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iV ..ntr*BPl-l » HAMvIKRiXI.KT.
-tav'lt'll V HUBPATC— •••erred toanb
•%!_ »\_ »•»»*•__•__• ___•_?•• •*___•
**'• "' the Carrier tree Id v. Pries for mailing,
r t %s»* '•• J" cj-j\, for *.» m-*ntha. in advance.
♦ * JiV «sfe\ll "< v F'' K LV DIPI'AtOH tatatißed
***»'r —' a* -in-l Fn«l** »l *tt*A. in tulvance.
trtrtJJl vTKFBLY DIBPAK*H t* i***edevery
,«V ' __g mwiUd to «ui***erifieraat *>) perannum.
\i IKH. I *U'*m re«r-ertfii;:. pre
„..., „ , s r j !.. Ihe .oter« of tin* oitv a*
a** „ ~, ■ ,t ih* VAS'MtAI.TV ..t ihiactti
a..? ■' •- -
__[, MKAM KP.K. I in...! re
Z'_t~ ~-.,■ , ansonnee n.se'.t n candidate
R*- I */; ,-,.,': he ..ffi.-e ol ••KA'.N MKABU
" ' ' i|, jrj td*' I HKNKV DA\ 18.
RICHMOND l moat respestfs ll]
,%e i a cvndidate for re *l*etion to ths
' \ ~;■ f'HK MuHP WATCH
• ...
lj**_" ii X BOL'BE.- Having been solicited
B . ~.,;. t.. annonne* mvaell anandidnts
~ ■'. c. ido so with pteaMre-ajatl
iree thednti** •>! the office with
• the !>**to( it.* al*i it., if elected.
JAM_S 1.. PHl!.!.!!.**
_[■**', chMoND Ib reply to the e*H of
9" ■■•' , ttttTtt " ami in aocordaac* with m* act
.. ~• f n:-. »i-1| t candidate for the ~|
*'".'.V"** r[ THK NIOHT-WATCH, aad
, . . • -ne rote* til mi Billow i itisi aa
. . riK i) aaimpal *lecU<>B, pleoeing
, , ted, I <'•>. h»***e the duties oi tne
> i. the eal i mj ab lit*.
,;.;' T. C. BAPTIST.
— I \>l A t AMMOATK for t:.e office
dC , ,h CONSTABLK of tbe <it* ~(
.:■, rde' I J. it. V.*CURDKY.
fT-*T ml* CITY OF BICHMOND.—I am a
■ far the above otfiee, sad mo*t re*pect
-. vi rot** ->t t..e *a*Bin* election:
'". , :,■.:,:. todt—-barge me duties ..i the
'.-. » -.. pifiui-tnes* and fidelity.
',;„.;...-, -. THUS. A. BTAPLES.
-<-_, HIGH < o*tM \ltl.K HIK THK
%.-*% ITY OF RICHMOND. lam a eaadi-
nt c et-7.-Mi t.. tlie Vvif OHM*, nnd re
nt th* vote* of in* fellow cttaxeneet
»-__> TO T II E V 9 T X 11 ** OK THK
CI TV OF BICHMOND.- Saving l*een
~, )„ rnt—j of in. in••• ida t ' announce ni>
.-,. f,„ the office of MANAOKB OF
I. HOI SE. md bavins, bj « late aeet
. ,-:■. hand.and thereby rendered in
-orktng it in. trade. I most reaped
~ emv**H aeandidst* and ii elected.
todtaeharce "ie datieeofthe office
• ta
_*__-. M%*i\f. i:K 99 THK POOR.
*. *\T HI l'5F I announce imself a oandi
r. -".-.' , • mtothe office of MANAOER OF
, X liui <!-.. JCHN PEARCK.
tr__* Mrißi*iri:M)K*iT poor-
B__s HOl'SK.—l announe* *nvs*ll a csndi
\_uTfrr ••- office nf SUI'EBINTENDENT OF
; rl.. tad il elected 1 pledce mj
. the duties of the same fjaitninlljr.
ICSk.- ,n '■'■ AKH.-At tne teTiiest of man)
'..,,-.,•; Ward. 1 renpectfullvnnnounce
.. Wart! it the approaching election.
a. A. BAINR.
*_ .-■ !Si i — FXLLOW-C Tl/K\s -I ri til a
" ■ -. -lection to the office of COMMIS
. M-'kol ITIK BEVKNTK lor ths Upper Dia
. .j. ~ ■!;•'... and reapectfullj aolicit
, .. ,:• it the election to t.-ike pl.-iee on tlie
: . , ...■-.- i! ..... tigaifl eleef me. I trill
rt* tn me faithful discharge oi
' ****** Ut l. I IWTAM
i, , i.'.-bi." W. r. LAW IC*.\.
J-C-. CO— 1 reapectfttllj .innonnee ni\selt a
~. ,;,-..' -•• »lectirm lor COMMISSIONER OF
. - . t. i. the !."\\ei District, *ft the
■. ... U...I '-er> reepectfßllv aolicit your
~ s-tdel JOHN A. BACHO.
... :- end*, aad in aecordaaee wit* in)
■i- ■m ■ Bounce my*ell a candidate for the
CO**f*TABLE, and aolieit your soflrarea
• --- -. |. ■ ... in M i*. next. Hfsiiecrfully,
B_> B I COl .*-. TV.—I ii.reii* announce
.fn l ..•'. ii*- for the almve MM. .Should .t
■....- • ■ rotera to *l**t aae, I »hall
#i «r grateful. -.'... will use even exertion to
■ - ■ ■ ■ ■ t.es thereof faithfully and impar-
6-td] JACOB 8. ATLEE.
•?*_?> I(i Till: VOTERS OR HENR.iI 0
(E__ COTNTV.-I am ■< candidate for the of
■ solicit ytiui riuffraKea at the elee
■■■ v. Should it. up >onr pleaanre to
> ' • .. c Diyeeli r i diacharcethedutiea
iifutly. Reepsetfaflt,
-_. CO! NTY.-l am a oandiuate Mr the
• Inwei rliati cf ol Henrico oniint* ■an I n
' | - cif mill votes hi the e'ection in Ma*
Sftmilrl ii :■.' i.>11r pleat-re t.» elect me, i
i«i I to diacharre th'dntiea of theortice
ImhlO—lawHr*! WM.R.WOODFIN _
a* —> Ni j. i here'.ij aaaouaee mv*elf * ean
:ir -. election to ths office oi CONSTA
nve dutrtot,aad rostpsetfhtl) solicit
" iite* ,ii .\in> next.
- a 6-0. W. THOMAS.
• v- ' NO. «, HENRICO COUNTY.—At the re
■ ii. in friend*. I annonnee imse'.f a can
eoffiee of CONSTABLE, for the above
[iiitricu t.n.l promt**, it elected,to dia
tlie dutie* faithfully. Your rafrage* re
■ solicited.
* _ CO COUNTY.—Bj the advice ol mi
• nnd in acootrdaace with mj ovn wiahea, I
■ in*** i i candidate lor tlie office of
SttlFF (»F HENRICO COUNTY, and aolieit
.... it ths State electioa in May next.
rantee fot the Caithfnl serformanee of
: theoffioe, I refer you to all who know
rthe mi rtnei ia ■ bich thoe* iluties have lieen
ii tie the past three yea** that I litive
• - ■ ieput) i..r ii,.; preserir Bhsrii*.
Keapectfully, your fallow eitixen,
tttnn " ' <'F<i li. PLRARAN PS.
jt"_---- TO THK VOTERS OF l»l*»
**P***tfi » annonnee myself a candidate for the
MUTABLE for tne firm District, aad
intft ~ .-s.
X - . t.M—The tth THURSDAY ia Vay
Ib to*
Keß_aa HAVING BEE"*, solicited l.v many
a " j m\ friend* and seig-bora all over the
'' : mnounce mvseif aoandidat* for the of-
tn •- v,. jam! «. Henrioocounty.
I*ll -*•_• wm. d. PEMBERTON.ef —dsey.
ki JOHN o. tavi.ok. •cat!—
,;—' D-ab B ;i: As the i.iuc is approaching.
• ••! Renricoto select a suitable per
. tbeidneeof BHERIFP. and being satis
■" long acenaintaaos wit;, you. that
. • to diacharg* the do tie* ~1 the of
tae tuliacribera. reapectfuU) request v.v
murae i a wu rJidata for the •—dof
n< y .vi our aapport in ths taenia*. e!ec
}■'■A. J.Terrell, Josepu Bernard,
V~-Crenshaw, Benjvnna Walton,
_ B **.C -onion, Major Ford,
%_ i •:;•'>-■ O.C. BrnUewater,
wb X \\ H .ie, Tho*. M..Montague,
. ™ ,'■■"•:■ 8. A. Moles.
t\\"J'¥' mM .Simon P. Fod,
i •.»' ' '.►•'*■. Hudson B. Fo'd,
& A. Ugcwter, Aimer Milliard.
r» -'• Baraett, Thorns* M. I .add.
jaaei••ilbmb, CbarlssG. i'aleske,
* ?_ Henri Ntrough,
**.",'' Walton, Geo. Tiit.tierlake,
___• [.'•''ffe'ro, R. K. Ellvson,
Richard Thomas,
r*_ p.* _**'•*• Daniel N. Melton,
: t? . ".'■a, John Perkins.
