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the daily dispatch
The Dully Dla patch u i»rw4 to Mkowttan
•7, 4K p 1 tVAITBR c«»t» rta win, pay»M« te
"I, Cirri#'- w#«klv *rtee 'or mailing, •« » yaa*, or
js JO for si* month#, ie sdvanse
ff th« Wee*lt M tmmU every »
JtT %r J mail»4 to nWnhn *t 111 per mmb
\> >RSFMCR -
\\ ili ill' B»'**o united ever sever?
Prophecy i< who may or wha eta.
\Y« »il! snow there it no trn h abent it{
We will die to united-man for man.
The flag that our forefatbert left an.
In i:j purity, for one end for til,
fhail never bediegraced or disfigured.
Nor slia.l the Stateato anHad ever fall.
Nor s'lttl Coc«;hs. Colo* and Asthma ever
Kird ie.»t, either moin, noon or niaht,
Neither «na!l invide 'he hornet of the brave,
foi I.KONAKD'S COUGH «Va,L r P will pat
them tc fitfh. .
Pr,-e 2,">eent« per ho tle. i bottlet one dollar,
r he had of « ! Dtursittt in Richmond, and Mer-
f < .■ » 'n the .list* of \ .remit DO 8
\ > i:>;"|V% W P.' lOltiH KLIXIK Thin
,* I ice>lent never failing remedy for Coughs
,* »#, H hooping Couth. Polrarnsrv C n nipla'nt, and
,T nt <reat " t t'onsntaptiou, and rnoet ditettet
e-1 r.s trem Colds ano neglected Cooght. it rapidly in
- rs.ii gin popuiarilv The followine tettimonial it
< ri s well known ia thisromiriunity :
Richmond. Maj 21, 1853.
• f.•. 7>. Dows: Dear Mudam, I tail* great plea
. • ;n certifying to the beneficial <il .crt of ycur val
: i: edUine, named snd to weil known aa "Mrs
;i \\W COUGH tLIXIR." Having uted it in my
t J for the last teven yeart. in the use of whicn
, ■, «r;f hss te«-n greatly benefitted aud inytelf re
k - i from a ditrase of the ehett contracted durins
S r»rrp*ign in the late war wilh Mexico, with all
( ,'rde Madam towardt you, for its good effects,
* a can make aij use of thit latter you may think
, , j. r, fur the benefit of the commnmty at large.
Vourt, respectfully,
Per tale by Mrs. A. B. DAWS, Becnetl a Beet,
Alex Dsval, Pat?rtou t Jackton, Chat. Htllnaath.
t. j l.roi A Bo ieker and Charles D. Yaie.
I nt.i MA W O K .11 HlU,KK~i:illL.
t OfiEN Ctv\ FOR IT! —This valuable and pop
ir preparation it recommended with the greateat
...tiicnee. Pas', expericuce and test of years, hav
ing proved It to be one of the best, safest and moat
n -ole worm cirroyers in use.
It is sweet acd pleasant to the tut-, and ie readily
by children. It may be. given with perfect safe
ty to the youngest infant, as it contains uo Oil of
sVcrnifeed, Turpentine or ether nauseating drug, thit
u-ou'd ;>e apt to irritate or disorder the system. On
*. hm-•"trhrv the health of the patient is generally
i -nrrif - d by ir» administration. even when no worm*
tj:iL !i i« prepared especially for children
oaiy by E J PICOT; gold also, by
»■>, wholesale apenta. and by Druggists generally,
s- 6- -d3.-n
vjn.M !• 1< hSV OK K U — AMOTUhK
Near Chsstbrtowx, Oct £3d, 1855.
M'>rlimer U Movbray : Having seen a cer
: :e of a great cure of Scrofula by Hampton's Ve
g-ttbie Titeture on a servant boy in the family of the
lion. Win P. Xhomasson, of Kentucky, with certifi
rn:rs of Hon. H. C!ay and others testifying tojper
■ nsctired by it, I wis also induced to try the Tinc
ture <n aaervant girl of mine. Her diseese'toas aero
f-Ut iu Us wotst form; she was blind in both eyet;
r.nd her case wsi so had that I never expected to tee
b r restored 1 procured .lis Tincture and lam bap-
I v to jay before sue had used one bottle she bexan to
». e—and by the time she liarf taken the second bottle
ler eyeeiabt was quite restored, and she cured of
t ; loathsome d >sea»e, and now, thoogh two years
I h\ e tiaps-d. sue has bad no return of the disease
■ .;i 1 cocsider her en'irely cared by this Tincture.
! tiris certificate that others may be induced, as
! was.to try this moat valuable remedy, »s I believe
fr .r. tviist 1 have seen it would cur# most diseases of
tb s kind. J B H Anderson,
Kent county, near Chestertown, Md.
fXT Delicate Ladies and children will please give
Ca!l and get Pamphlets gratis, and see cures of
Cou:hs, bronchitis, Bbeumatistu, Liver Complaint,
Sinfjia. As a female medicine itis unrivalled.
Hundreds will testily of cures on themselves and
fii-ccf after all other remedies have failed
S. CO., Richmond; bv Br. COOKE, Fredericksburg: by
aii the Druggists in Fscertburg; by MORTIMER i
MOWBRAY, daldmore, and by Drug its and Store
koerers everywhere.
i_y £: per bottle; I bottles for ft.
n s—rivets
f 'AUI fcK'S Sl' %M»H iUIXTLKE—,The
Oreat Purifier ot >ha Blood ! , The best altera
tive known.
Read the following Certificate.
Lkw:* Crbek f. 0., Kanawha Co., Vs., )
July 21st, 18S6. J
■Meters H'm. S. Beers fc Co:
Bear Sirs—l was, in the year of 1850, attacked with
fhe Ssrotula 1 was indeed, at one time given up. Mv
ntci wai jaw from ons end to the other, 1 tried all
fuien; Medicines 1 cculd hear of, and employed seve
re! physicians. All did no good, until I saw "Carter's
Spanish Mixture" spoken so highly of by the news
papers. I got a few bottles, according to direction*:
the result is, that now 1 am as sound as I ever was;
infact, I fee! better than 1 ever did In my life, and
K-ouid recommend it to all v/ho may be atliicted with
thet awful disease.
X»r sale by BENNETT, BEERS U ifISHER, and
Dmggiats generally.) au 9
\\ HAT A imLU(U!»T *A \\S.~
I'k. I. Scott k Co.:—l take pleamte in adding
»iy testimony to the ellicacy of your I)r. McLane's
Improved Liver Pills. Having a bilious attack, ari
•ins, nodtubt. from the torpidity of the Liver. One
piil was sufficient to restore mj liver to healthy ac
ion. Conseijuently, lam in usual health to-day. and
cheerfully recommend the Improved Pills to those
tlmilsrlj eflecttd. Yours,
F. M CHALFANT, Diuggist.
Mariins'jurg, Ve., Feb. 20. ISfG.
