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(drTr * DAII.T DISPATCH I* served to nb
»errt*T* at mm a>t> a oihutkk e*m* t>«* «ut, pay
able to the Carrlar weekiv. PMoe for mailing, $4 *
y**r, or>2.W forwix month*, in advance.
i wr Tnee.l*y and rriday»;; 2.00, in advance
MTTHR W KEK LY DISPATCH I* (*«*«* er«»ry
fri.l*T. *nd mailed to «oh»crit>ers,At $1 |wr Mnnm.
«i-cnKArcAnr>rßiNTixo —ThpDisrATcn
J IB nFfICR hoirg new supplied with TWO OF
prepared to furnish this description ot work ch< a per.
ami with greater rapidity, th*ii any other establish
ment in thi* city. The largest nt.x kof CARD* in
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A Book and a Oot t Bracelet for 1 CO
A and a "old Pencil for i 00
A Book and a 01ft Book for I Oft
wh U-4' No Main st
Not!ok is hereby given th»t
the meetinc of the St >ckhoider« of t h e
Roanoke Valley Kailr a 5 C.>mpany, a«lverti»-d for
the Ist day of March next., is postponed until the
2?d of the aame month
: . - ! II KN'BY WOOD Preaident
Nonet —The voters of Han
ever county, who are friendly to the n
mova: c-f the conrt-h, us*>. >ire rcspoctfnlly aod ur
s-ntlr iTvjnested to *t their r apectfve votinir
placi-*, <'n SATURDAY, the '.'•th inst, to appoint
six de . sates trrm each Man st.rial District to a
Convention to be bold at Ashland, on the M April.
!.■ niminate a candidate to represent them in th<
next of Virginia,
- TK' KGRAPII I.INK —This new
TKijewHAl rl LINK is now* open for lauaines* It
connect* with Memphis, Naelivillle, TnTiXville.
l hat anoosa, \ ickst ui *. Natchez, and New Orleans
At<an a, Angus a Charleston and Vavanuah. Mont
jfontery and Mobile, in the South and South "est,
and all int«-rme-i>ate point* of importance Froni
Bichmond to Wasbinston it will be operated with
rrintiud leiegraph Machine*.conntctinj: at Wa<!i
injiwn vity with the Anifricau Telegraph Compa
ny s Printins Line* to Kaitimore, Phi'adeluhia.
New York, Boston, Portland, Bangor, Haiif«x, No
ft"d Jjt John*, N« w Brunswick, Sprinir
neid, Troy Altjany, Rochester, Bufta'o. i leveland.
t oicago, Cincinnati, I»(>nlsrille. St Louis and sta
tion* in Missouri. lowa and Kansas, at.d efferj a
prompt as I reliable Line of Telegraph to the com
meri i' **'** ra thinK public.
USlco in Richmond corner Main and Tcarl streets,
mh a—l«
i®- Dx. Brntni L IveBAM brtvirg
locate fcimaeir permanently in Richmond,reapeot
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UoteJ - mh 3—aim*
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resident*. No. 221, on Mfcia, between Stfc and 9i
•tresis. Richmond V* my SO— ly
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pMhUt,) offers his professional services to the citt
*eas of r„.cUmoud au<' sts viciuity. Office at his re
silience, ou I>igh str en, two doors from Vth
te I?—diy
Hkxrt L. Brookk has resumed
th" practice of Law in the city of Richmond.
Office in Bslvin'a Nes Building, on !2th. fronting
Backstrwt. ja 26-ts
Thxabotxwtu. kstow* moxsn Bkaxd, alwavs
OS s i-*, EV JAHKtf c. mcandrV;W,
lieS—ly 54, PISJt liTREKI, NSW Vohs.
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the taste, s.tttns, clears and strengthens the voice,
a lavs a, I irritation of the throat and lungs,and pre
vents taking cola.
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Chills and Fever, Giiills and
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CELUBRATBD liirTkKS. TV ho would eulure the
tortnree arlsiue f otn this terrible diseas-, when it
ca'i be so eaeiiy cure Who would endure sleep
less nights, turning fevers and icy chills alternate
ly, when a remedy caute obtained tor a mere trifle?
And yet how.niauy families linger out,a pniufal ex
istence under this deadly blight, and 00 nothing
I at culp down quiniLe. until it becomes as common
as tht-ir daily nii-ale, and yet they are not rc-lie e<i.
None l.ut the fotlish and weak* would hesitate to
pr 'Care these v aluable Bitters, and nave themselves
iMense asjony.
sold by druggiaU and dealers generally every
I See advertisement in another column,
ruh I—On
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Office with Ptter V Daniel, Jr, Ksq. Numbers,
Qoddin's Jali. mil 9—lin
WSU Niw fii'siKG Goods—My first
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»bd «?ojbracfe, besides the usual large variety ot
i RiMMIMiS, maijy novelties of th'- s««»ou. Ilav
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i 7: Garden feeds Also, sole
BA ifl%"Hum pie's Infallible
~ ZTf.J I'fefe-jlftkji,* ixm
r u * mb l«-tit
VOL. XV-NO 85.
Prospvcts or th* CorvTKT i* isr>9.—The N. Y
t Courier in an editorial upon the subject, state* that
the export* from New York for the flr*l eight
month* of the pre*eut fiscal year, exclusive of
•pecie, were thirty-Ova million* of dollar*; the
import* Into New York for the aame period have
been one hnndrcd and tw«nty-ntn* million* of
dollar*, or an excevs of ninety-four million* of
dollar* in the import* Into one port in the past
eight month*. It I* well a*ked :
monV S o ?' l ,. crop "' c *° Bllch »«> enor
mous expenditure of the vitals of the country.
,p,, * , * nd , r * w material at low price*, he
mrii , ' J" r th# h'* l !-Priced manufac
?' pauper Korope ? The total export* ol
Jflw . JP, octi IMI y psr from Ohio, the
richest agricultural State in the luion, wa* !es*
than twenty five dollar* for each inhabitant, and
not one-third of thi*, or five dollar* for each
person, ever fluted on *alt water or paid debt
y . „ we " r « "o* importing at the
rate of fifteen dollars tar each person in the whole
?/ , high priced Cotton good*,
and luxuries 0 f oue *ort and another, Includ
ing iron rail* for our railroad*. We have exam
med return* from different part* of the country,
and will admit that there never wa* a* mnch land
putin cultivation, and with good weather there
never hasbeen *uch crops a* will be ral*ed. But
never had we a* many idle non-producer*, never
betore did it take the prolit of a* many bushel* of
wheat to p*y for one yard of high priced Cotton
good*, m*de in Korope from tlie raw material
taised here, Not for twenty year* have there
been, proportioned to our *i*o and numbers, as
w.new cotton mills, iron furnaces and coal com*
panic* to make a home market as in this vtrv
year '
* * * * The indebtedness of the United States
in the past two year* was:
July 1 st, 18V? f29 f fiO mi*.
July ist, IH.VS. M/jio 777
Increase...... $25,5M1.W1
or an increase of abont ninety per cent. The pro
babilities are that this rate of increase of public
debt will continue throughout the present year
so that our debt in July 1859 will not be less than
eighty million* of dollars. The present expendi
tures of the Government are, including interest
on debt, ninety millions of dollars. This expen
diture after allowing lor the borrowod receipts
make* an importation of four hundred million* of
dollars of foreign foods, or about $15 for each
person in the country necessary to prevent bank
ruptcy. \\ e a yearly Importation
greatly in excess of our present trade, with an
increasing national debt, as the alternative to a
bankrupt government. On the other hand, we
find by the Custom House records that our ex
ports for tht present year will probably not be
over three hundred millions of dollar*. To «bow
the truth or this statement we give the following
official figures:
Total value of Exports from the Vwt of Xt w Yuri
for Eight Mont/is, including February.