W,, .'"'• Shenrin Mcßae.
j S > ingworth, Br., E. C. Crump
*_/■*•""'- ja3l-t«
to** s ', TO MESSRS. A. J.~TERHKLL,
I r ~.'""'' " It " V'-r le'iueat and in -iccord-
Bim . hl \"VTi ißclinalion- I hereby announce
WiCornTv ,4 ** V" '"* SHRRIPf OF HKNKI
*" hit—. .' ; ' r "' *a*Bsetfnll* soUeit the vote* <•!
W. .'V '•?''"■ [•* Rbj next, lor that office.
[~- ;; ,'.f.i ~di*jhar«sth*dau_s of the of
!••:,, '"•*'■ ReapeetfaUr.
tt 1 Qg 1 T V; ft < '";''dM« for the office of BH ER -
_*M c.c... 1 '}■■'.'.'' NTVOFLOl'l.SAattheen
**ct u,g |, '", 'I ll r.lial! I»e your ple.iuure to
l : *''« of .','»'_•_** '•*•_ **''in uiy-elf in thedis
*"tt M V»' f ' "' **Jr* r l '* o*'0 *' Mr. Ja*»*«J.
n' H^h*i__L>-"w *** w J* Rw-Aaasea. Mr
t| " • (jßaai i *' * rfU )ear» employed in the
_**t*A__ ."' •*'«•**, wi winch position he n»ve
'*-*"•*».. _ , u „ u '. ■»'».oapseity ana attention lo
_ !c 't'uti.,'», i ;''V l ' ir ' l *"" w *~ feraawll <>ne of
■a •fii-ti 1 tujtfcu aa bher.tf, aeveral y*»r*
_ _*m i w.■"•._' ■_ **ria the office, bet all its
■*«*». '"„ « P-rl..r„,ed by iny**lf and my
■*ry rr«i,_i;t/' u lij
* *' -'V 1 ■V- Vo * IHHOfHA NOVS.M.
.. _t*■•{.. /, * ' '"'•">>'. d*"■■lined are slse
*>r,."' *'* ..f ( "._"„!*_T_f biyaetfrt nandoihl*
fiUUi MfftMfi
ww*" - " ■ ■■ in ■ ii I *** t *********'** g ** ,l *i--_.BHlß!____l!___^^
iiirlnnnlib pispatrii.
Tt**M»AT, March 'Jit, ISM.
The Senate was called loonier at 11 o'clock
A M , by Senator Hrannox, in the absence of
Lieut, floe. —'OKT-ttCB.
The Senaie was notified througli the Clerk
Of the H..use of Detent** that that bote had
mteavd _ seniker of _swats nnd Hoeae bftl*.-
Tbe latter, so far M acted on. an* noticed
••l*-e\\ here.
Mr, lit i X' 1 AM. notified the Sena c of tke
pa-sage, tiv tin- H.itlM' Of Delegates, of —tB ft>l*
lowing joint resolatioa
9,solve*, by Mr General Atsembly, ThtA the
■s—ag* of th* Governor to both Houses of the
L*gi*lstare. rtlntinti fo the rejection !■> tlie iJov
rrnorxol low* am! Ohio of the deurind for the
rendition of criminals in the Harper*
Kerr. raid, h* referred to n *e!erl .-..rtiM.ittee of
five of the House mid tliree of the Senttn.
Tlie re-olttllon being adopted t.y tho Senate,
*il."->r*. Oogfctlt, Reason and Christian, were
annotated a committee oa its part.
House Bills Passed.—A bill for the relief
of tieorge W. Stanley, of Hot-kingham: a bill
inc. rporating the town of Suinutsrvillel in
the county of Nicholas; B bill for the relief of
the ssewritte* ol Wm. Parts, late Shenff of the
county of A[i|> imattox; a Bill for the relief of
George 11. Isler, late Commissioner of Clarke
COltnty -a bill for the relief of George Mcl/uie,
Cticrlirof Raertnlpb rnrnatrjr a bill leeorpom.
■instbs t'ommeicial Insurance Company of
the itiy of Richmond; a bill amending thetKHh
section of chapter s** of the Oode of Virginia:
tt bill authorizing lhe Coal River Navigation
Company lo condemn lands overflowed by
reason oi their dame; a bill to incorporate the
Alleghany College: n bill to anaand the pilot
law* in ropinl lo tlie Potomac River; a Nil to
establish s t'lrciat Conrt in the town ol Dan.
villi-: a bill releasing the sureties of J. M. B.
Stewart, la;e Sergeant of lhe city of IVtera
fi'irjr. from ihe pavin.-nt of damages imposed
on them; a bill amending tbe charter of the
town ot Morten town, ia 'be county of Mo*
uoncalia: a hill to amend ati«l re-enact tbe act
en tit led an net to amend aad re-enact the 16th,
.'.lst and s*—l sections of an act to amend and
:e-enact the charter of the town of Lees burg,
in the county of Loudoun, pasend April 6th,
I-.,-; a bill f..r the relief ol Thomas Ferrill.
Sheriff ol Roane county.
Semati />'<■"> Passed.—A bill incorporating
the S son ton Boot and Shoe and Leather Fac
tory : a bill for the ieliei of John Samuels; a
bill" for the collection of taxes on parse** and
Document.", Jr.—The following documents
were presented, via: By Mr. Marshall, a pe
tition of citizens of Faoqoier county, In favor
of the promotion ol direct trade; by Mr Mc-
Iveiiney, the proceedings ot the merchants of
Norfolk and a remonstrance against the pas
sage of the one per cent. lax bill: by Mr.
Johnson,a resolution .-im-'iiiiiag tbe rule*so
as to authorize the Clerk to employ lour
clerks of committees, Ac. Laid on the table
on motion of Mr. Neesoti. Mr. Newlon offered
a j .int resolution that the Genera! Assembly
will, on Tuesday. March '.'Tth, adjourn tine
ihe. It lies over under the rule. Mr. Neeeon
Called up and explained a bill tocompensate
I'hllip Keck for -erviees ret.tiered the Cim
monwealth En ihe Circuit Court of Marion
county. Th.- bill received J-* votes, but was
rejected for the want of a constitutional ma
j inty, Tne vote was recoaaidered, on motion
of Mr. Armstrong.
Mr Paxton called for the order of the day,
"a bill to amend the charter ct ihe Jaate*
River and Kanawha Company," and staled
that, in consequence ol the absence of friends
of the lull, he would move to postpone the
consideration ol the full until to-morrow, at
halt-past 11 o'clock, which motion was car
Personal Explanation. —Mr. Paxtox stated
that his attention bad been called to aanrti
cte in the Enquirer of thi* morning, In refer,
eace to tlie Ja—tea Hirer aad Eaaawha lull,
lrom which hi? position in refereqae to tbat
bill might be misunderstood. It mTght be in
ferred fro—t this article that the substitute of
fered in the name of Mr. t hoxas, was in t__\
tbesnbstitateof Mr. P. Mr.T-H—tAS, of Fair
fax, voted against the bill, and after it was de
feated, Intiaaated tbat tie was in favor of trans
ferring tbo work to tin* State, paying the debts
doe lrom the company and compensating the
private stockholders, and also of providing for
tlie extension of On' Canal to Covington. Mr.
I*. called to see Mr. Thomas ihe next day, a lio
was confined to his room i.y sichnese, where
upon Mr. T. asked Mr. I*, to prepare tor him a
substitute for the James River bill. Mr P.,
at tlie request of Mr. T , wrote the substitute
embodying tbe views of Mr. T., which was
Bab-Bitted to Mr. T. for Ins examination, aad
approved oi by him, and was presented to th>-
Senate in the name of Mr. T, he being then
confined to bis room by sickness. Mr. I*. fur
ther stated that he was willing to go lor aay
bill which would give relief to the.lames Riv
er and Kanawha Company : that lie preferred
the bill which had been defeated, and had
mud.- .-very effort to secure us passage.
Senati Businest.—tLt. Aigist presented a
memorial of the merchants ot Ricbiti md city,
in relation to the tax on licenses. Mr. f*i*
>ev culled up a bill concerning tree negroes iv
tbe counties of Aecomae, Northampton, Ac.
