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by j as. a. oowaboin.
rtr Tltt o*ll7 Dhpnlrk u *eive4 to itMtoi
«Vll *!»» * ccnts ran wcaa. payable to
hf , *rri»r weekly. for mailing, |( a year, or
#; .V for six month*, ta advaeae
fjf The W««UIy Dl*p*tr4i 1* iwaad *vary frt
-4.s\ni mailed to robwnher* at •! per aaaam
[l H'»i or, wet child, thy thought a are ranting,
\\ tb Aom<l* in thoae ie*lui* ef joy.
Fur more h*pry could we spare thee.
We wou!<i not loose the \ smiling boy,
[.■ r ,!(the treasure* thi* world posses*-*,
\\> would nnt pert with thy fond smile,
the will of Heaven cell* thee,
Ther wt «ibtti.«ive glveenr child.
H:nvth*; Hncktnf Covyb <tn;reu the?,
it Sl'*our heart* with grief,
Let »H tr<oi.b"r» at once trv it,
, /„•..-<« rd'j Inntant Rrlicf.
" » 25cent* per bottle 5 bottles one dollar.
7 ;, e i »<j of all I>inr«ij(* in Richmond, and Mer
fVn-« ii; the Stale of Virginia not
%|K-. fOI.-tJH Klil XI It. This
>» ent and iistt falling rem*dy fc C ittghs.
\\ hooping Conch I'nimr nary Ompia'nt, and
, | freat relief in Consumption, and most diseases
p :"roto Cold* and neglected Ccugbs, i* rapidly in
s iti popularity. The foi.owin,! testimonial ii
s «entl*o»an Well kniiwn in tbiscominnnlty:
Richmond, May 21, 1553.
A. B. Dnvt: D*ar Madam, I take great plea
f . ■ r"' i'Jin* to the beneficial '•Ifrr.ii of your vai
j r.ied cine, nam'd and w well known at "Mr*
; vU>' i OUGH EI.IXIR." Having used it in mv
•. for the last seven rears. in the usa of which
vw'f'h»» be<*n greatly benefitted and mytelf re
fri m a d?«»-;ne of the che«t contracted during
\ paijtn i" tbe late war with Mexico, with all
rude. M-(inin towards you, tor it* good effect*,
.a !:-.ake any «ae of this letter you may think
r, foi tha tonelit of the community at large.
Yours. respectfully,
f«r tale by Mr*. A. B. DAWS, dennett 4 ftse a,
4 x Do a':, Pa:«r«cn &. Jackson, Cha*. Milltyaegh.
/, 1 p.- • A Bodeker and Charles D. Yale.
th iioi «rr\ K coiuH,
Baltimore, Jan. 24th, 1855.
;>««•« Mortimer It Mowerav .-
! !•»>• :n aayine to you that I have uaed
> "Hampton'* Tincture" with great profit. Kroin
- rvus threat atfeciion, my general health had be
, :,i>* very much impaired, when 1 commenced to
rtd "Hainpton'a Tinctore.'" I found it* efincta upon
,• f»ner»i health mott ealutarv. My nervous
cw Ki.d d'gerstive sown righted up under its
I have mvera' time recommended it to my friends,
, r :ii -very era*, so far as I have been informed,they
a ussii it with suc:e ss.
Yours truly,
raster of the Exeter Street At. E. Church,
Chronic c-r Periodical, Nervous, or Sick Head-ache
of !or.* standi pe has been cured by it—as an invigora
r and rt « oretive, where a gentle stimulant is want
»» bsiieve it superior to all the cordials ever be
i f Lii? pufciic to the Youth and Old Aye, the Single
in Married, we offer the most valuable remedy.
< ait sad set Pamphlets gratis, and see cures.
}■ CO., .uchicondi bv £>r. COOKE, Fredericksburg; by
f.ii the Drurgists in Petersburg; by MORTIMER k
MOVv'BRAV. Baitiniore, and by and Store
t —everywhere.
T! per bottle;# bottles for ®i.
• c 21—alcts
» !>«EN CRY FOR IT!—This valuable and pop
i.,»-preparation is recommended with the greatest
confidence. Fast experience and test of years, hav
ii.;: proved It to be one of the best, safest and moat
re ,sb!e worm des royers in u«e
It .s»weet and pleasant to the taste, and is readily
: <. r, bycbiidren It may be given with perfect safe
ty the youngest infant, as it contains no Oil of
V. t.rirseed, Turpentine orotfcer nauseating drug, that
w.'.ild be apt to irritate or disorder the system. On
tn» cootrery the health of the patient generally
benefit'd by its administration, even when no worms
ex - It is prepared especially foJ children.
Prepared only by E. J. PICOT; sold also, by
I'fKCELL, Ladd Jt Co; Beknbtt, Beers &. Fish
kb, wholetale apents, and by Druggists generally,
se fi-..d3tn
/ • Au' l iut v- nt" » >i XT I K. fe— The
Vy (j:eat ruritier cl the Blood ! jThe best altera
tive known,
Read tlce following Certificate.
Lewis Ckker F. 0., Kanawha Co., Va., )
July 21st, 1856. }
Musrs Wm. S. Beers k Co:
Dear Sirs—l wan, in the year of 1850, attacked with
ti • .Seiofala. ] was, indued, at one time given up. My
lcc.K was raw from on? end to the other, I tried all
I'stent Medicines 1 could hear of, and employed seve
/;ti physicians. All did no good, until I saw " Carter's
ftpauish Mixture" spoken so highly of by the news
pipera. 1 got a few bottles, according to directions:
: rc3uk is, that now lam as sound as I ever was;
» ;».ot, I i'eel better than 1 ever did in my jife, and
•' :u!d recommend it to all who may bo afflicted with
th,: awful distate.
For sale by BENNETT, BKES3 i. KIBHER. and
Drugging generally. an 9
peculiarly adapted, by its composition, to every
disease of the liver and stomach which is produced by
our ever varying cliraats In all forms of bilious
d'Feas-s and Liver Complaint, it is one of the most
valuable remedies.
Prepared only by R. H. JACKSON, and for sale
by Druggists generally. ja 28
h O.M. <il< TtltS IfJJiST I'll V>i
Morgantowk, Va, April 1, 1856.
Dr. I Scott—Dear Sir : Having used your Lini
uitnt in my own ease and in my family, as well as
having prescribed it to others, 1 must bear testimony
t > lis decided superiority over every other external
implication in Rheumatism, Sore Throat, Pains in
:lie Back and Joints and 1 have recommended it in
one case of Bronchitis wherein its application acted
like a charm. I lee! happy to be able to recommend
u from experience, and to tender to you tny grati
for its ivonderful effect on my breast.
Respectfully yours, &c,.
