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>T - JUPWrIIMI ate
- fui PAILY DIBPATCB -serve* tosnb
*>-i_t *<« *si> * *.••»■_***• IS?**/** W J««*
the Carrier weekly. Pnee for aaMiiag,
:. t>«'",«».«' for an month*, in advance.
•VJ »rrf «»:•**«■ t<* —tTScrtber*— ft peranaam.
_" It II II
*t«*r4 Everett's Letter ef Accept*
g>*. r ' u nnce.
reel} of Hon. fe— Kverett to tbe Utter
Vassbaf* 0 * *•*••< informing him of In*
_■*—• I» ihe I'nton Convention at Hal
_J-i i» 1« Ma* reply, be accepts
" ', mi n*ii«'i», at the same time expressing
lfc * i •*• vße **"'*• *"* ■*■*•• *•*•*•* •«> r *
ae- saf lurtber labor* in banalf of Mt.
_*a **■ h " d m'e , *<** < l ♦<> "rtelt the State*
IJlftssie—pftaad«J ulf; confessed he find*
I it field ot con
y nnd tbnnkless
•tateof feeling
iiy fDr tbe revt
ich once existed
area »nfflcie.it 1
lug bis own in-
there of a still
eceesarily occa
nxiouaiy before
itb wbicb tbe
1 mo. In yield -
citationa which
>m tbe most re
rery part of the
ifice of inclinn
e a public duty.
1 Icanuot deny
, tbat we have
upon all good
ersonal conve
tbare, bowever
--t aoiveraal im
that tbe ex.si
' critical. Our
1 bstanttally as
nal character —
*asa the North
t be diflicult to
am re aud ten
-111 only say. on
in 1011, it cannot
_'ut rending the
her of 1 lie great
m or aims at a
flual object, al
-111 considerable
in view,
influence is ex
botb sections of
le conservative
adually goaded
;and sentiments
bad no syinpa
y neglecting the
tical controver
sions, in reler
lul.r, tbe great
:_iiy important
-Iscaaetoa to i>«
s are carried on
res*,and exaapcr
ed.have already
inthropic a-so
tndered, and tbe
.1 tli iinri South
Uoaal House of
tbe verge of an
t tbe orgauiza
ork of an hour,
ty of its mem
oncealed weap
-110. The c.'tndi
tsentiug respec
. ideas will, at
probability, be
inical vote. In
rougut to a pass,
an not and will
ical reoi trani.'.a
long continue,
ent risk of new
,vn that it seems
healing coutse
phe, wiiich the
lucli depiecate,
-*d. A spirit ot
ailed in to action
-ill assuredly be
.re of inl'.arnma
f publications is
,as in i?7<> and
.1 agree to deal
itcord (for tbey
tuers dealt witn
1.-W years longer
if oue fumily.—
an can be mum
dominance and
>n, exerted to co
, is, in my judg
it is dangerous,
eath smell from
od. If the vital
ernraea— U"ihe
ich more does a
.tat.-, require, a*
s members nnd
1 in its organic
ns, that healing
1, if we-are much
1 regard tbe late
is a movement iv
wisb thai it had
b less exclusive
ions, and with a
ntanou, if poaaV
s of the country.
ii ordinary time*
re objectionable,
Lffairs, if there ia
aSß—t ill-omened
1 comineucemeiit
eeting as yiat of
re. It was a fair
rative opinion ot
jss, gravity and
ir-ceediugs were
ly praised.
c Convention, as
be and patriotic
is thought of iv
ic. Eleetioneer
nliout exception
is objected that
if tbe lundumeu
t« as to any glosa
ution, in its fair
a tbe only basis
r-ery part of tbe
any attempt to
no other effect
oa great practi
ce**—yalcnl sub
jy artfully con- j
nellish motives,
11 common,
dency, presented
is every way
pport. 1 speak
id long associa
rvice. His i!i»- j
lence in 11 flair*,
patriotism, lur
t honest :..d et
government at
if the Souih, and
Ui«, his nupar
£ a public iiiau
can tie support
lutitry, without
l by men of all
nlice ol former
Convention has
pay au equally
to some worthy
eucy, but feeling
do 1 ot sympathy
store lhe liani'V
areeu tbe differ
•ely your*.
R'AUfcK am>— vkr-t.—A singular
)iiiunitt.-d near L,lwrencebuig,
week, by a Mr. Joseph Oriins
ot which appeals to have been
oduced by the report of a dying
staled On bis revival from a
ed to be death for a time by all
—tout him. that he had been to
J*"***"' and areu there all his family Who were
_-? *J UU 'earned thai all would go there ex
<'* Jonepb. This ant.ouucerneui coining
m* dyiuf _almost a dead brother, seems to
•»*■disordered the poor fellow's iniod. lie
r»r« *•*"*'•"ltfly for several day* afterward*,
** a 8-lly di.appeared on Monday week be
• iiwt. »*.„ wa# Uyl f aulJ 4 t iil tbe Saturday
__*•**- when two meu in search of game
tally discovered him swinging by tbe
***■ to a pole which crossed a deep ravine.—
*_k brother died the aame day tbe body
*k-__? ABO I"** ob l.«*-a-On tbe Stub
£__ * , *' ,f -i»a«t 11 o'clock A. M., a terrible
a___ * Jiu,M *d witliiu baif a mile o< New
*»*?...' <J *aiiou county, Pa., destroying
7«ii Uk . witblu it* bounds. It was about
«__**_ •■* ww'li. A* f_ra* ascertained, it
. An,, -*i»«»y river above <»ray *
it, h""" 1 took a southeast direction, »weep
»***____! ** r,, «. tree*, l-ice*. cattle, Ac, a*
i««_..t #*•? L t»r«*oii«g stump*. A correa
*** k.,« v t *" ♦* l "»»ugh Dispatch says there
**''*I'_d J^f** I**1 ** * lr «»«J7 dead in tbe neigh
'l *•,_.•, ni * >, *y n,or *» t*** l canaot recover.
WhUr 2. **• Jaa family ot Charles Stewart
Ui« t_ii.il** *'•'' «"'d mother wer* killed, and
*••«•_•_ r " u ••**»«- in number.all severely
di * ttud _ I *"** "A ••»•*»•*• •*»« ww ia acre.
»m v , l 1 "* *-■■•"le was entirely mash—l up
Uf * ,, » vaj? j UQt *•*"■*• Tbe bouse we* en
VOL. XVII.—NO. 134
I Per tbe Richmond Diapatoh]
Tbe Late Wat. C. Preatea. ef South tare*
Tbe death of thia accomplished scbolar,
i statesman and Christian gentleman, bn* lately
lieen noticed try Jon, and ha. revived recollec-
I tion- of by-con* days tbat I feel like per pel
[ nanus: in aoiue public form. Willi your per-
I mission, therefore, 1 will make the Ditpatch
tbe medium of doing ao.
1 waa a resident of Columbia in tbe year*
ltWtt, *?, -wand 'ft, and saw 001. I'rehton al
inoat deity, lie being a relative of tbe gentle
man with whom 1 waa living, ("if Seeretario"
of later fame,) and with wbom he was on
term* of ibe most friendly intercourse. This
•cave me an opportunity to become acquainted
with bim in tbe exercise of those remarkable
colloquial power* with which be was so
highly Kitted. Ilia familiarity with classical
literature wa< equally remarkable, and he
could nt all times command a fund of nine
trati.in drawn from such sources. This waa
carried most happily into bis public efforts at
tbe bar, and before other tribunals. He bad
read tbe Bible with a reverence befitting its
divine autbortty and its sublime teachings,
and with the highest appreciation of it* pure
and elevated diction and imagery. Hia quo
tations from it, therefore, were not of that
catch-word sort too common with our public
speaker*, bnt were always introduced with
due regard to propriety aud good ta*te.
Reference bas often been made to his mas
terly defence of Judge James, wbo was im
peached for drunkenness, before the Senate of
South Carolina, in IRK. It was litis speech
that first attracted public attention to bim aa
an orator. Just at tbat time South Carolina
furnished acoostelHiion of brilliant men.—.
