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'*"! " 11 1
. r-.«K ihspatoh
at M.t *«» * us\*tsr esirrs vu niLMt'
• w the Cirr »I wcfclv. PHc« for OMiltBS.W*
y,<*r, or 52.W ft* «* raotrh*, in advauce.
irriiK skmi-wkk&ly rn»p A TOH i*ttwn«d
»v,m nrd *TSii»y »i £*>,is ndvane*
M EK? \j\ IMSPVTCR is lastwd e»«r»
Trr ■: ■ *"■' at»| p» r awnnm
FM am AifD »<U.E.
Ks ToK °^— The place on •whieii
Jl tesde, r ntMninc *N ni HiRTY ai'kks
< NP. » ''il .miMrc v, * A 'Vc n^^orX
-a Ft>ti RfcNT.—a Two M*r? Brick
■» "n Cauai, l*-twe« n
s: « I streets, COAIAtuiDK six tvoms, With
kks i t and cl.y v. atet »u the pi<aiiivs all
, ~«< iJ- r. K< n .vi pt r arinitm. '
« ~ * V CLOPTON,
t--n.. r w all and FranMin sMwta.
<.; f Pickf Kin h7|| a { >
«tOR Hfcft l. — lhree tvt/o.uo to
M..\<.sn Hous. .corn"r Bank and i.nh atre*t*.
. 'iMj i linls' s r.vtnut ot ■ fuc« lien, vert
Apply to J No O SH AFKR,
»r *t Voder fcxebauge Hot*!.
"aa r Uii U t.iS t A large aott cetnmo
lic».H r -ii'"i, ■ n (' vrch Hill, adiclnli.s th«
i- ►•dene «f Ji bnl.l •.. . Km. on Franklin, he
;w«-en >-h ht! ;.il . sire. :* U all thi< utMiertt
i-..p < * .-mei.t*, nnOeri-rt lixlure neoeaaarr to mak<
» *..Ur.ce ooratorUkt le « . -r.rdMe. For !#rtK«
i'u—uar» and tetir.#, cj ply
Mm u .IRWriT.
As-'nt and «'o b-ctor.
r- !* Office ISih tt. het • Main and Ftanklin.
VHDaBuX l>" KLi.ISU ».Ni-
Bji VACANT IX>T3 »>N TUK FAST 1,1 >Kt i i.TH
VTRTiJ OF ttciul! STRKKT. »'OR BAI.K- Weare
h to *<>| the Urv• !>«e'llng located a
sN've, now in the oocupai.ey ot W M Harrbon.
> •<. The l<ot ha* a front of l«.< ii<et, and a ilt-pth 11
i -et The l>wellit gis not ouiy larse. lint iscon
v ; . atly •rranged for the ac>'>mmoda>i.ui oi n
in':.ily Tbe Dwtlimg. with i 5 fwt front, will b*
. ,s n-partite m«m the vacant kround on tlu N« rib
*~d eouta. Apply to
__ qoPPIN A \PrK".SOX.
FOR RENT—A teccnifit. wiili
3 pcxvJ yard and garden, m f et deep, near lb«
t'.et ot Uio&d nod JeSctavn it t'< pet
month. Apply to 0 li I'KA KI
ap I—ts
BfUK RKST.—One of tbo&e nta:
> ramed Ten- rj"nts on i6th street, one cqnart
r. r'h of \ enable It has thre-- god rti nis, and a
Kitchea *ith i rooms. Kents«').'o. Applv to
eftik ttENT—\Ni'h immediate pos
seaaion, a very -p»cloo»aud comf. ruble Cfficr.
;iie Brit !! ior ov-r the Merchants' fnsnranct
. v. O'j Main str-.-!. Apply at the cltioe of tin
City ."aviiigs H«rk. m h at- ts
Jpl l 1 uH iit'NT—Tie clfico at preeeat
Hi'l cccupied by the Lycnhbarg aid Abingdoc
Tt-irgraph Oomptny, corner Main and Pearl » s
liWgeioom ga» and water convenient. Apply a*
tbe effi -e t'o-jw.iiri given iu a tew days.
cah 29—tt
Aql criveu at oocc%two
tin 24 aad3i o««r Mie Hook an i Lalder
•upany. on ittfh str -et, between Main aud Caiy
i',i-y are abut Tl by W) *eet. They ar'' very desira
tle ro -;ns, sa lia the business parf of the city Ai
_ Ooddin's Hall.
g* Ufcdiß\ULE Kha 10ENCE AND
ol ICK FOR RBNT —The Uon*o aud Lot od
- «tre< t, ut*x! !»mr own residence, and n-ar the
c rti.ro! Urac-e. K r a good tenant, i . will be pn
r- pat', at a low rent Also, the offic >, in the Law
h _i iiiis rith • ocoupancy of Abel U Mayo. It i^
, the Q.«t n»x>r % and hai jj** aud other con yen
iC* € Himnxtms in the Law Building, and room*
: r a ci» ar water bath and laundry in rear of the
*,:,ie. Other desirable rroperty for sale ami
rt-ur Pjasv siou given lmmediatelr.
mh 2? -1m B B MTVr»R.
mt HOUSE ON G JVt ttMuu J.
FOH RENT—For r»-nt, and possession niven
i n tt>* Ist. of April, the bouse ou th • west sideot Go
vtru--r str< et, now o curied by Mr. F. H. Cowling,
:i':d i Jj-the o»rn-r hocse iu the occupancy ot
M«f>«rs Desert* Anierson. Apply to Samu>4 P
V't- b" a:. J Andrew Johnston, Executors of Win.
Mitcrjell. it ___ tnli Ift—ta
£* DESIRABLE Huuei. buic
CITY "F RKI1 V 1 fND —Inter ling to r?move t
the ountrr,! ifer for tale, privately, my Dwell
in« I! oc-< :: I.eigh street, for many years occu
pied hj- Ci t John II Prtnti»s, with four lots at
tached the; <-:o. fronting each z* feet and rnnnicj
I ick Iftif'-trt to nn alley. Said lots will lie sold to
gether, or s- pirately,as purchasers niay desire —
Any inf .rma!Mn as regards terms,4c , may be ob
tained by appl > iug to Mr Alfred Shield,or the sub
scriber, on the premises, who will take pleasure in
showing the property to any desirous ot purchasing
mh, l'.—im* PATH\KINB PKEVTIB.
gg* FOR KfcNT—And possession given
Hs the 15th of April n-xt, the very eligible
«10174 K. on *th, between ora-e and Franklin st*
n woccupied by Mr Richard Ilill.jr It has ge\-i.
goo-i rooms with an «ut-kitc!ien and lar»;e lot at
tached. For tortus, 4c , applr 'o
I' M TABU A S?N, Ast's.
nib 14— ts Pad r Exchange H"tel.
BO O M ti FOR KbM-eeverti
BEt plea«ant Rooms over my store, suitable for
i igmg rooms for gentlemen. Alss. a Lumber
House, t»v it of my store, with a good entrance from
bank street, suitable for store hous> or tobac o tac
mh R—!m
I The SIX TENEMENTS on Byrd and7th street
have baen thoroughly repaired, and are now readj
for t aaiita. Apply to
ia 27 —ts Richmond A i>t»Tjvitie H ROo
Thsßpring Meeting over this court.' will com
metice on TUESDAY, 17tl» day of May next, and
tm.tiuue throughout the week.
Kiftsi Dar—Post stake for all ages, four utile heats
f2O" entrance; $i»fi forfeit. Slvs.u added by the
Club. Closed ori Ist Mint, with four subscribers, vi/:
T a TW Dowell. John Hunter, K Ii Dickinson
» id .James M Tar lor.
ei osd Da r—/or ' Una —Sweepstakes for three
y<-ar eld coils and fillies $2uo entrance. $bm for
It-it. Cloaea on Ist icst, -with the following entries :
Thomas W Dojwell enters ch c, fcxchtqner, by
Re venue, dam Nina, t.y Boston.
W H Gibbons eaters b f, Ciinoline, by Financier,
dam Miss Mattie, by Umpire
John HueUt enters b c, by Lexington, dam by
F M Hall enters s;r f, Faith, by Childe llarrold,
darn Fidelity, by Priam.
Srootui Same Day.—Jockey Club purse,
threti rntte heats.
Taian L>A\ — Fit 'i Hurf —Sweepstakes for three
year old eoiis ana hiiies. $130 entrance. IJal) for
icit. Mile heats. To name and clos«- I %;Ii March
Second Jiao- r.a.uie Day—Proprietor's purse, $200
Two mile beats.
Fourth Day—FirH Race — Sweepstakes for three
year old colts auJ fiilii-*, out of mares that never
produced a winner. $!:*) entrance. Halt forfeit
Mile heats. To name nd close 15th March.
F.fivd Koce—i am" Day.— Proprietor's purse, $150
Mile boats— beet three in Ave.
Fifth Day —Handicap race for service t>f p'ate
the value of >.ntrnnce *50, to be added to the
ctike. Secoud horse to save his eutrauce, provided
turee or tnor? start. Three mile heate.
N cminations for the above mentioned Colt Stakes,
closing litb March next, to be ad m-sited to •
Sec'y Ashland Jockey Clnb.
