.— ihe Lis^
osMof tbe Kev- Mr. Moore now ready for t;»
to ■übffcribari and othara Tbo«« of Hut i
ar* eariy proof, bad better call «oon and «— I ct o t
jy 4 M P. SIMONS, 151
Jno. McCosnell, Dentist, Main itrcft,
he'wfen 9th acd Utb (t*., opposite Cotintkiso Hti:
jy 2—dim
~ ' 1 U K T JjE you P.— w ill
*-rved to-day at the ALHAMBP.t ;
14th street, a mammoth SE\T"i
CASKK3. Tbe public are invited to nail and V
jyp—lt Alha-ib-a. 14th <
If GRAYtj, AITENTION.—Atrend~i
B ra;ular q larterly m»*tln* of yosr Gompioj, ,|
111 L <fayette Hall, on KONDiY Eijiht neit, <
o'clcck. for tba purpose of assessing fines.
ibgdu's, Prompt attendance Is v«iy d«i r» k
DRlLL.—Attend a regular Drill THIS fcV'fijXlVj
st 8 o'clcck, at L-fayet'e Ha'l
By order of Capt. Flliott.
jy 6 LOUIS J POSBIErX Orile>' T .
—— STRAYED—From the subicribf
23th June, a sorr*l MARK. Bieaiom ,j.
with soari on each kaee I will g!va fiva i»nll S ri ..
ward for hsr, if delivered to me at my Bskery, sgy
tbe Old Market. W4I. Kiih u ,
jy 6—3t* BsW,
■ FOR KENT—The second story of
a large aid deairablylocated rraidenen on M,i
atreat a fow doors beyond the U. 8. Hoi«l Th?t!
ara two larte and eitv rooms (front and bsct.:«
front room b?ine very Isrge and ths moat nlmn i
one in the neighborhood ) ami a p->'nli the falilaoi j
of the house, with a partition auffioientiy larja to ba
used aa a ditiing room. A kitchen, oity *«•••
Stc ,on the premises. Kent £ll.i per Apty
at this Office J»6 St
gg rOR R* Nl' OR LEAHK.-Tr
BSu tw"lar fi e BTOREB or VV'ARF.N«
ifi7 and IC9,opposite the F xohange Hank of \
and adl' ining the large and eleg».nt stores cfMami
Kent. P?*ine fc. Co. Fach of th*se ?'orfl fito*
feet on Mf la atreet, ».M.b R.»« (1 ors. mm in ht
100 feet. The basements op«o on a I*v»l wi'
larua naved court or yard in rkg r;r. from wller.
wide pwed alley leads to llrh atraat, nppcrra tfta
win* of the American Hotel Thaa* are atnotui'.!*".*
most c mmodious and tubatantixi buiidicrt a tV"
ci y and are wail arranged for baameaaaa'iM » mft
of firat cla*< there bi'cg in fact room aoouth ia»M»
tenement far two estabii'bments Th-«« itcr"tr»
now being painted iraide flarl cnt The iw store
room ar.d cf N .'S7 ran ba bad lumadia'riy,
tbe npper floors beinjr alrvady lea«e<f, eicapt on
large r-om in the 3d story. Pcsietai'jn n( 'enaaieas
Ne. iG9, cow occupied by Measra Jones it PoCtt. eti
ba bid on tbe l«t Sisotemher ne*t.
The anparior location of tb»ae stores. Moils ik»
heart of the city, is too weil known to rsqalu ("
iher notisa *pp|l to JcatrH Jamks Jr., attba
store of Hasb W. Fry, Esq , or to
je 6 - 3.awts FLEMING JAME!
FOR RENT—A "two .«tory brM
SfeS. ho*j»e on Broad strea', next door abir« M
roa. containing six reams, with a ki rhan attars-'
and aw» lin the adjoining yard. Pcsaraiisn |M
immediately. Apply to
jy 6 -iw wm oor'.m\
FOR RENT — fc '
fir«t d<K>r bel»w tfee ICxchanf# B»t.l
taining 9 rcomf t and Kitchen with 3 toomt >/*•/
on the premises, or to „
jy 6-te l_ A Jlv y
far rest, near the Arbour. Call on
jyfi-M K. W All' 2,
house on Mtraiiall street, two
Dice rtrorat a* da go kitohfli w;!S t
;ooa3»; alto wood and c >al ht-n«e nnH y *. t
vard Tt»rm» reatonable App'y te W N •
* Rath. SuperiaCaodeol'f office, R F. * r »•
Co. or to. .... j§
jv 6—6 i* T*TLOR it WILLI* 11,.
FOR RENT —A frniued houw «•
S3. Bth, near Laigb streat, caarly ,
Spring with 4 rooms, ia food ordsr, anl
pesassa'oa Raat modarata
Two Cottagaa ia Hoghes' Row, oa MayJ • •
every convenience attashad r.i
Three new brisk Btorea and Dwsll;nf« r ,
aad 7:h s.raats, ccusldered to b« aosq«"«*
ataßda, &c . a„ /i:i
Alao several deairable family residenesaon
"j, Tyfe's
raeaivad oa eenalinmaßt '*
318 7
will ba »old at the mat nfacturer api t* 1 t
vary aweet toaed lnatraoriants a»* r
eva^.y. aspect. THOMAS
tffagaa| CANAL BOAT
fSaSBBSB buro u now
for L>'B«bbarg, and will iaava O> J' A ,T, t 1 ,-|„)'<,
o'elo«k, fait or aot fail. * N-
Jy S—lt* C.puia.^o"--
FX MOND -Wa have added aa- w;t
new atyla, beaatifal. fine J'" 1 •:
stock, which make oar aasortmsnt *'
eomplaU; aaah a* Paiatad. Cameo. l ' u ™,| SI
sale, I.ava, Oold Mounted Ladi*« f ,T
Ear Risas; alto Oalx. Ocldstona. l>a»* Jt , iM
tad. Gold Moaated Qaatlaßieß's Bi »o®.
Cellar Buttons, of oar own
7A4 M»m #£+
)y> Il«a of tha UlaaitaaM^--^
CILE LAFLEUR. late of Pain »»» [r
teisharg, Profseeor of Autography g> . *
Uo« of ehar»oler from haad-wruieiO *
Wilting tnadiaui. taadara bar e»rvlo>« tll<
raaatai and romaatto, ae well aa an sop
lie yeaarally. aa an iafallibla chaanal * a
fata In Ufa may ha verac'oualy a*p'J»<>' .hai"
a.nioably adjuatrd, and tbalr owu ot th ai*
tbair adoiimra faithfully portrayed.
tares taaat ba lavailably saut, and
hj aapectad Pee S« eaate *?'*'*'*. Vs.
•allecrciUE LAFLKUR." Hah^wA

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