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■__■ l i ..-n i -_-._;. , , ,__ , . , „,-._____
Ititjmura v Jtijspatc|.
raiUAT MOKWING JAN 13, t*-0.
The Weekly Dispatch.
Th* Weekly Ditpath ts Issued ibis morning
It contaloa tbe conclusion of "My Godmother's
Story," a charming tele, the first Message of
Governor Letchan ; letter from .the Rev. Mr.
FcLLaaon the Slavery Agitation , proceedings
of the Military Convention, now in session
synopsis of the proceedings of the Legislatu fe
tor the past week, and the usual Interesting
variety of editorial, news, local and cummer
etal matter.
Price three cents at the counter, 01 lour cents
whet, put up in wrappers for mailing to friends
la theconntry. _
The Question of the Hay--, lore t on.erva
live Testimony.
Hon. G-orvEßxarn Kkmblb, of New York,
Inn letter to theeleciors of the ninth Congres
sional District of tbat State, presents " th.
question of the day" in a most lucid, impres
sive and manly style. Thin noble letter, and
the speech of Charles O Connor, -.*.[., are
Worthy of the best days and the best men of
the Republic. "Why," exclaims Mr. I-K.mi-.i.k,
••should we enter ui>on a rru.sade against the
Institutions of our sister States I They have
done us no Injury, but great good: tiny have
infringed no l_w___ctiug us, and iv maintain.
leg tbeir rights upon the floor of Congress
bave borne themselves strictly within the
limits of tbe Constitution."' "With them the
question is not whether slavery is riglu or
wro-.g in the Abstract—whether it I_»> consist
ent with the I mere-ts of humani'y to emanci
pate from four and a .j natter to tour and a ball
millions of ignorant slaves, unac. ustomed to
and incapable ot self-government—whether,
if otherwise desirable, it would inure to their
benefit, as il certainly would to ihe destruc
tion of the white population, find the desola
tion of tbe country. With tbem it involves
life and deathand thedearest Interests of man.
It is, therefore, not a question for argument,
but action; and it behooves every right-minded
man in the free Stales, who holds his alle
giance to theC_.iistitution,aiid loves theCnion
as the source of all our unexampled prosperi
ty aaa nation, to look at it in its true light.
nnd before it is too late to arrest it ior these
nggressions upon their tranquility and htippi
ness, which have already alienated tbe mind-
Mi exa.pera'ed the passions In the slave
Slates against us, must otherwise, sooner or
later, eventuate iv a dissolution of our gnat
and glorious Confederacy."
Mr. KEMBi-Ethen refers to the ignorance in re
lation to Southern institutions which prevails
in the Northern States, and fives tin- result
Of his own observations in visiiing the South
He says with truth, that in all ages the negro
has been a slave, but nowhere una slavery
ever existed in a form so mild and beneficent
as that of the United States; nowhere have
the lights of the slave been so protected bj
Wise and equal laws: nowhere his physical
wants co abundantly supplied: nowhere his
moral and intellectual improvement so eared
for; and nowhere can the Increase, which i
little short ef the white population of th.
country, be compared with it. If has been
double that of t'ngland, and treble that of th.
Continent of Europe in the same lime—a re
sult that could not have taken place under.,
tyrannical and oppressive system of ga
vernment, aud is the best refutation ib_
can be offered to the falsehoods and ezag
gerations of abolitionism. Slavery with at
Is very different from that which former
ly existed in the Hritish West Indies, whir
noountry establishment is still culled a pen,
from a prison in which the slaves were al way
confined for the night; or in Cuba, where flu
same practfce .till prevails on all the largSl
estates, and to which even the Chinese, who.
under false pretences, to the disgrace of hu
manity, bave been induced to emigrate,an
equally subjected. Under suchcircnU-Binnce.
any natural increa-e could hardly occur, and.
accordingly, the number has only been kept
up by importations Irom Africa. Baron Hum
boldt estimated the whole number of slaves
imported into the English West India colo
nies, from tha commencement to tbeexpira
tion of the trade, at two millions one hundred
and thirty thousand. In carrying out the act
of emancipation the emancipated slaves paid
for by the government was about 000,000,aad
the returns gave about !GU,COU tree colored in
all the colonies—together7llU,Uoo—<hawfal de
ficiency. With us an entirely different BJ stem
prevails." Mr. Kkmiili_ then describee in de
tail the mode of supplying the wants, provid
ing for the health, comfort, and religious in
etruction of the slaves, winding up by saying
tbat "a happier people than the slaves of tin
South would be difficult to find ; and Instead
of pitying the blacks —so much better off than
the daily laborer with us—l f»el sympathj
for the whites who are compelled to think for.
nnd take care of them, for ihey are thoughtlest
and excitable, and easily let! estray, although
the crimes that disgrace our Northern ciue.
are rare among them."
Mr. Kkmiu.e quotes Mr. Gallatin la a
statement which ought of itself to arrest tin
attention of all men in the North or England
Who honestly believ. that the slaves are badly
treated in the Southern State-. Mr. ________.
'IIN, after the most carelul researches, maker
the number of slaves imported into the United
Stales up to ihe suppression ol the slave trade
in IHOw not to exceed ..m.i.t.o souls, and Mr.
Caby, including Louistunu, states it at 390,01 v
In the year 1 T'.Mi, when the first census ol ibi
United States took place, they numbered a_
follows :
17W -1 he slave population numbered WfgW
Free blacks ,v.i il l
A?£re.rnte sf African extraction 7..7 20-
ISOO-Second census gives slave population BMM!
Free colored lie n7.
Total .lOOu 92
IfibO— I. sat census the iiuiiib .rt.f slaves was .'J.'.iil 08
Pree blacks i.n.l iuiiri.ii. » tZB_Bi
Total Jaa 7a
It Is estimated that the census ol 1860 will
not give less than for the colored pop
ulation of the United States, an increase per
fectly unknown in the history of the race, and,
Wben compared witb results iv Cuba end tin
English coloniet, appear.-, very ex traordinary-
Mr. Klmiu.k thus points to the free ne
groee of New Turk, who arc sinking out oi
existence, in ihe inilst of lUili nnd vice: U
Jamaica, where, trom a population of :e-ii,t.o,
at the nme of the emancipation, the decrease
according to government returns, in five years.
was seventy thousand. Lot such facts a
ibese be pressed home upon the Nurtheri
mind, and all candid and Intelligent citiaeasol
the tree States will jterceive and Bckuowledgi
tbe empttuess, impracticability and iniquity
of abolitionism.
The t'omiuiskiouer from South < orolimi.
Col. C. C M-.-MiMihK, the distinguished
Commissioner trom South Carolina to Vir
ginia, is au eminent _>iale<_ui:iu ot ibe l'.ilm. r.
(State, and is not less respected lor tin. pur«
and elevated qualities of his diameter, than
for his superior intellectual abilities and ac
complishments. Col. Mkmmin-.ku has baaa
nppointed by the Governor of S >uth Carolina,
under the instructions ol the Legislature ol
that Stale, to visit and confer with the Execu
tive snd Legislative authorities. Virginia
deeply appreciates this manile_i.ii ion of sym
pathy and kindness from South Carolina. Out
citizens will no doubt rejoice in the opportu
nity to manifest the most cordial courtesy and
attention to the distinguished guest of oui
State—a guest wbo represents one of tbe most
chivalric and intelligent and generous people
under tbe sun.
Ormtno or rust Guanos and Alkxam-kia
Hxrmttutoit.— The Directors of the Grange aud
Lynchburg Railroad will on Saturday next,
pass or*r the entire route in a train ot cars
from Alexandria to the river opposite Lynch
borg, to which place this railroad is now fin
ished. The train will reachCharlotteaville by
IS o'clock M., aud will, after dinner at the Ota
tntl Hotel, proceed slowly on, co that the work
and the road may be carefully inspected. Gc
Monday the regular mail trains will com
iB-mce running from Alexandria to Lym-h
Gen. Heaalugsen has written a reply to the
views oi Victor Hugo on the Harper's ieriy
The Plan te Rescue Jo tin Brsvvn.
The idea of an extensive combination to re..
cue Jchb Brows ha. been greatly ridiculed
by the Black Republican Journals, and the
prompt nnd vig ,-r. ma precaution* of Governor
Wibr made the subject of much affected mer
riment. It now turns out that, beyond all j
doubt, a combination existed olsnlßcientnmg- j
niuitle to warrant the steps which were taken j
by the late Executive, and thst It is owing to !
hl« decided and thorough performance of his I
duty that the most dangerous and formidable \
insurrectionist lv the I"nite.l State* did not i
escape the just penalty of his crimes. We
gave in yesterday'K paper the remarks of A. -
HKKW 111 > i'KB, Ksq., Who prosecuted Itaow.v
ut Charlestown, belore the joint committee ol
tho Assembly on the Hai|Mg*a Ferry afl'air.—
None who know Mr. Himeii, will be likely
to question tbesoundncM of his |udgme_>tuny
more than the Integrity of his character, lie
BU] ■ that the report of five hundred men being
organized la the mountains, was first given by
a member of the Pennsylvania Hocee of Kep
resentative.s, and afterward* *o confirmed as ts
Rare no doubt aj the fact. The BpiSS reported
the organization, and Mr. Hi n i'EU was enabled
to Sad it out within forty-eight hours after
thuintendedreeccewaa givei. up it la re-
BBarfeahlu that it uras then, for the lirst time,
that John Brown agreed to see his wile!—
When she li.-., I proposed his language
was. " For God', sake, tlo not come here . It
will i>e isßMißbtimd Hint, at last, John Baowa
himself admitted that there had beeaaplaa
fir his rescue, and ilt.it it had only been given
ap oa account of the overwhelming amount
of military fores which was concentrated at
nnd about Charlestown!
The glaewa ef War.
The (few York Tribune, in an article on
-The Struggle of I860," say- :
'■Dm .ilvers ines- have fi a !' wet voters, Ira! they
hare !•. far 'ne more money, and can apend ten
en!lirs tooar one. Where thej ipeat oae i_»Har in
IKS. ten tf. ni iir.ss will be in U69. The hei'ii'ii
esns cannot begin to match 'irs expenditure, and
trill iot attempt it, Tbe weii bt ol purse ia on the
other side: the weight of presunx 'i pe. .innr, in
terest iii tiie n-s'.i tot the con teal slso. Wet ta
oniv woi by creating, in tbe eir!ier stages •>! the
eon test a i,n''.ir sentiment, •*iiicli uill render '!■<»
exes adits re "I vaani ■ in the later .sin ss me Sec
:iv.-. Ta tis our onh hope, If ever- voter ia
tne United Mates who could be induced t" read
them were supplied thia month with Repablicaa
ii diluents, and induced r o i ike same ... id ll.'i uli
lit an journal, the Tribune, tor example, i the ba!
tie would be slread) . « Bat let things goat loose
eaua till next Jose.and no iiannc efiorte at tbe
lieel ol the canras* eaa redeem it."
