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The daily dispatch. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, July 06, 1864, Image 2

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fltcbmonti f wpitj.
KAttß, in Urxe or suittll ■jugntitiaa.
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tnaac. Ket—.i— ..VVha. itWeaa,
several mnatlis *«*, *****
~,) „ r am! l.tt.M-«* Uf.tt.l
and .Saie.nan hvl o,H*«i..UUe H
VMHrti an.l Uo..ra!i.t, CaMM H wh\wttw%oU U
h-ivcdcrclvre.UlKtttheaUiVt.s * Ml m9Mha
rial ¥**** UftmitA "lH>n tbe MBCCfJM 11 t"'
*, akM tuilltary npcv.iti-ms. The llMitW
opciaUonahaVf tMaw disa.;lnnisly -r.«M H
alr.aJv nU.sanh.alH to Uivc ienefcee,2B»\
an.l, wo hwe v-> .lot.t.t, b:w really gen*
r ,,'tti> tnyoittl tint ratal -a.it OnoMi l».«
thrown ui-in tapatr. His waignnlieai toa
11MH IllTI"' —*— *-*— ** fcan * in ~v'
Bhfg ..tiartf. from utii.h m*P9 aWsM c>iu»
,otbe my. It bnt slfnhscanl
rchnke ..l that hAahit .lstrsiion wbicb b.vx
' an'ion* been WesUaaj il..*|.«.Mi«-wiib. "lion's
ol victory, wUile It knew tbat t!« ftrojiit.
werctncettnir-aith notbin- M.t itoMta* at
every i.!ep tbey took. wa* belnud tbe
eurUiri an.l be ba! a tall oppocUnity ol
tnowluj? WMftaVsng tne* jvasscd. H« MM
well aware of lbs »laui*bttr witb which
Grant hail been rei-nlse.lin every attempt b.
h»,l uu-ie upon the Couletleiate aruiy.—
UfAntou m.Rhl deceive tbe public, but be
coald not deceive blm. He saw the main
army of the United State**, after having lost
Urircly over 10O.IVX) me-n, brought *0 a deal
stand in a position from which it could oul>
BMafMj bf t!i«ht or Bnrren.lcr— with a deter
mined foe, who lia.l proved itself it* rape*
rior In every battle, nitjnacimc it in front—
lv a locality which even the inbabitantf
al tndon at this Bea-on of the year on account
of UlbwtibbjSSl, surrounded by inaxaapa
every «ale from wbicb is lain with death
pWtiblnc of tUirot, or compelled to slake it
with Witer which is poison to the Yankee—
ttllina: sick by bun ireds, aud in a fuir way
to perish daily by tbtMMMtta before the e*r
plr.ittaa i»f the cntntner and the tl-t "i-iyts
of atitntnn. All this be ?»w in Grant's caiup
When h>' Vfktd -.rotitial him be saw the
MMsmliati trbotn he h*'i selectejl to do lbs
bttJiut*s which his army bad failed to do,
beaten and riyini*; in all directions. He saw
tbe utter failurj ot Hunter, the total defeat
ef Sheridan, aud tbe disgraceful nut if
Wilson. Hesvw that Grant's ecbrni** had
utterly failed. Wlieu h- looked for conso
lation to h b saw Bberman baffled,
di**comi.tt>d, and .'<n th'; cveof a great disar.
ter. Wb»n he cast bis t/fta bejond the II b -
f issli'pl he saw but defeat nnd mil.
He saw thtt Uacaln bal already called out
30,000 men to snpply the place of tboee be
had laist, aud bo knew that they would not
do it, even in point of num'H-i-s. Was it
wonderlul that he despaired of that ruilit try
success wbicb atoue could secure the suc
cess of bis liuaucial operations, and threw
up his otUa'e under tbe itillueuce of the
deep and bitter disappointment V
Thete are Contederates who take a delie*b4
m dosponding—who will be Bat'tstied with
no success ol our army, and love to ui'i" ii
fy every petty reverse—who cauuot ccc any
thing hopeful in tbe result ot tbe many con
lhcts in which Lee has put bora <fs eonthat
the majority of (icaut'tj good troops, and
left hiia to tisjbt bis way with huudred day
men, but think it ominous of approaching
destruction if a railroad bridge break iv or
a car ruu oil the track, tliu'h petsone, if we
did not kuow that they take a pleasure iv
being miserable themet-lves, and making
everybody else miserable around them, we
would usk, What can be more uigniticaut
than this roeii<nation, aud whether it does
not make them ashamed ol tbeir unmanly
fears? Who kuovva the truth ol the situa
tion if Chase does not*' Who has mani
fested a greater degree of determiuition, or
a greater amount of faith, iv the fortunes ol
the couutry, whose tnaadal aCtiia be bus
tin loug cuuduol'Md f <»i what is bia iban
o.-.ruiui nt "I bis post iii tbi-i ijiini ..; peril a
proof, it it sigaif) not tb.tf be hns no bope
ol tUearmy orol" tbe Inaneee! 1 Aud arbile
there is deapair on that side, wby ibuuld
we hear ol croakers on this I
Chise was undoubtedly the ablest officer
tbat Liucolu ever employed. Ueu. Audrew
.i-U'ksou said tbat man who traded on credit
ought to break. Whether be ought or ouf'.bt
nol. he is pretty certain to do it in the long
ruu. Chase attempted an impossibility, aud
(ailed. But lie put oil the evil day louger
than any other vi:"i «ould hue done it,
and be ir:\\-ts proof of great ability iv doing
it. He undertook to conduct a gigantic
war, involving au expenditure rqaal to two
millo&s jaxr dii-m entirely on credit, and he
did it for three years. Bucti a thing never
wag done iv Uiu case of au aggressive war
before, whatever might have happened iv
ware of dele-nee. Tbe Yankees were deter
mined to have a big war, and tb*u to pay
nothing for it. lv the tat they were grati
li>*d. In the last, Chase gratified them a 6
liras he could. But the inevitable pay day
has come at last, tbough long deferred.—
T nere i» no alternative but repudiation, un
less they should think it bet'er to have
peace. But repudiation is peace in point
of fact I v the meantime we look forward
b'the ifc-riue of a fresh batch of Ytukee
Treasury votes to the NMOnnt of if 1,11)0,1100,
--r-Oll or so au a thing of eertaiuty. Before
this year f.h»l! hive passed the greenbacks
will be worth about five ceuts in the dollar,
and nothing more
The H'tald gravely auno. nces the neg<>
tiation of a loan by the Yankee Treasury,
with soniei Dutch merchants, of $70,000,000.
We wonder whether it really thought it
could deceive anybody. We Lavs uot setu
aiy person */ho did uot lauijh at it as tbe
best j-ikeof the day. Why, Yankee D.iodie
could nit borrow a ceut in Kurope three
years ago, before his credit bad boon im
pugned. He is in a pretty condition to do
it now, to besnre.
Uaaint'asCo A, lat Bitt'n <"»v, -
L U Trfops, July 6. IStU \
THK tasTtbars ol this c mnatiy %■ c, fcnihs t»i
larail to aaa-übls this (H/.j i.ajtt) ty., lr, X ,
at b oVloek, at the offl-a of Hill, Ot-lilusoa Si O-.,
i aaltlla st, f,r an .|.imi 11 Ueulftaat.
B»"»rjr m-ut-.-r 14 axp ,et«l t-i bs |....tnt
Br ataVaf ol n.a» KaaSall, I.to. vi t'j.
J7j» j-j' "¥ M O WaVX.Uh.Ii t , Sarn't.
iTVIK sale,—4 goal t* Iti trrft taa/tia, ut.t to
*" heaff, wrttb a Nl 1 set of mi,'- i, ■„ «..
at-tr Alan, a Urge aear taut, 13 by I* fart Aa
fly lo M t'J.AKK,
At J M PI Mawm, ob i:iay ti,
Hk tf* --*M * rliitra »rK»*r« Hrortk ts •1. .-
I T?"* Kaif —c.ooo tiifjti'a flat rata toa, sa ths
\W r *"—- **nl. sum sstlai ftm mraiains j. altt hi
.-.'•t titar.i-i tatrtiaoceat ioi » ji.-ri Mn'n, iff»t'y st>
I'l'- * * ■ beetttva«*io r h DtthYIBIIUI,
lfs at* Trtjl'/er lrnn Wtrlta
!.-.»# HUB. A Kond • -m- timid .;ii,( t! t Jv. r
JP Ai |.iy jii- 1 . . ... t, i' M, ...
W n Mil I,Kit,
j| O X:\ jot I'Uy anil Atlauia ata.
8.-'v/K Jejala. A u'er ooao It-tygf. I'riea moaeralc.
J* Apj>lv atilii »o»«J atrattt, cwraar ot 4ta.
