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— THE DAILY DISPATCB lerorvoa toeab-
JfdWTtat six avp AOdAatam dtirrs ran vuh
*$S?te ».»„&"£ [email protected]ß,
Eg v**r .or BUM for six moatba. in advance.
»\V __}__ U ___VSL L X fiKfATCB .aiaanoi
cZTm. »N.i mailed tosohwcnrwraag tl perannatn.
_m_=Ss> FOR il'fMlß "
eC=Vi V\ T Jrn « K °P THE hlbt:
tltag COURT. A lawyer, a man of probity, sn
_*i.%n* mdasttv
B^KIe cfion. 2sth foaO. ■ mv 24-tde
__**_?& InnKPRWDBBT I AKflllrATE
f g. Willi* a candidate until aunset JuneM,
jOl my 21—did*
t«j «"? •-dtjeM
•o» f o R J»noE~or the hur
h 8-dtd
g<p> OR- ►"• R- , -f«-RBTT~iißvißg~io"'-
Jk3 c*ted permanently in the city of Rich-
his professional services to the oiti-
Ballard Hrrnse. Residence, Mrs. Moa
i*'t, coroor oi Pit' and F ranklm iv. je 1— Im
DR. J. *'. W ATSOta living JtoamAodl
JjV^TV'•"«»'"» m theeity of Ricbmoßd. of
4>r« in pr'•deesioasl services to the citizens.
»VOrF!oh-i-ronlß<K.m.over MiUspaugh A I
Settee's Drug Store, on Mam, 2 doora from eor
*aa. Re amy be found at nitht at tbe residence of I
•attor, En*., corner of 12tu and Marshall
tts, ■»! 22—1 m
__r__=_y <HA»TAI.*I WaUTJR,
Pnw'i'es ia all the Courts of the oity of Rieit
n „a<i. tne counties ol Henrico, Hanover, Caroline
_*i ....n-hiand.
UJgee, BBraef 12* h ami Franklin streets, near the
Court House. my 12-dts
moved to Broad. l*:wfen Ist and Poushee streets,
south s..i*. ana is prepaid ft treat all forms of
diseases peculiar to iernaies and children.
Ifnoi iiial siamllißi to the practice of Ob
metrtea. my 7—2 m*
___~_2z> I,l't'f Hl.\«, LEEI Ml SO. .'.
gVOS M KS. WOoLH OUB E, Capgor and
Leecfif r. B2 Main street.over S. Sutherw.n s's Gun
Smb. aba ff tne Bit Guo.-Mrs. W. has for yeara
gmmteflbf adimmT Juonmoud, and given uni
tpjeslestßH uiion.
Yin w. will attend thoee requiring her aer
viesStßt all hours, day or night.
.l^cA^rlfpack'ed." 49 -
OBMteoraet Bank and 11th streets, Richmond
U Beii,*te>Loumimirnarof the United Statea
CwftrH (..aims. ap 16-Sm
w»*v-a3b nPNTNT
Ottos and Residence Southwest ecmer Main and
msaufirst door above Crenshaw's New Hotel
InAwaan, i a.
H:.v ii an experience of tan yeara in his profea
■akte beta oonhdeat of giving aatiafaction to
v >t Tho may iavor bim with their aoAronage.
Km removed his office to No. 2 Law Building, nem
tfrSuwCnurt- House. si""*
Jta praettees ia all the Courts held in the city of
Icamocu snd county of Henrico. fe 14—ts
Conrte of the City of Richmond*
vi tire oount let of Henrico. Hanover and Caro
bm alio Notary Pablie and Commissioner of the
earn! {bates Court of Claims. " m " mmlt ""> r angaja
between Mr. Chastain Whitb
mbmmil heme dissolved, his office is now on
m amtLjaat below Ooddin'a Hall, fe li-iy
Pncticsi m all the CourU Leid in the Rich'
BlflSll. ' ~—v—
wX dke, practices regularly in the County and
Ciretil Coaru of Chesterfield.
Ai ltemry.will take Depositions and Acknow-
d r m 1 - n H l " tc J d 35 *»5 Oaths, and pcT
.ravtetever other duties pertain to the office of
b^Th 4 .' .^ c , oorn u of Bank Rnd u *a etreem. just
wo* the custom - House. j a 3i_iy
awmoume oity of Richmond andin the. oota
ißid Ohetterfieia. Powhatan and AmalmV
immwo' iC Lule ' Boi ldjn«.oornd?o"Main and
°°S rU fceld in th * e«t»o«
______!*• uffice « for the present, in Goddln'a
~_^ nt mh 7-Jm
Vlßtt IRI * lAfliiai BANK. -'.
(bartered by the Legislature of Va.
808 v
BXJ »n« c *' ved on deposit in sums of F I V E
aa ut. , . and H awards. „ n which interest at tho
au b a «» cen^. m »ar annum if »aid for sums
,'M-ti.n six months or lonrer; for shorter pe
1£ L B^l" c*,e * , ** the r ** e of 5 tor centum^
.'■'wnola joint atook bound for the deposits.
P**r,T, B bTARKfc, at the store of E. B.
1 *ond rn a r and GoVerllor "treats,
,14 a- !^ViSP^ ,Wt '
_»t 14-Sm O. H. P. BTEM. Kecretory.
' tartr. ed by the Legislature of Virginia.
»' eki» „' JJ l '°? a; 111 receive DEPoSI TS, on
Km J „« nt *i reßt of ,1X aer cent, per annum will
11,I 1 , "• nil same remaining loager than au
tw, an,j fi 2 T r c a"»ufcr * ahorter timeT
T e . w v t d £ th u e l »irW Officeof Ma«Bm.
*ic* a the Cashier.
WM. CUARIE, President.
F& hUSf'tV, Secretary.
B. H. SMITH, Ja., CaMier.
gm H. Barktdale, 1 « C. H. Wynne.
teV"s£ * 1,
w B w" ,unter ' I- C.F.Smith,
WiaTßifEi** I W.H.Benson,
gse fl Mr
ED - K<M,b p » mn
C* k t v AV-1 vl'i r al BBC IBTT
bAKK-iJ., K wi \N A - T ** FA *R «ROUNDS of
*»'d. i.,'-- TJri * °Pened to visitors hencefor-
SLvig.; iUe Mxl F *"» "Poa tke following
ffi».!!! fuot w,u Day Scente.
*• f <to ii»e o !?.^.'" e * * n , a other Aaeooiation., who
ternii »i° r f ,ttnd a» »*" oa permitted to do
X mat m * miacu a*** ba agreedupon with the ■
. wi ! l "• always.bbob the
S "™ a W *" C *
|*" _ C. DIMMOCg. Secretary.
