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sgycpya AJUNK* HAMMKsWbBnr.
*.. ill! I'M'.,. lllsi'ATCH is served to ssh-
KibkTSi the Carrier weekly. >nos for man.ng.
In, *».••■■■ ■ i •»■* w sl * month*, in Kdvanee.
ss*« .. p | f) i ;,,..,, ..; Sjj.uii, m advanoe.
ssn!THE WEEKLY DISPATCH is issued every
J"b:,wj wailed toss I sen hers el *i sersnaam.
* " i — 1 *•
rr'itK * NO! RBtONED have formed si so- |
I partnership foi ths transaction ol s « •)\ wis I
ciON BUSINESS, njadet the fine ol t>*-"_l°
WEBBAJOHNG.fADE. fber , ■ ■,■■, ffi
ticulat sttention to the sals of 1 1- I<• ""i, , ,
OORNasd roBACCO. The) nccupj "*■*:"* \ l \X
lßro bei house No.« Main street, mi '••;<•■ R-.•< • •
iW*s« • mSIvaI ft.
Ricilaton v.... Nov. I.J«M». sor-dew**rwts ,
r -AKIt. SSiajhscrinsrtshesi I
* forn mi hsf nds indthepub.m'liathens i
... »hedhjm^lfa i aM % EßCHANDl%.BßOhh f H
A NP ill NERAI. COMMIT on VI h WT. .
1..' spat;:;;■-'„■■■ ~;,.' KnßU*on.tO
Messrs. gt. > ■ ; ', A _ \", ~ *. C 0..; Va.
II v ..% ,\ Basxkk vn.L.
Bbi A>r 'I :«i .1 • A HoLJBBS.j
Brtsca * Rkid, 1
.. *„ ,■: i, v Co., Phi adelphia. !
XaoMss Mosahas, Ess... New >ork.
OCeseor of Car) sad V a. streets,
p , ~• | Nov. Ist. 1389. W ' ■ '«_ j
pOGOETT. street, •
~- . ... i..|?ers toes unins their rsi stock
,'\". ~| ; «, . op OH < I.OTHB and
, , ,;...i s,, . bthei sresellins mo
': : ;\ inedas ' tment of FAPER
'. . N ~. ~,.... ij .• el • ripest to tne finest that j
..,.:.:. nch and American,
• . . . ~ We are also pre
~ fcnien to make. fit
„ .. ~ ~r country. CARPETS. CI X .
n- »THi • 'Mow SHADES.
•. S . . ~, ;,,,: .. tlso PAPER .UN ■ Ni.
„,•. • v. ■ kraen. Honseseepers ■ sed
line. w... bud our assortment
i '.'..■•. M "W. oe6-3m
iohp W WINN a I <»•• . _.
*' '' ■' BA? N BANK, RICHMOND,
n » pr ., ( : rservicesforthe Hale and l'urc:;a.-,e o!
. , ■!,; • 11 ,,., v CEand MERCHANDIZE.
",.,., ure permitted t<> refer to Messrs. Kent,
... ■''.. a Co.. Messrs. Crenshaw • Co., Richmond.
' — " GEO, W. JORDAN,
'\ie of the firm of Breeden * Fox,'
r ja_ti«. i ROBERT 8. JORDAN.
/ > MiiK.i. DARBY. Manul u-turer'a Agenl for
~,, [t ids, ft. A large sssertment cosstanl
i:. Orders, bj mailoi otnerwise, pron ptlt
to, No IS, Governor street. Richmond,
Vs ■ ng's
■ . ,i \.-, pat sp in ar.', part ol the state, at
; . : :. • cc. J> » <■
yj Alt 151.1: WORhA.
J0 II N W. DA V I r.s.
RICHMOND .1 .1..
if 4 A 77. ES, FONTS, I',
5V First Premiums swarded bi I is VirginiaAg
- nTural Soc etj snd Mechanics Institute.
I '• I>K|{. loth, between Main and Cary streets,
nond. Va. Having fitted up a FOUNDRY at
~, | ,i ~. i an now prepared to execute all
\ .-. ,• the sh irtest notioe. and cheaper than
■ erestabhshment Sootl ol Baltimore. Also,
. ■ ... I - METAL, forsah -it redn I prices.
-. .. Hi best CABH PRICES paid for OLi>
v : ': S and taken is exchange for new.
. I f.in
■OHN N. r.irit DON A. BON,
.1 UTH Btl I r. JIKAS 1 lit. F.XCH AJIOK Hotsl,
sales laic and full assortment of IRON,
-ne Swedes, American Hammered, Pern
I ■ red. Kntclish and Engl sh Rehued, I ii-.i.'ii.
in, Rusais and Imitation Russia SHEET
. Hoops. I. ndandScroll Iron, Refined Plow
roi od Plow Plates. Also, Tin-plate of various
uses for • nners and manufacturers; Sheet and
ITKIt. Sheet Zinc, Spelter, and ths Metals
b»u i sold in this market. apt—ts
I V*lKs l». BROWNE'S
9th street, next to the Meohanics' institute.
NiES. CHAIRS. SETTEES, A.-.: also, firating,
Vault and Cellar DOORS, and evert other kind of
RON WORK for ornamental md building pnr
f s<. . manufactured at sn >rt notioe.
Particu a attentiongiventoeaclosingßurial
!,. r> n the i its and country.
\l*M. SiT't I IK A til.7
»1 I ..I OSTKB -•■ <l KALKKS It
BRUBHES.—We re eived by the late steamer a
srge suppl} ol Painters' md Artists' Brushes, of
f... .- ity, to which we oa the attention ol
m '. uston ■■ s,
DRIDQFOKDi < O.,General Commissienand
i> Forwardißt Merobants. .nine Dock, Richmond,
.., M .■ • iy. BDWABD T. BOBISSOS.
j A < III.i > A HOB! "NOV. GRADU-^g
( HEMISTS ASD I'll Ifi VACEI /'/'•/ v Ok
ii •ij i ~ i ns and fami lies a pel.- I
r agw mdii »h stock of pure sad relial eME
DICINI •'. to. i i icr with SvrKtuns' Instrument*,
,•• ■>„ mtry, I „ , • . . and s : ot hi r thin ■in
the L'ru line, «ii ih the] wn; sell on '.ac
u-.. ■ ..■ i and Pharmaceutical prepare) ■ t
made to order, and sent *an pa rt ••! the eountr; .
LAIDLi •: * V IIINiS iN. Drug Store,
tth snd : ranklin sts„ Richmond.
« BonihEK, Apothecarj tnd Drug-^—O
-i .■ >•. Mo. 10 dam street, and near <' IHi?
■' kel Ri bmond, Va., be j the attention a.H(
fartne lysician . merchants, k ■• . :■ t >»
■ mip •■ Ktock ol Drugs, Medicines, Oils,
1.. ■:■ .- Ir.e stufis, Soaps, l'ertui:'.er>.
i m - i - ... Ci tai i, I oi a. 00, i'htent Mi di
, i ,■..»: Powder, uid nil other goods nsuallj
m .: v ;■-;.. us. New Preparations obtain/ las
- .. : m they appear. All which he will sell ft low
r oaa be bought any where. k
B tyers wool,', do well to ex amine his stock Before
making their purchsssselsewhere. A. ii.
.. w. APeKason,lat«ol ; rowatna a. nuecv,
(iruhl» A Epperson. I Graduate in Pharmae]
A II IIIMISi At Ot I'll.
Broad, BKTWsas4TH imisthßts„ \&3
Richmond, Va., i*f/
B ire on hand a oarefullj selected stock ol
I re Drugs and Chemicals, Paints, Oils, Window
• ■ iss. Varnishes. Perfumery, Soaps, and Fanoj
' Artirlcß, which they oder upon toe moat reaaoaabk
.Nearly opposits the Ci lumbian Hotel, Caiy St.,
Richmond, Va.
Special sttention «i i-en to the s^!- 1 of TOBACCO
WHEAT, and all '.nds of PRODUCE, and hl<era
sdvac ■■ • made on onsignments.
HENRY S. WILLIAMS, Ijite of Norfolk.
JAS. B. MARSHALL, Late of Petersburg.
Keens ays on hand the largest ami freshest
im [ ol i fil ITS, NUTS, PRESERVES. Ac.
si • lontinua 1} receiving, by every stesmersot
iAi|in« packet, an additional supply. Call at the
ipstoreof JUAN PIZZINI, l» Main St.
Will attend regularly to the sales of HORSES,
Mi'I.ES, W t<iONB. Ac, at the Horso Lot,everj
.RD •■.', '. ORNING, at tSo'elssdt.
r ... tend I for sale will please he ensured bn
'■'■■' he morn.: ; of the hale.
