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iNmrtailaH far trnvrnttmi
CoagrMa odd makae liberal appropriation. for
tbo Improvement of Hfw la every dlreeMoa
Klvort oa the Atiaatlc, river, la the laterior, rto
are aad harbor, wboaa vary aame. w«» « ■
heard af hefc«,areaheorhlßf atoldan
thatreaaary. SttWewhaoaevorUrtio* heart u m
that thay are Indebted alone to tboir own enter
prieeaadeaergy foe their «««*"• /'
«a*t beggar. at Unela Ba<n'» door. Public landa
are glvafc away la emplree to buM railroad* Yet
Virginia, who beatowod tbo*
eral government, and ba* no longer a dollarto
carry oa her pablle work., m»ke. no effort to oh
taiaa dime of tbe million, which Coafrew to
ready to girt for river, aod rallroada all overthe
laad. Here to tbe Jame* river, a alraam which, If
properly relieved from tbe ob»trnctlon» to the navi
gation of large ve»»el*, would an rich and invigo
rate every interest of Virginia. Yet, whilst every
creek and podfle In tbe Weil ha. iu Mead. In
Congre*), tbl. great channel of trade seem, to be
left to take care of Itaelf. We again invoke tbe
attention of oar repre.ent.tire in Congreee to thij
•abject We know hto ability, hto zeal, and hto d«.
votlon to the latere*ta of hto conatituenta. With
hto politic* we have nothing to do, but we respect
fully and aarae.tly urge blm, as the federal money
1. U.ed for auch purpoae*, to aacure thla district ita
•bare. Let him tbiak of this fine river, in which
our people are »o deeply interested, and puaU
through a bill making a sufficient appropriation for
removing tba obatrnctlona to ita navigation.
Female Politicians.
The women of tbe North are certainly making
long stride* ia a political direction. We have
from time to time noted tbe fact that one and
another of theae extraordinary female* have
mounted the atump, and are perambulating the
free State* clamoring for Fremont We publiabed
lately a paragraph to tbe effect that " a large nam
er of the ' Republican' ladles of Fall River, Maa
aachuaetta, have organized themanlvea into an as
sociation which they ntyle the ' Je»sie Circle I"'—
Aa moat of our lady readers, thank Heaven, are
ao little of politicians that they may not know the
meaning of tbis phraje, we «% ill just! explain that
"Jeasle" lathe Christian uamo of Mrs. Fremont.
Thto to very rich and quite characteristic. It to a
▼ery good name; the frieu i< of Fillmore or Bu
chanan will not grudgo tbem thi.> title; In fiue>
they will give them and their buabau-Js " Jessie' 1
by next November. Tbo whole concern will be a
"Jesale circle" by that time, of tbe form and
aubatance of a cypher.
We are glad to see that this Woman's movement
is entirely confined to the fabolition* females, and
that the wives and daughters of the friends of
Buchanan and Fillmore have the good taste and
good sense to eschew politics. It is true that old
Back Is an old bachelor and Fillmore a widower,
but these are facts which would rccomiuend them
more strongly to Free Soil women, and prove
•uch incentives to energy and effort that they
wonld leave so stone unturned to secure their
triumph. There would be Millard "circles" and
old Back "circles" ou every hand, each of whoi<e
members would anticipate nothing less than to
become a permanent fixture of the White House.
See how much more sensibly, discreetly—how
much more like women, the Buchanan and Fill
more ladies behave than their opponents. We
want no better illustration of the nonsensical and
demoralizing character of abolitionism than these
ridiculoaa "Jessie circles," a thing and an expres
sion which none but a fool could have invented.—
These demented females would much better form
sewing circles, bread, pudding and knitting cir
cles, spanking-bad-children -and-putting-tbem-to
bed circles, than to be Jesting arouad the coun
try, whilst their husbands starve aud their brats
hollow murder at home
I'engresslonal Fay.
We like Senator Bailer's proposition upon this
•übjpct, so far as It proposes to substitute salaries
for per diem, bat we do not like the amount of
■alary, #3,000 each. It is just double a faircompen.
tion for the services of efficient men, and about
tno times as much as the services of such men as
now occupy seats in Congress are worth. We may
do but we think three hundred dol
lars a year would be an exorbitant salary for most
of them. Ia fact, we are of opinion that it would
be more economical for the nation to pay them
•3,000 a year and require them to stay at home, than
three hundred, and allow them to come to Con
gress, pass mischievous laws, and set a bad exam"
pie to the nation in manners and month.
Nevertheless, the great point Is to give them a
fixed salary, so that they will be under no tempta
tion to waste tine ; take away their franking privi
lege, stationery, books, ice , And put them general
ly on low diet, so that they may become peacea
ble, meek and virtuous.
We know no more agreeable place of resort in
anmmer than the town of Staunton. It is situated
In the coolest and healthiest spot of Virginia. No
wind ever blows that is not obliged to pay tribute
to Staunton,except malarious and unhealthy wind»>
which are not permitted to cross the Bluo Ridgo
Such a thing as an epidemic was never known in
Ktaucton. The inhabitant! generally live to an
exceeding old age, and at last "dry up and blow
away.'' The "oldest inhabitant," whose wherea
bouts has so long been a matter of universal in
qalry and discussion, resides in Staunton. The
aboriginal inhabitants of that region, it is believed,
wonld never have died, but for the irruption of the
Scotch-Irish, the most successful savage killers on
tit's continent. In the Revolutionary war, the en
•my waa unable to reach Staunton. His foot was
never permitted to profane the saored soil of Au
gusta. That is the region to which Gen. Washing"
ton referred, in that declaration so seldom quoted
on political and patriotic occasions—"Give me but
a banner," &•c. Washington well knew that if he
coujd station his army in Augusta, the British
would not only never be able to dislodge them,
but that every man of them would survive the
British government. A man from the lowlands,
with chills and fever, was once soea in Staunton.
The people looked upon him with the wonder with
whieh we should regard a man with the leprosy.—
He was considered a greater curiosity than the
Natural Bridge or Weyer's Cave. So much for the
heallhfulness of Staunton. Its society is as refined,
educated, 'and hospitable 'as that of any place in
Virginia. Its gentlemen are of man
ly, intelligent, whole-souled Virginians; its ladies
are the flowers of the universe. Staunton ought
to be a great summer resort for the people of the
East. Thereought to be any number of cottages
en the surrounding hills, occupied every summer
by our peregrinating and parboiled population.