11 n-tut
\?<>A KS Oaa Mam Oaw If tr |U'tnumra au
jp I. > at lite ooruot ot yraoklia su 1 'iltl ats
If «-lt*
ift:<i. i'tt caie at tha
JwJ cL'> X' i. MM.,
Jr <,-*<( J74itiuiil>iAli.
l.i--x t*l N".>t'!i Carolina Hick ami Woundfe
I S lltllers, io Ibe Urwpltals at Klcbtnond, ot
1 IHO4 :
|corrtaesi> |
ten -.--...-—ll.. ; mat Vi , mamm a ■
3 *h ~ a
i ft at o .2 72
1 iv* ■ "T O
W.litl. ytl l'ilv 4.; A Wiinltr N..
iMI chtll .li.„ tlo fi M *■"
•J.atl.iW: J w an W I «> , »
Mn,!.. ii j M <l» :-' * ! *•"
' Mtttaa It A .!•» ' U ».' <•'>
M.t.'.j .1.. ;;t t: tlo
N« i.i.iii. .i: ll 4a 'i «-' ««
Mo.-aiv.i 11 r 00 V' m <'••
M.iv.tjw d.» ». »' an
Mili.lo.-k Kll em t> ■ .•'»
•4o.nn yJ X .t'» ** »» oo
vi..in,, ii i. u> ? ■ fa
■io uIV «l» *l H dv
W.itl.liiiß X T do «3 P *»
M..,.i, I W do * ■ do
Mf.':,.l-.|:,nd <j do I" X do I
IMltf ht-ll J W :i tdo No.
»tr u.llt. I X l.l» I J « "
wni.e f m an 4 X do .
Br/tllrt.r I. A ie M H I >
V.Hi J A do M l« *•
M.l;:i.-.11. «1o " I- •<»
Wr-otly I M Jo *l t. Ie
MrLaaw M *» » • -I"
Tula til U »'" *» ■' d " a
A M '«-> r> cv ! «-'"
Mirtlit VV do *• A do
VI ~.«,. .VV Bsatjt It* A do
vti'tti. v. . J I'rlv 41 A do
■aaa is in T H Jo lev U do
Mr.'l.ii.n.in VV 11 do 5 II do
Myers W a*" ' 4 I aTB ■*
tlr..|i.t.fc IM ilo .! cv C do :i
Mt J.ant I'r. .!>> •' A do
Mt sscr Td do CI I do .'i
~ j|gj || do It! I. do .'i
Moore J W tlo I O do No 4
Mlll*rJ oo 4't C do 4
Mnrr-iyJ Jo 47 It da 4
xfotrtsO II do 11 II do 4
.rl'lisilainl ¥ M do .1 t' |lo 4
Mi iter t do SI G do 4
Villi, r|i VV do .M II do 4
Maya J ■'<> 41 B do 4
w.a.r, i; w do is i; do 4
M.-.alilHiinc JII do f.i A do 4
BeCaffrrtyCW do 19 i; do 4
'de-lsoii .1 A do icy ¥ do 4
Starrs wi* dii SI A do 4
Miser J II do 33 <. do 4
oclMn.ilil l> W do II B do 4
Vorritton A '••' . r ts C do 4
Mt di nII ilo -li 11 do 4
M .un U tin 4"t H do 4
tilt.. J vv I.l.rit :rj D do 4
MlUlnii S J I'nv It. U do 4
Mnnrt- rtaaal S<ri{t 91 II do 4
Mi ...low* m I'rlv 40 X dji 4
IfCalehajfJas do 46 E dn 4
Melt in E A do lt 1> do No i
MUchtll J M do 97 .. do 5
Vtorunir J H do 94 X do T,
MrA.rttiurA do :W X do ..
v. haiif J U do t, IT do ~
MclMirtif A do 'tt X tin S
■Saroß A T S3 I do
O V I'nv !>.' II do r>
Maass D N do tt t. do :.
v.Gtipiiii tl do .1 It do '.
Mt-rfinT '•'ergt I cv I do .-
BfcCatl J II l'ilv •'• '•' do
May* A do 4e H do :•
v.i-i Bra VV do :< C eat tt
v:t>iri-J do '-! B do 6
M'.,' i '..n I» S do VU I! do '.
v.-alj-lr M<: do •■' t.' do '.
Morrta t ia S3 t! la
Maat-sJ io II li ia
Morrlemi C II do ". A Co 5
Miller X P do •- t: do b
Maaniag M G do CI t; do ..
Mai lory S.: do \i V tin t>
McOtnata B W do 15 t' do
ttii .r L. do ;tl ti ilo tt
Miller A P do 12 X do 5
Bartta Mr. do X » do 5
Miilirif-ls VV II do 35 X do T.
•tlaji.-fi' -il H do 45 II do 5
M< nun J « Caret ? I do 9
Met Maud l'ilv 1 A do 5
McCavrryE do It. t: do
Mcfl.llan W A Sergl II < do Nod
Matthews J P I'rlv Is G tt-i f-
do $3 F do I.
MrtthiT J V do 30 F do b'
Martnt Klt S. rgt W H do i;
Moor.: Tl VV Pi iv -2H X do (.
vimr.- .1 do 49 *•* do t,
Mint t 1 do 5 cv 11 do t,
Mc.anatn M VV do 5 B do S.
Manier 8 It irt-rgl S3 C do G
M'triroo VV I' Pnv »> I do I
Be La until in 8 do 4 II do I
M;u!ii.-W5 J .1.) 57 C do b
M.trtiu J T do 4-' B do I.
Miiril-on DC do 7 II do I.
Milter U N d.i 4ii I do ti
MottaaJoa do .* l» om No 7
M:iy J A do 53 A do 7
MaskeJ II do :tl X do 7
Ma. V\V 1. do SS I do
Mctalaaa A do 5 A la ;
Morion A B do 14 U do
Morton P ¥ l<lo 14 C do 7
M. iiiilliild A do H A do 7
t urray J O do hi B do 7
McCarv. rJ E do 4y 11 do
McCafl J L do in £ do 7
Mt-rrlll IVY do liv I do 7
■cGrlgor J M do 14 C do 7
Matthews II do 19 1 tlo 7
Mellon 1 i.t j r i.i.tii ;u t; ,!o /
Morale G I'rlv 9 II do 7
Mann VV 11 do 19 I! ho 1
M,t I- VV A do :il A do
McUtaalsa t. A do 39 I. •)•.
Mjm.„ .. VV do ll I do 7
Mui. in .i W ha 2., 1 tl-.
Mull Jll tlo : 1 v I to
Mitii-ii. II ¥ ho '• cv H .to
m.) G do So I» .lo ;
H.ilit-iry Ili do I? I do
M,iilt I G do 99 I. do 7
Ml C.111a1.1l ,1 C do If* X do No-'
MotfaaDO do 91 I do No 2
Martla A J do 99 11 do Not;
Mcl ii'liiti lini do 4f A Uo f.
McßiMe I t!«r 58 B do ll
McGee J J do .'.» X do No 7
Merit iiliili.rfi 51 Cdo '.') II do
M.i ra VV II tlo 14 1 do
Mor. h. ;nl VV I do 13 1. Jackson No 1
Matm. I U do 19 II do 1
Miitii'tiii B 3 do 4-1 A do No 2
Mi'l'rary VV M do Va> . H do No 4
Moore !» L do J II No 13
McKisMon J L .'<» 11 l» B*-c.*r It Wny'dc
MaistiJC <t'» 4 ■ A No 5.4
M'tirln J A lalett* XT, X do
Mitchell W B do liO It do
HillM Jtt do 47 H do
M<'l'Uei-»in I A Cafl • X do
Mlll.rJK do i.l U do
Moir-.- M 0 "•» 81 I do
m- ni■.»- 81l M»J :n do
Mercer M V Pnv 51 D do
Maya ll do 1 art A di
Mitchell J M Berft 61 I do
MrJusttCeT 11 Ll. Ut 1 1 do
Mairselwtil BJ M Prlv 31 A ..o Grove
Mar'ln J A do :<1 B do
Mta-iitf .X B do M I; Chi vi no No -•
Mosa UJ do 47 B do •
Mln ii.'li B A do 21 L do 2
Maser 11 do 4*4 B do No 3
Matthews J A Corpi a*S G do .1
UcGloiufiiM I'rlv M X do it
McClurt'J A do :t0 X do .'I
Marriii.tl! G do 7 G do No 4
MllerJaaae do 5 X St Fr de Mss
McOall J A do 4« I do
M.rt.ni I do 34 11 Winder No 1
Ntthercutt C do CO ¥ do 1
N.agherP »do 00 No B
Nuckolls J fl do 8 f do ■
Ni wain J F do 7 F tio 2
Noriiion P do Jl G on No 4
Nicholson J P do u.'t I tio 4
Nun W U do 27 S do 4
Net ly A do M G do No 5
Nant- J ¥ do S3 X do 5
Nam/, li C do 10 G di %
N.iul J do Si I. do £
Nix T N do 21 C do 5
Nf-ahltiG It do M A do Nob
Null A do i- J X do 6
.Vim It do li B do No 7
Nipiit-r J H do il 1 do *7
Nonia A do M 0 do 7
NicolxS do :r? B dy 7
Norwood Tll I.i. ul 44 U Jucliaon Nu 1
Nt.ls.lll II Pnv Icy 1 No lii
Ntthercutt J VV I.tCol M No 4
Norvtll J Pnv 4il B No 24
N.-1-on N do 29 G Ho Grtive
Nichols A A dv W ' X Gbliiibo No 4
N' Hon Jas do 2cv ¥ do No 5
NtalC Vinyl 2» B do 5
Ovcrlon J I'tlv Ol l) Winder No I
. >rr 1' VV do 51 A do No .'