I.' 11. SKI tKER It < 0., Grocers uml ( ot>i
''• •:■■.■ itrcnants, No.* Cary street, Rich
. Her their service* lor the sale ol
'•'<• it, Corn r*lour, Tobacco, Ac. The usual
a ■ ss ma son com , omenta.
1 rRAI IENERALLY.—I have psadc ,-:r
tits i th several \A-r-. extensive houses in
!...-• m trfd New York, hj which lam rnahled to
J unti merchan s the following Goods, at
"* rirkpnees: Figs, Oranges, Almonds, Ram
en* • Fillieru, Prunes, Dstse, Knjfish
"■''«. Currants, Lemon Syrup, Ground .Nuts.
Cocoa Nuts, Domestic and Import
"" • • M«o, un unequaled steam CANDIES,
of everj variety. My plan of business iseash, or a
lit not rxceedins sixty dsys, bj which time
merehaatscan renin the amount. This method, in
5 ' - tioi » j othsi id vantages, gives me me
"■ t«■ tg ( Is at pi ices which cannot bul
J" i'""'- ■■' rcbantsare solicited to call and see
: •'joodsi learn their prices, ssna rial them it
»■ *to thsii interest to do so.
Five story Building, ho. to Main as.
f* !' ; ITY'I pENTIKRICE -This >ni««M
eompnnnd will bs fousd ol inestimable value in
! '■ ■ -■ ng aad baautif) ing the Teeth, strengthen
tng tbs (iuus,aad is rendenni the breath sweet
/.;■'<•. It eatirpafs ail tartarous adhesions to
J ■••* i ■•••tl, anil insures a pearl like whiteness to
e enamelled surface, lis Anthwjstic and Anti
'•• itie properttss sxeroiss a hublr'benefieial
»' »slutarj influence: ti,»y arrest the lurthsr prn
»f«»«,d ths dei-ay ot feeth. induce ■ healthy se
■' ■' tbs Gagas, and cause thess to sesnaM the
■ M,!r..->f:u.d color indicstiVsof perfect souud
'•*»«. freparedand sold by
PharmsAieutieal Cbeausts, '-i
W Broad street. Richmond. Va.
' ■' hoc vfA Eur sals at ths lowest market
Cot 'A, '" ■"'"■'• WOODS for ramilj use, vn:
«"*odd ssxtrasugar-eursd Hams; No. 1 Maeke
",, '" »»sj , sad U hl.ls. Gunpowder Teas, as
Issß ''C-"" 1,!, ' 1; 7! '"- '" fLflOperlb A»o,
'"'■. ■'/. ""'"'■ Adamsntias, Sperm aedT*«tew
H , r . lit f '''''tiovernmeat Java.Laxnayrs mil
Wars- n!*i '"'"'V' 5 '■'' illl *i'"N. Wood
-:,:'.■',,'"''•".■■• Broimisj Mauhes; Powder and
Bi laiiif ' • ""' ; ""i Cordage; Surars. assorted;
sed I , ,'"'■■■■'■ r»M»lj and ExfraFlour, it. hl-ls.
hoxei i, *' 1 "'",'" vaaliti; Raisins, in Uutk
i!»o ~ .' "' Dairy him] Cuttiag t.'liees.-.. And
tj„i Buckwoe 1 * < " 1 i ' t " <lit<:i "" ue;tr li ; leof ButUS*
esar, ."■'""•''• bj any psrt of the ctty free of
"■ M , L. T. CHANDLER, '
~ • > " 1« Frsskho stieet, Old Market.;
X t h ,°* , |i? »«•«- A supply of puis Kei-.s.ne
Ji> i *»l I Pin) ,-i| i |
P. JOHNSTON ft liRO., l)ru::«i«ts.
jLPJiLjL jLa jl JLP Ato Jl i\_ X v_yJjU
ua_ < re*sst*BWj <|niirl<'« h « 0.,
Lares twi s l Isndid StocJ of
At cost tor C;i»h.or to our regular trade on the
In ceaseenencs of tlie death of Mr. Crenshaw, it
becomes accessary to close the business of the firm
%\ once. We therefore onei our entire stork <>i
i,,hi,!». comprising the best assortment ever seen in
•;; v, . stcost. Our stork new. having been ia
business bntsshort time, and it aubrds an sxcal
lent opportunity for those who hue not supplied
themselves foi the pressst, and also the apptoach
in« «c ison. to do So now.
our time is limited, stock lance, and. in order to
sooomplisb »iir purpose with ss titttedetaj as pos-
Mhle, ws still ssfl our goons atsviaaicMfi enepi i«.
ami mi ifii! i**s
v; debts das us on the Ist of Jul; list, and re
maining unsettled, must he paid si onto, as loniser
induitenoe oannot u> granted.
Ki.Cmi.i td»iop Worth Folio wlnsjt —Te
men of oar fellow beings that am sotT'ting lrom s
derangement ot the disestivs systsm.ws advise
the use ut that wonderful medicine. BAKKR'B
PREMIUM BITTERS. Many have failed to find
rebel from other medicines.—but "ii tkest tti.it
have taken "good sdviee" snd made use of the
"Bitters" have found great and permanent relist.
"Go thon am! do likewise," is sage advice,ans]
followed in this instance will show the man of
■ease. All that srs afflicted with Dyspepsia,
Heartburn Nervous Headache, Liver Complaint
and :<i diseases arising from indigestion, should
nsksase of BAKER'S BITTERB, ii they desire
to he cci tainlj cured.
To t>e iisit of all tlie principal Druggists in tins
eitj snd elsewhere in Vircinia. Orders promptly
filled bj addressing K. BAKER. Proprietor.
de 22 ts Kicliuiond. Va.
psv. There i» iiiithins «ograt'if»in" to the
THEY AKK.Mir FORGOTTEN.- We would re
commend the members of the Legislature, sn£
others who may purpose going boms to piss me
h >1 i'-iv s. to call St the Photographic and I-"me Art
lialle-j of ii. W. MINNIS snd secure one of his
beautifull] exeeated LIKENESSES, and have it
placed in s Gold Locket. Kreastnia, Medallion.
Fanes eas*. or Frame, all <>i wbicn lie ha* a beau
• ful sssortment at : bis GALLERY, 217 MAIN
STREET. No sasmeato could be more seoepta
bie. de2o- Is
pga Nstice.--Having purchased the interest of
ni> late partner. Mr. Powell, I sha'l continue the
;n ail its branches, as heretofore.
With thanks for the patronage so liberally ex
tended to the late firm, 1 solicit a continuance of
the same »c old stand, corner of Bank and 12th
de l?-2m
n. E/elii«'l"s
Pri c ff] per bottle. To lx> had of any of the CTug
lisUinthis city. Whoiessis depot for ordeis.69
Main st.
! -iiii prepared to famish tlie trade at the usual
discount- Otd«rs promptlj attended to
del2-lm K. EZEKIEL.WMaias*.
ftt. Aen« and I'cver.
U A U P To v• s r J ffCT V/v E .
SALCDA, Middlesex Co.. Va.,l
Auuust 11. nh. \
Mttars. Mortimer $• MoivKr-xy:
Gentlemen : It is with unaffected pleasure I bear
testiuion< to the great merit nfynur IIAMT roV<
riNCTKRE. I was taken Isst sprint: with the
auue ami fever anil debility of cnest and limbs. I
tiled various medicines, but found no relief: hut
OB being advised by a friend to try iiuit Tincture,
! dd bo. snd am now enjoying rx"ellcnt health.
bavin? taken only one bottle. v MtrobiU Diet*.
Veil can use this as i«st suits yon. '
Ver\ truly ami respectfully yours,
]•'. Addison BntsTow. !
Callaadget pamphlets and see cures of Cough,
Rheumatism. Scrofutsv, sto. Asa restorative and
iarigorator it Inn t'et-n highly recommended.
Hundreds will testify of cures <>n themseh en arid
frienn.-*. alter ail other cures have failed.
TUB X will be found a great medicine lor ail tlie ; r
tik. Call and set Pamphlets and see cures.