The .Mormon Delusion.
It U a matter of some speculation bow long thia
monstrous delusion will last The journals of the
principal seaports still chronicle the arrival of
ship loads of men,women aud children from foreign
countries who have been converted by the Mission
aries of the Mormon ffcith and are on their way
to Utah. IVe believe the system has in it the ele
ments of premature decay and dissolution. It is so
entirely antagonistic to American clviliration that
U can never flourish, or even exist for a long time
In the same hemisphere i t U Brigham Young s
Mgaeity and strong will which now hold it togeth
er. He is a Cromwell on a small scale, and, when
"• dies, the chief prop of Mormonism will be goae,
and the nasigbtiy fabric soon tumble to the grjond
OLD Pot ST.—A letter from OM Point uri that
tbereare from 400 to tiOJ vieitore there. Mre Cot
mot **«•. but «peat • tew daje la
.wYIf 01 "* ft* *4?°* —There ere 300 iWtoreot
in* New York HaroH thteka that eothla* la
prwtrf —f to pravwt tbn yellow frrer from oh'
uinlac a foothold ia Now York, bat attentate
.toacllp—. te atwto, h»tt,aU«ya udtwm. TM*
to just what the Now Yorker. do Ml ma Ulwiy
to obtain, for the filth of tba town, according to Hat
testimony of all tboir pa.port, to intolerable. It to
to b« bopad, both on acooaatof tboir owa Immenaa
population and tbo targe somber of atrangera who
rtoH Now York oo bualneaa or pleaaure, that aame
atringent meaaurea may ba takon to make tbo city
•lean, and to avert tbo moot detoiating plague ot
modern tlmea.
Virginia FUW aad Martoaa laaaraace Caaf
Thla old company, chartered la 1833, aad ao long
aad favorably known to thto community, have re"
eeatly removed next door to the Dispatch. They
have fitted up their offiee very tastefully, and
made it what every place of tmaiaeaa ought aa far
a* possible to be, inviting to the public. We do not
be.itate to say that we conalder oar neighborhood
decidedly improved by their oomlng among aa f
and we feel very aare that any baaloeaa in their
line will be a* courteously, fairly and liberally done
by themselves aa any other company. Aa their
stock to almost entirely owned ia thto city, aa
they have paid a vffy large amount of loaaea, and
have rendered very eaaential aid in the way of
diacoanting paper to the baaineaa community, we
beapeak for oar old frienda and nets neigbbora, an
increased patronage in their new location.
Kansas Melti.no To-Night.—Captain H. C.
Pate, a Virginian, and intimately connected with
the recent atrugglea la Kansas, ia in thto city, un
der the auspices of the Kanaaa Executive Commit*
tee of Virginia, and will address tbe people to-night
at Metropolitan Halt Captain P. to well posted In
Kansas affairs. Hto lectures derive additional in
terest from tbe rich fond of humor and eloquence
displayed in them. All deairoua of having Kanaaa
life vividly painted to tbeia should attend tbe Hall
A Pirtiment Inquiry—A correspondent o f
the New York Journal of Commerce, alluding to
the testimony in the North Pennsylvania railroad
Accident, which spoke of the passengers running
to the neighboring form-houses for axes to enable
them to liberate those who were roasting, asks
why sbonld not railroads supply their cars with
tools indispensable in case of accidents—why have
to rash to the nearest hopsa for such tools ? If it be
needtul for a fire-eDgine to carry axes for their im
mediate use, why not the more needful on cars 1—
This is a pertinent inquiry. Every train of cars
should carry with them implements 'which are
found to be most serviceable when an accident oc
curs—jack-screws,Faws, axes and crowbars—not
one of each for a train, but a fall supply, and
placed in each car, s* that they ceuld be easily
reached when their n*n mnrier* it necessary.
Virginia Golij Mists —The Fredericksburg
Herald says the proprietor of the Quartz Gold
Mines, iu Orange, is about shipping 50 tons of ore
to England, to be tested by parties there negotia
ting tor his mine. The U. States mines, owned by
Col Thos. Hunt, of N. York, are about being open
ed by Col. Mergan. The washings of refuse sand
at the Vanclnse mines have yieled 615 per ton —
The Mitchell mine, in Spottsylvania, has been
valued at #150,000 by a party from the North.—
The Gardiner mine, in the same county, is yielding
well. ,
The Blue Kidgk Tunnels —On last Saturday
night there remained only 318 feet to perforate in
the main Tunnel under the Blue Hidge. Last
month theie were 87 feet cut through. Iu tho
Brooksville Tunnel only 38 feet remains to be
arched, and will be finished before September-
Day-light will shine through the B!ue Ridge Moun'
Uins before the elope of the year I'M.
Arrival ok Kev. John E. Edwards —Rev.
John E. Edwards of Richmond, and his Virgiuia
travelling companions, arrived in New York Wed
nesday on the Persia from Europe.
Withdrawal ok Com Stockton —Co mmo
dore Hubert F. Stockton has written a letter with
drawing from the contest for the Presidency.
At the late commencement of William &. Mary
College, the honorary degree of L. L. D. was
conferred upon Win. Green, Esq., of Richmond.
Quarantine at Norfolk—The Board of
Health at Norfolk have caused to be erected a flag
staff to designato the Quarantine Ground, of the
following deecriptioo: lis height 51 feet; its upper
section painted yellow, with a yellow ball at the
top and bearing a flag of the same color. Ita po
sition is on the port side of the liver in coming up,
and about one mile and a half below Fort Norfolk.
According to an order of the Board of Health,
pasted 22d Inst., all vessels bound to that port from
any port or place South of Wilmington, N. C., are
required to come to anchor abreast of this flag
staff, and there remain until visited by the Health
officer, and his permission in writing is given for
such vessels to come up within the harbor.
Stabbed.—An altercation occui red at church ok
last Sunday, in the county of Franklin, (Va / be
tween Mr. Wm. Keen Edwards and Dr. Cleni
ments, in which the former was dangerously if no*
tatally stabbed, and the latter severely beaten
with a stick.
Gov. Coivwin.—This gentleman has authorized
the Cincinnati Columbian to contradict the state
ment that he was about to take the stump for Fre
mont. He says he will vote for Fillmore if there
be a fair prospect of his success in Ohio. But if
the Fillmore ticket is not likely to carry Ohio, then
he will vote for Fremont and Dayton.
