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B \ tow lain ami MM-Htmnr.
«» Till DAII.V P.M'AT'H i»-erve.l to cub
**.c. »i nil i»n*q»*Btsi (»nts rrs wui,
"',;. .- t,, the •.■nrr.er WSSMj. Trice for mailint,
P , ~..,r »' tUJO :>r til n .uiths. in rvilvance.
ma. PHI BKMI WKVKI.Y nisrATCHiaiasaed
, c;,_«,..- uni Fi.,i.. it 8200. in advance.
j-|;v WKKXLY i'.srA I'CIl i»nuiuede\ery
.'*** i . vsA Bisiled tn sah-orthsmm 91 per annum.
„. \ «;rau.l Vlfglala nt«c«vrrv.--
B Y- >nthl lises, onr etrr ,.ent tewn»m»ri.
. ' '■■ .i in . ii.!,oi, .-.i us tbsl hs h i'l
... * ssii rsstorur with which he w«h _x
. . us ows head, whose sap wsseu
-,v,i bss bub tuu duys-iasa audos
'". ,\*-*t'o 'os J fow bkhiUm bums s use crop ol
B « up with _ visemiM »r.»-th. ,-»o
" . -k Fi.ofrJjß-B.cwr- ,1 Itisdis
■ ~.■.-1- THK IN.. Al I.IHLK
.I, vu HAl* HI 8 I ">> BH '.' Mr. )■:. .«
•■ . " , -~ sh cite. *>>* ninn.ifn.-ture ol tin
.. . . ■ - • to prose ef anxious iv
' . . Mted t.-sads.- e\em Richmond
I* ■- ' **** .■ ,
. , , ,■ ...n new •'! the pun
, M , boas persoasuhodaairea lua
...i, to BBS the re,..„rer aeeorti
;,....• ..-,*.! thshnltle. Tbosswbo
.•►. iti iffiei.) eaehave the m re
.... .. v m tlte Vlil'.lNlA
i !•: . \i \1 1.1H1.K. rroviag that
■ .••■.!-. irie.l to i>e.
i ,| foi orders, -» Mvn »♦.
'-"'■■' '' ' - - R PZEKIKL.
.IKl'i'M' No.' II ISS.
N CJSKKIKI..taks osth«nirhe M<>!) Biile.
. ,', ~ ~..,■■. :-,.t for ttie i-i- ie resrs and
..; , ~.,-. .- ... KXKKIKI.'.XVIK
' N .rnr.i.i l.TKsiiti..
, u r as rßtobslort me. :■> Naahiali Ex*
■ .1... . May..,
• ... imttevh Ifsgursa ibsHasud,
.\ lt>«* _e_B_B.se tti.s. rvalion that there
■• v ~. .. Hirers Irrun dslnlit* smoas AsisrieSßS
', ~ an..en: SB| g-bsir eivihz.t! bs
. . .... .us Ur tttke too htt'e
■ .... v . its a) lbs r«..lv inths
Uof ssineas. in all s".-ri rtsev.
...... do I trios rod. What is re .
... ia tonmaadinvi-orat»rMl)r.J.
, , ..• • . r ... amrld. ia hii I XI.X
. ;RM " lie- weak an.! aorvnoa
. . hont., the exhanstsd toiler
I .-,... le.mtt a wonderful -c.en
I: i .-. sad srefsr if to mere
.... ~ va medietßSs Hut it
• ■•: I :,.i thS BfSUI Wllioli iv yo
' isnes iii"ii a frame win h is
.... sqnalli Bowsrfulis assishs.
■ i most terrible formsof disease,
i ' ■
- . ile lerseverrwhsrs.

»v ti v' asd I "it.
l-VKRY '••'■'' Hr' B OF THK Wn.N'DKR
ii 4 ."■/ /' TO A' S Tl NCT V R E .
hiii. •, Middlesex Co., \'-..(
AaKßst 11, W-fc S
v. ■ • Mortimer k Mowbray:
men: It is with unatiscted pleasure I oeai
t„ the sreat merit of >our HAMPTON £
rt."RK. I wa* tslcsn lasl spnas wnli the
,-r and detuhtj <>! rbsst and limbs. !
- medicines, but found no reWel : htti
!...-,',! It) a friend to tr] yoai rincmre.
.. md -.ri i. 'w --I. -'.ins excellent health
en • •• one .fie. "Mirabilt Diciu.'
i use tlni as esl suits rou.
:, , ti .1 . and rskpectfull) >■ <»nrn.
I . .'• lm s,,> Bbistow.
.. pami • ti ■ I we caret oi Cough,
v.-1. in i . ■■. Asa restorative and
t has Im i I ' re -ommended.
I test t'j ■ Pcures ou themsalvaa and
. . i.thei run ■ U-- >>• : . .
•- •-. ,| CHILDRKN.—Thia TIKC
.•....! a grsal roedmise for sll thsir
». get I'amphletsandssoearßß.
. ;, ■ KM, '.ADD A CO.. RichOOßd;
lern ksl.urg : hi ail the Drag-
•. .. irru.-.i .ts a..tl Shup
.. c, i i per bottls; sis hotthw,
- 5 ' '1* 5 ti.VrwtH
»v Ths Rest -Trgiais Itenietty. ami ne
a* • ■. ri .-' INFALLIBLE REMEDY
• . ti ■ ear reined}', contain
. ... )'■ sainio propertieß, excelr
... • furs odered tbu public, in its cu
nt' , ...-. .-i- • ,-•. .-.!,.! reno. iti r powers; aad
I . ■ ■ ■ il ■■.: \s hen told that
f willci rethe i ovediseases,and
r .... rular dsmonstra
• c facts. But the proprietor, who has
•,e remedj foi twei ':■ <>'!ii .cars, haa
a case of twentj yean itandini to lie
to perfeo ht th, and all other esses ol
di -.■ ioi to be i. itored, w ithont a sini t
ii. and there! ■ i. <i* anj oi
• v. ... i ths remedj will not cure, pro
■,' .... tioi - are i i r - id out with prudenot
. r.ie patient; and snj "no purchasing
•■•-.' •..: using iccordintlj. in bis
c .!•'■.-■ • ■ i" ft •' cv re; and in
■ failure, aril! furnish additional medicine,
to complete 1 ■ i i ■.-. through hia
... ....'.: cure will be edected witheut laooa
., • the patient, .'-f.'iii l>»
. RSON _ I PUT, Prut-isti,
Ai:enti. for ihe i tv ol Rii hmond.
Pi .. ail, I'r.iad street.
i§\_ Gn it Bsrgatus—
N.i. 111. K A r.LK SgrsES.
. ■ raSHI RTING, Heavy, at «d. .
- •' •• " " at in cents
•;i " everpoldhere,at__Z>flcts, |
-,-r -~.'.. PR| STS, nt '. . • enta
'• a • ■ in ii.: S rs, at 11 cents
•,' --.)•* iI. - ud i'i-,;..-. :.N i.'s.nt 1_". cts.
■52 . its., north n ..t eta.
•i• , p
..' •" H - f: .;. ROBKS, it «_.. worth its
tod as Al.) nder's, at !o <ts.
Ben ia i :.' cached SHEI riNf-H. at -Sets.
».-13 -!* Ne. vi Earle Sgaara.
t\. »-.." i tdvi. .• Worth — T<>
iiol ■ .• ■ iw ■, i;.'s th-taresutf ri->BTmm a
-v • n' t.i tin duestive a)stew, we advise
• »-oi ilerful medicine BAKER'S
B.TTI RS. V-n. hf.tr failedtofind
- ■■! :in• .• i,i dicines.- but .. .' thosi tbat
- • ' . . " ltd Iliads iis.e of 'he
in.■: . st and perniansat relief
do likewise," is advice,ans
.... t&ii'e will sh.iw ti.e man •■!
•• All 'it -no afflicted \Mtii Dißsessia,
N rvoui He ilachs. Liver Complaint
- iei arising from indigestion,should
MAKER'S BITTEJRS, if thsi desire
' - : . cured.
I ■•• ~i ,-, itl.e principal in this
iwhere in Virginia. Orders promptly
. uldreseinc E. BAKER, Proprietor.
X .Inii'tr,,! Va.
t Care-All.
• ' i liable preparatu'ii ib used internally and
. it < urea
." ; i': '''UK. HEADACHE.
.1 i i, i HOLERA,
• ..Aiii, PAIN ii the BREAST
• . " rONIC.it is ver) iK-neficial for a
or lm b •• I <.
. Band M enta. Sol I i.y nil Dron
■' H hnumd, Petersburg and Norfolk,aad
tl t (.tats. je U-12m
*v.X,. 11(> ;i „,| Hhi.t.ler < oinplaints.—Tl.e
• ' mi irt nit Jißeovsn Sot Kulnev,
■.-.I rinary Olwtructions, Leacor
, 'i-« r .'.;.•,... sexual Wsakne-sss, Physical
i.'■'■.•; I Dei.iiiti ..! eitherssx, ia HLARTS
-' : . • OMPOCND.
- •» i • i been unalile to walk, have sooa
ed by tbis powerful COMPOUND. Itis
' ' • ; ' ■ ■ i-hemißt, and in pronounced ha me /( ji
■ ho hsti c iim.il it, t,, (h, the l«ent
POUND in ths world. Large bottles
.'• rents. A i..-ii luppl) inst re-
Br Rk WlNSTON.Druggists,
■ - Main street, Richmond.