B. R. C. O'KELLY, M. D.,.
All the above Medicines for sale by Purcell, Ladd
It Co., and Alex Duval. Richmond. oc 7
Richmond, 24th July, 1856. )
I)K,IiOVAIi.-This Company bavin* re-
IV moved to their new office. No. 131 Main street,
i ext door to the Dispatch office, is prepared as here
to f< re to t>.kf Kire and Marine Risks on fair terms
Chartered in 1E32, and having now been in opera
tion over twenty four years—during which time they
have met claims for loss to the extent of largely aver
a million ok dollars-they refer to th« history of
the past as afliiiding the very best guarantee for the
future The long acquaintance of this Institution,
ir.ih the insuring public has enabled it to become fa
miliar with their wants, and no pains will be spared,
or information withheld, that will teud to insure ac
caracy sad give satisfaction. Thev will be happy to
receive and consider applications for insurance ad
dressed either to the President or Secretary, ana will
la return render such facilities as may be in their
power tu their patrons.
CAPITAL, $200,080!!!
T M. ALKRIEND, President.
H. Jj. Kent, of Kent, Pnine C».,
H. W. Qtmrles,
Win. Beers, of Beers fc Poiudaxter,
H VV. Krv, of H. W. Pry 4t Son*;
H'i. Pr.tiner
J. A. Inloes,
A K. Parker, of Parker, Nlmmo k Co.,
J. K. Wsd»worth. of Wad worth, Turner &. Co.,
Tbo. Bimson. of Ssinson Si P»e,
C. VV. Purcell, of C. W. Porcell k Co^
B. L. Winston,
J. P. Wir.ston, of Winjton tt Power*,
S. T. Pulliarn,
H A. Claiborne,
P. Calien,
Geo. VV. Smith, of Smith k Harwood.
I T 24—tM W. h. COWARDIN, B»e'y.
( f Regular discocnt day of the company i» Thurs
day in each week—paj'er to be oJered before 3 o'olk
ob that day.
U OK RICHMOND.—Thi* Company insures eve
ry deacriptiou cf property against iu*s or carnage by
lire or the dangers of the sea.
No nhtrge is made for the Pellcy.
OflicH. (or the present, on the aide of l*th **•
reu Mais, upstair
». TORS:
W#>. H. Christian, Wm. Breedea.
Jt/in PurcfcU, Thomas R. Prlee,
Wm. U. Paine, Jas. Themas, Jr,
Lewis Ginter, John Carrie, Jr.,
Aug. Anderson, Jas Dunlop,
Ja-.'iet L. Appersoa Wm H. Haxall,
li'iKbe 8 rtnu John D Qnarles,
John Dooley, David J. Burr,
Riek'd (>. ilasktn*, Larkin W Oiaiebook,
Lewis D. Crenstjaw, D. Von Oroning,
Joseph P. Anderson, Krnanuel Miller,
Jol.a C. Simon, Ed H. ttk inker,
F.anklin Htearus
A PLKAdArtTB, Preside#!-
J H. Montaquc, Stte'j. auS-ts
| 'O PAU'rAkHNlili'.-We bavetklsday
a«*oc;aUvd with u* ta business C. M. P'.EAo-
ANTK. The business wilt hereafter be conducted
under the firm of VAN-JUEW, TAYLOR k CO.
July 1, ifitt-jj9 VAM-LEW * TAILOR.
VOL. X.-WO. 119.
Tug*day Mtiil*!, November 4, IMB.
DAY. »n
Arrangement* have been made a* far a* possi.
bl«. by tho associated pre**, for publishing to
morrow, by telegraph, the result of the election
to-day. It 1* uncertain how far tbl* may be ac
complished. The telegraph offices generally, in
cm,ling the N. Y. and N. O line in thi* eity, wl,l
keep open until 4 o'clock to morrow morning -
J he following i* a table allowing the popular vote
for President at the election in 1852:
.. . Mi# Pin f. S
Alabama OW 36 881
Arkau*a* 4(H 12,103
California, .:14.971 39 6«5 100
Connecticut, .....30,359 33,209 3160
Delaware 6293 6.31* '62
Florida, 2*7.1 4 3l«
Georgia, 16,660 34*05
Illinois 64,933 *0,597 9,966
Indiana 80 901 95 299 6 934
low*. 15,855 17.762 6/706
Kentucky, 57,068 63.80S 365
Louisiana, 17 255 18.647
Maine 32 543 41,609 8,030
Maryland 35,077 40.022 54
Mao>achußcttß,. 56 Or'i'J 46.880 29.993
Michigan, 33,860 41,842 7.237
Mia»i*ssippi,.. ..17.548 26 876
Missouri, 29.984 38,153
New Hampshire 16,147 29,997 6,69!$
New Jersey,... .38,556 41 305 350
New York 262,083 324.882 25,329
North Carolina, .39 058 39,744 '59
Ohio, 152 526 3 69,220 31,682
Pennsylvania. .179.122 198.568 gj.524
Rhode Island... 7,626 8,375 644
8. Carolina, (Electors chosen by Legi'iature.)
Ttnueesee 58,697 57 018
Texas 4,995 13,553
Vermont, 22,173 13,044 8,631
Virginia, 57,132 72,413
Wisconsin, 22,240 32,658 8,814
Total, 1,393,089 1,596,395 157,123
No. of Electors. Puree. Scott.
Alabama 9 9
Arkausss 4 4
California 4 4
Connecticut..... 6 fi
Delaware 3 3
Florida 3 3
Georgia....- 10 10
111in0i5...... ....11 11
Indiana... 13 13
lowa 4 4
Kentucky 12 12
Louisiana 6 6
Valine 8 8
Maryland 8 8
Massachusetts...l 3 13
Michigan........ 6 6
Mississippi 7 7
Missouri 9 9
New Hampshire. 5 5
New Jersey 7 7
New York. 35 35
North Carolina. .10 10
Ohio 23 23
Pennsylvania....27 27
Khode Island.... 4 4
South Carolina.. 8 8
Tennessee ......12 12
Texas 4 4
Verm0nt........ 5 5
Virginia 15 15
Wisconsin....... 5 5
Total 566 254 42
Seduction anu Marriage.—The Louisville
Courier, of the 18th inst., tells the following story
of sharp practice:
An rx csptain of the Mexican war, who sports a
white Heaver, and is favorably known for legal attain
ments, and a social disposition, was applied tosjme
days since for advice in apeculiaily interesting cuse,
by a young lady of sixteen It appeared frou her
story that a favorite suitar had taken advantage of
her youth and innocence, broke the commandment
moat commonly disregarded in thli fast age, and was
in a fair way to break her heart and ruin her repnta
tion. "Can you get him to come here quoth the
adviser. "I thick so," said the lady. The clerk (fur
such he was by profession) and gay Lothario was sent
for. In the interim the lawyer procured a revolver,
and placed it in the hand of the fair client, instruct
ing her not to use it without the young gentleman
positively refused her hand aod heart, legally He
came, aod cold was the silutation between the in
jured fair one and false lever, "Sir," said the law
yer, "you have placed this joung lady io adangercui
position by your indiscretion, and unless you make
reparation by instant marriage, you will rum ber for
ever." "Can't do it," sententi-usly was the reply.