Expoits from July IsWi- 7 1857-S ISJg 9
to February $$2,053 210 $74,019 41.", $54 163 ofi2
The total exports tar the first two years for the
whole country w ere for:
JfJ? "J »:»2,960 W2
w U"* - 2J3.M4.421
He can heoceform an estimate from the foaling
off in the exports from New York what the de
ci ease will be in the total exports. If in the same
percentage, the total exports will not be much
over two hundred mill ious of dollars.
topher Colson, who for many years has been en<
gaged as a fish dealer in Hartford, Conn., cut bis
wife's throat Monday, killing her instantly. He
had been divorced from his wife for the year past-
The Courant says:
Saturday night last be slept at the house of his
brother, .lames U. Coleon, baker, No. 54 South
Hudson street. The bouse is occupied by four
families. Mr. Colson living on the first floor in
the north half. Christopher was sitting in oneof
the basement rooms, in conversation with a Mr.
Barker, when his former wife, who has since the
divorce taken her maiden narae of Sarah Burns,
came in from her mother's. Colson advance! to
his wife, and endeavored to take her haud, but
she repulsed him with the remark "that her
nand was now her own, and that she did not
wish to have anything to do with him." She then
attempted to leave the room, when he followed
her, caught ber by the dress behind, and eut
her throat from the right ear to a point j'ist
below the chin, makiug two horrible gashes,
severing the carotid artery, and partially sev
ering the jugular vein. He manifested very
little passion or feeling of any kiud, but remark
ing that he'hoped she was satisfied,' threw his
bloody weapon—a large two-edged fish knife—un
der the table, and proceeded leisurely to the pan
try, where he commenced devouriog some pies
that were stored there. The inmates of the houso
were, of course, thrown into the greatest conster
nation aud excitement by the terrible event that
had just transpired. Some attempt was made to
arrest the murderer, but he was so much held in
dread by those present, who feared that he might
be still armed, that he was allowed, after he had
eaten and drank what be wanted, U»-leave the
house unmolested. From the hotel he walked
in a leisurely manner np Ferry street till he came
nearly opposite the old Bartlett tavern, where he
was arrested."
On Tuesday, while in prison, he took a ijuantify
of opium, and died in a few hours from the effects*
CarrtiS'j a Steamboat Overland.—A writer in
the St. Paul Mlnnesofiao, dating at Crow Wing,
says: ,
' About the Bth instant, the work of taking to
pieces the Auiou Northrup atd preparing the
frame of the new boat was commenced; and to
dty, the 19th February, the whole portable frame
of the boat, boiler, engines, machinery tools,
amounting to more than fitly tons of freight, be
sides stores and baggage of the men, and hay for
the teams, is packed upon sleighs, and thirty
teams are trudging away with their load over the
prairies and through the pineries toward the lied
River of the North. The boiler and the heavy ma
chinery must be hauled on runners a distance of
one hundred and sixty.five miles. The new por
tions of the boat will be taken from Swan river,
one hnndred and ninety mile*. The boat, which
is to bear the appropriate name of the "Pioneer,"
is to be one hundred feet long, twenty feet beam,
with a depth of four (eet in the hold, and is calcu
lated to carry from seventy-five to on# hundred
tons of freight. The train is accompanied by
about forty teamsters and mechanics, who will
commence work as soon as they reach Ked Hiver,
and the boat will probably be in tunning order by
the first of May. The road is good as far as the
Otter Tail City, and teams have been through to
Ked River during the past week, so that the track
is probably well broken all the way.''
A Fchool Difficulty at Boston —The Catholic
children attending the Kliot and other schools in
Boston have refused to participate in the opening
devotional exercises, including the Lord's prayer
and the ten commandments. This hRs caused
considerable excitement, and some two hundred
of the Catholic scholars have absented themselves
from Eliot school. It appears the scholars were
forbidden to participate in the religious exercises
by their pastors, but the school committee deter
mined to adhere to their regulations, notwith*
A Kbfak fcl tub Winp —A few days ago, a well
known gentleman named Joseph Locke, a contrac
tor aud builder in St. Louis, went to the Mecha
nic's Bank and drew out |180 in $10 bills, for the
purpose of paying his employees. Ingoing down
the steps of the bank, with the eighteen bills iu
bis hand, a sudden gust of wind blew off his hat.
Iu throwing up his hand to recover bis hat he lost
possession of the bills,which were instantly taken
by the wind in circling eddies upwarls. Mr. L.'s
loss by the operation was Ilis feelings
as he saw the bank's promises to pay slowly sail*
ing ever the hinse tops, nre much more pleasant
to describe than entertain.
Commerce of New Orleans. —There is no immedi
ate prospect of relief to the commerce of New Or»
leans. The report ot the Kngineer employed, says
it will reqnire four mouths' labor and tho expen
diture of over one hundred thousand dollars to
open the southwest pass. On the Oth instant 05, •
000 bales of cotton were then detained on shipboard
in cooseqnenco of tho vessels being unable tocross
the bar. Among the ships detained below were
,-eight from lijstnn having on board several thous
and tnns ot ice.
|fl,oi»n Ltons. —Tho reported arrival of the frl
g»t« Cnracoa, with f-ord Lyons, the new British
minister on board, is contradicted by the New
York papers of Monday afternoon. The evening
Post says:
The British Consul at this port had up to noon
to-day received no intelligence of his arrival. He
had telegraphed to Sandy Hook to make inquiry,
but no such vessel as the Coracoa bad boen report
ed there. The probability that the whole report
in a mistake is enhanced Iroin the fact that the
Curacoa is tinder orders to proceeed direct to
Chesapeake Bay, and land Lord Lyons at Annapo
lis, without coming first to New York.
A State in Mourning — The New Orleans Pica
yune speaks of Louisiana a* a "State in mourn
ing,"consequent upon the explosion of the stea
mer Princess. It says, "there is scarcely a oom
ti: unity from which some one of the lost is not
missing, or to it known by his social virtues."—
The fatality among prominent citizens was re
markable, and the State may well mourn its loss
As Kfricrivr. Weapon.—At a levee held by
Queen Victoria on the '£\i ultimo, the honor of
knighthood was conferred on Captain Armstrong,
in acknowledgement of his new Invention in ar
tillery, by which an «ffective cannonade can be
carried on at a distance of eight miles. Ila bns
also been appointed engineer to the War Depart
ment for rilled ordinance.
The American newspaper abont to he establish
ed In lx<udon will be«onducted by Cbas. Marksy.
i. J,. D., late editor of the Illustrated Nov*, as*
sisted Ly Hiram Fuller, "Belle Britten,"
AlTtlri In Norftlk.
fc >nnrsroNi>*Kct or tu* richmohd dailt ntgPAtcn.]
Nor pole, March ICtb, 1860.
To the State* Court ye*terday the pro
ceeding* worn remarkably deliberate «nd calm,
the deposition of Meat, limine we* concluded, and
before the Conrt adjourned the caee of John Wil
li*m* ww taken up. William*, it will be remem
bered, waa reported in the Dupatch a* having been
guilty of the larceny of a roll of cotton cloth, for
which the Grand Jury found a true bill. Upoa
examination before the Court ye*t«rday evening
he wa* discharged.
The Mayor'* Court, for a week pa*t. ha* been
devoid of intereat, and never have we *een tb* city
*o quiet a* at prenent.
The Commau Council, l**t night, ignored the tax
bill of the Select Council, and referred th* whole
matter to a conference committee of Ave from one
body and three from the other.
Mechanic*' 11*11 is Ailed to averflowing every
night, to hear the lecture* on Pby*iology by Dr.
William*, and *orae adroit thief i* taking ad van.
tageof the*e crowd* to proaecut* hi* profession of
pocket picking. L\st night a lady'* pocket was
picked of a porttnonie containing eighty five dol
lar*, while tbo crowd were coming out of the Ilail.
Tbi* i* the second case in the last ten d*y*.
The Blue*' Hand are preparing for a grand ball,
which i* to como off on Monday evening next, at
the armory of the N. L. A. Rtue*.
