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KrM«* J"«T JJ* 'MB" j
Th« Hiwr H K*ckct«.
We Invite the attention of the Comiusn Coecci
again to the condition of the river. The bar at
(Utiles' creek extend, far into It. and
Inc up have to sheer off towards the souths de
111 ..ream to p,« that bar. But even a«*r he
v.»»el« have reached tbeir wharves, at low tide
U,»y He on lb. bottom. This is the wlti the
steamers, of both the New York and Baltimore
This Is a matter for the very serious considera
tion of the Council, and we cannot suppose for a
toon-eat that any member of that body, however
foreign to commercial pursuita miy be his voca
tion, will for a moment hesitate a* to the clear and
n.detnn duty of the city to deepen the water at the
wharves, aud keep clear the way to them. It is
not only the duty, but the interest of the city that
I'jU shall be done. If the harbor is to be filled up,
we bad better at once take Col. Tomli.V* propo
nal and move Richmond down to West Point.—
Thin subject demands the earliest attention of the
city authorities.
Oreuulc Telegraph.
Next week the United States steamer Arctic
will sail from New Vork.witb a competent <>cien
tlfic corps, to complete the necessary oceanic sur
veys preparatory to laying down the submarine
cable which is to place the old world and the new
In connection. Lieut. BERRTMAX will command
the Arctic. Among those who will accompany the
expedition Is Lieut. Stksin, whose narrative of
achievements and sufferiegs in the Isthmus of
Jjarien has been read with deep interest by thou
sands of his countrymen. Mr. BKOOXE, of the
Navy, who Invented the sounding instrument
Oeariug bis uame, by which specimens of the bot
tom are furnished, ♦111 al«o be on beard.
The Arctic will sail first to New Foundland. In
taking soundings, Brooke's ingenious instrument
will be used. A sounding line is now preparing
which Is the largest iu the country, and will com.
prise 10,000 fathoms. 11 i* to be let off from a reel
moved by steam, the motive power for which will
be furnished by a small steam engine on the deck.
It is designed to use a lighter and more piiable
wire than that lost a few months since ott the
coast of New l'ounuland. It will be laid as toon
as possible after the surveys. Two steamen wiij
be employed in the service. They will take each
half of the cable, and uniting ihe ends of the two
halves about midway between the two shores,
each will proceed in opposite directions. This is
greatly supeiior to towing a vessel having on
board all the cable, as was done on the former at
tempt and daring which, a gale arising, both be
came unmanageable. It is supposed that six days
is a liberal allowance for the execution of the work
of laving the wire by the two steamers.
.11 r. .Harej .
The Secretary of State ha* been exalted above
Lis former position as a statesman and diplomat
by his management of the recruitment case. He
hi.s gained a decided triumph over his adversary
abroad and his misgiving friends at home. Mr
Makcy has for some years—at least from the time
of the Mexican war—been regarded as one of the
vriVy first men in the country for his talents, saga
city and tact as a Cabinet Minister and Diplomat.
Letters from Kurope state that his entire corre
spondence on the enlistment subject, and es
pecially his dispatch of the 27th May, has placed
him there in the highest rank of statesmen and
diplomatists among European publicists.
It is said that the French Minister, M. Saktigks,
called oa Mr. Marcy a few days since and tendered
him his special congratulations "upon the success
of his grand coup tie main." M. Sartiges, it will
be remembered, very much deprecated the dis
missal of Mr. Crampton, and apprehended un
pleasant results from it.
The credit due to him for the manner iu which
Le has acquitted himself iu the management o!
his last very d flicult atl'air of diplomacy with
England, will be swarded to him without respect
to party. His adversaries have ceased to joke him
hbout hi* skill in patching breeches —to which they
were once very much prone—and his fame in that
line is utterly absorbed by his success in repairing
stale creva*Kt».
The Wheat Crop.
Tbe Wheat crop ia this State is perhaps tie
most unequal there has been fur some years. In
►owe localities there are every grade of success
and failure of the crops. The ravages oi insects
have occasioned this. Some fields have been ut
terly destroyed, while very near them tie Mi of the
very finest Wheat have been reaped. The crop
on the whole is a short one. Tbo extent of the de
licit is variously estimated, and of course the data
is too iinpurfect and uncertain to enable any one to
form a conclusion that is rtliable. The quality of
the grain is, however, very good indeed, as far as
we are able to judge from the samples brought in
The Illinois Central Hailrond.
The land sales of the Illinois Central Railroad
Company in June amounted to ij.i-tl.ii'Jl. Tbe
quantity fold was 1b,5129 acres, averaging ••jl."> ;Vf
per acre. From January Ist to July Ist, this year,
the Bales sum up£9,791 acres, for $1,320,715. Since
January 1, li&i—a period of eighteen monvns—
the land sales amount to $0,919,880. Thus far tf.is
year the sales have averaged about per ai re,
which is nearly double the average fixed upon in
the earliest programme. Au average of this rate
throughout would produce an aggregate of uearly
double the entire cost of the road and equip
AKMagei>DON, is the title oi a new book by S.
1). Baldwin, A. M , which essays to prove, from
Bibl» prophecy, that Monarchy and the Catholic
Church are to be overthrown: aud further, that
there is also foretold in the Bible the existence of
the United States, its future greatness ; its iuva
ilou by allied Europe ; annihilation of Monarchy;
expansion Into tho Milleuial Republic, and its do
minion oi er the whole world. For sale at the
Methodist bookstore.
The eheap press in England, which has sprung
up within tbe last two or three years, is beginning
to exercise a healthful influence upon the public
mind. It is chiefly through this influence that the
government was compelled to adopt a more mode
rate tote iu the matter of Mr. Grampton's Uismit.
R«t.J.L Burrows, ot Richmond, delivered the
address at the commencement of th<- llullins lu»ti
tnte, Bote wart, Va , on the 3d inst.
Edccattonal Convkntion—The Board of
Trusteosuf Bethany Coliege have appointed U. L
Ooleaiaa of Albemarle, J. 11. Pendleton, of Wheel
ing and Rev. Alexaudcr Campbell as delegates to
the Educational Convention, to he held in Rich
mond on the 2fi inst.
ST a lit Kf.ECrioss—Oa the first Jloaday in Au
gust, elections will be held in tho States of Ken
lucky, Arkansas, Texas, Missouri and lowa , and
oa the first Thursday of Augu«t, la North Caroli
na and fenue»«ee. Ou the first Monday of Octo
ber, la Georgia and Florida, anl on the second
Tuesday of October, iu Pennsylvania, Ohio and
Pi. ACE Al'DKtss.—rue city coaucil of Frtde
rlcksburg, Va , has adopted a response to'the till
ten* of Lymiugtou, Ktigiaad, assuring them of the
earnest desire of cur people to cultivate a sphit of
peaetiaud amity with Gre»t Britain.
