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The daily dispatch. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, February 14, 1863, Image 4

Image and text provided by Library of Virginia; Richmond, VA

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mmwatm^WmYtAb*_tAAjsmtamw, mbwW,
mm gHMpstiMMV A*tt
...... _k__U_L ■
■______. A_a__> a___k aa__B ausfo
-•• ''.._■■ ar^-/."*■'-... '.-.,*_■_ ;._
.«!* iba *r as**** yfi*ffe*—
smee*f fotth
' AB*BSB»*f***w^ ; ;' - . j
- __________a__a WftJbA'IUMhJML.
' , »£^^atffi_£■• 4, '•*
Am i-| wish* walked tbe straits
With mrnee *na throb af Arm*.
As* th* BMJ* thUmm gsmboUd
fßrfo fame pu-afr tag*
*tEh«m b£es tTlJSd'and Maaad I
*W*m*aa«wtih Uagh^r
fSAsMM which eblidren larva.
TWtoeMM* tha<woet,toftlaauve Iboagbt.
TBmißaaocdAodwmebe* above.*
Te* the battle* boltsfoil fottor.
feme meres ef Aame e!c* ehl]*
JmA Cheat an Aaoaar. darter.
amm th* mmA-Ofs wUd saSlpre,
TBlascMeloodaloeed r^raa,
Uh**t_ff*ciAii»m«B*fofc .___
WhsM* ttmt theasmd eelrartng tanfMS
■, lM>sAn| mdi ■■»*! Axe.
Bel the ami ia hands ef angels
fhaee death thefts taraed sal-fa.
A— the At* ef heavenly mercy
BafoACer the battle Udes
la tbenemee e*eetd the walling.
And Ihreaah tbe war aeaiwd marts
IB* psapla tooSe with the step cf hope
*c the maa* hi their hearts.
•It hm been stated by on* proteasing tobave
ill-Lias t r tha fee* teal sot** weefcj after the be
slselai " this ta«r_li.. bom'ji'<!c»*ii«. not on y ware
Edaeseea eooliy walking the streets, bet ixat Ii
same mvte of tbe towa children * are observed at
aim, aatylatenap_ta« their oporto to gaxa and
fcaaata the bare foßahaUa '
aaa. Btosat.
LAND attached, eltaated oa Brand street,
me Btohmrad Coll**", the rnWwm
ef Boa A B Holladay, and for man j years ia pert
a meal., by Mr 118 Aggelirg m a unwary and
Bauer garden Tha dwelling has tone noma, with
iße a**al oet-beilAnge, goo* weir, Ac. Than ere
eight sereeof lead, ia t_e hlghtet state cf improve-
Mat,wßha large number of the shcl.*-* fruit
tree* Bowers, aad shrutbery, This place teitd
aadraTiTj adapted for a market gartion, or for ths
Issfoni cf a florist, wbilat It 1« stfflilent'y netr
«c foe city for a risMinßi. If desired, a fovorab'e
tssmnil ti itrm Panel» abasm en or hefow
the Isterf March. Apply*
fcU-31 AD 'WHtUAKS.
Fnswiiun* fob »_».*.* aad Hvhbuk won
BUT.—Aqyene Aeairm* a good heme, wi.h
every v tag complete, sack a Furniture. Heme,
end every eonvsatanM ready f x va parehassr to
walk fat a-d takepoaaeKJoa, eas ott on sueb. <3aQ
early and am foryoaneivea Loeettoa healthy.
OaU at Fords Bow Cherry street. Vi set ham Plan*
tan* Bbtoey.
fcfo-cUMf TBO3 g OJTJSt.
\_KOt MA-lt—a aOvM —A laraa, we J iumUn«d
F hmimiat BOOM (tigh sad dry,) suitaMe l.r
two geatleaKO, (b Utdts.) tor rem Apply after 3
etStosA F h\ stem* door below 4th atre .t, on (Bay,
Aoath tide. la lfr-ooH.,;"
VjMNK JBJBHT—-That One caret* knew__ s* '' IM i -
fC LOAB,' lytng ta Uxa asper end cf I'cwhaten
eoaaly. m meaning aboat l.ico acres ot land. Inune
dlato aeassaatea wBl be givea. ApplUsttoa can be
m*Ae to me peraooaßy, in the ooiuity o." Oocehlaad.
ahoM 18 mfles Dram the city of Btchmostd, or by
letter, thrcurb the Blefcme_._ Post-Offica, to the
earn ot Mm Louisa Bajjrnam.
laW-tf** JOBafW APKTT3
f<OA BBBT—A vs_y o«wa.»i* farut-he-l uosi
BOOM, without beard. Apply oa Statrest,
hand side, tans doom from tee eo»»er of Bar
ahettstreet. fr 12 2*
_S>* auMT—i'he sxvia «m uu Boitii aaa of
J* Broad street, hetweon Ist and Sd.a. The
iaaellno Is a vary durable one for c Lnd&ess
■land, either as a 8.-y c_o;-» Ctore or for any other
BmtoSM. Far a good snd punctual t«nant the
us—am WIS be mod<r.-te. Apply to ti. MDBCH, oa
Broad betwata Is. aad 'id m fo 10-3.*
fo 13-3.» IA g B PATJaPOBT.
ThBOSPAOroS —The publication e,l tbe • BBC
jT TIA AL" oawtpaper, which has baa _msj.er.d
a* atom tha occupation of Alexandria by ibe cno
my, will shortly be resumed bt toe c.iyof Bleb
mend, and ea aa aalargcd bash, The best outSt
wh<ch the times wi'l allow has been eeeared, and
laaewbetag eolieotsd; as* It it tbe intention of
the asrtfoe associated in tha enterprias to spare ao
paßuoc eapttoi in the effort to publish a flxat cam
1 will have the good of the
esttatrya* Its control.lag ard animating aßc; and
wfll warmly sympathise with whatever iaealco
hßsA lo presaale the happiness aad prosper!
By of the peop.e. It wfil gladly had ovary
good *m*sn as a eoiabo er It will bo biased
bf a* special intonate. It will have no Individual
amb-ttoa to Receive ecd so persoatl pte|u r io>a to
mAtdga. h-Aapiwdentet all, and |nat to all, to wfll
sst kaowtofly bestow otther ondeearred eeaanre
aranmarlted praise. It wilt be ready to condemn
whan duly it quires, aad ready abo to pay the
aaaaofol trfonte due to exhibitions of virtue aad
TlmArmnumber of the "SINTISIL," under lla
nam anetdnwi, will appear about tbe fl_-.it of March—
nsrheae a fowdays sooner or later. It it proposed,
is aAABtoa te tbo dot y bsae, to publish seau
weekly cad weekly papers, aa soon aa a sufficient
mmmar of rabaartbera Is received to {ostlty the
toStor Issues Toaoable erto tot_.m-noe these at
lbs same ttms with the d*By. m we expect to do,
The terms of tea ilsruriL will be strictly Lo
■Alnam, aad otbarwlu, aa f jllcws t
Dafly AactAel, one year §10
" " samnh' 8
*• " SCBMBB 1
■saslWeeklylaattlMl.eiMyaar A
. - " " six snaths 3
Weekly Besthwl, cue year .- 3
" •' stxmontlw... .. 8
Be aaaer, eases! the BB y. aaaiied toe lam than
ats msstlhi. Papers d-sreMtaaed whea the time
B*Mforoflni,aaiam tha wheattutlaa beprevt*
n*A*annXLcflee wffl be eeadamed under lbs
IM toll i hie aame ef ABITB, BAIbBF A co. -
llsal aid be eomastod by ABIsUIT.
j JIWWWBWL mTWm*m*mmmT9 9* URB.