" You will," said the lady, as she suddenly rose and
placed the revolver against his breast. His 'ace
paled as he saw the stern determination in her face,
aud he sunk into a chair, expressing an immediate
desire to make her whole as his wire legally. The
clerk of the county court granted license forthwith,
and he si.d the lawyer attended them to church,
where tbey were married in ten minutes afterwards.
We believe our friend, the lawyer, wis the happiest
of them all at the termination of an affair which does
not always turn outao well.
THE Philadelphia mint—The coinage at
this mint during September amounted to $538 172.
of which £86,0(10 waa in three cent pieces,solo,ooo
in five, and $680,000 in ten cent pieces, besides
£306,000 in twenty five cent pieces. The mint has
now ou hand $2,292,215, of which $1,027,9G9 is ia
gold and $1,261,245 in silver.
Visit of English Writers to America —
A private letter from London assures us that
Douglas Jerrold and Charles Kingsley will visit
America in the course of the coming winter. There
was at one time a rumor that Mr Jerrold would
lecture during his sojourn in the United States
[Bolton Allot.
Exchanged.—Captain XI. W. Benharn, of the
United Stales Engineers, late in charge of the
Coast Survey Bureau in Washington, has ex
changed that position for the superiutendauce of
the harbor works at Boston, Mass-, and proceeded
thither on Saturday last
Christianity in Turkey.—Since the publica
tion of the new toleration law in Turkey ono hun
dred and til christain churches have been repaired
or constructed The Sul'an alone contributed
$5,C00 to one building. In fact, everything is
done by liim and his government to conciliate his
aubjects in thin respect.
Akkest OK a SwinuleH.—Katpal Keller, one
of the tirrn of Jacks, Keiler & Co., of St. Louis,
was arrested on the 21th ult. Ho is accused of
having for some time past carried on a bold game
in the cities of Baltimore, New York and Boston,
by which certain merchants are losers to the tune
of $150,000. It is charged that he represented
himself in the city as a man of large means,
whose properly wad wholly unincumbered, and
be mas sold goods to any amount. These were
shipped to St. Louis and immediately sold for cash
at a figure far below the original cost.
Order ReCallko —It appears that the cell
ing oat of the military in Baltimore to be be in
readiness to-day to preserve the peace, is the re
aolt of a misunderstanding. The order ha* been
recalled, and the companies will not be under
"A Kick I t p" Among the Colts—The New
York I'ost lays that some difficulties have sprung
up between Mr. James Colt and Col. Samuel Colt,
bio brother, and that the former, to enforce his
claims for $750,000, has attached the property of
the Colt Manufacturing company of South Hart
ford, Conn., which will be contested in a court of
law. The sudden decease of Mr. Jocelyn, the
Treasurer of the company, has, in the absence of
the Colonel, created some impediment in the mac
agement of the company.
Gin House and three Negroes Bdrht.—On
Saturday last, the gin house of S. R. Cockrill, in
this county, was burnt, and in the pick room, three
out-lying negroes of J L Malone. An old negro
woman of Cockrill'*, who was harboring the runa
ways, carried them provision* where they were
secreted in the pick room. After eating, ene of
them lighted a match is there te smeke, iron which
the lint in the room caught Are, and burnt the
three to death before they could get oat. Two,
however, lived to get oat, bat died #oon »ftor.-—
Tutcumbia (Ala) Enquirer.
Old Times in South Carolina.—Lwt week,
in Newberry, SC. S P. Taylor, a white man
was convicted of sheep stealing in Ave cases, and
sentenced to receive 31* lubes, or p»y * fine of x <0
sterling. The latter alternative wa» takeu by the
prieooar. __________
The Nerth Carolina Education Convention, at
SalMbnry, N. 0 M adjourned on tbo 17th ult, after
pawing resolution* favoring a State military
•ebooL *
The New Oriean* paper*, of Tuesday, bare
twelre day* later new* from Mexico, to the Slat
ult We condense the folio wing:
Another attempt baa been made at revolution by
Z, men k*»de«l hy a man named Calderon,
at Chalchicomnla, in the State of PuebU. He ba*
been routed and hi* force* completely pat to flight
by the force* of the Republic Several persona
were taken prisoner*; Don Jo*e Oust® Goffre, Don
Manuel Tagle, Don Frauci*co Arnota, Don Vi
C ? I U e ,9 n ' * nd one "tker perien. The plan
of Calderon waa to proclaim the liatit Organica*
and Don Romulo de la Vega President. Thi* is
the lixth failure of the reaction!*!* to create a re
volution in the State of Puebia.
A pronunciament* has been auppres*ed at Mar
avatio, in the Stato of Michoacan. It commenced
amongst the toldiers, who, after assassinating the
Commandants and wounding the Major, were
promptly brought to order.
in^iai«thnj*' te< * revo " 4S ' 4te 'y beea suppressed
Ihe late news from Sonora announces the suc
cesses of the government forces over the Gaoda
ras. The town of Guaymas tad been deserted by
the revolutionists and re occupied by the forces of
the government. There had been au action be
tween the two parties on the plain of Dolores and
many of the revolutionists taken prisoners
The latere*, of Puebia, announee that Colonel
Carlos I'atron had proLounced in the town of Te
peojuma with 200 men. The Government of
I uebla had »ent Gen. Montaro with 400 men to od
erate against him.
The Trait d'Union states that General Mariano
balas was arrested in the capital on the 12th inst.
and alto a Carmelite friar. On the 4th, a stage
coach that was leaving the city was stopped and
all its passengers arrested the Governor.
Gov. Trasonis has resigned his post as Governor
and Commaudante General of the State of Puabla.
Various rumors are in eirculatiou in connection
with this resignation. Besides the rumor given
above, that he wonld be sent to Qaeretaro to op
erate against the Insurgents there, it was ruirorel
in the capital that he is to take charge of the Gov.
® r nm*nt whilst President Comonfort proceeda at
the haad of the army against Vidaurri Gentral
Garcia G'onde was to succeed him at Puebla.
At the town of St Dimas, in Durango, an un>
happy event occurred on the 16th of Sept.
