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_*ssswfls aaß BBa^s^s**^B*^^paa
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tessaat a_t s-taav, m EX m staessa.
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SSTPB - y *>m**w...........9EE H toSI |
NXW Mat BUT, _BBB_«O0-B, VaV, > .
lehroary 11, 1868. $
Theaewe-Mta tte Valley will proee ta he
of lUtie intosast to those who sre aot pereOß
all) e-oneetei with tbis baaetiapl ssdHoa of
oar State. T_e protracted in-dsmsaey ef the
weather, saaeed Af the eaaa aaowa, bbb eaa*'
oMsfally ctossd all oShnaive operat-MU for
the present* Bad Milroy, of tide,
ia actively engaged. Re seems tohavaau-l*
cipatcd the rfieug of a negro anay. Be le
thoopugbly Bconriag the Lower Vafisy. Ssr
vaets are sstseedlloff, wss* ia many iastaa-tes
tor-d to laa-fe their homes. Hia offiedrs ere
suppiving tbea-tei vss with waltore. As officer ,
who accompanied a flag of trace to Winches
ter report* the house ocenpied by MSlrey ___• -
self to be emameated with bright mulaUo
boys sad giris. He at flna appeared to be dfb*
er.tjf.fl_d with the rsseh of his operations, and
on two difsreat occasions has been reinfo reed
by caralry. Now we may expect the contra
band" to be carried off by the wholesale. We '
are glad io say that he is not ant-sting amny
ottlztine, aliliou.h tbey are flna la their loyal
ty. A few days since a Yankee avetart sam* ;
mooed sn aged clrilisn to appear before him
to frrnrish some information. When dnly ar- *
i-leuad, tbe Yankee Began i
_»■> jroo know of an v one who haa ftonisksd i
r-aprltpe to the rebel* I J
OU Men —I believe I do. '
T_nk.—Who was it ? ■
Awwr.- Geuei-I Banks •
l'rink.—Sergeant, take bin to tbe guard
l,->u«e. Wait a while. Now, old white- '
Y.i-j i-d rebel, mind whose presence you ere '
in, and answer correctly. Do you know any '
i,oe wbo has been passing through onr Unas !
and back again to tbe- rebels, carrying infor• '
-lilt ion ? I
An* — _"_«, sir, I do. "*
Yank.—-Who was it t '
Ana—Goneral J. E. B. Stoart. *
Van-.—Sergeant, take him to the guard
hOTJB. «
Milroy'B force is divided into three parts,
eßch division being composed of near three *
thousand men. Tbey are stationed' at Win* ]
cbe_«r, Sl_rti_sbarg,and Harpers Ferry.—
His r_valry is scattered over the Lower Valley. 1
Ths Baltimore and Ohio Railroad furnishe. !
hia s-pplies. They are hauled from Martins- '
berg to Winchester in trains comprising fifty !
a agc_a each, under charge of a small guard. '
Desertions from the Federal army are be- '
citmiug quite niu-erons* but the manner in '
v. •'-. ik-h the railroad is imirded, (it being eu '
i- -..-plrte.) forces tbem tc take a ciicuitoua '
r.inte to escape. !
N < >n hern papers, of the 7th, afford no con
fiiuietlua of the capture of tiie Florida or of *
ita .•Rtrnction. A description of the repulse {
cf r 11 el troops at Fort Donelson ia all that is
of : __*ort_nce.
For fhe facts given you, as well as myself, '
are indebted to * Sax Scout. 1
mm*sam •
lire C*__e—lt* JDsuser*.
A case of Borne interest to the drinkers of i
■■rye' coffee has occurred in Brooklyn, N. Y. .
**■---.eral members of a family there were se- i
>- tc:i-y affected by poison, alleged to have been '
_nt uned in the coffee they drank. An exam. J
iitation was made by the Health Officer of ,
Brooklyn, who discovered that the sicknew i
-*=-_* caused by tbe continued uss of coffee
_..!*, by rye, and he was confirmed in his '
opinion by making experiments upon a dog. •
Hs therefore ordered the police to seize tbe '
passages on sale in the store from which the '
___ly all-dod to had procured the coffee. !
The following is the statement of the Health i
Officer in rega>d to the mailer: i
Brooklyn, Feb. 5 1863. J
On the lfit inst, Dr. _f. P-lmedo, of this 1
oity, reported that the enure family and the '
-.rvant of a German merchant had for some •
time previously, and still suffered from the ]
3?__tß of vegetable poison, alleged to have '
t-_- taken with their food. I entered imme- **
•tiat.ly npon tho investigation of the case. I
fonnd Mr. George C. Croft, his wife, two of <
!.. i s daughters, and one Bon, more or less under i
the infiuence cf the supposed poisonjlhe rest **
of the family being convalescent. The per- ?
vaat had been removed to other quarters.
One of the young ladies was very sick; her ?
ftice wus bloated and disfigured like tbe drop
ry- her eyelids were greatly distended, and ■
• laid scaroflly be opened; her eyeballs were *
bloodshot, ana tiie pupils conriderably dilated; *
•_- was then under violent fever, and very <j
v-.tle-a-; she oomphuned of headache and great *
ti'trineas; she was tortured by frightful dreams, *
iiTid became at times delirious, besides this *
there was great pain in the back and extremi- *
lie. Ihe latter were moreover benumbed; ahe *■
was very weak. Learning that every mom- *■
ber of the family had been thus affected, I
.".uid not hesitate in lending my official avis- »
r Mice ia the discovery of the alleged poison- ?
■>u» cause. Dr. Palmedo had already instituted •'
•he most searching inquiry, and at last has fixed
hia suspicions npon the so-called rye coffee, J
which the famil v had made use of for the last '
three or four weeks. After due deliberation <j
on all the attending circumstances I could not ■*
help sharing in the suspicion, as no other cause •
could be assigned. 1
Ascertaining the places where the suspected *
articles had been bought. I possessed myself
of some samples, enspended taa further sale of *
said articles at those jdaess until ita eompoai- *
tioa and effeeta could be fully examined into.
