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Verr Considerate. 1
TB^NnwYorhTi-ri.-tn^*-^;/-^" 0 ; s
happy about tho future of the South. When ,
their murderous onslaught upon the quiet ,
uoDntaUon of Knrpsr*B Fsrry. It went off nl- ,
moat lavo a fainUug fit in visw of the terrible ,
dangers to which we weresxpoeed from the ,
probable repsuuou of the foray, at some fu- ,
tare Usae, under better auspices for the ns- t
aniiaata. When Bnowu was to ho hung, it be- ,
canto desperately alarmed, lest bis execution •
ahouM cauas va to toss casts In tbe eyes of the t
ualveraal Yankee nation. When Vicroa ■
Htoo perpetrated hie ridiculous diatribe, ■
couched unJer the pretence of an appeal to ,
Amt-tuT to apare the Ufa of John Bnowu, iv a
vicarious agonies for the Soetb. writhing, as ,
It supposed, under the terrible castigatlou ,
wsredUtressiug to behold. Wnen the Legls- ,
latere of Virgiaia reiuasd to pardon stb
•t-BBBS and Hablbtt, nnothor nt of terror ,
came over it, lest we should be regarded as !
worse than ths Saracens, who, it seems, did I
-not hang the Crusudere-the prototypea of the
Mnrper-s Ferry culpriu-wben they caught
At present, it is laboring nnder a lit of np
prehension more serious than any by which
it has been bsretofore exercised. It bus dts
covered that the maaufactures of Qreat Brlt
nin lv commerce, tv welfare-nay, iv very
existence, depends upon the Southern States
of this Union. Far from seeing in this fact, a
future of unclouded prosperity for this re
gion. It cna see aothlng on i clouds nnd dark
ness' The abortive attempt of Jon* Bbowh,
It appears, has aroused Qreat Bri tain to a sense
of the danger to which she must be inevitably
and continually exposed, as long as her pros
perity—nay, the very existence of her Govern
meut, depends upon the existence of slavery
in the South. Parliament has inquired into
tbe -fhatter. Gigantic effbrU are to be made
to introduce the culture of cotton into nil
lac tropicul possessions of England, ludia
ia to be tried, the Oape is to be tried, Sierra
lJbn* is to be tried, Borneo is to be tried.—
Beyond the"limits of the British rule, Brazil is
to he stimulated to fresh exertion, and Cuba is
to be encouraged to throw her weight into tbe
scale. A horrible future is banging over tbe nn
fortunate Southern States, in tbeeventof Eng
land'a success iv these eflbru. They are not,
it aeemi-, Hks Eagland. Even though the cot
tun crop should be cut short In the Southern
States by the success of the efforts continual
ly making iv England and the North to'excite
insurrection among onr negroes, and England
should thereby be plunged into a gulf of mise
ry aad ruin sucb as tbe imagination shrinks
from conceiving, yet there is n strength in the
composition of the race that will enable them
to triumph eventually even over this calami
ty. But for va poor creatures of the South
in the event of Englund-a success in her en
deavors to get rid of her dependence on us, or
of successful insurrection among us—there is
no hope. There is nothing in our characur to
mil back upon. The countrymen ot Wash
ixotoh and Jackboh—the descendants of the
men who conquered at tbe Cowpens and
King's Mountain, and New Orleabs—tbe
brethren of the daring pioneers wbo marched
with Cl auk to the Wabash, and added au em
pire to the Union—are a poor, weak, nerveless,
mean-spirited race, unable to help themselves,
while all the virtues and all tbe talents have
lied to the camp of the Lynu shoemakers,
who are ready to cut tbe throaU of their em
ployers for the bread which they arc no long
er able to afford them. The countrymen of the
Sum*»'B*B aud the llickuans alone retain any
of the genuine spirit becoming free men. The
countrymen of the Bhookm aud the Edmi j-d
--bobb are wretched creatines, whom it were a
waste of words to describe as men. The mise
rable South, it seems, does not even kuow
what a catastrophe is pending over it. ltdoes
not kuow that Great Britain is moving bea
■ven and earth to get her supplies elsewhere
We pass over the insolent affectation of pity
for the South which runs through all the.-*
hypocritical essays. Ths South must be fallen
tow, indeed, when it can regard them with any
other feeling than unqualified contempt. But
when the writer tells hU readers that the
South has taken no note of the efforts which
Great Britain ia making now, and has beeu
constantly making for tbe last quarter of a
century, to rid herself of ber absolute depeud.
eace upon the cotton States of this Union, he
tolls them what Is altogether inconsistent witb
ths facta of the case. Tbe South knows well
enough that Great Britain would gladly do
without iv cotton if she could; but it knows
enough of tbs cotton culture to be perfectly
aware that she never can, and never will ren
der herself Isss dependent than she U now.—
Nor will the Siuth feel nny alarm at this new
ecstasy of tbe Times when it learns that tbe
principal deiwudence of Great Britain for ef
fecting this great object is, not upon Brazil, or
Cuba,or India, or tbe Oape; but upon the
country Dr. Livibohtow has found, measur
ing sixty miles by twenty, nnd lying two hun
dred miles from the sen-const, tbe Intervening
region being tbe most fatal to European life of
any yet discovered upon tbe face of tbe globe
Especially calm does it feel when it reflects
that thu cultivation of this newly-discovered
valley dependa upon tbe same race of people
-who are now Buffering the island of Jamaica
to return to n state of nature, end that there Is
no means of compelling them to work-
Should it even become no longer profitable to
cultivate cotton, there urea plenty of objects
to which the South can devote lv labor, aa tbe
Times will be apt to learn if it will only take I
tbe trouble to inquire what is producing the
general strike now raging all around it.
extraordinary Profits of Southern Manu. i
fartares. i
The hut annual statement of the Eagle Cot- .
ton Manufacturing Company, Columbus, (la, j
■els forth that their factory began operations ,
In l*-38, but, soon after, a disaster to the dams j
caused a loss of seven months' lime; added to .
which, tbe difficulty and delay ia procuring (
mmnj teaching operatives In a community where
ail had to be taught, might fairly place the
operations as beginning in 18-5.1, now seven
yean. Notwithstanding the drawbacks for the
• first five years, by Insufficient water power,
AX.— '
The Company have earned and divided
iastoek-!! tI3BfOOOO
HaveearaaTand divided in cash K>;iW 00
And retain endivided profits -. *M»1 BO
Making total earnings, in seven years,
.(alter having paid prior to Ist Feb.,
US--, aa interest account of *~*• 0* 5i.'«116,«11 30
Ths ciimtMi haa doubled ns suck, now amount
tag v. ♦277,000. I pout his ft has the past year de
clared* dividend
Oft* per cent .0r.... *f4l.fiflo 00
And reserved for contingencies.. 6,bdl M ,
§£0 211 9U
. The first in vestment having been ft 138, Ma); the '
dividsßdof the >sar WM olio, and., niiwoili <
____E__s,_ ,, L_ I *i JS-W c *- > - tal '" T ' tutu **° t *- e
BtoekhoMsrsone-halt ot tttetr investment ." The
rOBOft asserts that tbe business wilt hereafter di
!&**•• ****■ *** ****** •***• tne actual in
Melther water power nor real estate are as
costly ns at the North, nnd from the following
paragraph It would appear that the mnnufhe
larerasscape commissions and irelghu to a
very great extent:
"The SBUuund for our goods continues quite
eaualtoMUf ability to seßßl..aad all senlenahle
goods art sold before made, while our sales ureal.
moot i-rrlu-t (•**/» for cask.
" la eouelaai-B we weaW rsaußrk. tliat we be-on
a Bear tear ander asom fcvuraah. prospects than
aar for several tears past aad ths mors arueerat*
msna ef raw malarial with tbe active demand for
our genus, give ns high hoses ol even iaareaasd
9t.mtitW' T
Wtm hue euernUve the eaee is equally favor
nbhf. In the bttrtßde of W N,the climate is
much aajhier than lb the IhUtnde of « N., con.
musntly Ins wnmiß guea fo fuel aud clothiag.
Than, Bfjnlß, us*>*/tehpun are snore ahunaant
sad cheaper %» Oeotffat than In Wew Eagtnnd.
Hants coaatitate aaother taaportaat element
mi eapense to the opefayitvea, and rual estate
aahuH he ahsnpir In a sfaii-sly seiUed country,
■husjndlsg U the use* lauTrber, than In the
slaaumffsf niniliined Meat* B*hfir.ni
ÜbtsrhT -tin dwnsjtgtßßaai, Mbt WasMnf ton
AVearr tmiiiiiii Use ouSnien that there will be
hunmV a_rnuun*B_rnm_H a_ra"__- au_rnuunu* _r_nf nuu__rffnu_rn_ra'a_L mnu_rn_a__a_rßaa__a_
*uuunh*-aal nemeerjau. by their bypocrlUsa.
