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The daily dispatch. (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, December 25, 1860, Image 3

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"*" | Rpportc. Tor lhe RtchtlioHd Dispatch.l
, !i,»i i *!i t.Mhs Bie-hmond l i«psteh 1
' L M.-pit -In an lll.malum tlptnlon ol
t" r * «v*-imt..r 1 unmix
■ 1 .-ii>.no N . !•'•« --! The I.epuhiio..n ul- !
*• at offered lv the Senate Uommittee
bis asoralßn. it agrees, oa the !
'~! me iv* i'»hti* *■** Beaatota, te reos_t
. ... their S'.a'e Lagislataree toadvoente i
. ~ tjreeat to the lX»i stitnttua, previdleg
a-,erj shall not be ntv luh.d ia any
..Itaod effleti
mtwh telecraphed to Oeovgla
, bopeoi.-. mpromi>e,aii.i adi le
i, ,t Bsftsirats Saie a. Uoa.
I ~.|iiii,, and ii.>t a mere rumor.
i (.ii.ritvi-iinl
.. .-, is • ■•>• I' 4' '-'• -'''• 'M - The Speak
j tv-t re Hie Utilise a letter, Bigßed by
' p v.c. M.Queea, .\>tim, re and Boa*
l. c una,enylag that ih •> take
ortui Uy s ace .he receptloß ol
_ , a ihe the people of Soath
,- r overeign capacity, have re
l ' vers tbej base heretofore dele*
.I ii ivernment, ; .iiss,, lV ,.
• :. »;-.!. the Honseoi Bepreeea
, _ . iktag ieaee,.,' their late easoci
nr-v express terill.gs nl 1 r.
;.r-v ir.av eon tin ue io
; ell ii-. iae let er v, .is or-
I .-it
ns, oi 111., c t>r,-d a resolution
Investigation ol the recent ah-
I mods by Bailey,ol the Interior
a i iidrevv 11
', V BJ s and ICeBOS r, | *-
. lAil-l bill * ti., ll W:i*
i, v iiiuiii.nee ot tne Whole,
\ idiag tor a Me n i' Ulan i> dice
i ly, wne rte_->rrvd to the I.mi
I i;.iriii of C li.ni)>:-'
ir> Affairs reported
ml puiii- tin.. ..! _ I cii-
tl • :re Ihe House a lelt-rr
, ' ' >~ i • nr_t - t the Interior, asking i"i
. he recent dvfal. ,i i in
: men .n..i the ap|n mi,
--', With ilie power io .send
, ■ i the appointment ol a
_ , ffet ed a resolution,
vi .. ol t ugi ess i n ihe
d as a substitute a resoln
t: mmtiiee >n Judiciary
iue i, it existing bo
.i :< ates (1-verumeni and
, aud hedu yol ibe G-overo
, . : ber ittetnpted withdrawal,
_~____;.■ 1,:,-.ii- fc'ederal property within her
*J/SwLm> ... .. i:_ii_.ies. shtmld lake
mr iat property irom seiaure.
... Ie was subsequently with-
Diplomatic and Uonsnlar bill was
' ; Speaker directed thai tiie nanies of ill"
v :. c I members snail rem.cin uu ttie
; il.e l!i use, and be called With itie
.- las, thus showing that he
te . _-i. /- beir "aeceaaioa." 1
A !>, vi I Tl day.
Mr. Pugb submi ted a resolution
tt ißßaeudinn ii-.- Legit ■t all the
* . , •s- ; - order ihe bold
t a Nan : v Convention, to amend the
~ ;..- provided In '.tie sth article
Bigler intro Inced a bill to prevent the
ne State: n> anoilw r.
U uglaa introduced sundry ameud
ie r,-n tltntiou, all ol wnich were
tbe r. mmit r ee nt Tnirteea.
■Viiuoii introduced a bill the sup
press i, oi ibe .-lave ir.tde. Keterred to the
r on Judiciary.
I .Kansas bill t-eing up, r.lr. Nicholson,of
>-;,irt,ti to Tvlr. Wuoe s recent speech.—
uioi_ii-eci the Democracy ol the
,s r ti. lii-'Siuiii. tie aaid, feared, no we ver,
;- was powerleas, iirm
- , : '.ur North were controlled by
irerj aentiir.eut;Oougre_-i would at* i
-it'iii uif Sates. Against ibis, aa
nei.i to tne Constitution was tbe only
v Ue advi laied a usaliatiouamoug
•;.- s iHihern States, and declared tbatan a'.
erce s?.jn iii Caroliua would bring
DoolitUesaid the admission '! lvnii-.-is
teduty ol Cougresa and wounl oriiig
- the bor >-r.
bill was tin u.-r discni *ci! and ni.--.de the
. - • r oi ..inlay next.
Miss .submitted a resolution,
. r j udmeniol tbv Cousutution,
.-..-.- oii-- c ii.-ic-.-.-r .1 property in
its, and in all relations to iln- F---_ierai
<r i...
Adj... ii.. J until Thtn., lay.
From t fi:irli»ton.
i HABLBSI ■'.-, i» •■ • I .' .-■ j.- 1 f-tl
f a atmn tbat *-c Soatb Carolina
.i s, inly a ri'. li *> -1 - i li>- t ruited
.; iveruineut, le! I . '•• ilngton city
g„ > men arrived yesterday ir,-m Sayan
■ ...: eir services t t>os Pi I ens
c called Minute Men, r ••_■ i s ~,i ibe
•:• - ITCH.
t iHAf.I.KM 1 i.sj. It,-- -.",. 1 .'i -li.- l'-.l\e!.
--• LSI | .-:..-_ -.'..iii pi a fl :
Ferry, of Fia_, wai mv,--.! v s eaton
--r ol "ii- ball.
Mr _i:i,.i:t'ti ..tiered :.'. t providing
• '. : ■ h- r.:-i sll li -i. (uisa-.ee
_dmiralty aud "vi i i .-..1 -
I: c, vi. i-i i m I iiited Stales
laws, i.. ,i-rr-d
1 .ii- add ret -• to tbe • iliern
S • .v.is taken op,on m itl a■: Mr Kii-tt,
ii t v. is debated aud alterod until , o clock.
.. - !.e evening; Be -■ "i i Ouncan moved
ike up ibe ordinance on . oiamercial at!nirs.
• Uonvention then went into m . r-t ses
he object ol wbicb, it is understood, is
fer v.-iih ilie ci lied - I tba p rt.
.' rotation was i.M.,n to 'tie Convention
. rnlng that aeveral light-housekeepers
racat — i br,-,- p. -itions.
li elsj *>. lon oi ause ;■ r leceesion,*' I
de people ptibli hed in tbe Dispatch
- ■ was read and adopted.
i i.s-.'r wete many able i-riee. bes in th.- C m
_ to-day, by Messrs, Spratt, itbett, a.id
'•• arse of tbe discaesion, tbe opinion
•• lured mat tbe Fugitive Slave law ie
iiut tonal.
- vv i ■ hers, in an able and log-ieal speech,
I thai i wi- constit ati mat.
Memmioger declared the question of Ic
l .inbai niM-iug.
• bi ars wa-s spent in verbal altera
• be iddress nnder the most rigid scrn
r was adopted with lew dis._eiiung
• --.
Partner by tke .ti.iii.ii.-»u-r.
J. a»8 N F., I' ■-.- "-' l'ne s 11' jv f-team
■ , i i -. ~; Mnncbes er, a Inch lefi Liverpool
i the l_Uh inst., via (.ueenstown Hi'ti,
, - -li'ti,.. Race at ft o'clock this (Saturday)
n -• ti to New \ ik Sii** was iv
- i t.v the news yacht, urn! ber news
ob lined.
I Maacbester has Cil,(_3Sin spe
irgo, twenty-lour cabin and one
I cetity steeri-ire p.- engers. Sbe
pertei *d v-ry variable wee titer.
ipjura, wßich sailed tor New
*i ■ a , ... i_| «-1 i..,. ni 5,,. f|e.
is Bulaaportant.
I I i.. I iin,*. editorl-lly <■'•"..ures the
il* ol ths State of (Jarolina to
- tbi I h.ihih! Uoverameat; bni admits
the Southerners bave ' ip- -'-inuu iheir
v Hi. I iglil to T "'" I'--'
--... wu-'iii iot r sen *-.iiiion
he II ii last., t •; ih" * Howiag baa
' x,ti in-■ -• '-■•niii'tiaeiis.
■ il il :.g X mg ' - ' t :■ • ' ■ ' •• tri sts :at
: : - .. i . ■ ■ — ■ tbe lose ol
■ t ■ - ■ ■ lib-nil '.-il
■i- - ■' i - It says that
HIOI I .-:.-„.' t to I pht :o"iil!it IO
-t' mnaugbt w- lot! t'trou__n
' • ■•! •■ ■, but ■• •■ tboachi
re lntelll(-eucs I r,-••:. ci,s
. t ring to d •:• ■ **- - _c- .n.ci
'-"■*. ■'- ll ÜbSUli
i ire made I a ibe report reiatl*. to the
: neb v. Is, 'I • » iei io ri,.
I f the pai ■ rers.
•'• :L, 1.-- ai Sir Edmnad lii.ad h«d
rested Kui.ui, (Juu-inanders ol tne
x. \ ■ b
Linl Napier b:u appijiiited A_.ba»sa
' art ol Si I'etereburg. vice Sir
who has been leraoved to
■I ■■• rumored that Lord (,'owley
" v -<- ■ "-il goes to India toae*
•". ••• I G iveraor.
"i poßsd robbery ot British _iti_c.-_.-_ in
~ ~ ' " * •" d«t_e_*-Bißed sctlon on tbi
' ** British tui.riim.iii, who were
■i.Hi in tn .ii ol tns ii-jn.,rt.
-' French decree, r*-iiac'.iii_ all warainas
, ! r «Js.i published.
ineParlii li,.,rs». vi-aa dull and droopn-gj
P*r cent rsniss were OMQied et flftf Inc.
■*~- romored that lit'Kaojon l>i-hy-,be
•i Inuuvenul in the Foreigu De
-1 ■" tru-iit
1 tali ii, .flairs remain unchanged,
me sra v r luly is to c-oustst of ;kmi,(H)o
ro,|.s ii: % i _t. ,i _ uUj IVortheru and Southern
lur j,, igratß-U of the new Austrian Miuis
*>-. ot Slate proeßlees many sweeping and lin-
P i aui ii.i-ii_._i.... ~f rmtagmg.
The sleu-ahlp Palestine, Irom Portland, ar
n»ed . I Londonderry ou the mil.
tal nun iußsiikiui. Flaws.
is tas 1.,-eip..,,. Cottoa inaiket the B'tles of
un.,i, \%.cii.i-».jay wsr-lOUOU halsß, luolading
•- si _, --ii 1,, npi-c.ui.-tto b aodsaeorters. Ins mar-
S _ *e,l . iv ~., ______ __ ._.____,_
ie : ,-.._,„. ~, ttre.delo.tlt marset wae firm,
sits aa v. wirti U-nO-ucy.
,' *'*,■•'"'' rpo'ii rroviaioa 'narlist wasduii
r. ,;« I i-mlu.b market Roßiß Was bSavy.ooßl
»».-.s isotel »t i«, __s n tm. lod. othei arudts a«rs
*".■*, **4
~..'. n , •_. i* "_** *** Amsiiss* ft.-i.li .«i»-i ..
1 ...Vi' A-.-t'-'t""' J h *l*__ **' ' ! 'i*ti-siL,' I'
£(jj ••""' Boy HWfi*l •'ur>i'U~»»A.f,A_*t
The VI n -hingion 11. ..il.ui.en.
Wai«hircitoh. Dec •... The Secretary of
War had *iven-.ooeptaneeß to the amount of
Sl.tksi.iHKi, conditional, npoa Russell, Mat ir
tt Ue., for transporting; tbe army supplier, ac
cording to contract. Bailey, of the Interior
Department, with v.h,,m Ku—ell was (atl-
MSI*, loaned him S_MM.f_M worth of bonds ol
the Indian Triisi l-'md. as .c. utry l„r rai-
ing the money on thes-:i,-,-..p (~,,,_ h „, w _, PII
the Block N-osme gnatl) depreciated o.e :
hankers it. New Tork called for additional se
curliv. ai.d Hi ley a.| v.. need Russell SVH) IHSI
more,,! Ihehontfe Rni ley m.„i,, a voluuarv
sta-emei.t ,-f the ticts >eßier.iiv to -lie Sec re
tart the interior. On lavestKnOoD.lt in.
fr_" r r. , ., !l 'i "™l l ." B- Ru.sellare
Impliented in the fraud.