It seeuis that while the population, with the ay
untamiento and x»atriotic juuta, were on their way
to tbe church to assist in the solemn ceremony of
Tt Datm, a party ot armed men, numbering ten or
twelve, made their appearance and mau'fested a
disposition to interferes with the ceremoßies.—
I hey did not, howivdr.fcut proceeded to a comme>~*
cisl house, where they watched the movements.-—
After the ceremony was completed the populace
disbanded, shouting vivas for their independence,
See. At this time a man, supposed to be drunk,
shouted "Death to the Spaniards,'' when, simulta
neously, a vi.lley was fired from the armed man in
the commercial house, who were Spaniards. Two
persons were instantly killed. This was the toc
sin of alarm, and at once tho populace found arms
and attacked the house. For tbe whole aight
shooting continued, and the next day tho people
sacked the bouses and set fire to tbem. At the end
of this conflict, fivedsad were picked up and some
were dangerously wounded.
Hon John l'or«ytb,our Minister at Mexico, reach,
ed tbe capital on the 15th inst. He had been re
ported sick of fever at Jalapa, but it was a mis
President Comonfort 13 again well from an at
tack of illness, with which he had been afflicted
for several days.
On the 11th inst., the Ministry gave a dinner to
Senor Don Miguel de los Santos Alvarez, Minister
of her Catholic Majesty of Spain.
A banquet is in preparation in honor of Presi
dent Comonfort, to be given at Ixtacaleo. The
preparations now being made are on an extensive
scale. The mechanics of Aguascalientes have uni
ted with thosoof the capital to manifest their sym
pathy for him.
On the 26;h ult. three successive shocks of earth
quakes were felt in Colima No harm was sus
tained by any person from this visitation.
Senor Don Ignacio Comonfort, the present pro
visional President, has been proposed as Consti
tutional President by the Artesano of Aguascali
A Queretero paper states that there had passed
through tbat city commissioners from Gen. Vi
danrri, on their way to Mexico, in order to arrange
the pending difficulties between him and the Gene
ral Government.
The Extraordinary says the reported sales of
property, belonging to civil and ecclesiastical cor
porations, in conformity to the law of the 25th of
June, amounted in the different States and Terri
tories on the 4:ti inst., to 813,452,776 74.
Thk Highest Mountain in the World.—
The principal topic of conversation at Calcutta is
the discovery of the highest mountain in the
worll At the meeting of the Asiatic Society ©f
Bengal, on the (i:h of August, Major Thaillier an
nounced that Col. Waugh, Surveyor General of
India, bad completed his compulations of the po
sitions and elevations of tbe peaks of the Him
alayas. The result was to depose the mountain
Kancbijinga from its throno as the highest point
on tbß earth's surface. That distinction belongs
for the present to a peak 100 miles from Kanchl
jiuga, and between that mountain and Ksnman
doo. This peak is ascertained to be 29.002 feet
above the sea level; Kanehinjlnga is 28,'5C feet;
and Dewaligirl, the mountain which "school geo
graphies" persist In calling the highest mountain in
the known world," is only 2t>.62C feet The moun
tain has no name intelligible to civilized men, and
Col. Wangh has therefore ventured to denominate
it "Mount Everest" efier a former surveyor gen
Attempt to Create Insdkkection.—The
Ouachita (L».) Regista of the 18th says :
"We have learned that a man by tbe name of
James Hancock., has been arrested in Union coun
ty, Ark., for distributing fire-arms among the ne
groes in Union county, Ark., and on the borders
of Claiborne and Union parishes. There was to be
general concentration of about three hundred ne
groes at a given point, led on by Hancock and two
or three others. The town of El Dorado was to
bo attacked—its inhabitants murdered, and money
and provisions obtained by turce. Kansas seems
to have been their dtstination, where a promia of
freedom was held cut The plot was to have ma
tured ou the night of the 11th of this month. We
hope the courts of Arkansas will meet out to the
incendiaries the full penalty of the law.
Counterfeiters Arhested.—The Dalton
(Georgia) Times states tbat two men, calling
themselves William C. Pitts and Joseph Y. Hall,
were arrcEted in tbat place last week for passing
counterfeit money. The spurious money found in
their possession consisted principally ol #10 a on
the Bank cf Cape Fear, North Carolina. They
were lodged in jail to await their trial.
iKoif Bands.—Y>'ith the exception of a few
mile© in \ lliere is now A connected line of
rai.'roa.l all the way from Bangor,on tbe Peaobscot,
to Montgomery, cn ttie Alabama; ere long the
chain will be extended to Now Orleans, thence to
be carried westward until it reaches the i>bores of
the Pacific.
SUIT Decided—The "Willis" case, in which
Willis, the deceased, had left a large amount of
property to his colored concubine and children,
was decided last week, in Barnwell, £5. C., against
the plaintiffs. Willis' will is the case of a eitizen of
Barnwell district, who took a family of slaves
the children being his own—to Ohio, and on land
ing at Cincinnati, and before he reached a carriage
t« carry him to the hotel, fell dead In the street.
Ilis will is infivor of the slaves thus emancipated;
his heirs contest the probate of the will.
Death or iHt "Wisutnas Jxw."—We learn
ed yesterday, the death at the Roper Hospital, of the
"Wandering Jew," a character whose singular ip.
pearauce and habits has been the sobjectof rrnch
cuiiosity snd comment. He has bean anown about
Charleston for the last six or seven years, but the pe
riod of bis advent is not recorded. He seemed to be
very pcor, he never worked, aod never begged, bat
yet in some way or the other, he managed to subsist.
The most singular fact connected with him was that
he never look the shelter of a roof—his sleeping
place was a hole in the ground, on what is known as
Pn> ne's farm, and he was not only contented with it.
bat wonld sceept of no mora comfortable eeeaiamo
dations wb«n they were tended to h.m — CharlttUm
(8. t?.) Standard.
A Witty PhAirtia.—A celebrated comedian ar
ranged with his grocer, one Bsrry, to pay him «ar
teriy; but the grceer sent in his account long bafore
tbe quarter wit duo. Thecoraediao in fwit writhe
called upon tbe grocer, and laboring under the
impression that his credit was doubted, said • "I
sa», h=re*e a pretty mul, Berry; you haie sent
ia TW» 'bill. Beny befoie it is due. Worry, four fa.
iher, the elder faenry, would not hare been such a
oooss Berry, bat yon need not look black Beirj, tor i
duo't care a ttram. Berry, aod I shan't |ay yoa Oil
Christmat, Berrr"—inijlu t*axu*
General Tolstoi and Count Oorwchakoff. gentle
Ben of the chamber to tLa JBmpetor of Haul*
have arrived ia Park
Moß>ra airp Lr.tcitua ij» Caudtoiuiia—A
teUjaphie dlapatcb to the Sacramento American,
m» Andrea*, Bept 26th. say*: A cold
bloodedmurder wa* perpetrated at Angel'* Camp
o by a man name C. Colebroofc
rM * jr * Arnutrong accused Cole
Drook of stealing hog* some time ago, aad Cole
brook went to Armstrong'* cabin, and without
V word P lan «»d the knife into hia heart
killing htm instantly. Colebrook waa arretted,
and while being tried before a Justice of the Peace
the populace made frequent threat* to hang him,
upon which assistance wa* aent for to San Anl
dre&s. On the receipt of the news. Deputy Sher
iffs Scbroble and Betta started with a posse fcr
the sccne of the murder.