Balloon _A. L. Carrier, of Rich
mond, made a balloon ascension from Fredericks,
burg, on the 4th last, at 1 o'clock, P. M , and land
ed in New Kent eonoty, 30 Stiles below Richmond,
and out hundred milt* from lit itarting plact 1b
tiree hour*. At oua time la the journey, he was
1u sight of six river*, la defending, the balloon
weeivod two large real* from coalact with the
TIO „ —The London Pott of th« '-"M June, while
considering the danger of war with tiio United
States over—at lea«t for Ihe present—thus de»-
scants upon the policy of iu government with re
gard to the Central American Question:
"We cannot onraeWes see what object this ex
treme kamility is intended to answer. We put
a»Me the opening rcene—the small cloud that rose
on the horizon—the little question of enlistment.—
Ttat may be taken as settled. The real matter
that we har* to face is the subject of the exclusive
right of the United States to extend itself in Amer
lea. KletAcr England—whetktr Europe—in to re
tire altogether before the movement* of tkit country ;
u rectdt before iU adcarre ;to ririke it* fig to the
Mart and itripe* of the filibuster*; to declare that it
has no right to protect the natives, to colonise or
to trade, except under the gracious permission of
the free and enlightened republic.
-It is not the Wast likely that the Government of
the United State* will seriously adhere to this ab
surd claim of despotism over the w hole ot Ameri
ca. It is not likely that they will deliberately f-nter
ioto a quarrel which wouid do them the evident
damage of a dispute with England, for the mere
Rakrt of asserting the Monroe doctrine It is not
likely that, with the business they have cu band
witbin the States, they will ran the enormous ricks
which they w«uld incur by a serious dillerence
with EuglatuL Peace is to them iulinitely more
important than it is to ns. It is only by such ri
diculous pieces of submission a a that proposed and
abaudoued by Mr. Kailiie, iu bis long winded ad
dress, and threatened to be taken as a bad legacy
bv Mr. Moore, that we should encourage the States,
whoever may be cbosc-n as their President, to en
ter on a difficulty with England. The British peo
ple are really about the last in the world to give
up their rights iu any quarter of the globe. The
party who hunger aud thirst in vain for a second
opportunity of distinguishing themselves in office,
have, in this instance, at least, chosen a wrong
liue in their search for popularity. A miserable
submission to the United Slates is the last cry that
will serve their purpose."
Later lrom Kansas -The Free Situte Con
vention LH»per»ed by Col. £umner~Con-
Vrution at Topeka.
Advices from Topeka, Kansas, to the 4th, aay
that a Convention met there on the 21 inst, and
passed resolutions in favor of the Republicans, and
denunciatory of the Democrats, appealing to the
friends of Free Kansas in Congress to flop voting
supplies until Kansas shall be admitted into the
Union under the Topeka Constitution. Mr. Don
ation and Judge Ellrnore read the President's pro
clamation of February last, and Gov. Shannon's
proc amation; and Mr. Woodson read a note from
Col. Sumner, saying that he would prevent the
meeting of the Legislature, but they were unheed
ed. About SifJ were present, all armed.
On the 4th, both branches of the Free State Le
gislature met, when Col. Sumner entered the town
with 200 United States dragoons, and planted two
cannon at the head of Kansas avenue. The troops
were drawn up before Constitutional 11 all. Col.
Sumner told the citizens that he would not disarm
them or break up the Convention, but had orders
to dissolve he Legislature and wr.uld do so.
Col. Suixiner repair?J to th« Hall of Representa
tives sud said" 1 am culled upon tu perform the
moat painful doty of ray life. Undertlie authority of
the president, I am here to ditsoive the Ley slaturs.
In accorrinnze with my orders i command \ou to dis
perse. Uod knows 1 have no party fueling in the mat
ter, and J will have none wi.iie I hold my present po
sition in Kaneas. J have just returned from tSe bor
der. where I have been studios; home Missou-ians;
and 1 am here with instructions tu (iisper e the Legis
lature. I aaa'u com nand yon to disperse "
Judge Schuyler asked il they were to ui.darstand
that they were to be driven out at the point of the
Col. Sumner replied that he would use the whole
fjice under his command to enforce the orders.
The House then dispersed.
A similar scene was enacted in the Senate.
The Convention is preparing resolutions endorsing
the State Government and the Vcpeka constitution.
The fears of an invasion kept large numbers from at
State Students at the University or Ya —
There are still vacancies for State students at the
University of Virginia from the Charlotte, Fau
quier. Mercer, Harrison, liarbour, Ohio, Appomat.
tax, Wetzel and Washington districts, which are
to be filled by the 10th September. The faculty
have made the following appointments :
City of Norfolk, A Meade Smith; Isle of Wight
district, John Arthur; Petersburg do, George S Ad
ams; Halifax J Madison Smith; Bedford, Francis
Meriwether; James City district, Alexander Hogg;
Lancaster d.>, Wm. Ward; Fairfax do, Win. T
Morrill; A iliemar'e, Andrew .T Trevillian; Buck
ingham district, J Randolph Page; Hardy da, A
McGill Smith; Page do, John T Moliler; Augusta,
Cornelius Hanger; Alleghany district, Frank C
Wood; Russell do, W A Hendrick; Greenbrier do,
Win C Wise; Accomac do, Wm. Hope Peek; Nor
folk County do, Thomas Hume, jr.; Southampton
do. Robert T Beadall; Pittsylvania, P Doddridge
Thompson; Hanover district, J. M. Hull; Glouces
ter do, J T Walker; Loudoun, John Milton; Lou
isa district, Thomas F Ragland; Jefferson do, Ch
Mortimer Gibbons; Rockbridge do, G W Dudley;
City of Richmond, Kiijah L Carter.
Assault.—The ex-Bishop of North Carolina,
Professor J. Siliiman Ives, was knocked down and
brutally assaulted in New York, Tuesday morning,
at the office of the Hudson river depot, by a bag
gage master there, the only offence of the Rev.
gentleman, it is said, being a request to deliver
over a valise and trunk, tor which he bad a check
from the conductor. The offender was arrested,
taken before a justice and sentenced to deliver the
baggage, pay a heavy fine and to fcive bonds for
his future good behavior.
Sentenced.—Daniel Eugene Branch, one of
the American bote! plunderers whose apprehension
was recorded some time ago, had been tried at the
Manchester, Kngland, sessions on Saturday, on
the charge of committing two robberies at the A 1
biou Hotel, in that city, on the Itith of April last —
l'he prisoner was found guilty, and sentenced to
twelve months' imprisonment.
Academy of Visitation.—At the Academy of
Visitation at lieorgetown, D. C„ Wednesday "the
distribution of premiums took place. Rev. Bish
op Wheelan, or Wheeling, and Rev. Bishop Mc
<»ill, of Richmond, were present. Crowns and
gold medals were awarded, among others, to Miss
es Frances lieckham, Warrenton, Va, and Mar
tha Smith, Middleburg, Va. Miss Mary Pizzini, of
Richmond, had some beautilul pieces of fancy
work on exhibition.
Disasters ok the Western Rivers —The St.