We had no Idea that the Black Republican
. xchl tjt.er waa in such a deplorable condition.
Moot of the surplus funds, tbat might have
dona good service in SawaitD'e campaign ol
i-(in, were probably expended in Jona Baows B
campaign of H*s9. Doubtless they bow wish
they bad ihelr money back again. The Tribun.
aaya the Republicans have the most voters,
nut the smallest amount oi money. This is
hard. The principle, it thinks, is ~n one side,
hut the weight of purse on the other !"•
.idediy a bad prospect for the Black Republi
cans. Perhaps one object of Mr.BnWA___*B
visit to Europe waa to raise funds for tbe next
campaign. In ilns connection, it is slated by
s London letter v.iiter that British officials
have determined to appropi iateaboul amillion
of dollars in tbe support of a Black Republi
can candidate for ibe next 'Presidency, hoping
thereby to bring aboui a dissolution oi the
Union, and bring about an alliance betweea
King Cotton nnd Qneen \'i. tokia.
The Impending « ri«is.
As a sample of the ie. ling:- aud opinions oi
the public mind iv Wei tern Virginia, we pub
lish the following letter from a gentleman of I
a culm nnd reflecting mind, and conservative
disposition, and,who is, moreover, 'i ma ioi
popularity and influence in tbe intelligent :
community where he resides. That commu- j
iniy is Itself one of the most solid aiid sub
stantial in the State—as little influenced by
ebullitions of feeUng as any in the world. Thia
letter wa v addressed to one of our most pr >mi
aeat commercial firm., not for publication;
but at the instance ol the gentleman to whom
it was addressed, tbe author has consented i
that it miiy be sent to the press :
Lhxini ro*. J r. '.. 1360.
1 eoaeur with you it- your conservative senti
ments aa to the Union, anil vourc bfidence n the
.ood .sens- ol i lie p lople to protect it, 1 am one ~i I
those w lm, i.i it a snort time i-". tb ■ i«hi n treason
■i lim ist even lo speak o! disai ion. 15ut t.te events
and developmenta. foreahadowed for yeara back,
have tau.hl the South to look te itso»'n interest
nn! stand on it a defence. And bow, that vui! .I.s
uMon ia in tbe mouth of almost ever) man, and as
common us household -..outs.
The itrest tatnilj <-l thia Union is, anfortun i ( ely,
ilividea in sentiment upon slavery, thai _,re„tin
sti tn 'ii ni of ti.e South, which sas planted here,
oot by ourselvea or our fathers, but bj tjod him
self, tor Ins own w ge purpose; and v ithout « hie i
the B nitii wouldjool be what it is- t!,>- glorj of
tins lrll.il.
lint for tins institution,] doubt whether thia
Union won id 'irr.,- c ■.'. r beeu conceived arid brnut. hi \
i,.iii. Without it. what woud the JNortfa now be
With its cold and unproductive wattes: And what
hut the youth, the taleat. snd the energj ol this i
;reat slave State would liave stinndated into such '
.need) existence the preat W eßi ao I ."oiii:,w. -; * ■
Vn . una is. , i r reooai ize.dastheinothei t.f Sates. !
in tiie lapao* her si ivea v,.-r.- nursed the Father «l '
ins Coiiutr. ,tbe ureal tounders of our Coii-itituf n i,
mil i in... oratoia whose in i red words made t)
mats quail, and fathers hovi to w frea !
Our foethern aun gives us a warm Intl eeneroua
I loud, and tended as we are b) slavet tlut (iod .;..,
us- not by slaves ol oar amd and color—we are ever i
trained into feebnta ■,! kindness aud courtesi to |
all. which teach us tv !ci. others alone who meddle '
not vv.lh us.
But it see ma that we are not allowed to rest in
t-eace undei oar own vine and !,.. tree. A ir.'in
branch <■! this famiiv oi States has assumed ti
think and act itr va, and even to re -. t.itt-,,. r i'..r
r.uii ol th* house no ,i. I -1 ,i tn 'ik is it | :oH>e«
Ye care not for its zeal for we know it lawithoui i
Itoowledi c. But when its false op ih ions aaduna so !
..•••ii are brou ht m Iwai upon va, th ou..i. i',. n r sa
-nil the I'liii.it. it is not a range that v, a should ;
claim a partition, even thou, h -ye all Iw brethren. !
But I still think with j ou, that there ma') set be I
.inn: .siru.-e hihi couaervatiam cnou_.li ain.i'i.r-t t'e
people, both North arniSoutn, to preserve the
I ru..n It is too important a stake ro be rasttl)
hazarded. Uacel .-'. it ib lost forever Andwnata '
oss! Piaastiiouß, notonl) to iis own people, but j
to the whole human run-.
The Soui htlot-s not desire disunion, for the - ike
ot disunion, but will remain loyal to the .rent fiara
il; compact, v its Northern branch will reaped .
tbemhta a_nd meddle not »ith theatfairs, .«! ths i
southern household. If a change in this respect,
iocs not come over the North, then the bouse is
divided against itself, and inn.sr fall.
Ourlioi.es are slreadj enooura.-ed. by the late
maaif s'.ati na, in the ureat Norther arts, whose !
merchants asd manufacturers combine aa much I
Dradical intellisenos as ,ny other claasea. But !
.iv thej control, r do they indicate the senti- I
tuentsofthe m-iases, wl." hold ti.e hallot l>...\:— I
Whilst I ni.. v\ i I'ii.r t... attribute these movements
o *ood sense and c nservatmm, yet the dollar iv- ■
i'uei .'•<• uinv have stirred them up. Hut event:,is
- ioul.l not detract from the r tains sseonserva
live evidences. l'h« dollar ia awboleeoine mliv- |
•u.e. Without it. the bonds ol societ* would I. I
••ut as Sax I el..re tbe tir.-. When kindness md !
brotberbsiod. and patriot am, all tail tv preserve
he Union, tbe d'tllar—that Blmijht) power on
c-trth vv .1! a.one Ba ire it. , !
These inovemeiita are, therefore, encouraging
■tin! persuade bs to bopei metbiag from them; !•• t t
they are aot enou h Political apoi smen and fa
nttieal preachers have brought as under this im- I
pending ruin Froetituting. as thej do, the unhol)
zealot the Northern n. ,ss_ to fclthj there, they ,
iihvp coa verted ti.t- forum »nd the pulpit into stand
vi nuts lor 8 monomania, on 'ins ■■■•.io (atijecl of ala '
eery-until its a itHt'o'i. uiiii lul w,i|i ever) ele
ment ol discord aad ol taotnw. lias become tbe
•■ hell broth '' >'l the aatioß.
May-be late events, which have threatened oar
very ex..s'e;:ce. are v. isrlv intended tor ouroomu_on i
nod. DureounU) has prosper tl beyond preee
deal With bo enemy withoui to bind va to.e'her,
nnflicting ere i,'-. lei'. •■- ilea truly crept into our
rent household and disturbed its peac*. '.ike Jo '
-liiirun.oi o.t. we hare waxed lat and kick.
There is trurn in the tld Bootch say ing: "When
tinius cine to tli.-wo-.- . ttie.-. will mend.'' Tbe |
•«iinr.v uirtv ii ive reached that po.at bow wbea
the Booereeeond thon htof the people miv rou- i
vune ■ hem that the I'm n ia prool a ai si taction !
,mf finhtitism A' ail events, ih s fiery ordeal '
mriv brin-r us out, dott-h retmc.!. and t<:,eh the j
' -teath io prepa r e for ss i reliance aad sell date ace,
and the North to mind its own business and lei r,s
iloue H aaeh be the result. will no
it ni. er en, y Jndab. nor Jndah vex Kphraim "
Whi'-'. I much doubt ths propnet. ol declaring !
indi«eri_iina'a noB-intsreourae with Nortl irn
States or Jiorthern ibefchants, whether Abolition
or not. vet th liec.e: sirv. forced bi late events, ,
ui.nn tho Booth, warrant pradeat but decided re
solves in that reape t.
There ia cause tofeartbat the Union will stand
.Mi. ,n n. perilous poise until after ths next Presiden
tial el_.rt:<.ii II it does not fail then, bat setilea ;
tii"ii_sure twee,itwiil prosper aa it his sever
prospered before, iitr n the cents oi thia <!-i>
will riol nerve n,s lessons of wisdom, then its da. s
">r« iniiiil .red, audilwiU be amongst the lli.n-s
th it wi re.
Whether v stand.; or falls, weaust prepare for
self-reli.uiie unit self defence. And tins j.reir.r-i
tion. thas forced a pan the South, which ta ifted
wnh nature's enou-, st slsmeais. will st malats its
industry and d.iveii.p i » resoßresu. until it may
sii.nd. f<- irless ami atone,aatoagst the aatioaaof
the earth.
To tb" thinkini mirid. disunUif haa ite borrora.
It would cnotrain the deiuoa of auaebief aad of an
archy, and the darkness of Chaos would brood
over the Batten.
" My roui aches.
To know, when twe a-'thonties am ap,
Neither suiireme. howeooa ooahgaioa
May enter 't. i.vt the nap of U.th, and take
The one by the other."
FilKiO-T Fouit'auued.--On Monday, seven
cars, loaded with freight for Uic!.unoud ani
Fetersbu rg, stop|ied ou the ri-.t- by the ice,
left Norfolk M the Norfolk ar.il > l'eu-r_>burg
TBB HOTAtOai» Lv.NCHBtao.-Theagency
of tbe Ricbinond Dispatch in Lynchbitrj;, has
been removed lo No. 43 Main street, lv that
city. I
.Is DisTBB-te.—The schtjoner Magnolia, Cap
tain r-rowell, of Dbatoß, bonnd to Bichmond,
with assorted cargo, before reported cut by ice
and sunk in James Kiver, on th«..d taut, hav
ing been gotten afloat by the aid of powerful
ne_m pumpf. waa towed Into Norfolk, Tues
! di.y, leaking l>adly. The cargo, a large portion
j of which ia In atiamaccd mate, ll being lauded
i at Town Point.
I_.vp.riK Salk or Neokoe*.— Five hundred
[and thirty-six negroe*, owned by the estate ot
i the late Jotcj.li Bond, were aold at Albany,
Oa., on the -lib inst., at an average ot .U-.j.