V ctfu', A T^ S,OER —The unoersitned re
■teasM tn a citigens of Richmond
__ttIZT3L i to CL/£wSl\aUT rear !
'*««*u Mii.. piace " of deposit, and thorough!;
**•**' B«i"?. na i n , ~w wanuanhte terms, aad in a
J,' »i'chi h. m __T -*"i olfensive on tbe premises
"!KNa»t. £L WoT r' ?»" wa * 0, » ■no eon
i J:fl *n cJ? if" i** aad water light.
_***\£nL*tt w P* Means. Miubfavoh A
*J»aWa-1 M. M,un atreet,or Jas. P. Dcvai.,
d3CjV m «*'b. R.H. ALLEN, Agent.
G 4 *' «A», jfig ■ —
Mi C r .^ LLIO i l OOFJN<I,
J* Hlasr-k*r w tI .PLTJMBINO. etc
ffiitl Kb «»-*r hi " aatobliahmeßt am lite at.
f«T No !'a a ad Cary. it prepared to do OAB
*" rttS \uW- Md COPPER WOM. and eg-
C ~H» euiitaai - ■ oi l. ataad. «t Main sUeet.
v? ■**HawSf ■•""? Hooaaairta, nmde of the
*\ ■*•"•*■ wovwa, leibTenable
SlMaliU 'Ji'amWft •»»; aixteoa enrtng.
St» «f?S 2,*'i~» i» wftt»
_■ Mm' ' " ~"—•— ™» -
• . / " m \__\ ""BT™ / omms> _\ ' A'" ' _W m __W m *_m' __****_■ * .■_. te\\i^_tt*t_-<.
I _V / H H H \__\ __\\\\ __\\\ ' "*_¥**__}?*
iit&raoifo 9ispatc|».
Tbe Con | c Disease.
Some sixty mmember,e mbe . r , of tho ____,'
SriTjT* ndin « '--omml^wbTar.
MrS-. v f •■^ ect ' vi,,,wl *»»« term of
urdav TH* ln ■—«".«R Sat
urday, for the purpose of witnessing an an.
tor*yofdteea.ed cattle. The dteraaewa. flm
discovered iv Mr.Chenery. herds, havioebeea
•atroddced there by nn ImporiaUon of «t!
ihe whole nomher. Tboae living;, although
apparently well.have the sequel of tbe disease
in a chronic form. «•■•*»*
It was mainly with a view of develoolna-th.
disease in a aewnnd
presented in the incmient Ih,t
ustrate the eflectsof thedlsea*" teleases where
v*eeks w^sVill' iSSZtr" SURrW
«uenUyYtsXenit d h ,U H nppelite - and c '«»«-
4 uvon > ue strength, and waa suuDosed to he
recovering. Still it coughed, anS^nonner
cnseion exhibited dullness on the rteAt s?«te
and strong tubular respiration. ' W *
marie* Mr??^ ary p r* paraUonß ha **»R been
ilr M ~' Lotbrop introduced
of tJe Jase* t ßtated i? brief bi9 °™a«u.
~«Ii« .*f '* "•« *I*cted to find the most dis
tb. calf w»l g u h , U , Ug ' R " d nodoubl «ißaßion".
ln* calf was killed, tbe right shoulder aud
i£si*^2^S« and tne chest laid open by Dre
Iloi Tb , w - Tbere ™ 8 • aoh":
tA^ffih?? d J^ cart case ' Tn * »«"»« indicated
that it had been compressed into a small corn:
E5& * er , Um ' wb,cb bad in subsequent
progress of tbe disease been absorbed/ 1 The
Ift dp,pe v C( L n,ained a wretion of mucus
which probably produced the rattling heard
before death; the membrane of the lung was
very much thickened, and the lung fialue
was" o. d n*o tr ° yed - Tb ° cyst or bag "ffhe lung
was lound empty, whereas incases of the dis
tXtn iV2 ac »!?i e for , m ll bas beeu found to con.
almii 6 . 0 ' tbe , lun K- The theory of those most
&{Sn. W .- l th- be P r « va i ,in « dis *a*« W that
redui.ii e 0 n .« b,6 .5 a * c bad *** n »o«ened, and
\\„£Z d K toaHquid "i? I *. or P UB > a «»d then taken
be^rfc£Vw P f I,O °V The, e" lung was found to
te perfectly free from the disease. The case
MM?ihl a -. !" sam » ,le ot the disease, bnt it
nevertheless demonstrated tbe theory of the
ne°v^ m fßi^ , V er "' lbal catlw once "ck will
neyer fully recover.
The next animal killed was a cow. which
temoer last. She had never exhibited any
eigusof disease beyond a align t cough and n
diVrov a if. X!UUU, , aUon **" taUeS to
discoyer any indications. As the animal had
been exposed to the infected herd.it was a
n aa H?- , L OIC . U . r,o . Bity to "pertain whether she
HonSftiVi" d,s " aß *:. U P°«» » careful clissec
tion of the lungs ihe disease was found to exist
ii» aU „ Clpien .J ßtage ' The heart was soft and
flabby as m all cases of this kind, and there
were other indications of the prevailing con!
tagion This closed the investigation Tne
committee and medical men seemed to be di
«^h IQ ° p V ,iOK *« to the nature of the disease
and lhe best means of eradicating it. There
i*.« a ,K. r °K gd i BpoßUionou part of many
to establish a theory of their own, and several
gentlemen did not hesitate to condemn the
conrse adopted by the Commissioners.
The disease is said to have made its appear
ance in some of the lower counties ol Penn
sylvania. Within a short time a farmer in
Bucks county lost nearly all of his valuable
herd of cows, of a complaint said to resemble
very much the dreaded cattle disease. |
The Ibipb Exodcs—/ urther Account.-.—The
- following is a passage from a remarkable
l staieinent in the Cork Examiner of May it-,
t bearing upon the continued flight of the popu
lation from that part alone to the newly
. adopted land of the Irish Celtic race:
1 'Each week sees the departure on an average
of six hundred persons, tbe great majority of
. whom are young men and women between »o
and 30 years ot age. To imagine the effect of
this drain upon the community, we might in
stance that if these six hundred were drawn
from a town like that of Bantry, there would
r hardly be a young man or woman left in it —
i Tne actual numbers are greater than ihe r>ouu
. lation of many large villages, and a fortnight's
- draught would at that rate utterly depopulate
so considerable a town as Millstieet. Remem
bering that almost every one of these persous
1. of condition to be of actual value to the
community—the men as farm laborers or me
chanics ; the women, either in agricultural
labor, as servants, or, still more important, as
the healthy mothers of strong children, it is
easy to conceive how terrible is the loss to the
country. Nothing can impress this lact upon
the mind so strongly as actually witnessing
the crowd preparing for their departure.