An Outrage.—We learn from the Monmouth
(N. J ) Democrat, that ou last Saturday night a
party of rowdies made an attack on the Catholic
Cburch in Freehold, and completely riddled the
windows by brickbats and other missiles.
Nearly $1,000 have been subscribed at Cape May
in aid of the Philadelphia sufferers by the late
railroad calamity.
Col. Sumner, lately in commaad at Fort Lea
venworth, but relieved by Gen. Smith, arrived at
St. Louis last week.
The population of Charleston, S. C , is put down
by the city directory at 60,000.
John Martin, one of the Irish exiles, is toon to
visit the United States.
A. Jndson Crane, of Richmond, and C. Irving, ef
Lynchburg, made political speeches in Dnaville
this week.
James Semmies was shot and killed by Bernard
Magee, in Geon-towu, D. C., on Wednesday, while
attempting to cut down a Democratic pole.
The thermometer, in Fredericksburg, Va., on
Friday, stood at 10S degrees in the shade.
The chinch bag is playing wild works with tha
corn crop generally, throughout King George awl
There was a hail storm in Stafford eonnty, on
Friday evening last, which gave us cool weather
until Monday.
A correspondent ef the Petersburg Democrat
nominates James Baron Hope for Congress, to fIU
the vacancy occasioned by the death of Judze
Gen. Totten, Chief Engineer of the U. S. Army,
Is at Newport, R. I.
Col. Hardee, of the Dragoons, has been appoint
ed Commandant of Cadeta at West Polat, vice
Brevet Major Walker.
The Masillon (Ohio) News, Fremont paper, bat
edited by a Virginian, formerly of the Wheeling
Times, says that there are now 500 Fremont votes
in Ohio county, Va.
The President Las recognised Adolphe Trave
Kleckkoefer as vice-consul of Brazil for the port of
Washington and Georgetown, in the District of
Columbia, and Alexandria, In the State of Virginia.
The Treasurer of the Atlantic Mills has directed
Gen. K Oliver, the agent, to appropriate *5,000
for a course of lectures the ensniag winter for the
operatives in that establishment
The telegraph cable, lost ia being laid from Cap*
Ray, Newfoundland, to Aspjr Bay, Cape Breton,
baa been nearly all recovered, and is on its way to
New York ia the brig EUen.
er William* k. CAftfttwcTo* report the follow
'M m » portion af thru eelee the rut few deje:
T. B Cener 1 cue, *40.30, Mo. 1, *10; No. X, «lisoi
Mo 8, «ll
T. Cerriogtoa, ft* »lt
A. H. ■teherJeoa. *11.75.
O.CMMn,tit|i««ti let »>•.») letsti; » at
•IS, eo4 3 w $12 74, t
' CiM> »■■!■— l»
it It American jurisdiction ever tba
newly islands.
Hovtt.—The House reeolved Haetf into i Com.
jpitt+m of the Wboto on the Army Appropriation
Mr. Bartow moved an amendment providing
that no part af the army shall be employed la
Kansas until the Code of alleged law* be declared
The amendment elicited mnch discussion.
Mr. Stanton moved an amendment, which waa
agreed to, declaring the laws of the Territory
nail and void.
Mr. Washburn, of Maine, reported a resolution
declaring Ex-Oov Keeder, instead of Whitfield,
the member from Kansas, and gave notice that bo
would call it np next Wednesday.
Democratic Ceaventleo.
Syracuse, N. Y. July 24.—The Kusion Demo
cratic Convention met today at 1 o'clock. Tbe at
tendance was not large thoagh respectable—lnclu
ding many of the most prominent Democrats of
the State. .
Later front Havana.
New York, Jaly 24 —The steamer Philadel
phia has arrived here from Havana, with dates
to the 20th, aad is at quarantine, in consequence of
the sickness at that port. She brings 150 passen
gers and fIOO,OOO in specie.
Gen. Concha's health was precarious, at last ac
New York Whig Movement.
Albany, N. Y., July 24.—The Whig State Com
mittee has called a Convention, for the 14th of Au
gust, to appoint delfgatei to tbe National Whig
Convention to be held in Baltimore. It also passed
resolutions endorsing Fillmore.
Reputed Challenge from Mr. Babcock to
Mr. Bnrlinname.
Philadelphia, July 23.—Letters have been re
ceived here stating that a challenge has parsed be
tween Messrs. Burlingsme and Babcock. The lat
ter was not in his seat yesterday, and he is said to
have left Washington accompanied by General
American Maaa Meeting.
Trot, N. v., July 23 —The American* held**
immense mui meeting in this city last evening.—
From six to eight thousand people were present.
Hon. Enutus Brooks, of New York, was the prin
cipal speaker. Large delegations attended from
Aibany, Cohoej, L&nningburgb, Waterford, West
port and Green Inland.
Fire nt Toronto.
Toronto, July 23 —At one o'clock this moru
ing a large fire occurred at King street, in tbi* city,
destroying a number of frame buildings, offices, a
lumberyard, &x. The theatre narrowly escaped
Loss $00,000.
Dkath at Sea. —The sclioouer Kate Helen, cf
Plymouth, arrived at Harwichport, Mass., on Sat
urday, on her way from Savannah to Tbomaston
All on board were sick with yellow fever, and two
men had died.
Dredging the St. Lawrence.—The work ef
deepeuin g the channel of the St, Lawrence be
tween Quebec and Montreal is making satisfacto
ry progress. The principal field of excavation is
Lake St Peter.
Early Marriages.—The Boston Herald states
that "a couple were married in Obarlestown on
Monday, quite young, bride-groom being 17, and
the bride 16 years of age."
First Appearance in Politics.—la Galoa, II
linois, a new Fremont paper bas just appeared in
the Swedish language. There are now 100,000
Swedes in the Northwest, and this is their first po
litical paper.
WHO'LI. Buy f—The Saratoga (N. Y) News
«a>-s the prospects are, that this season will be one
of the best they have ever had. It is said that a
piece of fashionable jewelry,' in the shape of a bri
dal set, magnificently enriched with diamonds,
and valued at the very modest sum of $10,000, is
on sale there.
A bandoned —The attempt to keep the dust oat
of tbe cars of tbe N. Y. Central Road f»y boxing
in tbe wheels has proved futile, and the has
been taken off. The casing was continually tear
ing off, and frightening into fits timid passengers.
