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IRithinotth §isjiatcb.
INES »A.T MORNING..,PUB «. isat..
Noltroi.K AMI PoKIHMofTH AIiSM V.—
iis Uesiriug to subscribe to the BlS
'*!, either iv Norfolk or Portsmouth,
> supplied by leaving their orders with <
as O. Wiax, Periodical and News Agent
Tbr -ild ef February.
It has been proposed in a Northern journal.
though probably too late for general adopuod,
that the Farewell Address of Uen. Washing!
to* should be read in all our cities, towns and
t lllages, on this anniversary of his birth. We
have now before va, in an old number of Tin
rwffanea IhuusmWat, a newspaper published
in this city sixty years ago, a eulogy upon
Washington, by Thou as PAiNK,wlueh might
weti t* read on the same occa-ton, boih ou ac
count of lis eloquent tribute to the Father ol
his Country and the American feeing which
this \ ivid p,»i iraiture ot a great patriot la cal
culated to awaken in every loyal heart.
The number of ihe /- UrnHsi whichioiitains
this beau,ilul eulogy upon Washington bears
date Feb. 92, uDMU. The oration is enliiled -An
Eulogy ou the Lite of Gen. Gzouox Wash-
IMIToX, who d>ed at Mount Veriiou, Bee. 1 lib,
ITW, in the <i*ih year of his age. Written at
the request of tne citizens of Newburypori,
and delivered January ad, ISKi. By 1 homas
I'aink. A. M."' We cannot forbear giving a
briel extract :
"Bora to direct the destiny of empires, his
character was as majestic as the events to I
which it was attached were illustrious. In the j
delineation of its features, the vivid pencil Oi I
genius cannot brighten a trait, nor the blight
ing breath of calumny obscure. His principles I
were the rueull of organic, philosophy, his sac. I
cess ol moral justice. His integrity a-sumed
the post of command, his intelligence the as- I
pect of inspiration. Glory, to many impreg- I
liable, he obtained without ambition—popu- 1
lariiy, to all inconstant, ho enj iyed witboui I
jealousy. The one was his from admiration. I
-.he other from gratitude. The former emhel- I
Itshed, but could not reward; the latter foi- I
lowed, but never could lead him. The robust J
vigor of his virtue, like the uuda/zled eye ot
the eagie, was inaccessible to human weak- J
ness: and the unaspiring temperament of his j
passions, like the regenerating ashes of the
Pii'.-iiix, gave new life to the greatness it could J
not extinguish. In the imperial dignity of his I
person was exhibited the august stature of hi« I
mind. I
*' See what a erne wss seated on his brow,
An eye has Mare, tho trout of Jove himseli. !
A combination, aad a form indeed
\y hr* every ~od did seem to set his seal,
To give the world assurance of a man "
"Self, the grand hinge on which revolves
the principles and passions that have swelled
the obituary of nations, made not an unit in
the calculations of a mind, which considered
grandeur as the inseparable incidentof recti
tude; which owed to future nothing of its
glory, to enthusiasm nothing of i.s virtue —
From ' heaven's high chancery had issued his J
commission ;—he created a nation. The glo j
Br work completed, so was his ambition j
reward of his labors was thoonjoyaaeni j
that liberty he had protected from j
ation ; and the boast of his pride was th. I
cultivation of that soil he had defended from J
subjection. Amid the fondct caresses oi j
fame that pursued him to letirment— blush, J
ye heroic murderers of mankind !—never din
the transeendatit Washington, on the pinna
cle of hi* greatness, deign to be conscious thai
hfasj talents his country was free,—that n,
her glory himself was immortal.-
It are would approach va accurate estimate
of the moral progress downwards which the
Ciiited States has made since the days or
Washington, we must contrast ihe above
portrait with that of the public men of th.
present day. Reverse every lineof the above,
and we have a fair idea of the poUtieal place
hunters who have succeeded the patriots ot
revolutionary times. Whereas Washington
thought only of bis country and never of
himself, they think only of themselves and
never of the country. That is the true cause
of our present troubles,—the intense selfish
ness and demagogualsm of political aspi
rants,-the same cause which has overturned
all other experiments of republican govern
ment, and which bid- fair to add another and
tho most melancholy work of all, in the Amer
ican Republic.
In another portion of his address, Mi. Pains
observes: "Public-opinion has iv all ages been
as volatile as the air that wafts it: and th.
fate which has attended the benefactors oi
their country has beeu as chequered as the
passions and perverse as the ingratitude oi
men-' He had himself furnished some proof
of the first statement of this sentence, for he
had been a violent denouncer of Gen. Wash
ington. He made a noble atonement, how
ever, as far as words can go r and some degree
..f allowance must be made for the inflamed I
paasiuaa of a political contest. But what
shall we say of the men who now deride the J
character of Gen. Washington, men of the I
Tri'.unr stamp, who use the whole influence ol I
a pram of large clrcuhvion to bring into dis- I
repute the nameof the Father of their coun- J
try, to whom they are indebted for their liber
ties, for this Union, and for what they value I
more than all, thecommercial importance of a j
my which, but for the independence achieved I
by Washimgton, would now be a Quebec ot j
i Montreal instead of New York, the second j
commercial city of the world ! '
In the second number of the Federali.-t, con
taining the eulogy on Washington, we flml the
following items, not without interest on this
anniversary :
"This Hay, the anniversary which gave birth
to our beloved Washington, 'whose memory
will be adored while Liberty shall have vota
nes, whose name will triumph over Time,
laving beeu appointed by Congress for the
itizens of the United States publicly to as
embie to lestify their grief for the death ol
his illustrious citizen, every mode of respect I
hat a icrateful peopleconld exhibit, was man- J
tested by the citizen* of Richmond and Man- J
bester—and the voice of public authority was
lever more willingly obeyed. This last sad
vidence of respect for departed excellence—
hia grateful evidence of public aflliction and
eueration for the best and greatest of men. was
solemn and sublime spectiele.
'•The lineof procession on this mournful
.easiou hiving been previously arranged
i.derthe direction of Col. William Bknt- J
■v, was formed at the Capitol Square, and I
...oved on in slow and pensive s:ep to the I
mournful sound of the muffled drum and fife, J
to the church on the hill, where an oration I
was delivered by the Rev. Mr. Blair."
The RaftreJssi transfers to its columns the
following paragraphs from the Boston Cknii.
-miL?L!T i£S mar** *—***
appeared la the paper, of the. United Slates:
"On Friday J « W«■
President of the United * Itt
WABBiaoToa.la uox.elesw„,r' ( General
..Ner, and
that sheltered the
the brave aad patriotic Sir William w.,'
■nd* after bte defeat at the battle of Fain!*"
la the beginning of the fourteenth century t,v
EmvAUO I. T hi. magnificent and .ruto
characiirisiical present i. r rwn £" *■»*
Isa*h.,*.by the hand of Mr. mm\±£t£m£
lUada, a Scots gentlemaa, an* portrnir .
or who arrived in America Jn7™ t £Z'
The boa was presented to Lord SE?fi
the ajyofmamtth oompany of JSst J?
from whom hi.
TiZZS* tom » k « u »**r to a man' whom
he deemed moredepemngof it thsut himaalf
thonfrhritjueilydne wo hear further that
Lord BftMAU has, by fotter, requmtetfbf Si!
President that on the event of hi. decease, a.
. will consign the box to that mao, foible
couotry, whoahan appear. Bj hia judgment
m merit uftest. upon tha. same oo~raUoo
that induced him to send it to toe preueat poe.