>V_Stire...Hnvi i.' purchased tiie interest of
' • er Mr. Powell, I shall continue the
• N I MO »ud OLAZINO i.i ! INESS
- ■- ■ nl ue.
•- • pat rons c bo lihsrallj ex
■ tue te linn, In .• ntinuai.ee of
', •' • itand.. •■.. , ~. Bank and 12th
■h. I ■ Haatekerß+ra.
■ I -: REKPF.RS.
H >l -! KEI PI KM
■ . • ... , . ~.,. POWDEH.
BKBT IN I :-. ;
' BKST IN f- i:.
■ • '■> DRiroiJl«TSaad OKOCKRB.
: - • ■ - i s and GROCKRH.
"■■■ •■<! DR' UOISTB and GROCERS.
si BUBfaeiure.
''. :- IN KACTI XX,
■ , i ' ' ,: V lOTURK.
'.','■ *■' I IHLK Hakim, POWDER.
fS! '■■■"-' in is-::
'•'*•-'•»•'' ill i.Ki-i'.i/isTs ANDGBOCBBB.
N I '.<.!> is aM) GROCERS
H. »-«•'. Lerc-liesl: • -i
■• )T ' ,' '. ;• Ait iihh' KxpreitH, & lot ot
, ' H i.' KCHEM, the mr) Ihski. and
, , ■ "cii \.:iii_._,,,,LiadupoutM ii.o-traa
-1 ' '■'» •ud LEECHING promptly at
■ .;i -i md st all hours ol the dag Ot
U " "Kfc.b_l.\ GROOM, under the Ameri
" "•— hi fltii Htreet,) aad at niijlit
I '"-• , "I Lei<h mid lUtli Htreet .
H. C. -tOBSOJf.
=: \ ! "V -",''"I; I<> THK CITIZKNBAND
„ ~ • .i'-UlMi THE CifY.-lfroa
..,.-, •■"-", il'i.r cut in ths latßOt Hi.d liitwt
>'• i would advis* too to cull on HOB
'•' ' ' 'Miik. Bhaviax, Sham pom bi
'.*..<* ,», i V '"'"■ v, " l "* t o»e Ameness Hotel.
u_U< B | '*''•*'' "■■•>' .rati Ktt their wltl-kflfS i
'-' ... i ' '"' :) fjo*S 'cd. light, W *r»t), Id \
c _i.r '.r.iwu Boelr.
■fl%Z H r 52 ' ■•- 1 - «-L.%T_.*-H.,l VV-.i
• ■ '.'.*i;j:;," : -hiwtbia isssai ;
1 -*-hl 1.K1.K ,',j./ M*iu»tia*t. 1.
Ijirlmiun. fispatth.
OJCMI RAI. .__»..i:vini.Y OF VIRGINIA.
AYepm'-lav, January 11, 1H ..
The SSUUtS WSS called io order at l> o'clock
M , by Senator J. F. Johnson, of Bedford.
A cemmuulcatlua waa received Irom the
Hones of Delegates statin* that the House had
c incurred In ths .amendment ptapoasd by the
Senate 10 H.'it-e bill entitled "in Act tod. tray
expeuasu lacurred i>y the Executive for the
purchase oi anus ami munitions, and for the
defence ol tho Commonwealth," with amend
ments thereto ; also, that they had disagreed
IO Senate amendments u> the title thereot.
Bills Be ported.— Thu following Mils we*e re
ported from committee* : Tooompleie the Vir
ginia Central Railroad; jtrux idmg for ibe com
pletion of the Covington and Onto Railroad;
laeorporatlag Ihs Pitts) Ivauis Railroad Com
pany: Incorporatingihs Kanawha Navigation
Company; amending tin* charter of ihej.ame-
River and Kanawha Coßßpaay; providing
reiuf for the same company; Incorpora
ting tbe South-Side Extension Railroad Com
pany: laeorporatlag the Valley Railroad Com
pany; lacrausiag ths stock of ihe Roaaoke
Valley Railroad C. mpaay; authorising uloan
to the Manassas (lap Railroad Company:
for lbs relief of ths Norfolk aad Petersburg
Railroad Company; iacresslag tho capital
stock ol the Manassas (lap Railroad Compa
ny, aad ai. thorisiag _ lubscrtptioa thereto by
tbe Board of PabWc WorKs; lo revive nnd
amend aa set passed March ist, 1363, entitled
•■an act ro revive and amend ttie charter of the
t.itUe Kanawha Navigation Company;'' for a
fartherSuVecriptlOß to the Alexandria, I.oii
doiin aad Hampshire Railroad C «Bpanyj in
corporating the Ljrnehbutg and North Caro
lina Railroad Compear; amending the --if
■ection of chapter 196 of ths Coda, so as more
clearly to delne the oiter.ee therein, and
amending an a.-t passed Ist April, 1853, co
ncerning Wild fowl: increasing the capital
-tock of the Gilmer, Ripley and Ohio Turn
pike Oompusy; tor the relief ol the But. J.
Packard; for the relief of H. Brewer; incor
porating the Leesville Savings Hank in the
county ..I (Sampbsll.
Tiie resolutiMis formerly adopted in rela
ti"ii ... changing the eompeusatioß of justices
< : the peace, and ia relatioa to amending ihe
law ia relauou to summoning the justices al
a County Court, for private purposes, were
reported* back to lbs Senate, by committees, bs
Resolutions oj Inquiry into Expediency.—The
following resolutions were adopted : lit incor
porating a road extending trom Jarratts De
pot, upon the Petersburg and Roanoke Rail
road, l" line p.'itit in the county ol Brnuswick
Borthol Weherrln Raa; af reporting a bill t"
secure more effectually ihe working ol the
county roads; authorizing the purchase tor
the use of the Senate ol such copies ot the Ses
sions Acts d! the General Assembly sii.ee the
adoptioa ol tbs Code as cannot Ik- obtained
fririii the Library: incorporating a cannel coal
company ia tbe cobs ty of Marion: of report
ing Senate bill No. 3._ of the last session for
the relief of John A. Hutenesmi, Sheritr ol
Henrico county: of amending the <'.>d..- sous
tv provide compensation for a party summon
ed tosnswera suggestion: of reporting a bill
to authorise tbe better denning and markiug
ihe boundary line between the counties >>:
Wythe and Carroll; of reporting a bill for the
relief of liauiel KlHerman, Sheriff ol Floyd
count) : of providing a remedy for the c rlieo
tion ot debts from eou a ties aad municipal cor
porations; if granting a charter of incorpora
tion to ths Charlottesville Manufacturing
Petitions, 17 mortals, te.— The following were
pivsented and referred: Hy Mr. Cogbiii, Hie
petiti m of J. H. Turner and others, asking an
amendment of sec. •-;, of chap, im, of ibe Code
dispensing with fences oa the boundary line
running across low grounds 'o rivers; by iiie
same, the petition oi N. F Cabell and other
citizens of Nelson, a kingforsmoreatriugem
lawsgainst trading with negroes -ellingarden i
spirits, Ac.,along the James l{i\ei anil Ka
nawhaCaual; hy Mr. Bran nan, the petiiion
'f J"iin \Y. Adams and others, askiagan in
crease nf the capital su>ck of the New Salem
ami West Miif.rd Turnpike Company, so
to complete that part ol »aid road bstweeu
Sam t Law's and Geo. Loreatx's farm: by
Mr. August, the memorial of Peachy R. Grat
tan and otbercitizecs of Richmond, upon the
subject ot taxation, commerce, Ac.
Bill.- Passed. —Tu incorporate :he Grocers'
Savings Bank ol the city of Richmond: to
provide for tbe payment of the interest on tbe
bonds of tlte city of Wheeling winch may
have been guaranteed by the Sate; for the
relief of Thomas VV. McCiintic and Mary
Ann his wife, late Mary Ann Matthews.
Laid on Table.— Tbe act of defraying ex
penses inenrred by the Executive, for the pur
chase >,t arms and munitions for the defence of
the Comm inwealth, whs laid on the table.
Tne i <uth Carolina Commissioner.—Acoaxatu
nication was received from the House thai it
bad passed a resolution tor the appointment ol
a joint committee of live on the part ol (he
Senate aud seven on the part of tbe House, "to
receive as the guest.of the Common wealth of
Virginia,*'. G. Memim.ku. Special Commis
sioner from the State of South Carolina " The
Senate-passed a similar resolve, and' Mr. Bkalb
was directed to Inform the Bouse. Senate
Committee—Messrs. Smart, Thomas of F.,
Coghili, Thompson, and Beale.
O.i motion of Mr. ToWBUB, the Senate ad
Wkuuksdat, January 11, mm.
The House met at 12 ..clock. Prayer by
the Rev. Mr. PaTTIOKSW, oi the Disciptes'
The SriiAKEK. anderaresolution offered yes
terday by Mr. Wilson, calling tor a committee
to inquire into the probable cost ot complet
ing the internal Improvements in the State,
aad of selling the state's interest ia the same,
appointed the following committee: Messrs,
Wilson, Hive*, McKen/ie. Horeinan. Ward,
Hoffman, Watson oi A., Bassell, Lundy, Por
ter. Miller, McDowell and Lynn.