"Among ihe entire there is not an indication
of squalor or misery; not a single rag on the
back of its owner indicates that he or she is
flying from poverty, not a weak limb or a pale
-faeek—scarcely a wrinkled face indicates that
the country is getting rid of a burden. Sturdy,
athletic young men, healthy and strong girls—
often of extraordinary beauty—form tbe great
bulk of this departing crowd. On Thurtday
week we witnessed no less than lour hundred
such preparing to take their departure in the
Edinburg, Capt. Kennedy, one of the vessels of
the Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia
line. A rumor had spread shortly before the
arrival of tbe ship that a certain number
would beexcluded ft r want of accommodation,
and tbe despair evinced by those who thought
themselves shut out was as great as if they
were told they bad lost every hope. When the
tenders came to bear away the passengers,
there was a frantic rush even on the part of
those whose places were secured, as if they lan
ded that some unlucky interposition would
shut them out. Tbe news that all could be
taken was received as if some precious gifts .
had been showered among them."
Two vessels arrived at Boston In one day ■
last week from Liverpool, with six hundred '
emigrants on board, principally Irish, the_ '
larger portion of whom will immediately )
proceed to the Went. Many of them bring f
sums of money, in the aggregate amounting to {
quite a large sum.
Oaliforn ia Laid Fra ins Attorney Gen
eral Black baa addressed a letter to tbe Presi
dent, showing that about oue hundred and
fifty million*.' worth oi land in California
are claimed under forged land warranto pur
porting to have been issued by the Mexican
authorities. After stating that, in order to
detect these frauds, some four hundred* folio
volumes of the archives of tbe Mexican Gov
ernment, scattered over California, wore col
lected and bound, the letter continues:
Tbe archives thus collected furnish irre
siaUble proof that there had been an organized
system of fabricating laud ti ties carried ou for
a long time in California, by Mexican officials;
that forgery and perjury had been reduced to
n regular occupation; that tbe making of
false grants, with tbe subordination of false j
witnesses to prove them, bad become n trade '
and a business. Desolate islands, barren
rocks aad projecting promontories, useless to
individuals, but of priceless value to tbe Gov
ernment, bad been seized upon under tbeee
spurious titles, with a view of extorting mil-
Hon. from tbe United State, for sites neces
aary to defend tbe national possessions on the
Pacific, and defend and guard the commerce
of the coast. Tho richest part of San Fran-
Cisco was found to be covered by no teas than
Ive difiwrent granu, every one of them forged
after the conquest. Sacramento, Marys villa
Stockton aad Pecaluma were claimed on titles
ao batter. By tbeee Inveeiigatioßa, and by
tne collection, ooimtion oad translation of
tbe archives, tie Goveroroen! acquired tbe
means of demon.tratieg these frauds, of dig
anguishing valid grant, from those which
bad! been fabricated, and have bean enabled to
maAeaaoceseftti deteece again*t every fraud
ulent claim that baa coma or te likely to come
before tbe Supreme Ooa rt.
____ saw. i ; j
poadent of the St Loate Republican at HoaiJte,
Arizona, report. India* oatragjm to various
porta at tbe Territory. A train of twenty
four malea wit* susrax from Sonera woe at
tacked by tha ApacEee near lAc Haaovar oop
■ermlaeeaad oajnaxad. Five person, were
All ibe malea at Kw*JT and Dregooe Bptenc
BteAteae. aw WO Ovarland Mail ronie, have
*•»** Inramviaw or tii Japahbb,* w,«.
tbr P«,a IO „ T _ TBe f0 „ ji££fto___T
J-Bor. with eight of th. oTTttlTxt
Behest in mob, accompanied by Canmfn.
Dnpont and Lee,and Mr. Portman timi?tir
prefer, th. r. M «n,.on .t Boon
rolmi n P eo»p; n t y wIM, &»i la ,b ? »*
and wveral otbe? Jenttem* n^Tnt'Tn 0 / S V* to
waa cordial and ofcomijßra'ti J.*! *» Mnr, * w
Unuance. ThePrealdent P .m„J- ,jr w ,0,, « con
informed them that Ih l , b,D * 8 '
Naval Commission several for tb *
lantomcers of our navy who . be mo,t K*- l
-most kind, but in war -~*« °' ln P« ac « **«
for our deVenci He tr^ed eP h?l tt,H>B ,bern
tbey would never be reon'i tbat
Philadelphia M!„L«^H P . i i° n ' ,tr,lck at th e
The Baltwo*. Coavmmoii.-The num
ber of per»ons expected at th. Baltimore Con.
UoniaTA ** ,8U, ' i 8 30 • W,(, • Tbe C °tven-
Hon Is o occupy the Maryland Institute. The
\ irginia and North Carolina delegate, qnar!
Thl B *,r n, B T ,HotH - "• Americanos:
wSmmmTi rf,* for tbeir convenience. At
wiTateo £ wi l ;h 0 . ,, Ji, SU) A ,, *' a iar «* » 88 emWy
£ ,c « a
be accompanied by two full mil tlry bandi
EmDi U re d Smi t0 „ da **» d elegaUon7roni the
mansion Sth- a X eD^« ed tbe commodious
wHldoSMi-.. be Hon Johnson, and
Notwhn b tit.i experience a pleasant season
u?iZ\ h ß,and,D K the great rush which te an-i
ticjpated on the occasion, the resources of the
Monumental city will certainly"Jroveoqual'
'o tbe emergency, a "d "is not likely that a„v
complaint, of a reasonable character wm be |
Eubopban IT«H 9 .-.TheCity of Baltimore's
mail, at New York furnish the following
items not telegraphed:
ihlar Bh *P Juditb.of Boston, while lyinr in
£*J2m bound tor Oalcutts; took flawing
to some loose sails Ivine near th« tl^ii„ w » v , B
coming ignited by th.' hi"* The SnSll wire
soon subdued and the damage done"wai TSZ
reSve?aWur.n &£"*»**> ia a d ' B P a »cb
irvnreu ai i urin, holds the Sardinian (In.
baidTiu 1 ;?^
SMdiDia aßd Natfiia.
n„ A u Popu,ar demonstration in sunnort of
aWm * f nd ,b / Sici,ian movement was neuT
at St. Martin's Hall, London, on tbe22d The
!a od" Cr ° Wded and Breat e«itemeui Jre?
sS» X 25ss aw.
cuarge oi John Lane, a voune man twnmv
of U the farmnand." <b ? ■ W»«-a*»«.
oi tne iarm bands. About eight o'clock in th»
!gg£« 2f wbo,e «f»*» of prisoner? n bis
charge suddenly made a break. LnnVlumned
?fipn2m^tt-l. m K idßt K and ord « ?ed lb K
h2 rfrfl E tunes; but *bey kept on running.
