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morn. fHspatcfo. |
DAILY m."PATCH i-eerverf to sub
v» »*r> * vr»xTK* cw:»r» rr* wist.
hr <'«Trs*>r *-*<»V.ij. Pme for mailing:,
•t #;' N l<v six moTit'iß. in -»t!\ v.o*
REMI wkkki.Y Pt!*PATVHisiasead
,l-,\ tii'. Vrutu it $2.t»>. n advance.
WKKKLY DISPATCH ik i»«hc<l every
ii.-, ed te sehecrtbersM $1 r+r «>.nam.
MliaW, Qunrle« li <"c..
,1 S r . fv A Stock of
r Cash.Ol to our , i'ai;:.ir trade ,>n the
>!,LARS' WORT! OK goods TO HE
lasers oil tbe death ol .Vr. Ctenshaw.it
geeesari la clone tbe buasoeaeol thetirni
k'e then c isfler our enure st.>ck of
a>rw :. the beet aaeortoMShtaeareeeaiia
» •••: > -,ir slick a new. ha< .n* been ja
Has'!,.-I time, and it affords an sxoel.
i:;.:> f, :. . f ■•'..■> have not supplied
:.,. ;.';<' present,and il*-rthespyrriech
.t< ...' s ■ :,. -* .
is : mited, * f» l.irse. snd. in order to
».: pair pose with aa little delay m vm- i
'.»,. rnr firnitssr~|Tfgas rsif. iwsspiits. ■
••, • ms ra the Ist < f July last, and re
m>:: ed, must be ram at essea, aa loncei
E.l A .:»'«<• Worth I ollow inc.— To
• beings IU «t are MaWtag In.in a
mi nl ike duestive sistero, we advice
M RITTF.RS Many have failed to ins 1
•■ medicine*.- hat mil tko.srUiat
n ";r«! si;: <•<•" sm! i:;-^<!«> use of the
uarefoend rr»at and permanent relief,
.iin! .».. likewise." ia *a.:e advrce, aa*
n th ■ Balance wil sKoa v.-.'' mm of
'net are ilB .■• ■l * to Hyspepsia,
Nervous Headache, Liwr Coniotaiai
ieaae« ariemi; '.. m indiaealioa,amwld .
if BAKER'S U. i n.K.-. .1 thai deatre I
. • li i ired. I
<i r>i ail t:.rt MirrT.nl Dru***aU ;u this i
Wa V .-,'..,;, iV'YiAKJ'.K 'i : '. r .",rr.' r t''!" ,rt "'
htt'» Richanoed, Va. J
j|li<'if i« nothing «o j-r:itif« inj; to thr
m .»- ro iiv.KiiiK-.i know tii vt I
■&RF NOT FORGOTTEN- We would re I
SW *' " ■'> »er.oiag h«me to pass the I
*J* i >■ '* ' ' :.• - r-*j■; : ..- ..ml j-j,,,, Art
} OtV "' A '"' NN v •"■' , f- "•■<■ ■■!!«» of h:.«
tatar* »i-.-..: ' i.'X! \KSSES. and have it
•J'Jf * ' ...•'.:. Breastpin, Medallion,
i-: I'-i;:.'-. v: ofun;■•!• I,c h"s a l<ea>l
a«» ; i * " -.!! i-.i:y. 217 .main
RSI N k ■!.' ■ ! :■•• ivo r e T-.-ept.i
v _ de2U~tS
(tire —Hii i • purchased the .ntcrcstof
srtner Mr. Powell. I shall continue (lie
leaka f»i the Mitroeace so iiharally ex
the hue firm, I aolieit a continuaaee of
~- o 4 stand, eornei ol Hunk and 12th
|1 ct bottle. To be '-.id of in-, of the draf
ts eUy. Wholesale depot tor ordexsTs*
i prepared anferaiek tke trade at the usual
■.t Order* promptly attended »o
: t« K. EZEKIEL.MMatBS*.
kfae aiiii lever,
>r/i.7 .ANOamm€vSf. vmm
If A M P T 0 N ' 3 TIKCTUaIaT.
Balitda, Middlesex Co.. Va..*
Auxuat U, MM. \
r%. 'Icrtirr.'r $ Ma%rbrmw:
I ernes : It is with unaffected pleasure [ bear
• tke great merit of your HAMPTON'S
frl RE. I *i< trf'a-cn Üb' spring arith the
n - rarer and debility of ,-'iesf R; id inn l "*. I
• medicines, but found no relief: hat
advised by a friend to try >our Tincture.
X ,-,d am now eajofing excellent health.
. lakes only one bottle,. " kftrabile luctn."
I\ a use this as best suits fob,
Verj truly and respectfully yours,
F. Addison Beistow.
•nl ;et pamphletsaod see cores of Cough,
•tiem. Scrofula, etc. am restorative and
itor it has Ijrt-n ,'i! k -!i!v recanuiiaaded.
reds testify ofcurea oatkeeaselvea and
al>B /N li CHIIVr EM.—This TINC
eriU !>e (bund a tr*at medieiaa for r1! their
-> I and rrt Pamphlets an ! pen cure*.
% ri'RCELI,, LADD 4 Co.. Riehsaosat;
SOOKE. FrederiekabnrK: hv »il the Urne-
PeterslNirg: hy MORTIMER a MOW-
BaJtimorr; and hj Drugghrta aad Skop
! everywhere. ;;i bottle; six bottles,
U«5 -d.Vcwta
\ lr JU.™ l " Kf.n.-dy, and no
f.v 5 ,',, 1 . . f; . s INFALLIBLE REMEDY
k-- this rroat American remedy, contain
■lerourial or Ba'samic properties, pxcc'k
■ '■•-' her. •■ lore n ler. ! I ie public, is its eu
res'or tiv*, a.:.- renovattßg powers; aad
d eal v. rid ••-.• -• ihed when told th-it
».- rem -.:■• v [curat] above diseases, aad
•JR 1 '"' 1 w "' ' ocular demonatra
lf Z-' '•■'■'■' ■'•■■: '..-• proprietor, vho has
BHol tbe "■!,•■'. for .'. ntj odd %fnrK, h-m
•hoi anaso ; twenty . ara aUadang to I*
a-ed to perfeot he ilth. i ..I all other oas->- of
to I, res!.i-ed, without a single
ptioii. and then fore c lUencee. aay oaas «I
VlcL' ' Wl '- ' "''" ri,; •'■' willaot cure, pro-
Itaa I-.!"-.- ■ -.'.-• ■■! M!tV.t!i|.ril,!|.!|M
'•P» r: "I ' ; '" , I'O'Mi' : •:• ,< ;,!!•. . );,• p.lrrfjHßi, .
aOOSen '.:•.,■ ~■ >~ _• r>i ■..fiit-,, 1 - .in h's
sfjsa*"-. -.• - .... :'■■' > : !■.-•,. ,-t enre'; and in
yj* l -' '-■ !■•" id I.'" i.-i m:-!o ii:».
•SHBssr-e. I ■■. i,,,. -:.:*e ,uro. •hroiu'n •if
UtS* . ,r'x„n .--aT.-le.l without inc. a
•asfii;:' ■, ' ■■:(. AL j,.
Al'fl .! O V Jfrrrv, Dr.. ie .aU.
. , At: !Ik for tiie ,-,' .oi 4ii-.,iiiiv>nd,
■ ssa .x .. Jul, j;... ~j .sueet.
. Great n.ir-ain*
;^(1 . !gSQrA "
leached axsd.
r. ** " '• at Mi -puts
hest4-4 everjsoidhera.atUikJsts
's FastC. I'd i'lilN 1'. , -',:it ; ; ~■.■.;.„
English .il,. i Ani.-ii ,ii I'Ki.s'i.-. .a II oenta
I VALKNIJA.-- • nd I / L.MNi:s. ( ,tl2'.,'« ,
.805.1... k . '. en ,'i; .;■
■Ot^ 1 ? 0 s: •'■ "•' ; ' : '' l! ' v - ■''! •?'V- W' .-:i. .*« !
W»yE£L 1.., *~..■; i- •.-•«:• i.d'-r'K. »! ;scu.
laVd geached Mi. i i ">'., v :.*:••> ,-s.
sVsM N„. in Ea*leßeuare. j
,«|FrrlßlNoti<r. 'la vin-d< tcriiiine.l b.- ,
•JR fall to thorou: -i:l\ rniiair our r tore, or pill
jlfcd bni'd a new.. ;.• we therefore oiler all our I
HAENar. \ ~ther -.-oorts adapted to FA LI and
i'TEK wear n; cos-. \v f . solicit a call fr >m -.
ins in want i.f c. ■• ,'imds -.st,♦■ v mu«i and
p»'»"'d at son eit- .• c-i:! m
IHi'" COURTNEY'S, SM Broad st.