~ _*»•*«• BBavmm. «Bbs latbeme
sfoaa Briak baadtog fomiy eampred by BtafordA
**stmtym*tmt_\^»t*m_t A m *. « o veraor .treeto,
tm+Bb thb Whig office, and aear the Ballard
Bmss*. fo 10-d3t saAwlt '
tost BBo_rr sb- "~~*
fl * *** PreaskOßß* Skkm;
__a___3S M - ,w ' ,, -'
M 4\mm\' _________ _fl _■____!_______■_
— _ aaj M**SSifVWS-l_B
__B _________• B.iiaala i •___.
-S^**_** mf** _BkmaaßßlPork.
■• " fastoeJEßassaltsftosSss.
BB • _ **-.~ t ' .■
_rl__B S_» ______^l^_^____9-___Maa____D_c
mi mm urn am mat asm as mrs • MuflPl _B
■■atßaVßiaßm bMsbb. bb___s-dtk aaiM_f__a
-_j_JBBvB%BJB^ : -3r
________ ___-__-*___P_BMk_WP
. umn smmimvt-
JM**r l__k**'--*'_S_____BB "
________J_ _V Ba '•>*__--.--- w ?_. _:V__ , _?'._**■■•* _;__" ***'*'.*' - X'?_-
Jf "»_B-s* , "* — » -.-af, ■=£ ;. V *iE*_v* _-->3*'
* 8888 __B 1_ __. __________ __l a_aTjMVtaW flaWat M_HaW
! 2j_«_hlf_t__ ________
, -WP " ,^*!
•_*SW«Wkßfao, "^
<Sy tks osss or ksßiss.)
taaiii Simas is ft a
hyt*^*^^***^^^^ i£ * •*■
. -nrsiamtasac-53.006 toasts. TOB*oep.oM,
asdkt prim* **4W. sompsssd ta Bart mt tb* f__m*
5g ___*. to wktek ws Bret's tba _its--a* ef
"po. __"*_*,
Bo Wss. .
th PoskctPliss,
Bo • n -k__wk_
Do Btoomer Twist,
Oo Bsaate Pass,
B P Oravsly, . __ ti '
Ite Jrbo-Tbor-ei,
Do J.BBOtsy,
SBtksrt a_ do do,
Irrtaßo .
Barton A Bays,
Jamie Brawn,
Oaoni&gfcam's IBwp.k
OM *_-_>__ BA.
B .**-_«,
Q T Pa_b,
-HsmoadO B,
lAOkßttk. ♦ t
Okstrry a*.
Oarstoekof C.*ABs is ss good m can bs found
in tb* Oo_f*_*rst* Statsa.
Ia Sswti-g Tobaeso we bave every vartety, te
b-ga-a-lba-reU Bris. Boot Pipe. Ontt* Fereha
sad otksr P«p*a, In grant vmiety. Ala . s few cas_
sf old Fiord* Leaf.
C BABTWBLL A CO, Broad street,
f- 11—_ Poor.o3ta above9..'i »_
TBs rn_e_'>»_ bsg to brfena the!r f_*_di end
tto pabite that t_ev nave t__*a ths large end <__-
modivß* ct ore, earner of 9th end Broad sta., where
tbsy wIS keep contiatlv on band the Urs_t an-j
b at sele _4-j g<ock sf Mana/aci or. d snd »_*. fcis,
fonnd ia tbs Bond).
most eslsbxstsd bnmds pat c? io Virginia aad
Borth a_t-lia_
IB tMOKIBO TOBAOOO, ws have on hand the
following desirable brsadi:
Silly Bowlegs,
Ebrhist, '
sad otter flns makss, !a ba'.ev, beg*, b__*_, tad ■
In OI_ASS, car c _-r_-_t is * ___ to my la
tto stty. '
Oorstook of PABTOT GO__*_. co _pri__—
Pocket Bttl-es,
Tooth Brashes,
Bote and
totter P;p* .
Pmm. "Pipes, Ac
Oar goods s.» Bb__bl i__afa-tat rafer__sto, '
ratter's trade, snd te wkoksaJ«r.T,y*ri. We will I
offer sapsrlor lnda: emen-a
J B 39_BS-8 _ GO,
Coras:9_t Bi.d Stone striae te,
iLata Sana, r A Barren,)
J W Ar_T_s.
WB fl*T__-_T fllo—lm
BBaBUPAU-!)____ .•.<__.■■._*. '
Ws bars la store, and eff*? for »_, a large lot '
of soma of tk* moat _•_ v*__* brand' of ___-f *_•
tared TOBAOCO, _s__«___e—
Gr_,v_y. Ir _uy __d.
B__rv_ M_---g :•!■*!,
*r_i__l_ ftayo'a fc_»y,
Ie I at*-1 bosss, pounds Bad half pv> _j*.
—ALSO,— -
BBs flas black Itsttaa Sewta. ._,_,
80 lbs Saddlsrtr* SILK, *_dte and eol'd,
Gr-an sad BUck TBA . -
H..K-..MVU. S3C3 A CO,
te 38-6t*> Bs it Pearl nt, __£_,-__. Vs.
_oil__i OM ________ 1---.Oi».~~-_e
a-detndgned &?« aow s-irs.*d to patt__ cp
a- _rUc_ of SSIOKIBO TOBAOOO tost ar_li not
be sarpsassd ia point of quality by any oa the
t-ar_*t. Theyf _■ *♦? from the long experience, of
oas of tto Arm la Bis trado, to to r .1- to E_.fir
■ask ityies of fSBBBBS SS will give i_u..-'.icn io
sll lover, of tto weed. Pars, sad fre. from any
compoaad or mlatnre. they think __ttho«ew_o
try it wfll Sad to it aB that ws gae__. tee. It wUI
b* pat np in 1, . 5 sad 10 lb *»_!_*, (not baan,) bib
king tt tail able for al! hind* cf trad* for either tbe
army, any or eonntry.
AMordoripromptlyattendedt_ Addtem
_C«-__B A 00, 114 __*.« street,
_._-_* . (-.potato.
OBfOPP ABO KKOSINO '>\>a_t_H>' _aftli-
ft P__JT-_i*, OOBNBB OP CAST AX» I__
HTBBBT «.—I sm now _-■_.__ to _a cr_*~i fcr
BBOPP and BMO_I_G TO»AC0O : and sab tto
attention of tha Brad* to my large stock cf thas*
artistes. My _nno--.-_r.o__ sweet __.„.
Packer, in 4 onaoe paper*. Jars and barrels; _r»nch
rfactboy, Rappss, asd €____t—ars __• s nri an
Of Smckias Totaes. from good to vary fins, I
bays always oa hand s largs a__t_ent P artk-a
ter sttsntloa Is salted to my _e__.ii __ioki_s To
kseo. prsasod ia 4-oonss papers, which i» the
fltost oo&vsßteßt skips for so id >s_ la tto Sell
OHAB L Bol_**_S, h_r.____v_
iyOfllss. t-ntmg toe B_r!a Shed*.