Egg?* bis navy revolver and fired on the
nsmn'tiv 1 " ti, """J? 1 Mc «"tw, killing him
McSraw throa * h his body.
d e*perate man, committed for
burglary and an old offender. Lane then
eurfiv' » n H°/ . the "•i'it.vee and tied hliK."
nrofo?' a S d de »»7ered him to the guards at the
prison. Several guards, besides Lane, were
M? nn«Tl2!a 1 2h ly V a ? d ? Pursuit of
ers and in a short time succeeded in taking all
WVtruV: Ca Ptßuford caughrtwo of tbem
hid in a swamp. The remaining man, named
Lennett, could not be found. The most of the
guards, tired with the chase of the day, were
to have hl?™S Upl b i U I ' ane Was de'ermined
to have his man, and started again i n . o the
a„ rf e ,h Wamp *'Ate utb of lbe P rtß o» ground*
and the city. About dark he came in with his
tr^in 1 J?' b»ving foundbim in a secluded place
trj ing to bury himself in the sand to avoid
A Singula* Casb.-J. c. Adams, the me
nagerie manager, applied to the College of
Physicians and Surgeons, a few days siu?e to
seeif anything could to done for his head
which was scalped in a fight with a bear seme
years ago. The monster by one blowrfhfe
paw tore the scalp from the skull completely
over the frontal bone. He was a secondl time
injured in the came place by a griazly bear
by which tbe periosteum was strippedlfromThe
skull and the bone.which from wanTof iu n at!
Ural covering and nutriment.died and sloughed
off. In its place granulations were formed
which in appearance looks like fungus matter
A few months ago he was training a monkey
m h^ h hl? a , tUr H epran * n P° n th « unfortunate
man's head and inserted his earniverous teeth
in the wounded part. Under these combined
misfortunes, Adams has lost his health and
has become a great sufferer. One who saw
hnn at the College of Physicians and Surgeons
states that when the heart teats, it the bead
is uncovered, the pulsations can to seen in tbe
boneless portion of hi* crauium A* V Post
Yankee Fishermen ih Tbocbi B.—The
Liverpool (N. S.) Transcript gives the par
ticulars of a most serious affray which recent
ly occurred at that port between tbe crews of
two American fishermen and some sailors be
longing to that port. How tbe quarrel origi
nated is not known. It is said that tbe fisher
men *aye ofleuce in some way and that the
sailors pursued them through the streets to
their vessels which were lying at one of tbe
wharves, when a regular scrimmage ensued —
Guns were brought out by the fishermen
which were seized by tbe sailors and brokeii
over the heads of the former. The fishermen
were at last obliged to take to their boats and
retreat. The American Consular Agent, -to
gether with a magistrate, were rather roughly
handled in endeavoring to preserve tbe pence
the latter being knocked down. Some of the
rioters were apprehended the next day and
held to bail to answer.
Dkath of Sib Chablbs Babbv.—The
Arabia brings intelligence of tbe deatb of Sir
Charles Barry, the architect of the new Houses
of Parliament iv London, at the age of sixty
five. He was born in May, Utt, apprenticed
as aa architect in Loudon, and upon attaining
his majority spent several year, in travel
upon tbe Continent. In IKH the old Houses of
Parliament were burnt down and tbe Gov
ernment made 1 iberal offers for designs. That
of Mr. Harry was deemed the best, and tbe
work was commenced in IM<>, claiming tbe
constant attention of the distinguished archi
tect. Some two millions of pounds nave been
expended upon it, and it is now very nearly
completed. In 1552 the Queen opened the
Victoria Tower and Royal Gallery in state,
aad at tbe aame time conferred the honor of
knighthood on Mr. Barry, thenceforward Sir
Charles Barry. Hi. same, indeed, i. chiefly
known from his connexion with thte colossal
Tbb Wildfibb Slave*.—The crew of tho
bark Wildfire were brought before Judge Mar
vin, at Key West, on tbe 16th ult., under a
writ of habeas corpus. A motion to discharge
waa refused, bat nil were admitted to bail.—
Tbe Key of the Gulf adds: Tbe Judge de
clined construing the tew of 1690, making tbe
slave trade piracy, bat intimated that be
i should diaeent from the recent opinion of
Judge McGratb,of Sooth Oarolina,and that be
waa nowoi tbe opinion that whoa tho negroes
came oa board of aa American vessel on too
coaatof Africa tbey were free, though tbey
ware eJavce la Africa, which ia ia accordance
with the opinion of Judge Story ia tbe tain
of tha United States vs. Battlsh, * Sumaer re
i T«B Waabibgtox Elbvtiob.—The returns
of tbe Washington election, as pobitehed in
the National IntMllgnncer, enow the whole
vote for Mayor to have toon aa follow.:
Jas. O. Barrett, Dam., 3,434, Richard Wallacb,
OppoelUoa, 3,410; Wm. B. Magrader, lede
aoudoat Item- ie; pterality for Berrmt,*.
Tao party which waa .acomofnl In cbooaing
too mayor also •teoted aixont of Use eaveu
; Aitteraaeo, aad) twelve eat of the twenty-one
members of the Board of Oommoa Oeuacif.
A tetegrapbic dispatch state, that tbe election
of Mr. Barrett wiil bo goateateaoa thogroand
of traoduteot yotjag.
Poiicbvab Cbabobs with Mino>mt_.--On
Abo uigbt of ths dOUtalt., a waiter in lhe
fJbart llotol, »aaae« *«Vte Vr* brteanp,
ni? 4 ""* ° 9 ™ •toAßß—inm names of those
killed at Comanche, 111., as *ar aa beard from
bytbe tornmte, Saturday, are at follow,:
wnV^Pll 1 * **•*» aad bob.. Q. o. Westnhaii
Elizabeth WeMphaJl and eh Id. Banana? t*i ?
manu Mnry Qrewteof, EHa
I>. Waggoner, D. Saltonbury. Phillp^l^ 0 !'
