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The daily dispatch. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, March 28, 1860, Image 1

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lidnnoift pup-rttl*
_,V rOW AROtSI *
- tbi- DAILY DIBTATCI Meereed to«nb-
W% ' , .'t »VI a Of/At-Tr.*. r_!»T* ei-B Will,
a*J-***_?£iLCarrier wseklr. Price for mailmc.
%( j r i.. n ft] itt fix rn.mtba, in advance.
•••ST-Sltlfl WKFkI.Y niNFATCHistssaed
***" T r .r.JsJ'*"*'• Kr "-*} &iws_i"" *-*' * ac *
•***V_KWF.KKLY f IMKFATCH i* issued every
**• *r.t ******* sssßseurinefsai *i poraniitim.
.■THI ll.l:«tl<tS*». -Tne Council of
/•H* 1 *" ~ i: i.,,),,i,it Iwve aseoiare-l *aef«d
I "."'. ~.., men a* COMVISBIOWERtJ
*■<■! tnr?Toln -.1 the CHAKTKK F.I.FC
,-^' > :' (if , ,rf.-.ni yc.r.u. Uie several Wards
'** , !, «s«..v *»■> Air,. lUßßtfa .♦ruinnioll, J. J.
.■•'"","." i!t A. ftraiaaud I. K. W„„i. rv-n
--•"*••• . « n J X T Seai.C*eu_SKlsr. Theelee
•<•","'■+„, dal Market Hall
"■ v. - .v Wilt- F. Shspperaoa, Jas. A
* i ii Brant 1- V Guatbi-ej and ti w.
~'! ,-', ''. .',....-. sm! I". If I'tialkley,
'*'* r . fi.**- elsotieus to bs i.efd at tho City
H' . ... b W.«i> I. Boodar, T. i'-uli-nn.
' ' i v lones, sad F. llsttnetrs. (km
»i-* ' .", , fVtn N . K.-l.ry.f •oniftftor. The
- *' .vheld st I4W_'S >h..t>. ..n Hr..t.| st.
i ****** ' T 2is Tloi. LXwsoji, C. .'. K.
- *Ml
*..--'' * __,". , r ,< n ; 1., the late ordinance for "al
N ' ~,"„, r < *iie boundaries-of the Wards."
•'"■*';'..■ !'• fMADISON WARD lie-ins al
•■•"*-*'.... . • . ~ t.iiiri.n* alone the mn!il>
•*] Aiisatti Broad strssl ; theßceaoroes Broad
"-' ' '■■ Ist* street, aud slons th** Buddie ol
. *'"' '~., ~ •, Marstrall street: thence a!..iij
*-_!_., viarah-ill street to Hth street: thence
He of l-shstreet t.> Skuokos eseak ;
v '■",,'•' Mi-.k.-e "reek to tbe es«e n branch
{ 1B eastern branch
ritioßline. The western h-taadarv oj
-. vV AX 1) lUtas Irom (lie orpins-ton !,n*
** . .' ,->|,.i.;,e ot 4'h street !•> Arch street;
. '.".! "-u-iii."' of the bus <>f Mh street, to
ttmT"' , v,. ? - soil K.'.nssrhs Canal : tlience up
'.'.r i-thaiaiddleol ths street lai.lo.it l*
■'.■'- I'rri'.nr Works pr44i»erfy nnd late*
■•; ~ tksneealoni tbe middle ol saidTasi
r .' ttrscl '•> Isbbss river.
. j .(,.„"> W \ Hl* enitiraces all tlml part ..1
'V ".;.. ,| Madiaoa W.iiJ; an,! SftlSftOK
,',Ki''>r.r:'r-i •■- all that Pitt west oi Madisus
ItfV !.!.._
_*-__, TO Tilt VOTKIISOf Till-. fITY
___Toi RICHMOND 1 moat resasctfullf
W ~Z ~ml sell ■ ■■•'■•' '■' '" r '•* fraction to
'1 «.| ri RINThNUKNI" Ol TBI*
«<_-> I 11 *» '• tt '.Kit.—! respectfully an
_.'*_* 1 Bsceuijsslf a candidate fur re-election
- Kjrf - ~'..; cm (.Al iJKfi
»r-—> WHO'S A lANtoItoATB lor lbs
J&Totoro oi HfOH CONST ABLK: .1. 11.
'~ ■, H.'McCL'RPBY.- Depot* Col'ectornf
~l_i*f. iiili-'l-tu**
Kuiimon", Mar.-h Hth, ISriO.
tHARLaXa. €AMPa>KLJL, £841.—.
V*s mii Hiß : — Without iuteudlUg SUf re
.. 1 ,ii.,.i ntbers, w« st, press the opinion tbat
... m Sl'IM-.HIN l'K.\|ll-'.Vi UF UI il
~ wol ■■■ -■ ■ r '' rrestht desired
"'. «... ,-! I 'i■!»( ' vi" votes for >ou Ht the ap
,.'.,,.;.,»{ fire!r,-11. •»•> respectfuliv askyeato an
-4,4;, a candidate lor thai sSfioe
, ? r , isspSOtfuttf. >ours.
V,' V Arc-tier. Win. Nott.
~ ~ a Witaon. V\ in. Qrar,
.1 .VV. Mattel,
lul-ard I ston, "* &°'J- ; s . ( :; ,mlliel '
__ A. Kiiiott.
;-,.,■ 18. BiasloW, F.iiw.tnJ Kersey,
1 , :t . IU .. |_r°-T: |il ' v! ''.
_, j, Tsnaer, **• w A.t_i.<r-,e,
Fhon - j ■■'■■■'■ E* "■A le X , ' r ;
.. raoa, wta. M pads,
g m tTsßtisr. ***>-* *k li-* ,! »'.
•„„., - i i r, *> in C. Tompkins.
. rX [~ 11 Alex. Or.iiK.
a. - p.irkiathsll, M. VV. smith,
I. !i. Davtss.
rj|-n mrs s—Your note oi Mth instnnt waa
■x 111 .(■!. • '11.il for the soafidsucs implied
..gar raasest to uts to become **, candidate lor
.',!. - ■.■er.ntei.ilei.l <>t 'he Cltl His Works, -ou
',' piaaaaaeoset ntf swears thanks. In iepl) to
, ~i.,-., 1, I vi! Mi.-tfl have said to many
utoetiiad fnaa-Ji wbo save spoken to me on the
• last if il (sll-w-eitiaeaa desire my ser
.... f ..,:• i. 11 referred to- it -*ill ailonl me
■leai tetjiaerve them. I thereforeaanousoe mjr
u 1. ■ i.-i-.p lortbeofli eof-UPKRINTEND
aNToF IHK --A.- WORKa, an.l if elected, will
~ its all mfsaerj-iea, with whatever of capacity
laif axpansno* I ""> posaeaa. to a fu.ithiu I dis
rtAM*of I'lr* c: let 1 if tne office.
.....:: _a C. CAMPBELL.
(K__ CITY GAB WORKS.- 1 respectlully ■■111
--wacasmcU r, rtiiiliuate for re-eleotion to the
-.', ig__ [ath'B-tds* | JNO. J. FRY.
r_Po WHO'S \ « AMHIIATE for the
..I 11!'. II CONBTABLE: J. 11.
■ ' Hl'i-i.
- H.Mt-CI HUKV* Deputy Collector of
t* i ties. mh 2l— tde
jKi_> J i: I V h ISBN WARD. —VOTE
LU Hiskitis, John Brenner.
A a. laias, J-lines TaltH.tt,
W il. Richardson.
rr. S-d'iii;*
--•*-—» 1 ■ ' ~4-. n. tioketwill U> suppoited hy
' - i,-1-1 : .'. i: i■. •. Ward, at ttie
■aaieipal blsetioaa Ir> them hII bbuiu, as ttie.
jau f.-.-ril fauiitii! toiiieir iniistituents and to
ff*B *** '"""' l "•-'•.. 'i- :
•i' ' Ei, ii-.i-.Son, John ijr;-enor.
s.'i.H.i:, Jasnes M. Talnott,
R. 0 Haskins.
run hi>iini;s cottar:
; unTsylor, C. ». H..1.
I D.auusr, licnrce E Sadler,
a^- 1 id* I Alfred [aloes.
-> .""iN 1 WARD.-At the rBfUOBt of nir.ny
' >•• •.: Ward. 1 re-.uectfullv announce
'..iiu i Ward, at the appro.-iri.init election.
1 - la' A. A. RAINE.
A t .4RP.-1 reaaoetfoHj annenncs
* X-K -—* ::"ieit a candidate lor re election u» the
"J** OF RICHMOND.-Is reply to the call of
isrs," sad in accordance w.th mt nv.ii
l "' , moos nos myself a cnniliit*.te t'.,r ins of
a»e«t„lj ~, nMttiie votes ol in. teilow citispns
'■* n |■(••u-liiii.r iiiiini,-ip.-il election. pleilttinK
,-*'. if sleeted, to itisch.irne the duties of the
ii. to the l-est ~f my alulity.
ta-dta T. C. BAPTIST.