AfHIiKD, Hanover county, Va, Jan 26, la V.
ja Tt—2awtMlo*td
We have on hand of our own manafactnre.
a very large asjortmectof superior quality
Stone W are, which we are aelliug at our factory
prices, consist it g of
Jugs, Jars, Pitchers, Churns, Spittoons
Covered Butter Pots, Milk Pong
Cork Jars, (air tight.) Water Coolers,
Water Kegs, Ch'inuey Caps, Ac
Merchant* will please ca 1 and examine our Ware
before eUewhere, aud buy at Factory
prices, atour Pottery,corner ot 12th and Cary stf.
DAY, Win APRIL, Is'v —(>n the occasion ol the
Political Meeting at Ashland, on TUESDAY, 12th
i si;. »cc!>mmo<laiion trains will leave the Depot,on
Broad street, at 10 o'clock, and 12 o'clock, and re
iu' n to Richmond at convenient hours iu the af:er
neon Kor the accommodation of those who may
reach the Junction by the Virginia Ontn.l Kail
road a tram will leiavethe Juuc i-mfoi Aslilatid. n
tbe arrival of the train from nhariottesville. »are
for tbe round trip between Richmond and Ashland
91. * Rt'Tll. Snp't.
Office Richmond, Fred'ir and f R U Co,)
Richmond, April Mb, It. r >9. / ap6
ANNA P. GEOR'JE, am! tbe other children aud
deviseoaof Jauea Brown, S"U-. deeean d, who are
uuknown—Motieei* her by given yon that we will,
at the law olbje of William Saaeit. Esq. in the tnwu
of UovlsgtoOt Vit.oll tb© 25th of April ntjjct, npply
to a Ja«tlc*) of tbe for coontJ to
upyjiu to what will be »
ju«t lor the wood.fton®. gravel and
earth, ou tilty acre*, more or loan, of the IfinH® be
loagiim to jon a« heir# of Jarnen Brown, Hen, de
c«?alyiDf? on the waters of Duolap'n Cict»k, il
said county of Ail"ffhany.
By WM BKEKN. Attorney.
Richmond, Marrli 24ih IBW tab 24-lawtwTh*
PUBLIC NtJTIL'E. —At a roteting cf
the Boat 4 of Directors for tbe Pattern I u atlc
Asylum, In the city of WiHiatuburg, Va, held on
the lr.thday of Match, I°s9:—
ORDERED that tbe Steward purchase all Good*
and aupplit* ne< dfnl for the Asylum, npon tbe beat
u tw« tb«y eau be had. in uo caie to pair more than
fifteen percent on prime coat, at CASH price, and
tk a the said Steward in making such .purchases
sb *11 inspect tbe goods aud merchant's billf; and
sampleaof the articles ueedel ahall be furnUhed to
any neraun applvinjg for tbe tame, and that cab
will W paid by the Board for the gnods ao purcbasad.
ap2-law2t_ T W CAMU. Clk.
I'AtINEE —Tha undersigned have teen appoint
ed aole agenta for the United Mtatea and Canada, for
the aale of tbe CHAHFAGSK WINES of Meaata.
vi u.QofWtUo.. atChalonaa«tr-Mari»»»,Franca
We prtheir Wfn»s to the public tmdar two
I rands, namely: LA I'FHLK and RUBJS.
, Ihe PERLS" Wina la of ertjuialte flavor and
Irrtty tsste
The RCHIB" U a Una Cal!n«t Ohampagoe, ot •
tfantftil rnby color, wbich la natural to the win*
a'wl is made from • i rapea of the choicest selsctloni.
rm tab ,t wlioicank i« Richmond. only by
DVWtY * CO.,
Ik'., * 12 Slain
VOL. XV-NQ. 83
,JSr^\ exix " KVi L hariaff
tl^?Thu P Pr!' r! V ,n - nt, T ,n
rat. k! hl *r ~IV r" >u * wvicea to the puoiic
LI, « V* 1 ' 0 ® Hbrr ttt hieofflc* on Bank street
Utotel Mechanics' Institute, or at the 8,
. ath 3—<sim*
f|or Pe. JOH* B. WAITHALL, (Rou<BO
tK r Ul,h bU ~
If TOC n,\VK A CotTOH, ~
f yon hare Dy HAMPTON'S TIN'OTXJtt®.
r yon hare Rb»r!m^ m " AMPTON ' 8 "NCTUttll.
(f yon have BnJch" WNCTVOK.
!f yon have Pain ri T!NOTU H®-
If ron are all TINCTDKK.
s njost highly eateemed; liko thousands of ouT beS
vuown citi?,ous, twla t a duty to bear teetlmonVSf
wonderfni enrattre power ot >1 \MW Vk
C XITURK. Why let your friond, wffer
*itb«mt giving It a trial f Utll and get a pamphlet
4ud si's testimony. i
Baltimor*, S«pt. 28,1865.
M'ttrs Miriim.er dt Mowbray—Gen lemen • 1 have
'ii ! r buiik time afllictod with Asthma, accompa
lied with ahortuees of !»f«'ath, with many symptoms
if Oi;a«urap ion A trieui, knowing of the healine
>r p<rtien of HAMPTON'S VKGeTEBLK TIN(3-
fUUK, from having n*ed the Siinie, induced mo to
proeme a bottle of the Tincture, and by tbe use of
-at txittle was s much bett >r that 1 waa induced to
lftt* more of it. and bjr taking flvo or six Ijottles I was
e»tor«»d to my usual health, and will say to all per
lona who are afflicttv' as I was to use HAMPTON'B
Gentlesneu—Yoa are at liberty to use my name
or the benefit of the afflicted.
Kllkh Froon,
8. West corner of Liberty aud Clay sU.,
Baltimore, >ld.
$~f Call and ge» Pamphlets and see cures,
bdd by PUKCELL, LADUAOO. Richmond; by
)rCOOKE, Fredericksburg; brail the Prungist«
n Petersburg: by MORtlMKit A MOWBRAY,
lattimore, aud by Druggists and Shop-keepers
»i»- «' r"" bottle; six bottles for $ft.
no I—dAwts
««r Leb & Pleasant^—
Practice in thcCourts held iu Kichaiond, Henrico,
Qoccbland and uauover.
A« Notaries Pubiic and Commissioners of Deeds,
ec, they are authorised to take Depositions, A fii 1 a
vits Acknow!' dements of D wis, Powers of Attur
aey. Bills of Sale, «c, to be usod or recorded insthe
States and territories of the Union.
Office sn 11th st. 3d door from Main, mh 12—ly
35 Bk.ycty —It has a votary in ev
••ry heart, moves to love, and refines the taste. If
you v.ish to be subjected to such an influence, go
and ee*e it giow «'pon the canvas, breathe from the
terial-toned a.MBK' >T V P*. aud highly-finished
i'HOTOU R A PH. Do this, and if you have a heiart
to reel ai.4 a taste to appreciate, you must be
Photographs taken all up to i.ifk copied
from Datuerrt-otypes or Ambrotypes and colored
!n oil or water colors, making really beautiful pic
tures. G W MINN;B,
Opposite Custom House, Main st,
mh 23 Richmond.
jfgf Pabki Poihdkxtbr,
attornev at law,
Will practice In the city ef Richmond and in tne
counties of Chesterfield, Powhatan ar;d Amelia.
•jU Office in Lisle'g Building, corner of Main and
14th streets. se 23—12 m
firir ? aB Best (Jouqu Ovucp IS TUI
The best Cough Syrup in the world is Harts
ionic's Pectoral Syrup or Wild Cherry.
This article is prepared by a chemist, and is pro
aoaaced by medical men, aud those who have used
it, to be the best preparation for Coughs, Colds,
Jatarrh, Bronchitis, Hoarseness, Sore Throat from
i cold, and a preventive of that lien of diseases,
Persons who sing should nse it. It is pl'-asaut tc
tbe taste, seftens, clears and strengthens the voice,
allays all irritation of the throat and lungs, and pre
vents taking cold. *
Bottles 25 and 50 ccnts and $1. Sold by all Drug:-
gists in Richmond, Norfolk, Petersburg, and all
towns in Virginia. oc 15—6 m
&gF Th« Gksat Viegikia Rbmedy,
i.vd No Humbug.—
This great American Remedy, containing no Mer
curial or Balsamic properties, excels everything
heretofore oftered the public, iu its curative, resto
cative aud renovating powers; and the medical
world are astonished when told that the above re
medy will care the above diseases, and confounded
when they haveoccnlar demonstrations of tbe facts.
Hat the proprietor, who has known of the remedy
for twenty odd years, has known ofacaseof twe<nty
rears standing to be restored to perfect health, and
all other case* ot shorter duration, to be restored,
without a single- exception, aud therefore challenges
any case of Gonorrho a which the remedy will net
cure, provided the directions are carried out with
prudence on the part of the patient: and to any one
purchasing half a dozen bottles, and using accord
tngly, in his or her case he gnsrantees a perfeot
cure; and in case of failure, will fu-nish additional
medicine, free of charge, to complete the cure
through his aije-nts: and a cue will oe effected with
jnt inconvenience to the patient. Sold by
Agents for the city of Richmond,
de 10—6 m* No. 201 Broad st.
SINGBU's NLW Tranbvsbsb BHCT
tIe Sewinu Machine
Richmond, March, 1653- inhAi—lm»
JVo. IOC Main Street, Richmond, Fa.