Soldbv PFRCELL, LADD sc CO., Richmond;
by Dr.COOKE, Fredericksburg: in all the Drue
sists in Petersburg: bj MORTIMER A MOW
BRAY, Baltimore; and hy Druggists and
..eei'.Tt; everywhere. c?l per bottle; sis denies,
*5. dsS—dhewts
fv The lenii Virginia Resnedy. ami no
EASES.—This ureat Ansencan remedy, contain
in no Mercurial or Balsamic properties, excels
everything heretofore offered the public, in its cu
rative, restorative, and renovating powers;, and
the medical w;»rid are astenissed when told that
the above remedj wili cunsjoe aiKivesiseases. and
c«ini.>ar.ded when they nave ocular demonstra
tions of the facts. But the proprietor, who has
known of the remedy lor twenty-odd years, has
knovnnf a case of twenty years standing to be
restored to perfect health, and all other ca.s-.s of
shorter durat:"n to he restored, without a single
fxoeption, and therefore challenges, any oasis of
Gonorrhoea which the remedy will not earsv pro
vided the directions are carried out with prudence
on the part ol the patient: and any one purchasing
ball -i dozen hi ttles, snd using accordingly, in Ins
or iier oase, be guarantees a perfect cure; and in
'a-.-e of failure, will furnish additional medicine,
free of charge, to oomnletefhe cure, through ins
agents; mas eure.wm beencted without incon
venience t.i the patient. Sn]|s by
APPEHSON v BurDY, Druggists,
lur the . ity ol Richmond,
an S—6t.* No. w\. Broad street.
njL. tireat Eurgatns—
No ill. Eaolk Sqtjaiis.
4 4 Brows BHJRTING, Heavy, atSd.
» 4 Bleached " " atsd.
Suner. " " " atlOceuts
The l>e>.t 4-4 " everisoulhere,atl2Jtiets.
u«j p.i Fast Col*d i'RINT:-', ;vt •j'j cents
Ise»j Kn :li> : i and American PRINTS, at 11 oenlS
90 r»* V'ALENTIAS and DELAIN ES, at 12! 2 els.
Rich Paris DELAINES, at 62.', c's..worthtjj>» eta.
1)1! KSB SILKS, ver% oheap
i* Vtt\ Rich BILK ROBES, at R36, worth t«S
!<IL) GLOVES, as good as Alexander's, streets.
Beet lo i i> esohed SHEETINGS, at U ets.
se 19— ts No. 141 I'.iirile Squaie.
■oVSnecial Notice.- Il«* inj determined be
. fore next fall to thoroeghiy repair our »ti>re. or p.iii
down and build a new one, we then fore oiler all oar
WOOLLEN and other toods ndapte ! to FA.Land
WINTER wear at cost. We solicit a call from all
persons in wast ol sach goods, as they must and
f will lie sold at sonic pries. Call ;u
1 noao-lin COURTNEY'S,«Broad st.
This valuable preparation mused internally and
externally. It cures
Being a fine TONIC.it is very beneficial Ist a
weak stomach or l«>we!s.
In bottles of 12. 25 and 50 cents. Sold by all Oriu
irists in Richmond. Petersburg and Norfolk,and
; throughout the Stale. je u—;2m
. .t wr_ri3rr ; _--
tt\. I»r. llrtsttUer's Hitters have received
the warmest snnom asas frwm the sressaad people
throughout the Union. Aj svaluable tome foi the
cure of Dyspepsia, Ftatuleaos, Constipatioa aad
. rensrsl nervousdeSility, iteaaaot tie approached.
bvery day new eases oi its great ettect are ohroni
' cled through our public journals. There is nothing
esjuai to the eajoj meat, to that winch the affiictea
experience when ssmg this valuable specific Its
mild tone, its sure and vigorous aotiea upon a d:s
oidered stomach, and the eleaasiag of the entire
human body «iiou!d recommend it to alt classy of
. our community. All that will be aeusssery to eca
vtaos the skeptical of its healthy erteeis. vi to pur
osssc a bottle and !>e oonvineed.
Sold !/y and dealers generally. every
where. de 5-liu
rKKi.lney and Bladder 4 oiii|>laiiit«.-Tne
oewKt and uiogt important discovery for X :():.■•>.
Blsddei Complaints. Ci insri OnstrucfJbns, I.em or
rhOßa or Whites. Sexual Weaknesses, P'i>s,-. i'
Prostration and Debility of either sea, is UARTS
Persons who have hern unable to walk,;. i/ssoob
been relieved by tins powerful COMPOUND, ins
prepared by a Chemist, aad is pronounced hi medi
cal men and those who b ive used it. to !hj the l>est
BUCH U COMPOUND in the world. Large bottles
,*1 ;small bottlesßOoents. A fresh suppl) ;asl ie
seived by Ki.siiEKk WINSTON. Druggists,
je IsV-snsa Main street. R.chiuoiid.
tvTbr St. l.awrenre llouse-
Have vacant, suits of ROOMS for laiiuh '» . WO,
single ROOMS forgeutlemen.
A number of DAY BQAROERB can be see* =u
modated. lno2*-ts| Mrs. K. M ACDONOI tj H.
BK. Ur. Jane A. Williams esters ber
services to those of her own sex, and t> children
s'ho may need medical sdviee or attendant c.
Kspecial attention is given to the management of
: obstetric cases. Also, ail forms of female diseases
snd displacements.
Electricity applied for the cure of sweats, dts-
S\ office and residence on Clay,between 4th
snd 6th streets, North side. no 29-lm'
«\_ llo»ne-Made ■«> Meat.—Those in
want of pars GROUND SPICES for this delightful
svssponsdeM obtain such, FRESH,at the Drug
and Apothecary Ptore of
JNO. W. GARLJCK, Market Plsce,
de23—ts Franklin street.
. # ,__
Kh> (rystalinr Jelly enn he made witliou l
etits or lioiling, by using the Refined Gelatine. Fo
ssleby JNO. W. GARLICK,
Apothecary and Druggist,
Msrket Place, Franklin street.
■ I-' DA liS, with or without bee's, of the finest make.
~- .-—.■. 11l I ■ 111 nil.
iliriimoitti fjisfmtrji.
Bai ilmi of tin- Revolution.
B\v York Herald publishes a list of the
* of the American Revolution, who
jned on therollsol the several State*.
■it day of January last there wers
hundred and seven living heroes of
itattoa on the pension lisi la Wash-
The old soldiers are last passing
away, and it cannot be many years before the
Isst one will he gathered to his comrades. The
following is the Virginia list
William Ot knini.ham. 96 years.
Gaoaoa EaTsa, 96% yean
Daniki. Hicks, Sr , over si; years.
William OSSY, 96 year.. ,
Ph. KB Kikk, Vi years.
William Btswast.
Mattbsw Scat, M years.
lIKKBT WILLOI (iiinv, 100 y-ars.
The following is a list OB the rollof the State
of North Carolina, with their agi ■ :
Cornelius Clements, Rutherford county, Krj
John Brooks, Robeson county, 109 years.
David Oockerham, Surry county, !») years.
Edwin Hickman, Stokes county, 'J7 years.
Moses Jones, Orange county, !'7 years.
Alexander Lemoads, Rockingham county,9fl
James Nich !son, Stokes county, ;i7 years.
Adam Phillips, Buncome county, OS jears.
(It-urge Roberts, Buncome county, 101 year*.
The following Revolutionary soldiers are
pensioners on the roll of theStateof Kentucky:
Thomas Beckneil, Madison county, aged 98
Henry Bird, Morgan connty,aged 96years.
Elijah Denny, Kockcastle county, aged I J7
Jacob Goodman, Monroe county, aged 97
James Howard, Ijreatlii; ceanty, aged 107
Robert Jones. Mercer county, aged 90 years.
John Keeton, Owen county, aged 96 years.
William Long. Shelby connty, age unknown.
Anthony Phelps, La Kue county, aged 93
George Rogers, Wayne county, aged 95years.
James Sherrill, Green county,aged97 years.
Of the Revolutionary soldiers who made
their applications for pensions from Kentucky,
230 afterwards changed their residence toother
Suites, via: loi to Indiana,36 to Illinois, 35 to
Ohio, 33 to Missouri, 10 to Tennessee, I to Ar
kansas, :: to Virginia, 1 to Alabama, 1 to lowa.