■d PA HB__ LS__r 808-ICOU—- have »ta
I _IV Borth Carolina ops h__d__ and .fly
hog-toads of very flas M__-__.f>.r'3ar TCB-CO.,
whteb I will sell, dsUverad oa tb* ___>!g _ s_d Osa
ton _*__*_ Parttes wishing a gooa lot will op
w_l to eaU sooa. S_i-_.BHI.K-i,
t» Sti—BH* Oary strast, bet 13th sad I4'h.
. ÜBUD TOBAOOO.—>I tors oa su_gca_nt
a very largs atoek of fine maanfaclarad TOBaO
00. b tk* tot ars some vory too bra-da of old
Tobasso. which te very soanw. Parttes la want .
sash Wtfl pleas* glv* m* a e__
_-Jb_l__ D HIOKS
oV__-SSlsn Mhtehmxt, Oary street,
teSS .Sm »>-_»>_! u_h ar.d I4U; uta
/TkVB SHW SBUPP MIU- i* aovf-te l_i o-e
V_P ratloß. Ws srs ganof-atarkig a large yttm
ttty sf ins SOOTCH SBUPP, rqnai to say _*■_-
■ars Bnaffsai-r the brand sd M oaiol__ B—." Ws
tavks tto Brads te sx-miae oar steak toforspcr
atostas s-swbsrs. WUI ssad ssiaplss to psntes
entering tksm.
H 88—iwAswkm* Pstet-borr Va.
M_-.-PAOT.-J_-- __P g_t/-__. !___.
00. fIbWP . *c—Tto na-___-*d tovia*
i th* lay tod s-B-BB_toas building 80. «
Bafci strssk, (mnaeriy osoapted By J>t_* Was ..
bass i mum a I tto m__U_sta_i of Chevr<_g _»•
IBs tors _ star* a terse sad *___*o_d ateck
sf Brtoitsodlte-TOBiOOOS Jat, ..and* _>__
sad _■_*_*__ds In ssidtes.
Ato, SjBOX-JBa TOBAOOO aai SVOPP. ia sl»
ttovßitomiateai aastoaws, ta wtteh ws invite tto
Bttaßtfcin of tbs trade totes pe*___a£ »_ew_*rs.
<\ C_»lt_*l_Sfc___,Sa.C-M*-i*..
\Ja*-*A---.-_ TO. AOuo.-Sh W*.
J3_ Bssr-fae-s-ed _.*_t)o_, "*_* Wreath"
tarato, a good artiste, tor aate by
*» j*-*- <•»•*-* T W_STBAM A CO.
NO*l<flk--*rwme ht__g DBAD ABIBALS
,«• *^Jf_fj' w _■ __* _"_» "-* o * l * l ■»•
Baa* tto Smite of tb* amy tram sf chart* ky tea-f
--lag tosanuaa la writing wtoro Iks/ s*a to f Bad
sßkar-t tto-.toff Steali*,"_a Oovaraor str**t
bstosaa »-*■ andjSUt, or at tks Bltrs Bsds. nsar
*___k_2_ffib-^^^ I^h lf_t-S
Sio-it-v; —
a_a___M, _ _
l_kßß-BBB__i ato far sate, wtolarala,ky
__ ItodS^jaSsßt.
s _jßa__ass_* satltoi ta msbbbs
i ____"*__ ___?_______*__ ____!!-_________f_!L <
__B_te____F_—_.____________■_■__________ l
j2|_____a -mwSbR&-__:
_————■ !E___i _____■______!.—__
__________a aanu^ma^^^^^^^^WWWMtm** 9 *]
-■ _? „•<-- • fl B SSBfIBP B %
. r;-. _^|lß——__Kß_H_ **, _ ti-- _^
*n\. wmnynv-g sm ■•■■..
JBJkBS ASPw'fißT. a taaftt,. BjBBS *}***/****
urn* Bad keat_."bla*
Isfr BM-yss, -aSa-SB. aVlf _yksa *___*_*•
kbaaMß •»~!^ i^ftigsU!J%iß
"ifWIB BUlkl, «■__ 8 test 10 ißaaaakkjk,
*!§_«*__» KktTSBtF. s* »«__«i •»*•
' :
PtektaS*!_*«-. A ? >&«*_
Irbt-**-y Btk, JBBS. y
rpBTBTt DO-*WWBhW*JIaX--Araamrdßf
I SjO sssb will _. paid fr* ths arrwrl sad ths
_M_vary to mo of say oaest th* _<_owlßS_aa_4
SfWrPABO <JOI?OTrCK, an ItsSsn, wttk vary
durfc romplexlcn. *!*** ej-_ and kalr, aai abont
8 f**t 8 i_ehi- h .b; **c, iSyeant -'' •
ACOCBTU».BAISkiS, a <***_«. wttk M.kt
e«sspldx__, bins *y * and is.fct hair, akoat ft test
10 fncb-a b _h ( aod _l sesr* nt »ss,
J £ PH-LPft . h-ti from Lya__w _:, ray* hs
la a Beatnckia- by bin. as. -r _ «_ __ye- tn th*
Jamst Eiver ita Kwesevlta 0#»al fer ro_o time
tornll-' ; ma>i; cot-i'lcxM-adia-k, d**k ey_
sad kalr, 6 foot ht_ . snd stoat £4 y*s.-« of sga.
JOSJti t» TO iTSic,
fa B~<it» gept«.l-» H.S -Paßrt'i*.
uAtsr Bs-R Pour botal, t
Jaaaary 31k 16.1 J
A BSar*™ TBT. O_SK-f FE3 —I'as asn_l re
_Mk_ warn af tJBO wtli be psld for the ami aai
w_roryto tae, w to __ effl. r Ie
Tr. _srt«r. ->i„ _t . of -ts W_>#_m
dwt_?i» _ ftaai Coaip_y -•A,"#t. Eogi-t-at I_>«
fcJ-._« VolntKSfir* :
1. Private Ji-«r.OT .S !_*>* ,_ Tt*:*-!*,6be_i'
98 **9_*s of tiiie,ee-i h»*t ersdbnarrl ruddy c_n
f!s _*_-, m_»_l fey th-i rsias! vux, eostswhito*_
_*t in bolgst, arsii - t___*fer by o-sipaMoa. H*
-isoppoardto_Vej.Lasda7-rg_.s «*•_•_■-so_*
pac>-. ' » '«
Frlvatij JKO H OtrvnrfßS, s ns****. af Bew
To?* State, 9' ye_>-8 eld, Isgat hair. n» _-*rt- felr
_->_»f>*iu . hBBa-psa stoat 5 f_s ?is?iitt_ hia .
mid a p'-nisr by v _d_
3. Private PATB-OB DOBf«T0B, a h&Uve ol
Irebiod. a boat 3T feare aid, lljjhi .___ fcdir, ra*!af
SBSBriBB_O-. qtt'.rri cf _B rH"?"_ i_d T*_tf-l. ab_at t
feat _i -tehai n-.-'i BBS S .nra*u«i* by tresis.