Klevea sail maker* and five block maker* were
discharged In the oo*port Navy Yard yetterday
The market present* an active appearance this
morning. Corn b*s an npward tendency; we quote
yellow at 87e. The receipt* thi* week, ao far, ex
ceed 20,000 bushel*, and it still continue* to come
in. The spring trade may be *aid to have com
menced. and many country merchant* are in the
city lajing in their spring stock, while the retail
er* are ail busy Supplying the wants of the local
The weather this morning i* clear, pleaaant and
comfortable. Pkrcussiox.
Ar*p.st op Ttit Supposed Foroek is Bostox.—The
telegraph lias announced the arrest in Boston
of a man named Oiborn alia* Turner, tnpposed to
be tbe person who forged a check on Paul Ilinton
A Co., of Petersburg, Va„ $4,100, and got it cashed
by Sutton A Hnders, of Richmond. Tho Boston
Ledger eays:
The New York detectives were placed on the
track of the supposed forger. Osborn was the
name the person gave who presented the check,
hot it was afterwards found that he had another
name of Turner. The shrewdness of the detectives
was at once brought to work in the case, and it
was ascertained by a certain description of his bag*
gage, that a man answering Osbarn alias Turner's
description had departed for Boston. Information
was at once sent to this city, and detective officer
Heath placed on the track of the individual. lie
learned that the person described arrived here last
Monday afternoon, and during the week he was
busily engaged iu ferreting out the supposed
guilty party. Last Saturday afternoon, after a
diligent search of Ave days, he traced the trunk of
the supposed forger to the National House. Hay
market Square, and after examining the register
aud not iioding the names of Osborn or Turner
there, be examined the baggageaud fjund the long
looked for articles, marked with a big "A," but
gome names, partly obliterated, were to be seen
also. Edward Argentin was the man who owned
the property, and on being found, answered the
description of the man who was described to have
received the money so well, that Mr. Argentin
was taken into custody, and on being examined.
$1500 on the Tremont Bank of this city, fSOO ob
ttio Bank of the Metropolis, and a small amount
in gold, was found in his possession.
In the Police Court, yesterday afternoon, before
Justice Maine, Argontin was arraigned for forgery
and held in $0000 (or his appearance Wednesday
morning. Iu the meanwhile, one of the firm of
the bankets will Arrive in this city, and have an
opportunity of identifying the accused. Mr. Ar
gentin is about six feet high, rather slouder, and
in his appearance has the look of a person in ill
health. The description answers in every respect,
and although there was no positive proof, the
dodge thought that justice demanded his deten»
tion until he could be seet» by Mr. Knders, who
telegraphed yesterday afternoon, the dispatch be«
lug received while the Court was in sessiou.
The Washington Tragedt.—The Washington
correspondent of the New York Times, writing on
the Bth inst., speaking of the counsel in the Sic
kles case says:
Foi the prosecution. Mr. Ould will, of course,
lead, in virtue of his office, and, ptobably,(though
as yet none has been retained.) Mr. Key's family
will engage associate connsel. For Mr. Sickles,
there will appear the Hon. Reverdy Johnson, (who
is Mr. Butterworth's counsel.) Messrs. Stauutoc,
lladcliff>, Chilton and Magruder, of this bar. aud
of the New York bar, Mr. James T. Brady aud Mr.
John Graham, who have been selected, from a le
gion of volunteers, as proper representatives of
the representative from New York. Mr. Graham,
who has arrived today, will open the case, which
will be summed np by Mr. Stauntou and Mr. Jas.
T. Brady, one of Mr. Sickles'earliest, and through
life, one of his warmest friends. The prosecutiou
will lie conducted, according to present appear
ces, with great fairness, and without any spirit of
personal bitterness.
The correspondent also says:
Mr. Sickles does not look woll, as hasbec-n rep
resented. Mental sufferiugaud confinement within
a prison's walls have told severely upon him, pal
ing his cheek and shaking his vigorous constitu
tion. To-day Mis. Pendleton, of Ohio, sister of
Mr. Key, left for that State, accompanied by Mr.
Key's four orphan children, ber own two children,
and the two children of her widowed sister, the
accomplished Mrs. Blunt.
Fatal Accident on a Railroad.—On Sunday last,
Dr. Wright, a highly respected citizen ot Halifax,
Dauphiu county, Pennsylvania, was killed ou the
Northern Central Railroad, while walking across
the railroad bridge, within n short distance of the
Tillage. lie was iu company with two of bis
children, a son and a daughter, wbeu th>y were
surprised by tho approach of a coal tram. Dr.
Wright, in his impulsive and earnest efforts to
save his children, by placing them outside the
track and beyond the reach of the train, was him
self struck by the loc«motive and killed outright.
His son escaped uninjured, hut his daughter was
struck by some portion of the train, and bad one
arm so dreadfully crushed that amputation was
necessary. Dr. Wright was formerly a member of
the Pennsylvania Legislature.
Fivi Mis Stabbib is Boston. —On Sunday even*
ing a gang of drunken rowdies in Boston, proceed*
ed to the club room of an association, drove out
the iutuates, destroyed the furniture, attacked
several persons with knives, and stabbed and
wounded Dani«l Boyle, R. Sullivan, D. F. Muhan,
John O'Djnnell and John Lyons. Several of the
rowdies have been arrested.
I'rei Nman in Missouri.—A few days ago the
Missouri House of Representatives passed a bill
declaring that all free colored persons over eight
een yoars of age shall leave that State iu one year
from August next, or be sold into slavery. The
Senate, however, postponed its consideration until
tho next session.
Naval—The Navy Department is iu receipt of
intelligence from tbo new steam sloop of war
Brooklyn, dated at Port-au Prince, Ilayti, Febru
ary 24th. The Brooklyn arrived there in five
days from Beaufort, N. C , and was to sail for Aux
Caves on the 29th. All on board were well.
Fire at Chester —A stable belooging to Mrs.
Dr. Minor, at Chester, ou the Richmond and Pe«
tersburg Railroad, was destroyed by fire on Satur
day night last. It contained a pair of carriage
horses, recently purchased for jJWi, which were
burned. A quantity of hay, fodder and corn was
destroyed, and a fine ox.
Sad Accident. —A child of Wm. Ilorton, near
Abboville, S. C , aged about eighteen months, was
scalded on Friday, the 4th inst., front the effects
of which it died in a few hoars. The child picked
tip a pot of boiliDg coffee, and drank a quantity of
the scalding fluid from tho spout, causing its death
as stated above. The breast and neck were swol
len in a frightful manner.
From Lieut. Beale.—We learn, from the Los
Angelos Star, of February 5, that Lieut. Beale's
expedition was aobut 150 miles beyond Santa Fe,
in excellent health, getting along as well as could
deiircd—biviog ©Dcounttrcd no Jpterfoptioa
to his labors from the Indians. It will be two
months before he reaches California.
An Old Immigrant.—Mr. sweeny, the oldest
man in Pennsylvania, died in Bntler county, on
the iTTth nit., aged 122 years. He was a native ot
Ireland, and emigrated to the United States when
ha was 100 years old!
At the ball given by the Americans at Paris, on
Feb.22d, one of the ladies is said to have worn
lace to the value of 80,000 francs.
Dr. K. A. Theller, brigadier general In the Ca«
nadian republican service in 1838, died at Horni
tas, California,recently.
T. K. Ilervey.the poet, died in England, Feb.
17th, in the 55th year of bis age. He was the ed
itor of the London Atbenmum.
An Indiana pork operator lately lost 115,000 in
Cincinnati faro bank. He desired to go the whole
bog. probably, and got "stuck."
Hon. Eli Sbortsr, of Alabama, declines a re
election to Congress, and will resume the practice
of the law.
The Saratoga Brewery, at Baltimore, was de»
stroyed by fire Tuesday night. Loss |UOOO.
Hon. Henry Johnson, Mayor of Newburyport,
Massachusetts, died on Sunday last.
A boose of 111 fame In Goldsboro, N. C., was
"gutted" by a mob on the 12th Inst.
The -LeglsUtor" of Rhode Island adjouraad on
Saturday, after a session of eight days.