The following statements are taken from the
j>ersonal narratives of sons of the above:
Henry Bird volunteered from Montgomery
county, Virginia, io I7feo, into the company of
Kb James Newell. under the command of
1 Stevens, and rendezvoused at the lead
in that county. The organization of this
force was for the purpose of guarding the fron
tier from Indians who had become trouble
some, and to follow a band of plundering lo
ries who were lying out in the Blue Ridge,
making incursions irom time to time upon the
lives and pi perty of patriots living in the
sorronndim country. The forces, after cross
ing New ri\er at Barnard's Ferry to Flower
(Jap. went to Threeforks of said riv#r,scout
iug the country in their march. They were
successful in surprising some bands of lories
in their camps, besides capturing a number of
them. In 1781 be was draughted to North
Carolina, in Captain Saunders 1 company, un
der command of Colonel Crockett; but, as a
guard was neceesary'for the protection of the
per.-ous then engaged in working the lead
mines for the public service, be, with others,
was detailed for that,purpose. He also served
Elijah Denny, while living in Wilkes coun
ty, North Carolina, volunteered .as one of the
South Carolina militia, in 1779, into Captain
Richard Allen's company, and marched to
Charleston,and was present duriug tbesiege
; and surrender of that place to the British in
W emaiio d a prisoner on parol until reg
xchanged, when be enlisted into c.ii>t.
s company, rendering service about
Salisbury, Hillsboro'and Deep river. About
I 18: ri removed to Rock Castle connty, Ken
Jacob Goodman entered the service in M« ..
lenbnrg county, North Carolina, under Cap
tain Filer, and marched through 'he Cataw ba
Indian nation to Greenbrier, South Carolina.
1 The object of the expedition in represented to
have been to break up the intercourse carried
on betwtieu the toriesand the British in Sa
vannah. He was at the sieg.- and surrender of
Charleston, and a spirited engagement at Ruf
ton's swamp, with ac tnsiderable band oi to
ne* and molattoee, which resulted in captur
ing thirty of them and seventy horses. Soon
after orders were received from CoL Rutber
:, trd to join him, which they did, .tear Wil
mington": but the British having tied fron that
region, he returned home. However, they
were almost immediately called upon to march
Kl'ear and thence to Rnfton's Bwamp,
band of tories had gathered under the
c of a man named Fletcher.
James Howard commenced his service in
!777. in Montgomery county. Virginia, and,
having been placed in Captain Buchanan's
Ky, was sen; to the Cherokee country .—
hey arrived at the month of Dumplin
telligence was received of the efforts
making by (Ten. Clark, in command of the
forces South of them, to form v junction with
those from Virginia. Alter punishing the In
dians, by destroying the villages of Temolely
and Big Island, and concluding a treaty with
them, the force:, divided, and Howard was
stationed at Blaekamore Fort, on Clench river,
during the remainder of his term ot service.
In 3 one, IT7~, he enlisted for three yars in an
expedition against the Indians in Kentucky,
and to the Wabash river, (dividing Illinois
from Indiana,) under Col. John Montgomery.
The forces rendezvoused at Long Islands, and
in boats descended the river to Tennessee river,
and thence op to the Mississippi, passing thy
month of theOhio,to an old town settled by
the French, three miles up the Kaskaskia ri\er,
in the western part of southern Illinois.—
Here the assembled forces, under the command
of Colonel ( at terwards General) George R< gera
Clark,were marched toVlncennes, and men
bach to Illinois river, and remained there un
til 177(1, when Howard, with others, was trans
ferred to a little fort at the Yellow Banks, on
the Mississippi river, some four miles below
the mouth of the Ohio. Remaining there un
til Angus', of that year, he was then sen: up
the Ohio to the '-Falls," now called Louisville,
where Gen. (.'lark had gone with most ot the
army—the Indians having been,a.-, was thought,
completely subdued by him. In 1780 the set
tlers at the "Falls," being much harassed by
Indians, he wns detailed for duty at trial place.
Soon after, the Indians captured Martin and
Kiddle's station. During the summer of 1789
General Clark was recalled to Miami to chas
tise the Indians in that region of the country,
who were very troublesome by committing
various depredations upon the settlements,
and fought a battle n Peccoways plain, not
far from the spot where, in 177t», the Indians
had compelled a detachment of Keatockians
to retreat. After the defeat of the Indians they
remained comparatively iiuiet During these
se\eral campaigns, the men composing the
expedition having to march through a new and
but scattered settled country, to cross rivers,
peuetra'e s wain pst and camp in the wilderue-s,
were exposed to great hardships and priva
tions from the inclemency of the seasons and
the want of regular supplies of provisions,
besides the fatigues arising lrom scouting and
skirmishing, protect themselves and the in
habitants lrom the subtle attacks of the In
diana, urged and incited as they were by the
emissaries of the British Government. How
ard was born in Georgia in 1758, and lived in
M"iit;; ornery connty, Virginia, about thirty
years. Since the Itevoluiion he resided some
•even years i:i KuoX county, Kentucky, and
then in that portion of Floyd which is now
Perry county.
John Keeton was born in and draughted
from Spotsylvania county, Va., in June, 1780,
and sent under the command of Colonel Stub
bhlield. in General Utevens' brigade, to rein
force General Gates in the South. At Hills
boro', N. C, their captain havinc been dismiss
ed, Lieut. Holliday was elected to till his
place. In August they joined General Gates
at Kugebj's (or ltusseil's) Mills, near Camen,
in the night, after a forced march of eighiet n
days and nights. As they marched into camp
the picket guard of the opposing armies were
firing at each other, and was the prelude to
ihe regular battle which commenced with the
daws of day, when General Gates was de
feated by Lord Corn wallis. Captain Holliday
wa* severely wounded, and was seen by Kee
ton in their retreat, but so closely followed by
their enemies no assistance could be rendered
to him. He must either have died from his
wounds or have been helplessly slaughtered
by the British, as be was not heard from after
wards. In another tour of service he was at the
siege and surrender of Yorktown in 17-1, which
practically ended the hostilities between the
Anthony Phelps, while living in Bucking
bain county, Virginia, in 1??7, at the age ot fif
teen years, was one oliitteen or twenty, under
('apt. Richard May, who volunteered for the
defence of the Stale, and were dispatched to
Boones borough, Kentucky, where they arrived
in November of that year, and were employed
on the banks of a river in erecting a fort, un
der the command of Col. Daniel Boon. . In
August, 177P, the fort was attacked by a horde
of Shawnee nnd other tribes of Indians, who
surrounded it for eleven days, nine of which,
as well as during the uigut, consisted of luces-
sunt fighting He remained at the fort until I
February, Y179, acting as a lunger cad spy.—
Ahonl this time some men lrom the'"Falls." or ]
Louisville, coming to Hoonesborough for corn, I
lie, with four others, accompanied then' on
their return. In 17-.i a large number of fami
nes having arrived at the ■•Kalis," Qeneml
Clark influenced one hundred families I >go
to Fort Jefferson, also sometimes called the I
Iron Hanks. :t i North MaysAcld Creek, on the
Mississippi river, anil i'helps volunteered un
liptaiu Owen (or Oins,) and went with
linois regiment to that place, and was
tyad in erecting a garrison and protect-]
c neighborhood soma ftfleen mouths.—
ig this time and before the fort was evac
uated, it was twice attacked by Indians—on*"
lasting one day and night, and the other,al>oui |
six weeks after, lasting three days. In 1782,
assisted, under the command Of tjapt. Jac I,
Van Metre, Capt. Owen having been killed by
the Indians previous to the return from the |
Iron Hank-, in erecting another garrison at
the "Falls."
George Rogers, born in Fauquier county, i
Virginia, was draughted lrom there into Cap
tain Francis Triplett'a company and rendez
voused at the Oourt-Huaae. By wayof Rich
mond, Va., ami llillsb ro' and Salisbury, N.
C, theynurcbed to New Providence old rii i Is,
South Carolina, and joined the main army of
Gen. Morgan. At Rugeby Mills in an engage
meat with the toriee, captured 160 prisonersv—
(was in the battle of Oowpeua, and served
everal scouting partus. In 1781, upon a
made for reinforcements tola; sent toWil
asburg, he, being Informed that he was
lighted, left home to overtake bis come
s, who had already left After reaching
in. between Fredericksburg and Howling j
*en, he, learning that it aras not so. volnn- j
leered under Captain Holmes. Joining Gen.
Washington's commend, the army was moved
forward to invest Yorktown, where Lord
Oornwailia waa fortifying the town, in antici- I
lion of their approach. Rogers continued with
tin-army through the siege and surrender ol
the place, when he was detailed as a guard to
the prisoners, on their way to Winchester
Barracks, and remained there jh duty until
Rues Sherrill entered the continental line
rgiaia, commanded by Col.Snm'l Uawee,
lpeper Court-House. In 17-n, and was in
a. t ties of Camden, Eataw springs, ami
egeof'96. Was detailed as a guard to
the prisoners in Albemarle Barracks. Makes
a plain statement of his service without allu
sion to any incidents connected with it.
Letter from Richard Renlfts the President.
ArsTiN, Texas, Dec. 1, 1859.