4. V-fvste FATIUCK _*ITI-_BBa .» R ontiwe
of Stelaoi, b-_- SB MSB* ot «tt .bl _h r.*ir ium)
be»;i!. iHg ._3p balo, MBslr «ye . WSSBJIS ft'&i si „■ I
lair.i-a h's*?", sriß c d*y tebcter. s
5. P«_-t*_-__t***_4_S aiai'vaofP*wT_k
Sts_ ?oys,-\r. c: . _.fca--i hs'r,_*_?( «y_, idost
hnHi, e_a- S Esst 1 tsokte h-ah. a tBB—NBdOi
by *--&<J*/ _a cere Ujii Srs »>.{. p>_9y>B-rt of toi
Jnni. wad i£ K*_paSfd to b« i_ 2l~ba_-_ ciiy. as 1
i itetf r*ics.v9d a n-.-':>e. _*._Oap, V» •-•_, cm _f tbe
Qat-'eimtotsii cf Ui_t e^ p __ttojteip-Ua_
Si7i •' , B as Bay, ttas y, n_J alotkXhg mss-y,
I wit* s_d S_o fcr EeViraa _ -hsbl t_a* t_.-"_ a*
tho bbk s.r_ _. ti. <__. S3O,
A Ti oDß*_:_T,
f*C-5» ' Capt ?■-. A, fit'; B_gL* V-'-'s.
THU<i'T -H>L-i_B- BBWABD.*—Ths -i»ove
rewia d 'wl-i be asid for tue Hpp.f-ui-r.-_
Roy ens. of too (OBowtog named .BSSS-BBS
from th. _le__ta_s JUi-ht _.£.___■- -e.u_p _-._.
dX«;» BOBBBTKH: QNn_p eyas,d_?_ h_r. florid
o_Bjpj_*:l-id, 5 test ii. Igctos bSg_, eg.s «5 jt-am,
bora io Ir-i-ud
_.__»T_y __«)_.: Wtf-t eve. hair,
flora c_orur:x. . 8 laid hi/a, bcra _s____. tgid t
tdysit'.*. i
fBOttAS OCBKBBi B.a* ay _. t**n h_\d__. I
-__lilrs;lo:i-, si_t 7 i __c* __ga, b*im _t lr.i_c . J
Aged 46 raani. *
jr _y D_Vi.: _ssctt eyas, dit'* hair. c_*fc s_a
pit _k_. 5 fnot _• .at_„ fc_ . h o *"* s to. ?-!gt_BiJ.
CB 8 .-*___: Bios i-fef*, _'_'_ imtr With a
ip_._'_yr of _-i**f- d*i- soxisiaxten, 5 feet 11
toe-_ _._, bora to mmaad .v *<9 yenr_
2 Ls--,_iO-T,
ga_____ gap* Mftß-frtt _lsht >r'y
Ois ii H.__»_ i- _ _W_A __ H_lt_-D - toft
mv coi-p-'iT. (A, si« Va re. ",) ea or s r __t
ttw 7th day ct .--_iy, IJ_ _______ _<::,-__.
Be _ __o&i 5 test 8 tn__s bt_. with &_,_ ba ! r.— i
-fcei_td.il..' _-'?er tf ha ___! hse b?en _H
off jo."- c__v tl-* rrss-1 i - ._ tt*b63bof
the a her hand fs a ts_, • Ic-Jla la.. He
».»" h&n . ;.*.■■ -,'_.-1.. $i.. hi tor. B_ive
riwerri *«.li b? pSfS «* IH , * ..y ts _.», at the
earn? cf the -3d '?» r\ 'i .. t: «tes .'fs >> i e _:ij,
Fic-e.t. civ:_i.H, i: •_■*_.-_ i ____.
ti._l»_Y A -_.Mo2_>s''S,
f. la-Si* lar,*: Q- 4- 33d Va t»_.
LASA' ____OB *<■*_ AB-_-a C__ .—r__s_
aat. to oruer. is_nd ty 3_rio. 'Gem rat vl W
b_t „. ail mMB-ars cr Ca.pt J M_ti.y Serbia's or-as
per.y, <__» ) ,8 h ttatts_rrn Virginia sS*a»y Artillery,
aaw *-«e_t, _r_ hullfliil *__ tbsy *aa_ report to
_ r.t aoe, b_! no pael&*a~_t'w_ b? Irsflo:. 6 ex
cept ths forfeit _-* of p.'y __■ ihe __* -•_•_.—
. ttcvll ihey n.it report txamediittaly, th .y wi)i be
sssßtdsmi ,-.s isterters trir.4 cy *ho new can t
_jftr:-.i.' BOWdB :si;n to __t :f f. __d
g_lty, wil; be shot wioaever Enprc_enft«l I can
be f _m_ st tha M_t_U y HzM, over Old Ma__i,
roraetr ot ltth scd «_a_t aireaw, Binhmond, Va
WI'CUtLSI-i' .
X_f-i_l__ 2_d _?*l_r:i*'.*; C ffia_*.
_toJO—__»*_* OoP.. .8;h Vsßat.
TB-BrT -tOUtAJp BJrWAjr©4-Wlll h,-? paid
fo*-tie epo'eh-reicaaad d**iv*ry at fcarine
o._. . rre»ry'* nir-ff, or WM M..BS, a dt-uerter
fr-m-tb" Oil _a.-»ie ..-orpa Bs ia 22 ye&racf age,
.fe'-t 8f :::■.:_,■; '.- .'..a, r. ;.o eyea, ; hs. teir
cost,-'-.- 0.-t si-i b*d bs_i *T-.-3:,_s ia the left
hatJi attofwt-l to es-spßtjr C_np _«, where
he had iBBBMBi M. _. U «-• a eabßtUate.
a. --?-71t05 t
*€ .oi- a_tl4Snß„o,
f(i Ig~> _ Ogesiq Broad nt.
__tA-.__ i._ii iBBSXiaSB x.__ t, <
A__Mr-*krto_d. Jaa IT, l__t. $
LI-T Cr _'_a_.2-_i2_, wi,'hc_ Isavc, from
th* ltd vis:
ffnnJt. -vane, «.'T«yc .--,
Allija _;..»?_ Co___fly ._.
" OJKsfly,
*• t> 88-lvsa. "
Ca-rp'rl W W -iVr._s, "
Privsm Jtaner _:■___, tkn_p_r.y B,
" lIWO-l-i.
- O*. W Kt-rB, «
"' _ 0 If vera, •*
** _ » Btw;
Oc-fp-r! Jas B _ yetia, ■
Prtv-te W_. _*__, . i-.vsn-. 3,
" Los __.», "
" S 7?sto*?. _,
- G _ _*<?_, •..'■s-'.r-r.'ty Sf
H XIW Jobnaon, »
*- T W __rV__7, *■
« .>B-torv_B, •
■ O 0 BstarkteßL, ■
" I.P Ve._-b__.r-.- * **
(B-*rs'at »? O fics-t__',
Ok_*pM B A S__fc, "
MM. J E -liEaaweC, .t-tapgw-f .
< * Jsro _ Atjree, flniapiiiy 0 £
B—__* _i_ J>_ __K?s **
«• Joel _i_;fe_,
Prlvaito O JT Bb-m
- LB Lnsk,
" OBBaiSsss,
M Oass kocfloet,
** A*■ -towcli, Coe_!SC7 H,
■ A ▼ -hoe*, C-_!»_«-y 1,
*• H 0 Bcrffc,
*" » L _to__ *~ •*
" B W Laa_,
*• Thos J lt}e?phv f «
" J t Bahhii. Oaapmy V.
- W _ ClifVi-A, «
*• ST _■_,___,
Corp'rl C H Morg* . "
Private J M B«'-__. C. wapas. _>.