Qsharaa II do M F do 9
O ti-irttt J 11 do -IU ¥ do
(.wens J A do 44 A do 2
Ovrrt.y VV B do i*i X do 9
f rllvtt N G do U li do 9
.rail, yA A do 4> A do 2
"-'.-ti.. J do -H H do No 3
(Idtit B dt. 4.1 ll do 3
QwtßS G F do S' II do 8
tjwiiaa J M do I ■'• I do '2
0 'ii'.rr.f X B do 4 r t X do Nob
Ov.'H'VV do !? X do No 7
••> .a'v L tio 20 A do No 9
O'l'iinii vv m le 2 it efacfcaaa No 4
OatmK .'.■ 11 B 1 into o No J
Utreaaßl do M ' X do No 4
ir-iiori.tt W li .in ,« X ha Noii
• air.-; on l> N 0 do 65 X to No 1
1 .'nl n.r VV || rio M'irrty'a tilt .i'l 1
I'iitt it .a i' P do 4". A do 1
P*alll.*l Will ilo M F do 1
PaiBCltGW do 11 A do 1
PaaerekO C do I v do 1
l'!lju',n 8 do I-'. A do 1
paaenor N F do IS X do No '_•
fISIMIS W do 48 A do 2
Pown G C do a% 0 do |
¥amm Kll do t'J I to »
I'.ikii.i.ii. VV II do M B do 2
Plniiiiiii 1 M do 37 M do 2
If. .. y M do >■ If do 9
P.IIII ru Jim do '-'t l do 2
I'-'it J.a do M X do 2
i ti';ii.-- fi ao 11 b ao 2
korth caMm sick m wounoi d.
ti I « i S
Still' S, aa *
et & J I 1
3 cf t3 tS Q
X ratio. T tt- ' *»•»' W V N, J
I'ltrunlV fi » J do ;
i 3«ii ta Is I ■
I'e.f... II J J- V* • *»••
Toilet X do tat I. Sa S
I r.c.a. Kti a* ti a <1 > *
Parrtelitt Ot •» •' >'" ■
- I',.let at L J» • '• * it-* ■
i i.t.i ►• a is f Sa I
.1 j fit hell J R do *"! M -I" »
, Pass w..i J.i .i I <).* <
- J rttia A it.i '.J V ill '.
' I'an.it ti a St i a Sa l
I luitt.t.i I .to •>« .: Oa 1
i r..,., in .ii ... ii j j i
, n.itin. Tv j t*...-! !•• .: .ta. •!
j t-..11..r W J rut II I' ill '1
- ter.it.e k. .la il a .to Mo 3
' I fu.llii I .lv l X alt J
I I'atii... t a w ,io k r <i.
i •*■ >..:• J ,|„ , v ,i,
, lii 1.l S a ,|» -J i H .to
; I'arn.li A da VI <: ilo
.'et.eli.n. t, A ,la »l R .lo
I t-ie-.e IV M I, if li ,io
' J'a't S ,v t. || Jo
. fauas ,io it ir ii« i
". JSasM Jo V .to
v, usaan wj* ,i„ jr., a do s
1 I * -i.t,. W do >l I d»
I Hall, -, |, „•„ k j„
I ■'•I* l> .1,, -l »' 1 • i
. 1ee,... ft* J !lo <; ll t No I
' f.tier * ,|,, it t; ,1a I
I I i ,|,, ,; |, ,|j t
I Hrttrriae.t v, do Jl U do I
j Hf.» io,. ■ ' j., a do 1
. Hike J W ,i, ~ A di I
fe-ireo.i A ,' . 11 II Sa 1
1 PnoeJ J* It I d> *
I'-itt. X ,1, H a tlo
llti 11 I v ilu I • V tlo
, I'trtii.a I ,t„ 3| X Je 4
i n ,i, ■„, r: .i,t i
1 I'Ciirien X v I . II O ft.
i c .... ,i ,i, J I ..• Oa i
I IV ...au IHt do are X ' .It I
, I'tc. A do II V dJ 1
Pallet*! J do i .: do I
fiuttrA df 4 K. d,i I
i. .... w a f. ■ -. i a do
| I .tie.. A D flit li i: do 4
i Cm... A A do I- U 'la No j
ferry ■ a do I I d<>
fill W ,io >il 1 do
I fotti I. A Capt 37 V d.
I . »ill T frit '. , G dt
1 ferrtih Tho. Carpi U ll .la <
I ftneler J M frit H t' Sa
franc* 11 do '.ii O d»
I f»o.i-ttr W A f'orrl Bl X dn
I i. I ,BW flit X do
I f retail J T ,1* i-i X do
I PtairiTl Cfl SI I do
1 fo r e a Frtt t V da
fa.ere W do to ti ..o i
I Partiih I. do '1 h) tis •
Ptrjrr.i,.tr Wfa d. i ' C OS i
H, llH* W M do il A do S
f.rdleja da 13 A „ a
I'l'ltrJ. Cipl • A it.i
I Pete, A 8 flif I I dO NO
, ran >n j a do a i .10 <.
1 1-111..,. W ■ d. it U .!.>
foit.dtai.rll A do t V d> <
reditu A .le I *■ do
> faJ.n.rJ .1. M A do
, frace 8 11 Oi 1 C d» a
Price • B 4o * C do
Paecall J X da 13 « di Na
Pert.r S.I da E .1.
r.nt.e W it rj. X i>
Peru 1 do I V d.i
Pelmor > M Sa S U de
- . 8 do 11 V dv
Perdue k ft. J i) d.t
Peru '.tin d, •. O di
i ... -... SP da . et X Sa
Parker S A do Ul 1 do
Piltmaii W do -<J I tlo
Pr..|.| W a S« X di
Pari rail J A do i N Sa
Pollack W H do '.U 1 d •
r.it.ti.uJ J Sf do -l at do 7
ruct.lt J da « A do
I ...... ■ r W da I E 'It
F'.frram i I' di il V. \lt
Pa.ill-.iIWT J. I> 8 it"
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Padtrtitl. do •) a do No 3
IVUigitw ,' do la h. Klir'j.ll »..;ii.|j
PaKli.il I. A tapl -A a No '. I
la. W V Aa.t *. , ' I i..
I-I. In. t I' do
Pht.il 1 X do It 8 do
Prealle C ■!, 4 i B do
fur. s *) bin tl tlo
' • Jeiae frlv ' I A di
Parker G T I apt S II do
f.trker W Bergt II •'»
I'i.rppe P A do IS f OS
Ir If. TV di 57 X Bo tiro,.
1'11,i,l 8 Ja ,' X do
i. ...... r ». Lieut II ti H«ml
.a. I'l IV X
Ifl,e IM bl do 1 U do
l,tr. t KU do O Chi..*'* X*o S
Pti.e f dv v. U Sa No -<
Pi It N Steel I • A
Pace W I.i, A -it -v -
fnlleieuil J S do . do '
Ptal.lj W P d» 1-
I'eitiier X M da ' lo Nt
I.all tj do C do
f t.rktr J T da '. X la
Uetiu I. lo I • , Wilder Ne -
Hart W A So ft 0 do No I j
Ba.Urrt W J Cast U V It
, Hn.ri r L • l'tie lat V
littd.e W U do a
Kiel 1 B do .» .'., 4.»
Rureey J N l npl t . do
R0t.f1... I J-flt ' I « ilo V
Kulane . B -1-t I i U lo X
- . .-. J.v.u do 4 O 'J
Hliodei tj W do a n dv if
Ko».i, J W do CS H do I
Ke.'ajj-re Ah tit) 41 I lo *'
Kttd j a J* i' do
Se.rt.la* H u j I V Sa
Baattri it do : M do »
Bvataall I II do IJ v j.- t
Keuiiite OB dt ' I da No -
. . . w da * ■ do
Had: .d N lit ll \r\ • I dv j
Bat.il* II W dv I U do
Hotanioii U d* l;t U do
**■» 'It It dt I \ I) do
c.. • ii C Sa I v I
Kf»-.-. a at Jo a .to -
a , .. , W do I- do
it ... te X a do X ,1..
Hii.dt, A a 110 I C- C no
L dJ I c» A ' ■
Ko.ck J B La,l ii I do
Hal.lilt W r iii, 11 M J i
K, r II I ilo 4 - ■ Jo
Kuatk J W do PotU'a bit t Sa
n A do W d.t
Let ..'.i.l. « f do '•' tt tj ,
h.oJ.Ly WW JJ B .io No '
MeeS I i: d. .. X d •
n.Tii a do t m
Kl.oi*r. J « I. t\
Mai mv rt W do Jtt tt do
a, ii..,, e/t, ,1,4* I: j>
KaJ'jt I f Jo -.. U do
Bfp.f 1 do r >l do
Ka trie ti do I . A do No
ti.it, j d» i a as
X.1... , ,v J a da 11 a do
Hithaiilac.i 1 J J - '- la * oo
ii i. ... •. W" do tl r de
Uicb W f do 4". E da
ha , • J A d* 41 U da
t..... a s Ju ,i a .io
Kicti.ird.ut. W B .lo .. - V do
Hal..ta S W dt t< 11 do No 5
Rainier I) do I S do
Bea.ie SW da U do
aticiiie C A i'.o i: A tlo
Reu.ea II do i X do
Ku-h •..•■!. T b do la a ill.
tiicit k N da itt i; do
Ron i.t Mi. dv II A dv
t ~ . . luttl Vo A lv
Kaallue IV frit tj E do
Hicherdiou B do B dv
Ki.Ji IS f do 41 t' do
eWinidiGi) W da 5 C do
llaa.lii. W da V do
iluue A ilo I* do a
Belli 11 dv . fc. ll'.