It is stated that Charles Dickens has finally
determined not to revisit the United States.
Tbeodoro Chase, Em-, m eminent merchant of
Boston, died in that oity on Sunday.
Dr. Chartee Frederick Beck, of Philadelphia!
died at Rome * few weeke ago.
Geo. Shields Is sk* In Washington.
ASoooibtiok.—As thtr« seems to be
*omo tittle difficulty in procuring a suitable lot
for the new j*||, It ha* been suggested that the
•ite of the Laucaaterian School be selected, and
that the preeent jail be thefl remodelled and
turned Into ahonse of correction. Thi* plan, If
carried ont, will Involve the necetaliy of building
a new achool bourn at some other polot, while the
jail will atill be so far from the court house* that
criminal* will have to be carried through the
•treeta, to the detriment of public moral*. The
old jail will answer very well for a house of cor
rection, became it may be so changed and venti
lated as to becoma dry and bealtby; bnt there are
very many citizen* who will raiae serious objecs
Hon* to pulling down the Laocasteriau School
House, fearing that the Council will not rebuild
Sospiciods Chabactibs —Yesterday
morning three lads—Robert Heath aliat Bob Rid
ley, William Oallaber and Kdwln Wicker—wore
arraigned beOre the Mayor, charged with being
suspicious characters, and believed by tbe police
to bo a portion of the gang of young desperadoes,
whose feat* at breaking and stealing have
eicited the city »o much within the paat aix
week* What proof there is for this *u*picion we
are unable lo *ay, ns the examination of the pria
onera waa continued until to-morrow. Two of the
three bojg have been in jail on aeveral occasions,
and all three of tbem have been before the Mayor
on charge of theft. How far they are now guilty,
remains to be seen.
Dischabokd —John W. Moalton, ar
reated in Philadelphia and brought on here to an
swer for forgery, waa again before the Mayor yea
terday and discharged A* there waa no evidence
to make him an acceasory before the fact in the
forgery, he could not be sent on for felony; and if
indicted for misdemeanor, a jury would acquit him
on the groutyl that the forgery was a felony, aud
that therefore the misdemeanor would of neceisi
ty be merged into the felony. He was, however,
arrcated for debt, immediately on his release from
criminal prosecution.
Wood Inspkctoe —If inspections of
auy sort are neceasary, none ia more ao than that
of cord wood. The practice among wood chop
per* has been almost universal of cutting tbe
wood but three and a half instead of four feet long,
and to protect our citizens against thi* imposition,
an Inspector would be well employed. A friend
itifirma us that he ha* seon wood onlv three feet
long, stacked aud sold by the cord, as if it were
four feet, thus making purchasers pay for one cord
when they received but three quarter* of a cord.
Such traffic 1* unfair, aud should be guarded
"Osbdrne"—the confidence man, ar
rested in Boston last Tuesday, is believed to be the
same individual whose financial operations with
Paul A II in ton of Petersburg, and Under s, Sutton
A Co. of this city, in which he made $4100 clear,
were noticed by us several days siuce. So well
convinced are those interested that the right man
Ins been caught, that parties left here yesterday
evening in the cart to identify him, and have him
brought back for trial.
Fourth Strskt - The city has been
to the expense of continuing 4th street north to
Navy Hill, and is the improvement
to become utterly worthless, for waht of a little
atteution. All the earth put in the ravine will
soon be washed away, unless efforts are at ecce
made to stop it.
Culvert Brckin.—ln the northern
portion of the city, near 2d street, a large culvert
has filled up and sunk in, and yesterday the peo.
Ple { in that section wore very much annoyed by
the dirty waste water, forced from its channel
upon their premises. The nuisance should be
abated at ones.
Btheet Fioht.—lhomas Mott., Robert
Allen, Francis Britton, Svlvestus Griffin and Hen.
ry Vance, indicted by the Grand Jury for engaging
in a street fight on the 25th of December last, were
tried before the Hustings Court yesterday, found
guilty and each fined $15 and costs. Vance, for
having in his possession a loaded pistol and firing
it, was senteuced to thirty days' imprisonment in
V*rssl Wrecked.—A telegraphic dis
patch was received by Messrs. D. & W. Carrie of
this city, stating that t he schooner Manhester had
gone ashore, head on, ©a the 15th inst., at Rock*
away, 10 miles N. K. half North from the Hook.
Broad Strset, east of 19;h, has been
very n<uch improved, within the past week, by the
deposit of gravel. If 18th and l'Jtb were Macad*
nuiised from Franklin to the north corporation
line, teamsters would be greatly relieved.
Viaomu Stkext, south of Cary, will
do doubt be widened iu a abort time if property
holders o& tbe west liue aru at all liberal wuta the
Council Committee. This improvement must add
greatly to tbe value of the property, aud will give
facilities to the business operations of the Rich
mond and Danville Railroad, which are very much
Tjmpebanck Mketisg.—The Old Do
minion Cad*ts of Temperance he!J a public tem»
perance uicetiug at their hall ou Mnrsball street
last Tuesday night. Several addresses were deli
vered, and a number of persons signed the pledge.
Opposition Mskti.io—The Opposition
party are to hold an adjourned meeting at Saun
ders' Hall to-night. Addresses are expected from
several gentlemen, afcer the inauguration has
been effected.
Fall of Lagbk. —Yesterday afternoon
as Francis Peters was passing down Broad street,
neai Mayo, in a wagon loaded with lager beer, he
pitched oft head foremast, and tailing heavily on
the bard grouud, was so severely stunned as to be
unable to walk for sevaral miunte*. If drinking
Uger won't throw a fellow, P. is pretty wsll satis
fied tbat sitting over it will.
The Locomotive Timbbblakr took fire
at the Central Rai road depot last Tuesday night,
irom some unknown cause, but the flames were
discovered and ex<'iuguisbed before doing serious
(I image. Some of the boxing was slightly charred,
but a few dollars expenditure will put it all right.
AcyriTTKP.—A. Mazunke, indicted by
the Grand Jury fjr keeping a disorderly honse
near tbe United States Hotel, was tried before the
Huntings Court yesterday, and the jury found a
verdict of 4, n»t guiity." The complainant alleges
that the house of the accused is an annoyance to
himself and family.
Fixed for To-day.—Messrs. Warwick
A Barksdale, indicted by the last Grand Jury for
obstructing 12Jh street with a board fence, are to
be tried before the llustiugs Court to day. Wit*
nesses and others interested in this cause, should
be in attendance at 11 o'clock this morning.
Bubqlarv.—On Tuesday night last,
a front window of Mr. J. T. West's grocery store
was broken open, and a pane of glass knocked
out, by which means the robber reached the mo«
ney drawer nnder the counter and helped himself
Investigation.—The Hustings Court
yesterday appointed Messrs. T. P. August, Tiiomas
J. Evans aud James Kllett, a committee to exam
ine tbe books, papers, etc., of the Clerk's office of
tbat Court, and to report during the present term.
Patio* Saint.—The Montgomery
Guard, Capt. Moore, intend celebrating dt. Pat
rick's anniversary, iu a becoming manner to-day.
Bddden Death.—Mr. John Mortimer,
a citizen of Richmond, died snddenly, in Charles-
C., on Tuesday last. He leaves a large and
helpless family to ruearn bis loss.
Suicidal Mania is Owcktwati.— ! The Cincinnati
Timet of Monday record! do loss than four at
tempts at self-destruction io that city,all of wbkh
took place wltbia the previous forty-eight hoar*.
A German, named lhomas liodeman, jumped into
the muddy waters of the Miami Canal, but was
fished oat before drowning, by bystanders. Cause:
povertv, and failure to obtain employment. Dr.
Jos. Liihwinkio also plunged into the same canal,
and was awful mad because some watchmen, who
happened to be in the vicinity, refused to let bim
dioas the fool dietb. A lawyer, named Wm. Pugb,
attempted to take his life by swallowing an ounce
of laudanum, but, being discovered, the rial was
forcibly taken from him. Finally, Joseph Lautp«
heur waa found /laundering about in the canal,
and taken to the station house. He bad beon in
bis cell but a few minutes when be tied a hand
kerchief around bis throat, the enda of which be
attached to a top bar, and then twang off. The
handkerchief waa insecurely fattened and gave
way, and hence bis second attempt to die wae like
the firat, a feilure.
