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The daily dispatch. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, July 30, 1864, Image 2

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a_r RAOS WANTED. -Tbe highest tnar
BtatTrire will be paid at tmii ornca lor all
HAi.S, iv large or email quantities.
—— -,— a——-«—T —a- —-I"—— ', ■',_■ ' 'JUi *

».,-•_. li «r Mr I •->_ in Hum*.
The Hon. Alexander Long, who was
.tfi-niiJ in the late Federal Home a
Representatives f»>r his well kn.iwt
npsech in favor ot StatoeT Kights, and 0
Peaoe, has had a grand reception a
home, in the M Cot)grc*sional Dfstrfc
of Ohio—the Cincinnati District Tin
assemblage on the orraaion wa*. yen
large, and exhibited tt great dual of ap
|4au.He f_r their Uepres.ntativc. Mr
long was introduced by the Hon. Wm
Corry in a very eloquent address; an.
llr. 1.. made to the people, his auditors
one of the boldest, if not the very bold
«sat, spec-!i vttpronoiiiic.ii on Norther*
soil, since the mar began. In bis speed
in Congress hedc. Ur. .1 thai he had rathci
see the Southern States independent
tbautou-e their people, lit. n, vvtineii
and thildreu, exterminated In hi*
ttpoe-h |B hi- constituents he put thi
tpieslion more pointcdlv ami positively,
"That there >~ no other alternative in tbif
war t___u*utjug-tiwii aad extwmlualion ol
tbe goat-era j.ec.i.lc on the one head, or tin
recognition of their Oeafadcracy ou tßi
other, is l'*yoii_ ijue_tioii; udU how can atij
•nuslbie, huuiatic, and liberty loviug tu__
l»-«Utate in preferring the tetter? Eveij
day's bloody experience aud Blaughftr nalj
serve to show that there ran tie uootbei
termination at the contest."
He declared that thoso who were MUM
ssid sincere, who cried out for the exter
uiination of eight millious of Christian
_u__, women, aud . hildreu ol the South,
were monsters, "who would be too high
ly honored by calling them liends; their
idea was a,-, impossible as it was wicked
and devdibh " He added :
"Two frieudly republics h-viig a common
ÜBcastrr, eoinmou elorles nud reeoHectloss
i>ing side by side—haviug a laed-Me emu
Utlon lv tunning the race ol national tre«
don, pro-p*nty aad greiitnwis, arc lulluftcb
pn l.rnble to oue proud aud apleudid Lvi
tdocuiy despotlMM, resttcg like a dnrk ua*
dot* u;iuu thefature ot the Ajnerkaa <.ou
He explained his States' rights views,
aud defended the sovereignty of the
States. They were separate colonies
they threw off the allegiance to (dual
I Britain as separate States —they were
recognized aa independent, separate
State* after the war of the Revolution
they had, during the war, been allied
Sovereignties under the Articles of Con
federation, and their allegiance as such
was oontinued under the Constitution'of
lVby. He gave the history of the Con
veutiou which framed that instrument to
prove that the power to coerce a State by
fores wins proposed to be engrafted upon
;t andlejected. He contended that there
was no such power granted by the Slates
to the Federal tioveriiinenr, mid that
from tbe da- that Abraham Lincoln
called for To.imio men io be used against
the States that had seceded, the old
Oovermneiit had ceased to exist, and
that they of the North had "been living
tlor more than three years under a new
tiovernment—a Government necessarily
despotic, because the Constitution being
set aside, the man who rules over us
8 (them) is absolutely without restraint of
any kind, except that imposed by hi-.
own will."
He warned the people against central
ization:— it did not lead to despotism
ittr«/_ despotism itself. Nothing excited
more the anxiety of our revolutionary
forefathers than this fear of centraliza
tion of power in the Federal (iovern
uifctit. A powerful despotism might be
splendid; but its splendor was a poor
consolation for the degradation of the
people, and " for the loss of all their
liberties, all that ennobles life and digni
ties manhood ''
Mr. Long asserted that the idea that
the laiion could be restored by the sword
was the wildest of all vagaries that.ever
aftlicted a civtli/td people. That mad
iiees, said he, ''combined wilh the un
natural idea of placing the negro upon a
level wiih the white man, has deluged
this laud in blood, has impoverished us
wilh debt and taxation, and destroyed
the constitutional liberty bequeathed to
u_ by our ancestors."