•• » .- T do IJ U Jo No '
»:• .- fc! do '.'J U do
Huaiut .Al- do I da '
Hue J do If to
Roper Kb. do It I" da
Rue-liD C A da I A Jo
a • :■ . 1 da J X do
114/ AN do 4. tl do 7
Rif hP M do 1 ct I* do
Ritb&rdioD A H da 4 1 B do
RcLineon MS Sa 43 U d. No V
Kuiii.rforJ S Strfl li do « '2
Rtt *. I'ne I X do No <
Rn tr w do ■-- a do 4
H.trlL ia IS- I da i
R. . im. t 1' dv .1 U do i
Mat. J I* de Va A do No t
R.ck.u R P do '..< B do i.
B.ttirleon WW da 15 C do Na 7
Bin J B da T I da
Butt do It. X Sa 1
Ream. J da 14 ** Jackaoil Nut
Botee I D r.i,- 4 X dv No 1
S.'.lrll'. ML Frit IJ B No I I
Rick. A B do 9 ct U do
. .- . A 1 .. Ice B No -.1
Ric.jT I'r.t 11 t do
X f Ja. dv I ct A do
Ret N W Pep r A do
Rutcoe A B I'ri- 43 B do
tiuihaW dt. >i a BaUiote
Rotint'tn ) S do M fl do
lieu B M do tt D Btuart
BtiTu. B 8 da I • B do
Baitdolpb S do I' C 'Io
Ramoeur Tl de 11 U do
Kee. J ¥ da t t" Cbiiub'e No I
Royal A do X X do No I
Ricb.rdtOQ J da t bat V dn No J
ULit.ii i o do -1 r os j
a**rtri CI da 1 ' A do if
[TO i.» .-., t.s ar i
' ' » .' I
O i MHi I l:-l ail I'rlvat' Hals.
10 cases Coats's spot.l cotton, low uutubcrs
1 " black spool tbrftitl
2 " ekeSjnab eiliOe lltrriltl
5 " fancy prints
tt " 1,1,1. k alpacas
'2 " nillrtl iiiotiHir-
I' mt -. dt- hi goods
Ri'.-li black Ora de Kliine
Velvet hblionn
Shoe lacets, lie., a.c
M h- v- i-i .'int. soaVs
10 iiltlh crualit-d
i tl"* fi.ri' li calf akl.is.
jy |>_3t KKNT, PAINKat C«).
ffifiW PTiisTeiHiou 18 and
»J\>») «•, Nl M-Me by
jy o-tit JOHN ■ .lORIiiiN *t BON
NKW Extra I'l ur for sale, made if superior
wti!tis trbt-at. POLLARD «i WaLKklt.
J7 «- ■ t -
Dtt£ieil»Jii Comi>B.—Jast reoaivav), at
I :i.ui, jlaaa, ami i-arir.y btoro,
No IT6 l!;oail street,
S lot of I.t lif»' Sj.'.er. 'Nt llri'rt.-.'iig L'raiba.
Ata>, on rixiid a fail asi'irtmeni nf
JF &- at." Hair Brt nhes, Ac.
IT*, 'it hFkb A worn mi and two children. The
(*■ wnniau Is a good cotik, washir and Ironer.
ii. a onotl home 1 will let tin. wor-ij.ii go for the
support of borsslf aad two ciiildrt-o, aud I will
lurulsh itjciii tioiii(ii|,.
jy 5— 3if fcjriter Sta an-t ataraliali ats.
i, ">tt Haia-A tnroa yoar Jd d.a u.i two
~ Calt/sa. Far fttrthsr partlcalars apply at TS
Mala st J* a—ait
uKS —la rtttxtja and kbia Buvgar, MSSM aad ,
O aSolos quality f»r sal- by
i ]/ -ir-H ut> - ur, ato.NLOai * 00.
On the .'v,'nii.g.<r the .'ll li.at, at tbe i'"«ldence
«.r Jam«« Ynuiuf. K.R'| by Bey Jamie B '..tie*. Mi
lir.RI.AKK, bulb ul tblaci.j
OXf-Norfolk and li.dstmnr. papers please copy.
On Hip ult, m the reald. noe of tbe brlde't
Cvlier, llorace I. K-.it, Kt.i, by th.K.vHrTV
. Mmire Mr IIIAHLW NBxOS r-MI HI to Ml.a
I LjI'ISA KhNT, ill at tbis city
!; ihki>.
J ' On tb. (,'h |„ai, n<>.-*K . U .H>INI, di.il?lit.i oi O.
] and Bllaa HottoA ; agel I. t..'»iiO.-. sal 9 uays.
I H-r (un. ral will taka plane tbia (W>.-.li.t>d:.>)
i tvoatag at S o'clock ftaaa Ban faiii-rs i.'i.len.. .
* «>ll t-riitlallii ..lit aX, Ir.H.w U»' BltSßßßfej Hotel- '
j I '».i M.ii.d.iy ■UM, July lib, ul lyplmiil i. eat, <t
\ In i saotker'a reivMeace, aasts Bam '.> -■ i<'•, BBH 18,
j vmiii;fai iaaghtefol Mf* Mary \ Baas; afdlil
' years i ataatfes aad I layo.
Her liiiM-ial will take place at tin M■.ucliet.l.-r
J Baaalei ebaich oa Bits attesaaoa al I o'clock
Tbe lii.-ndj ft tin l.uiilty, Hi* .v.ii.l" "i »i IBs
Baotlay Refcoal, and iba pahßc ai.- mvi
Ifrl I.t ail»liil. *
Vi (l,lmbora/..i Hoaallal, Inly 'I. "t •' wound
in Un-. arm. recived In aa BBg sv>!» ul with
| dan'n riltlfis, near (It tries ..in C ll,on 'UJiiri",
i , im;i, I'rlv, it..- I PBANOIS t<>\, seoapaay c, «*nt
V.t ciivtlry, l.'hiinililleit'i luigail., Hi.n of I hi-jinl
Peter tm, Ihsatetly ot Ytmmorh ha-beurg, Va.
! A laiibiiii fiiium-j, a no" ' sA4tet, and coa
| BfteaMaaaia the ill -barge vi tuo'a totrtam an.l n -
i s.ionit.ii- tluiits, he aaet death with a sweet coat
i potiitn-an.l in iti. full bli./'.'l etetaa) ;.i"'V
<>lie 'Vie. wan Willi bi.u, Sal »vv Blai rtlaw lilu
i last bnath
In • b.-n.-iticld. im the -'I ln'-t, Mr LDVVAUI)
H s faoetal wlil take ptace irt.in hit I tie teal
.1. in '• till, ■iM-alng, al 10 o'clock . Jb.' frleals ni
tin' I .Hilly art- liivllt .1 t'i Ottcal.
"n lha evening of Uly tbe 4ib, at BaM-paaSll
o'tio.k.Hi heratrara reelleaco.oa ihe eoiaeraf
Mil urn! Cary sttoets,Mrs MAitV DBEtrV,U tbe
• iii j eat iii hi-r njji', loimerty of the eottaty ol
KH't.-iJiiy, Ireland, Lot tor -J- yean a resident of
ta.'s city. Slay she tt -t in peace.
IJt-r frlind-s end acqaalstaaces are invited tn
at if i-i! her raleial f"rf»in at Petei*s Calßceral this
■oralug at 9 o'clock. i
In this riiy, r-n the taOfolag of the ."-ill tust, of
li. art disease, V\ M llool'KK, IB Use 66Ut year of
Ills age.
His funeral will take place froat lbs Beeoad
Bapttst chorcfa ti.ls i-veiling at half-past four,
'ibe iilen.lt ot' the deceased, and tii...-.- of ths
family uf Win Macßulsae, ate reapectlally It-viied
to attend.
On I'liiiay, the tft inst, alter a severe illnes-.,
IrVAUeiBJ k LKB, yoaateat child -ti < bristophei
w aad Julia i; Saaodcrs,.©! ibis city , ngtd '»
in.mill- and 9 days.
-Tlri sad lo pari vviib on.- 'mini.l or boss,
Affection's lender vine i:t 'twin.,!,
To sleep tti yonder giave t'.mu'-. tomb,
A joyless b.tiiii- to leave beblad,
Wb>le Wa! ace. dear, wiili saddest grief,
l >in hearts are » lUOg I y r1.t.l 'silt err •',
Iteiiyion tirlrii:-. ti j swe< Iri lief,
* In U' iveu to know we'll ate. I w Ith the.-.
Frittsti. Noii. a.— The foaatal "i ihe B. v vv M
JBoGS ll li, pastor of the Tabb Street Cburch,
Petersbargi wlil taki place fiota the M Proahyle
rlan riiitreb, In Ibiaclty, this (VVedaesday) eaorn
inn, at 10 o'clock. * -
m mm .I *f*aaaaa»ta.l nieieeiil. iet.ee i line i m aaeeaaaaea
iirlUiiJtJ.iu '■ NBA I i.t .