Calhoun, Wayne, McOuttPJ* Harper, Legale
and Preston ranked as star* of the first mag
nitude, but perhaps It is not invidious to say
tb«.t Preston excelled them all in that charm
of iliuslied oratory which can .be felt, but
which, like that of his illustrious ancestor,
Patrick Henry, well nigb balnea all attempts
to describe it. 1 was one of the delighted and
deeply interested listeners to Col. Preston's
celebrated defence of Judge James, before al
luded to. The sceue lias often been described
before, perhapa nowhere better than in
O'NeaP* -Bench and liar of Sontb Carolina."
I only desire to add ray tribute of admiration
to the splendid forensic effort of that occa
sion, especially as it is impressed on my mem
ory by Preston's defence of bis old friend.—
He entered upon tbat defence with all the ar
dor of bis nature. Tbe tribunal waa a most
august one. The accused was a Revolutionary
patriot, who had served bis country well,and
possessing a character unsullied except by in
dulgence in a habit which, alas, has too often
overtaken and overwhelmed other worthy
men. If. as wits probably true, lie had com
mitted grave errors as Chaucellor, it was ac
knowledged by all but a lew, whom he had
made bitter enemies by his judicial decisions,
that tbey were errors of the head, and not of
the beart.
Col. Preston knew how to touch tbe chords
of popular leeltng with a master's skill, and
his allusion to the Judges Revolutionary
service* waa in his happiest style. He drew a
picture of the men and scenes of the .{.evolu
tion—each man a hero, and each scene one ol
thrilling interest. Just here lie introduced a
Scripture quotation with fine effect. Refer
ring to the language of those who were sent
by Moses to spy out tbe land of Cauaa.ii aud
make report of the country and its inhabi
tants ; and after a glowing comment upon tbe
virtues aud valor of tbe great actors iv tbe
War of the Revolution, be exclaimed—•• In
iliose days, Mr. President, tkere were giants in
the land."
The peroration of this masterly speech wa*
in tbe highest style of oratorical excellence.—
It was followed by the most profound silence,
which was at length broken by R. Ham well
Smith, (now Rliett.) oueof those appointed to
conduct the prosecution. He opened bis re
ply to Preston by saying, with the deepest
emotion, "Mr. President, I rise abashed and
dazzled by the Maaß of eloquence that has
pßseeS—d me. Were Lto consult my private
feelings at this moment, I would stay this
prosecution ; but, sir, I have a public duty to
perform, and tbe justice ol the country must
be served. '* The appeals o;' Piestou, eloquent
and earnest as they were, could Hot save the
poor old Judge; but bis speech on that occa
sion gave linn a reputatiou which soon became
national, and which, waa well -ustuined dur
ing his public life. P. J.
Roanoke Co., Va., June -, ISe—
t__rA_AT*_aa in Oanaoa fur tiik Puij.ce
oe Walks.—At Quebec the new Parliament
House is to be converted into a temporary pa
lace lor the Prince of Wales. New funiculi
is to be put into it; kitchens, cooking utensils,
beds, bedding, dining tables, sideboard, pianos
and tbe full accessories of a weli-turnished
house, are to take the place of desks aud oifUe
stools. One wing is 10 be set apart lor Hi*
Koyal Highness, arui another lor the Hukeol
Newcastle, who,as colonial secretary, will ac
company him.
Ai Quebec they also talk of chartering 40 cr
.id river and lake steamers, aud going down
tbe St. Lawrence en masse to meet the Prince.
The Parliament will assemble whe.i becomes,
p*"esent addresses, aud escort him lo Montreal,
where the great Victoria bridge is to be inau
gurated by him.
At Mout real they have received ..-Jii.ttOO from
government lor the purpose of hoidiuga pro
vincial exhibition ol arts aud manufactures
at the time, and are putting up v handsome
crystal palace.
At Toronto they will alter the olc* Govern
ment House for the accommodation of the
At Hamilton they propose to have the Prince
assist in the inauguration of a statue to bis
royal mother, and tbey have also laid the
foundation stone of a flue palace of industry,
in which tbe Upper Canada agricultural ex
hibition will be held this tall, aud to which
tbe Prince will be invited.
A Sportive Monster.—The new directors
of the <*reat Eastern have made the Portland
people the victims of "asell," almost as gigan
tic as the great ship herself. Tbe last Board
positively announced that when the ship
came to ihis country she would come to Port
land, and the Portlanden accordingly ex
pended over SltiU.OOli in building a pier and
making other preparations for her advent. A
new dynasty having ascended thetliroue, her
destination has wisely, perhaps, but unfairly,
been changed loNow lork, and Portland is
left to pocket tbe loss and st-jmach the affront
a. best she can. It must be confessed that, so
tar, the big ship has been a most deceitful and
inhuman monster. She refused to be launch
ed lor nearly three montha; killed her pro
jector with anxiety and annoyance; blew up
her passengers tbe minute shegot any of them
ou board; upset her captain out of her gig
and drowned him; got the city of Portland
to make a pier for ber, and then refused to
come to It; aud finally, as if in a tit of fero
cious iniitb, addressed heiself to the New
York Common Council for information as to
whether she could pass tbe bar atbigb water.
.'boh the West Indies.—The schooner
Martha Skinner, Capt. Amidou, arrived at
Noiwicu.Couu., from tbo island of Sombrero,
which place she left on the Kith int., brings
news from the British West India islands. At
and St. Martin's very large quanti
ties ot salt had been collected. Ail the islands
had suffered severely from drought. At St.
Martin's water was so scarce that tbey had to
place a police force over tbe fountains. Wines
and breadstuff* were also very scarce. At St.
Bart's mining operations had been quite suc
cessful ; lead ore, equal to Galena, coal of
superior quality, as well as copper, having
been discovered, (told aud iron had alao been
found. A very large siilphurdeposit had b--eu
discovered at Saba, one ot the Dutch West In
dia DOSBessioas. _
Military Excursion.—The __aa**eCadets
of Chicago, wilt leave Chicago about the.i.ili
of Juue.aud the route embraces the cities of
Buffalo, Albany, Boston, New York, Phila
delphia, Baltimore, Washington, Pittsburg,
Cincinnati and St. Louis.' They will take
about sixty men, rank aud tile, aud be accom
panied by a baud ot fltleeu pieces. Tbey will
carry tbeir entire equipments and uniform*,
consisting of one lull dress of blue and buff,!
a Chasseur uniform (French) of blue and red,
and one Zouave uniform. |
OoIRAOR.—The gold coinage at tbe Philadel
phia mint during May was tjsiu'',** l ' in double
eagle*;*l-,otto in half eagle*-; #j,'.* 19oti iv tine
bar*, unking a total of (old coinage of am -
ooi.Ui). The silver coinage waa a*_,**iiu in dol
lar*; BC.GOO in half dollars; a*—,****- in quarter
dollar*, aud 913,-0 in dime*, making the total
•liver coinage e>i,li-ti. Oenu, a35,u00. Tbe
whole number of piece* coined during tho
month was J,Mfi,i7d, of the value of »-4ti,iol.ou.
The Leteht Puize—The If, S.ateamerOru
•ader, Lieut. J.N. Maltat, arrived at Key West
•ii tbe-Mth till., with a prize balk, having on
board „■* African*. Tuts bark was captured
on Wednesday.*— ult., otl Neuvitas (tbe *r>ii
of Friuciiie, Cut—,) aud was uml. r French
colors. Uuring the chase or before hoarding,
the papers were destroyed. The original cur
go consisted ot P.- African*, aud i_ now here
are, apparently, iv good health.
iMvoaTS or I>rt Qoobs—Tbe import* of
foreign ilry good* st tbe port of N-w York for
lite mourn ot May are nearly twice as large a*
ioithecorrvapoudiugiaouibot l*_i\ but only
a iii tie more than half ac large for tbe aame
period of last year. Tbe total •luce January
lit i» fl-.l—i.t'*-, which I* about two and a
belt million dollar* blow the .• .riespooduig
total ol l**t year, th* falling ott being tbe im.
_ *_ ._
port* vi rhtilkm.
A Has at ata Brae Litra.—A suit has been
commenced in tbe French courts, tbe Inci
dent* developed in wbieh will set tbe brain*
of tbe dramatists in a wbirl, and give work
to tbeir pons. Tbe story run* tbns -.