They were -oIJ la f_milie.«, and there are still
thirty to Vie ilir-posed of. One boy brought
*J,fi.n, anil a vvo.uau field hand sold for *_ v '>')o
-O_BOCX-__r_-ia llkli-er'h 800 k.— Jeg.e
Wheeler, forniei ly surveyor of Guilford coun
ty, N. C, lias been arrested for circulating
sixty Copies of Helper's Impending Crisis-
Several persons have been arreeted in Kan
dolph county, ft. C, on a -.imilar charee.
Hk.wv <'a.-c of I»Bol.vk»cy_- Probubly
tbe he.ivi.-st case t.i Insolvency thnt ever cunte
before an American Coin t.was brought lo the
ousitlenition .f Judge Daly, of the Common
1 .ens, ot New York city, on Wednesday last,
on application ol Suydnm, Page ._ Co., tor re
bel ui.(!<-r ihe insolvent act, the firm having
liabilities to the amount of nearly t3,-U),lM>w.—
ibe petition for relief was opposed by tour
geiiiieiiieu tor thetii-selvas, and a large number
of creditors.
SadCasb op SOMUAJißDttsJt.—SuWnaNicb
olaon.aged seventeen years, -on oi William
Nicholson, a farmer living mar Lafayette,
lad.,got up in his sleep one night recently,
look a horse, rode ofl through the woods, ami
on awakening was so bewildered thai It va-.
impossible to find bis way home, ami dis
mounting sat down to wait lor ilaylik'ht. but
was overpowered by the cold and died, lie
wae boi loiitid until two days afterwards.
I_i.(.:-e Mr. nt.—The Buffalo Presa contains the
account of un elopement which took place in
the town of Cbemnng,N. Y. ou Thursday
Inst. The parties are Lyman Burr and Mrs.
Boswortb, wife of Jerry Bos worth, a respecta
ble farmer of that tows. .Irs. B. left :i fami
ly of cbildrea, ranging ia yenrs from f.tir to
sixteen. The fugitives took everything from
the house ol Boeworth worth anything except
the children.
DCATB or a (.iniiivM i Kxri.tntEi:.—An As
pinwall correspondent says: !>.-. Ball, win.
came out to Bocae del Toro on the schooner
Nautilus, to explore tor goldmines la ('hm
•;iii. died in the vicinity of the Fort abont two
weeks since. I bslievehie death eras there
sup of fever induced by expoeure to the
drenching rains. Dr. Ball was once tost lo
[bo White Mountains oi New Hampshire, ia
winter, and came near losing ins lite.
Sad Joi rxet.—Mrs. Nathan Moser arrived
in Sin Francisco by the steamer Orisaba, ..'i.
the J.'.i ult.. to join her husband,wbo, driven to
desperation by poverty, bad blown ont in
brams twenty-four hours before the vessel
touched the whari. Theinquest was held in
the same hotel occupied by bis wife.
A I.ai:<h. Ft mi: w..-The funeral of Armis
tead Walker, a • preacher ol Fredericks
burg, Va., on Sunday la_-t, was attended by
iver 1,1X1.! negroes and iutf whites, including
many ladies. The deceased was a slave, and
by his respectful behavior won the esteem ut
vit.ii. —According to thereportol theMeth
.■.list Publishing House at Nashville, made at
J..- last M ississippi Coi ference, beld at Jack
-on, the assets amount to $t_s,2_tt, the liabil
ities to r.ur.rii. 1 , leaving a balance in favor ol
ihe house ot 8-17,525.
IsjtnrcTiO-r.—Mrs. E. D. N. Soutbwortb, the
American authoress, bas laid an injunction on
in publishers ol the London Journal and the
Parlor Library for the publication of one oi
ber stcries in their papers without her per
Wxst Isdia Crops.—The returns of Wesl
India exports tor the past yearare materially
! i.inter those of !-"■-. aud, with tbe exception oi
I . .... i. largely under those of 1t.57. The fall
l ing off ia BUgar. a. compared with l~ •- ia
Li-: hiiu,., and with te_7, i,614 bbds.
Leap Teak.—The New Haven girls have
a.-isuaied their leap year privileges, by invit
ing the young men to accompany mem o.i
-.leigh rules. The "weaker sex," like Captain
.*-.' iit'a coon, soon ",-ame down."
The editor of the Wilmington (N. C.) Her
ald brag, oi feasting en green peas aud new
•■ irai.cs. Tbese vegetables were r.-unni in
ii., 'ember, in the ii" a air, in Feruandina,
; Florida
Gov. Houston, of Texas, bas appointed two
commissioners to proceed to Brownsville to
Investigate tbe origin oi the disturbances cre
ated by Cortinas.
Tiie Mayor of Mobile has rea] ed qnitea bai -
vast, lately, by Ui.no.' each ofthe Nortbren
"drummer's," or commercial agents, brought
before bim, fifty dollars.
Among thee inflrmationsmade Wedn. day by
i the Senate were those ol Marshall M.Si uih, rs
I consul to Constantinople, and Henry IS. Mil
■ ler, postmaster of Detroit.
The streets of Charlotte N. C, have been
: rev.re.i with several inches . i snow f. r a
j week pa~t. Snow i seldom seen in tbat sec-
I tion.
Win. Bain, a highly esteemed citizen of Bal
i tiraore, committed suicide Wednesday, while
I laboring uuder delirium tremens, by cutting
1 i.i> throat.
1.,-tier writers from Washington concur in
the opinion that the prospects for the election
•ii a Speaker, "are gloomier than ever."
The Legislature of Marj land has appointed
■ a special committee to consider a petition ivr
tbe i. moval of Judge Slump, of Baltimore.
The nail factory connected witb the llun
car.iiou iron works, in Perryc mnty. Pa.,waa
burnton the 11th inst. Loss, -.'"•.r.tnj.
Gen. McDongal, form i ly a member of Con
gress from California, joined the Episcopal
Church recently, in S.ui Francisco.
Buckie, the author of the History of Civill
j lization, bas been sued lor lib.-!, in England,
for publishing "blasphemous" sentiments.
Murdoch, the actor, was robbed of a valua
! ble diamond pin, in Baltimore, a few nights
Norfolk.—-The disbursements of the city of
i Norfolk, last year, were 5107,964,11, and the
; receipts _l.__t__9._3.
A decree has been issue.! for the sale ot the
j M iriettaand Cincinnati Railroad for the bene
fit of the ihird mortgage b-.-ml holders.
Dr K. E. r.illertoii, wh > killed Dr. Joseph
iM. Reynolds, at Raymond, Mis ~ aas been
i bound over f.r trial in the sum oi |@o,OUO.
Wm Fowle, long known as .-ne of the ra nt
I enterprising ciiixens of Alexandria, ihett ou
j Sunday.
Lnke Saunders was stabbed and kill.-ii near
i Palmetto, Hi, on the -'.! instant, hy a man
j named Thomas.
The force at Qosporl navy-yard was h,.
I creased Tuesday by the . ddition of it ship
i Maj Jas. I\l urrell,an old citizen of Campbell
county, Va., died on ibe .Th nit.
i Lindsav Owens, of Fredericksburg, \;\. , ilieil
| on Saturday ir. m the eflet t ol a tall.
Henry Farrea, lessee ofthe St. Lonir* theatre,
j died ia that ci i> la.' Sunday.
There were two hundred and seventeen
i deaths in Philadelphia last week.
[a the past year three hundred and thirty
eight h j uses wore erected in Washingtoa city.
A carg ) -..f guatio has arrived a! Charleston,
direct It. m Elide Island.
Charles Kins, President of the Howard
i Bank ot Boston, died oa the !»th inst.
A vagrant in CincinnaU aold her tbree days
Old babe tor >..
Mr. W. E. Burton, the comedian, it ia
i thought,. snuoi recover.
The small-pox prevails at Auburn, N. Y.
R*_.Ttti- superb Phot-Graphs and Amhrol pea
taken hj Etsi - md bis talented aeetstaau,a sthe
: niln ii-.ti. .i of tne nnttitiHie uho increase the
i number of applicaiioas for likenesses daily. Tney
| in.ui'o a ...oil picture. si well bs. orrecllikenesses,
at all hours ot tbs day, sadanj kinuol veal wr,
Their haadaomesiite of rooms ar. daily visited bj
j the elite, wlio h»ve lia.i man) iplei.did picturee
■ taken, and tbe moderate prices ctiirsett haveia
duced those ot nntre luooerate means to multiplj
tbe treat demand tot portraita. un.il it tits become
■ Bnyreeedeated
fc*_ X.( lI.MOM' Tax- irk
Already witnessed in ' K>t H..N lit. ;s.->,
this city by fRNCtfAN IREB.,
. (ivkr tone PERSuns.i
OVER -iwu Ii- U.sd.NS.' And _ r;.n<.iu._e.l the
i uVEK aot. PEa_ONB,J
In all re-pectii. A-"".M X OF I'EKF KCTInN,
And her father, {Misa CAROLINE RlCH!fttifl
lt.i p.-rfoniie-l !.!() NT BE.^EPJf
To NIOHT.S Has elicited the
i TO NIUHf,\
; Croa.led nr..l Aii-ieitees.l Secure
, Cr< wd.daiitl Dettabted Auihen.-es.S )„ur seats
i Crowded and l!eligbled Audiences.) early.
At the residence of Mr. John Watknn, ia the j
eonnty effing BadQeeOß. by.Rev, H W. .. lap
ta.ee: oa uth Deeem'*r. IS_9. Mr.JW)B-L. DU- !
LING sad Miss MARTHA WATtfITS, both, of i
thß same county ■
"""" DIED,
On Wednesday.the nth iaetanL at fl o'clock,
PARKER, l-uirth son of J-A. and M.A. Br-Km, ,
ared Ajreara a months and i_d_*a. . , j
II m funeral will take place from hi; t-ulier i ret.
.lenre. en Broad between 9.8 nnd 10' li streets, uf
S o'clock, this day, ml, instant. The relatione and
frieadsof tbefamilj ate requested M attend mth
ont farther notice, j
On the 10th in. taut, Mr. CHARLES F.McDOW- {
E1.!.. IBtbeSM -parol luange.
His funeral will tik. j.'*--*- f-emi Clay* Street i
Church. at.:,, o'clock tlnsever:nj. I herneadsoi
il.e family ire respectful!) invited to attend.
op the lltii inst'int. after a short bnt Miß.nl ill- ;
nr _. Mrs. MAR. D., consort "I James T. Amier
bob. in the SBtb ve-,n>( lm a.c. She leaves an af- ,
fectioaate husband aid two amall ehildraa i
e ourn iier er-.ii) toaa.