*auuTanßßS v ßt« hlnuf fJamtas peasants mater nsV
~p9&m\m)sWmwm**Wwi m ****** m **^**^
The One Fer Cent. Tax—lts Mistery lathe
Ac letter below from Mr. Ro«|b»t*bu", vin*
dicatea the House of Delegates new what he ta
very correctly consider, tbe fair Itaforence from J
the remarks of the 2>. - j-*e«c*, quoted by him--
The wrltsr was minted more, iietbAps, thun by „
anything else, by ths idea (which, in the an- „
of the Mouse, might very naturally have bsc-n ,
■■llrlllllil !■ »" ■
on without deliberution and debate. and be «
W moreover, looking more particularly to •
thTnurprialagmajortty against the proposi- ,
Hon i" the Senate, and the remarkable con
trust presented by ths attitude of the two ,
Houses on the subject. He waa not himself
acquainted with the facts now presented by 1
Mr. Robbbtbow, and which vindicate tbe 1
House from the remarks alluded to. Bnt does I
not the vindication convey or juaJfy a grave I
accusation agalnat the House as a deliberative i
body, for pressing with such haste a measure j
so important in its charac.tr and of such un- j
certain and vital consequences I I
To tub Editob op ths Ditatch:— Noticing (
tbe signal defeat of the one per cent, tax in the ,
Senate, your paper of this morning contains the
folk-wine.: "We do not remember, a similar case
a case wherein a measure of public policy ol the
moat important character, paassd by the House ot
Delegates, alter elaborate debate, waa defeated in
the Senate by such a vote ss this."
The impression conveyed by this paragraph '■-i
am satisfied, unintentionally-but is misleading
and unjust alike to the House of Delegates and to
the opponents in it of the one per cent, merchants
tax. With what follows in the Bame para* rapn
of your paper, it imports that the measure has
"attained popularity" in the House alter full con
sideration and discussion. Now, what are ths
tacts t .
The amendment to the tax bill proposing tins im
portant measure of public policy, as you juntly de
scribe it. and unsettling the very foundations or our
syßtern of taxation, was not before the Home
three hours before it was put to the vote. It is
understood only to have been projected the even
ing previous to its introduction, by an informal
conference of perhaps three members of the House
and one of the Senate. It came from no commit
tee. underwent n.. previous investigation by one,
was never printed, and was pressed to an imme
diate, vote on the --round of the House rap.dl>
thinning, by members leaving for their homes.
it was introduced by the Chairman of ths Finance
Committee, late in the morning session of March
I.lth, in Buhstitution of the measure recon-mentfeu
by the committee; was instantly assailed by my
self, earnestly and ab'y seconded by the meinlreis
for Petersburg, Portsmouth and others, (but with
tho admitted disadvantages of coping, un.-repared,
and at a moment's notice, with a great and totally
new question of public policy.) and was put to the
vote in ths evening session ol the same day, and
adopted by a vote of 66" to 41. I immediately oilered
an amendment, postponing the operation of this
clause of the bill, so that it should not affect licensee
issued the i-resent year, which was adopted by the
House the next morning. This feature of the bill
again underwent discussion when the bill came up
on iv passage, but it could only be opposed then as
a ground of rejecting the tax bill altogether. The
bill was in fact, for a time, lost; but two or three
gentlemen, changing their votes, saved it, though
I do not believe, still, it could have passed the
House except for the intimation made on the floor
by the patron of it, that those acting with him
would introduce important modifications ef it in
the Senate. .
1 wish to say that I concur most heartily in the
value you attack to the able discussion it elicited
I from men practically acquainted with these sub
jects. No one is moie sensible than myself of the
indispeusibleness to sound legislation, on mercan
tile attain, that merchant! should be consulted,
and cone owes them more obligations than I do.
I have thought this statement due to myself, if
not to the House, to correct the erroneous impres
sions your remarks are calculated to convey.
Windham Robertson.
». .. „r h.i.*:iti.4i l March 2l», 18**0.
The Legislature.
The aWamtnj yesterday, passed a large num
ber of House bill--, including the following, uf
local tud general character, vi/.: Authorizing
tbe Midlothian Coal Miniug Company to con
struct a railroad from their miucs iv Ohtatei'
ileld county, to a point on James Iliver, be
tween Warwick and the town of Manchester,
and regulating taxes on Hesarees. The Senate
refused to Insert in the latter a tax or. oysters,
and struck out the word-bond" in the bill,
thus making all goods subject to taxation, un
less dirertly Imported from foreign countries
into the State. The resolution respecting the
pay of the S'Jth Kegiinent of Militia was inde
fliuttly postponed. Certain portions of the
Governor's message respecting the ripariau
rights of owners of Potomac Hiver lands, was
referred to a select committee. Tbe Senate
agreed to meet at lv o'clock hereafter until tbe
close of the session.
The House of Delegates pastt-d an act pro
vldiugfor the furuisbiug of Mayo's Guide to
tbe Clerks of Courts and tbe Magistrates oi
the Commonwealth; also a bill amending an
act increasing the capital stock of the Kemps
ville Canal Company. A resolution, providing
bow a portion of the money donated to the
Covington and Ohio Railroad should be ex
pended, was rejected. The bill eouceruinga
work-house in the city of Richmond, was
amended so as to provide punishment tor re
fractory subjects confined therein.
The "Briiitia Boy" in England.
Mr. JonM C. Hbbsan, alias the * Benicia J
Boy," has become an object of much interest in
Eugland His name has even found its way
into Parliament, a member having called at
tention to certain petitions, praying that steiw
might be taken by theGroverument to prevent
the "Great Mill" between the Boy and his
English antagonist, Ton Savers. Ministers
were asked what steps they intended to pur
sue in the matter. The reply was that the
Chief Commissioners of Police would take
steps to prevent the fight within the Metro
politan Police District, but no pledge could be
given as to tbe steps which would be taken be
yond that limit. So that, outside of London,
the two champions may pummel each other
without let or hindrance. The national char
acter which it has beeu attempted to give the
affair will increase the inSerest which English
men of all classes feel in a t-jiarring exhibition.
Probably, half of Parliament will be present,
for there are no more ardent admirers, and
few more complete proficients iv " the manly
art of self-defence," than the noblemen and
gentry of Eugland.
Fatal Akkair.—On Wednesday last, Mr.
Wm. H. Berheley, of King and queen county,
Va., having heard that Joseph Broach had cir
culated a slßHderous report about one of his
daughters, waited upon Broach aud demanded
a retraxit, or the name of the author. Broach
positively relused to give either, when Berk
ley drew a five-shooter and inflicted a wouud
which terminated the existence of Broach
about one hour after he received the ball.—
Berkeley Immediately placed himself iv the
custody' of the proper authentic-.
Th» Wbcat Cbop.—The reports of tbe con
dition of the growiug wheat from nearly all
»arts of the couutry are favorable. Iv uo
Quarter*- are there other than nattering ac
counts thus fhr, unless weexcept the lat* --own
wheat in a part of Kentucky.
Moiiilb Mbdical Coi.Liton.-The Mont
eomery (Ala.) Mail states that the State Treas
urero. Alabama has paid to the order of the
Pmhtent of the Medical College in Mobile
#_u,oou, uppropriated under the hue act of the
Dr. Dlckersou was shot and killed at Selma,
Ala, on the tilth inst., while n spectator to n
street aJfray.
The Jail of Taylor county, Oa., was burnt
on Tnesday night.
ML Miss Jsbbib Hi.iiiT, ths popular danseuee.
•a agaiß on the boards ot the National. Ou the oc
casion ol her return she was eneorsl thies bliss.
-•«e.M_a*< En hi us Times.
_ ■»_• Fbotoob a r-us and A mbroty pcs sa --passed by
__£_• _S____. w -« Mrl ip.•■-»•« the smallest up to hie
nme, eoh*red in Oil, A-tturtil and India Ink, are
una* snd ealaVgeS m enyUred
******&**^~_ U r— r mvSsr
■nth trees, vad oa their iornmr repremauuoß
■-g-ifvn f' .t'-jran-J-i- ..'jitj a, _.? .*_Lg ■__■■*_. ...j-j.