[A dispatch from our special correspondent
BB] I Mr. Hailey is innocent |
View, of Scan tee SewnrS.
Nsn YfHiK, lieo >L—Senator Sesmrd la _
spee,h Seta rosy, before Hie N-.. w E-'ul-ii-d
Society, said: -If •*. keep enure.? cool en
tlrely calßß, aad entirely kiad, a debate v.-ili
ensue which Will be kin.lly in Itself, and
prove \ery soon, ei'lier that we are' very
wrosf and we shall ooncede to i nr offended
hret brea, or else that we are they
will acquieece aad conse hack iuto traternsl
relatione with ae." Ue predicted one oi these
results in sis y .i-i_v<
The i .in:t.linn injjitivi- Slave Case.
Toauaro,Dec..'-. - in (Se caee of the fugi.
iveAndereoß in, ooaascl in the Cuuit
. : tiueea'e Bench,to day ga\e aotice ef in.- m.
ten uon to apiveal from me division ~f tbe
Court Chief Justice Robinson said thai 'lure
wa- ao --ii!.' up m whii h an appeal could be
. 1 iime.l, but it the .: mr; t)t Appeals c hose to
entertain tt.e Matter tbe Court of Queen's
H-mb wonld . tr-r bo opposition Ibe j.ri-.,n.
ci remains, ia ilie menu tin.-, at the disposal
ol ibe government.
I* rom B asht-Mttea.
WasBiBOTOB, Dec. 21 —la the Senate .;-m
--mit;i-e ol Tiiiite-n to-day, ttie Republicans
submitted their Bltimaium. i,, v tney n_ree
to recommend to tbeir Sate Legtelntuna to
adopt a constitutional provision that alaveri
shall nut iie abolished by Uougrees.
Loss <,f n Steamer and bappeecd Loss of
Nkw Yo-_K,Dec.__ —TheshipScargopassed
;i.. .i.-tv; 1,,-it, Bormada s burning stvamer
aad Beard thecrieeol people in iue water—
li.- steamer sank. Tne Scargu laid bi two
days, bui saw nothing nlterwarcU but lemons
ami oranges ana puncheons ci ruiad!iiuu_
about. ■
arr, St.
Nk-.v I'oßK.Dec. *.'! -ICuss_b!l. of the firm of
Ivii-.seil, .vl.tj ,r .<c Uo.ofSl LOBia and Kan
sas, ti--, tieen arrested ior ailegad compiicitv
in iheaei.iic.uiju in the Interior Department
J.-i.iI.UiXJX.',-., GiU.
a attention of the outsells ol Hic-i.mond ur,J tm
pii.mc generally is respeoUuiiy oallea to our large
varied, and complete assortment ol bent's anu
KjLOI Hi.*... ,-ir.i! 1 USNIBHiNU 'jO(i_i_
e.i o| which v.t-re niannlaotured by as, wth a
view i.i pleasing the great aiversitiea ol taste in
isgard too. m-. We tinier oarsetves that ih«
style, ht, and durability ol oar garments ar-: un
aurpaased uy any Bouse m tne oity,and that our
mv int i-.-s m inanuiacturing olotmng are suoh at
eus to seil at such . c.iuceo prices as oan
Bot ne equalled. Having made more extensive
arrangements th - bi -._ tor ihe .suppi. ol thi
great lemands i. r Clothing than ever betore, v-_
hope to receive a large support from all in wantoi
art.L-iesin our bran •!: of I uusiness,assunne then,
all that we w.ll do tne in justice.
We area's i prepared to make to order any arti
cle oi uem ii rYeanng -pparei, at short notion.
Noah walker a co.,
(Branch ol Baltimore floase t j
_ 103. corner Main and Uth or Pe__rtsts.
I have not dsseoatinned business on account ol
tns tailing oi my store, i am now located .i._
~,,0i(s abo_ve_ my old stand, next door to C.W.
1 urreli .i c.o. sßrogcra «urice and neariio rernor,
on .ti -.in -tree. No 1-*.. where 1 wonld be pie -se_
to iiie.tiriy oldcastomers, anu the customers geu
ers .... iiio-e,n mo iiaiutni giving me their or
dors i.v FALL Cl_OT__.l_-.li, will do me alavort.
wait unt!, i oan oall on •hem. or leave won! at my
sturewhento call on them, and all oiji-riininr
line will be -t" prompt!) attended to as hereto tore
1 have not, loot intend ti. aiscoctinue busi
nsse iot an > coc. canse. Call and see me. at ij«
Ham street (_u_tt-__l WM. IRA SMITH.
GEO. WATf A CO.- EbT-lßLlshbd in 1546
ti-EOi-OE Wp'TT haa uuiamed, at diderent
timeß fourseparau patent a on hisCUi- F- HK..CI
-fi.oi ',r,s, acknowledged to c nlira.ie ths moa
reiia c uuprovements evei mads en this impie
ment, three ul _, n chpateata liave t.. iuu -e»peo
tivety ten, twelve aud thirteen years,and Ins
been awarded at the late Methanros' F«ir v,
Kio.-iin ml aoertihoate ~f Silver Medal, lor oon
liDuecl supegorit) ib i'louchs. i tiie highest pre
iiiiums «iven,iand at the last -tate i",-ur premium
un tne a tint-. ,n addition t.-j premiaiflsawarded ai
all th yret-ie. mg Fairs for years.
VVithintso months paat li- ha. added other
improvements, :tua v.c now mv,te all n,
want ol Ploughs, warran'ed in e-.-er» r.-siiect su
perior to others to call aod examine our arst
aud varied atock of Plongn*, Casliß-s and Agn
eultaral implements, and iresn and prune Oa:
den ana i- telu »seds, Ao which we oiler for sue
on our u-u.ti accommodating terms.
Ul_Oßl_E WA T A CO.,
Une square neiovr Exehangs Hotel,
ll',-', ~T|l V-.
CT'Ut \HK -We have room I v Storage ol ihe
• ' i. tui iU.tXtO turr.ls. at our Warehouse, cor
nei i_j-.ii. l'i<:-k and Cary streets.
V\ c Save also on h tad ur.u lor sale oa oonsign
mem l.Ouo b.iiß. ot Fish,comprising Cm Herrings,
liross do ... l-wives. Shad, Salmon. Mackerel, Sou
I,land Si white Fish and He Herrings. Aiso.
2,1-jii üb.B. J-.ines X..c- Cement, 6u!,|.is. Ro»en
daie Cement; ■,<■> hbis Caioined Piaster; .ou bbls
1 ar; 1 u-ju b: ib Rockianu Li» c; boo tmsneis i'las
term-.' Hiir _U OUU gross Howard. Matches. Ami.
100 UUO _iitars, some ol which are the linest im
po i-c-iuliui vviiioii win be sold ~,vc to olose saies,
sJJ BitiH-Fiißi) >v CO.
pUL.vIONARY 11.1.5.v .i-Asure snd speed •
, reae S. '"' lt * c -'■'' '' ■' -oaghs.uoliU, -Bliina,
t.roup. whoopiug Cough, Diflioulty ol breathing,
ai this prepare) mis Ires tnim op'u n ,-,- y
lotto ,n lis r..in;.,;.e.. of vesetable ingreaieuts
selected for their i slsami ■ ai •'. -. otnms a itnre -
Unas stood 'i.c test ol aumerous trials and v
• -■i.ii lenti) re-3ommended for tne diseases men
tioned. rrepared ,nd sMd by
A. 110-i'.!.f-.K * CO., Hrii;. cists,
-No. 10 VI an ' tret.
fVASII i'lßt Ht-fcHs oi Uotaivb.-
Fine Business .-Suit., Fiiiu Riaek i. ress Suits;
Cash mr re,..,!_, ai.d Velvet Ve..,s;Fanc-y cassimeit
Pant-.; 1- roekOvsr-Oos b; over packs.and tne 1 .
ver_,«se ..loak Ah ot tt.c nuive aeoda are made
alter tue la-.tii' rep.irceci f _srn a. Als,i. a tui
stock ol rica illara, Sooka, snirta, Ac. Allf_i
c:t-ii. tnuuceiaents otfsred. • ar ents uiadd to
oruiir by measure IBVISQ HUi_L, Aa't.,
M Main, cornei ii h st .next to
Fairo's bxenanse n_Bc.
PANCY GOODS -We offer our large BtooSal
t very reduced prioes, for oaak. It embraoes ia
i_ .: : a la-autilui vanet »| I ai..-v China and othei
Man to I V._-c-s; Parian Wan-; Match Mnxe.. ,\c
Motto Cups and (.aucsra; F__ncj China Artioles
lia great variety; Elegant Cologne Bottles; Fanci
Mugs; Rich Fapier Maehie Desks and V,„r-lia._.
Fane« -lnn-t, I'eaaud lm .1 We cordially
invite our friends and the punlio generaltv too__i
and rxamioe. Ws Bave aiso many desirable arti
cies im vreaents for sectlemen.
n7 Viaiii street.
\r__lOK A BAKEH'I '•-lilVlit VAlti
■t" UAVA HaKK ' is made in ttie moatcarefu
iiiaaiicr, from fie t-ebt syec-ies of Feravian 11 irk
(that from which '.{uinine is made ;i is very paiat
utile. aiiL i:uiily recommended hy our swa physi
ciiins. lor ion. tif appetite and to pre vn t* re I p_e
alter chii s and tulious tevors i'repared ouiy oy
MEADE* BAKER, Pharmaceutists,
lesi viam st.. corner above Posl iirtice.
EV'H.MOIt OKVM-E iillibK. Art
reoommeooed to persons su_l'c ring Irom Weak
and .sick sitoiuajii. Loss of ..ppente, Indigestion
iijapepsia. ,i., They are compwsed oi the beet
•iti.i .itirt-ht ingredients, and very pie, i .ant to t tse.
l'ney are oniy 'ib cents per Lottie, and are preparec.
hy L. WAGN-.R, Apotßeoary,
Corner till and _l,o__d sts.
/ o\ s, BPAKKLIfIfI GELATIN--- lur.
*-• Cbocolade and - oooa; Lo_.'s genuine English
■ ' • i.c and Honey Boat; aiso, Gold Lent Bu
rer Leaf, and small Wax Canals* t<>r Christmas
i'.eea ; lor sale ny 1, WAOvt-R, l)ru_gi_t.
Corner ol 6th ar.j ilroui .stieets.
&-%_, ! have jest re.-eived bobm more of tii.-ae
imported Flower Hoi us. L. W.
r |i o _ i«oi s_.Kl. «- «'_.__lT—r.ijij_\v,.vi"_ iTF
I TI3IK AND MONEY-Over tnrtie .uartß oi
besntira Ij transparent Jeli» miy tie mails in hah
tne usual titii* witu our .. ark mg Gelatine, cist
mg only Meents a paokaga. Any iauy may n. kc
this Jelii in Iter onaiaber without boiinig or the
use of eggs, hy loilowiag our directions.
MEADE *. BAKER. Druggists,
laG Main Bire_t. cor. above Post Office.
DM tl PAX _T FOR I OLD VI KA I*ll fcK —A.
• per.ons in want of CLOTHING, will hnd at 103
ftia-ii street,every article ot wearing apparel to
suit the approaching season. Our goods are stylish
a d (.arable. Call and see for yourse.ves.
103. corner Mam ar.d Win. r Pearl «'a.
( 11.0 A KB, I l-OAEvT-- W- nave _ lew v. ry bu
*-> panor .Lack Coin and Veivel CLOAKfI of
entirely ne* ai d elegant patterns ulucn weotlfi
lm sate at prices ,rer» iiiu.li I Sauced. _ fe* til
the ai-.vi- are very elegant, and cl tlar fomaay
ll.mg inal lias ueeu sold in Ricliiiiond.
j KillT. lildHT, LIGHT.- B>as Chendsiiere
*J Keioseue Oil Char deli*rs, 2 j. l and 6 nurn
ers; ■....,..,.,, "il Lamps of tne newust styles,
just received and bu sue low by
t.XEtiUi.>Li. PL'i-LEN A CO..
C oue. aib aiid'.-foa-i stieets.
a-ffm KfIENTt. - W. .aye on hand a Urne stuck
ii So k ii-, Gloves, Scaifs, Dressing Gowns,
Be, suitable for Chr.-inias presents
„ MOaH WAI.Ki-.R * CO..