Louis Democrat contains a list of the disasters on
the western rivers during the six months ending
on the.'iOth of June last. The number of t-team
ers lost is forty six, as follows : By tire, 10 ; by
collision, ice, snags, &c., :»t>; total 40. The num
ber of lives lost was 43 During the same period
there were two explosions. The total amount of
property destroyed was §1,200,000.
Off Again—Among the passengers by tbe
Asia Tuesday, for Liverpool, was Bayard Taylor,
tbe poet-traveler. Mr. Taylor goes abroad with
the expectation of remaining about two years, du
ring which he intends to travel in the Xortb of Eu
rope, and spend a winter in Lapland.
Insuring Debts.—We see, .ays the Philadelphia
Journal, that a now association is about !o he started
n 8.-riin. called the "Deutsche Credit Versicheruug
Ousallsuiiaft," (Uusrameo Society,) t*r the purpose
oi enabling men in trade toinsuro themselves against
i/ati debts It is said to be drawn up on the model of
•itnilar associations already exisiiiig in England and
b'lauue ; the French company, for a simitar purpose,
calltd "Le Ducroire," is quoted as having, at tlie end
oi lfeji, puiicies cut for at least £30,600 UOO. A sim-
Uur association in this country would doubtless be
wall patronized, especially by those lailors and boot
make*s who have extensive ueatiuss with our tost
voUfiji men, though we are doubtful whether such
iiebts would he insured at any price.
Dkath oi A Valium.* aoasE.—"Clifford." »
vvell kriuwa prize borne-, ualcugio* to O. Twi'ehell,
was killed, says the Huston Transcript. « n Sat
urday, ht Brookline, by falling on h:» back with treat
violence while in the act of renin*. He received
the first premium la the list ot Umily horse# at the
Rhode island Stats Fair, last fall, and also the first
p.etniHai tit the fiational Agricultural tihibiiija iu
bbi* city.
Rktc&ncu Machinists—The ijiachiaiiti of Bos
ton ai.d viciuity, say* the Boston Traveller, who are
hi the habit of spendiug their w mte.s on the jdanta
ions ot Cuba, and comicv home during the summer,
have nearly ail returned the pre*ent season Tb«y
bring home an unusual Dumber of order* Or machine
ry, and the result will be au increased activity iu »ur
machine shops.
The new commander of the Western Division
,>f the army, Geu. P.F. Smith, was at 8l Louis on
the -Uh inst. and was to leave the next day for,
Major Fry, V. S. A., arrived at St. Louis oa
Thursday last from Saul a le.
MU'e Sarah Felix, M'lle Rachel'* sister hat re
turned to Paris, from the Inited States, to engage
a F reach company for a theatre » hieh the Intends
opening in America.
'"Original'-' Tom Tbuuib* were exhibited iu
Pittsburg, Clevelutd, Buffalo, and at any number
of country iosvju oa July fourth.
The latest account* from Africa announce the
death of !Mir». Virginia Hale Hoffman, wife of the
Kev. O. C- Hoffman, of the Protestant KpUcotal
Miasioij. rthe a led of consumption.
. recently shot St Covington, Ky
in a riot with Uern.au Turners, died on Bu»day. |
>onUfra Komm Aid VnrMhM.
BVFFAIA >"• Y., July 10 —The Kaon Aid Con
vention met here yesterday, Governor Reeder pre
siding. The object of the Convention wm atated
to be to secure unity ud efficient action on behalf
of Kansas
To day OerritC Smith, chairman of the Commit
tee on Resolutions, reported r«*niution» reoom
inendirg sending armed forcta in'o Kansas
Gov. Keeder thought Mr (smith's resolution* too
nltra. He said that the time had not yet arrived
for such action. If the power of the government
had been delegated to him (Reeder) there would
before now have been heap* of dead men on the
field* of Missouri He did not wish to give the
South notice of their intention of marching armed
men into the territory. He wanted the enemy to
have the first notice of tbe blow given by the
blow itself. The free state party were too blow
for bim.
Mr. Smith laid if this reasoning were correct,
the convention should sit with f iosed doors. The
South cnuld not help knowing that something was
going to be done.
A resolution was passed for raising $100,000 per
The convention then adjourned until tbe after
Washington, July 10.—Senate.—The Senate
made suudry amendments to the Indian appropri
ation bill and passed it.
Mr. Mason, from the Committee on Foreign Re
lations. reported a bill to amend the act of last ses
sion to remodel the diplomatic and consular system,
which was made the special order of the day tor
Monday next. Tbe principal changes are: Ma
king the salary of tbe Ministers to Kracce the saa;e
a< that of England—£l7.soo ; raisin? Austria to a
full mission, with a salary of £12 000: Sandwich
bland* £6.000. The ministers to France and Eng
land are both to be allowed a clerk at a salary of
The b 11 to amend the act promoting the efficien
cy of the Navy was taken up. Several amend
ments were made, including one striking out the
section reviving the grade of admiral.
The Senate then adjourned.
Haute—The House adopted Mr. Ball's resolution
inquiring into the subject of alleged frauds in con
nection with the construction of the public build
Messrs. Ball. Kennett, Burnett. King and Cad
walader were appointed as a committee under the
rt solution.
The consideration of the Sumner assault wm
resumed, but before the question was taken the
House adjourned.
Trinl of Hou. P. T. Herbert.
Wasbinoton, July 10.—The evidence in the
trial of Hon. I J . T. Herbert, of California, was
concluded to day. The counsel for the prisoner
unsuccessfully insisted that it wai the duty of the
Government to have all present in Court who wit
nessed the killing of Keating.
Adjournment of the Court of Claims.
Washington, July 10.—The Court of Claims
has adjourned indefinitely.
Consular A ppolotmeatM.
Washington, July 10.—Thomas E. Miller, of
Ohio, has brteu appointed Consul to Bordeaux, and
Isaac: W. Ro.vi'itch, of Vermont, C'ousul to Con
itlichignu Polities.
Detroit, July 10.—The Republiean State C in
vention met here yesterday and re nominated ljc.v.
Bingham, with all tha present State officers. Pre
sidential Electors were appointed.
Maryland Old Une Whig Convention.
Baltimore, July 10.—The Old Line Whig State
Convention met hereto-day. The Hon. Alexander
Randall was chosen President.
Handsomely Done—The congregation of the
Presbyterian Church in Norfolk, at a reeent meet
ing. resolved to present Kev. Mr. Armstrong, the'r
pistor, with .SISOO, and recommending him to tra
vel three months for the purpose of recruiting his
Denmark Socnd Dues.—From Berlin, June
21»t, it is stated that, owing to the mediation of
Russia, an arrangement has been concluded be.
tween Denmark and the I'nited States in virtue of
which a provisional toll convention will remain in
force till June, 1857, and the Sound dues will be
collected under this convention, as formerly.
High Price for Tomatoes.—On Wednesday,
the 2d July, savs the Fredericksburg- Herald, T
H. Lipscomb paid in Richmond seven aud a half
dollars for a basket of Tomatoes, containing three
fourths of a bushel, being at the rate of tea dol
lars per bushel, brought them to this place and
sold them at a profit of two and a half dollars.