The least obstruction on or near the track—% stick
of wood, for instance, was sufficient to tear * side
to pieces, and so they have been abandoned.
ilochtsler Adv.
Largk Mails —The mail which left the poat
office iii San b'raucisco June Cth. to be cartied an
board the Golden Age, contained 46 659 letters aud
40,000 newspapers. The mail numbered 149 bays,
being nearly fifty per cent, more tban are ordina i
rily used to dispatch one of their eastern mails.
These were filled mostly with newspaper* con
taining notices of the exciting occurrences of the
time*. The largest mail ever dispatched from
Stockton to the Atlantic States left Jnne 4th. The
number of newspapers mailed was over 3000, and
1,200 letters.—Boston Pott
Judge Douglas, it is said, has written a severe
letter to the Kev. Mr. Koy, a preacher in Chicago,
for having said in his sermon, alluding to the As
saulting of Mr. Sumuer, that " Douglas, of giant
infamy, stood by with his bands in hia pockets."
Missouri Politics —Mr. Sims, theanti-Benton
candidate for Lieut. Governor of Missouri, haa de
clined to run, and Hancock Jackson, of Randolph
county, has been nominated in his stead. Hon
John C. Griffiu declines to run as an elector on the
Benton ticket. <
Curry, owned by W. W. Lamb, of Norfolk, who
was present at the seige of Yorktown, died on
Monday last.
BUTTKIt.— A prime nrti le ot floHatnin
BUTTER, fresh, just and for sale bv
jy 25—2t* H. W. TYLKIt.
9TUHKa,;M()OMS mid
HOUSES KOit KENT at a low figure.
Apply to H. W. TYLER.
'|Utlk WlllTh UOHU HAS *AUKir
The White Rose his faded lh*t laid on her br**ut
Of onrdear little infant we loved and careased;
Krom this world of sorrow; to the sweet realm* above.
She ha* left u* to dwell in that haven of love.
In the coffin we laid her, around her brow was en
The few faded rose leaves that were still left behind;
On the grave we have planted a rose in full bloom,
To remind us at once of the dear one entombed.
We will weep not for thee, let our sorrow now cease,
Let our thought* reign above to that b<*%cou of peace;
If Coughs. Colds or Asthma is the cause of our grief.
Wholesale Agents, Messrs. PURC ELL, LADD It
CO. To be bid of nil Druggist* in lUchmond.
jy re
/grass*** . Fink milch <;ow.-a very
fine MILCH COW, %oout 8 yiars old,
II TW giving trom two and a. half to three gai
df '"irf loos of Milk per day, for sale. Apply to
jy Ss—>a No. 21' p»»rl st.
( 'UKiUAA UIL uK MiVVfett ALiHu.me.
VI A sup; ly of thi* very anterior article, extra
strong. Kor sale by
jy 25 Drustiet*.
XX OARS.—Per iMuni, another I'M of theeevery
popular Cigar*.
jy 25 J)ruggiat*.
AUIMINK—IOO bottle* for aaJe ky
ly 23 >rai«t»U
VAN&KK «UA»JKti SOAi>....t (MM.
X par steamer, tor sale by
jy 25 Pi fgiate.
BUKNINU KLUIU.-5 b#,|». ««» «t"*,»
fat tuie by
Jv 25 Drot f"
' I M>N t| l/A lew bag. it it, *t
A very auuerior quality, fo sale bv
jy " Difp at>
a perfect ears whani ol uer remedies have fiat led. Said
W. POJLLARD, Druggi<
Jy 36 17th etreet.
Peart h,.| Pearl Rarlay,
i-ea J - W. POLLARD,
Jy 10 'trnsrfat I7ih street.
*itor« U uCui *l N h « CMM* IfMI
I--* C *P • k*»we«n 12th ood itth .treats.—
roeeeeatuß gli /en imiaedi Italy. Apply to
iv 15 ta Jtio ' * * ADKIIfi e*
C*. * .. nawij l.kerr.
AiLlto—A jrwll Ifj gf yyfcfff
CORN. IB f .e M uc*.b«uijSl£i
i« as~u Howie an*,
" " o<nr«tMr atraat.
• wifr *•* "■*' M"*" U T
''oil *« nwlMrf UwJ** j** l^
MaS! i ,
Public works of 2l 18fi6} ,
ara l'sble to be employed^aaderjhai y oftfce fla*
of Biof-mcad," to be employed aa the public work of
the citv. aadar the managemoat of tboowwer of
the paella haade. la eald warraat shall be sp*d«ed
the awnee of each person*. the maker af daye aad
the hour* of the day daring which each P"**""
be eo employed, aad for sufficient cosiso to htm ap
peering. the Mayor may supercede bis «aid warrant
when the eaid employment of each
cease, htk persons nadar the manage meat of the
ovemeer shall be employed on the same weeks sad in
like manner with the city haade nnder hi» eootroU
bat shall be furnished, while so employed. bT tba
keener of the City Jail with proper food, clothing
and lodging, in like manner with other ponooe com
mitted to tbe i&il.
2. The Mayor may by his order depate i say one or
more of the police of the city, and should the-refrac
tory conduct of the prisoaen make it aaeeemry..may
appoint other person or person*, to attend me prisoa
en whilst at work and pasting and ra-pa*ai«aifrom
the j til ta the place el employment. It snail be the
duty of aurh police or persons so appointed to en
force orderly behavior aad obedience of the prisoners
to the overseer when oat of the custody of the jailor,
aad for this purpose they m«y command any person
or persona to aid and assist in apprehending and se
curing a prisoner. Should aay person when required
to aid and assist in epprebendiuc and securing a pri
soner aa afornaaid. neglect or refuse so to aid <aad ai
s'at, auch person shall pay a fine not exceediag tea
dollar* for every aueh offence. «
S. For the more perfect eecunty of the prisoner*,
the Superintendent of Streets shall hare pfonded a
chain and ball for each prisoner that may be worked
on the atreets, to beafflxed to hi» ler before >eavug 4
the Jail, and not to be taken off until returned to
Any peraon other than a police officer charged
with and duly performing the police duty prtAPded
for in the fi at aectien of this ordinano«- shall, en the
Major's certificate that ha is JaKlv entitled thereto,
be paid one dollar aad fifty cents for Wfifdiy that
he is so employed. •»
i.V-T"^" 1 '- THQI. LAWSON. C. O - R.
a. c—» n STKAMK K|POt-AktOW
Sfi4Sts3Hfc« Freight received to-day, FRI
DAY, and up to the hour of 2 o'clock, P. M., SAT
URDAY, the 26th inst. .