All the above Medicines for sale by Parcel), Ladd
t and Alex Uuval, Richmond. no 11
• ' peeuiiariy adapted, by its oompontion, to every
a.iease of the iiver and stomach which is produced by
onr ever varying climate In all forms of bUious
diseases and Liver Complaint, It Is one of the most
valuable remedies.
Prepared only by R..H. JACKSON, and for sale
hy Drujfgitts penerally. je 2H
rr- rwaaaci'» "fc adam»»kxfkissm
NV, IS4 Main St., hav
wg resumed their Steamship
Express to and from Norfolk, Petersburg and Rich
moiid. tiy steamers Jamestown and Roanoke, which
lesva New Vork every Wednesday and Saturday,
and thence by railroad to VVeldon, Wilmington,
Lynchburg, Salem, Wytheviile, and the principal
place* in Virginia and N erth Carolina, are now pre
pared to for*aid, with great dispatch, ana at reduced
rstta, every kind of Merchandise, Valuable Parcels,
Jewelry, he,, to the above named cities, and all
places on the seaboard.
Our Express on tbe Steamships will be accompa
nied by special Messengers, who will give their per
sonal ulUntion to the careful handling of foods ec
tr jjted to the ADAMS' EXPRESS CO.'S Steamship
Shippers will please take natlce that packages tc
poi:.t» :□ Virginia and North Carolina, will bu sent bj
steamers, unless otherwise marked.
K'eight received on day of sailing, until 3 o'clock,
A sent of Adams' Express Co
IV SPECIAL NOTlCE.—Express package* for
Norfolk. Petersburg, Richmond, and all places :n Vir
ginia end North Carolina, intended fcr shipment by
steamships Roanoke and Jamestown, will hereafter
be received by the AD \MS' IXPREBS COM PANY,
who are the -jiUrued Agents for Express privileges
on the*e chips.
Office of the New York and Virginia Steamship
tf 1» Ajcenti.
A~ IU. AMJKU»OM & CO-, ~~~
r-iHave removed to the new store, No. 101 Main
street, secoud door below 14th street, where they are
Prepared to shew I he largest assortment of
•vr offered in this market Also, a good assortment
uf B J.NNEXfI and Millinery Goods of all kinds.
au 27—1»
\ a ; i-» ai, ijii i jt.li, fliuln oireet, staaa
JN ton! J. faUNTEK k CO., Pro
ft V An Omnibus will ittwsyi be la readiness at the
Kiliroad Depot, te take paseenger* »o and fromtbl*
hocae. fr»s of charge. my 3- em
r CREASED DISPATCH.—I have made arrange
toenss to increase the line of boat* running from tnj
hctue.snd shall, at the commencement of the fall «ee»
•on, tend out * boat every other day Sundays except*
ed. By tms arrangement I will pnt good* through two
d«y» wwner than heretofore, and nearly. If not alto
piber, u soon as by the S. 8. R- R-i *nd at much
i«n expnusa.
Merchant* west of Lynchburg wishing te consign
their fix<i« t» the rallrord agent are re<juired to de
port funds to pay the charges tn that point, as the
Tennessee Railroad refuse te pay or col
lect charges on goods received by the Canal.
JT ALKRKD S. LKK. on the Pock
k 1 ». («OR ft CO.. AUCTIONitKRH
* NO. 70 MAIN BTRKKT, otfer their services to
the public u Auctleneers fer the sale of Real Bstste,
eurmtiu#, Orocerios, Dry Goods, Horses, Cattle, A*l
at the nfcortest nstos and upon the uioet reaaoaabU
Having iarje acd aommodioas room* they will re
eeive goods fer sale at pmau «We without Lbs sharge
of storage.
Oat door tiles of r v*rf ieeprtpdoe attested to «p
«« reasonable temi».
* B OOOU. WR NOT*. -
VOL. X.-NO. 129.
■Saturday aioitfj, N»twi>W 18, |8f«,
Balloon Aftotirsrott nr Dat and Moonlight
M. Godard made an atcention from Philadelphia,
Wednesday evening. with several gentlemen. in
hit a* rial car. The Ledger give* an account of the
The balloon pat.ed over the Delaware, at Vine
■treet, and took a direction toward* Petty'* Island
but before reaching that point It wai wafted over
Cooper's Point, and then down the river until
nearly opposite Smith 1 ! Wand Another current
of air here took the voyagert, and the balloon waa
wafted tcrosa Jersey toward. Moor en town, before
reaching which Mr. Godard gave hi* pax tenser.*
*o experiment, to ihow how be would aecure hit
balloon In caao of a storm. Re was approaching
a heavy oak forest, and when nearly over it d«-
tcended very rapidly until the basket wan entan
gled among the upper limba.
At the time <JT the deac<mt there appeared to be
but little wind, but as soon a* the basket came in
contact with the treet. the air appeared to be quite
fresh, and the car waa dragged for nearly a hun
dred yards, breaking and bending the Umba be
neath it, while thepastengera were crouohed down
in the banket, to keep their head* nut of harm'a
way Mr. Godard not having aald anything of
hi* intention to ahow thia experiment, h'a com pan
iona were of the opinion that the balloon had burst
od, or the gas had condsuted ao rapidly that it
could not carry the load, but the discbarge of a few
pounds of ballast canted the bullion to soar aloft
rapidly to tht, height of about 9000 feet.
When near the town of Fellowahip, gome nine
miles from Philadelphia. M. Godard lost hU car
pet bag, it having fallen to the ground. Aa goon
as he discovered thia, he immediately opened the
valve, and the balloon descended with much ease
in the field of Mr. Amos Roberta, where it remain
ed until a man was sent bad for the lost property.
\N hile here a number of people collected and invi
tations were quite numerous for the party to stop
and take supper, but the ahadea of evening com
ing on, the voyagert were desirous of advancing
and enjoying a ride by moonlight After ascend
tag gracefully a second time, the balloon was waft'
e.i slowly towards at which place a
glorious sunset view was had. As the moon be
gan to cast ita silvery rays over the earth, mixed
with the iast heams of the sun, tho effect was
exceedingly flu#.