"Nearly thirty years ago, a widow lady,of
a noble and powerful Huguenot family real,
ding tn the South of France, placed her child
with a gardener* wife, who was to act as Its
foster-mother and name. One day, as the
young heir was sporting before tbe door, ard
the gardener's child waa lying on a bed in tbe
cottage, tbe nurse beard tbe wheel* of a car
riage, and immediately suspected tbat the
mother of her yottngcharge was coming to see
hereon. In her flurry she snatched np the
beir, but slipping, let bim fall upon a heap of
stones.breaking hia rightarmand collar-bone.
In her terror ahe rnsbed to ber husband, who
ad v ised her to stow away tbe screaming vie tim
under the bed-cloihes.and taking his garment
he placed them on his own child, and boldly
stood at the door to await tbe lady'a coming.
Contrary to the usual casual glance given by
ber on ber previous visits, tbe lady mother
wa* so struck nt the change of her darling, to
the lean, brown, hungry-looking babe which
she beheld in the place of her own plump baby,
that, vexed and exasperated beyond measure,
she seized the child in ber arm* aud bade tbe
postillion drive away. The gardener and hie
w.fe were terribly frightened, bnt decided to
go the next day to the chateau and make an ex
planation. To their further consternation
tbey ton nd tbe next morning that the lady was
gone and had taken away tbe child. Years
sped on and tbe family did not return, while
tbe ignorant cottager*, influenced by terror,
never dared to stir In tbe matter, until tbe
gardener's wife, on ber death-bed, recently
made a full confession. In the meantime, the
cottager's child has passed his life as a mem
ber of one of tbe noblest families of France,
hi— been attached to au embassy, and now
holds a desirable official position, while tbe
real heir has spent his youth in discipline and
privation as a soldier in Algeria. The latter
now brings suit to recover bis property and
Berryer, probably the most famous lawyer
in France, lias been engaged for the defence.
Another Tragedy im Mississippi—The
Vis-ksburg Whig, of Wednesday morning, re
cites as follows another horrible tragedy in
Miasissippi, which resulted in the death of
two well known citizens:
A rencounter occurred at "Warrenton on
Monday night, between Drs. Selser and Bell
and Cut. Wm. DeGritlin, gentlemen of high
standing and well known in this community,
which resulted in the death of Dr. Selser und
Col. DeGrifßn. We have heard a number of
conflicting reports regarding theorigiti of this
sad affair, and have, therefore, endeavored to
gain authentic information. It seems that Dr.
Bell had been visiting Dr. Sel-ser's house quite
olien ot late, and that his visits became very
disagreeable to Dr. S.s sister. She requested
him to inform Dr. Bell that his visits were not
agreeable, and lor him to discontinue, them,
wnictt Dr. Selser did by note. Dr. Bell, in re
ply, sent a very insulting vote lo him by Dr.
Pettit, and did not discontinue his visits. Dr.
Selser did not meet him again, however, until
Monday night, when they met near the
show-boat Banjo, where Dr. Selser took
occasion to demand an explanation for the
insulting message sent bim by Dr. Bell.—
He asked Dr. B, "What did you mean by the
message you sent me !" Dr. Bell then inquired,
"What message '" to which Dr. Selser replied,
"The message you sent me by Dr. Pettit." Itn
m..diately after. Dr. Bell drew a knife aud in
flicted iwo wounds on Dr. Selser—one in the
wrist and the other iv the neck—severing sev
eral of the arteries, from which he immedi
ately died. Col. DetJritfin stepped up and
caught Bell by the shoulder for the purpose of
separating them, it ia supposed, when Bell
stabbed him three times—twice in the arm ami
once in the right breast- the latter of which
entered the lung. Col. DeGrifliti lingered un
til about;( o'clock, yesterday afternoon, when
he expired. Dr. Bell was arrested hy lhe citi
zens of Warrenton and held in custody until
yesterday, when the sheriff went down aud
brought him up to this city, where he was
lodged in jail.
Painfil AiiiDKNT.—At Kings tree, S. C, re
nß*a_jr,while two jib; s___s werecou»ultiugin
a case, they decided to use aqua aiutnonia, aud
one ot* them, Dr. Wallace, proceeded to open a
bottle. The Star say-:
The vial had not been used in two years,
and when called to be opened the stopper was
so tight that Dr. Wallace applied a small vice
which wrenched off tbe head of tbe stopple. It
was then determined that the medicine must
be had, so Dr. Wallace commented to file off"
the neck, intending to take thepropercaution,
which ac had oftentimes giveu not only to
those in his office, but to his family both wnite
and black, should they be sent into his office
during his absence. Hut unfortunately the file
entered before he was aware, the gas escaped,
causing R violent explosion, completely suffo
cating and burning him in a most horrid man
ner. The fumes of ihe liquid completely cov
ered bun, ao that in one second he stood gasp
ing for breadth ; in another, moving quick aud
greatly agitated, but too plainly telling his
awful suffering. Dr. Steele, wbo stood a tew
paces oil*, was slightly affected, and Mr. Free
man, titling: within two or three feet, waa so
affected as to unable him to breathe for some
time. The whole house was soon title d with
tbe fumes, aud the sick even had to leave bis
bed for a short lime. As soou as possible tbe
clothes of I>r. Wallace were removed off him,
and tbe fluid squeezed outof his whiskers, aud
he placed in bed, when he again began to
breathe. His eyes and lace were burned in
an awtul manner. For nine day* he was com
pletely blind. Now, at sixteenth day, be is
able to see a little out of one eye, while he still
suffers greatly with ihe other.
Matrimonial Advertisements in Tur
key.—The Turkish newspaper published at
Constantinople contains the lollowing adver
lisemeut: "A young girl, Delisch by name, of
the (Circassian) tribe of Nogais, seventeen
years old, very handsome, of good family, and
having received nu excellent education, ber
brother bearing the title of Bey, makes tbe of
fer to marry some young man, provided he
succeeds in pleasing her. Particulars may be
beard of at Hafiz Pacha's, President of the com
mission entrusted with the control of the emi
gration from Circassia."
Military Discipline in Louisville —On
Monday last, at Louisville, Ky., while a pri
vate of the Marion Kill. Company was exe
cuting the manual at a parade of that carps,
he accidentally discharged his piece before
drawing the ram red from the barrel. His
carelessness drew Iroin one of the officers a
severe reprnn. tnd, which theiudepeudeut pri
vate resented with a blow ; a rough-aud-tum
ble fluht ensued, ia which the brother of the
private took pari, the two soldiers administer
ing to their single superior a severe thrashing.
Tragegy m Pikeville, A la. -In Pikeville,
Marion couuty, Ala., on Saturday afternoon,
It! h nit., as John M. Allmati, the Circuit,
Clerk, and Andrew A. Allia.iu, his brother,
were passing the store of G. W. Little _ Co.,
ou their way to supper, they were tired upon
with a double-barrel shot guv and killed in
stantly. George W. Little, William J. Little,
and John Little are the jiarties accused el
committing the murder. The two first are iv
cuatody, and the other has tied aud ai last ac
counts bad not been arrested.
A Minister Mcrdrred.—The Pavelteville
(N. C.) o-server learns that tbe _cv. John _.
Chamber*, a local preacher of the Methodist
Church, in Montgomery county, N. C, was
murdered near his own bouse, on Wednesday
afternoon, the .'id inst., about sundown. Ills
horse having arrived at home, suspicion was
excited, search made, aud at about 11 o'clock
at night the body was found iv a creek near
by, horribly mutilated. Two of his negroes
have been arretted ou suspicion.
Gaj-vanie- as am Artiootr.— G.G.Griffin
communicates to tbe Macon (Georgia) Tele
graph, a successful application of gal v.-tuism iv
tbe case of an infant of three weeks, to whom
a fatal dose ot opium was given by mistake.