Jlarldiun.,'.! ure.All.
•MTaiuahh-preparation is used internally aad
Bf>' " It cures
HN-'-iioi PRI.'!.-KSt;HILIL',AI.\S,
K-'ICA V< ,<H: •;. ! ARA-'HE.
I'AIN ~i .(.,. m': EAST '
[IN THE "Afff. PAIN inthe BOWkLfl
■afins ro.MC.it is \eiy beaeftcial for s I
■Bnmaon ■ r ', .we!e.
Biles ol U, 25 and SOoeats. Sold by all Drug
fa Richmond, Petersburg and Norfolk and
Aomin-:- ... jele-Usa I
|>r. Heatetter'a Hiti.n hate received
wmesl • urns frem the press and i p|« I
*T : "" ' ■?■ As a valuable ton ie ft r'ne
■ Dyspepi Hatulenee, Constii tion and
■ aervouai )S»lit», t cannoi lie ~ proacl ed '
,' ~ nrv. . ism o| its ~..- , ,••',. ■ ; : .. ,•,,,..„ !
h»ugh ni ...,■■ . : ~, ~. ,~' .
''■'■'' t, to thai whii b the id -ted I
Hi' c *•■•■• ■ ,i. . s ■ . !,. h . ... (~. j, v
I"■ '•• ' ■'■ id ' »or»us h 'tion upon a dis
IsLomac and the cleans ns ol the eni -•■ I
'■""* ,l: ' ■' recommend il m all >• -.'s.-*.,!
pnianity All ttist will lie neceaaan tftoea
''" »kepl .. ..■ .-. healthy effects,is (.. pur
'-•■.! be onnvinoed.
» draci ittaad dealers sencia!!y, every
de 6— Jin
lidiiey Ull< i Hlnddrrl oinplrUnta. -The
r andßM«i mportaat diacoverj for Kidney,
jr< •..nil.. ~» | nnaryOhetructioaa,
V' white. SezuaJ Weakaessea. Physical
ti r; ' '."," ' l'-\ " f e i«her scj.ia HAJtTB-
KSs.lJj'i' Ul ' , "' e " u ". %!,i '' '-"walk, haveaoon
w»e\eeT»,s thjaaowarfal COMPOUND. It is
P< i»yai i.eiiiist.Bii.t is Lronouiu-ed l.vniedi-
B , ~m"*",. w J','; '' Hv r "• t(> "• tlie BfS*
Sal ,V ,N 2 '." ""'. *'" rUi - , '» r / :e BOttASSI
kau but '«iJoan«U. . A meek suppfy ;ust re
%m, ' li^' lhK * *£' Vn rON, Druggists,
12 ' n Msua fclrtet, Richmond.
fheSt. l.awrenre llouae-
l vacant auita of ROOMS for faiiiilien aim!,, I
ROOMH ■..r.eiiUeinen. '»""iies. also,
ou'x-r..! DAY BOARDERS can I* accom
al faoas-tpj Mis . R.macd«>noivoh?'
Or. Juue A. WUliaau offer* her
sat#taoes of aarewnsex,smd u> .midieii
»> need atedieal advioe or attendaaea.
total attrnii<>ii is givea to the iiiaiiiaiieiiient of
nc. <■««. Aisst* all loiuia of feoiaiediaeasea
iwaeemeass. »
tncity (.pplied for the cure of chronic dia-
Mes a- | res.dei.ee on Ciay.betweea itxil
atreeta. North aide. no J9—lm"' i
■ toiiie. v|«de tlin.e. Meal.-Theae In I
Hi .i,«., ROUND BPICEB foi this del,, httul i
led can obfam such, FRESH, at tha Drue
■>tne..!i.« Htore <d *,■»« ,
f_ JNO. W. GARLICK, Market PL.*,
r" . Franklin street. ,
prysteiiise Jelly rjin be made w.thout I
I boiUai, by SWiasfUs Refined Gelal.ne.ToJ
L a } - *• «ARLICK. I
LsW. v A ,"" ,, i.* t '*')' end DraaaiaA
Market Plat*, PraakfiaVtiesit
blftl* -a sou it. v..'
Ae|M*l t/f *J(jms»>t l-y , J Ukl IsßsUttJl V«(| 'Iftsj |,tf t»), |,y i
ai» ia v- . J," T - CHANDLER. j
l*o- « r raokliii street, Old Ma-ket. I
!,.du.u..u_ fJispat.}..
A VOICE »RO* THE GItAVK- Admirttt to thi
Ckurerf, tk* Chipins, tht litttSm nnd the till.
lessem, er".V«ie eric —Iv the United Stales Sen
ate, in February, Um\\ Henry Ckaj concluded !
a ■Beech OB the slavery question in thefollow- j
ing-"word* of wisdom." We have published •
ttssaa before, bat they will bear perusal a j
thousand flints

M lfOßaixarkspotaxi«t>oaoarpoUtlca}liori> |
zi.u, is i: not ••scared by the bright aad .-flul
j cent, and cheering light that beams around i
va f Was over a people before SO blessed a» I
wear.-, it true to ourselves 1 Mid ever any j
Other nation contain within it.- b .sum s<< nnuV i
••■.ment* of prosperity, of greatness, and of
glory | Oar only real danger liea ahead, coii
gpicaoes. elevated and visible. Ii was clearly
diacaraeqai the commencement, aadxUetiactly
seen diroughou: our whole career. Shall wm
wantonly run upon it and destroy all the
glomus anticipations or the high destiny that
awaits us I I beseech Die abolitionists, them-
I s.iv.>, solemnly to in their mad mill fa
| tal eoiir.-e. Amid 'lie infinite variety of ob
jected humanity and benevolence whichin
j \i:e employsaeut of their energies, let them
i select sossM ono more harmless, that does siot
! threaten ta deluge our country in blood.
i -I rail upon that small portion of theclergy
• wlncli has leal Itself to these wild and ruinous
| schemes, not tol rget tile holy nature of the
. divine mission of the fcnacteteasT our religion,
and to prott by hi* peaeefal examples. I smb.
treat that portion of my country women who
lhateglvea their countenance to abolition, to
reinemlsT that they are ever most loved and
h inored when mo\ing in their own appropii
ateaaddelightful sphere, an<l to reflect iliat
the mk whirl) they shed In subscribing with
th.tr fair bands ab dition petitions, may prove
bat Ik • prelude to the shedding of the blood of
tht-ir brethren. 1 ndjnre all ihe Ishahliaataof
the free States to rebuke and discountenance,
by their opinion and their example, measures
which must inevitably lead to the most calam-
Itosjacoßeeqaaßcee. And let va all. as eovu
trymen, as friends, and as brothers, cherish iv
unfading memory the motto which bore our
I tea ton triumphantly through all the trials
he Be/volution, as, if adhered to, it \ri\\ coa.
:t their posterity through all that may, in
dispensation ot Providence, be reserved for
nit AMirifATtn Ofßi..— The rumor hav
beeo me general that a •' met-tine;" between
•srs. IBraach and (Jrow was imminent, the
ice were on ihe alert to arrest the parties
the first intimation. Limit. Thomas ha>
received intelligence about in o'clock last
ht which he thought sufficiently reliable
character, that the affair was to come off
ie time tins morning, proceeded to the < f
of.Justice Don a, and lodged a complaint
he effect that Hon. Lawn nee o. B. Branch
templates! a hostile meeting with Hon.
laaha A. Grow, erirhia the limits of the
trie tof Columbia. Justice Doan issued a
warrant lor the arr.st of .Mr. Branch, who
was at Drowns Hotel. Lieut. Thomas pro
ceeded thither ni d served the process, and
Justice Doan called ami held Mr. H. in the sons
of £5,00(1 not to engage in a hostile meet
ing within this District—Hobs. Sydenham
Bfeore, Jao. xfeQ,ueea and other*, becoming
his bondsmen. It is reported thai Mr. Grow
went so taras to engage ahaekmati to take hint
Ike "ground" this morning-, but Ihe "man of
whip" gave all the information to the po
. which, of course, led to the arrest. Mr.
acta is also held for a further examination
i the case on next Tuesday morning at y
he arret of Mr. Grow was effected at a late
r this morning, aad he was held in likese
enrity of 85,000 to keep the peace, and not to
depart from the District for the purpose of
fighting, a .dual. We an; informed on the best
authority that no challenge passed between
the gentlemen up to midnight of yesterday.—
IFegghuagSoa Statu of •■'fur<liy.