A resolution, offered by Mr. Hoffman, was
adopted, requiring Ihe Auditor to furnishs
statement ol the revenues of certain counties
west of the Alleghanies, paid since the adop
tion of the new Constitution. Mr. Fleming
otlered a resolution, which was adopted, call
ing for a rep rt of the condition ol the Staun
ton and Parkersbnrg Turnpike.
A. communication was received from the
Governor, enclosing a letter from C. G. Mem
iiiM.nu, Esq., of Charleston, 8. (.'., the Com
missioner from Siuili Caroliaato Virginia,
announcing hia in tended arrival in Richmond
ou Thursdny evening.
(in motion of Mr. Ha it not it, a joint resolu
tion wa? adopted appetaing s committee to
receive Mr. MimniHm as the guest of the
State. I'utter itns resolution the Sjieaker ap
pointed Messrs. Harbour, Hopkins. Robertson,
Rutherford, Caperton, Seddoa and Bowman.
R-s-.o'evi* ef Inquiry. —Hy Mr. Hackley, of
incorporating the Potomac, Piedmont and
Valley Agricultural Society; by Mr. Myers,
of allowing the payment of certain lost cou
pons to Josiah Lse, oi Baltimore; by Mr.
Scott, of eomnsusatiag the Commlasionsrs of
the Revenue tor enrolling the military of ths
Mate: by Mr. (rooiieykuntz, ot releasing to
Daniel Kittiemaa certair damage.s incurred
i.y him while sheriffof Pioyd oounty : by Mr
l.eltwicli. of ametitjnig st.tion I, chapter ."<-,
so as to require stockholders of branch banks
to 1i..1d meetings ten days before the general
meeting of stockholders, aud elect proxies to
represent llieiu in the same: by Mr. Hail, mr,
of allowing the claim of James K. Field, of
Culpeper : t.v Mr. Bsskerville, of estaMlsbing
a Hank at Boydtoa, Mecklenburg; by Mr.
McKeUßie. of amending Bee. li chap. SB of the
Code; by Mr. Montgomery, ol appropriating
■ IJStfii us bnil.la bridge over Pincy sesek; by Mr.
Phelps, of requiring, when a new county is
formed, th. C -m mj. firmer rtf the Ue venue shad
furnisti a list ol deUequent land-, in said new
county : by Mr. Martin, of reassessing the
lands Ol Norfolk; b> Mr. Thomas, releasing
John L. I'aut from a line; by Mr. Pretlow. of
appointing commissioners to visit the slave
holding States to urge the erection of a joint
armory : by Mr. Miles, ol building a turnpike
trom the flaeasUa road to tho Tennessee line;
by Mr. Winglield, of amending the law rela
tive to the compensation of Commissioners of
the Revenue: hy Mr. Watson, ol amending tin
charter of Newbern, Pulaski - by Mr. Boremau,
nt authorizing bonds given before Circuit
Conns in term time to be given in vacation:
by Mr. Woolfolk, Of making it exiMtlieut. for
over»eers of tbe pour to bind out poor chil
dren ; by Mr. Lockridge, of an appropriation
lo certain academies m Pocahontas: by Mr.
Watson vi A ,of prohibiting the tukingof wild
lowl in traps; by Mr. CHristiau, of providiug
B mode by which State turnpikes may by law
t,e kept in good condition.
Bills Reported.—To transfer the ('acaphou
and North Branch Turnpike to Hampshire
county; lncorix.rating tbe Cnion ami Cross
Roads Turnpike I'liniptiiiv; increasing the cap
ital stock of the Hardy aud Itaudolph Turn
pikeCompaiiy; ineoi ]..trttiiiig t he Martiiisburg
Railroad Company: providing for ihe comple
tion of tbe Middlelbrk Turnpike; transferring
poniuns of the Luray and Front Royal Turn
pike to Rockingham and Pan .ouuiiee; incor
porating the Nob Turnpike (.ompauv, in
Washington couuty; authoruing the pavHieut
! of })' p«r cent, commission to the sheriff of
i Rockbridge; ameudiug ihe ac eoncerniag the j
. ..lllliieiieciilellt Bud termtiialiuu.it Ihe Ureal
j sour in -..rptiriiiltig Uu- Danville Hauofsetar. !
. i I'.iupiiii v for the relief of Geo. Mi-Lao*,
i .it.iiii oi liatiil"!. h conntj rel**__.ii.ji ill* ,
1 >'aiu» tlailu iv certain laml to Mattl.'-v, r-.yl
via: concerning 'he manner of granting
merchants' licence*; extending the jurisdic
tion of a single.Justice of the Peace; amend
ing .ro S chap. 36 of the Code; providing for
the collection of tho State re.enue by the ser
ireant of the city of Portsmouth; incorporating
IfeStownO. Independence, in Grayson county:
incorporating the town of Crnnbrrv Summit
in Qrajßou county; ine'.rpoiatinir the Pe
tershurg I.'c )m.jiive, C.ir and Agricultural
Implement _ laniifartiiring Company; pro
viding for working unit keeping in repair .lie
road* in Fauquier county; compelling the
owners or occupants of continuous lands to
build nurti tion teaoao; Incorporating Mooon
galia I. 0. *). F.: incorporating the Old I)o
--ii.i,nun lin-uianee Company of Kiclimoinl:
Incorporating iheßaahoi Churhesviile; Sen
ataMll '» more effectually prevent dealing
with sluvet-, (with an amendment): Senate
lull to prevent depredation . iv the Bounties
Bordering the Potauisc, (with an amendment);
amending the charter of the Northern aim
8 -ii ihern Itailroid Company ; authorizing tbe
Virginia Military Institute to condemn cer
tain lan'l", for water purposes: amending the
luw totalise to obstructions iv highways;
amending the char or of Morgauiowu.
stat' Defeuet. —The bill appropriatingßSOft,
--i (Xt for the analog and defence of Ihe State,
(published yesterday,) caißS upas untiui.hft]
business, tin- question being on thfi Biuradsisni
olti-rt-d by Mr. Hokeman, Mahlag the appro*
piiation for the purchase of arms RtMyOuU, in
stead Of «'s:|l.lMrtl.
Mr. Hi:\viiin, of Hanover, opposed the
amendment in :i sjieerh of marked .tiility, in
which national sßaln were lis sly rev ie v.c.l, he
expressing his sal nest convicti ni tbat unless
t'uere is some inierpo itioii ol the Almighty in
behalf of this country more marked than any
nation lias been favored urithsince the creation
of the world, the days ol this V ion are num
tiered, lie rehearsed theaett. of abolfnuni.m —
bolder and more progressive every day—and
bagged gentleßasa to look tli.- cri.-i« wtiich is
upon v- fair in tin- face, and place Virgiaia In
a eoftdiUt n to mot it.
Mr. ('ran:-spoke in favor of the amendment
Tin- vote was then taken antl rue amendment
defeated—ayes 23. nays lit. The ayes beiat
Messrs Ballard, Bell, B_ reman, Brown, W J
llichenson, Ferguson, Fleming, Frost, Gibson,
ilauly. Haymond, Joousoa. Knot.-, McK"ii/ie
Morris, Porter, Priiebard, Richardson, siheri.
.1. K. Smith, Walker. A. Wats .n. and Wilten
Mr. AiiN.iLn i.f'i-retl an amendment a-.ith ir-
Iziagthe Governor to appoint three commis
sioners to select the site of a Mili'-iry Academy
'west of the AUsghaaics. Rated out us nucon
Mr. ASDBBSOU ottered an independent sec
tion to come after the Ithsectioa, authorising
ilie .Toveruor to have tbe Armory fitted up f li
the manufacture of arms, by contract with
citizens of Virginia, if it can be done at less
i-.ist than they can be made on State account.—
Mr. A. proceeded to defend the contract sys
Mr Komi replied to Mr. A, and urged
the importance of having a manufactory ol
arms In which no defects would result trom
the efforts of contractors toiu<eTea.e their own
Tiie amendmiMit was defeated—ayes 55, nays
Mr. Blik moved an amendment, limiting
the Master Armorers salary to Qsg,MM—defeat
Mr. M. Kkn/ik moved to Btrike out the lines
requiring tha anas purchased to be 'of tin
must approved quality." The motioa sras de
Mr. Hon man moved an amendment, re
quiring the money to M be paid ont "1 money
now in th<- treasury, not otherwise appropria
ted," aad not raised by iouti ns iio- i.ill pre
scribes, lie afterwards assended ln~ own
amendment so as to allow tbe Governor t"
r.iis. the am.unit by temporary i tan, if the
amount in tiie treasury be not sufficient.
Tbe aineiitlmei.t, aa amended, wus defeated—
ayes -I, rays 117. Tin- ayes being Mes.rs.
Basse!!, Boremiß, A. Brown, Cowan. Crane,
l-'eri ill, Ghwrnett, Harvey, Havmoud, Hoffman,
Morris. Phelps, Porter, Pri'cbard, Richard
son, Randolph, Rutherford, Scott, J X Smith,
Tomlin, Watts, West. Wilson and Yerby.
Ou motion, the House adjourned.
In the proceedings of ibe House of Repre
sentatives, ou Tuesday, the following debate
occurred :
Mr. Leake, of Va., desired to a«k Mr. Ed
wards it be believed tliat a man who favored
tbe abolition of slavery by violence,and ibe
encouragement of civil tli cord la any of tbe
Si.ties oi tiie I 'nioii. was fit to be Speaker of
the House. For himself, he would say that
that portion of the Union which he repre
sented would consider tbe ejection of B man
who had endorsed the Helper booh aaa pre
meditated insult, a.iil would lake such steps
to resent that insult as the occasion might tv
quire,even il that step be the lirst towards
tbe dissolution of the Union.