CoDftigneea are requested to send down for their
good* to-day. . ,
Shippers are 'reqneited to sene in the n&niei of
their consignees TUEBDAY afternoon, or their ship
menta will be consigned to order.
IVIO. I L'lilPflfl) lIKHRINUS-aO bar-
rels Halifax No. 1 Clipped Herrings, receiving
and for sale by JS. H. SKINKER & CO,
j T 25 Wo Cary street.
Powdered and Granulated
J SUOART— for sale by .
jf 25 Wo s'. Cary street.
j\] U'iM CJbi.—The notice of a copartnership
i. v between the undersigned was published prema
turely in the Dispatch of the 23d. In consequence of
a disappointment on the part of one of ua, the in
tended partnership will not take effect WILLIAM
H DAVIS will continue his business as heretofore.
jy 2 C —ts VVM. II DAVIS
Wllll'lAti l)bMi AM) »Oit
II SALE.—The undersigned offers (or salea supe
rior made snd conveniently arranged, large sized,
double leaf, mahogany, counting room Desk, having 8
drawers for papers, and a stand in the centre for
Books, kc. Also, a large size bell, suitable for a
Tobacco Factory, or any building requiring such an
appendage. Apply to I A. OODDIN,
jv 2=>—3-. Bank and 19th streets.
ftjKtv t.VTKA bbls. John
11 Hollins' Extra; 85 barrels Salem Mil's Extra —
The above superior brands nf new Klour' will be land
ed from boat Richmond this morning. Hiwsalrfby
jy 25 North aide of Ha«n.
ULOUhU COTTON lIUr»K.-50 dozen
heavy mixed Entlish Cotton will be told at 12}
cts. per pair, worth 25c. 100 dozen fehite Cotton
Hose, in qunlities varying from 12£ c. to finest import,
ed. Open Cotton and i.nle Thread Hoae, from 25c
to $1.25 per pair; Children's Cotton Hose in white,
striped and Sandal Lace.
jy 25 69 ■ain street
3 OOU bags beat Peruvian, land
" J mg and for sale by
jy 25—1aw4w IUTOII W. FRY.
VIKCiiMA ilA.ti.riKiilCO lUON»f«r
v sale by E. n. ttKINKER k CO„
jy 2i No Sit Carv street.
;)A(| Hukh Beat New Family t LOCK tor
4UU sale by jy£> J. J. PRY.
k<| Barrels FLO UK Iroiti the ittatriino*
O\J n.al Mills, N. C., received, torssle by
jy S5 J. J. FRY.
~ m BANAWA Y, on the 30ttt Jane
Gt Us;, an old negro woman, about 650r 70 years
named KLORA, dark complexion and
rather small built. She belong* to Mr. Geo.
■s» mW. Roaster, it is more than likely she is
,'urkiog some where about the city. The umal re
v#rd. and all expenses will be paid for her delivery
to WM. 11. HERBERT, at Port Mayo, in Henrico
county. jy 2i-6t*
liAUh I'Kl.riL JLALiLAYttA CO*
OUu KEE—Just received, tor sale by
jv : 3 WM. WALLAUE k SON.
iV It 1 have jun{ received » lot of
il Nutmegs of very fine quality, which ] shall sell
low. J K. JACKSON,
jy 24 No 17, Mainstrewt.
£llA''li on hand an extra Coach Japan
Varnish, which I would recommend to coadh
painters aud others as superior to any in tbis market.
Kor sale by WM. SATTLER,
jy 24 142 Main streets
/vUU i n cture, for sale by
jv» WM. WALLACE k S«»N.
KBUWN .SttiAtt-rO bbia, lorealo by
(I/ASUIN&TUN LIMK--350 Mb dally
v v expected per eehr. Annie Bell, for sale by
COl' A Li COACH V ABM Mil, *t[KNl
ture Copal, Darner, brown and bluck Shellac,
Black Japan, Mastic, White Lac and other picturo
Varnishes Also, suitable Brushes, adopted for var
nishing. Foraalo at the Artists and Painter's supply
■tore. WM. SATTLER,
jy 24 142 Main street
C 5 TAINS.—Onr Soda Water is now in full opera
tion, and we will at ail times funrish tbla delicious
and wholesome beverage in the greatest perfection,
with all tho delicious Fruit aad Cream Syrups, man
ufactured by ounelvoa from the loal ripe fruits. Our
Apparatus is of the moat recent eocstruction, the
fountains being the finest WHITE POR
CELAIN, and the cooling arrangement, such a* to
insure its being at all times icy-cool and pure.
Saratoga end Blee Lick Sulpenr Water, kept con
stantly cool on the Ice daring the warm weather.
MEADE It BAK£R, Pharmaceutists,
IP#, N. W. Corner of Msin and 10th street*,
jy 2S— 3m
Fftj&KMU FttUlT—so eaaea French Le.
uioiis, in fine keeping ordei; 25 boxes Palermo
do., new crop; 20 boxes Palermo Oranges, new cr»p.
just received by eteamer and schooner, for sale by
UKVINKB l A.\l)lKs.-ln auito
O of th« extraoreiaary advance ia Sugars I am
atiil manufacturing my superior steam refined Craah
ad Bu«ar Candy, warranted to ataad aay climate; per
fectly pure, white, iirm and gloaay. Price for th*
preeent, at wholeaale, one ahilliog a pound cath
. Steam Candy Manufactory,
jy ■** No. 107 M»in»t.
jJHKLL lUCIi OOiUUß.tieamUali;
0 carvea Shall; Plain Rubber, Horn and Obeli Tueh
Combe, great variety of etzea. For aale at lees than
coat, to close the etock. by ZIMMERMAN,
* 1M Main, coraer 12th at.
1 v Ladies, attend to theee extra bargain* :
ef'T 1 C * Heo «-* t <e» ? 1 caaa 4-4 Priatod
< i U; 1 eM * do do, at 11 centr, Fine
,Vfy, c , h «*P: Oitighanw; Biilliaate;
■ I^ 5 °* 1 caae V»ry haadaotue
wide hnm Bloomer £ lUi „ #1 eMh w boxM Rib .
bona; (iraae Slcirta; Be race Robaa. Ac.