Thk New Yarns Fire.—The destruction by
(ire iii New York, Thursday night, ia estimated
at ?fi:i,iHn, of which the larger portion is cov
ered by insurance. The coldness of the weather
while thelir* w;is raging is thus described:
So Intensely cold had the weather become
1 that the ordinary engines were frozen up and
rendered uaeleas,and bad il not been for ihe
steam engines, it is impossible to say what
Would have been the extent ot the conflagra
tion. Several buildings on Gold street,be
tween Ann aud Fulton streets, took fire from
the Intense beat, but they were saved from
destruction tlir ugb the exertions of the lire
men. A aamber oi buildings on Fulton street
were touched, but eacaped serious damage.
Upwards of no persons were deprived of
homes, and it was a pitiat.le sight indeed to
see women early is the morning rushing: ball
naked from their dwellings with children in
heir arms, and without a place of she ter.—
The station-honse at first affotttad a tempo
rary shelter, bi.t on account of its close prox
imity to the fire, the women and children
were removed to theeagioe-hoaeeof No. .*>, in
knn street, where a warm fire made them
comparatively comfortable.
A SIMin.AK (.Use or St'DDBB BjmSTlTr
no* ok Hbabikq am. Sfxxch.— A yonng
man named Joseph Wheeler, who has hern
ri-af and dumb for some fan- years back, and
who h:is been looked upon as a kind of a pel
by Lieut. QastlneL ol ihe Second District Fo-i
lice of&ce, Where he gen, -rally sii.pt o<u0 < v Illgilt, !
was, through the means of an accident, sea
t.r.lay, perfectly restored. During the firm"
■ t the salute yesterday in front of Jackson
square, h» weal up rery near tbe mauth of the
t mnon, and before those aroand could inter
fere to take him away, the cannon was touched
Rid the concussion knocked turn down j
sing aim some ■fteen feet. He was picked I
nsehf- aod taken over to tno police sta
wbereeome wai»r was sprinkled on his
To the uner surprise Bad astonishment
aroand, as soon as be opened bis eyes, he
spose aa fluently as anybody, and heard and
aaswered all qaeatsoaa pot io him, and is, up
o this time, retailing language out in large
daaes, te the astonishment ol a crowd of iu
i credulous lookers-sNi.— M.O, Delta. j
Vikoixia Statistics—in the biennial re
port of the Second Auditor of Virginia we
■cc 'hat theestimaied aggregate population of
ihe State for i- g ia i.«:-,i<»o, being an laarease
; -. :. .v.".i. T ndertbe census, t .f v was
..4-'i.fii.i. The nzaber ot slaves is estimated
to be .11,1.1. I» „an increase of oS,fjg6 upon
ISSo, when it was ITa*J2B. The Bomber of free
negroes is V.i,11-, an inciea.se of 4,785 siuce
1-58. r rom all this it ks reasonable to expect
thai theceneaaol 1889 will show a total pop.
ulatioain Virginia oi nearly l,7„ii.nto.
The registered number of marriages in the
Siat,., for 1857, was 6,997—0f birtlis 38,764— of
d vh« 18,575—excess of births over deaths
■J-',! B '-. These returns are not perfect, some of
ihe county Commissioner* having (ailed to I
••i.iM'iit th.-ir reports to the Auditor, as they
areboaodby law to do. The wealth of the
S ate, in property of all kinds, amounts to the
gi uol aggtegata of which, if
divided equally amongst the white population
II give each person SLu.it -Jo. The uum
lawyera IJtSkX, and of physicians 2Am.
TIBTH s or I'ABia.—From the Annwiire
rrnntrs l.onguti'lrs We find that in trj";B
arere.'l7,4sl bitthsin Paris: ,TJ,:NKJ deatha
,<ih> marriages, of the children bora.
were illegitimate. During the year l>s«i
raru eoaanmed 3,VXJD,OOO gallons of wine iv
barrels. S?,088galloaaof wine in bottles, 1",
--0 no gallons of alcohol 45,WKi gallons ot cider,
pouuds of meat of all kinds—
veal, mi!:ton, and pork; *1,7«H»,(100 worth of
salt-water flsh, fresh; fMOthOtal worth of oys
•eia, fBUO,CM worth of fresh-water fish, »),
--500,000 worth of poultry and game, t3,7.Vn,uio
worth of butter, ?1,750,0iHj werth of egrs
and 450,000 tots of coal. During the same pe
riod New York consumed 150,0(Mi,000of pounds
of beef alone.
■a-ricsor 1-sS».—The newspaper statis
%Vi are being; published.
g the year -jt\ tieraoiia died wba were
years of age, the oldest of whom was
Cd>»ar, a negro of Louisiana, who was over 13*
yea re of age.
Tne total loss by lire during Is.VJ, was §•/» -
OuiyKMt, being six million more than for the
year kfp. I
The railroad accidents last year were 70 in
number, killing 128 itersocs and wounding;4ll I
Tbe number killed being only a little mora I
than half of that in «s*. There were 9| steam
in'*' ff 0 " 16 " 1 "' k,,IJ «« »*• persons and wouud- j
SixAwnoAT DisASTxaa oa WxaTaas Ri. I
vtua.-Accordiog to the St. Loui, Democrat,
the following number of accidents occurred
on the Western rivers during the year 1858:
Steamboats sunk, (some of which were sob
s*,,neatly raised,) cv; steamboat* bnrnw ,
steamboat. |o,t by exp| o ,ioue, 4 ; summboais
eiploded steampi,M»s, j; ii VB- loßl byitaamboat
wsj*"' » WUm * Usd lo ""' Proi«riy •?.
The sinking of the sixty-two steamefa «raa
the r,auit pf ihatollowi»rean^rE U ßcs%tv!
!•■*"2!!& , « ■**»♦-'• »»*d stomps, ta; ice *.
foundered ia storms, 3; colUtioaa Wiia alaJ
d*.i obstrnetiofla,.». »«»»» whb am.
'.'here were iv all, roWstoa. otii.„i w itii
x^t,or wi»h rftarhanks, bridges'ami aharf
v "'*, »*'siugdi»a*>fei im eOOsideraWe dtmj
Practical Hal for Skating. I
Very rough icsfl*' avoided.
ihe person wtjt drat time attempts
to skate must ■to a stick. He may
make a friend's Aupport, if he
one; but shouldftoliiiquished, iv order
to balance himsAitl probably scram
ble about for hasaroreo, tin he liegius
to fliid out wherf:=> ■'( the skate is. The
Ix'giuni r must hot not v iolent, nor
even in a hurry.*, aid not let his ieet
get far apart, a'ndfm hoelsatill nearer to
gether, lio uii.su, .-inkle ol tae"loot oil
the ice finite firnxvempung to gain the
edge of the skatfidiiig it, because the
right mode of getg.ither edge ia by the
inclination of thejvuiv in the direction
required : and thfti'ion should be made
fearlessly and d.-ij
The leg which I ico should be kept
perfectly stiraighlouKh the knee must
l»* somewhat aelr time of striking, it
must be Mrarghtejiick as passible With
out any jerk. T|v. hicb is off the ice
•nonld als o \ m up|-i!t, though not stiff,
iau easy bssT lay, tho toe pointed
■anis, and tl within from six to
inches of £
earner shimh'ok down upon the
*at his feefiiow they perform —
Vat first ia ; - body a little for
or safety, rat.i> head up, and see
he goes; hi* .-rect, and his face
elevated tlgrwise.
i once (dVlgjrnug both feet urt to
nnd strikf as soon as ho finds
t steady eißßirely allowing both
t»e on tbe ica-r. The position of
is should >m*> : ,,) varied, one Meing
more raisqg| 1P other—the eleva
ing alternajibe change correa
rvirli thatjjgs; that is, the right
ing raised ajfeu: leg is put down,
' r*r.««, so ft arm and leg of the
de may notyJM together.
ace must alp turned in the direc
he line int*t,edescribed. Hence,
ward skatisj|.:ul will Ik* inclined
much over the she) m forward skating
but slightly. All hand violent action
must be avoided. JL may be caused by
slightly bending X, drawing the feet
mg the heals. It Bbc caused by turn
ing short to the r|f.,-tt—the foot on the
side to which we Kg rather more ad
vancea. and suppojir of the weight.
The first atiempfeeginnur is to walk,
and ibis walk shJF. n:es a sliding gaii,
done entirely on Die edge of the skaie.
The ilrst impatssMgained by pressing
the inside edge „f ~g, ;lg?l i, lc t the ice, and
advancing with tl|»«i:e foot. To effect
tins, the beginner Mi; g the feet nearly
together, turn the ifiwhat out, place the
right a lit;le in a»:ind at right angles
with it, lean forwajpthe right shoulder,
at th,> same time imfinght f0,,-. onwards
and press sharply,*, the ice with the
inside edge of the ft.', care being taken
instantly to throw Bbton th" right foot.
While thus m mo«t skater must bring
up the left foot m-nsMr-vel with the oth
•r. and may Id;- thelj: proceed a short
way on both.