Mr. Kinsky offered a substitute, which was
adopted, and the bill was ordered to be ea
On motion of Mr. Johnsox, the Senate ad
TmsiiAV, March2oth, l-t'.n.
The ll'iuse was .tilted to order at Iv o'clock
A. Bf- by Speaker CniTCHKiKLH.
A coiniiiiiiiii'iition was recotved from ihe
Senate annonncinc the passage of a number of
Ti.' Governors of Citio and lowa —The fol
lowing resolution was offered by Mr. Dt'CK-
Retotoed, by the Gmeral Assembly, That the
message of the Governor te loth Houses of the
Legtetatare, relative to 'he rejection fiy the Gov
ernor* of lowa and Ohio of the demand lor the
rendition of criiniiiiils eni;a-eil in the iiinper's
F.-rr\ raid, lie referred to a aelect couitnittee of five
of tlie Bouae and three ef the Benaie.
The resolution being adopted by the Houee,
was ordered to becominanicated to tne Senate.
The Richmond Sir,-' Railroad,—Th* joint
comtnitte. to whom was referred, the disa
greement ot the two Houses upon the bill lo
incorpotate tbe Richmond Railroad Oorapanjr,
reported a aubetitate for tin* original lull,
which has passed both House.-, and is new a
law. The bill authorizes the Council of Rich
■toad to authorize pe:_ ms to construct rail
toads in the streets ot thecity uiiuer such re
striction and limitations as it deems proper;
and provides that such persons as make the
con tnSCI With i tie city shall be invested with
corporate powers to carry out the objects of
tiieir contract, and further gives each com
pany power, with the consent ot the County
I'juit of Henrico, to extend their roods to a
diet—ace In that county not exceeding ten
Pwr Debtors.—Th* House proceeded to the
consideration of the bill enlarging ifle exemp
tions from distress or levy on tbe property ol
poor debtors, which was passed. The follow
ing are the specifications ot exemptions from
U-vy or distress '■
* cow, bedstead aad bed, with eoverau, six
chairs,one table, si_ knives and m forks, isix
plate*.two dishes, two nasin*, one pot. one men,
-ix pieces of Wooden OT sarthoa ware, one loom
.uid its appurtenances, one BBtaatag wheel, one
pair of oards,oae aae, five barrels cora, five !•_■_
ela wheat or one barrel of flour, IBU pound* bacon
or pork, and fne dollats in value ol lora_e, one
cookini Stova and utensils lor c.Mikni!:: nnd in
case of a mScfaanie, the tool* or implements oi hia
trade, not exossditt*, t*» in value; a eewinp ma
chine, and exemptin*. a family portrait from law;
also, one horse, or mule or yoke of oxen, not ex
ceeilins: .**fl"» in \ al.e; also, the necessary RearinK.
except lor taxes.
Ban*, of Richmond.—A bill incorporating a
bank in the city of Richmond, to be called the
Hank of Richmond, w:ib called up and put
anas its passage. Mr. Mvkbk advocated tbe
bill and explained its provisions. It was op
posed by Mr. McEkx/ik, on the ground that
the minimum amount of capital stock men
tion in the bill wa» only fetU,QUQ. He was in
favor of dealing out equal justice to all incor
porated companies. Numerous other bill*
of a similar character had been voted down
tiiy.n tbe ground that the amount of capital
on which they proposed to commence opera
tions was too small. He moved to amend th*
bill out "twenty and inserting
"one hundred.'- The amendment waa adopted,
and tbe bill, a_ amended, paaaed.
F*t«blt>hmg a New Circuit Court.— The bill
establishing a Circuit Court for tbe town of
Danville, bavin* piweed the Senate, with an
amendment, the House were noiilied thereof
by Mr. Towneh. The House concurred la th*
Danville and WytktvtlU Turnpike C mpnny —
Tbe bill authorizing au increase of the capital
• tockof tbe Danville and Wytbeville Turn-
Dike Company, having been defeated on a pre
viou* occa»ion, Mr. McKß»xi»a*l«ed a recon
sideration of the vote, after a su»p*n»ion ol
the rale*. Oranted. The bill was then laid
on tbs utble.
Bill* Passed.— The following bills were pass
ed by tbe House, viz: Incorporating tbe (Je
nito Manufacturing Company, iv Powhatan;
eatabluhing a branch bank at Harriaville, in
Ritchie county: incorporating tße Alleghany
incorporating tbeßankof Richmond .
authorizing tbe Connty Court of Hardy to sell
iheir <*ourt-ho«!te and rlerb's om>e; Inerea*
ine ihe capital ntfK-k ol theiiilmer, Ripley and
iififo Tar-Mka Company; __*9__*h_*f _
W. Duncan for Mtistrociljij the >10/ d C. M
jienfion, for life, of *<M\ per year, upon Rarnuel
<.. Yonn„, of tTharleetown. who was dunbled
during; the attack on John Rrown and hi« fol
lowers, at Harper* Kerry ; refunding; to .fas
11. Maiignm, Sheriff of Sussex count v. a sum
of money improperly paid by him Into tbe
tr.**i«ury: Mthett-—f the County t.'ourt of
Albemarle to construct an Armory in the
town of Charlottesville; refunding; a certain
sum of money to James Hell, of Augusta
On motion of Mr. Ilah<.kli., the House took
ft recess to 7 *>j o'clock.
TIIK <llAltl.r*iT«.N MERt t RT ON TUB NA
TION At. CoNVENTioN.-Thetjhnrleston Herca.
ry of the idtli says ■,
"An intetist* excitement \M*y*j_B__ in therift
•restssday, ea the piihlicition of nm second
Vlashinptoti dispatch, which ir. some Bt-uars
cast tiiltmht over the meeting: of tbeCoaven*
ti.ui. Arrutitrements, which had been in rapid
progress were suspended in many instances
and mothers faintly carried on. It is, in onr
opinion, bat the pretext seined by the friends
of Mr. Itoiiglas to transfer the Convention if
possible, to some city where they will he in
the a-cendant. This movement commenced
many months since, when they prated of the
dancer to be apprehended from personal Tlo
euce int 'harlen ton. This is, however, their
la*t card, and this will failL Mr. Dearies'
tnencls see plainly that a ("invention" at
Charleston will preserve a Southern aspect
aiid cannot be brow-beaten or bullied. The
mx hundred and fifty C entlemen who compose
ttt* Convention will he taken •rood care of, and
'he preference given them. About one hun
dred have already been invited to accept the
hospitalities of our citizens, and many more
undoubtedly Will lie. Rut the myriad hangert
on. wh* ar. n ,.t admitted to th* floor of th fon
vrniton, must take tlitir chances for feed ami
si rt, . It is greatly to be desired that their
nnmber may he reduced to as sm.ill a figure as
possible. The Convention will meet in
Charleston : bnt if Mr. Douglas and his friends
desire a Northern Convention, let them call
As the present condition of nfTairs on the Kio
Urande renders the character and standiiif* of
the oflicer in command, and who succeeds
Major Oca. Twiggy in the command of the
Department of Texas, of vital importance to
the welfare ot the country, his military record
cannot prove uninteresting:
Col. Robert ¥.. Lee, recently appointed to
this position, tea eon of den. Henry Lee, of
Virginia, the distinguished partinat. officer of
th.- Revolution. He was appointed a cadet on
the application of Oca. Jackson in |f*». In
the Mexican campaign of l-lti. transferred to
the lower line and personal staff of Major
Smith, chief engineer, hut was the confiden
tial and consulting engineer at headquarters,
and ordered the attach at dntreiras; brevet
major, April It*, 1«47, "for gallant and merito
rious conduct in Hie hatile of Cerro Oordo?"
brevet lieutenant colonel, August go, lsi;,'-for
gallant and meritorious conduct in ihe battles
ot ContrerasaiidCheriibiiscV' la the latter of
which bo was wounded ; brevet colonel, Sept.
Hi, 1817, "for gallant and meritorious conduct
in the battle ef Chapultepec:" member Board
of Engineers in l-l-: lien tenant colonel, *M
I'avalry March.!, !-:>.">: ami now Commander
in the exercise of his brevet rank, of the De
paitment of Texas.