''ThaipachpUah, upon the
iMMttso ol fbe M t by.
the GotdsmHbe of KauUbortgh to I»avt&
NTirsßT KbjMu* Karl of Biichan, Tn «
* A*ji "i V ''** '* *" i l* r -» , H»<» by iiielr .1. -icon
llHSftau ** » m*mm^i^sM M \XtV t tm
w W* •■J»anafaae-BB Ajy
their beloved WAanixoTox can be ttninterest
*ug to Aamrleana, I read yo* for re-pobltr*
"tea, also, the letters from Ge„. WaaaiaOToa
totbe noblemen who made the present." In
these letters Gen. WaaitiNOT. s gracefully ac
knowledges the present and letter of Lord
B, ciiav and in r.-spouse to that nobleman's
expression of rriendehi). for his young and
risingeouutry,-declares that it I- the sincere
wish of ihe I'mted States to live iv peace and
amiiy with Europe, to cultivatees|M-cially the
agricultural and mechanical arts by which the
predicts "the wealth and population of these
States will increase with that degree of rapidi
ty as to battle all calculation." lie also send
to Lord Bt( haw a plan of the "new city— of
Washington, and speaks of the design of open- I
Smmunicati-.n by water with all the |
thward and westward of us, with !
have territorial connections.-'
A Patriotic Week.
statement of the celebrations of the
eek, in the New York Kxprsss, itap
the follow in;;commemorations and '
Kili be held : j
■ataoof Waahmctoa is to is* inaujsu |
i National Capital, under'the auspics
Houses of Ceagr ss. !
I.'n.on State Conventions and meeting I
asioilowa: In New Jersey, at I'rcn |
rial v. at Kichmonu : ia North Carolina |
in Tennessee, at Nashville; in Nev. |
tork city, on the evf mn- ol thei'lst
r ol I nifed Americana wil celebrate i
the Chancellors of the National Ordei
ues meet the day previous. 1 here still
latwaai Demoorstic Bail held in New
8008 two balls iiy distinct Cnap'ersol
I uited Americans. The Repabbcaii
ol the Mta VV ard will alee have a sup
|- .mer-y I'arS Motel
ari's birtndav will be celebrated in
. " I. by a mi'itarv paraoe. Also, in
theO. l\ A.s. Also, at Woodhrid<a
.rucitv thaAßaaricaa Protestaal As
hich Bxsde siicii a line display last year
•üblic parade.
Bssrisa -The Asseneaa Party oi
nil hoid their Annual Ban«u*t on tin
'ii'narii Chapter. (). f. A., at Butter J
and by a ball ami supper in the eveniag.
The Lltriisi.ATt i:k—ln the Senate yester
lay an invitation was read to that body to Is
oreeeat in Washington city. February Stud,
lfo-da*)ut the inauguration of the Equestrian
Same of Washington. It was laid on tin
Is. A number of bills were reported, amon*
1 one by Mr. ArotTST, amending the char
f the city of Richmond and reorgani/ing
lusting*of said city. The Governor sent
riain documents connected with the mis
of General I*. B Starke, which will is
d a length in the report of Senate pro
ngs. The Senate refused to postpone in
itely the bill laying a tax on oysters.—
The Honse indefinitely postponed the conside
ration of ihe bill (which had passed the Senate)
for the incorporation of the town of Cered,,
in Wayne county. The House appointed ; ,
soatntitteeofaevea to receive General Stakes
is the g Ir est of the State, and ordered a large
lumber of copies of documents connected
with his mission to he printed. The invitation
to attend the Federal Capital to-day eras laid
on the table. The subject of the boundary line
between .Maryland and Virginia was referred
to a special committee. The proposed tax on
special business (commonly called the non
iatercourse act) was further debated, as was
beb.ll ameadiag tha charter of the James
Hirer and Kanawha Company. Neither oi
ue bills wero finally ac:ed on.
The TvviiXTY-SLcoNn in Washington.— I
i'he statue of Washington, which is to be in
uigt.raied in Washington to-day. was Jirmlv
md linally fixed on us granite pedestal oi.
Friday las,. It is a size larger than the statue
>f Jackson, in Lafayette square, by the same
irtist, rlie person of Washington occupying
eleven feet of altitude, whilst Jackson's is
ib<yut nine feet and a half. The inelosiireot
he statue was removed on Monday, aud the
,atuo covered up with canvas. The Seventh
tegiment, of New York, a company from
taltfmore,and one from Alexandria, will in
inde all the visiting military. Hon. Thos. S
ivicjek is to deliver the iaaugnruttve address
Coi'Pic-The mother ol Coppte, for whom
Gov. Kirkwood, of lowa, violated the deoen
ies aud duties of his ollice, has pttbiished n
long letter addressed to Gov. Letcher. It is »
iettasfapf the stroug-minded woman order.
Mortality.—There were 508 deaths in '
Mew York last week,-Jill iv Philadelphia, and I
8 in Baltimore.
The Love.ioy Resolution. —The telegraph
'lis noticed ihe futile effort of Mr. Lovcjoy
tv agitator from Illinois, to introduce a reso
• uiiou in the Houseo. Representatives calling
•>r Federal interference with the efforts of th
>> ou i her v States to pro tec 11 hemsel tea. The pre
unbleand resolution recite the rights and pri
vileges of the citizens of the several States un
iter the Constitution, and set forth thai where
as it is alleged, by responsible parties thai citi I
■>-iis ot some of the States going into other
states on business, such as the collection of
lehts, teachingand other like lawful business
lave been personally treated with indignity I
md violence, incarcerated and driven from '
their property for certain sentiments they
held and without allegation of crime: and
wtereas an alleged practice similar to the
European passport system is springing un
therefore, 6 i ' J
Resolved, That a committee of five be ap
pointed to inquire into the above recited fact--
Utd also, whether any furiher legi-lation is
necessary to give effect to the said provision oi
he C.institution, and that the committee be
empowered to send for persons and papers.
Larue Fire in Boston- Tv;, Krtmen Killed
tin Saturday night a lire broke out iv the
carted hair aud feather establishment ot
•Manning, Glover A- Co., Boston, whose loss
amount- to about At three o'clock
Sunday morning, when the firemen had about
closed their labors, a portion of the wall fell
-inward, instantly killing Charles Carter aud
< bat-tea E. Dautoa, bo,li highly respected
members of the Fire Department. In thirty
miv tires both bodies were dug from the rums
-hockingly mangled. Several others w.-re in-'
lureil, but not dangerously. Carter aud Ban
ton each leaves a w Ue and three children.
From Havana.-The He Soto arrived at
i>ew \ork from Havana on Sunday, with ad
vices to the 1 1th inst. The t|uaker City with
nates to the loth mst., came into port last
evening. Ihe coolie trade had been suspended
by government order, and, as It. was totally
expire within the present year, renewed ener
gy was given to the direct trafHc in slaves
irom Africa. A large steamer, vi'h three
other vessels, had cleared for the coast—the
-teamer leaving port under circumstances
which promoted the idea of official connivance
at her departure. Freights were improving
Sugar was coming freely to market, but rates
had not altered. Exchange on New York
(sixty days) was at from two to three per
cent. Some very useful import orib>r« had
been issued by the Captain General.
Thk Stack in LttK.-Miss Ada Phillips
the opera singer, has drawn 66,450 in. the Ha
\ana lotteries. A piece of good fortune which
rarely arrives to an actress, -ays Tii. fomrnml
''" 'J*"**! ■»« hefalleu Mile. i;milie Dubois of
the Theater Francois. An old gentleman itist I
deceased, has bequeathed her aoUOOOf and ne
declares in hi* will that the beque-n is made
for no other reasons than admiration for her i
talent as an actress.and of her exemplar. con.
duct in private life.