He mi>t nest rlir-ft foot in advance
m its turn, bring tflp-houlder forward,
inclining to that sidfe.. from the inside
edge of the right skglbnroceed as before.
Finally, tbiemot«nly to be repeated
on each toot alternatMiuallv keeping the
loot from which hefgilonger of!" the ice,
i till he has gained snaVommand of him
self .o keep it off alter, and is able to
strike directly fromißihe other without
at anytime haviuemt'h on the ice to
gether. Thie mnstShe-i.ed till he has
gamed some degree of fl.s and power and
a command of his balac'lui? accomplish
ed in the rudiments of -, the skater may
proceed to learn the fdr-.ili, which is the
first step to figure sk: The impulse is
gamed in the same msnifor the ordinary
run: but to ;ret on thaot.-dge of the righl
toot, the moment that ,„ motion the
ssater must advance sxMshoulder, throw
j the right arm back, look be right shoul
der, and incline the •Jhrsoo bodily and
decisively on that aide, ug the left foot
suspended behind.
As he proceeds he mung the left foot
past the inside of thefxgtfa a slight ierk.
which produces an opp balance of the
i.'ouy: the right foot mucklv press,first
on the outside of the hem on the inside,
or its toe; the left foot mi placed down in
front before it is reroovjrti than about
eight or ten inches* from her foot:aad by
striking outside to tho lenng at the same
moment a strong pushwie inside of the
right toe. the skater passim right to left,
inclining to the left side • same manner
is be did to the right. L n continues to
change from left lo right rom ruin to left,
in the same manner. At lie should not
remain long upon one 1 (: - scruple occa
sionally to put the others to assist; and
throughout hemust keepi-lferect, leaning
most on the heel.
Having attained this jxancy, there will
be little difficulty in dcing" any figure
formed by a combination ircles or semi.
circles. The figure i: iegexUeamoag clever !
taaxers, and also tlieflgsxroth forward aad
Maso* A'stn Diio.f 9 :-On the Ith of
August, IT«3,Tbes.andjh-dPenn and Lord
Baltimore, being u.geth. London,agreed
v.!to ("has. Mason and miab Dixon, two
mathematiciSßs soars, to mark, run
out, settle and fix the bxirv line between
Maryland on the one hand Delaware end
Pennsylvania on theotKasoii and Dixon
landed ia Phiaadetphiaje isth of Novem
ber foil owiag, and begsKr work at once.
They adopted the peni;ir hues, and the
radius and tangent poif the circular, oi
their pn decessors. The.it ascertained tho
northeastera const of Maud, and proceed
ed to run the dividing ljel of latitude.—
They pursued this parau distance of 830
miles 18 chains aad 81 ■from the place of
the beginning at the N. Ener of Maryland
to tbe bottom of a vallay Daakard creek,
where an Indian war pal ,ssed their route,
and hereon the 19th of Neber, 1767—ninety.
! two years ago—their Ir.fiescoit told them
!it was the w.ll of the K'tNntun that the
j surveys should cease, assay terminated ac
e irdiogly, leaving 35 ml", chaias and HI
links as the exact distf r < mailing to be
run west to the toathw#ig|i of Pennsyl
vania, not far from the lis Tree Tunnel on
the Baltimore and Ohio load. Dixon died
at Durham, England, 1$ Mason died iv
Peaaajuvaaia, 1587.
The Moaißßaa-— The Jmoiis, according
to theiriuwn census, aresEasßg iii Utah —
In 1856° they numbered Son ta IBS? only til,
--022, and ia 1358, only abosjoito They claim,
however, that they are ine.iigin the coun
try at large, aud in the wl and they ascribe
the diminution in 1 : taliit>m; orary causes
and absences, li is compel hat there are
3-2,000 ia Great Britain aittrelatid, and 7,ttU)
on the continent of Euro A.sines some .5,(.t 0
in Canada, 4,ik«i in Oalsaia, and se\eral
thousand in,the East«rn|<ite» and South
America. Altogether thekutnber 186,000 -
l.'tah is the only place fc-e they practice
polygamy and carry out tfeheories of civil
gOM rniiien t, as well as s'Ujgion, and i: i»
W place where they Kot increase.
KIA I , o*TaAHTfcK%,. / ,o,nr»vi to Fill
Vacant*** Created by {UnSalmv*.—William O.
Magradkur posnnaster AtLn Olaveovllle,
Berkeley coun'y, vice W If.niel: Daniel B.
tfarey postmaster at ilulnl. New Kent I
county, vice Wm. i. H. Francis
postmaster at Marion, Sili county, vice
William O. Parks; George I Cameron post
master at Roanoke K<d Ijihur Springs,
iioauoke county, vice .lohn ySublette: David
U'Kelly postmaster at Ni. h<f O. H., Nicholas
county, vice John McAveryabert A.Morton
postmaster at Mechanieshd Giles county,
vice John Williams; C K. tioti postmaster
at Forest Depot, Bedford coly, vice Freder
ick Grant; John Wiley Sml postmaster at
SinkiugCreek, Craigeuuutj*v Oscar Wiley;
Joseph Burkholder poatxaafat Mt. Cluuon,
Rockingham county, vice Mm. Hopkins.
Fkksu A ib in Railroad fes— The Court
of Massachusetts have been lied upon to de
cide a case arising out of apt nger persisting
in letting a draught of fresh into a railroad
car, against the wishes of ih ussengers. The
couduc'or remonstrated, am it the window
down; "he passenger broke glass,and got
ejected from tbe car. Hebro it suit for dam
ages, and got 8-1, the price the ticket, tbe
Court ruling that the railroi ompany bad a
remedy by law against the senger for de
struction of pro|ierty, and C d not put him
out except for persistent vlogon of tbe rales
of the company. The New .rk Journal of
Commerce reports a case I rty similar, in
which a lady refused to close indow, though
requested by ar. elderly gent lan, who satoa
the next seat to her.
! — I
Tux Saw Fnaxciaco St hi *a._A late San
Francisco paper states thauy state in the
Union has less than five of i lative children
in the schools of that city, i ithat even the
District of Columbia, Utah, li Washington
Territories, are represented.
Tbe total amount of expen lire during the
twelve months ending ou tbi 1 of November,
on acconnt of the public srl :;■ of the City,
was a4a«,000, or nearly •*« fo cry soul iv ft.
The average daily attendan . was 2,»oo, and
there are children a .ding private
schools. The above facts in ate tbe preva
lence of the right spirit in i itton to educa.
tion in that dry.
Cil»t. John Jones hafi beet pueiatgd Siaie
Tn-aauirrof Georgia, to fill ,c vat-amvoc
oasloued by the renignatiou clv|r. Trii»p. i
Tub Di-badilitt or English Literatcbb.
A late French writer of authority, M. de Ta
pies, gives the following tables of literary
morality in his "Statistical Contrast between
France and England:"
"Out of l,Of><. published books, (WO never pay
the cost of printing. £00 just pay expenses, 100
return a slight profit, and only HKI show a sub
stantial gain. Of these 1,000 books, 85(1 are for
gotten ai the end of the year, and 150 more at
the end of the three years; only t»(i survive seven
years" publicity. Of the 5(.,0wj publications
pat forth in the seventeenth century, hard
ly more than sti have au established reputation
aud are now republished. Of the 88/aßj works
now published in the eighteenth century, pos
terity ha-hardly preserved more than were res
cued from oblivion iv the seventeenth century.
Men sßrre been writing books these three
thousand years, and there are hardly more
than 90s) writers throughout the globe who
have surviM-d the outrages of lime and the
forgeUniness of man." "These views are ap
parently drawn from French materials, but
contain much universal truth." In real live
French literature, there is scarcely a name
previous to Baches and Moliere, but Mon
taigne. It is the chief glory of Hnglish Letters
that the great minds ot the sixteenth and sev
enteenth centuries still irradiate us with a
warm and steady light; Chaucer, Bacon, Hook
er, Spenser, Sidney, and Raleigh, became more
and more household words, to say nothing of
Boston Items._a rumor of a recent bank
defalcation in Boston is now said to have no
foundation in fact.
A private investigation iv regard to the
yacht Wanderer is being held before V. S. Oom
missi'ii.erCushman. Tim two Portuguese wo
men found mi board, say that the captain of
the Waiiderer promised to take them to the
United .'-tales, und pay them for their trouble
or marry them.
There was a large Union meeting in Lowell,
Friday evening, which was presided over by
Mr. Oliver M. Whipple. Messrs. B. F. Butler
and Dr. Ayerwere among the speakers.