•x Corati of l-.-i aal Srctd si?
latiagaad M« r s ef5aager.......... .... r U0lgl»
WEDNKSOmY BYBNUtO, July ti 1884.
ne- ranis < **£t
The perfatiaiaos «111 Booteses ■ wtiLi the sx.:ee.l
luj<ly 'ucoy ya.-a-ot
lilK f'til (.' H INOH
Oohos Jfrsp l v..;
l'ruiuptjter :*ll|a i'.t. ~/-.. t
(aaSIBlliU Ballad,
i;:acrli MMdletoa
To"j~rl by Iba K;,;ry r»l« titlaj
THE r.\lK' i '" LX;
i •$ ", ith
i v', aad
ao'.ccied I'iecea,
li/ Mifs HUiiclie M.dJleta-n.
Ooaeloaa with i,by ruiuem) the beaalifa] acl
tcucbio,; coiai viy ol a .
tfarlCl #aTBR."ajB
Ths bslmbs of liit Circle will nod a largo,
'aagnttl Mtnk, ailvei* .-->.)ior of ICB WAHK la tlio
mAVUrtlOa I\JO'A, tttomt charge
Manes —Box otnos rpru irr.u; AMtoA I' M,
•ibeu SftlS itltiy bj eocnre I.
Cnti.ua uv Oraauw Uo. *. Deorsoyoo at t ;i !f
1 r/elook; pan.tr uiauoe *v at halt rtkr,l 3
prtilwly. ;y • It
CtUN-JaKT UAI t. ' '
/ h\. 1. toa'a UoUl, it i lib at> t Praaklla uts.
I'R , J -■ t M It lil.N-IH.VH
bega reapaetfally to lahiraa tb-. Udies aotl - i
suria who hold 11--fcata tjT bb.
tsKl.cn BOIRBB, -. ,
that It Will tnke pin,' - liatt
TIIUKBOAV KVKMNiJ, July T b. l?-l,
at S.Ve} o'clock.
Ni n> » Thatew iftiiainin.c ti:ketayet i.i-.i !
c»q bo ptveurad at tba IU!! oa tit p.ifatlnii, or ou ■
th« evan Kg if tba •• tttei taiumaut.
Xiah'tS to fulj i I'-.' Liiiuir:. 1 .... «"t
do toH.irtta 3 !
Kntartsioai-ut ..- 'Uiuiait'iue, at f% ..'clock; Soiree
at 10V» t'clo-k jy 0 — It*
HOBBS for ***le.- A lino cbedtiia't sorrel Hoiae
forssja. N.i taut. A good eampatga botao. I
Oavli it. BllHltt Institute, U.-neral Moftpili; No 4, .-v
10.ti itrttU bctv.ter: M'-rtball tii-i Ciay.
iy c it* !
I/CK BALE.—One good work bora.' Apply to
IP iv ti m. O g UUrrAKP n CO. ;
fale—A No i iloia, /.lunt!, e..itua, aaai p._-r
--r fecliy reimaiio. AJdrrss "B B." I'i-patcb of
fla'. lyt—4'j
HORMH.'ir Hiio—A gated y mag Horte, be~
twtea 0 and 1 ytars eld, suitable for t-j.T.lry.
Apttly at 189 Main street. jy 6- at*
JX)k Bale A tiue bay Horse! loipjiru at SeaJ
I Oarduer's beatqrnrtera t,- I —ti;
HIVJIBE young and sound Horse,
mUtable for cavalry purposes. Can be seea
at me Sintt Btables, oa Cary street. j> I .'lij
F'Oll BALK.—A tine mare, tor. buggy and bar- j
ness . the mare tin- fji.i ,t family mare in
Ri'liiuoud, works well in single ot doable haraess,
good under the s.idtfle. The m.'ire may lie pur
cbar-ed separately. Apply to
jy 0-: it« '-'I. Main st.
?/"OR .Salo—A very tine young r.oree,.tx years
P olrt, lultible for cavalry; walks rapidly and
sans very fast, end it sound In wind and limb. Ap
ply at tbe hospital at Battery No t>.
Je 2U-iltaw'iwt
■ ' !.. i 1-1 '■
XHBOIXjaE LHUIMKit, from Gaoeva, Swltxcr- !
land, is requested to makfl his addrefs aud
rrabculs know a lo DAAC BOOVT,
j <'«£■—lm Maoon,Ua-
O UN |) R |* Kg _
Cotton yams, lyeand ruin wliUkey
Apple and French brandy
(lilt r vinegar, tallow, lard
l.a.i|. -.. and gentleman'■< . tt'.-i-.
Sole and e-t-iap leather, pl.tw Baa rope
Flour, Old lloiuiiiii.il nails, hqaoiHl
Mauuf'd aod sniok'g tobact'.i, t-'.ond.i cigars
Hrtiwn sugar, starch
t.'alf sklus and black sewing silk.
Ou a-i asiiiuuii.-iit, for vale by
X tt Utillliitra, Com Merchaut,
Cir Cary and Fitb Ms.
Inulnb obi CaatSa r**a|>
"j Mustard, extract logwood
t'opprrM, tilue aioue, luaig.i
1 araei.. ■ ix.ll c, ll ix seed uioal
BoUIUI pjwdure, eieaui tartar
Brlstr I omits, laHrcieaulcg: attd piiiab'.ug brass
anl steel. L WAOrVIR, Dntggiat,
ti h .in.l Iff oft S'S.
1 wisii lo buy »:i old yeast powd.r an-i essence
cctl'e b x>s. \yt mat
SU'.iAi; 1*11,1,—l »m c, .-, prcparea le. ati.iltn,
lo comp'tf w-rkiog order, my improved Irrn
ST.I for pressing tbe Jalc* of tho S"ri;bejai Thta
form ot tiiii!, wllb three trou rollers wofkliir ri
cast iron rrameal top aod bottom, v/ltn metal t- '-s
snd r..'!»eiii,.||, rat screws* la admltiad to produce j
one ttiira more eacobariße matter from tLe cane at
one operation tban Ibe best form of wood mill oaa do,
beatdea being iodestractable by the action cf tbe
cane or tha weatnet.
I hare a few portable C dsr Mills of my ova
snake, with irou gnudt-rs aod press.
le 81—liaw»w» ll M HMITB.
PltNOtvnd <J ill tare for sale. - One aoooodlaaad
t tietare plaao, la good order, aud asvaral |
f attars, of tine tons. Apply at third door south of
.-tgh Street Church, oa *Jtb airset. Churcb lilii
ie 30*XhM4Watl* .
%*). M lor H»la-!n oi.y qfiantlty aod at all
tours oa Sib at. oaa' **t --a-tv r xi II til, at to runts
pa pound. tJr S-r»i*l WM B COUB.
MaMss —My who ha*/s at*
cotiois wlto ma will plea«a r. niimbar tbat I asa uot
prepmd In make t.-rs- d#l appbcatlao, and w II I
ti ti.' iv-iii i forward and asttle Urora wlthoat farther
aoticilaiKu. liitpcctruily,
Mucci atirr to H H inn
i it «—3t» Ml Msoal aatpcai.
I {"7* Ml. laa, for aai«. —Oan ha hail M »oy 4111.0
tlt)f,alal| hours nf the day,at tb* American ata
blee.ciotao ol llitb and tar/ streets.
.° li. ft— _■ w MaXaaWte
lITAr IKi)-A gsalssl Irifb xtrl, to conk a.t-l wieb
" litr a K-iitic.iiaii »i>.i t-,.1/ iv to.' r.'.iiotry. For
ono thai t:iu soaas srafl raaanMßeaasi a i-Ler.i
salary will It j pattt. Apply to
BlNtm Ih 11 until,
1/0-31* Ouy St.n-ir I itti.
\V -' hTID Au *i iiva.litjristii uk uiaa ana wile,
** st obi with few ehildraa, la rak*> charge of a
iDi.ll iirm near t!i.-. .-.|iy. Ona with a kttOWtedg *
Oi gatloalWßi an wall a* tirrxif:-*-, prt f?.ir.»J Ap
ply f-.r three ili>ei tt Ih- new rtable oeajStMs Mt
aim.: Half, FuJikllo OS. js tt —I tt
aa. a.\ij;.) iiii.iti-t tn rut wood oliuwt -••.
** -.' mill's frnm tha t'liy. Apply at Mr James
Itatae** snip factory,. Miner <>i Ptaaalla aad II h
in. 1* jy 6 lit
WaNI'RD— A good spites wtifou übri b+ramam.
it I—lt? MSRIIM 4 CARIx Z »
WAN TI*I)—To rent, by a private :«iuiiy, (with
Seaasall children. 1 .1 well largish. J aad plus
aaatry tecsted bevae, eoataloltg fraaa ait to sight
loofaa, for whii'h Mm highest pile.* » 1 1 be psM.