/*, ,
WnrotaeAta Poxaovtao At Eon dv Lac
Wis., one hundred aud fifty persons were lam
iy attacked with the bowel and stomach com*
plaint, and poison was detected. It turned out
that a miller had been in the practice when
his mill stones grooves were too deep of nut
ting in a preparation of white lead and this I
getting into the dour poisoned the whole f
A Scottish Earn. Swindlkd.—James Earl I
of South Esk, a Scottish nobleman, who has I
been ou a hunting excursion to this country
appeared at the Mayor's office, in New York
nV«i^°J !om P ,a ' n of having been swindled oat
or *.5, by a bogus tickctagent, in the purchase
.Vuter*"^.iL r s? a 1 Und \ ia Canard
A h. ,b * *"*" tMU '« ■•* remain to
**™ tie
«»gton Arenas |re»"vi:, Solomon, Lex:
madeup a^n«e^o7^ rlr ' la tf 1 "'- •» *»*<*
It. and was making offwA."f il* • 30( ' rfl
tha stairs bvllrß £.ton»!fJf J#B J w w *> »»t on
bundle with him*. AJte? mr^n^*' 1 «*»
blows wlthemtcoaqu#rtna^l^i m i^? T *
heelemlnua bisplnnder * ' "■ took hsaTi
Who, while under •wte^of^S. , "t B * ul ,
fwu ihe ShwveWrMrT.M and •saa! ,ca I
wards re.arrested iv Teaae issst s*** * f,,v - I
the Caddo Gazette) on theday^iSSA"!*
L t>m«y, had expressed a Jfopaof t-x»sLml for
rgivaneas for bis crime. i!-T"f^!^ ; Tasil
s« IHerSil MAVU tbei. ajv In thAl city one
! hnndred and lonrunn "liml.. of ihe ht" I
attorneys aud judaiA •
too iattt, of wkem *n tki snuit nmuttfou*. 1
Tna AoDßxaa or th« "Natiovai. Uaioa
CiWiTTit "-This address, which was al
luded to by telegraph yesterday, fixes upon
Baltimore as the place for holding a General
Convention to nominate a candidate for the
Presidency. Among the signatures to the ad
dress not noticed in the dispatch are those of
Hon J. re Clemens and Rev. W.G. Brownlow,
of Term. The address proposes that a Con.
vention shall immediately be held in each
State embodying the conservative streugth of
the State. That each of these Conventions
"hall make a nomination of two candidates
for the Presidency, (omitting to nominate a
I 'resident,) to lie selected from tbose most
nt and approved in public esteem, one ot
candidates, at least. shalLbe a citizen'ol
•ther Staie than that in which he is nom
. That these two candidates from each
•hall be submitted to the consideration
meral Convention. The following is an
l from the a ldres«:
Mohave poiu led out 'he chief source of th,
present agitation, and think we have s U fti
ctently shown that neither of the two partiat
jvhoare now seeking to obtain the control oi
he Government can bo safely entrusted with
he management of public affairs The only
way to rescue the country from their hands ii
to organise a party Whose cardinal principle*
hall be *
To remove the subject of slavery from the
arena of party politics, and leave jt to the in
lependent control of the States in which i
xihis, and to the unbiased action of the in
liciary ; c JU
To remove all obstacles from the due and
.aithful execution of the provisions for th,
rendition of fugitive slaves ;
To cultivate and expand the resources ol
he country by such protection to every use
iul pursuit and interest as is compatible with
Use general welfare and equitable to all
To maintain peace, as far as possible and
honorable relations to all nations;
lo guard and enforce the supremacy of the
awa by an impartial and strict admlnistra.
tonol the power- granted by the Coustita
To respect the rights aad reverence th.
Union of the States as the vital source m
Z7:" l , VP '' { 7 l mul Pnwpwity, end the sures
ruaraateeoi future power and happiness:
1 » teach reconciliation, fraternity and for
-aratice, as. the great national charities by
a inch the I m.ii la ever to be preserved t"
•oiutain of perennial blessings to the pen.
L,et these principle; be taken to the hearts of
tiose who pledge iheiaselves to the support ol
he party,and ! > ■; them actuate their private
ife as y/eil a- Uieir public duty.
Harvard Cou-xoa—Cornelius c. Pel ton
us, elected Prestdeni of Harvard College is
he twentieth gentleman who lias fitted the of
' cc during the two hundred and ujaaty years
•arnely: Josiah Qnlncy, Edward Everett]
Jared Sparks and James Walker.
Foi.M, Daowno.—The bodyoif a poor in
ebriate, named John Walker, was found on
Ino day, on a s.-md bank, in ihe Patapaei
river, near Patapeco Factory, Md. Walker
was a soldier in both the Florida and Mexican
war?, served awhile in tho United Statee navy
md during his lifetime received three land I
Smothered to Death.—Tilley H Kicker
>f West Lebanon, *f. If., was killed on Wed'
lesdayof last week, by being smothered be- I
tenth a load of hay. He was apparently go- I
ing by the side of the load when the hiirri wind I
md the sideling nature of the read capsized it I
>pon him. He was under the load about hall j
in hour, but when taken out his life w;l s ex-
Horrii-.i.k Heath.—A young man named
Loveland met with a boriibledeath on Than I
I lay morning lust, at Covington, Ohio in con
neace ol drinking a cup of vitriol which
mistook for water. ]| ( . lingered after the I
fortunate affair for a couple ol hours, suf- i
ng the most intense pain. I
thirds, •»»»%•>• *w»
tajaago the Emperor of Austria gave a Lie,7
Z% a t t tni°T mi^o^ naa *° fl »*"« forhw
-1 .rhris i W J S , Sei « l ' il » t i *bo having bee
slightly wounded and taken prisoner at if
jCente, managed to eecape m time to take ~,r,'
n the battle of SoHertao where he wa? c
verely wounded. "*
■aa in Russia—la Rassia area are van
cut. and according to a recent report 3
mister of the Interior, in the v.-a - ■
werthaaS6 churches, 333 public bund'
nd hviiupr, vi„.. houses, Uie'wbob- ',£
....... ot ■>~.,,(i,'.>::j rouples (more than El «m
W) w.re burn.d down in UaatcouTtryf'' ® ''
Larok Prke for a Slavk~A negro man
™I*\ ** V u * [i i «•»•.
me day last w.-ek. for the enormous Bum ol
•rr i . P are ***« w '«* "Btwtly afterwards
dlered four thousand for him. c '«»rus
mSbKS from the
Memphis Enquirer that twenty murders
were committed in that city in IK& aud that
di S c , oTered niU)rS rf **«"■>■»*■ not yet nee,.
The i) lllr ic 7* h, Mori**, of Havana, is quite
htvisb ,v its praise of a book called "Leisure
the National Commandiary of the Sons of
Malta |b session at Washington, adjourned
■-a San: rda.v. to meet on the I7thof February
IBSI, in New York city. umg J*
A general court-mariial will conveneen the
«th instant at Carlisle Barracks, PenWlCi
...a for the trial of Lie„t. Isaiah T Moore Ist i
dragoons. ' v,r > lsl
f"enee°« k .'' S s"2! k " OWn citiz(>n •« i
• nee, It. i.. and the leading man ufae
f jewelry, died in that city on Wed Vie
s who last led the Pniun
diefol, , /-'ra rionSlV »»**»»«■ forces
died at Cracow on the 12th alt.,aged ri
The merchants of Boston are about to urn
sent a petition to Congress nravina the Jfih '
drawal ol the cent coin from circulatioV
Adam Lutes was shot and killed ucar Law- I
ren.eburg. Ten,, ~.i the night of the Bthiusi
b\ \ an Bui-en ilolt, '
The Parisian i heat res paid fjifwj to an- I
thors for dramatic copy right drnug the year
firMi'v^". l^" 11 h:IS ' l - :liu b "" n "om.nated
cans C!tKO ■**•■«•«* iiepubli
..roiir. P ' J *'" ( i.f u<> department paid out on Bat
ters T * Of the debt due ooiitrac
vHZnlZZZ?? Kl Y r sP"** Alexandria,
V a. ami above, wi.s irozen across, from shore
to shore, on Sunday night.
, C «' y o} Rom M * :«-. was lighted with ens
lor the first time on Tuesday, February 14th,
Swedenborgiau. * om " n
BY. Rii'HMiiMi Theatre.—
s vi tma » si mi the distm mislied
A.vlhHh AN TKAi-hblaN j
•ari ii U. H. ROBRMTa
Who will appear to-mght ia aI J. H. ROBERTS
New rtistoncal Tragedy! < o !'.!' ,he
New Historical Tragedy,, Cassuner de Imvizna
k ti d vt-ouia eleventh!
j! b." robrrtsS *«
i. b. robkktßs -
Entire Company.S aill be
Entire Company.', splendidly mounted
p. . i « . \THK ti.MMHiH'
Received on Monday night <THE OMM BPh'
Screams of l.ausliter,; i ' ULS >
Sanaa* of Laiubter.J Will bo repeateJ
Screams el Laughter,, aassnaaas
d .• \A 'iala Festival
ror the anniversary ot JA (iala Festival,'
Washißßtoßla Bmliday. ) Secure ° aU Fe,tJV » 1 '
waahington'a Birt da>,s your seats
Washington's J ,r?the day-time.