Tbe weather cleared up in Boston about |
in, Friday. Six to eight inches of enow fell, I
sing detention to railway navel.
irect iMrouTATio.N.—We mentioned a few
sago thatau iron house in I his city had sen;
an order for the direct importation of a
;o stock of that staple, and then made the
uiry, "Who will follow suit !" We are
gratified to state that there is a manifest dis
position on Hie part cf all our heavier mer-
C bants to do a direct trade, and feel great plea
sure in making it known. An extensive deal
er iv china, crsickery, Ac, has just sent out
an extensive order for his spring trade, and as
ins order is for almost sufficient goods to fill a
vessel, we may confidently expect to see a
ship loaded with goods coming Into Hampton
Roads in a lew months filled with foreign
gCHjfy.—Xvrfolk ( la.) Day Bock.
Xkiiuoesin WuitkS. hoolh—The Supreme
Court of Ohio has just decided a case brought
up from Hocking county, in whicli ihe ques
tion of the right of children of negroes to be ad
mitted into the common schools of the State
was decided. The decision of the court was,
that the children of negroes have not such
lights. In Illinois the law itself decides 'he
question, to the effect that the children of ne
groes shall not be admitted in the schools with
white children. Yet in Chicago there is hardly
iiiblic school in which white children anil
children of negroes are not promiscuously
'rmingled.— Chicago Tim**
e\\<s from New Mexico.—The Now Mcx
l mail, with dates of the sth Bit., has ar
ed. The Navajo Indians are again hostile,
ing killed one man and wounded others,
who went to trade with them. The outgoing
mail, which left here four weeks ago, was at
tacked by the Indians beyond the Arkansas
river. An escort was with the mail and the
Indians were repulsed. Noneof the mail party
werehurt. This mailcame with More A Reese's
Irani to the cros-ingof ihe Arkansas.and from
thence by the air line; no Indians were seen,
mail party experienced very cold weather,
and their mules were kept from freezing with
The Harmex Trial.—This criminal trial,
which excites so mach attention iv New Jer
sey and elsewhere, has been again postponed,
owing to the representations of ihe defendant's
louusel, and the absence of an important wit
ness, Mrs. Ramsey, who was too unwell to at
tend. Mrs. Ramsey was with Mrs. Harden
daring her last »ickiie.\s, and her testimony is
therefore necessary io the proeecetioa. The
trial is now set down for the first day of ihe
April term, (l-Teat dissatisfaction is express* d
a' the postponement.and many witnesses from
distant places—New York and Virginia—it is
rumored, will refuse to attend.
Railroad Loam St-:i CBJtD.—The Marietta
(Ohio) Republican says : We hear it reported
that Noah L. Wilson, Esq., who is now in
Europe for that purpose, has succeeded in
raising a loan of for the purpose ol
completing the Marietta Bailroad to Wheeling,
and that the Pennsylvania Central Railroad
has agreed to advance 9908,080—.sufficient to
finish the Chartiers Valley Railroad from
Washington to Pittsburg. This will make a
direct line of railroad from Cincinnati to
Philadelphia, through Marietta, Wheeling,
Washington aad Pittsburg. !
Abolitionist Bound Over.—On Thursday, I
a man named Ye till, a school teacher in Chat
ham county, NT. C, was brought before Judge
>aundeis, on the charge of giviu<r free expres
sion to abolition views, and of -circulating in
cendiary document-. It wa« proved that he
had expressed sympathy with "Old Brown's"
movement, and bad declared himtelf in favor
of the abolition of slavery. He was required
togiveboadiu the sum of $2,000 for his tip- '
)« arance at Court. He gave the bond andde-
Madamk Balzac's Marriage.— The widow
of Balzac, it appears, has re-uiarricd, ou con- j
dition that she shall Mil hear the name ot'the ■
taw that is still living, and which she wedded
With the husband who is deceased. Giguoux, |
■he painter, is her present bridegroom, but she
i« to be called Madame Balzac, and the papers
st:-te that "she is to retain this even in signing
legal documents, and to be called in her do
mestic circle by no other name than Balzac,
from whose glory Mie will not be separated.
either by his death or her own re-marriage."
Sad Event.—A farmer named John L.
Yorke, residing near Augusta, in Bracken
county, Kentucky, having for tome time past,
as he thought, had reason to doabt ihochasti
ty of his wife, weut hunting on Thursday
last, telling his »oa, a Uttle boy of tea or
twelve years of age, to meet him at a certain
time and place for the purpose of carrying
h>.me what game h-might have killed, while
he visited a neighbor. The ' >y kepi the ap
pointment, but found his fad., j dead, having
placed the muzzle of his sun against his breast
and discharged its contents into his heart.
Deathofthk U.S. Treasurer.—The (Hols
announces the death ot the Hon. Samuel Casey,
Treasurer ot the United States. He died on the
morning of the 22d instant, at Casey ville, Ky.,
where li appears he retired in the beginning of
last month on account of sickness. His age
was about seventy-one years, lie was a gen
tleman of unblemished character, and was ap
pointed to ihe oflice of Treasurer of the United
States In the early pari of the administration
of Mr. Pierce.
A Stranoe Cask.—A man by the name of
Levi Ostrander, formerly of Mechanicsville,
Saratoga county, was seutenced to be bnng at
Louisville, Ky, on the 2»th ult. Ostrander
was tried and convicted of manslaughter : bis
counsel appealed and obtained a new trial, and
on this be was convicted of murder. An ap
peal, on the ground that he could not b» con
victed of murder, when on a former trial he
was convicted of a lesser offence, has been
Just tub Fhini;.—The bill for exelnding
free negroes from the State of Mississippi,
passed the House on the 7th December, by a
vote of 75 to 5. It provides that they shall
leave tbe State on or before the Ist of July,
is-iio; or if they prefer to remain, that they shall |
be sold into slavery with a right of choice of
masters at a price assessed hy three disinter
ested slaveholders, tbe proceeds to go into tbe
treasury of the conn ty in which the provisions
of the bill may require to be executed.
RotTK Aokbts ▲rroißTßn.—Route Alex
andria, Va., to Oordonsville, Wm. 11. Mann, of
Qordc nevllle, ia place of J. N. Phillips, re
signed. Route Macon, (1a.., via Fort Valley
aud Ain-ricus to Albany, Charles D. Ham
mond, ef Milford, Qs. Now York to Boston,
express line, Isaac E. Bishop, express route
agent in place of H. J. Bishop, resigned. New
Haven to Bellow's Falls, Vermont, John L.
Disbrow, Jr., in place of D. B. Whipple, re
signed. -
Hlsibbss ErracT or thb iauEraasaißLa
OONBLit'T.—We have had many facts brought
to our own knowledge within the hast ten days
similar to those detailed below. I a the experi
ence of one person, twenty-nine out of thirty
Sou there orders for goods have been counter
manded. In that of another, one-hOf. Ther
are all but the natural fruits upon ear awn
business of the irrepressible conflict X. York
Krprtt*. _
Th* Tuaob ok Tmhbk Crrsaa, - Th« ha aorta
l barged with Forgery.—Ott Saturday morning
last, Frederick M. Robertson was arrpsted
and arraigned before the Mayor to answer for
forgery. The charge is, thai on the IC'h of
February, i*;V>, the prisoner jiresented a nego
tiable note on the Bank of Virginia forfiiiuo,
made payable to W.v. Catmn, and purporting
to have Been endorsed by him, to Messrs Dag.
gett k Anderson, for which they gave him a
check for Slul), eupposiug the note to be gen
At the lime of this transaction Mr. Robert
son was a merchant tailor, on Governor street,
and bore as fair a reputation as any other
man in the community. He was a member of
a church, belonged to a volunteer company
and one or mom benevolent orders, and, as far
as his friends knew, was temperate, industri
ous ami persevering. It was known that Mr.
("atlin had aided him by the use of his name,
and if the note had !»em for four time* the
amount, no otto would have thought at all
strange of it.
In April, 1855, Robertson failed in business,
made over his books ta Mr. (hatha,aad left the
cny for the far West. Soon after that it was
rumored that he had passed several forged
notes, and had fled to escape prosecution. Be
that as it may, he went to Kansas City and to
Kansas Territory, aud after remaining there
more thau four years, returned hereon Wed
nesday last, as he says, to arrange with his
creditors, and to prove himsell inuoceut ot in
tentional crime.
Mr. Doggett, on whose complaint the war
rant of arrest was issued and put into tin*
hands of officer Chalkley, testified that Ihe
firm of Doggett Jc Ar.dorson cashed the note at
the earnest solicitation of Robertson, lielit;-\ lug
it to be genuine; thai they pal it iv bank for
collection, it having four months to run, and
that when it matured Mr. Catlio informed
them that the endorsation was a forgery
Mr. P. H. Butler had been familiar with Mr.
Catiia'e signature ia times past, but was aot
prepared to sw.ar to it, as be had tut seen it
written for three years. The endorsation was
shown Mr. Butler, who, after examining it,
stated that it resembled Mr. Catlin s signat' r.
vary much.