Address fl II C VIA I.Ki', 10, 158,1' ti, R|t baton!,
Vj. J v . - r„ 1
a a , Ai* CBll - By s xoitii.-r's mite, oawr.t lv me
y\t c uiitry, where nor servlsia »-i*l ba part
payment MT bsr bn»iU Reference, glv-.-n and
heart pa.d iv advance. Addrt-ss
jy 6—3t» Care b*x Bat. Biehaeod t O
a. a / AM Tub. - i 0.3 uii-i. n ga« 1 winaos tn oaiata
s/V .* situation es Millar; li-.'t had an npfti
euca of Isyoaraiu fj.-'.u.liug com aoj Boor, fan
OOOM veil ri ii.... >BM d-'aL Address " MIM.KK,"
CbahtDaoat, Atari's crnsty, Va. 1/ 6—2'f
I a,jf- • ABTBI*—I '••• Itttou, a Na 1 frcvli I'i.w,
V* for vtbi :b Itm willing to pvi go-il nice.
A-,. 1, ... X A E DABS'. 1 ,
jy t>—:ilf Corner r>f 7tb and tinal st«.
j s. AN r X U—A two norse Wagoo hgtii bat
W strong. Address, alattug tortus, •■U I!,"
l>lspalcb i.lhoe. * jy a—at*
WAVt'KD -Bated f#bsat Suaw— it: ot 40 biilfti.
AIUI «S'• \," I> --..-s'rli culr*..'. |y5-:.t*
WANtEU— A wtiito M-rTani. wiiaaat lacttai
brance, to go into lha ooaotry, who Ctva wasb
i ant. iron or aorao. ';.>.>l roci>tiiiii-c<laticca will it*
' i.-.|-iirai. Aii-iy ai lha reaidasaa cf Mr JtniN
h\' rHBKPOonts ou liaeoraar of »th aad M irstmi
streela jy -t-SL"
WASXKD— a [1.-r*i."i*,-r ror an eaoolleat set ol
li.i>iiri,t T'.f.!a, v.li'cl; CCKplates tho ba>a.u*t,
: stit'i can he Is i-ny ShrJf). aa tbey are lr.a.io liy
ban-J. A f.teAl bargata csn be b-id if pitriy apptiea
li-iti is ieuU', im luiu o-jw eagagad in other tinvera
BHSrt iv.: ir. w It ROCK,
j it* 4- 1. f R nhniond, Va
VlUAr,iri.) i'.-nr be-pots it oi] bhtehstalvh sheep
" la tba a lay ) I.U ard lliih stiasU,
i »ar t>: I Dostlßioa true aui >ail W 1 k-i t'nF|,»rij.
jy4-_ti:| W I. KOOK
Vi V AHTKI)—Tj biro a 'joule, vva»bt-r, auu
W irottt-r, by theiitonib, or for tb" hafaocs of
tbeyesr Aprtiy t) Caj't I) B IHADK,
|t 4 -Bt* CamplVee.
•* , *a.*a.TAWTߣ)--A largo slae ladtis' Traah, liTr
*f\ which i. t'';.-'.iiiab!f prictt will he paid.
Ailtfr. ; ' <; L N," Box ti-, llty V l>.
J/ »; 3if
WANJKD —A pra'ilt-'a! Moaldar, an I a rot, rou
serial, will find it 10 his tatarcs!, toadttrtas
"Boa Bo *52," ittohmonil iosl-!.l!\;e, as omplcy
neat oaa be gtren tasaefa a perar.-n as guj-ioriptiu
..-"t o. art cent!) iah.nnot f-tr toa iiliru.'actcro Ol
1 ililiig qliaiille. timh m ah I Unl s. oism, "h 1 State
*ii.rt) to b.- luju.i ; aoae ' 'it oasthuroogbtj- ar
-1 ia ah J witb tt;o butlufag, slid vtbo mn givelalia
re. ~.- ~ noed apcy. jy ii t.'
W. . 1..) An Overseer mr ibt t,vlait. col v.is
tear, and wiM eaip! ry one f..r snotrtir feat,
Ooe wltaoala fatally pr*fen*ed. He Btaat boa n:an
t.r. xperlcaea, a% Ido t>..»t reajda sa my furtn. vviii
lag topayaaahtrr,aportioa cf vis t:''.p. ortpn
r.-i-.tifif- apoa wli»i. i~ r-i'l f--' :;: •;.- Tbo f:trin
is on James river, above ill-.btrood. wt-rkg forty
baadr, .''..:>r. u>s retfuhed, Atldraoß **U O,"
lUr.'W.c!t»7i;lc, Uuciimrbatu .'fiutity, Va
Ji.' '.; Cr-.at!S
I - i .in 1 ;..
W U £ii*-,:;iaisla
10 hMcfcssallhs
At tb: MaaattasOap B 5 Bho*'*t,Or<*ci-s>-*rp. N <*.
H ighsat aragss paid my IS—2auf
"pD't Beat—Thratearga and destrablotouuis, lur
•s? msbad r.r uafanilahod, **i:b ;at. aarvaot's nt
leadaaeo,aad us; oi j-srt r uuj kiiobeu, *m he
rested *t rxwidoiate mu-s Ij Kingis geatlemea, or
fataiiiy vilthCH.l ehlldretl Pletaso ::|iira al Iba
Bciitfaa eat c rncr ofClay ati-J HeLry et.i, l«o b'ooi?
above Brii.ii artnutj iy ti—.:u»
sU 1; '.'..** i - F..r in-'ii. two large p
|p lun i-.ii- it 1 -..in-, v*i'.ii t.-.it utiti scrvauls'at
t. till'.llt'l', 1.l 1 ..-it.i.l- lirlj;!ibillll'i()d, 'i 11..' Of
wh;ch - in he it ..I iomiadiatcly, aud the inlit-r
i!;:iit-.' tin .11 alag Hfvck. Apply ti dwcHlag,
JNttrtii •'.!.-nt li it tun .trofl, 1 thiol r.otu 1.1
:-u. • t .1..!. jv 1; .',)
1.1 » i . i.i. in.', li. illy furatsbed
\V I-i" ii" nt 1 .im "inr-- -■'-' tt--, -tiif.il !-■
I-.I .111 ..(11 '1 HI ' ... Ale-l, 1 klK'tl'tl 111,1 I
ti. .il, I'iiiil '~ .1 .1,1 ...... 11 A 1 •1> vun Uf- -"Ulii
aide .ii Graceel th** I Ui door abtivt b.
_!•• C-ltj
t, un MINI Ttiret* uulurolshed rooms oa
f I'l.uitiiH,;.-iw.-.-u ■. i 111 i 34th ■ !i> •1 . it.mill
tl'ior ii.iiii ilu- im u.i o| j: 1 Apply ob ibe: prem
ises K.'.'t-it-in'.-a I. .|ilit.-tl. |v I,—• 1
ia,. *»lt Moot s.i.-i...' titrnishe 1 rooms, darteg Ma
fc* ~., -..iite-r tn taibri. to gaotioateaaely- Apply
< r. 1 .-.iiiliio, thud door »b. rs ti.h tt. jy t, - ti»
i'-ata.t A neatly furL-ifb-! rotia, oa 0:b rt,
•*•■ tetvVf>«n Clay sua Laigh, left bau l sidn, soeoad
tlotr limn t.'lay. J7 6-*itl
*,*iitl Keitt—A u<.-ai"***-|i;-nithml room, ou Grace
P st.uirlu stje, Ist Uo.i,'b«>low 7lb si Also, a
gooj stable, aui carrlajju m.uttj \/ g- ,;if
ftf-afl rr t,.«;af.. B t;d OthOXS.—VOI rt'Ut, in 01.6 0
I tha uitjit dsUsihtfal part/, cf tb.- ciry, two
Buifflß r.f i iuirbeii rocnttt, with litt-hfC*
batt-raocaa, and aiupi*. aixiaaiaaslaihiu tn- fsr
raatSe Vint-, ttr ..sal rcottiH tbitt vrruli aattfTsi fur
gautifiaeu cr .-luilt latuilleri. TsSBIB mitt
e-rnta to tbosvwhti ;■ in give g oil city rvfsnaeaa
Aprlv on tlspi-fmi'.e'.. Uract> atrCft, balw.<t>a l«t
unit Kou.has.oDe d< or frcm hr>u.« loi litur
ly kaown BS Lt'f-ebvra'e Acattemy. jy t— J:
K*lus«eß. -s'a.r rsut, in n Btivaia f.iuilv,
X f*" o faratoßsl rocms, with stir., aiid rjrrant'fi
ausi.detiios If ra'juirrd Apply ob Mala Btetoat,
between Ilb sua 14th, cxt door to P Johusrxn'a
arag stoic. jy i—2t«
l/iJK Hirut.— A eutt cl u!i?el/ rooais,for
f* gaalsttaaa, t'u a small private rtiuly, may bo
ohtalund Ml ibo second bouso on Uruce, above Ist
rt ArrHut-eiii-.'ui lor meals can bo made assess ibe
Ptrrtn. Kff»r'.'t:i*tj reaj.iir»-tl. Jy 6—ftl*
XXt <J tt I! au-—Two utfuro f(i:'.l basem.'ut Kitoms,
*r- wita gasaa t f..T tau atSaaana. i For tor
afiar paiticulars npi'ly i-u ibo prerutics, ou 7th st,
betwasa Marsball and Clay, east side.
jy 6 -'...» CIIARI.K.S t.* BASga.
t, nil hint.— A suit in r Boots, tiiriiisin i oraa
[. (uriitali.'d, wllb gin and wui.-r ou tin: Bremj
«i , pl'-as.intly slni.ttttJ on Lfinb at. North -ti!.,
Intweeii 2d aud *sd, sreond bou-e Irom t»»*r t-oruer.
jy ■— k 2t\ .
i,, UK BEtfl —A lin.' Ir.tnl baueim-iit room, with
Xt* i!ts and wat.T, furnished, »v otb Btsoet, he
yond Broad, lor h*B per month Iwiqtilru at 11.