The application was continued for il\e hours,
and saved tbe child after the failure of other
remedies. _
I.tUERAL CoJiai'RiTY.—The citizens of Co
lumbus, Mi*«, baVe raised by subscription,
aiou.ouo fur tbe erection of a new building to
supply the place of tbe Feinai* Institute re
cently burned dowu, and a new hotel; also
arto.iA*. by the members of tbe Method is t
Church to be devoted to tbe erection of a new
building. _
Suicide of a Prietru.— On Wednesday
morning, a printer, named Calvin Ii- Sooil,
well known in Elktou, Md., commuted sui
cide in tbe composing room of tbe Cecil Dem
ocrat, upon which paper be had been for some
time employed. Tbe unfortunate man nearly
severed his head from the body. Intemper
uiTce is ihe cau-o i-cubed to the deed.
1 Runaway Slaviu..—Texas has it* border
trouble* as well a* Kentucky and Virginia-
Mr. Howies,of Winchester, Va., bad lately a,
desperate coniict near (J-oliad, with three rnu
away*, making for Mexico. Tbey bred on
Slat, killed bis horse, -robbed bim of MM and
wounded bim io two place*, severely, but aot
faulty.. _ .
C A Miller, late pr iprietor ef ibeSbelby
(Ten.. ) Spiiugf, died at go lurry, Ala, oB
UMr'A/Ut nil, *
— ■ '"■■ ' ■ *■ ' i h_ ' l ' ll|______-_*__*-*a****-**»^^
Denptratr Negro.-- Yf*tefd*y morning, tbe
black desperado, Taylor Brown, hired to Mr.
J. Power*, was arraigned Before tbe Mayor to
an* wer tbe charge of steeling a uuit of clothes,
worth 8T..")0, from Harm Flacher tbe day be- |
fore, and nfterwards »tabbing, with intent to
kill, tbe aaid Fischer. Tbe evidence proved, !
tbat while Fischer was standing in his store, I
on Main street, near it th, talking with Robert
B. Jones and another man. the prisoner came
along, anaiched a suit of clothes and ran off*.
Fischer and Jones immediately pursued bint,
and after a short rare Fischer came up with
tbe fugitive, who turned upon bim aud stab- .
bed him three times in tbe right aria nud hnnd
with a large knite. Jones then came up, bat
finding he also was to be stabbed, be threw a
stone at the ruffian, who stood threatening him
with death,aud vowing that no whiten).an
should take bim. Seeing that a crowd was
gathering, the negro again took to his heel*,
cutting at all wbo came within bis reach, aud
running a complete gauntlet amid tbe shower
of bricks and stones hurled at bim as he tied
up Cary street, some of them striking hia head
and glancing off as if thrown against ai. iron
mound. ArVnen near Mayo* bridge, a well di
rected brick knocked hi* heels from under
bim, and in hi* fail be dropped hi* knife, but
gathering himself up, he made for tbe Dock, j
jumped in, and after a good ducking, was cap- i
tured aud caged. The Mayor remanded him j
to the next term of the Heatings Conn, to be j
tried for bis life.
Grand Larceny.—Oa Sunday night last while
Mr. H. W.tluarlee was sf-tbg in hi* parlor,
the most ot his family being at church, be
beard a noise as if some one was descending
tbe steps from the chambers above, and calling
to know who was there, heard some oue rnn
out and shut the back door. Suspecting that
all waa not right, Mr. Q,. made au examina
tion ol the premises, and learned from hia
daughter, on her return borne, that she had
been robbed of about a*, iv money, and a gold
chain valued at £-.\3. Mr. Q. at once suspected
a negro woman named Betsy, wbo had been in
his service the first el the year, but afterward*
discharged tor stealing, and securing tbe ser
vices ot watchman Pleasants aud his partner,
went to Mrs. Martha Johnson's and obtained
her leave to search the room occupied by
Hetty. In a very short time Mr. Pleasants
discovered tbe money aud the chain, concealed
iv a pair of shoes belonging to the prisoner,
and she was taken into custody. Yesterday
morning she was examined before tbe Mayor,
and tbeu remanded tor felony at ihe next term
of tbe Hustings Court. It the prisoner is
proved to have committed the offence in tbe
night time, and the Court believe she unfas
tened the doors of the house lo get to the
plunder, she will be found guilty of bur
glary,aud may be hung or transported beyond
the limits ot tbe United States.
Inebriety.— The following iiersjiis appeared
before ihe Mayor yesterday, to uusvver for
being drunk, au«l were disposed of, as noted
below : John Taylor, lying on a bench iv the
First Market. Reprimanded and discharged.—
James McDeurinau, throwing stones at ne
groes in the street, and assaulting and beating
them without provocation. Committed iv
default of bail tor his better behavior iv lu
ture.—William H. Tiguor, disorderly at lhe
First Market ou Saturday afternoon. Fined
:. I and discharged.—John Hayes and Michael
Kierues, righting iv it bar-room ou 17th street,
last Sunday morning. Held to bail for better
behavior.—Edward Biggins, lying on tbe side
walk and asleep. Held to bail.—Tbos. Crov%
disorderly iv me street, and anuoyiug per
sons passing. Committed iv default of bail.—
Thomas Lewis, drunk and 110 papers. Pun
ished and locked up.—William C. Gay, drunk
In the street. Committed in default of bail.
Examination Postponed. —Yesterday morn
lag James S. Vanborn, charged witu felon i
ously stabbing James 11. (..'ration ; and Joseph
N. Gill, charged with stabbing wiih intern to
Kill Granville tt-ORtelle Bad James ii. Uavts,
ou Saturday night last, were both before the
Mayor, but owing to tbe inability of the wit
nesses to attend, their ex—uinations were
postponed until to-morrow morning. Mr.
Davis will be out iv a day or two, as his
wound was not dangerous, but Mr. Craftou,
if lie recovers, will he confined to his room
for at leant tan days. Monte—c was at Court
yesterday, his watch having saved bim from
serious injury from the blow aimed at bis
stomach, and which must have proved fatal
but lor being stopped.
Ameriran Manufactures.— ftif -oventh an
nual exhibition 01 the Virginia Mechanics' in
stitute, for the promotion of the Mechanic
Arts, will open in this city on the ltith of Oc
tober, and close on the ;llstof the same month.
The premiums to be awarded will be gold and
silver medals, diplomas, and money, ill sums
ranging from .'.' to RttRJ. Mechanics, manu
facturers, inventors, arlists, and the public at
large, should bear in mind that all articles
contributed to this exhibition, will be seen by
the tens ol thousands of visitors who are ex
pected to attend the great Union Fair of the
Virginia Central and State Agricultural So
cieties, to be held ou the 'Jtid oi October.
Charged with J%tft.—B\mrf Sum van, a white
girl, was arraigned before the Mayor yester
day, to answer the charge of stealiiig sundry
articles of wearing apparel from Margaret
Sullivan, beating her mother, and breaking up
the furniture in tbe bouse. Mary has been
committed to prison a number of times for bad
couduct to her parents, and though not over
sixteen years of age, is-.perhaps oue of the
vilest of uer sex will) which the city is cursed.
lier mother appeared agaiust her, aud bis
Honor being satisfied that she should not be
allowed to go at large, sent her to jail.
Passenger Railway. —The applicant.-, for the
right of way la the streets, lor city passenger
' railways, have not yet made amove to com
mence the improvement, but are expected to
do so in the course of a few days. The re
fusal to allow them to lay down a double
track on Broad street, may prevent them from
accepting the right tendered by the Council,
as a double track on that street is equally as
important to the success of the enterprise as
oue ou Maiu. As soon as they have a meeting,
we will endeavor to learn their determination
and make it known.
Ripe Old Age. —There is now residing in tbe
city Poor-House a white woman, named Sa
rah I-ain, who was one hundred and oue
years old last Saturday. She has been a resi
dent of the Poor-House lor about thirty
years. She says she was born in Englaud,
but came to this country when only tour
years old. Though iv feeble health, her mind
is said to be clear, and she relates with accu
racy many historical incidents of by-goue
Port Mayo, a short distance east of Rocketts,
has already become a pretty suburbau village,
and ia steadily improving. Mr. K. A. Mayo
haa lately erected about thirty neat cottages in
this quiet spot, and intends pulling up others
iv a abort time. Working men employed in
the eastern portion of the city flud it very
convenient, and much cheaper ,to reside iv
Port Mayo than in distant portious ot the city,
and they are making their home- there, where
fresh air and pure water can be had, and
where all their labor ia not expended in rem
New Wards.— The contractor for tbe addition
la the Kichinoiid Medical College, Mr. K. B.
