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ajwjjjjy «*"«»«» BZSZStSL
This is the title of a discourse preached in Ihe
Nortbik. «<M
month, by Rct Oeorge D. Armstrong, D D , pas
tor of the ch..rch. It U a masterly and overwhel
mine rebuke of the introdnction of Politics into
I« the corse of this able discourse,
or Amstrong shows that the anti^lavery preach
ers are not a peculiarity of this age but that they
•listed as far back as the days of St I anl, who,
under the Inspiration of God, gives Timothy in
action, in the following verses, as to the conne
beougbtto pursue with them: "bet as many ser
vants as are under the yoke count their own mas
urs worthy of all honor, that the name of God
,nd his doctrine be not blasphemed. And they
that have believing masters, let then) not despise
them, because they are brethren, bnt rather do
them service, because they are faithful and be
loved, partakers of the benefit. Those things
teach and exhort If «»>' "< u} > otJterkiise. ami
, not to wholetotne word*, even the u/om* of ou.r
ford Jet** Christ. and to Ou doctrine which is ac
tording to godliness. he is proud, knowing nothing'
bnt doting about questions and strifes of words,
whereof cometh envy, strife, railings, evil annals,
lngs, perverse disputings of men of corrupt minds,
and destitute of the truth, supposing that gain is
godliness : From rvch withdraw thyself"
•'European Hketchre."
In the last number of the Central Presbyterian
is another of the highly graphic au.l entertaining
• Kuropean Sketches" of Dr. Hog*. The subject of
the sketch is London, or rather those localities of
that city memorable as the hatints and homes of
its men of genius and piety. The writer had sev
eral naiet dinners at one of Dr. Johnson's favorite
taverns, "The Mitre," acl visited "Belt Court,"
where Johnson resided for several years previous
to his death. In looking up the localities associa
ted with London s great men, tbe tourist, in almost
every case, found extreme difficulty in discover
ing anyone who seemed to take the least interest,
or possess the smallest amount of information re
specting tbe former residences and haunts of the
illustrious dead. Several instances, some of them
highly amusing, are given below :
In the very street where Chatterton died. I applied
ro several booksellers, but no one could tell me
waere the boose was. At last i mat with one. who
informed me that there wss an old lady residing with
bim, whose father had known Chatterton, aid
through her 1 ascertained the number of tbe house,
and the situation of the room. Repairing to the
plaee. 1 found that the different rooms were occupied
by po>r aud illiterate families, not one of whom bed
ever heard tbe uame of Chatterton. Ascending to
the upper story, I stated the object of my visit to the
aiao who had possession of that door. He toid me
lhat ths particular room I wished to see, (the corner
room, in the rear of the building,) was rented by "a
lone woman who was out. and would not return until
t \ euing," and li« added, I am g'ad she is not here,
for if she knew that she lived in a room where a man
killed At'ssr f, she woulri'nt stop there long. Thus
ended the search.
Similar was my disappointment at Cray's I nn, where
I sought to find the chambers which Bacon so long
occupied, where he wrote his treatises,
where he reduced legislation to a noble science, and
taught philosophers how to interpret nature: but I
baa to be content with surveying the gateway through
which he so often passed, and with traversing the
court trodden by his footsteps so many years—for
although all cf whom 1 made inquiry gave me re
ipectfal attention, and courteoaß repiies, vet no one
could give me any explicit information. Lven a bar
ns*er who had Lis own chambers there, and who
acknowledged that he ought to know better, was un
able to direct me to tbe rocms I came to see.
Passing one day th rouah Kastcbeap. I f sit a desire to
ascertain whether the Old Boar's Head Tuvorn was
still standing, or if not, whether its fonrer situation
was known Stepping into a bookseller's shop, said
I, •" i ill you be so kind as to tell me where the Boar's
Head Tavern stood 1" I will give his reply verbatim
ot literatim.
" Hecho hanswers, ware."
Sir ' I said, not recognizing at ft -it the particular
tongue in which the gentleman uibde his qaotation
He repealed his dark sayiag, and I wsa enlightened
Taking all the circumstances into consideration, a
ri jh«r specimen of the cockney dialect could not be
Dr Hoge gives an eloquent account of a visit to
St. Giles, Cripplegate, one of the most interesting
churches of London, and one of the buildings
which was not wholly destroyed by tbe great fire cf
IC6G. "Here most of those able casuistical diseours
«s published in six volumes, known as the 'Morn
ing Exercises,' were delivered. Among the ofticia
ling ministers were some of the ino=t eminent of
the Hon Conformist divines. It was in this church
that Ben Johnson and Oliver Cromwell were mar»
ried. Here Fox, the author of the Book of Mar
tyrs, lies buried. But that wbiehhas directed the
feet of a thousand pilgrims to the Cripplegate
church, is thr.t here sleeps all that is mortal of Kng
land's greatest poet, save one."
"Over the glob beneath which he sieops, is a tablet
on the wall, bearing the brief bat eloquent inscription
"In this church the great bard worshipped. Here
as he listened to the divine lyrics of David, and the
rapturous (trains of llaish. that noble face io which
umjesty and meekness were so sweetly mingled, glow
ed witb the beauty of the highest inspiration; and
here as he mused on the story of the Infinite Pity,
ttiose blind eyes whicti shed tears of pearl over the
grave of Lycidus, grew insist with a tenderer and
more sacred sarrew."
New Publication.—" Longfellow's Poems,"'
a beautiful edition, elegantly bound, has just been
issued ~>y Ticknor' &. Fields, Boston. It is embel
lished with a handsome portrait of the author.—
For sale by A. Morris-
Tornado in Randolph.—From a letter receiv
ed, we learn that a heavy gale passed over Ran
dolph couny in this State, on the !'th instant, which
did consideiable damage. Among the sufferers by
thie storm, Mr. R. T. Barton met with the most se
rious losses—nearly all of the out houses atl ached
to his tavern property, having been blown down,
in addition to >ther heavy injuries on his farm.
Captain Join S. Edmundson, of Tazewell co,
Virginia, whosi recent violent death on the Rio
Grande has beennoticed, was one of the prominent
movers in the Hie unsuccessful revolution on
Northern Mexico
A Convention tft the mutual delivery of crimi
nals, fugitives from justice, has been concluded be
tween the United Sutes and Austria. The conven
tion requires that the crime which the fugitive is
charged with shall be kino punishable in the State
u which be has fled. Neither contracting party is
bound to deliver up its o*n citizen?, and if the ac
cused is guilty of a criite i u the country where
he la found, he must be trad for that offence before
he can be sent abroad.
electoral Vote Lost— rhe Wisconsin pa*
pars state that tbe electoral >ote of that State was
not cast, owiDg to a severe smw storm which pre
vented the elector* from reading the capital on
the day appointed for their meeting.