«_■>- VisiToas to TttK CiTY will hnd the iarrest
Oa .Mam street, a-xt to the Kzohaßiia Jtenk snr.r
3 l? a £?! En •■! a* prices toaattSSf' Br
. This beautiful saloon has twen hands.on.l. ~
fitted withia a allrtrVtime th. »Sem;
nah.. and rnanufaeturesand inijaartßavsryUmTte
bsstrnamiar. AadAha CREAMS aad JELLIEitn
oteau, i.-uuirv ,1 wr " , a"r. at KBr«' Mauiß.O h i
office" ,t Ptm.s raaxla fan** "*'■''** *>>***!*» 1
Oni the evening of "he 21st. by Rev Mr. Shrigley
' niversaliat Churnh. Mr JAMES f.'
laaghter of Lucius i'eyronnet. all of this city. *
*'n i'uea.1 1> morning. 2at inst.. SELIIEN ,'.
UACON. Esq ,m theesOi year ol Ins age.
His Inends and scqiiaiataiic-s are myitedto at
•end lis luneral from the Monumental Church, on
i baraday morning, Sid inst., at II o'clock, without
farther aiitiea.
On Tuesday. February JOth, at horbiothar'a re
'''lenoe, (Capt. W. Barker's. I on Union Hill, Mi».
MAKi BARK ER. in the Kith year of her age.
High Water this day ( WeilHtfdao)\} i o'eiock~
steamship I'orktown. Parrish, N. V., mdze. and
aassengers, Ludlam ft Watson.
Steamer Virginia, hely, Philadelphia, mdze.and
paaaaagera, K. E. 1 utt'e
steamsliio Yorktosra, I'arnsh. New York, mdxc
md aassenceia. Liidl-im ft Watson. I
Stoamer Vir-mi.i. Keliey, Philadelphia, mdze
in.) BBsseasnta, at E. Tuttle. |
Steamer Geo. Peabody. Pritehard, Baltimore I
BMze.and paaeuxers, D. ft W.Currie.
Brig Marietta, | Br. | Law re,ice, Haxall, in hal-
Sehr J.H. Cator,Catlin, Norfolk. mdze..W n !
CJmußitt ft Co.
Bohr. Chencoke. Shelley. York River, in ballast I
FAIR AND SI PFKR.-The Ladies '
,Vt££ °' lr,e Sewing Circle of the FIRT
•M'Tli 5 .'. CHURCH are holding a sale of FAN- i
I *ill lurnish HOT SUITERS and SHACKS fa the I
i-iseiiierif of that house, ever* day and unlit Ibis !
>veek. Ihe object of this sale is to support a Mis
| stoaary at Rockets. Their friends and the pubbc
< .enerally are invited. fe 2z-.it*''
I TKAOKKS- a meeting
m „j f| ]S Commissioners, under an act ol
toe Lfuialauire to incorporate tlie TRADER!*
, «ank of the city of Richmond.p*V.e.i
I law rebruary, lAio.it was resolved that Books ol
iunscriptmn be opened on the hai day of March
iSir-liL „ 'ii'.'i\ p JP°?*i? •■••jJJ ol Richmond:
■nekmaon. Hill ft Co. a Hector Davie' Pulliam ft
! aette* Santa ft Harwood'sand Isaacs ft Taylor's
or subscription to stock to said Ban::.
f^ L if M » P X ,I *d SOLOMON DAVIS. I
.1. 11. PLEASANTS. | f," 21—liii j
CX^vmf!& S !s*JW LE,TI «E before the I
°V, : i , ',^ KNs CHRISTIAN AS.xi
CIATION will be delivered by
{Vvkv A , »!«Msch.inies- Insiitnie,..,, THURS-
I'AV h V !-.,M.\r,, Fe.rmrv :?.;. 1860 at rt o'clock
£*rBJBCT :—*'Popular Dclesions "
To ha obtained at the Jtoeam
the bookstores generally. Lsullev ft Robinson's
Meade ft Baker s. of Mr. Powers,at the Ex-hanne
Hotel, and at tlie door. R. R HOWIBON
fe2l—'it Chairman Lecturing Committee I
=> ,>1 "NS «?LI/ \ U KTM || |<;B EI I
»vJS | lv#d ,„ ii eiin( ,, R, limonH
aany yeawstrTee. If she iaatiHo'ivo orlfrtod
im l-eirswi, leant something to he* or their ia
crest, by addressing a letter to Box No :si Hi, 1
iiiond. " '(•„,._.
Irsaayr s >",fTI\r.OFTHi:iITI/K\%
rlispoaed to aid iai estaW h**' *tSS U wlm ar ''
T, " l ' :s PA i . fa* 28th*inst, at which
* ddr H* e " '? mfereace to the
The public generally are invited. 6W ' fe^-id*
,* ~ °- ". «• TYLER,
ifflf en |fm,aafLE«ayeaa Kant and Stilts
Slrtets, I
Wu&nvßHuPFm-il 1 !! HOUSES, HIRE OUT
;» ?yV. 'r 1 ' I :'' RFAJ ' ESTATE,BEI \E
• KOhS and act a.s a GKNRB A I a, t,v{'„
• y.UEIt no - r*«*rHaryXt,MM. 'y I
NK^.^rat^i'ill.^^-^'' 1 ' 1 -''' <>->.: WEU.
By order of Case Annausoa.
1 " _lt B. B. KEMROK.tetSerz'l
| lII.Q'RS P CO., Ist RE.;"VoI S / _
HOi-der No. ii. l '""'"'N' , .Feh. a.hfauTi
IF This Company will aasensbte ia frost „r \i „
ajvarK l "* »««Mate. ion Btffetreet i o. WPn
NE«DA 1 next, the 22d inst" • r 2oVook P v t
e.iinenta, parade, in full dress winter. ,-,'', '
feza-lt HARVEi A. DUDLEY. Ist Serg't. j
Border No. -. I,T R *««'» •'a- Vots. |
i "Jl Assemble for Parade tta>st.,. .
' h ATf"rjfc."4Tla>M, VA. Rira.fr a -Thi.'L-T
r* Broad Bt , r ,nb,a '" '• r °" t ''' Court-H-uVsToa
j Wforni. withowcoitta! '""b. cvdar**" fuH Un
— fcg ~»t K. W. HAGEM EVER. 0. S
! fiOrder No. Ml KKllill ' XD ' Feb 21, IS*. |
BuxniflH 22d insr.. at lo n'clock ,„ f.n.i.l.
winter anifornt. with p,,ni,si,B, in r ""«"«
v K himeelfwith n rounds
I caps. °* rtnd ai »l a. sufficient ~ua.it.:"'• ~|
I aeigaaata will summon theirsqaads.
I feM-2t V " l * terof Capt-JonsS Radt.
IREADcrRs Ist rbgimfnt ! ~ r
Y.^SlT.'st 1 " oj^Frankt,"' 1 ' 10 ° n . W ED i£ B
W Building, precisely ar I q'clockfp.M/ in
ro ßy*orde* o^'ol 1 paß ? to ' l "'* ** tlie hour.