TitH G-BAT JOB.—That iob of jobs, the rais
ing of the entire block of buildings on the north
side of Lake street, from Clark to La Salle
streets, is progressing rapidly. The buildings
are being undermined, and the huge Umbers
got under, mid to some extent, the screws have
been in operation. Persons unacquainted with
the details ot raising entire blocks of massive
masonry, can form no adequate idea of the
stupendous enterprise. A very short time ago,
when we first read of the raising of bnrk and
atone bath-lags, we were struck with amaze
ment. Wooden buildings were raised every
day ; but this getting under solid walls anil
raising them without shivering the super
structure iuij thousands of fragments, was
qaite another thing. We regarded it m the
light of an untested and speculative theory—a
buhble, which would burst and end ia pothing
tiiss. Bnt,"-factsare stubborn things,"as the
trite adage expresses it : and tbe fact is that
ocular demonstration, the gre.-it leveler of un
belief and incredulity, has left us no possible
chance for doubt. We have seen huge brick
aud stone edifice* going right up before our
eyes, several feet ta the air, propelled by the
power Of the mighty screw. Every day in
Chicago, may be witnessed this spectacle. The
greater portion of the buildings in our most
public streets hare been raised iv this manner
from two to eight feet* and those which have
not been raised, must sooner or later come "tiji
to grade."— Chicago Herald.
Steam Evanra■ for Strket Railroads?.—
A -team engine was tried on one of lhe strce
railroads in Philadelphia Saturday evening
With a__—rable success. The Ledger says :
The engine is pluced upon the front platform
of the car and enclosed, the machinery being
kept out of view. Hefore starting for Frank
ford, th»' engineer backed the car into the de
pot several time*, to show the ease with which
it would turn short curves. On the trip, the
steam-car followed the horse-car, and had to
stop whenever the horse-car did so. It had
several times to be stopped or brought to a
very slow pace, so as to allow carriages and
wagons to get oft the track, and in each times
was easily managed. The engine made no
noise except With the exhaust steam, when lhe
car was ascending the grade, bin not then
sufficient to frighten horses. At the approach
to Fraukford, there is a grade of about 320 feet
to the mile, and also a compound curve, but
over this obstacle the cai was run to the topof
the grade with perfect case, and without forc
ing the engine unduly.
Cooi.nkss a thk llihk ok lIKATn.—A sin
gular anecdote is related of Robert Ferguson,
an elderly farmer living near t'tiea, N. V., who
deceased a few days ago. A severe illness, ia
which his phyaician afforded hun no hope,
convinced him that his end was near, and he
accordingly directed his failiagenergies to the
task ol settling his worldly affairs and jire
p.uing for death. At'er making his will he
gave the most minute direction* in regard to
his funeral, where he was to be buried,amount
to be expended for a tomb-stone, Ac. He
wished his body to be interred lathe grave
yard at New Hartford, some five miles dis
tant, and almost with his last breath enjoiued
it upon Ins wife and daughter, who were
weeping over him, to have the funeral proces
sion leave the house for the grave-yard at an
early hour in the morning, in order that they
might get home t<, teuton :o miH. the tows be
fore dm!..
The Acyi'isiTioN okCuiia.—A|Wash ingion
dispatch says that there is no foundation for
ths statement that Spain has agreed to sell
Cuba to the Halted States, or tbat F'mnce has
been advised to that effect. Mr. l'reston has
never made any overture, because, when the
President recommended ihe purchase to Con
gress, the Spanish government o_iciaily an
nounced that any such proposition would be
regartled as an international affront, after its
decided refusals. When E. J. Urund, now
t'oiisnl at Havre, was sent abroad as the se
cret agent of tbe Department of State, he pre
sented this subject to the attention of Louis
Napoleoa. who suggested, as a mode of com
promise, that the people of Cuba should pur
chase .the island from Spain, to be guarantied
iv their independence by the joint protection
of England, France and theCnited States.—
Upon this report being submitted to Mr. liu
fhaawn, tie said he did not like the partner
Finer.*.*- ok Stevb.ns ami Hazlett.—The
bodies of Stevens and Hazlett were interred
at Kaglewood, N. J., on Sunday last, the fu
neral services taking place at the residence of
Marcus Spring, a Socialist, to which body the
deceased I-longed Two clergymen made ad
dresses justifying the acts lor which the meu
were hung, and comparing them to Hishop
Cranmer. Mrs. Spring read letters from
Charlestown jail, in which the prisoners,
when alive, thanked her that their bodies were
not to lie in "a laud of chains." An India
rubber rlug attached by a ribbon to Stevens'
coat, was taken oft' for bis betrothed. About
a dozen persons only showed any active sym
pathy for the deceased, and but a small body
even of the Socialists were present at the cere
As.tori.vTXi> Pkbss Ns«' a Arbamoembkt.—
Tbe New York Associated Press have nearly
completed tbeir uew arrangements for obtain
ing news from the steamships passing Cape
Race, and before the middle of April the plan
will be in full operation. It is expected that
the steamship Vanderbilt, Captain Lefevre,
will be tbe first vessel to avail herself of those
arrangements. She will sail next Saturday,
at four o'clock P. M., for Havre via Southamp
ton, nnd returning, will leave the latter port
April !•*. bringing 'he result of the great fight
between Heenau and Sayers, and delivering it
to tbe news-boat of tbe Association off Cape
Race, from which point it will be immediately
telegraphed to the agents of the Pre** through
out the country.
-VanAßta St_«b FBOV_aTY.-Ths Kntr'
_Lte any*: "The prisale**' knife used by M me.
•fcbedel, when *he performed the part of Nor
ma ha* 1 lieen rt«poelied by her ton in the Nn
• i.iiial Miteenin at Peeih. It i* in ailverg.lt
and enriched wMh **» precton* »U»n*a fr, in
The m'nw of Maaiarhi h*d •.
\_% wttftrM* oiߧu\\y w M_ariri II MM, •
Correapondehse of the Richmond Dispatch.
Sal* of Real Estate — Court Day—District Con
vention—Sickness, ffr.
HAitBiAONBiRn, Va., March in, _*/*_
The weather has very mnch moderated
etnce last writing. It commenced raining on
Saturday evening last, aud atill continues.
Several houses, one unfinished, were aold
here on Saturday Inat. They were knocked
off at very low figures, not reaching higher
than RRb. They would have brought good
prices had they been in good locations. Ueul
estate generally rule* high here, but it seems
these last figures rather disprove the asser
Times have been rtthetrdnll for some time,
bnt the merchants are receiving tbeir spring
supplies, and trade and business seem to be
I understand it is the Intention of MRM of
our merchants to buy parts of their stock of
goods iv Richmond. 1 hope It may prove true,
and hope they will buy liberally, and use
their hp.«t endeavors to build up Southern
mercantile houses, Southern importers. Son th
ei'it productions, and Southern independence.
The District Democra'ic Contention, for the
appointment of delegates to the National
Democratic Convention, meets hereon the Uth
of April next.
To-day was our Conrt day, and, .is usual, a
large number of the sovereigns were in town,
much to the delight of gingerbread merchants
and whiskey sellers,- hmh of which indupcu-
Moles (gingerbread and whiskey) are demol
ished in large quantities, on the return of
each Conrt day. I'erhaps there is no county
in the State which turns out a larger crowd
than Rockingham, on Court day. More
horses, saddles, bridles: more household goods;
more good-for-nothing watches, trinkets and
trumpery generally, are disponed of hereon
Court day, I believe, than any county in ihe
The gentlemen Justices composing the
honorable Court for this term, were engaged
with a number of unimportant civil cases.
The foinitiation for a new Masonic Hall has
been commenced. This structure will be a
great improvement to the part of the town in
which it is located. It will be three stories
high, anil of brick. The lower story will be
for store-room* anil offices ; the second floor
for a public hall, and the third for the Masonic
fraternity. The building will be 11 by Ot.
f.-et. The cost will be about *fS,UOv. Many
new buildings will lie put up here this sum
mer: amongst which Ibe depot for the Manas
sas Gap Railroad will figure largely. The
depot buildings will cost or $3tt,UOR.
The typhoid pneumonia (so the physicians
call it,) is doing a very destructive work here
amongst our citizens, three ha\ing died in
town, With that complaint, on Sunday and
Sunday nigh. It is, in almost—ll cases, fatal.
Perhaps the physician,, do not understand the
disease, or from some eaaee, at least, many tlie
with it.
Charles A. Sprinkel received the appoint.
meat of County School Superintendent of
Schools to-day.
Our municipal election takes jilacr- on Sat
urday Beit It will, perhaps, be a spirited
election. Yours, Ac., Pun.
OXK Hl'MlßKl.lTlltl.s IN A TKI KOP.AI'H Or
fhk.—ln England tbe business of operating
telegraph wires has been to a great exient
placed in the hands of young ladies, who find
it very agreeable employment. The inland
department of the Electric Telegraph Company
In London now employ* one hundred young
ladies, who receive and transmit the messages
from all pans of the United Kingdom. The
room i:< which they are engaged i* lofty, spa
cious, and admirably lighted and ventilated.
A number of long tables are placed across the
room upon which the instruments are placed,
an attendant being seated opposite each one.