A uniform standard of Weights, and a correct sys
tern ol weighing, art)subjects claiming the atteuuon
of every individual iu too country.
A erred Scale is a just arbiter between burer
aud sellt-r, and u is of the utmost importance that
an instrument so universa'ly called upon to decide
questions of groat value in the daily and hourly
transactions of business, should be of such reli
ability and exactness as to secure, the confidence qf
all those who may Oe affected by the results indica
A lawsuit which arosef row. a discrepancy of weight
bet ween one of Fairbanks' Scales in use by the Balti
more and Ohio Railroad Company and out if an
other manufacturer, was recently tried in the (hurt
<lf(' mmoti Fleas. Baltimore The cast occupied the
Court two days, and Jwlge Marshall, in deli wring
his decision stated, as the result qf the evidence, that
the accuracy <tf' Fairbanks' Scales" wus established
bcuoiui all question. _ „ .
Test jour Scales thoroughly, and if found incor
rect, throw them aside and buy one of Fairbinks
cel-'brat'-d tcales, the universally acknowledged
standard for corrtct weight.
The. well-earned reputation of these Scales has in
dued the venders of impe.rftct and worthless balances
to offer them as "Fairbanks' Scales," and purchsers
have, thereby, in many instances, been subjected to
fraud amd imposition.
Tbey enn only be h&i in Richmond of CLARK
SON, ANDERSON 4 CO., No lUo Main street, who
are the agents, and who keep constantly on band~
And deliver at short notice—
mh H—2m
iro the safest and best Purgative Pills In use. They
iet upon tbe Liver, Stomach and Bowelß, carrying
)ff all bile and every foul accretion. Thoy don't
iripc. are easy in their operation, au<l can be taken
»t any time without fear of exposure. They remove
V'lds from the syatein and prevent Rheumaiiaiß.-
ff vou suiter with any nam, use HAkTSHORNE'S
the great PAIli ANN I DILATOR If
rou have a wngl. use HARTSHORNB'B COUGH
3YRUP, wbich ia the best Cough Syrup in the
*Sold by all Draggtata In Rlchmord. oe 15—Ana
Will open this day another «P»«di* «n»rt™ont of
rah ?h-hl2w MANTIILAB.
I UMUEK, LUM'iER.—I bare on h*nd
' A tbe following kinds of Lumber: !
White Pine Mahogany Maple
Poplar Black Walnut Ash
Spiuc* Cherry Oak m ,
Yellow Pine Chair Plank Bnttoo Wood
Flooring Scantling Shinglea
To which I raapectfully caff tha nttontlon of those
in w«nt. JEDW D E DUDLEY,
mh 29 liHb at. botwaan Mala and Franklin.
U i'At kega Dupont a Blaatln* Powder, receiv
WSUx. w.
The *'»*« c«i« in Phila
Tha examination io the cam of Daniel Danger,
field, a slave, claimed by the agents of Elizabeth
Hmpson, of Virginia, ai a fugitive, waa cootioaed
before the 1. 8. Commissioner, in Philadelphia,
Monday evening. While the witness** were giv
ing in their evidence, the abolition fanatic* around
frequently interrupted them with such exclama.
tlons as'-shame," "perjury," Ac. Dr Fraocla E
Lucket, • resident of Philadelphia, waa first ex
•mined, and testified to the identify of the alave,
having once, while residing In Londoon co., Va ,
visited bim aa medical attendant. The continual
tlon of the evidence ia given in the Ledger, as fol.
J.W Patton, •worn.- 1 reside in L-mdono co..
Ja, I kee* Vrench Simpson when he »as alive-
L i'"" 1 OauKt'tfleld and be know* me; i
know bat man Jo be Daniel Daugorfield ; I tir*t
and i "" Mr - Mmtisou'H Urm; in 1342
and In IS4J I was working for Mr S and wn*
wUhUS. e i i rra , nnt 'L lW6 . a '"' thi < ">an worked
with me, I last saw him In 1854 Daniel was a bov
of *ge UMt * W he "»• abon » l'» or 12years
_I re#fd « '» Londoun co
..' ® in, ' w French Mimpaon in bis lif« nm«- t
collect a boy he had. named Daniel Dangetfield- I
recognize him as present now; be nsed to come'to
my shopto bave the bioti and shoes msnded for
ba family; I last saw him about twelve years ago
on^n r tTth"?c"« D PriTarebU,i ° M "' aud »«
Cro«« examined.—l brought the naner* in tt>i.
e C™.°° , " d
. (iDl ' ck sflirmed—l am a member of tbe
fhe wo?H UrC r t D<l Wo " ,d uot te " » n no truth for
r ,,?
v;;; T °rpr -
pats*ing through (he street* of that citj* heard
heard '» H.r?isbnS
neard nothing since and I saw him bv acci<W
and 1 immediately ascertained tbe proper st«ts to
reclaim him; wrote to my brother-Tn law, Mr "{o°
gers, to meet meat Harrisburg; I n*nUi ihC
his peculiar walk; when J
endeavored to convey tbe impression among 4he
crowd thai be was u burglar.
This witness underwent a searching cross exam
i nation after his assertion that he had endeavored
to convey a false impression of tbe ground on
which the arrest was to be made, after bo bad a'
tbe coinmeuceinont of bis examination, said 'he
would not tell an untruth on any consideration—
Some of theroma:ks were quite persona! and at
one point tbe Commissioner was called upon to
protect tbe witness. lie was then allowed to re.
Ssndford P. Rogers, sworn—l am tbe lor.in*
law of Mrs. Simpson and I am her agent: have
known Dangerfield ever since he was a child; I
know that io the man now in Cour';l last saw him
in 1553, I saw Commissioner Longstreth before the
arrest, and exhibited my papers to him; that was
ou Thursday week last; he told tne the papers
were not correct, and said if the arrest was u.ade
under them, he would be obliged to discharge the
part): the papers were then sect back to Laudoun
county, and returned in au amended form, and
then again submitted to Commissioner L jngstretb,
who pronounced them ail richt.
The claimants hera rested, and the counsel for
the alleged fugitive asked !or a postponement.—
This was objected to by Mr. Brewster.
ts. The Commissioner reminded the gentlen « i that
on Saturday he indfFgt d them with a continuance,
when theact required the proceedings to be sum
mary. Counsel said they had had no opportunity
of conferring with witnesses, in order to under
stand their defence Mr. Longstreth finally deci
ded to allow a continuance, stating, at the same
time, that he did so. not in cotißt queuce of the ap
peals made to his fe-eliui;s.but becau- e he recogn :
the right under the law. of tbe respoudeut to have
th« opportunity to have his case be>ard, if case be
had. The case was then postponed until four
o'clock, this afternoon. Tbe court room was then
cleared, c»I shortly afterwards the alleged fugitiT;
was takeu through tbe Square to the C unty
Prison, thus avoiding the crowd congregated on
Fifth street. A!l excitement subsided after this,
and the crowd dispersed. During the latter part of
the day there were over three hundred policemen
present to preserve the place, but nothing occur
red to call for any interference on their part Xbey
were mainly occupied in keeping the paseage way
clear. In the Court room the scene was at times
exciting, in conseqenceof the personal altercatiou
between the counsel engaged in the case; and du
ring tbe remarks of the attorneys f.r the alleged
fugitive, attempts were made at applause, but they
were promptly checked.
SrABBtSG Exnimriosf.—A sparring exhibition
took place in New York ou Monday Digbt, {or tbc
beuefn of tbo widow of Harrington, the pogi iat.
There were 2500 person* present. Among the
parties who entered the friendly match werb
Morrissey and Heeoan. The Herald says:
The announcement of their name* by ibe Master
of Ceremonies was the signal for boisterous ap
plause. Id they entered, holding each other by
the hand. The siiiht of the vanquisher and the van
quished, so lately enemies, aud uow met iu fiiend
ship to display their scieuce for u charitab e cb
ject, bad ap iwerful < ffVct upon tbe spectators, ar d
the cheering demons rations of applause were pi r
fctly deafening. They cordially shook fa d
and separated each lo Itis side ot tbe stage. and
tuetagainat tbe call of'-time"at the • scratch,''
and shook hands again. There was a smile of good
humor on bo'h their countenances, and, iu spite
of their peculiar positions and the expectations
of the spectators, of which neither of them
was iguorant, it would be nLjust, to both to
siy that their Iriendsibp aud good leelii gs wen
simulated. Iu taking pofcition tbey eyed each otl or
caniioaaty, and after a little feeling of the b 'aid*
and "sbam'my" Mnrrisaey led »if. but was beau i
fnlly s'o| p< d. Tbey bad eigbt rounds.tbe feat halt
of which passed t ff very quielly, tbe latter f..ur
were very stirring During tbeir exhibition tbey
seldom bit each other; but when tbey did get
borne they were stinging t >ncber; tbey would have
made tbe feathers fly off other men. Of tbeir
relative performances last evening nothing could
be said to please everybody, nor, if said, conld it
be regarded an anything like what either of them
was capable of performing in right good earntat.