Mr. Ed wards said that the doctrine ofthe
book was au abstraction, uad that the discus
sion which had arisen upon it was the discus
sion of ai> abstraction.
My. Houston, of Ala., desired to ask Mr.
Edwards, If he was opposed lo resolutions
setting a rule of action for the House in the
election of a Speaker, bow could he vote for
John Sherman, who in the 34th Congress led
oil in a series ul similar resolutions, declar
ing that tn.' man was lit to lie Speaker wh >
approved oi ttie repoalaf the Missouri Com
Mr Clarke, of X. V , desired to ask Mr. El
wants if lie would vole for a man who in his
heart maintained the prescriptive and intol
erant doctrines of the Helper book as read from
tne Clerk's desk.
Mr. Edwartis said that in private conversa
tion he would not object to reply to the gen
tleman, but as a representative uu this floor,
he did not fee! called on lo explain anything.
Mr. Morris, of l'enn , would say in answer
to Mr. I.cake, that if he did not know from
Mr. Sherman that be was bitterly opposed to
the horrible doctrines of the Helper book,
winch tiad been ro id at the «'lerk's desk, he
would not vote for him. He knew that Mr.
Sherman was opposed to any interference
wiih the relation of maater ami slave.
Mr. I.cake desired to know if, when Mr.
Sherman endorsed the Helper book, whatever
his ignorance about it misfit have beets, did ho
not know ibat it was. a book ia tended to Inter
fere with the relation of master and slave
iciteiin ttie sovereign Slates.
Mr. Morris replied that if the resolution of
Mr. Clarke was withdrawn, Mr. Sherman
could then, without injury to his self-resect,
explain his sentimenta in regurd to every page
ot the Helper book if need t _•, and would do
Mr. Lieukesaid that not only Mr. Sherman
tun Afty-oneotker gentlemen nn the other side
hat) endorsed 'hat book. The resolution of J_r.
Clarke was directed at the whole of them.
Mr. Bdsrards ooa tinned his ie_aarksund was
succeeded by
Mr. Wright, of Term., who addressed 'he
House for sjine tune in opposition to the prin
ciples of Ibe Black Republican party. In the
course of his speech, Mr. Wright desired lo
Know if Mr. Hill, of Georgia, hat! not said
that in the event of the refusal ot Congress to
protect slavery in the Territories he would fa
vor a dissolution of the Union.
Mr. Hill declared thai though a friend ofthe
Union, yet iv that contingency he would go
go with the extreme men of ihe South for ex
treme measures. (Applause from the South.)
Mr. Farnsworth explaited his position in
regard ip the circulation of Southern
Mr. Leake,of Va.. in alluding to the quota
tion from Gov. Wise, made the other day by i
Mr. Stokes, in which (iov Wise is reported
to have said that he won id light for ttie rights j
ot Virginia within the Union, said Governor |
Wise or no other Governor had the right to
spunk for Virginia. She had representatives on
this floor to speak her sentiments. Hedtd not J
justly represent Ihese sentiments. From ITBfl
until now, Virginia had never though' ouce of
stirring uplutsstias war within the Union.—
Whenever her rights were invaded, and the \
hand of oppression laid too heavy upon tier, \
she would withdraw from tbe Unionandas- '■
sumo the sovereignty from which she had i
never parted. (Applause.) He ..corned to
stand with ihe Senator from New York, upon ]
higher law. Virginia demanded only those
rights and used only those remedies which !
were recognized by the Constitution. He had
no issue 10 make with Governor Wise. He
was able, talented and brave, but an erratic
and not the representative of Virginia senti
ment on this subject. He (Mr. Leake) spoke
for ihe tith Congressional District of Virginia,
a district which, both in geographical position
and in population, was the back-bone ol ths
A Uespkkatk MrBOKRBB.—We learn Irom
the Mount Holly (N. V.) Mirror, that on
Thursday evening of la*t week. Lynch at
torn pled to escape from the court-room whero
his trial was going on. At the time ihe court
adjourned, about 7 o'clock, the number in at
tendance was unusually large. Lynch started
from his seat as tbe pri»oners began to move
out, and iv ihe crowd and confusion he bad
got half-way to the door, before the discovery
was made. He was proceeding towards the
door as fast as possible, when he was seized
and s-cured, though not without a hard strug
gle. During ihe remainder of bis trial, two
or three constables were constantly by bis
side. Alter the verdict of the jury, and he
was taken back to hi* cell, it was deemed m
! cesser? to put him in irons, and to across.
I pil.h ibis it required the full srrengih of live
i..en. He !, ••£_ ..I of the -tn n't' to shoot linn.
. it! lii.n i.i pieces, or kilt him in ai-v amy, ami
.. hew ol.i not do It, go and Bah iheJudgt to
.1 i u.'iiulisi itiitu chain him >•> ihsfloo* ,
Scandal iv tbe4hurch.
A case in at present before one of tbe Eng
li.h Criminal Courts that excites great atten
■ ion throughout the country. The London
Times of December 17, in the course of an ed
itorial, thus states the circumstances:
"Mr. Boiiwell, formerly of Brattenose Col
lege, Oxford, is incumbent of St. Phillip., ;
Stepney, where he gei erally reside*, rooms
attached to the school room being Rtted tip
for his use. He is .1 married man, with one
• lull, urn! his wife, at the time of the com
mission of the alleged offence, kept a school
iv another part, of London, where Mr. Don
well occasionally visited ber. Ths lady im
plicated in the case was the daughter of a
clergyman named Vorath, liviog a: Newport,
in Monmouthshire. Last year Miss Torath,
then on a visit to Margate, became acquainted
wiih Mr. Boiiwell, wh.., it is asserted,gave
himself out as a widower, aad soon I. Mine
'he accepted -uitor of Miss Yoralh. lv De
cember the lady left Margate, in older, as her
friends thought, to return to Newport, but,
instead of d.ing so, stie remained, it is said, a
fortnight in London, iv lodgings hired tor her
by Mr. Boiiwell. There is uu necessi y for
following the steps of the history ; but In May
last she paid a second visit to Margate, and
Miss Ameo, the friend with whom she bad
been stay ing, perceived thai she was pregnant.
Indeed, it the evidence is to be believed, there
can be no doubt that Mr. Bonwetl seduced the
lady muter a promise of marriage.
"Shortly alter the fortnight lv L >urion, Mr.
B mwell visited Newport, and there, according
to the evidence ot ihe lady's brother aad other
persons, was guilty of ilie grossest misrepre
sentations. He presented himself as Miss Yp
r»;h saccepted suitor, and -hen and ai subse
quent visits was introduced ia this character
to all the friends ef ibe family. Not only did
he a widower, but said that
•his friend the Bishop of Oxford' would per
form the marriage ceremony, nnd wished the
Rev. Hugh Williams, Chancellor of Llandaff,
to'assist, - after tin- iaslnon which had pre
vailed oi late. The murriage was fixed tor
June last, but before that time it began to he
rumored that Mr, B»aarell was a married
man. Mr Lewis Yorath, the brother, br .ke
oil' the match. In August it tame to ttie Bish
ip's ears that Mr. B mwell had passed him
self oil as a single man to a family in the
country, aud bud prevailed oa a lady to mar
ry bim. The public will be a little startled a:
bearing that this conduct was thought by the
Bishop worth? only of a Severe reprimand,'
and thai Mr. Boiiwell was sent back from Lon
don Utilise to teach morality to his dock. But
within a few days his Lordship received tv.-.
anonymous letters, winch caused him to
place the matter in the bands af the police,
and it was discovered that a c_fld bad been
b .m iv the school-boose at St. Phillip's Step
ney, and buried under suspicions eirenmstaa
ces. It is beyond a doubi that Miss Yorath
was suddenly taken with the pains of labor
while visiting .Mr. Bn.weli; that she gave
birth to a male child; aad that, alter remain
ing twelve days at the school h oi-.'. she was
takeu, with ihe child, to a hotel on the other
side of Loudon bridge. Here the child died,
aad was carried aw ay ami buried by an nt d> r
iil.-er 111 a colli ii with another b niy. The child
was exhumed, ami a Coroner's jury returned a
verdict that ir died of inanition, and in express
term--censure i the conduct of the Rev. James
'•Tue.-,!- facts being proved iv evidence, the
comi.iission has decided mat there are grounds
for v further inqui y n.io Mr. Bonwell-s con
Act u.KN i' at i in; Sasdwk ii Islands—Nar
'. :r Ercapt .— The Sandwich Island Advertiser,
of November 3d, states ibat ihe bridge ov. r tbe
Wail oka river at Hilo, gave way on tbe .Ist oi
October, just aa a party of Ameiicana were
crossing ou horseback.
It appears that tbe party hat! been on a pic
nic excursion, aud were retaruiug to the town
in the latter part oi tbe afieruuon. It con
sisted ol Hon. S. L. Austin aud Mrs. Austin.
three sons aud a daughter of Ke\. Ii B LVmau.
i_. H. Dana, Jr., f.s.j., of Boston, Cap. Henry
Bnrdett.of the Boston ship EUduga,wiih Mrs.