There is one table for Liverpool, another for
Manchester, a fluid tor Birmingham aud
Glasgow, and so on for the whole ot the chief
towns. When not engaged at the instruments,
tliegirls employ themselves with needlework
or reading. The room is iv charge of a ma
tron. The compensation ranges from ids.
to 2-)s. (*-."i(i to>i..'J."i) per week. Ten hours
constitute a day's work. A period of six weeks
is sufficient to learn the whole processor tele
graphing, but longer practice is required to
impart efficiency and rapidity of execution.
There is a kitchen in which the young ladies
ook their dinners, and a servant to wait upon
them, with a lavatory aad other appliances
for their comfort and convenience. The access
to the room is by a staircase exclusively de
voted to the latltes, and no person of ihe ruder
-ex is upon any account admitted into iheir
department except upon a special order. To
ihe honor of the "fair sex," llieexperimeut has
proved to demonstration that the proverbial
incapacity of women to keep a secret is a great
untruth. Of the thousands of important and
valuable secrets which must yearly come to
the knowledge of these young ladies, not a
single one has ever transpired. Many of the
fair operatives are closely related to individ
uals distinguished in literature, science and
Blrikd Alive.—Within a few months past,
says the Albany (If. V.) Knickerbocker, ne
cessity has demanded that the German Lu
theran Burial Ground, on the Howery, should
be stripped of its sacred rites hs a sepulchre
of the dead, and improved with dwellings for
the living. Last week, while engaged in re
moving the coll:laIB, the men came across one
containing the body of a man named Wert/..
who tiied and was buried some eighteen
months sincV. Prom some cause or other,
persons present, whether friends of the de
ceased or not we cannot say, were prompted
to open the coflin. When they did so, imagine
their surprise on beholding the body face
downward, and the lingers of the man grap
pled iv his hair. From this it is evident that
Mr. Wert/, had been buried alive, and iv his
agonies of distress, ou becoming conscious of
his entombment, had worked himself into the
position above described.
Assassination in Kentu kv—On Wed
nesday night last, while I.ma 11. Snapp, of
Jefferson county, Kv., was sitting in his house
playing with his little child, and talking with
his wit-, he was lired upon through a window,
by some unknown assassin, and instant!*/
killed. The child received tv.-o shots in the
body, causing serious but not aortal wounds.
Mrs.Snapp eras aot hurt. The murdered man
had been embroiled in various difficulties in
years past, partly arising from his domestic
affair* and hi* reckless conduct, and wasa few
months ago rode on a rail and ducked :n a
Strike Items.—The Massachusetts shoe
maker strikers have already spent as much
money in their public demonstrations, for mu
sic, banners, collations, meetings, Ac , as the
increased wages demanded would amount to
in a whole year. They have some lively young
ladies at Haverhill. At a recent meeting of
the female strikers, Mr. Hawley said that if
they couldn't get work there they could at
Buff—to. One said she'd go it she was sure of
a husband, which caused a tremendous laugh.
Another lady said the time for sport was alter
getting married: s_,. wanted to see them in
earnest now.
Rit-'I.K Cannon — The Adjutant General of
Massachusetts, in company with an officer oi
the navy, aud one of the I'm ted States ord
nance corps, have been recently experimenting
with a rilled six-pounder bronze cannon. The
Adjutant General reports that "it was proved
by actual experiment, that with the smallest
service charge of powder for a six-pounder
gun, (I-, pound) an elongated or conical-hot,
weighing fourteen pounds, can be projected at
least one-third further, and with more effect
and at less elevation, tbnn is possible with a
smooth-bore cannon and round shot weighing
six pounds.
Rei.imiovh Excitement in Albany.—Mary
E. Scott, whose fhther attempted to shoot her,
in Albany, last week, having pershsted in cling
ing to the faith into which she has recently
been baptized, has been made the victim of
much persecution. She attended the church
on Friday evening !a_t. A number of her for
mer friends, and others who opposed her ac
tion, assembled in the vicinity, and, although
they offered no personal violence, they assailed
her with the vilest epithets. The police were
called to escort her home.
Protbctiok of Married Women.—An act
for the protection of the property rights of
married women has beenpassed by the New
York Legislature. The Tribune says that the
•'act will enable live thousand women in our
State to earn and save, and live on their owu
resources, wbo are now living on sufferance,
and whose furniture and even clothing, in tha
case of each, belongs to a reprobate or drunk
ard wbo first deceived, then deserted her, leav
ing her to toil in penury for a bars subsis
tence, liable at any moment to be stripped of
ber all, by the brute who has made her life
Post-Offke RoßßXiiv amd Abb*_»t The
Charleston Courier say* that large sums of
money, amounting, it is said, to •3,300, having
been lately abstracted from the Post-office De
partment, the officers of the Government have
been zealously endeavoring to discover the per.
petrator. Oa Friday a negro girl, who, it is
said, has of law been dealing largely ia lottery
tickets, was arrested aad *ome of tbe money
found in her poaeesaiou. 8h • ha* beta fully
committed by the officers of ths United States
Color* of tmk Sbvkmth Rbuimbbt.—The
Mayor of Wa*hin**tnn baa given order* for the
beautiful -.land oTcolor* which will be pre.
rented whea < emple'e to tbe New YorkjSey
jiith rt-t'mtn'. in •-Mh-.ttf tit lltf tf Wftlbt
False Pretence' _. f _InffeyVof Philadel
phia, waa arraigned before the mayor, yeater
r*ay. to an«wer the charge of obtaining 1 $**t;a
worth of liquor from Lyle Foster A Co., of
this city, in January last, under false pre
tence*. The rfrrurastances. a* related fo the
Mayor, are ac follow*. RLr, Mnrfee, whilst
in this city as the agent of VV illi.im Elliott k
Co., of Philadelphia, ascertained that iße*»*rS.
Foster k Co. had on hand a lot of apple bran
dy, and proposed to purchase it on bis own
account, stating that he sometimes made out
side operations wben traveling about. Be
lieving that he waa really the agent of the
above firm, Messrs. Foster A Co. were willing
to sell to him at *V» cpnfs per gallon, he stating
that hecotild make a speculation on it by ship
ping It to the ft tinker City. Aft. Murfee then
left for Philadelphia, n'ld n'terirafds trie
graphed for a sample of the liquor, which was
sent him, he bargaining to pay on*-hSlf the
purchase money in cash, and the remainder in
ninety days. The brandy was shipped as per
direction, and a draft drawn on Mnrfee, which
h* accepted, but failed lo par. Cn Litinirv,
Messrs. Foster _ Co. ascertained that M'trfee
had deposited the liquor with ahouse in Phil
adelphia and received an advance on it off—W.
Some few days since Mnrfee returned to Rich
mond and promised to serure the debt when
he came from Lvnchburg; but falling to do so,
hf was followed to Niinsfiiioud by on* ol th»
partners, Mr John R. R'eger, where he con
fessed judgment; on the Tth inst. Mr. S. then
returned to 'his city, and obtaining a warrant
from Alderman Hal lard, charging Mnrfee with
obtaining goods under false pffffnc***. sent it
to Norfolk and had him arrested and brought
back. Murfee says that he bouzht the liquor
on speculation, and expected to make §150 by
it: bnt instead of doing so, exhibited a letter
from his commission merchant, who pro
nounces the liquor nothirgmore than flavored
whiskey, and declares that it will not bring
more than :i_ cents in that market—thus show
inc a loss to M nf uu cents per gallon.
The Mayor, after hearing such evidence a*
was before him, decided that the charge of
"obtaining goods under false- pretences'" was
not sustained, and theienren discharged the
'•censed. Messrs. Foster k 00. will therefore
nave to rely upon a civil process for their debt.
Paily Union Praij-r Meeting, Yesterday.—Tht}
leader, iv opening the meeting, urged the im
portance ot making all Ihe prayers and exhor
tations brief— within five minute—according
to the rules posted around the room.
A gentleman asked the prayers of the meet
ing fr an acquaintance—a public man, far
from his home—now lying sick in thecitv, and
under religious concern. The next speaker
asked the prayer* of the meeting for a .tea*.
vi/.: The dissipated young men of the city, of
whom there are many. Prophecy encourage*
us to look for wonderful changes in human
character under the influence of the O—-.pel.
He had lately seen this illustrated and fulfilled
in a prayer meeting at which lie was present.
The -ou of a minister—a lawyer of ability—
after many years of a. prodigal's life, rose to
testify hi* faith and hope. Another person
present, who had been an infidel and scoffer,
told that he wa* now preaching the (Jospel,
which h.- once labored to destroy, and re
marked that he saw before liirn in that meet
ing a young man, now a Christian, whom he
bad not before met since he saw l.im preach
ing a i,icel sermon in a bar-room. Such in
stances should encourage us to look for simi
lar results among the profligate of our ac
quaintance. The next speaker asked that th*
3d chapter of St. James' Epistle might be read,
which being done, he made some remarks
upon the n-e of the tongue, recommending a
peaceful course to his hearers, and urging
them to avoid all strife and contention, in obe
dience to the precept, '-Speak evil of no man.''