Ohe_tii_l analyst aad microsoopieal examine- '
tions being utterly impracticable, I resorted to *
experiments upon dogs In preparing a strong "
decoction of tne sample, I noUead ita strong, J
disagreeable, and nauseating flavor, very *
similar to that emanating from a decoction of i
ergot. yet stronger in tbe former. The animal '
exhibited great restlssensss and weaknsss; {•
his movaments aad potation wars infirm ; his *■
polss rote within an hoar from 100 to 160, cad 8
-yen, for a short lime, to 172 per minute; pa- -
pils became dilate!-, he was evidently sick at ■
the stomach;- very thirty. It seemed to be con* *-*
elusive that ths samples used for the experi- c
ment contained noxious ingredients of a pot- °
sanoas character. The eaas of Mr. Croft's
family ia not a rolitary one. I had become *
cognizant of numeroue instances in which the *
rys coffee had the same or similar effects, sad **
sash oomplamts had been made al the store ■
from whtoh the at—-pies had been parehased. <■
I have, therefore, considered myaalf justified
In condemning tiie stock of the axtlole, and *
have ordered ita destruction. *
Nobody should be Burprised at the obnox- j
ions effacts of -rye coffee, for with the rye it- ■
«e)f grow ergot end ether poisonous plants. ■
and Q_ieß their seed be carefully saperated c
from rye, poisoning ia inevitable. Pore rye is £
certainly a cheap and tnneoent substitute for J
coffee—the adulterations alone are to be fear- «
erl in the article. I hops this disclosure wfll «
t<*ach manufacturers of the article te be Kore J
c-refulinthesslsetioo of the new material, f
otherwiae the public will protect itself more ■
effect oally. »*
Stkab es aan T-iuuaiß Endemic ur the 8
<-ktbwest.—The Northern papers toll of a a
grange end tarrinls saidsaßie t__ has hrokeo ti
->ut in Indiana, ooaspMely befihng all efforts £
wtbss the symptoms aad pregreas of the ti
iiseass: A
There are no sy_._->s_ huflrertsa lie ap- «
P™*__ The patient v ;.tasked eri__ a oh_X «
*udt_ake he kee as attaekef theseae-but a
*s aoon as the chill is over th* patiasS Make t
tote c stupor, frsgi he inrely issises— fc
i__*___i_ .- o r____ thg MUfltog a
a_\^_s_3^. i a_-!
___»_ a* aa»»fcairr ___» W' I
•QpACKbßbAbi_________fl____f __i _b_________
two,taaa__Sari______-*-. _r__r > '»Mp > _. -I
teMtam ta sa«M_S__________S__ >f * J •"* 1
a)B)4|ltatataßß_B_______________l _
'- "'. _iV_. ißmm'BßammmmmmmmmmmmWsWßßmWau^
I - ,'-> 'iA_l_l___BiiJ__________rC J. »;?€
I- Jftr H^»- *- -Jt jSi_M_h_a_iM____f_iii_Ml _______a__i^_^_Affi____B__S_EZ•liT'^_lT-- t , *____. Hl_E a____ei HPWBBBWW
I • . -'_________L ' _______B " '■! ( ' -*Mj?_..K -■■-.-, nF*m t^_____^' !^__^l___J______lW______B
■ i'ly n _ m___________>' " __■ _i -___________[ "%___________ " *-■- .* £
1 ■ ■ ■ ' - II.W»^—■BBBBBBBBB_BBBBBaeB
-. A arts, aetata hi -jjjAsim -»f the tattar
■Ifa.!*.! by the Qee-t_ta jr«/_taja_»ta Lin.
eota, ea Ua sebfrtrt ofjefofcata aaJasUi _sM
-aUt-Jef-ashseem. o_f _tasrdad ealomaa
haea.aatfl ta-dey, ~,. \gdjk taa bbbßbßjssi
1 tArn iIBBBS-Bt, Wklßk |sta-tfS to fee htS
tasTofthewar. After j|| __» the taeto of
Viigtaßß's arltadrawal fltota _• tTaited Btatss
™kßß_i m^^™™ I ™™B WM*M UtTmmMWMMWm \dWMmMWmWuTW'f* r » IPi
Crovera_re-_t___Bs: : I*,'
laltaswiin-OB ef this porpese, Oolonel"
Richard Thetaae -Jarvmaa, aa'aftesr, with
otksrs aader hla sneimmxl, a ilk the authority
aad by express orders from tha Executive of
_______• t 1 ***** •«*<• exeeatodea expedition
'*•__. ____»"*■■■■ *^«l«»Jta\_nrfother
r*»Mla belonging to tbe mariae ef tha United
States, mate captured aad breaght as prizm
toto Shaw-tore of this State. Ia a subsequent
expedition, undertaken aader the cams an
tho __f_? Bld __ wB % ******* m Wg person a
oommkwloa from the Govamer ef this State,
appointing him k Colonel of volunteers, sad
with orders of a warlike character, he was
******& *7** POltoe oa board the stoamsr
Mary Washington, on ber trip to Baltimore,
aad earned a prisoner to Fort McHenry—
Fa-am theaee he hasheea retsored,end is now
confined at Fort Lafayette, as a felon, in a
dongeon, and -utpwtad to $jhe yeatosTiabn-
That be. was, under these eir_r_st__cea,
rightftdly a prisoner of war is aot denied, and
thai he might be held as such until exchanged
under aome cartel for tbe purpose, I do not
controvert. He had been known to be in hos
tility to the Government to the United States,
and was liable, therefore, to be captured
wherever found Bat he was not, in any
sense, to be regarded as a felon, holding as be
did the military- commission of the State of
Virginia, aud in the execution of her military
and naval orders.
If he was regarded in any other light than
as a Colonel in tba service of the State, then
was be, In the language of the Constitution of
the United States, entitled to a speedy and a
public trial by an impartial jury of the State
mid district wherein the crime [shall have]
bad been committed, which distriot [shall]
should bave been previously asoertaiued by
tow, and tp be informed of the nature end
cence of the accusation; to be confronted with
'be witnesses against him; to have compulso
ry proce.6 for obtaining witnesses in his favor,
end to bave the assistance of counsel for his
Notwithstanding this expr.es clause, he has
now been confined for eighteen months, and
not one of the proviaions contained in it has
besn attempted to be complied with.