Upon their arrival, a man arose in the court
room and urged the mob to hang the prisoner im
mediately, "that officers were there to protect him,
and more were on the road." Then followed a
scene that baffles description. The officer* tried
to close around the prisoner, but were repulsed, the
lights put out, and Deputy Sheriff Betts and ano
ther taken and disarmed. Scbroble wag put forci
bly oit of the door, and admidst cries of "shoot
him,' &.c , the prisoner was dragged to a tree and
hmg. The officers called on the citizens to assist
them, and bear witness who were the execution
ers, but no response was made. All the tires and
lights were extinguished, and Colebrook was hung
iu total darkness. Colebrook was an Etiglish sail
or, and was a brother of the Colebrook who shot a
ChiU.no near Campo Seco last year, and was bail
ed out, then absconded, and ha* never been seen
THE " Stadk" Dots.—The correspondent of the
London Times writing from Hamburg, Oct. 11th
The Stsde. like th« Sound Dues will it appears, get
their first blow from th* United States of North
Am«rloa. Their conaul. Mr. Ames, wbo arrived here
in the beginning of the year, collected particnlars of
taat exaction from publication and persons versed in
these matters, and wrote a report about it to his gov
ernment. in answer to that communication he Was
l atrueted to get an official account on the auhject
from the authorities of this citv. He has sent a note
to our Secretary for Foreign Affiira, and is expecting
b.» reply. Not having any ambassador at Hanover,
they will probably signify their intention of not aub
mitting anv longer to that iniquity, or, properly
• peaking, piracy, through their minister at Berlio:
and, if Hanover should not desist, i.ind a man-of-war
or two to protect their merchant vcne.'s which are
sailing up the Elbe.
It it ustonisDing that Great Britain, Franco, Hol
land, and other nations, whose shipping ii by far more
interested in tbi« trade tbar. that of the United states,
should ne-jer have protested against bltck mail being
levied on their auhjucta. Talk of Kifl pirates—why,
this pilfering on the river Elbe amounts somelim's in
ona day, to more than the Rilii have "taken during
this century. But they are not connected with royat
families, like Koveinmenta who Uuvs succeeded the
sea kings iu Europe.
Collision.—On Thursday evening last, a sin*
gular, out not seriou.i, collision occurred on the
Virginia ami Tennessee Railroad, at Emory and
Henry College, 9 miles east of Abingdon. Just as
the mail train made its momentary halt at the Col
lege, a rumbling was heard ahead, and instantly
was observed, flying down tha track, two freight
cars, which had became detached from a preced
ing (rain, in going up the heavy grade at that point.
The Eagineer immediately reversed, and made
every effort to keep out of the way of the wild
chase of the box cars, but they soon overtook
him, and made a tremendous lunge against the
engine, with no other damage than considerable
fright to the passengers. Both trains were com
pelled to back to the Junction, which threw them
1} hours behind time.
At the commencement of the present year
there were in the United Stares about 22,000 miles
of railroad, employing about 5,000 locomotives.
Ancicnt Churches in Philadelphia. —The
o'deit church in Philadelphia is the Gloria Dei, which
wis ereated in 1700 ju the same site as its predeces
sor, which was built of logs, and served the double
turpesa of a place of worship and a defence again>t
the Indians. Christ Church is where Washington
and Franklin worshipped Itwasslioat first a lo?
building. The prs<ent edifice waa finished in 1753 —
Its chime of eight bells was brought by Capt. Bud
den from England, free cf freight, and, in compli
ment to him, rang out a joyous peal on his arrival.—
The good "Queen Anne'' presented part »f the com
munion service in 1703.
ft THOUGH 1 live ia ttie country
a hundred miles down,
til I hare my repairing done always tn town;
■JSaScaaiAed the tradesman I deal with is BAR
And the work that I give bim, is dona np like new.
But lisre I would tell you the right of my tale,
1 was thrown from my horse right on to a rail;
My Watch, it went further, smiek into a ditch
And ru'tedtho works to a very bad pitch.
J took it to one, who said " trsde it away"—
But I valued the watch, and wa< willing to pay.
When a fiiend told me of a watchmaker he knew.
And that's how 1 came to know BARTHOLOMEW.
He did up the watch, and some jewelry fine
And my watch to this day, keeps excellent time.
Watcb and Clock Maker,
Comer Eleventh and Main streets.
Watches, Clocks and Jewelty of all kinds, repair
ed in the best manner, and on as moderate term* as
any other house in the city. oc 29
(Wholesale and retail, No. 98 Main street,)
Is now receiving a krge and elegant assortment of
the above articles, and will offer this Pall the greatest
bargains tbat has ever been efiered in this city; and
to merchants who wish to purchase, he would inform
them tbat articles can be had in his establishment as
low as any house in tbe Northern cities.
Oold Detached Levers, 13 Jewels, $21 00
Gold Hunting do do 30 00
Do do Patent do do 45 00
Silver Levers, 11 00
Gold Guards, 10 00
Oold Pencils; Silver Table and Tes Sporns
Gold Neck, Kob and Waist Chains of various pa
Oold 1/ockets, and Jewelry of all kinds
To he had cheap, at the old established store of
se B—2m No. 98 Main st.
— - ' ■ !»«■
CREASED DISPATCH —I have made arrange
menu to increase the line of boats running from mj
house.snd shall, at tbe commencement of the fall sea
son, send out a boat every other day Sundays except
ed. By this arrangement I will put goods through two
days sooner than heretofore, and nearly, if not alto-
? ether, as soon as by the S. S. R. R., and at much
ess expense.
Merchants west of Lynchburg wishing te consign
their goods to the railrord agent are required to d«-
p:isit funds to pay the charges to that point, as the
Virgit.iasnd Tennessee Railroad refuse to pay or col
lect charges ou goods received by the Canal.
jy i»—ts ALKitICD S. LiEE, on the Dock.
WOOD, WOOD, WOOD.—I hnvc on liimd,
ana will keep constantly, a very superior aru
cle of seasoned O-VK and PINE WOOD.
Coming, as It does, entirely from one place, custo
mers may rely on getting it always alike, straight, free
of bad knots, and lull length. Orders filled promptly
at market rates. C WALTHALL,
oc 31—lw Canal, between fi'h and 7th its.
—The undersigned offers his services to the Mechsa
iet' of the city of Richmond, as a measurer of all
kinds of mechauieal work Office on the edst side of
HHh street, between Brosd and Marshall stree's
ne 1-lm* JOHN M. JOHNSON.