*"— ■ I , of RICHMOND.—Bavins been
'• '■ in in. ..I my iiieiida to sBBOUBes m> -
fjifumidate l.n theoftee of MANAGER OK
ft-EPOOH HOUSE,aad buviatc, by a fats acei
Jf*"*, j*st tai ie!t hand, aau thereto rends red in
"•>*■* »f wurkiti. -,t Bl) tiHue. I nio.-t rsssect
[usuunce in.sell a saMhdutn and il sleeted,
FWeiaUHli todiseliarcs the duties of ths office
I AM A r Al. 11l BATE for the olttee
r** -I HIGH CONSTABLE ot the city ol
■•nsal [a_-ls-tde*| A H.ascCUADKY.
jTa--* mik i: i <; ii ionstablk uf
r«F. ClT*i OF RI OH.VI ON b.-1 am a
■ rthe above oCce, ani most respect
it your votes at the enNUiu-- election;
V ' faitliinllj todischarfs the duties ol the
■""' iitii pnituptßea-i and fidelity.
fc.ffOswfßllj, THO.-'. A. SITAPLKS.
CITY OF RICHMOND.—I em a candi
_vJ I r * stectmn to the above busbu, and re
, ■'" ' -whcit tbe votes of my follow citizens at
_JS"?i •»«a| slectioß.
"■■"tat FKKO. BI'TLKR
*r_r* ( ' X *'* MKAM RKR- Uenir* ver>
i, ■~ Siscfi ii. need ..i'ei-iplovriierit, I resaoet
u&**f**Mo mracll i c-indidats for the above
___. _■ (Hasted, I sir.it d-«nßa my entire time
... -f__N*» to t|i« l.itliiu! iu-ilotina-.ee of the *•_
--lS»a_I w J **f 't the aa-franea of Bit icilow citi/.-nis
■"- «h dai ..I Asrii.
■*'-w«* \iS5. w. ll'esberhy, Ik.
£__£■*-*♦ MAIS MrMhtKKK.-l most re
: _**ssually aanminss aryssM a candidate
*iti ""■ ''■"■; "■ -**- the office of CHAIN MKaSU
*•• tiii.ai-t.je* | c.rr. HKMHY DAVIS.
■vST* A' AX I».- 1 Hj-inn rssfsntflllij i»re
**smulntTe*}'*c**l} '" "'■* voters of this city aa
€!,»,_,, '"• tk * MAYORALTY oltliiscity.
* loe JOS X I'll MAYO
kjg** To THK VOTER* Oi-'THEt ITY
r--|. v * ««'IIMON|i.-| most respeetfalli
-ifT*; »J.- V -**l" ..**■ '* «*..':<l-*t_ f-»r re etci-Uuu io the
**1"-,?._.- vi " *"•** WIGHT WATCH.
1 . *** • »■ Of THE FOUR
_*f Ir.eiirt. . ° *•* * Bssiag besii solicited by
" 'i* ai.'v,!, "*"*-,'•-■ •"--* SBtSstf a rindtdate
f i,:, -*«-1..., V "**-•• ' •*" so with pleasure-and
" X ;* : ' , "**-llie.iuti-s of the office with
t;i «-*_*- '"- '' »tof my ahihty, if elected.
F^ S *H?l>? A l ttEll *** THK FOOR.
* **«■ Bounce myself a candi
XX WsT&iiVS *** ***** <* MANAGER' \> V
•il tsV- H(JISt - JOBN PEaRCE.
_^MoiNi?- H . ,>iTEN »*«*''T rooix
ftU-t t__ __*• "• anooumse ii.tsslf a eaadi
*S>\ W-Hol'Hi? f •«*'.»*? *T*BlDEN T OF
W «S_?,xi_*jnud if slectsd I Btedget-Br--
* *** mmm **-** l * U ''
' Q. MP*,
A- c ASS* -DATA.Iot tbo
* COASTAa&E.' i* f'
S *tuf- * cC * H »KV.' Dspaty Collect../ of
~ ft-l-.._-■. . Whai-tdS
i i~n^ f r
nl"* '' •*,!•' tt _ft!_^»__^rfi_-M_nrM.
■ <Zm 'J "*"*• TH*- VOTERS OF IMaTUKT
iaVv t!- NO "I. HENAICO COUrTTTT-'Bi the
kilvu c of my friends, and in a.-0..r,1.in. c with u.y
..-*-n viskhs, I announ.-e rn-raelt n rrmdidate lor the
orti-<• ol CONBIABI.K, and aolicil your sudraaes
at the Sl-.tt Flection in May next. KsKpectiiillr.
tin, 7-lin' ANDRF.W J HLAOKBI-KIN.
i—*--_-. QOuNTI — I'ki.i.ow Cin/.K-y--:-l am a
caadidats lor re election to the office of COM MIS
SIO.NFROF THF KKVF.MF for tn« Upper Dlx
tnot oi Henrico county, and respsetfellj solicit
your support st the election to take place on the
ami.>l Slay next II you attain elect me, I will
use in*. u'ui.«vt efforts in the faithful dtacharre of
the duties of my office.
nib is-lm- W. F. LAWTON.
-r-*--__i CO,—I respectfully announce myself a
candidate for re election lor COM .VI iBBIONEB t)V
I'llK RKV'KNFK ib the Lower District, at the
election in Ma**. ;,nd very respectfully solicit your
votes. ImhD-tds] JOHN A. KACHO.
-E-Tn- XI C O COT'NI'V.-l here.iv aanoßßce
myseli a ea.ndiil i»e for thsabn-re office. Should it
hs the BteaStSTS ol the voters to elect me, 1 shall
bsevei t-ratetul, «.iid will use every exertion to
diseharse the duties thereof faithfully and impar
ttaily. |iiih6-td| JACOB 8. ATLESe.
aKj5» NO. 1. HKNRIOO COUNTY.—At ths re
suest of warty meads, 1 amioiiu.-.- myself a can
did .tefor tbeoificeot CONBTAuLF. f4.rthe ab.>ve
nriiiied DiMttiet. and I'lOtuise. if elei-te.f, to .lis
shares the dunes faithfully. Your su'lranes te
spei-tlully s.dieited.
mmt- Im* FLEMINti fHILIFS.
taKJCL CO C(>I'NTY.-Hv 'he advice of my
friends, and in accordance with my own wishes. 1
aani-ai.ee mv-ssll a candidate f..r the .nf.ce of
your Sa-races at the .state ele4-tion in May next.
Am a cßsrimtoe for ths faithful acrformanes of
tbedetissol the office. I refer jou to all who know
me t..r the maimer in which tlios-j duties have fieri
i>-*rli.rttied darinf the past three years that 1 have
acted us deputy lor the present Siieriff.
BespeoUull-*, soar f.-ii.,w eitisea,
mbl-ddMasf* ("KO p. FLJBASANTB.
resßeotfhlli aunoußee myself a caadidats for the
OBBOS of CONSTAIILE for the first District, and
sotict your sutlrnecs.
Sl_ KiKiTio.N-Tlie «th THURSDAY iv May
fe 24-2)11*
.VVi.M. HI EN solicited hy many
***<_Bb oi bbi Ensudsaud nei-cUns all over the
county, I aunmißOS myself a candidate for the of
for the Districts No. 3 and 4. Henrico county.
fe 11 «w* WM. H. FEMBERTON.of Sidney.
•»•"-—__. Dsak Stir As the time is appioaeliin*
for the voters ~I Henrico to select a suitable per
son t»fill the oif.ce of 8H ERIFF. aud betas satis
fied, troiii our 10-ik acquaintance with you. that
you are tua'iaed to d isobar its ihe duties of the of-
Boe.ua-;, the subscribers, respectfully request you
to aaaouuee yonrsell a candidate lor the said of
fice, pieii.-.iiiss you our support in the eu-min- elec
Dr. A. J.Terrell.
J. W. Crenshaw,
James C. (iordoii,
R. B. Jones,
Wm. E. Wade,
IS. Hellstern,
l'eter Lasrsua.
J. S. B. Tiiisiey,
H. A. Latii-aster,
Wm. A. Harnett,
James Gihuaa,
Peter S. Hunhea,
Robert G. Walton,
W. C. Taliaferro,
James 11. .Malory,
E. A. Scbwaeerle,
Fendall Griffin,
F. Hattorf,
Wm. CaUiß(prorth, Sr.,
J. P. Ford.
Joseph Bernard,
Ueiijaiir.n Walton,
.Major Peri,
0. 0. Brul-ewater,
Til,,-,. M.Montague,
8. A. Melee.
Simon }'. Eod,
Hudson l> Ford,
Aimer Hilliard,
Thomas H. La.ld.