C.irner oi Main and Hth etr*ets
'PAKItAN-I'H A .*l t> THORN'S _..-•
I TRACT-.-Cei,u;ue..r..rs"et,r
I,l '_________-'•" boi" 4 " l *
BK.Ii 111,1 .MIS. IteuU «__ , ._»___,,-.-
LEW has now in atoie a iar;.e supply ~l ths
al -ne, winch he is pr. p.-vi.o to »cl .«,i a.t.misii
ki iv hiw piio-i*.
_JPH I B. A**l» KL-VIIAINO I_Al_._.< TB.
I' oi every variety, for naie *>.
UOV I- * ''Il . In, ...:_.»
MEM RLA_tft-.T« of aii k nd« at>_rW»jf
N./.r, B!*i>Ws»*. -Hlits |'i 4 sreri M liKVY'n.
j B'«.« lioHim I" Oersf.e n -~il_,-_. | : *; > -
; .-.'Li |I*.Ai-»H.-/'i Birai-ups J»!.y"i
t TWO II Att BRO Aft lll|r_Kr__t_i
L• N. BKIW fc X N 3o AN tl 4 rti; sTH FFT*
MiR SALE OR HEN r.-We are au-h ,r r-
Tt.'*NK\.KN.VT" '.■" }""* , h,,n ••- , m, » HH|,JK
I KNh.lhN is. located as above. Kaeh house
haa w ro- ma, hesMeecaa, hot am arid wa „ r , „ r(1
i cooking range. A o The. are Imisned in h%r. i
, s.mestve. For term-. app'v Ie
i ..11 6t GOQDIN » APPKRSON.AaefB
■*1 !*»**" **"-en m i... Ir -m He ... „ _. _ „_. fl
aa_a,.ne ior rent, with 20 acres ol LAN I) f.. the
«B*uing iear. The h .u*e contains «ix rooms
witn kit, Ken. smoke house, stable, ,Vo , ooavs
men.. *o a goo.i tenant, the r«-_r w 11 , c reason
al '" „ C R. rULLER, M D .
mtoU^**wmTw%^ M * tk * I[C *^ mmAm '
_••*-_ vx ! *A■ '• X IRICI TRNRnrrei
L__ 82 «« •''■'• "TREET, NEAR ST. PAUL?
■"OH I. NO H. FOR 8..1.R OR R .'.NT - '~.
l.*_>r .. r<J '^.- ,4l '" u ' l '' •*• I located UKiCrC I'i-.N'.
M s >I ~n i,ri-e street, near fit Psiifg Church
r-ow.icc-iipiei-t bt Mrs. Jeer as a boai.lni.-h use
It:is m i.iiii repair, antl is justly regarded as a
most v.,ln .j.ie residei.ee. A;p)to
no2 l ■*■<■ OODDtN *. APPERSON.
____ 4! 01 *\__f, NT **_A •*•"«• B»ICI ll'irsK.or
•l\ li-irch Hi l.c.n Viarshall. lietween 21 h nnc'
muM. wu ~ streets Possession to be bad at. once -
For ermv. app,) to
, ''*- * WINS i ON ._ POWERS. !
_f K '.,, l 'i!'-^. IKK * T A mrntstUm DWELLING.
f Mill ..h,un (..-ith-irine _tr e .t. above ii.-... ■_.
1 A venue cooUinißg three rooms, . .
•»i li two ronn.i _o„.i var.l garden.Ac. house-:
siou can !•_ i, ,J immediate I« -. opi- to
. , _ I' 4 -!!),**. J. H....8*..
A_ent ror Hiring out Negroes Renlm. out
licni.e.i. Ac.. >o t\ Wa li-t eet,
dog-It Under St- Char las Hotel.
gtJ* nut KK.RT-A HOUSE al tSe oomer ol
hind Cary streets. Price. ,312 per month
iXJL ppl) to ORKEN * ALL- N.
de il ts _ Cornerof Grace and 7th s*s.
F..R RrajT-Several ROOMS over the
Bj2 the store 17t*. U olid street, three doors from
•™ S3l i" h street. Applj to
de 22 ts K. OOLDSM'T.
_*& F«'lt ke.t OR SALR—The threeistor
,B - 1 «-ii!e of Leigh, betvve-n ri-h and 7rh s'rerts. I
hr just (X"en rut in somplets order The <"a
r'lx-.ures, including ''handehers, will co with the
house, into wtiicii w-iter hoth hot and cvid) ha
been n tr. duoed Ttie aci-ommod-i'i. ins for ser
vant* a c unusually alcinilanr nrnl g.n.o
de 21 6 .1 H WdNTMil'l-'
rfZl tOH X ' VI I ii, , ~,-. t. „ |..,_, „, .
BSfaim. on the Vle-ulow Budis mad ahuataM
■*"***tw<. mi ,s iron, tins cv.. fn,nt:tinin_<*J*'
eicht nc-es of lad saited tn a Market 'tar -"■ lfc
den. ll l-a. a ntintt or of fiuit t..-»i> snd issrel
(applied with water. havm_ a Spring neir tii
h-."j c l'be dwelling isof brick,_nil is well fioiso
ed a d comfortable Possessi n oib be o,d Istol
January Ide 2U ts] A. DILL.
Kjij. ...in f'reet. aNvre Leiiiti coni-i-nine. bib rooms
" nciudinn basetnent. Kent ,n. t, a c ••
tenant Possession mven 36 th December. Appl.
on it." premises, or to o Eo. fl. ti X All AM, J
de 20—la At tie., J Sumner A Co.'s.
FOX HI. NT—A very dee-ratile STuBK
fc::-; on B'..ad street, betwe. r. ith and fit Ii Fo
a:i *- terms, and further information, apply to
de! 7ts __________ MILLER. Sroadst.
_f-± FOX &-_NT-A HOUSF.on-dstreet.be
jHatween Main .and Franklin, lately occupied io
■Bnjftr. j. H. Anthony. Apply 'o
dels -ts. Anii'w Joiiv-ion
.iii. r Ort B-_.l_-_.--A OE&IK Hi.l, t, tr. s
■B-aintendin*' to remove a short distance withou
theetty. I caie forsnlem' present residence on
Hroa l Street, opposite the Monumental Church -
The lot has a front of a--.ui- 04 feet: tne improve
men ts i mace by the late James Allen.are. ol ILI
most substantial character, witii treat oomfor'
and eoi.ven.ence as a dwelling. Its contiguity to
business aad pleasant, aid retired neighborhood
presents an opportunity to a business in en tha
rarely oooars t-> otM un ;i oomfort ib'e borne i-'i.ai
be pleased to show tiie propsrty to any one desir
me t.-) purohase. JO___*. H. Cl_All._iß_.E.
detf—ts _-_-__
Fi>ll RCFITO R~L fc ASK—Foi a term o'
E3 years, the very centrally located LOT on Mai
■****hall street. 76 feet front and about Uu fee
dee_, with an allay in common .ob ttie north side
v the same, from Marshall to Broad, and also ai
alley in common on tne rear,through toCollsfti
street, i'iieie is a..mall ''KICK EoUSEoo the,
promises, uext adjoining the Richiiionu Me.licai
FOM tlENT—Also,twoor three good RtiOMSii
the buildings corner broad and lltli.it; seta .These
will be rented to professional or simile gentleme
only who can aoeommodatet heinselvcbastotiieir
meals, k o.
For SALE—Two or three well-bred MATIVt
COWS, raised at Blandon Farm, aboat two unie.
west of thia oity. Ap ■.'* attlic residence corner
ol Bro-uJ and llthst.ieets.to
au__ _ttawts I. .M. TAH-B.Jr.
i in X I- i-i'lN't. I will tease for a term cf rear
--sssi*- ii-. RESIHENCE on Bth street, beyond Leigh
Po _ ssion i:iven im nedjatel«. 1 wisii to seil a
port mof the FURNITURE, with mo lease o
the house. Apply to R. A. PAYNE,
ds 8 ts At the Fanners* Hank
_-._., THE Sl' B'vTrrilH..K _ w:.s||.'B to i-e.i th-
KJfHOL'S- AMI LOT at present occupied b
•"■"-■ii iii.-se.f, situated ou Sth street, first door be
low Main
I his lot has a front of 33 feet, with a depth a
X2O iert, and is thor Ugbl) drained by sewers. Or
th.; alley vi the re vr is a.i excellent stable am
i- irriage-honee wirh hyd-ant; also, cm! house
l'hs is in C'.mp'ete order, and contain
every convenience and oomfort tbatconld ne de
sired. ini-.uJl n.. witer closets, supplied with bo
• i i■■• I -.vater, on every lijor. Possession ma.
be h .1 by v.it 20At instant.
uc7-ts J. V HOBSON. M. If
;;, HOi SK.-FOK KENT—A desirabb
•*--* i4i cc. Bt irj brick DWELI ING BOPsiE.witi
kite iep oel'arx, t.vd-."t. uas, *c. on Prankln
mreer one d -or weal oi 20th street,<Bowooonpie:
iiv Mr. Wm. Willis, Jr..i is ior rent, as, a p-r. .:.
residence only upon moderate lernis. to ft puiiu
tua! tenarit. Early possession. Apply to
dt-'-ts Corner 2.Jt.li ar.d Franklin sts
-£, FOR KKNT.-A fine ROOM, suitable foi
EfSan , ifii.-e. A eood location f>ra Phi si nan.
S-*- For RLNI'.-A fine bnc. CARRIAGE
HOU_i_. with staiile room for two korses. Apply
at so._t''west comer of Orace au-J Ist btreets.
_t& SOB HE N I—The upr-er i~ rt ."f the
, :;: HOI 8 X over the store ol r~c suiraoriber, ai
----r.resant occupied by the Rionmond I'luh.-
Apply to |u..30-ts! J X. DUVAL.
oorner of Clay and E: ihth streets.. Possessioi
:iven imiuedia'elr- For fun ncr in for mat: -i,
apply to |no» lm] E. I> KA. HO
4}, Itlll XX*. r-The MARltEl' GARUe>
Jj:;: tin.md "i.iicliin'in'b Sp'iug,"' BOW in the oc
's* lll '- apancvol vir. Blanc, containing from 16 t,
i-*iK.res. The HOUSE is oomfortab c for a km.
lamily, and tne land is van produotive. Appiy t<
Dr.-!-_.I..HAW,or Dr. FOLLARB- n022 ts
fi, F«»K Hk-f- Anew brick DWKLLiNG
Son 33th strset, I'nion Hill, near the .Metiiodis
str-iJliurch. Pos«essi.-n to be given, to a goo.
tenant, tue lOtn ot January. 1861.
Ais >, a H'IUSK or. 7th street, suitable for a lac
"ory or workshop. Apply to
no:*! ... _ JAMES H. POINDEXTER.
EOB It _-_-T—And p .ssession mven :,
-Tia once-a neat BRICK TENEMENT on 15t
in rear of the Lanc-.uterian Bolhvk
the uuilding is new. and hast rooms Price Sib
per year. _ Itmi i*_-isJ R. caUTH"KN.
*2h * oii a L.\ r T hat large and eonvenien
*;;;: lour story 11K1CK SOUME.on Grace street
4, » iai |.jst abovd Foashee, for several year.- pas- oc
jupied as a parsoniue for I'ent.-nitry Cliurch.-
I'his house has reoentlv uitue'gnna tborotirh re
pair in*, and is altogsther, one ol the most desir
\'- y I.mated and con . eui.ntly arr-iuged tit.use- ir
thet-.it.v-. Isadmirabli sui'ed ior a large family
Possession oan t-e had .-n the lit 4 - Dec For terms
ye. appl. to lno6-ts| PETKR TINSLEY.
Mte_ fok KfcfST—The first STORY above":
Irai t,.re. ooniaiun.g two iarge rooma and ball o?
passage. To a good tc: r-.n',, neuebsar'
repairs will lie made.
ALS".~The Kitchen in the re%rwill He rente,
separately. Apply to J. MON BOi, C . RTER.
On Cary. 2d door be I rw irtli st..
bob—ki Afidaext above Bank ol Riehraond.
j* KUtOH'OK RENT.—A. large on»,f ()l ta
M.-3 l.le ROOM over my store, snital !e for a doo
office or lodsing- room
J. W. FKAYMEH. Drwgnist.lTtk St.,
on 23-ta Near oorner «i liroad
FOB BBAT.—Tney uyywt parte! HOUS.
ffciii '.m Main street is for rent, and r-'saessioi
niiuiediately. The 'loose is laree an.
c i.v<!ii er.t to i.usiness. lias "md wa*e r on th
ureinues. Apply at lhe .I re
VV. 8. T'TPMAN.Ast.,
jei-is iO9 Main street.