Their styles were vastly different. Ileenan looki d
a powerful young uiau, cool and collected, wait
inz for bis man, and determined to make a long
affair if so required. Morrissey danced round and
round him, aud bad tbe heaviest of tbe labor, seek
ing e\er for an openiug, aud keepiug at his task
till tbeoneor tbe other dashed out. Tbe hitting
was about equal. Unce, in a rush, Morrissey
slipped and weut dowi.: but iuan instant Ileenan
had him up agaiu, which drew forth tremendous
cheering. In this affair Heenan's left baud got
hurt on Morrissey's left eye, wbich also immo*
diately showed color. The display throughout,
was creditable to both men, as it must have been
evident to everybody that both could have done
better (or worne rather.) They retired frcm the
stage in tbe same friendship In wbich tbey en
tered; aud, from expressions beard from both af
terwards, tbey were very highly pleaatd with each
Both Morrissey aud Heenan intend to draw close
to tbeir business hereafter, aud leave sparring to
others. Ii Heenait'a challenge to tbo English
champion be accepted be will go to Loudon and
tight, if not, be purposes sticking closely to Rock
Cottage, wbicb be has lately takeu possession of,
and where he thinks be can make more gold than
iu the riog. Morrissey says that be may, for
charitable purposes, pnt in "an appearance," now
and again; but, with that exception, and once
more, at any benefit ef Mr. Heenan's, his boxiDg
is over, as well as his fighting. Thus enda tbe
lung feud between the rival pngiliatn.
Tax Habits or m» "Wanderer's" Nbgroes —A
correapondeut of the Southern Recorder, writing
from Jackaonville, Ga , gives tbe following ac
cottdt cf the "Wanderin f Africans" that were re»
cently in duress, for some days, at that place —
"Tbe moat of thoao negroes are very likely, and
are from six to twonty-oue yeara old; there is
only one woman among them. Tbey seem pet*
fectly happy, and arc as contented and free from
caro as if roaming tbeir native wilds. They re
main in jail only at night; during the day they
are permitted tbe froedom of the yard. Some of
them are quite smart, and all are qnlck tcr learn.
At flrat, tbey could not speak a word of Engliab;
aeveral of them, since tbey have been here, have
maatered many words. Monty and whiskey are fa-'
▼orite words with them—all love monoy,aud all ap
pear to love whiskey. Tboy seem to have a know!*
edge of the valneof "oin,but none of our paper enr*
rency. I gave oneaa order for something ataatore,
aiuce which time all acrapa of paper ar« iu great
demand with them. A newapaper waa torn Into
small plecea and carefully pnt away, tbey tbiuk
tug it will answer the same pni poae as money.—
Their dances and aporta are very amuafng and
original. Moat of the older one* are quite Inge*
nioua, making knivea aud other tbinga out of iron
boopa and aardioe boxea. Tbey are very fond of
floe dreaa, and aome of tbe boys of tba place have
put gay ribbona through tbe bolea in their eara,
which makes tbem quite prond. I don't tbiLk
they have an Idea of God. I have taken aome
paina to find oat tbeir belief in a Supreme Being,
bat have failed. Tbey are from three different
uatioßs or tribea, there being three different
marka or tattoos among tbem, Indicating, aa tbey
aay, different nationa, or perhaps aa more reaaoux
able, different caatea. They eoon learned aome
profane worda, bat being told it wm wrong to nee
tbem, It la eeldom they will do ao, aaying marbt,
bad, when aaked to repeat tbem.
Accocnta of the ere pa from Ohio, Alabama Gee r*
tria and Miaaonrl are highly favorable to good hat*
Tbe Cincinnati Gaaette aay* ®,2SO adventnrara
have paasad throngh that rlty this aeaaon by rlvar
•lont loi Pllta'a Pe»lf
The Staaon in Ftorl<l<i-Ba<l for la~
vaiidt— The Indian*, tic,
Taluhassu, April 2d, 1859.
The weather has bean vary bad all tbe winter
and spring, with little or no toterraptlon. New
and then we will have a balmy, warm and delight
ful day. and we f e ol full of gratitude aad smiles
and good feelings, and put on thin clothing,
and pleasantly remark that now we are to bavx
some seasonable, Florida weather, when it com.
again, and. prerto, chavgt, around
whips the wind, au<i we have it oippingcold again.
All kinds of agricultural operations have been
greatly retarded. There waa so much rain dnriocr
the cotton picking season tbatthe planters did not
get their crop out at tbe nsual time, aod are be.
hind band with their planting; and now it contl.
noes to rain so much tbet a good deal of level land
Is under water, and tbat that is no»,t» not in a con
dition to be worked. Our water courses are all
Th'/ft i b " Te teen at f,mM I ®passable.—
The Octockonee river, jist eight miles from here,
bas been a mile out ol its banks, lately. We have
several times missed oar mails from tbe North on
®ia» account. j
h#Te boeD I 11 "® * ""'"ber of invalids here
thh winter. They expect tofi ,d a mild and health
giving climate. Tbey staid a sbort time and left
.k y wlth thi> of Florida, as
well they might have been.
1 saw a gentleman a day or to ego, who is inat
fr* m B|>nth Florida, nea<- the Indian country.
He bad been on a survey near Pea's Creek, and
was get . U g on finely with his contract, when
ho!i° M " ni ' of be,n * in th * neighbor,
hood, and the surveyors concluded, it «»s heat to
abandon their work, which dfld iostanter.—
tie represents the climate as delightful beyond de«
?rn!f. r 1- country abouuding in tropical
frnits of a great many kinds, and game and fiih
the w™rt. Va 1 bro 2/ lht hotDe inhabitant of
the woods of South Florida, in tbe shape of an
detlTrn ? W K Ch °° ODe bore hM beeo " b, « I
th« nV° W "P'cles belong.. It is sb ut i
apointer dog now, but will be much
i eD i 7 aDd l# of a dark rf "l'9h
ir» c.H i or " i llke a cat ' and ,tB motions
! r " c " ,lk ®' and " playful and perfectly in.
ard nsin ?, plays wit h chiliren, laylug on its side
osf 'L tt '/ P swg and mouth as a cat would, but
C ri r S , to BCrafc h or bite them. It has ex
n.«n»* Kr< 4 f 0f car 'o ,,i ly here, and a great
many people go to see it daily. It is called a oan
nar»h D Florida, but is nothing like tbe
panthers we read of. .
wi i?ft fr .? m l t e Sr " Afffine paper, that while
8,1 kiDdl, of weather here,
"2 ,nd, [ !,?rent ' (but principally the latter
ikl , een almost continn
vlnr h?„ e H. . Tbat 8 the c,,mate for invalids, as
your bnmble,servant can testify from exnerience.
Affair* in Norfolk.
The r. .. Nobf <"-K, April 6, 1859. t
the ™ x hin° D ?.K ' ,ttßt ni « ht aDd P«"« d
abolish inn- thA a? a resolution
D'ace and Port m f ' err J r between this
P ace and Portsmouth, after the Ist Slav Th«
lor the Usion Pir building of a new engine hon.e
anl It H rtLI Company. Messrs. K. II Delk
ren resent ,h„ ? Were a PP"'"'ed proxies to
ft Co " nc ' l Blid city in the next
Peter.bnwit m a'ockbolderH of the Norfolk and
La?,'- Whic " convenes on the 14th
ne into thi «V C<?rnm i t® Were n Pl' oiut<| d to exam,
ine into the affairs of the alms home.
t, ° °1 of C,,pt Lamb , it wa- resolved that
4th Z 4 , tbe en'U'Cf e ection, on the
to take t) H> y ,' instructed to open a poll
» ? ae ° e people in regard to sho
construction of a new market house. After the
conrc^a^onrneT 6 im P ortaQt buß 'be
i«^ h Jl re V ' ,e ' 8 8 " (id ? n change of the weather here
ft eT !"" u 'K' and this morning ice, which bad been
formed during the night, was to be seeu in any of
tha pocds aroaud the city.
f >r\ E *l-'be Damocratic candidate
nL v?, oo .T°? r ' W !" BddreM ,he terrified, at
.. , Hall,on Saturday evening next 110
will also speak in Portsmouth the following Moo
day evening. I'ihccssion.
The Extraordinary Calamity at Taganrog -
Some little time back, an accouut appeared of a
Sid aDd almost incredible calamity at Taganrcg.
The Cologne Gazette gives rather fuller detailg.