Charles. O. I'aleake,
Henri Niruuak,
Geo. Tiiiilier'.nke,
R. E. Ellison,
Richard Thomas,
Daniel N. Melton,
John Perkins.
Sherwin Mcßae,
E. C. Crump.
In coinpiiaiice with your reuueat and in ■iccord
ftnee with mv own inclination. I herel.v atinounce
myself a candidate for SHERIFF OF lIKNKI
-00 COUNTY, and respectfully solicit the votes of
my feilow citizens in May next, for that office.
Dledfiuit mv-elf to discharge ti-.e duties of the of
fice faithfully. Reapeeti'uilv,
«-*•"--_-, c.uiaidate lor COMIBSIUNEB OF THK
REVENUE for the uin.er district oi Hanover
Klection fourth Thuraaai in May. (inh _«» —til--*"
~ PBOrEO-UvirA-a .A-UrO.
Hfh'-e and Besidaacoßoathurast corner Maia and
Stb sts . first door above Crenshaw's New Hotel,
Kichmoiiii \'n.
HavißK an experience of ten years in his profes
sion, he feels c.infident of aivin« satisfaction to
those who m.iy favor nun with their p-ttronage.
nib I.', - ,",iii
u*^-—-» aseoctated themselves in the practice of
i_ Office on ttoveraor street nt the retidence
of Dr. Cosw_T. JaS H. CONWAY. M. D.,
1111116-1111* PETER LYONS, Ml).
»-rS__ A CARD.- Dn. BROOCKS has re-
moved his nftice to 9th street, between
Main and Can streeta.
Oifice hours from 8 to 9 A.M., and from 3 to 4
P. M.
He has for sale privately, TKN LOTS, fronting
.TO feel Bach-• on Grace st an,! tive on Broad St.,
just the Western line ol th-» corporation.
Also, 7in cxi-erioneed HARDENER, Wbo under
stands the cultivation hiuli n'tneiit ol flowers,
Ac : snd for rent. TWO SEATS in few No. 13 in
St. Paul's Church. ash t*—«>«
Will practice in the Courts he'd in the city ob
Richmond, oriiue, Car the piesent, in (iodiiin's
Buiidin-t. nrAT hn
ti. ML BROIK, M.0.. offers to the
dK_si citizens of Richmond and its vicinity his
professional services, ia the pi ac lice of iMedii-ine.
Obststries. Jiid iSur^ery.
■*_ Residence at the upper end of Marshall
street, formerly owned by Mrs. Chevallie—latterly
by A. R. Courtney, Ksg. mil I—Ulin'
Jr_?S» JOHN S. < ASK IE, , __„
Has removed lux office lo No. 2 Law BuiMhik. near
the Stats Court House. ,
He practices in nil the Courts held in the oily of
Richmond and county of Henrico. le 14-ts
»-l2_-> L.IWRENt E t*. HARVE,
I'ni.-tices in the Courts of the City ol Rii-huiond
and the l.'ountieaof Henrico, Hanover and Car..
He is rtl»-> Notary I'uhlie and Oeuimtßaioanr of the
I'rnt.-d States Court of Claiuis.
The partnership betsrsea Mr. Chastaib VV HtrK
and liimsell Is*!!!-- dissolvetl. his otfne is now ~.-i
llth afreet, jiißt l*eh>w MuSuin'S Hall. la 13—ly
flf--*ip=_ HENRY* HIO-vALL,
Practices in all the Courts held in the city of Riob
uo'iid. . . ~ . ,
_*_ Also, practices ret*ula.-l» in tne County and
Circui*. Courts ot Chesterfield- . ,
As Notary, will take Depositions and Ae.kiiow
led- merits. Administer and Certify Oaths, and per
f>nn ( whatever other duties pertain to the 4.thee ol
' Office'at the corner of Bank and llth streets, iuat
below the Custom-House. '» Sl—ly
Practises nil tho Courts of the t-'.t> of Rlfthmond
and the cou .Ufa of Henrico and ijoi.chl-.ud OB******
corner Bank aad Hth streets. Richmond, va He
is also Notary Pu'ilic and C<-iiiiiiissi*>i:er ol the
Inited Sl-tea Couit of Claims ja IJ—Sm*
fraotice in the city of Richmond and in the Conn
ies of Chesterfield, Powhatan and Amelia. .
kl_Of_ce in Lisle's Buildi ag, corner of Main anil
HtnstrseU. **
VI ARC II SJOlb, 1--00.-
THOS. R. PRICE A CO., are now usttins in all
the novelties in the Wrappm*, and Mantilla di
uarttiient. to which attention is called :
do. LACE do
do. d... POINTS;
gfe|te«rfiw_A; #
An ri .a..BKREUECMMhS; ;
And. in addition, are openinx dtily larKS supplies
..f the newest and most tassionable Ifttwa
<iOODS. such as Silks and Sits R..|*?s. Ant-lais Be
rsas Robes. Oraaudis Robes, Poulard Silks. Ac.
Mauy of tbessK.HMis, bonaht at the stsitluu s,u-
ri&oea of the last (treat sale <■! the season, willl hs
sold at prices whioh inav not occur attain within
the century. tnihM 3t| T. R. PRICE A 00.
rpßlisK KNGLi-li nPLIT sM) u'l Ht-.it
I KIND.s OP SrKAW BOM NETS, range from
iO u-7acsuts»ni>* those Hue lies ars sellm-r at 'M
and M cbiiis. worth double ; SUnker Bonnsts, at I*.
3d. and IM ceuts only; Bsautilul st) le Bonnet Rib
bons, only 26 cts. per yard; all kinds of Straw Trtui
uiinas ana Straw Buukls*; Flowers to suit every
W«, m. 9K and so ots.,
worth dout.le; Marseilles IIaU aud Bonnets, a nsw
article, very s ehSßp*all Bt.lesi.f Prmt-es. Laces
aa_ TrtninißßMi; a t*'*m Bsawrtß-est ol Ladies'
Burins VvraeeißSs; _%bia, wsth cßsibs. frorai hi.
ee-"nsi?re*sp BredH «..«« Tattiiu
e.«_Si_r ***''*' <"'»•"*«*
nnfnr* *j m Mw|| wd jgjj,
liirlnnonti ftfspattjr.
Luter irom Caliiornia.-Horrible Massacre
oi Indians—-From British I'olumbia— ten.
tral America. Ire.
The steamship Ilaltic, from Aspinwall on
the 1-th, with California dates to Che sth inst,
arrived at New York Sunday morning. Her
news is ol interest, and we make up the fol
lowing summary from the San Francisco pa
pers of tlie.ith instant :
A most cowardly and brutal butchery was
enacted on the islands in Humboldt Bay, in the
rtmcherias rilon**: Eel river, and on the shore
to the south and west of Eureka, in tbis Slate,
on Sunday morning, February US, The vic
tims uere Indians, including men, women nnd
children, and the in-rpetrators a body of white
men who inhabit the surrounding country It
seems that the farmers and stock owners tittv
tUf* failed to obtain the sanction of (Governor
Downey to war against the miserable savages,
who have been for a long time la a staiving
condition in consequence of having been driven
from their hunting grounds into the moun
tains by the white settlers, organized secretly
a vigilance committee and divided their forces
into several gani-s, who, at a given hour, were
lo attack Hie various Indian -. illaj-es, and
spare neither age, sex nor condition. The de
sit?ii was carried out in a fearful manner, as
the following particulars disclose.
At Indian lsiana, opposite the town of Eu
reka, and distant but a few hundred yards,
iuoi.-tb.--.il lorty Indians were killed, tbiee
fuiii'th*. of tho number being wotu-ui and chil
dren. On the beach, south of the entrance to
tbe BUY, forty or fifty Indians were also
killed. Report says till unit were there—every
one—were killed. It is also reported, and it
is no doubt true, that a ciniultaneotis attack
was mad*, upon tde villages on Eel river.—
From what was known in Eureka not less
than two hundred Indians—men, women and
children—were killed on this Sabbath morn
Mr. Van Ness, the Sheriff of Humboldt coun
ty, who came passenger ou the Columbia, con
firms the above, and adds the subjoined still
more horrid details. He says that the butche
ry on Humboldt Hay wa* committed by some
lorty men who had come from Eel river on
horseback. They hitched tlielr animals at the
south end ol the bay and seized a boat belong
ing to Capt. Bnhne, the pilot, with which
they crossed to theopposite shore, B-deatered
upon their bell-work, liefore daylight they
had slaeKblered every man, woman and child
they could find. They then proceeded to In
dian Island, up the bay, and re-enacted tho
bloody tragedy which they had performed on
the main laud, and returned to where they
had hitched their horses and rode oil. The
Sheriff estiinati-s tin* number of Indians
slaughtered along the bay at eighty, includ
ing women and children. It is probabic that
the butcheries C4jmmitted in thece places con
stitute but a portion of the horrid slaughter
of tli.it moralag. Thessforty men were evi
dently detailed tor bay duty, whilst other di
visions of the gang prosecuted their fiendish
part of the work in the interior. The heart
sickens at such bad ties.-. The massacre of
(I lencoe was excused by the Master ol Stair,
with some showing of plausibility, as a Slate
necessity; but here the only excuse—aud the
paltry pusillanimity of ii rather adds to the
degree of the crime than takes off iv justifica
tion ot It—waa that a lew starving Indians,
battling to sustain the lives of themselves
and wives and children through the rigorous
severity of the long winter months, killed a
lew head of cattle.