The balloon than took a mare easterly course, and
passed over the town of Lumher'on, each ttreet
of which and the stream near the tjwn being dis
tinctly shewn in the mooniight—the balloon caating
its hug* shadow in tha water and upon tha ground,
a long distance in advance. The passing cf the »ha
dow over the earth thowed to the pastengers the
tpead with which they were travelling. At Lurn
berton and many othar points on the route, the bal
loon wat allowed to detccnd near enough to the
earth to allow the|uasseagera to converts with thots
beneath them, end Inquire dittances, tc Several
good farmert extended invitvions to tapper, ttating
lh*t it wet then ready. After enjoying the moon
light ridu until nearly eight and the ballaat being
nearly cootumed, ths cold condensing th« gat so ra
pidly. making it necstary, M. Godard telected a
tisld aboutthiee rnilet from Mount Holly for his tie
scent. which wet effected in a verv gentle mtnner,
ths property on which it lighted belonging to Mr.
Wm. Johnjon.to whom th* part? were indebted for
the means of felt'.ng to Mcutit Holly. The dittauce
travelled in a straight course wts tome eighteen
miles, but in comequence of the vaiiout currents
the actual distance was ahout thiny. The time
couaumea wat a little over fi.ur hours.
Baron Stanko vitch, the husband of Madame La
grange, was arrested at the Winthrop House, >*
Boston, on Saturday afternoon last, just before the
opera company loft for New York. The Boston
Bee of the lltb instant states tho clrcumstauccs,
as follows:
"During tte engagement of the Italian opera
troupe last winter Baron de Stankovitch occupied
rooms at the Revere House. His hotel expenses
averaged about $350 per week, which were paid
punctually at the expiration of every seven
days. For the last six days that he was at
the hotel a bill wan rendered to the amount
of fr>so. This the Baron thought rather 'steep'
for a party consisting of himself, wife, wife's
father, one child, ene servant, and three very
delicate poodle dogs Suggesting to the clerk that
there luhat be some error in the bill, a deduction
of tw*,hundred dollars wan made,the bill receipt—
ed and duly paid. Abont 0 weeks afterwards, says
the Baron, he received a letter stating that there
had been an error discovered of $25, and he was
requested to forward the same. Thinking they
had received their just dues, the B&rou took no
notice of the demand, and when he again visited
Boston, carried his whole party, including the
leading artistes of the opera troupe, to the Win
throp House. The next intimation be received of
the existence of the demand was the presonca of
the sheriff.
"Jt is said that the claim will be contested."
Post Office Affairs.—Postmaster General
Campbell has ordered the following :
Appointment!.—Andrew J Neil, postmaster at
Stetk Cieek, Scott county, vice W B Neil resign
ed John B Moore postmaster at Jones' Mills,
Washington county, vice Win Carson, rtrgned —
John C McDonald, postmaster at Capon Bridge,
Hampshire county, vice E C Cooper, resigned —
B E Tyson postmaster at GleDgary, Berkeley
county, vice J D Burny, resigned. George T
Watkius postmaster at County Line Cross Roads,
Charlotte county, vice Newton B Jeffress, realgn
From Washington.—According to information
derived fr- m the Navy Department, tbe frigate
Rranoke, at Norfolk, will, in tbe coarse of a week,
be in a condition to have her machinery tested.
Tto several departments of the Government are
now ougaged in preparing the annual reports for
Congress, and, it is said, the President's message
is the subject of Execntive dc liberation.
The Financial Circular of Meters. Sweeny, Kit
tenhouse, Faut &. Co , says there baa been issued
under ell tbe bounty laud acts, since 1847 up to
the JiOth ult. 820,000 ?.cres ; ot which have been
located 773,000, leaving still floating in the mar
ket iC,050,0(H) ao.rert. They quote tbe buying rates
for Mj and 100 acre warrants at 93 cents, and for
lUO acre warrants £7 cents per acre.
The Return o* the Resolute — Capt Hart
stein, in command of tbe Englisß bark Resolute,
Las been fully instructed by the Nary Depart
ment relative to the course to be pursued by him
in the execution of hia trust, and takes out a letter
to Lord Clarendon from the State Department,
enclosing the joint resolutions of Congress for
the purchase of that vessel from the American
crew, who foncd it abandoned in tbe Arctic Ocean,
tor presentation to the British government, and
expressing the gratification of tho administration,
on behalf of the people of tbe Uuiud States, in
tendering this tokeu of tbe friendly feelings by
which cur country ia actuated The time for this
international courtesy is considered here to be
opportune, in view of the settlement of tho Cen
tral American question.
A Fair INFERENCE —An old lady, observing a
sign over* tailoring establishment, bearing tLe in
scription "Fountain of Fashion," exclaimed: " Ab<
that must be tb>> place where the sguirti cotce
from." !
Narrow Escape —Daniel Stearn*, apparently
died, last Friday afternoon, in Fremont, tianduaky,
Ohio. Arrangements were made for the funeral,
and the body was about to be pat in the coffin,
when warmth was observed to linger about thc>
heart; restoratives were applied, and he was soon
sitting np and in a fair way ot recovery.
A countryman at Burnley, being aaked tow be
knew a man, of whom he had been complaining,
waa drunk, indignantly replied, "What could he
b« else, when he asked for a shoe horn to put bis
hat on with."
Destructive Fir* — Early «u Saturday worn-
Ibj? the store and warehouse of Mr. Price, contain
ing 3000 bushels of barley and 3000 btuhela of ore,
as also the canal stables, with 40 horses, were dei»
troyed by Are at Geneva, New York.
TUe loaa of life from snake bile* in gclnde, In
dla, has become so aerions thai.Goveminent has
taken measure* for the destruction of tbe*e rei -
The Herald of Freedom, of which the ty pee and
pressee were deetroyed at Lawrence, ha* been
revived by mean* of contribution* collected by
Mr*. Brown.
Faro Baku* i* OomikcnccT.—The Hartfrrd
Oourantis informed by several correspondent,
that there are notes* than twenty faro-bank* te
fell operation in that eity, and that there 1* more
gaming carried on tbere than lu any city of Its
•Tie in the Union, Who wo*d dream of such
a state of things tn the principal city «» staid and
steady Conngctleu*
Hfof. Stowe, husband to Mrs. Harriet Beeeher,
Oomreunicates the following note to the Boston
Traveller. It is fn>m Lady Byron, widow of the
poet, and encloses £65 sterling:
"October 18,1856.
''frefcr Mm. Stowe: Will yon kindly undertake.
In transmitting my subscription towards the relief
of tee sufferers in Kansas, to secure this point—
lh at the money shall not he applied to the purpose
of pro riding arm.i i It is, however, intended as
an expression of aympathy with those who havo
resisted oppression at the hazard of life and proper
«y; and I cannot but hope that such sympathy is
felt as warmly by many here as by
Yours, most truly.
A T NOEL BYnoft."