Graduates ok ihk Virginia Military In
stitute.—The Lexington Gazette publishes the
following list of the graduates at the Virginia Mili
tary Institute:
F. W. Smith, of Norfolk city; E. L. Smith of Nor
folk; I'. B. Stanard, of Richmond city; J. H. Carpen
ter, of Alleghany; W. is. Seideo, of Xsorfolk eit\; G.
P. C Rumbough of Campleil; G. M. Edgar, of &ou
roe; F 51 Suddotii, of Fauquier; J. h. Cross, of War
ren; T. 13. Robinson, of King William; W. Y. C.
White, of Washington; K. Fowlkes, of Montgomery;
C M. Barton, of Krederi ;k; W. B. Clagett, of Lou
doun: J J. McAllister, of Isle of Wight; W. J. Sar
geaut, of Louisu; J. F. Alexaudsr, of Spottsvlvania;
WS. Oay, of Noitowsy: R. M. McKioney,of Camp
bfl'; F. i\i. Boykiii. of Isle of Wight; J. B. Cocke, of
Powhatan; I L Meem, of Campbali; J. A. Gait, of
Kluvsriuu; W. N. Moormaa, oi Campbell; It. 11. Hooe,
of Fauquier; W. fl Hood, of Southampton; C. S.
Hurt, ot Dinwiddie; 1). K. Penn, of Richmond; J. |G.
Gettmcs. of Harrison: .V\ . Usununi, ot W&shiu?
t.ir; T. H, Halcomh, of Mecklenburg; T. if. Owen, of
Halifax, ana W. H.Lasley. of Halirax.
Maj. Thomas J. Jackson, Professor of Philoso
phy ia the Virginia Military Institute, has gone to
The Fourth i.v New Brunswick.—A fine dis
play of tire works froi/i the steamer Admiral, at
St. John's, X. B , catife off on the evening or the
4tV. An American vessel tired salutes, and the
day was noticed otherwise, though tlie rain pour
ed in torrents.
Extensive I"ik* .—A most extensive conflagra
tion occurred at the Marine Railway, just below
Madison, Indiana, on Thursday night. The lire
originated iu the saw mill, consuming that, and
then the flames spread to the lumber adjacent, and
machinery of tbe railway, the upper part of which
was entirely destroyed, aud to several new i-team
ers on the nocks. The whole loss is set down at
Fatal Bridge Accident—a sad accident oc
curred iu Claremont, X. 11 ,on the 4th. The Maa
corns Fire Co. of Lebanon, uu a visit lo Clare
mout, were passing over a susjxjiimou bridge of the
Claremont Manufacturing Co., when it broke, and
they were precipitated into th« water. All esca
ped with their lives but one, named Win. Griffin,
of Hartford, whose back was bound to be broken,
he being dead wheu takeu out from the ruins —
The regular marching st«p of «. bc,dy of men is the
severest test that cau be applied to any structure
to which the slightest vibratory motion can be giv
en. If the company had marJhed by the rout step
without music, the iccideut would uot have oc
curred. —bualvn Herald.
Murder. —Francis M-eCan, while iu a state at'
intoxication, murdered 'tis wife at Albany, N. Y..
on Monday night. The murder It tlescribcd by the
papers as very brutal, atid the appa-irance of the
corpse was so appalling that a Geriruin who tlis
covered it ran into the street shouting murder and
calling for help.
Miei Kimberl.v gave her aeventy-firet reading
of Hiawatha a:' Niagara Fails vu .Saturday even
Sir William T>on Las been playing at the Edin
burgh tbeatrex, and his active sis Timothy 'rood
lea U «2id to have been luoat excellent.
The last aarviviag son of the German poet Wie
laud died on tlie loth ultimo, at Weiiaar in .Saxo
ny- -
Awful Gardner," *)f Sew York, otfer* to 5a
gage in a pri/.e tigul in Canada with i>. Brad"
ley, of i'biladelphia, for Mu or il.OOu.
An editor out West announces the birth of LU
nmth child under the head of "DUtresaing Casual
rtL the priaotiers ia the Minnesota Pitiitenliarv
" uk? u ° n tte '" tWoek in Juue > «"»<« not bteu
McCormkk » extensive Keaper factory. at Chi
cago, »ai nearly de.troyed by Are on «uuday
John P. Smith. a constable of Ralelvb X C •
W !L #h °.? w d u kUlad 00 ttw ** «*». hy A. Hay
wood,ot Waktj county, N. C.
pfjv*' *?°. f R ichmcmd, baa boon cho»en
»!%2i CoLge. y°f AlaaU ' Vt *«■*«
~V^ E LOf '°*o« v y—A new locoiunAive built
M ll,9ltfse,tlll '* e wori,L
It bt« 1•, wheeli 44 loeLfc* la dinueie r 22 Inch
*tr*ke, 11 feet lire bo*, and weight 33 u ft
roRT or richmowd. u\r <"
W*T*l THIS ,>*, *T ,1
Sohr. Wm. L. Jones, Frank, Philadelphia, coal, fi.
A Martley. Stavro. Norfolk,
Stoop New Packets, Uwaltmey, Smithfisld, mdz.,
•» " E
"'"•V-'CO. sall , d
a,),, u.rT wfllii, Par*» dowa tbe river, itgnt.
■fil Yosk Riv.r, brick.
cement for York River R. R- I
Tin tinder will bo liberally rewarded by leaving the
K. B- COOK fe CO.
I OS'l'—A lew day* aiuce, wrhere-Uout
L acknotvn, a nogro BONt> against John Ha ey,
and endorsed a» John Lindsay. The ' ,Dder w ' t ' l
li'.tjra.ly rewarded on presenting the same to me a
m f T T& N° UId vA rk c e aLLINGWORTH. Sr^
KOK KKNT—Thr «l«-siroble family
reaidf tea oc bth a'., iwtween Gjay and Leigh
sts.. recently occupied by the subscriber. Po
session given immediately. to
jy 11—ta No. 20 Pearl at.
. a ..... l ji'UK Ajk .\CHBCK.t*i•• Tt#
» l aT i.WIB ij(|at CLINTON, Captain Htll, will
positively leave aa above.
. Jj North side of the Eaun.
> —MKTTJhitt O O U aporiHtneß
now an opportunity of geitmg ii ge^-
puppy, of imported^ck^lhng
~ —Kutt liK> l'«jiteceiveU
this morning, at Nr. U Main "treet—
Geni'a Laating Congreaa Ganera, a first
rate article, and juatthe thing for warm weather and
tsnder feet. ALgo
Gent s Pump Sole, P. tent Leather Oxford Tlea
Do do d° do Congress Gaiters
Do Kid Congress Gaiters
Do Patent Leather Long Quartered bhoes
Ail of the above are of the boat quality, and made
in tLe most auptrior and fashionable atyie. .
jy 11 JOHN C i AGE, JK, 1* Main at.