Fay Divoaca Casi —The majority of the com*
mittee of the Legitlatnre cf Pennsylvania report
in the case of Fry and wife, that theitatt of hos
tility between B. Fry and bis wife, Ktnilie L., to
such at forever to preclude reconciliation. All
coafldence and affection to destroyed. The judg
ment of tha committee ie that the happiness of
the partiee, and the interest of the public morale
of aoefety will be promoted by dissolving the
bonds. Therefore, resolved. That the a»me bean
nnlled and made void, and that the parties be re*
leaeed, fulls, effectually, abaolutely, aad ia all re
spects, as If never joined In marriage.
Mr. Richard Oobdea arrived at Toronto, C. W.,
oa Moaday, aad paid a visit to Parliament
Rev. Wm. Alexander, aa episcopal clergyman,
died la Philadelphia, on Sunday.
A public library ia about to bo established ia
Wheeling, Fa.
The citizens of Baltimore have contributed
$4,003 38 for the benefit of the widows aad feaai-
HtfS af the lato police eflcers Bentoa aad Blgdcn.
Hacl op Cju.VT*ar*iTX«*. —At Alleghany city,
Pa., the police have captured a whole family
named McCleary, who for a long time have been
manufacturing and "shoving" counterfeit money.
Tilt Pittsburgh Despatch *ay» :
Ob searching tb* taonse, counterfeit money waa
found in almost every nook and cranny. Slugs
of composition for making bogus silver and gold
coin, melting pots, and pans; tools for finishing
the coins, and all the apparatus necessary in car>
rylug on the business extensively, except the
moulds. Rolls of counterfeit bills, and note* on
broken bank*,die*, vignette*, etc , from genuine
bills of broken or worthless bank* cutout car*,
fully, and ready for"rai«log," every denomination
of genuine bill* were alio found secreted in the
bouse. The precise amount of the counterfeit
bill* i* not known; it 1* estimated from $500 to
$1,000. Overuse hundred and twenty dollarain
bogua quarter eagles, (two and a half dollar gold:
coins) and thirty-seven gold dollars were found,
together with a large number of composition
dimes, quarters, etc. The coin is well calculated
to deceive; many of the coins can only be detected
by their light weight. The counterfeit* were
generally of a flimsy deacription, though lome of
it wonld deceiveany but good judge*.
On searching the elder McCleary, seventy dol
lar* wete found in counterfeit Ave on the Mer
chants Bank of Virginia. The counterfeit bill*
found in the bouse were of all denomination*,
principally on Virginia and Ohio bank*. When
the officer* entered the bouse, oue of the girl* en
deavored to throw a number of the bogus coins
into the fire, or back.of the grate, but the move
ment was detected by the noiae of the failing
coins, and they were immediately seized and se
cured by officer M'Vicker, despite the efforts of
one of the women to obtain them. Bath had
their fioger* severely pinched in the
which nearly lod to nn altercation between them.
The 22d of Frbruart r»f Parm—The Pari* cor
pondent of the Lsndon Time* notices a ball, given
by the American residents on the 221 alt, thus :
"The American residents in Paris gave a bill last
night to honor the anniversary of the birth of
Genernl Washington. It took place in the mag
nificent dining room of the Hotel do Louvre; the
•honors were done by the United States Minister
and the Consul, assisted by a committee of Ameri
can gentlemen. A reception at the Tuileries on
the same night prevented persons from coming
early; bnt still the attendance, though not so
crowded as on the last occasion, was very fair.—
The facade of the hotel on the Hue da itivoli side
was lighted up with gas, and the steps leading to
the hall were adorned with flowers At the up«
per end of the ball room was the (strade fjr the
orchestra, with the portraits of Washingtoa
and Lafayette, and the American flag encircling
them overhead. At theopposite or entrance end
was a marble bust of the champion of American
independence, with an appropriate inscription
above, and on each side were the full length por.
traits of the Kmpororaud Kmpresa. The hall was
brilliantly lighted up. Of the invitations sent lo
persons not citizens of the United States, 21, were
for the family of General Lafayette. Dancing
commenced at 11 o'clock, and was kept up to a late
A Giant Married.—The Worcester (Mass.) Spy
of a recent date, says:
"At the close of the exhibition cf the Arabian
giant at the theatre, last evening, Cbas. Ilersey,
Esq., was summoned to meet an exigency caused
by the unexpected arrival of the bride expectant
of bis Highness, from Montreal. The marriage
cerornouy was to have been consummated in Bos«
ton, but it was prevented by "circumstances be.
yoDd their control." The bridegroom, Mr. Derouth
K. Gosbon was born in Asia, is 21 years of age,
weighs 417 pounds, and is by profession an engi
neer, as we loam from a glimpse at the marriage
certificate. The bride, Miss Celestina N. Townee,
is a native of Montreal, 24 years of age. of modest
physique, and weighs 115 pounds.' We do not
learn that the exhibition is to be interrupted by
the interesting event.
Fr< m Vera CRtz —On the 23d of February the
American steamer Jasper left Vera Cruz for Alva
rado with about, two hnndred passengers, mostly
ladies. Alvarado has been styongly fortified within
the last month with large brass cannou and mor
tars, taken from the Castle of Sao Juan de Ulloa;
also two schooners, freighted with powder and
ball, have been dispatched to that place, and also
a load to Tampico.
Suicide.—On Friday evening, as the quarter
past seven o'clock train from Boston was passiog
through Melrose, Mass., Miss Julia Palmer, a
young lady from Waterford, Me., visiting at the
house of Mr. Stone, a relative, ran out upon the
track and threw herself immediately under the
cars, which passed over and killed her instantly.
Her head was completely severed from her body.
Sh» was not noticed on the truck at the time, bnt
was discovered dead by a p»»senger leaving the
station. She is supposed to have been deranged.
Hon. Wrn. 11. Seward paid Alexandria, Va., a
flying visit on Saturday.
Dl 8 P A T C Jti
Corner of Main and Thirteenth Strut*, Richmcni.
JOHN D. HAMSIERSLEY ill CO,, Proprietors,
This establishment (being the most eimplete Prin
ter? in the South, both as regards Types, OrnaKenta,
4c., and the latest and moat approved Machine
Presses) is li.iily turning oat the finest specimens of
BOOK and JOB PRINTING. such as
4V Particular attention given to fine work foi
Banks. Public Offices, Insurance, Railroad and Trans
portatlon Companies, Tobacco Factors, Ac.
This now machine for Cards. Bill Heads, Smai
Circulars, Labels, Ac., is capable ol turning off 1,00
Impressions per hour, thereby enabling the patron,
of this establishment to obtain this description o
work at the shortest possible notice.
tit"Prices reduced in proportion to the increase of
Printing ia Gold and Silver Bronze, and various
colored Inks,executed in thehigheet style of theart.
(n this branch of the business tbe proprietors rat
safely ohaixxng* cosrrxTmox.
ELIXIR, on© of the best known reme
dies for Coughs and Colds, has been in use in Rich
mond and its vicinity for the past fifteen or twenty
year*, ana has always proved efficacious in Coughs
and Colds. The following certificate wad voluntari
ly given by Rev. Mr. Wiles in 1K54.
BowLixa Orse.n, Caroli.vi. March 2S, l&M:
Ma C. C. Walter—Dear riir: I take pleasure in
informing you that "Mrs Daws' Oiugfi Klixir," I
purchased of you, has acted like a charm upon my
little daughter, when she had the Whooping Cough
very bad. I have used it also in coses of Colds, at
tended with severe coughing, and in ev.try case the
same happy results have bceu produced. I regard
this preparation as an excellent medicine.aud in my
judgment no family ought to be without it.