Ilroid ctraet, between f-tli aud 9th, jy ">- 2i\
I poll HEM J. .— Two rooms for reut, with gas, Ac,
1 on tbe Wast fid.* oi aa streeii Mttareaa Clay
oal I«aigh jys—*2it
tiK.N'i' —A very datirab o t.tluh houte fn
Ij 18.h istree!, betwtan ttrood ai-d ..iw-, bow In
i>.- cast upancy cf J B CbrlftUn, - "Oiiiit'-.i.-. 8 or !■'
roohitf, kliehan uad servants' acoommodatiooa and
ctlt r eooTsuiaucss. l'osetfsiuit on the 16th cr
HKrner. Alro, some furo'iture for sale. Apply to
X D KACH3. Agent,
}f 4—St 14th slrae.?, near Kxt-'bun^"
Foil Ue.il —Tbe ili-sii.title liritk tint tutul, un
IVat.lt, brlWeettUrrict.- and Br.ia.l rtitels Willi
i-;tM aud water ou the pteuiin a Isnolra af
jy 4 - .'lit Ciiraer of t.'race and l'Jth sSrsaSTi
*"H)iri BENT.- The cotuge residence on tJrove
' i.ml, (<i|.|!usiie Ct.pl I'iiiti. »'h,) for nin gar
den, At- Bttacncl. D h UI'FI'ABDot Co,
jyj-bt i tit-tii.i Qotrotwarease
B,"ii-- I fin Martial teatly luratstied nuoia. yot
I* tenus apply lo M. II;IIM. l.
}f I CaiJUt' Wudtcal College,
Tbis ttay recetvad
•6 i) yards superior Cue long cloth
bejitii " metlium " "
loud " plUoar east mtton
'.. •> i " ttcotcb ginxhauie, new aty!*B
aajoj " pruned orraady musllus
inn " Bwias mutlb.a
: t-.j ■«' superior jac-net eamnrio
1' "> " il.i'iu lawu, for dreoaes
100 " bird's eye diaper
wo " huckabauh toweling
5 dox-JO hoop skirts
16 •' Bilk bdkfs
60 '- cuitodo
tU " Duett dO
10 " ttittle thread gluru'
20 " black BiUt do
$0 " fancy dross huUuas
block roll eambrls, for eorerteg uatbrvitas
M my other desirable goots ot .ei-ut arritaai.
Bot sola by A TOUAAQN,
7 * -3i t Hi Mala sirsti,
AUCTION SALES—Yi;i\ nr Dati.
MR COOK, Main street, will «o!l k« f. li.*n, oa
Tbarsaay mealrg. Jaty Tib. a portloa of a
[LJ .it-man's rir.fit, who Is leaving the conotry, - o
si••• Hit of c otblng. a n -amity of woolen atockiaxs,
rbtrta, paper sad ii.- n oollara, alk baadkei- l, V'a, j
India iiibrxr bocdt, travelling rag, hats, atta. utß«r
auadry artlclrst; also, 14 te pi-s piteol Totrlis's
cbJcfodyoe, aooof tba most valuable medicines tie
fr.re Ibe public for tbe tiumcdUtc relief of dler
rl rt, djserterry, cr-oup. •'..nsami'tiau, acnes, ef>o, ,
Vera, an.» olb»r slt-'ctlous •, '.;—a;
By tfudilvi it Arri<r*<i>:t, At*clin»'*tfrt.
TWO Brlek ToaeaaaM a«S tWO Vacant l/<ts in
Mancnester, al tho corner Si WoßSwartk ana
IVmiur eta, aad or.-t-n the aastbasßl BBaat Bid
die at, between Hull mid m-,!nbrt.JK« »ts,f..r -alt i.t
ati-Hiiiii —Will tuao'il al suiaiou.ou ihe pTOBI « S,
i-uFrid»y, lbs Mb -.r Joly, ,t b a'altah P a,
maSS Iwo bftrk la,.n'..'Dl« i•. ,t-I aa tbnvn, SBeB
eoatehtoag lour r-.ua aha '.-Is to w keb tbsny
rt.tid are baoatafally sit gated; gal
In t're SOBtOfl 'artorleS Bad paSatff liillt. Sett),a
ttantis'.iro lot Ifiarabtofe wltlbaaoM
aloto-itba S'.rlb ci te it T i M:-rt, l» Narof Mr X
Miitiiet*i.'s rt e./rnwMag e-1 n i'*.t, itiuii'i.e* haak
It: ioot tn a . at BJ
Taouas -Cusa o: 11- tit al tba ofrttoa ol lha par
lIIBSrS UUIrDIN A At'l'l.r.M'N,
ly ,) An boaai r«
--* *K',y Uottrabie it.-- I spas oa Cbareb Mill, oa
V tl.rj touth Bttlatvf M |-tv. ecu .-5-h anil '.i i
sta,for sale al an-1 oa - Witt baaoM »t sactloa, a
Ihm pttattoeo.oa Moalay. tao Ittbof lary, faal,
at Si.'clxk p M, ti.a> xatgo in i • a. .; eat brtch and
frim- i'-ii'-mt-i,t i .-it. Ia« sbova, Bt»wti. Iboocea
ptnty si Capt U- '-•" "i Iba f*ta ..! $1 MM pcs ft ar,
pat a bin sssaib'j Paasaratoa caaba Hal lit a abort
lime Tne lot has h frout it Jtj feet I u-l a Sep ii
tf 165 too*, tho arstabm have a.tomm .datni..
rcr a ssasnaala Maed rutiiiiy.
TiKM:—Ca*.b or Srodlt, *• lb i Sjattoa ci lbs iur
clj.str UQDPIB i% irTSBBUN,
j/ ti Aaal - ocera.
AUi rtuN Mtiu ii r-.v i VataaUa Lots em
w i '.v i-ido of Mala, i"i* *a Mcaeoe »l.i
It- sis — Will b-> Bald at auei>-,ii. no th«
p'tuitses, r-n Tt....-.Jay, tbe lib <■< I ■•'/, t tl, ai f.
o'cioea: V M. Hit** taft] i- inttfal kttS {Htm I and f >
i'u tf» -titb tidati M*ii> st, tn rr »r ir tbo reai
J.-'t.s •; li.ai a ''..ir- r.caoh Iraatirg tbtrt] fuel,
raaals XmeM t*l tect te au hiiey iti roet wid*r —
Tbssa ore assoagal ii"* nijet haaulKol lots lo thai
part nt tbs suburb*..
TitiMa -Caih or credit, thaoptioa ot t'<inv"f'.
rbaaar. OODDIB h AIfBBStW,
jz f> Aasttqaeera.
By RvM/rttoH, ylifitff.s it '*..., Ancu.
[Oaraei tau snd Mala ata ]
(\V > riiey ntxt, S h Inat, et 10 r/elcek, va *'.ii
j i n-rai saettua • gaaatal tt;=.'itmeiit ot
I).y QvH)4a,
B.'.'td sad
wi:b a variety Of
Mlfetllaßeoas Uoetls,
Partiealart in pet tai a«4 ie* on at rt lag -t . -
Varll-a fj#,i ir.' to coA In ir..?Lili for H. I ■-:
will pease give us "ary uoti-»
,/G 80818 UK, SDtMS AOO. An 'a.
hy A: S. 'ftcaauiu*, Au. :.
Horr-JEHOLD Faißltnre,
i'l.itn.'j, Chlß . liiiiiit-r Kel
Goat's < htthinff, he,
Co aal. >t Auction
Oa Ti.uts.lay, the 7th in-!, .it |.) o'clock,! will
sen al my -.tore :: general arjfcoitiuent of I'uru'ture,
A", a*.-'.
1 very sap. ii"i i.i-i win-.I piano, hirei iad
W.-Hl..lliet. i,ll|. i
liedsleiit. , t.-.lii- .
M tin- toes aad beaVsii •;
1 Bel I'lelHi) t-hiUS .IlillH Ia Hi »'. lilt " Hill
Au liivoi.-.' 04 v. ty ' it .-'lei.t !
c touting
A rartetyol chewing u-tl mohlngtnbacce.
,y . E 8 PLEAMANTM, An. t.
B~y D. F. Booth A Co, AucU.
a 10;b ci, lictvtet'U MttUilid OoT*.]
VH !.MH"it«,
■• DtvQ'cda,
Oroi-kery, QU
Watcbet, Ac,
ut ti'i't: >:l
VVs w ll *»' !l at oar soleo. otSeV* aa Tharsday mcm
lag Jblj Tth, »t Iti o'c'ock—
It- ii.tead.-, fcaraans, . laiiit
• s, shuck end Mttra nt*ttra:..-at
Hfuckl.-ii an J "U'-wi.i< lOhaeoo
Boop, dinn-r, a' i bnakfut j lai-*s
("• its, paate, no.I
1 0!• rniUii: c '-l
■ I • ,e-i , i<aiH
300 bottles ink
1 doable '..arrel y.iiu
1 a I ;.-<:J r :-
--1 bitgateile tsilj'a,
and f tbei i-aeuds tb;»t L3*v ■'1 f -.'.
i.'S V r H s>'ll k i >', Vu
Bg O. li. ivvaa', a : ,
[No ai's Vain straet.]