UAJ.HEM rußp tape.
inr*** m * i mM'm
oommk.ro IA «%.
tjUchntesnt Markets. Mure*. 8". a*
There areaoehanjiss ta onr quotathnas sinsoeor *
hwt!savS3U Rio Cones •* l^»»J>*:^.- °
SreßßosaTsfitb auction sales. The sprtac trade I
has iucreeajtil in activity. , v aa
"hs one nor cent, tag -ar* merchants* .ales, was. tb
on .Saturday, defeated in the tJenate by a decided rs
voW-SS-toY Ths tax Mil is still under constds- a
ration, and thoufthsnorts may l* made to incorpo- tti
rate tn it some new leature with reference to iner- a
chants' tax, we have no doubt that it will be left a
where it has been for some tuns. „ P
The proposition to repeat the Bank Note tie- «
demption Taw is still unsettled. The fen ate op p
poses ths rspeal wnieh was paased by the House-, a
and ths matter was referred to n oommitteaol tt
StfiTwo WrtS 1W To 9 tf g
tior. the minimum capital of 6»M,M> tmimt ""*»» «
Company, on th«.mutual h
principie. is -u.t «■ samied jmder a"v irutma Life v
VirginiaLetiiiature. entdled the Virwm'a V
liu-iness men and respectable cintmns. Ths char
Mr id the oompaay rsunsfee if »J**mt !*•»»■»
in ili»secur tiesef slavshoMtas Statee. *»"•'■."
tata »f taeeon t»ny are to be devided amongßttl c
si.*aholder«"and the insurers upon an equitable
S Brupte Under tins soms*«..aMsmr*sy pass for
ln-mrii.ce in it. will 1* retained in the bouth.
Therens n.change t« inone> -natters or ex- t
chan" The earns sun* and .teady conditio,-, ia ?
these alia ra that has prevailed for the last two t
ears "til continues, fhis even crswdtosu
?s attributable, in a food decree, to the fUnk. note (
ftonsmiruofl"Law. widen it ts proposed now to re- J
"**r%«AOCO -The breaks of Tobacco have not *
lw« rutPaSs fo! the last week and ~arg (
of the freak* are lugs and interior '«*£;. *« b £f 1
to quote the inferior .trades lugs, ,
*3ir4 • eood *4rs«r»Jt»*»" inferior leal «i *«, good
sKutf^ood*and fine stemming *8«rll>. ;no
fine manufacturing in market yer
FLO UK .-The stocks on hand are limited, and
lin'ders and shippers tire, as they have heen for I
the time for a
too wuie apart in their Mtrade. 8 p- i
pers would pay »« 25 tor Kood .>uperfirie: but hob-
Srs demand *B SO. at which sales to the home
for prime
ReoTlJWsTfJl 53 for prime White. Receipts light.
CuRN - Market quiet and little doing, we
quote 7ft»tl*icts. per bushel. ■
CORN glEAl..—Wets, per bushel.
OATS.-Market dull at 40 to 45 cts. per bushel.
Stock.n^ased. oteS;wto
BACON.-Market quiet, with a fraction of a con
cession. We quote prime Hides
ocrs plain Hams 12c : sugar-cured KXoths.;
T.Mlif's suuar-curod 15c.
C()KFKE.-We quote Rio ISKuHe.; Lanuayra
Ua 15e : Java 16«17c ; Mocha 1*;. Market firm.
.•-■IUiAR-J.-New Orleans 8 to 9 cents lor choice;
Cuba 8 to B'i cents-none in market; Loal 11-rll«
cents ; Crushed and Powdered KPiall cents ; Lot
fee Su-tar: A 10 cents; B *% cents; C '-***<**S*
cts; Kxtra C 9' * cents, as in quality. Better lecl
inein the market. _ . ~
MOLAB*-!KS.-iNewOrleanss2ff6scts.; Culm Mus
oov-ado. in bills.. 32-t37>» cts.; English Island, 37*4
qU.; Ochenhousen's. 28. _ .„._„,
WHlSKEY.—Richmond Rectified 244*25 cents;
i F. ftearns k Co.'s Malted Rye Whiskey, new. fgl,
i old. $1.50: other grades, prices as to quality Irom
60 cents to $1.60. Market not so buoyant.
i BEE I*.-Last quotations 53.25t0 g«JB if ross.
i PHEEP.—g*J< to 86-50 gross for Sheep of good
i Northkrs ExcHANOK-0n New ork and Phila
. delphia atO)hj prein. .'«.., ~ ■
Such of the Stock Bank notes and of the Bank of
- the Valley, as are not taken by the Banks, are at a
i discount of >ih»* cent. ■ «».*«•
0 The notes of the Trans-Allephany Bank are 25 V
? cent, discount. Bank of Kanawha, no sale.
8 North anil South Carolina BanK Notes SOX V
8 cent, discount. — — -
B The notes of the BanK of Weston and the Bank
~ of M anassa, 15 per ct. dis.
* GOLD and SILVER X per cent, prera.
r Northern IWurkets. IBv Telei-kapul
ii New Yobs, March 26.—Cotton depressed-Up
„ lands middling lie. Lower grades almost unsale
a able. Flour heavy. Wheat heavy-Southern nom
inal. Corn lower, and nut-ted at .o«gt.9c. !*cw
c mess pork firmer; ptime uuchanged. -Turpentine
,1 heavy atssWaTc. Rosin lower at «lnuagl.«.—
Rice firm. Other articles unchanged.
Baltimoui-. March 2ti.-Flour firm at 65 "5.—
c Wheat active-white *1 mogJLse- red il-hto
- ftl 41. Corn firm at 70a72c. I'rovisioiis steiuly
1 and dull-bacon sides 10c; mess pork »"••»•
$18.25. Whiskey dull and lower, and quoted at 220.
High Water this day (Tuesday) 8 o'clock.
Steamship Yorktown, Parrish, New York, mdze.
aid Basseu_e*B. Ludiam k. Watson.
Steamer Belvidere, Travis, Baltimore indite, and
passem-eis, D..V W.Gurrie.
Pchr. Marshall, Chichester, New "iork, mdze.,
D. 4V W. Currie w ~ „, ~, , .
Sciir. Tunis Bordiue, Maxwell, Philadelphia,
coal. Wirt Roheris.
Schr. Ceo. W. Gnce, Palmer, Baltimore, guano,
Schaer, Kohler A Co. -.
Schr. Planet Mars. Geogaeuaa, Baltimore, mdze.
W. i). Col-iuiit <k Co _
Schr. Keiidrick Fish, Wall, Boston, D.
W. Colquitt A Co. ...
Schr. leader, Heart, Baltimore, guano. Bacon -V
Baskervill. _ _,
Schr. R. IL Burns, Reddish, Baltimore, suano.
Bscon h Baskervill
, Schr. Racer, Pearson, New _ork, t-uauo, Baoon
& Baskervill.
Sdir. Win. Fravser, Seward, Baltimore, guano,
E. H. Skulker A Co. .
Schr. Clara, Smith, No Point, Lumber, Phillips
A Co.sßjaa ' _ _ ~ . .
Schr. Havre de Grace, Fields, James river, lum
ber, L. W. Glazebronk.
Schr. Rebecca A Harriet, Sparrow, James river, I
wood, to captain.
Schr E_chan**e, I arr, Baltimore, ftuauo, Dean,
Holwoii A J antes.
Schr. Josephine, Waterbury, New . ork, guano,
Crenshaw A Co.
Steamer Virginia, Kely, Philadelphia, mdze. and
pansen-rers, H. E. Tutt'e. __. ■
Propeller Echo. Snipes, Petersburg, mdze., A.
S Lea
Schr.'Susan,(Br.) Long, Halifax, flour, Bucoa *
a t_.kt*rviil
Schr. Sarah Woolford, Harris, down the river,
' Schr. Ly nnhaven. Passapae.down the river, light-
Baltimore. March 25.-Arrived, sciirs. Hill
Carter, Fisk, Norfolk; Mary Adeline. Jones. Pe
(ershurg CI d. sohr. On On. Cater. Richmond
" Nrw Yohk. March ai.-Cl'd. senrs. Jauis»towß,
Latowrette. Petersburg; Fleet Wins. Douglas,
Rappahannock- Arr'd.sshrs. H. A. Weeks, Avery,
Ricimiond; Galleuo. Smith,do.; Otter Rock, Jones,
Passevgf.rs pekSteamship Jamk«tow*-j. Pap.-
Rtsn, master, arrived from New York»jth March :
W A Royce, Wm. Bnchnnan, Oeo. luompson.
H. W Norman, Wm Lee. Wm. W. Ward. J.J.
Whiteliurst. John P Andrews. Ho 0. r itz*,erald.
Jamas B Smith, Chits. 11. Bosher aud la iy, Mrs. N
H. Chapman and child, A. Parity ,"•. R Bailow.
Isily and child. C. Terry, D. R. Nuiinally. Jaa.
GludhitLJ. R Johnson Chas. Ellett.Wm. HeCal
loch. Miss Mary Partington, Levi Phillips, Miss
Morse, 11. C. Martin, Henry E. Smith..!. D. Fer
gusson, 0. J. Duning. aiisb Amelia C. Rot. J. C L.
Gaynor. J. G. Worcester, Miss A. V. Keene, .1. I.
D. Cullen. A. Y. Drap-r, Miss A. G. Yaaoay.Mra.
Anna M. Wells, L. 0. Wilson, V.J). Raymoi.d,
Wm. Ureen, J. C. Buchan. N. J. Kinslie, U. K.