Withering lav the autaan toayee;
Bad and low iv winds vera si. him:
Monrufullj . like <eir striekea heart I,
A requiea for the tl:- a ..
Bent aa ansa] low at aven-
Piaeed a vreatk upon r.er brow -
Bore lier Kiitieruu spirit bo-seuard,
At..! she is aa nt)j,i;\ now.
The funeral services will Uke place from the
.lav -tree! Methodist Church tins 11- ndey morn
ing, the 13th instant.at il...Clock. Ttie mends and
acquaintances ofthe family are respectfully mv
i red to attend without farther notice.
TRaL RAILROA D—Gbuti **nx_i : l-'n.m time t<>
*ime.l have noticed articles in several papers,
callißg attention to what appeared te be misman
agement of tour road. Thosearrioles have failed
to bo ompliafa the and fot whioli thej were intend
ed. Tne svila complained ol still exiat, and tbe
public suffer Irom them, iron noenemj to yonr
road; ii"i -" l w.-ir.tt.t serve m> own selfish pur
poses ia what 1 novr propose to you. I bays used
..nn rosii '.me and again in transporting Bto -kover
it and it is my de .ire to use it still, if it can be done
without injur] or inconvenience it. mysslf. Will
you bear, then.a amall complaint from a stock
dealt r oi them -untains? W ill you hear it, gentle
men, and nive it sincere considetatiou.' And if it
• ist. will vim endeavor, in rour official cap .ci
ty, to reme.lv'tiie evil which cause* the complaint ■
First, .our rspd.as f.r .-... completed,is, 1 be
lieve, abont 195 null's lens On it tin-re are no
heavy grade a, and »ef the freight train is nearly
Fortv-einhf hour* making the fr.p from Oakland to
Richmond. This is an average ol less than five
miles t-t ihe hour. Is not tli it alow traveling f or
.ii ht train .- I know that you make a consider
able sup st theGreißwood funnel; bnt the time
consumed betweeaOakland and Richmond is toe
part to which i now call jour attention. The Bal
timore and Ohio R t Iroad i 5325 miles lon,;,and yet
the f/ei.tit train makes the trin on tuat road ;r
twenty-four hours. Csn you not approximate at
least such s;,p,il oa v. ill ro-'tl - Aiet don't vim see
that stork confined in small nrs lor forty-ei ht
iioiirs without food or watei must suffer greatly,
end come out of such confinement rerj much re
duced in ueuht :
Si c mri liow ia it jon charge ?i; per car mr sheep
arid iio.s. and ret when it comes ••> cattle, mnea
heavier frei-ht, charjre onls 83! The charge, in
both cases, it seems to me, is enormous. Bnt what
reasons! le ■■ round is there loi t'i.'. diifi ren. c: i
t.rui- t.. ywir depot sheep which h ye cos'me $2
pei head, ami then you char cmc half tho price per
head foi tr-!.-*;'.'! ruin, them io Kic mond.and keep
them ft.rtv ci lit houra on the road, for twenty
four of which tr.ei r. .- sutler ng ior food am; wa
t.-r. And I must have i band, too, to o with the
atock, to prevent a I iccidcnts while thej are m
the cars. And cai. inj one "hip stock to the least
-nit iu'age on yonr road, under such cireunistan
e The ei.omtous cha -<• lor freight, and i'.e
worst. I conditio-! of the atock -.!t. r forty-Buhl
In.i us of close confined ul in small cars -all enough
to drive stock dealers ia * : :is part of the c. nntrj
from your road. And yon mi ht just as wel say
to ns. tern 'en. n.wedon'l want ' i ship your stock.
\, it sip! we ii ive stock, r.mi wsi • to send them
•o X v .ni d -toa -ttuthei n niai kit—and v ... want
-... ■ • nni,e our railroads, .I it can be done with
cut initio toouraelves. It is outof i.c question,
tin ii i under the present ol iour
road I have had to send it.' cattle and 260 sheer
to At susta count) to feed them there, and drive
them to < Ireena nod D*pot, and ship them there st
tnnt tn_» might Bid be more th.n twenty-four
hours on the r ul. ion drive lost tnro'l-.h ti.e pri -c
of transportation from Oakland to Greenwood.-
Othera • ill do the same, oi aeek a market through
some other channel. Is it not pu icy in »ou to hold
out inducemi nt.s to stock dealers instead of driv
i" •t! .'in away trom your r ad: Will you not con
sider this complaint, gentlemen: and will you not
i ike some sti p« to have a b stter si ie ol things in
ihe respect 1-bave mentioned existing on n-ur
road.' Respectfutlr,
Practices in all the Courts ofthe citr ol Ri. hmon I
and the counties ol Hen rimi (iooehl md Office
corner Bank and 11th street.-.. Richmond, Vi.
jal2 3m'
.. -Z5 .'' r\ ii -I am n. in lid ite for the
olßceoi SHERIFF, and wou'd ' [lad to et rour
votes [jal3-dlw] BICK. L. JOHNSON.
OFF'OF. OF THE R. k V. R K. t '<)..'
Ru hmono, Dec. its, U59 .
3f v l»>_ !_«»TII 1..--A gem i ; ir etin.'ofthe
tK. . L Stoekhold rrs ol the RD UVOND snd
held it .v..-.. Pi ut In thecoui '.i-t'lvii , William,
onTUESDAY. the 17th a i\ ol Jauuary, 1860,
I>. older or the Board . f Dire. tors.
A. \v. MORTON, See'y.
„-;,. rbeabove is expected to be an im lortanl
meeting to tbe Stockholders, and it is hoped th..t
each on-' wili interest liims 'll in its organization,
1., lie inn present in person or bj proxy.
de li, -2tawtd A, W. M.
»-3pr» fWPORTAI-T >OTlt !.'-'! T.i l'.'.lt-
K__: M KR.-■ AMi CO MMIS 310 \ MFR
. RANTS.-On and after the 1-' Jam try. IS6O. i
pn pose to furnish GR AIM bA<iS frr the use of the
farmers and merchants ivir and loin business
al. ag the lineof Ihe R chni >nd Freilerickshui ■.
Potomac Railroad, i'he charge will lie thai for
merly chai ed bj th» Company. All orders for .!._s
\;'.' be prompt, attended to. Appl] toanentst
Richmond, or the agentt it the c. untrj depots.
ttels-iL.cv.lm Richmond, Va. j
OFFICE OF THEJ R, .V X*. .'(>../
Hi ii .ro\i.. J inuarj f. WO \
;--*TV:->. AN AI>JO_-t_ibD .Mi-E'i'i>4' of
5-. S. ines ~■., ,o d ■ rs. . the JAMES RIVER
ri nil KAN a Al!a COMPANY" will he held at this
office on TUESDA\ r even mr. the 171!, instant -it
o'clock. WM. i". MUNFORO, Secretary,
ja *.--:' i-,v2-.v
Q. W. 11. TYLER,
Ojlict en Marshall, Between Si.rtn and Seventh
-eturns hia thanks for the liberal patronage best >w
-it upon imii for two years past an . _—6m
fi .Isti.Mt KOTICK.-The members ot
*aJ**yoLage Franeaise, No. st, are requested to
/\jf\ attend a I :'t-.l meeting of their l/'.l eat
w llosi.-i's Hall. THIS t Friday > EVENING,
al 6 o'cl -ck. Business of importance vv ill be before
the Li dge. and everj member _h >uld be pre ent.
Members o! sister !.ml bs, and t-anaient brethren
in tood ;,t.ui'ii!t . are frater nally invited to visit us. !
li. ordei i f the Wor Ma -1 ci
ja IS—lt*
■ MAMONtt Ml tlt 1..- T; c meniben
***stf***rol Dove Lodge, No. 51, are requested to i
AA ■-.' t--it<! a called meetitm at Bosber. Hall, '
' rHIS EVENINU.aI . o'clock, to pay the
last tribute ol respect to Brother 0n...-. F. Mc-
Dow ci .■. B. o'der
KOK (S.I.K-A amall rvPORTEP
'.',__-, 3J \v' i.i s v fiiN',. in perfect older, mi I ol
.rv style in either riding or ia
.-md BRItiLK, Ac, suitable foraPoßy. Fo fur
ther cart cv ars. appi) at HIX'.S
itU-M American Sia lea.
oi -tiie'i.l .1 breed, will Im sold low, as the
&__J_aaa iwnei nre, no use Tor her. Applj at thia
j. li 6l
GOVERNOR'!. 1.1 (KD—Meet lor
ts_.|._ drill and ouaioess on FRIDAY Jannari ,
/^X_) l! »t 7. o'clock. P. M. at ths Armor. ol
r" _\y ths '■'" "' Guard, over Alvsy k i..ps
comb s store, 13th street, below It . ti
Bi order, .!. K. ANDERSON Capt
J. A. Vw.-rov. lat Serg't. jnlS—lt
Ne_ ■©OVERKOR*. GUARD.- The reg
i/fA\ ii'; ir 'iiirir'f: ;, me, !,n- oi 'lie Go' '>riior a
/r**\rvA Guard will ..« i.eid oa thia (FRIDAY.
' Jt a'■ .inn-. Jaa. 13, at 7' 2 o'clock, at ti,e Ar
m..i v on i._tii (treet
Tin- titenil era ol the Guard arc requested toap
•ear tn undress uniform ss far Bstbey can possi
l.i (f. bo. \»jii. LLOYD.
ja■!S -it Secretary. |
[ i :! emiiers li mm arms a->d aecontremenra i
' "*■ % **w 11 return them forthwith t.i ! ris> 1.,' •« ■.
_a_fc.sJß.eant, No. 13 Pearl at reel. By order of»he
Captain. j. j.'--_..
fc J oi.i ti v i_> :i, ls.j i. \
llOrder .tin. ...
"!• The members of tbia Command will cai on '■■
WM. H. BENSON Mci 'n. t Tailor, Main I
atreet, and have thsir measure* taken for NEVA
UNIFORMS, immedi ite j
Hv order "t l"apt, Di m i «i .
ja 13--".' J. I. CAHr XX. IstSerg't.
. GRAYS, ._TTt.NTIU.N.—At'end apeelal
R meeting snd drill at Mi'-ta-v Hall, this FHI
-■ DAY) aight at 7-j o'ctock Full Bttesdaaee !
TJI i-.i ticu ,ri> required.