It says:
the Russian journals announce an unexampled
catastrophe at Taganrog, on the Sea of Azoff. AU
nmd by the mildness of tbe temperature ar.d by
the purity of a cioudlcs- sky, about 3 000 inhabi
tants of Taganrog followed the flxbermeu upon
the ice In tha' country, flshiug is tho favorite
occupation of all. yoang and old, rich and poor.—
Tbe air wi;* so calm, that all advanced, without
mistrust, farther aod farther upon the ice,in the
hope of obtaining a richer booty. Suddenly, a
warm wind rose from tbe east, which inseusibly
rose higher, whirled masses of snow, and finished
by detaching from tbe shore tbe ice which ad.
hered to it. Iu a few minutes tbe vast sheet of ice
srackod, rose, b>oke iu several places, and tbe ud«
b.i i y people who we e upon it, saw theuige.ves
ca tied out towards the open sea. Two hours af.
te. *aid* not a truce ot lite w<ig peiceived from ihe
vb'ire upon the suij'ace of tho waves, (in tbe
fo.lowiug da"y, the waves drove ash're a doe if
ice on wbich were five of tbe-e enhappy people:
tt.ree w«re d.ad, and tbe others stup fled by cold,
ihe two last, a young girl and an old man. Tbe
young girl died some hours sf.er The ©id man
surviv.d, but from fright he bad lost the use of bis
tongue. He gave in writing a narrative of the
even is of this trigbtful night. The nnuiber ol
Soou BS W 1,101 dea£ b in the waves amounts to
\ ihqinia Law ih Mass.achcsi;tts —Some time
since, as our readers will recollect, a colored man
named Howard was arrested io this city on a
charge of aHulrery, under the following circnni.
stances:-He mairied in Virginia a wotuau nearly
white, he being at the time a slave She came to
this ciiy and wag followed by Uoward, whose free
i ; >m bad boeD purchased, and in tlieconr-eor time
he bccamo a deacon in the chnrch of lie*. Mr
Grimes. After a few years had elapßed his wife
noticed his frequent absence from home, and up n
investigation found that he bad married a second
wife. Kev Mr. Streeter ofliciatir g. This discovery
ed to a cotnplaiut iu the Police Court for bigamy,
and Judge Maine lound him over tor trial iu the
Municipal Court. The Grand Jury did not indict
him on the original charge, but tor lewd and lasci
vious conduct. Upou this, bis couu»el. Morris,
the well known colored lawyer of this city, sug«
gested to tho prosecuting officer and the C uri
that under the laws ot Virginia his client was not
recognized as a person, but was classed as property,
and that under those laws not even a free colored
person was capable of being a party to a contract.
Therefore, he held that the marriage contract ot
hi" c ient under the laws of Virginia was not valid,
and mast be so considered in the present case. As
ou the whole it was not deemed best to agitate a
matter involving the rights of so many families, in
this and other cities, it was decided, with the con
sent of all parties, to discontinue the case, and such
a'i ordor has been made upon the docket.—Boston
Traveller, April 1.
Conviction of on* of thsPhhsjx Club—At the
last Westmeath (Ireland) assizes, Mania Fallan
was charged with having in hia possession the
passwords from illegal (Pfcceaix) societies. The
prisoner was arrested in Castletown on the 3d of
February. The police fjund in big waistcoat
pocket a document containing these passwords,
which are represented as belonging to a secret ao«
ciety:—"We expect war with England and France,"
"The Irish Brigade is on the advance," "Let each
man bold testation," "The navy is making pre*
paration," "You seem ignorant," "I am better
bread," "The night is dark—as black as heresy,"
"That the trumpet of freedom may proclaim a
war," "Hoist the French eagle and American star,"
■The right hand to the nose and the left to the
ear." The evidence was to the effect that £38 were
found in tho trunk of the prisoner, the rulta and
regulations of the acciety In America, and a cer
tificate of naturalization, granted to him iu 1854
by the United Stn*e«. Ho was found guilty.
Slaves Liberati.l/ —Rev. H. W. Beecber, of N.
Y., on Saturday, received a dispatch from Freder
icksburg. Va , announcing that the clave woman
Ellon, who, a few dajs ngo solicited aid from his
congregation, and that of Rev. Dr. Cheever, had
been manumitted with ber five children. The
amount required to seenro their freedom was $I,*
000. and $1,300 having been obtained, the surplus
will serve to procure tlio necessaries of life for
the family, until they can find some way of belp*
ing themselves. They propose to settle in Cincin
nati. ,
A Fact Worthy or Note —By taking up shrubs
or plants at this time, with some of their own spll
about the roots, and placing them upiigbt in a
cellar until October, then transplanting tbesn into
pots, and watering them with a solution of half
an ounce sf salt ammon'm to a pint of rain water,
yon will have summer flowers in winter.
Tax Dxbt and Exrxssx of Austria —Twelve
years ago the annual expenditures of Austria were
not quite $74,000 000. They are now equivalent
to $170,000,000. Each intervening year the defi
cit baa been counted by millions. The fcet is
shown in comparative amounts of publio debt,
which in 1847 was leas than $400,000,000, and ia
now equivalent to $1,140,000,000.
Dead.—Lord Hnrray, a distinguished lawyer,
died March 8, at bia bouse in Bdtoburg. Ue was
ia his 81st year, and was tbe last, except
Brougham, of those distinguished men who re
flected tucb lustre on tba Scottish capital through
out the first thiity or forty years of this century
—Jeffrey, Playfair, Sidney Smith, Thomas Brown,
Uornar and Cock burn.
Maemixo.—The only daughter of Was. W. Cor*
corau, tbe Wasbiagton banker, was married Twee
day evening, to Hon. George Beetle, Jr. Tbe
young lady la tbe name who sometime since wae
referred to In ooaneetion with tbe ardent demon*
strations of a young attache of tbe Spanish tags*
Bales tn N«w Tortt Tuesday of SJ.MO TlrghHi
l i M '.MS. «d TeuMsse* c*» '91 at fl.Sftfti.
j IOCAL, iffAm,
! Foom D«*akins—< n Tuesday nieh
last, Mr. A. Anfont'a St. Nicholas Saloon, on M«l
• street, adjoining the Exchange Baok. waa foretb)
entered, aod about $75 in apccM stolen therefron
Tba thief effected as entrance through the cot
hole, la ibe rear of iU» establishment. by whlc
Beans be got Into the passage Ha then cat t
work, cn» out a panel of tba passage door, tbroog!
which he pat his arm aod tamed 'he key, and tbe
bad free access to tl>e entire Saloon. The iroi
safe in the store, the doo- to which was not locked
was searched, bat nothing taken therefrom. Tlx
thief then went to a particular drawer be
btnd the west counter, opened it, and abstracter
$•5 in specie, about $40 of which waa In Snanlsi
quarters, one gold piece of the valne < f $4 84, otn
I bag of cents, and the remainder in current eiivn
coio. Whoever effected tbe robbery, oof only kn«»
all about tbe premises, but al-o knew where Mr
Antoni kept tbe money stolen. As the Spaniil
quarters are not current, and bat very few of then
are oow in circulation, bd tffirt to pass or sell then
may lead to the detection of tbe rogue.
Ghophps —Tbe Fxeentive Om
mittee of the Virginia Central Agricultural Socle'«
held a meeting yesterday a.fernoon. and concluded
•he purchase of Fair Omnndi for the Societv.—
The site selected is the •"Hernjit*g«" trac'. on "the
western snburhs of th* city, and itnmediately upon
the line of the Richmond, Fredericksburg and
lomsc Rai'ma*'. The committee will set to work
at once to Improve tbe grounds, and will so bean,
tiry and adorn them, as to make them a pleasant
plac* of resort for strangers as well as our citizens,
at all times. Tba railroad e»mpany. we have no
donbt, will put the fare In tbe cars so low, that
•very body can afford to take a ride at any time,
una th© committee will mnke th« location s<i at*
tractive, that thonsands will be glad to visit i».—
We could wi«h that the distance from the centre
of tbe city waa less, but a« a more snitable loca.
tion could not be had, our ci'izena will gladly ac
cept this, and with their accustomed liberali'y stt
to work in aiding the committee to get ready for a
mammoth Fair this fall.
Ppbing Icb —Last Tuesday night was
cold enough for Christmas, and yesterday morn
ing Ice was ahnndant in various parts of the
street. Jack Frost, too, took occasion to pay his
respects to April, and rudely nipped many of the
tender plants and buds that had put on their
attire, but, as fir as we have been able to
learß, theftait blossoms suffered very little from
his intrusion. It is to be hoped that o'd Jack has
now departed for tbe Mason, and that bis blights
iog touch will be visible 110 more for several
Pat Dat,—A crowd of laborers, appa
rently expecting important information, was to
be seen yesterday afternoon, in front of the Rich*
mond and York River Railroad Company's office,
and everybody that mw them exhibited some lit.
tie anxiety to know what had called them togeth
er. This curiosity was at length gratified by the
announcement that it was pay day, and that the
cashier was settling with all h,uds as rapidly as
possible. '
Hard Wobic —The friends of the
various candidates for municipal bouors, worked
like beavers yesterday, and consequently succeed*
ed in polling a larger vote in the city, than was
generally anticipated in tbe morning. Many of
them were sadly disappointed at the result, while
others were heartily delighted. Wo were glad to
see that no spirit ol disorder was manifested by
aoy of the parties, and that everything passed off
as qaietly as could have been expected.
Polios Putt —Three of the five police
officers were engaged all of yesterday in conduct,
mg the elections, and the conseqsence wag, that
their services could not be obtained for any other
purpose, however urgent tho demand might have
been. The policy of taking them from their reg
ular duty at such times is very questionable, and
the Council will soon find it uoccSßury to employ
other Cocductorß.
BfcViYAt —A revival is in progress at
the Baptist Church in Manchester. About twen
ty have been con/erted, and others are visiting
the anxious bunch. The pastor, Rev. Wm. B.
Hatcher, has been assisted by Rev. D. B. Wiufree,
of Chestei field, and Rev. A. E Dickinson of this
city, are now laboring in the meeting. The meet
ings,. which are held every night, are characterized
by a quiet, yet deep and solemn state of feeliug.