The only canae that I have seen amigned for
bis incaraeration was announced in a paper
S tinted in the city of Baltimore on the 9th of
al-, 1861, immediately after his arrest, in
wbicb it is stated, "that Mr. Richard Thomas,
and five or six other persona.were arrested on
board the steamer Mary Washington, as she
was coming up the bay yesterday. The charge
against tbem, we believe, was that they were
concerned ie tiie Beizure of the St Nicholas a
few days since. The party wore coming up to
the city as passengers, when thsy wsre point
ed ont by two spies on board the boat, and, as
she reached the wharf at Fort Mc Henry, the'
boat rounded to, and tbey were delivered np
to the officer in command." If hie offence was
the seizure of the St Nicholas, that seizure
was accomplish-d by a justifiable stratagem
by naval and military officers of this State, in
company with CoL _.ar-o_a,a_d with a design
to carry ont a boldar and more daring military
and naval enterprise, the success of which
would have been beyond doubt, if Virginia _
action had not be.ntaw__odbycircnm<>__iet-s
beyond her control When the St ______
was taken, CoL Zarvona waa an officer ap
pointed by and in the seraoe of Virginia, and
was in flagrante hello engaged in a hostile net,
and entitled to be considered, if taken, as a
prisoner of war, and if taken afterwards for
the offence, then committed, he conld only be
so considered and so treated.
Under the cartel lor the .exchange of pri .
oners, entered into between ths Governments
of the United States and the Confederate
States, all prisoners of War were to be ex
changed upon oert__t agreed terms. Why Col.
Zarvd-a has not been exchanged under this
agreement it to for the Government of the
United States to explain. Why he has been
subjected to indignities that no other prisoner
have been compelled to undergo, is not for me
to consider. It ia sufficient for the Executive
of this State to be apprised of Ihe fact, to in
duoe him, for the sake of humanity and for
the sake of the usages of civilized nations, to
ask that such severities should not be practiced
upon an officer in the service of tbis State for
hia obedience to orders emanating from he
lt is proper under all the circumstances of
this case, that I should inform you distinctly
of tha course I have taken and the policy I
intend to pttrsne.
Independent of the forces which have been
contributed by this State to the armies of the
Confederal* Stales, Virginia h_ a forceof her
own operating under commaud of M .or-Gen.
John B. Floyd, by whom there have been cap
tared two hundred and one piUoners, most of
whom bave been brought to tbe city of Bich
mond for safe custody.
From these prisoners I have taken two of
tha officers balonging to tho fourth regiment
of troops under ths usurped Government of
Virginia, to wit: Captain Thomas Damron
and Lieutenant Wilson Damron, and have or
dered them to be imprisoned in the Peniten
tiary of this State, and to be kept in solitary
son—lament; and I have further ordered that
the following privates, to wit: John W. Howe,
Isaac Goble. and David V. Auxier, who be
longed to toe 39th Kentucky regiment; and
Samuel Pack, also from Kentucky, and Wil
liam S. Dills, from Ohio, each of the sth Vir
ginia regiment, under the usurped Govern
mentjffc be also kept in the Penitentiary in
solitary confinement; all of them there to re
main until Colonel Zarvona is properly ex
changed under suitable agreement, or dis
charged, and permitted to return to this city.
Ia addition to this case of un usual and se
vere treatment of a prisoner of. war, another
and equally glaring instance has been brought
to my aetata a esse equally appealing to my
ssnse of .notice, end calling kindly for re
Under a proclamation from tb* Executive
of this State, calling upon tha citisens of
Northwestern Virginia to organise thstmaelve*
into companies, to repel the invasion of this
State by her enemies, Capt. Daniel Donkey
and Lieut. Jacob Vanner, two patriotic offi
cere—one a citizen of Calhoun ooonty mid tbe
other a citiren of Jackson county, in this
Stete orgaaised a email force and took mili
tary possession of the town ot £ipl*y, in th*
county of Jackson, and held it far opposition to
th* F*deral authority and to the usurped
Government in Virginia. While so in posses
sion of this town, they took military posses
stoa ef the stalls, for the purpose of ascertain
ing tha military purposes of th* enemy, ac
they bad a right to do by the rules of warfare
all over tho world. Sometime aftcmatds
they man overpowered by a much larger
fore* aad required te sarrend*r, which they
refuted to 4* sntii their captors—who were
■oldkrs of the ffuitod Btalsi agreed that
they sboßld he tr«Bted a* prisoner* of wax.—
After this agrssiasnt was mad* they and th*
ataiy thereafter, in violation of the *_tprees
■dank-ion to th* contrary, they were takes
tAXhbtmy ot WhceU«g, confined la Jail there.
and oowvistod, —d aanmaod te
Bffon th* ekaiM of robbing tLmalh Bnltbey
Ei u _\*\^_t&_i\\ m l:
_\\»_ n _ ntlarnndnatris nm'hal SiKBBI "
__2^t___f___Na!■________________*____f_raM___J_____L __!______la__________i l_a ehddn
*' Ba* mttm^^nmamysm}at mtb ymmsmbdmnmstb
mmm%Jlm*mmy x mmmmAmAmmim' ' '
_________aZa ____<____* l__.___f _____t 1 *_£_ •
fdßßm\Amm\tmtatkßaab B». awatb, m% KmmmjbA
uw.mu IBM BmmEvm BB _*__. -6 _ A_r _.{__-Ij lm)l _T_ta ■ _,________T_ -'_S_____rß *__*'. a *____* ,__t ' *_a_a__ _*•-.*
,- • *..'... • «■— ————ai i t } . in, bb
■ S_%-& l!3___!??J-_-^-_!^^
.' ' k adafr 1 owe |» the ceeaa ef
\__H_*- 1 ■'krj__aioa«efco_4fce naddae
cd* the frtossmra I aowheva ia eataedy^me_l.'
t ' _____**? *s*^**y****t***^^^r^i
, aeeatoaaf thta tktae, as Bita-jii ear the good !