To prove the forgery, if one existed, it was
necessary to have Mr. ('atlin present, and as
he resides in Hanover county, the investiga
tion was adjourned until Wednesday next.
A.'sault and Jiattery —On Saturday last Pat
ricK Keaa appeared before the Mayor to an
swer the charge of aasanltlog and beating
Philip Harrison, on the-jist uit. Mr. Harrison,
as localizer of the Morniag News, denounced
Mr. Keaa, in strong tertha, for remarks made
i»v him in a letter to the New York Herald
derogatory to Mr. Betts. On seeing the article
ia the News, Mr. K. resolved to attack Mr. 11.,
and that fact was reported to Mr. 11., who I
armed himself with a five-shooter, for defence.
On the -21st, as Mr. 11. was passing into the
Hall of the Houseol Delegates, Mr. K. met him
and invited him into the rotunda. Mr. K. then
asked Mr. H. why he wrote the article in the .
News concerning him. H. replied, '•because,
iv your letters to the Herald you took occasion
to denounce Mr. Bott» and ether Virginians."
V'th this K. struck 1.. a violent blow on one
c of his head, staggering aim against the
wall, and repeating the blow, so stunned H.
that IC. took his pistol from him. A crowd
then gathered, the parties were separated, and
K. delivered the pistol to the May >r. Alter
bearing the evidence, Scan was held to bail
for his future good behavior aud to answer au
indictment by the next Grand Jury.
The Riehmamtt P'lillinrmoit;.- dstetiatiau le,we
believe, the first Amateur Musical Club,
founded upon a permanent basis,that litis ever
been established ii> this city. It is composed
entirely of citi/eus of Richmond, both pro
fessional musicians and amateurs, who hold
weekly rehearsals, tit which mauds, and social
enjoyment form the prominent features. The
interchanges of friendly courtesies aud good
humor at tlie=e social gatherings, every week,
are oue of the brightest features in the a.-so-
I. 31 usic, while a deep science, is nev
ss capable of being enjoyed by every I
v has upon all a most refining tendency,
'iij.y.-i! iv a social club it is doubly :u
--e, and tends sill more strongly torctine
.meter and call into action our kinder
?. We understand that th" association
ow.i its door open to the pnbUc by the
ion ol "Con iribiuin ■ Members," who,
up >n election, aad the payment oi five dollars,
become entitled to all the privileges of the
association. All who feel an interest in mu
sic, and especially la this club, should become
eoatriboting members at one-.'.
Drawing Sease/.—The eeaoad session of the
School of Design of the Mechanics'lnstitute
Brill commence to-morrow evening, when till
who wish to join it should be present. Mesa.
l>ers ot the Institute are required to pay but
three dollars for the session, the Institute pay
ing at least two-thirds of the tuition fee of
every scholar. Our young meek tines— and
particularly those who tee! at: interest ia the
progress and prosperity of Southern mechan
ism a;.dmanufactures— cannot appreciate this
school too highly, lor by it they will lie made
their own draftsmen and architects, and ren
dered independent of professional men. At
the session jasl closed, some of the pupils
made most remarkable advancement in their
g, and all could have done so by proper
ition. The South needs educated me
;-men who cannot only execute de
rheii furnished them, but prepare the
i—and she can only cot. such men
B the nid of night 'schools. Will not
«, guardian-; Bad employers encourage
im-i: young men to attend this school, and
thus aid in rearing In our midst a class of ciii
..ii:s whose labors will prove more valuable
hereafter than silver and gold ? Remember, the
second session of the school commences to
morrow night.
PMre Statistic*.—During the month of De
cember last there were 221 pi rsoas committed
to the station-houses oi this city, for violations
of the State and city laws. Of the whites, a
largepr .portion aniesinslidfiirill linkbbiubs
aud disorderly conduct in the streets; and ot
the negroes, the most of them were for beiag
in unlawful assemblies, or having bo passes.
At the lir?t station-house there Wore M whites.
72 slaves and la free negroes. At the second
station-house there were 21 whites,-Jii slaves
and 18 free negroes. During the month there
wero fewer cases of boase-breaking aad thefts
than we have ever before known ia December,
and the Christmas week passed otf with unu
sual quiet.
Stum Stars*.—-Aboat noun on Saturday our
city was visited by a snow storm, which con
tinued until a late hour in the evening, and
fell to the depth of three inches. Daring the
afternoon innumerable sleigh.ng parties turn
ed out, making the streets vocal with their
jingling bells and merry laughter as they
glided along behind their fast teams. Daring
ibe Bight the clouds broke away, and abuut ;i
o'clock yesterday morning old Sol, as If to pay
his respects to the new year, showed his face
for a short time, aud then retired behind the
floating vapor ihat seemed to gather in the
east to veil his face.
Sudihn Death.— On Friday eveninglav. Coro
ner Peachy was called upon to hold an inquest
over the body of Bbrikam I.anot uk.uh, a
Frenchman, who had died suddenly at ins
residence ou Cary street. The friends of the
deceased lielieved that he had in his room ten
or fifteen thousand dollars in specie; but only
finding 941*0, aud missing Hie strong box, they
at once concludtd that ihe deceased had been
destroyed by slow poison, and ihat his saoney
had been stolen. The investigation pro>ed
that DAKotßßoin died of natural causes.
Stealing Lodging*.— At a late hour last Fri
day night, two white atea crept stealthily tato
one of the cells oi <he lirst station-house, and
closing the door after them, took possession of
a blanket and was aoon last asleep. Some
short time after, the housekeeper discovered
tbe intruders, aud supposing that they were
without a boardiug-housnor money to procure
lodgings, gave iheiu additional blankets, aud
allowed them to remain till Hi* next morning.
Threatening.— Charles Grace appeared before
tbe Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of
threatening to assault and beat his wife. Mrs.
G. stated that she was n it afraid of her hus
band wheq he was sober, hut that he drank so
continuously, and treated her so unkindly,
that she could not live with him, aud was
compelled to seek tbe protection of the Court.
The Mayor thereupon required the accused to
give bail for his good behavior.
Fire.—The alarm of fire on Saturday night
last was caused by tbe burning of the dwell
itig-house occupied by Mr. fi. B. Brooks, on
Maddox Hill. The fire is believed to hue
been the work of an incendiary. Mr. B.'a
family had been absent from the city for nearly
a week aad had just arrived in town, but did
not reach home aa til the bouse was nearly
consumed. Mr. B. estimates his loss at »•*>',
which is partially covered by iasuranee.
sfrref Fight.— A difficulty occurred on Fri
day night last bet wee v Hubert Read and
George Harvey, which resulted Iv the serious
injury of the letter by a blow oa the head with
a club. Mr. H- ad waa before tbe Mayor last
Saturday to answer for the fight, but Mr.
Harvey aot being able to appear tbe iv veaiiga-
Uon was postponed aatil to-morrow moraiag.
Vntawjnl d<«««ft/«.—CtUarksa Ouaaiagham
was charged before the Mayor ksatflatarday
with permitting an ualawfal >si imsgi of eight
negroes la hi* grocery va tho gath all. . The
Mayor reoegniaed the witaeasaata aasasar be
fore the Grand Jary in Febraary asm, to tea.
tify against the accused
Theatre— Th* P,irhing*.— That delightful vo
calist and actress, Mis* Caroline Rtehlngw, and
tbe line old actor, bar fattier, Peter Etchings,
appear at tbe Theatre to-nigbt. Tbe fitst pieve
is the " Daughter of the Regiment," an opera* ta
in which Miss Richmgs will sing; much of tbe
music of the original opera of the same name,
a task which she is fully able to eaecate,
having, if we are nut mistaken, wou operatic
laurels in the Philadelphia Academy of Music
since we last saw her. Her father is an actor
after the old school, and will make an axcel
lent Cartouche to look after the Daughter of '
the Regiment. In the after piece of "The Lit
tle Savage," Miss Kichiugs will singsomevery
pretty songs. Theentertainment will beamoet
refined one, and to lovers of music we can in
sure a good deal of enjoyment.
.-1 NetS Y'ar has commenced, and to-day will
prove a busy time to all who have servants to
hire or bills to pay. For weeks past the mer
chant, mechanic and professional mv.ii have
all been busy as bees in June preparing their
fills, and to-day the collector will commence
bis rounds, leaving a bill with this customer
and with that, receiving a smile trorn one and
a lrown from another, and learning trom all
when to call again. Happy the man who has
the ••needful" by him to meet all just demands
upon his treasury; but happier still the man
who makes no bills to pay.
Pes-ntatio i <■/ a BobllttJ— On Saturday night
last, theclerks employed iv the Richmond post
office, presented to the reeim—u i, OoL T. B.