Margaret Foss, Harry Fobs, Eli Milson JatT'
Au."» , W , '. lln ; Jtt ' StaJenbnr;; oio'
Ale. h. McKeanlca. Jacob Meyte, Angnam
Meyto and child, n child of O. W Chas* »
child of W. White, Heman
many others not yet Identified. "" man » *nd
SiwrnTLAß Dbath oa a Child —A Htti*
daughter of Mr. William BeJrd, l farmer re!
elding a abort dtetnnce went of fMngJHnglN
I'm 00 ; 116 ™: 1 ' 10 ber tot ber's wood-houVe
on Mondny afternoon. It is supposed that
she was swinging by a rope which waVi ß the
building, and that her head by some mean?
got caught In the noose at tbe loose™nd Th!
family were all in an adjacent field at thS
time.the mother being the Brat to return
when she fouad her child in tbe lMtammms'
girl of tour summers. *'"
I Wabm Snow.—An extraordinary case ha*
I been eubmitted to a civil tribunal of L?ona -
A cobbler, a tinker, and a small traaeamaT
j pleaded each against the other to lyedeclaATd
| aole owner of what they nil described m the
most marvellous discovery, namely, the ptac?
Ing of a lamp on the heel of a. boot, with pipes
running from it beneath tho sole so as to heat
the foot. After examining the different pre
tensions of the parties, the tribunal declined
to pronounce on tbe quern-ion of owneVshin
but condemned the cobbler and the trader To*
pay the tinker 150f. for work done
Dbath nvLiGHTMißri_On~tbe 29th ult
OeorgeW Whitten-of Pickans countySc*
klllrrl by Hgbtnin,-
Austin Whitten, nnother youth, that 4"
r^?^,i ,, i^ a, was "o "hocked thaihS
fffi dead ' but 800 " »bowed symptoms of
inri ?",!* So Sl r covered as to be able to sit up
-nH IHIa1 Hl a- . Tbp £ were on 'beir way to church
and had stepped under a tree to avoid the rain
The tree was shivered to pieces.
physician ot much "observation and research »
informs the Boston Traveller that the ether
remedy for deafness, which comes to us from
m?m«'-i to . a,10 17 w bich in some cases
Is emcacious. He advises va to caution peo-
Suw-ffS* to try ll from nßin « the common
ether of the shops, as this may produce pain.
When used lor this purpose tbe article should
be re-distilled from the black oxide of manga.
lies©. *
Brno in a TBBB.-At Far mi ngton, lowa, last
Sunday, a little girl, four years old, was car
ried by a sudden gust of wind and lodged in a
cherry tree a few rods distant, her clothes
having caught ia the branches of the tree
where she remained unhurt. The anxious
father ran to and fro seeking her, when tbe
little innocent, dripping with rain, peeped
down through the branches of the cherry
tree, exclaiming—" I'm here, Pa!"
Bocur<B*TS._J. B. Brown, a resident of Alex
andria co was arrested Tuesday, at the
Jjong Bridge, on a charge of circulating the
Helper book and other incendinary document,
lie was. brought to Alexandria and committed
tojail in default of 82,000 bail. Brown was a
delegate to tbe Wheeling and Chicago Repub
lican Conventions, and voted for Fremont in
Cleveland Vessels fob Russia. -On Fri
day test, says the Cleveland Leader, au engi
neer from the Russian Government was in
tow-n and called upon Q,uayle A Martin for
models and information of our shoal-water
craft, tugs, Ac; that Government has sent out
a corps of engineers to visit all ship-buildine
localities and obtain all possible informaUon
upon which to found future action.
Bbbb at St. Louis.—A German commercial
paper at St. Louis gives a list of forty brew.
*' r i' B i n . tnat cil *' " xx wlth German nam--a
which turn out in a year 122,400 barrels la«r'
65,500 barrels common beer, nnd 4,400 barrels
ale. The average price ef lager is RA and
common beer 8b per barrel, and of ale 8W -per
barrel. rm
Amebicab t ras.—Four hundred and flftv
thousand muskrat skins have been bought by
i h . c . Northwestern Fur Company sine*- last
faIL «T bey bave been gathered from Wiscon
sin, Minnesota, and a small portion of lowa
and have been shipped direct to Locdon —
Jluring tbe season just closed, this company
has paid out 5300,«Ki for furs «•!*»«*
Post-Ofvicb Robiieby.-A negro clerk in
the poet-offlce of Windsor, Canada, named
Lewis Clarke, baa been arieeted for a aeries of
depredation, on the mails, amounting to thou
sands of dollars. He is the agent for the un
derground railroad at that station, and be
longed to the "ton" of the "colored society" of
Windsor. J
A Bear Sbapobt.—ln the port of Havana
on the 23d May, there were 67 ships and barks
80 brigs and 27 schooners. Of the ships and
barks, 40 were American, 20 Spanish, 4 French
1 British, 1 Chilian and 1 Austrian. Of ihe
brigs,2o were American and 55 Spanish Of
the schooners, 13 were American and » Spaa-
»fi I i L l! WT MA a«AOB.-Francis McDonnell, a
well kuown Western sculptor, was. on Sun
day last, married to Miss Kate A. Garrett at
Cleveland, Ohio. Both are deaf and dumb
words were not necessary in the seasou of
courtship, and the marriage ceremony was ac
complished by a bowed assent to written
Powbb or Lightning.—A flash of lightning:
which struck the schooner Roxbury, at Bos
ton, on Wednesday afternoon, shivered ber
mast, threw one of the splinters, eight feet
long and eight inches through, upon the deck
of a vessel which was lying at a distance of uo
Whbbb thb Slavbbs Comb FaoM.-The
i\ew j ork Express says that the bark Wild
lire, recently captured with a cargo of Afri
cans is said to have been owned and fitted
out by a Boston house, who anticipated clear
ing over 5200,n00 by the operation.
wfSfPBPL 0 * A Ma"*achusbttß Mormon
Noah V. Bishop, of Groveland, arrested recent,
ly for having lour wives liviug, has been sen
tenced, at the present term of the Superior
Court lor Essex county, to six years' confine
ment in the State Prison.
Ships fob thb Afbicaws.—The merchant
ships Casiilian, 00!) tons,and Hemisphere 1 023
tons, of New York, bave been chartered, under
the auspices of the Colonization Society to
take the captured Africans from Key West to
Liberia. The price to to paid is understood
to to f 12,000 for each vessel;
"Tommt" ik a Mrss. — "Tommy," th.
sprightly interpreter to tbe Japanese Emba*.
Bey, has involved himself in a "muss - ' at
Washington. On Monday, a good looking
chambermaid in the hotel declined to let Tom
my kiss her, whereupon the young Tycoon
declared ahe " was much d—d proud."
Oil Spbirob.—The Scientific American gays
the oil springs are probably the result of the
decomposition of vegetable substances by the
internal beat of tbe earth. It is not likely any
of them are Inexhaustible, and their extent
will no doubt vary like that of coal bed. and
other geological deposit..
Thb Proi-hbt IB Pbiladelphia- Brigham
Young, with several of tbe dignitaries of bis
church, bat none of hit wives, has been in
Philadelphia for the past ten day.. He i. ne
gotiating for the purchase of a paper mill
which be proposes to sot np in hi. city.