HATS, im.
HAT-, It-*-. XhIO FI-.-.-WM. T.
aaosorioer* invite tbe alter tion of their friesd<
and the putilic to their hue an ' exteestve assort
ment oi iIA iS and CAPS, srhi.-i they are ....
-eiiinx at reduced prices. V ■ "isve i->ceived i
inri.r-is-.ii.pl o La>ties' Fl.'Hti warranted tresi.,
as tbey are made to "ur oruer. and will be sold ai
•tie lowest price. Oareiti male SILK HATS,Ioi
:he hull ays. are now ready . Purchasers will fine
a rare .eec'iun if tliey examine our stock belore
i.v v n,_;, as we wiii oif.r imlir fiuciiU that cannot
fail to please.
We are Bellinr Planters' and Servants' HATS
and CAPS at an unusual low figure
All kinds oi money taken in payment for pur
chases. W vi. T AiOORr.
MJ LEONARD. 207 Broad st.
N. B— Ladies' E*urs REPAIRED in a superior
11 is on li -.in! a Mleotaad iiudiionableasaort
ment nf HATS, CAP*-*. LADIES' FURS and OEN
■Ji-.pt.seii to sell at low prices, i most respec-ttullv
solicit a oall Irom pur.ii-j.ers. ooau-dtJl
Soineiiiin„ entirely new lor young men, at
oo 8-ta No. 167 k\ am street.
_\_ mm ROH'T L. DlCKiNSON.isuooessorto Bin
ford, Dickinson A Weisi.er.'No 78 Main street,
Riohmond, Va., thankful ior the liberal patronacr
bestowed on him by his friends and the publio sen
erally,invites iheir attention to his lar..b and ex
tensive stock of HATS, CAPS, FURS Acoom
pnsinu every style manufactured for the season,
winch will be sold at wholesale and retail to punc
tual oustomerß un the mo-t favorable teinis Mer
chants of v'ii<iui t. Nor in Carolina, and Teunes
see, visiting the city, aie teapecifully solicited to
call and examine for themselves before purchas
ed. A liberal discount mails to those who pur
ohaae for canti
l,stiii\AiiK i>u j ii, /ii-'iTauito
r«II!,IC_K IHLI./ABIr «*• Oil*. h..» ..,.: ,„ er.
I .- 0u.,, lis -a„d» Blast »W<f i -i' 1 "- Ni- ■'* X r
Si.JtS of thS fcaSSlSvl-olly. eefiti ,_ no* ..MM t«
His BUt-ia, w'ib art a-tßuranos thai its ptWons
•-.♦!F.oti"i*tw. •,.§--..»*. iiTt-Jm
rOR BAIT lf_K_Nl_K..ni
A£2_B___C s, ' ~ln,' , r BKLVIOKRK. Capt. VV
t,mm ' VV . K'-wnb. will receive freight
to d»y.,MriNHA'i'.i?ithDeoemrs«r; lr "* nt
rreieht taken to 80-tun via Baltimore at low
est r-.'es. wifh di"rsteh.
No hoßSheids received on !i iard unless ensaeed
tt our iroe
PaseeßKers are reeaewted te be on t">ard before
the hogroi departure. Uo'cU-ck M.. TL't-'DAV
I-«»a_e and tnre >5
... Ticket* pi or n rev either a-our. dice inShockoe '
•Hip. 'ij.p..r-1-e the Columbian Hotel, or at steam I
yrp wharves. I
dci.'l -ft HA VIII y m M (U ftHlt.
__f_S_l-k • - S. M. STKATISIiIp Kt»\
HJ3s&.V' k ', X - '•'"*' NEW YORK VIA Soß
•**'i- J + BamL 0 L K. - The ROA.NoI. F. i;apta.n
~E _ ?l * !'i....". f 'i."-'' "• Wlll leave here at 4 o'clook
P. H-. TURBDAY the 25th last.
arc requested to be on loard in due ,
Passareto New York . meals and state-room in- '
stoned. fIA. Lstßeratepassa-BoDiy #5.
[■assess to Norfolk same as by Ue river boats.
Fieiiat received te da_t.| MONDAY /
Cons it necs are requester! to send lor theirr oods
0 da^.
Ticsctsani berths secured at our office, oron
•card the ship |
Frcislu foi Ilorton taken at moderate rates ar.d
.ofv/arded w.tud.spate-,
tie 21 a _i.UDI.AM * WATSON. j
>V_-** hl>l ' PHlL___D_tl_PMlA.—The A '
N.. lStertmship CITY OF RICH- I
■BBBBBBBBBt MONi)< r?( _ t y VIICHStI.. IS |„,w '
read) to receive Ircigl.t. nnu wid 'rave on
1 i bSDi. . . tiie JBth inst .Bt l » clock P. H.
Ne :r ■■-.•hi t cken on TUESDAY
cor freiiih: or pnssast!, iiavi.'i|i _aper.or accom- '
m K-BtIOBS, appiv tn
CHAS P. CAftUJCO. Ageat,
~ _ l't-t Main s'.e-i.or R. cketts.
roston Freirht taken tiiroush by stran; a* re-
Ineed rates, and with dispatch. cie 21-4t
KK.S The YO RKI" OW N has ,
-***— «-»i n wit!>c!rawn fr-m it,e line for ti.e
resent. ihe JAMKBTOWN, L apt -tKiMBBB,
md the HO- iNOKL, Capt. Coir.l, will ccntiri-e
ne-.r tr.ps between tins city and NX VV YORK,
at>ORHiI.K r-acli day.
Hays of de.mrture from Nev York, every
PL l-SDAYand SATURDAY, aiSr.M. Kavs ,t '
eparture irom Kiclimond, every I'L'Jr -DAY acd
*•'XI DA i . at. P. .V!.
ded-ta LL'DLAVi * WATSON. i
___«*"■__, f hahoi or ho ill fob
_______ SShmtZ -*• T A KTINii FOX i'uRTSMOUTH
■""■■i N U NORFOLK-1 hs -teamsr ,
'l.i- N COVK will, on am! alter b ill UAY .MORN
i.G next,3oth inst., leave her whsrf st FoeKc.i_
-.•iiliriv every b KIDAY. MONDAY and WKI:
--■l-'-HAi' MORN IN liß, at «>_ o'olook pren.elv.
or iii,- above places, anu r-mrn each alternate
la_t,texee_M Bandav,! leavinu NOKFOt X r.tu.e ,
.tii.e li-nr. 6X o'olook, rt-id t. uon at all if tl.e
•efta lar landings on the river, Aoime and reto nm>;. .
no 27-is _ i*. o HA. KIN...
_ -jr"**•. PIWTII'K.-The steamer CUR
___*__«J Ti * ! I'FCK will after VVKONKt. '■
■*-dk-____-i ii s y B ezt the »'_ tß»t, be takes '
tl the line between ib solace and N"KFoLK.to -
inderKosome repairs Due notice of the return
j .ill be giveß. fiu,27-ts| R o HABKINB.
s~y-s-____-_--_-S BOATS to LY.NCH UUK.(.* Tllfl 11
-*-.^*-)*_--_-____l l .iv lt ; S A vVEhK-'-'ULSDAYI. ]
Boal rEMPEST, Capt.Thos. __mbt_.
Bo.t MKRCHANT. Capt. Geo. C. '-.tii.
Boat BRISTOL, Cast. Ghas. J. JoH.fsow.
lioat J. J. I BUY, Capt. V\'m. F. CisvsL_tß».
_k>*t FA.M K. Ci'pt. W.ii. H. PsH..o..s.
boat OLIVIA, Capt. J.J. Fetkks.
t here Boats are ai! of the firstciass, oommandst
■y oa r _ful ani e.-pcnence.l <'~n»,_;i;s, 4!U | leave '
rrotnp'iy as auvoi used. The sabseriber -hanlcfs
or p-isi favors, trees a continuance of ths same.
WM. I*. COX, Agent,
At tbs Shed. f>oc.st..ir- rear of old Sas Works.
e.£ *-OK HV.-K.-0.11, _ KiCHMOND
__-_*__*• A N I) LIVKKI'OOL PACKi-T LINK-—Ths
• SE --*'first ship of ths line, the VIROINIA
i'AiiK.•■aptainJ M Cole,will 1,,a--. -ttnieport
br Liverpool oo or aiiout the nth •/ neit month.
Shippers will bear in mind that, i.y special act of
the Leeisla'ure flour can ire slupn.d on tli.s ship, ,
owned in Virginia, without inspect,,-.
A p.irt of her freicin is alteadj enxaged — -
F.r tvalanoe of freight app'y to
0329--13 PAV-D k WM.CDRRI-S.
MRS. C, . C . A I. I. E N .___&•
> ..old .rifioin her easterners and he public Mat
ike has removed iiom No ill Minn .treet, and
•.ken a st re on Ui.VERNOK STRKFT,one .
iui from Vini', and next, door to Purcell. Ladd
V. _;-> 's, wh r nic iiis operiei! and will continue
■A all tunes to keep n: connection w th her Bonnet
iisinor; a l-.r.e and fud aasortnient of CAT'S
Hl..', -DRI SSES, NETS Ac.
N H A fall assortment last received. i
de 19—6t*
'»?_»_. .- tX ti O-XO iriKLA Dl r -T"AN D
ifljßf »ENTLKMF_. uF KlfH MONl)n**_fc
S-U-tt '-.Ml lis Vl■' IN !I' Y. M IBS !'. X H-vf/2
. fc i- .VI ON Would rerpectfully in lorn \\\ubB
he ladies and gentlemen that noe has j.i.s. .e
--eived her stock of FALL ,',\H WJN iv.({ _>,_ r-
I'r-.RNS. con.pris-ne the Zouave Jackets, ior la
irs; Japanese tAalkiag-Coat and C .pe. for little
oys; Garriok Coat, Spanish Dress, Zoaave Coat, i
sennet i-oa-and uress Jacket, aud a Dumber oi
vpron I'atterns ior little Oojs Also, the Lain
..i.d Victoria VV tUir -k Ores*, i-.r little tirls; Zou
iv.-; and Cleopatra Aprrnu, ami a number oi Drtss
si-eve H.it-erns.
MissSEMOt. is now reridy to Uraid aid Km
• roider tne Z uave .lai-k.-.ts. for ladies -ml clul-
Iren Also. L-c.lie*' and rtuidreH's i-'iHiineis;
-' ickfl aid WrapcmiiS for Infan's ; .' ; uitß Embroi
le.-e:!ti r little boy 8. Also. Finking. Ilr.awir.i-, an.i
-s: Li-ip'ru done at 'he i.!iorte--t nuiice in her room.
it her father's residence. 3doors below St Charles
Hotel. |i_i;_s-2-i] Miss REBECCA ..I-..MON.
OY-TJ-R-i, xBSTiiUftANT , &c.
/-.Kiftill .V- ready
?V,(e>) HE-si AIK-Wl'. __«_<***_»__
i- j -yCIIK.V Kh V A , .\ A N D 12TI! Jt^__2__s__----*'
nme j B constantly supplied with every th vg
in tie fclii Tl NO line, which will lie. i-en-ed up in
the very best st>le. OYSTKBd in ever, .i.ylv;
ilso pu: up to eeud to th countr*. Mt'.__. rsg
c hail -t all hours. Tt.e !JaR is furnislieci wnii
he ne*tLiy.Uoß- anc CIUARB. a few o H 1>
,.1!S r-in he nikouon accominodatin.- t.-rins The
utii-rn.-er asi.B a ci.:i trom his liiends andilie
juiilic senera ly, proiiiisiM-to u-e every i (lotto
nlea_e. THOS. WH t- EI.EV.
de _ - 2awt.ll Comer Main an,! 12m i>t3.
_bs. _>-x. PiMi: hut i i.,
Rm I—.aO : .\ the Europeanplaa _ MBstotmtu,
No. .1 ..I*-- i Street, _^__?!_r P 3'__3
Ri.iiu.oud, Va,* y% ' I ""^^^
The IMvIK !.!.STAI'RAr.T, on Main street,
uear Foßiteen.ii or t'earl, c- ntm'.ios to be farm us
is mo ver. '-.est Kcsnnirant m Kichmond.
i_-er.tiaiiien visiting tiie cit» on iiu-ines. wiii find
niR-iiouse very conveniently located and coin
oital'lv arranged with.; id..in_ rooms, hy u.e day,
nvcg or month.