— A—a K <IkT LADIES."Juit received at
vBQ No. 13 Main street—
Ladies' Black $1.60 Gaiters
Ladies' Colored *150 Gaiters
Ladies' Bron/«d Kid Slippers
L»<iie»' Kid Gaiter Boots, very suitable for ladies
visiting the Springs.
The above, together with my stock cf Lauies Shoes,
previously on hand, renders nay assortment equal to
any in thi. city. Laaie. a ; e taj»* to
* y a IS Ma ; a
I MENTS—For sale at th* mHnurncturex s prices
by MEADE 4l BAKER. Apothecaries,
166 N. VV. corner of Main and 10th streets
Dr. .Hattsou's Improved KliiHtlc Unfiiw9,
the iiiO»t convenient, simple and elegant lnstiuuient
ever used. Eorsale at
New Apothecary Store,
]B<s N. W. corner of Main and 10th sts.,
Richmond, Virginia.
TUe Purest [Medicinalßrandy and Wines'
and the oest quality London Porter, selected express
ly fer invalid., bV iEADF t BAKFRj c))eoiittii
liiti N. W. corner of Main and 10th sts.
)v 11-dlw
iAKViitt THUKiIiT, in all my lite,
What trials do await us.
When changing name from "M'.ss" to ' \V ife,"
How much noes irritate us !
0 me! I'm worried half to death.
By running without stopping—
Not for a bonnet er a dress,
1 am used to that shopfiug—
To fix our house as't ought to be,
Makes me such awful trouble;
Dear Billy has no time, says he.
And hating to psy double
Kor what we want in married life.
Of which 1 know no value—
As China, Glassware. Korkssnd Knife,
Clock, Leoking-Giass. 1 teliyou,
1 wished some body be so kind
'fo take this trouble from my mind;
To thow me whither I can go
To buy all this, and buy it low !
M v dear lady, and ail the ladies on this blissful eve,
to SCHAAP i. CO.*Si
French Confectionary and Variety Store,
j T 11 Corner ef Brosd and 3d streets.
b 11. i HAiHS, Lonl, Cruabrd auil Pow
dered and Colfax Saeura Also, Old Java Cof
fee. superior old trench Biamly, and old Rye Whis
key. tor sale by C. P WORD,
j"y U—3t Corner 18th and Main g'r««ts
HO! KOU TliK fel'KlWtis*! !—UeuiieiH.
if you are going to travel oft. the best place to
buy a TRLTNK, or any other kind of travelling appa
ratus. is at C. 8. MAURICE. 151 Mam street, tie
has a very large stock, to be closrd out on manufacta
re's'account aud at factory prices. Ladies' Trunks,
Bonnet Boxes and Satchels: good TruDks common
Trunks, and every kind of Trunks, at unhfard of low
prices, at the msuufacturei'sTrunk Agent.
jy 11 151 Main street.
\UTH:e.«\Vr tiHVC [tlit) day appointed
Mr. CH ARLKS KATES as our Ageut lo carry
on a Provision business at Stall No. 1, in the New
Market, in the city o( Richmond, tJ lu7 and sell for
cash only. L. M. HARKOf.D,
.ij 11-Zw J.M.MURRAY.
WOttiU»: WOttitira :l o remove iho«e
dangerous and troublesome inlmbitan's of the
bowels aud stomach, winch so o;t«n impair the
health and destroy the lives of children, use the
"VIRGINIA WORM KILLER,'' a certain and sale
prepaiation for the removal of the va.ious kinds of
Worms, 4tc.
It is mild and pleasant to the tai:e, and no child
will refuse tu take it. For sale by
jyll and the Drigg'sts generally.
AIUKS' KI.Mi lIKKSS tilltius Te be
closed out at great bargains—such ts Robes, Ba
reges, Tissues, French Jaconets, Fancy Dress Silks,
Plaiu Black Silks, Worked and Sprigged White
1 have resolved to clo»» out all tiiega Goods at great
bargains, at
N. EZEKIF.L'S Cheap Cash Store,
jyll No. 7o Mam street.
illttt— Au excellent Feumte took
M. with a child four veais old, for hire for the bal
ance of the year. Apply to
jv 11—3t WM. GOULDIN, Governor st.
!*>AI«K»-Ttae Premium bTI'JIP PI I -
LF.R, (lor which a pi em. um was awarded at the
last Virginia State Fair.) Apply to
Governor street, between Fraakliu and Main.
lor 'iruveltiuK ureases.—-A
good assortment at
EZEKIEL'S Chsap Cash Store,
jy 11 75 Maiu it.
!V|tAE'-rieslil} giuoud Iroui pure white
i'A Cera, can ba had at "Br6gg's Old Mill," near
the Armory.
Customers supplied at their doois daily, at the low
est prices. jy li_u
►-5 ami OLD PORT WINE, particularly adapted
to medicinal use, for sals by
}T H Drurdsr, 17th street.
A ligntful and ellective rem«dy for diseases of the
summer; for s»le by J. W. POLLARD,
■iy 11 Dtugrst 17 h ml
'lU-KMiK's t, 1 N «iB it W t N ii.« Thin
■*. Wine is an excellent touic, a reliable remedy tor
dyspepsia, general debility, weakness «f I he s'owiaeh
eolic, &.C., tor sale at POLLARD'S
.17 11 Drug eat Chemical More. 17th st.
apen this i. oriilug at GOLDSMIT'S cheap
store, Broad street. Hoop Whalebones; Whale
bone Skirts; Cactus and Grass ski't* to be run cfl'
ct,ea P K. GOLDSMIT,
*" >t.
PAL.H Li HA if PANS>—Ju»t receiveu two
casts Palm Leal F.ns, at
Tninmiog and Variety Bto-».
• ,T 11 2M Br«ad (treat.
llhAtK sILK recrlved
"« awor'osent of Black Silk Nett* at 60 eta, per
yard, worth 73 eenu, at OOLDHMIT'S
■W * Cheap Store. 20!> Broad »t.
**(l Pl,ltt V'KOIMA CIUKU
'INfcGAK.—Ju»t 1 undim and forajle by
)> Corner pgatl and Caiy »'«
«V»IHNMAJiI»n, nYVJa* KANUtWiireat
J bargain* in fcwiaa Batj<i( can be bud
GOLDSMITH Cheap Store.
Jy U art BroaH at.
T u Hot t4KK.fcKPKKrt.~I wuulU call the
* attention of iioutt keeper* to my aaeoitaieid of
Sbeatißf*, TowelKng* and Table CIoUM 1 have now
>n (tore—ia quart®, Liaan Bb«*U»g, Barnilet'* in a
nu.'Mtura; 12 do. Cuttoa do s(i do 00. do; Uaniatk
ecrdered Toweia; Huckaback dc.: Diaper To well; Li
aan Dautuk, for table cloth*. Al(o, a large (apply
of DauiuA Napkin*, which I will (ill at r viactd
" r J"« JACOB A LEW,
J? 11 Cheap Pry Good* Store, 15 Mate atrert.
1,1 Ql ALITY.-000 package* for aale by
>1 11 Agent* for th« Manufactoun
--v . _f v f dm P>t. Mr Mw
BUBOES*. <» of
this ci'y.