Howard. ...... , ,_ ,
Also, from Norfolk :.I. C. Nichols, L «'benoor
fer and lady, G Kneler, E. A. Barnes, J. W. Ben
nett, .Miss L. C. Manning, Miss R V. voting.
Messrs. (.Jlies, Otey, Smith and Warwick.
Corner af M «i n and Thirteenth Streets, Richmond,
This Establishment, (l-eing the most complete
Pnntery 111 the South, both as regards lypes, Or
naments, Ac. and the latest and most approved
Machine Presses,) is daily turning out the finest
job printing,
Particular attention ziven to fine work for Banks,
Public Offices, Insurance, Railroad, and Transpor
tation Companies,Toltacoo Factors, Ac.
These new Machines, lor Cards, Bill-Heads,
Small Circulars, Labels, Ac, are capable ol turn
ins off 1500 impressions per hour, thereby enabling
the patrons of this establishment to ontain thu
description of work at the shortest possible notice
BY Prices reduced in proportion to the increase
n*_ Printing, in various colored BRONZES and
INKS, executed in the blithest sty le ot the art.-
Iv this branch of the business, the proprietors can
safely challenge competition.
I>R. T. S. MICHAELS can be found
at the "Carbon Hilt Miaes," Henrico
county .alter the 12ih inst. mh K— Ot*
■ . 1 NOTICE.—The annual meetins ol
WEALTH will be held at their Bankim- House iv
this city, ou the sacind WEDNESDAY in April,
(the llth prox. >at U o'clock. J. B. MORTON.
mh3rJ-tllA_ Cashier.
ip-*3_»W' ILL«U.O»KIM AFEWI»AY»r
mhlll-ts AFTE fT f MEcSAWIca' HALL
»li»T-liu , _.
IWARUIIstt-Oen be obtained on moderate
D terms 10 s private family, without children in
a few imuutes' walk of ths Ca»ih.*4 -square, by two
iutUienujlmen or ladies. Inquire at tbis office.
»r7»-lir MmnetreeL
' wntfnrlWrffi^
jab h-am y.^MfLxfl.
fcvsrly Hstl.. and daiarjaar cf ana late noocri ,
S nßSfßti. was a lady of ssanr rW u eJU*e»a«d \
mm,„. virtues. Ihe wi^nd- la\¥hotcl ildroß. i
Senate indisw-eition. ■* became •
•slatives and friend*. In emij ", to
,o noraoßTveTV-iv,, alms in more atnrt riMordj
inca with the sacre.l injunotion. Her house haa
Sen so mug est in order that death
her by surprise, tine met it with the utmost se
renity.and enpretneii no terror at its aspe?. 1 - "
Bier there was .an end which was peace, it was j
On Sunday night, tiie 21th instant. «£OTKKP
WARD.onIy son of Michael H and Jsne Atkins,
aged 2 years 4 months and 9day s.
Dcith spreads his with'rint*. wintry armf,
And beaut, smiles no more;
Ah! where are now those rising charms
Which pleased our eyes bet-.re.
That ones loved form, now cold and dead.
Each mournful thong tit emeto'is*
We weep ourearthb comforts fled,
And withered all our joys. ,«
His funeral will take place from the residence ol
the family inSydney.on thisi luesday afternoon,
at :J', ovioek. The friends snd acauaintancos oi
the family are respectfully invited to attend.
On Monday, the-sath, inst, st 9 o'clock A ,VU
CATHARINE X MKISEL. «l»u<** ler ,- f **."i
and Anna Margaret Meisel, aged 3years 6 months
'"'He? funeral will take place from the Bethlehem
Church, on 6th street, this (Tuesday 1 morning, at
11 o'clock. The friends and acquaintances oi the
family are respectfully invited to attend.
March 26th, at 1 o'ejock P. ML, MARY, the wile
of Wit. C. Smith, in the 44th year ol her age
Her funeral will take place to-day. aSo clock,
from Clay Street Methodist Church. Ihe men-Is
and acquaintances of the family are respectfully
invited to attend. ,
Norfolk (Va.) papers please copy.
3r 7-r~~ ASHLA »D R AT' F. S. -
Jtjnk££3bn.-r*>lho SPRING ME if ING
thia t^ry p wdl cofc
and Fillies, three years old, mt.e
mmnr ftffft forfeit-* 1 !.*) added by the Club.—
Closed on Ist March with the following subscri-
F* M.Hall names eh, c. Eugene, by Revenue,
dam Fanny Fern, by Clencoe. Alio, eh. hlly by
Fina-cier, dam Betty Steel, by Steel.
O. P. Hare names eh. filly by Boston. Jr..dam by
T Joha e L. Baltzer names bay filly by Red-Eye.dam
Mountain Maid, by Boston, Jr. ..,„„., , r ~.
John Eubank names bay filly **-ally Eul-ank, .Ir., by
Uildebranil, 0ut...1" Margrave mare.
Thomas H. Christmas names — Lily by Keu
Eye, cUm by Priam. ,
Nat. A. Thompson names buy hllv by Boston. Jr..
da „, b« Also, grey colt by Red-Eye, dam by
Daniel. Also, sorrel filly by Transfer, dam by
D R n .lt.' Beasley names bay gelding Buck-Eye. by
Hawkin's Priain.iiam by Boston, out of Catty Jones,
by Sir Charles. — > »^_
Thos. J. Green names bay filly Miss Tobacco r iy,
by Red Eve, dam Fire- Fly. by imp. Priam.
SAME DAY-2D RACE.-Propnetor's Purse, SKX)
—two mile heats. . ,
SECOND DAY—L*r fIArK.-Sweepstakes lor
Colts and Fillies, three sears old. mile nse**-f*SB
entranca-*SO added by the Unb, it
three or more start. , n ****»
SAME DAY-2D Rack -Proprietor s Purse -JSW
—three mile heats. . _ ~
THIRD DAY-lst Rxt-K.-Sweepslakes for Colts
and Fillies, three years old. two mile heats-.-saw
entrance-SIUO lorioit—s4oo added bytheClub.il
three or more start. r ~_
SAME DAY-2D RACE.-Sweepstakes for Colts
and Fillies, three v.-ars old, out of mares which
never produced a winner up to the close ol the
stake, mile heats— SUM) entrance-{§ 76 foiteit—
three or more to fill the stake.
FOURTH DAY.-Sweepstakes for all ages, three
mile lieals-«»X) eutrance-«180 lorieit-fjibW)
added by the Club, if three or wore start.
FIFTH DAY-lr\ Rack— Handicap for the
beaten horsea of the meeting, two mile heaU, lor a
purse of *"I*oo on the part of the Club.
SAME DAY-2D RACK.-Handicap for the wiu
ning horses of the meeting, three mile heats, tor a ;
purse of $300 on the part, of the O'ub
tt\, The Sweepstakes mimed above will close on
30th" April, and nominations therefor must be ad- j
n*esfe3totlm N ]
Auiiland Jockey Club, j
Aashland. Hanover co. ya..(
Ivlarch_26 l WW.',Jiili27— 2taw .MA j
ir"~ I'IA SulTO BTES.-
11l *t I The subscribers have been receiving
for the last two weeks, extensive additions to their
stock ° l PIANO POKTKB, , ,
and have now in their wareroonn an arsirtmeiu
Mlartte as can be seen in most establishments
These instrument* are made by Mr. DUNHAM,
and are not t-eiit "on sale." as some suppose, but
:vrr. purchased by ns exclusively, anil for tii*n.—
Thus obtaining every feir sdeuatage, the subscri
bers »!>• euabled to oliar them upon the moit libe
ral terms. Indeed, shrewd business men have, af
ter visilnic the North, returned ami purchased (;1
us. candidly owning that they could "do uo better.
They have tor snle the lowest priced koob in
strument made, to the most ele<aiit and costly; all
of which will be shown with pleasure.
They lißve a'so for nale
for ths Piano Forte and Guitar.
Booksellers, Stntinners, and dealers in
mh 27—6t,2p) Piano Fortes and Music.
"~ irkin« "as u it~.vTiV7irt* ak-
YOKK'i'OWN. Captain Parkisii,
JAMESTOWN. Captain "•"xinnkk.
ROANOKE, Capta-.n Coirrit.
Leaving Richmond e*reirTUESDAY andl-RI
DA V evenings at 4 o'clock, and SATLRDAY eve
niiir: at 6 o'clock. i-.-.-c
Returmns. they leave New mrk every HbS
DAY, THURSDAY and SATURDAY evenings, at
Soclock. KXCURgroN tickf.TS
To New York and b-ck, entitliuu the purchaser to
ko and return by either of the above iiiat-nilicent
steamships. Meals and State-room included, lor
the round trip, only Sls.
Passage to New Voru, fare and State room mr
r luded B\o. pa*.sai;c only M
Tickets and Berths aec^red^ .m
Oopo-iite Bteamera' wharves, Richmond, Va.