" LIiGE OK VIRGINIA.—The luhrmary connect
ed with the Medical College, located ia the city ol
Richmond, (corner of College an<l Marshall streets)
is open fur ths reception of patients, throughout the
year. All persons requiring Medical or Surgical
aid, except the insane, and tnose laboring under con
tagions diseases, are sdraitted into the Institution —
The accommodations tor the siek are complete
The patients are under the charge of the Professors
of the College. The attending Physician and Sur
®s' their respective wards daily, and incases
of difficulty all the members of the racaUy are call
ed in consultation. The charges for board, medical
attendance, anrsieal operations, nursing, and ever)
service rendered by the Institution, are for
P*' week.
Colored Patients 5 •• »
Private Accommodations 7to 18 " "
Attending Surgeons -Pant s. Otsso*, Psticoi.as and
W at, irons.
" Physicians— I Tuck**, Scott and Cowwat
Reaident Physician—M* Alois Howaad, M. D.
S'ewsrd—N. Tuaalat.
President of Infirmary—L. 8. Jotwbs, M. D.
oe f—lm
Washing done in lese tbui two hoore. with greet
• ivingef time aod labor, bv the us» of PICOT*B
The great utility of tfaia preparation mast be evident
to every one, and be appreciated by all. Mo evident
is this fact to all who have once tasted this prepars
tion, that they never relianuisb the use of it, and say
trey would not be withoat it far soy consideration.
The great reputation It baa acquired, has produced
many worthless imitation* of it. So be ea yoar
guard. aa< aee ealy the feeatee ertiole, wbifb is pre- j
parad only by B- J- PICO*. . ,
t|» i
Drovntd—On Saaday nigbt, abont 10 o'clock,
ponoaaiia the vicinltyof the dock heard criea for
help, and on going to the place whence the toaad«
proceeded, saw a man straggling in the water. A
e . T™ *' ooc * thrown toward* him, bat he'wax
nnable to reach it, and very soon rank. The
body w.« found yesterday morning, and recoi
niied as a man named Edmnnd Powers, who had
been employed in a barrel faetery near the dock
An Inquest was held over the remains, and from
the evidence before them the jnry rendered a ver
diet to the effect that the unfortunate man acci
denufly fell into the dock while intoxicated.
Ram It rained yesterday, almost incessantly,
from morning till night, and our streets at present
aire D 0 *id from artificial watering machines
The gloomy weather depressed political stocks to
some extent, and every body felt a touch of dismal
horrors We apprehend that within the next
twenty four hours some of tbe betting men will ex
perience an attack of chills that will nhs*e dol
iars from their parses in a most uncomfortable
Trial of Thas. G. Smith.—Tb is trial was reaum
ed yeswday morning in the Circut Conrt of Hen
rico. The conrt room was thronged most of the
day,'and the powerful arguments of counsel were
listened to with intense interest Our readers are
familiar with the circumstances of this case —
Smith, who was overseer f>r Mr. J. R. Crouch,
had an altercation with the latter on the 18th of
May, 1856, and struck him with a hoe, inflicting
injuries from which he died a few days afterwards.
The blow, it waa alleged, was given in self de
fence. Tbe wife and children of the priaouer have
been with him during most of the trial
The caae was given to the jary about half past
c. M m and an hour afterward they reported
that they bad not agreed npon a verdict; where
apon they were placed in the Sheriff's charge for
th* night, and the Court adjourned until six o'clock
this morning.
Drawing to a Clone.—At many of our readers
have not yet had an oppommity of visiting the
Mechanics' Fair, aud examining, carefully, tbe
thousands of beautiful articles on exhibition, we
auvise them to do so at once, feeling assured that
they will be repaid more than tenfold tbe cost and
trouble by the specimens of art, industry and iu
eenuity there to be seen. During the past week
the exhibition room has been crowded with spec
tators from all quarters of the State all of whoa
have expressed their pride aud pleasure at the
g: and collection of skill and industry of their native
State. Not only have they been gratified at the
steady advancement in mechanism and mannfac
tures on exhibition, but every heart has been
made to rejoice at the contributions of Virginia
ladies who have heretofore been considered inca
pable of labor. Go, then, aud see this exhibition,
and in all time to come, lend a willing haad to sup
port the Institute and advance its prosperity.
Scabbing'—An Italian, named Nannl Leonardo,
was examined by the Mayor yesterday for stab
bing John Closs, on the 26:h of October. The
testimony was a complete jumble of French and
Italian, scantily sprinkled with English; but we
gathered from it that the parties were joking each
other about some puppies, when Leonardo got
excited and inflicted two stabs upon Closs with a
pair of scissors. Closs was severely injured,
though he is now able to walk about. The Mayor
sent the case on the Hustings Court and remanded
the prisoner to jail.
The Mayor has to encounter various obstacles in
disposing of cases, amoDg the most difficult of
which is the examination of witnesses who are
totally ignorant of our vernacular. One of this
sort yesterday attempted to speil his own name,
and succeeded in forcing out the strauge word
J>bcjaropo. A young Italian, on questioning the
witness, ascertained his name to be Bachalupo.
Some differenco.
Stealing a Watch—On Sunday afternoon last,
a man named Thus McNamara, entered the house
kept by Wm. Stepheason, on 18th street, and go
ing into a rear apartment, took a gold watch from
a nail and placed it in bis pocket. The act was
seen by a little negro girl, who made it known,
and when McNaraara attempted to leave, Ste
phenson seized him and took the watch from his
pocket. McNamara waa examined yesterday by
the Mayor, and the foregoing facts were proved by
the evidence. The defence, however, introduced
testimony which raised considerable doubt as to the
sanity of the prisoner; and with the view o} mak
ing inquiries, the Mayor continued the matter un
til Wednesday.
Fire— Ou Friday morning last, about 4 o'clock,
the grocery establishment belonging to Wm. A.
8011, situated at the corner of 16th and Franklin
sts., was consumed by fire The damage is esti
mated at $1000, on which there is an insurance in
tbe Valley Company's office sufficient to cover the
loss No doubt exists that the fire wai the work of
an incendiary.
Should be Removed.—The slats surronndlng tbe
cupola of the first market are so constructed as
to impede the sound of tbe bell at that place, and
tbeir removal is considered necessary, in order
tbat an alarm may be heard at a distance in time
of fire. On Friday morning, when a fire occurred
in tbe lower ward, this bell was the only one rung,
and persons in the immediate vitiaity heard noth
ing of it.
Virions Coin—James C. Ellett appeared before
the Mayor yesterday, to answer the charge of al
lowing a vicious cow to go at large. It was proved
tb-.t a cow bad, on one occasion, gored a child near
the second market, but as there was a doubt about
tbe ownership of tbe animal, the case was further
continued until Wednesday.