Woodward, is to commence work 011 the new
building in a few days, and will hasten iv
completion with as little delay as possible. •■
He is expected lo get it ready for use by the
flist of December, at farthest, so thai the pu
pils may have more room for completing their
studies in.
Dead.—Thi a littlefoundliug which was taken
from a negro woinau iv the Valley, aud sent
to the Poor-Honse lo be cared for, has since
died. Wbo its parent* were the public may
never know, n* the tips of lhe negro woman
that bad it m charge are sealed ; but the great
Judge will doubtless hold I hit _ responsible
lor its murder.
The River Travel is larger thau ever kuown
at ilti. tea.-ton, au.l promises to increase rap
idly lor several weeks to come. Besides me
(lien Cove aud Curtis Peck, passengers can
go from here to Nortoik by the Philadelphia
aud New York steamers, and the York lliver
Itailroud, auy day in the week.
The County Court of Henrico commenced its
June term yesterday, aud spent tbe day in
bearing and disposing of motion* of various
kinds. Tbe newly-elected Justices,we are in
to rin ed, wilt not qualify before the July term,
and may not take tbeir seat* on the bench be
fore tbe first Monday iv August.
Growing Crops. — A resident of Henrico coun
ty informs v- that much of tbe early wiiat
has the rust spun ibe blade*, but thus far n
has reached the stalk only iv a tew instances.
fie also aay* that the growing corn look* bad,
but may improve if ihe.easou continue, fa
Progressing.—Tha paving of Dock atreet ia
progreaaiiig u> cotnp.etion, aad the contractor
seem* to be tanking au excellent job of tbe
work. When fluuhed, it will be the most
valuable improvement for the mercantile com
munity tbat tbe ciiy'b ia made for utauy year*.
A Steam Fire Engine is essential to thsetli
cieatey of tbe city Are department, aud th*
Council ought to paroliaee tbs one now taring
built n tb*city. The lu-nrance office* would
uodoubt wtttii.giv contribute to the purrh&.e,
rather that*, but sevure it w ttwuw uu.
j Not _v.rJ.-A court was' called *******
for the axaminauoaof Wm. Martin, charged
m J% l»*«ja*torlati»d/enleTW
of V. P. Word A Bro_ in tab night time, bnt
owing lb the absence of the Commonwealth*
Attorney aad two witnesses, tbe investigation
was adjourned till Monday next.
The Mayor returned bis dntiea yesterday
morn lag, nnd had bis bands h*J| of bast nee*.—
lie-idea a number of ordinary misdemeanors,
ibere were Aye felony case* on the docker,
two of wbieh were disposed of aad three
The Steamer Wett Point, running in connec
tion witb the York Kiver Bailroed, will aot
leave tbe white Hoase on Taeeday, or Nor
folk oa Friday, in con-eqoeaeo of net being
able to get her ready in time. Merchant* and
others will note the fact.
The Sttamei Skultt, running np the Chlcka
hominy, aas been withdrawn &>r paiaUngaud
repairs. She is to be pet la tip-topcondiiioa,
and will re-urn* ber run* inaabort time.
Should be Faced.— Mala atreet, from 3th ta.
7tb, ought to be paved at once, for tbe benefit i
of tbe mercbauta doing baataea* ea tbat
square, and wbo are now continually annoy
ed by tbe dust.
Body Recovered.— The body ot the little how
David Bryant, drowned at Stnawbetry Hill
Pond,on Sunday last, baa been recovered,and
an inquejt held over it. Vacs*tel* "apnidealat
dro wiring." t _..'. F3.
Present at ion .—ln Washington last week,
Hon. "dr. Bocock, of Va., presented the Ja
panese Ambassadors with three packages of
tobacco from one of bis Lynchburg constitu
ents. A "speech" accompanied the presenta
tion, and the Japauese retired after "many
manifestations of gratitude."
Mr. Harry This gentleman has obtained
the gold medal of tbe London Society for tbe
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, for his sys
tem of horse breaking. He bad a bad mi.bap
at Oxford, whenacolt broke away with him,
got among the people in the seats, and serious
ly injured several ladies and gentlemeu.
Greeley.—Horace Greeley (aays the Bridge
port, Conn., Farmer of Tuesday evening) pass
•■d through here tbia morning in disguise,
having on a black hat and pepper-and-salt
overcoat—both new: his mo»t intimate friend*
found difficulty in recognizing bim.
Arrest for Stealing Slave**.—Kennedy,
who ran away from Memphis withayouug
girl, und was apprehended iv Cleveland,
Ohio, for stealing slave property, has —ten
taken back on a requisition, on a charge of
stealing jewelry from his wife.
Da-laoks.—The suit of Daniel McClarin,
against tbe Petersburg (Va.) Press, for dam
ages for libel, has been compromised by the
payment to tbe plaintitl' of t*__. The suit
was brought about by a local item reflecting
on tbe character of Mrs. McClarin.
Fatal.—The Nashville Union says that
young Cabal, after lingering tor two or three
weeks, died at lal—nea.Taae. Saturday, from
the effect of a pistol-shot wound at the hands
of S. Met'lung, a fellow .student.
lit rmmi SriTRORON.—Last week at Ma
thews, i,\ H., Va., a number of Spurgeon's ser
mons were burnt before a uumber of citizens,
who bad gathered to witness the bonfire.
The New York Herald says that the Ger
man vote, deducting lo per cent, for not yet
naturalized citizens, will amount, in the next
Presidential election, from 1,111(1,000 to 1,030,000
The celebrated bronze doors, modeled hy
Rogers and en*l in Munich, have arrived in
New York. They have cost some *lo,(««i, and
have excited general admiration abroad.
The negroes in Huntsville, Ala, recently
made up a purse of *__) and purchased a
splendid hearse, lo be used tor ilia iutermeii*.
of tbeir dead.
The Madrid journals atata that the Queen
bad ordered fifty thousand cigars to be dis
tributed among tbe troops ou their arrival in
the capital.
An Examining Commission has been sent
from Ohio to the infected cattle district of
ElK'uezer J. Oeckfl—'d-eoueT—itteJ suicide ;u
jail at Kings tree, S* C, faSt week.
a*t****_e"a> t'KOKia-: iubm*v ivdotto*.,
_•*—_*) Er-'".i.-For JUDOK UF THE HUST
INGS COURT. A lawyer, a man of probity, en
ero, and industry.
r_,Election, 36'.h June. m» 24—td*
V.H. Will be a candidate until aunset June—,
Map, no 21—did*
m> 14-tde A. JUDSON CRANE.
_r_f=_ fok ji;_o_ or Tii- _i*;**t.
k*Q. my *—SEfSBR
for jrno*_n6r THE MUS
my 8-dtd
DR. F. E. LUKKIT having lo
cated permanently in the city ot Rica
mond, tenders his professional services to the citi
BR_,o_oe. Ballard House. Residence, Mra. Moa
by's, oorner ol Uth and Franklin sts. je I—tin
j**-*3|p_ _it. J. «J. tVAT—*»-» havinit local—_
•_v__> permitni nti'j in thecit) of Richmond, oA
fers hi* profession*! services to the citizens.
o_,OFFiofc.—Front Rt.om, over Millapauith A
Johnston'* Drug Store, on Maui, 2 doors lroiu cor
ner of li4t.ii st
E_, He may be found at night at the residence of
W in. F. Butler, _tq H corner of I—it and Mar*aall
ats. my _ - lin
2**^ ar _» tHASXAI.I WHITE.
i'racticas in all the Courts of the cityol Rich
mond, the counties of Henrico, Hanover, Carol.ne
and iioocht.-tiid.
Office, corner 12th and Franklin street?, near the
State Court-House. my 12-du
_■*■•"_?_ "ViITICK TO THKL.VDI _*».-.Mrs
_■*—SkJANKA. WILLIAMS. M. D . haa re
moved to ifr.i-.tl. between Ist and Fouahee streeta,
aouth side, and is prepared to treat all forma ol
diseases peculiar to females and children.