ArroiNTMBBT.-Samuel V. Watkins, of
Prince George, bis been appointed Surveyor
for the port of Petersburg, Va, to flit tbe va
cancy occasioned by tho death of Capt. Wm,
.-^SE* 8 , Ha Know. Heeaan,
write, home an indignant
denial of the claims of the several females
who proares to own him aa h eabaud. He was
aever marrted, and the women are impostors.
Matoh Factobt Bobbbd.—Btehardßon'a
match footory, at Detroit, waa totally de
atfcyad by Are on tho 3d ln«t. Loss •U.oun.
j baraing, spilled sumo of tho flu I'd upon him
self wbkb taking Are, he was burned to
Bat. Br. Norlhrop, tho yoaag American
afs rsa_s tsrc.-ia ye
Sporgoem to fill ate palpte daring Ate absence
I oa the OoaUnoat.
Tho recelpte of earn at Bunalo, durtng the
monto of May. ambaated to over \9s\fm
btubeia. whteh exeeatte tho entire fwaafpt. of
laat year by about bnabetet
tf toißpiliimPl* la, ftfßAior Seward's
The Great Match Mac** Off.— ln tbe Di*amt,k
hi W l Z l W" Majr ' w »
fe.^^s , Bc UT *i■i■ * jA "» JAOamoßiroAteß
rbem fa.,,a00 to Wrro oTthe redoT«.d *&
w e 1 nt; to ruo L * onl *■"'• against Fanny
Washington, three mile bmte?"for «wK a
Pirtef fSTS££S
mutton A Co., wrote to those gentlemen an
prising; them of their actionVaiTglvte^"tßera
an til the Gib of Jnne to put* nptAeir forfeit
th. Z.\\ hich tbe » ***• failed u> dTaad £v.
the matches nre at aa end.
welfwili?™. tbe fact *•* tb * Mocr.. Dob.
«i«S-.7 'r5~ for . tb *y believed tbey would
P»ove victorious In both matchea-tbe prow.
° f « Cbeatbam A Jackson baa coat them
inasmuch a. itpreTantedtbem froE
for purße » at Ashland, which tbey
could have won with ease,and*cut them off
"J* vl "'tmg Philadelphia and New York
» b .K re .i bey WOB,d bave had equßjTblnces'
with others for the liberal purse. therVSner!
n d ,'^ l V B r now^ Bald tfc at Mwsrs.C. A J bad
no control of Daniel Boone, end bad no rteht
Lno» a,Cb b,m UnA lh »t f«« been made
h^. W^. ,n -.V™*' M w « ***-* » onght to bnve
SrV coa,d ba ™ £ne
and , ii,-M I! is ' be * mßßt bide their time,
w.&ftinn^.d^.' rtl mußt * oon te-t
' W whim a fe«he a r" de *"' competi *» •"»» tR.
, n n? r r[l°L{ ul ''Tl adtp ? ade - e * a *7, in times
gone by, waa celebrated by civic as well aa
Io» , i, tar r', pa f, adee ' and crowd » wai. huddled
together to listen to windy orations made rjp
n^ihi* 11 "°" ndln * words, that often meant
For a year or two paat these imraoee
««* £*" gi l ea tbe cold Moulder! abdYne
fhT^T*^v bave . beea a,,owed to celebrate
tn .01. . of Jo . ,y in 80cial enjoyments and
to suit themselves. On tbe approach!eg 4tb
the miUtary will, no doubt, have a mornimr
a? « d r r li. d w tb , , l D k afterflrin « tbe "Sainton?
ai salutes, will dismis*. so that the soldiers
can d.yest themselves of thei? hot unTterm?
and joining their families and friends
am„s r en aa „ , , der T 0 l tbe *f ia
v™ ,V kepton antyfrom morning
untu evening, v is more than nrohabla that
many of them will be inadeYiick bvthVex"
cessive heat and exposure to the sua. Where
there ,s no necessity for doing so, it would to
t0 * Xpoß9 men - unaccustomed to
it, to fatiguing marches and drills inthe
scorching sun ; and the commandant of he
Regiment, we are sure, has too much w«?d
for the health of his men to endanger theTS
uiers if the Regiment parades at 7 and is
dismissed at lo o'clock, such companies as
S*/- d rK <?rm,ne .° , J din «»a™ and collations can
have tbem ; whilst the members of others
who may wish to join pic-nic parties or ex
curslons to the country, can do so. without
neglecting their duty as citteen soldierl The
Z?H t Regiment is now In fine condition, and
by avoiding excesses each company iv it will
be daily strengthened by new recruits.
r J^^L*l ff ' , i l,te '-^ mwl H - Jefford, ar
rested on the steamer Curtis Peck on the 15th
of May, on the charge of stealing *3o from
Martin L. Covington, of Charlottf Suff •
fellow passenger, examined before the Mayor
S A afte .K W Y* ls bjr a cal,ed «ourt of Justices
held on the2.sth ult, and remanded for final
trial to the Circuit Court, is to be brough? to.
fore Judge Meredith to-day, on a wriYoT habeas
222Z He . IHI1 HI aßk to be discharged from
further custody on tbe ground ihathe has
been illegally detained in prison by beinß.ent
lon to the Circuit Court fnstead of being re!
manded for trial before the Judge of the Hustl
ings, who when elected, will have the hearing
of all such cases. "•
If Judge Meredith should decide that the
accused has been improperly sent on we bud!
pose he will remand him to the custody of the
Mayor, so that he may be tried for the offence
with which he is charged. If the Hurting.
Court were wrong in sending Jefford on to tie
Circuit Court, they were equally wrong in
sending on other parties now in jail for felony
and if that feet entitles him to an acquittalI it
equally entitles others, similarly situated, to
a discharge and the consequence will bea gen
eral jail delivery. ■
The Stabbing Case,.-Jowph N. Gill, charred
with feloniously stabbing and wounding- Jas
H. Davie, a city watchman, and Granvilte
Montclte; and James S. Vah-HornfcbargS
with dangerously stabbing and woundine
Jamesß. Crafton, a waichman, on Saturday
night last, were before the Mayor yeeterday;
but owing to the inability of Mr. Crafton io
fi?!rvT" tavestigatlon was adjourned until
tbe 16th inst., and the prisoner, remindedl to
£"" 2*£25 was , fabbed in tbe left side, near
the eighth rib, and ha. suffered a great deal of
pain front the nervous shock and loss of blood
but his physician, Dr. Bolton, does not think
J?!. ? ,fbo K d,rk c , Ut any OI *be vital., and
therefore hopes for the recovery of the
wounded man, though be would not say that
danger was not to to apprehended. With
proper car. it is probable thai Crafton will he
out by the 16th and able to attend Court
Davis aud Montelle were both iv Court yester-
! Anniversary Celebration.— O a Monday next
the iitn inst, the Independent Turner Asso
ciation will celebrate their anniversary be a
picnic and ball, and will entertain th«ir
guest* by gymnastic feats, such as are rarely
witnessed. The great object of this Associa
tion is to develop the physical strength of
their members, and from ail that we can hear
its success, thus far, has surpassed the most
sanguine expectation of its friends. Most of
the members are German citizens, and all of
them appreciate as they should the value of
the oat-door exercise which they are required
to take. It is only to to regretted that there
are so few organizations in the city for health
ful exercise, and for that reason we advise our
readers to secure tickets to this pic-nic and
ball, and take lessons from what they will see.