«* J«sH Co., - «
« O W trT2s___o«r •-_*- ■
Oorn'ri -OtoKrare, .* ■-•*
.. The abave-i___ed anembess of this mpmcat a_i
hereby . to report st ot-_i to ttia sommaai,
tn per_n or by E _g*ia'a «,-. __a__ t sr tbsy will
to treated as _**».•.*•"
By ord«r of OoL Wm. HcOoi-S
]sBl-_t* W B BOBPOBB, ABH.
T"\_S*_¥!»~-Prom my «*_p, at Ygpxn. abas
MJ tha Sth of Bcvsmksr, U_t t -—-—**
H_K!a» J. Ht.STOS, SB yssrs _ ap* Sftst
ICi lat_—h'4'h; gray ««:-;-git br_*Vß __r; _«r_t
co_p__font wss bom la ln__£; *-, dsssat ia ap
pealßßwj kss a yoaiLifel vr,!_j,
0. P. »__C'A_, _> yj_>•« of ss . ___ syss
e—k hair; 6 _*>t ?» lachw high; enf'-tted fa West
m__a_d oorarty, ?_. by Cspi. 3sn__r.
1. P FB~_!A3?. »_*ff Slyssrst ttas«__ai___
kalr; d*rk «omnje_io_; Bfsst 1 la»jc. J_|bißr_*
adJa V*,feyfies-fe __*wcc_
J. B. BSV AWT, s__l _5 y_—j . »sy«Si Bjki
toto; dark samplmC-. «__ .
liatedla «r»sßtiocr;ls_i „ __y, Va^byOapt.__*__.
_?! __St_ t fe *f_ i •_-** ****
kalri dark so»pU_o.l feat 44 nxttan ztahi*n*
Bjtoi ia Wac_____4 wcpty, 7*., by €_*_ mb*
___________ ___-t_Ll__y_2__r_____^
W -*- >f Milm __n^*" ito ' c
*4_&^s_________F______________b*-"'' ijj ' : --^--*_.^_T^i^r_fe;"*-'?*'-^^-Vlk
''•<__________B___>__- -Ri ■._
___ a___aa_i_l_Pa__am_Bß Br BF Sa_B> E aa. SB -
"wSs aartisa SBBBaaaiSa *h/nm
Oaamrlattew.bbbs ta aßsw sssasrla-i •svsbbbb*
B-_-B-to w-vaa-s af akrkr owa ssTssHbs. *_k>
00l ala__7_ssask ssbbbs sf kin a ■Miv, -Bars*
ssatatesd te jhs sk;
WMMMsT IharEmWaf YaW B»^~B^W*,_*■*■__ ! *____'eP** ,w ~ '^*^ B^?^
_a_-f__{w_?. w --2a tt tmSr_^
tobte teßß_soll«*sßsr**ks sßswsi ta Jote aat
sits wkf ek srs asaa»sd bytew te volad_ra '
lap-nmsasiof tksss srdxrs sad temmticßS.l
bays astabhshsd my tosiwsrteri at OordoasvUls,
2b?£__._li-__, Sr^A^S-»»!^aicS
s__Bk___S , _S!md < v__ty! a_sidMrsds.«m
nu b7l-_?«TssVoro Xt Of
WBI_IOB_,_o-4 Psnrl ate-eVa-dtecnd. An
op|__a_ttylsksrsby sffijrdsi aH pswrnswiAta
t-e limits before recited wbo are l_b!s to military
aarvisa to dtaohsrge tkams-dves of that obligsUom
witboat teenrring tks odinm wbteh is cappossd to
attach to tbs term scoimipt I will receive rs
r>_.ts span the terms already stated for the compa
ny to wblcb I am attached, or for any company te
tbs sS-BBsai ot Ms) Abb toaltk.
Ths _.ar _t>mer_ _____nd_ig, as well ss tb*
Adi-*«nt ssd Inapector'-Besefßl, e*_ae*_y demve*
that the ablr-bsdted nwe of tto State *-nit prompt.
ly act cpoa thti *_yrt-aUon, and with a wiliiug seal
earn* fcrvrard axwl Sll tip tb* ranks oTt_* co_pa
ai a tn tbs ssrvtoa witboat waiting tn be eaaqlrahi
«dto4oty. Wkt B WBISK__.
LUat Stiur_lv--t's B*kt..rj».
' Ja .I—od_» Kscrnitteg Qffi tjs%
__vitL N-JflCs-—TO 7fl_F(_f:Zßß_ OF
bj BA-tßlCd.—The on-e_!gr_4 b_v_ig be en d.
taU*d for thirty days oa racnutteg aervi_i for the
o_:".itjr of Heorlnti, hersby aanoonSeS ia- i'.s eiii
e .-a ma p*-ti«'. _n*t>_ul_i of th* eo-sertpt-ot. ao
a« to siiow *i; scssetiuts in tbis ooa _y to vol._■
t_r in cr_p..-.-',ei of ii__ owa .eleesicn i_ ibn il
v„ioa,_i-_ thetAby rea»iv. t»j« a _al bonety of §_)
awarded to v. an'ears. It is _>__•'lr hr-peA Uut*.
tbetre t-dn.e_e.ts will add * ?-_ge nnmber of men
to tba ranks of ths tray. I call open tbs people
of this -_t-ty to _»-.lst me in tbe good work. _*il
ev.rt man apply hia eh. aider i*i the wheel, aad by
h te -err-iaed eff _t to forward tae iroad wurh, abow
to tbs peopla cf the eoantry that the eonnty of
iri'.-v;., r. in >t f>i,-,-.- .t: ber daty. I also or.l.npon
Hi* i-t;s*n* _ tt'isscaaty to _<*>.t ma in ratttra
:.,g to daty d-.aazi.-re from ibe may, who are nnw
at ».-.-. tßnlhlng frota tbeir dnty, wbile th;i: f*l
tew sjl. *Xt» are tT- i. g >_r_it tt_ cold aed sm*
*_-* ef tbs wkitei*. To a:, sash I -»_»a'd .ay, that
I wilt make sv.ry *a_*_>vo. to arr_t tt:_- . and
_t_m t.__ io their re*p«_lve Cii-jtan I ** Ta
th"«» wlabtcg %o vciantiwr I woaW aay, that I oan '
be foaau tiver tka BUtfS ct Se'.iian _ _o 15
Cary *!re_, tyeUftmn ths hours cf 9 pad 3 o'___,
e-sryd«_. « A Mir._S«t,
lit LUat oo_V_, 19 _ Virginia r- -1.
f- 10—et_ 3:* Kt-Ttt'ttag Cf&aer.
I_H*i»_.-rAßi' Tp <JU_teOßlPtß—Tbe otUtf
eigued having been-Stalled for a *h_-a i 1:.., on
t_•*_":::*-••* amitrtas for tbs _ny of Bioi-acnd. wnold
reßi_ot_ily saaoa-cs, by anihority vetiied tn n_
by onkx of MaV,.,-(J.-i,i.ri_ _■ W Si_i:b,t-e p=rii_
b* ;;■-!*. *'-co at the __ic-tpl lew, so ea to pern.ii
SSS_SI|pW-0 v_la_.ee. ia the e_;_rfv_l_i cf t--tr
ovtatc- v.'.-'Ti In this r____*i . vritboo. pa(_e«
.rosgh CB-ipi ff tr.lticc'.-.r., Hand :,■_*?« t_3
- been y sad ntaer beuefits by !»w for vci
{ BBtssrs* 1 orgs .ao- the pec_la ci thla city tte
I lsaj-.ojt__*» of a>-t_ ! ly d-lag ap tha rcnxscf catr
{ sn_y, _ 9Tder tV»t >hs threnUaed ktvs_;a of the
Slats _>*y b* repelifd.