Tournaments in Virginia arenot killed by the
frost. At Nottoway Courthouse, Wednesday, Mr.
Tbos. Fuqua, of that county, wa. successful In
riding for tbe ring, and crowned Miss Mollio
Tbe steamship Hermann, of the Southampton
aud Bremen line, is now out on her day, and
her long absence is tbe occasion of som j anxiety
Letters received by her agents ia New Ytrk, state
that she left on her regular day, and had a\, o 'ut i:tu
James Kivjcr Steamers —The William X<dden
U detained at I'ort Walthall by the Ice and the
Curtis p*ck remains iu Norfolk, until tbe removal
of the ice at the upper end cf the line will autho
rize ber to commence running again.
The foreign mails by the
uothu! Baltk * re receiv6,i They contain
1 been t.i° ' n addition to what has
Com The Trans-Atlantic Telegraph
l-moeror ? . ** and L F Maury. The
—ty .£££*£- 'JTlt. " rdonto
«». on th, oth instant Wyoming oonn
u - IKiTv im ~ 1 " K "" w "
der and finiridr.—A tragedy of * most bloody char
tooh place In N.Orlwmo, on Krfctoy, tb« lT»tb
i„unt. Dp K. B. lUrrin, a native of Virgin!*,
anl • large rotton dealer la Now Orleans, bad been
appointed administrator by bin brother, who re
eently died in that HUte, and left a Urge estate to
nettle. Dr. H. showing »ome sign* of insanity,
was deprived of the auminwtratorsbip, Christian
Koielin* acting as the cpposlng counael. The n
cavune of Saturday s»ys :
Yes'erdsy, ss oor worthy fellow-citizen, Christisn
Roaeiius, . wu sitting aloee In his law office, on
• ustomlioese street, the door was opened by Dr. E.
6. Harris, who en'eradand closed the door after him
and drawing a bowle knife from his bosmn, prepared
to plunge it Into the body of tbe venerable juilst.—
Quick of sight, and s'.HI stalwart of frame, Mr. R. at
once grasped his a*s«ilant by the srms and held l.im
uln a vie". The struggle which rnaurd soon brought
two young lawyers from adjoinieg rfliies info the
rooms, aod finally tbe doctor was disarmed and band
ed over to tbe Second District police As he was led
iway. he kept crying "morder" lustily, and the gen
eral impression •aetnsd to be that hit reiuoi wat
overthrown, etpeciallv ss bis attack on Mr. Itoso
l:u» appeared la b-« wholly without motive or pro
In s short time, ai sfiiiavit was marie by Mr. Ro»#-
lius. bifjre Recorder Kebre charging Dr Hariiswith
having committed an assault cnbim with intent to
murder, as above stated, aud soen after, Hie Doctor,
on the application of hi* friends, was admitted to bail
for his future appearance in the sum of tSt.WO
tie then went to hie residence, at No. 40 Royal St.,
seeming all the while to be laboring under the effect*
of ungovernable nervous irritability, or to be wan
dsr!ng in tb* wilds of delirium.
At S o'clock in the afternoon, he prepared to go to
had; but pruvious'y, it appears he had concealed be-
I* alh the bed clothes a glass. and from this be took a
rrink as toon as he had stretched himself out in a
streptng position. The servants who saw him swal
low the drink suspected nothing wrong; bul finally,
after remaining on the b.-ri save: a' uiinu-es he sprang
out, n.ixed a white powder which hef took from a
small ihial, into some water, and drank thedraught
As e on as it was known that hi" had been using a
"Uspioioas powder, the phial containing tile residu«
wss examined, and on the label the fearful word
• Strychnine" wss discovered. This, of course, pro
duced »n emotion in the household. Physicians were
sent for with appliances to extract from his stomach
the • perilous stuff ' which he had swallowed, and all
thai could be done wa- done, but in vain. The deadly
drug had doae its work, and ere the clock s'ruck 4,
tbe suicide had tuck into th; sleep of dt-stb, and his
insanity hadceasjd
Among-the Patents issued last week wereone to
E W. Lacy of Oak Park, Va , for improvement in
hemp brakes, aud one to James Letort of Wythe
ville, Ya , for improved door fasteners.
The " Georgia Duel.' - —Mr. B. H. Hill, the
Georgia, Fillmore elector, who was challenged
by the Hon. A. H Stephens, has answered the
denunciatory letter of that gentleman. Tbe fol.
lowing extract contains the pith of it:
" If the Invitation to mortal combat Is Intended
as a mere formal occasion, to exchange a few
harmless shots, and then have an adjustment, I
can only say I never engage in farces, nor make
feigned issues. If I could be made conscious that
I had done you injustice, I should de .m it a duty
to repair it, and should not wait first t<-> oe shot at.
If you did me injustice, I met the occasion with
the rtmcdij, and it does seem, made a shot which
produced a wider, if not deeper sore than any with
in the power of powder and ball to produce
"Now, sir, (ss I always speak plainly,) I will
only add that I know of nothing which has occur
red between you and me which could authorize or
justify a duel; and while I have never at any time
had an insult offered me, nor an aggression at
tempted, 1 shall yet know how to meet, and repel
any that may be offered by nny gentleman who
may presume upon this refusal or otherwise."
Kansas Items.—We find the following inter,
esting items of Kansas news in the Leavenworth
City Herald of the 13th instant:
In Leavenworth butchers are selling pork at 10
cents per pouud. Some of the farmers are selling
wood at $5 .50 per cord, and the wood choppers get
$2 per cord for cutting it for the stoves, making
wood cost $7 50 a cord.
Fifteen of the prisoners at Tecumseh have been
tried and acquitted, and 18 remained to be tried.
Thirty prisoners escaped and are now at large
There are two of the murderers cf tbe Doyles and
others of Ossawatomie, now in confinement, and
will be tried in a week or two at Tecumseh before
Judge Cata.
Shares in Lecompton are selling at this place
from 4 to #500, and eagerly sought after at that.
Some are asking more than $."*>oo a share. The
stock is advancing and the town improving at a
rapid rate-
It is estimated now that there will be over UOO
?ood buildings put up in Leavenworth city next
Summsr, and that the population, which is now
uoar 3000, will at least doable itself.
The citizens of Lecompton, v/illi great liberality
and enterprise, have fitted up at great expense,
two Halls for each branch of the Legislature, and
rooms for clerks and committees.