Hackmen, under the ordinance, of the city
| lay themselves liable to punishment if they
refuse to wait upon any white person who
may demand their services. Jt will not do for
them to say they areengaged and thus expect
to escape. They must not only prove a prior
engagement,but must also show that there
was not time enough for them to fill the de
mand upon them before the services of the
prior engagement commenced, to escape the
law. If a citizen calls upon a hackman for
hi. services and the Jehu refuses to accommo
date bim, all be ban to do is to report tbe case
to the Mayor, and the offender wiU to called
to eight to answer for neglect of public duty
and to pay heavily ii be mils to prove his in
nocence. "«»a in-
' ■#***» 7Voo/< are to celebrate their
seventh anniverenry to-morrow, by a public
parade and a dinner,at the Faif Oronnns of
the Central Agricultural Society. The Troon
are composed of some of tbe best men in Hen-
1b ■•"J**"* mcrwaeingtemmntore
and efficiency. Not only is tbecorpe invaluit
?. t0 country aa aa aid to the police, but
It would prove of great service to the city in
protecting and defending her saburbs were
¥»•*** 5 be made upon her. We hove bo i
doubt the present anniversary celebration will
to an interesting one, and we are sure that
all who participate in it wiU to deHgh ted
Gttttng Ready. -The York River Railroad
Company have nearly completed one of their
large sheds on Dock street, near 23d, and the
SBperißtondeat. Mr. Sharp, is pa.hiAg on the
improvement, at this end of the line, so as to
to ready for a largo freight and passenger
ll.tehed.but will »r^biyto 7 r4«dvfolth? ratte
by the middleof next month, at which time tha
r %U^W^aT^" "W*is£s
ft? P ?*"V.. Tbe *•** aUwn»Boad ought to
an eniranceiuto the baeeme.t
wladow.and theo piled op a atumrai »sb*
bteb, which waa racfuaW
aad act on fir*. I. _ mam
•«••••■ *• »»teA"adtAo
** IM|UdU «
the Indians who at oao lima lahgdw«taaitnat
aogtmmof the oanatry. Ifamoof tammSiom.
Hoc «* waa ahowa m ymbrretev, aid taef
ecormooesige. .- *" • - m
I Trip te G*«*r*r—Aa extra train af can win
run toOhreter on Soaday aexLwbUtol _T___r
churcb at that place, free to ail denoßßiit?teJ_f
wllbededteated. _tev John E
Patorebor* will preach tM moraiaTreSaoS.
•ad Bey. J. Lanmag Barrow* of this cite
will preach In the afteraooa. This trip wflf
prove a pleasant one to thon who can Had
time to make tt. aad as tbe reeMpte Of fkreare
tor^W _f * B«rpoen c* the eboVcb i
«rge attendance te very dnirabte.
S^lZ.^** 0 ?*-!* I*'**1 *'** **• »«»M»-a»aßtal
rformers, are to give a concert to-night at
echaulcs- Institute Hall, tbe receipt? to be
SEEK tb rb"r fltof
••an by the advertisement, tho programme for
*c occasion ia a rich aad varied oae and
Bbouid attract to the hall o large Hod appro.
ciative audience. "»»"*•
m£?lT£ *>•••;•— TRooPPoeltloß boots run.
! . '? a *■* c*"* l bave greatly increased tbe
travel by that route. Both lines have a. many
pasgeßaerßas they can carry every trip, and
U aot ÜBfrequentfy happens that the crowd la
ZtKltoignrV'** b * ,fc "«" d «<>Pl**a
-# .X? f "°*_i 0 *ar/ett.-By the arrangemente
of the proprietors, tbe steamers f,len Cove
?£? Car i?., P * ck *"• - ow '-nnlng •" inch
time, aa will enable nil who may wieh to do
S&i? !"**• * r *«J ue ? t ▼*»»»a to Old Point and
Norfolk with very little loea of time.
The Commissioners of Streets are to make the
rounds of the city on Saturday next, so aa to
wprepared to recommend improvements to
the Council tbe following Monday. Siirerr
tbfy will not overlook the paving of Main
atreetweot of Bth, aa that job oughtto bo con.
• The Sunday Schools, aa a body bave not m
determined to celebrate the «& of Jute by a
proccipu, and nn entertninment at their va
tn,u?- ooa ' lm V 3h L- l Soma of theechootoare
«i i-5." f « cur *»ons to the country aud pic-
but no definite plana 'have been
n* Southern Democratic Convention, Which
Z K°S. T ". ne ,n . tbls *\H °"» Monday next
7ra«aH d - ""'on'l" Metropolimnfiall,on
Franklin street, tbe committee of arrange
meats, as we have been informed, having-In
gaged that building for tbe purjAjnoafoL
Weundtrttnnd that Robert G. Scott, E*oj.. of
Alabama, (formerlyof thia city,) will address
tbe citizens of Richmond and vicinity, at M*.
gerouß condition of tbe wounded man.
«JKt ( Z"'J er ''l n , |,ome localities, are in bad
order, and need cleansing and limine. Every
fXZSS* °, W° ba «»ed at Ibid tTme to.a*
sure th» health of tbe city.
Bound Or.r-Patrick Brannon and Daniel
Key, for lighting, were before the Mayor yes
terday and held to bail. ' T
ihe ioungi,uard9**s taking lessons ia tbe
Zouave drill from a gentleman said fo be well
qualified to teach them.
u A , n . al »K ,^ a i lo . n occurred nt the Pennsylvania
Hotel, Philadelphia, on Monday
resulted in the mortal woundingVf MrJ
Douglas, the proprietor.