During the month of February, SIS lotsof
gold, weighing 37,9 M ounces, and worth $flf!3,-
M-J, and fifty lota of silver bullion, weighing
3U,*rU6 ounces aud worth tgV.I,tT-J, wciedeposiied
in the Breach Mint in this city. These silver
deposits are all from Washoe anil contain
more than i-v.owi of gold to the ten of silver.
During the month ol Febi vary the coiBUfS of
the mint amounted to £**07,tJOO* o! whichig-OK',-
OUU weie in double eagles, in half eagles,
S3t t <sjU in quarter cagl.-.-, and ._ 17, W0 in hall
The last overland mail for St. Louis took
away in, 197 letters. In February 53,09u
were for%arded by ibis route from California,
aiid:i-,ti7l received in San Franciscj Irom St.
Buy. Father Urolie, the Vicar General of
California, is now t-ugaged collecting subscrip
tions to build a large Catholic college iv Cali
fornia. The estimated expense of the building
is ?Hl,l-HU.
Archbishop All-many has directed prayers
to be offered iv tho different chinches iv Cali
fornia lor the restoration ot pi-ace to the
Catholic world. His Grace has in view the
present condition of the Pope.
A bill has parsed the Assembly appropriat
ing BGUjUUU for the erection ol a Stale Reform
school at Marysville.
Philip li. Robinson, who killrd Peter Burns
some mouths pine* iv this city, has beeu sen
tenced by iiuger to be imprisoned in
tbe Stale Prison during the term of bis natu
ral life.
The total contributions from this city, nnd
other parts of (he State., to the Jewish Morocco
fund, amount to lif 1,1-21.75.
The Governor of Briiisb Columbia has of
fered premiums of 3150 to thor-e parties who
Bhall first place steamers ou the three follow
ing lakes: Setvii. Anderson and LilU-et.
A meeting was held at Victoria Feb. 01, at
which resolutions were passed protesting
against the tax of gS on mules, lately imposed
by Gov. bout-bus.
ii. M. ship Topaz, SU gnus, one of ihe finest
frigates in tlieHritifcb navy, arrived at E-qui
maltoti the-J". ;li till, li is reported she will
be the flag-ship when the Gauges goes home.
Washington's birthday was celebrated by
the Americans in Victoria. The American
colors were displayed from the stores and ex
press offices. Five hundred person- assembled
on Beacon Hill, where a sal v tool itguus were
fired. The festivities concluded with a pro
cession snd public dinner.
A very severe gale was experienced at Victo
ria on the Mth of February. Small houses
were blown down aud considerable damage
was done to the shipping.
The Colonial lasgialaturs won Id assemble iv
Victoria on the 49*. a of February.
Signor Pinal, the newly-appointed Bishop
of Nicaragua, came passenger in the steamer
Guatemala, from San Jose de Guatemala Vo
Realejo. He visited the United Statea.sloop
of-war Levant, (Vmimander Hunt, lying off
the port, and received a saline of seventeen
guns. Captain If m.t placed two boat*-at the
disposal of the Bishop and suite to .'Oiivey
them up the river to Realejo.
There is news of the passage of the Cuss-Her
ram trimy by both houses of C*ngress t *s amended
by the Senate of the United States. The pro
vision iv regard to ihe exchange of ratifica
tion-.-.as unsatisfactory to the United States
Minister, it being regarded by him as too in
Hon. Alexauder Bimitry, I 'vi ted States Min
ister, was still at the Managua ou ihe Ist inst.,
endeavoring to get ihe Nicaraguan govern
ment to consent to refer the subject of Ame
rican claims to a mixed commission.
The health of the Hon. Beverly S. Clarke,
Minister resident oi the I'uited States, con
tinues very bad. He contemplates returning
to the Inited States by the next steamer, if
the stale ot his heal 111 will permit.
respondeut of the Warren Chronicle writes
lhal on the ni-flit of the II th inst , the dwelling
house of Humphrey Owens, in Qesbnn town
ship, Mauoiiiug county, Ohio, was burned to
the ground, five of his children iieiishiug ill
the coiillagraiion. The family had retired at
a very early hour, and w.-re all sound asleep
by a little after seen. About half-past s-even
Mr. Owens was awakened by ihet-moke filling
bis room, and springing from hi-- bed, ioun.l
tbe bouse wrapped in ll.imes. He succeeded
in netting his wife, with her iufaut, teu days
old out of duoi"*, and then commenced throw
ing water upon the staircase, which bad taken
lire and was blazing furiously, hoping to pre
serve a way of. escape for hi* children, who
were sleeping above. He succeeded in awak
ening his daughter, a youug woman, wiih
whom two of the younger children were sleep
in_" taking the youngest in ber arms and
arousiug the other, and bidding bim follow
ber she hurried down tbe blazing stairway ;
as she passed the stairway, surrounded with
Same, her father threw a bucket of water over
her and she was enabled to escape wrth the
little boy, in ber arms, both seriously, but not
danrerously bnrned. Tbe older oue, probably
overcome wiib sleep, remained in the room,
and witb four other brothers in another room,
whom no efforts could arouse, was consumed
with the building-
A ___na_sr_m ov Old Foiks—Onpt. Jsre
miahHolm-w, the renowned guunsr of Bton
news ot peace u-n-tbe ones bruuehet **••*•■-
S_-?£. __■___•__§__*
each ef whom was 71 *fearu The **£**#•
conple were made tbe recipients of nnrnerons
TrBr*DAY, March 27, lr?6t).
The Senate wad called to order at M o'cloch
A. ML, by I lent ftrrT Mohtaoub.
A communication from the Honse, throngh
their Clerk, informed the Senate of the passage
of a number of Senate and House bills. The
latter are noticed elsewhere.
House Bills Passed.— TAß following Honse
billi were read the requisite number of times
and -Kissed, viz. Releasing the securities of
Thos. W. Kiger, lateeheritl of Warren coun
ty, from tbe payment of damages Imposed
uii.,ii them; amending and re-enacting theUtli
section of the act passed Feb. 17th, 1m45, enti
tled an act to establish a s.y«tem of free schools
in the county of Norfolk ; refunding to John
G. Wright fid: incorporating the Yellow
.Springs and Montgomery White Sulphur
Springs Company, amending tbe act passed
February 3rd, MM, authorizing a branch
of the Wytheville and Danville Turnpike;
to repeal the act incorporating the town of
Hampton, in the connty of Elizabeth City; to
incorporate a branch Hank at tbe town of Pal
myra, in the comity of Fluvanna; concerning
thework-hou-.* to be established in the city of
Richmond, and persons employed therein and
about the public works of said city ; increas
ing the capital stock of the Clarksburg and
Wheeling Turnpike road to r*.-iti,iKio,and au
thorizing the Hoard of Public Works to sub
scribe lor three-fifths of saidstoc*.
Belts Re ctti 1.-The following Senate bills
were rejected on their passage: To incorpo
rate the Fredcricksbnrg and Fauquier Rail
road Company : to incorporate the Chris tlaa's
creek and Bethlehem Church Turnpike Com
pany, in the county of Augusta, increasing
the capital stock of the South-Side Railroad
Company, tor ihe pnrpose of constructing a
hranch road to Roanoke river.
Potomac River Lands.— Mr. THOMAS of F,
from a select committee, presented a report
and resolution relative to the Riparian rights
of Virginia, proprietors on the Potomac river.
The report was adopted. The resolution reads
ns follows :
Resolved, by tht General Aottmhly, That the
(iovernor of Virginia he. ami he is hereby author
ized, it. in liia discretion, ttie rnUitsol the citizens
of Virginia shall demand, to cause the State of
Virginia to he represented hj the Attorney Gene
ral in the trial of th,. Waalunt-ton A<iucduct Com
Pmy a.-ainat the area? Falls Manufacturing Com
pany, whether the sniiie shall he reheard by the
s;i me Court that haa pronounced a decision t herein,
or before any other legal tribunal.
Engrossed J?.".—The bill to amend and re
enact the Ist section of an act providing addi
tional protection for the slave property of citi
zens of this Commonwealth, passed March
17, 1*856. was called up, amended, and ordered
to be engrossed.