D iv»l street*. -
«>•* do.
OfOata.... 4 „- )7
otrT o *.: ._m« -•
4«9M Ho.
JAMKB B 0188,
iv 11—it* ni ' D Meamrer.
rsr Auction > o 11 e e.—Thu rltrntloii of
hrS7k£s£V" wlicited to onr *.!• THI» MORN
INft at K. o'clock, of the ' a »?SnWV '
deciimug housekeeping. LARLS A SHINF
tyiirraf indicrmrnt lo Ihone withinx
Fisr. PiCTUaes- —In continence at the general
dullness of business during the month of July, I wis!
take Photographs. Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes,
at greatly reduced price*. The be<t ot work made,
and no picture aold unleai it pleases. I would only
invite a call, having no doubt of being able t:> please
the moat fastidious. Particular attention paid to
children'* pictures. Call earlv at
1). BENUANN'B 111' Main atreet.
jv 10— 3t* Next door above Mitchell t Tyler.
FOR KENT, rim! posaeiMion given
immediat-lv. two deairable three atory brick
dwelliogs. ki'uated on Clay »treet, betweeu7ih
and 3th streets, with gas and city water on the pre
mlses, and all necessary convameDces for a genteel
family. To a sojd and permaneut tecant, the rent
will be low. The houses ate na w, and in itrt'ect ot
der. Applrto K. A. J. CLOPTON,
Agent and Collector, No. 8 Wail * reet,
jy (] i w Under 8t Charles Ho'el.
MIUR KkM —A (iwelilnii douse on
Grace ktreet, between Henry anil Monroe ate ,
containing 6 room*, with a kitchen und e'alile.
ALSO—The upper part of the bon*e on Main *t.,
between Blh and 9tb *ts
Apply at WM. READY a Lock Kactory, .
jy II —3t 2?0 Main St.
tOK BKfc..>lK>.—The JI >rk H OK.-j,
John Ro»e. will load !or the above port.
111,1 " Kor freight or paa«age. applv to
j T n_6t« ROW. WM PB VOS3 Si CO
c&uton chooked and white, winch will
be sn'd cheap. ALFRED MOSES,
7 63 Main sr.
BIjACIC I.ACK *!!>« *;» U L 118 Ml V
ha* jiwt received a full assortment ot Blaea
Blend Edging*, suitable for t
jj 205 Broad f.
HpO 1* I UCU A .S K li » .—As the SmiliMor
J. season 1* i'»r advanced, 1 propo*-to »ell the rem
nant ot' my atock oi'Linen and light Cas*imereCoals,
Pauts aud Vests, at very low prices, msny c! which
aie the most desirable s'yles and choice patterns ot
the season. Those who wish to purcha-c now will
find it a fire at savin*, hi thf y can get an article eqtul'y
as aood and t'aahionable as in the early part o! the
II Corner Main and Pearl sts.
rittlE liK-ST MAii<iAlNf» in Dry (Juoils
1 can now be had at EZEKIEL'S, 7.0 Main street,
as be is selling off the balai.ee of his Summer Goods
at great sacrifices. All in want ol leally cheap
fJooas. will tiuJ tbeia at his stor». 75 Main street, fer
Cll h. N. EZEKIEL,
j T H 75 Main St.
An elegant assortment ol Musiin Bands on hand,
fjr Basque* and Sleeves, at the establ slied chefep
j T 63 Ma'n at.
BAi.hUitiNL fjKl KTs.«A new »upi>ly
of Whalebone SkirU, received ibis n otning.
jv || ALFRED MOSES. 63 Ma'n »r.
AWiNIS, LAWMn, LAW AS.-TIIS biiliux e
of my stock of cheap Lav. ns must bo closed ont
in the next few days. For bargains call ear.'y, ut the
established cheap store of
jy u ALFRED MOSES, 6l> Main st.
other lot i f tbi ss cheap Blacfc Silk* received
i.om auction, this moming.
jv II ALFRED MOSES. 61 Main St.
'1 1 iI li, lIOC KiiTTH >11 l.li U lor sale, pri
-1 vately. F»r tern;*, fac.. upply to
jy 4 — lor DUMLOP it CO.
Pliltt fUb.X 1,11 IlilAAltV AMI PORT
WINE—For medical purposes; lor sale at
BATTAILE'S Drug li Chemical Store,
je 25—tf Corner 4th and Broad sts
ciihAUn a>i* sCl»sun.>.~.lu»i ree'tl,
a tine •iiiaortmerit of American shears find Scis
sors, extremely low. THKO KGBKRTSON,
Importer and dealer in Koreigu »nd Domestic
(f> 5 ' Hardware and Cutlerv. No. K5 Main st.
-i received, Linen Lustre* and Ue Beges, for'i'iav
eiiin/ Urease*. ALFRED MUSKS,
jei fi! Main street.
I BIUIWiN, Jr., Stuck it ruber, lias re
" • moved bit office to Ho. 151 (Zimmerman's) corner
Ma'u an.4 12th streets r >—Mod *
--' ■i MENT.—This celebrated manufactory is furnisti
inija very superior article of tillered Soda Water;
a!-u, Philadelphia Ale, Porter and Champagne Cider,
which is pronounced by judges to be "Jie best ever
put. up in the citv. Those in waut of »r,y of the above
articles, would do well to give me a call. The above
articles will be delivered to any part ot the eity free
ot charge. All orders addrensed to the subscriber or
to any of the merchants, will meet with pro'opt at
tention. warren canfield, Agent,
je 18 2oth st, between Main and Franklin.
t'MAw. >i, LiANUlil!;1 1 Tin uau
> Iron Manufacturer, IMb street, between llui
acd Cary. Richmond, Va.
Steam Pipe* for Churehes, Public Building* 4ta
Metallic Rooting, Guttering and Spouting, put
up in any part of the city and country.
WIN DO W sIIAUL ItKPO'l', -J3O llioiid
street — 1 000 pairs of those beautiful Shads*,
ocly 37Je., richly worth $1; Landscapes, plain cud
fancy light Shades, 50 cents, well worth #1 50; splen
did vase Shades; gilt and Gothic Shades at half the
price thev are usually sola at Table Oil Cloth*, all
width*, 25 cent* up.
N. B.—Storekeepers and pedlars supplied, at New
York prices. AUo, a nice assortment »f Dry Goods,
Hosiery and Glove* at the lowest possible price*.—
MUses' «ois Lioen Handkerchief* SJc.; Black
Lace Mitts_ 12$ c.; Twisted Silk 37{c.: Ladies' and Mis
ses' Bells 5c.; L&die*' Collar* from <ijc. up; Uuder
sletiv-s 25c.; Brown Linen Table Clo! hs 50c.; Towels.