The enclosure was a draft for 65 ponnds sterling
The Shaw.-vee Indians—Kama*.—'The West,
port (Mo.) correspondent of the 8t Louis Repnb
lican says:
On Monday, Major Arnold, their agent, paid the
Shawnees fifty thousand dollars, most of which
is spent in this place. The stores have been
thronged wUb Indians ever since the payment.
They spend their money freely, and some of them
never leave town until all they have It gone.—
Many of them drink, but generally the Shawne«a
are peaceable and they are fast approximating to
the dreßs and habits of the whites This tribe are
among the best of the Kansas lodians. Seven
wagons and as many families, including men. wo
men, children, cattle and dogs, passed through
this place to day. bonnd for the Neosha eountrv.
in Kansas; they are from Jackson connty. have all
tbe fixtures for permanent settlements They are
pro slavery of course. Emigration is setting in
again, and if nothing unlucky happens, by a year,
there will be over one hundred thousand inhabi
tants in the Territory.
Holding a Wake over a Medal—a young
soldier of the 18th Royal Irsh named MacDonnell,
a native ofDablin, was blown to atoms before
BebastopoL A few days bpfore the regiment waa
removed to the camp at Curragh.our ynuug hero'a
widowed mother had his medal with four claana
presented to her, the only relic of her only son. In
tbe course of the evening tbe poor woman, in the
height of her grief and natural affection, "laid out"
tbe medal on the kitchen table, and having pro
cured four mould candles and several quarts of
whiaky, she collected her neighbors and kept up
the "waka" until an early hour the foltowjug
Death or M Cabet.—The founder of the lea
rian Community at Nanvoo, M. Cabet, died at St
Louis on the 9th inst., of an attack of apoplexy
M. Cabet's name has been brought permanently
before the public within the past four or five
years, in onnectionVith his new socialistic enter
prise, and be has been subjected to much criticism
and animadversion. The Coraraunkvat Nauvoo
was founded upon tbe ruins of tbe Mormon com
pany of Joe Smith, and tbe buildings occupied by
the latter were davoted to the use of tbe Icarians.
The age of M Cabet was about 69 years.
with ALL os Board, Slc —The propeller Man
hattan arrived a*. Cleaveland, on the 12th, with ad
vices to the 30t.h ult., from Superior City. The
steamer Superior, bound tip from Chicago with a
full load of freight and passengers, left the canal
on the 25th, since which time she has not been seen
or heard of. It is supposed she ha* gone down
with all on board. The schooner E. C. Roberts,
which left Portage on the 30th ult., and the steam
er Lady Elgin, which left Bt. Mary's River for Chi
cago on the 3d instant, have not been heard of, and
it is feared they are also lost.
There was 13 inches of taow at Ontonagon on
the 30th.
FIRFSON THK Pkairiks—7'Aree Persons Burned.
—We have intelligence of very destructive fires
on the prairies in many places in Central Illinois
la Christian county, on theoth, it i* stated that a
family of mover* frem Indiana, consisting of three
men and one woman, while croscing the prairie
from Buck art Grove to Mowequa, weto overtaken
by one of these fires, and *o badly burned that
three have since died, and the fourth!* not ex
pccted to live. The wagon, and alt of their cloth
ing, &c , were entirely consumed. Ill* supposed
that the men were drunk, and that the woman wa*
was unable to *ave herself.—Dixon {III) Telegraph,
Nov 1.
of 150 tons, called the "Morning Star," was launch
ed Wednesday noon, from Chelsea, Mais. It was
bnilt by subscriptions from Sabbath Schools, and
Trill be dedicated to missionary transportation.
MONT LEGISLATOR*:—Tha Vermont Legislature
have rejected the bill providing for the giving of
®20,000 of tbe State fund* for the aid of the free
State party in Kansas, by 42 majority.
Railroad. —The opening of the Grand Trunk
Railroad, from Portland to Stratford, in Canada
West,a distance of 850 miles, took place on the
12th instant. There were about 5.000 Americans
at Montreal on the occasion. A banquet was giv
en, at which Senator Wilson, of Massachusetts,
Ei Governor Keat, of Maine, and o'hers delivered
speeches. A grand torch light procession and ball
closed the demonstration.
MR. James E. Murdoch—Letters received by
the last steamer, and the unaefmous commend*
tion ot the London press, show the continued suc
cess of Mr. Murdoch in bis engagement at the
Hay market Theatre. He performed Yonng Mi
rabel, in tha comedy of the Inconstant, for twenty
five consecutive nights, and on the 20th ult, open
ed as Rovpr, in O'Keefe's comedy of Wild Oats,
which the Times, Post, News, Chronicle and He
rald *11 nnite in placing as the finest light comedy
personation seen for many years in England.
Fatal Play—A parcel of boys were playing
"jail" iu Hamburgh, iNew York) when one of the
prisoners attempting to escape, the boy jailor hav
inghis father's gua, tnd cot knowing It to be load
ed, pointed it at the running boy, *nd pulling tie
trigger, shot his mate through the head, killing
him on the (pot
FOR Kansas —A train of emigrants for Kansas
will leave Mount Pleasant, lowa, on the 20th day
o'November, 185ti, under CoL J. H Lane. As the
almanacs say, look out for more Kansas troubles
about these days
The American on the Papal Throne —
The Col Hiram Pearson who was fined 1,000 pi
asters for seating himself on the throne of tbe
Pope of Rome, is the same man who palmed him
self upon the European Scientific Congress as *
delegate from California.
No DUEL.—Messrs. Sneed and Hamilton, two
editors at Savannah, went out to figbt * duel on
Tuesday, but amicably adjusted their difficulty af
ter arriving upon the chosen ground.
Wilmington, N C., Railkoad—The gross
receipt* of the Wilmington and Weldoa Road for
the year ending September 30, 1856. were 479,
259,38; tbe coat of running #236 635 41; uet ear
ning*, 242 713 97. The receipt* exceed thoae of
tbo previous year abont $37 000. 7 per cent of div
Wend* has been paid, and 3 per cent set aside for *
linking fund.
Hon. DatlD Sfanglek, of Coshocton, Ohio,
died on the 16th ult. He was twice Represents
live of his district In the House of Represents
tives, and in i 844 he received the noiniuation for
the office of Governor by the Whiga, which he de
Fremont in Jail—A negro, who gave hi*
name as John O. Fremont, was committed to jail
yn-terdav, says the Wheeling Times, for dlsor
deriy conduct This makes tbe third Fremont.