Fines.—Two fines of 55 each were imposed np
on Edward S. Gentry yesterday, because his men
drove two carts across the sidewalk on Bread
Stealing —James, a little negro belonging to
Walter Gwynn, was flogged yesterday, per oider
of the Mayor, for stealing a variety of articles
from the house of Julius Id*
Going at Large— A negro woman named Mrr
tha, the property of Walter Gwynn, was commit
ted to ja.il yesterday for going at large, in violation
of law.
Disposed Of— Wm. Dunn, charged with steal
ing a port monnaie containing $150 from tbe
pocket of Rev. A. M. Poindexter, was arraigmd
before the Mayor yesterday for further examira*
tien. No new facts having transpired, the Mayor
remarked tbat he could not, on the evidence be
fore bim, commit Dunn fer felony, though be was
strongly iuclined to the belief tbat he was gnilty.
As be could give no satisfactory account of him
self, he should require security for Dunu's good
behavior. Committed to jail in default
The Receipts of the State Agricultural Soeiety,
during the recent Fair, amounted to #7,500 Thus
it will be seen tbat tbe interest of the pnblic in this
great festival has by no means diminished, not
withstanding the predictions of some that it would
prove a failure.
Continued. —Wm. Bond, charged with stealing a
watch from H. W. Forbnsh, was partially ei«m
ioed by the Mayor yesterday, but in conseqnense
of the absence of witnesses, the matter was con
tinued until Wednesday. The watch has been
found in the alley near the American Hotel
Improving—We were glad to learn yestordry
that the condition of Dr. Finney, who was worn.-
ded in the recent duel, was more favorable than
on the previous day.
Barbaau.—The Democrats of Henrico county
gave a tree barbacue at the "Mineral Spring*,"
about three miles from this city, on Saturday.—
There were about two hundred persons present —
The orator of the occasion was P. H. Aylett, Esq,
of Richmond.
Henrico Light Dragoon*— This gallant corps
will make an excursion to Petersburg on Wed ass
day afternoen next, and on the day following they
propose to give a grand tournament, at the Fair
Q rounds, adjacent to that city. The proceeds are
to be devoted to some charitable purpose. We
hope thu trip will be productive of much pleaa
Theatre.—The bills announce that the great
comedy of "Still Water Boas Deep" will be per
formed to-night, and as it is a play that every body
wishes to see, we aatiatpate a full hense. An
am us in K farce, called "A J bumping Legacy,"
will follow tbe comedy. Secure your seels in
We Invite the attention of oar reader* to tbe
east of "Still Water Rons Deep " Mr. Beniffcc*
takes the excellent character of John Mildaay,
Mr. Adams that of Hawaley, and Mr Jack that of
Old Potter. The leading female characters will be
sustained by Mlsa Mary Devlin and Mra Muzzy.—
Wo risk nothing Ln saying that the i-iece will ba
moat admirably performed.
Metropolitan HaU will b« opened to night by a j
company of Ethiopian Minstrels As lb a sort of
amusement Is very popular bare, tbey wW preba
biy be liberally patreaiaed. '
-TiMEi, i n mi i i i ■ ■ f|ii wnmn ■ * > irrT ,-. T
Ifmy, 1 !—*««■»» 80 1 f, lw^i. t »4 it
115 7 9$
1 60 #
!t» 1.„.40...0*..**•*...» 6#
MgMh A * -- - «'■ » • A« • «' ■ ■»— *■
By miniiimiiiumi ikhimmctiru vofvK» win h
ih*rg*iae —1» f«r Nun if tea baa* fiflfednt
hwito, miß iwa fc w«l ibbWW
A+ruud fur Fetonf—A man nund JtM
Walsh wn* arrested ywtnrday by ottecra Seal aad
Jokoaon. on a ekarg* af ttMltef tftjr Mian
worth of Iron tba Cantral Railroad Company.—
The Mayor will torcatigate tba matter Utia Mora*
OiJ Idmendion, a well-known ra<»'WfM and
an established favorite among tba patron* af tho
tarf, dfed la this city a few day* ago.
"i Orm "—Among the variety of excellent (tore*
on exhibition at the Virgin'* Jfeabanraf fasti tote,
from the mansfactory of Uemrm. Be we re, Saydei fc
Carter, of tbie city, we notiaed particularly a aew
cooking "tore ceiled the "Oem of tba Sooth," wbieb,
asida from its beautiful de*im, bae several praetieal
advantages over stov»s of a eimilar ebaraeter now ex
tant. It bee two distinct oven*, one of wbieb ie
adapted to the baking of bread, eakea, He- and the
other to the roasting of meats, fowl*, eee. Tba lower,
or roaming oven, bae the following advantage* over
>h " oven attached to any other etove now in
t«- it can be entirely detaehed, to that ptrrrn
parchMinr and wishing to diiptoit with ima|e*
mcnt. ean cheapen the co»t proportionately.
2d. The stove bet'on. by a novel arrangement, bae
been made to tmwer the parpoeee of aa ortn bottom
and dripping pan. which constitute* a convenience
which the cook cannot fail to appreciate.
3d The "spit" attached to other etove* be* been
taseniously substituted by a revolving gridiron—an
imf-ovement in every way preferable to tba old me
4th. This oven is nearly air tisht, wbilat thoee in
which the apit ie ue»d have large openings tn the
ov?n doors for its accommodation, thereby admitting
a circulation of cold air throagh the oven and greatly
diminishing the heat
-5 h Acset >to the roasting oven of other stove* ean
onl v be had through a back deor, and hi meet families
prefer placing Ibe backs nf their staves as n» ar tbe
wall or fire-pieee as possible, it is found extremely
iocnr.veaient to aaacmaiodate each an arrangement.
In the * Oera of the South," however, this difficulty
has been obviated by "aide door*," whicb ensure easy
access to the oven. resardless of its position.
The same manufacturers have also on exhibition
their aelebrated "Virginia Air-tight" cookin* stove,
which they believe to be the best air-tight cooking
•rove in the Union. They also have the *'Bouthern
Planter" cooking stove, which is now extensively
used in the vaiiey of Virginia.
Their handsome *' ilion" parlor stove is among
their selection, as well as their "Patent Revolving
Blower," to whioli particular attention Is invited.
We take pleaiure in alluding to the manufacture*
of Messrs. Bowers, Snyder it Cartsr, not only be
came they are Hichmor d maeufactarersofeDterpria*,
but because they get np ail wcrk entrusted to thru in
tbe beat manner. Most of the handsome iron fronts
which have been erected in this city for the past
twe've months have been turned out by these gen
tlemen, and in order to give our readers sn opportu
nity of seeing for themselves, we will mention thosa
of James H. Gardner end H. T. Psiro. on Pearl St.;
John VVomble, James Thomas, Jr., and John VV'iek
ham. on Main street, and 8 P. Mitchell and John A.