4-4 long, 10c.—with other Goods, which will he sold
cheap, taidre* will tind it to their advantage to call
at the cash store of M. G'JLDKN, 230 Broad *t.,
J y a between 3d and 4th.
that the ouly genuine article of BOTTLED SODA
' n 'his city, i* put up by M. McCOR
MACK, who flatter* himself that he is able to com
pete with any manufacturer, either North or South,
having been engaged in the business for the last nine
He is now contacting ths above buainea* in all ft*
branches for Mr. WM. P. LADD, and take* this me
thod of informing hi* numerou* friend* end the pa
tron* of hi* old establishment, that nothing on his
part (hail be wanted to *u*tuin it* former re put*
RP* To prevent lmpo*!tion, ba tore to sail for
ed in all part* of the city, freeoj charge.
r*" All order* lroiii city or country ouaiomer*
promptly attended to. Addrea*
WM P. LAD ft,
ap s—3m Pearl «t„ ud No aOB Broad »t
NO '1* 1 I' K--Temporary ilrmovul... l he
*üb*crib«r, lor the purpose of giving way to tb
erection of a new hoaae hu* removed hit (tore from
hi* old itacd, corner of Main and !3tli »treet», three
doOMabove, where he would be pleaaed to see hi*
friend* and the public generally, iu want »f a tust
rate er:icle of Clothing, a**criiijf them that he i* pre
pared with all the nece**ary requisite* to adorn the
outwa-dman. K. B BPKNCK
KaahiocsUe Clothier and Merchant Tailor,
<" 17 N" I2H «'re«t.
l )KK!HS ( ;OOU* KOIt Til K MKAWI.N.".
* t» r *aadie Mu.lln* aud trench Jaconet*; Berr*,
?J° W p"r ;cM ; »«oek of
. T I II *• 'SKJ 6 *?'•* <:U; hc «"i»ul a*aorlui. ut
ot »«* I'reaa Silk*; Detiegr* and lie Lame*, for Tra
veling DreeevesParaeole and L«die«' Silk Umbrellas
w Skirt*; Mantilla*, black and
"JviU Jhe attention of the ladies to the
II been marked down to price*
that w ill command immediate aale
i„, W. F. PKRKINB 3t CO.,
No Hi Kailf Sqoare.
flASOs.—'ihe lutoerTber
HH9H <>** J u " received one of J. it C. Vie
" J OIU ? . celebrated 7 octave PIANOS.
, ™ • wweoeseary to *ay aaylhiti* in
commendation of Kiachej'* Piano*; ihey are too well
known and appreciated to requite it. Any |>er*on
* , "P e ' lof h " * n opportunity to
obtain one at the manufacturer*' price
*> flrn. .1 Knmam l !, fear 1 *»
(J ° Jfiife- 1 ,*P.y?y ■¥ r *" | W receipt •!
fiA * D COKJC -the former a a*.
'Uhtful fuel for gratea, and the Utter an excellent
and economical *üb*tltate for anthracite eoel for
Hove*, range* and heating furnace*. Apply «t the
• T*«J* owner of 10th street aad Basin bank, on
cotoer of Byrd and 6th streets eontb aide Canal,
nil « ~U J«0. J, WKRTH, Agt.
\%TJLKTMD —A Boy »f l«ia*lritm fc«hit«,
\V toiiintlK Cwefi Smithing tn.«.0.«,
, NH of •«*—oo« from the aootrtry jwef*rr»d As
■»'» at my (ho*, at tke bn< of ttw BaaU. k«tw««,
CiMluil _ _____
j f 11 _#i» DANIEL 8. COHKir.
ANTKI). A HUUK-KfcltfK»U~W ».71
ed lm*t'dl«»*lT.*» ■ CommWnoo Howe, * fl rr
need apply except ancb a* can farniih the mntt mNi.
(Wary evidaftC" of character and qualification* _
Addre** ' Bo* No. 621," Richmond Pott Ofßca.
J? »-*
fl/jtN t KU-THIBTV i'l TThMI
CAROLINA RAILROAD.—Tb» higha*t price wu,
ba paid for thirty good Stone Cutter* aad Maaoo •.
work ob Western North Carolina Railroad, by app ~
«- - i co..
j, in—St* Bn'isbnrv. North Carotins
W AfSTKI»-IMJH KOI A * «t i. % -A aitaV
tion aa C!erk or Salesman, in *ome dry food* 6 ,
grocery hoaao, by a yonng man who has had
year* experience i* the thiaait-;-
Set if factory references given. Addreet A. B.C« Bo*
,>>3 L!__L" '
\*7ANTKI»-'t • hire lor U»e bu Inner .1
V\ year, a Negro Women of good sharaete'. tob e
employed a* a house servant. Apply at this o«c»
jy 9-t» -
**7ANTKD-«A WKT NI!K»M. lor a l«.i,
f* visiting the Viraioia Bpringt. A woman with,
out an infant preferred. Apply at tbie office.
j» B_*t*
WA NTr.U--A ftood,
KOR SAL IS—A fr->Bt PEW in St. r«m,
Chnrc>». gnqti>re et thl* office. J v
|*7ANTKl»~A»ltn>»il«n«i» ACCOIM IA XT
and BOOK.-KEEPKB. by a middle-agedmi,
one fully competent to take charge of hooka, *nd w;U
haa a large in Weetern Virginia, in*
best of ci,tr relerence* given. A line eddiwed t,
J. M., and left at Me*tr« Tinaiey. Tardy U Co- wil
ine»t with pfomot attentian. JT
— A >»l«chanlr, to lit mid put up
** ca«t iron for buiidioge—none bat a cou
petent hand SNyDKR & C aRTRR,
j v 7 fg Richmond Stove WorVs.
\*7A>TKU.---I Wish to birr, lor the bal
fw auce of the vear, a calor*d MAN of gool elm
actentoact** porter in my .tore^^^^
W* AYl'Kil, UOU»lv PiiINTKIW -Fimii
four to six more good HOUSE PAINTKRj.
and reliable, might obtain work at fcir wag< *, by eai!;
application to the subscriber.
JAS M. CARTER, !4»h street.
Opposite the Post Office
P B—l have in my employ a celebrated FRESCO
PAINTER. Should my patrooaor the publie gee.
er&ily, have anf Painting of that description tn»t
they wi*h to have done really beautiful—*uch as th«
Decorating of Ceiling*. Side-Wall*, or Parlor Kloin.
for particular occasion", whether in Oil or otherwise,
I flatter myself to be able, both aa regard* price U3
workmanship, to pler.se the most fastidious.
je 24—Im
AM KU-'l'o hire lor the balance of the
year, a few able-bodied NEGROES, for sat
face operation*, at the Coke Mines.
my 27-ts JOHN J. WERTH, Agent
AM'KI).—tiOAItO—My u proleoalonal
gentleman m.d wlfo. Location not above ljtr,,
or below 18i.li streets. Address Box 147. je 4—ts
it Headquarters Ist Kbc V*. Vols., j
M Richmond, July 8, 1856. )
lj| Order No. 21.
ill A Regimental Court Martial will convene at its
Uun Room of the Richmond Kayette Artillery, l»
favette Hall, on FRIDAY next, the 11th dayol Jnlj
»t~4 o'clock, P. M , for the trial of Sergeant Alex&n
der Eaton, company D, (Eagle Infantry.) and sum
other offender* as may be brought before it.