A Grey town eorrespoudent of the Parle Omni
tut tout el denounces Mr. Sonle's purchase in Nice
tsgua as a mere gift liom Walker—tt is worth at
least §200,000, Soule gave only #50,-
000 for tt. £
W» N Murphy, Esq, Chief Engineer of tbe
Georgia aad Florida Railroad, died at Americas,
Ga., en the sth last
The whole nnmber of literary works published
la Rtmsia daring the year 1855 was 1,200.
The narrative of Prince Napoleon's late exenr
aion is abont to be issued in a volume, splendidly
bound printed, and Illustrated.
Tbe firs| foreign regiment in tbe pay of the Pope
is being disbanded.
Misn Charlotte Cnshmaa has gone to Italy, to
•pond tbe winter
When bis tbyslclsn asked Mm to take a walk
upon an empty stemneb, Sydney Smith asked
•'upon wlSose!'
lU* Wu C. Crane, of Hernando, Ml*a. basae
tapirs' a call to the fits! Baptist church, of Mew
phis, Tenn.
Tho arrival at the George Law at New Yort,
with dates from California to the 90th nlttano, ha*
been telegraphed. The Aha CaHfornlan thns sums
np (ha now* for the two weeks previous to the
iteamer's tailing:
Great attention U pefng paid to political affairs
throughout the entire Bute, and bow California
will cast her vote on the Presidential question it
a matter of entire doubt. The reception of the
Maine news has ao donbt acted favorably on the
RepubUean cause, and inspired its supporters with
additional hope of success. Still thia does not ap
pear to have impaired the confidence of either of
the other parties in their ability to carry the
Since the sailing of the last steamer, our State
Agricultural Society have held their annual Pair
It took place at San Jose, commencing on the 7th
Trade, as a general thing, has been active du
ring the last two weeks ; the amount of goods go
ing into the interior has never been exceeded for
the same space of time. There is a good deal of
building and various other kinds of improvements
go'ng oa In and about the city at present. The
prospect now is, that we shall have a wet winter,
which, by furnishing abundance of water, will in
sure a prosperous teaton to the miners.
The notorious highwayman known as Tom Bell
baa been taken and txecnted in Tulare county —
He was executed a few hours after be was cap
tared. Just before bis death be was allowed to
write the following letter to his mother, who re
sides iu Tennessee.
San Joaquin, 4th, 1656.
Dear Mother : As I am about to make my exit
to another country, I take this opportunity to write
you a 14m linea. Probably you may never bear
from me again. If not, I hope we may raeet where
parting is no more.
Iu my prodigal career in this country I have al
ways recollected your fond admonitions, and if 1
had lived up to them, probably I would not have
been ia my present condition ; but, dear mother,
although my fate has been a cruel one, yet I h*ve
no one to blame but myself Give my respects to
all my old yoctfefal friends ; tell tbem to beware
of bad associations and never to etterinto any
gambling saloons, for that has been my ruin.
If ray old grandmother is living remember me
t" ber. With these remarks I oid you farewell
forever. Your only boy, TOM.
Deil was about 26 years of age, educated, and
formerty a physician. He went to California in
Charles E. Jones, formerly of Albemarle cour
ty, Va., died at Jamestown, Sept. 20.
A man named Colebrook was huog by the mob
at Angel Camp, for killing Dr. Armstrong, by stab
bing him with a knife.
On the 13th of October, two ruffians, named Ma
cau ley and one Andy Carr, attacked a young man
named Bond, with knive*, at Whimtown, Tuel
nrone county, when Carr drew bis pistol and shot
Bond, inflicting a mortal wound. One of the Ma
canley* then stabbed him in the back, killing him
instantly. An attempt was made by the people to
bang the murderer, but the officers baffled them,
got him off to jail
A Chinese dramatie treupe of about thirty ac
tors, musician*, etc., have been performing for
some time past, for the amusement and instruc
tion of their countrymen, at San Andreas, Calav
erez county. Their manager state* that the play
they were engaged on would occupy three week*
of steady performance in it* rendition.
The first rain of the season fell on the 16th ult-
Lt. Miller U. S. A, was drowned in Oregon on
the 18;h ult.
The fixture* and furniture of the Vigilance
Committee rooms, on Sacramento street, were sold
at anction on the 6th.
The Voice of Israel, a weekly paper, devoted to
to the Jewish interest, was started on the 9th.
Brlant, the "gun powder man," convicted of at
tempting to blow the store of L. E Hitter & Co .
has obtained hi* release from the State Prison,
a clerical error In tbe Court of Sessions,
making hi* term of confinement one, instead cf
two Tears.
Toe jury in the trial of Major R. P. Hammond,
for embezzlement of the United States funds
while Collector of thif port, failed to agree, and
ware discharged. A second trial commenced cn
the 27th.
Martin Gallagher, one of the Vigilance Commit
tee exile*, returned from the Sandwich Islands on
the $:h instant, la the brig Glencoe. He was dis
guised, and passed under the astumed name of
Wilson Hunt. Tbe Vigilance Committee are on
tbe look out fer him,but a* yet hi* whereabouts re
main unknown
Tbe election news from Maine was receired
hereby tbe Republicans with great rejoicing.—
n« were tired, and i> tbe evening an enthu
siastic meeting was held at Uusical Hail.
Ex Governor McDougall, charged with illegal
voting,has been honorably acquitted
A severe shock of an earthquake bad been felt
at Ban Diego on the 20th September, causing
much consternation, especially among the Iu
Ham. The walls of many ot the house* were
Snow fell to the depth of 8 inches on the Sierra
Nevada mountains a few days ago.
John S.Robb, well known from his connection
with the press, died at Sacramento on the sth of
October. He was formerly an editor In St. l.suk.
The Rev. Dr. Scott, the eminent Presbyterian
clergyman, bad been burned in effigy in Saa Fran
ciseo, because be opposed the Vigilanca Commit
Two young ladies, Miss Bailey, daughter of Isaac
Bailev, of Myrtle Creek, Douglas county, and Miss
Briggs, daughter of 8. 8. Briggs, Esq ,of Caoon
▼ill*, in said county, were drowned on the 23d nit,
by the upsetting < f a canoe, while they, in com
pany with four others, two ladies and two gen
tlemen, were endeavoring to cross Crow Creek,
in Lower Crow Creek Valley. The whole party
had been attending Mrs. Vanderbosh's school, and
at the time of the accident were returning home.
Murdered c* a Slav*—The Madison
Messenger bag the following account ofa&atro.
cious murder near there :
On Tuesday nigbt, the 30th pit., Mr. William
Pearce, residing about five miles from this place,
whilst he was tiatiog supper, told oue of Lis negro
men, who had been guilty of some misdemeanor,
that so soou as be was through be would give him
a flogging. Accordingly, wh' nhe gst up from the
tabiu, be went out iuto the back yard and callei
the fellow out of the kitchen, and told him to wise
to him. Manifesting * great deal of cubratwion,
he obeyed ; bnt so soou as he got in striking dis
tance, drew an axe, which had been concealed,
and split in twain the bead of bis master, scatter
itg the brains in every direction. The negro in
stantly fled, and has cot been captured.