Foreign NtWfi —The foreign mails by tbe "New
York" are received, but contain nothing of impor
tance not already telegraphed. The Loneon Times'
in announcing the certainty of a "peace Con.
gress" expresses the opinion that it is the onlf
means by which wai can be averted. It adds,
however, that—
No settlement of this question can be considered
as satisfactory while Frauce and Germany arecov
ered with armies which threaten coutinually the
disturbance of peace. How can men return to
their usual work;how can enterprise take cour
age; how can real political improvement begin in
any country, as long as i r is knawn that vast ar
mieß are in existence which a Court intrigue, or
a pa*sage of words between two Ministers in a
a drawing room, may set in motion to inter*
runt and destroy the works of p**e»? France,
by immoderate armaments, has plsced Europe in
a state of deep alarm Every one who hears
the c Q'inual discussions concerning the nnmber
arid equ'pinent of troops, the size of line of buttle
ships, and the newly invented gu»«. rifles, or
shell, most feel that the attention of hurop* is fir
more fixed ou matt-rs relating to war than was
the case a few y«ars since. The gains of trade are
eatedupby t«xe*; the progress of ednca'ion isim«
pedeii by the sacrifice* uecessary to keep up f tci g
by land and sea. and it is ouly tho umetuittiau
industry of multitudes which enables the nation*
to bear the intolerable burJeus imposed on them
The Emperor alone has been the cause of 'heevii.
and we trust that the good serise which has actr.»
ated the French in this long dispu'e will urge
rhein to demand a further decrease in their need
less and provoking armaments
Fatal Mistake—The Vincenne* (Indians* Ga» ■
z°ttesay»: "Mrs K<ley, of Martin c>ua f y. died < u
Friday of last week under peculiar circuius'arccg
Feeling unwell she concluded to take a Seidliiz
powder, and mixed the two ingrpdietits in differ
ent giasoes asu'ual, but instead of pouring them
•ogetber before drinking, she drank ooe, and then
the other. Tho effervescence following in her
stomach uearly strangled her. A dose of mus
tard was given to vomit her, and a doctor sent for
at once; but she was dead before he arrived. She
was in delicate health, having had several attacks
ot lung bleeding daring the past year.
Loss of A VntiL.—Tho schooner Only Sod, of
Baltimore, which left tho Kappahanoock river od
the ..,9th of March for Baltimore, was overtaken tfca
day following by a gale. The sails were reefed,
but the gale split the maiumast from end to end.—
An eff .rt wag made to reach harbor, when she
filled over her cabin seats Bailing was then re
sorted to, but, the wator galuiug fast, she wai run
on the Great Tangier islaud, with a view of saving
the lives of the hauds. The captain, John Stans.
bury, and crew—George Kobiugon, William Budd
and another man—then deserted the vessel and
readied the shore io a yawl boat. The Only Son
was freighted with hoop poles and brownstuffs
from Fredericksburg, Va. The vessel, which still'
lies ou ihe shore, is a total wreck, and is not in
sured. The captain and crew, whose names appear
above, were picked up by the steamer Wilson
Imfortajit fbom Pike's P*ak—The Cincinnati
Oazette baa a letter from a correspondent at lowa
Point, who has seen several peraous who have re
turned from Pike's Peak, several of whom he
knows to be reliable and truthful, who concur In
saying that all the gold accounts are humbng, and
the mar.y favorable acconuts sent t» the Slates
emanate from town lot speculators, who are reap
ing a rich harvest from the credulous.
Destination of United States \netui —Of the
eleven United States vessels ordered to be fitted
out immediate!* at the different Navy T»rd«, four
aro for the African tquadroo, four fir the
Pacific sqadron, and three for the East Todla ata
tion. None are nominally for the Gulf. They
m av. however, be available for the latter service
if affairs in Central America ahonld require it.
AswiiCiNi hi Pripoh ll* Pmu.—Alexander Rob
inson,who states that he has a ftmily io Baltimore,
and that he himself has served many year* on
board U. P. vessels cf war, baa written a tatter
from Callao, complaining of his arrest and impri
sonment tbere by the police, and snbsequent sen*
teuce to tbe chain gang for six years. The sen*
tiuce, however, bad uot been carried out. Mr.
Robin* >n does not give the specific charge upon
which be was arrested, but coraplaios that Mr.
'Clay, oar minister, has made no eff>rt to see justice
done him. E. M. Jefferson, of Boston, aleo com
plains that be was arretted at Callao and i■&pri
son ed over two years ago. and atill remains in pri>
son, unable to secure either a trial or hearing.
Postal Aft aim.—For the quarter which ended
the 31st of March last, tbere were issued 13,461,*
700 one ceutjstauips; 40,428 600 three oent stamps;
138,940 five oent stamps; 1,164 210 tan oent stamps;
401,826 t«elf6 ceo I iUmpf—totil stamps lnwd
55 585.175, and representing ia ■>ooey $1,i18,M«.—
Tba amount paid to tbe contractors for SMnnfcc*
luring them was $10 006 33. In tba fourth quar*
ter of 1858 tbe total issue ofstam pa-all deo ml
nations-was 45.410,850, which represented $1.
•mm 200 fha difference therefore in favor of tba
'sat Quarter was $iS2.<JO. Tba envelop account
shows that no lesa than 8,®78,950 Ware alao sent to
postoffloesall over tba ooostry.
Mm. Haxttjwg a Majoac.—We learn Jast ss we
go to proas, by a special diapatcb tsom A'haa^y,
Ahinffft. hlfl iwMßdad blf UttMCt lltll ktf W"
aha be taken totb. Insewe Msow,w» Mmm |t
Is said that sbe preeeatea truly frteMfol *»_«•'
H (rftlai.le appraraooe,—Jmrmti, JfrM f.
f «■» Buii.mpm._a New Tort journal
wjtiala now doing j a tbe ship bni d'tf bntf-iaesa
inw port Sick a stagnation in this branch o
lartnstry ba* not beea known for uisay years. /
, »w ferry boat* are in nroceaa of ons'rnc'io®. bo
w> order for a or a sailing ves«et j.
•J"' /»"> «'C«orrene». All tfaU la. of course
mii ? Tallin* i ffio freight*, and Qntil occn<
1 LTiii 6,0 '** foon< l for scores of srea» aad
V**]* DOW t»«i Up at *l e ahsrve*. tbe
no- I .r, T " co, " int,B 'o Wle. There ia ju-t
frelgbting*busineßs. r ° Tement W » UIMe ,h#
fl".,d ST 09 - 3obn °'"-
' . A, ? lct . ,o! * -Typhoid fcfer of a mtllgnant
character lately invaded tbe tsmily of Mr J..bn
tow nsbip, Tork w nnty. Pa
and visitwl f ,or members ..f lr, two of whl'b, the
father and bis son, Samuel K ine.have died from
its ifTect*,and the others are very ill.
Disssteocs Firs in Cciiv—a poauc-tpt to a la>
! letter from llavai a statoa tbat an immense fir
j was raging through th» cane on the sogar estates
near Mafat zts and Cardenas. Ei*bte*o (states
are reported aa having suffered io this way.
MrsDftß Ann Attm»pt*p Sciciks—Edward H
,Benedic',a resident of Detroit, stabbed bi* «»feu.
afitof jealnnsy, Tuesday, killing her almost In
stantly. He alteram da attempted to banc bin
Ftwinv* Slav* Suamtußr.aiD.—The United States
Commissioner at Cincinnati haa surrendered to
Mr. Kilgnur,of Cabell conuty, Va.,b is fugitive slave,
lately arreated in Obio.
Karjiso his Mii«At»f.—Ex-Bena'or C. H. Smith,
who recently died in Indiana, was first elecred t
Congress in 182ti. He rode on horseback to Wasbs
Ing'on to take tfls seat, which J jnrney occupied
seventeen days.
Diath from Swallowiso a Ckit.—A little daugh
ter ot James Mnrphy, residing in Petersburg,
died a few days since, from tbe effects ol swallow
ing, accidentally, a cent, about three months
Firs.—'The residencefof Johu O. Shark v, at Hal
ifax C. H , Va., was destroyed by fire on Tuesday
last. Itwasownod by Sylvester Price, of Rich
O D. Filley, tbe Kepub'ican candidate, has been
re-elected Mayer of St. Louis, by 1500 majority.
Edwin Booth bas been presented with a silver
goblet by bis friends in Charleston, S. C.
No less than nine men were arraigned in New
York, on Monday, charged with murder.
On Saturday 700 tons of Ice from Lake Huron
reached Pittsburg by cars from Cleveland.
The 22.1 of April is set apart as a day of fasting
and prayer by tbe Governor of lowa.
A whale, forty feet in length sod thirty feet In
circumference, was captured Dear Bmufort, N. C.
on Monday last.
There was a slight fall of snow in Baltimore and
Washington, on tbe stb inst.
Three negroes are now nnder sentence of death
In Henry county, Va , for poisoning their master.
A little son of Lewis Sedinger, wasdrowned in
the Guyaudotte river, Va., on the 20th ulf.
At Augusta, Georgia. Saturday, April 2,1459.