Burdett, Capi.tm Brown, olive bark Beile,
Mrs Prow a. Mrs. C.ulich, (sister of Mrs. Aus
tin,) Miss I'r.itt. (sister oi Mrs. Cbarlea Brew
er,) Mrs. Hmes, Mrs. Ashley, Capt. Biackmer,
and .1. il. C mey, Esq , Sheriff o! Hilo.
A* a porti •!. of the party were crossing the
bridge ibe report of ibe snapping ol a chain
was beard, then a crash, aad <he bridge tipped,
1.i0i?.-and fell. The bridge was from fourteea
to eighteen feet above tbe water. Then- was
immediately ascent- in ihe waterofstruggling
men, women and horses. Mrs. Austin waa
pulled out of the wai. r, bu' ber horse a .is
drowned. Captain Burdett held ou to the
rail of tbe bridge with one aim, which wept
him from going down.
Mr. Burdett wns for a time in extreme per
il, but was rescued. Mr. liana was ia the
middle of the bridge when it broke, ami weni
into the liver with bis horse, keeping ins seat
in the saddle; but both becoming involved in
the wreck of the bridge, Mr. Buna got a blow
on the foot which fractured a boae and bruis
ed bim somewhat. Leaving his horse be
' awamtoa par; of the bridge, bnt that break
ing down, he swam to tbe upper rail, aad came
over that by bead to the shore, whi -h b<- wiub
tbe last to reach.
Thus all the party, to whom death or seriou
injury waa Imminent, were saved. Mr. Itaua j
appears to be particularly unfortunate. The
vessel iv which he left San Fran i-eo whs
burnt at sea, a. <t now his lifo has again been
! put in peril.— Botton Journal.
Istiskes tin-s raoN Japan.— Advices fr. ra !
I Japan to the 15th of November, advise va ofa |
I conflict which had occurred nt Ksnagawa, be- I
j tweeu the Japanese and a number of seamen '
from the United States irigate Powhatan, v. Ito !
1 had been permitted to go on shore. During the ;
i melee, a Japanese was killed. As heretofore j
j stated, two Russians (a naval officer aud sail- !
! or) were murdered in the main street al Yuko
liamn, (adjoining Kaaagawa,) by some Japan
' est-, a tew weeks before. The Japanese gov
| erament offered reparation by degrading the
I Governor of Yoko-Hama, who had some con
nection wiih the murder, and also offered tn I
j execute him if tbe Russians desired, which !
| ihey declined.
Mr. Harris, the Am -near Minister, gives no- i
| tlcethat ihe harbor of Nee-e-ga-da, one of the
I ports opened by the treaty, is not a sate ie_.on
| for American vessels, aad vviii, therefore, re
j main closed.
AU foreigners except Americans, at Kaaa
gawa. have carried amis since the murders.
: The fact that Americans remained unarmed
■ bad gained them great favor with the Japan
] ese.
JosephHecko, and the other shipwrecked !
; Japanese, who had been sent home from Stu \
; Francisco, bad arrived at Kaaagawa. The i
, common people look upon Hecko a a gnat
mas, When he goes out, they ga down upon j
• hands and knees before bim. By his iaterveu- i
: tion the Russians were prevented from bora
barding Yeddo, ia retaliation for the murder j
i of tbe Russian officer and seaman.
A CBKtarxan Lbciokht at Bi-rmni.ton,
j N.J.— V/>i'r to th' Tomb of Bishop Doner.—An
incident of bo novel and effecting a character [
j occurred ia Burlington on Christmas after- j
i noon, that we deem it worthy of notice. Por i
' many years the young ladies of St Mary's j
i Hull, ttiioii each returning Christmas, have j
! hand-aflßeiy nnd appropriately decorated a
small cross, and marching in pr .cession to tbe !
library of the Bishop, presented it to him as a
j token ol their affect! in aad esteem. On this
', occasion tliey trimmed the cross with peculiar
I taste and tidiness, and proceeded with it to
; the usual place —bin BO Bishop was there:
j and Bishop Odenheiuier being absent, there
were no living hands to receive their accus
tomed gift. The thought struck tliem that
I there was one place where it could be appro
-1 priately bestowed, and with solemn steps the. c
' young Indies proceeded to Bishop Home's
grave, which they found—as it hud always
; been— strewn with rare aud choice llower-, as |
;if those who had constantly performed these
| kindly offices
: '■ 'ithered wretiths from their tardea bowers,
j To tell the t lion, lit a oi their bsarta in flowers."
And iv the solemn stillness that surrounded
i them, with beatlaghearts and eye. overllow-
I ing with tears, they placed iliiseross, intended
; for the living Btsh >p. upon the dead OOO'S
\ tomb, there to be left amid those blooming ja
: poiuca.--emblem jewels-as a memorial of ;
true affection.—.-War Holly Mirror. j
Kk-S.h ExPKnmoN to Mkxico.- The bark I
Adelaide, which sailed yesterday lor Maztitlan,
had among ber passenger? M. Theodore Amie
3azan. M. ilazan returns to Mexico to otter
his services to tbat ll.iv_iim.it, in which be
ha= already held a military commission. He
is an old French soldier, haying served iv
seven African campaign-* as an officer in the
Zouaves, ile espouses ttie eaueeof the lib
eral party, and will be employed ta tbe Btare |
of Siuaioa. His ultimate object, however, i>- i
to form in Mexico, under the auspices of the |
Government, a French regiment who shall lie !
ever at the disposal of the Commander-iu- |
Chief of tbe army, bur to be served for impor
tant occasion.-*, as were tbe famous '"Old-luard"
of Napoleon. This regiment is to be composed
of French soldiers from California, oi whom
there are a large number in this State lv re
duced circumstance-, aud anxious for active
i employment. e-peci:l!ly in Be iiintry Wllieh,
I like Mexico, otters such chances for «|ieed.y pre- ,
| ferment and perhaprj fortune. About seventy
,of tbese have pledged themselves to foi it ML
I Qaaan, iv caie he should l* suece»*lul in his '
] rt pplieiiliuii.— Attn Califoiiiian, 0*1.99,
in Samuel l» Itankla died In Raleigh K.
j « ' , on die ul lost 1
Military Convention First Day — Burning
Session.-*. The Convention assembled af the
nitii"' Armory at half-past To clock. Major
General Tai.iafk.BKo resuming the cbair.
The President announced tbe name" ot the
Vice-Presidents elect, and requested tliem tv
take.., ,it_.
t'tl. Chancellor, from the Committee to m
vlte the Kill tiaO' mm! trees oi ttie Legislature
to attend the sittings of the Convention, ie
ported that the duty h id been discharged, aud
that the committees won I'l Bucepl the in
vitation at convenience. Those committeoa
were to teo addressed this evening by Mr. An
drew Hunter, on the subject of the late Haf •
per s Ferry raid, and the member* of the C-ii
vention wereiavited to attend.
The President stated that the first business
in order was the resolution offeredbyCa.pt.
Taylor, to appoint a eommlttes of one from
eac-li Brigade to prepare bustnessfor tbs Con
vention, and wlucti was laid on the table ai
the morning session, to be taheu up to-night.
The resolution was then read.
Several amendments Were proposed to the
resolution, ami voted down.
The question then came upon ihe original
revolution, which, on being put to rote, wea
ilu motion of Col. Chancellor, the names ol
0»»1. J. Lucius Davis nnd Col. Beutmey were
added to ibe list of Vice-Pre-idems.
On motloas respectively made. Capt. Green,
of ttie United States Marine Corp-, Captain
Wiley of the Amelia Sll verl t re-ys, (a soldier of
18 -',) and Col. Thomas Jefferson Randolph,
were invited toseats in the Convention.
Col. August suggested, as th>- best means of
saving time, that every member of the Con
vention, who had any "plan :o propose, he re
quested to foreshadow their views by insola
tions oi enquiry, to he referred to thee mm it
tee to prepare business, when that committee
is appointed.
Col. Morris proposed, that as there was no
particular business before the Convention,
and as there appeared to ho a large am >un v!
gas to lie let off antl speeches to be made for
buncomb, that the members now submit to
the infliction, oo that whea they nn-t hereaf
ter tbey might proce_d with the work which
they bad undertaken.
A' v.uce in 'he crowd—"Off with his. head—
so much for Buckinkhas-."
Captain Geo. S. Pattot submitted a resolu
tion which was adopted, Instructing the Com
miiteeon Business toi* quire into the expe
diency of org ftnizing, arming aud equipping a
corps of "Minute Mt_i, n as a S-perate aud dis
11nc.i organisation Irom the mitiiia and vol
A desired to know how nil ques
tions that came before the Convention were
to be decided—whether bx a scale vote or not
The President stated trr_- every member had
th.- same righ', whether a Lieutenant or a Ma
jor General.
The President re;>orred the following ai the
committee to prepare business:
Gen. Sent,. f nh Brigade.
Gen. liai :n..ii. of i.'th Brigade.
t'.i A. H. Adams, of 12th Brigade.
Col. Cbambliss, ef loth
C ipi Scott, ot sth "
<' 01, Si ur.ri, of 6th "
Col. Tavl »r, of 3d "
Col. Ware, ol 16 b
»"lot. Rand dj>h. of Jd **
C ipt .lis. r. Pr. ston, of i:th
('.ipt Patron, of Aid '■
foi. Pnge, ot I I 111
C I J. P. Preston, of S6lh
Maj >r (*i il. of --'ih
C ■!. Csrringtoi . "f I Iti. *■
Maj T Limb, of '•■ li
t' tl. VVingfleld. .•! -sh
Col. Nnlie. of Ist
I'apt. I 'nas. Dininii ck.
i.'ol Strange.