\*hl ILlt isll, at attetioa, at my ators, oa vwi
Jy***) fytmota, -Lil. tS'li, at 10 o'clock, a '-art;'- aaid
debirnti- otoeb ot Detweboid aad Khcbea '. itriii
ture, eooolstlßg in part—
Cottage a. I tber bedsteada, tab It a
Keather tej.t, mattrefsas, obatrs
C blr.it'.-, :-. fits, f i.i i.irra
Savaral Bnecerpetai, on tbe BSCOI i ■ mi
Vtl klcg-stcvfis, crockery aad giat .. «T.i
Dry go. Jt msde OHetbißg
: - !i , b»ts, blanket , tol se »
l'i<«r.;, wi Sting paper, en ! j •
Uold and siirer w»tch*s. jawelry, etc,
ly 4 i* v.- W'li.: Is*, Au
JtUNA WA ?a*>
If\t\ DOH - • lea—l Wlllgl
\f\ f reward f« r;:..- :., .
i moot luyeerrHiti b.bn, who i»n away from mj
1., .i ■■. ... Bti •ra■ I, "ti tt,.' bl >I i :'/. j tho •- i
years old, aad ah. i r f. toot high, and a very sprbthl
ly and in tell !.t«L't hoy; la bis t»f.,r un tl Deck
oecssi t-j '» borai se lid oa -.-. ; t.ii be
gra* .ij- I trill give thi r.-.-.t!.! H its'*..
oalof tbaeoaaty, or j 0 ;i lakos ra ll
ly * t M li Ml Wi
it tii Reward. I wll, give the abovs
j \f\J reward ter ibe apprehenxiofl a-j.i delivery
iv iii.v rf my f-'ivtut womitu Eduy, who i«u
fr.'.ui Biy boaso, lv Henrico eoaaty, on Ibo alghl oi
tb.* atib Jane, Bday ~s übt.'ut SS j • *r* old,
aU'ii.it.o, toaK bair, aad rt.tb»r tbtn rtoage,bavtaa
toStSOSM ul ber |iw teotlt, an-1 about 6 i.-, i :. or I
iutiica high l will give Bis «»u tve rowar.j d lakaa
tn' of tbe c-.-unly, or ,-jiO '.f tak.u 'v ti,-.- .- ;uuly.
Jf 6 • A N V« I! K.S.N XV.
tti"*i|A DtiLLABB U<f. it.! .Baaawa* from ihi
O\JI/ aabactiber,oa ri-tturday, ll th law. .i ac
gro tv in aaoaed Philip, t-t.;.-,. .c old, b fet-l !
or a ii.,-iit . !•■;-.i. alcadei built, large eyee,and
saaall ebla, aod speaba tiolckty. Me wa foi
owned by Mt Moore, hiathai taarchaai, on Broad
strict, rat bis retara t> toa ot contineiccnt in
soaaeJsß, I will pay a reward of| -j oa
i'iilnii i.i oar, ua i!i< IVilllaaistnirg lorapifce, m•■
t. .ii' ry Na X ,V li'i.\M..l.U.
jy ' -C i
I )AA r'trf.LAKM RftAari.-i aidgrn ibeal
, ) \J\J reward let the delivery iii tiir- o! mv c;an I
Aitok it 3 M iiavs at Co, ol R cbatood. B i
l{ro, I believe, is lurking iv t barlaltoeoaaty, Va
Ho has a wlie at Mr BMI ry**, la KaysvtUe,of n I
county. Alick Was ortyina'ly ln.;n l.'c n. a. bi.l f,ts I
lately lived in cliarltittat; bs la ah. it b feel 0 or 8 I
iches biftb, vcy Mtick, oota very witlo and li.i, has I
a prominent acur < v ihe ii|ip..r part of ti-• breeat i
bojtv; lg >init*i inl<>HiScßt, aad eas re«-.l »tt I wrlla.
1 percbeatrit bio 1a BScbmoad >i Mt) 'ti J I- . l)
wick. AMak etrru Ji tl n torga bay iioriu bei...... ,
to iir tleo hroe tt. BaMboroa wwi taste la owe ol I .
bind feet ty praval; ba is ali| illy white to 1.4 face
and on both bind Let.
WaMoa'S Mlßs i ...
jo;.i —tv-ajruj' raiabsilaail re. Va.
dji.lahs Boward—Will h-
tor Iba BsiabtßSloa aa l ssaßscntaal n
any j i.t of a negio nun ticmd X iby, who ran
a-vay from Wm A BrivuUin, ai Amelia county. Bald
negro was ptir«hiasc«l by sad 'lan na >if X 11 N.t
fsfl*tor Btebsaeal. AJtUaoa ittii.N I nii.i.4.
>c 83- vttavt.u* Jalatsißto I'O, Amelia co, v*
•'l'ti'k D.n.lAll-' Rivtard— V, ill be pail for Ibi
teMrl' Bp|*abSßßton aud coitilarmeut ao I ran
gel b'.ni, t'.f out ol tbe stale, r.a.t OS if ia the
Plato,) of my >naa Obohrf. tifcelsy v akaal 5 f.-et
10 incbca biib, brt* u eabar, ratii.r Ral raea,M
luite inteMtiraui, orslgßa absas let* or i.s peaals,
and is a ttrrt rale earieaßtar.
i'rako's Branch P.wt <mi<e,
l>*t*j-Buwiw| Übartoaiaea. sty, v*.
tOLkU or itU'OB LBTTaQM.
jp CturrxinatTx i uses Ss Aa»uiif-t 1
War Department, Bareaa r Kxcitat (ta.
Htchmoud, Va, July I, lr-.it 1
1. All letlen. logo North by Ctg SfbrasS uiurt be
tev.,l U this sBbBS
i Bach letter mutt bi eucl *eJ to a BS**sn*atS SS
v .-;,. p.', a. J addrtviwed to o>e, Uureau ol ki hangu.
Ul-.bvuond, Va.
«. "to iettor must osc»» 1 tv "ua' pane vt i.r
il;uary a -, -4 loiter paper, au.l It. c-.uteclM t*e SSB
uett strictly to pere -ual or taia ty SaaMsSß .<
Idler alluuirg lo ti.e ansoaajataSj wr 'ataa'tiiad t-i \
troops will bs permitted t' pats
I Ei, b most contain ilM| .i.taKe stamp, '
or ita tq.ilvaleot la ttirar ci U H currency
Tt.raW tmhmhmmwat win se rtitaiy enfonci, and i
no I liter traoamitlttd la vbiob tbey are net agrtaSly '
oboerrtd. X.» iti.l),
AgOOl Of Xt :h altr r *.
W ail a. ■, Capt aod A AU.
iy l-~«t
Buuauar., Va Juae '.Tin, lSrjl.
"I "*.. V H4NGB Notice No 11 Ail vlßee--** and mm
Vj ul Ibo Vlokaburg cpiuru of July lib, I**b3,
who reported Ir dnly eUhv-r at KuVrpr Ise, Sflaa,
la-ut iis,|ts, Ala, Jatit-tbor,,', Teun, Viettoa, Natelti
l«. bee, Mile-., ,'t rt, >'i AlCXaudila, let, at au, Hum i
,ti ti r to aptil Ut, '."> .4, an J alto** tVavtuea have I - • v {
Ci- war.i.td t« ate by Iba l*rep..r uncet, art* b. fi-l y i
datarsd excaaaiad. MooijiU,
JiaM-ll Agaatot ktvUaog-, '
i" tJ V/O.V SALES-rH^^ 9
By WB&irfUOwdt tV.., A'trl.
.lNo.lWM»»nst.t^ y ,u a ;;;; il . 1
fMNB Furaiuro, '•
siae BSH Malatwa,
'.'l*»t.', , p » ~
On Wedn'-effsy.'fra sih j.,i. . **'SMa
| iValrxk A M, wo will a- II tl „T 'rattrnV''*' Hi
■ata atreai, ,t hamtt aasonm . • ■ •»•.,,
j Artnleg. Ac, cooaial.rn ol tb., fe ..',., : "
artlrles '"- r *<-«,,'
Jemr lii.d,r..l|» r r. t „ , , .
Baboxany tBISSSSSS ar. I ~v r. .. ,•". ,
tatiiuftaj, war ir-.lt. r, WOaaata. .
Hurras, *.(.« tot,. , u\.,
Fi., 'i,'« •■ ami «,,. ■ .
Ir.-iiJ lapefilry «. 1, I, .. r .
1 very 1a,.., V,.,.. .. „,..
Il ! ai bets, :I - ■
P. tl!.-'.' btia
Bail ...t aba. « ~..(ir . -«, .
Ptasss, SBaaoa, ■ j ■ ,„ | wmtmn
Kalret ait.f Parks, .«., . |, a . ~
PI I'ltot"'-', tv, taft-a
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