Defence or the Commonwealth. —Houss bill
making a further appropriation of gW,OM to
pay expenses for the defence of the Common
wealth, was called up by Mr. Paxton, and be
ing amended, was put on its passage aud car
ried affirmatively.
Petition, ire.— Mr. Carson presented the pe
tition of Lieut. Col. Peyton, and other officers
of the U'Uli kegiment, of Warren county, in
favor of increasing the salary ot Adjutant
General Richardson.
The Governor's Mansion.—Tho Senate were
notified of the passage of a joint resolution by
the House appropriating a sum of money not
exceeding *"2,(HH", "for the repair and furnish
ing of the Governor's house."
Militia Fine Fund.- House resolution au
thorizing and directing the Auditor of Public
Accounts to pay claims on the Militia Fine
Fund, was laid on the fable in the Senate.
Laid on the Table. —House bill to incorporate
the Saltville and Laurel Turnpike Company
was laid on Ihe table in the Senate.
Senate Bills Passed.— Authorizing the pay
ment of gttt.lt. to Thomas D.Harris, as his
commissions on the amount of revenue of
.lames City county for fsali* incorporating
the Mount Hope Copper Miuing Company, in
the county of Fauquier.
Militia Bill.— The Senate proceeded to con
sider House bill "providing for tbe better or
ganization of the militia of the Common
wealth." Anuml>erof amendments were of
fered and adopted, when the further conside
ration of the bill was postponed until to
rn irrow.
Ths Hour ef Meeting.— Mr. Paxton again
ottered a resolution providing that the Seuate
meet at night, which was superceded by a mo
tion to adjonrn, ottered by Mr. Thomas, of F.,
which prevailed.
TmtagfiT. Karcht7,i96o.
Speaker Cihtchkielii called the House to
order at in o'clock A. JVI.
A communication from the Senate in
formed the House of the passage of a number
of hills—amou-; iht-r.-. the tax bill which was
passed with Bineartiunntn in the Senate. It
was laid ou the table iv the House.
Bills Passed.— Amending the loth section of
Chapter 150 of the Code ; repealing the act in
corporating the town of Hampton, iv Eliza
beth City county ; authorizing the 'election of
an additional constable in Greenbrier county ;
for ill** belter government of the town of
Clark-burg' incorporating llolcombe Hall As
sociation in Lynch burg: incorporating the
Union College, iv Monroe county; consolida
ting the Hot Springs and Millersville and the
Jackson's River Turnpike, and placing them
uuder the control of onecompauy ; incorpora
ting the town of Fairview, in Wayne county j
amending an :ict incorporating the Washing
ton Hull Association of Wheeling; transfer
ring the title of certain escheated or escbeata
ble lands West oi the Alleghany Mountains;
amending tlie act incorporating the StmsbUrg
and Uapon Tin-npikeCjinpuny r providing tor
the colleciion of taxes on pas-sous and proper
ty • for the relief of George H. lleskins, late
Sheriff of Tazewell county* authorizing the
Governor, Irom tune to time, to appoint Com
missioners to examine the Lunatic Asylums of
the State ■ establishing a Board of Claims.
The No-ih nnd South Railroad.—The bill to
amend the charter of the North and South
B&iiioad, by increasing its capital stock._l_i',
(-iii, was called up and advocated by Mr. Wat
son, of Accomac. The road is designed to run
through the counties of Northampton and Ac
comac. Mr Hisbik also urged its passage.—
Ttie bill being upon its passage, the roll was
called, aud the question was decided in the
negative—-ayes 54, noes SB,
Virginia Military Institute.—Mr. CBI'TCH-
KiKi.u called up the bill making an additional
appropriation of g9R,trfK>, to provide additional
accommodations, etc , at the Virginia Military
institute. He moved thsit the vote by which
the bill li ut beeu oidercii to its third reading,
be reconsidered, with a view of offering sun
dry amendments. His motion being agreed
to, aud the bill being ugaia on its second raud
iug t Mr. cituT.'iiKißLii proposed to strike out
B£t__LtKHl and insert fct}(),iiiKJ.
Ttie amendment was adopted by the House.
He then proposed 10 amend further by strik
ing out the clause providing lor the employ
ment of a band of music.
The motion to amend wit* agreed to,
The question then occurred upon again
ordering tbe bill to its third rea.'.ing.
Mr. Havmomi moved to amend that pari of
ibe bill which read "and for the purpose of
providing a fund for the support ot the State
Cadets herein required to be adopted, tbe
additional sum of f-V'tKi," nf striking out
§8.51*1 and Inserting S-V9U.
Mr. Baku inquired if the effect of this
amendment would be to establish au annuity
for this institution out of the literary fund f
If not, it is to come out of tbe public Treasury.
Then, an annuity is to be voted to one particu
lar Institution, while all the others lv the
State are to go without. He desiied au equal
distribution of patronage, and on the adoption
ol the amend me nt he called for the ayes aud
Mr. Bakroi'R said the amendment would
reduce ihe appropriation s'.'.ihjo. Tbe existing
annuity was anjOßu, to which 11 wn. proposed
1.1 th.- bill now under consideration to add
gfLttß, thus increasing ihe annuity togi&jMrO.
Mr. Baan withdrew his call for the ayes and
noes, and the amendment ottered by Mr. Hay-
HOBB was adopt.d. and the bill as amended
Urns ordered to its third r. ruling.
Mr Oat"rrHKiiii.ii said tbe bill was an im
portant one. The Institute was established
years ago as a Stale institution, but it had
been mainly supported by private individual*.
Provisions had beeu made during the present
session of the General Assembly, for all the
other institutions in which the State is inter
ested, and it seemed to him that tbis iustitu.
tion merited the special guardianship of the
State, aud should be liberally aided by the
Legislature. He alluded to the detective con
dition of tbe barracks and the crowding to-
? ether of the I lade is Tbe eighteen new Slate
Jadets proposed by the bill to be admitted,
could not be accommodated without fluishiug
the addiiions tbat had been begun. He hoped
the bill would pass.
Mr. AsuKßbo*. was satisfied the bill, if
understood, would pass. He alluded to the
yearly exi-euse (SU.oui) of keeping up the
State Armory at Lexington, which bad been
superceded by tbe Institute; also the #vM,oiMi
which il cost to mulctuiu the one in Kich
mon. The protection tn the State arms was
as effectual now as formerly. Indeed, the
State had gained by the change. The school
* tamed oat accompli*-bed eagluectaAnd efllcers
i whose services were readily attainable He'
hoped the bill would pass. ' m * wa * m *- **
' mr - "SKf* Tf'&i'*-' J o }*** •**>-**• *****
_!? TT __ttilTtf*&'___. h - Mi °** B •irlcbuu
tleaal aid from the Mate. HTailtdsd "ibe
State ashed fbr more than the lastitnte. He
BUndsd to its esefulnesa in sea-Hag ost edn
cated young men, aad said it was more prac
tical in its workings than any other Institu
tion ia the Stale.
Mr. JOl-.SS, of G, asked bad it not been pro
posed to admit young men from other States I
Mr. Kbmpbr said such was the case, but the
annuity was not for tbeir benefit.
Mr. Uhkiatiait said that such was tbe in*
teres t felt by the Professors of the Inst! tn tion
in its prosperity, that they have been virtu
ally contributing out of their pockets to af
ford means for increasing its accommodstions,
inasmuch as they have yielded their inst claim
to a larger proportion of the tuition" fees. The
graduates of the Institnte commanded larger
salaries in other States and other schools thaa
the Institnte Professors. It was necessary, ia
order to retain the services of capable and -re
liable men, to increase the annuity.
Messrs Mahtij., of Henry, and Ykbbv also
favored the bill. Tbe question being put on
the passage of the bill, was determined in the
aillrmative-ayes -'", noes 21.
The Honse adjourned at .1 o'clock.
Floatixo Thirtt Mils* o- a Cam ipr
Ir n.— The Green Bay (Wis.) Advocate relates
a thrilling ice adventure:
Henry Martin and Isaac Gagnor, one with a
load of hay, the other with a load of corn
meal, were traveling on the ice of Little Bay
deNoquet. About 4 o'clock P. M they dis"
covered a crack which cut them off from the
shore, and that the ice on which they were
was floating them outlntoGreen Hay towards
Death's Door. They unharnessed their horses
and let them go, and took the box off one of
the sleds to use in case they got into the water.