* B> order ni Capt. Elliott.
iatt—lt JNO.T. R'Ki Fits, Ist Be.rg't._
M January lv, 1* .. {
KB Stiei iai Order No.—.
fa Those members of the R. L I. Bines who have
•m.t left their measures f.r the new roirnlatioa
Overcoat.al Wain Smith's,!Maia street,)will i
do ao lorltiw.th.
B) orderof Capt. Pattob.
jaii-Jt s. n. Jacobs. Sd Berx't j
*) JAIIIS if. PEAIIt I. A !»».,
\*S (CSomer Bf-adaad*ta etreeta.l
iM lii'.'iiV'.Mi. \ ....
PaINTU, Oil„S of all desripiHM_e, Burno..- Fluid, ■
(.anie.n ami Flower Seed, A!eb-_o 1, imt__rteil Per- i
ltiiitfi) and al! ai tides ia our line of bawaess.
we info in our friends sad tie. public generally, i
tnatwe wiUopea oui NEW BTORK. oa laoaeay I
bOtt, the loth itißt--.it. ami villi he p'ea-'ft tn .«« i
HTa_*i ll,ie ' "' t l "' H.ut-ic attire .1
111 _1 I £, g, 4 % 0 am Mroad atreet,
ja 13—3t* oppo-tte Brseden k Fox.
CLOY LH BRED.—I« laiiliel* prTine CLOVER
BLED, oiicoiui.iutient. tor sale bf
WM.S. K'lY-sTFR.
)d 13—31 Comer Cary and Virginia tttjt,
i *__.VTntklua A Flrklen
I During the present month.
Wlß.__i RETAIL.
At a er. at aaerifie. »h« lialanee of tln*ir stock of
i Cou-i.liu- of cwty deaenptton of
i Viz i
ROBES, ke.—
' t. tTheir eßatoaaere, fr.ends and the fj^f.Tf ll
'■ i.le ise criil i.tij sTamtae. msa »
B-L-llultinior. Life Insnrnnwe « ompany.
Ths- Iob«-established, sals aad reliabls s.»utiiern
• 'ompany laserea SLAVES, at low rates. Irom one
ito f-o reaveara. . r (
! Itadeaunca with maarera arc prompt, atr a_M
I " Havi'at held the ai.-en'-y in thn ('"inpnny in thia
citj for Beveral vear-. the subseru.er eaa eon«
dentlf refer to a lon. lis. el extensive sl.ve "wu
era wao asm ita patrons, aad with whom its irans
actrt.iis h\v-t> been eatireL satisfaetor**.
Furtherinformatioß will ~c ch.o-rlul.y given to
any person desirine it. P. B, PI! ICh, Azent.
Office at T. C C. Drewq 'a
.tdo'ira b. kowAmerieaa Hotel.
TnoMAS PoLL.bd, M. D., Metii.-nl Examiaerj
office, Geveraof _treet»one doee above Richmond
House. J a t*-M
na Th«- Valiiahl-- 1 it** Hotel Property to
behold at auction, on monday, wth
JAN., !>*".». AT lit O'CLOCK.—The particular at
tention uf tbe public i* respectfullj calledi to the
sale. to t. k» peiee ob the premises, on .VO., PA i,
tne I'i'h Janoary. __W.ntl2 o'clock, oi tne valua
ble CITY HOTEL property. For further particu
lars, see auction hen.i.
ja 1.--.H GODDIN ___APPEBBON, Aaet'a
r-_.i oriK Itimioiis, Rnllanronrlna into the
fio-h, ftc . insrantaaeoualj removed without pain.
"Dr. SCHULTZ • ■»- removed three canseroua ,
corns front nt; feet without tne sligbteet pain.af
lordin. mo immedi.te reliel."—Mrs. !-.. A. Joansx.
Noth c.— Patieata, medical and other feat lemea
snd ladies needing l)r. 8 -will call nt. once, as he
cannot prolong his staj am longertaaanext we-_.
Office. Wall Btreet Hotel, Wall nt. ja 13-lt*
&>_. The lnilt.l Suvii'"* Rank, Hetirit ...
ret-eiv-cs deposits, upon which interest is paid at tbs
r,,t« of 6 percent, per annum upon all euros re
maining six months,or lo Iger. r.:r;!. r . W WMlt. per
annum lor a shorrer Offi--e «o. 19 _na_a
street JNO NETTLES, Fresideat.
THOS. ~. 11. WALFORD, See'v.
ja 12-ot J AM BS L. PORTER, Trea'r.
BVT.ie Fun- Arte.—
luHN TOOLE. Artist in Oil Colors.
• ' M.OTTINGER, Artist m Crayon and Writer
Colors. . _• _ ,
•\ S BRADLEY Artist in India lat
i). T. COW LLL. PhotoHrapber.
The above-named artists are engaKed perma
nently with O W MlNNlS,and havetheir studios
LERY.II7 Waißstreet. He also devotes his per
sonal attentioß to Copying snd Im.ir.in small
Ambrotv pi a and U.t'.ii' rr.-.tv \-o», nr thia eetablisli
i ...tt. The citizens ol Kichn.oud sad tiie Ssutli
■hi secure roiv snd even st-.rol Likeness, Irom
the amall Ambrotype up to the life-sise Portrait,
.11 itithe hi.hr r- atyle ofthe art. Aeall work is
warranted to _.ive entire aatisfactioa or no Bale,
there ia no risk to run; and at the same time yon
are patronizin . aßouthern estahlial men 1 Citizi B*
and Btran.ers are invited u> visit this Gauery,
whether .he> desire work done or not.
•,xv.t.rea! BnrgaismiM Drr Goods—lapsr-
TANT .<•"!'!.'.. Ths mi 1 rinl.eis are now pre
pared, more so than -it .n. time ie retofore, to sell
treat barc-ina ib I'lti GOODS. Everybody iv
search of such woa'd do wei! to give rhemaeau.
; i, cail particular attention to the following:
of? B_.S SILKS oi ..ieo v irietj of at. les,
IRISU LINENS, nrst-rate article, at ;7 _ cts.
SHEETINGS, even width, very low.
BLI ACHED COTTONS, aa aae _a Cambric,
on i i-' _ cts.
fhec "ti. Nainsooks, Jaconets and Cambric
LINEN TABLE CLOTHS, from J yds. toB jda.
LIN FN I ABLE D I.MA.X bj the yard.
liNEN '' ' M BRIC Hl.'K FS very cheSp.
NEEDLEWORK ol every description, ia large
i. aortinsnt and very cheap.
Finr rARLATANS, RlßßONS,andmarj ither
»easonable _-i» .Is. t. be sold thia month stadia
jount ol from -U to SO per cent, from former prices.
ja_-2w J. MILLHISER ft BRO.
ins.ire Year Slaves!— Attention. Slave
. iV\'\ KRS I—Superior ad are, a.-< usnal.of
lered i" si.-,., ..,.-.■ bs, at the old stabhshed
(j-eneral Insurance office, on Pearl a i let next door
mmediatelv to the office of E. !'. Escho. opposite
I. S .jo',rr„,\. [naurance on slaves made fttr any
lemtthol time.ii >ni •;. • i. nth to five years—and
•■ live .ii any part oi Virginia or any 'her i. ■ b
Si ite. si iiv rates i'n e hesl ■•••i-.i iniea represent
ed ait. ill losses promptly i aid.
3V-N" '' ■• i-'-r —As t '•■ undersigned is both
...en: and M< Examin r,tbereis no DeLAY
inetfcctinn insurance in this i.ffiee, between the
lioursoi'9A M. and IP. M and from 4to 6 P.M.
■ and set n Circular, ct nta mng I tie rates, and
aISO ''lIC BK-I t . I \ XI :■- '|i ' sCI
General Insn mcc Ar ent and
ja-i- ta Medicai Eaamiaer.
na Teeth! Teeth!! Teeth!!! Teeth!!!!
Nob is the time foi all who are suffer inn from
'i uth sche and decayed stumps, and intend to have
a new set. to have them extracted, •« you can do so
with ut pain. Calls as Dr. TRAVERSE'S
st.iv in the cit- is somewhat limited.
Office in Belvin'a Block nn 12th atreet, (ia front
•it Bank i Room No. 6. Office hours trom 8 A.M.
to 2 P. M., 1r,,m3 to El and 7 r > 9 !'. M.
p S. -ii ironic ,! Beaseß ol ... kinds treated with
erf.ctau cess, bj the vie ol electricity.
BF*-, Slave I ii sh. an.-.
Ca itatand >»•/ '.. • " i'.n,( t(i.
I SLAVES INSURED !>v this C. tnpanj for one
j month or four years, en the most favorable terms,
; Policies issued and losses proniptU Bettled l.y
O. F. BH ESEE, AKect,
Oppt-siU tbe An..'! ican lintel.
Dr.Jaa. J3. Bl< Caw, Bxamiaer. deJft—lm
! Pm« HfRF—We have for hire, two BLACK
*- SMITHS, one of them accustomed to carriase
work; the other n rarm smith; one rou 11 .' \H -
JOB 11.\.N DS for factor*. .Ye.
iif. -i: 12th street, between Main and C .v.
ivtlt HIRE-A trusty female HOUSE SER-
I VANT, or NURSE Appl to
JAMES P. DUVAL. Drnspist,
j.i IS- St Mam and loth streets.
11-),,I 1 -),, ifl RE- -TcOOKanda good honss GIRJL-
I robe seen ;tt Oavia _ Hutchcson's arables to
day. Lial3-ir] JOHN A. HPTCHFSON.
L'OK HIRE—Six NFGRO BOYS, of good s ze
i to work in a TOBACCO FACTORY. A'so.se
; veral MEN for other kinds of work t\ pplv a*
| ja 12—St* Corner C i- aad _d _ms sts.
i L't»« HIKE A NEGRO MAN. who in a Rood
i perfectb h-nl-hv. at
j ial2-jt* QREEN ft HOBSON'S Office.
' \Ti.Klti:s litft HIRE. I have for hire
-> male and female HOUSE . FRVANTB: Cooks;
Ironers and Washers; Corn-Meld Hands; Fact >ry
Hands; several Blacksmiths; nod Carpeaters:
Cbtmbermaioa, ftc All will lie uired lo food
homes apon reasonable mrms. All > a I kel) Ma.N
tor sjl-j. RO. B. LYNE Attent,
For hiring oui Negroes, ftc.
jill-.'tr. Ojßce in MetropolitaaHalt.