7'e W«j Excellent}, the President of tkt Unit 7
States : —
Sin: Having recently observed, from the pa
pers which have reached thia distant region,
that the discovery of the correspondence oi
John Brown has disclosed my former connec
tion with him as Secretary ol State, under the
"Provisional Constitution," adopted at Chat
ham, O. W., May loth, 1858, 1 have thought it
my duty to state to yoa thai while I have had
no connection either with Bi own oranyol his
party since the beginning of June, IKB, ami no
knowledge of the resuscitation ol the organ!-
Si which died out at the period of, and in
quence of my defection therefrom, and
ugh I have, since my return from Europe
pril la-t, resided wholly in Southern
I States, acquitting myself as a law-abiding
I citizen. 1 yet am perfectly willing (by reason
of my conviction that the organization and the
insurrection were alike cruelly wcked,) to
surrender myself either to the authorities of
the United States or of the state oi Virginia,
in order, if it fa? necessary, to suffer the penal
ty ol my egregious folly.
1 have, since the date of the insurrection,
been mice or twice dissuaded from offering
myself as a witness, oa the ground that the
violated majesty of the law was being amply
and fully \ indicated.
Hy reason, however, of the recently disclosed
fact that the insurrection occurred aader th>
auspicesof the "Provisional Constitution," 1
have determined, on account of the possibility
that my connection with the dissolved organi
sation ol May, l-"'-. may entail responsibilities
on me in December, t?59, to express my wil
lingness to expiate, to the last degree, the con
sequences of my atrocious blunder. For'bis
reason: that, whereas, when an Abolitionist,
I would have diea in defence of my convic
tions, so now, that 1 am a Southerner, lam
also willing to die in proof of the sincerity ol
ray present principles. If. therefore, the error
of the pastinvolves mem present punishment,
I am content to redeem such error by suffer
ing such punishment.
I reside in this city, from which 1 shall not
absent myself until you have communicated
your desires or decision in this matter.
I have the honor to remain, sir,
Your Excellency's most obi serv't,
Richard Keai.k.
A vefbatim copy of theabove has also been
mailed to Gov. Wise, of Virginia.
John T. Ai.kxanwck.
Kkpoi.t or Nobthkbji Spies from tiii:
Soith.—The rsew York correspondent of the
Mobile Register, says:
The Republican leaders here sent confiden
tial agents in September to every Southern
State, to examine into and report the extent of
arms and ammunition in the South that could
be nsi-d in .March. 1861, should Seward's taking
his seat be opposed. A Copy of the leport was
sent by nfliend in the- Sice of the Independent.
1 will merely mention what it contains in
reference to Alabama, South Carolina and
Georgia. The spies report thai the arms and
ammunition IB Alabama is of no possible ac
count. Of South Carolina he speaks in the
most contemptuous terms, and contrasts the
arms and supplies of the Federal Government
and fortress with those of the State at Colum
bia and at Charleston. He says there are not
even rusty ransketa in the State sufficient to
arm 100 men, and if there were, that the mus
kets would explode and kill the holders. In
Georgia, the spy says, there is a scarcity oi
arm-, ant! of powder and *-hot ior the ordinary
hunting done in the State. All the States ate
repored, and if the report be true, were I in
your Legislature, not a day should before
v remedy was bad. 1 would create a perma
nent supply, by legalizing manufactures of
arms and of powder. Why not .'
Tan MsDicaa Stlde.ms from Philadelphia
who attached themselves to the Medical Col
lege of Im" n handsome reception on
the 'iotli ult. D. A. Matthews, one of these
students, made a speech on the occasion, in the
course of which he said :
it was a-ked of us in Philadelphia, w Why
can you not wait until the present session i?
over," aid then act!" We replied, "Because
now is the fine to strike, while Southern men
are ready, it we wait until you have given
all these men diplomas, they will hardly do
much for Southern institutions when ihey ie
turn home; for it is well known that physi
cian*, are apt to recommend the institutions
in which they graduate to their office pupUa
and friends generally. Every man is apt to
•hold iiu' for his ulms mater. We don't wish
ma to the North by any such in
: Aboutiod Boos Sold ts the
1 young gentleman showed us on
a "book, purchased tit one of our
-, (doubtless the proprietor had no
■, character,) with ihe title: '-Wild
the West: by Frederick tit ratacker :
.1 from the German. London and
i: Warnes A Rootledge. '
, more abominable, lying, aboillk>a
n, was ne\er printed, 'ihe page or
ad were more closely packed with
he Southern people—-with Ins abjut
id skives—than we e\rr saw lietore.
our bookselleisctu find some way to
neb. works being foisted on them.
not, of course, lead the books they
but they can let it be understood
will destroy aud. not pay for them,
will not compel them to pay lor
circulation of which is against law.
press denounce the "Wild Sport*,"
re.— Montgomery Mmf.
— <— -
wiii.ky th.vt is WOKS.—It is stated
er in the Augusta (Ga.J Chronicle;
ited ihesef Northern ;'-Jeweiry Man
,'" andean testily that there are nutii
inakesuch stutf expressly for auc
at the South. I speak from know
n 1 say that a five dollar gold piece
■i '.tm I tii-.! «r tins (.') brea.stpius, ear
rings, lockets, and full sets generally. So, too,
with their silver-ware. Most of it is made ot
zinc, and coated with the thinnest possible
layer of silver. The whole thing is an inten
tional swindle from beginning to end. Pin
dar's razors were made to Mil and not tosba\e:
This auction-made trash is made to both sell
and iliave, and made purposely 10 do both.
How wonderfully verdant must a people be
who continue long to be thus made ihe dupes
of such men.
Cotton St at km kkt.—The receipts in
Charleston for the past week were l.\~:-r bales
against 13,799 bales last year.
The total receipts since the Ist of September
last at all the ports amount to 2,l'A*pl4 against
1,7ii6.W7 balsa last year.
Tim total eiports for thii season to foreign
ports show an Increase of IH,-"ils bales. The
shipments to Northern ports show a decrease
from last year of 171 bales. The stuck on hand
shows an increase over that of last year at the
same time of *£>J,«u! bales.
The operations in the Charleston market for
the past week foot up nJM4 bales.
There is a freshet in the river at Augusta,
Oa., caused by heavy tains iv the interior.
Ostrlglßid JmtmmWUuLll OF VIRGINIA. I
Monday, January t, MM
The House met at IB o'cloik, with about
fifty memliers ia their Mr. Christian,
of Augusta, in the Chair. Prayer by Rev. Mr.
Btmnowa, of the Baptist Chinch.
A message wa* received from the Governor
etielo.mjc a letter irum W. li. Moore, iirgi'ii;
an appropriation by the Legislature to the /e
--lief of Eilwanl McCabe, who was wounded at
Harper's '•"erry.
On Motion of r«lr. Haymonh, a special com
mittee wns appointed to enquire into the pro-. I
priety of npi> topri.it ing for thecouiingenUuiiri
such a sum of money as may he necessary.—
Committee— Me-srs. Havmoni>, HackXßT, I
KiniKMAx.(iß.utA>t, nml Kiev. The committee j
afterwnrds reported a bill appropriating >-.!.>,
out to the obiecUnamed.
Alessrs. MifIAMANi, RosnarraoH of Rich- j
mond, If ay.mokd, Cowan, and Arnold, were
appointed a committee to acquaint Governor
LXTCHBB that the House was in session and
ready to receive nny communication from him. |
The (Jo'N ernor replied to the committee that
he had nothing at present to communicate to
the House. I
Rtsotmtimu </ Inquiry.— By NTr. Robertson, |
of incorporating the Carbon Hill Mining Coin- l
Irj .Mr. Boreman, of incorporating a
y to construct a turnpike from the
n Turnpike ton point on the North-
Virginia Railroad, near Cairo; by Mr.
a, of regulating certain charges on ibe
ire and Ohio liailroad, by Mr. Fleming. |
"pontine the Monti rey Division S. «>f |
Highland county; by' Mr. Bisbie, of |
dentistsoa the same footing with other
ons: by Mr. IJoreman, of reas-».-sing
is of the Commonwealth; by Mr. Smith,
f incorporating the Jefferson Coal ami
lpany ; by Mr. Johnson, of building a
turnpike from a point on the Beverley and
Fairmont road to a point oa the Gruttic Creeh j
and West Union road: by Mr. Hoffman, of
dispensing: with the j i xluction of subscribing |
witnesses, and in lieu thereof proving their !
handwriting; by Mr. Hisbie, of the appoint- j
menl of only one health officer fur the harbor
of Norfolk, bj Mr. Robertson of IL, of enlarging
the Public Guard and increasing its pay : by
Mr. Bisbte, of incorporating the Norfolk,'F.ast- I
crn Shore and Southern Manufacturing Com
pany; by Mr. Johnson, of an appropriation to
construct a turnpike from a point on the Bu
chanan and Clarksburg road to another point.