A. WILE 3,
Pastor of the M. K. Church, South, on Caroline Cir
cnit, Va. Cont
For sale by Mrs. A. B. Daws, Ficher A Winston,
Miilspaugh A Johnston, J. W. Garlick, E. J. Picot,
A. uJdbkcr and Chna. D. Yale. Richmond. oc 2ft
excellent vegetable aromatic lotirn. prepared
by our worthy citizen, Dr ueorcs Dowpen,drug
ging Ac, of Broad street, Richmond, gained for him
a gold in«dil premium, at the recent exhibition iu
thin city. Not only ran we commend this tooth
\VH*h as highly beneficial for cleansing the teeth
asd guns, but also for imparting health, strength
aud soundntss tnthe same. It is likewise a pleasing
perfume to the breath, and is recotnuu n led by the
mast eminent physicians of the United fliates as a
deutifrice that should be ui»on every t"i'ertable —
Extract from the Richmond Enquirer <\f Jar I.VA.
1858. FALL TRADE. 1858>
Builders* Machinists and House
205 Main strut, abooet)ie Banks, Richmond
Begs leave to call tbe attention of his friends auc
others, to his large, well selected and complete stock
of Euelish, German and American Hardware, no*
receiving, such as—
* TOOLS, of all kinds
Together with the usual variety or fancy and use
ful articles, all selected with care, adapted esoecial'i
to tbis market, aud will be sold low t« cash 6»
prompt customers.
Also, agent tor the Baltimore Bell and Bras*
orks. Orders carefally and promptly attended tr
IV. OTICJS. — The subscriber haying a
a-* large number of account* dne and unsettled
which should have been settled prior to January'
ISM, would reapoctfnllr notify all such, that all ac
counts due him previous to 1358, and not paid or
closed by bond or otherwise br the let day of Fe
bruary, ldW, will bo pat in the hands of the law for
collection. «
Always on hand, ft large assortment of Clothing
and Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods low for cash, or
to punctual customers X B BPBNCI,
Clothier and Merchant Tailor,
no I Ooraer of Main and 13th tit.
JOHN G. MCMILLAN * CO., having had an rx
perience of over twenty years in Bcotian4, and
eight years in this country and Central a on ica, as
practical BLAT JCKS and MUTAUC SoOfBMI, of.
for their servlcee to the citions of Kkhmood and
adjaoest cities and country. A . ____
when desired, we will nee the celebrated BUCK
INGHAM BLATB, which is e<iual if not superior
to any HI ate now in use. It retoiae its original
color, and it ha* been proves that it will last doable
at long at bricks in a building; and thepricshas
beenao reduced. Jsat we are now enabled to com
•S&'SiYSfi.tS'S «
say. "But facto are chilee that wins* ding, and
d and CORN ICKS can be made
ssh I—lm* - • " ' .' r
mew crop lamaiiia outttut.-,
SfBCIAI* jtotice®.
19* Pakki Poi»r»cxT«a,
. KicnMoro, T*. t
Will practice in the ctty *f Richmond and In the
00 25. t ' < £i! f Chertorflekf. Powhatan nod Amelia.
Office in Lisle'* Building. comer of Mail and
Uth street*. MS—l2m
*#■ Dh. MtnxooK'a Jbdiah Fahacba,
CiTilS* T?"!? tc " °F "«®awu A*B Rim •
*L' ~ d effectually relieveand
farm Rh "»matiiai Id it* moat acute
Wi whlch '* h «'
it J "Stiff's the aMerriOj, »hat
u "tana§ aorrralle<l aa a remedjr, Thoee who hard
suffered and are now relieved, ar» witling witnesses
1?k 1 t v. I 1/ 1 ' 198- l'lio many testiinor.UU
which have been given in I's behaif.ire co'.vinc.nH
ssijsss. *"• ,miM b "*
' mx ' ™ T »
The genuine Panacea is to be had or*M
DruKxi'tn. Orders addressed to the General Whole
sale Agent., FIBUU * WINBTO*,
Druggists. 12", Main i-ttect, Richmond, Va.
Price, One Dollar per hofle i 0 j v^-im
tigrTo THE 8-Jvrn «xd«.—By late
tariff, the Dinvlllo Kailroa i Cotnoanv have reduced
the rateriffreight f or tr.iasrortlns; Qrotiud Plaster
from tills date, with this proviso, that novnLE
rats wilt be charged duriaie the months of AraiL
Mat. AnocdT and r<BPT£HBSs.
orders to any i xtyat can be snpplied from the
purest Lump, but g'uuuld be girou early toeajure
it in time
Partners supplying bag* chargod one dollar per
ton less than packed iu barrels.
ja 3— 3m So 11 fearl atreeL
JfiyH,\r.TsnosNE'B AHTI-Bilioub Pills
are the safest and best Purgative Pills in use. Thej
aet upon the Liver, Stomach and Bowel*, currriua
off all bile and every foul secretion. Thoy don't
gripe, are oaiy in their operation, and can be taken
at any time without fear of exposure. They remove
Colds from the sratem and prevent Rhenmaiisi*:.—
If vo'i sufier with any pain, use HAHTdHOKN K'P
pu have a cocjth, use HARTSUOKNK'S COUGH
sYRUP, which is the best Cough Svmp in tte
Sold b7all Druggists in Rich moid, oc 15-6 m
asd No Huveva.—
Tbis great. American Remndr, containing no Mer
curial or Balsamic properties, excels everything
heretofore utfored the public, in its curative, rcsto
rativs and renovating powers; and the medical
world are astonished when told that the above re
m«dy will cure the above diseases, ar.d confounded
when they haveoccular demonstrations of thefacts
Rnt The proprietor, who has known of the rensudj
fortwenty odd years,hw Known of acaseof twenty
years standing, to he restored t? perfect health, and
all other cases of shorter dnration, to be restored,
without a single exception, and therefore challenges
any case of Uunorrbtet vthicn the remedy will not
cure, provided the directions are carried out with
prudence on the part of the patient; and to any one
purchasing half a dozen bottles, and using accord
iu£'jr. in his or her case he guarantees a perfect
cure; and in case of failure, will furnish additional
medicine, free of charge, to complete the cure
through his agents; and acu-e will i.e effected with
ont inconvenience to the patient. Boid by
GRUBB3 & APf'RR*ON, Druggists,
Agents tor the city of Richmond,
de 10—6 m» N.->. 301 st.
SS?" Sanforb s Liver. Iny-iqorator—
COMPOI!SP*D sstirilt fkom Gum —Is a inild and ef
fectual cathartic, acting first on the LIVER, to
eject its moibii matter, then on the etcmachand
Kowels, and carries tff all matter that prevents
their healthy action, and thus strengthens ai-d
builus up the whole system very rapidly and is the
Sold by all Dru«gis»s fe 2e— 6m
Kas cured, and is now daily effecting tho most
extraordinary cures of tiise»s«s, to which humanify
if BtUicted 'i housaDds.who were hitb'.'rtofuftiring
un .er the must inveterate diseases, and which were
deemed beyond the skill ot mediciEe, have been
wonderfully restored to health, by the Uhe of this
truly great remedy. Eor S'JKOKULa, RHItUMA-
TldM, MYPIIILIs, PILE.S, Di'-ifllt"-! A. ALI.
,-OKOPUL' Ui AKKECTI >\S. and for all dUc&xes
resulting fruni impurity if I lie blood, it n unsurpasu
e<l by Buy tnedioiue lu niceiical science.
By thoroughly purifying the Ulood and Stomach.
an 4 strengthening and renoiating every organ cf
the huiuan system, it necessarily cures ail those
diseases resulting frcrn a morbid action ot ihesame
and all oth' r diseas b which are well known to ex
ist from tbe abuva eausos All tbat is askad is a
fair trial, whieh will assuredly convince a'.y one of
the incomFc.rab'e "-fficucy ot tfcis remaikabe pre
paration in curing the diseases t.<r which it is re
couiineuded For particulars call and get a do
senptive circular. Prepared bv
Practical and Analytical Chemists,
Norfolk, Va.