I either t.-r th-. dminn mom, chamber, or LA
DIES' MAID- v boieapood WASHERand IRON
ER. of unexceptionable character.
jail—ta Bounty Land ie! Peas oa Ageat,
c:i-itV.WI'S FOR HIRkT-1 have tor birs
0 some able-bodied YOUNG MEN, accustoi ed
to workin -tt the Screws in a F_ctory, and l-tl.tr
I BOY. has boen waiting io a Boarding-House and
, (', em : one JuR 11 ' .M. in -i Factoi , md
' WOMAN, said to be a first rate Cook '•. i»her and
. Iroaer. JAMES MOORE.
j'i ln-t.s iii pus te ■•(. .'a .i lea Hotel.
j.-oK HIRE.—J have for hireavers uke'iv BOY,
1 wio is . eomi at DINING ROOM 6ER
VA.NT, n.e.l about l- _ IStsars.
JAMES T. BUT 1" *. .Jt( . Bon it]
! '.ml nt.il ie; ijog ; \
j .-_. 7 —te ootnerof Maia ai ii 12th streets.
j I onehkely BOY, one VOI N-. WOMAN and
j CHILD aad one yonn. CHAMBERMAID. No
fault to either. Tbej eaa be sees r.i u,v , oe eve
r. .11- til) -oi i. '. w, if >"i :.;•'...
ii,.ner'ii Agent Offioe, Marsh ill, beta tea fith snd
Ji' *—ta ;;. itrseta.
j CERV INTS IOR SALE.—I wish lo Ye I ...
i - * i .in- one who will n •: remove them from Rich-
I mono n NEGRO WOMAN, ahmit tweets three
r years old. and her tare yo*a« ehitdrea The wo
mill is si.il to !»» a first-rats houaeeei raat. washer
aad iioner. aad ■. rood seamstress Her. U irai ter
is unexceptionable, ;n..1 ths is offered foi sals oslj
because ber owner haa bo nee for her. A; i> to
ne at the stale Court-Heaee.
i <l--.'-t. BEN J. POLLARD.
ITALUAHLE St-.RVAN. I till S-1.1..-I
* have for eale a Servant Girl, taiulatto abont
tSyeaisold. very tike!/, of unexoeßtionable oba
ri-'.r. sue i* a first rate .EAaiSTRESH
M USE and HOTtgR HERYaNT. a ureal l«ar
.im m.iv be had bj immed are application tn
de M-M E. if. COdK, No. 7o .\!n,n st.
f\l si.soi.i TION . -- The .0i..-. m o: It. T.
; ■ ' I'll A CO. is tins tii) dissolved !>> mutual
i consent
All up*, tiled business will be attended '.> !•* B.
i T SMITH. Who is antlit,r,/.t-_ toollici Ue in tott'iiu
I up the t.usiuei,. of ibe eoaeere.
t:. T. SMITH.
January Ist, 1-**). WM. J. PARROTT.
Haviii" purcba*--.! Mr WM S. PARROTTJfI
; internet S the late eoaeeraol B. T SMITH. C0 W
| 1 will ct-iitiiiue te do Mmßeaa «t tiie o'tl aiaud, aufi
I so icit the astronase of m> friemi- _ntl public
j J.iuuary lat, lSixi. M T. SMITH.
In uitlulrßW ins limn tue firm of H T BMITfI
| A CO , I t'tliu pleasure in reo»tn.m«iitlin_s Mr. B. T.
SMITH as deserving to be li'-eml v eaeonrased.
• Vs.. Jan. Ist. 1.--K1 |a li- -'w
11 ST ARRIVED *!-0 FOR Hilt E-Sever
•» 81 very likely Femaie HOUSE BEHVA.NTS.
-nd one ar two house Bo\ s trom the lower coun
tiv. All represented to Ins ol .•>■ .1 eh iraelsr Ap
ply to P. M rARRft SOJI,
iall-il Uu-er Excluuige Hotel.
W A l_ T E D-.BE_IVANTB.-The advertiser
wi-li. « fc. purchaser for family use, two really
good female SER VANTB, I _tw.eri -6 ami 40 year,
of are cms a« Cook. Washer and lri>ii«r, and the
SS___U Servant. Blar.ks.prjferred. M-.st
lie carahle. sound in health, and of good disposi ,
tion ..nil character. Apply to _ -
W.J*. RICHARDSON, at the Oauge Dock.
_ ITA1 T A NTED— To hire out a cord COOK. WASH- j
VV ER and I. ONEK. without in urn trance -
Also, v «no. VUHSE and HOUSE WOMAN.
Also, four GIRLS. .-„._, bii_bb
I will winter some twenty COR 8 and IM'RS-.-l. I
at mv form, three miles from the city. Apply-at |
mv office. No. VAi Main street, I ..ween Wh»ad*lh. •
ja 1.-ts CHAS. Y. MORRIS... |
WANTjED-A PARTNER-Wita a ca.*h capi
taiof .I.COO. to mm the advertiser, who is al- j
re _dr established in a lucrri . ■■• . eaah sneiaeeß - ,
Store lariM nan handsome* fitted up. Iho busi
BOBSena he greatlt extended Ov iiimul. tuniK
hers, _m! a fortuas r».-iti_ed ia » tew ic.-irs without
n._k. Aduress. " OPPORTUNITY," ottoe of tins
. ip_r. . it* '3 31
117 ANTi !»-Siata- For a handsenM TO P-W 0
»f GY, built by Williamson, Baltimore; cost «»0.
and h.-is been very little used. Appl. to P. ITto.M
AS. Southern Boot a-d Shoe Maaut -ctory. So. U-S
Broad street:. Mark Downey's naiMinga. _____ j
N. B.—WANTED-Seveml Ifßt-elasf wOKK-
M.'-'.N oa (Biter work. ______Z_____
T.l\._-TEI--7-.'<-.ils oalv, for y**S*u'usulGen-
at the sol THERM BOOT, SHOE an.l I RIN X I
MANUFACTORY.-!-! Broad street. Mark Dow
nev-- Buildmss. HEELED t'AITKKS..I
N. h\— WANTED-Beverelimt-eiaas HAND., on
gaiter vv >rk. None but good ______ need ...i_ iy.
(a I.J-.U* ...
U.* ANT Fit -An ar'ivo BOY, t<> learaithe !!a
kia«business. Also, a colored PoßiKk.-
Apply t.. lit rt- it* IIE ADAM ,JJI Mawat.
ITAMIT)-ABBCtive. industrious BOY. 15 or
V. w soars old. to leara tbe Tib and Sheet iron
bnaiaeae in all its branebee. One that bae beenaj
the trade i short time preferred. Addreea 8. p.,
I„.i!i.sa Coart-House, V_, will receive prompt at
tention. ** ii—" l
U 'ANTED—To I vi or rent, a good comfortable
DWELLIN .-HOUSE, eoataii>in« t-mr ..r
five rooms, on Chutch Hill, outaide of the corpora
tion. Any person hi. in soch a house f»r aale or
rent will please call on me at the oweeol Meeere.
Hunt k James, corner ol Virgiaiaane Larystreets.
ja il-:u• *•* ' - •-
U'WTIO -SITUATION.—By n yoonajien
tlemanwhe eaa present tirM rate
nials, a sifuatiod in a first-rate GROt.I-.Ry ana
COM M ISSION HOUBB. cither v H PA h 1 X ht* or
ASSISTAN r. Can furnish c ip.tal v reoeived sa a
partner. Apply at this office. *all-at
UfANTtE-*— A V\ KITE WO*»AN, v.lio onn do
plum Sewing and assist in Washing md in.n
iag Io one well recommended, liberal wages will
l>e given. Appl- at m-. residence, on Mth. betweea
Broad and Marshall streets, ~ , ~,.
j, |l-4t* "■ B- lrV -
and IRONER. Aeplyat the resideneeol Mr,
Aiex. Brooke, eoraer of Grace aad Madtsoa streets.
rt 11—3(1
WANT Eli— A Nn. 1 COCK, without rnr-nm
'.r.-mcc, for the year. Apply a: thia 1 ■ so.
j 1 7— tri
UA.V_T.IV three or four WOMEN, aeens
tomed to FARM WORK. AU... 1 COOK,
WASM _•; l! and IRON XI!. .-1 nd HOUS X aF,RV.\ >. !'.
Apply at th:.'_ office.
U~ .NTEI»--A single M A W, win. has r, thorough
knowledge of FARMING and GARDENING.
The best of referenc * ri quired. Direct lo'-J. B.,''
box Sit, through the Post Office. ja _M_s
UrANTKD— -DRUG CLERK.—A younr man
wbo thorou-hlv understands the AFOTHE
CARYand DRI << BUSINESS. AddreeaDnnnist,
R i. hii'oiiil Vir-iiir ':. jri .-ts
UJ ANTED-Tvsable-bodied NEGRO MEN.to
si ike at a for_e. Anpli to
jn ;»—ta !'. RAHM, Eaule Foundry,
Kt> - Monum sn! and Mantel Pieoe HANDS;
S APPRKNTIoEs to leara the busiasss. .v.M'.i
BLACKSM! lil Applj al
JOHN W. DA VIES' M-.rl.ieV.*, rks,
jri7-t"'. Mechanics- lastiiate.
\.\'.t NT I'll- Bi -i Milium 1.n.1v. a situation is
»» GOVERNESS in a private family. She is
thoroughly competent - > t.-i.-i. French. English,
Music and Sinking. A large salary ;■* Botaomneh
required is a comfortable home. Address boa Mt,
Post-Office. ja.'-;— ts
U" A N '1 E D—COAL-PIT HANDS - Libera!
prices will l* paid for able-liodied PIT
HAM.*-, by the Midlothian Company for tbe pre
sent year. A"!'!.\ -it their office, corner o( wain
and llth streets, second story, j i.'t-'_.v'
U* ANTED—To bin for the present year. aa ox
penenced COOK. Forsuch an one, who eaa
c.-.or well recommended, a liberal hire will 1 c paid
on app'ication to GEO. J. SUMNER,
;:r :;-.s No. 20 Pearl street.
UMM'H)..Ii! tn- United States Army,
(Mounted Service,) able-bodied in-
irr.rric.i men. to whom will be given good #R_
p-iy. bonr.l. clothins. and medical nttond /?%\3i
ance. Pay from 8H to s?2 pet m nth — '
Musicians also wanted, Apply -it 'he Beadeavoui
on Fraaklin U-tween Uth aud Ittl sti s,
I. N. MOORE. Ist Lieut. Ist Dra-oons,
jaß—lm* Recruiting Officer.