On motion, the House adjourned. i
Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.
Affairs in Lifntkbmrg,
Ltsh ni'.rnc;. Va., Jan. i, iB6O.
To-day is New Year's day, the beginning of
the year 1880. Having made this bnportanl
announcement, your correspondent' (along
with other distinguished writers,) would beg
leave to present his compliments to the reader,
Wishing a happy new year to ail, and then pro
ceed to relate a few events occurring at the I
close of the year 1859.
In the Mayor's Court yesterday morning: I
Win. Hendricks, charged with the murder of I
Thomas Johnston, passed examination and
was sent on to the Hustings Court, which com
mences Monday. The evidence elicited was
substantially the same as given the preceding
morning before the coroner's jury, with little
variation, it is believed to be a clear case of
murder in the first decree. No interesting
particulars developed. The trial of the case
seemed to create considerable interest, tin-
Mayor's office being packed with persons who,
no 'oubt, attended through curiosity. The
prisoner did not seem to ha\e a friend, but
exhibited the same cool indifference of v. huh
he seemed posses-ed from the first.
A young man front Mississippi, a student at
Emory and Henry College, attempted to get on
the cars on the Virginia and Tennessee Rail
road on last Friday night, while in motion,
but in so doing slipped and fell between the
coaches, injuring himself in such a manner
that it is supposed 'hat he will die. Name not
ascertained. No blame attached to the em
«s of the company,
condition ot James Bradshaw, who, it
recollected. \;.h stabbed in the arm on
the2lst ult., by John O'Brian, is now consid
ered precarious, and hi* recovery extremely
doubtful. O Brian is .-mi in jail; his exami
nation having been postponed with a view to
have Bradshaw as a witness at the trial.
Our police deserve to be highly compli
mented for the effectual manner ia which
they have preserved order iv.u\ served '.he pub
lic during the Christmas holidays.
There have been 3u,305 barrets of flour in
spected in this city during the quarterending
the3lst December. 11. K.
Nsw Una roR Ska-Wki.d.—The Paris pa
pers speak of a new material to be used in load
ing fire-arms. Sea-weed has hn'n found to be
the best gnn wadding ever vet used. It an
swers the purpose admirably, keeping the iron
coflt, ami not liable :o ignition like the cotton
wad hitherto in nse. By order oi the govern
ment, large amounts have been gathered on the
coasts of Normandy and Britanny. The ma
n rial has already been disti :bu :ed to the ord
nance department at Viucenues.
Ho&RlBU Bxai H.—The Enfanla (Ala.', Ex
press s;ivs a Miss c r i;iss. residing a few miles
from that place, was suddenly stilled on Fri
day last under the following circumstances:
She bad gone under a gin-houae during lbs
rain to raiik a cow, when the house fell, ci Ash
ing her to death instantly. A large beam
fell directly across her, which had tobeeat
away before the bod] could be extricated.
A Prkdictiob korthkNew Vkak.—Among
the Scotch, in the Highlands, the following
prediction in relation to the wind on New
Years Eve is currently believed :
"If \ew Year's five night winds blow South.
It betokenetb warmth and growth :
If vves', much milk, and nsn in the sea:
Ii North, much cold am! s-on:;s there will Be ;
If Kust. the trees will bear much Tint ;
If Northeast tise it, msn and brute."
CATT. FAJOIHAM.—The Savannah Express
publishes a letter addressed by Gen. C K.
tlenningsen to Capt. Famham, now in con
finement there, under a charge ofbeing engaged
in the Wanderer's celebrated cruise. The let
ter relieves Cap:. F. of sonic important speci
Fouirn Head.—We learn that Mr. Baldy
Rtttbevford, of Chattahoochee county, tin.,
was found dead on the roadside about half a
mile from his residence, on Tuesday morning.
the 20th instant, supposed to have been frozen
to death while under the influence of liquor.
[Coittmbus (,'ja.) Si n.
C.'ipt. Thos. N. En bank, an old and well
known citizen of Amherst county, Va., ditd
of npoplexy, on the 13th ult.
Mr.M-.G Pendleton, a worthy citizen of
Darlington, S. C, died a lew days ago !t,>ra a
wound accidentally inflicted by himself with
a pistol.
The conductors of the Wilmington and
Manchester Railroad have preseated a gold
beaded cane to R. 11. Mcßae, the transportu
tiou agent of the compauy.
The colors on thestesuners at New Orleans
were wurn at half-mast on the 21st ultimr,
oat of respect to the memory of Henry X i in
son, an old pilot.
THS •• I» I■ I' A r C 11" STEAM
Corner (J Main and TkirUtntk Ssr*4t», RscAat and,
\ I til,i m.
This Establishment, < i »■!nt: the most complete
Printer) in the 8 rath, both as retards T>ies. < ; r
--n.iments. Ac. and the !-..tesf and most approved
Machine Presses, 1 is dailj turning out the finest
specimens of
sfcti as
I'lNti. CHECKS, Ac,
A< Wtt.L AS
Particular attention given to fine work for Banks.
Public Offices, insurance. Railroad, snd Transfer- I
tation Conipaaies, Tobacco i-actors. Ac
These new Machines, lor Cards, Bill-Heads, '■
Small Circulars, Labels, fee, are capable aftnra- i
i iii off ISOu impressions per hour, theiebj enal ai i
ttie patrons of this establishment to obtaia this
description of work st the shortestpossible notion.
BY Prieee reduced ia proportion to ths increase
V\. Printing, in virions colored BRONZES and
!\>\S, executed in the In best style of the art.—
In th:s branch of the business, the proprietors eu
safely ebaaense cow petition.
■ KSMirillM;, ftKIL HANOI MG
LVF.K PLATING. Ac-The subscn'erhas
turned from the Northern cities, where he
idtaauuve sut>ph of materials, oi the best
SILVER PLATING, etc. aud invites pub
lic ultenttoa to f.is business. Ho has einpioi eu the
bsst workmen to be had, and is prepared tomsks
to order every kind of Lock, to ha no 11.<i.1.< in tne
liest manner, and to do.Stiver l'iat,n- m n si> W- not
to be sarsaesed by *uy establishment m this coun
try. All Ins work in warranted, or neaalx
After an exserisnee pf asaas years m thiaetty,
snd an ■eanatataase with the !;esi Leek-makers in
this country, he flatters himself that lieean.iive
satisfaction, both as to workmanship and seises,
aud therefore solicits orders Iroiu town and coun
try, which will meet with prompt attention.
PersoiiswislnuK to have Lots* aiaiiKoa bei-au
bd, Hbli.s hhxu in any style, or Silvbh Praria*
ezeeuted in a fuee.-ior manner, are invited to call
at his establishment, ou 10th street, three doors
south of Main, wneie the, will be attended to at
ths shortest notice
Orders from a Ui.tauoe, sent through the Post-
Office, will be immediately filled; and Bell Uansing
U~sgjgi tggfy^
Mnynr't Court. —A ii umber of prisoners ap- 1
peered before the- Mayor yesterday morning, I
to answer for various offences, nearly all of
which were of a trivial character. William
Mc('tillock, charged with assaulting and beat
ing his wife, wa* called to the bar, but his
better half failing to appear to testify against
him. he was discharged.—James Cavenaugh,
forsaking free lodgings in the station -bouse,
was next called no. Jim had his eyes decora
ted in mourning—caused, probably, by coming
in contact with some one's fist, and seemed to
be very much under the weather. He stated
that he was on bis way to the eUanohe Valley
Railroad in search of employment, and prom
ising to leave nt once, was discharged.— -Betsy
Martin, a free nezress, for beating Rhoda,
Sampson, an associate, v.as called to ihestand:
but Rhoda failing to appear, she was dis
charged.-- Qeorge Johnson, a traveling loafer,
picked up on the dock when he was us t ; ghtas
a drum head and almost fro/en, was turned
over to the Sergeant for winter quarters.—
George, no doubt, has seen letter days, but the
lore of fire water h.ts bleared his once fair
form aud made him a perfect type of a druuk
en sot.—Robert Tmylick being out of luel, I
helped dnmself to a iitick of wood from Wan. I
McL'ui gh's pile, and. as a consequence, was put
in prison. Promising to be so naughty no
more. Bob was released.—Andrew J. Cobby, a j
free negro, charged with lorcing the door oi j
Hannah Butler's house, made Ins appearance; I
but on satisfying the Mayor that he Dsade 'hat
house his home and merely forced the door to
get in to warm, he, too, was disc barged—John,
slave to V. k S. llardcrove, was arrested for
being caught in a boardtag-hoaee searching a
wardrobe. John said he had Been seat there
by one of the boarders to get brashes and
blacking', bin as he could not prove that fact, J
he was locked up for a future hearing.—Jatne»
111, for assaulting and beating John Wood,
held to bail to answer before the tli and
y aud to keep the peace.
to Railroad.—lf privilege is grunted by
City Council to the petitioners for laying
ailroad in the streets from Bocketta to
oke Avenue, and the work is commenced
nee find pushed to completion, the line
; be made ready for use early next sum-
In other cities, where railroads and
se cars are tolerated ia the Streets, the pub
find them a great convenience, and ihe
iers realize handsome profits on their
•k. Unlike ordinary railways, no grading
onsequence is necessary to put down the
•k, and no sort of difficulty is experienced
in descending tlie steepest' Trade" —the coaches
being held in subjection by powerful breaks —
The ascents, however, are very great, anil may
require increaagd*motivepower at particular
points, which can easily be supplied by the J
addition of nhone or two. We do not know
whether the projectors propose to have one I
track, with ?everal "turn nuts," .of to put j
down a double track. The latter would eer- I
tainlji tie far more convenient, and ii' the !