Especial attention given to the prtct.oe of Ob
atetnoa. nv> 7—2 m*
„ «7h i n (.ru£(t.i.iu.» ',
_<__ MRS. WOU-HOUfct, Cupper and
Leechcr, 1_ Main street.over S. Smbenau .'sOuo
Store, si in of the Bis linn.—Mrs. W. ha* for year*
attentfeu the Indiea of Richmond, and Kiveu uni
versal sit ialaclioK.
Mra. W. will attend those requiring her ser
vicea.at all Hours, any or Rial it.
N. —-LEECHES for sal*. Order* from the
country careluiiy packed. *»p 20— Sm
»l***i_s- iuwi;»R. »t i to*, attorney
Practieea in all the Court* ol the city of Rich
monil and the c..unties ol Henrico and ' >oor!il in<i
Oftee corner Bank and 11th -treeta, Riebiuond,
Va. He ia alao Commissi) u»r of the United htatea
Court of Claim*. ap if—Sm
G_OK__ B. Sittl,,
!►*__* I)_NTJST,
Otbce and Residence Southwest eoraer Main and
3th sta., first door above Crenshaw'* New Hotel,
Richmond, Va.
Having an experience of ten years ia bis profes
aion, he feels confident of giving ent—fautton to
those who may favor aim with their patronage.
nihla— 6m
«-***_-» joHi*i"iir< A«Ki„7
Has removed bia office to no. 2 Law Building, _a—
th* State Court-Ho.is*.
He practices in ali tho Coarta held in tbs oity ef
Richmond and count* «.! li.-vi ..-<>. fe It ta
i LAWH_**«'_ 8. *** %KY_.
Fractine* in the (*oarts ol the City of Richmond
_iJ the Counties of Henrico, ilauover and Caro
He iaa!to Notary labile and Commissioner of the
! Umted State* Court of Claim*.
The partnership tfiween Mr. CnastaiH White
sad bimaeli lading dissolved, hi* oluee i* now on
i Uth street, j uat below u.aldin'* Hail fe U-lt
Praotiees in all the Court* t. eld in the ett* of flieb
a*_ Alao. practice* regularly in tb* ConatT and
Circuit Court* of Caeateraeld.
Aa Notary, will take Depo—tiona and Ackaow
Moments, Administer and Certify Oaths, and per
form whatever other -utie* pertain to tbe o_oe of
o_ee at tne oorner ef Rank aad Uth streets, hut
below th* o_*to_-Hou»e. __ jaa!—lr
f-»_^ , —
*aa_tra_- ia LiabP* Hm_>a*.a*w*_r oi Mnia aad
Will»iaet»t*_in th* Couf_ v h 4 |T ta U* cuy of
Ri.'biiii.-t. OAce, for tie pi«**at, i* Codotb'
Jleiia-t, RUT -aa
__ _____**ww* _*. T '__f__P_P__" v _—__
.() oLotTe JS*^ l J**__?•
A rsrt opportunity i***{_**_g« t *'*» ■■r* l *-•******-
FRESH m fcjpVQO O DS._
at from »_>•» »«r ?*-, _rf*w malar prleee.
t*.**_WOßT_o7jgf:d_ AND
' W RJ__E_ BIL-R.
thrown on tbe ooanter sad marked down wHheet
ravers to sost, to save tbkm _o*b th* aaetioa
_«__*_, _ BllßV^.
T »_IME COST, from a
Paper or Pin* up ,
PERKINS A 00-7 MI Ea*!* Ssaare.
H** -t-_t ■ ■_ ■■„,
_r_f*lerv*e* ''«*■_
We offer you the great taWrORATIVE AND
Ws ej*r it to ail -la-e*?— may *ay* valuable
live*. We do aot beiieve that anr other remedy
hMsaeh a aaaa* at* testi_*eEty,
. THB__V*Br#^-OOICB.
B Feb. V, IMb.
been b very great —«•«___. me aad my family —
The effect it baa had on my throat diss isa baa been
m<imv/<>„.«. For all saeh disease* 1 moat cordially
recommend it. Your*. truly. ■
B F. Brooeb.
Pastor of th* Eataw M. E. Church.
A* an invtgo'-ator and reatorative. where a Ben
tie stimulant ia wanted, we believe it aeperior to
all tbe Cordial* before th* publio aa a cure for uy «
pepsin. Cough, fyrrafula'and Rkeumattsin. With
all di*ma**anf the Stomach aad Bowel*. Itbaabaaa
truly sueoeasfal to th* amgle aad married. We
offer tbe moat valuable remedy, which thousands
willteatify. __ _-„_
TURE will be found a crest medicine for all tbsir
■_. Call and get Faatph ieu and see seres.
Sort by PURCELL, LADD k CO., RicbjtjOßd;
to Dr. COOKE, Freseriok*bnre * »>v all theTwaf
fiats ia Feterarmrg: by MORTIMER A MOW
IRAY, Baltimore; aud by Druggists aad Shop
keeper* everywhere. «1 per bottle; sin bottle*,
■ft. my _.-dAowt*
UK. Southern Savins* Bank—
office, i 7.» main street .
Money received on deposit at the rate of sit per
rent iH»r annum, on all sums remaining: over aix
m.nit lis; ami at a* re per ctnt. on *uch a* _c drawn
out before the expiration of aix mouths.
.1. B. Watkiu*. Prea't, K. 0. Howe,
P. T Moore, Geo. f. Herring,
Wm. Ira Smith, J. P. **_*___,
J. H. F. Mayo, W. A. Jenkins, See'ry,
P. R. Pnoe, Trcarurar.
Certificate* of Deposit and Chack* issued by the
Treasurer, P. H. t'UtCE. OT.c* at Wiu. Har
grave White's Bookstore, M»iu street, two doors
H.Hel. m« •—-Im
■_, Mure New Good*.
Have just received a new and Uvauiiful assort
mentof LADi-S' DRESS tIOOD.H. in
Rich Beregs Anglais ROSES;
Rich Chintz rk-re..* ANCLAIS;
Plain Ber**-* ANGLAIS;
Rich Orxandie Kuril S;
Rich Chintz ORUANDIES;
Allot which we will *ell very low. my —— t*
R_at. Nirholaa Saloon,
Main «t., m-.aii Kxcuan.k Bare.
Tbe St. Nicholas Saloon, second to no other es
tablishment in the State, is constantly supplied
with ihe choicest
j which will he aold. I* WHOLESALEor RETAIL
< on the iiio.it «»ti_laciory terum.
I COUNTRY MERCHANTS are invited toexam
ine tbe large and well selected stock, whioh is t»e
taa cocai—itly —tiled to, before purchasing else
where. „
Parties and fannliea supplied with CAKES,
CKEA'-'S and J KLLt KS as every description.
Tiik.Sai.oon haa just !<een r,-fitt"ltn elegant
style, and CRKA MS of every flavor are ae'ved to
Ladies and Ueutleiiien at the *iiort**t notice. A
call i« a_icite- lm> fi— 1m J AN TON I.
t_"H> ni-rrr eto** kell anything bat
Pieiston A Merrill'a Yeast Powder* Heretofore:
butsir.ee 1 have sold *ow VIRGINIA YEAST
POWDERS. I cannot sell any other They are
certainly the greatest Powdera 1 ever had," writea
a country mercnant. . „,
Another from Raleigh, N. C Bays: "Please
send me 10 cross imtre of your VIRGINIA . EaSI
POWDrRS. for I sold the last quicker than .ex
pected. Your Powders are in constant demand and
persons who have used them once never warn auy
other. Yours, F. Tiuna."
For sale, wholesale and retail, by .
L. W.V.NEK. Manufacturer,
my 19—1 m Corner Cth and j_g___
B_- N*tlcc.--To the »ick, athioted and numer
.us lann'ies who have heretofore uaed Dr. J. S.
ROSE'S MEDICINES, alwaja with the most un
bounded hspp* result*, that aotne unprincipledl
persons have circulated an imitation. The Doctor
aa* been compelled to change the wrapper, which
ia plain without any fi.nrea, and hia written signa
ture ia over the cork of every hottle of tbe genuine
Medicines, ao that the public can again obtain
those remediea which have auited their want* and
relieved their auttoringa. _ .. _, .