Ur v. N i'i.l*.-A rent -li.ii of extern ■• .•..■•■
rience, lioth -n ACCOUNTAN 1' and SALES
MAN, would lik< a situation in theeityof Ricn
mond. Has a large acquaintance with the Virginia
■;.:.\..it!i Carolina trade, nnd can furnish satis
factors reference. Address " ACCOUNTAN P."
Box 5 0. Petersburg Pi st-Office, or ii. C. vv,, Die
l co offii a. • jaS-Sw
Uf A _. T E D—SERVANTS—At the Aritarton
' House, cornei of Main and 6th streets. One
mile or fen lie COtiK ; two youns Ml 1., dinin.'
roomand house servants; oneCHAMBKRV MD.
ja-'- ts V A •M< CRERY.
tTfANTEO— Occupants for 1 delightful ri 1.
'» on the lower Boor, with loard in a private
family. A gentleman and his lady, or two ladies,
v.. ;;i 1.,- pre fern .1 Apply m
de 31-ts "NEWS" OFFICE
WTANTEIK-TO HIRE.—I wish tn hire, for the
»» cominc year, a middle-a* ed WOMAN, with
out encumbrance, who is a .-.ood nurse
de_9-ts Xt) A. PAIN E, cor. Sth and Main sts.
UrANTED-Everjbody to know that I have
commenced the manufacture of TRUNKS,
CARPET li.v.i.- ; . and VALICES U No M, Mair
street, X thn < nd. where tl ey can find a beautiful
assortment of I'mnks. Valicee. and Carpet Bace,
■it ccrv style, at prices -is low as the- crtn be
boneht in the N rthern cities, both at wholesale
and retail. Trunm repaired aad Covers made 10
order, at 010 slmrteM notice.
de 23 6m_ JAMEB K NOTTS,
U A'tTl.it.-An AGENT in even county m the
» * State, to sell a recentiv patented and useful
Machine. This is no NORTHERN hm is, bol n
VIRGINI \ invert ion. and one which every Ikuiilj
haa use for. Communieat ons.wi'h me stamp en
closed, addressed to F. .1. DENNIS, Vaneeyville,
N Cur.!, w. DENNIS, Richm-ina, Va., will re
i-r-ive prompt atteniioa. _Nt> persoa need expect
an> attention i».-*. =i to letters not con tainin Bsi imi
to pay back poetase. Also wanted, one or t-.\n
competent Agents ia Eastern and \\t-"U*, r n Vir
ginia, to sell county an.l town ii-i!it_.. No !• rs n
need air-..!\ lor 11<!__> uiiicss hs can place I sn
di 1 is.',iis in tbe sum ot five hundred dollars tor the
ttithful performance of his dati.*. il« ii-ini
I GROMEN, for service in the Carbon Hill
Mines,on theearfane at the hiinee.oa the rail
road, in ths c in :'■ boats and al I ie coal ) ards in t_i.s
city. The above .Mines are entirely tree from in
f l 1 ni m i sic ..as-. Kin! nu a i id. at from my res . .'«
cotvins nj. nr . ■ ' haa oooarred for Us
1 ast SEVEN VI- ARS.
I .1 : p 1 ex will be trtul for feed hands, ani none
others are wanted oa any t. M.s.
Jt.'HN J. WERTH. A. cut,
de li -ta for Di.M..... A Mi Ca.vca.
i\ ANTED—3OO NEOROF-. -The Viric-Bia
'* aad renneasee Railroad 'umpanv Mish toiuie
repairaol the roaddurias tbeeasmaa; year. Ay
ply to the eadersisßed at Lvn.
ne Ift-lm 11. H. G LL, Hen _ Snp't
wIMMtI. NOTICE TO Ml Oil \|, .ri .
-' DENTS.—Woofer to Physiciaas and Hadit il
Students, . complete ai... rimer.t. uf rei .'■'■• VK li
•>'i" l-i.'Kl.i .'ASKS, .ar.d even i.rtioie needed
ior t Pbysiciaa'a outfit, onaseood ti rma i.-
can be had n the .North Bains eratsticall'
qtiaiuted with even departeießl ..I our I 1
• ! •.■ ■ f -i 1■ ■• ai Bttestioa •• sui ph in, i ..
s .-. t,. ■. ws 11 rite Studei ts to call and ex am - 11
estimates of ontfita ai I stock neneratli <■• fore tb i
chasms, leelin c«>ni..i -nt I.si ■~-... i luv. *,<•, c 1:1,1
prioea, «-c en. .ive en' 're satisl i. 1108.
MEADE A BAKI R.PI arßiaceutiata,
l.si N. W. oorner M da sad loth st:...
.ci i'i'-'. J Ist above 1' «t • >ffice.
•.-J truer- ti doors below Amen, an Hotel, Mun st.
.1. H. VV ATKINS, Prasiaent.
W. A. J ENKINS. Sec e'ary.
I' il. PRICE. Treasurer.
Otbxb Dibb i'i--. W. Ira Smith. J, B Per
rnson 'r.. V V Moore., ie... i. Her nug. John I.
Refßßu '. Y. 0 ilovv.-.
Sx per cent. p*ni ,n all depeaitsenßtißaedsix
months; t.-.e ter ceat. on no remaiaiag i«t aUn
Moaej reeeti Ml »nd . I at ' Cert Beates ism ed
''• .. _ _ „ . P. B PRICE. Treasurer.
Office .it r. 1 C. Dbkwbt'a Bookstorw, N.. irt
Main street, two doors beiota American Hotel.
j-i li - ,:t
I M T is T 1 Klt M T 1. \ \B.
'-• THE! KXAB ALMANAC FORlaiO, witbSta
tistics, Mistor.eal mni Biographical Sketches. Ac,
v.:'!i .1 dnserieUoa ofthe new Counties, A_ricul
t.ire. rii.n.e. (1-- ,!,.». Railroads, he , with a list
ol ths Public Offieera ofthe State due.
_Foraaleat \j% IS-ltj RANDOLPH'S,
T»it KXfcKI IHE. <i» Till sjhmui
• Ut Us SCHOOL will lie resumed "•. V.N
VA 1 , the it.ni ojj J ii.riarv, isUi, at the head ol tb*
Ms. haaicsville Torapike. in Hanover ronaty, V.i
rerms. the saaae as last session, uat*»s m >-,>,- ial
<•■">' we*. NEWTON Mlt RT.
ja Li il.'-.i-wlt*
( HUtlii aI. ~ .v.-.-The rteatieei of the Boblie
*-■>; is invited to mv we'l aelseted etookof v.'uit
ai Al -i, ma.'i. tmt oi the heel an.l pnreal flavora,
ami proaouneed by juiUci lo be '-ci. Mpeeiar,
i hive had in e._i*sti<.netv ol ten tears ia 1-rr.nc*
IU the miiinl ii'ture til t',,r.i AH I 88k in B Ul-!
TRAMA CONSTANT, No in Main -t..
ja ii-7i* (.0 v..-ci. itst and 9m,
IlOMt. IMIIAIKV Mi, I,M-Meisi,,., 7n
xx Hii.truii'u al who urn disßoeea to eneoaraac
horn« tadustrv, thai wea>-a now eeepared, m ad
ottioa to. ar Cloak manuftotory, t<. m ._„ t.,, r ,( e ,
»mrts, wbieh we win auarnatee to fit well aird t.
--u. weßnade. A* ►~.,,1 H.i itUpoaailOe t.«
litem m vie up. we shall have a stock ~v haad foi
si.c. Meaavhile. we will t.iWe ~rdei» aad bays
them Blade up at -hort notice AH ib. work doß#
itiourowiicit.. Uur sf.H Kof (Tt.aks i-, Mil ve<»
..o.hl. and ye eaa now a ake then to order m ye..
snort ti ti,-.- -i» *c tiivvi. ri .i ~,1 sioeW 01 ile- nine
riaiat.n hund. CHILES Jt CHKNERY.
(MIH.M RKMEIMhi.. BtHft-ker's i'nl ...iv
Bal,-»m; Avers' Cherry Pe.-u.r.l; Wisi.r _ Ha
***** '.* S' J Dr. Puller » I'.du; Mr» I'aws'
$?** «h JBJtair. Leouaid's lu-t.i.t Kei.et. Roee-s
loutth Syrup; li.stiu »'S> r N.-iptha: Ja>ars' Es
pectorant; Cud Liver OiN. ~c . he. >'..r sate »>
A. BOiiEhER » CO.. Drua-ists,
Maia street, aesr Oid Market.
ggggßßß" nn——1 ib {
A-_rUBBMiafTB. ~^**
»' I!.»TITITE Mali
I LIFE. ASSISTED BY Mtd. l,,pi\ f l >;.,
ft I' llMom, • ''<>''■■
i 1 111 on Beaafolent fceiety, ■" ii ,'"""•• •■■■ I
i Hiey may think proper. ''■*■'■< ..,
I-IST 1,8 ~.
* isWWft.
I wm K!!_h^rf_n^RLE_«
' KA,"tr.nsl_ted fr.,11. .:,« X ■~»,',,. ~ i "
I ski, with niano strct.inpaiiiiiieft, '"■'•Si ~
I ii» gem of Uaivsrae, c»vi, -
Mewed and bMnteona I •,.,'. "" '•• ,
Klj, heathers! llv ! Oh\ iw,%Va .■! *«.
Pr"in/ liv.k n.y Urn. „r let too A . T
Tell h"r m« hear' with I. • . , " "
For her, the peerless .S..Lti,,>k_i ''""''-l
! ttiou. ri' she'd forgottea I. >*x n, .
' And (Iwsjy wouU v*nmlf , Wiihi.'" -
earth- ***** '"•".:',
Hv. tl», m, mends. 0: «« ~t . .. ,
■rtnahaehaiy krveorU ~r j ,.' .
Tel, my heart With lore 1 h, ... ,
For her the peerless 3ob_id__
( Repeat.)
Ai is ' sSio baa Bed froia ber * 1 r
And aevef ■ bib we toi f<..., .".'•'■■..
Wen, bcethers, well, ihstsvee
."tie oomes not tta.-K . n,,w let _md *'*
My h.ve for thee mj heart • , ,
Tiioti srorshipped, peerless ...>
i Repeat ) >m
-RECiiriTS SON,;-._».,., p
ment. ■
A yoanc mernit makee love to ■
for the parpoeeof fetlinr tome v,.-...'.
bin departure for the wars. The
in..ly repiiee—
"As re.rints tbe Bone]. I wish t.v,,,,..
Also trao-l.ted (■ >.r. Dei W.i ■" '
"SONGI-F A Ti:-i, KA." .„ 0, .. .