FRIEN I)I.VjSKN TI'!eNTs —At the Pilgrims' Anni.
versary banquet in New York, Mr. Fillmore one
of the editors of the London Times, in closing a
speech, said :
" When you are told that v;e think your Union
nr.ist eventually be dissolved, don't believe it —
We don't believe that one star will ever be taken
from the glorious constellation of your (lag You
and ourselves are the two branches of the great
Auglo-Saxouftce, and, together, we are destined
to be the civilizers of the world. Our courses are
different You go West, we move towards the
East; and, friends, we shall go onward embra
eing the earth until the two shall meet upon the
walls of China."
It is impossible to describe the enthusiasm Mr.
Fillmore's remarks produced on those present —
When a little silence was obtaiaed, a gentleman
got up and proposed "Nine cheers for Old and
New England," which were given with a wilL
Slave Hiring.—The Charlottesville Advocate,
commenting upon the disadvantages of allowing
negroes to chaose their own masters, says :
"This practice has become so general that an
amusing anecdote is told to illustrate its working
in the City of Richmond. Judge Lomax desired
to hire a dining room servant, and went for that
purpose to the place of general hiring in Rich
mond- He saw a negro whose appearance, qualifi
cations and price suited him. The boy wan equal
ly well pleased with the Judge's appearance, but
not being personally acquainted with him, asked
a day 's delay in order to enquire iuto the stand
ing and character of the Judge. Such incidents
occur with us every day during the Christmas
Ship Ashore—Loss ok Like —The ship Jer
sey, Capt. Andrew, of Salem, Mass., from Calleo,
with guano, bound to Hampton Roads, went ashore
in the snow storm on Saturday night, between !•
and 10 o'clock, on the Gravel bar, at the Wash
Woods, about 30 miles below Cape Henry. The
masts were cut away and every effort made to
save the vessel and cargo, but in vain Two
boats were launched and lost; and the crew, ex
cepting one man, succeeded in getting to the
shore, about half a mile from the ship, in an old
boat that had been condemned. One man was
washed overboard, and another froze to death,
after reaching the shore. The vessel and cargo
were both lost
Sad Effects ok Temper —Miss Platuer, who
killed her little nephew by throwing a pair of scis
sors at it« mother, in Stockport, New York, has
been released on bait ller brother and brother
in-law.as we understand came forward and tender
ed bail in the sum of $">,OOO, the amount required,
which was accepted, ard she returned home with
them. During her stay in the jail Miss P. was
very much dejected, aud ate but little of the food
offered her. She did not talk much, and seemed
indifferent what became of her, so sadly did the
wretehedness of her condition affect her mind.
Exports to Canada.—An official notice has
been published in Canada, announcing that all
railroad companie whose lines of railway cross the
provincial boundary, or terminate at such a boun
bary, shall be allowed to transport goods without
being detained at frontier posts for the purpose of
being examined at the Custom House, or for the
execution of frontier bonds. A compliance with
certain regulations on tbe part of the railroad
companies is repaired. These regulations are
published, the most important of which require
that the companies shall provide proper ware
houses and offices, and that cars nhall be specially
set apart for taking tbe goods through aud having
them locked up
A Failure.—The New Y6rk "Fifth Avenue"
lady, of New York, Mrs McMabon, who recently
made a debut on the stage in Buffalo, made a deci
ded failure. Her husban-1 had to indemnify the
manger to tbe amount of $500 for bis looses. At
tbe close of the engagement tbe lady appeared be
fore tbe curtain and roundly abused tbe press for
their criticisms.
FUKs.—lt is slated that from #10,000 to 115,000
wortb of fnr Is annually produced in Cbatanque
oounty, N. T. Tbe furs are principally those of
tbe uiink and mnskrat.
Mrs. Strong and family of New Haven, Co in.,
are among the passengers on the Lyounais who
arc saved.
ArrlTtl of tte llHnal*.
New York, Dec 2H—The iteamor lllinn'*,
with California mall* to the .*>th inat, and t1.,<00,.
000 In gold, haa arrived
The l'. 8. frigate Wabaah left A»plnwall on tho
l!»th ult. for Nov York- The f'yane remain* in
The new* ia of little Intereet.
The acconnta from the mine* are good, but there
I* *till want of rain in *ome district*.
Ruiineaa la doll. Jobbing Gallego 1 lour
$1(5 50. ' , „
Mr. Hammond. ex-Collector of the port ot San
Francisco, ba* been acquitted of the charge of
defrauding the Government.
The Panama Star of the 19th contain* an ac
count of the war in Nicaraugua, confirmatory of
that received here by the Tcunusaee, but nothing
A BritUh squadron arrived at l'anania, on the
Hth, It ia under»U*>d with a view of examining the
practicability of establishing a naval depot at Ti>-
A letter from Carthagena, dated 23d November,
states that the British difficulty is still pending, and
the blockades of the New Grenadian porta will
convene immediately.
Arrival ot the Europa.
New York, Dec. 27.—The Cunard steamship
Europa, from Liverpool on the 13th lost., arrived
at this port this afternoon
iler advices, though bnt one day later than those
per Canada, are important.
War bad been declared at Calcutta by
England against Persia The English troops bad
arrived in the Persian Gulf.
It waa rumored that France was mediating be
tween tiie two powers.
The bullion in the Bank of France »howed a
monthly Increase of thirty five millions of franc*
The steamer Belgique, from New York, arrived
at Southampton on the 12th inst.
The Liverpool cotton market was without quo
table change, though prices closed rather stitt'er—
the sales of the week, 54 000 bales.
The Manchester market was active and firm.
The Liverpool breadstuff* market was generally
depressed, with a limited demand- Wheat was
and flour (id® Is lower. Corn was inac
tive and unchanged
Provisions were quiet and generally unchanged.
The Londcn money market was slightly easier.
Bankers rates were unchanged. The bullion in
the Bank of England had increased £75,000 —
Consols for money and the account closed at 93 i ®
American stocks were unchanged in price, with
an average demand.
[second dispatch ]
The Europa orought sixty passengers.
Passed steamship Africa, from New York for
Liverpool, evening ot 23th, in lat. 41 deg. 09, long.
56 deg 50.
Prussia has closed ail communication with Swit
zerland, and will make 110 further propositions.