DR. J. 8. ROSE'S COUGH SYRUP, for couch*
and diaeaae* of tiie lunga is the standard remedy.
The PAIN CURES for uai-a, rheuinattam, oholie,
aeratna or bruises, and the DYSPEPTIC COM
POUND for dyspepsia and liver complaint*.
Soid by Drimfists generally, and by
WARNER L. WARING, 107 Broad at ,
ja St—ly Richmond. Va.
■_ Oend •♦hot for Bed Hug*.--All good
huuuekeepprs will lie * I uJ to hear aj an article that
will kill tied Dugs, «o tint thav will
BTAY killed:
THE DEAD SHOT doe* tin* entire and com
plete. Being a gummy extract, it does not evapo
rate, but retains its destructive efhaacy a long
time, thus becoming a trap ready set Tor the**
noxious tormentor* of our nithtlt rent. Sold by
ray—-lm J. W. GARLICK. Dnugist.
B_.The Great Virginia Keratedy. and a*
EASES.—Tin* great American remedy, contain
ing u<> Mer-urial or liaisannc provcrtiea, exoeia
everything heretofore offered tne public, in its cu
rative, reatorative and renovating powers: and
the medical world are astonished when toij that
the anove remedy will euro the above diseas**, aad
confounded when they have ocular deuionatra-.
tioua of the facta. But the proprietor, who hs*
ki.wwn of the remedy for twenty odd years, hv*
known of a caae of twenty year*' standing to be
restored to perfect he_lUi, and all otaer oaae* of
shorter duration to lie restored, without a aingie
exception, ar.d therefore uhalieagee aay case of
Gonorrhoea which the remedy will not cure, pro
vided the direction, are c?.rn»d out with prudence
on the part of the patient; and any one purchasing
half a dosen bottle*, and using accordingly, in hie
ot her esse, he guarautees a perfect cuie; and in
case of failure, will furnish additional medicine,
free of charge, to complete the cure, through hia
agents; and a ours will be etfscted without incou
venlence to the patient.
Hold by Ai'I'ERSON A DUPUY. No. 901 Besal
atreet, and O. A.STRECKER, Main atreet, D-R»
--gists. ageula for the oity of Richmond.
mh _-HRtm*
f__ Morbid l>iseuses ef the Mauaach yield
more read Iv to the mruical touch of BAKER'S
to auy other reined) yet di.uovered by the a.-ien
tifio World. Their composition i* iio mere chance
di*eov*ry, bnt the re*ult of year* of ».-*>; aad
a* they are prepared of pureW luedicinal ve.iu
ttou, tney are invaluable to every family—but ea
facially ao lo ever* delicate lemsl* ._d child —
Th.'.tisandaof certiftct'ea have l«en published of
their great efficacy in case* of Dy*pcp*ia, etc..
which are really a*tnni«.hing.
a_. For*—• by all Druggiata ap S v
_k, Lyoi.'» .vlacnetlc
ANTS, GARDEN INSECTS. Ac. Jt contains a*
Areeeit-n death to RATM and MICE. Sold ev
•rywbare. up iv .'.JtcwJ.u
■_, White Rnlpbnr Wnter
• *r*enbri«r Co., Va.
Tbe i'..inpan• have mad* great improvement*in
Doming, and the tranaported water i* now as per
met a* whsa taken from iv *onre*. Address all
ord*r*to PLKCELL. LA»D A CO.,
Geaeral AgeuU forth* U State*.
aa _ -em Rieaa-ad. Va.
a_, _eerh«»l A*erheal! Aeevbesl! !-I
hay* iaat received, by Adame* E*pr**a, a lot of
IreahSWEDISH LEECHES, the very hMt.and
large*.**, whiob will be applied upon taee_et
rea—mable I era**
rTs.-OUFPINGaad LEECHING promptly at
leaded to I oan tw found at »:t hour* of tbe da* at
th* HAIR HKES.sI.Nii Rooa. under th* Aa»sn
can Hotel. iiat/AaeeoolUh attest' aud at night
at th* comar of L.ngh and hnh atreet*.
•pie ta R. C. HOBMON.
grsa _ _rtt.*_*!- -&
yi«itor*en foot will Bay..--. •**•»_•*
S—kaya. ...............J' „
mmcd to reutaie oa fAattn,., m .
b*«t *u-iiVi- ae_
,* . nt*.« ; ry ___■ —»• »»■ ■ - «. ■ * —■ ■
— Twßpm#*aajb»-- ■ md
aetvaan aa and**— atreeia. II i. near ateee he mix
to k*e» a _**c main mem at teady-enee alilU
taer • Mtrtlaw, an e«u a* t•add to tb* o>«Bveaieaee
r>r*_jVCmg i tb* a'ljnZmw'th^ioasd^Z
witt —P'reerr a;*wEsMm WW _—p ■ aeeeiJ s
a.irta-eetV ta^asdlMar* and **4*e*r*a. Tapae
tare, to e*rd*£*hf <Ms6*\ K« ned MAIITUXaS.
wbi-i wUl_t>ma- tha ea»or*flwo»«**^a>y**»*at
etteatiee. *t*T mi—--aw
paiai_t»m_.». mf-nT,
9t . »rs. pms * par***- M»
Iv *Bree*f She-*. •«*•»*•>-* eaaf «X N-ihltTT.
tUyainpt xe**tv*d a large aad versed aseertaaent
eaibraetne ail the laj-aartaty***** towMeaweiavito
tie attenttoa of tb* JLe_*• aad*fe>u* rf*r_aJT*'.
Alan, a large eass**_*enrof u__t_tww**OH.
tweM Vtband 1-b --.laUn* *»rm**b_aere aad
ta* lailaeln a-enei-. tbstaheT* reaav to atww her
****»■_: t^^jhf^*JjJ^Mi^^l^
, f_i•eed btoMBoJ.
Omntrr merebeau sad mil Hirer* wHI lad bar
sains at baviajr bought a (ar*« ■teek fur
that P__t_dntaTr
Would reapeetfatly announce to the ladie* that
aae wi 11 omi ber boom this day I MO» PAY 1 with
T A Lat AA sad e**i f srttol* swrtaule far a eb i Id. si I
handsomely embroidered and made ne ia tbe nwet
fashionable *t> le to please the m.wtiaatidloee.
A lianeaorn* lot of PATTERN-. J eat received.
tbe abort**! notice.
ROHF.TTKf* of" every deaaription made to order.
and all kind* of HKIiALIA repaired.
and every artkueaaitaM* for childr-n'a wear, eaa
be had by oailia. at Miss REBbCCA HKMON'S
Room, at her father* residence, two doors below
the Bt. Chart** Hotel. Main st. my l*-te_
aV-L_lG_ BTREFT. FOR HALF -Wearesa
thonxed to*eli th* Moeitent t.riek TKNKMKNT.
located a* at—ye. raeently iv the oecnr—noy of Mr.
Jno. T. Sublett, Tbe house ha* IV room*, revntea
alo*et*. and i brick kitehca eeat*i»iß" 4 room*.
loM'her with»table. now boaae. bo Tbe pram
iaea are iv the moar perfect order, nnd are mpphed
with xa* and water, and etty eetvevt Per teraaa,
apply lo UODDI- * APPKRSON.
_*" 6t
"FOR H -NT -The STORE on Pearl stjtst,
■Hat present neeapied by M east*, "see 'Ham
ma *aox k Co. Poaaeaama Riven lat ajeptember,
186.). Applj t.. w BAR RET.
je 4- 4t* CorseI 1 sth and Cvry tree*.
__, desirable brick KfcsI
fIHDKNOK. nn Canal suest. b*tw**a lat aad
*w*Fnu a fi«ft ntieeta. eon mm in*, aix a omi aised
room* all or which are in perfect order. Posaea
aion given immediately. Apply oa the ooaoaite
aide of the street, to . _
my 30-Ct * DAVID WILRON._
__ "FOR R_NT-~A new and well arranged
IsrjSTAHr.K. with OAHRIAGK-HOUBK, oa td
■a-atreet, between Cary and Canal. *P*']r'"
my at-'* J. H. BECK.