Col. J. L. I*evi«.
Oo motion of Capt. ScStt, the President,
Gen. Taliaferro, was added to the above coni
llli' tee.
(in ueoi.>n. the Cinvention adjourned to
meet Wednesday afternoon a' 'i o'clock.
M.i • i.N It |i..\.
The Convention met at tbe Blues' Armory
yesterday afternoon at :i o'clock, pursuant to
rutj mrnment, Oteu. T__ liai'ukuo resuming tbe
Soon after the meeting wa« railed to order,
a motion waa made aud c irried to i ike a i>. ess
until I o'clock, to enable tiie Business C.iii
mi: ice. who had been ondutyaJJ day, nn _i •
port unity to get their dinnt rs.
At 1 O'cfoCK the {• .invention re-asrembled j
and proceeded t.i business.
Col. Crump called at ten tioa to the fact that i
(r.'n. Wm. (". Sc itfa absence at tbeorgaaisa- j
tion of tbe Convention,accounted for bis not I
being assigned a position la the organization.
The President called for a report from 'lie
Busini . < Committee.
Cat Patton, a tbe request of Gen. Scott, j
tbe t hair-nan, presented a partial report, which
waa read.
ihe report submitted apian for organizing j
the Field, Sriii, Division aad Brigade officers. I
Capt. Patton g_ve notice, ou behalf .._ :de
minority of the committee, that they would |
present a report as a substitute for that of tbe i
committee, as s.».m as they eaa write it out.
C>i. Chancellor moved to lay the rep in up- '
ou the table and bave it printed for the nse .;t
members. He was unwilling to attempt to
vote upon so many important questions by j
i merely bearing them read oaos or twice. Ue j
; w iiiid like to see the report printed, so 'hat !
Usrecommendatijbscould be considered and !
thoroughly digested.
Col. r> range was opposed to printing Hs i
c.uiet see no necessity lor it. The retMinin.-n- j
daiions could be taken up seriatim, discus-ed
and disposed of. j
Capt. Dhamock luvored thp motion of Col. j
! Chancellor, believing as he did that the officers
| present were not WiUing to adopt one portion
I of a plan of organization, until that plan was i
• completed.
Col. 1' uriir was opposed to laying,>n the ta-
Me. Maay officers in attendance v; mid be I
compelled to leave the city to-morrow more
ing Indisposition in ins own family would
compel him to leave, and for one he would be
willing to delegate all p iwer to the Business
l C..niir.it:ee, and let them make such recom
[ meudatioaa to the Legislatareas to tbem might
j seem best.
Col. Chancellor had come here for a p..r
pose, and wasnnwilling to leave without cum- !
pleiuig the Work. He supposed bis brother
officers lii.l com" here to pc ition the )
lure on an important mutter, aml did not sup- i
pose that they were now willing to delegate j
tbat work o a committee of thirteen. If such j
had been the intention, why were not county j
meetings held and delegates appoiuted 1 The I
object of the Convention was to influence nnd j
I instruct the legislature as to he best mode of ;
i reorganising the militia. Would the r>c nn
j raendations of a mere rommittt c ba. c that in-
I iiiienee which the action ol each a body like
i ihis would be apt to exert .' He iiad e.meheit
iat esiisii-ierubt" inconveuience, but was aut
; willing to leave until ihe work of the Con
| veniion was oumploisd.
dv. P. A Boiling muyeti to recommit the
report to the committee i.-r compleiio.*. ii«
| was not wiliii.g to act oa a partial plan «>i r»-
--j organization, but desired the tabors completed
liv order thai tho Convention might see and
I understand the en lire plan.
The question was taken on the motion of
Col. 8., and it was decided la the negative.
1 On motion, the report was passed by. and
Col. Thos. .1. Randolph gave nn ou'imeof Ins
I plan lor reorganizing the militia, which seem
ed to me,-; with marked turor. C>! B. trusts
favor of so dividing the militia service as to
impose patrol and jury doty on citizens of one
age. and military duty on those of another.
Oen, Wm. 11. Hiehaitlsou was iaviied to give
his views upon the- reorganization oi the mi
litia of tb" S:ate. He did so. l.y having read
from three of his annual reports brief extracts
recommeuding improvements in the present
militia system of tne Suite.
The President read an invitation from offi
cers of the Ist Regiment of Volunteers, the
j l'.nhuud 179 th Regiments of the line, and the
Ith Regiment ol Cavalry, to tbe members ot
tbe Couveution to partake of s collation and
refreshments at Ho clock lo aaorrow.
On moil on. the invitation was unanimously
A communication from (J. H. Penflel.J, Kmj ,
inviting the C.invention lo trltflOSß a trial of
Sharps rifle, was read by the Presidest.
Oa motion of Col. Thompson, the invitation
| was accepted, and the hour ot lo o'clocs,
j Thursday BBoruing, !U. ..1 as the lime for wu-
I nes-ing the trial.
Lieut. L*iy ollered a resolution relative to
| cavalry service, which wits referred to Ihe
i Committee on Business.
Col. Meßae oilered a series of resolutions
e.neernlng ihe cavalry aud artillery, which
were referred vi ibe Business Committee.
Resolutions ot inquiry, by Col. Godwin and
Capt. Cabell, were read and referred.
On Ul .lion, M_j. ."seldeii, dpi. H ibiusoii,
i and Coi. Muaford, were invited to i_dmseats
i in tue Con tan linn
Lieut. Oilman, ofthe l.ith Regiment, offered
a resolution, lbm the Business Committee be
i instructed to inquire iuto the expediency of
j allowing volunteer companies ioestabli-b bat
! talious and regiments independent Of the liu«-,
when sufficiently strong so to do.
Ou motion, members huviag suggestions to
in ike, were r«_jii»_ied to band tbem to tbe
Cuairmaii of tbe Business Committee.
Committees were appointed to inform Mr. |
Pentield of tbe acceptance of his tuvitaiiou to i
1 witness tbe trial of Sharp's rifle— tv inform
Col. August and other:, ot their acceptance of
, ihe invitation to a c illation, and tv t a term
officers of tbeir invitation to take seats in tbe
i Convention.
i The following a.!ilitlonal delegate* ii.vi.if,;
i Hi I Ile if i. a me
[ lOOiliUegiuient-Majoi Wm. H. Psikius.
(Ud Regiment—Lieut. J. A. C. Belcbes, Lt.
P. Fenn.
Ith Regiment of Cavalry—Major John J.
•_.td Regiment—Major B. H. Nash.
Ist Regiment Volunteers—Lieut. Randolph
Harrison, Co. A.
l.'.tih Real meat— Capt, Jno. S. Rady.
Ist Regiment of Cavalry—-Lieut. John S.
•Vith Regiment— (.' >i. John T. GHhaoa.
i:'tii Regiment—Lieut, 11. S. Bunny.
Mill Regimen I—Capt. C. C. M.rPhail.
* I'll Regiment— Oof. If. A. Thompson.
Tht-Coiivetition then adjourned to half-pa-!
7 o'clock.
The Convention re-assembled at'he Blues'
Aim. tv, putsoun! to adjournment, Major
General Taliaf.-rro resuming the chair.
The following delegi'.tt-s enrolled their
names :
t.i-.'i'd Regfaaent—Lieut. Cof.C K. Denoon.
:>ird pegimeut—('apt .1. H. Sands.
tit.'h li.gim.-nt-Col. K. M Maltory.
Ti.e Prashlenf annoUßCsd theioiiowiugcoiu
Toiiiform Ml. Pc .field of the acceptance of
bis iavimtioa to see Sheep's rifle t««ted—Moj.
Qaskins, Col. Wilson ami Capt. Ob boll
To wait upon Col. August and others, to ac
cent 11;et r in. itotlofl to at tend a collation —I '01.
Boiling, Col. Rice and Capt. May.
To inform M.-tj. Seideu and others of their
invitation lo attend the Convention—Co). Ita
mev,c I. Weisitfer, Lieiu. Harrison.
[Col. Walier Jones, of the -.'lst Regiment,
reponed himself in attendance.]
The President announced as the first busi
ness iv ord.-r, the report ol the Business Com
mit lee.
On motion, ihe five minutes, rule was adopted
as th- 1 limit for speeches—no member to speua
longer, nor mere than twice on any one sub
jec . unless bj- consent oi the Convention.
The report was, liien taken up aud read
That portion of the report organising the
Stuff Corps, duties of officers, etc., wa
0 i motion, the reading was suspended to al
low ihe following resolution lo be lead, which
was offered by Col Crump:
Tli t the re;.orr l>e lueemmittsd to tbe
Committee on Bnsiussa nbnsbsll cos for with tbs
. i int. irtsesi f tbe f.e islatue .md prep, re a Suits
'i c ii.eui.tr il for tin- reorxaeis itWS nt the iii ili tl .
Tie it .million was iti-, us-eil at length, and
on being (tut to vote was rejected.
The reading «ras resumed, aid thai part pro
viding for "Quartermaster and C .mmis-.irj
lie, art men*," was put to vote and adopted.
1 tint portion referring to an "Inspector's
I). parm-nt,'- was read ami adopted.