A telegraphic dispatch from London to Liver
pool announces the arrival of the overland mail
irom India at Trieste, on the 12th, with Bombay
dates to the 17th November, and Calcutta to the
War was proclaimed against Persia at Calcutta
on the Ist November, and the last division of the
fleet for the Persian Gait' left Bombay on the 13th
November. Five thousand British troops are to
occupy Karek, an island iu the gulf, and Bushire,
a city of Persia, and its principal entrepot
on gulf.
iXfc fall of Herat is confirmed. It surrendered
to on the 20th October.
Regarding hostilities between England and
Persia, a despatch from Vienna makes the state
ment that France is mediating between the belli
gerents, and endeavoring to persuade Persia to
yield to England
Portsmouth, Dec. 12 —The Arctic exploring
bark Resolute, Commander Harts-tern, arrived at
Spithead this afternoon.
London, Saturday.—The Times' city article re
ports steadiness in the funds on Friday, until near
the close, when the report of considerable depres
sion in the Paris Bourse caused heaviness.
French three per cents closed at a decline of A
per cent.
The Daily News calls business at the stock ex
change flat at' an eighth decline, with ah active
commercial demand for money.
Death ot a State Senator
New Orleans, Dec 2s—Robert Nichols, a
member of the State Senate of Louisiana, died on
Fire at Baltimore.
Baltimore, Dec 27—Reese's iron furnace, for
the manufacture of anthracite and charcoal iron,
was destroyed by tire this morning. Loss 310,000.
No insurance.
ty Dr. TfRNBLLL,, who has a great reputation
for his skill in treating diseases of the Ear and Eye,
N sow at the Exchange, where he will remain tor a
few days to be consulted by those afflicted in these
members. See advertisement
VST. To Business Men.—Checks, Drafts, &c.—
The year is about ending, and many business men de
biro to commsnce with new Check and Draft Books.
These can be furnished at the Dispatch office, en
graved in a style of elegance unsurpassed any where.
Gentlemen wlo desire Checks engraved, Bill Heads,
&c., surpusiing any thing in use here, should call and
examine specimens at tha D.spatch counting-room.
They can have them with such vignettes and orna
ments as are in the specimens, or with any others
that their fancy may suggest. Orders for Checks,
Drafts, Certificates of Deposit, Corporation Bonds,
Bill Heads, &c , can be filled in the most satisfactory
manner and at rates surprisingly low. Merchants,
Bankers, Corporation Ollicers and others should ex
amine our specimens.
New Voßk, Dec 2b.—Arrived, schrs. Crenshaw,
Moss Merchant, Chad wick: Manchester, Chiches
ter; D. C. HiggKs, Davy; J. P. Lofilaad, Nickels; all
from Richmond. Dec i7.—Arrived, schrs. F J.
Brognard. Nichols, and Elizabeth, Parsons, f»ich
Spoken—Nov. 17. off Cape de Gait, Herald (Am.)
from iSorfolk for Genoa.
Venice—ln port 3d inst., Am. bark Adelaide
Cooper, Rolling, Richmond
tf Notice.—At the solicitation of many
friends, I announce myself a candidate for the office
of City Sergeunt. at the ensuing Municipal Elections
I make tins early announcement to correct the mis
statement, and impression on the minds ol some,
that I would not be a candidate.
de ai»—ts THOMAS U. DUDLEY.
BTTbe undersigned, at the solicitation
of many friends, irrespective of political parties, re
spectfully presents himself as a candidate for the
office ofiCITY SERGEANT, and solicits the citizens
of Richmond generally to give him their support,
de 17—12t ED. S. GAY.
-J Lost, on Saturday evening, the 27th, between
Hroad street and Brook Avenue, a GOLD CHASED
BREASTPIN, with a gentleman's daguerreotype in
it. The finder will please leave it at the Dispatch
oftice, and receive the reward. de2!»—lt*
• MENTAL PAINTt,H, B»nk Street. corner of
12th Richmond, Virginia, continue* to execute all
kind* of work in hi* line in the beat manner and
highest style cf hi* Art, and on tha lowest possible
terms. Ail who are in want of SIGNS, will find it
to 'heir interest to call on him
Con itry Merchant* who wish to procure Sign*, can
have ihem done at tlii* establishment, und securely
packed and forwarded to any part oi' Virginia or
Worth Carolina, at short notice. A call solicited.
C ollector nod (ienertl Agent.
1* still at hi* old stand on Wall street, engaged in
the Collecting of Claim*. Negotiating of Loan*, and
any thine ei*e requiring the *ervicei of an agent be
neither rlitt4ls himielt from 12year* past experience
to give satisfaction, nor promise* anything in future;
nor i* he thankful to hi* friend* or the public for past
patronage, believing that his services are equivalent
to hi* pay; but the object of thi* notice is for the pub
lic to know that he is about, tj serve thrin in hi* line
when called on ; and hi* ollice hour* ara whenever
found, Hioraing, noon or nignt.
de >9-2* RO. HILL.
t^OUND— On theaifte walk, an Ntliatreet,
near Clay, a valuable Handkerchief. The own
er will pleaae call at 146 Main atieet
de 29—It* GEO. STARRRTT.
Education.— .Has. aiavu ••
open her School on the iST DAY of JANU
A.RV. in tbe room* occupied by her la*t year, at tha
corner of 12th and Marahall itreeta, near the Carlton
douie. Mra. M . can be aten at Mr* Claiborne'*
d» iS—ao3i*
tfOK KB NT OK L.KAI9U..-A vacant 1,0 f
* on th* Dock, near the Ship Locka, Ml feet front,
raaaing back to tha atroat A good location for a
eUbl* or lumber houee Apply to
de» A. BODEJUR, No. 10 Mala at.
Oo the sad ln*t M by Rev. Wn. J.
A ». BISABLRY, of Ca'olloaaomtv. '• Mia* MA
ftl A 18, daughter of J J. Witon, of thi* oity. •
At U»ep HII . Orwr ennn»» V«., fcf '£• L
t. to«fll, J. WALLER THRNBII, and Ml*» tlit
Oo *nndavinomin*. the Slth i««t., bv 'ho Bo* T.
V Mr T.J. OOWIII.Y, to Ml* E WAI
KEB, *'l of thi* city.
Ia Lynebbug, on iha 18th lost., bf Biehirt Bart*,
M , e'deet daughter of Albert Waddill, E»q., all of
the city of Lynahbarg.
IT 910,000 Worth or Dry Goada, Cloak*
and Maotlii, to hk Bold Off for Cash, st
Co*t and Below Co*t, roa Six W*gK», in order
to make room for a large new *tock of Spring *nd
Summer Good* Thi* is a great opoortuoity for
ihnae in want of splendid drees Silk*. French Merl
nuea and Delaine*. Linen Table Cloth* and Napkin*.