Buyer* will pleaae call early, a* the bargaia* will
"•"•ff'y »« c. a. owatkin,
jy Oppoalte the Exchanaa Bank.
OATKNT HU(UK.-SW» I bo. Kasltoh Jim
7~ i \ teu ,Uok » » luall drone, Jaat to head, and
fof •*»? by YVM. BATTLEB,
JT * l«t Main at
-O|HI M"P VMU/ I* ree^T
vWU iai for aale jrW J. J. FRY.
!**Jjj r .iaaMnr to rmkir reeeiytmi
' . SOFT aid MARD CORE—the format a do
•gfctfal feel far grataa, aad the latter aa eaeollaat
atevea, ruga* awl haatlag farttecee Apf^rat the
Mke yarda, u«m*r of Wk treat aad MtWk, o*
mairof Byrdea4«thama>e.**ath MS* CaaaL
aeh *—u iMO. JT. WMTB, Ask.
roKToir Btcnmtmv, J«»y *
I l# * waT'a T9t» »a» •* l®i a'CiOO*. _
—— —awuvbd; 77\T
RcUr. Westoeer, Began, Bosteu. «d*i D k W.
C «ebr.' Ch- r. Brown, Haatawaai, Raw *«*, h «7-
MJTT'I. Cam.do* Hawatt, Philadelphia,
UoV**- Yerk,gu
aaa, Bacon k BasharvilL
Sohr. Providence, Mothervaid, via Port Walthall,
coal. -
Mew Toa«, July M.-Cjea*edi= «ak|*
Hubbard; Haaall, '"* *
the Wind, Abrams, City Poiat. . .
Kio Jaaaiao, Jane 10—Arrived: Bark Reindeer,
Cbaee, Bichaaead. _
BFBdALi iropcm
aw Mmehinlata' and KMlaeera'Uaieß**
Protection Actociatioß will lw& tWr to "ffSF
r,r2fin» *t Corinth iaa Hall, so Main street. on SAT-
Sffijf a Teniae, July *th, at I o'clock. The trade
are g«M«l<y reapactAlly PrM t .
J. Caesar, Sec'y. jj2S—2t*
« 0 tli« Vttin mi Hifctreiwl taka
of •anoancinf nijnli m a cuditiit® for
A?Ss2.of c2SßT3nti* Cireait Coart. of this
r..rf ™.°ie by the dam b of tbe late Wu..
H Pollard. Esq My daUes as Ospnty Clerk, of
P .f^u B ar. -Aj. »***£&
my power to see tbe Voters generally, ane onor «
m«.lfto the datieTof the o®o. wi«£ eahs
factory fidelity. J hare beea Deputy Clerk, for Mr.
•«"»u« «»va JWm .
tW Enqairereopy-
LOST OR STULKN-~At the M ant game
r* Ouard Ezcuisiou. ou Monday eye<<iug last,
July sFatf a'arge sise CASIEO BkitisTPlN. Aa.t
waa very highly priz-d by the owner, a libei al re w«rd
I"bS7i»e'. » required, by leaving itat
patch Office/' & 2j ~ £t _
wish ta ensploy a. yountt
W white man. One that will make liimaelf gen
■rallT useful. A single man from the conutry pre
ferred WM. N. XINSLKY.
WANTkU—I wiab to employ 3# |«»d
hands to lay Track ou the line of the Richmond,
Fredericksburg and Potomac Railroad, about thirty
.even miles from Ajflj atttae-offic^
Office R. F.kR. R. Co,} .
Richmond. July > jy 21—ts
ASTED-A white Ulrl, to take care of
a Baby and clean two rooms. Enquire at this
üßic". i T 24—ta
WA> I'KU I>POKrflA'l lather,
JOSfcPH NEWKOHR, left my houae last
Wednesday, July llith, and ha* not ainoe been heard
of. Any information concerning him will be thank
fully received at tliia office.
jv 24-2t» HENRY NBWROHR.
WAi>TKU-Ts real mr lease, with a pros-
IT pect of buying, a large ana handsome House,
wirb not less than from 8 to 12 good rooms and accom
inflations for servants. One with caoUKD, stsbls
and carriage bois* preferred— licateii between Main
and Leigh atreets. and 12{h and 2d streets Possesti n
will be taken at any time by the 16th September.—
Kor information, apply to Meter*. HARROLD *
MURRAY, Bookstore Broad strert. This adver
tisement is inserted,) believing there may be same per
sons who might refft or sell who will not advertise,
jv 21—ts
WAiVTkU— Two good WAUONKUH for
tbe remainder of tne year.
ANThll-A NI'KfSK—A gentleman frani
the South, who is travelling North, wishes to
employ a NURSE, (white preferred,) to take charg•
«>f his children, for whom a liberal price will be given.
None need apply, unless well recommended En
quire immediately at
1v 23—»t CHAS. T. WOBTHAM k CO.'B
AM'i'KD.-Twe competent HNNKUS4
and one PLUMBER, to go to Lynchburg Ap
jv 23—3t Richmond Stove VV orks.
W A.NT fall TO Ultttt—Prom twentyflve
v V to one hundred negro Mm and Boys to work
on the Western Nor' h Carolina Railroad. The loca
tion ts beilthy. and satisfactory security will be given
forthe hire and the return of the slaves, for further
information apply to MYERS k JANKE,
,jy 22—Bt* 75t Mala s're-t.
v v Lady who is qualified to teach the primary
branches of English, is desirous of obtaining a situation
in a private family in tbe country. Small children
preferred Address '*£. M," Richmond P. O.
jy 21—fct*
WAISI'KU- PO KKM'-Twe goed rooms,
located in some central part of the city, and
suitable for a female school, to open October Ist.—
Address A. 7... Box 180, Richmond jv 21— 3t
AMTkD-Te hire lor the balance al lit
year, a few able-bodied N EOROEB, for ear
face operation*, at the Coke Mine*.
my 27—ts JOHN J. WERTH, Agent.