Mr. Long assailed Lincoln's adminis
tration, denounced its. eorniptioris and
dcciured there was no hope for the North
but in driving it from the Capitol He
declared that the South could ntver be
subjugated, and there was uo hope of
peace but in recognizing its ind.pcii
deme. UeuVoMed his linn purpose to
maintain these views, and defied the
power of Lincoln ami hi- agent.-.;. He
iius concluded :
'• From the AoutUuatratiou of Mr. Lincoln
) WWdom or coiumou MtaM cam tie ex petted
will coulii.u. tn tread lv the downward
tear of f-.lly aud crime iv the hope that
>ou the moody e_r ol revotutiou which ie
itfchii g.ttie mus-'o to death, Its chiefs caa
la to positions ol iuipeiial splt-udoi uud
lilvtdu-l f*re«tlut-a. lv the daik vista ol
c tut me theie im not one single ray il hope
the tdt.-B_ed buu ol peace does uot soofl
[feud the BSttOnsl hoi Ik iv uud shod lto
'iia'iut ra)s upon our laud.
"Do uot, my fdiowciiizens, follow loater
|B worse thuu will -©• tb_-w)ap of Southern '
titjueet _ud -utjuijatloii which i_ teodiaa !
Is eouutry deeper uud deiper loto the
)Ugh and mire oi uutioual de+tradaUou aud
lv. Let u_ t,e J uot and fceutroi.s. Let us
md by the l>S-SSetat_c prluelple, th_t all
just ttoverumouu derive their poweia troui
ol the i,.)Verued. Though every
else l_ils ; let us have uo other luiou
th»a tltat bmsed upou the eousetit ot each
asd ivei)S''_le eouipilslug It, and let UK
" I vi v with iiitiuitc dliicu-t nod fit.iiut i.-ii, -.
this Idas ol _ Coafedeiacy 'piuued together
i »•)' Utyuiiets,' uud ouly i-u-iaiut-u aud upheld
| *>y arbltiitry eoeni .v aud despotic poweis.'
A : |n e.ih bke this gives a better sign
ptaud the bold and manly public servant
who announces and triumphantly vindi
Mates it before them, we may believe that
consider that such declarations, so ro
ovivcd, are permitted by the (Jovcrninenl
wlii.hwould, two or thicu years ago,
have imprisoned ami probably bani-hcl
r.titn the iinnitiy the author of them, «t
vi iy well coin huh' that a grant chang*
has 00MB our the Ntirtli, and that tin
tyranny :Il Washington is checketl some
what by fear from the piIfSUU of w. II
known im linatioti'
.„ aft. ■
The Philadelphia lmiuin'i quotes the
prices fixed for wheat by the Virginia
tViiiiiiiiNsitinefs, ami tells its readers to
cheer ii|i. that the Confederacy is about
'Vointj; Op; they can't stand it another
V car."