Towela. 12-4 Sheeting*, ail kind* of bleaohed » nd
brown Cotton*, Oznaburg*, Gingham*. Lin*ey*. Ker
«,.y*, Ca*alneta, white and eolored Flannel*. Gauze
Flannel*, extra quality Bed Blauketa, black Silk*,
(ri*h Linen*, come good quality at 25c., Kurs, Bulla
Collar* and Trimming*. Cloak aod Ore** Trimming*,
Kid Glove*, larg« stook French Needle worked Col
lar* Sleeve*. I nfant'* Froek Wai»t*. Handkarsbief*,
all kindiof white good*, Mu*lin Curtain*. Maraeille*
Quilt*. Sic , Stc All muit be gold off. Call and judge
KZEKIEL'S established Cheap Ca*h Store,7s Main
at. de 29—d Act*
|jr The regular monthly meeting of the
Standing Committee cf the Young Men'* Christian
Association will )>e held THIS EVENING at 1\
o'cloek, in the Hall of the Association, in Goddin's
de2D—lt W._B. ROBINS, Secretary.
tW Auction Notice.—The attention of the
public i* solicited to the Administrator'* *ale, to
take place to-dny, at 10 o'clock, at the late resi
dence of Nath. Freeman, dee'd. See advertisement,
de 20 -It liARUS It SHINE, Auct*.
11 tiKKYH, ATTEN TION.- Attend a
raDRILLof your Company on THIS (Monday)
in KVENING, at 7 o'clock prectieiy.
Hi By order of Capt Elliott.
, o A) JNO. T. ROGERS. Orderly.
A Richmond. Dec. 29th. 1856. S
f|l SPECIAL MEETING.—As the com
iIL mittee ou Bye-Law* will be prepared to report
TO-NIGHT, the regular drill will be postponed.—
The Company will therefore assemble for the trans
action of important biuinesa, on this (MONDAY)
evening, at 7 o'clock, and a full attendance ia de*i
TWF Those members who have tsken article* from
the armory need no: return them until next Monday
By order of Capt. Fry
de 29-It E. C. CRUMP. O. «.
Thi» House has heen eatlrely renova
t«d, and will open this day. On and
after the lit of January a regular ta
ble will be set, breakfast, dinner and (upper always
ready at regular hours—and the Reitaurant depart
ment willibe added to the Hotel.
Ths Larder will be supplied with Game, Oysters
and the best of Provisions; and the Domestic De
pa "-tment under the personal superintendence of Mrs.
Ai.LEN, who so successfully presided for years at the
The Liquors, Clears and accompaAments to tlie
Bar shill be of the best, and every exertion made by
myself to please my friends and old patrons who
have so many years stood by me.
A free Lunch will be ready at It o'clock, and the
nublic invited to partake of it.
de 29—It R. W. ALLEN. Agent.
HSaP* o PP°site the St. Charles Hotel. Intending to
sell my entire stock of Millinery al cost, now
i« the time to get bargains in Bonnets, Caps, Head
dres-es, &.C., and 1 can assure the public that I will sell
oheaperthan any otherhouse in the city Also on hand
* lo: of while Wreaths, onlv #1, and beautiful Bridal
Vei's, only $1.50. Having purchased a large lot of
Embroideries, at very reduced piices, which are not
in my line of business, I will sell them at unprece
dented low prices; and th» public can be assured if
they will give me a call before purchasing elsewhere,
they can save at least 25 per cent. Don't forget the
rheap established Millinery Store of Madame SON,
No. 55 Main street, opposite the St. Charles Hotel.
TURKEYS, far sale by
Ji *** l'th street, opposite the
de29—lt* Scale House.
— —K-«»M HAK<iAHVS I'M It II It TS
Go to MARCUS HARRIS' cheap Dry
Goods and Shoe store, 183 Broad street, where you
will find goods of the best quality at satisfaciory
pric»s. de 29
Sk WE IIAV a ON HAND, a ttplendid
aP stock of Gents Calf Cong'ess Gaiter»; do Calf
.Mskin and Kip Beots; do do Brogin and Ox
ford Ties, which we offer at greatly reduced
prices. Those in want of a good, substaialial pair of
Boots or Shoes, can save money by purchasing them
de 29 t 183 Broad street.
fcs p" - b NOT! CK.—Ttae Steamer A.
*1 11. in ill—H. SHULTZ commenced running
iiVHriHrti"on her regular trips on MOND*i
A M , for RICHMOND, and will leave
Richmond at 6J o'clock every WEDNESDAY and
SATURDAY for Windsor Shades
Passengers and freight will be taken for (he James
and Chickahominv River*.
de 29—2 m* WILLIAM H. CART ON, Cant
Ai. ££ : CKK4IU ALK—Just H'.
J ceived this day, por steamer Roanoke. 10 bbls
Baveridge's Cream Ale; 10 do Oranges, sweet; 10
boxe* French Lemons. For sale by
de 29 St. Nicholas Saloon.
PM>K HIUK —A Cook and House Maid,
t,vo excellent young Servants. Apply to
tain cure for Coughs, Colds and Consumption.
For sale by DUVAL i NORTON,
de 29 Corner above the Banks.
'T Castile Soap; Transparent Scap, and various
It nds of fancy Soaps, for sale by
de 29 A. BODEKEk. No. 10 Main st.
L^iUBKOCATJOiV, lor «lie cure ot (iout,
JT-ißhenmatism. Sprair«. Bruses, kc. The ■.irtue and
effect of this article is too well known to require
eulogy. Prepared and said only by
de 29 A r.OD K ER, No. 10 Main st.
VIRGINIA'S sons, our Union'* pride,
Coughs, Colds, Consumption can be cured:
By Leonard's Coush. it !ia« beeu tried
Bv thousands in tha l.nd of yours.
Forsale by PUVAL t NORTON,
Manufacturers of the celebrated
dell Horse Tonie.
'J\t LARD, in *tore, forsale l>y
11 OIiSII J£ A D S NilW i* AC O N.
snle d«29 WM. WALLACE k SON.
jale de 29 4 WM. WALLACE Si. BON.
t)I/ RISON CIDER, forsale.
dn 29 WM. WALLACE t SON.
i UU SUGAR, far sale.
de 29 WM. WALLACE t SON.
SALE —Two superior counting-room DESKS,
solid mahogany, and several STOVES, with pipe;
amongst them an excellent Tailoring Steve, with its
appendages, to be sold very cheap. Applv to
ae 29- -2t I. A. GODDIN, Back and 12th sts.