HiooKit, :i beautiful silver goblot, as a mark of
their high appreclatloa of bis services as au
oflicer, and ot his BBCeßSiwg kindness to tin-m
as an employer and iriend. Col. 11 received
tbe present with man* thank*, and no doubt
fully appreciated it, coming as it did from
those in bis service, who had the best opporta*
nity of forming a correct opinion of his gene
rous nature and his strict business habits.
Watch Night.— Saturday night was generally
spent in religions worship by the Methodist
denomination throughout thf'country. Where
it was inconvenient for members ie visit the
churches because of the inclemency of the
wen aer, neighbors gathered together, and by
singing aad prayef kept watch over the oat
going aad incoming year. In this city some
of trie meetiags were attended by large num
bers of persona, and were highly interesting.
Distresatd fkmil*/.— The charitable may find
a family worthy of their sympathy 011 the
south side of Broad,-a lew doors east of Mayo
stieet. Mr?. Eii/u Wilson and her three help
less children occupy a single room in a large
tenement tilled with negroes, and is not only
• ids. butentirelv destituie off all the comforts
of life.
Eegtsfreii**.—The tierk of the County
Court of Henrico issued, during the year Ifs!',
but 7:.' registers to free negroes. In 1836 the
same clerk issued 17-! registers. By the law of
tbe Commonwealth the free negroes in the
counties are required to renew their registers
once in every live years, which doubtless ac
coaata lor the failing olt the past year.
Has. J,.,(n Let tier, Governor elect of Vir
ginia, arrived in this city, by theCeutral Rail
road cars, on Saturday afternoon last, lie
was met at the depot by a number of persounl
nud political friends, and ,'scorted tn the llal
lard iioute, where a private enleriaiiuiient
awaited him. He will assume ttwdatiea ot his
oftice to-day.
Stabbed. —Two negroes—Henry and Richard,
belonging to Jas. H. Grant—got lata an alter
cation near their master's factory on l!»th at.,
last Saturday, when the former drew a knile
and gave tbe latter a severe, though not dan
gerous stab iv one ol bis arms.
.Wit Stabbed.—Tit* man whose bleeding hand
and rare gesticulations attracted so much at
tention in Governor street last Friday alier
noon, received the cut l)y breaking i'oncet's
window, after being ejected from the bar-
Mmriust License*. —ln the Clerk of the
County Coin; of Henrico issued but 141 mar
riage licenses, being 42 less than issued from
the same oMce. in 1808.
T'.t JsVrAßßtrn' Institute will hold a regular
monthly meeting to-nigbt,at 7 o'clock. Mem
bers are expected to he punctual in their at
frozen Over. —The dock was covered with ice
yesterday, and the river opposite it was nearly
IlAMAi.as Iim.oVmRED. — la the Supreme
dun, N>-w Y.ik, Edward Hughes baa recov
ered f:i,u-o from Michael Given, for the loss of
bis little daughter, who was killed by the fall
ing of a rock through the roof of his h;Mise, at
the corner of Fifty-s.'coud street and Eighth
avenue. Green was blasting rocks in the neigh
borhood, ami a fragment thrown up fell upon
the roof and descended to the basement, s'rik
ing the child Bpon the head.
The Nautical ScaoOX ix Hot*ion.—The
Boston Journal states a ship has been pur
chased for §13,000, as a Nautical School for the
beys of the Reform School. The vessel will i*»
coli.euieiuly litted up, with good light Bad
ventilation, and will accommodate 100 boye
and the necessary oßxcera, A practice vessel,
brig-rigged, of 100 tons, is also to be purchased
for tbe use of ihe school.
SEWAHD'cIotuMV ilovi:.—Senator Seward
ielt New Yolk city lor Auburn va Friday, lie
was cheered i:i tbe cars at Rome and Syracuse,
and at Auburn guns were fired, the public and
private buildings were decorated, and ihe bells
ol the city rang a merry welcome, lie was
greeted by a concourse of tea theasaad per
-I\>isonli> at Ska— Capt. Williams, of the
ship Gem of the Ocean, at Boston, Thursday,
from Caleatta, reports having spoken, on ;o,e
Ibth of November, the British ship Erriagton,
from Liverpool (or Calcutta, in charge ol the
second mate, the captain Bad first mate having
been poisoned by the steward foui days before.
IsuiriMEM' aaaimra Eicht Citizens op
[lliboU.—The Grand Jury of the United
Siates District Court at Chicago Thursday
1 e\eni:ig foBUd an indictment, under tbe Kugi- |
live Slave law, against eight citizens of Utta- j
vva, Illinois, lor the rescue of au alleged stave
Lb that city la October i st. i
Lo! The Poor Ikuias.—A cavalcade of
Winnebago Indians, gaily attired ia fancy 1
blankets, with red leggings and bine, passed
tbroßgh Winona, Mum, last week, to visit
their old stamping ground east of the BUs
TimiijoiiE Paukkk— Tin odore Parker
writes a long letter from Home in respect to
John Browa, In which be fully approves his
raid upon Virginia.aadjustifies insurrection
and the stirring up of insurrection by while
Frozen to Draih.—The Helton (Texas;
Independent, ot the 15th, says: A teataaßaf
.T-tually fro/c to death between this and Hous
ton during the last cold spall, ilia team was
slow, and MOSS who wen . hack in search found
him sitting up '.11 the wagon frosaa stiff.
DROWNKr-.— Jas. Jones, a free colored man,
fell overboard from the schooner Mary Ade-
Ime, in Norfolk bailor, Thursday evening,
nnd was drowned. The deceased leaves a fam
ily in Baltimore.
Dkad.—Miss Thorn, of Prince George's
coin:ty, Maryland, who was so seriously in
jured by being caught in the machinery of tbe
steamboat Alice Fox sometime since, has since
died from the effects of the injuries then re
Death—Mr. Wm. R. Sangston, one of the
Inspectors of Customs at iial urn ore, died on
Thursday night. Thus far thirteen of the of
fleers of the Custom-House have died since
April, l>-.", the beginning of the present term.
Joas E. Cook.—Tbe late John E. Cook was
born on ihe lath of May, t-'M was sentenced
to death on the loth of November, executed on
the ifith of December, aud his child was bora
on the loth of last July.
A Nathul Hkiimib.—The Albany Journal
of Thursday evening says tbe ice ia the Hud
son river is from eight 10 twelve inches thick,
and thai loaded vehicles now pass ou it.
AratcAß (rtWTow—A cargo of Africaa cot
ton is reported to have been received at Bos
ton, and 1* avid to be equal to the beat Mis
sissippi, ia length and fineness of staple.
Lincoln, an American bred cbenaat horse, 4
years, by Belshaaaar. oat of a Jordan mare,
was sold at Taitersalrs, London, on Moaday,
Dec. sth, for :jy galßsas.
John Wiaaas, the comedian, ie not dead, as
has baaa elated, but is aa inmate of BeUevuo
Hospital, New York.
Geo. D. Wiley, of Georgia, was swindled oat
of aj,ooo at Montgomery, Ala, oa the ±rd ait
by the hail gam*.
ThsTowa Coo actio* rrederiehaborg. *a,,
has appropriated Bl.tW to the ere. Han of a*
armory there. 1
ThsiasargaatUaxiottia a-4d ta have haf
very coaajj aeua ja tC attack Bfoa/f
AD t%*stfssQg s siMl4M sbsM Wsc^tfi^^^f^HUlßxstlnl*
** a a***r m *MM'i MB> w 4tWmWm\f4MW9r\fm aimxmßß<SvVgemttßßß\ I
• vjlL 9 - ■
lIMUBfRI 9*l
■lb. AdvertJeesßSßta .-
bec-er T ed-B<»a-s.-er.-iae_-e*l'B_*l_to__rt___B_fcj r .
Urst ißssrtMß. aad » esMSM lb*'eai-_H_HllßM_Baa. :
" " —~—~ -~~~..~v~.>~ i«w mom' -f . iij a , mam
•>ler to country physician* and fasßiliss a aaaß>
U.SLI iV * nd »«mh stick or pyre aad reliable U-
D'CINKS. together wrh Surr,cns' /n«rrwaweaeß,
I'erfmmiT,. rnnrm tii.o+l'. Md-Sll SthSV tWegSSB
tho Drug hue, wkiak thay will sell oa thehtsst
V. Chemical aad Pherrasoeutieal atasaratssaa
r. ,oi U> order, sod sent toauy part of tbe ooeatry.
M aad Frasklmste.. Rlebmsmt.
A BOUERER, Apothecary sad Drago—-J*
-X tiat. No. 10 Main atreet, aad near OIMV
Market. Richmond, Va., begs the attention \_M
of farmers, physicians, merehaats, he., seajka
his complete stock of Drags, Medietas*, 016.
I'i.'b. lirushea. Dye stuffs. Soaps. Perfaxaarr.