Throat Cutting—A man named Cassadsy
has btcu arrested in Pittsylvania county, Va , for
cutting the throat of Eli Uole, near Ringgold, on
•lection day. A political difference w« the cause
of this pleasant little iccldeot. Cole is in * critical
condition. '
A FlGhT.—ifnldeo, of the Raleigh (N. C.)
Standard, and tbe lion. K.R»yner, says the Milton
Chronicle, bad a fisticuff fight in Raleigh a few
day* ago.
Cpokgia Election.—Official returns are re
crU.»i from'Bß conn tin* in Geer*ia, which give
B\>ci*»n»n 4»J.e47 and Fillmore 36,617, making a
majority for Buchanan of 10.QUO. The*e counties,
last year, gave Johnson a majority of 6 404 over
Andrews. Tbe reported majorities in 15 additional
counties, of which the official returns have not yet
arrived, amount to 3,447
Have we a Knight Among Us?—A corres
pondent la Copenhagen informs ns that the msjes
tiot Denmark ha* coaferred a knighthood of tbe
oTOer of Duntbor( on onr countryman, Morse,
the In venter of the electric telegraph, who is,
therefore. Sir Samuel, If be choees to be called so,
instead of Mr. Morse —A'. Y. Timet.
Wittt Bailor —a sailor being asked how he
liked his bride, Is reported to bare remarked—
"Why, d'ye see, I took her for fo .be only half of
me, as tbe parson says, but dash me. if ehe isn't
twice as much as L I'm only a tar—she's a tar tar."
A Thin Dress.—An exchange paper, under the
head of "Good Advice," advisee young men to
"wrap themselves ap in virtue." A contemporary
well says: "Many of them won Id freer# to death
if they had no wanner covering."
Fkrtiutt.—lt is said that Siberia affords two
crops a year—one of snow and the other of icicles.
Going AH*aD —Too eost at buildings erected
In Dubuque, lowa, since the Ist of January, la ftl,
James D Gregory, Bs&, a prominent merchant
of Lynchburg, Va., died Wednesdsj night.
Otorge Peabody, Beq„ of London, baa bean d«-
led an honorary member of tbe Mercantile Libra*
ry Association tt Bsdss.
Dttpermdo Shot — AbooUweJr. mmtm aiaee we
pabHabed so Mont of the abootin.
In* of Bnbm Tyler by Reuben Alter, »■ Hnrltn
eonfity »« tb. Mcp, of Altey eommHtteir
l!!! 4 : Af l*T " ,M * Tjter fineflv re
covered from hf* wcnudu, ami a fMrWiriw
Alley again returned to the eem*y to hattr and
brow beat afi wbo tboorht ft to differ with him —
b lb* early part of teat Week, Altey got Into a
dffioulty with Samuel Tlnatey and beat bin re
▼•■raJy, which ted to the iaanteg of » warrant for
bla arraat Last Thursday moraine, Constable
Wd. E Wade, attended by Mr. Robert Broek
went to Hungary Station. Hanover connty. in
"'arch of Alley. both being armed, and tbere
fonnd bim. Wade informed Alley that be had a
warrant for his arraat. Alley inatantly drew a
braee of pistols. levelled them at Wade, and ad
vancing opon bim. awnre be would only be taken
when dead. Seeing the situation of the officer.
Broek fired npen Alley, wonndin* htm alightly —
wade aim fired opon bim. and had tn shoot Mm
*®**n Mmea before be would yield. He waa
Ukeq into cnatndy and Indeed in Henrico jail
where Dr Brigsra waa called in and rendered him
tbe recemary medical aid. Wa understand fha»
he will be examined before a Jnatiee tbia morning,
for shooting Tyler and for beating Ticatey.
Thtatr' —Mr. Bam. fMenn, the eccentric came
dian, clo.ea his ancceeafal engagement tonight, and
T the people of Rtebmond can be attracted by a
* i?" programme, they will aarnredly torn cot
on thia eccaaion. The performaneea commence
with the splendid drama of the' Tbe Loat Bhlp,"
in which Mr Glenn sustains the character of "Jan
DonsterenzeL" Neat cornea a dance by Miis De
vere, then the amusing farce called "The People"*
Lawyer; * and then, to conclude, we are to have a
repreaentatlon of ' The Persecuted Dutchman
If this is not an attractive bill, we are no judge of
*n.h matters The managers of tbe Theatre de
aerre e*edit for tbe manner in which they have ca
tered for the pnblic amusement, In tbe midat of
many drawbaeka over which they had no control
They ha?e in contemplation many noveltiea which
will shortly be forthcoming; and tbe more gene
roualy they are patronized, the better will they l>*
enabled to furnish dramatic entertainments of the
bigbeat order during tbe coming winter.
Union Benevolent Society —The unusual demand
npon the resources of thin Association last winter
neart7 exhausted the treasury ; and It should be at
once replenished by the liberal donation* of our
citizens, in order that the ladies rosy he*ln their
preparations for the cold season. Professor Daß
n«y, of the Richmond College, baa kiudly consent
ed to deliver an address at the Atbenieum, Mon
day night, the proceed* of which will be given to
the Society. Certainly, we need not urge upon
the public the neceeiity of tiding io a work so be
nevolent a* this By attendinf the lecture, they
will eDjoy an intellectual treat, and at the same
time the pleasant reflection of doing good- Ibe
members of the Young Men's Christian Associa
tion will undoubtedly improve this opportunity for
aa exercise of practical benevolence.