For sale in Richmond by Purcell, Laiid A Co,
Dr J W Oarlick, Waring j. Pearce, and
generally. mh I—3 m
" LIBHMENTThe subscribers art in receipt
f.f 100 bbla ar.d halt' bb.s of Philadelphia CREAM
A LK, in addition to their stock of t-oRTKR, CI
DEK, LAG Kit BEER, ac, to which they invite tee
attention of the traie, cjaurantoeinij the article to
give satisfaction, and tlie prica m «c reasjuable.
Orders left witn J W Nll'K, on Maiu street,or at
tho factor/, on 20:h street, between Main and
Franklin, will receive prou.pt attention
N B—We would respectfully call the attention of
onr friends and public generally, to tho fact that
Mr M Mci'ormtck having retired from tb« Bottling
Busings in tb'* city, ana removed to another State,
we would solicit the of all those favora
bly disposed ta our establishment.
Richmond, March t. IS. 1 ,9 nih 2—lm
TIONERY.— 300 bjxes Kanins, in difhient size*;
1900 drums Figs, utw crop; 3CO basis soft Almond*;
75 baes Crean. and Paradise Nuts; 100 bag* yilb -ru
and Walnuts; *0 bags teoau Nuts; l<Mf box *s Oran
ges; 1U»1 lioxes Lemons; 25 frails Dates; 25 as
sorted Jellies-; 2.'. dozen assorted Pickles; Si) boxes
>ujube Pase and onm Drjps; 25 cvses SA'din"*,
wbo'e, ha f and quarter; 4<i dc/.>n jars llrau'iy
Peaches; 200 jars Pruu'-s; 4-I0 b jxos (g!«gs tops)
Prunes; 75, UK) aegars at dill-Tent prices Also man
utacriiricg. Candies of double refined i, war
rant d to stand in any climate for its qnalitr.
Next door to Exchange Bank and opposite Kent,
Paine a. Co. mn H
■»-' MKItCHANTS.—Made to order. TOBACCO
REDS, cf any fizn As I hare on hand a larga
fctock of good material for this purpose, I wculd be
glad t;> furnish trcm 15 o>'o to2o,o<KlKog* thissea'ou.
I have also for sale FLOUh BARREL") ami HALF
BARRELS, suitable for flour, sugar, plaster. Ac.
Shop corner fitb nnd Cajy sts.
N 8.-Casb paid for RaRkKL TIMBSR.
mh I#—lm*
A/ TRADB OF l'W —liO bags assorted Almonds; Stl
do Paim Nuts; 25 do Filberts; 25 do Pecan Nuts; 25
do Walnuts; IMJ boxes Oranges; 100 boxes Lean us;
15 caotM Prunes; 1/ittl drums Figs, sew srt>»; Ci
Preserved tiinger; 2,500 lbs assorted Gum
Drops; 1.000 l>oxes Raisins; so frails new Data*; 5u
b <xe» Citron; 75 dozen assorted Pickles; 3D dodo
Catsup; AO boxes Muscat Wine; 25 do Sweet Oil, my
owu importation; 20 qr casks Claret V\ ine: 50 4o*en
cans Fresh Peachei; ."Vl dodo Fro b Stiawbsrries —
Also, manufactnrod daily, an expensive assortment
o? my superior Refined Candies Call at the cheap
store of JUAN PIZZtSI,
mh 11 12a Main st.
A LBERT L. WEiT, Architect, tbddin's
A Hull. Plan* gpecifl-atfona, Workini? Draw
ings aud Fstiruates for build ituc' and Other ltn.
provementa, In every etyle of Aichi'ecture, lornixh
ed, nod work auper in tended, and iuea«ured and
voiced, in the city or country My • xprrienceand
fidelity to the intererta committed to me, will, I
trnat, stcuro an increase of the liberal pitrouase
already erjoycd. _ , ,
BuckiiißQaiu SLATE, for roof*, constantly on
hand. «nd fbraal* at greatly reduced price*,
mli 12—lm* .
YET PROnuOED — UFFORD'B celebrated
tvoka consuming p»t«ut portable I amp TCbi*
Lamp produce*, from the pooreat quality of Oil or
grea**, without odor, a* much Huh* a* a medmnj
S >Lar. at one quarter the expeiwe— th-» lamp hold*
bat 2-4 of app ut of Oil, and barn* twtlv* hoar* or
more, producing a moat .plendid light—plea tan t,
even to w*ak *jea—requiriug ii' tie or oo otcauing,
and only cotton flanael wicka. F r *ale by
Bole Ag*ut for thi* city,
ah 8 No 20 Pearl St.
A A MEXICAN GUANO-400 bbk very
**le by Mh 14 RM PR INKER A 00.
" — Warranted to b* one half beat Peruvian Q»-
• no, one half oa»Ground Ben* and h*at Pkaapkate
Ciuaao. all ground and well mixed, lor •aiaby.
mh 14 I H SKI ERKICa
PORTLAND SYRUP.—A few b«n*l«
* Portland Syrup, n«w and first-raU, receiving
•ndfor Mia by
mh 15 IDWW WOBTHAM * 00
Tiotiuis »i»on roaaiES—
manufacture; lor *ale low.
rjIRD OA*W.-* Urj.iupplr juitr.-
THE iTTahatch* 1
terms or AOTuimM.
» Slz±SSm
tOT AdrartfeMMoU pnbUfbed uffl MM. « '
°* charred M f*»ts par quart of tea ttM Mlk
flw tawrtiw. sad g cents fcr«Kk«tnteWMi
WATCHBB, clocks,
AL . COST.—CoßfempUtlßf m*.
anvil ruin WAMM
4H»«pectta)lT into. Withe paMloAmtuXZ
jatt returned from the ftortti with as Imiii
sortment of Rnclish. Swla* and American WaTCH-
Kb. the morrmsnts of whl> h can net be exealled for
< ?iSSS^?.SRf!F^"■" , •• Also.a ocmple*® assort aval of
JBWKLKY. Silvar Spoons Gold and Silver Vacate
cles, with Brazilian Pebble Glasses. which will be
told as low aa any importing hrwee iat»is atmatry.
w. v . » L . EWIS W Mala
Watcher and Jewelry repaired by tfiMMwavfe
• J e **onable price and at draft nottoa.
mh 11— 3m
JL NOTICE.—Job* N. Willi auk,
£lem^'&s5 j 2Ptas
at Mo 5 Mi|a itreat_ thftc doon
Mow the Old Market
Here may be touzHi a neat aiwii tiwut a# fln*
Gold and Silver Watches, Gold and Silver
Seals and Key*; Uold, Silver, Steel aad:RaM
Spectacles, to suit all eyes; a large assortment of
fine Clock*. As, * c . * m
N B.—Particular attention paid to the Itiasitlaa
and R»gulatirg of fine Watches and Clocks. AQ
and Clocks repaired in my store are www
ranted to perform well for one year, without extra
charge, unless broken.
J 1 >HN 1% WILLIAMS, Watch and Clock Maker
and Jeweler, No 3 Main at, three doors below lsi
Mftrket - jar—<m
y- r *-3*GT,AB9ISB.-A r JAHNKI, Om.
caji, 75)4 Main street.—l have opened amt lotot
fine concave and convex ground Braailiaa MM*
Ulasses, in Gold and 8 tee I frame*.
I guarantee to suit. with these snperior 81mm*.
to whoM vision optical aidcaa baep-
The public are requested to call and examine.
Brazilian Pebble and other Olaasea filled la ait
frames. A W JAHNKI,
no* 7SH Main strS*.
JCJJ. S A MYEHB, cor Mtla and l'earl (treat.
Va, is recufcring daily, bf ex
press, handsome additions io his rxteosive stock of
WAR* all of which,.having been selected by him*
self with the greatest care, from the best importers
and manufacturers in Philadelphia, New York and
Boston, which he is effrrlng to his friends and the
public generally, at wholesale and retail, on the
most leaaooable terms He would call partkMilar
attention to his large assortment of BPECTACLRS.
consisting of Brazilian Pebbif s, and all oth<*r vari
etles ot Glasses. Ho has no hesitation in saylsc
he will bo able to suit any person needing Optical
»iJ- f«» 8 A HTSRS.