1 tometoßM^Bße___Uag_t : _n_of V.*-*,
_______ J ___ w: *•%-_.• -liojklta__i_r;
-___•_*«» -howe-ervthet H wouH be baiter
waindoalfitatos; -ett«r for tbe ritisens; bet
tar fo* the eaoee of hamaaity aad __U__ •
tion, that these depertaiea from tke rules of
Btodern warfare should ao longer be permit
ted to «ist, I res-peetfelty eal tbat some ar
rßßgemeut should be made for the proper sx
ehange of the prieoaers named, and some
sagre-ment be sntsred into for the exchange
of all State prisoners hereafter. If no such V
agreement be made, aad the course hitherto
pursued be continued, I shall, without basita
tkm, bo long as the honor of Virginia aad tho
safety and wolfare of her citheas ars entrust
ed to me, as her Chief Mag-drate, unilinch
tagry retaliate, to the utmost ol my ability and
powsr, for any improper, nnnsaal, or harsh
me ace ment shall rest upon the Government *
of the Uniied States. The virtus of its con
thtnsnee shall be proudly upheld by the sa
thuri tiea of tbis Commonwealth.
Respectfully, Jobs Lxtcrer.
tm EseceUexcy Abrcham Lincoln, President
of the United States.
ArvAißk- ij» KisTUCKr.—The Chattanooga
Rebel states that information generally cred
ited" by the Kentuckians there has been re
ceived that the Kentucky Legislature has ad
journed under fears of intimidation from the
Federal troops. The Rebel add*:
Dr. W. A.Thompson,an intelligent surgeon,
attac'-.d to Cheatham's division, who re
mained behind the battle of PBrryvilie,
asaieting in taking care of our wounded,
reached here a day or two since, having left i
Harrodsburg tbe previous week. Ue reports
the people completely subjugated, and the only
feeling in favor of the South that is manifested
is by the ladies, who remain trne to our cause
and have exhibited their devotion to it in a
thousand ways.
There are over thirty thoneand Federal
troops in Central and Northern Kentucky dis
tributed as follows: At Danville, 3,0C0 ; Lex
ington, 6,000; Frankfort, 2,000; and between
Louisville and Frankfort, 6,0f_0. These hold
the people in complete awe, and there is a
perfect reign of terrorism prevailing. Unfor
tunate as has been the condition of Kentucky
since the beginning of the stru_gle, it is now
more deplorable than ever before.
In May, 1861, the late Ex President Tyler,
in a letter to a prominent citizen of Kentucky,
wrote the following prophecy in relation to
the fate of that State:
Mr. Lincoln, should he find occasion, will
lnugh to scorn her ntutralj.ty l as he has done
that of the patient and submissive Governor,
not people, of Maryland. Tha wealthy pro
prietors of Liui-viit., who may regard the t_
enrity of their town property as of a vast da_i
more /mportauce than the honor and dignity of
Kentncky ; will soon moire in tbo occupancy
of this city by Mr. Lincoln's troops, and
Frankfort be used after ths same manner as I
Annapolin. the proud old capital of Maryland, j
Many Kentnckians and many Hui—Jrntiers •
have broken ths bands, ths willow-wytha, in j
which their free limbs were bound, aud are i
.tending on the ramparts of freedom for its !
protection. Those noble spirits h-vo desired '
to"c_cou_ter all the ha_aras and risks of the >
fiery eont.Rte whichaarte t approaching. To j
these all praise and honor _ due; their names \
will be enrolled in tha capitol, and live _v- )
mortal in etory. Virginia will consecrate them, j
by wearing them in her inmost heart, let theirl
States do what they may. j
. -
a •
Th* Battle ok Sevin Pirns— The Offi- {
cial Report at Last Made Public. —After the •
lapse of nearly a year, the long withheld Tan- i
kee official report of the battles of the 31st j
May end Ist June is made public. The Tri, j
hune gives its material points in the follow.
ing editorial summary:
Few battles in this war hare given rise to
more controversy than this one, of which we
have, for the first time, the official report—
The creation of the conduct of Gen. Casey's
division has remained in a measure unsettled
ever since. General Uqjptr.eliaan's opinion is
plainly expressed:
Nothing but the great gallantry of General
Kearney, who had a horse >. hot under him
while leading the 37th New York into action,
his'officers and men, and the steadiness of
most of Conch's division, saved us from a
most disastrous defeats"
The divisions of Kearney and Coach had
been ordered up to reinforce Casey, the condi
tion of whose command may be judged from
the statement that " some of the regiments
fonght gallantly till overpowered by numbers.
Alter they were once broken, howev._r--il.ey
could not be rallied. The road was tilled with
fugitives—not all from this division—«s far as
Bottom's Bridge. CoL Starr's regiment, of
Gen. Holmes's division, had to f not iti way
through them with the bayonet, and a guard L
placed at Bottom's Bridge stopped over a
thousand men."
General Casey's camp, it is well known,
was taken; bat it has been denied that it was
surprised. Gen. Heintzelxnan says -.
"An officer informed me that after w* had
driven the enemy beyond our first entrench
ments, he visited Gen. Casey's camp, and
found more men bayoneted and shot inside the
shelter tents than outside of them."
Most of the ground which was lost was car
ried by th* first rush of the rebels. After
Kearney earn* up, onr fere* did net tall back
a third of a utile. Gen. Sedwick's arrival late
in the afternoon saved the day on the right.!
On the next morning General Hooker led
the sth and 6th New Jersey forward near ths
railroad, aad, after some firing, made a gal
lant charge with tha bayonet, finding tbe two
regiments himself, and drove back the rebels •
nearly a mile. The ground tost on the first
day war reoovered on th* second, and on the
following morning G*n. Hooker, with a por- i,
tion of his division, poshed forward on a re- ,
coanoisasnce to within five miles of Richmond,
driving the enemy's pickets before him a* he
advanced, la the afternoon he fell back and
occupied the position bald by Casey before
the battle. "We lost on the first day si*!*
pieces of artillery, and on both days, in the
aggregate, 4,000 man, killed, wounded, and
It ie impossible to understand why a report ,
oommniag fact* of sooh interest bss been to .
longwitfafccH frompnMinathm. While aeam
pabrn is in moftom slknoe amy be a wiee
policy, bat when mflfcary reasons for reticence
know th* foot*. Tb* history of the P«3a**la
campaign is y*t a labyrinth of doubt* which
ouly ofldal reports «*a «l**r up. They at
leulonrtt netteb* _mppr*ac*d with a vmw
to shicMtng th* bltmacc* of any General, or
even f MdctJßC nri*>*lf, if *ueh th*r* wm,
of hit BBgmfiOCß.