It is eaf S_ntiy _op*d t_st with the l>b-ral I _-
tin_iais-.r! : ?. lam a-i«... ista to teudor to «o_sr-ip_,
a i -_s# namb-r will do t _-le-j to t_e r*,U . and s_tp',a
_ _r?j th€r«b-s-B-ot__. tir-r tao c _::_'.- deiivse. A
c»j_t<| rt.js e3_\„t ctr -.i wiii be __fl_l_tt,it te by
j;Bv;d, to ew_te*-t Wi to this hi?- daty tvbicb yea
owe U» yi BCMIpaS caa „ yortr cf-trntrt--. Ie — t»e
fortcd s> any ifcns between ths Bc__ oi 19 A M a.d
9Pia la -'» __Lt_ry Hs., abore the Oi. MurAat,
oorue? of 17th and ___ «_<>«_.
fa B—Sga 3t» ___j j_jj ________; ______
NO-ia-—- Sacaordiass t»l_ .-.,-t; . '.rusr-.,
Ho. 19, ;ro_, t_i _ ajnta.--. and Ir-sg-;.. 0_
-~■.■._-._'* Cfilce, I aia aew ln Pr_rhat__ oa rentiU
ta. 2«r*vic . aed _>...a**t* the p___ iwipshstea «*
t.e Con-.i-ipt _w, so a* to pa.ratt siBiSB. 18 to i
*ro_s_as*r ia the roicpaaieH cf thet? o*j_ Batsstron,
withent p»__==jau ezapa oi iaztr-iiitlou, t.txd
to the bennt* ssd cat* *3-j&efi_ picvlies
t_• law for vohtbteerv.
It is _ *i»«s Cer me to _> _r* an appeal to yoar
pat iotlara. Tbe do-',lata SSBS_teoi of tto fa_«at
portion _ yoar State»■*___ ia-i.k-r.gjr t__.n tr.aa
s_yi,_in_ I <__ti asv.* O.ma tot.<-fid, th tn, oaa
tad sll, and vaSonte. at« . tli.i- ih? vQs ivvedar
ii*7 he .—ept from the sacred soil of yoar native
.late. __y~ona wtthia _•■* t-Biirnpt&ge vtlio*»il
c.._-i fi-r. _ii *__ v_i'.!!'._ ? -tvHI have ;b» pii7i
iegi of at eahiag h'rr>7»if ta say co_jp»_> he t.»y
„l-tt. end wiii be firniahad wi-a tr__port--.lton ta
tbe ecmr.-ny on Bpplteattea ta sq_ He wilt rl>*_
rcoeive S ~>i Itrnaty a_d all otber to.-ft*
by law _j snob o_B_ P 8 BOaST.
felO-Sawtw Capt fi.tl Easrai.-...-.. C-i-'-r.
________ _
Jfi_ArQ_-&-388, \
KlrbT-sad. Pebntary 7, iB«Z $
SPBOTAI. 0KD8..-, MO £7.
V, Prtg-i __ral Wits. KB, t. _>mau-l_g Dup _*■
meat of g»*r- .tso■ I* charged -nit- iae doty ef g__. I
lug PASSPOBTft beyoart.t-s Ucea of Ooa?*_»
--r»e army whhh wiilbeeiven ln *a&h__an_va,
c.':- apo-x r_-h ecadittnns, as he may <!(__ r-r«P'-';
anbjeet h<n*er-T, to the ij!_i-r_;i._ of the _ .aera*
ia __aadtete cc_i_i__d _* t_e 11a _ throagh rr-lch
thg BfyUiaat de.li _3 to pass
* * » ♦ # #
By <x__tand of M*j o*v _ W ._it'_
SABU-L W kilL-l-CM,
fe P—B» Bfejer aafl A A _<_._-.
BJ__SSS <so * I ~e _- H a-K* v A yo£_, i
Maoth_t«r. Feb. 10th, l__t. J
DlSß_T_l> —Tbs following nr-med mon ara
desMtesi from ray company, now .ta.io.ed
i_ __uie-«_er. It tbs; ,-ilt etme and report io me
a. once, they wiUoaly lose their »,ay, tout if btonghl
hcok iMder -r->l bs ecurt-nv.-. _..i _, an-i
d_Jt with aa the c._ . may __.. :
ekO XAMTI.. n: Branswtek co;
WM CHAPBA-i, a anbititate;
BBBBT _--'.; a_u_, aaabaUtnte;
J.SB HEBBT, asnbßUtate;
J1 Sit-TBB, a sabsßtate lrom PUtsylvaaU-
W C HOOfcii PowbsU .
K.lli .Of. NO, -.lawuldiat
I wttl give S3O reward for tbs delivery of e_*b.
of tbs Above naraed mca to saa, In _.»,a__t-r; or*
tl pnt in Oaatle Ti aader ia Blebmc-nd, so tbst I
_a get tbem. F. 8. «*_ i-'T, Gaot,
fe ti-Baw_w» Oo I. tbTdt Bag't Va Vcb.
ONS UO.&Eni) Dvl.___S B_¥_-D.-
Bra*rt*., oaths raweh from Unlpepsr ♦*»
Jr.e-ertekeborg, Va, ta or anient th* SOtbcf Jtov-r,
W P BSOVa, assbsUtateto Co P, 4<si Virginia
reg-t. Paid Brawn pr_e_es to be a C*_&- lan by
bU th. B* Is akoat Bi ycata of ag . d feet 8 ___a
nigh; of de-sat* sppssnme*' dars o_optexio_,and
dark hair. Rs __a__y reaUed ia __eb_to_d. A
reward of SICC mill bs paid tat tto apprehension
sad deU__r of tb* shove assart*-.
41st Ta rsgt, oaatp csar Vs.
fa 9—3t»
U'-ICB TO OOBsO&iPTS—The __!„___
aminlng Eoacd for the 3d Co_r~e**_n_ _._
--'.r .tt Is Baw ii-ld*. _*rite cssuoa at tbe Camp of In
«t__ti <_, near B__n__».
Alt**_-__■ of eoaacr.pt sge, who b»va toman*
ttortssd to appear totes this Board for fl—tivs
air.i-._-l_., wla report ____i_t_y
JCBB A 00_. Cspt and _ar_i*g Ctneer
I—ai »a Coaareeet'Jtial r*t»wtet
__HJ __*__■__. . ■ ~
fj.UB-b-TB #_-_^_B_*K -J_C ~
.as seseod k-tf of tto prcsmt *__ on begins oa
Monday, P*b*y 16, aai ends tbs last of J mm. Ws
bays a deligfatfol tosatlon, s .nam* ef C__* aad 1 i th
sts, asm tto ißstttat* ball ding.
Our*_t_*tf ttadvte soaaprstoßStvs sad eon.
plsto, embrs-ag • Prepmatory, sa Ora*_*_i*l,
i-dßOoUeg_BsX>ep-r_ss-.tasashof which the
test tsaaksrs ars sasßCSfl.
OBASH W»s_M. A M. (Valvar ity of Virginia,)
Prsstto-t. snd Prof of _<*•*:_ B_*__. aai *__■__.
JSS h JOBBS, A tt, (T__venH7 cf Vtrglß-.)
Msth-msttea, Sctnrat laassm, aai i_*_-* !_.