N. 8.-The Btaaraers touch at Itorfolk coins
and returning, lassaee U> and from Norfolk
same as by th« river boats. mil tn ta
4X3££i> The A No. 1 steamship PENMSYLTA
n»BRic-ss**s--* || j a, Capt. DaVIBTbaIm is now ready ip
receive frei-?!it, and will leave ou THURSDAY,
M*irch 2tnh, at 9 o'clock A.M.
Per freight or pas-sane, bavins superior accom
modations, apply to _
H. K. TUTTI.E. Anent. RockotU.
Boston freight taken throush by steamer at low
rates and with disp-ttch. mhaT—at ;
"7k i-uiTJivliVt VtiRK. -FiRST VESBEL.
JIvhjiEsPACKETS.--The supen-.r fast s.iilins schr.
CRENSHAW, Capt Wu. Moss.haTinj a portion
of her cargo ennaued and -f->in»on Ixiard, will have
quick dispatch. For balance of freight, api-.v to
uih27-ts DAVIDk WM. CURRIE.
V. . i RamiC CHAFICa?—«TORB, TAV
ftrmfEßN, *»• . FOR SAI.E-Wishtns U>
li-lug ' i-hnnge my business on account .-i health,
I will aall privately, my place, at Powhatan Sta
tion, on the Riohmond and Danville Railroad, (■.-n
--taminit three ao.es. wi'h a new TAVERN.
STOREHOUSE, STABLES, and all neeeasan
OUt-hoUBSS, It is the lietjt stand in the county lor
a Store »nd Tavern.
Possession niven immediately, it desireil Ad
dress B. A.GOODE,
mh g-dlw* Genito P. 0., Powhatan county.
hSIDENCE at the corner of Ist nnd CUv streets.
«a»uow in the occupancy of Mr. Benj. F. Dickin
son. The house contains 9 rooms, with cas and
water in tr.ost of them There is a lart-e yarden
attached, with eood fruit trees therein, and in the
yard is a well of excellent water. Possession div
an Ist of April. ash 27-eod4t_
___ _____g ___^ DKR Y. j
\kdf Order Ne. t.
Sr\t Sib Kn!i;iih—Attend a regular assein
y >r V hlv of lour Cojnmandery, in the Asylum,
Masons' Hall. THIS EVENINf", at 'o'clock.
By order of. the E. Commander.
WM. ALLEN, Capt. den'l.
Wm. J. RiPDicK.Keoorder. mh 27—It
TAN DIVISION. No.S9. H. of T. are
requested to attend a inietinj of their
Division on this (TUESDAY) mr-lit. at
",'» o'clock, as the election of olficer*.
•will take place and other important business be
transocted. By order of" the W. P.
mh 27—It* JAS. PARR, Committee.
KtciiMOM., March-Tth. S
Order No. XIII. _„ , . „ , , ,
Attrnd a refiiiar MEETING and DRILL
THIS 1TIB8DAY) EVENING,at 7,' a o'l-lm-k.
with Minnie muskets,and in cn-es belts aud »
tigue caps. It is important that memliers should
attend this meetiiK, ns the arranseiuenU necessa
ry to the celebration ol the 10th anniversary will
lie completed. . ~ „
By order of Capt. Joub in. R.\nv.
mhJ7-lt' T. J. MINOR, M Ssr-i't.
Richmond March 2i, l*i«. t
Order No. Id.
This eompinv will assemble for rerul»r drill,
at MiliUiy Hall, ou TUESDAY, the 27th last.,
atS o'clock P. M. ,
By order of the Captain.
mhg-lt _HARVEY A. DUDLEY, Ist Kert'u
ofter t K e l»'«est stock ol —
B0«X«. WEguK
erur oflersd to the trade of Virsima, North Caro
lina and renues.ee.. Woiild aa!*. ■secial atteattpn
too., NEW WB^ElJlg^
mh J7—3t 97 Main street,
PE At:M ULIHV |»0 TA-TOltav
swiaubelssuperior Peach Blow PpTATOKS,
lor table u»e and pt.aatias, which we war
rant to he of a sßpsrtor qaality.
ft» l-ushels suaenor Whim Mercer POTA
'mh tj~» hf-aahtia BUoeL_
rTHp Ml LI T i"»Y htstW.-Tbe sdrartissr
1 wisaee to dtaeose of a auuerior new SWORD,
with leather aa»l>he'>t aad hilLresalatK* patWrß
Will. iuboim OBSan, Aavrwi •■, sjimmm*enM ouiee.
JhmaA»rAW|h *\***%
T™SrfiS*JJj liU ami ha aoM a*eaa> "'** **"*
...a.*.. I . <J *»«i t ' -~ T -4 r l"
Rrmemtcr r jaswh's GoeU mnmarltaa.
"*" roams* obbor
-T,«i;baloia Viia|||ij Ac
is for **U mr Urusgisis senar uil* 'S/A.! 11 ' JJj
■ii • c niidask lorTWC X ISW-M A«TA«. wlfOfj
you buy. or yon ssßry «et Bomsthing else, and aot
be cured or benefited. i
Wholesalo orders supplied on liberal terms.
tia. Dunlop. Moucure k to. u»k the ul
ttntion of dealers to.their auctioni sale of two car
iioos Porto hipo 8U 3A Rand M OLA 88E8. at their
wharf and win-house at Kocketts, commencing
at II o'clock THIS MORNING. ■
oa.Salc without regard to weather. lin»i27-ltp
avh> Auetisn .-Votiir-.-.l cull uttentien to
th- leutints.at auction, of Mr. James r. Neagie a
store and dweltin,', THIS DAY. at Ml o'clock, A.
M ; alter which ths sale ol his stock ol Ornce-'iea
at auction. B. CAITHoRN,
mh27-lt Aucfnneer.
"Jotlce.— The uttentien of l»en|
ers is respectl-iily solicited to the j ale ol Dry
Goods and Knglivh Over Coats, THIS -MORNING,
at 10o'clock,at my store. Bee s.lvr-rti»ernent.
aahßf-HbV. ALEX. NOTT.Auct.
gs. Rorl bri-ltr. Alum Waters.-The repu
tation of these WATER.-* extend throughout Vir
guia, the Southern States and tie I nion.
The many miraculous GIRLS perlorrned by
them, have attracted the attention ol many emi
nent mkdical men in every s.ction of the country
Dr. Sam. A. Caktwright, of New Orleans,
says: " In truth, I know of no water-inJEnroueor
America, to rich in MEDICAL SUBSTANCES
as that of the HockbruUe Springs. '
Dr. J. J. Moorman, of Virginia, says: Itisa
matter of no little importance that the public
should lie fullr apprised of the remarkable influ
ence eserte.t by the ROCKBRIDUK ALUM WA
TERS in strumous diseases especially. They have
Ions; stood as a reproach to our profession, and
never but in these WATERS has a rented* lieen
found that deserves the name of a SPECIIIC lor
their cure. . .
Dr. John G.Caktkr, of Virginia, certihes that
the water is a powerful alterative, acts on the
GLANDULAR BTBThM generally, and possess
es considerable TONIC properties
The Rev Hknrt RttFUKa, certifies of the sal
utary effects of the Rockbridge Alum Spring Wa
ter. I have repeatedly used it, and. besides the
nood effects upon mv general health. I found itpe
ouliarly efficacious in dicpelling CLTAINhOUh
ERUPTIONS and promotion, a healthy action on
the skin. No other medicine that I ever used hail
so remarkable virtue in this respect.
Dr. J. A. M-.BAIK, of (ireensboro , N-C, says:
*' I am perfectly satisfied that the waters are un
euuallea by any in the world for LIiCERS. and es
pecially those of a SCROFULOUS nature."
The niany certificates that have lieen furnished
by Ministers, Physicians, Lawyers, and all classes
of our fellow-citizens, if published, would nil
columns of the press.
An invalid writing from Ohio, cays : ' That my
Dyspepsia, with all its tram of horuble nervous
symptoms, haa been relieved, and etlectually and
permanently cured." ~..«.
Another Irom North Carolina writes that, after
exhausting the best medical skill in a ease of
' CHRONIC DIARRHU.A, it has yielded to the cv
, rative powers «.f Rockbridge Alam Waters."
These Waters are kept in half gallon glass bot
, ties by our Agents, Messrs. FISHER & WINS
TON," Wholesale Druggists, No. 126 Main St.,
Richuiond, RANDOLPH, Proprietors,
' mh26-ta of the Rockbridge Alum Springs.