1 tie fourth ree inini'-nda-i ni for an "Ord-
Bunce Department" was read.
Capt. IHmmock opposed iv as being expsa
siveand useless is time of peace.
Gen. Taliaferro advocated tn.. committee's
report, aa tbe most important recommeadatioa
oi the committee. The S*ate woulddetermiße
in manufacture nil her arms ami mm iiions,
and she tn ii.-! o! neci BSitj liave a suitable per
son to overlook her workshops and protect
h. i- interests.
After considerable discussion, C >1. Chancel
lor moved To strike out all of that part of ihe
ieport which provides for an "Ordnance De
partment,' l and the motion being put to vote
nas carried ia the aArmative. So that the
"Ordnance Department" was dispensed with
That portion of the report providing for a
••Medical Department" was next read, and
[Our report here closed on account of the
lateness ofthe hour. Tbe remainder of .he
night'a proceedings will be published in to
rn, rr >we paper J
Harper's Ferry Item*. —The hall of the House
lof Delegates was crowded Tuesday night lo
In tr the remarhsol Andrew Hunter, I.'sq.-, who
prosecuted Browa aad hia com|*aniuas at
Cbarleslowa, before ibe joint c. m mil tee of the
Assembly on 'be Harper's Feny affair, tli
coin--' ibe greater portion ed" Mr. H.'a remarks
in connection with tbe invasion were not new
io tie reading public—but iiinnvnf them Were,
or had not that strength of confirmation which
tbey received Tuesday aigbi from tho know
ledge and high position of the speaker. Oue
error be smj baiically eorr>eted—thai le, the
statemeat thai tne Virginia troops declined
tbeoffer Col. Lee made them tv storm the en
gine boose. Tin- offer was not declined; but
tbe Virginia troops wen; so scattered that, be
lore tliey n.uld decide ou tbe offer, (Jul. Lee
j (ell i lus duty to take ibe place. The eitiaeus
joi Cbariestown did not f.ei auxfous to *et rid
i ofthe military, aa stared by newspaper corres
j fxindeuif.; ou the contrary, 'h> re were some
' f 1 tni lies, who cut Id illy all.. _d it, who furnished
ttie iroops from p.. t", mm meals, and did not
I charge tin- State one cent. As an evidence<d
1 tbe completeness ol ttie system of espionage
j adopted, Mr. il. said that one of the spies in
I ibe employment of Virginia repeatedly slept
! in '.he bed witbJ dm Brown, Jr., and watched
all t.is movements concerning bis tat ber.—
! The report 01 :>w men being organized la the
I m nntal 1-, was fii-i given by ,1 member ol 1 tie
i Pennsylvania House ol Representatives, and
1 afterwards so condstned as to leave ao doubt
j ofthe feet. The spies reported ihe organise-
I lions, and Mr. Hunter was enabled U> Bud it
I out wll bin forty-eight hours:: tier lbs intended
rescue wis given up. It is remarkable that it
I was then, for the first tune, that John Brown
j agreed to see his wife. The unexpected and
I nearly successful escape "t Co.>k and Cops
1 pic,was noticed by Mr. Hunter, who *:tid it
j was the result o! a conflict in authority be
j tween the civil and military officers, and be
; believed the jailor and sheriff perfectly free
jii ni an v coil] Ik 1 v whaiever ia the escape.
; John Brown, during his imprisonment, re
i ceived in ore i ban two bundled a rei fifty letters.
j The -peiker paid a hull compliment 10 lbs
B-ltini .re aid Obiu Railroad C. moauv. lor
their aid us Virginia, by Keeping crowds mid
suspicious characters off their trahtu He
: was assured at the ume by one ot the OBeers
|of the road, Ibal if BCTOWd (."it pOSSCSSIoB of
the ears, and he could not get them ill', lie
w -isit! instruct the engineer 10 run down the
! liis. embankment he came to.
'1 he S| Baker read .1 letter tr. in a clerk in a
Philadelphia mercantile house, disclosing a
plot tv Ohio to rescue Brown, ia which Ihe
erriter begged that his name should not be
disclosed to his employers, as they would die
cnai p* him 11 they diseovtrt'ti hi- pro-slavsri ;
// me Guard—We published, lusl week, a |
Bonce of ihe plan which had been proposed
and ailopted tor the formation of this Com
-1 toy into a battalion, to t.»- commanded by
Wyudbam 1.-: • 1 tson, X q . (the present Cap
tain,) as Maj r, and to consist of tbree com
panies, to be 1 e-.gnated a- the Jeffersca Hume
• Guard, the Mndison Home Guard, and tbe
Monroe Home Quard. We also published I
j lists ol ttie members who were to constitute
j encb company, and ol tbe elections winch
j were to beheld on ihis . rtn.ls.iay, l.'h Jan- |
j nary) al '~ P. M , at places designated in each j
j ward. Hut it will be seen from the following j
, resolutions, adopted at a meeting of the com
puny on the i.i'h ins: , and which bate been 1
I furnished na for publication, tin-.: p has been ;
'de term! aed to recvaetder thai plan. From |
: what we bare beard, it seems probable that a
! majority ..t the whole company will prefer to '
remain upon tbeir Original footing. Fur 'he ]
present, at lea-, the old organisation will
continue, ami Uie three company elections
Will UO' be held.
At a reguiar aseetieg of the Home Guard,
j held in the Mechanics' Institute on Tuesday, '
! loth January, Ibfiu, at :, I*. M , Lout Ri chard j
I(1 Morriaa presiding, and Orderly Sergeant !
I Audie.v JohOstoaacting Ui tsecreiary, ii yy.is. '
I upon iti.iti.ii —
Ke.,,, veil. Thai tire p! _n proposed Hnt! adopted
on tin -_s Dee....1*1, le*o9 f rtiie for tition nf ths
Home •■uard into a Baitaliss. lo ssuslst of tares
eouipaaiss, and ;.ii th* resolutions then -.iopt.it
for -.lie purpose ij tan; m, that pin 11 iv Incited, ne
IteautveU, That tue laid plan aad the _hhl re*
.. u'h.iis be laid u|...!i the _abi* until the next
ul tr ineeun-i of the eonipsni.
The u-xt regutar meeting, which is fori
drill, will be behl at me Hall of ttie Median- !
ns- Institute, ou Tuesday, Kth J-t.iui.ry, at 7
l/CIuCK, P. M.
Now Poor.Hon ..—The Council an- to meet
to-day to consider the report ot tbeir special I
coimni'tee, recommending ttie tearing down of '
llle present I'oor-House, which tins long lieen ■
a disgrace 10 Risbmsad, ami tbe erection of a •
' new oue, better •lined to the wants and e-om
! forts of the paupers t>r whom the city has lo
pro\ide. The plan Miggeoted, if carried out,
wilt prooably aunt the city irom *Mk\*99 to !
$;(.,!.-;; but larosasisoi-hsrof thus_n_aa. no
citizen, who has ibe lea»t regard for the com- !
f.-rtsol the poor, would hesitate a t-iugle mo
ment to benr bin proportion of the burthen ne
c.»s..ry 'o.tiid!..theirht-_lthanrtcomfort. The
new house, when built,wilt be so arranged that
iht: decent and orderly may be removed from
eiiitae: with ihe siefous aud depraved, and
BjwrUOSUtS will he provided wnli at-Willi
l ruooM lor iheciuldreii, and place* for religious
• worship tor 11 It the ciiy pretends u> care
1 lor ber poor, she should do it properly—taking
cue that the vicious and di.-sip.ued are kept
out of the streets, tbat the old nnd inilrin
are uot neglected, and that all classes are pro
vided with tbe necessaries of life.
/'urn..' er' fidd Fellows.— The members at
tached to I'liiou Lodge, No. 7,1. O. U. V , pa-
I raded yesterday, and escorted to their last
! resting place, in Ktiock<te Hill bnryingground,
I the remains of their deceased brother, Wm.
' I'ortertlodsey. They were accompanied by a
! bras . band, and lov>ked well. The decca*ed,
: .dr. i_.dt.ev, was well and favorably known
It > many of onr ctHaeus. He fell a victim, a'
laa early age, 10 c»iu.t>ui,n_on. Hint lasjdious
, .ie-tiover, WM baleful larttiou•-» .-in _i i..
I many to witbsr aud decay.
flittoirfr BS
i *.ri*re. 1 tusertioß, fa.aft t san .re.l mn n th .•t.at
1....d0 . .%.. do 0.75 I. ib.. Jst.mtts T.«
1.-.d0.-J...-de 14J8 I _-d0....§...d5._. tea
1... do 6... do ITS 1...d0. ..» . do— 11.S
1....d0.-15... do tn 1 dw. .1 year.... _B-tS
•V Advertisements published snttl forbid, win
ite charged flOoenU per ssnars of sight liassfr-r tko
Irst ias-rtioß. aad jj seats for sasa soatiß-aaes.
Miyor-ii rourr.—A number of cases warn
brourbt before thf. tribunal for srtjndlcsilon,
on ve-t»ni_i v. a mere mention of which mast
suffice on the present occasion. Benjamin
Teaman, charged with an assault oa bis Wlfo,
gave Adam Fondelm „» bis security, in tho
#omsf flint, for his better bebavlor.-Charleu
11. l£ichar.l-»n, "having M ~}ne* to stay,"
wa* taken iv cu.iody by the wa'ebmen.--
When arrigned before his Honor be said bo
was from the •■ Cockade " An order was en
tered that he be -em hick to "little Peters
burg" forthwith.—Owen, -lave ot Mr. A.