At midnight, being exhausted, they lav down
to sleep under the lee of a humrjjjckot be
lli the morning, at 9 o'clock, they saw land,
Which proved to be Washington Island, and
they landed outside Death's Door. They had
thus been driven thirty miles across the Ray
in one of the heaviest gales that ever blew.-
The horses, alter being loosed, followed the
men in their rambles on tbe ice until coming
to a weak place they went in. Two hours later
one of the horses swam up to the cake on
which ihe men were, put his head on the ice,
looking beseechingly, but they could not heip
the poor brute
Life's Hai*i*iest Period. -Kingsley gives
his evidence on this disputed point. He thns
declares: "There is no pleasure that I have
ever experienced like a child's mid-summer
holiday. The time, I mean, wheu two or tbree
ot us used to go away up the brook, and take
onr dinners with us, and come home at night
tired, dirty, happy, scratched beyond recogni
tion, with-a great nosegay, three little trout,
and one shoe, the other having been used for a
boat, till it had gone down, with all bands,
out of soundings. How poor our Derby days,
our Greenwich dinners, our evening parties,
where there are plenty of nice girls ; aud after
that! Depend upon it, a man never experi
ences such pleasure or grief after fourteen as he
does before, unless, in some cases, In bis first
love-making, when the sensation is new to
Ins-anii v.—Sarah Aiderson, a servant girl
with Mrs. Hale, of Newport, *T. V., returned a
lew weeks since from a Methodist revival
meeting, iv a fearful state of mind. Her very
features were affected. She said she had beeu
con verted. Her companions and she had been
so frightened by the inlluence of the service
that they had to be accompanied home. The
preacher had said something about the girl tak
ing care or herself or the devil would get her.
Her friend had no control over her. She be
came deliriou.s,and was sent home. She escaped
from them during the night, and was found
next morning iv the cow-byre, holding two of
the cows by the tail, singi-*-j hymns aud songs,
and shouting and praying. All means to re
store her rationality failed. She was sent to
New York, raving mad.
An Indian Embassy.—A lone daughter of
the forest, named Nata-uee-bahwe-qua. which
means an upright woman, has arrived in
New York, en route for England, to appeal to
the Queen against the removal of her people,
the Ujibwas, from their towus and villages on
the northern shores of Like llurou, in Upper
Canada. TheOjibwas number about oue thou
sand souls, have embraced Clinstiauty aud
become civilized, and have good farms, com
fortable houses and pleasant homes, which are
about to be taken from them, according to the
New York Courier and Enquirer, "by tbe
ruthless hand of power." The fair ambassa
dor of Ihe red men is said to be gifted by ua
ture, highly educated, and a member of the
Methodist Church.
Model Enuinekk.—The new appointee to a
place as engineer in the Capitol may be -=ouiut
in ihe faith, in the view of his "Republican"
superior, but he is not very wise about eugiues.
Ttie day after his appointment, so the story
goes, a gentleman and two ladies had the cu
riusity to look at the engine-rociiu and its nia
hinery, where they found the new office- hold -
cerou duty merely as gentleman usher, prac
tical engineers doiug the real duty of ihe so
called ' assistant engineer." How many horse
power is your engine t "Hore-powcr ."' replies
greeny, with aluolc ot miugled pity and ceii
terapt, ''don't you know the macnine j;oes by
steam *"' — Alex. Gazette.
At a meeiiug of the Boston Board ot School
Committee, held iv tbe Council Chamber,
Mayor Lincoln presiding, the following rule,
or general order, was made
"Tbe morning exercises of all the schools
shall commence with the reading of a portion
of the Scripture aotl repetition of the Ljrd'a
prayer by the teacher iv each room , and the
afternoon session shall close with appropriate,
The Cask or Sit _km an Booth.—The Chica
go Press and Tribune of they'd has the follow-
"The term of imprisonment of S M. Booth
expired on Monday. The fine and costs, how
ever, remain nnpaid, and he will stand com
mitted until this obligation is discharged. He
is probably unable to pay the amount, aud it
ts intimated that he would not pay if he were
A t tilted Slates soldier, named He/roo, died a
short time since at Steilacoora, near Puget's
Sound, through eating strawberries which bad
been preaerved in a tin can. It was found that
this poison had formed through the acidity of
the fruit coming iv contact with the metal of
which the ran was composed the effect, when
eaten, being to ulcerate ihe su-snacb, and final
ly to cause Uea'h.
Saooauo Actyuumt. Janus Taj lor, the
conductor of a material tram ou the South
fSide Railroad, was knocked off a car as it ran
under :i bridge, at Petersburg, Va., Monday,
and falling on the track, wa- run over by eve
ry ear ot the train His arms and legs were
ail terribly crushed, and his injuries resulted
in death in a few hours, lie was a native of
Appomattox county.
Fatal AoOioaST.— Last Sunday, in Coluui
bus. Was., a Mrs. Alien was so severely
burned by her clothes taking fire that she died
that evening. During the night another lady
ot ths same town, Mrs. Thomas, au el.lerlv
woman, while sitting up with the corpse of
Mrs. Allen, was aw burned to death in a simi
lar wanner.
Thi I*iiil.*.i._i i-hia Waikk Gas.—The
Ledger states that the arrangements for light
ing ttte'ltrard House with water gas are near
ly completed, and that iv a few weeks tbe
eeouumy of this kind of gas will be made
manifest by a practical test A large -ras
holder has been put up over tbe engine house
flouting ou Lodge afreet.
"Skk ani. in Pkihon."—Heury D. Johnson,
of I'pton, a member of tbe Legislature, while
visiting the State prison, last week, was taken
suddenly ill, and waa obliged to remain, aud
is ihereyet, in the warden's apartments. Mr.
Johnson was a lasmhsi ot the committee on
ihe charge.- against ihe management ot the
jail at Ea*l Cambridge.-.- Huston Courier.
it has v Haul «y Pii-ki-ockkts. -PSassa.
gerson the Cleveland and Columbus train go.
ing Smth, were, ou Wednesday muruiug,
robbed of about * 1,11011 by a gang of pickpock
ets at CresiiißU, Ohio. The train stops their,
for bteakfai-t.Bud ibe rascals took advauiage
of the rush to make a grand haul.
tIHARt.B-.rox ExroßTiow.—The New* York
Democratic Central Committee hnve louud
the best ariangemen* tbey could make ut
Charleston for eighty persons is Aye dollars
per day. to commence from the i.-'.th of April,
one week before the Convention, thus raising
the extortion to uearly ten dol.ar* a day each.
A FoLiTtciAl Tvanap Mikistcb— Tbe
Northampton (Mass.) Qaasnaa statue that the
Hou. £. M. Wright, late Secretary of Stale,
has been admitted to holy orders iv the Fro
testaut Episcopal Church, nnd will com
meuce his miuistry nt Ltuytou, Ohio, tinrae
mediatsly. _
Too Muca STi'Dv.—The School Commit***
have forbidden the assign meat uf lessons lor
study ont of school lv the Boston schools for
girls. The Cuy Faysioa*. had-hr-come so*.
vinced of the alarming evils resulttug Umax
__. "■"■ ; - <->——_ ■■■■■■
The number ot Hormone In Utah U put
tfownut»,ix*. OftAem4,w»,.hnUtnsaA
Dtrify Union Prayer Meeting, Meeeefnu.—Am
increased attendance of gentle-ten and Indies
seemed to indicate that the week had Com
menced with n promising growth of Interest
in the meetings on tbe part of the community.
A gentleman rose,aad oa behalf of asrleh and
distressed friend, for whom he bad naked the
prayers of the meetings last week, requested
that all present would unite with ikht Indi
vidual in fervent thanksgivings fef Joy and
peace, which he had renelved la heHeviag.—
He appears to bave beeoHruly coaveried, and
and is truly happy ia ths exercise of a filial
and submissive faith.
The leader of the meeting earnestly recom
mended the duty of coming to thin daily as
sembly of the people of God, to -watch for
an hour" for the divine blessing.
An elderly gentleman, an.entire stranger,
from tbe city of Boston, next addressed the
meeting. His modest, but sensible and in
structive remarks, excited profound attention
and interest. He said, tbat as Christians, we
nre too longer aliens and strangers, but "tot.
low-citizens with tbe saints and of the house
hold of God.'' Ia traveling from Boston to
New Orleans be hau struck n vein of
"Noonday Prayer Meetings" at Fulton street,
New York* hansom street, Philadelphia*
Fayette street, Baltimore, and In tbis city.—
lie bad noticed In tbs large rommercialcltiss,
that business men, rushing into these meet
ings ru the busiest hoar of the day, as if on
their way to the Exchange, or the Banks, bring
wi th them the energy nnd fervor of their dally
pursuit-, and engage in the exercises as if they
were a part of their business, with earnest de
termination nnd spirit. Ths prayers of the
smallest assembly aie jrot-ln*%asn -they are
registered in heaven; tor fertyeysurs a tow
faithful persons iv Boston had wept and
prayed --gainst tne great heresy of New Eng
land, which, while it denies the codinal doc
trine of the Christian faith, carries with n
much of the wealth, learning and refinement
of (he land. It seemed now that their prayers
were returning, as remarkabl*) conversions of
leading men, recently, indicated.