; ' ..ip'i.ii'iiii l .'.; , > ' ,'i,. Miißßrg- :
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ti übtmßsysYhysr- , Hf^fc Wttsymm 1 ' -- ' 1 ■
1 1 '^^^^^^tl
it****! 2rPSSISMiBtjH I_9___mi»v
- i
WMMtmMMW m$ 1W MR p_HL.
amMemm*M * _• ____» _____B_________.a - nn__r ~"
-Yf i&^ig__^;_ggb?«^c
bw_S_* state k* r■«■'*»• Letaa
Ssgjsb tasasßsa Tsrsm art temper
___^^y. i *f!|^ya^^ T -^^
T*r*_r._Sr__A ___a TS-o_^t^ESSl_
VB aasßSsd ta Brack i_t_*
JmrUtokr*___-* Malfcimsllea. l_»_«-*r-_a, asd
sVtaak. rasoC s_»ef_sMe sad dJBtaS psrms
i mtuty prs_rrM. T*a•_***- mS^fb^s-fBaO
piyariyto.-rsrfdt*** ** *"
IT/ A B i' B *>*-lßMM4tetely_BUWp_«G_|
W TBltn-81. hbn a WUflKSka-
t_e felfhest sr*_- «-iQ a* paid JVseee bssda
and •*»%-- em-.' y_*nl * n ** Jt *W > t h>
- — rll ti mi mi hs taß^dhiii^ws
B_i_ »jwy of War. .edesm "OAPrAW." Sob f
So 1 lit, eßy - natOSiao. _ . f*13~3.*
WABTaW-BakBLB ODT«B»_-W« wtta
to enploy a good C BCTSBKB la Mm*!*.
A steady band caa gun good Job, Apply to p*r
£<'_ a* soon aa p-__bln to
ft* I_—6t* Stenataa. Va
W_ B -BD-Ooe or two aafemlalua Bc-oMS
with nae of kilehea, batwaan Ut sad 10th
Btr _ta, act b*i*»_ _ary and Otay. Pate or wkote
of n a__!i bense preferred. Addrsm "B W J,"
F Q. felS—9t*
_t_ — TO* app ieaat being a prsctloal
_■ -j ___ia_ie, cfliars Ms serviSß as s MAS-SB
_4*4oH.*t£_o cf a insch!,* ahop cr fourdrv or
H_R'.9BB of a ro__,g mill or lUra; ca. Frou
long expertet-ce i sm j_ U_*i tbta I can giv* geae*
rsleeti-tsetloi-. ..frees •»»**," ear* of William
C'»wk. __w_-i._, 'jean. _ fe 8. _*
Wl_T__~ a aai_Dk_.->Waat*d. at tae
O S -r_ory. foot cf Sth strest sad canal, a
brat-rsvj G_l.D«i. One who has been seeas
to-isd to gun work preferred.
fa .-el Eapartate—ont of _______
Wit l__.!>*-_AB_f 88-S9O bounty, and pay
from SIS to IBS par m_itb. By —9* p*r
tt.,l3 su'-fect to ceirollinent and eousrnpte, st say
tit-* -cfore r-.cteg m jatered toto a company or rssi
i-.-'_t. •:_/ _ii_t m tbe marine corps for tbe war
or for '.__* y__a at toek- option Good dot. eg
aud s_l-„_er__ 2_r*__ _, by .__wat. Apply
at the t ffiw- on Bth, b*tw__ Mala aad Oar. sta
080 H 7B_E_TT,
;« 81—gw Major asd F«srn_mg o_nsr.
_J|/ abtsj- -sub «s , __aa»T__s, tar wfcJah SSta
.* J j-_-c.--.c_b will bo p__ sad letfantf aui
-owing __y_ a __S, ur SW per «.._._ sad r»4K__
fUfw -__s__ta)~ c?* z-_3J*3 fes tka Foras* Pa
aarß-sat, snd n_. ;i„._3 to -_n*-ar osaoiao<_h-r
b_uicbes of *-—■ Oov_T__u_,t t-vfe. kpply at
£__.-_? Oeßrt-toBB, «3Sa «. Mate steeet, up
stake J. B. WBI-SL
j * ? -" '••■■■ Car.t_t and A. Q. M.
Vk f AMi'd.»-I___d_.telT, a WBT BUBt-C
% F wltb.at «_tu_i_a_c*. stUiar white ur eoi
of**., Tn -Kso who sasressßS w_l rssommend-J a
g. >d i-rice w'U b« g.v_a. Apply to
_ H kBkYB-CB, l!t_ st,
_ae--_t» s_____________________
\]|TAa_r-SPA sitaatioa m TIAGBSB to s
.' y ptri.'-a- tvi.tlf, '._ -._» r.i*y of BtSIU-O-d, or
Bs i__a*d»at. v___iy, oy a Vl_4_ls tody, eempa.
teat to _a_i v, toll coowe of Bn|^i.'l". scd tho
r .ti',* r ._*.i.,*«i to tossfa Musis on toe Piano, Ad*
Qj*-e *•». V B__X. Btcbm-ad, Va,
\h gl—scd_w»
"%A/ABSa_r--_ ic*-j«(_«la a groesry or eem-
V v s-isßi'?—b'jiisa, iijjr a vcung mauwhsissz
e»_i. __s SiirS-ia fee __. war For l_*cr_ai!o_
t_iir.e 'BY,'_ tb_ effee. Bsßß__es given—
«*s_,a_iemi'*_ fr-r.«ia*iigi>dC»*t.»_ter. 4id?t_s
* s - a *' ' ; '- * y: r>6'.-3t a '
WAtS.BO— _ few —Ci- ME.-t far a OAvatry
coi_penv rea'ly t» take _» Said. Horses
aed .quipmen . ftn-iabsd, sad tbs uai>_ br>oa»y
g-f-eu t_»_eUi_t_'iY oa enltatinn. Apply ofpvlte
tta St, Uhari«& a-cipit_, _am rtreet, (afgn of tks
8 ...) H.KstT H OILL,
fo 10-3s» Li*ut sad Ba___ngOffiear.'