A Good More.—The only case disposed of by the
Mayor yesterday, possessing any real importance,
wan the investigation of a charge against fire
Jews, named Morris Dobbin, I. A. Rice, S Lich
tenstein, 8 Rosenfels, and J. Bachrach, who were
summoned to show cause why they shonld not be
fined for gelling goods both on Saturday and Sun
day. The witnesses for the Commonwealth were
Messrs S.Ullmann and W. Fleishman, alto of the
Jewi»h faith. Their testimony wa* sufficiently
positive to justify the Mayor in fining Messrs Dob
biu, Rice Lichtenstein and Rosenfels $2 each: but
in regard to Mr. Bachrach, there wa* notbiDg of a
definite character, and he was discharged In
fact, he stated that he had openly adopted the
Christian Sabbath, a* Saturday wa* the best day
for business, at least with white people. It 1* to
be hoped that this occurrence will have a saints r>
Negro Combtt —Sam Harri*. Jim Harris, Co",
man Harris, free negroes, and Charle*, slave of
Thomas King, were arraigned before the Mayor
yesterday on a charge of aataulting and beating
Daniel, a slave, the property of VV. W. Harvie, or
the 9th of November. From Daniel'* appearancr
it was natural to infer that if he had not been in
a den of lions, he had at least been in the hands
of creature* quite aa savage. Tbe investigation
of the case wag protracted and tedious; and finally
the Mayor discharged Sam Harri?, but held tte
others to bail to appear again to day. The eom
bat occurred near tbe intersection of Brooke ave
nue and Broad street-
Full of Niagara—The Niagara waterlog ma
chine broke down yesterday afternoon, near tie
corner of Main and 13th streets, and we support
the " grate tkwirt" will now be laid np for th>
season The Niagara baa performed its task ad
mirably, during the summer and autumn, and that
it should now come to an ignominious end by tbr
breaking of an axle, is a ciroum&taoce that must
•ccasion mournful reflections.
Virginia Central Railroad —The superintended
of this road, Mr TimberUke, in Li a animal report
to the stockholders, nay a that the rapidly increas
log business of the road makes it necessary *1
once to enlarge the depots In the city of Richmond,
both for tip and down freight*. Larger depots are
also required at Beaverdam, Trevlliian's and Got
donsviile to accommodate the business of thos*
Among the recent improvements at tbis end o'
the road, we notice a large framed conch shop,
adjoining the old one, constructed for the purpose
of building passenger coaches, bsggagn and freight
ears, which work has already commenced. It i
believed that this will be a great saving to the
Company hereafter.
Tkt Weuii.fr for several days past has been jna'
suited to the purposes of those ladies who hate
not yet completed the exploration of the dry gocd*
and millinery establishments. Last evening, bow
ever, ominous clouds overspread the sky, indica
ting the approach of a severe storm.
Continued —Roger A. Pryor, indicted for mfa"
demeanor, in making as assault upon O. B Fin*
n«?y, yesterday ncoguized in the sum of tIOOO -or
bis appearance on the first day of the next term of
the Hastings Court.
Pompon td—The trial of Granville Mootelle, in
dictodfot misdemeanor, baa been postponed until
tie next term of the Hastings Court, and the defen
dant admitted to bail in the saa of $250
Chain Gang.—The number of members bas been
augmented by the addition of Francis Franklin,
sentenced for a term of ninety days, on Thursday,
by the Hustings Court, for stealing an anvil —
CapL Perrin had bis company industriously at
work, yesterday, on Byrd street.
Concicted —In tbe Hastings Court, on Thurs
day. Terrecce Caiaiiy was tried for an assault
upon officer Morris, found guilty and fined f-V>
and costs. The prisoner was committed to jail U>
remain until these conditious are complied with.
The Fintof BH, imposed upon Mary Weber, by
tbe Court of Hustings, an Thursday, was for per
mitting negroes to assemble unlawfully upon her
Ike Appeal Docket will be called to day in tbe
Hastings Court. Lawyer*, witnesses and a!l
others interested, ibou'.d be prompt in their at
ten dance.
Going at Large —Emily, a alavo, the property
of Mr*. Allan, wa* committed to jaii yesurday
for going at large in violation of law.
The Albemarle Cadets returned from Norfolk !a>t
evening, by the steamer CurtU Peck, and marched
to ibe American Hotel, where tbey passed the
night. They depart for Charlottesville this moir
»«»«• ________
ArroißTxr-HT* or Tag Mbtbobist Conrsa.
xkc>.—The Methodist Ccnfeieeee of Virginia, re
esatly la session at Lyaebbnrg, made the following
appointment* :
Lynchburg Staticn, We, A. Ciocker, Sep.. J.
Clin; Abingdon, H. 8. Whitehnrst; Princess Anne
t o'^sga
Ast; liimi. J ft «»*• I OrsenviUe. J. M.Woed;
Csmpbeli W. H Pesrsssa J M. Miiler. Astl »er
ry, Jee J. Wright; Meatfcviile. W. W. Walk*. B
O. Burgessi Hsmptoa, J. M. Hsiaes, J. M.VVWs;
CherlrsCity, I A Davis; flood Hope, J. M. Weods.
end P. ftehr ; ftyeCove. J. lifts *P»i J- '"ff
ten, ft. Powers, ft Dolt; Joneeville, J. A. Bneadi
Lm. 8. B. Siaemor*. J. M Dilieid; Honeerelt. W.
P. Janes; Norfolk Mission, Wm. MaOee; Porta
"eTih,to he supplied, W, Knott Ast; Matthews.
». Walker. J. (bowers; Biebasead Uen»yppUed|
BeCfoH, Wn J. Uoleomhe; Wythevilie, Uvi HaW
We; Onod Hope. K. 9. Berryman; Haaihviiie, Ua
snfslied; Smitnfieid, ft W Berry man; Bnsisil, O.
ft. Birr; daltviUe. J. Pslkoer.
ft« B. Thompson end Jno. Fade witkost appoint*
meats as their ova esgesefc
»■ w -
Dr. Jno. Oeedote plseed en tbs unetatteoed Hat el
his own reoee-t
A. 0. Peek, left ■lihenl eppeiafsot, not having
fc *li*M*DjnhS!e, Agent Lynohtorf OeUege.
oa tbe 85tt alt n appear* ttattfM null af *
•Wuimmy fN»BwwaH»*»l»*»|M>>>f
•« #63,555 03, hsiag 09 less thaa Ifea »»*"
ceding ytar, 6Ti« receipts #0 386 ffmiMß
pMwapftiw. «pd #41.196 30 fra» ft «hll MM*
oorutfoo Tbe ill—allua «f ns»a« hmm pa»>
md(cti ia this T«tr torn ikt last Ja #SM> 8P»
•bßst A* felling off in the freight trsaaportatiaa
<* #11,994 29. Still with this flnteMMi revaaaa
•he company ku paid ita whole wtp«n«*«. Ht »•
twwt and msitjr, rriDW* its floatiaff dsbt. nl
carried mm thrM ths—and dollars la improvs its
Tba Legislature of North Care Una roeeSa to dajr«
Flubtog Gardner, former!j of Christina aha gt
Vs., has been elected chief engiaeerof Utc Fayeiia*
sills and Wei tern Railroad, in North CnrolUa,
<ritb a ealarv of #2 000
nifemt'U OTK4 H POWKM
Alata, Caraar af TklnersU street. .