SINGoE Rooms, uo cents i-er day.
M Ea i.H, as ttiey may be ordered, in the spacious
tnd conve.ient relectory. at all tioiirs. Private
Rooms for dinner or sapper parties
i*_u 'lenticin-yi viaittas tins convenient estab
ishment will only he churist'd for wnat tbey tnai
lrder Ise 34-Sm I W. H RAYWARD.
= Xx ,—. HiKS4l.tr.-A well-known RES-
f m JTALRaNT. domK a sood l-umnenß,
•Vw_Vii?_ran.l locaed in I lie Heart ol the city.
Vfrfgw with a ttO.V_i.Nt_ ALLLY atta'hed.
"* Tha advertiser. wi*bir-s to enna_.e :n
ther tiiimness is aaxioua to dispose-T the same,
t,so. the lease of the but dim;, containing tone
oenns. Irmii the Ist January lor two ve-.rs. Appiv
itthiaofhce. de-.-2awiJl
ANTONI, next door to
\Sts2tr M,e '■Xi-h-in.-e Hank, would inform Ina
m 9 li tends and t h-i public that from ard
ifter tins day ,'ict.. 2_M.) lie wil be »reparr-u to tur
i.sn OV isI'KRS iri any s-vlc, and other delicacies
o th. laities and .leut.enieu in his spac.UH t-taloon
id rearol hisßiore. A. ANTONI.
V 7 ATCHUS. J dkc
« MtRKV I llltt.Sl.ll .1.
*m\Z\ _,„. „ CHtt'Br.viA- PRESE.NTS.
SOLD wahii s.
*m -**» O&l.u THito 1 KS
UOLii sHIr.LDi.
Chains, Sets of Jewei r> , Tea sets. Bracelets.
Ilu-ter K-iives, Cake Knives llerrv Spoons. Cake
.li-Kets. Porie-.Miiiiiia.eß. Cocks. Pencils. Pecs,
i ras ka I itcliers, ar.d uiany otner articcs, suita
ue lor presents bo; sale oy
C 1 I'M-sIIEN,
Watchmaker, Jewel er and Optician.
r.B.—Watehee,Jewelry,to .caretmiy repaired
W li mv ii <>i k_.ISD Ji \v
AJr\ H.lt- Neatly .ml rsliablv repaired
tn J and ror sale bt JOHN N. WILLIAMd,
-__- •" formerly with the bits J vo HlLL.lNo.fi
• iinstrsst. A written su-trantee nvan witu all
tehee aad Clocks repaired or sold at tins es
TAKE NOTICK No 6 M»in street, threecbcirs
below tne Oct viarket. WhUDINO RINGS.
lEWELRY ol all kinds, and ACCOK 111-O.N-. tor
ale da 11- lm
-___j sr ' : M. J. FRANKLIN A CO., o- P
" th IAHSi otter to the public tneir
mpnived CRYSTAL Pi_i'l'--C''FIC _*PE 4 TA
!LKB, for preserving and restonnj ihe impaired
/ision to ltspume vigor.
CRVBTA LS inserfd in old frames.
A very line assor ment of MICROSCOPES."
REOSCOPEB ar,d Stereoscopic VIEWS, always
•n band No It* M hI N ST.. i,' ■.■i,.i,on.|. V -
s-X FOX SALE -A fine Family HORSE,
1— years old. warranted sound, and _entie
-SS-t-B, t1 ri'e or drive in single or u..ul> ! e har
ness. Solri for no faul', the owner having no
further use fair him .-.pply at th* I'redcKur iron
Wurks. whers the Horse can be seen.
Dei» jb ________*_ *'• TAWHEt.
f7V_— IUX I have eeven A No 1
Riding and Driving HOR-I-S. some ol
*____ A tiiem very styii-ii Anil fast. 1 would like to
seil two of them. Any penofl desirim* io pur
chase, ira* take their choice Irom the lot. Also,
two new DRA VS. in. hi and strong, all of «n v 1
propose to »eil ou ai-commodatiD- terms. Tbey
may tie «..n at my SU-'les. on the Dock, between
li. and _»'h stieets.
dett-lm* EDMOND B()8S1EUX.
£V_-_ FOR MALI.— A young. w«ll broke
and works well-can be
_"■■" ■ SSBB at our stable, in the rear of our wars
fa.,u*.». .del-tal KENT. PAINE A CO.
£og iO\* i«i X sv i. r.. _ i have for salsa
V[ one MILCH COW, with a younn rail at
-t—i'ier W |tie [vi, m ib I R.CA UTH OR N.
:__*i____L KO * 9\a\\ A\ run BALI- — fhave
©-_s__Z.'«'' is.eiiniviiiti mads ROCKAWAY,
*■"— -*"—which I will sell very low.
'" ' : R.CAUTHORN.
■nnfcJfA JSOMi
By Thmiin. I'nmiill Adrl'r,
*.*kt*k. be a, va J
PIXTURFS- On Wb.US X.DAY, vie 2d _*an
t;rv mt at Iv o'c-loelt A tt.. at t c f-ct ry on
V.'h«'i ri.iii. rtrpe* occupied tiv MsHne"* Ar. |
A eCu'li cli. I sh _!. I. II st afl t, -p. .''! t.e fixtures
bel<>n_,tn_* to raid eon.ere,, ct.R«ntini( in part of I
.it. ut |
62 IKON PI.K-_.K-' l*rre «r.,l BBMII.
15 I'AT. WILL'S. TWI-»_f\ii Br,!. _HF.. *ro.
A Id ne lot i'.r, md vA"o..i_e_ SriAPlNti MILLS, i
iKO -i HAN Sic.. Ac. i
l-'HM-Oii le-1 Reasoned Sicamore PLAK-T, % and 1 i
inclitrt-ck. I
Aeaaatit} of LICORICF, and all other articles
u«ed in " Ur.e Tohacco Man-vfactorv <
Tkrms.- Under B9*. cssh : 9m in ,f AtHi i ,ur i
mnut-s ; over •.MM. six months f>r e* , B-»ved en- i
d irsed a'sotial la not.s. P Mci.NKK'. ,
Barvivian psrtner McEnery * ..icCu' oeß,
T. Paßßil.-.. A Bet. de 26- d'Us
Br Thos. W. Keese., Asvt'r,
(OtF.ce oorner otT2th and Cary streets.)
l" , *-iTR..LHrt , *IL lI.K.ITIRI* FOX ,
<j sai.k ATAUCTIO-t.-Willb-SoIdonTUFS
PAV Hint in.. ! inu.tTT Ist. cirrinencinir at 10
o'elooa at the Cen'rnl Ho"»l. cn.ner of 9. hand
Sraoo streets, a I of the FI'RMTI.'RK ronsi.t
ir.K "f a very lar.e assortasent, wh eh kas keea
m ohaeed within a lew tear,--, bbo i- of so-d '
qu nitj. such as s usually Tound in a firgt cl .ss '
i'.BM< Siiuis of .sj.lc) r»nd un ier.rnsh: over th it '
..riii'un!,. 6o o 90 da *' ere lit. for approved, en- '
doised ' o'es in'»reFt added.
.-ie-25 _ TH- a _W. KKK.-r i . Anct'r._ )
Sf J It. li ing'». unt r. (
[?li">l JLR B, _fLATK.I .V tH ■', BMOTS. '
r 1-HOFB ~,.. Ac, AT .1 b OTJO It.-Oa '
iHI-'R_sDAT itiorninc. l>ec 57ih *t M ..'"lor., ,
will t-e.ol int Auction Room 3-t \! .in -t'eet, a i.'t. '
of Furniture—Beiisteals.' Bureaus _ >f*. vlnt- '
tresses, and 1 fire t re-ch Heci«tead »id PpritK '
Mattress; lot of I l.ited ,Sp.«iiis, F.> ks ft c h-av '
Plated Irishes and Vt. aoers '"a'sors ko. Als>. a
lot n! B i-.ts,stnis«B. I nder Shirt., Lrawers. Sp. ol
'. ott.id. Soap. . mars. *.: ,4c. Also, 1 Counter (
and Desk. Txnnts Cash.
J. H. DIQBKB, Auet'r. |
D. F. Booth Sa'esman ds 25
rb>lMls!.|OA]-K-v SALS. -» F TWO '
\J fOI NO ..M) I IK'-'l."', SKOROMKN, ANU '
I! mMJVKK near'G"(H)A'i 'S "—As Coanaia
sinner of the C Bnljt Cosrt o( Haiiiiv-er. ted
t>i a deerse entered on the 9th ctsi ol Ni.Vftihher,
ISM i-I the cms.-of Creß*hav vs. Crett-havr et at ,
I halt sell at cnb'io anvtios. at mv resideaee. Ob .
I Ll-.U -.V. the 1 t dt, of January tS'l.litfiur;
if mo, tne neyt fur ilav.i at 12 i.'i-i cm M.. two
v ans aad likely NKOhO MSN, the proper.;-v.
Vimiiiia T. rifnsh.w. ueo'd; and at the s-irr.e !
tiui-v as ie- adiiuii str-ator, i w,li seil iier I'l.K
Tkum* —Cash, hs t> so much ss-in it be neres
sirv to pa. the cost nt lee »mt and expenses ol the
1.. c . 'or ti.e re -due a credit ot six nmn'i s ttie
..urcliaseru mvine bones wuh approv- d s cur.ty
1.. J. CHI" NsriAsV.
de 30—dilt wiewtds _>peoi-_i Comm'er.
ases ■ tr k i»w mn,i>i>n _.i»t* at ,
VVi-.Sl' TO NT. Vlh'.'lMA West »'oint is
situated al the head' f Yors fiver,and is a beaut - i
(til p-untof hud. formed !>y the j v action <f the .
Psnunkey and Mattaponi rivers,wbieb here take i
the i ame of York. It is the etucr. terrnt'.us ol i
th* Kicliuioßd snd York River Railroad,distant
3a'_ 'rule, iri.m Kichrn -nd rend 5»; from the .'-pes
ol Vininiv For ah-»r*»or it li ,s tne wiiele Yjik ,
rivi>r l.oiu YoriCown to VVe-t Point a d.stance of
S4 miles, and a width from iJt toZV iu'les with a
de_ith .-viii oapaciti -suific-'eni to aoc in "tare si! .
the navies of the world anj all the urrat ! a.sterns
cow or here, ter to t_se>>nstrao_ed. t-'or whartaae. '
piers. ,;o-ks, Ac it kas a font ot l»j miles on the
Mattapoei and 2' t nines on the 1 ,ti>maaey, and
for l.ui'idinK pu poses over two thousand Lots
Tas RichißOßd and York Ric-er Railro-vd is now '
runniri. m rough to •'• est Point, and has fifteen .
ac s of lard witinn tne tumndanes of rhe pro
posed ti.wn. which will be oevoted tv depot, pur
pose., stations, n, ..'hine stiopH. foandries, -*o
A public sale of I. .is wirhin th' prow)e»d tow
o( V\ est. Point, will -"lumen--.- on VV r. II S SSOAY. i
the bl h ill Jinuar) I*it, and con nine froni day
to day cin.il i-ompletcd.
Tae s:;e will He Buuont reserve as to iricc. f!i-, ; !
fo- one tlnr-i cash or 'or i c_ot:_t,!e notes at six!
cl t- 8 with approved ci v .rser.-.ai d interest added.
and for t'..e talance tniticls vv th app.oced >eoer_t_t,
pavtlile in ..uii ins a'm.iits ar r x i-n twelve
months, with imerest t.om tiie day of sals
J. PRv-.S!* R TAH'.. , Coni appointed '
_«Mli 1 11-it. WO U),J l.v Hoard
ALI-X IHiiLt-Y. \ of Dir.-ctors.
de 19 ci A-sv. tils
»_-_„ Ri-hnio. .1 Wing. Richmond Knquirer, Nor
folk A:-us, Kichinond Examiner copt.
C \i - Oe •%» ,\\ t »AT AM * 1.1.t I'I'DHT'
k> Hi,r..K. DKCh.M BlUt _:. m lSio.- We will,as
Trustees,sell. Bpoß a credit ol sis months, several
likely ."> 1- uK"_..-*. a .he 0. urt- HoUSS of Amelia,
at liecemter Court, ihe _7tli.