By order of Lieut. Come
_fe 21-2t JOHN Mr DONALD, Ist Serg'l
order no. i. «»«•««««
Tins Comssav will assen b's -,t ii .-. -.-,•,, a
mory.oß WEDNESDAY; tils 2M inst f«
By order of Capt. ij a y as 8 ° c ' O0 »'A, M. I
B n„.... , Richmond. Feb! zu, issu t I
' Baextad ink'aVlxjr l^ o " W ™™PAY
"l.'niform. Dreas Cap saw? Flume' Arms iifn'afl
lor inspection, tor cert duty and ft
fe OI "v n <>rdcrof--.pL W. L. Mack.
iin'^V.' r d\nVr , w: %T,o^'~V '' U |
I Wfront!i>r^%\».iS i zif 2 ? ,ato «k. Promptly.°T i
LL-ii - '" H,luse --n winter uniforiis i
I 'm ,arT!H " ln ' l in !
fe?l--'V j';[i. vv'' BRANCH, Ist.;Serg't j
Al "Pff o'ckic S k tU M U "1 W <- :^'^'a y"
,Spr ; ngf,e !( rp , .,„'. , , l 1 n"full dresa* a-Tlloai
ovarcoate, and twelve rounds bteak a-tr i Ut
Arms in srder for inspection - i«raLes.
a,f; , e r \o^ivr, I !ders J,no,i ** ~,,,,tdK ■ * c -">
By order ef the Captain.
fe - 2, - :?! S. J. TUCKER. Ist Serg't.
■J*srrJ.»» il. h H °», X ' on tn " w e»t side ol Urh
fezs-it James gunn.
_Ie CoruorfßM sadCarysbj
,c sb«l JAMFS BIMPBON, 17th street
110 Main it.
HOUSE, wu* •*iSJ
. "* 'V' o ''""- »'th
tween W4n m "d. Ba App|y"* ler ' 0n Le '* h •»••«. «•
--.-J-*^!^—. . BREEDEN ft FOX. !
•urshaai --5 ,0 *^ w . h **' doable aaetae, bmh pros
ed **• '** 1 >•** 'hur.mshly overhaul-
°Ji "*&F^&iwi
•% oTuJi„j Vv" -, -?*• uraw « «« with SOD busli
weiht.' l *** lii « tlt «" « <•»* wth lOD ton. dead
For good Bhpat,terms will be liberal, asply to
fa 2J-ts PANNILL ft to
_*" ~Tr* i eteraburs, Vs.
Wfc. JllJiirh-FOMfcVMtTiiMtiitts^ar^
the {JhetC DouiTat.
mwt-kwllLnXZs HXfTtCBB.
auV Lee
Manufactured in Virginia, and the beat.n use—
1 or sal*, wholesale and retail by
Ie 3-1 w PUROEEL. LA DD h CO.
9\. Hlh iinialisin,
'I his invaluable preparation for the cure of
is now for sale at the following Drug .Stores in this
city : Millspaush A Johnston. Main [street. Meade
A Baker, Main street, J. H real oa A Co, Broad
street,.!. W. liariick. F-iankhn street. W, Peter
*>>n. Mam street. J. W. Erayse-i, 17th street. VV I
0. Snelhngs. Church lini. and C. 8. Dawson, .Main
■th. i'rior .'Octs. per bottle. fe 21 -la j
~ Ufa, Valuable Private Residence on the i
I he particular attention of the public is respect
fully called to the sale of the above valuable pro
peity, to take place on the prem.ses. „ n THURB
-l»A i afternoon 2Tid February The !<• itien and
■Mixhborhnod is among the beet ii Ihisety. For
I irther particulars see advertisement si.ued by
Mr Jno. ,i. Wnmam*. Trustee.
le2l-St GODDIN ft APPER.SON.Aucts.
»~k. French Flowers—Just received, at N.
bb5&5XvS S - ~,!> Main sr an assorfmen' of
sprin.- styles.
Spring f-ashions received. I'e2l—6t
Maml llii.t.. Henrico co.. Va.t
n _ Octolwr Uth. IS.M l
Dr. Gablicx—Deer Sir: Havmt used tahome
•onsiderable extent your Semple's BakiniFTow
dsr. I unhesitatingly pronounce it to be superior to
any tune; that has been used in my family lor pur
poses which it is recommended.
Thou y* BivPAan,
via r , . ■ , i<>HHW.«ARLICK„
Manracturer and Sole Proprietor, Kiel. • oi d. Va
Sold by Druggists and ~risers genera, -. tl rnu •
out the Stale.
aaV-Areyea lu-un-d t— Ta>+greatest ud vaa«
i uroiv E.(white persons and slaves.
./ Promertf. in i.m-n or country, af'tiie' "o'Jl'-t'nh '
feaeho oppt "" te ' ohß :s ' and next to ED.
The heat companies represented, and eiffesses
pmmptly paid.
House or Byaruzsi lrom*tolA>ioqk.aadfram
* to* oeloek, daily. C. R. BRICK KN.
lel«-im Genera! lasuraaoe Agent. ,
,-sxls.JPlae Aits- -A larjje ; (1 „,.,,. o( !
a \7 y i! iie ,N i ,<r misters, sucli aa
R. Morghen. Long hi Tosclii. -Muller. Mancel
Oesnayers, Stranne, Wil a. Woollen etc", etc
among yybmhwilj be found the splendid i
gaudhi-JkITJRpRd Engraved by R. Morghen
-Raphaef-TRANSFIGURATIOK. Eneravedh,
k Morghen. * I
I. Da Vmei-LAST SUPPER. Engraved by R
Mnrahen. i«™»is.
And others of great merit.
I Lovers of works of art arc resyxsetfuily invited i
o oall aad examine them at leisure Tbiseoltee
'ion, urousht here from Europe by Vr. Dotti.nrint
-eb-r, is ottered for sale ,-..,- j,...: ~,, . ~„,. -j
f n tt~ ctnr * Franuui Stere,ae>samn stsoet.
3&, Xo * ic *'«--T'» the sick, afflicted and aaaser- I
who have hereto!,-re used Or .IS. '
amnded hapaa results', that some BBprtUeialed
jersons have circulated an imitation The Doctor
las lieen compelled to change the wrapper, which '
a plain without any Scares, and his written I
tare is.over theeorh of every bottle of tbe genuine
Medicines, so that the public, can again obtain
■L'i'^.lV!'" 0 ' 0 " *J?. ,c " " * vo suited their wants and
eneved their sufferings.
DR. J. 8. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP, for eeueha I
r-he PAlTrrnvu *gSP ls 'X" u »* ml »"»ed».
me i a..vi U.Hf.H lor pains rheumatism, choiie. I
l, , ru '" eti - »*d the DYSPEPTIC CO.M-
J i .'. n "> , »epeia and liver eompteiate.
by Dru,.lists i;eii-nl|y and by
avKi-liiry an d Bladdert oiiinlniiits.- The
' p *'' st 'ind most important J.scoverv for Kidney
ittaoderConrplaints. t/rinan Obstructions, Leaeor
"«» or Whites. Sexual Weaknesses. Physical
JlVrlul V ' ! ;'l h,l .'i e lM?en I'n-ij'iP to walk, have soon
-eer. relieved by this powerful COMPOUND, it is
c -'. nn,l is pronounced by medi
..." n ?.''- l^l . n those who hive u?ed it, to be the 1 est
*, L P B l ,f^ V f° UH Dln the wkC La«e bottte.
"l , sinairTsyttles 50 cents. Afresh supply jest re
"aVtt 'v. FWHE * * wrNsTdN. Siagßuua!
jei*—i.m Mam street. Richmond.
-WU Plaii.tf:, Bitter.- -This Celebrated
roaic has been used sueessfuily 'or tiie last twelve
• ears in oases ol fndue-tion, Flatulency. Gen
erai ueraiity.JServousness, Sea Sickness. Ac , Ac.
i U' 1 , B ,i' healthy action throughout the
■<K,y. restore the appetite, equalise the eircula
rJ\;J-' V 0 U '" e a " v •■•in to fiie system, and
tateed reatstaaoa to disease rareij ob
Are rel ' LA ?M TT ' B BfTTEI,a '
s'i ; i)\' M M S i : i ! ' rP - """ salft *% FISHER ft*WIN- |
Depot No. 214 Paarl street. N. V nera| >
fw ? _ eU FISHER ft WINSTON, Drnmtista,
i ■**. "ypepsia, the most iiiiiiuyin- and I
loatnanrne afflicuon known t« society, can never
ufsJ^ , A\l d a t '? e!l »nltsol BAKER'S PREMIUM
»l I 1 hK.s. |~r they lm hold upon the liver, stir no I
ne in, c..quicken the the stomach
iiKi to me isstiiouiices. and ia vis-orate the nnnd
m> royy-eriudy. that a complete revolution is effect
•d in toe entire inner man. aid all impurities are i
it ..nee expelled. I hose who sutler should use
Mie.se Bitters, and KSt rebel.
ii,- all I't-ti-sists in the ntv of R,<-h.non.l
X b'vp"' °"*«™ 'promptly hl'ed
' ja2;t-ts '
fh '" K P"" 2 ' kns **b I
! vpbt ved* t t , | MU r^*' r iS , !l '" tbm I * Ust •■• "neat
tad Bathißc Rooms, under the Amencan'Hotei!