_«_The Great Virginia Remedy, and no
EASES.—This (treat American remedy, contain
in*; no Mercurial or Balsamic properties, excels
every thins heretofore ottered the puplic, in its cu
rative, restorative and renovating powers; and
the medical world are astonished when told that
the at«ove remedy will cure the aliove diseases, and
confounded when they have ocular demonstra
tions of the facts. But the proprietor, who has
known of the remedy for twenty-edd years, has
known of a case of twenty years' standing; to be
restored to perfect health, and all other cases of
shorter duration to be restored, without a single
exception, and therefore challenges any case of
Gonorrhoea which the rcm-dy will not cure, pro
vided the directions are carried out with prudence
on the part of the patient; and any one purchasing
half a dozen bottles, and using accordingly, in his
or her case, he guarantees a perfect cure; and in
case of failure, will furnish additional medicine,
free of charge, to complete the euro, through his
agents; and a cure will be etiected without incon
venienue to the > patient. _.._,__ _ _, „
Sold by APPERSON .V. DUPUY, No. 2UI Broad
street, and O. A. STRECK KR, Main Rtreet, Drug
gists, agents for the city ol Richmond,
|ri_. - r ou yi •••Children are oil en seized
very suddenly with this disease, which, if not
quckly relieved, proves fatal. It generally at
tacks children in the niaht, alter ha vine been much
et posed t4> damp, cold winds through the day.—
Damp houses, wet feet, thin shoes, wet clothes,or
anything that obstructs perspiration, may occa
sio'n Croup. Mothers ! your children a--e liable to
bs taken with tinsdread complaint st a tune when
you least expect it; but it is not a.ways a doctor
can be culled or a remedy tottnd, and for this rea
son we would advise yon now, and without a mo
ment's delay, to buy a Lottie ol Dr. EATON S IN
FANT! I.E CORDIAL, it wiil cure every ca-o
of Croup, if taken m time; als jail complaints at
tending Teething, Convulsions, Coughs, Colds,
etc. It is 8..1 dby all respectable druggists.—
Messrs. Chi Bin A Drio.vT. Now York, are the
Srourtetors. and also so;e agents for "Dr. BRON-
O.VX BLOOD FOOD," which, for Consumptive
and Chronic diseases, is a sure re-uedy. Do not l*
put off with any other articles. Write to CniRCH
A Dufont. New York, if you cannot get them in
your own town.
Forsaleby FISHER A WINSTON. Richmond.
Va., aad by Druggists generally. nihii—liu
BEX. The great drawback to persons .-mi
grating to the extreme South and Western coun
try, is the fear they have «>f the lever and ague—
the most direful of all diseases. Everyday we
hear of persons attacked by this disease and mace
helpless in a short time, without any ineans.ol af
fording relief. In view of the great demand lor a
reniedv.Dr. HostbttrK has presented Ins cele
brated "Bitters." whose curative powers for all
dise._esof thestonmcu have lieen universail- nc
kuowieaVed. The **lSitterß," prepared after a long
experience and deep study, have recei.ed theen
coiiiiuiiis of ths most eminent ph-scians. as well
as all clssses, from every part of the countryr. To
tti.se who doubt their nraai virtues, till we can say
is to try them anil jiuUe for themselves, respoc
ttvelv. , , , „
K.ilii by druggists and dealers generally, every
where. inhW—lm
_*_ Southern Sewing Machine
***-*-*"' " .MAM'PACTORY.
Ariau-iemcnts are l*;ng made to manufacture
the above justly celebrated Machines in Richmond,
Va. 'I'in'v are unrt»'*!eii in pint of simplicity.
beauty ot finish, and their perfect adaptation to
every branch of industry where the needle is re
Thcv are gotten up in various styles, ranging in
prices front •"•Ml to fBB).
The abuse Machines are on exhibition for the
prr-sent at Corinthian Hall, Main street, and at the
•• O'd Dominion office, ' .n Relvin's row.oppnaite
Bsnk street. Richmond. JOHN H LESTER
h*_ AGENTS wanted in every city and town
throunhotit the Southern States, and li'ierai in
ducements otlered for the same. For terms. Ac,
address V. HORTON REACH,
mh3i-Gt;2p> Richmond, Va.
hT_ Boots nnd Shoes for
No. 175 Main Sirkkt, K< iivuMi, Vik..inia
We are a >w prepared to offer a complete assort
ment of BOOTH and SHOF.R. of the latest and
most approved styles, among which will tie found
; the following goods of ear own make, which, for
excellence of material and superior workmanship,
are >nr passed by none in this market, viz :
200 pairs Oents' French Calf BOOT:!:
300 . " *• '* GAITERS;
400 " " " OXFOUD TIES;
♦00 " " " STR AT -SHOES;
100 " " CaU and Kid GAIT KRS ;
100 ** " Lasting do.
£00 " Indies' Morocco BOOTS;
200 " " ('oat do.
SOU " " Morocco and Goat BUSKINS;
1,000 " •• Morocco and Kid SLITHERS;
SCO " ** Side-lace and Con. GAITERS;
l.iiJO " Misses' Boots and Shoes, of all styles ;
Luoo " Children's •' •• **
Also, a well selected stock of Boys' and Youths'
Hoots .and Shoes, oi ail styles. together with a
! ir-.-.c and desirable stock of Per-teif Work, makes
our -.snortment as complete and as «re%t as any in
this market, to all of which we respectfully solicit
a call from the purchasing community before mak
inz their purchases, aa our facilities enable us to
oii-*.r ttieiu advantages as -treat, at least, as can be
offered by any other house.
N. B.—Custom work made to order, as usual, at
short notice and fair prices.
No. 175 Mam St., ik-xi to American Hotel.
■**, Large uud Attructive Supply ef
Have been opening durinz the past two weeks,
and are now prepared to oner, a complete assort
ment of
Tbev would call particular attention to many
Urge lots of Foreign Goods, wln.-li will be sold at
I prices much lower than those ol former seasons —
We mention a few only of the nio-t attractive ar
ticles :
English BEREGEB, in immense variety;
English and French BEREGE ROBES; 4 to 10
A very large assortment of 81LK8, of every va
riety of style, at 35 to 30 pei cent, below the cost
?of importation.
ranch Printed JACONETS and ORGANDIES;
RAVELING-DRESS GOODS, of every descrip
Fraaoa and India FOULARD BILES, soma en
tirely new and haiidat-iue desiras.
Our stock of Domesiio Staple Goods haa asver
of every grade. , l
Amongst ths last named, we would call the spe
cial atteaUon ef buy ars to some very laesslotaof
_»..U»i» ••**} «*»*_•» Flam and SUtped oHIAj
BURGS, and a larse variety of otbsr articles of
Southern manufacture. B|IKBDEN * FQX ,
mhhf-twif W Broad street.
SUSSBJ UUSBBUn ■TbIBTBU-I tim tlmJa Hslf-httl. S-ltsuMn SSBB-V
tßeWil^ala-e snob arises " »£Jeeerrn the
• patrunase of the uoutaera marenaata.
BBhls-lai- _ ■-••;:..._ _" _ s
lis auuWfmn -•""
~ nJltb TtTwTtTrtttT**?'
abd ot itnn
" ,- ™-*BBffl(im»..«-*.
At tsaureeedentsd »"*«*. b : >aMU '- ****• " ttmlt * tne
1 itt Mutat btreet.
Are now rseeivia*. and openim their second sup
ply of
Many ol winch have been purchased at the auction
sales in New ! ork durum the past week, at which
the prices were lower than ever known belore. la
Either by wholesale or retail, they are prepared to
offer inducements uiiußßro vbb.-uali.bd.
We shall be prepared to exhibit an vbbivallko
stock of SILKS of the choicest styles, ataston
isluru prices. .. ._.-
WEDNESDAY inornintt. the Mst, vre will
exlntiitour splendid stock of 1 REWGH *-_> ?&•
TLES; Silk do. and new the
real lace, very elegant. Imh 19-1«| Y> . «r.
f-QL Heayj Pluid|nnd _____
Griped osNABUR«,B. ypßicKg
W fl^D m Al^S^tn^AW£^ ta
For sale by the piece or package. a|
manufactory prices.
For SERVANT WOMEN they are very desira
h mh 2i>-3t- WATKIM h FICKLEN.
•Sl. Peoples Candidate for High * Unstable.
People's Candidate for Huh constable.
Peoples Candidate for High Constable.
People's Candidate for Hmh Constable.
People's Candidate for Huh Constable.
J H. MrCURDEY. _„„
J. H. AlrCI RDE\ »,_.__„
J. H MrCURDF.Y. . _
mh 24-tde*
»- S •« u • a, * ** W# jSrtokll STREET.
Beautiful BEREGE ANGLAIS ROBES, ot the
French LACE MANTLES, of the latest styles
and at the lowest prices.
DUST KRS. in -treat variety, amonit which may be
f-»und FULL SUITS, including DREfcS and
MANTl.E.somethintteutirely new.
HOOP SKIRTS, the last novelty and the best ©r
the season. , . ~. , ,
We will open in a few days (of which due notice
will be itiven.'an assortment nt REAL IHRfcAU
EST importations. iiihW-2w(Jp'
tax. Hurnett's Superior Extrait*. foruayor
pared from Fruits of the best quality, and hit-hly
concentrated.) , _
The attention of Confectioners. Hotel-Keepers ]
md Families, is respectfully invi'ed to the al«»ve
named Extracts. They have all the freshness and
flavor of the delicate fruita from which they are
prepared, and are less expensive. Try 'hem.