WOOD, EDDY AGO, Managers, successors to
Nos. Prizes |>ioe. Prizes N us. Prues.jNoa. Prizes
1% 30t 113689 5002 5 6*i9 4<K> 3-3 4 4f*n
"84 3W 13*21 IV [257*3 400 38503 ygo
670 15(i| 3-31 V00] 25849 150.18973 150
;, 38v5 30" 2*n72 15"i3*6»0 30(1
100* 150 13922 3m >25891 300j3&,,.2 IMI
It 13 404*1 £960 100] i 10
1220 loisws KVl>'32) aooE7;j 100
1457 5(» 3999 150 2*511 lOOiESS 44m
1501 ISO] 26516 IOiiJJSJ no
1533 SOP|HOi7 400,26522 «m
1623 40(114194 3n*''2f«i6 4(*)J*j2 300
lfi<« 3 (.1144 6 34*)'2*4>19 90ll)£,ia8 1 0
17.',0 401 :14517 404* ',£6657 Jno
1857 4dOj 14646 100126670 1(10
1872 10" | 4810 500 26753 31* jl t 7?5 3<*l ,
1965 14*'? j 26965 300
,15246 3002«9 3 W£&3 150
215# 304113 7t 150 26. W. ISoISSX 150
23 8 4**J 531< 5 0 9 31KI
2'62 &0|15352 5"<>;27 26 150 W6 500
2721 15U15592 IN 0 27215 4W>^ h i) 41x1 1
(5620 400 27 >'J 34* ii I
3CI J4» 1.794 1t4»2.»4 150'4i|ia4 300 1
3 31 15 1849 10.1,274-0 150 4!(>
3122 10* 13017745 ISO'jJSS., «*> '
3H6 14* ,<71*79 300":„; ISO !
3179 1 ' 16324 10 4,., y 400 I
3 97 51* 16417 3(J0;2»134 500* 4,,4-.7 wo i
3337 4(41:16446 40(*>t 404*0 !(*• 1
3363 1« IW! 30' 2'"64 4"('f, lW j Sso
348 iM* 166i7 3<t j2*269 HX'.i 738 l'<*
3602 44' I 6-53 IV V4Ol 4IK lfi „• 4ijn
10 i|tW9s 300 .ifcj« l-'O'lor"? 1 '*•
3*ol IV, ,6728 Hs-j&Bte 15i-j
4247 4" 70"J 3if ) 9P2 !44 J 41"01 ISO
43/9 10" i 7'148 IV9MS 10 , l 3 )„
4413 3*> j7 57 4<». 9403 3i ,1,1.7 13*'
4511 4'-' j 7'15 s*o 'JUO ?<• '411'K) s*l
4\36 15 17374 4'** *7*9 40 , |,*3 3111.
4*i45 4<l |1739J 30 10- 14."(>4 I<4>
4 421 IV 75 4 4*< J<43 S(» ij'ill 4.4 i
731 40*' 5*9-3 10*14 960 40*
5789 '5 ! 7766 4 0 99 6 4 0|
.5793 15" 17-9 3 !99-'4 4<> ;
68 t lMlj 4(976 300 ! 12015 1(1"
'3 1• V 7 Soo||2 il 4(41
6"38 150 HO S 10* 40 -41 4*« 142-33 l'O
6161 3U0,1«4C9 301V247 15«|», 6* ISO '
ft,*6 541*.]- l'Ki:.V.3"3 40"
6!23 10" >18 94 4-0j40482 50.0 • 142 M 150
6438 150 |K 35 ll»«30>23 4(*>U/tyl 10u .
65*9 10-118 I V *15*1 150)42838 3"" ]
663! 150; fit, .■ 100i3 4Si 4(«' .28-4 150
67 8 15 18 20 3*K »417||3 4(*>4.wl 400
67*48 30,001 21 3. ( 02? 30*1
400 B&S3 15('' 41795 100
I j69 4 15* W8 4 40043436 100
72'9 3" itfliS I(K'jVB7S 150,43215 |t*i (
7240 4'" ; ; 43.167 1-0
75 J 400.g(!C-, 10 He 2 400 i 43378 5(10
"518 10 19 41 30 |3'!60 1***1445-2 4K> 1
7'H< ll*' V2M 4"|ii324 '644 3»*> ,
.942S 10. '1 < 4 3«> 44763 300 |
W59 194«3 3» ,1 446 3'»>.37i4 14** i
j-342 sfln»sH 3giU 458 5"«;43«j 100
6426 15 - 9 38 1 "t IV2 10o;
5706 15-<.965(l 500 I 880 15"
'44038 I" J
3(ii«io36 3W>;3''s4 15 .4490 400
*975 (* 120015 54 =3 2.9 •W '41542 40
£(1049 3" 32240 3(4>|445y2 44*1
91178 44'>| 00*6 50 HJ.'Si 14620 10 «*'
9130 1« • 1 J»lO-7 IO j 2615 I V 4471:9 100
'1184 5- 191285 44<4 4:'6« HOI 4-17 0 3(»'
9:47 15" 2"'95 30 |fc6ls 1 •**' 14732 144)
9267 IV /3 2 34* 1 938 400144768 500
936S 150 211425 IVLI 939 100
9446 406 20*52 150 i
<>450 14" 120-07 100 3 081 500] 15145 40"
9578 IV '21621 3«4433;15 31*'15 60 41*1
9718 100 : 21.846 10033284 154M5175 3.0
9804 54*|i(1921 3003346(4 5(*' , 4544 , » IV>
;y,l is, 1 3T.61 300 45 16 100
<I W 4 100 33802 1«» 45517 3i«l
10000 4'*)j>l3 0 15033808 54«i,»5554 aw
l(M 11 400!'1329 11*1338 4 31»"45575 13"
10372 400 21594 1M)3»943 41*1 45573 1(«)
10398 100 iliio 30#j— 45850 300
10438 300 21654 30t'3417*. 300 457 8 4<o
10.V'3 4'*l|, 17 0 11* 34187 3"'45921 500
10552 14*. 21750 34*' '430 i 40"
10663 150 2 753 150 31340 3«0,
10784 154 2(844 154! 4tt» 500 46017 100
10794 W 2 891 10( 10 464) 6 100
109S8 154 34786 400 46116 444»
J24494 14*i ! 34817 30" 46117 150
11000 5(4 2214(8 1W 46i74 44*1
114*5 44*' 287 31*, 15191 101* 46284) 31M
11467 40 «196 3(4 3 625 50i 463 8 150
11M3 10(422255 30* 354i6J 400.46991 100
11514 15(1 2223*1 40rt|V5*>W 400 46910 ISO
1157 7 3*lo 22427 500P-''992 304
11663 150 22763 100 47021 IV'
11704 300 22434 wnv>lll 301,47210 100
19 0 401 1 >64 400 ! 16ai 4'*1:47342 4(*>
,22901 504 W. 2744 14*; 47371 100
12471 inoi '64.9 K* 47482 U»*
122 ci 500 234*51 4414s 16.577 100 175 9 l'*o
12318 150'2 4405 100 W5Bl 14* 17948 |4«
123"2 41*1,23W8 1(10 6899 41*' K951 100
12457 500 23655 44'0;J''543 4*»
1' ; 623 4*o 23X41 30* 36944 154:48145 3>lo
126 t *6 100 3861 »*i 48276 4(0
12734 34**'123907 500 37087 44*1 i 300
12V,4 100 .37**1 1 * 48547 JTO
12873 .5001240*6 300 37583 14* 148772 100
12962 400 24195 5(10 37628 34*'
21276 150*371.28 4rt 49180 400
13124 400; 24342 500 37836 154* 49367 100
13165 I.V ,24427 150 ,49239 150
13 91 3 4 :24665 300 384186 404*4'<rO 400
13401 154.124670 44*138099 44W 49352 3440
13480 150:24694 30' >143 lt*tr 4V532 344*1
134-9 104..24953 jOOJB!>9 54** 4*749 500
(3527 404 i 1 3a237 15H149798 15(1
3 39 154 25131 500 38*68 1541(49914 155
13658 100'25)61 4T03878Q SOOH'.WO |(«
No*. PriaM. No*. Prisw No*. Mm iWw. film
6796 34* 12736 150,822 ft 204t'j8W »
•797 34* 5490 l(*l 25226 »» 33MW 2-5
•799 »*« 5594 104*130480 »
«-4*> 30*' 559S 14(0*3- 481 4»f * *•
12723 154* 1544 M ««J44M» 250
1273J 154* J-222 2Boaj4B> «*\#J\ *»
12735 154 i 5223 200,33806 2*544522 250
•vora to ta* eefcesttod JjfvY. J. P.
or AdvortiMmeßt* pablisbed until (brtW. *
h* charged «e eeota per «oa**<f4»t> Km* fcr'U
•wttawrttea. and JSo*nt« Ibrearb «wwiww»n«i
ggticisi. -*r- - ;
•ftr*** «u*»Dfc.*i vo* to pf racas
i? i** ««irc«» Motttk and W«»«n,
'J" *** ****»• ""fFfcSikßwM! iifaf
hiW...,* f » w °> n rti-P *« Itwr -I*T <w»
-S&.ieMKlKASvstt srr;"iSL' .'
'tad ♦eiTTmts," »k*« c^a'fvT^iLl^^Si
Mol caw. .f om every r! uutr * ?S
«h->*» who doobt tOelr tl'tn s kit w« un Jiiiifl
try them, and jndg* for <AnnielTi>i rtmrtir lT
i'Q|ld by dragniu and dealers genaally, »»erj.
«T See •drortlMMßt la another colons.
ap i—is»
MTMai • U T« a*« nw «>D Fcli> o?