Entrance on 11th street.
*V also can get their uliiehna»
and ropustache changed fron red, hrht. or rrei t«
i most beautiful hlankor brown color. r "^ lv
PRzhmin*J , W i i\ rS v in T \ l J t,i } Firstof tlarch.
""''",« CO.. No. 11l Eagle Square, Mam st.,
are now sebing ~rl
I nni-™ iT. 1 AmTican PRINTS at lOcts.
v!fi £• £ms°& T - A ' A NKs »»d R<»ki:s.
' nAYs h H a? ,A A P^ P l' ,W8 » B «« MERINOS.
Kicii LACE Ml Sl.in H „d CAMBRIC SETS. !
j !l a !'jJj; [ /'''' , '' w ' i '' rMS ''- l,,re ' , ' l ''e:nock. !
S-Sw The United Saviuga Baak, Hearlea
reoetvea deposits, upon which laterest .s pa d at
n" rate oi s per cent, per annum apoa all sums re- I
maiiini; six months, or longer, ando par ceal ~er
aaaam b.r a shorter period Office No ia U. n
*" cot ' 4% NETTLES, President.
,„ ~ lllos. 1.. 0 WALFOhD.Sea's i
j.al2- !m JAMES L I'yJK'l I.X, Trea'r.
NEW BOOKS, &c. !
Vy-OVMN! !r.un a !he H Frei* lk T "* rf,; * X •
LYRICS, andotner Poems; by *.J. Donals.-n. Jr.;
RaoK ° : "* X Hcv<,| »t-oi:'s of |
KD Vy4o', I mi K *-'> n ' J H ' S rr,Ues; ], y Bata* Ellen j
tion- •il'2a ! " , - Jc "' lf " I8n: ffW American cdi
NICCtILo DEI l.Al'i. or the Last Dars of the
PtereatuM Resabhc; translated from tee Itat i
„,„'"/:LH«»»k»D Aaesiio.te 0 Ballet him
HAwPEIt S MAGAZINE lor Maroh- zaT" - *■ >
R SSEI f;s M KQA/AX %tr PelTrnaryf'a, |
Foraaleuy *. feoRRIS, fteoksoßar.
VTEW BPIPKS-Fehruaytvgi I
oames played by tha rtiattagaiahed eaauajaoa. j
! THK FARMER: GUIDE By ■ ••,., l.
I Prof Norton. 2 rsla .%& l' ' ,! '" e,l « » ,ld I
BLACKWOOD'S \ia»l*/i- v ,i - i.-^,»,
_ BURH and #I^m7BlsT^B
! X,M P A , R 4aJpW AAD HI3 CRITJCII7 B, s\?ah !
! THE^Trßl^^^orfThC^
! &?&*s& ■as:- j - ««sarrt;
ra l*lf OT f 8 J W >M* , sl* 'ATHOLIC AI.MA
I vA C - an J , '' vit > * I'ireotory for the I nited i
otatea. Bfic.
including a Treatise on Harmony and VersitT I
oar-on fine
ill r. I'm.. A A Systematic freal.se on tne Ac
, t.on and I acs of Medicinal AgenU. including !
D»B& , A"*iv!2 , li»>SP"* a J h i»tory. J vols ts.OU
I "*Rj;»'-R , S MAGAZINE for March. 2ic.
iL y*P*r\ wrd M to * ">°» «l » 7t * street, near Ed
I Bpadft Davenport's, aad forsssrly kept by J. U.
1 Hl*.VTyia¥Xi?*ar'. r c , »» r « d to furniah the vary Is.t
BY ILDING SAND to any extent that the demand
•nay rsauirs, and haviag reduced the price to tho
\J\I.?,Z Hi* of »•»»«■ W '"•<«• «hey res»eotful
'y invite all masons, bnoklaters aad plasterers to
Jive them a call. Apply to Mr. TiToY T dT¥! [?
U*a, who may be found at all urnes ai the yard
Blexbbass Col/WM. C. KNIGHT;
isrii{TßfT%.A N 7 w,li • x «eute most of the ladies'
present tbsm properly sulheatiaated for sat lie
•ueat: .ui,l all periions uul.".te.| mCm satats sea
reyuusd to coma forsa'd and saitts i,, rM w .,, „,,,,_
Without delay. *s lnrth*r indaleenet ■> iiin.n
•"»••• WILLIAM A. Af.LKV ,
io»-l«; .duiißiiUator J. 0. (
who can cane well recommeaded to g., in the I
county of Hennoo, some twelve or Onrte-n miles
below Richuiond Sin. Ie man preferred. Ar-plj at
JESSE BARN sS'Oroeery, corner of Fr»nkhnnnd
Ist h a- rests, between the Ii urs of •and II o'clock.
fe u2-.lt*
" to the,i-ounfrv. als.u' MB miles from this oity,
to take charge of a pro-ate family. G0.,,1 term,
sill lay (..en and good reference required Apply
at the oifii-e oi the American Hotel today and to
morrow, between the boam of a and II o'clock.
Ie 22 -it*
ING. containing about aix rooma. kitchen
taeried: within about twaaty minutes' walk
ie post Office. For snchan one. the rtu
paid Address "C. M.. ' through this office,
c having a vacant LOT in Ihe almve limit*,
'to buiid on, might find a purchaser.
c. wln»ss>r Waok. to act as NURSE. Satis
references aa to character and r-apacity re
Appiv at my omen, on Hank street, in
s Building. KOSCOE B. HEATH,
w,sh ■*• cm l> "V a Ol'E
rti.iK on sewing msehiaes-one accua
o work on shirts Bilk Wheeler ft Wilson's f
J. To Work in our liouse
TKiy-To a gentleman
o Mas had an experience of upwards of I
its in the Drug Business, and who can
Ida capital of 95,1)00. a PART* ER. with
noun, of capital, and capable of managing I
ts and finances of a large business. Such a
nl* assured ol the prospect of establish
datable business at oacz, by application
•d to "B A. V.. Jr.." care Box /«. Hich
A»»ieatJoß. must be addiessed as above
ti March, and after that date to "B. A. V..
ncoburg. Va. feia-.lAwfm
TEU--AII the Shoemakers to know that I
■Vl-'d /".""annfactnre all kinds of MiOK
PER I I'I'KRS. I'artiea in want of are
telle at a lair price must leave orders now,
fliers niiv send their orders to Ihe North,
on I make any difference how lar North
d them. HOWE'S WO \ !> E R E U L
Beratww, makiai shoes.
ja .tO-lui* Ifh street near Cary, up stairs. J
IVA.VrF.IJ- ATEACHER.-A lady cuanhed tn
'» ytve instruction in theusu .1 English branches
mil in Musi-on the Piano, can obtron a deairalne
situation as an ASSISTANT TEACHER in a Fe
in*,e .Seminary by addressing immediately Boa 4»,
-tai.nron, \ a. A Southerner and fresby terian pre
ferred. ja27-iw*
T » cord wood near the city
J'i2»-ts GEO. WATT ft CO. \
IVANTFO-Fifteen able Reno MEN. from
r.. ;~? ol, JJ trv xervice. to work underground at rhe I
CARBON HILL MINES. No accident of «eV.!ur
conseqiießce to a single laborer has occurred in i
these Mines lor seven years; and a large advance
over surface hires will be paid for good men Eic
-VPf vi o3 !?'' ll n" l ,-*" employed on any terms. Ap
ith !r " Wk, - , "»- ;tt the Coal yard, corner
J*. * 1 ~ t " _ S .'." l •oh f-'w ERTH. Agent. J
I*,'.* Vl'fcls—To hire for Die balance of tlie year I
W s COLORED HANDS. ,o«,.rk on Rec lir, of
Ko.id, between Riciimoiid and Ashland. Aoni»t.,l
,»r o .. , o WM.N BRjtGG.Sup't.