,• aches bnve atated periods for passing given I
points, so that business men will know pre- J
rifely the minute which they can go ap or J
down town, not only that cla-s ofcitizens.hu- I
all others, will gel In the habit of patronizing I
the line, and it will become popular and pr • I
tiati!-. It the rails are properly put down. J
ilu v will prove no obstruction to other vebi- I
cles, while the coaches themselves will prove I
lees noisy and dangerous than the scores ol
'buses and carriages that now crowd the
At ibe next meeting of the Council the peti
tion alluded to Will be presented and I'eail.
and should then be n [erred to a select com
mittee of members as will give the Subject
their careful consideration.
Puf'lii- Lodge Room*.—There are at this time
a creator number of strange paupers in the
city than has been known for many years.—
Most of these men find their way to the sta
tion-houses at night, to secure shelter from the
extreme cold weather, and all of them pro*
fees to hail from Fredericksbui gor Alexandria,
doubtless supposing that to ay they were
from the North, would at once cut them otl I
from all sympathy and probably incense the I
public agalnal them. Thus far, the night ot- I
tkirs bave given these stragglers lodgings ; I
but if the number continues to Increase, it
wiil soon be Impossible for them to Snd a
resting place in the police stations. Itaeeaaa
to us that the City Council would consult the
pnblicgood by establishing, for the winter
month-, two ormorefree lodge booses, for the
destitute, and put 'hem under the Care of the |
watch men. The cist to the city would be '
v» ry trifling, c impared to Ihe Bsaonnl ot cund
k*expeiiditnra would effect, ami the home-]
ess and destfSpte might then Qud a shelter
om the bitter cold. Will not the Mayor re
immendflome plan to the Council, fir the
mporary relief of the destitute, daring the
inter nun.ths, and tints guard them against
erishing with the cold .'
Good Work.—A Vtiuiuber el ladies devoted
esterday to the hunting up of the needy p or,
nd the relievingof theirwauts. In the lower
Mtrtof the ci'y two of these nngels of mercy
ere exceedingly industrious distributing
areola to women and children, nnd enconr-
them by kind words and timely admo-*
itioij.s. The ladies have it in th-ir power to
eiieve a vast amount of snflering, nnd it is
I ways gratifying to know that they are de
oting i t oi ti'ii of their time and their means
> -tie'reiief of laoea who are truly deserving.
be sterner ccx, too, have • work to perform,
ad tnej cannot begin it too early.
T. - -• , yesterday, in the neighborhood of
he S' Charles Hotel, were completely blocked
laata for hire and persons wishing to
■ present year. No happier race of
Kiel on the (ho* of the globe than the
the South. Come what may, they
■oubies ornnxieties, and when hiring
s they seek their h imes, dictate iheir
?, and are never (breed to serve !li se
do not fancy. Stub ia the system of
c. and we preenme theaamepractica
i other cities,
ii anrant.— At a late hour last Sun
, one of the police officers was called
erva a search warrant on a eitiaea
ir the Western suburbs. Ihe object
r was a dog. and not a very valuable
,t, but the warrant was, nevertheless.
with all the form and ceremony that
:ve nt tended the search) for a peck of
After lookinir ia every hide and
i than I finding (tool '■Towse.-," the
is abandoned and the dog given np to
the Governor. —The commissioned
the first regiment of Virginia Volun
le a cail on Gov. Letcher yesterday
, and were m >»t kindly received ami
ily entertained. Many of the trienus
ivernor have culled noon him since
.! iti Richmoad,aadaU were no doubt
a tided to Bad him enjoying good
nd prepared to eater upon the dis
the duties of bis office with an eye to
re of Virginia.
irsng Air At.—Most of the bool and
nfactnrer* of this city are anlarging
litie* for the present year, and ifsua
tlwy expect to be. will beeambled to
my of the rat.oils ol the Yankee shot
hat now go to publishing houses i ••
--y books and papers. Encourage b me
by all means, ami thus # i,i ia build
e South.
.', snfflcientljp bandsoma for any use,
manutact>ired m Richmond, and if
. will but sustaia rtie maanfaeturer
leserve, the day is not distant when
vehicles of every kind may be had of
inality and on as go »i terma as hey
tarnished By those Northern maker a
exhibit auch ;t'i aseratoa to the la
id rights of the South.
■ ssas
ts:.— Notwithstanding ihe fact thai j
t» are nearly bare •>! snow, sleighs
ag u'l daj yesterday, aud sleighing I
ppjeared to enjoy the rules on the ice '
ia mack no it the tasgronghmrea had \
ilycotei'ed with »ii ivy. Bfoaaaol the'
us were really kawrtauaaa, while
■re none the aßSSattractive Uvauseof
. -The bi-in. dock, and most of the
the Mightsirkood, are tightly froien j
I lut for the rough su: fa, eof tlie ice. I
v the snow and hail storms, skaters
• have delightful times. On m.me ol
I the boys have chared oil the mow, i
•ni >yiug liieir skaies lo their hearts' ,
>,t Liteneet.—Tbn Clerk the Hust
rt lor the city of Richmond issued,
lie year 1 ?<6<*,marriage licenses to Hi*
d ISO, TUio, is an increase over i-~..-*
--eases. The city beat the county of |
■atyear4B iieansea. The year before— I
VR— the county beat the city jnetefl. !
tiii stubbing. -Henry, slave to James
t, charged with stabbing bis brotber
on Saturday tiefore, was arraigned
a Mayor yesterday and aciiulu«\l,u ;
>mhl that link was at fault, and that
ng was accidental.
rVujc.f. —The present cold spell has
. suspension of navigation on the I
iver and Kanawha Canal. The freeae
rred at a very fortunate time for ship- !
I boatmen, and has probably caught '
boats away from their destination.
ail from the North, for several daya
c been delayed in their arrival b*. »•
| Li the **otomac nver.
I I II i ~. J, MI i nifc i..,«.«.< Hi il M
ptflluBltl) §i*ii«3tj r ;
i.„.d0...A...de..... !.•) l „io.. J.Tda—lM
1..,.d0..A...d0. LIS i.ZXZ4.ZKZZ D
1....d0..1t....d0 *.» l.„de*_Jyna? —ajjt
ba. Advsrtiseßneate\Bttbiisned until forbid, wilt
be cb arged W oan v per sauare of eight Unas for taw
first insertion, snd3B cents for each eoatiaaaaaa.
Tv Wiat'nr, yesterday, was extremely sold,
and the streets so completely covered with lew
thst locomotion was extremely dangerous.—
Not oniv the basin, dock and ponds about taw
city are frozen ovur, but tbs river apposite the
dock is choked up with Ice and snow, and the
indications now are that navigation will ba
Misnended in a short time, unless the weather
Military Ha>\ over the First Market, has been
very much improved by repainting and
whitening,and now that it iato be used as a
drill-room for all the volunteer companies that
have no armorie-t of their own, should be kept
neat anrl tidy. The companies propose to em
ploy a keener, to take charge of the hall, at
their own aanBBSJBa,
Th'i'T'.— That delightful actress. Miss Care
line Richings. appears to-night in soma of her
favorite parts. The audience last night greeted
her with hearty cordiality. The father of
Miss R. acquitted himself with credit, and the
members of the company generally did well.—
The advertisement give* the particulars of the
next theatrical festival.
Jlofatisw T't'fo—A young white man hailing
from the North, was arrested by officer Bibb
yesterday afternoon and caged, to answer the
charge of conversing with a free negro about
the execution of Brown, the laud pirate, and
the late Harper's Kerry raid. He will have a
hearing before the Mayor this morning.