FAMILY PKOVIHION*, eiieh rs Ike 10l-
I loving articles, named below, can always be had
at Stall No. 1, New Market, la any quantity, no mat
ter how smalt. by the half pound, pound he., all war
ranted of the best quality:
Do do BEE F
Ncrthern MESS PORK
BACON, of all descriptions.
jy 24—12t C. BATES. Arnt
|| UKAYa, ATTKNTlt).V—Attend a
A quarterly meeting of your Company, at Lafayette
m Hall, on FRIDAY EVJCNING next, at 8 o'clock,
ill The Court of Enquiry will sit, for the assessment
ot fines.
Amendment to our Bye-Laws in regard to Drills,
will be acted apou.
The Seeretaty will come prepared to report delin
quents, an^yollectdufs.
!i is very desirable that every member should be
present, and particularly those few who are delin
quent for non-attendance. &c.
By order of Capt. E.'lMt
jy2«-2t fQHN. T ROGERS. Ord'y.
ROANOKE leave* City Point SAT
URDAY morning, at it o'clock, for
tdMNHft NEW YORK, viVNorfolk.
Passengers desiring to take tbis cheap and comfort
able route to New York, mu<>t leave here by the Pe
ter«bur* cars, at 51 o'clock Saturday morning.
Tickets and berths secured at oar office, South aide
of the Basin.
Only *10 through to New York, Meal* and State
room included. Steerage passage only *5.
jy 24—2t LUDLAM i WATSON.
A NTIIMACITtC COAL, mHsvlbc erected
X\. at my yard on the Dock, one of Fairbank's Pat
ent Pla tordt Scales, lam no prepared to sell Am hi a
cite Coal either by the load of 25 baehele, or by the
ton. Consumers will find it to their interact to
pnrsh**e by weight. Apply at yard Heu'h aide of
the Dock, or on the North aide of Baaia Bank, be
tween 9th and imh streets.
jy 24—TuhFriflw SAMUEL P. HAWES.
Powder is warranted to make, wl»h lose labor and
time, lighter and better Bread, Biscuit. Buckwheat,
Sweet aad other Cakes, that can be made with Yea*t
or ether preparatione.
Prepeaed only by J. F. JACKSON, Market
Bridge, and for »)e by Druggiat* and Grocer* grae-
Jv 24
KWFLOUK.-Tke aabocrlbcr to rnrlr
'og thi* aaoraing, the beat Family aad Fxtra new
Klour, from Bragg l *, Cliue's aad Mt. Crawford Mills,
warranted. Jv24 J. J. FRY.
OFFICE, mknehg Ave room*, oa
Main, betweea «th and »th *treeLa,
ha* evacy iwqaiaita far performing
aay operation ia Dentlatry ia a aapertar maanar, at a
fair price. Kem«M>»ry>»f tow-ewn. Ny >1
N«» TiC Kcmaral -Tk*
•akaeriber, for the parpoee of givnig way to th
erection of a new boaee haa removed hi* Mora from
hi aoM stand, eorear of Main aad 13th atrnota, three
doora above, where he would he pieeaed to eeohta
frieada and tM publle generally, in want of a flnst
nit ertJcie of Clothiag, aaauriog them that he iapro
pered with all th* Daaeaaary reqaisiwa to adora the
outward man. E. B XPENCE,
Kaahionabl* Clothier aad Merchant Tailor,
>* w Mo. I» Male atraU.
chsi^aeelebrated7 otUve PIANOS.
wmmwMathm of Vtjffit are^weU
m wyy* Timmw——w ia WMCtilin (v
eh«»ia wed the amaafaitarena' arte*
|| ft At CUa J Hmm ■ ■ rfi. * »-*
qaartor,aaa pi^aad
i JTSit'Sr'!'"-
TW ARMORY SAND here a. jUmmmtSm.
neeece ta ttt riHiww «f KjkmmL ttj ilum,
the eMrataavef tfc« BUmi rredertek.iaVeM
Potomac Railroad Com pay, tin in teenled »<, „?
for ttem .chape.* a£
lend, oa the aftamooa of THURSDAY, the Sl»t i,.
•teat. ea which oetwi»im U*t will W piM to
*NMH the be* MUSIC 4 Ml pmTwti,
mitn' ftrhlTTTil r»ff«i ' w '*•
Tb» train will 1»i» miimi to law* the teat u
4o'clock.P. M.,u4iretoraiaf,»Ml*M Ajtoaad k
•boat» o'clock, f, M. —
fare f* tha rami trip M mi'i j chOdraa «<.,
tan jmh of ate 35 teste each, oaly.
Rafreebasente of tj** heat qaelity will be protfdad
am the praniieee at city priaaa
Ticket* can be hadoatheday of tha Exeareie* *t
tha d«pot of tha Railroad Compaay, ar oa hoard of
Ibe traJa jy U~M
o'clock, r. M. Tbara will bo a foe* bead ofiqmU
Lb * BAYLY, iorntyi at Uw.ni
Couuaisatoaore to take Peymtioaa. ASUavita,
£s32tt£xstzr" {^
Alabama Looieiaaa Hew Tort
Arkaaaaa Maine North Ceroilse
California Marylaad Ohio
Conaeetiaal M«n«ehnaaM» PenaeyhraaM
Florida Miehigaa Rhode Idas*
Georgia Minnesota Kath Caroline
lilimou Miaiaeipyl Teaneaea
Indiana Miaeoort Tezaa
lowa New HempAlre Yerraoat
Ken reeky Hew Jersey Wiaeoarfa
rr Sam'l V. BiTLr, Commtaaioaer of tha Called
■Utee Court ot Clabne, and Notary PabHe.
Office oa 11th ek, >itwiia Mala asd Sink,
aa 12—dlim
lljute and Store Kroate, Window aad Door Silla, he.
Burying Orounde e.idoaed with Stone end Iron Rail
ing. Firet Premium awarded by the Mechanise* In.
atitate and Agricultural Society of Virgiaia.
je 10— te
g 1 bUtfliK ». liUWNKH, m Mala *tr««(
VJ near 7th —Orate*; Vernier*; Summer Front*.
(*qu*re, circle and eleptic patters*) Ornamental*;
Iron Rat!; Baleoniee Verandah*, fce.
Remember the number and give ma a call after sx
amininc fl*ewti>r» Imy 81—6 m
y H. COOK <Sc CO., AI)CTi«JNKJ£Kg,
D< NO. 70 MAIN STREET. offer their services to
the public a* Auctioneer* for the *ale of Real Ertate,
Furniture. Groceries, Dry Good*, Horses, Cattle, to.,
at the ahortaat neclce and upon the moat reasonable
Having lam and eommodioaa room* they win re
ceive goods for sate UprwaU taU without the sharp
of itongs.