C AKD.—|nrs. K B. 11AKWOOD,
(late prooriotress of the Clifton House.) having
returned to the city and taken the commodious house
on Bank street, lately known a* the Park House,
would be pleased to see her old fi'euds and the public
generally, aud will use her utmoat endeavor* to please
all who inav solonm with her. d« 20— 1 w
AT UUNI' AT COST, AT tus'tv- >0
Humbug but Really so.—GOLD3MIT i« ofter
iox the greatest inducements to purchaser!. He will
offer hi* wholw and entire stock of Trimmings, Km
broideries, Millinery, White Good*, Hosiery, Gloves,
and Fancy Goods, at prime cost. for sixty days only,
at* those that want to purchase goods leas than the
usual oriee should give him a oall His stock con
sist* in part of Trimmings of every description, Col
lars, Sleeves, Bands, lufant Waists. Embroidered
and Coro-jd Skirt*. Embroidered Caps, ttibS ns.
Fiaunels, Ruches, Feathers, Black and Whi f e illond
Laees, Black Silks. Irish Linens, Cambric and Swim
Edges and lnsertings. Cambric and Swiss Mus'ina,
Satins, Velvet*, Tarlatans. Gloves, Hosiery. Corsets
torn the smallest to the longest size, and thousands
•t'other article*, which will be closed oat at prime
;ost, at GOLOSHIM
Til mining and Kancy Store,
de 89 J(JS Broad (treat.
J faulien'i Refined Gelatine, an economical prepa
tion lor making Jeliiee, Blanc Mange, Chariot e
Ru»*e, lie., auperior tc calve* 1 feet or lainglaaa,
whioh, from ita parfeat parity, rendera clarifying
onncoeaaary. JuH received, and for aala only by
Apoth«oary and Druggiet,
da 16 Market Place, Franklin atreet.
Receive conaignmenta of Tobacco, Flour, Cornf
Wheat, ke_ and give their peraonal attention towl i
of aame, and keep eonatantly on band a large and ge a
ral eaeartmaet nf Ornaariaa, Saad, P»-«vian Out b«l
*fii »s cmm4 kmm4 lttoM
A MAKE, at lata than half pnea. ,
*• 11 «. ». SPEKCE.
T h««^»A 3^ K . ert
f rof. e ft rßdtrr.
Will be given in
PT Fartlcaiare ia tomorrow'* Dispatch.
Profeaaora Job neon and JTioat wiil »»»? a faao ex
planation of their new fyetem of practising Singing,
llloatiated bp Piooe* «ung in variooa atyioa, atlb
»«ee»ure Room of Bev. Dr. Hofe'a Chureb. to-night.
All interested in Bacred Muaio are iariUd to attend.
de »-lt
KI'NKEL t CO Leteeea and rroariatora
JOHN T. rORD Manager,
| Al*o of the National Theatre, Waahlngtoo, and
the Holiday Street Theatre, Baltimore J.
T. F. MOXLEY, Aetlsg Man afar.
MONDAY, Dec»r 29th.
Whan will be preunted tho Drama, io five acta, of
Lake Fielding Mr. Bonoifao*
Dance Devoro
To conclude with
Mildmay Mr Boniface
ADMISSION—Drea* Circle and Parqaette, 50 eta ,
(no extra charge for reserved *eata;) 2d Tier B oxe»,
25 ct*.; Oailerie* 50 and 25 ct*
flF* Box Office open from 9 to 5 o'eloek.
IdF* Door* open at 7; Overture aommenee* at qaar
ter before 8 o'clock preci*e)T
An unforeseen accident having prevented the agent
from l aving METROPOLITAN HALL open la»t
night, Prof. JOHNSON respectfully give* notice
that he will give a
consisting of pieces sung bv
Prof. E. H. FROST,
WKor particulars, see small bil's.
50 cts. To commence at 7} o'clock,
d* 2>-8t
Ol BALL - -MMiAUA KlKfc) *
COMPANY, NO. 5.—A Ball will
be given by Niagara Fire Company,
»No. 5, at the UNITED STATES
HOTEL, on MONDAY evening, Dec S9th. Tick
ets, admitting a gentleman and two ladies, 82.50 each,
including supper.
The Music will be furnished by SMITH'S Cotil
lon Band, and every arrangement will re made to
render the occasion pleasant to all who attend.
Dancing will commenoe at 9 o'clock, P. M.
Tickets may be obtained from any member of the
Company, and at the Hotel on the evening of the
Ball. de 22—71*
IV The members of other Companies attending
this Bail, will please appear in uniform.
JOSEPH MAYOR. Es« , { r „ mmittea
J. OSCAR GOODK. » Committee.
LTi oF RICHMOND.—This Company lnsnres eve
ry description of property against loss or damage by
fire or the dangers qf the sea.
go charge is made for the Pellcy.
Sice, for the present, on the Ea«t ride of 12th li
near Main, up stain.
Wrn. H. Christian, YVm. Breedem.
John Purcell, Thomas R. Prise,
Wm. G. Paine, Jas. Thomas, Jr.,
Lawis Ginter, John Cunie, Jr.,
Aug. Anderson, Jas. Dunlop,
James L. Appereoa Wm. H. Haxall,
Roacoe B Hea John D. Qu&rles,
John Dcolev, David J. Burr,
Rich'd O. Hasklns, Larkin W Glazebrook,
Lewis D. Crenshaw, D. Von Groning,
Joseph R. Anderson, Emanuel Miller,
John C. Sinton, Ed. H. Skinker,
Franklin Stearns.
A. PLEASANTS, President.
J H. Momtacce, Bec'y. *u s—ts
/ < lIKAT BARGAINS, at No. 143 Eagle
" 1 Square—
Black and Colored Silks
Plain and Printed De Lames
Plain and Plaid Merinoes; Colored Flannels
White Flannels of every description.
Black Bombazines and Alpacas
Tamise Cloth, Plaid Shawls, iic.
The above, with many other articles in our line,
will be sold at very low prices, in order to reduce
stock, preparatory to taking an inventory,
de 20 PARKER. MMMO & CO.
I IQtWKa AMI) WIN Ji S. —1 in ported
IJ French Brand;; Otaid, Dupuy & Co.; Scotch
Whiskey; Holland Gin; Madeira, Sherry and Port
Wines; Domestic, Pale and Dirk Brandy; Virginia
Peach and Apple do.; Old Family Rye and Majnolia
Whiskey; for sale by At PHAUP,
de 17 24 Main street.