Sold at wholesale by JAS F. DUVAL. FISHER
k WIMBTON and W. L. WARING, and at retail
by traders uenerally. fe 2S-3m
as WIM Cherry Balsam.--The memory
oi Or. Wistar in embalmed in the hearts of thou ;
has cured of Cnuelis. Colds, Consumption, ors<n.e
other form of Pulmonary disease. I mh 2U-2t
Ba_ Rernovul.—
I. if. BINOF.R & CO.
Huts removed their BRANCH OFFICE to North
side Maia street, lour doors above Slh street.
mh 23-2W
UV.SI. Nicholas Saloon,
Mais st., m-'ak KzcU-Beß Bank,
The St. Nicholas Saloon, second to nnother es
tablishment iv the State, is constantly supplied
which will I* sold by WHOLESALE or RETAIL
on the most satislaotory terms.
COUNTRY .MERCHANTS are invited to exam
ine the Ur«e and well selected stock, which is l:e
--- constantly added to, before purthasiu-- else
where, — *_-__
Parties and families supplied with CAKfc.-,
CREAMS and JELLIES, Zngtfjgfgffi-£
Manufacturer of Double-Refined Cai.lie»,a_d
mh S—lmif Wholesale Dealer in Foreun Fruits.
•j*. I have been using '* Semple'-i Infalli
bleßikins Powder" lor some two years, and leel
no hesitancy in savin.,' that I have lieen more thin
ple-tsed with it. arid regard it as vastly superior tn
nnv Yenst I'owder it his ever be*»n me «o»kI for
tune to try. D. Baksb, Jb
Ktcauoßß, October Ist. 1857.
For sale by all DruZkisteaßd Grocers.
JOHN W. GARLICK, Sole Proprietor
ftv To nvoid bavin;- Sour Bread, L'se Scru
ple's Int-tnbie flaking rowder _~___,
Manufacturer and Sole Proprietor.
t|M>R HIRE-A likely No<ro GIKL. ac-u«tom
ed to housework and attending children. BUS
sews very welt She is about 11 s#ars of nee. and
a girl ..f good character. She is for hire tor the
first tune, and ouly now because b-uowner has t,-o
many servants about lis place. Also, for hire, a
likely MAN SERVANT. Apply to
mh 27—It umunrnl Agent, wall street
LH»U MIKsT t»li **.ALK.--Wo have irom the
I" country, a I.IK ELY MA N and his WIFE, who
will be hired for tbe balance »f «h.? year or sold
private!*. Also, a good HOUSE GIRL. 17 or B
years of age. who will le lured l_ the month.
Insurance and Collecting Agents, ltih st.,
mh 27 ts Exchange Hotel Building
F-ffjflX nThK.-A VOMAN Irom the cVuintrv.
«ho represents herself as a good COOK.
WASHER andIRONER. No encumbrance, ex
cept her hust-aiid. who is also lor hire-" sued
'FARMHAND. Apj-ly to E. D. EACHO,
! mh27-.lt Near Exchange Hotel, Uth street
TMikX Ml It St—Several phiia COOKB, WASH
T ERS nnd IRONKhS. and also a good MAN
f'OOK. suitable either for a restaurant ..r hotel —
Apply to WM S. PHILLIPS.
mh 27-'tt On Ifth.J-etw Mnm jindjinnk sts
F~ UK BIRR--For the bsJanee .71" Uw sear, a
MAN. accustomed to working in a Tohaeee
Factory; also, a GUM.,II »r 12 years id age.
Insurance and Cettsettag Assets. Mri st.,
mh24—lw Exchange Hotel Building.
FOR HIRE--Eor the balance of the year, a
good COOK. WASHER and IRON EI. «p
--ply to linh2»-3tl R. CAITHORN.
We have, from the country, a very load
OSTLER a::d DRIVER, about la or It years ol
age. App'.v immediately to ■
mh 2.1-tf 12th St., between Main nnd Can
NEGROES FOR MIRK.-Twovery superior
BERMAID. one plain COOK, twoxmi.ll uj>Y*-
RO. B. LYNE, Agent for hiring out NeVoe*.
mh-CI- » Omosiß Metropolitan Rail.
contain H per cat. of Ammonia and 46 tofru per
rent, of Bone Phosphate of Lime. Price peet-n
Afs.SOOil-s S-WtW
BONE ASH GUANO, warranted t.-cori'ain
5 per cent, of Ammonia nnd 66 lo 70 per
rout nt Bone l'h wi'hate ot lame Price
uer t»n <vf .'isai His W •.M
('ROUND BONE ASH. containing 76 tot*>
par cent, of Bone Phosphate of Lime aud
ground to aline powder. Price per ton
or2 own* -sou
we grind W ponder and warrant to cob
tsin 75 percent, of Phosphate ol Lime.—
Price per toa of s.OW lb* 30 iw
Having been for many years largely en<ax»d m
the Guano trad j. and bad opportunities of testias
fully the value of sll kinds of Uu mo th»t have
teen mi uteU into "lie couutr.. en -ties us to »c
le.t the very best vane ties for our preaar.-ui.-n*.—
and from repr-ated experiments that have beeu
made, wits, all the ingredients we use. both sepa
rately and m combination, we are satisfied that the
i t«rn.era wilt lad «*_r Fertilisers much cheeper
than tbe Peruvian Guaao when used -iloae.
The Pe-uvian and ritosphatic Ouaaee used are
selected with gre-it care, and always aubjce'edto
rigid aualysis The* are very dry. aud ground to
a line powder, and thoroughly and intimately
mixed. . • «
We will take pleasure in showing farmers
through our sstablishmeu t, as there in no sestet aa
mth. iagredisnl. -^AfSTm^ArU^'
Corner of Uth and Cary at* , Richmond, Va.
mb»-U. ,
-gay hates suae nor ruouatain BAY. raised and
r biled tnViMiuia. From Virgiuiß Cent r* I
Depot, and in store for sale.
[ Are boshe. prime SEED OATS.
family use.
IWhaahs ewsstfijlliry
thbauhs. ariaus SLACK-EiuD PK__r>
\AIJ_TI_I » ttJufTR V,
[ mhtt-M * f*mnhl4ms*-eet.
I W**ttloimwmtgeAmn*.
• **-^* > *■*****<*'-'* T **^*f)SXjyj|^eMßff-/BiO|B*BL
A )^nmjnmig^^***t
St tt " *" nt****^*
Th. proprietor *•£•»•'
(ns rids and tbe suhuo, that hs wniT I *-*** l
BA ML at his house, on * *'" * ,y « • QfLb.
A iae Coullon Band baa mtm uasaL.
occasion ■" "■«*tst f,
AI)MIIBKJN ■-Gsßtleß.Sß a t . *
Gentleman alone. »i. Si i-"?h : *' u ».tia
mh»-4t C.S PLEA^ANTfjIS? *
tUMMAIIIn, , *»
Tuesday, Thursday ami »atar-li». 9.
at ; i -j e'tiarL *-'***»rnw
The members rf the ** ~
Respectfully call the stteßtioaeftL;■'-■-"li
of this city to tlie.r Ur,e » h a " •"■•a,
Str.usth tone atamed by prae tisi , . v 'u
The eserois"* will he ci.aila i. ,"'''•*«*.
KEVIPE aud SCHOTT, AitWnf ■ * "■-*•«
le.M'SM. **** *» -<HllrtS
**Jl**u7 P#T ****£? n{ -!"- '""ti.-.- *-•
month. 92 )n rulv .-,<-« **■ *«*»
All dssi roost., ioin are iavites,
aess the exercises. **£**■
rjv »TOLF*-Fr«m niv UaW, .Vt'. -
Tirjliviile. on tlienulit ..t •-~ . '**•»*.
HAY M'lKsH *-,',',■•""U,.
his back 1-ehlnd the saddle. ri:nn,, l r\ l ', f *.,** c *'-.
from the t-ack-Wue. eacii tide (lowa •*'«» '"*
throws his front leet rather a»k-.a-j ''* t *i
$21 reward f..r »he horse and .-onvn-t, . , lf *'-'I*
_»»-•■ -* 0 * w-sUvW
IOuT— On Surtdif Bieht, the lun ~( v.