B v. FiNNKY.f Tr „_._,_._,
de.i St L. iWASIFR.-, . Uus!ee '* i
Vi-»Tl« 1. —Will be sold in Ir.-nt of Henrico
i ~ County Coort-House, .:n the Ist dajof Janu
ary Court, ISII, f.r cash, a M- ijKo "Wo.vi .>. ,
named Jane C- tisins i he said woman is a free
.ie.ro, c .nvicteu b. 'he Ctinntj Court of Henneo
Conn y, at its pies n' term i December icl arsad
larceny, and ordeiei! to be s Id into ahs-lute
slavery, aooordini t , law. ihe s!a;vc snewnl
ia .c p f a eat 1 * r.i look M.
cie 7 ids JOHN A. HUTCHESON, B. II C
V BUR Located on deep it-.r.r. above the Navy
Yard, hieh. healthy, central; o* the inside ol tbe
harbor, and unsnrpHaseti .or ready business faciii
ti- s, by two grand Trunk riailroids ramify ing into
alt the Hon ihern and Westera .t.ttes two_.tea.n
--: oat nßd Ship Canals, and tne i.'st harbor in the
world! I.'ts now ~r,. t §fl i f 14S in mon'hly psy
ment_ of -ji -me greatest pott'ono| tbe o ear re
V-.-..-I s to I* appi -..pnaled tor ■ i inn la. .or mg pur.
poses, for which a oompanj has been chartered,
~ t-d,5600,00U: shares $400 each.) m which nil
meudsnl manufacturing i 'dustry in this locality
are invited to participate An. ther portion i i ilie
receipts f.,r 'ots to I.c appropriated lor street and
other pun..,- improvements Put parties lais, and
sut-soription lor Lotsoi Maaslaearing Stocks, np
ply to iitTice V rgin.a Ci'y Company,2l "-i =•:n St.,
Noriolk. Va w\l RCHMOELE, Pres't.
A. LtGBCB (ienera! Auent. . :d
0 A. t-TKEiKitR, No. 3 Main street. Agent for
Kichinond de 1 lm
A~~ ."-TRO-NbTw BAKERY.-The sutrecnlseT,
T. E. Gil.l. wou'd in ist respec'fol > infirm
his friends :nd the pui. Ie that he has opt-neil
a .vr.W UAKFKV. No. 2iti Broad street, aluve
Ist. A3 he intends asing nmh n. tiut the best nr
i ices. rind emp -j ir,>: bobc but lhe t.-tt v»." kn.en,
ha hop- s to meet with a li'era! sha'e ot pul.lic
Ac, 'iio-ninn an'.'evenini;
Boardinc and __ating-Bo_-es. fe tores and Fam
i'les, served in Si try part of tiie city, on the most
reaanaable terms
Wedding and other Parties served with [CEO
aim lK> sMI. >'l r-0 i'A _r--S, „„ the most rea
a-naKe terms iSoda Butter. W tier. Uimm and
Arr w Root 'KAC-.H!-', freFii every uav .
Don't l>r_et the place, No _."'d Uro id st.cc t.
di -t i&t* hid-., k. 6lt.L.
\riK<; *sI~A MOi NTAI . BtC_.HHI._T,
V OKIKO Pr ACHi S. *<• - 1 nave ui-tore aid
for sale. ti.S following FAMILY 'Ji'ODS, towit:
tOOU lbs Va. Mountain BUCKWHEAT, prune
10 bushels i-KII.1) PEACH E9. clear of u.oseed.
2l» do. *vA lute :Vi KKCKM PUfnTUf-.
X A isiNH, in 4 4 ci and who eb- xes.
Fiime Ho! ami I' eked BUTTER.
Kiuiimli Hair, and Cuiine CH X *-'vK,
Also, a treat variety of FA.V lI.V OOODst. too
numerous to name. ij.iodHdeii ered any wnere in
tliecty, free of charge. ~, -, CH , „ ()[ FRi
del.-t8 No.lOFrankinst .BOarOld Vlanet.
L* M B*♦ H It I II t X
C Strictly p'ime l'resii O'ange county HI I'TER
tor 2b cents
Prime Goehen BUTT. R. for B eeat«.
Hood .lookin- BUTTER, trom 15 to 20 cts.
Receiving fresh twice .. week
-1..-9 I b. Mountain HL'CK WHEAT.
I'ried ti*- ACH lis and AFPLEB.
White If m ni BEANS
B tc-K-K .=.l I'l-.AS.
V. ii 1 X WINK for tellies.
For sa ! e wholesale and retail by
detl—lm Cor. tiovernor and FranSlin sts.
THOS J. BURROWS would most respect'iillv
cad'ne attention of t ecu i nis .-I Rithmoadaßd
tue vieißity, that he v s npsßed at the ab -ye So
a c-hoce a-U-iTtment. of WiM-.., LI'.UOH" nnd
ri(iA-8; also, a large stock ol V. uOOh S
WAKE T c stook consists .n purt. <>f Choire
Brand es; Champagne super an-' medium qa»li ies;
s_|irr Hennessev lira, cl s : f-ir Rc.beil I'urneti s
Super Lond n Oin ; O.d Bourn nnndoth-r '*• lua
keys, some 14 yearn old : Port Rherrr and Madeira
Wine, in cases ai d casks; 4 230t>u''ie- s all snail
ties, tome as low as 8-per IMS; Demijohiiß in
great va. letias ; i>ro no; B ashes, snd lacking
- 1. ol ihe aU.ve sioods tiave '.een perohasi d with-n
the 'act thirt' diss cons quent.. :\re low. iie
w, ui-i invite a oali, bcinn eatis-Eed he can sell as
iow, ii not lower, than other..
ue is in, fHOS. J. BUR ROTS.
'1 ""HE" K£ ASOl*."Til* IIV
S T <> V fc_ S.
Ther are l-etter than Northern Btoves.
They can be conveniently repaired.
"■Ou ..av. ti.t. profits ol you - piir.-iia«rt at home.
Vc.u giveeuipioymeat to your owuinaciiauics.
You d • not add to me debt of ihe South to the
.North, winch drains us of specie.
You can obtain these Stoves, at retail, from
C. 0 YALE A CO., Iron Bock. Lover j -a
nor street, I ""-_ .
G. A A BA ROAM IN. J a., Main street, \Ej*
8. bOTIS *CO , Maiu street, I -**
W\l.A MOU'NrCAfiTLE, Broad at., j aj
Who'eua'e orders Biiou'.d be directed v,
ASA SNYOt-R. Richmond Movs Works,
no 36 dVcwJiu Riuhinond, Va.
Or. Franki.! 4 . "stbust
The proprietors of the al»,ve e*tat.-itahinent I-eg
leave to say iliat they are prepared to eseru'e any
order, tor N KWSI' ._*t.R. B' OK'or.H'B PRIM'
ING OFFICES, and are now niai.nfaoinr.ng on
the spot, a new dress ior the Hichmoud Dt>pa'eh.
In Bolioiting the patronage of tne -south we _v ir
antee u> IWnish as g.md an article a« can t-e had
North, and at New York pri<*es. "A c have n,..
Siva I.u<inesß connections with net: i all lhe type
foundries in the United States, and are. ihei*!,,re.
enal.led to furnish Type ol other manufacturers
wueu required
Wedrßire every newspaper in the Houlh to oopy
ths adveiiisement for oie month sendirgusone
oopy of the paper, and ihey will receive their pay
by purchasing of us five times the amount or their
billfor such advertisement. .___—
no-S-lm Richmond Va._
okeice of r. h. mauh y a co t
X.. iiv.iNu. August iS. I*o <
OTIMK-A.UlloviiS F_>A I .LE.-VIB
Shares Hank of Conimocwsalth STOCK.
hares Farmers' Bank STOCK.
B»«-»» 11.-S sl V ...-. «*!'(> •« ig« St.
S-KEina or* • - thsstvoiL ( l_iAl-f«Hi-fL
H*i« ';,,_k,ts Ha.srti A Starke,. *~ _ro Ma'B
■ ■reai f. ".i-r».i for sals at coot Co . .»«> ;-i»iness.
lit.*)' * '? maatotuny artiole ta this Ueo. en*
I as.* tttV-rT htmm\i»n7'
A\\icnom b_u_m
By Jas. TI. Tayiar A ..a.Aßct's.
TRI:*. TICS"** ■ .Lf "i i.i i.i tiui.iii'K
LOT •TTHs •sO'-T»KA-rrrJa>K"oK
■l f. «. Ai:. *r — '*< virtue ~r a Seed of tr, st
Icm W,l -im F "imin' 'o trie safes -..er rl.t d
he lai rt.. ~r fti I*. 1869 -nd <>I ,ec »d in trie
_ lark's *'ir-e. f Rich- en _ Hmtmn '."onr. j w -|i
proceed to se! ;:»on tbe pr*nrr#e". Ml MuSogy
the 3l«t rt ,jr nf Der-eii-'■er. BB\ coram ncim a« 2
" c,. k M the popertji-W«-srit"v iin ni'.) r'nect,
... r.i'iowß : All the 'in dm.s Of eve . sort now
erec ed of tier-afro- erected by hi'il*. on th" lit
«tth. c ncr nf Tba d l-l-i- streets, in said cit*,
!r 188 Ihe SSm-v I o. f ee 4 toth" Slid Clt-818 to*
V. M Theaeaea and his I liter, and ,>n which snd
."lrnmn iii* tns Plaaißg Mill arc! r»tt»»r improve
. -'i«;:t'.i also, ai ins (said H.inniS! Leasehold
nifbt trU and iitcest <n am' tuivid I.ot nnd its
tpfflrteßß-MMst aad, a'so the S'e un Ketone .sd
Bf>; cii in a, d to ths siid .I'nni Mill
TSe drt*-d equi es file* property to be sold f->r
c.sn hat It its ot* <c that sn »• rami err-ent esn
be ma-ie hir ami 'M acre/" t aa he (it n on ttie
day of see vV H. w. ODV*. ah* D, Trus cc.
Jas. M Tavlob k -oi. /.uot',-B. • _.*
ItK r.TE to'S BAt X nf'l •*. FAY Ll »*T F.
MOM* Hy finiti irftj ~f a deed of trust etsettt>4,
i y Christopher WaineTton «n«t wife. bear in* date
the 2! 1,. ~f i.iv.i it..r» and of re.:o'd in th
•' erk's t'ifie? nl HeßriO" i o't.t* Flomri th» ut rter
tisaed. ae metes, named therein. --I l ' •riw-eit to
sell a* iiu' I c aueti n on the premiss. 0B 1 I- P
.-...-(>» .'. thei.) daj i-f J .tiuTv, IgU. at II "ell.
A V 1 , tr, i' clesiiat'le little in i. ci f'lrm upon
which sam Warbertnn re-si' 4 e<.on the old tt. ep Nun
Turnpike fie mile* f i-m tne cty of Richn r-i d,
cnnfair.M'e \S\ aerea. There are n-mii the pace
a*mili dwe'i:n_ boaac all ne-efs.ry out -ousts,
and a lame ice !i..!i-<e and pord sutiici n' to hii it
I'- Bs.— haoßgb in cash tn pay osTa n>te o f
$211 Is with io crest bom -iii'n' id letf l i-d
excei,se» of sale; .rduo.-u» credit is kmSjSBB
until i eeember 1 Or*_. i«-i and upr>n *uohcr.dit
as to the balance as sad Wurherton eh\ I "ppint,
A X CO' •.Tit K_, Trustee.
Jae. M. Tatlob A P. n Air's de 19
S'IFRIFF l* al«1l«l.\ BAI 0 V OS+'
I*ND VidFD FIFTH .♦_■ FOUR LO!*- <»F
LAND •■ XC* r.AjMi.MI TWO csfßbS EACH
IV THK T'-W*. OF sIDNKY «. vi-'ue ~l a
decree ,-f the Count', ''curt of Hen teo in tiie
~ase sr»!p,t p. h s-._ r |_ e vs ,'»-i . ... :, a on. and
I W Ti'iiip'.i'-s vs. tie s-ni.e. pron..un ed n h ■
IT h i"a- of n.e-n. er. IMK.. I shsll vt ..of ed • sel
it pel if. ;.-,,.'.-,. upon the , r -inises, ,<n THUSf-
PAY tii- gd tipii.i-i, iMt.liff-ur; if in» the
rer' fa rdai ttie'ealrn- ro j Ten D« at I »*el t .