Fancy articles. Clears. Tohaeeo, Passat Medi
cines. Ve.-ist Powder, and all other goods asaa»l»
sola by Druggists New Preparationsobtainedas
s..on ns tijev -spear. All vhieh he will sell aststr
as they can he bought anywhere.
timers Mould do well to examineßlS Stock before
making their purchases else where. A. m
a. w. APPFF.soN.lateof J rnWRiTIR K. BBUTT,*
'irnbl.a ,V Anperaon. I Or adust* IB rhsrSßßSr
HroAH. Bkt\VK*N 4TM AMD 6TH BtS., *JsW
Richmond. Vs., Iff
Have on hin.! i c aretuliv selected stock offla
pore Dm .« ami Chemicala, Faints, Oils, Wußtsas*
olaes. Varnishes, Peruunery, Soaps, sad Faaev
Articles, which they offer upon the most isasoaabM
IIKAD k~ j V TBli
Richmond, Virginia,
FLOUR, unks liberal idcanceuientaon prsdaes
.il hand, ami respectfully solicit consignments.
n**, Office for the present, with KmoDatl A
Rrad. N.C. READ, or Richmond.
W ML J ETER, late of Clarksviita.
no 13 dAcwtJinl '
'TMIK I NIIfcRBIGNED haveformed a co
* partnership for the trunsaction of a COMMIS
SION BUSINESS, un.ler the brie of LEWIS
WEBB A JOHNG.MTAPE. They illfivssar
ticular attention totheaaleof FLOUR, WHEAT.
COM \?i no TOBACCO. They occupy the storeaad
.umber-house No. Go Main street, lons occupied by
Lewis Webb LEWIS WEBB,
W'cnmom.. Va„ Nov. I.WW. no 7-dowAswtS
CAKjO.— Tlie subscriber takes this method of ib
forminit his fri-ndsand the nuhtie that hehases
tabiish.-.1 Innisoll us a M ERCH AN DIZK BROKER
He wi'l -.Men.l to the purchase and sate of Mar
ctiamlize generally; also, Flour. Wheat, Cora, Ta
tiacco, and all descriptions of Country Produce.
Hisspeoial attention will be mven to all busiaees
entrusted to his care. Fr«m hia long business
experience he hopes to meet with a liberal share of
public patronage. He refers, by permission, to
Lkwis Wxbb, Esq., \
Messrs. in -,i.nr, Mom i in k Co., I Riobmo 4,
" KtlMOM>. DAVK.NroBT k CO., j VB.
" Barns A Honiiii vi i.i., ,
" I',-kv \N r. I i-.sI.ICY At HoLMXS.t BmltimmnM
" Sraaci & Rain, ( BMUtaara
" Twßtxa A Co., Philadelphia.
Tuomas Mo.nauan. Esq., New York.
Office cor. of Cary and Va. streets.
Richmond, Nov. Ist, ldfiO. no I—ta
nOt.liKTTk <vno£BM>ii, „ ___,
Would invite buyers to examine their Pall steak
CURTAIN GOODS.whic' they are selling muck bs
low the usual price that such Roods are sold at.
Also, a nfsO ami varied assortment of PAPER
HANGINGS, from the cheapest to the finest that
is manufactured, both French and American,
winch will I* sold very cheap. We are also pre
pared with the best of workmen to make and St
to rooms, in the city or country. CARPETS, CUR
at >he shortest notice. Also, PAPER HANGINTJ
.loim i... as eerier warksasn. Honsexeepers seed
ing aaything in our line, will had our assortmeat
ji»od and our prices low. oo<—Bm
[ORu\>, wmn tt cm.,
Offer their services for the Sale and Purchase of
all kinds of PRODUCE and MERCHANDIZE.
They are permitted to refer to Messrs. Kent,
fame k Co., Messrs. Crenshaw k Co., Riohsaoad.
(Late of the firm of BTeeden k Pox,)
#-tistJa ROBERT 8. JORDAN;
lit. ;; U.'.KIIV, Manufacturer's Aseatfor
c s.-tle of DOORS, SASII, BLINDS,
. DINOS. gc. A iario Hssortinent oosslast
1> o.i hand. Orders, by mail or otherwise, premptir
ittended to. No. 13, Governor street. R'obmoad.
Va. Vo:.iu'sce!ebr;itedriini)oin-SawedSHINULB
MACHINE put up iv say part oi the btaU, at
short notice. _ jy 2*—4*n _
»X First Premium* awarded by the VirfiniaAg
ricinTnrai .Society and Mechanics Institute.
Nearly opposite the Columbian Hotel, Cary at.,
Richmond, Va.
Bpecin! attention Kiven u» the sale of TOBACCO,
WHEAT, and all kinds of I'KODUCE, and liberal
advances made on cousi^nmenta.
P KAN X POTTB. ( t ... ft /i>-teTal«i»«
RU'HD D. FARLEY, t; Lateof retertßßrg,
HENKV 8. W ; 1,1,1 AM*, Late of Norfolk.
JAS. il. MARSHALL, Lsts of Peterslmra.
• DER, i-Jtii. between Main and Cary Streets, ■
Rinhmond, Va.-Havnns fitted up a FOUNDRt at
tbe above p'.s.e, 1 inn now prepared to execute sJI
INGS, at the «!iortest notice, and cheaper thaa -
say other establishmset Sosthef Baltimore. Also,
BABBIT S METAL. f< r sale at reduced price*.
N. B.—Higheet (TASH PRICES paid for OLD
METALS -ift'l ttkou in 3xohan«s for new.
jy B—din
8* n. r.oaiMJN k f*ON,
liiiiSkih, heas tllk X*( HaSGXHoTBi.
>r s.ile a lar-c and full assortment of IRON,
mn,' Bwede'S, American Hammered, Peru
ere.l. Eni ..si. und Eiu.inii h'otined, Ejultsb.
:an, Rossia and Imitation Russia SHEET
Hoopsi, Kind and Hcroli Iron. Refined Plow
id Pfou i'iatos. Also, Tin-plats of various
sizes, for •niiieis and manufacturers; Sheet aad
Bolt COPPER, Sheet Zinc, Spelter, and the Metals
atsxaUy sold in tins msiket. a>l—la
I A>it.s f>. tmowNK'a
Hi. street, next to the Mechanics* Institute.
CHAIRS. SETTEES, Ac; also, Uratmg.
Vault md Cellar DOORS, and every otb«r kind of
IKON WOKE for ornamental and baiidtag sai
pos.es, inaiiuf.it turcd at Aiiort c.o'ooe.
fs. Particular attentionKiventoenclosiag Burial
Lots in tho city and country.
FO f. E If' N FR CITS.
Keeps alwa>s on hnnu tiie largest and frsshsst
and is continually receivinir. by every steamer and
sailing packet, au additional sorely. Call atlas
<dieap store of JUAN i'l/./INi, HBMaiasU
Will attend retulaiU to the sales of HORSES.
MULES, WAGON*. Ac.. at the Horse Lot,every
Steak intended for sale will plseee be catered bs
| lore tee taoraiag of the sale.
'» laeoarxa* At»r> i»«»tiB« 15 __~_,_.____,
BRUSH'S- We received by the late steamer a
arse supply of Painters' and Artists' Brashes, af
stipenor quality, to which we call the atteatioa of
! aar customers. '
lIT~SKINIcI{R«rTd7, (ir otar* mmd £**»■
• miMton M*T<h<*ni». No. ft Csty straet. Rsak>
I mond. Vs.. r>R*r the.r services for the sale sf
j Wheat. Corn, Flour. Tol"*cco, Ac. Tkß asam
] advances iua<ie on •■onsijnineiits.
BR I IK) FORI* At CO., General CtMasasaKjaaasal
Forwarding Merohants, on the nsiamad,
Va. !>• B. BRIUOFOM. ~^J
ROLL HITTER. Just to bawl, a lot of Na.l
Moun _.m Roll btottar. at»ejejasr poaad. t__-
tail. B PLEASANT!, Agaat,
N«. t Maia et_, eevaer llth_y
Goods; Papier M.__iie Wsrs; Pi User PIMsRAC
titles; to be soul at reduced rates, at ib* C_r**>
Ki..re tjf T. A. Wahf___Z
I?*J* JEI.Mt» -Coxe's BaaV_rtlßt~<__
Slued and t-boct I air t lass, he. lee BBC** **»
* ' W. *«^EKBQ|^*j r -jh»»^
and other FURS, juat received _fT*-f-_f__N__-* aV
lor sale low. R. vfftfjfigg^s
_ __ _ -___ ' Lt__»
1 .^-L___^T^^*.' **^-___*__________. __ __,
Cb_f _i-___w#_b : _*______A___a_M_at- ,
_Rg-__% in , X
i Met ti__rA.|iS-.s«b|ei*

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