..I.'i'Sß—A g_i___m tsss-er of Piano
w_-c«toobtatn a fiITtTATI-.il to a rs
.-eftsbls f taiUy in ai out tb* city. Addtem "Mr
T „. ' a* ihe Moatieelio Hotel, Bem*l sireet, _lt_
_otd, Va T f*lo~3t»
f V central part of toe oity. Persons having
r>-e wii; fi„,l a good ter *.•_. X,_t pad monthly to
alva- _. AdtircHa "A B ~' Dlasateh ofßce,
fell-Si* '
¥jnrA_f-__£*-_. naa. a aaiaU HUD.B, Aualßb
VV ed; ci aor 4 *_._. rfHb t_s pri vUege of s
kitchen, for a ___! family wltboot children. Ad
___ "a _' J."*_r_a_ti ihe P_.<!___
f»4-dt* ~ -" '
WSH'i". U—A TfiA-UK-, te l-atrcct two
cfcllktr:u ia BosUsh, Latin and P'_Biii Lib
ernl a.-ran.»T_enta will bs u>ad» With a ooapstest
party, sitter male or t»m*la. Aidreß "J. B,"
J. bp.teh rfll*e. - ____S
\iJ"Ait ->- D-a g»_l BOBMS, 19 B—o* Brgß or
yf V th_.* abente, tor tha cavalry s_rvise. Far
s «_l_b_ one a good artoa will ke paid. Addtem
"Poat Qffl ac Boa «SS " f» IS-St
aL>vK_*-tat,t_e vrtU se psid Cur aFt/B-.
_ ISBID -Otf-B with aia or s*ors rooms
to H. Addreai JOSUC L HaßKßTrf^
te ta-xt* -» Boa i._P.
WAHTBD— To rturcham a s_d WASBt-B,
lKoKK_,aiid_L'USSßiSY__fT. Apply
at Cary Street itil. fe 13-8.8
-A/ AteTM_--A -t-Mof eßpsdeace toengsgt
V. tn ths __-_f*__r* of Bona Apply to
fbl-~Bt* At Boyater Bosp__L
yp __TS_>.—A good BaKIB. Apply to
folO-3. Mate aad ISth street.
WAHI'KD-h PiAß<»—W* alto to bk*by
ths month s gooi Piano. Ajml-to
<c q-et wist a johbbtob.
%B/ Ah .Bl*--To aire, ianseiUtely. twoecod
Vf OA_T D_.?___. Liberal k-ss wiU be
palA Apply at
C B LIFSOOMS _ Ooal Oflss,
to 8-B*.* Htk at. rear Mayo'a Bride*.
WA M* IS D—A W-dkBAtfOBB. laestsdsa
Main C_ry. or oas ef tkssrom strssta ks
twmn Blh sad 14 th streets. Apply to
t*»*et qoppa _ aPPBBBOB
YY ISCBP-, for s small family. Aptly is
'* +* at [ft 8-4'J BBOT. FAlmE taWs.
\A7 ABTBO-A si-spateart MQ,'BB, to aNaad
W ae-tß_bTß__. dosdiefssmmßwtthers*
.otiid htArem* Bos 87 or eppry at Bo UM Mata
strest. Btahmoai taß-«
'VV - 3_.^_____i___? i 5
fly at Osry atreet JaU -kT*-St«~
YY kULBS ABBOTH*i_al3ta_Me-kk«SSM-S
Mala eadfte—. ta >-8i
*_rtf__y < frw?a____
W surcs ter a* T_s tor raedfytug a_k-ni>
aV-^strtoßM-taat *"' taTgr
W A^'^-_^_^^r,l^ t j^
(MSB-L -■-"* ----- ■• •■ . ■»-'t. .:- A*J_fc**A-t,
, wßMp_MM__NM__|SsPlMy__MtaitttfN
: ■
\ ' *' - -'*'• ' -"* '"?*■ ' * -"**•'' *' ' *'x
-BBtaaalSSa *°****** f '\
_b__Sdi_t_B_____[a_____a <
_. __:______ ______*____ '_*_*__"_■'< *r** ■
;■ SsS-rtSSaa-aarsr-Bakßrtta Si iln.ata Sp* *
B -aaas.arsßss 11 illißfta ef ska Sitae s7t**F- '
tamkw*of ands« wbstbm»bs
tost task tatonsts ta _-Bea_, -" ■' .*<***■■•■ ■
- A - - *-'
taS-lawdir . EO ifr-ÜBP, QWh. ', _
■l__»S___^* l **-«f ■
fllto ' "T-badsy, tks »d, days* i
Joha P Ballard....__..__,_.._-......._f_£ >
. dfatam ' cd-"" 1
Jaatasß Paiham aad Mary m kta*k_k.._B_ai
«rf Whm\taJZ
ek-Mby tke pUtetlff Brum ths Bfßa. o. Jtata SBS,
d*sd. ofesttata real estate la 15s eV.y mt _-__*
• ****** MnWWmt AmEnm Ua BiW_B|tasl omm*e\\fng% a#ftlQdßeo Om 1
pi HMBHX) COBB troODJtr, toto _-*bra_ry,
ty witk their a . aaramaat, sad having farther son
a_*r*d t-*!r -ana* «___. to to lb* reqo_ltt-n
of tk* Governor cf tke OemSßoaws-lth, s_aeUtod '
ta the order of yssterday* hsvs rirssnlisiad tks
s_eeesl- requisition ratably amosg sll tbe Slav*
hoidcrsof tbs soaaty, ta so-torsatty witk tae aat
sf Assembly nad«r which ths s_d r *__*__ a fs ,
mads, aad do assartsta tkat tke toßowisg stave.
•hoMsrs d__ ssad to isksr oa tks ____s__m the
following aumber of mala slaves, bat wot a the
sgea of sigbteea sad fcrty-Sv* years, ft* a pasted
not exceeding: sixty days; that to to say, tbs lol
lowtoj persona ska- sssb ssad, tar the perpom
aforesaid, the B_nb„ cf slaves e_adis_ axafamt
tfaslr rsspsoUva Barnes, ts wtt.