The Court will be composed as follows:
Lt. Col. R. Milto* Carv, President
Captain VVyatt M. Elliot,
" J. H Richardson,
" P. Thko. Moosf, .
" Cms. Richardson.
The jun'or member of the court will record tli»
Private Emanuel Scwon, of the Uichmoud Light
Infantry Bluts is detailed aa Provoat Marshal.
Members of the Court will appear in full uniform
By order of Col. Aumist.
jy »-3t ». TRI'EHKART. Jr. Adj't
Ii liEAD Qt'AKl LK> lsr KEU'T Va. VOi.U.ITIKhi, I
A Richmond, July 6th, 1856. )
M Order No. 20.
ii; Tho Regimaotal Cou-t of Enquiry, which con
vened on the SUth day of June, 1856, passed the (til
lowing order, which is published fjr the infoimalso
of all concerned:
"That hereafter the publication ef the order of tin
commanding officer, cdlliri* a Court of' Enquiry, shaii
he a full and sufficient notice to all delinquent* to a
pear before the Court an-1 submit their excuses; aa,:
thft such excuses shall be submitted either in person
or in writing"
By orderof Col. Augus* 1 .
jv7-ts D. Jr.. Adjt
li t>KtVS, AT IHNTiUtI —Altviid iTms
Jlular Compnny Drill, at Lafaye'te Hall, on Ful
fil DAY nigtit next, at 8 o'clock.
Jli New members particularly will be punctual.
By order of Capt Eliiott.
jv 10—2t JNO. T. ROPERS. Orderly.
other lot of those cheap Black SilkJ recoiled
from tiuctioD this morning,
jy 7 ALIu-ED MOSES, G3 Main »t.
CHECH iULWI.<INS —Opening tbi* mar
time a handsome lot of Check Muslin* at a Hint
pence the yard; a good bargain, at
jv 10 Cheap Btor»>. 7, r > Main st,
B Klli hi AMI'S —On tin ml. n ItiiiitUonii- «»•
sortment of Brilliants. wbich will be sold low fc
jv 10 No. 31 Main st
l-AliN AIN It KlMliKKil BKKK(ibr>.-
My remaining stock of plain and figured Ber> g«<
can be had at reduced price*. Those in want "ill au
well to call SILAS L. JOHNSON,
jy 10 No. 3! Main »t.
K hand, a large assortment of handsome French
Worked Collar*, which will In sold lew
iy !0 No. 31 Main st
NOTICJK.—Tbn nubecriberit beg leatf f»
infonu their friend* and the public generally
that are able to do any work in Krc.-ico Paiutiui.
in the newest style, and warrant to give latisfactiai
Terms moderate. Orders nay be left and return
rnendatiocs given, at Mr. S. V. LAN DRUM'S, corns;
of Main and 7tU stieet.
jy3-l.n» H. TF.MMY L BRO
Cilt.NA I)UPs-At less ihitit cost, Jluw
Card Basket*, Cigar Stands, Malt h Stand*, Vsmi
and a great variety of beautiful Ornament*, must
s .lrl *' sr.et 'n»« by XIMMKHMAN
it lA.M'II.I.AA, i'l I,LA«-l Wlilarll
I.' 1. the balance of my Mantilla* otf very chesp-
Those who want, may expect (sod bartain*. at
Cheap Dry Goods ana Mantilla Depot.
i t In 75 Main sua*' _
KUiitihn at i'i 1-4 UTS."We haves
lot of Printed Berege* for sale, at 12$ cents ]k
yard jv 10 C. HART WELL & CO.
j\J AATLI4S, .>1 A jN T Ju if S.— HlkcU hurt
I*l Mantle*; Black Silk do.; Col'd Silk do. A» tl«
season i* acvanced we are offering the abov.» Gonoi
a' '■!-> nriees jy i» C. HARTWKLL C'<>
I-At h t H U.LIEN- 011 taimil t»l«»*■
Chillies and Crape JBereg*,). which will be «■-/.»
jv ™ No .11 Mem «'
AIIU.UK iUh!»lt;iNK.—.>IKS. DAKS'
ELIXIR cure* Coughs, Cold* and Wboort
ami affords great relief in Cats jmpUon sue
most diseaso* arising troia cold* and neglected euu»tt
Th» following are a few extracts from oertificaios
citizens of Richmoud whc have tested its virtues
" By a timely use of it, I have no doubt it has
one many doctor's fee*. I know of Its good eflscw
with a great many other than my own family.*— U'*
"I have need It in my faui'iy for three yeara, »s<
found it the West family mediciae i have ever a»ei-' -
M. A. Slfwenton.
" Kor aicknea* among children, nothing san bob*
ter."—M. H. (ivdutin.
" I have tried all the cough retxiediee of the d»J
aad have no hesitation la nyiog that I believe Mi»
Daw*' to be the moat valuable preparation of th# kl»»
now in u»e."—Klijak Warren.
Jfor eale by Mr*. A. B. DAWS, Bennett * Beera
Ales. Duval, Pateraou It Jacksou, Cha*. Mlliapanlt,
E. J. Picot. A. Bodeker and ChirlM '» Ya'».
i 'ttUHCa ti (1. I,UMMia X&to, illttiaatrcet
" near 7U» — Oiatea; Vender*; Summer Front*
t*(u*re, circle and eieptic pattern*) Otnan»«nt*»
Iron Rail; Balconies Verandah*, tie.
Remember the number and give me a call after * *•
amining ei*ewhere |roy 81 —Hr»
|>KI»I CTION IN COKK.—From thl»«iaj
At. uutil the lat of September uext, I will d«"*«'
HARD COKK, ef theW quality, at KIVIC UOL
LAMS per load. At thl* price, It i* cheaper than *»>
other fuel for heating furnace* in Churches, Stoi**
Tobacco Kaetoriee,and private dwelling*, a* wall"
for cooking rar ge* and *tov«*.
SOfT COKi". will continue to he delivered at
per load for lump, and 4>d for hail—the lir»t grade w
■ng un*urpa**ed a* a furl for grate* and open atovf
by any cuei whatever. .
C'lt Coke Yartla corner 6th and Bjrrd street*, *»•
10th *treet and Ba*in bank
ie S -1* INO i. W P.RTH. A*«a' : „
At Aui).~W.t|. fKKt liAi.,
gianer and Arohiteet—Ottee, God dm'* Hall, e*
11th, between Main and Hank er»»'.
Mechanical i«aii Ursaweatal ®rawl»ff
1b (omfoUoa with ay teetunW and *>ir
mmrina etflee, I have opened a Draiting room, wb»r*
aided by sewpeteat ***istaat* > 1 aia prepared to »»*»
Deogn* and Copied of all kind* of Maohiae VVor*.
Plane for Bridges, stone or Olherwtee; Copies to u*
ograph from, of Railroad and Canal Maps and Pro
iUeet Cople* of Lu4 Maps, Tracings, he, with IX
ash IB—d* Civil JEoginatr and ArehUeo>-

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