Office R„ F.nnd i". R. R. Co.. I "
Richmond. lata Jaa'y. VsnXS jalt -ts
\I r ANTt.;iJ-lv.-eryl)odv to know thai | bava
,". o c ; , ,?'. me . R,-p<l t,,e ataaufaetare of TRUNKS
■A H „ P, r . BA,iS ,' ■, d VALICESat N0.5. Mai.
..'„.' Xl ."'V-'',!"*- wiier £ ~iev •"»■ hnd a beautiful
ol 1 runk.s, Valices. and Carpet Hags
f* *T* r - T **>'•,-, a' prices as low aa they cnl*»
you,.lit in the Northern cities, both .n wholesale
and retail. TrunKs repaired sl.l Covers made to
order, at the shortest notice.
1e22-lw) cary bL,jbsl boL Columbian Hotel
p*r»" ."'«| -A I. ."nd Ii 01 SE"ii fH L. y,.,, „ c and
m-v'v hl ',,, Fot address -J. w \-..-■
tK ,*,■?•• -••■'•rhne.by the month or for
" ,,|ro; "W. N.." JC.v. 7»x_ \f 2o'-., t .
VKtJKOI S FOR HiKF.-l hive two rensi
p .°. r ",'. r ,90<>KS: lour ge„,. .1 BOISE GIK •"•
';; r ".i? : r M HANDS, «d i N..TBOY a 'ft-ie'
tor thediaing room or to wait ,v an off.-c V, ,
terms, Ac. apply to RO B 1 Y\ F
fei- ii ~„A - < ,nf f,,r Hiriae out Nee roes, A,.
i«i.-ts| oiuoe in haaameai Metroaolitaii Hail
PliVv H,R, ' : - F,,,:r HOUSE GIRLS and hie
Ham ■ W 'Tr W,!l nnnrn f '" r ZTf arst
Han.f. |fes-ta| R.'.'Al riIORN
pIB aALK-Tn rem,.,, j. „r near ,! ,s ~,.(
G!RL: e iifte ;^1 , e -r! (^ , ; l! --' «otmo
Fns ffe^ve"^)fi r^ n ''' i '.r , "^' ,r "Mar the ,-nv.a
, v^ i n^' !^';1 > CHXMBERMAID
to see,! a, micJMKR*«« 3S& "* ""
I- w *. TYLER
General Aaeat, Oatos Waraha.il. I
■»«■••■ tith and 7th streets.
Stebt„„s ,n A Ucden'" r w^a r eT«'haa PP |*en
.bung business these fmtr years Ts " r» -t3
'"■ RN f"oOrU h * t "i? *'" hM s nrfs?d
lru^;; i c ( c^; , 7 : !!o' , a , ;i^e B '' he ' iP -- t, '-'l
cmiandam °' H ' "owahd.
~ Iw " G. R-HOWARU
...sue the Jew.' Syna«orue.hm a' erVde
!en 3 t?emen°cair P ? B th * fi "' ' r A ''"'"
" L ifs a .*♦'"
*NT LOSS I (lit SALE.- Three I UTS
t.yea.-rese„i,, ,„«Bted between the real
lOr Anderson ;,„,, t arn , („,..,,.,-,',,, ,
or the rssMteßee of c.i Lias. The» axa
eated for a market Harden, for a abyss 1,1
>r person, wisbiag to move out of tos?-
Us by Grove streail n.« i..i,,.. • V
r <uv.a,„l „, '-i'/hooif - j
" A '\
M"e,^T,n^,:;neV'a^rse <> D'!^r'^-' ,
Bbt UH feet deep I<!J '" feet on
and well selected assortmsut of soodaof ovlurl!'^
A so, Auimaaition, Pereasaiaa Caaa he
" f ', of
ii . ... in >'ioiis iiy iss aad colore
rv .nd^ute*tano^h k, *4 toof . a
d ... an, Itr ,r k■ V '":' Unt ' an t s reflt »«"d repai,
hi. store \ . ks ' r »awr.al Ie prices fa Ist
ais store, No. .X) Man, street. Richmond V 1 " al
felt—laa \r. i ~ ■' A ■hs W A LSH,
'«-- Un Mak.-r and Importer of Gaas Ac
11 2u.t«i VIRGINIA .;•«
* u tt^w^ A W'"> d "*■•»«■
l.'S») shares RICH VluNI) i'lTV_i., ,i , i ..
».M «ehanj: vTrEimV. or
the market pru-e. «.»wu.,i, or
" U ~ t,< c **. i'URCELL A CO.
*«M»bu.he.s,- otftWßffißtt**'**-
I• 0 bushels SKED OATS
2i»i oiisneis U'Hi i E MhRCEI and i>i--»,-u '
sag ..ales prime retailing il \v
CORN |{R \.\. BROWN >TI EE *r
1e22-lf' ~y CLEN LINING A CO.
fsJRW OOOOS, NEW 0110 IIS We i^,.
tons; heavy brown and Twilled i\oi7.\vL r ..1
rant n.en; "^r^WialOa??* j fr***
f.uus; heavy Touiad Fanu (JtaWcottoa aad
Liiieu, foi'men's summer wear. *»•«*•■ »nd
_ CHILES A CHENERY. Ul Broad street.
R'TTLiftßs* >uni »«tirzb feb:
Fine Ground HONK DUET
Auimoniated SUPER PHOSPHATE of Ll \l F
W*«M«B GUANO '' ' h '
i r .?*?'' *» ti H\rTM*\. General Agent, an." '
SVrVs^v o *^^, 4 - 1 AND MfrAN
► inw.-notice to.-4.| persons using weights ii-d
measures that have not ,*en fe.tsd and ill those
that were tested m too year ISM ar „ tussled to
brma them to my olhoa and have tlieni tested be
I win wait mi tueiii at their rsspecttva p.aoes ~f
bu r" B .* ,, !-. (>mo * *te.tair., in the city Hsil
**Z?il_ JOH*N TALMA \
PI UN p 'in' for
pmduein« nmilUcea, and hotorcoloVeViitioM
in a lew minutes. MEADK a BAKFB
Pharmaceuti.u. IMJJbab utter, above" b.
p dla B«s. Loßdon Eja-tie SySrStook n'sf for
varico.a vein. 1 Surgical appliances, aad al Tuaw
1 harmaceutioal preaaiatioiis. at •-"■■" n " w
MEADE A BAK ER'S. Dru» Stor..
_.__ jjjgjl*'? Mraet. cor, above Post Gates.
!•''*/■• jr* c .— 8y steamer to-day lam uTrere st
bandied i»d «•*&? ?°' ' '" M'Setoll
»»,.!. ."xr i'^ c ;nl »fJ«"«>nj Cissoes. or lake
?™ h?. , iiii l,^,i s ilin,ll ! tt i yj»»wl»w; Piokle;
Family Grocer, IT* Broad .1. bat. tith aad 7th.
TV aad Paaer Yea». aad Pasts.
n '^** nt ' u l«re.. Collars. Shirts. NeckTies, as
iwisd to 411..11.j aad sivl.« We are aelbet g .ode
'hs.vp, for i,,s pnrp«»B of redoc... the stoekf
oiiia in ami expect Ikii.uu>. for you will not i.
mmmmmmmTi*mn*J*M*mmm*l +
BTMEQ, W .M R B^^^
XK C °Nl» l GK*\'f' "ttl
'bsasntsftba s , '•'■ rfrj
'•is wII ,„,„ •7'"'* li, «'♦. >
'"•Mirl.. Duett," "*••. *,\ ,
'• **""• K.aauyßaS -
l"-«ALiBR AT < - r
AND «ttl«s^£S2£^
i "tether with ;t,e ,|„ tl „.,*' '••*
BUM *u§S£*S
1 The.in.yCom^V'^GGf,,,,
Irl'arv. ite.»7f.« mw »%' '
enterta, ll( ,. e „ f t. % * |>f ««nsß ,*»
I te^^vs^^^'NeTkiXg
Badtuf each evenine »1 KK|>
WBS ror par, . „ . * U
|t-«»«U, poster..RdJ '.'. , .",."•• ,
' -- Ji'.-y IoJdJI •'
At JOHN W.i- AV; £J £$1
| 0(,, * r ' fr '""~ A. M. ,„.,,,. *•****» ,"'_.