P. VI ,'lie X nl Fetal* l» th pr.n-.ediri .3 men
turned v z: The interest nf FdWi:, KoIMBSOfI in
tour tots c,f Laud, contai ing *_.-.. acres e-irii,
levied ,nt v.,-inc. ..* art_^ : me lis in the\e Banses,
ite«-.N-tted in a r'-" and BStrvei made tn 'oh"
Coot. fi. Jo n B H,rv-ir r-s rhe nunil> rsS7.KI _•''
Bttd 60. si'.i-iteii in thai par' of |_ ■ c •-■'- rv- it ii-r.
- .-.. .-i sd Sidße. and t>oa_<ietl bi Harris hol-
inso .'in,! A*h nr: I stre -ts. nine u.e same Lots
vv ioh were cd *eieo bj Kastaes Knbissna t> L
\V. tiiaz: h-n k. h. £3 Barton, (..e,.r. c Whufie'd,
MaresttasT Btarke. Ann tU siid Fdvnn Konm
son. b> deed dateil the 6th dn* i>f jßne l-v-.!* the
poeres' of he si d til.in K.il.i'non theieiti beinn
ore iin.iivi.le.l fif li r.irt th-sif-of
Tbbws.—Oas f urih c-sti. and the baler oe mi,
Band II months f.>r ssbo i-'ble note-", with mter
est added, the title tn be rctiine-t sniil the whole
pti-eiiase nii-nei IS said, aad a con war cc d reet
ed by tne Court. JitO. A. HUTCH BR' V
•sheriff -f H«nnco o.
.1-8 M. TaJVJ.oh * Som Auct'rs. deil
1 Al'BKStl*.' [,'..|1,11. Tl F WILI.IaVM
IO Ri -TAOS Rn.Ali. AT AH'TION.—Bj vir
tue ..( a deed ot trust: from r! vii C Oarrett.
dated the 28 b day . f Fo- rtiuy i__-o. and of re
e.ird :n the C'erk's' ffi c~f lien oo 'ounty Court,
<I)M"I y. I*s i 1 s f a i, r. ,u»st nf the dene
tiei ry. proceed to fell at the Cn. .it-. Coort Boase
on .1 -lit 1.1 ,\ V. the 7 h day of J . lv.if. I*l. • that
heißS Court day.) eoramsaeini at 12 o'einek M..
the pit) pi lift "acriiie; 4 in fail C .ed, «8 in'! iws I
Ail thai ri.,!,in Lt;-r-<« ornir el of La-d Iviri
and heirs intreooantv of ctei,-ieo.on the north
Bide ol the Wil i.mr-burr St %c nf..' n'-uit. hail
a rmls from thq *v,, k River fl til road, and oob
ts-inmi: thirtjt-terse ri,■ ro-. bbo. c or less, adj m
m* the in.'i: .. ' ."s.-in-iuel Ur .die, 's childien l't.i'v
Mlii'iu. "ft in. P. H. rd. nd otli«-i ani l.e.n. tie
•it.iie .'c.il MtatS convessd to s. d t ivira C liar
rert 'iv Cfiai't'-I Ilisftn, Trus cc >> r M .r_nr-r
DohhinSbbil n h- rs, tr. dedd 'reviinn elite ttiej-tli
Fi-Irruiry. H-iti anil recorde .a* rvhore
1 k,. vt* — i- rmiit h in nasi, to uef-ay the espenseß
of m!" and rt !><>n,l lor .f'_Co with infereSi fro.i
Deeeabei Ist. l-.:-), ii i p\, -, thu iea_su d r upon
su.-h terms as maj be asree-t upon on the day ol
sii'e JOHN .I P ALl.ON,Trnstee
Jas. M. Taylor ft Hon, Auots. de It
Iv f.oddln A \ mn rsiin, X 1., •'«,
-THr__TEF*S Slit OF V\t| Utll
• I'BIVAIF I)'."- • LLlNtf. AT THK COB
'!';tisee n a certain deed of trait'roa Richard
Walil. BOW deceased. "ißd ".ar-.-'.'et C,hie Wife,
dsl .17 ii February, • ■*'■» daly reo r.'e iia R c.h
niond Ilu„*.n_9 Court. I shall, in ex cu'i'-n .here
of, pi oe,—ii tone 11, lit pu'-iie au-s'ion • n ih- pre mi
-•". on MONO AY, the list l'e.-.emti«r ) x _,». >t • 4
n.oloek 1' V.. (if lair; ii n.-t. tii iirnt I sir dt>
ifi-r after.) the real estate c ny ved tiy the said
deed ooßatatinti of a i_ot h«vrn« a front ..n tiie
north sole of >'la> street .-f ..1 feet, and ru nitu
t-aek on th-- wesr tji c of 3 1 street 150 teet to nn al
lev U !eei w de. on whn-h thee Btaada a ssost ex
oellei-i brick lenen.eri' k' • hen stH'. i '- and i-.r
--rißge-hoß*e now ib h_ occupaao nf Mr Menhe'
S tl-Vis, . n a property is located • n amo it de
s rs Ie i:eu'ti!iori.r,i,d and is. alr-i-ethcr, a hrst
ra'e res.iieiir-e r,,r ~ geti_e-.t famdy.
rssxs -Ona foB th osek; tialarn-e at ...Sand 9
months, for ne_.iti._Me n tee. inte.-St aided.Be
eared by a tr*). deed The title 's believed to be
per,c-ct I ut. Mi- mils ril.er will eimvej oall with
the usual special warrant] .
ilea. .OH N 1.. TATE. Trustee.
[>'»w i. Kiloi F. K.U..l'. FIVE Mil KS NuKIH
:'., . irtne ol a deed I trust from the late Herv I
Storrs to Kdo, :i Burton, (for shots tbe miller
signed, J B. Voun.. h•« heen substituted t.v ade
ere» of Henrico Ooanty ''~ur'. «n.J J-tines Lyons,
tea-in. date i n ttie, ilth ...ay, I 4!-* ilui ree nl, _
in Henrico i 'onnti '"o.irt, he undersigned tru-.t-eH.
in c-mf run > to the provisions of the Slid deed o!
treat, will sell at piil'lic BOOtioß. to the lot bent
bidder, on tiie premises on li< N t.AV.ti.e 31st diy
of Peoember, 18*0 atllor-.ck A M.. (il fair; if
not. tne first fair div .liereatter,) the X KA L bl*
T* TH .and SLAV .S Conveyed t.v ' h e said deed,
v -.-.: ! in- ralcabls t'a. t m laud l> c»ted an a_K-.ve.08
which tue late Gervas Btorrsresi ed st the time ol
biadea'k. acd which Was oc-u ie-1 by M rs. ..! ai th .
etorrs at her death.' ont lining 2.50 icres more or
teas; aiso 17vilu.tile CO AY KS emt'ii-ein_ men,
women nnd children. The Enid farm is no well
sii.-wu that a ruinate description is deemed un
nec-sssarj. Pud-OS it to why , thit it. is limn its
loc tti"n and other qualities, regard, d ia a valoa
l' ! ee*iate A slat and sarvey will b* exhibited •
ths h< ur of sale The {..aves aie, lor tue inns'
part, ynun. nnd likely.
I'h'Vis. F«>r tbe real estate.one tourth cash;
balaßOS at 12 1. and 21 months, for iie.otiab»
note* interest adde.i secured t.v ■_ trust deed, --r
title reta.u«il lor in- '-Macs 4 B-OBtßs' • •ret**)
1' --r appioved.er lo'. Ed c i .I,lc paper, inte es*
...ctdeu. J .Ml-..-. i._o-.s, ,
J H*. ti. frOUNG,. ■ rutAe.es.
X 8 -As Fxe.-u >r» ~f Vrs viarthv Morn
deed we slia I. al ills' name tore nnd piac-e, s«
a!l<f her Pr'HS'i.". aI. X- I A •>.. consist! k -I tl.
followiß, 7 valuable saves, visi I M*a,|woßi*i
2 mr!. ni l H-v. Also. 1 Car hags asd Barnes
a d l Co*. 1 KhM —, ii h
Ro f 'AA' LIAMB. n,l i-,,,„. n11
del 3 A. S. t-TORhS. f E_.ecu.ore
lly Th'imus W heisee. v u ,..' r ,
(Offius corner ol 12 li aid Cary streets.)
THI SH fl si VI t Ot II IT*. (..* Ac .
I *c. OP FVI RV'.'i'Al iV ATAUCTI" N
At the request of r_B« oi ths l«*n lei n_s in ■
deed oi trn • rxe'-uted t > 'he ur-dn signed, on 'lo
|?th il tv of December. IWI t i recorded ia ths
Cl rk'i OlTo-e of the 'out of Hu-turns of t.,« oil
of t-irhii" nd I sii>li sell at pub| c auftum on
MON|» '. t 8 Sl-t .'aiif liec.i-in.-- iv_t c n
menringat 10 ul >cv A. -M a: store-bouse a um
ber Bine. (No ni ob the sou_b side ol SJ*in stiest,
ageaeralassnrtmsnt nl H*>TS.OA 9, Ac , Ac.
Ts ..» made kn-.w.i at s ii»
J. H S .Nl)«.Tru tree.
Bale by Turn. W Kp_--_, Auct'r. de 21
Ro \rim*...-noi si; fi km *1 hi:, sab
AUCTION Will be sold, oa PrflH V Bioraißi
t" I. c-irnmenciß- stMo'c'-ck at \i f >,
i'h mil "iitn. s, who is deeliaißS 'oartlin- h .uce
Vr-erins OB thee .me' of 6 t, »r.d f*U* e'reei*. a ; ;
.-! her Hoßsehobi and Kitebea I*UENITU«e,
p"nsistin* of B very !sr_e BSSOrtaSSBI let'iier
Beds; Hair sad! hue. Mattresses; Bedsteads; lied
,'mc Wwh«Ki,,«; Tales; ' "tiaira; Wardr-he Oil
Cloth; Cookias fltow. My.'.any Tables; Cr ck
cry ii.-i! (. -.ps-uare: Cat-tors, he
Al SO-1 be AS F X !*' Hi B
Al gO-Three MILCH COWS aad l HEli-EH
detO THOS, W. KEKSEE. Auct'r.
Cl\ IHU.-vlll-. *.!» M -t_-.Vt.-_. LKVIR-I.
BALE AT A Of OV "Ai. U ►~ d, n IHL R*s
PA . De-. Uth, c.iiimc-: elß| it '.'2 a'r'oc. M , a'
tiie Stemuieri on7rh *'re ?, corner of Arch mx
HoeabesuiHerews Lever* rilrvk-.. Han. ii« Sticks,
ai.d all ai ,ie'es avperta.rin- v.a v lemrnery
Tkt.vi.i-Ai sale. THOS W.KEESKK.
de 2 i Auctioneer
Hy Hichard i aoilio'u, «uct'r.
ADt TION N.l.t. Will tie sod at auction,
un FHl_i . _ the 2"in cay ef December ht li
o'cl -ck on me firm of Wm .larvis on the M-
olianiosviile Tuminice, ..V, nines fro Mi nnioud,
ail ihe EAKMING I MH.t.WfcN't b th_ie..n. on
mstiiit of i'ioii.-'- of ail deseriptiOßS and » ■ s
nt Watts' Curt Brsoe make : BAtrow* : C- alter s
E_'u ttvators ; Wheat <"r.d!-s. witu bl.des *ll
con pete; Weedin. ard Hii ins Hi n: ons W fis.il
Machine, all cum. etc; one Cm Shel-er. ot th"
t.'nt quali'y ; several articles of Hoi schold and
Kitchen t in n lint-, mis W.-ic-vt Kan. tiest ouaiity;
one Wheat ..l.aiier ; two HOHSES and one
V CLE, inoledlßS uearg, Carts, •viniiiii. Be
W.llbeadded t" theabove sa'e ..ne Mil. 'H
COW; one Ridin« « Hi .OK. with Fiat-res for
one ot two uo.i.es one y t rof wi-i. broke MULES,
b*lona un to of er .nrOea.