Out door sale* of every daMriftloa attandsd te ip
on reasonable term*.
no 7—ta
r be effected with the Alberuiarle Insurance Com
pany, on a* favorable term* a* with any other eorapi
■y in thi* State, poaaearing a real eaah capital to meat
cm. Apply to STOKES fc CO.,
Agtt, Riohmoad, Va.
WM. T. EARLY, Pros't,
JNO.WOOD. Jr., Soc'y,
Charlotteaville. »
qntKFIN, UOFKK dc MilitliAy. Uader»
A TAKERS, No. 5 Governor street, Richmond, Va.
keep conitantlv on hand all kinds of ready-mad* COF
FKKCIVAL. Civil be
gineer and Architect—Offioe, Godain'i HalL oa
11th, between Main and Bank street.
Meckaalral rtnd Oronmrntnl Drawta/r.
In connection with my Architectural and &iyt
nttring office, I have opened a Drafting room, where,
aided by competent a**i stents, I am prepared to ruaks
Design* and Copies of all kinds of Machine Work;
Plans for Bridges, stone er otherwise; Copies to Lith
ograph from, of Rtilruad and Canal Mapa and Pio
tiles; Copies of Land Maps, Treeing*, kc , with De
signs for wood, stone or iron; Ornamental work.
mh IS—fltn Civil Ensineer and Architect.
JBRUWN, Jn Meek ttrokw, kaa re
• moved his offloa to No. 161 fZimmarmas'i) corner
Main and 13th streets *—anriu
fIKDHH H. TAYLOR would remind hi*
friends and the poblie generally tbst
tl ■ V 11 II hi* store is on Oovemor street,
where may be found PIANO FORTES, MELODE
DCONS, of the best quality, and at the lowe*t price*.
Ho la sole agent in this city for the sale of the eels
bracad Kanns k Clark'* PIANOS, which are uotsar
pa a* ltd by any other maker*, and equalled bat by few.
Also, Gale i it Co.'* nperior Pianos.
Guitar and Violin STRINGS, of the best<pulity.
He be* the largest stock of MUSIC to be found la
this State, and is constantly receiving the lateat publi
cations, which lie will seH at the moat reduced pries*
and upon as good terms as can be had elsewhere.
PT Pianee tuned, repaired, and let am hire.
*W" Old Pianos taken in put oav for new ones
r*»1 —1 FIANOS—I hnve tar sale
IT' ill! two ver* auDerior toned tacuni hind
IWIW PI A NOB that I will eell a great bar-
J » MP if II gain in, if early application be mad*
to me at hit More.
| 'KU. J. MJ.UNKK hue J oat r»c-i-ired a
lot of Common Warn, suited to re'ail dealers,
which will be disposed of on aa accommodating tarms
a* the aame quafry of goods can be had elsswhere —
Call and see, before making your purchases, at No.
Pearl street. )y 22
Tha Steamboat AUGUSTA, Cspt.
Wm. C. Smith, ia again on the route between Rich
mond and (the above place*, (via Port Waltb«ll)hat
ing been thoroughly overhauled and refitted, both
aa regards her machinery and bull, and furnished with
a n»w wrought iron ehaft. new water wheel*, he.
The care, running in connection with the Augusts,
will leave the Richmond Station of the Richmond
and Petersburg Railroad every Monday. Wednesday
and Friday, at 6 o'clock A. M. Returning, tha Au
guata will leave Wright'* wharf, Norfolk, every Tues
day. Thursday and Saturdav, at 5i o'clock A M.
)f 22 THOS. DODAMEAD. Sup't.
GENERALLY.—I return my thank* —
to them for the literal patronage I have re
ceived from them, and by a «tnct attention to bu»l
ne** hope to merit e continuance of the same, assur
ing them that no pains will be spare&en my part, or of
those in my employment, to give satisfaction to all.
1 routed to keep the beat of goods in my line that caa
be had in any bouse In Richmond. In tha first pl»«,
I will furnisn my customer* with the best of Ladle* 1 ,
Gentlemen'*, Boy*', Misses' and Children'* Boots and
Shoes, of the latest atylea that can be bad in Pan*,
imported by myself direct.
I will also keep on band a large assortment of Boots
and Shoes for Ladies, Oentlemeo, Boys and M .«*,
of nsy own mapufaciure, and of tho beet Baltimore,
Philadelphia, ~New York and Easter* work, which
will make my assortment superior to any in tbis city.
1 have made arrangements with HoX*s ia Paris to
furnish me with the best material for the manhfac
tare of ail kinds of work for Ladies, Gentlemen,
Boys and Misses
Ail of the above will bo sold low far cash, or to
ruMC-ruAL CUSTOMIKJ at cash price*.
Importer and Manufacturer of
Boots. Shoos, Trunks. Carpet Bag*, Vahees, fcc,
j* l-»dßc Na. IZ7. Main street. Richmond. Vs.
15 to ai»percent.teved by buyingfrom
H ANTHONY, Columbian Hotel BuildUf.
Moleekta Hats, bast quality &
Moleskin Hats, second quality..... ' «|
Fashionable Silk Hat 5....... »
Fine Calfskin Sewe4 Boots. > £
Congress Gaiter Boots f £
Pino Callskia Bowed Shoe*..... '*
J. H. ANTHONY haa mada arranaemeau with e»s
of the best makers Ulhesity of Philadelphia
ply bin with a hwtone and Mbetunai Caiftkia
so wad Boor, which he will sell at the unprecedented
ow price of 130. oel»-dfc«ty
' l.Aßikt>> iauuT UAiT*ii» -
VHfefc Juat received, a superior lot of thoes Was
tiful 3ght end browa Oaitera, which wIU be
sold at the low paioe of 91.M.
ty l< WM W Af.WH.
leave Is caii the attoarra at ail who
are in want of Shoe*, lo oar seeartateai.
via i Ladies* Morocoo Boots. Basking Jf**
Ties, Preach Ties and Nippers; ladies' bisek aad col
ored Oaiteie; velvet aad toilet ShpoeraiMlsess Mo
rocco Boots, Caskias. Jenny Llad Ties, Slippers aad
jy« IHga of the Big Maa-
ZZT SUUMH. eiliUSB. fi»o**."*T*

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