, ___«tP__b_,Pb___.
BatbaS _U___r Ma-is.
BQsg M P Biix. BssUsfc Braastos.
Miss « P TaXxbtibb. Baalish _,__*_*
MtNePABB fl Stasa_d7 P*spar*tory Ospsr.
Mrs A O lU—obt. Prnparat-ry B if srlaamt.
at ttopssssat
. • 1-.SBB dibstsißfainßkl>rt_i.
Bar _*r-_m__r_ss__Bst__r ta
Imssßteßsas-S-sTtoSmv* «•_•"bbb. SaaakSßidß
*_______*i__a_ ______t •'—*___ ______ __ a w—
T^.apmms ______ mesas
_ «_* * •__ ~ ■*-BMBBM'SIimB*BB_B. fU ■
■ -Br-B*»iWr-_ -. • - J______,- >
. _E ,?___limß_tflWbi__''
uL**fpama iaßa*^Hßß_Hß_BsßtoSjijM n
_■■_.* bbß Sbßßbbbbl Bkr 'IB bsbbm§'tosi'Bfcf'.
_i_______a_____ _____* ____-__!-a_____t
___I a____Es_C__a_____&£______^_*_____s.
*. -d-^-Mi_____^_____-__-_
- "*S pam flgßß SaBBB W/BSB ■
t sssb Ik—asß BrssslT
W.aaaw •vmrwrumymmmw i m i n aai iyp
-.. ->kBk)Tl-'ff_r -
is Bssaßods ..'-',,-••■
KM)O kaassßaas-Bstmnd Tobssss.sU amass
' m __-»tVitnß
_B_raaß»~^ WH tsJOBtSdaOO.
tk»-4i ... . ■■•■-.; ■ ■-~ -.- - -;.-. -- V
A PPf-BS, UU-188. SP__T-~
SO tohigi!i^mrQrssßApitl«B,_iforxl4ri».
.0 de is JWss App!*
Id is is Bwwn-agar;
SOO io io Bnper sad Bsira Door*
I do io Oht Apple Brandy;
1 da io Otdsr Vicira't
I do do MO Syrup,
lOOsaaks d. • O O and Timothy B**.
lOtbdg-i do -bra Bea j
SO boxes do TsUtiW sad Ws_ Ca.__.as;
- 1,000 do do -I-Ba.-_a_edTobaoo.part
10 kags is PTai-, *.-_or'.: ,
tOO iba do ____!:3;
f»0 do do Uppar LenthW;
1,000 do io Scrap do
ICO io do B-oe •"_•__»:
SCO do do l-n-d 3!t_fe__r-.«;
900 do do _rylT_._;
10 bates do Oott n n Tarns;
- mo do do Smi- _g -kbaaa .
00,000 medfatm to fine vl_sr_;
,100 natta Mes's Sewed Brogeaa.
IB stars and for sate by
Bfi _.".--__.S. CI. --'a _r«ii__tt.
f» T_.t« Cof>>eT Cray a. I Kttb > ta.
Q 5 Ml* ml taa . . j
SO bbls -t-rreatina j
10 bbls Apple- J
_-baxss B *.~ ___;
25 bor . Ca ._-•- j
1 bbl Ocaarry-!_•.'•»
80 bail •'is '!*iiia'.*iiy _*«_
5 bn_ .& __3g*i__ Bssi
At private rate.
b-H-3t - B-3BT_tiOy, AX>AMS fe. fO.
T>i___ COFlai.
5 bsg* price K'o Coffee, ~
8 half cheat* fln« Green Tea,
3 bsgsßtaqh Pepper,
A tow k*a» -Bs Cat. Pods,
Io store, and for a_e by
fed--st* ' gB£I gyjgjgjttj 5rJ £_-i vi.
\%y fi _aY» ths enVnaa or—
VI 100 fob.* Apple .--"py .•;
10 b__Pm_k *_ __y;
SO ___•, Wl__.sy,
Oar s-dn--- is C£_wssb_.', r. C.
tnß3—Qt a £_*_________%______.
"I . _T S._'_fclVlft
8 libel j 'lime _ -.-_ .•:_-.»,
80 bb* " *' •'
For a_io by BOST H ol7<_- & CO,
fe 10—gg Ko H Psturi __-_
{J. A _ bUDAi
10 c. bb ..__ ?,-;,*>..,
In aim _, _d for sale b/
WJL-O* & B_-6*fF___3_.
_fe 12 -Si Ttteth'ifjre, V*.
2 'CAA bli w iMiLY ___-_, £»* i-wAj
*«. \A/ *° *- 3Xt " iotsp ;
10 KkdaSmra*;
«. bVt_ do
200 beg* 7s *: _ ?? 0 halt.
TnKt<-.r. ait'Jfcr __a i.«»
IB 10—it . '■'■; IS T vrr»T-va_M * «... j
1 ■ ' I ***** ' I
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par«t»j*_, waich we feel assured will be properly
Appreciated by all who favor ns with task t».».
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BB»c__i-_s.---Ja_e B Lindsay, Ci Liar of the
Bank of Oape Pear; Joba A (.iisne .. Atkcsey &t
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the sslo of all kinds Coantry Pi _.i_., _ th* effioo
t__tsrly oscß_*_ by _ Frui ill!, ia .!___.« Ware
tc-ca btsikkag.
By strtet atteo-oa to tbe latersst ef oar (_*&-_>,
prmayt r_ Eros, ws bape to share t!>. _r patrcaase.
A. B. VS_ ABbi.
Of Prices Bdw__i eotwty. Ts.,
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smataaiim-is af aroosrtes, Prodace, Bsaßteetarsd
aai Sraoktkf Totoasot slso, Staple Dry Goods,
and wifl pay personal a __tion it, tfte isle cf %he
ssam, eitaer privxtcly or at *«•.__.
Oar if »t asle will take pleee at sa saiiy day, of
w__b das-ottos wfll be given.
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Jr «_* awks a Bssstm this swing at Broad Jfesk,
tS. steals sf Mr, Dsvßft M«Bs_i_, stoat trnto
BBtesitosß ttoslty a*JtlskSßn 111, at BIOS ttoam
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_ that tl'ito *i 1 plftsin call i.*. SS oa ow s-ntle, and
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Supply, S< th to Stulr-7 -ns variety, tost th" v_
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rtaya il_s, my ae«r* boy tt)_>Si}_ »-;„
apprsheaatoa and ite-i vary to Mr ROBEST _Ub-
Biß a Mward tf 835 WW be paid »1 •.>„•*
abcat IT or 18 years Old. ef a dark br, sea reto
to.rabty sicnt bail. -BBit b-sdan-H. , vtemr
tUtvtiy kd latily; when epckta to rep. . »;.,%;.
*-*,_-r!->-oe*.t 'ki:_: b'd on, wbeabel_i ...»
_o__s, „<j«h wont, at. an aid straw kat; w_»_»
»*»_«* a short, ab_sgy, black owt-ecah. Ba ttS
the l_ti.r part of la_.ye.ar at ktr. H. J. ■-_-_*--'
•,-.*» _"»_ __J. and waa again bt_ d thera .*-.*■■ r ,
*).„ ran off. He te pro__ly reereisd fcr *,--* _,
in the eKy or msv Se at ama* of tv _i _«m _t V
tta city If ewrgh. beyond the co"-:*.- H_ _ »n<l
deliver * 3 l«r« to Me. 1. ns-ipbla. aa erj'-'i. •» . r.