\ f two first class diplomas at the Mechanics Fair,
for yt-ars 1855 and 1856, for fine WINES and LI
QUORS, would call particular attention to those that
want a pure and choice article, to examine our large
and extensive stock, viz:
Sierras, Amontillado and Pemsrtio Pale Bherries,
Old Family and Blackburn's Madeira,
B'askburn'i and Sandeman's Old Port Wines
Champagne, a full assortment of the choice brands.
Cognac Brandies, Hennessey, Otard. Dupuy 4t Co.
Loudon Dock. A Seignette and Pellevoesin, both
dark and pale, a part very fine and old.
Holland Oin, Jamaica and St. Croix Rums.
Scotch and Irish Malt Whiskeys. Virginia Old Rye.
Mountain Whiskey, Isle of Wight Peach and Ap
ple Brandies.
ALSO—A fine lot of choice Havana Cigars, for
•ile at the Richmond Wine Store.
de2o 72 MAIN STREET.
iYierchnnts' Accommodation
Warehouse, for the storage of Flour, Wheat,
Corn, Cottee, Ac , Ac-
Persons having goods to store, would consult their
interest by storing with us. We sive them all trouble
in receiving, shipping and marking, attending person
ally to that ourselves.
They also save a large amount of money la dray aire
alone, by storing with us. Our Wareheuse being sit
uated on the dock, goods can be received and deliver
ed free of drayage.
Insurance effected at tlv lowest city rates If de
sired. BRIDGFORD St CO.,
no 19 Corner 20th. Dock and Cary *trf>»t*.
\IiiKKY CHRISTMAS! —In nnticipu
l" I tiou of the wants of our customer* at this sea
son, we are in receipt of many new stylet of elegant
Clothing and Furmitiing Goods, to which we ask
their attention.
de 24 KEEN, BALDWIN li <50.
SALE.—Being desirous of closing the unsettled
business of our concern, we offer for sale, upon ac
commodating terms, the valuable real property sold
«nd conveyed to us, by deed, from Seymour P. Vial,
dated 14th November, 1853, fronting 107 feet on 12th
street, between Main and Cary streets. Also, the
Lot, with the large Brick Building thereon, at the
corner of 12th and Cary street*. This property lies
in the centre of the business part of the city ; is,
parhaps, the mj*t valuable real estate now offered
for sale.
/ tered by the Legislature of Virginia, December
17th, 185$—Capital, #50,1>00. —This Institution re
ceive* deposits. on which interest is paid at the rate
of 6 per cent, per annum if remaining on depoeit fix
months, and 5 per cent, for shorter period*.
WM. G. PAINE, President, '
GEO. J. SUMNER, Secretary,
JNO H. MONTAGUE, Treaiorar.
rob IS Office No. 138. corner Main and l-Jth st*.
ilcceiiiber liiiu, IKStf.
1 Received per iteamer, thU week, the following
tine Clothing; s
80 black Beaver Cloth Over-Coat*, fine
Raglan*, varying in quality from Kilo to $35
130 Bus:uei* Coat*, of Drab, Brown and Black
80 pair of Black Doeskin Caaiitnere Pant*
60 pair of Kancy Caa* mere do.
12<> \ est*, of Milk, \ elvet, Black and Yanoy Cast!
8 doz. Col'd and White Kid Gloves
10 doz Merino Shirt* end Drawers.
Those in want of lino Clothing, of lateat style*, ut
the lowest eaih price*, are solicited to call aod exam
ine the large stock, at J D. GOODMAN'S,
No. 119 Main atreet.
N. B.—l have in store, »l*o, a large stock of Her
vacf Clothing, at low prices. de 12 JD. G.
Y peculiarly adapted, by ite eompoaitioa, to every
diaeaae of (ha liver andatomach which ii produced by
our ever varying olimate. In all forma of biliou*
diieaaea and Liver Complaint, It la oae of tha moat
valuable remediea.
Prepared only by R. H. JACRSON, tad for aaia
by Drugguta generally. j* a
and fixture* of % Drag Store, wall located and
doing a good bnain*ee, are offered for aale. Addraea
— tV Richmond I* O
-S- COlVt.—Reoeived by thia week'* eteawer,
10 b*lea of Negro Blanket*
, W doa. auperior country made Yarn Moeke
Which I am determined to sloe* out at rnufeih lower
, lh *° good* can be nurehaaed la the city
of Richmond. All 1 atk ia a call at the cotabUahca
akaapaioraef ALFRED MOSES,
*• 19 63 Main atraat.
i^v ::
iM.r, 11 ii. *•»-»
Yf*<ssgg-* F w4osisjr:
w^a\ T & B ,'SM=jSr^«-
d.» 3. W-i^mWiS>.
d . e . 29 Am«riow Hntol
117ANTBD--A _ h "T
™ (killed In enltirating Veritable, and Bairn?
eration* in general. To ana who can acme wK
commended far aobriety and mdorry a *
tion will b« givan My farm i.on
pik*, 34 mile* from Richmond, and opposite W.f
t.n'. nUp. Enquire of Mr. EACHO, on Fo,? Oft;,,
WANTKI)-.A SAW V K tt.-A I 7
■teady, hHaitriona habita, to take chtriJf
a Steam Saw Mill a few mile, from RichmoJd.l
He moi. bea good Sawyer, and oompeteat cf em
fSii ui /' n ' T • bwnß «- To one th%t
will »olt I will give good w»i« and ateady em/liT
ment. Apply tj E. A. J. CLOPTON
, „„ orto RO. W. LARKB.'
de 29—6t* %t th „ M(11#
fied to take charge of a aetof Book.. Audll<- >
tinn may be addr-sajsd to J. C 8., Box 324 Riobn.oiJ
oaic '- de ?9-3t
H/ANTKU-Ab Irish Girl, to J»-ook"S7Td
*▼ waali for a email family. Apply at the earrt
of 24th and Marihall (treeu, Church Hi'l.
de 29—It* WM B. R^RH.
WANT KD-Por the ensuing ye*r.~a
* T good CfOK. without 'incumbran-.e For 'o*
that cat cerae well recomineiid(d, a libsral hire will
b« p*icl.
Vl/ANTKn-Th« ftubKcribem wink to hfr
W 100 NEGROES to work on the York RiV.,
Railroad, in the county ef King William, for whish
we will p»y l*'r pncea.
Richmond. Dec 2<i. lßriH d»27_».