! IxJW-.ln aeauwof tb» hjrthVf ' * »'.
Jl*f YOURS GUARD 'llll?*
the citizens of R ~,'. , , r 7 : "'' ■■ . ~.
oath* — TKNr «A.V i '! '.' >
ii-i- '*"' r! yl;.
I _ •*tkaMECHA\T"|«^Tn
* t-oeCOTILLON BA\n i
Uiteh urn bef° ail
caterer. """"■ ...
! Uiofe-!fias,^^ m, * t '"M a itt
I Jj"' , *-,:?" ,i " Letcher. .''."r,,,
I fj3**u»'s; Biehardsoß, M .."w,.' •
Cast Urwr \i i 9**!. S. Pi
<oa.t!T • ■' •' ..*.'., r
Capr. Johns Rad'l'"*' X ; >£.%'"
I'l.oolc (oy-vi; ~...'_'<■•' ,"l '■ .
■TO""*-- - : ■•■' "
, and will ' • ■' .
' '
ttiery-n-re ,' r V; t r ' I
lueayouarstiVten d rr °L* B " ■
'lane. "Sne ~,«. ! p ' ! ;' ■
lie Dower V '"'■' " <-' ,
Brsxrdißi ii;:,z n \r' «« -
•rthi"" '"••.'' :
a liberal reward tosar' *"• !**''
" . . 'aeksrh
3tW.PW' t| *nd WIIRR .
mleeaadamall prolog ,*
»«-»< BI 'ANKI Vsilljl v juhns. ■
Gas 11,,,,,... ~..„.... , '
ÜBZzv.—l have aov va
sale -,t the low »l market p,
the country ire i- , v , .-.., •
stock, [fenp-im' IH.v. ; v,,,
Via "i' 7"' '
dhSasi-V,' 1 CKJ Ml LI-.>.*:.■« . ..*
.... t.-r.-isli.
I all 1.1 -II . i ..,-.-, ,
I iTV-- \"»in E.V.The
i /esssyepeetliiiiv laforms the -.- t- .
«, ii ."'"'"'a'"' ittvie a.ty.thsl - a ■
lat the sfalnes of Messrs |. . ■ ,
Honai"» ,tr ** 1 '" ■ w «" a ; "* v l "
11 "ncS, en, n , Ht ~, , oß#fln , ~ ,
' H. v »es which are :i ••*; •■■ -
upo.-ithe „,..,. i svsral letern -
t s.— i aaall ramaia ie R . :,.. -, ..
i !ii'^ ( !:' N, '' , '''Vrf i r''' , '' vl ;
■a b nsaatirsl brown, fifteen md a nl
anil ma lon,, i a saualtoaa. ;■
peon:re.- can :,• *(-,-„ ~, ~,.
ww. IfeU-iwj i,.,. ■
X _ » oil OAJua- vi
/•C? JI r ,S?X» *'•' era! i, is* »» I
.., ", ; "'""' ■v" ' PAMII i , ; "
si/i-. tne yearaoMand all
lour Baontha App! ito
j• li ie ' Jornerol ■''... -
»w . k»k s\t.i, pan IIEIJ
'Tflßß- li: - Ml I.ES; , ||.jR-.
sbvaam ;,-,,t -•.•.,.,,
UaJassisV 11 "'* "" ~; .'
Ie M- 12-.
*£& »AI v | .«, wi>t!
jF»* COW a. ,„.,,,..., . fe ,
aaußaaußMrouit.', to.ira »ni h
r it . ANTOM. G. OSTKaB'>
| Ie i7-|yy- g«| ..,..,.. | .
i > ■avs^- 1 I'UMI lIIKIIS
I m^Ty'*' ll '"' l ' ~' .'>o i" Br« I- -
j Drigss' as tea I is aosdertul
iii,o..th deh. any, .-cii,-, ■ > ■ .
Fo ■ ..,' at ' j-. H. X \ i I H
Ir;! .1.
FIOI sfKU rt'K\: limylhlMi V
* l ~o i . LX v . '8 and -.-■
i keepiaa Dry Goods He ■
I 'nd '.: c -lie,! c,,!!,,.] isotiiui
'""' "*v..'"■ ■ oar Case I a.
k.'.s Dories, Oiape. . B ••■.,-
Ccton-.. Irish Liasns.Fiae Red biaaksu
close out the hat before the *pi n«.W"aii«ave«
Ouilta, and every desonp.. n .-i I >," •'.
Man street.
CI «1R tab Viol tsats •
U <»'!•*..* and Cuba Sf'GA." " v
leans MUI.AS Is. m»t. -c I ,» ...
•eM-lw ihm p. MOMCrils
I VV T '' Mi •<>> vp: n I i<» v:• - -
*• Wkif Convention •.'■■,-,. l"
i Wiator I'li.thißg. will f i nadM •■"
treat latr t s.a -.t lot Ua n at. "
f EI.N. RAl.b•■'. > I ' ■
j \I«H*-\ A emiTff-a it » Ti« * v>y
»» [VfON SYRINGE T • ' "' " i
E we -an con'l • , • . '
gy a.,d lb. , Bbl rally, ath
I 111 -l.lf r..i
J \S H PEARCB '- ; '
Cr Br-.-.r-and'»•;«'
1.15.11 %KtlV oVERMitI*
i! B ill -a el .c o .• H»l ■'!>•" ■- j
live,coats, ol hi, iwii
in Steal BBrsIJ In B. >ll •■• : ea-. ell "■' ■:ie l%m
Pries $1, »7 'oai.i ffj „ ~ „
s\ Gloves ... quantity in! '••",' f '
street. KEEN. BALDw ' N * lr »"
prriMED Ml (lAHa CI I ioai '
*»- TRA C CopfEF. receorißi [•' . , v ..
| LHWis WEBB .v Jy'ii>"' '
r THING N'EW.'-Cti «t ♦
Bsh. f«r aetoring lbs t.*i \> "
Draai ns.B' m***'
FlH.|> ft EfMRY'S H »* rl ' 4
NGK - Wabave iasl rees ■ \ , >
GES. which s- .ai, re. c-,'.".' ,
JA» H FKAi*-M .
Drasi • • R '
IfKNRV I'lXi tltitKS.. « '
Ilb,.ad.f..rsa.e. l mK |h»
C>K\NHI.MHIt % t M.%%■»■ •*■',',*
' ssivint frssJi Craabernes is- ■■ N - <
day. for sale by * ' . ~
OMAMeat* aw t.run**- ■;'•■
ORANGES -nd LEMONS, let •«•.•'
A. ANTOhI'S. uey'd- : ' ,
1 AOV APPLE*, LAPV Al.••'f-.WVs
Ls ing'thisd'iv. sape-'iet LAl'i *' '
j ble for parties «r table use. tcr •*-• * hT . y
j 'PMOOPt N«' «Al NTLkTTa Of '
| I HUU ,tehte';
>JOW I*l STORK *-.d lorsv*.ljjfV '
* Nt»rth CueehaaM ANUF.»< " ' . >*
Cti.brtihlßtaiads. A»eo-A m^"""', K J . f?
work. ffat-m BILL x >IK ,. g ,
,SALOO.Vis supplied w.ih tae bssief V»
JBLtY, CAKES i ~ .
aWir:-M»ahm. 'Crsshed. fts •»**.' ■
oe aad Staart'a O Yellow R.u y'-»;'*s* '
loraaleT.y W\l '«ALt *' * ~
|l«T Hfci r.|\ »U , i,,-«B |l/»''Xxl
•' W.aiH„r *>%». tor asks o» *■ '..L'p.s*
aosaa#Maia »zd Bm*

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