Belvin, on O ivernor street. The elegsnt cast-iron
work, above the first story, on Ballard's Hotel, was
I also executed by these gentlemen. It the South can
not support snnh workmen, thin indeed i* sha re*
creact to her own interests. *
Light Draught Horaet.— We lij before oar reiders
this morning, the report of iho Judged ef the let*
State Agrieultural Fair, on Quick Draught Howe, a*
aa ait ef justice to the celebrated trotting stallion
"Kntsuth," who waa not entitled to a premium, un
der the rules of the society, he having obtained the
highest pramium at tua tvre preceding Fairs. In
publishitg the list of preminirs. the pbrtlon of the
report, here appended, vm omitted, for want of
•pace. It will be se»n that the Judges regarded bim
the belt quick dravght forts en exhibition, and not a
few of ton hone men who aa>r him and eleven of bis
get, think he his no equal In the Union.
Report of the Chairman of Committee on Quick
Draught Horses.
"II J. Smith exhibited hia boras ' Koaauth.' which
the Comrr ittea on Quick Draught Horses regarded aa
the bet ton exhibition: but hating taken two premium!
from the Society, waa thereby debarred fiom taking
another. The committee, according to the rules,
award him this testimonial of superiority."
"Mr Wm. H. Betts has exhibited to the Judges en
Quick Draught Horses one 3 years eld gelding, (a
Kossuth colt.) for which no preminm has been offered.
They deem it worthy of the attention ef the Judges
on Discretionary Premiums, and recommend il ac
H J. Smith itfers for— «
Best 1 year old Kossuth colt #10, Wm P. Braxton.
•' 2 10, A. Kerr.
Dr. Richard Wood, of Goochland, exhibited to the
committee a fine quick draught brood mare, after the
premiums had been awarded in this department,
which we deem worthy of special coflee.
Certificate of Merit waa awarded to J. H. Norton's
horse Billy Button.
The exhibition of stock in this department waa
very ia'ge and fine, and required much time aad
lodgment in awarding premiums. Tbe committee
hope that their awards may give entire aatisfaction.
* T. P. TtMPLK, Ch'n.
OK HOURS ... Ot and .Iter
MONDAY, 2fith mat., the tccommoda
tion train of thia Company will run daily, Idundaya
excepted,) between Milford and Riohoiond. leaving
Milford at 6$ o'clock A. M.,(topping at the Cottage
far breakfaat, and airive la Richmond at 8 48 o'olock
A. M ; returnii g, will leave Richmond at 3 I 5 o'clock,
P. M., and reach Milford at 527 P. M., (topping tor
uaiaengftri at any point each way.
Fare the aaine ai on tb s Through Train*.
Agent of Tranaportatien.
Office R. r fcP.R. R Co., )
Richmond, Oct 2l(t, iߣ6 ) ee2l
BINS would inform her former patronaand the
public generally, that ahe can ba found over the china
wore of Taylor & Co., 117 Main atreet, where work
will be done to pletae and with diapatch.
XI*.W OliOi KKV AM) CUiti.ni)itliUM
i 1 STORE.—The »üb»cribcr would inform the pnb
lic that h« ha* recently opened on Franklin atreet,
between Wall and 17th atree«e, a OROC£R¥ AlfO
COMMISSION STORE. He will keep alwava an
ham! a general aoortinent of FAMILY GROCE
RIES, which he will aall at whoieaale and ratailon
accotumodali g terma. He wilt alao attend to all
the riutiea of a tonimuaioa Merchant, and will be
pea ed to receive oaaignmerit* of Produce, kc.,
from hia friendi. He baa now in atore a good (apply
of FLOUR, BACON, LARD, bUTTI.It, *c. v to
which Be inviiei »n examination frem the nnblio.
oo 23—dim* J* BTWLE.
\ : ()Tl('t,"i'iie uuile.aigaed ouve loruietl
i 1 a eo-partnerahip. tor th'» purpoae of conducting
BIJSINEUS. under the firm of PEYTON it FAT
Office for the prcaent over J. J. Fry**
Baa.n bank. „ . . ..
Refer to Wni. H. McFarland, Eaq., Hon. John M.
Pattoa, and Meaara Haxall 11 Co., Kiehmond ; Col.
T. J. Randolph and N. Burnley, Albemarle.
oc 15-d3w ISAAC W. FATTON
CLOTHIERS, No So Mala at.,
(Branch of the Baltimore Honae,)—Moat raapoetfnlly
aik the attention of the citizen* of Richmond and ite
vicinity to the atock of Ready Made Clothing which
they are jnat opening.
I'oaaoaam* aupenjr facilltiea for procuring and
making up the greateat variety of Dome.tie and Fa*-
eicn Clo'hi, Ca»ain>ere* and Veatinga, they are ena
bled to offer unnmal inducement* to euatomera. who
are meat reapectfnily aolicited to given* a call be
'ore purebaaiog. T
TliK tI.NUKKMUniiU •»«*«» tt lu'vrM
1 the pubhc of the eity of that ha will
open, *n the iith of oetooer, a
Franklin nueeL, where 4 room ha* been comfortably
fitted up for the purpoea. .
OyiDcascie «e well *■ Fencing Exsreiaee do not
jnly eueugtbeu the health by the Inoge,
nerve* eiid mueeleein ectivityt but they alee f* ****
end elegance to the bearinjaad motion of iha bodj.
He beie to iarite the public to »um»rone particip*.
tioo, andreque»t« principally parenui and teecbereto
eotrutt the.r «<;B* end pnplleto h» oore. Mho ertil
try to ecrer gtnen en dofotop, etep by etep, etrn the
woakeat awluUe
For the whole eeeeion, from the 25th of Oct©-
ber to the let of June " ,2 ae
giimootiil '• •*
Kenctn* im FoiU ul BroafUirori, r*tr» €"**o*
CilMt A&d Sciiooij i4otU#d (Ml ®<W
t *AUklßd« of weapon* of the but q»Mty e« be ob
ulnad by the mndsretfutd to
a/ fueigi u< OyntMi* lurilm
o« W-uT at the ,
tie reigned take !«**« *o Inform rteu frtoade aad
the public in coao*aL that ther b»«# ennbhAed *
viVeoA* Janufactor/« *'cb
mvad, Ve, end ere prepared M Ul HJ •'V**
et the thorteet notice. A t«M MferiNM the b«-
•lneea «"eV | f them to menafeotare Md eoU MM
reasonable prioee, ,u aUtyeqaal Uany.lf not*-
Erior to Norther* braada Ybey wpoet M-**•
id petranaje of the pablla, and tn
oar mercantile community. All wltn
oa favojrM with, will be ax*«atad
end JthVloweet MM Orfort
A BOOKKfeft'S l)rv» Store, or *re*«ad Ut Uo hm,
B«t Me. <«, f oet OSao Sieb«2<V*
•att-la* ll^TiwriMt

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