T» encumbrance can find a good homa and t'.ni
pay bv applying at No. 151 Main street, Richmond
de 25-3t
BOARD—In h private family,
v v wh»r« ther« are no other hoarders ttk» n . for a
gentleman and lady. A pleasant either fir.
niahed or unfinished, required Good ref!r»nc*«
givei. Addro**, stating term*, lie , "H " t>i»T»Mcli
Offine. de 27-- 3t*
hire, for th« ensuing year. a fir*":-r*te COOK,
and # (rood WASHER and IRONER. For tucH m
ran c"me well recommended, reasonable hires wli
be paid. Apoly at my residenoe, on 6:h, between
Clay and Leigh *t*.
$I,7!—?t w. fjonmv
** has had some experience in a country store. *
situation in a wholesale or retail «tore in tbisc ( t»
r«n give good reference* Addras* "P." b"x Vti,
Richmond Post Office. de27—4t*
WANTKD-A good Dining Room Ser
vant ; alao, a good Nurie and Chamber Maid.
An pi 7 to TOav-CASKIE,
de2s—St* Corner Clay and Uth streets
\*7 ANTED—PIT HANO».»i wiah 10 UiVe
x v for the ensuing year, a cumber of C'JAL FIT
HANDS, to whom full prices will be givin. Daring
the pait four years, not a single serious accident to
life or limb has occurred in our underground oaeri
tions. For ali hire*, prompt quarterly payment* w.ll
be made at my office in this city.
de23—tg JNo. J. WERTH, Agent.
WAM'EI)>.K»r itae ensuing year, labor
ers to work in our mill. Several wagoners, ar.d
also six good Cooper*. Those having suck to hire,
are invited to call on
WANTKO I'll' IIANUS.—The twbucrU
bers wi*h to hire for the ensuing year SIX TY
or EIGHTY HANDS, to be employed in the Block
Heth Pit*, bottom and top Tbese Pits are now con
sidered so entirely free from danger, that an ia»u
r«nce cea be eftacted at reasonable rate* if desired.
For sucb as will suit, liberal hire will be paid.
Application* to be made at the Pit* to
Or in this city, tj JOHN FARRAR,
de2o—lm Agent* for TOMPKINS & CO.
WANTUII-'iOknnds la lay track on the
Coal Pit Road. Wages $1.12} pe-- day. Eight
miles from Richmond, on the R., F. and P. RaiiruaJ.
Apply at ihn office.
Office R , F. and P. R. R. Co.,
Richmond, Dec. 16, 1856. de 17— ts
AN'IUD—NisUKOIiS-The Virgin.*
and Tennessee Railroad Company wish to hue
400 able-bodied NEGROES, to work on the repairs
of said Road, and at tbe Depot*, during the ensuing
wanted. E. H. GILL,
oc 31—tI5Jan Gen. Sap't.
" constantly paying the highest market nrice for
LAND WARRANTB. Persons who deal In thjui.
and all other* who have them for aale, will do we J
by ealline on me before they dispose of them. Call
at WM. HURLEY'S Exchange Otfiee, .59 Main si.,
opposite the St. Charles Hotel, Richmond, V'a.
FOR RENT—Two lodging room* over my offiM.
oe 16—3 m
lITANTKB to hire lor 18-57, a female
HOUSE SERVANT, and a BOY of 11 or 12
year* old for the hoaie.
de 16 —ts Corner Leigh and 6th sts.
11TAXTKI)—To purchase a good teumle
»» Cook, Waaber ,and Ironer—none need apply
unleM the; can eome highly recommend'd. App;y
at thij office. de 10—ts
J£Z2S. SERVICE, In Kantat, Srbrmka, Calfir.
nia, A tie Mexico aid Texas. Fay from $12 to
per month, according to the rank and tha capacity of
the soldier. Horses, accoutrement*, clothing, futd
and medical attendance, furnished free of charge —
No deduction of wage* on accoont of sicknsse.
Wanted immediately, a few MUSICIANS for t'e
$2 will be paid to any person bringing an
Recruit to thia Rendezvous
For further information, apply at the Rendezvous
Franklin (treat, opposite MaiiopoUtan Hall, Ri* '•
mond, Va. oc I—dSml
\UANTKD.~We wUli to purrfmse tour
"» or live hundred busheis Ni> 1 Dried Apples.
de 15 On the Dock.
tkct Yocr Lives and Froperty —Just r> •
ceived, 180 Colt's celebrated FIVE
for «ale by
de 2- fit 7 djora above St. Chariea H»tel.
A BOY. about 14 yeara old, accustomed to »c*ui
mini—a MAN, 45, accustomed to making lump*
Apply at Cary atreet Jail. de2T—fdif
C'OPAKTNfc.iiSUir MOTICK-Wr, li«
' undersigned, have thia day entered into a cc
partnerahip, under the firm of H W.TYLER, SON
it CO.. for the purpose of conducting a imerai GRO
Richmond, Decstnb«r 25th, 1856.
IVOTIOK -Hnvlug thl» day formedln Co
I" paitnenhip with W. H 1c A C TYLER, those
having account! against me will prefect ihura for*tt
tleinant, aud those indebted to me will corns fcrwsid
without delay and settle their accounts.
Dec. 25th, lfW. 'Ie 27-6
Lank buuks A.NUsrvuoNKiti -
We hare a good assortment of LsDsns, Joi «•
nals, Check Hooks, R«\k Books. Jic ; Bill, C < f
aad Let tier Paper*; Inks, Pen*. I'*ncils,
opes, Weafpixc Papers; Ci>Tf ON and Lie *
Twines, ltc„ i.j Call at btationer'* Hail, No. •'
P**rl at'eet.
N. B. The second and third atari** over store *>*
for rent They are suitable for Sale* Room or a Com
mission Butiuess.
d* 27—3t B. W KNQVVLK.-
December SCtb, IW6'
thi* Company payable ia New York, will b* '<
deemed at the Union Bank in that eity, on aud «!'•'
l*t o>' January, 1851.
de 27—tlJ Tr«M>»u'«i
Richmond anu Danvu lb K K Urnci, (
D«-«*mb*r*th. lßA*i v
•a. President of ihl*Company *boald be adJr»«*®>»
te hltu at thl* office.
de 27—'Ot Heer»t<rv
C'UR K.-l a* now ia regular rrc«wt»» *•'
' SOITT and HARD CORE—the furtu.r a 4«-
Ughtful tual for grate*, and the latter an **c*li«#t
and economical suhetltuta for aathraeite eoal tui
•tore*, range* and heatiag furnase* Appiy at the
coke yard*, corner of IMb street and Ratio beak, »
aosaer of Byrd and 6ih itreet*. eoutb aide Caaal.
n»b H—t* >Nrt. WBHTH. As*
CJ m* to »ureba*e OUOTttINO for boat* eertaau.
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