Horses Abreast, with Piano
liirk I mere tliey come _ I bear then .
tine* morn ,' am summoned • . .
Tho..- bells with s 1. rm and • , ~.'„ '.
linn/ dark despair to bij a .-•, .',."
With sland'roos tales of • si
\ boee vile traduce rs fill nn .m-«
When li 'tne returned li- :■,.-;-.. ,
' l '"('Repeat. t ** t * n * n * i * »'«*■ • ■
But bow no more tn tales ; '
Ne'er,,iore I line, k her I utti to ;•, .
Nor vet wnh tears ber eyes ■
for n mi. ht on earth m\ bsari ....
1 Repeat. >
Russi .n M. njirk in his aatira ,-..,• .
Flat Paa Cake Dealer, with sobi-<
Rasaiaß fVtachman, >n eoet
'.Ip-tv, m eeetßßM, Sons Gi a v ,
ment ' '•*
Coeaaek, Boae, Dance -mi i neks
! '' 7 ""
\ BELL, the celebrated Astro.o, .
arnved.and will reroaiß hut as •:•... ,
lorn v, tii a Batßralgift tote silth.
even ;...ur very thouKl « [| «
married or 11 1 s.aad h >-.v mani - ..'
be married: v, ~• mse -, ly , *•**
Bst.inishe.i thousands wi'h bern
sentlemsn admitted, Mrs. I, ..
House, lath <>r Governor street,
ami i I,ms.on s'rt-rt...
J list -A CHECK l"i til rs
-U phstiKS Bank bj I. li. Koisl J .
..I Mrs. M. 11. Smith, d ited f># ,
I'-,* ment h* s been - topi • 1 I - ■
a favor by leaving it at this oil -. ~ _.
-e.r '„c M-'i.e' [i.. », N
'■py n-.h.. two Mil X.v. ... . ~' •
mmltnetum ' ■'"*• '"* 'Aber a bay mar. \ .
snitahle rew srd will bs paid I
livery tons. -,r f. r ,in> inform iti ,n t .
got tbem.
•s lt-ts EDWIN WOF I' ', ,
« Aitt: ics .t\ FARM.
*o*Wi rhanicsville Turnpi-e, ■•. 1 •
________ -er''''-. !-!-'. bSTRAV'COV.
cvdoied. with a small white spot 01 ihe ■
i'..nt d >.•• rsoitl slit in left ear an.l rutt.ll
pad; Bar horns turn ißward. The owner
sd locorns forward, prove property, 1
and take h 1 aws •,
jatt-M* __
Oi)ri RI tv '.an, -The i
•- <t* 'late Col Geo. M. Cai 111 ton -1 _'
nirerofthe Manchester snd I il ■.'
like Company, have either besa low 1 •
stolen, run! the •.'■..-.■-• reward isill be 1
deli -rv ... i n ., gndersii ned
Hv order oft!,,- Board ol P re tors
.1 A. CLARK ON, I - ■-
v nLAI.__J.IN LITERT sriUliv
Rich mi sd "...
_rT__-_f'_v_. Tfhe Bubeeribera have
■rt rsbip ur.di r the si 1•- >.i ',-.-' .. ■
Johnson, -or ti.e purpos. 01 ■
cml l.i.cr. Sts ''!.-.
I hej will attend I•I 1 - •• md 1
Horses, ami board them oaths n ••
Haviax ample Stable r, the' . .
tbe ;■ itrona .-• so on bestowed 1i ■
aer. Ii til -\ . n
I!!i'iivo\_), ]-; Jan. 1800,
________ B.FEI lAL Mini 1
tlici 1..-: <•:■,- Vt.KKIuV.N.
■*»!•"»■' --*• Pa hh ; -11 w t-1 v. N :■» 1
mond every SATI'RDAY. at S P, «
JAMES TOWN, Captain Ss nm.k. •
NE.DAY.at SF M, Ketunnng, tho* s -■
Richmond for New i"r. every 1. ►-
FB 1 t'.v 1 . at 1 P. M.. louchißK *' Norl __
Point ."in ; aad retureio
jt ll -ts LUDLAM 1 WAT •
ftrna i-OTit 1 it» Hii'ipptii
■~?.ZJt. firsl 5... mi ;„ .. ~• ~r ,Nr
•*****aMtWM» w i .. . , ;; „ ~.,-.,; iWN,
DAY. tbe 17th iast., 1* i P. .. I <
riei will 1,- race ye.l on MOS DA ■
iast. i .1 it ll 1 1.1 i'l.am .v v..-.- .
j.-, lOR It I.NT.-- A Mi . RA_I
t*:\. .hi French Gnrden llrr. for t-..'•
■aaaeveral rooma. Pobssisioii tv
Aeply to I ia 11 St] EDW. D W-t
,<.u ***'* Ht'.r.T—A very cooiforistoll
BSTENEMENT. on Leish street •■
■■with conveniences for a bp in -
II h'.M •■; i." it s. -it' h-.-ri, A c
A ■. - • sized BOOM, "r IMBee,
:i iw 111. aptsd by N. Walker .V Co., .'-1 • •■
---bj Mr. Jno, K. Cook.
6«. eral TENE.M 1 NTS m soul - ■
tween Ti t> and Hth streets, adapt
si in.-: irrrr dwellings.
jail -eod3t [A !. M. TA fLOR t '
rti. I \\ Ihii to lent a .
T.'SfenJ HOL'SE. in ;. g 1 ■
____. THOMAS)
jiill ->:t __ At Pe.ten- '
,<-», Orril I. ■ A.M» l.niH.iM. Kit" 1 '
"U Xi: NT. -I'wo " » '
aat-iROOMB ovoronr store, receni . pa.i
papered, and furnished with kas 1 •
pleasant LODOING ROOM is. Ksol 1
poßkesitioß sivea immediate!)
j.i ti-1 v ffM '
I NriH_lAß\ «!-' Till yii.l'K H '
1 LEG i-,- ibis 1 nfirin iry isi
nt Marshall in IC. lis ;eslr.-t- n -
healthful positioa, ctivt i;■•■•.' '■'
pots, Hotels and other eeatrss ol b
fiirn-.i':.rd srith sverj arrar_*ien.i'i
the successful treatment ol .1 - --■ * l
• in! for the >omfort ol Ihs in 1 - :'<' '. f i
..;■ r ii.- MEDICAL ... r- Rii .Al • I 1
the insane and those Is . I .
diseases, are admitted 11 > th< ust KM
ia wonea are also reeMved ;•
to. M
Private rooms furn isbi Iwh • .13
Ths pal eats sre aader ihs - i.- r* •■:
...rs ~! the Col ,-, c, w ho - ' the * 1
■'• ir >s for Bo .. ; Mcd cai Al en 1
and Medic Be ■'ire. !.-r
White Patients _j
Colored "
t'r v ite Ro >m 1
Inadiliti 'i to the -':■" •• . ■ ■
B Surgie tt < Hserati a, bj .
prietors • f - le ie ll ' ' .
'.. : i s opera I.■ ■ ■
leeord ag to its importai
in . 1 ...■■ vi iv Ih- •-...• Ita • • * •
trot tn-. Al'-endiKrf Surgeon* <>i ' . be*
.ah charges payable oa the rs
Atteadini I ireeoM Pit Ih 8 ; - *<
I. * * " -'••' ' ' : __•_•__»_. 3*
Atteadini P itsiciaaa Pr< 1 • ' Kfcl
■v.* .u:Mi '' AVI. ... ~ .<. \ v
Bes .lent Physician -i BMI >• "■ v - v
Steward— F. M, PARAISU. ,
Fremdeat—L. 8. JO\ NE_ '•' 0
PsTßona n the country. des
to tbe I'.iiiiinri. ii,.i) qddresßi '■ ' "
~r the Reeideal _h>sioi-__o.
BtlOK VM» J<Ht IMVI \ I IM.. '
1. i lbs Ufintion of I ism -
t.i mj BOOK ..• J iJOB I.' n.■ N ■
•.•» cornet 1 f !rth i;ul Ma '
~..- M m.•• . i vvliff.' 1 ,-•■ • .■' -'
■' R I'l A |>S. NOTES, Bit.l. ii '■ '
ll'-K t.i BOOKS. BI SIN I" x ; ,; ' I
I .'Ksr. H \,_t»BII.L», l»« \bT* 9
>' \.'t BS. VISITiNti CAB
iR*A MMES, A. .if . ■ ' . ['■
t.-.i. at moderate prices. . <
my frteodaMSßtl lbs pun ' is
i.| ... W. GAR 1\ ■
;aU-3t' o**t.il* 1 md «•< '' 1
ro imi i.iutis >i 1 !•« *« • > - *
I roodamercb.atsi 1 H I
torsi ut., Norfol -. and olhsi . " '• " *
m.t.vrf thnt Ihflt can have . '■ .*■'!**„
like sew. by KING. X- s-«a«
o.oud.eauallj as v.. .. I' ■' ** . .
II New ~ Ik Kr •Ho .... 1 ' ,
Uwaa, he ; I'U-'k Kid •• ■■ "- "i " ' ~
.WT-BiMea aad rehaished ks aej mt*******'
st'oed 1 int.. ..|.!,-i e» •>■ :.•'.>''', , •
RarBBBBCB. \l--»rs. '» •** *. _
'■•tt. l),-ev»r. ,\ t'...
V'lßl.lMtiO.LOtl. ' '
> to suit Burchasers. by ... '...,-'
pcIcELL. Laud * u\
eotliit US 11 v -• '
8 1.1 OllOt. AMI 111 HNINO M » ,U
*.». mil IfOilVfdi Ii *'it '*» . ,
:«:'"■-. :
' 1)11 Of* MVH BIT! IK"- > ;aK
I iiAl! BITTERo. TUesses '■
onl] >l vr* -ailon. Ful s-tifl ■•* , • . ' .
Qeenei 1. 'a • ■
1)1 I.E 1 •At oil. li • " *•**"
I i',-o 1 oi-, Mi.c!!. a..,t wsr-ae rdl v
UaaUyiu_dwitlioutsn.oke r.-rsi v% .y
a. BoDKahR * CO.. >•• I
tIOMK-MABK GOOD*- ';•_*■
I 1 suit ol Hot, ~ iii.d* UO As •' • ~, fl
' etidd ns we ar. iv rscei,;t • • »<*■**' a g..r' ■
made Jesus. j'"" H . l , ■
Rut.i.' ut.i. in 1 ten. ti im*cs 1-. ■" ■• tt ' A ..v-B
just race. ved, lor svile y *■••*' H

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