Jf RAN AWAY from the subiori-
JSlg, her, on Wednesday the 2t instant, a Negro
A,©Ulrl nimml MARTUA.ofa dark complex
™ — it n. about 4 feet 8 or 10 inches high; had on
a iiniK bet age drees and a black wad bonnet. Bhe
look with her a red calico dress and an old corded
cassiinere cape. I have no doubt that die ha* a
t l ied pa.-s.aif he has been seen about the streets.
is about 16 fears of age I will give flva dol
lars for her appre hen«ion and delivery to me, sod
twenty dolla r s for any information that willleiad to
the c >nviction of any person h «rb 'ring h«r.
mh 14—4'.* J"BKPH 0 HALEY.
jftWARI) —1 lie subscribers off;r a reward of
JtVIPTY DOLLARS, if taken in tbe -tate.and
ONK HUNDRED DOLLAR*,if taken oat
m iu« State, tor the apprehension an« delivery to
thenn in Kirhraoad, or a MULATTO MAN named
Ctctwst, who ran away from Mrs Julia A Mitchell
about ten days since, tie is of « brown color, abeut
ij years old, ft re feet 10 or II incuts high, and is a
good looking man, but a little scooping and rrand
shouldered Hecsmefium Amelia county, Virg
inia, but has belonged to us as Executors. and dm
lived with Mrs Mitchell, in Richmond, for five or
six years past. S«MUEL P MITCHELL,
mh B—2w Kxecuturs of Wm Mitchell, jr.
lA JAIL A 8 A RUNAWAY.—Was committed
J% to the jail of the C >rporatk>n of the city of
JULa Norfolk on the >3:h day of November, I*BB,
a no.ro man calling himself Tu vt BAILS The said
negro man is live feet seven and OBe half inches
high, and weighs one hundred and sixty-five
pounds, about thirty years old, of a light coiupl-x
--l"U, states tbat he was born in Bnmmerset county,
Maryland, and claims to be born free; had oa whan
committeatojail, sheep's grey clothes and a sailor
fe 9—6w Sergeant City Net folk.
The above reward will be paid for tbe appre-
Jt 1 hension and delivery to Davis Jt Uutcbeeon,
■ in the citv of Richmond, or oonflned In any
j an xu that 1 get him avain, if taken out of tbetMat*
of Virginia, and $M) if taken in I he State of VlrctDia,
for nir man THOMAB JEFFKKSON. He la aboat
21 years of as e, brown complexion, lull head ot hair,
good teeth, 5 feet 10 inches high, and rather irui
countenance JOHN A HUTCHaSOM.
Enquirer and Whig will copy In weekly pa
per twice each. ja 22—dt*
-L> IMPOST ns.
Norfolk, U
Have in (tore and U. 8. Custom Home, 30 hfcds
DY. imported by them trcm John Taylor of Los
dun /* Iso, in Custom House, Brandies of the fol
lowing brands: James Hennessy; Otard, Dapay ft
Co; rbe United Vineyard Proprietors: Sidney Oa
lerier, and other bran.ls. CUaMPAONRM: ureea
Seal; Cabinet, in half pints; Piper tteidsick: Held
sie* A Co, and other brands. All grade* or PORT
WINKS. SHBRRIBB : PuffOordnn, Harmony and
other brands. Madeira Wine*. Old Scotch WHIS
KEY. RYE WHISRIKsi: puramerdean; Lacker's
Mountain Rye: pare Extract of Rye Orain; rout
Besore's; Old BourhonCounty.Ky, and other brand*.
Ja-uaicaßUM. Holland OTN, in whole and JKpipea.
Hustettor's celebrated btomach Bitten. Charles'
London CORDIALOIN. London PORTER. Hootch
ALE iu stoße jugs. Superior old .VupperaonaWtee,
(red and white,) made in N Carolina. SARDINES,
in whole, half and quarter boxes, etc. etc. Aleo, 400,-
000 choice HAVANA H BOARS,which waresslaoted
in Havana by a gentleman sent out br u» for that
pnrpose; varying In price from #20 to flSCaer thou
sand. All of which will be sold to punctual par*
•una on favorable terma.
gole Importers, In the United State*, of Taylor's
« Celebrated London Dock Brandy. _
No 5 Wide Water street, Ir»n Building.
d 25—#m Nor'oik. va.
COMPOUND, for the rapid cure of all Kidney and
Bladder Complaints. This Concentrated Ooaapomra
Extract of unchu is the best Remedy In the World
tor all Diseases or Complaints of the Bladder. Kid
neys, Dropsy, Gravel, 'ileets, l-eocorrhoea or Whits*.
Urinary Complaints. Obstructions, and all Diasase*
and Weaknesses of the Sexual Organ*, whether of a
constitutional origin, or from any other caaas, m
long or short duration. . . „
It is prepare J by a Chemist, c-cn tuning ao B»r
cury, and is pronounced by medical insa to be aoC
only the best, but the cheapest Bucbu Ooiupoond to
the world persons who have ft* ysan and
'ould scarcely walk, hare been cored by using on*
or two battles. . _ , „ . . ut _
Urge Bottles, th small Bott es SO cents. Bcld by
FISHKR A WINSTON, and all Druggists la Rich
mond, Petersburg, Norfolk, and other lawns in Vir
ginia. lag—*»
|?XBOUTRIX WOTICI-Th# underufß
-a-*ed liaviDg qualified in th« Circuit SuastkyOoart
ef H ichoiond, as the Fxecuu ix of the wUI 01 ColCbaa
S Morgan, dee'd. all persons having claims sgalnst
tbe estate of said decedent are hcrebf reqasated to
pre-eut the stoic, properly authenticated, foe setUO;
ment; and all persons indebted to tha sasata of
the said Cfcas 8 Morgan, dse'd, upon boa da. noHia,
acccantsor otherwise, mil proceed without islay
to pay the same, a* the underslgaed dealrse aa lm
uediatesetil«u»ent of the estate of the uecedsot.
"» WARE MANUFACTORY, 13th Mreat, be
tween Main and Cary. Richmond. Va, wber* deal
er* and housekeeper* star had It to their advan
tage to call, a* they ran boy twtur art tela* Mtd.aa
low aa Northern W«r« Agooda**orts*«»tn<Toß4,
in neat* or by the aingtle one; CHURN* "fall
MILK PAILS; bra a bound CADBand BUCKRTft;
also, iron bound BUOftHS. »*aled MIUtOUI
*c.*c. ataedef
mil 11—tm* WM WTLt T Altt.
received a large and be-»u iful *tockof
Forn'atii' k UowJ*. ehirt*. Dollar*. Cravata, tara.
Tie*. Suspender*. Glove*, and *»«rr thing mwttta
In* to g#tnl«»*B'* apparel, which thay offer at
vary ioweet
mh 11 f uooneor* to Mercnaat.WaMger k 00.
1 Orange*: 10 box<a Lemon*; 206 whole, half
sad quarter boxaaßaialiu; M ban Fil
bert*. almnaU. Pecan* and WatrstK MlidiWM
Fig.; 3 raae* Pranea; 1» bnM Cltroa; 5 caak 0»£
rant* 10 frail* Date*; tar Mia a* ita *>—> oa*b
•tore. N©7«.Maln*tr*et.
nib it DATIP M JOIW. A«—».
OtGAR, AO —100 bblsG m 4 Aim 0
O Yellow Sugar, S® akg* b*rt D*Ne M*4
Crop Cuba Muscovado and Raboilad mmttm m
* A ,
riROHARD Off »Bd cUr *•«« T
"M"™' ' LBWtK ltm * »
A 'Witt l)iro* a
Ut *■>»<■• taHrta BwWarSrd
I<saM* b»*Mld pri.#

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