Allsa Mrs Su__ A, 1 laid Thos Sf, 1
AcnwJoOH, 1 Lyseßoß, i
Armatead wm A, 1 lew Is Win, i
ABB-alsasoO, 1 tssksßkt, i :
_l_-*y*r Katßiß, 1 leaks TO, _
Aadersoa Ben] B 1 -lads*. Jo. a, i
Aiken albert if, 9 -sake Hahala B, 1
Allan W_. 9 -VOosJas, l
Ammons Wm H, 1 LoSaad IX, i
Anderson _r Pt, 1 Mayo Si bt A. i
Br_Ußem__d, 1 MeKensJs Ja«H, 1
Bale-ar too, 1 Mill* _«_aa__, 1
Beasley __••___, 1 stodaaWsaW, 1
Bew* N-th'l i, I Mottle Sobt F, . 1
Barke Peter, 1 Moaears Wm 0, 1
Bonder I'm. 1 Merris* 01, 1
BrsserPrsdO, 1 Btorteß Saml A, 1
Brideswat-' Jno, 1 Morten Bteksrd, 1
Sot-war* Wis, S Ma-ford _*o W, 1
Btaka-bosJ, 1 MsOa-lhyWmM, l
Bail D*__rid_*, 1 _n__o CM, 8
OowardiaJsaA, 1 Oaiobsudro Sites, I
C-aHenrv, 3 o»iv*r Hiram, _
Ghbirey Jsekson F, 1 -Id Dominion K'sU
OolnuiU Jos H, 1 Works, 5
Oott-eU Semi. Jr, 3 P*lu_r_*e 3, 1 1
Crew ii .-r-eUns 1 * Ph_lli_ Chit* 1 |
Orcucb Bieksrd, 1 P;we_ Ja- N, ' t
Ohdatitn Wm _. eft, ? PalasklCG. 8
CaUiucaasorb Wo, 1 Powell Ja* F, g
Oraaaksw Jno B, 1 P-'crn Prufreoee B, 1 '
__tes Stop?otc_, I Powers Jtffarane, 1 '
.ctsn-ey. a, 1 -1-_tt _o_, •__*, 8
Coitrell Si-h _H, I P__«n_ Thos _, 1
..*_J_gton Wm. S, 1 k«ud;4ph Wm B, .
Carter The. B, X B_n.-i.itnb J**W, 1
Oottr_>C_*_. 1 ».«__■ fw, l
Carter -ieh'd J>, i Jitter Wm, i
BavisJ-08, 1 Bylandßoas 1
Duval Bj_: J, 1 Boy Jas 0, 1
PlllA_o"._ . 1 Ssdd-r-r _cse, 1
Duval Saml 8, I * dd*il J_. _t, 1
Patrick Wm A, S *ya_JasS,
Danlop A McCoiee, 10 Bob ___ Wm a, 1
Dsnteott Wm P, 1 Redwood Mrs Leer . I
*o__pl__---, 0 il, 8 a--bin--- __h'y, J.-.
B*__.F'i - tl estate, "l
Duval Mils.; 1 iteamsP, 4 .
Dickraan.VC, 1 ?-enp_r_ Dr Jno M. 1
D_k!_-n 3F, 1 Smcot Wn Tf, 1
Bltla it S a_- -Ira- Smith Bear. J, 1
bath. ? Bu)Uk "«. _
Id _io_d A Baveupcri, S ' **-*« J„C, 1
FatmJ. . 1 Satte whits Henry, I
fsmarßibt, 1 Sbtoidt Jn-»», * l
friend Jno _•, 1 ilsddWm, _
Ford AJ, .1 SaasderaWm S, 1
Ford Sobt, 1 _■_«'_ _i_nan, 1
_-i_*it Jn» B, 1 £_>*.•__* Jso D, 1
Orssn-vr Wm, 1 Bkj-p.s-i Ut Jos at,
(!.__ Ja* B, 8 Mtete, 8
Grant *, Trustee f_r Sta_rt Js_a, 1
Urn JsifS Orson, 4 S___ Jss, 1
Oreea Be. W, Jr, 8 Turct. «-«_, 1
nsractt Wm O . 1 T_m 1 Tbaopbolua, 1
aardner Ban'l B, 1 Tsy_r Bo M. 8
Oriila *redßU, 2 Treat Dr PeterS-A 1
e_B_K-k_W, _l faylsrJasM, 7 8
Okrebrcok Jno B, 1 V-emßjnoß, 1
Ooook-Uuiaß, 1 figaorJW,* 1
-mm Mary Ahb, 1 Taylor Jno 0, satste 1
Kaaley £0 Bale, 1 T.tty BW, 1
80-aday A Pols-ex* T.ji ij£ . 1
ter, I Taylor B-aryF, 1 '
BaxaiSW, 1 Tit_i«y_s*rß. S
___rmk_h.%m Ba. 1 TerrSl AJ. 1
Barrtson WP, I Taamaa Jao Q, I
Hanasn A Hssoa, 1 Vs ir n ______tur-
Hitdard Akasr. 8 tagOo, 8
Batshmaa Hsgh M, 1 Wlatem JF, astste, 1
Hopkins Mrs *__,_. 1 Warren Jckaß. 1
___■___ win _, 1 Winiasß * k-gtead, 8
Haaw Cterlmn-. — W_klUHn Jcba Bsary, 1
Janstogs Wm D, *_. 1 WtaStea Aif_d, 1
JordsnOß, 1 WattHsghA, 1
Stag (_k. H, 1 W_-wisk*Satka_ts,B
Btof fistbsairi, 1 Warwick A brtm, S t
Xhtt AMBaadsr, 1 Woodwsrd Daal 3, 1
£__*_,_, 1 Wisk-amJno, 8
___ghtW*_o, 4 WUskham_WT, 8
Wpssomb 0 3, l Wlastoa Jaa M, . _
Ly-eTkML, - 1 Young Jao B, 1
tmvunra, 1
Tkß Ooort Ooik ortTw sad rsfßlrs, In e__o_Bity
to ths satd sat of Asssmbty, that sssb of tbe sieve*
holdMSßsnsd aforessid ikaU d*_v*r his or bsr
«B_aei the staves, ss apsslfied sbev*, to the She*
nßof tbis *ou_-r, at tb* OouK-Hsass fhwsof, sa
- B-BXT, tbs 13* day of f-kraary, ?SS. by fk*
beer af IS o'clock M sa tost day, to ke by ths ssld
Bkerlff d_lvsr*d ovsr to sa sgeat sr BBtosr ef tke
Ooofs-ersts itates. panuaat te said set, aai fat
sassof fiß-rstedata,tkeesid Ihsnff todkested
to __eead tomes* sB stares bsßb aattvarsd ta tke
maaems-rssted ky tke said set. AB blsvb so
msMd *_Bbs ttebfai to bs beld for -testy days.