Ai >" Ore youns fine FILLKy.
d.itl -tas R CaUTHORN,Auct'r.
rlUlinvMliMrv HA 1. X OK VM DA.
c'iiiiim.s»inner. actins under a decree of ibeCir
' BBltCoßltoi the County ot Msurico, entered n*
i the 3d day of Novtin'er, I'tKl. in the suit ol Dv
r val et at* va Duval et a... 1 _';, t 1. i.n theWth day
oi DEC KM HEX. IBSO. at li o'o.uok ot that day,
on th- i-ri-ui ass sell at publio auction, to tne hish
eat bidder, a valuable Eaim now in ths oocu. auoy
of T C. Leaks. E»n. oontainin- ___ ao rs u.oie
or less, adjoiiiin- th" lands of Wui. McOiuder
Cottreil, and others about twelve mi.es -ntnl
Richmond, near Short Pump in the couiity ot
, Henrico. About 100 acres of the laid ißoeaie.
' and in as<>od Btateof ouitivatioti; the t-H-1 nes i
inw.od ar.d t mlier the place ha* on ti a «■ ft
Fr-itued Pweilinic with fcvs un.m*. and a 1 iirce*
sa'i out houses, m soodoiusr. .vo. a sood rrael
and Apple Orchard The soil is well adaptei
. f ths growth of the usual oross.
I Ttstß*.—OßS-lhod will He r.-.-fri ia Bash.am
, the it. Is. ..-.j, -,-> two r -ii.i -i.*i» mr ii-i, i»i>.. rr
I »»«-«i-»lv in ll nrd IS i«-'oi hs, w.O. '.rs-e I rTi it
, tn* aay orss-'e, ths surchase t ie#sseaiß r>* .mpti
J fur u*<*4sfkittsd •aymsßtß.asd lbs title to uo re
BTJCeTeCm nt tit*
Br J H. Oi,*-• ~ Aaet'r.
fllllD A**iD syiLVt-K VHTIHIS,
sold at au -i ,v sverv nistil this week, at -•.u< li. n
h0.,r0 16 .Main street. A Is.. 1 |..r ~1 i;..r..et» Pr»
oersiiirts. Drawers Has I.i- Cat art. I'lated
Spoons. Forks, Ac. Ao. Sale wiii o-'B.nrnee at 7
.-..!' M. J H DIG'.i.S A.c<.
_D IF. Booth. Salesmaß. us _•- .«
piasonj ion, 'so. ~"
f'st-PAHTftIS-ISM P --Theßßdersisned have
,•■ -rd into »oo partnership, under the f nn
ir-d-r. -~
. .. fc-CARTHY A MITCHt-'LL.
*V/..-,? v *. p ,_2 '• carryia. on the LUMBER .nd
t_OMi.II. .-s.tir. *. U -ine M ac d hav-,1 iti.g rhe Yard
anil pretniseßoa ti.- Can-il. at tha corner of Byrd
Md « h •tre-ta. t-»r__.erl» oc-up sd br the late
rnomsß Wliiim-v am. ,„.„„ recent!* by J. C.
Mc arthy A Co. Tney w.i y etp m tooa Maaott
ment of
LL'MHKR, HAY. Ac. Ac .
and hope fr-.m a U>n< sxparierr*. %n( j t boron eh
kn w.ecue ot the tui-unes-. '„• beafce Os, va sat
i u'faciitin t > aii who ma» patronixe theni. whether
as sonsigßora or purchase b.
Richmond. De.' 10, l-fln .If i. IH*
vo 1n t. ro~.\ T. 1. AH'iv. Tr m*y'coV
> ■Je.K,*. VVh rea. SB' VV V*" OH Oi ■ has ati
rupf i» withdraa n fr 111 the firm of B Itt H G Kl'.-.
t _ WAN-i'"* the c 1 partnership is this div nis
I solves, and tke -ruarsi-ned all ars auih>rS'd
!t . ti..- the name . f 'he firm ,-t HoWf . uKlliti A
", VV ANSuN iv se_-.ii) . up the c n,c m.
W V. "OffK,
tv F SWa MSON.
Danv lie. l.'h r *e->enil>er. l*So or 22 2o
I m lfc.**l'l sl. To H__t «• ■« N»S< Kb I _•-
I NK.-s."*. ani wntinns to devote the ,-r-. my
whole time ii.ia'tenti -v have -BOBS aa a■• anss
iiien'w.tn Mr a. ti Jt'H><sT<»N. m tatsaertaef
■n heconc-rn.-i .-Tui . V-S . JOH -TON bjr
* hn-h 1 v ield t> turn 'he ti ire co tr I f th>< busi
boss fsaid so c-- ,1. A. «i.itlement» i-, retard
tosvd tru-iress will therefore 11 .ye tohemadO
win hmi C \s. ri. ->u|)iM *>_.
Rihltit.n! Pcs •- ■ \A dr 19-31
till UVV 1 __.<•. .__.»« WII.I. M)T
• a lor s-oi-e IWO or hM iu>i"'li_> occupy my
wb'le 1 me, I wou dbe »iad lo have <•■.«,,r in.,r»
9- ts ■ f ti 1 :K*s r,, writ- up, o' I w- ud uucertaßS
it - seiilt'ineii- <l n oi.p.i.aied account* <r feast
tiess. ideia t>| A. ti. JOHNSIU.N.
I'll*- CHISWIt'I "st II *o__
Tlrt ss »r eaa take ist bis lam ll ,s
DcIAKOI b* t -vv :: i. c t ovi» to ■' end tiie - Hl**
v'l; !. ~..l !. .co n Ir .BTBOBI
Hiß-tBLL ' " wh ••oati ity and ass; luity c.iu_
u.eri'i ii.n to tiie pu'iiie
I i.c location 7 t milsa west of Richnionrt.) ie
proven ir.ity healthy.and every eire v- of
r fie .ii r so| tb( iiu.in
Boarii. ißoiadin. ov.-rv thm*. Si-H per month.
Taition from SB to S* tot that U i-tie>ear.
GEn '. EX* 1.1.
m*B Jni Ri-hmon ■>.■■< -iin-'e.
Ul •. •* _™~»~. t, «• f i tf \ •»
rt), VuUNG LADIE-t.
OLD Pdl*. r 0' M -'oH r. v A .
This-*c'hi>,-i sin soeeeestsl eperßHoa. luioa
t on lor health is vi au i_.-_.secl. ai-U it piceiils m.c
,f th, fiasal wni.-r seen, sin t::e coue.rv It .a
-ith in ißree s Barters ol a wile m tn* 11, _ci,-_ Bo
ci ,_ immsdian iv oa tiie wvter. ami haa the ad
vititige <>i as liv« salt w it, r oaf ir.ii nl cv bo
had anywhere. The llßases Cuirtoa oan tas»
Bigkt iiiore puri'a'ban the now tout*, upon eaily
ipp'i.-.itii.n 1 tie coUi_e ol tuition wiii be tho
ou_,h. _
I'bkmb. roa tbb Bb«bio*s - English, 430; Leg
lish. iao tiong Algebra <>i Heomeiry, or tooth, SB*
E ranch. SB", l.a'in, 5(1-0. Music, Piaao and Qeitar,
-i-ii. s*>; use of 1-I*llo, 410; Hoard, V*. Hsinns,
Eiis-I mt t Light. 9 00
I n- -school openeu on the first Monday in Ucto-
N r. aad will close * c list o! May
Papi s can .em -in during the summer month-,
•ii.i 'B-SS wii i deal' Bit SOB receive thei re_ul.tr
musical . net roe _su». de 13- hn
tlFti NdUhANCb -_
|-_S?B. >1 _« Ml It 00, MANHATTAN
i ork Ofßoo Bt the insuranoe ACSncy ol 1 lios.
v| Ai.FHi_-ir."ii llth street, nearly ,»pposi*e '_od
i-n's Haii, where applications wilt be r.'oeired. •
•vn 1,1 It
Fm mwnim,
MARINE l-f.-lAf-CI-.
(lneoi-porated 1833.)
flLOfloe Ht, vn Main Street, Richmond.***-*
Capital and .arplus. tfaau.iXO !
¥hisCoii.pa..t has th«»ovautageof lurmiy n»#s
years' experience in the itvsaranoe tiuainess, and
sating eiyoyed the favor of the patilic during all
ti that period needs uo speoial reo-wrmandation to
iv uitiseus ol Virgin-a.
itedec-is Fire Insurance .it oity and ciaaury. ens
vlarine Insurance to all parts of the world
Its oa-ili capita' and surplus are as at-o.e, and ite
ars managed prudently, I ut liberally, and list
\iea are as low -sa those of any other good instits
• ot. C -ICTOg"
A.L.Cowardin, 1. ... Wn.-.-worth, Pstnoi t;oilen,
.-soph Allen, Wm. Iteers. Geo. W.Smith,
i-.r_.e L. Kept. I'bos. .Samson, B. L. Winston,
Am. Faltner, Cnae. W. t'liroeil, Jno.N.Gordon,
\!ez. K. i'arker. Joe. I*. Winston. Arch. Thomas,
•vs. A. Inlocs, 11. A. Ci-ru borne,
Apply to t*e President or Seoretary, in person sr
. latter. W. L. COWARDIN. F-esidept.
Wi_.Wn.tiß. b.. Bstoretn-' •••—te
Or He ibcibii V» .
•ire now ready to furnish !h>v celebrati'd WOOO
quire m, other ree. iiirnend tn-n O-an th»ir alread*
■si i.i s'.e.t reputation; nd aIsoKTA I'IONAHV
.TEA".! EN'-INI" **. .-I from M io Hi) horse pow
,-r wiii.-ii they will but'd at a .ess price per horse:
oowr than th y can be furnished by tsay Northern
These Machines are built under the personal
.upervis on ••' loll". H I.BSTSB. B-B. formerly of
roofclya. N V .who. as aataeafeetarer is wall
.n.i widely known,an.i they aie warranted to give
OFrlO-E,'__U MAI* 4 * J-TRKi-T,
Bead for a Deecripiivs p.mph'et boJSl_js
CITY OF IU« . Mi**.!), in wil: At Rues
held in tbe Cleili's t-tFice of the Courtof 11,
--ings f r tiie sud city, on M.-hdity. the So day of
li-.-- mber isso--
Vlicha-I ()'• onneil F.t I
_.. in • t
tl. W J,.-.lm Joha'.. Winn, am' l |_ _.„_. _,__
H s Jordan. Bserehaata. Un f" vl *""*'
d»r tne hrin of Jordan. "A inn A I
Co I efr' )
'I',e oti ect of tins rui* "'•> re- ye gan<t tbe
lelenn .nts .'an a. cc w'f •!■ f n.a ts sr X"l
n the ileoh-.Bt-OB It ON i H1...0. ID rvNO
A*rli ith.vm« tie r in d • Oial th- ''c . ndant,
.8 IhK 'AN is not t c-s dent it th- BUI -f
V.r -I a he is l.eri'ly requ red to np, ea r in tl s
iii.tito- st ffioe w thin me month after dae
pB-dicui it- ■•!•■ i, aal do wkat may bin. t»t..y
Ui protect iii- iitere...- In thi, f U ,t
. Cepy—Teste i
it- » liwlw HO. II iWAHI). Cl'k
vjoriit. TB TAB FtVirRS t' rrnaai t..
' an ordißanee passsd ll*h .l-n-.-tr. is,'.* I mil
'r, i.l -tt •■ c ■.' ecrnr's lfi-e in rhe int Hull.
fr M>, ths b> v. the .list r.eceriilnjr iaelna ye ','
ionise the remainin. h»:f of lass* ff<>ss seel, pr
H>ns as Ars SQtitiS. loa ,!« 'ueti -n of 10 e'ra-ir.
.« itavifi-i prsvioasl} p_id th>- fir t batfinJuus
, _»t, in aeoord n cs w.th niid ordinance.
ji ij i _ a hu .son. c. c. s.
>.U. —it wih he seen Iroiti the above that the
ktliee -ir is re iuii ao toatteaa ar 'he (itiies from
be l..ih to the 31st "I tiie mon"i to tnirs
emsinins das from 4sa« \. iiMl B-'- rs tue Jinuary
.m of the Hastißga Cob. t. he .s reauired. by n'
ltßß-.ee, tns.iv -rti_» deiimiiisnt res] estate to be
• ...! for boi i mSBt ol taass. Persons wbo h*v«
lOtdoßSs. m , *cc tiie BSoessity of calling atid
Bay ins Ui ises.es it will '* v- ißßiu'elor ilis
;.. ector ~ ail iv lueui before i.. .<lver:i*^s
del-lii. J A. H.. C C. H.
■Ls i i-.v_ bee jast r*eeiv#d a lars* lot of lm
'iroidsred Camhne Co-1 .rs, win-h -ill l_s sold at
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