Another gentleman alluded to tbe unity tbat
exists among all true Christians, and with
much feeling noticed the fact that there were
present hen*, to-day, in a common brother
hood, persons from widely different sections
of our country, and various sects of Chris
tians. Thesame gentleman mentioned sever
al circumstances showing an increased atten
tion to religiou in the city.
An earnest exhortation from the leader of
the meeting, in which he called upon those
present to stand by it, and to endeavor to In
crease its numbers, till the room should be
too small to contain the daily assembly, with
appropriate and affectingexercises,brought to
a close one ot most interesting occasions ot
the kind that has yet been exjierienced in this
Why Change It.'— The city ordinance con
cerning tbe Water Worka gives to competent
plumbers the right to put up hydrants and
water flxtnrer- ou private premises, subject to
the inspection and approval of the Superin
tendent or his Assistant, thus encouraging
mechanics to keep necessary supplies, aud to
employ good workmen to carry on that
branch of business. Not content with this
mode of doing business, however, a recom
mendation has been made by the Watering
Committee to amend the ordinauce so as to
require the Superintendent to turn plumber
and have hydrant, put up and kept in order
by city employees.
Apart from the extra expense the city must
incur in employing mechanics to take from
private plumbers the work nowdoueby them,
aud thus crippling their operations,we contend
that the city ought uot to impose this extraduty
on tbe Superintendent, wbo is already over
run with work. Practical plumbers have
purchased stock and fixtures for water pur-*
poses, aud to deprive them of their business,
is tv break down branches ol trade thai ought
to be encouraged. If the city is to do work of
this kind for individuals, why may she not,
lor thesame reason, carry on other mechani
cal branches of industry, and thus compete
with tax-payers in building houses, making
wagons, paving yards and making clothes.—
If she haa the right to put up hydrants iv pri
vate yaros, she has the same right to put up
gas fixtures in private houses—a right which
the Committee on Light would not be willing
to exercise. We know it will b»- said that the
cT'y puis up gas metres, and has thu same
right to put up hydrants; but we answer, not
at all. The ciiy must control the metres to get
pay for the gas rout-timed. The control of the
hydrant, further than to see it is a good oue,
is aot at all necessary to insure pay for the
water. We really hope that the Council will
preserve the ordinance as it is, and let the
Superintendent devote bis time to something
more important than putting up hydrants.
The Bauer of the Richmond and York River
Railroad Company is to be erected between
Dock and CUT** and Sid and With r-ireeie; and
as tbe Company are now haviug the Inunda
tion dug, preparatory to building, the Council
ough* to decide at once what party will have
to run a wall ou the south line of Cary atreet
to prevent Us caving in and thus becoming
impassable. Tne law only requires au Indi
vidual, wheu improving hispro|»erty, to uoti
fy the adj.lining owner of the character of the
improvement, s«o that he may protect bis in
terests, aud If be fails to do so, and damages
follow, they fall upon the damaged party.—
The same law, we presume, applies alike 10
corporation*, and It' so, the city will have to
protect Cary street by running a wall along It
from -Mrd to with—and especially so, as she
sold the lots to the railroad company tor its
depot, and gave the grade of DochVßtrcet, with
the level of which the depots are m be built.
The York River Bond will be completed to
West Point *,>inetune iv June, and when fin
ish* .1 will bring to Richmond a large and val
uable trade never befoie possessed by her.—
For the road, thus far, Richmond has never
subscribed a dollar, aud in all probability will
never be ashed todo so; and tor thai reason,as
well as for the ad vantages she is to enjoy, she
should be willing to afford every facility for
its business. The railroad company owes the
city about SfyUSB for lauds purchased, and the
Council may very weil afford to relinquish
ihat claim, to have (*ary street properly pro
Devil among the Tailoi ..—Christopher Tun
berlake was arraigned before the Mayor, yes
terday, to answer the charge ol assaulting and
beating .lames K. Barnes, and of carrying a
concealed deadly weapou. The evidence show
ed thai the accuse! was euguged in the row
that took place on Wall f-treet last Sunday,
and that, in company with Patrick Kelly, he
entered Ihe room, on Monday, where Barnes
and othei-s were at work, and pitched in for a
•"••lit, Kelly giving Barnes the soft end of a
cltth, and Tiinberlak* paying the same com
pliment to ( ririfles. Balrd, who ame nt work in
the room. Odor cbar-»e« of a -unilar charac
ter were brought against Timberlake, and be
was thereupon held to bail for his good beha
vior, anil to answer an indictroeut by the next
(Jrand Jury.
The Lest" Manufacturing Coai/'HHy, oi this
city, organized Inst Monday night, aud will
rouirneuce operations almost immediately.—
They have purchased the gas works buildings
ou t.'ary street, lately sold by the city, aud in
tend erecting atoiu-esu-h shops as may be
nr.-eauary for their business. This company
Intend turning out about one hundred sew
ing machines and two planing mills per week,
and to enable ihem lo do so will have to em
ploy at least one hundred mechanics. We
understand that they will be ready for manu
facturing iv the course of sixty days, and will
make all their work ou their owo pre—uses.—
The compauy le composed of in.-ii of capital
and enterprise, and will be able to efl'ecl a
great deal for Southern munufbetures aud
Southern independence.
Sugar R- finery. -The building at Rocket!-.,
now g...ing up tor a sugar refinery, uof the
most .-tib-uintiii kind, and when completed,
will prove nulte an ornament to that part of
the town. Mr. Morris, tbeproprietor.ezpeets
to be ready to commence operations this fall,
and if properly sustained, will be enabled to
supply most of the wants of ibis section. -
Step by step our capiuali«ts are adding to tbe
independence ot ttie S-.uth by erecting new
factories and it is to be hotted that not only
tbe people of Virgiuia, but of the whole
South, will sustaiu ibeiu iv the most liberal
The Fire Engine, built by Messrs. Et finger Jc !
Edmund, is certainly tbe most beautiful piece
of machinery, of tv kind, that we ever saw I
constructed anywhere. This afternoon onr
cltis-us are to have aa opportunity of
seeing this machine at work , aad we veu- j
tare to say that every oae will agree with ns 1
as to its construction aud tin-ah. Yesterday
afternoon, the builders gave the machine a
partial trial from tbe Dock, and all who wit
nessed tv capacity to throw water were sir uck
with atuaßeu.sut. «
fasfuaeisa «</ £«<'_<--.—Many of ussr lead,
lag merchants propose a suspension of all bu»
Haass, aad the closing of doers, on the l*fth of
April, so that men ef all parties niay partinl
pate iv or witues* the seresaouies of ihelaau
furathsu uf the marble statue of Hear/ OAajr*
The miliuu-_r areespected to jota hv tie pro
cession ou-the oocasioo, but iheir ranks will
aotboSlH-. *» **** hrsUaary bashssus uf the
eltjr is not suspended.
■ . ' ' - saw -
ABdarssß teehea mmmt*
tana hheaahinnrrir. last Msna-y nlghs, aa4
as a ee_seqaeaceh.il a v'oilsn m hmapnaettu,
FrumlalMtoksep sober la the future, thi
Larger md*<eel%s*me*t* in e*e»t prevention.
_• shsrged m eeuts aer seaare el eight nasuM the
-rat insertioß. aad m eenu to* eneh eusUißßUßse.
__s•"'_.••s• <'*•>• _<>Aa6«.ire/'ty.—Even fOOA rnton
_?£ .T 0,,, • ,00 - , («-•* one of tho sf-oahnve he.
„**-■ o-tht school ef the Mr-cheeks* InaM-
******* ** nhnutved; yetneres
thi e_eii_E y '****** v * *° •«•* ******* «■*»_»
e-possri! uto whic - wMa-7ioW_Uy be
ta: &3u
son, "be an re to a_» lh . Lord _ \__-ie~a_
jon, or the alphabet* clean
betore you get to tbe end ont, voe*l. hsTen Met
ne a cucumber, or aa Irsherc. »ra__ss_
fai'bfnUr, my sou." ■***
"Yes, daddy, I promise." Off trudged John.
than to school, carrying bis bread jaVd meet.
wlih a small buttle of molasses ia Ms jTthit
pocket, aad hie lute promise apt sruuMt lahts
A boy who bore the lad an old grudge, ant
bim, nnd alter railing him "young deacon,"
nnd many senrrllons uumsn, caught Mat off
his guard nnd tbrnw bim M the (round, tear
ing his jacket aad brushing his molasses bot
tle. This double Injury made Jonatbaa-seres
wolfish nnd bis lips white with rage, nnd Mn
burned to revenge himself. Bat there man .to
promisa to bia father, nnd he did net forgetit*
but proceeded to swallow, as wall as htoaaaar
wonld allow, bis alpnabsiicat pHI», tbns:
A, B, (J,-tou'ts tore my Jacket-D, E, F,—
you've apilt my 'lasses—G. hV_, J, K.-rjron'tn
!^tw.V,'* -c * | - v*u *- N »°* •*• **-- x 'M*•_-*_»
JP* nstter manners, yon scamp, y ou,-B, S, T,
V, \,-V\\ spile yer pletur, yon old wall-eye i
w, X, V, Z, astpsesana.. Now, I*ll pound your
eyes ont c* you, yon encronehtag urilUaa."