»o«*ow AT Bwt!—Bat iM«r of ih»> Hl< to which b«
issuij c ed might be relieved• r kditrM.ifrti'Or
rentMii** we>e reported to »• l.*»e frtqaeuiiy
Mown per* >ns >.f deikate c n*tUn'i »o» tv alter a
j*t' ' " a, « ' r o> di«oid«ivd s'omacbfc iedigeef ion
and attack* of btlionsnto*. •t-npi tbe> r»-
tu-ed to u«e itivisora'inii tonic# to aid Qatar* in 1 h«
bl'.Cth'Q while th<*y win* tb* re
»S«liftl« r o,'»» * bl>rf 1,0,0 b J ""'UK B*Kt|t <
rMMIBJI IJTt : the b-s' famtlriu•* , ie.»'e l'*t
ci*ca» r. dtur-jch ci-niptaii t* &» we nave a la , e«t
*'*• pioprie*.* h*s id bi« po«#e••foil (be o»r< fl
t '! o . u "* , id« •' r»r*in« «ho b*vr n- d l»M
cur «" l b * ' hMn Lr the aitt*«<•*,
lr '* v P ir no '"ager. bo' partal*o* 14»< pana
cea (if redif hem. and be iw>wta ro h<altb
of uLSIf £*" i h '. pr "**» 1 Oru«B'i«it in tk> elty
of Richmond. and *tm whero it- Vt»«itria. apt
BMtFOa t>'s LiVaa laVIGOKATOR—
«I»TI»M.T r»o* >m —la a mild and «■*
'rwtual eatbaiiie acting tint on tha LI V SR. to
■aret iu m»rbi i matter, then on the toruarb aad
►h'T-L1l,??k cwt V* rff »»**«' that pr *»!ita
tbetr neslthj action aad tha« aid
bailda ap the whole ijatrm T«-r» rapidit aud ia tbe
PDRIriKS THV BLOOD "«wx.^ A u» ana
prbingrt tm« blood
OJltis DYB»vp,jlA
a W t>ii"USS OH ROM 10 DIARRHO,*.
Hold by all DrDftgiata te Jb—Agi
cholas, for aeTrral year* United ftate* DUtrlot
Attorney, having entirely recovered his boaith, li a
determined to renutne the practice of LAW, in flits
city, and will derote all hi* energie* loany
•ional bn'tnea* with which he mar be entra*c*d
Office with Peter V Daniel, Jr, Kwj. NumiHi-s,
Goddin'i Jail. mh »— tm
Niw Pp*i*o Goods - My fi'Bt
•nprlyof SPRING QOOtS, have alre»»dy arrlvrd,
and embracfH, beiidea the utaal large varh-ty of
IKIMMI'US, many iioveltieaot th N'-a-ou lur
ing been early in the market, nnd with tbe adnta
t«ge of a new and nnbrokeu Mt>«k, to »<>leet troia,
I bare »ncceeded in obtaining the choicest and
desirable styles imported; and I am lul'y warrant
ed in gating that no one who wishes to bay will
leare my store ansapplled. b HIHSCH,
mh 7—lm* m Broad tfc.
tST Burrow's Riliabl* Midicisb.
Has enrfd, and Is oow daily effecting the most
extraordinary cares of diseases, to wlilch humanity
is afflicted Thousands,who were hithertosaflering
anoer tbe moet inveterate disease*, aad which were
deemed bejoud tbe skill ot medicine, hava I "en
wonderfully restored to health, by the of Ibis
trnly great remedy. For 80ROKULA, KH hUMA-
SCKOFUL*-U8 AKFKCTI tNB. and for all di*«w«
resulting frvin impurity <\f the blood, it u unsurpiM*-
ed by any medicine In mc-'icn; science
By thoroughly purifying the Blood and Stomach,
an 4 strengthening and renovating every osgat of
tbe human system, it necessarily caiea at! u . »o
(tiseosvs resulting from a morbid actiou ol the same,
and all other diseatt- s which are well known to ex
ist from the abovo cause* All that I* askrfd Is a
fair trial, which will assuredly convince a- y one of
the incomparable efficacy ot tfeta remaikabe pre
paration ia caring the disease* for which it i» re
commended For particulars call and get a de
scriptive circular. Prepared by
3 W BURKOW * 0",
Practical and Aaalytlcal ibemists.
Norb lk, Va.
For sale in Bichmond by Pnrcell, I a<ld 4 Co.,
Dr J W Garllck, Waring « Pearce, ar d Imignista
generally. ma i—J m
We bare now in store the lnr<«-it »n.l m ,si com
pl.ite siock of 4JL4JTHINU e 1 ave nvtr otteied M
sal», comprising every article waul* tl U>r Uie Slirti g
Most of these g -odß h»vi> b«en m«nnf»ct'ir«l un
der our oun snp rvis on, and »« will >[>» im
them to b« tqum, t>» tide an t quali y 10 ai.t wood*
iu tht" nmrktt,»i?u a, lower prices h»n th.-j <1.1 if
purchased in (beNorttieio iiue«. in the aaovrt
meni will o« found—
Black aud Uoi red Oloth DltlCS HUIKE"
,-npi-r tsl'k Italian 4 to*b and Alpaca(X**T«i
fn.tr V'cf 4Ja*M and TwMta »P1 Co
t'cj Linen and Maraell-e* do
hx Whir.e MaisoiiU* nil Liu n OOATH
l inen, Duck ard Drill do
B <> L<*>en Atid l«r*s« (ilolh Uu
hi k and t' at I'nm PA.ST.B
V 4 lute, Hntn,nd 'c 7 VR'-Tt
Plain >>(id Kiu'. ?ilk and ar n do
1.m.-n an 1 »'ar'» B *aon* orilHTrt
VV Tc.n-KBiX/F U(1 Dc, Ac, Ac.
M rcli »nt« tW(I j ihn > Ity win ftn i It totUoir
interior'o ezaiviue Our t' k l*hT« ..Min i: ~
nib 16—lm iiKNT PAI.\ b. < l*>?
LOIIOHSa —I I*f jtipJ re
-o*i*e<J,_bT Adams' Kxpr«4n, a freah kit of -wed I*o
lIJBOHKB, wbi ■ b will be applied npoß out • mixua
able teruw.
P. g.—Cupping aau ueectilua uruaiptl; t •; .•■•4
to. Can be foond at all hour* of the lay. at the Hair
Dressing Room nndet the A»aric»u How*!.and at
aUchtou 9tb street French Garden Milt
my 25—t* R O. B*>8H4)!I
Fxpouisho* tju* Hkrt Ttar —
OUK «.o'B y.*D LIVKR HID JKD . V.—li*« Aow
Vora Academy of Medicine al'er a car-fai aid
hurouicb * xumiuatkn ol thi-* pripsratK t<, r io*i>
mended i* as p ■ ee-mn ail tbevir.ue4>*i -beoil,but
deprived Of ita nauseous tu e, 4a, u* tup ci-ll? ap
pncable u> those du,icate su>n>actis wbich r.jeirt lb«
oil; tr? it
ciNFoLD, Pare r « Mower, Ar ntn, Ntw York.
Ilur >a*« s y W Ptl'HuuN,
tub 25—i2t atid all D,axghui of tue city.
Bottuh *2, 25 and 50 cent* ao-< one dilkM.
UARTBHORN I*B OURB-ALL sn.nld be keptia
,11 (amiilea in caae of aocidenw <tt wwlden sic lueas,
vt it frequently cu. ea in leas time tbat> It requirt* to
reta pbyaiclan.
It enres pain in any part of the aystera and !• naed
•xternally and int* rnally.
Neuralgia and Chilblain*
U ABTBIIOKN H't CV ll*-ALL enrea Unußpa.Culic,
Paiua in the clomacb or Bowcia.
UAIUSHURNIt'd CURK-ALI, cure* Pain* fa the
Liaibe, Side. Back, Breaet, Teeth and Car*.
HAkTeiioßNK'i CU4It-ALL curea B|*alns,
Bruises, ecaxls, Burn* and *r<Mted reet.
UAKtuHi-RilE'S CURB-ALL onra* Ptelna in the
VrTOiTo'S f C^URBal>L enrea Btlß Beck
RWhIjKN PfCT K K h A LLtogood tor Dy*»s*-
sia. Weak Btoma> h and Bowel*.
Aheutver you have Piita, ow th« Ll>, m
It act® upon the Nwwi, Blaewg, BUiml tad
, Boom »ud. by tta wanniiig
i expels ell from tbe sjAtem. seT® bottle Mia
tr 4ht above uiedlclnea to be b*d at all Drag dt««M
1 m Rkjhmond. Noricik. P«<cr,>l tug and all to waa la
Vl»«4niA. 00 ,f " mi
rirgm» —
agf Abtivioial Tiki—Cbbo
S« ass."® tsssxxrS
only otrer Ue gold .silver aad
therefore, with confld"Qf«, *y y **
teetb (Mine easbadfd In ißmetal. tb*/«>;i
ded fro® unper «r tb*W; H*»T .thy
pfaU sactjoa th> W bT
cared, be can iaaavt oss or man Jaelh
aadin alloaaa* gtuuraal*ape/«*c4and aat-iacU«T
Tbe«e PUata>i ba*a tot wwT to t bltltM atf
teinlnc own; tea (or two year*. aM ha^

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