Another speaker remarked that, speaking evil
of our fellow-men often prevented our pray
er* being beard oa High.
The requests of various persons for an in
terest in the prayers of the meeting, for them
selves or their friends, were presented—re
quests which indicated various degrees of
sinful excess, and multiform conditions of
bodily and mental distress.
Hustings Judge. —The amendment of the City
Charter, by which a Hustings Judge is to be
elected, will have tube voted upon by tbe peo
ple, for whose benefit the Ji Ige is to be crea
ted, t'nder existing arrangements, it is impos
sible f..ir Judge Meredith, With all his perse
veiauce a.id industry, to get through tbe civil
business now crowding upon him, and ibe
consequence ie that law snlt* are delayed, aud
prisoners are kept iv confinement for mouths,
awaiting trials, because of the fact, that but.
two criminal terms are held in each year. If
the business of the city were to become no
larger in the next eight years. Judge Meredith
might possibly work through it: but growing,
as Richmond is, everyday, another court with
concurren* jurisdiction is es.-eniially neces
sary. The.fudge of the Hastings Conrt can
sit for twenty days iv every month, and can
dispose of criminal causes as they arise. If
tlie proper tr.an is selected for tilt* position, all
classes of society will be benefitted, and the
public saved a heavy outlay in support of per
sons charged with offences whilst awaiting
their trials. We are sure tha; every citizen.
when be examine* the amended bill, will go
for its adoption, and w 11 aid in selecting the
most -mtable man for the responsible position
of Judge.
Ca/it. Kingsbury's Lecture. —A very intelli
gent audience heard the lecture of Capt. Kings
bury lasr Friday evening, in .Mechanics' Hall.
It was admirably written, and fuil of thought
applicable to the subject. He did not advocate
the forcible taking of Cuba, but he showed
very clearly how Cuba was to be taken, if we
concluded todoit. His review of onr Kevolu
tionary battles and campaigns was very inier
esting,and presented thi-subject in a new lisht.
He defended the system of coast defences by
forts ns guards to the approaches to our larg)
cities, and showed that railroad* and tele
graphs alone would not do; that disciplined
men, in sufficient numbers, could not be as
sembled at any one point in a short time to
meet an invading army, and that cur true
policy was to have tons enough, and heavy
guns enough, to raise a storm of iron on an
advancing fleet sufficient to destroy it. His
conclusion was a very eloquent passage, anti
cipating the time wh-i; America anil England,
at peace with each otiur, shall together govern
lhe world.
A > anl.ee Tri'k.—lt is not to be wondered at
that Yankee shoemakers have to work cheap,
when the character of the stock they use is
known: nor is it at all surprising that the shoes
thus made are of very little service to the pur
chasers. A fi-w evenings since, a young lady
of this city, finding her feet somewhat damp
after a short walk, sat by the lire to warm
them, of course taking good care not to scorch
her dress gaiters by placing them too near the
tire. On becoming comfortable, she arose to
attend to domestic aff'aus, nnd starting across
the room, suddenly discovered that something
was wrong about one ol her fuots. An exam
ination into the cause showed her that one of
the heels was gone, which was afterwarda
found lying on the tender. The heel proved
lo have been made of sotn.-cheap composition,
instead ot leather, and becoming wv.rin by the
tire, had melted and left the sole. Wooden
nutmegs and paper shoe soles are some of Hie
inventions of Yankee ingenuity, hat they are
entirely thrown into the shade' by the substi
tute for leather now being used in heeling la
dles' shoes.
Teiooninga Child. — A negrogirl called Mar
garet, slave to (jrsorgs Uartia, was arrested
and imprisoned yesterday afternoon, to an
swer the charge of attempting the lift of an
infant, of Mr. John Raster, by jK'tiring pal
verized glass dowu its throat. A quantity oi
tbe prepared glass was found where tbe negro
had secreted it. She was hired to Mr. Bauer,
who lives at Odd Fellows' Saloon, corner of
Foushee and Mayo streets, and is supposed to
have attempted the murder with the hope of
getting rid of the trouble of attending to the
little infant. She will have a hearing before
the Mayor this morning.
A Pri.e Fight, ot no ordinary magnitude,
occurred last Monday night, between Law
rence Miller and John Barleycorn, in which
the former bad the beat of it for at least a doz
en rounds; bin growing faint from the fre
quent and ponderoue pel ta iv the bread-baa
»et, John fell at letigth from weakness,and was
borne from the battle-field to the cage by two
of the wa'chmt-u, who interposed their author
ity just in nine to save him from a night iv
the street. Yesterday morning when called
before the Mayor, Johti was extremely sorry
for bis bad conduct, aud promising a better re
cord in the future, was discharged.
The Inauguration of the ("lay statue, iv this
city, will take place on the l-.'th of next month,
and the ceremonies promise to be very impos
ing. The first regiment of Virginia Volun
teer*, Col. August, have been invited to pa
rade, and will accept the invitation. Distin
guished persons throughout tbe t'uion have
also been invited to be present, and a uumber
of them have already accepted. Tbe con
tractor* for the atone work are preparing the
pedestal fer the statue, aud the platform of
the pavilion will be completed by the day for
the inauguration.
The Ladits of Dr. Reads Church have tbs
most iuvtiiug exhibition of fancy needle
work In their fair room iv Mechanics' lnsti
tate Hall, that ere remember ever u» bays ttou
at auy phase ol tbe sort. They ar* seeklug
to raise tnt-aaa lor domestic miaaiou*, and in
vite the pnhlle to uld ili-m hy purchasing their
Ktio.l- The lull**, a* welt no tbe «t«rner am
Will Hod mneh to plea*** hem by nailing, ant.
ml <*ap ronlrlbiitN someihlig to a work which
ii •trinr tf H*r*i rtutiiff i "
fh' Woolly Horse, abont the existence ol
which So IWneb ha* been said aad written,has
arrived In RiChfrToW*, and will be exhibited in
the course t.t a ft-t* day*. The animal wa*
r.'Bled ia Rockingham county, Va.. i* now
tivhrlv three year* old. stands fall fifteen
hands „J«*h, t* b* gentle as a cat, and 1* well
proportioned In e-ery respect. Indeed he is
n real borse in sheep's Oi*»b*nf. being covered
from head to feet with cufly# 9n» wool, hav
ing all tbe appearance of tbe coaf at the ordi
nary she*?p. Unlike the sheep, however*, his
he.'CrT, •♦•fs and legs below the knees, are
covered tvlth wool, whilat his tail rewmble**
thai or the sh-ep Indeed he might well be
taken for a mammoth frtifl,- without horns, as
he has no mat.*, but lor the that he is
thickly coated with wool from tbe f*r- of his
nose to the cud of bis tail. A greater animal
curiosity than this woolly horse we have nev
er seen.
A Reautiful Picture is "The Home of Wash
ington after the War,*' now on exhibition at
Mechanics* Institnte Hall, and we really feel
surprised that so lew of onr citizens have
vifited it. Apart from tbe historical recollec
tion* which cluster around the* home of Wash
ington, the painting, as a work ol art, is ot
the most attractive character. Every figure
on the cftiiva* seems imbued with life, and
one car. readily imagine tbat be bears the mu
sical voice of that great and good man, a* be
earnestly talks le _BBs**BHr ol the* time* in
which they lived. But apart from rhe figures,
each of which is admirable in coloring and
proportions, the landscape U beauiifr.l beyond
comparison. We n-enr*- our renders that a
visit will be well repaid, and that they will
not regret it.
Theatre,— The friends of the drama have a
rare treat in Store for to-night. Morton's le
gitimate old comedy of the "School of Re
form." is the leading piece, with Mr. Clarke
as "Hob Tyke," Mr*. Phillips as "Mrs. Ter
rr.out," AdarM as "Termeut,"' and H.-tiley as
'* Tarragaii." *»uch a cast, in such a comedy,
cannot fail to amuse and in-truct, and snotiid
insure a fashionable audience. Af'er this, the
laughaiile fanes of '-Spectre Uridegroom,"
with Clarke in his inimitable character of
" Dickory," will be presented.
Spmtiea* C»in.— Eor several months past un
known person.-have been employed in circu
lating counterfeit quarters, half dollars, and
dimes about the first market,nnd the Clerk of
the Ularket as also the police officers have been
on the lookout to detect SOBBS of the parties.—
Yesterday a man named Peter Gaily passed
spurious coin on William Calling*worth, and
was shortly after arresfeti andcaged. Whether
he will be able u> show how he became pos
sessed of the trash, remains to be seen.