U:t:inz 1 t— Some vi ihe ijllj , fifsil* r *'* r * Pre
paring theft hoiiwdPfW Hie inception of
home-made ice, and from present Indications
all of them will be able to get a supply, and
thus be entirely imlooendeul of the North,
next summer for that luxury.
Srattrrinz .f «*'•«.—Tim condition of the side
walks may tie very much improved by strew
ing ashes over ihem Yesterday the walks
wan so daugerous that hundreds of persona
preferred the carriageways to walk upon, and
even these were not considered safe.
(juirl Torn. Turn steam tug James Gray
towed from Baltimore to this city the barquse
Winifred end Clara il-ixall, of Currie A Co.'b
line, in thirty-six hours. This we calls fast
Th: Cnunty Court of MoOtrttO commenced lta
January term yesterday, bnt transacted ao
business of public importance.
The Steamer Jamestown will leave this morn
ittgattC o'clock for New York. See her ad
\ertisement in another column.
»'* • Otier for sale, oa .ecommodatinc terms, a
tatue stock of vanous gassee, as follows, sow oa
lo« lit.,- tu l It BIBB'I and other MOLNTAIR
-309 bble. medium smality RYR WHISKEY.
h>o ii'is. COMMON v> rIiSKKY, of Cincinnati^
Baltimore aud Penney Ivania branda. -
15 bbts. Common (SIN,
leu bite, hTM.
io atria. APPLE BRANDY.
ru h-df-pipes, quarter casks an'! euhth oasksof
I .1 e.uid Mixed FRENCH BRANDY,
fj saarter-euafcs I'uHT WINE, various nusli-
and Pure CIDER.
Genuine HAVANA CIGARS. Domestic CI
T v. R.
STARCH. Ac, fcCu \e., \c.
SO bbts. CHUNKED do.
t)i 11 l>ags COFFEE.
SO' hliils. SUGAR.
Ami * lanes stock of other Heavy Imkmls.
V, c solicit the attention and order* of merchant*
renerally. WM. WALUCEWKs,
de 2-\v;it Corner of Pearl and Csry sts.
11 aviNti st.i 1 ut»thkxKßViTr.Miir
11 MR. ii BOARDMAN .SMITH.a Kradnsts of
Richmond College, the next session of tue Auburn
Mule Academy will lie-in the Brst MONDAY in
January, IMS,
My design is to establish a school 01 hit* trade t
in winch pupus 1111* l>« prepared lor entering col
lege, or for the active duties ol life. All the usual
English branches will bo taught, together with ths
Classics and Math-unties. I tin determined to uee
every elioit to mane the school one desrrvin* pub
lic pit roaaee. I will accommodate a limited aam.
Ims sf bus lln ~rith hnasfl ra my family. The> shall
lie .nMis,tor,.,t „„ parted my laiuilv.and receive the
same attention.
Board, sjfiuo: patahta aaaßi-aaniaaMj ia advance.
Tuition frotn #M to Sto, also semi annually ia
' Run cbhcbs.—Rav. .Inmei B. Ts'lor. D. D..
Pkloik,nd; am! Rev. K. Ryland, D. D., President
of Richmond Collets, ana the Faculty generally.—
For farther particulars, address
lis I(s—ew4t* Auburn M ills. Hanover Co., Va.
Where may ba found a!! articles in the st>ov*
line in beauty ol prusuitiuw. end perfection of
execution. lie.n.. confident of 1 ivins enure satie
faction, 'tie subscriber solicits front the public that
share of the BaAiwuaea that has lor 1H years been
extended to him, knowitu tiuit lrom his desire to
pie-.se, ami ability to exeeut-j, satisfaction uiust
Harina reeeßtly added CABINET and CAR
PENTERS' TURNING to the above business, the
public can now lei ft ibeir orders SBSOnted trilacsf
</- fats ur disappointment. Give me acail.
I ue2l-d3tiw3in Mayo street. Richmond. Va. _
& BADLBRB-—I would hers by return my thanks
to all in) customers for their kind uatronaif* for
the last four ye ira. ami most respectfully solioit n
eontinasnoa of the same.
1 true bow on Hand a naod assortment of s. HOE
FINDINGS KIT, Ac, which can ba !-ou»tt vary
< '.; E \V POH CASH, as S am determined in future
to sell these thiaga.at ret«u, aaeaanw, thau the*
hri\e e,i.i before been sold 111 this city. Also
French and American CALFSKINS SIIOK am
ER, TAHNERB' t)H.s. fcc-everyßhiaa usuaUy
ki-pt in a Leather and Findiai store, to which I in
vita the attention ol all IB bi—l. as lam detenu.a
<i. 11. CHALKLK'i, 13th street,
cw.'tin tietween Main and Cary.
EIL-ThestleoltiieSLAVES, As.,ad
11* to takd plaea on tiicSth havinf
Itedb] tne inc'smenov of the weather
sassßß, the] will l# aaaia rfle'-ed b» us
public auction, at the present residence
*r> A. Tavlor. m-,r Roekville. in ihe
iasovsr. on SATURDAY, ths 7ih of
it, ,:i'fair; if not, next lair day.iat 11
t-.r.» Key rase, one an eioellsnt Millar,
1 Blacksmith ; such Stock, Furniture.
1 .Mrs. I'ijlor way ch'ioso, will be added
2 months' credit, with bonds with seca-
I Ul'T'St.
GEO W. noSWKU./f.,-,,.
Of Hanover Count* Ceurt. ia
td Tuv lor to. Ta> lor'a Trustee. As.
C "tAI.MTOK< OF Tll6WA«y.
'. —Nonce i» herelij mven toall pc sons
bs asaißst Taomas J Pk>.nb, either
or ;»« a of the !s|e ft'in sf
rewn. thai at ihe reqaest of Jas Lsous.
tee, 1 Uave appented the »th da; of
•O. us tri* dtv tr.d 'h'solU c as 'he "dayo
\t pro >f oi all so it c'siius. Creditors
Pit to present their elaißs» t >raßsyl| »a
, n or I efote that day.
I;, in* hind, a* Coninnesioser ia Chan-
Court of RaatifMM the o;ti of Rirk
. >?Roa at Richmond this JDtfi d»» of
► \.',!
oil ks \ ILI A B L 1 TO THE
iK WELL. s»n? N mail, no y>v aa-
I received. rr\-\ and approved.
<:.». S. FHCK.7U Broadway, N.w
.ECTVREB on theetnses. prevention
l.uns. lhn-»t yiu Skis dia«Ms*a. Kheu
i,i Mala and Female eon.plaints On
t Preserving Health to w years, akj
n.r.tvin.s. PlMMWcents, in ailverur
srken theCanaa ar.,l Cure of Diseasaa
irt, Stomach, Liver. Bowels, aau Kid
i pools ay, las... bus) why
.1 md \>h-.t aaneaediaaaae. 131 pa.es. 9
. Price.V cents. Say w< ich book ion
i aaaae, suae, county, towa and p»at-
a» t' wwii
I'TUKF.R of Portable aad Stationary
V.lM;s,;t .-i) required power, with
• motive. Flue, or Cutmder Rollers; Su- .
Circulsr >s* Mills; irons fcrVertical
Paw Mills;ttristMiUa; Dtaimaic .Machiaea;Shia
' «le. Lath md Plvnin-.: MaeHinea; ToharWo Fse
torj Fixtures 01 evert deaenptioa, aadallhißda of
;.' tsTINGB v; 1 run and brass. •
1 bs muluu rit«r was awarded by the U. B- A/rt
cu'Mial SoeetT.held in Richmond. Va.. October.
, lat>* the ,»b. \t> -ouiimbpsl or HofH>B for thebeal
, I'uKrABT.K STEAM ENUINK.t\x Ursa ass
He refers. In permission, to Governor Heary A*
! Wise. Messrs. Warwick A Barksdale. Hualof,
yon ure A o>».. and llaxail, Cieaaanw A Co.
iitli—owly _'^_
(\ 11. t IIALKLEV, DeaiM in Leather. Bhew
w. Findin.a. tUI. TaanenPlWni. *«., and lm
i pons. <d French Calf Bkiaa, Wh aWße*. Between
Main and Cary, Rießtaoud. Va.. is aow ta raeetßt
«,f a l*r*s and eieelUatst.wkof <eona a#BSMta^auif
r ON JAMES RIVKB. Fjpl aAIdV-j >bw» Jh
larßS lot. all aiaea. <
1 dress ..',-, 'Vwliwlbl Nl
Praetor's Cresst IVttl sb
its 1 ■ IrmeXb r¥r>ia«ffl PPTrVs^l ''

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