Brook•-, was arrested in the cellar of John
Norman, a free negro, having in his posses
sion a very ancient pass, lie was admon
ished.—A complaint against John B. Yates,
f.r obstructing the corner of First and
Cinal Btwota, was beard and dismissed, aa
too trivial to require further notice —
Morris Johnson was arraigned for stealing
two one dollar gold pieces from Mary W.
Johnson, and the evidence substantiating tho
charge, lv. was remanded for final trial before
the Hustings Court. Samuel Brickwoud was
arrested as .. party implicated in theabductioa
of the pecuniary resources alluded to, but tho
evidence did not fix the guilt on bis shoulders.
Samuel Trt-waller was arraigned for ateal
ing Elisabeth Thatcher's purse, containingiwo
dollars aUd fifty cents. The Mayor deemed ths
chargeof theft established against the accused
and be wa« accordingly committed for trial
i efore the Hustings Court. -Robert Reid, pro
prieturof the "Verandah Hotel," underwent
an examination before his Honor for making a
- violent, wicked, malicious and felonious as
sault," en George Harvey, near the New Mar
l.et, with intent lo do bun some great bodily
barm, fee. The defendant, R.-id, was sent be
fore the Hustings Court for further examine
lion and trial, and bis ball bond was renewed.
Lmsisa County.—Tho only crop now growing
in this county, wh.-ar, is looking very badly,
caused, it is thought, by the dry wea'her juat
about seeding time. A most excellent crop of
tobacco, not only in quantity hut quality, ra-
A-rirded tha exertions of the farmer Isst year.
They are now engaged stripping it and pre
paring it lor market. The County Court met
on Monday..md th. re was the usual large
crowd on bund engaged iv buying, -ellingnnd
swapping horses and mules, negroes and every
specie" of pr.-pertv. It is a notorious f.icr that
there is more barteriugdoneon Court day than
i< done iv the whote county during tne inter
veaii|; month. On Monday la. t there was
not a single individual confined i.i the jail for
any offence whatever. The excitement at
temlin the Harper's Ferry affair has subsided
vi Louisa.
Mumtiug* Court.— The Justices of the Court,
yesterday, postponed nil the criminal business
before it (except the cases hereinafter men
tioned.) till Tuesday next.
(in to-day the calling of the civil docket will
c minenreat II o'clock.
Ou account ol the absence of witties.es in
the case of John 11. Lambert and Others,
charged with a misdemeanor, the trial was
postponed till next week.
J. ha Burk, who obstructed officer Morris
in the execution ot Ins duty on last election
day, waa tried by a jury,found guilty, and
teutenced lo pay a line of s*-.»3.
A. Seaman, tried for a misdemeanor, was
Concert for the Poor.—Our readers are prom
ised a novel and interestiig entertainment at
Mechanics' Institute Hall, to-morrow night.
Mr. assisted by Madam l>eß , pr.i
ii. ins lo give an illustrative lecture on IC n —mrs
l.ife, anil to devote the proceeds ofthe exhi
bition to the Poor of Richmond, to he distrib
uted by the Cuion Ben.-vt.lent Society. Among
tbe attractions are a<}i|sy song, which will
be received wnli marked approval. We know
nothing ol the musical talents ol Mr. 11. B. or
Ins Inly, but the laci that tbey are willing to
exhibit them to the public for tbe beuettl of
tbe needy poor,should induce our readers to
turn out on the occasion as one man aud fill
the ball to overflowing.
The Teeeilre was densely crowded last night,
and numbers wt-re turned off"at the door. Thu
•'irrepressible conflict for standing room to
witness ttie •■ Knchantress'' was so great tbat
the writer preierretj listening to the beautiful
music and witnessing ibe gorgeous scenery on
some o'her night, and retired. There are In
ihe piece some twenty male voices besides tho
company, and ttie ehoru-.se* at rehearsal yes
tenlry morning were given in tine style. Aa
far as* new mii-ic. new toenery and new people
are concerned, this operatic spectacle is proba
bly the best that lias been given iv Richmond
for twenty years, nnd will prove a most suc
cessful enterprise for the management. It is,
of course, repeated to-night.
OilCtoth Factori/..— For several months past
, oil sloth, of good quality, bas been manufac
tured in thi* city, in a small way. and sold
on terms as rea-.niable as imported goods of
' Mi" same description. Tbe manufacturer is
said to beaeompletenaasterofhisbßsiasss, and
be is only pro-rented from enlarging his ope
rations by want of means. Cannot -ome pf
our merchant- and capitalist- make some in
quiry into the capacity ot the pies.ut lactory,
and if they deem it a judicious speculation,
atitl sii.licieiit funds to ensure the manufacture
of oil sloth on a large scale in Richmond f
The Streets.—Th* present "spat" of tolerably
warm weather has caused .1 rapid disappear
ance of the -now and ice, the only evidences of
winter weather we bave > el been favored with.
The conasqnenee is that the mud iv tbesireete
and Other public places lihs imitated tbe exam
ple ol the broken merchant, and gone into
li,j nidation. The result is that walking is
any thing but .111 ugreeable opeiation, however
h> altby it may br.
Arrests Test rd*y. — Xdat* yesterday afternoon
tin- pttliee affected the arrest of Mary Uwyer,
for threatening toassßiilt Mary Wel»h. Lucy
1C b.r s, a free negro, was caged for stealing a
calico dress Irom J. W. Satterwliife. I_ouisa
Jenkins, free, Uas put in for receiving it, and
James Hotsen, free, proprietor of the shanty
m which the dress was tottnd. accompanied
her ou a similar charge.
.-. v. circe,t Conn.— Through inadvertence
it WM stated yesterday in this column that
! the session of IMb Court urn*) being held st
I • I. sher's Hall.'' The room formerly occupied
I by tboCoun in that building is now used by
• the Sous of Malta. Tin Court, on the compls
tion of ttie new Custom-House, moved to ele
gant quarters 111 that building.
Th- M*w Band, which made its first appear
ance in public on Tiissdaj last, has uo connec
tion with the I'hilliariiiuiie A-sociatton, aa
-ome have supposed. If l" composed princi
i pally of men who, lat various times, have been
I members ol lbs Aimny Band, aud promises
Ito be quite an acquisition to the musical or
j gonizntteosof the cry.
Cast r'ou.'./nf.i/.—Yesterday, in ihe Hustings
! Court, the ease of lh. s. Bland, for receiving
I coffee on Dee.inter I tub, alleged to bave been
stolen from the Messrs. Crenshaw, came up
for a hearing, when. Off motion, it was c>ii
l tinned tut the next lumj ibe deieudaut giving
bail for his ap|xa.rauce.
___aadsea*< Sword.—W>- weie sbowu jester
dry a very baiids..me nwoid, by
I Cr-.y. Wise to M»i lieu. Wm H. Tanalvro, iv
I Hecembrr last The present is a nrai oue.ai.d
lis doubtless blgbli spprecluied by the i.iiji.
I out, coming a- 11 did fr- m his C>mmander-iu-
C'biet at it.t the s.-rvites ai ( tmrlrni.wii,
The Coltatioo. Tha iuemt*is ol the Military
Convention nrs to asset at theUlu«> Aim ry
at lio'cb ck 10-dny, to march in a body to ibo
Mechanic- lu*mi.le Hail to partake of a col
li no v.
l isit to the Governor —Tho military ofllcers
111 aneiidaice on the t-onventton in ibu city,
called ..11 (ioxernor Letcher yesterday, and
were courtet-tusly received by him.
j Hon Henry W. Mil.er. ol North Csiolina.
lias added at,no to tbe Mount Vernon fund
by bis lectures.
llr. Win Met'oiubs, formerly of Nashville,
1 died in New Hi lean, on Friday last, of ooa*
: sumplion.
Harry Lehr, formerly a well known Eihio.
piati ispngriged in the mercautilo
. business in Philadelphia.
Mrs. James Kerr and ber two children were
- hittilv burnt by tbeigniHonof iudamßableoll,
j iv Nashville, ibe oiber day.
The hotel at Newport, N H.. aad the c»bb*
: ty budding at Sheboygan, Wis, were lately do»
, al roved by lire.
The City C >nncil of Augusta,Ga., last week,
i raised the tax on free persoas of color to
iu-.-i.y-.ir- dollar* per head.
We ieirn from tbe L misville Courier that
I Mi- Amrdia Schuster, atlermau actress, UisA
tn thai city a lew days ulnce
flrant Thorburn, wbo is bow living iv New
Haven, is eighty-eight years old, and in tha
eii|oyra«at of good health,
i on tbeldinsi,Bawuelf»iove was elected bar
ge**, aud Jonas Myers assistant burgeaauf Co*
j luiubia, fa. - *
The receipts of the American Colosimiion
Society for tbem >mb eudlug ths ->ih ultimo,
' mnoualed tod-!,.1t.
j Lt. I» 1> Otark.of the tith regiment, V. 8 la
fsairy, disd at Kurt Yuma, Oaltforuta, on tho
•.Hi ult.
Henry Au lis, a soldier of the war of lilt, disd
in tlarrisburg. Ph., ou Uie :li iy« M *.#*,
1 ue tut trade of*. Loat- i.ni.»ar *-x, 1 1 MA
I owi half a million ot dollars.

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