.1 er, de n i.— Last Saturday night, as ti.e
steamer Roanoke was leaving her wharf at
Rocketts for New York, an employee, named
Henry Barton, accidentally fell down the
hatchway, fracturing ooeot his arms in two
places, and otherwise bruising and injuring
him--.-If. He was taken to Norfolk and placed
in the Marino Hospital.
The City Council will meet this afternoon at
1 o'clock, to act upon the report of their com
mittee ou tbe city railroad petition, and will
probably report favorably upon it, with such
restriction? as will protect the interests of the
eitivene, rind at the same time give theauthori
ties a superinducing power over the subject.
The Curtis Pick has been overhauled, thor
oughly repaired and painted, and will be ready
in a short time to take her place on the river
line between this city ami Norfolk. She is to
be employed as a night boat, and will therefore
increase the facilities for reaching Old Point
during the summer months.
sief'ing Proris-ions.—tTwa servant women,
Ann anil Mary Jane, the first charged with
stealing RsR and potatoes, and the last with
receiving them, knowing them to have been
stolen, were punished by order of th* Mayor
yesterday morning.
Th' Drawing School of the Mechanics' insti
tute will close in a short time, for the present
season. Some of the pupils have made most
remarkable progress in their stadies, and give
promise of becoming celebrated n« prnetic il
Trespassing.— Thaddeus Scott, a free negro
for trespassing on the premise* of IV!. I.
Sirnttim, ami bualina:Anensu ||irl, waa called
before the Mayor ami orlere—do be well pun
Continued. -Tin* examination before the
Mayor ol .lobn fAwiow.hsi been coutinued
until Friday nex*, to enable the Commonw
ealth to secure the attendance of witnesses.
/.or/.../ f >..— Jacob Miller, whilst in a state
of excitement yesterday, threatened to assault
aad bent Catherine I'owell, lor ,*.hich she hiul
bim locked up to answer.
DEATH OK A CeNTI-NAMA**.—Mrs. .lohsil
i.ah Hermans died in Albany, N. V.. on the
I tth inst- :it the advanced age of MO years.—.
Mr--. H. was bom in the county Kerry, Ire
land, in IT.">7. She emigrated to "this country
iv 1-niii, sailing from Liraeiick aud alone, br
ing then 99 years old. She was married at
about the age of IS, and has a widow
thirteen years. Her grandfather was If.-years
old at tbe lime of his death: her father was
liio, and she bad a brother HO at the time of
his death. 31 rs. Hermans enjoyed the very
best, of health up to within a frw days of her
lien 111. Eighteen mouths since ehe walked
from Albany to Clalway, "Saratoga county,
over thirty miles, experiencing, apparently,
very little fatigue.
Diixiia m i>i" <>v Mr. H'ivnton.—Mr. Royu
ton, la c Itepu'y Clerh in the House of Repre
sea'ativesat Washington, who was arrested
in New York on Eriday, on suspicion of hav
ing been a government defaulter, has been
discharged from custody. Capt. Howling, of
the police, telegraphed t.j Washington in rela
tion to the alfair soon after the arrest, anil
upon receiving an aaswer from the authori
ties in that city to the effect that there was no
charge against the prisoner, he immediately
released him Iroin custody.
The Kchinox— Rough and unpleasant
weather may now ha expected for a brief sen
son, a-*, the sun is rapidly approaching the
equinox, when the two opposite points of the
celestial sphere— the eliptic and equator— in
tersect each other, and the precise time when
the suu enters the first point of Aries or Libra,
and the days and nights become of eqtwl
length. The vernal equinox I* about the-tel
of March —the autumnal about the -'Ist of
Pardo*. RuFfSEi*.— (lovernor Ramsey, of
Minnesota, has seat a veto message, two
columns long, to the "Legislature, giving rea
sons why be cannot sign an act to commute
the sentence of Mrs. hears Rilausky, now un
der sentence ot death in St. Paul, to imprison
awet la the State prison during her nataral
life. Anna was convicted of ihe inurtlerot her
biisbaud, St.-iuislaus Ititttusky, by poison. The
Legislature did not pass the bill over the gov
ernor's veto.couse.iuetitly Mrs. liilaii*rky will
be hung on the S9d l.ist.
I'Kt'RKASE ok Slaves in Delaware.— Dela
ware is rapidly getting rid of ber slaws. She
had BUUU at 'he llr-t ceuaus, and but WM at the
last one. Their owner* find n more profitable
to _,*! 1 ihem at the South than to keep them.
Sussex county alone ships to the South, ou an
average, six ■*•! week, or two hundred and
twelve a year. Every census shows a decrease
ot ten jier cent, in the Slavs population.
Dat mmkbs.—A bill has been introduced into
the Tennessee Legislature to tax outside I
drummers aud merchants who imss through
that State selling goods by -.iiuplc*, so aa to
put them on an equality with Tennessee mer
chants, who pay taxes to the Stale for vend
ing merchandize.
Tik**ei> I.e. rt reuh-Jnhu Brown, Jr.,
son of old Drown, lectured at Gustavu*
Trumbull county, Ohm, on the night ut the
loth mat., on "The Influenieot Slavery." Hi*
brother, Owen Drown, who waa at li_r-*er's
Kerry, made some ienutrks after the lecture
was over.
Lkttem.h of Jt.Mi's.-The original mat'u
script '• Letter* of J uuiu-, 'so larva they have
beeu prvserved in the Woodfall family, have
recently been ottered to the British govern
ment by Mr. H. D. Woodfall for £*».
New Yoaa Bawk Statbm est.—The weekly
statement ot tbe New Yorhcity Hanks »how*
an increase a* BUM*** la loan*, Bt,.l!u,t*»i in
specie, .!,!•,i'.i,i»»i in deposiu, aud a decrease of
fo-.IXH) in circulation.
Some of tbe identical lot of ma which was
thrown overboard ia Boston harbor ta 177U, i*
said to be in pos«e*»tou of Chat le* Hoamer. of
Hartford, Conn.
A man named Oeorga Hickman has ansa
•enteuced to the chain gang at Memphis,
Tenu., for 103 daes, for expre**lug aboliUoa
The New York Legislature has passed tbe
act rniaiug au uddtuonal amount oi ti,uuu,iiM
for the completion ef the New York Central
Mis* Care tang* aieter, Mr*. Seaman, waa oa
ihe witneae-ataud sixteen honra Inat w*e%n*
tbe cam* of her »iat*r agelast Mr. Hhaw.
Tbs Typographical rtocietr ef New Verb has
eeietfadeaauenef aiwte Am Ma.****-*****'*
, -Wunn'-*taiife«tiaiN-<
.*■ mr _-—— -'j. i,_ i ■■._ _■_ <..j_— —_—
tmr j*. of it dtmbti_nr9\ r
i.-.ac ..Idavs,.--, L4sli._ds._ »«■**. . a*f*
1.. do. # da**. I J. I %.-•**... * m<*>th. I m
Larger adit, list menlt tn exact proportion.
_%. Advertißßinsat* pebHsaed aatil for hie, *> i.
hs charged W oeate per stjaase of sight Haas fbr th«
irst in—rtioe.aad-i—ets Ih*sesh maßasasii.
SPECIAL if one— ~
B_ _ legant Apr In a Good*.
W "*».f**l.B**inßrT*lL C«t*H DB*r.**a«,
.„ Ro. ill. Ragle taaare.
•»*«!-"«* ttr and «B a ta*r d«s wiß
_*___ _____ •'**'«• ■«*** eoeaslefe sjoeh of the
nttWuFJm J?* 1 * '" M) DS.»'> **hich tbey lavitethe
alHaWoa *. eeeh and short time barer*. Their
• fo.Miii arc marked »t v* rr i„« arte**, to sttraet
cash r*rareneaa »«•**»*» ■»•*•*—■•
'__ . _,„ MOW OPEN.
__""* n ' PS*** S'LKSand KILK ROB KB
Dr'ipifril BKHrUK.** it—ilftti A N nf —8
BRf.KrtßAßtif.Alti. ROBALBUB nad VA-
Atrrf a great varlet* of Hood* tor (Hreet sad
Traveling Dre**** The above good* w*r* gar
chaaed at tbe lane auction *al** in Now Yo. k the
paat week, ar.d * ill be aold lower than aver ssen
* "French .jacokbt*and brilliants.
r*o_ L A X D HI LKB - very cheap.
RUST - KS and SUITS of ORES* aad MAR
TLB. inadeuptomaeth
Tlioiupaon'* HOOP SKIRTH—the l>e*t made.
i.e-,..._t\-k PLANTATION ROOM.
IB,SH,, ffi_hs„KRT.R«., •■ „_ |M
mh 30-lrn No. I*l EaglS S**M*r* _
___s ilk* Sacrificed*
Embracing the ... -
laTK! Jsmat_rT]l K l 8 anddr»ion.