■» tween the hours of Wand n () ',.i. rk '~'?*'•
Rf NE. lined with dark silk-n ha. u-i , "••*
each end The finder will I*. \A m% n. " ■ 1
leavinr. it at the Ptspateh mhoe. JJ?J.«
LOST— At the old African UhiircfT . "C--■
theK-th. mv FREE
f will pay ior ihetroable.it rataratai .•,{.**
Dispatch ofTics. PLEaSa* r adM'•*
■bW»aV AlimUlfJ
FdIMD-A small
Avlr-tt's and Nf*w Oaitln, contains/-T3S
and PAPERS, whioh t-hscwaere-umbaS
inulit. either in person or wntiar. and P .,.T :
cost of this advertisement "--IB
mhaT-nt J()*?UH tVllu]
J „ «•'» REWARD. Mr n)M ;*£
—i rsT_ from mv resilience, shall ironßs-3
SaCjlprPt-J. For liii. return.%7-Ii :
formation as will letut to his rsee-ÜB] » *i
the above reward. Imhrt—l»| w. 4f t W'
mt t\ MRS. K. LYOS, ..
s**fO nit bjosu Si -'/. >• iietrrj a
Has retnrt-.ed frem New Tort ■> *al 1
aU the latest styles of ' **v
incliiduiz every description ef rSaia au Fi»
Ac., to which she invites tne Bttaßtituaj .# m
lie gener-illy. nih.*:-j;r«,
fSfci) MIS-S R. LYON. Jl
zJ% lb*. /.Vol.; street, .•!-•• rhtitm a*■
Wrnords * liair. **■!
Is daily receivin . ana npsaiai her *}\\
nOODS, win.-h IM wobM be p;«-u-*d t. Ua2
ladies and her customer*. BBBsraKy, r..: uit.
Can be assured ol *eUi!u »l trWaBBUj-hta
the In test sty leu and the Knshi.ini <*a«r».i
~£\ SPRINic. il •» L c 17"" aa;
MR.*-'.'J. a ALIEN *S|
Has returned from New Y.-rk. aHI »' sja
pared to show her SPRING STYLMOi I j
NETS WIMISMI Boss n .. thene.a mr
B»trht ■ BT*
%^tf T^.-griTT rrh VSM LYNtHBI RR-T.*.
j. iKii,**-* 1 ,:;
For freight, tfpply to WM. r 001
mha>-2t AttheSbed. !>««.
y a' "ARMORY O'.-VKRNURSi.;.'!*
J* Ma». h :«*,. i«
/SCI Order No. 1..
*T ****** Attend a spe4--i-ii BtsetlS/of yaBM
panv. iti. the Armory. ..n ev*-i.a. «■
at 8 o'clock, for election efeBMUTS.
By order of tl.e Ci'iuiii-iDOint.
mht| ff B. B KK.**i.No>.l.t«.-t
Jj* LliiHT DRA(i(>ONf( -Attendiae-.r,
ydtSji of your Tr«"P .ii XX. DA i. ts* 1
'I *"?*, Kt»nt nt H.>rnsr'tih(ip. at 11
M Hy order of th*- t'a-.if i.n
iiiii*6i-4t* WALT at '•• CLAHKr, j
_ pa-am reuus stf
T^ horse DRA YS: t v.. w.-..Mt hand 'S i .-..r-
Rnlint *i.d li-irn-.*--. lIUK--KS. BS4I ] r v li
MULES. Teniis aßcomßMaauas ■ i an
seen at mv suop and sladles, on |.«, bbbj
lilth nnd atlth streets. ..„„,,„.„,,.,
mh 11-lm* LDMCM)B"w.t J_
VlltniNlA LIFK INSIKa-ytttSVl
V ny -Al a BtrSßtiaaoi ths fM.N-lm-iJifirta
Yirtinia Life Insnrnnre Coib»i*i» •««»
offineoflhs Mercnaats [""''•lJfl*',
the city ol Rii-lnn»tid, on Vv rly ' ••* ■"•'
of March, tiie Mlowiag iislnmi BSH
ed a Hoard of Directors:
wm. 11. staemrland, J s ." ! " r'-g;,
JUmmV. Iteath" h* \ » **'
John H. Miurtßfße,' |** n. > <j''
Daviil I.B.irr, •'»•• ■•*•<• ;■ f -*
Lewi* '"inter. {*•!' '; •'•*-'•
.l.nin Joeau, rvf-J "*. *
Jas L. Api-erson. J-'h? « -• »••=-
Uwis D. Crsnahav, iC. *BntJ^
Ro'bt T Bhuahe, V H,' niV'^i:
utrathew'"-arursset of thi auußmjjlj
holders, tae S.«-iril >-t Hitroton — : -
sleeted thaJtHlowiesogsfrs; —.-,»-
Prrii-rV/it-'-'.M ll v . , M .' il.tik+t
Wi n I'r, .iii.m "AM '■ J ,I ,\ H .' ( ,:v
1 •! ADAIR PLK-""*^*;
ifrere-P-R.-SCOr - B HhATM.aU
Rv oderol 'He H-ii'd K .si\r« M
mhgi-dvwj•-__■' v. An.ll.r.V.'- 1 '
1 KIN Dfl IF S 1"r- AW tW*!J^•JgS
.'M.'a'ii'.l rOcen's. i: 1 ,-: ! : -';'-' • V >' l
nocket: Miirliii Collar* al..'''•''•- s ,
worth doubie, Mersei les lUw/^ft ~ .7 J
artici,.. very ebeap; ail K >'^ fM)## ,, UI
»nd Tinnmiii.-r; a * ,l, ;' ltlP ,, „, : •■
Spnni Wrapß-BSs; '-■ '«■ ; . Nrfl!i „. M
upw.-i.ds; Crotcbet Brail « * . VB ,, in
Needles, he. Tle-et who ?*»;•.-? ■~-.-
caII it -*-■ n„ ,I
mh fff-JB ■■ i,»l
U- «Muss f «•.>■*..: '■.••'■V i ,h vT* N. l« 1
PhJ<AH!-wEBI A • ...
stret-t oisr tosatotae §»«««■»* _ 4< ,
PENS thai titise 1 *" tUUB saw
BI ALWI.-' JoUl. "j;■•"..,'»'' ~ i
HUI.DEKS and II >< "• •
iVI %Rt;il '.Milh. I"''***"
I-Hti.". R. PRICE V a iU Hi a'.Vw '
thr-n..ve!(ies in tne '•**-""' rli
partmeiit. le **,'",;»'.v'v'ri"? * -
UesaatllLl. MANTLBi •
do. I.ACE_ ac
do. do.
>..-w style HKIO'.I **«■•:*■
I Mdll.VlK DlWF***Jjffl t*;«1
And. ina*itJhrn, sr*»..pefl '-, ; . . i
of the mwest snd an*^,?*Cs».*«
i.OODfv. such is •**' «» »» ,t "l" ■;„.;»• ' j*
rote Robes. Or-£-a..i:e H --es. ,t*-' »
Many ofttSeea f.«ds. '".uh "" --0 «.«
r,h*.e.of the hul rreat stds^
sold st prices win.. Stea' V X ,-*< • ' *
the century- |n>hi>- "J J: — **
>~-iit o t a: »it.L t^
i npfll J) y•.
i 39 ht-ls Vr*'« LEAP ,,Uiz£
\ Ift p pn.ne Hi i B> .
! *» hid*, sweet Nr. v >,-*•*, .\ ■ %( V >N ■<
tmWsesOrlANrJrJl wf.fetjii
n»i bobsb prim** -^"j x >-..i>^
i iou i.'f.ls'.WlwVd i-t'dA-Jfji W H'*
75 bbU. IWharnsoa 4 ;;*, .-,,«- '
I ******* *™**vtHW**}^nu*
•Butane 1^ e<BV * g
11860. sPELvfcl T-W%jjfl
CHEAP CLi» ll< N '- \njff.U'* 9
Dl" rLAhLB CLo «/> '~,Rrt|*fc -^
Call at »!?Pi'? l * ITH .stfemfthsur^
Wo Will seep •!'-J ,in * ( ~# " ,uiß« "** |l
months a |«'l "t«'»; l ' , *Ur* 1 >
tne OujShias line \*";..,'.. rt .. o**JS*\
to Bt all sue* and ; *t >'' *!"* vu i
eelsior> as retards ■'. »• ", bJ ,v^ ■■■* J
ThS publ: •IS IBVltsd U' ca : talS , N i SJ-Jj
- VVu*:il DAv.nsoa..A«e efCbn* -
■SaleSßrAß -— -~Zs ypi
fMltltßs. i'W*- I '!**- "■; ! «o-'"'>t'"
V* ceived a laf«* »-*- i r?'!. ~r io #» t»»i >
which be*nMrufileßsn j»t»
Cottars at X •'•, w Sllsis * A.» ■
worth X a "•*■.*•• S! Vm w> i» •*•£**
eeaU; Swiss CoU**"* '•*«';* fteisf "■•- »i
Collar. st.M. worth • J ■ ****■-•?***
w,utb htlS.CAn.br .*\''' l .*' ; J»^'■***;>
CotlaiS at •$•., ••».-» ■f. , it •*! *S»
north »»J Caaihi c „.,.>:.»■'«».„
ittse alaea t» Berehass vo
•at easb p-i'** .. -, v „ i --» 1 m '
■>*•—' Itaussisis^;-^^,!

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