Of the vessels wrecked near Memory feock
edge of the Great Bahamas, within 7* "peat
fourteen goontbs, tho total amount of ioT.
salvage, Ac, la putdownat S4oU,io.i. '
The editor of the Cedar Keys (Fta.) Tele
graph ate watermelons on tbe 26th ult and
they had then been plenty en the coast for
more t ban a week. v^V"
The abolition speech of Senator Sumner—
twelve columns long-was furnished ia man
uscript to the New York Herald and Tribune
before it was delivered.
The President has signed tbe bill which in.
creases the pay of tbe Navy officers about 25
per cent.
It is said that tho reason why the "Rennbli.
can. "call Liucola » Honert AbV» tatotS..
tinguish him from the rest of their party.
Geo. S. Bernard, orator, and J no. Kerr Jr
reader, for the Fourth of July, have been se
lected by a public meeting at Petersburg Va
Robert Miller, of Webster co, Va.. was kill
go by tbo telling of x limb from * tree durtnß
a storm on tbe aiet ult. •
Patriot saya that Hon. John
Bell has sent Ins letter of acceptance to Mrl
Washington Hunt. s
Wm. D. Young, an old shoe merchant of
Pdrtamouth, Va., died very suddenly yester
day morning. * *
The Rhode Island General Assembly began
and ended its session last week. It lasted four
DSf aba . m v S . meat Pa 0 "1 n * establishment, in
Philadelphia was burnt on Tuesday teat
Lobs 940,000, "
«« Mr *\ Arlington makes Shakspeare any—
"Sweet are the uses of advertisements."
JK.r M - Welch, Bom., has been elected Mayor
of New Haven, Couu. «"**•■ mayor
Samuel Gover.aged no years, died ia Telia- I
dega county on the 17th ult.
The National Hat Finishers- Association is
in session ia New York. w
!""" i ..saesssss; ■ —
S3 8 * ™* "p^w^" ll " »***»
Comer of Mam and Thirteenth Struts, Richmond,
th * •■««* complete
?{ec h rnsV,f Me,, ' , B & P .nmt
I»^B^ M a a I at | eDt,,n,
PuUic Olboes. laauranoa. Railroad, aad Traaumor
tation Companies, Tobacco Factors. Atu^*^
tag oil 1400 impreeinoa. per no« 7, tJnmete} e.aulint
the patmns of this estaWishuient to oWn thia
ofB&ld™ lU * topotUvm to 'bein«oaee
rJPirS *"**'"?'j n ▼afteae eotered BROIfKBS and
" ecu ted. in the highest style of the art!
in tins branch of tbe business, the proprietors can
atelr challenge competition. irf "jjiiubbbi
,v/ l have iast completed in the rear of gar whole
sale and retail store, thetergest Candy Factor? ia
this cm .for makiag aaperior Refined Gaadma -
Merchants ye rr, U ested to leave the ir onlsm tt
. Uppoeite k Ce._
nmdes of various sty
wi°S n *V f •r r '^*S cr, attoo of aottls; JuiK-
B^.*.?**? o ***" aTf*OCBB.-OBOof tlm
AdejTfabte aitenrtra^ntof^•■e^nreißfi.M'coodt;
IT OOK •WlwßAlAMßAia.laa S
TCSt Mrst ?^Jaß?s?g* ::^Tr^ '
I . BBtlT^Wgggßjt^^
sidwd B to^^*2«-»wiWii»^^i•
%.s^Arx{isafite''VßxS! l lt
gaiß* «»* * « «[Xi7riiraf*?;; wajj^
sSl.__ ***• BAVIS A BISTER. HI
tt« j* r#er tihmnJUh NortTTEr
Have jost received a large and varied* smmrtomat
f •"»*■* MILLIBBRY.
alarge a«eorto»enl of &Hdrea4 «iWDs.
Country merohißU and millinertwill And \L,
f* ,a "•*. •■ateaato. Bavin. famfV»a tereo«orhf»r
*J*JH!*a._ leaM-am*) j"DBMRLM*Ay wr
jJjTO ft^lF^ OF BfOHMOArj A *D
Would r JJi?,"^** 00 * «'*MON
Bim%\l&gta for imam.
7TniTi?DMB BR RESORT,aow«« M and
Mi known, will be m-oaenedon the hvb\»r i?rl
™n the proprietor will be lT,pw! i* ,~ , tt "*r
»W*bmtoon>irßA*t ,: WAf 1A
BAIHINt. aud tha luxuries ol tha M.hn.,i « «•"•
J. d-lni* RARJjW, Promtio<.
dWrmTto inform the £1W| B «at*ne hej^ma^i o /,' 1 '
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modate all who may wish to spend a plritant ba J
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The Springs are situated pu the western nd«
Bear tbe top, oFthe Blue RMeo J& the coubu oi
Aagaata. VL, IA milesi jc.tßeast of HMriaeßbaV.
Suiilea southeast of Wyer'a Caia"and ll tT.u:
aortheaat Froeatlte lattE
piaoe. persons trareteng on tha Virsißia. rJ2U»i
will find SXm\
J 1 be proprietor will give bis personal atfatatim i..
la Pemate ConmramU th.
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*■''■ I »n the moeatama ul V,rg,«,a. will fin"
superior accommodations at the 11 £ W I T T
Hooee, Smites wast ef lynehburV. on the Vi r
fiipiaandTenaeaaae Maiircad.
l he villageooatains about 1 JOOinbabitanU. foar
soetetv, and is pteamwtry ~ma»..|
in the inidatof a baalihT. besuufnl aad picter»s**»
•afasjy. and within a few hours' ride of the oaie-
Tern a for board, moderate.
mym-lm* WILBOM C. HKWITT »„,.,
4 / B-,AA.. VA R«RTb' SPMIMOS.-These
lfclgtlTSf—'.'k" v' 4t * d in A h * ooun, >' Bangui
Af sBBBtI <*• «■ tbe Virginia Ceatral Mailroad.hr
teeu muss west of Staunton, will be open ter ilia
Board-ahVliN DOLLARS per week.
JE?JBSV-fB asveref CABIBn for real to per
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i? i nt "Jr. L*T ,r0 !" **c snbecriberß at road (lap
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Uth day of MAY. rhecapaeity to aeeonimodste
has been ieor«%aad by tbe addition of weVtT.w*if
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ai"tSL"lJL , !!i*i h i! abjo^ftaTwtim,^
(UimVuulu2i£l\ It JIT?- to t! n '~ t >' ,tm ßateßtetea. r
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W ™* o- V.* t f t * tearai. Leav« VirKiai% and Tei.
the gaasu coiflojtoMe. to make
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meAd*** **** ••*»** aodetmreo.
_\lfc ___*_?*•*"** aaaatel ef a terra rwo story
»I— aftoa. was. with two
£S*f?"j "'■f'*" *^^4k,a'*' , *ycai' store
two lowatt.
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