Coor,try Mcrehanta sad otb*n vimiog Richmond,
we Invited to call at the Dispatch Steam Job Prfntias
■a»ablishment. sad examine the larfest aasaatassat or
Typos »nd for
to bo loSlbS S *LHiti£i?Jns,- sad
to which all n«w Improvements in rnachitery
and Fhoot Type are betap constantly
added, u fut as produced.
of every d«ecription punted ia
on Plain, Ene-ne.ed, or Colored Paper, la ths
noatest manner and en tbo most
reasonable term*.
executed in the beat style of ths art, aad a laiga
asaot taisnt of Sne paper kept always oa hand.
printed on good paper, is a anperior mennar, aad ralod
to any pattern desired Tbe taciiidaa lot
executing this description of Print*
injure aoanrpaaeed.
Cherka, Urnftn, Nates, drr.,
neatly printed ia every vaiiety of style sod finish,
boned or on bound. All tbe nw and band*
some designs for tbia atyle of work will
be fouad *t this establi ah merit.
o« plain or colored paper, or in colored ink. This
office hii better tacilltfea for this kind of print
ing than any other office in thia city. la
abort, every description of Prtetiaf
ezocufd on reasonable term* for
cash, with neatoeaa and
ae • dispatch.
C'OI-UHB CODUHW • —Micfcurdwrt
' Wild Cherry and Bloodreot Candy, ia one ot the
beat remedies for Cornrha, Colds,Hoersene** Ttoki'og
of the Throat and tigVne** aero** the cheat. Ac.. and
ail Lung difficulties Give it • trial For as)* by
JOHN J. RICHARDS'>V, Confectioner, corner JSta
and Cary street. Alio, by John W. Pollard, 17 h at.,
A Bodeker, R.J. Picot, 'die k Gray. Monde It Ba
ker) Laidley fc Robinson, L. B. Thomas, 8. M Za«
shrtason. oc 18—lm
NKW.-I Mttceri la »RJM
O in; np Governor street, at HARWOOIVS Ware
rooms, the moet complete Spring Bed (hot 1 haro
•ver »<en; It ia so very simple in ita construction
that it ia Dot liable to get out of order. He h»s aso
Che largest and moet beautifnl assortment of Kurni
tuie I Lave ever seen exhibited in Richmond My
attention was attracted to a moat beantifnl Wardrobe
in the assortment. oc 20 - dim X.
AW PAKTMit(Hllir M Tke NMerHo
ed have associated themselves lor the pmcuoe
of law under the firm of TAZ&WELL it HOW.
aRD. They will practice in ail the courts hold in
the city ef Richmond. Office on Main street, over
clothing store.
4U.UV/U of rew crop Tobacco, J««t received by
the subscriber. Lover* of a fine CIOAR are Invited
to examine my atock.
Importer of Havana Cigars, American Hotel Build
ing. corner Main and Itth ste. oc 89—la
dersigned take leave to inform their friends and
the public in general, that they he*e established a
tnond, Va., and are now prepared t» fill any order*
at the shortest notice. A long experience ia the ha
ziness enables them to manufacture and sell at as
reaeonable prices, and quality to aay, it not *a<
peri*r to Northern brands. They expect to meet a
kind p-trona*e of the public, and in particular from
our mercantile community. Alt orders they may
>e favored with, will be executed with promptness
and at the lowest term*. Orders received at Mr
A BODEKER'S Drug S'ore, or dirsctod to thafirm.
Box No 48, Post Office Richmond. Va.
cc 38—lm* BRANDT A BOTHER.
RULIbK KWRtULU^muhei,Suhh
THRWAT.— jteksob's Lozenges ani Peofotal
Syrup, prepared according to the recipe of the cele
brated Dr. Jackson of Philadelphia, and highly pop
j ar as a remedy for Coughs, Colds, bronchitis. Sot a
i'hroat. Ac., in all their stages For sale at
MEADE fc BAKER'S New Apothecary Stara,
no 10—Iw lfcfl N. W. corner Maia a*d tft rts. _
38 sbsre» Hon.stead Company Stock
4 "* Building Fund " "
12 " Henry 14 «
5 " Union '* M
11 " Mcnrra " "
Apply to LEWI* GINTER,
no 16 Pearl street.
\y NKUX— One of the most nntrltious and dellgtt.
i'al beverage* in use. possessing all the aatrittvs aro
periies of the purest Chocolate, co-nfcined wltk Lao
>ate of Iroa, whica stands at tba bead of the llat of
Tonics. It hss been ns>.d with great benefit by many
ertous in oar city. For sa'o at
New Apothecary Store,
notJ-'ft 18fi, N. W. corner Main sua lOiksts.
PUVntCU.Vs FltlthCml'TlONft
fotiv and aecuraely compounded at oil hour*,
day or ni»h', nod of •elret and re iable iredieU.»a, at
he (tore of lb* aubaariber, Market Phwa, *r»»klla
•treat. JNO. W. OABUCK
Dn 1 —Jra Apothecary and Dratrii*.
panj—for Ptaila<iel»hia, via
(: 11 y Paint and N#r»lkr
wttamUm Steamer CITY OF RICHMOND
tJUarner PBNNBYL\ AW IA, Capt
David Teal; Steamer VI ROIfM A, Captain B. Cooma.
One of rheaa raperlor fcitaajrier* will leaxr Ricb
incnd. until further notice, every iValday aid
Tha radar, touching at City Point and Norfolk to
receive freijht and pa*wn«br». Returning, ioara PMI
- every Wednesday aad Saiardaj mor
nlnga at 10 o'clock.
Theae Steamera are now to flne order, lncraaaad>»
eommodatiom for tho omxnfoit of pmenwn b•riof
Men added, aa aiao more room for frelgnt i and wa
hopo, by regularity, dwpatch aad ear# fa prataottag
cooda committed toowr ehar*e, to receive m laaraaea
of patronage.
ar No tranahipinent br thla line.
Paaeage through la New York, ud fciai* IIW
Do do Philadelphia, aad found, let
C&bln.. «••••••• a a ••••#••«••»•«•• ••••••♦.•«»•• •tW
Pimie through t« Philadelphia, not foood, Id
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PMii|e to City PoMt tiid Norfolk him m tib#
nrlpuMnaera by thla Una can atof to PWiadolph*
two or three daya. aad then proceed to New York bf
the teiue ticket. H. I. TUTltl, Agaal,
au 4J fc>ck«»«a .
y«* I u IIT IfOK NKW
Jt- Lott*. «*»re.i > B. tohw.
etoro, <kf.,
tti rut* of fratgM. ■ , , .
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the whirf i» Hw York. wfcoro good» «re eVlroly fjw
locted fttrai Injury or deWmett.md evtrjfr* —4
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