*. .» of S M 3 will ts paid. J. B. AL_. -.
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of I -oember, .aid alar* 1 tktat 1. j*» _ gfsga
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Ar<Al-St9w alWii_-»„ away
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hi-. 1 will j,»y iL* ihoyo raward f. ru aej •
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s_oha_.d. B W B]«BAU_Ki .
Ix r of Jneiih ____~ riwa.
f* .—WtAe-..*•
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aid; . B*s. .5 f» . fe i-sh** turh . -fe .:,-, ssd
s-oni _j ySBSB old. Pr_ __ t/k .'«r__Ti'y va <• •
I-ir- _>vt» -.•*_.>_. SMnXL Cr- >ra.-. 3
fert lt) int.es ?rJs_, d_r< __a, «c& gbaat _ ; -.
Tha _.-o -.-ri ri»w«»a wiii bs paid f „ cr.a -r;-
*ry _ the- fjar. _• SaCtO f?r *h- t__~ry a? *rt_* I
en*, at the <_ty Q« "T■-.-'«_, Ufc.ee._-_.
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goci«t:y, o? the oonr'.y of _o. . via. Tb* ••_ ttm .
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br.wi» skis; I* vi on a.s» c__b!l-»*| a fttU .'*• *f
r-»- Ylr.i'iia c:oth'o_. Tks owner af lalrtSjyU
lo e--_e torched, ptov* propwty, pa/
.-__?.»., cad tike it.m away, or he ».-_i '_ kl •.
pjih ss the law di* _'.*.
f * 7 -* < ' a -» :) p PIigdWASTS. 830
B|MP.- !i->i£*__J HBWA-U.—_•/» 8-st.
I • atee. Ji» y, '*'■>. a nest, naa _*o ji "-V:.' L.i
' ©'i-iaglne. lonulv to A _ SCilier, dut'c, ittx «f tjt>
teams; oonaiy. Va. Tb* ai'-i iwaro a brigM wa*
ti»i_, _a*.» _1 s*-rs of S#a. $ f ~«t 4lr v ra'. .!.
i'y b*W. »t*jp_i o. i.-A. »*id tt&r.ya »: j i* -.-._. '
w«- tt ff i.4 w_i p-2__-_d ot Mr f»il -'
; ■-_■- ■- - con_ty, w ter- hs kss :- wif*. 31 - a .-at
1 l-n _ ai>4 ft-aemaßw. aad may b* y;.'•;< _ a - *
rai>.?«. X wt!t «lvs !k* above rew*rd tt *• '- d_i
tkay i*Ji, fiwetM eaa get klm. ..tt--.-*
i MJ«Ii B, rt or J A AGBSW, esavtii'.e-, of A *i
__> r'a «at.i*. _tc>t_ord. **' «- -*__
rrtWO MUfrD-Kli .MV Bl>Tf ____*»_
X BBW.».ao—Per my wcmaaTlP*, «*' ■*
i'r. ra the feal_Kgb/osk Hotel, i_ _ '- ' *
•h j lath J».; aucy. She bad on a!__-_(. _
:.:..«, it abont B3 yi-.. rd. dark aaia. as* ti- '
;..rtU to i'_ Joha Barctaa, In Pet_r*_t)-g. _!-.• ■
I otu.ht ber ft.ta Mr, A .'hece A .-»•'... a .
_ie*t_fl*lO. Shamay be ha-Bored ■•/ *_-*_«• ■
tern to «** near f a__ ri»i__. If as, I v»i;- i'.w* Itf
__ Ik'H iii__i,ti_i to tbs sbsvs r*w«d ««-■* -*»
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coaot-nU_ he* to H A P8..8C3, Elf- -u-. "*
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i__l?t--lds Bstiroad, Psterabarß, Vn. h s__J_
*|V>iPi*S Dy._iM ISW4BS.---M"*;
r ir»thosobMrtber,«e Moaday _. a>*r'
'Jj'Kna.i row -i Xi'lTr, aged -X) joan hVvj ' -
n*. t*sd__ __gbt, ratbsr _*-», h*. i-t»
port.as of bar <i_at teeth, aad hsr e»« tae-i ja»
Ir_ ao *v< iv b* ijium aoti-j. ,-._.. Bitty •■••>•*
_t_-lyirom tb* _r.i_hb-ihnod af I«_l*ai-'* 1, .
H«>r»,sad may bs atieaifiuag lo taJt**__
; k_ak. Bhs took with her *«ve**-t T_ ».» -•■***
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1 the a..--, tv- -»w_dl far her •■•**_ aas —- it-vja
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_>oLi_a__ BB n a_j_- ->.- » - ■
r my _*__*«- en ths nig tit cf tk. _*< *-» •»•*»_ ■
wrroa**t«.y C._._\.H _to*_telwr'> **<*■■
mulatto, 5 •!_ c* inchaa h_;ti H* k.O c»-*!_» ■
iert a gray -oat, gray p*_ .*s _a tl-«•- *>»«_■
im&rtiy wvrn, and gray sap. B< k -* , *•*" *- ■
. 'th Sasaet.f i___ •::.•. C 11 _|t _ t*^ til -_"B
J£e h-a a StO* i_n__n-*-at •_ Hi- -p*-- - <***s a* B
bea'--* Aaatybißik-t
M t_-X"-t ta the eonnty, IwW pesy •_• - .*_*■
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tic. *«__, Iw; tl jia« t'4. f.fl. rt ; ■
Vmfca P O, rl_»*v-r «saalp '*• ■
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if swsy fr«_t t_* _o_w trf ra U-i I* -fjJB
Pit»ra-ry. s dars krawn .to*. »<■***<> »-_» *MM
tigm otmsd PBTSB. ab*)« t _t year* c<t • —
r.t-% v_« asovs "award te say ser-rca«rr_ *--• «*-J ; «
-bate me, or fcsve k!m -wUteeO m any I' l ' -_£-■
g;_* ttet Imy sot B__ Bs toa ■> •**« *-* vT_|
bat vi fans ty. emd was rseaotly _m_ti U>» ~ M
ICMmttCMsXty, Vs. J.-AMIS- T WA-P. ■
P*_sPlsarteUßß,&»aiu*<S*te*-tf/, ▼* I
T>O_AVrAT-S_ JtSWABU_■*-*" -«/jH
J\ ths saUtrteerr, te tß* etty of BJ '- bc, _r_tl
__, -t.tb tsa-. a BiAek r.iau *~s« ts ' __2__
of _v Bsry tf Ootoaam «f Okiaßas
may bsmaalsttor maytocX ""^JiB
tor-mm mad s—very a, B£.a**_»J~
j-frßtoda _ | ,<=.»■ MABBiagteJ
p«v_i£-_ro» "***iz**^^jji\m
I BBS. srto ran away tote ftemp.
j_!| ma iMiawaH mis tal —' *•___'-* "-.TapM
******* *__rt *•______. _l__2^*»__
•*-*• ._*__* B ____s_____£^^
aa Bstek Bfag mno^m., _ . •_ nUBBs
• -.^Ja
a'_ -__Bt'-__ _* • __S_l__*****''* a *** __-_
_ _Bf _____
[ maa-_M^%BB*Bj^__>_Ba M ai, mam^b****rmm\
i* '.ji,*'tos'■■ - ___j— _s__
> _SB_*—■ ______________________sbbj__9

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