_—. fifth Kt-.11 '-Two MOOMH.onineaeeond
tffiPjard fonrth floor* of the Coinitluan Hall B*iM
•*—-iae. For termx. A*., appl* to _ „
_y„-_ JCW. P. JON EH.
__ A B_AtTM.Lt. PRIVATE' RKal.
Ms—ma I.E.- We ar* r_t.hr>''*ed to aell privately, a
beautiful private Rr_lnKNCK.on Moaby atrawi,
Pnu.n Hill. It baa t«en lately built of the best
material, a»d hns attached a two-su-ry hlick
kite lien, vitb eve*,* orfi-r oonvemenee, beaieesa
well of excellent water on ti.e premiaea. 'I here la
attach#d an acre ol rrnend, tieantiroily laid out in
waika. with urnnuie'itikl trees, fruit trees, atiriil.
berv and flower*. The pro|M>rty ia loeited in one
of the most deairahle net<rlif:orh<KM*«, an.l rieservea
the attentio" of perawiia deairina to *«cure a pri
vate reitideuce. ForMriieiiUrsJapply to
my 10-U JAB. M. 'iAYLORt SON. Aueta.
HOftSES & MU-ES FOR SJ. leß.
*"*_ POR SALC-An ele**nt hay HORSip;.
*L_ % *9*lyear* old. _*•_*** am* sentle in all har
and ia Iteoiie* an excellent tidmn
Hora*. He ia one of tbe m at «*yliah Hnraea in
the city, aad oaa be recommended to any .me win.
wnnta areully aupenor animal. Sold only for want
ply at tiie American M.H'.le*. mt 31 - tit
__:*** No 1 Hidiii*
Ham*-« HURSK", fr-.m *J—■
three toaevan >*ar»t>l*t, ju*t from r a____a>
Alao, i piir of Mn. 1 MILKS. and a U*,lit Ona-
Horae DRAY. Te-nis Uiairal.
AppU at my Stable*, on Dock atreet, between
l!*tli and Jo.-b.
*___3tCARTS, a WA'JON. aoiua COHN, and a
-^S_»r_ q „- B tity ..f CMHT-UKAIt. Apply at the
Toll Heeaa. oa Al a«o'« BriaU*; or to
m» _-»«• WM. C. MAYO, No 8. Mth sC_
rv'"_ r*OR SA-k.-A No. 1 HORBK. BUG
__r*bOY*ind -ARNEis; al«o. WADDLE and
URI OLE. The horae ia « years old. a bob
tailed I—*, rides deiialitfull) and i* a <tuick buKay
horse, ia aold for no fault; but brcauae the aub
aoritier liaanotim* to uio bun. Por terms,apply
at l'n Main street, or at, American Stabiea, kept by
mi -l-U JOS. K. HIX,
rlin *T__ --three var> Gna and
r__«**x w *' ll broken MI'I.K.S 'I he> a/a aol.l for
tfiNn do fault; the o*nar Ua* no use lor lit*in.
A «^L--^L Apply at thi* of_*e.
m y jj_-
•*•"** FARMS in Chart** City county, containing
respectively, aot) and t_ nerea of aae land. See
advsriiaemeat laoountrt Whi*,or Bddraaa
*a~t* Pr.O. A CRENSHAW. Richmond.
m TO ARtlt I I'Kt Ta.-Art tutectaare -~-.-
•*br*_ F tii"«ted to furmah plana, etavatioaa ai.d
/_r\ woraan** erawin/a nnd ap*cifi»ation* for a
' V> MA-ONIC TEMPLE, to b* built in »b*
city, on the corner of .Main and Ninth street*. '1 'i*
Traateea reserve the ri>ht to rejeei any or all • <\o
said plan*. Ac., but it' any —• reeeivad th* wr .1*
to liecon-e the pro(*rty of tb* 'fruateee. Poi 'he
one first npiiroved or adopted they will pay a r*e
miuauof hv* iiun«lrcdl«—Uldotlars; lor lb«a*c.nd
one hundred (4bt>' dollar*; for th* third fifty (t—l
de l*r».
Tb* buildin* will be oa* hsadred aad thirt. feet
froat on Main ttiset and one hsadred feet ou
Ninth atreet,with a proi*ot<B« wia« i« ra*— ....
aer of twenty feet i»r Saaenntendeat'* ii« •• m ;
to i.c fiveaiorif* ii'»b alaiva Mam atreet, wit. o»i
lar untler tha whole tmildm.*.
I'ian* wdl he receiver until the FIRST DA >' OP
JULY neat,and to be addressed, anU*r sc I. .»
JOHN ROSIN McDANIKI., Kir. Pra ideal Vina
of lea*/-* A Tail**, banker*. Rt--bmu id. Va.
Any further inform.ti.in d"*ir*<l in rel'ti- _>
the building may be bad oa application to W.lj ant
B. i*__a. ' I JOHN DOV •.,
Bacrstary to Board of Trasiees.
fEscßirrioß or plan* poa .wasoiaic tbrpi.i.
he i<-i/'«r ia to i>.» urn* t»< feat aiah ia tbe clear,
and to I* divided into a raota tor earn atora.on*
for the reaiaarant. aad a **_-**tlar and*r tb*
kitchen to r'uperintendeat *-w*lhaii.
Thepr.itr»a«/*tr.ry i« to he kfteeaO-) 's ■* hirh
ta ihe eolar. and tone divided ink. aix roowaoai
Main *tr**» for *tor**, and a rmHtt oa A ana >tnet
for a reataarant four of the atore* f *> i.ty, two
SS by a*, sad th* re*ia*rani » b> «4 fe.
Tne sicfud Moor ta u» aa arn_-*d aa «to have
a Concert Room 1M by 7V. mcianin* itr. ■». treen
n_. *c..*_.t with a aailerv. Tk—re ia to bean
»••»•* ou NiatU *lra*l. Willi lobby, ta- also ore
lie rear with aame. There are to be ,n the
>a t»«het <*—cc*. **. On th a*»ory taereare
to b*> It—i fyt the liraae eeeretary ace Tiea
*u rer. 16 by It feet each ; alao, a reeaptioa room *r
refreehw-et room . _ r>, a feet. Tbia **wr» ia le
ba tweat>-ivetmi blab ta tbe eleee-aca h i*«t ia
tbe rear ol thia atory and tt * on* beta** >* l<» be
divided mi., three atorie*. the lower ea* for a
kiuikea and the two upper one* tor th* Supaua
, t«u J« nt * I iii.il». lo be divided iuio *u.i*U* looaaa.
with private stairway lor his as*.
The «*.'*• jteav at to be tejeal*«») leet high te
tb* clear, ami to he divided into a oraad \**f
r.—m. — *r» to feet, «*i«b two eoaas-t—e room*. *
eahordinate l_asa a) by ea esat. with two **•*
--rooma anc a rclie*hiurat rmea *a **»-•». •»**
a d«mb wetter eomtn- op frent the ilteaea
The fourth Jsoor ia to he a_*a*a i W*JW«h»*hm
tb* _ *ar. .ud j., le dp_ed >"»*?^St2\l2 t
; room.«oby sufeet, with aefe-jeesaa.a tjt»*n4»a-'
*aaipr.-*t room. *> to a* •*_*?,_*•»!_• ZTTiI
ami an armor) and Amr e_Mßti_*e luajarai. Ml bt «*
There is a* be aa snbrse»e ea N.aU atreet, awd
eaem-a.'rearto J\}>\~^ft t > m rk » \* t l £?
a_, t '____ly i Vr-Vl_Um
oTferaee** to a«*t tne tan.laba*. aad p«et*»r
7a_;lUtt.»aT*tobe aecer*d; eater aad »a* etp*a
"•sAeepVret" be watea-eb»#*4s as WJrw* i Oae.a
aaehof ih*atote*.teutue theseroad f.j»r,andea*
jbr*aaii«vittie-d*ai'a family, end ccc _c eaab ef
aerat ar hea.
• —_rl_^jn_t— —-t^—a %___ _ll^

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