At unprecedented price*, h'tniing them wit bin the
reach of all. %
t.Y. Main Street,
Are now receiving and opening theiraeeeed enp-
.Mum if wbieh have been purchased at. the auction
s-ic* tn New ro-k dunng the p*«r week, at whioh
tlie pnres were lower than ever known before, la
Either by wholesale or retail, they are prepared to
offer inducement* mithkbto i ss-p uiid.
We slial! he prepared to exhibit an » nbi v ai.lbt*
stock ol silJts of the eltoirest atrlea, at a* ton
ihliihk prices.
X—.On WKDNERDAY iiiornimt.th*2l*t,w* will
exlit.it our snlendut atock of FRENCH LACE,
TLES; Silk do and new Dr**TERB-*oa-e the
real Incs, very ele<ant Imh 19 -lit) W. kP.
tra.Spriiis, l*»..n.
I. VII I.IHSKR A BROTHER.** I<>3Rroadstreet.
At. unprecedented LOW Pit 1 1' K.I FOR OASH.
or to prompt pay niK customer* on the usual time,
at earn price*.
Our stock oompriae*. in part, excellent bsraains
in ths following i>< 'Olis, to which we respectfullr
call the attention of t*-e i>uroiinaui|C curtiniunitjr. A
eiill and exam-nation of Goodt anil price* i* only
necessary to inaurt* sale* to the uioet economieel
HlLKtiol newest deal*ua in any quantity, from
60 ecur s to .*s;» per \ ard.
The besi tli'ick . 1 SI LX in the city.
Berenea; Grenadines; Ttaauae; Organdies;
I'rm'.ei! Foulard*; Bere<e An-laiae : French laco
net* : Brilliant*: Lavrna and Traveling Good*, by
th* > ard and in rob***, le** than 16 par cent, oa cost
of importation.
IW piece* pure inab Linen at tb cents nor yard.
iwi piecea pure Irish Linen st ;t7S» eta. per yard.
ltxipiec.es pure Iriali Lieen st 6<i cents per yard.
I.men 80.-iinis of all grades, very cheap; Liaea
Sheetings; Pillow Linen; Table Damask ; Nap
kin* aud Towel-; Udiea' and pent*' Liaea Cam
bric Handkerchief*, very cheap; Linsa Drills:
Huckitbirk aud Crash nnd Birdaeye Diaper*.
Csiulirn-s : .11const s; tiwiaaa*. Cheeka; Rtripsa,
Brilliant*; Tarlatan*; Crapes, by ths pises or hy
the yard.
Bleached aad Brown _birtin«a and Sheeting*, ef
celebrated makes, auch aa New York Mill*. Loads
i! tip, Waurautta'*, Calla Mills, and others, by tbe
piece or b> the yard. Alao. full atock of snob
• loin!* a* lielonn 'o til.* department generally.
Son 1-reiichLacePiiinta: .'*»- Lace Mantlee, of r»
rioiia attlea; Biirnuua. M .ndarinea, I'lcoolnniinis.
.--mi all Hie newest atvlea out. Also large stock of
newSi'RINO SHAWLS. •...•••Oiig/yrAe.tjr.
In thi* department we can ahow the Isreeat and
cheapest Goods of 'he Kind in the city, without any
cx.-c. t;i>n, comprising everything coming under
this need, •<>.> iiuineiini* to mention. W*. how
ever, cad the particular attention nf India* to the
nK.mirtment of neat Camtric Bands, whioh sre *o
Ladies', miaaes', irenta' atui l*ny*' Iloaeand Half
Hone, of all kind* and all pneea ; very low by the
dozen or b) the pair.
In great van.***, -in.l clime.
At our itsiinl miriv-tled low pricea.
Merchants lrom town* or tbe country wbo are
Baa kip a their ■flection* in tin* mark**, would eon
Kiilt: Inn r intereat by *i vir.g our ato.-k an examin*
rum, na on many Good* the* can cave IS per o*nt.
in p.u. ii i*ia.' from i,-.
.!. MILLHLSER k BR(> , m Rroad St.
in ri I. lm
»%, Rock* Good Samaritan.—
Tin* celebrated VIRGINIA REMEDY, for tbe
nerfain cure of Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Sprain*.
Mitliieaa of Joints, Ac, iseonhttently otisrsa to the
Rend the following certificate*—on!) a ape"miaa
of t.ie nuuilier oa hand i
Cuablk* Ci r\ Oorsry, Va., March 6th, I**).
'.m.R.rs Ur Sir -The Little of Good Sa
maritan i hotiitlit of ton. baa en'irely cured —• of
my Rkeuutatism, with which I h*v* b**n ufsr
in_ for nearly threo ien.i. It ia the only thin*
t!. 11 ha* ever done BM any f.00.1. I bop* that an*
Itody that ia *uilernif will uae it.
Most respectfully, .lon*. H. Rtra.
Riciimomi. P*b fad. I—o.
Mb. W. L. RorK-Dear f*ir: -Hiuti, auHSred
•'.■n*i.!eri»bl, for ae\ era! week* with a atiffa*** in
my knee. 1 feel under many obligation* tn joo for
having tendered vie a tH.ttle of jour very valuable
otntnitnt.called tli*<>oodSamaritan, tuaedi' and
it seemed to act lue a charm upon tk* alte<*t*_
liinli. I kiv* wm thi* at .'eu.eut beeauae I think
j .v. ou. lit to know how much aood yon may do your
f*ll«w man by placiut. your medicine before th*
public. !*. t». Mooßß
t__.A nutulier of certificate* received every week
■Jk.lri.-e ,'Oi-ei.tn, per bottle, and for aale irr
MILI .til'At'i'rH k JOHNSTON. Main St.
I. H IKARCK k CO.. Broad «„
J. W. .'ARLICK, Ki-naim at.
W. PRTRR-OR. .Main at.
*:..*•. Dawson. Mam *t
J. W. KRAY.SKR.irib*t.
W. 0. SNKLLINti.s. Cbureb Hill.
BY N<» chance ni.t_« in caae of failure, after a
fair trial, accordint "• ibrec»i»B*.
mh ifi-*t ii.'lijrtli. el,2lHf«.|Jtra
art. Sewing Stria -Th**e who tall ever Ihe
tiiidniiclit lamp lor tlietr daily bread, unMl etbauet
ed nature via twar no mora fatigue, will ted ia
HAKKR-H BITTERS their aursst frmad aad»V*
server, when v ed in' in.deration. th*y preveat
Dyapepai*. improve Dt-eation, etrengthsa tha
Nerve*, iimeken tit* Blood, asd ttivs life aad ea
Ti'" _.Cfe__*_**" r"*t»fe liver* lt#r wiHind
theae ill ri LRU an unrorUut »nxiliar*> te health,
and should ua* litem wnen at all tnfatbtad-
Price 60 cent* *er bottle.
To be bad wkoWl* anil retail of all the eriaei
pal lirutciiu in trie city ol ttT_Bina< omi own
-mti JO—ts
m_*tlllliaery Qeeds.
Juet opened, at N. 0. BABTON'M. m jfa-a
street, a Uraer «a*ortm*nt than n*ual nf BOW-
B KTB t> I.UW _RH nan RI B_OR«T-C_ MAN
TILL AS. LACE 101 NTS. sad BMUsrtaisfi'the
•*»m* mad* up to order. Cnastry merebaats •**■*
ptied with trimmed 8 r 9 AW *.d BILK fuKRET
t" «»,;d r, at th* aborUat notice.
Will remove ina'ew weeks to our new store*
No. m Mam at., bstwsea sth aad Sth streets
uili 17 -Ut N. C. BARTON. Mb Maia st.
* WfsZW, J. rraahlla k Co.
let Maia street. Riekmead- V*.. ibvii* dsslsrs ta
r<r_K_o_oOPfc» io o-UI aad •***__* *_***
newl, received aplen.ti b. »__ _ RTRRSO
BCOPKBaad BTRRROOIUPIIi. Tbsir mom* i*
a* lara* a* aay o_*r*d in. th* Rorthera *iaea, aad
they will ask* *ueh pnose as will Assam tha
aatreaaa* of tb* doethsra Hwrebants.
mh l«-lm:
tb*rsesof fyt .eat. per*aaes_aseaallsa-ere
w f
■V I*«bs*«!> «i«fh hare-For -aa-* tears' mo
**_** •__«"»>• sard saelMivsiy by737lUa_u»*e»da
r% *' e cv *» >* »•*• MsaeofsflTTtCs
*• • .sai _aai*oval of Ih *lit_ .J tea __a*^.
I •*•_•—_ -*-. * .**_ » *»***%_» **•**»_*-***** *^
va im p«nessb *f tavy^ ___w__\_f _ __g__.
! ysf& rnuiM *f WlK^lgflhi

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