Even the repetition of the alphabet could
not allay the fiery temper which bad been
aroused by ths tearing or thecoat and tin lons
of the 'lasses bat our young -renders, whs*
angered for lees provocation, may save I bum
selves unpleasant feelings, when irritated hr
their playmates, if they will bnt follow JoßA
tban's advice and rehearse Ihe entire alphabet,
before giving a blow.
Spring .S'-ioic . The weather has been ex
tremely changeable for several days—some
times clear, at others cloudy—sometimes
warm, and at others cold. Yesterday morn
ing, at an early hour, heavy clouds gathered
over the city, flukes of snow began to descend,
and tbe indications were, that old winter had
returned and intended to remain torn time,
but soon thereafter the clouds broke away,
■he sun cams forth In ail his splendor, and
tbe forenoon proved quite pleasaut.
Hard at It— A number of laborers arestsadi*"
•y engaged iv digging the foundation for th»
Seameu's Bethel, at the northeast corner of
•.'nth and Cary streets, and In n verr short time
tbe corner-stone will be laid, nnd the super
structure commenced. Tbe basement of the
building ia to be so constructed as to be need
for a ward tcnool, and as its location is a cen
tral one for tbat part of the city, n burgs num
ber of pupils may be induced to attend It.
Not Sane.—A veteran in the cause of intem
perance- Charles 8. Tensor—was found help
lessly druuk in the street last Monday night,
aud utketi to the cage. Yesterday morning he*
he was about to leave the city to
return no more, and asked to be forgiven* bnt
it being intimated tbat be was not entirely
right in the upper story, be was committed
by order of tho Mayor, iv default of bail for
his good behavior.
Third Time— James O Conner an Old toper,
made his appearance before tbe Mayor yester
day, for tbe third time, to answsr tbe charge
of being drunk and disorderly la tbe street.
The old man plead guilty to the charge, and
tried very hard to get into the open air once
more; but he bad forfeited bia word ao often
tbat tbe Mayor was bent on having bail, or
sending him to jail.
Tobacco Sales.— Yesterday thecrop of tobacco
of Dr. John U. Woods, of Albemarle, consist
ing of twenty-eight hogsheads, brought the
following prices: Five hhds. at*j per ons hun
dred pounds. Eightbbds. ail. Six hbda. fib.
One *7. Two mono. Three 'logs) no. Oue
85.-2 U. One S3 7u. Oue *-2.0 U. Average of the
entire crop fAJB.
Seeling Rest.— Hariuan Adolph Joseph, an
invalid from a distant country, sought lodg
ings at the first statiou-bouse last Monday
night, and being refused, made his bed in the
market-place, from whence be was conveyed
to the cage. Yesterday morning the Mnyor
turued him over to the French Consul.
Fossil Remains are constantly dug up, Bt U
distance of forty feel below tbs surface of the
hill which i> being removed lr4,m tbe corner
of -_'(,ih and Broad streets, to make room lor
the new Trinity Church. A number ot large
bones have been recovered, and ate now pre
served as great curiosities.
Interesting lecture.—Oa Thursday evening
next, John R. Thompson, Esq., will deliver a
lecture before tbe Young Men's Christian As
sociation. Subject, '.Edgar A. Foe." Our Citi
zens will no doubt till the ball of the Me
chanics' Institute on the occasion.
Sales of Sugar and Molatstf —Messrs. Dun
lop, Moncure A Co. sold by unction, yester
day, *-•» hhds. sugar at prices rauging from
•7.0U to **-..Id. Average S-4. 3d casks of Porto
Rico molasses at from *ki to 3b. *_> hbda. Mus
covado molasses at from •J*", fo.Hr t
Circuit Court —The criminal terra of the
Richmond Circuit Court, Judge Meredith pre
siding, will commence ou tbe Oth of April
The docket Is a \try large one, there being
about twenty-fire cases of felony to dispose
.l/i Alarm of Fire was .caused yesterday
morning, about lv o'clock, by tbe burning nf
a chimney ou Cary stieel, between 7ih nnd.
--ill Ihe brigade were out in force with their
apparatus, hut had no work to perform.
Turned Out.— l.ucy liar by, a worthless out
cast, charged wilb associating with negroes,
was reprimanded by the Mayor yesterday, and
I tcture.— Re v. Mr. Baloaan, pastor of Wsnlev
Chape., will deliver a lecture to-uigbt, lit the
benefit of the church, Subject, •• Woman's
CLJsftKSOU * AKDERftOM, Ns. 100,
tsrs of Hardware. Cutlery, hum, he-, have for
sale—l.wwdoz.-n P,v:ket Knives; J.SOO seta £sivUs
an.* Forks; aoiios. Ivory TalJsand Isaaert Ka|-*E
lUOdozeu Plated 'labia and Dessert Forks; audoa
Khos andßutcher Kmvsa; lPOdi.xtrf R<d.«rs' aad
Wade a Butohsr's Razors; (-Odessa Msaor ttroVs.
i.'Ai.tizen Mcisaors »nd Maeara; b.Ua" gross t laikr-t
---pointed Screws; 2 ouo dozen lm t, table and other
H.n.es; MWast. («d sse fsraitere Castor*;JOSu
dozen rim, sad, cheat aad stock Lucks; lm gram
tea an 1 tat>r_Bp,M,ns; yw lbs. UriCn's Horse
Mine Nails; 3a) leg* lUn.mer.,l Horss-«fboss!hi
tonaironAA.es; U) uuu Carruue aad Plow Bona.
ate. Also- Agents for Fair-ink's Scales.
_ rrREOAI.LERY.No.uAIai:, SrasjlT.
we have fast received our aprin/-ivpply of Ar
tiata Matsriils.oi oar own iruportation. The as
ticlea ars all of tbe bsst suaht*. aad tbe Tabu
Colors of WINrtOR a Nf*-TON'S make, am
auits Iresb. A -wdleoiion »: Frensß sad Faalisb
Engravings, plain sad colored, a 1 of the biihStt
order, has mst beets reeeief .t. aad we will be Smen/y
1., exnil.it them t» our patrons aad ths sit-testae
Twohundrsd STERF.OCOPIC CASES plain and
inaf.li/ Ban-had; 4am Btersos.-optc Views, sif the
•Semrefnunl" 4 ft>f
COLLAR*, ( OLLAaa. LEVY has last rs
ceived a larte supply of Kaisroidsrsd Collars.
which lie intseds Uiasllnt prices tv as it alt falsa
r,.!la-s at 12',. worth **. i-snts; Swiss CoUaisatUm,
worth S7S rents; H-arissCollars at Ts. worth ST.
,«nis, Mwias Collars at 60. worth 7*» estit»; Casabsto
Collar** at 60. worth 73 cants; "Swiss Collars at ZS.
worth *il tt. Cambric Collars at 7&. worth tl;lwim
OoiUrsal el. woitbaiMß tswiss Collars at AIJs.
v...riii ***; Cambric Collars at #2. wort* |ia.
Klack Craps CoM-trs from 1 skillin-r to fl 25 all of
which win le >« Id at vsi» 'ow truss, a is... 1 f dies
a|id ..uiitteiaru's 1,. Csii.liu- Hd'sU . is sedlsss Va
net). Rememtor that I.hVY'H. U Main street,
v tns place to purchase Dr* tseods at the vers lev -
est .-ash prices. -__.«______
WHAT'S SO! THAT'S BOU-Tfcers man
A an old aa> tag, that what s**srjbodi sate mnet
be so, aad while aonietimsa • esryhody ntavert.
yet as a seaersi nils tbosvint is correct. New.
svcrtlvHl. wi.. has ever trisd.sseaw* Bead SON
*sit-.f X*M -riFAM REFIN7h CRCBrl_l) W
HAA CA!M|>IKB, sroanuaee taeiu tbs verr Mat
ihet svei saw. As s natural .soßaMßSfwm. IS*
ronctiiaioti Arrived at is "' I'hat s so. Tv tanen
wbo hays B»t bnoibt it, I would say.eooss assTiet
U Hams. Sreasts, *HHileersaaJ AHb; tAKa
heinjr m
Pamilr (Soap; I* bids, pars 0 £*_«iwKBTs
S easts Freach Brwedy t M bhhklaa«MMnkSl
Apple HranJy ; MW deesa J* fn * m tf fbt_JWUa_r>
_ -M*% _l____k_______La__a
iMIHaKMI t *********** •a_a__|_H||*
1 «nW••••_■» J_,s-u_ QAJU_L e\\ % *tW^tW m^m^m \MWmf^^^

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