Aa exuast—Caste:
ISIS-te ajM. fOLa.Bfl.aH.o
PLATIB9 OAXB-a-Jaat rscstvsd sad fas
S gromHart-Mo 1 TTtetiUafir Itsytag Ohtmt,
Sed Samsksrys-ioT de da.
i de Qoafsisrate Irewa Wtatanr Seas.
JaOOE ***W* T *} i -
BBA, Be—We areseepes** to Ah aaAmt my
BBBtsatytaa, am,***. ■ , ■
Cm*tßaaAlelah»t» Bii____m*
B*Car **«*•« Janata* A <* ee|Aih«kA*»
♦ween Mate msAOmy mit-Vtamt*
F^K&td?t2SS'4' , af I *JS
g% ffta, Wrupo* wo«fc BO»Wk AfffrlmJ
I» w| nf Ijw, J»A*J"Mg > j^*s«ftg%
."?**• m > i ,
A riaaa—m__a___—____L ■> «mer n**_f__m mn__nn
_wMnM*taan*asv : . <| __ w|| -
fW# AMUift mrmimmi'aaikib mujomm'tMa
H ||___llfa_>
A J___w_Br__i ._—__ a
• m__L____________is ■
'' i *^ "- - ''-V" '' "'
' kanfey*' '■__.*■ l i i '^_.ii___iig___»__R
i ~WKXmß*pMlmesis>BP**smMwAiAmmAficm'
i v l
'* ■, fitf*|tEy •■•}'! id_Wß^Nß_MWM_l_________WW_____ht___i
' '^. .^lifcwlilßHß^B^^J
NO. 39
I - --—.*• **wM ____MB ___■*_>sjsv* "v
>4Bb> ____■!_-!
_____,________*■ _-A____________B_a-* l a-? _: _-_7^ M -___-_
____■______. _____ r™"'
A a ______»■--__"*"- M J»
__*r O -____r*-»'-**____^
_____** N *______*
>»^ M -Bta<B
•aay. Tarn Bam als as pmaVaaaflkSsaaVtaeVta.
say ta TaTctala, wsfl srsssraa\hadNkf L^i mraw
tks liflhtsimd aad Baaeita Basra id, aadaaß_> hi
mite* from sSmrtag aad grist a_t aa tks aieee*
mattes rtrsr. sad trma a steam aew mfflsatSa
(Unite rood. Tks river to eavteakta tar aaatt
boots to kUttoax Statam sad ts fatntamg
)bl7-_» C_tesm_Lta,B_2Bo_i.
SBdotksra dbcstJOsstb •__*.tb*b_l___*_
growtbef ptea and oak. Vksse aaahaeat .«00
socdsof-wood oa iks laad sad a good assy __-
resdsUls aaaktog tks tang vslsabtei ta sasSssad
akalf of wblsk~tkere Is a artasS.. Tksko__
lat-ryaomfonakte. wttk fear gasd t-oew, goad
kwsssa, sad sUi insßirj sal hsesii.eWßr.if essi
water at tks boom sad a yseaa irikari ef skaata
fradt-sB. Tk* tana la teamSUs atom Btekaasad,
atab-if toyarahsß sad wfll seme oat, I wifl taaw
tbem tbe IsoA ff*s-_. OluT-SMJir.
ABB 808 ■ALB—Th* -absshbrn often tar
sal?bisFldUiTATKH. ta Hottowsy soaa
ty. Vs.. foor mike from Hacks sad Whites d*yot,
oa th* leatk Side _____,a_d wltbm atawksar.
rirte of fetenburf cr Bleb-ond. it eontstsstkrw
kaadrsd sad twenty sersa, abcat sas toird si wkkta
is le______a, prseastoß wsß ta taa asnsl bbb
ths aa-ume te la oriftaal arowtk sad ylnao, Tb*
dwelllaf; is bow. cad snntssM-ve aiiiiiimai. srita
ac ezß_*at dlatag-mom la tk* kammaat. Tka
nut -Bitdlßßs ißnltimng sn ssialkmt km liiues. as
all nsw, sad aattas for tke plan, Thar* to s seed
apple aai pes*- or__rd of jroaaa trwa Sksal.
tk* panksssr d_trs it I will ssU tos Stosk, drop,
Parmtog Utearfls, Aa, with tke kmd. Bstae fr
tlut rear of Blc-msad, this plseS Is latafrom tke
tnroM-i ef tke aaamy, sad oEstu anasaal ta_ass
mtnts tee trkyslsiaa, as a largs sad tasraßv* srae>
tloehssb*ea dees tot many years from tkkipotak
ly-rtartkse psnteaba. blStiss
TBOB B B__lBDY, ll_),
lv 27 -lOt* _________________>*
rf-tXAS _____ A—l ib ss-kortasi ts bs. ta
1 teaste tossßpa__atsn. ISB ssjesrsta-Bsr
LflißD la _te grata aai steek-growkif reeks* oi
Texas, Mieewd with aare, aad ksid by 188 aae*v
rate pates ta from tkat State, the Bliss to thsm
lands wUI be fady gaareatssd ta tke Bwrakaasr,
sad an of record ta tas soealaßta wktek tksy srs
Top»'soas wlahisg to aagag* la tks bestasm oi
- 00l srowisg, oo oowatey on the aanUasel oStaa
b maay todasemSßtar sad tks low gstse st wktek
toem la_-s sre tdfarad vrtU aaakt* ths parskassrs
to sequin a property ta a ailaaate wklah wfll ks ta.
_ sassd ta value sessr-itati ssaasa Bonrsßßtsaai
d-Bssltics are eettlsd b m to Bates mmmamtmrn
to Sow to to oeeapy __aa.
lam pravidsd with maps, eejisaeasf tksea*
l—tyef tkms grants, with mask assfkl laaassa
tlon, and persons desirous ci awktaf sals taiaji
msnte will plssMatvs Base ssli,
LB Si-LiSAM, Attorney st Lew,
lah--18t» Corgerf-U. aad Mate ate
NOTIOB.-Tbe sahssriber ofltes for sale pri
vately, ai a taason-bl* prie*. or la srtikssge
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