Yes, we are "tToin?,' we trust* "up;"
lor that is certain!) not the direction in
which the Vankeea vvill go! We are,
in.iitiivt i, rapidly :!<•■ jiiiriii ■' that cond<
ton most favorable lor ..scansion light
ut ;-■, of miilv, freedom from llcshh solidi
ty and panderosity. The I ankee war ot
starvation In- reduced us all to a state
liinitnc--.. that foretokens a nation oi
ton-, and one day the well-fed
i's iii Northern barbarians and plun
will met t a Southern army of
less nicii, who will so resemble the
led tenants ..I the graveyards that
adversaries, horror stricken, vvill
the day of judgment conn*, anil
ing, abandon thetnselres to despair;
tor the en. unities they . have done will
maltti thst tl.iy out* of unimaginable
wretchedness anil misery to them. Be
fore an army ol -hosts they could neit
atatti; ami ii is plain, il we can
nothing to oat, to that pass we must come;
for starve or not, we mean to resist—
Let, then, the Yankees take no courage
from the last of the aire auxiliaries they
hare conjured up fromhejl! l.yen 1-"a
bibs we will endure rather than
submit to Yankee domination. We
have, as already confessed, given strong
proof of tins. We are living on short
allowance. The head of the War I»_
part-Bent is .1 sort of representative ot
tl,. phy ical Southern Confederate and,
a- ii has been already stated, his bones
BM heard to rattle as he descends the
stairs of his hotel. The President ..I
tiie Confederacy is a mere shallow, lie
h_s become even transparent, and tike
the chameleon, borrows his hue fronUhe
color of the nearest object. When stand
ing by a btick wall he is ruddy, and when
resting under the shade of a tiee he is
green ' Only think of all this, .'ankeesi
and dance and -shout over the pom fouled
eracy, reduced to skin and bone.-, and
about to- "go up •" Iht- bare contem
plation of this is enough to make the
Puritan go mad with joy, and at once
renew his thank.-, to his maker that be
"is not like other men;" which he,
nevertheless, cannot do with hall the
sincerity and emphasis with which
"other men" do thank theii' God that
the} are not like him !
The riiilatU-lplnit //•/(< c/, urn, it,,,
example of the increased cost of all
thing!-, because of the depreciation in
Federal greenbacks, might haveexplajpad
high prices here on the -,aiue principle —
the depreciation of Confederate currency.
lint it is just a:, well that we should en
courage the Yankees to believe thai their
scheme of starving the South is sue
needing They are continually felicitat
ing themselves with the impression that
it is. The demon who attempts to re
duos his victim to tmhmission by perse
cution, even to the extreme of starva
tion, and fails, >ut!ers a mortification ami
wretchedness proportionate to the era
city and brutality of the means he had
employed. So the Yankees, when they
find that all their villainies, all their hor
rid brutalities, were vainly exerted
against the spirit, the valor, and loyalty
of the .South, will be driven to the deep
est despair. We doubt whether their
moial sentiments are sufficiently humane
to make the feeling anything like re
morse or repentance. They will be cha
grined ami disappointed io a desperate
degree. On a huge scale, their feeling
will be that ol the sheepintcaler caught
iv the fold, with the sheep on his back
the annoyance, mortification, ami -diame
of detection or defeat, but no repei.lance.
They will be ever ready to return tt
their evil practices (though, under ad
verse circumstances, they may even foi
Hwear them,) when the opportunity ol
fers. They aie ruthless and remorse
MSB, and there is no hope lor any one ii
their power. Nothing but the force o
resistant. can defend the right agams
tliem But the world will judge then
right, and also theii day ol retribution i.
not to be denied them.
"•.■.ni. lar.tiuu.
The returns from the army of the vote
lor liorenior, indicate the loyally oi the
brave North Carolinian*, who have been
lighting for liberty, while traitors at
Kaleigh have been plotting and scheming
lo degiade their State ami make the
shedding of their noble blood in the lieltl
vain and profitless. The army will be
almost unanimous for Gov. \ ance. We
CBV hardly doubt that he will also tn
uinph at the poll. in his. State by a luig_
NoiH'E. ».i| p_ri.ii in-.0t.il t> toe eat.te v
lawtoii 11 D.v tlti-'J, will lUika liuui -.ii.t
;<at vi. m tt) tba iiiiil-riigu-il, ml mi ■)i-r_,i_a bavlug
•la ii. a_.t lal Hi..- Bill eMal* wilt fn-s ul thciii ai
otien tor a-lU.Ui.-t, al It 1* -o_lr_U _ lv oi_-._ nil
lit* __*ir» of MM e-Ulo _* l-iaaJily m p>__ bin
IM- X _____* r.-KU- A ILsre* e_.-i.__.
Noi t.i* ..,, !__,-_,>_,, tuJ-nl-.l i. t>,D lale Oil
-4 i-*_,_ a Oitf*r will _____ taMBMBMI u*f
meal to |~ .„..._, _ 1( , 00 _ Mli ,„ IStOM tt r~'
.-iifma.*a,_.,i ltt.t_.l_ lal* Una «H| MM||__
'yyy* j sua* m-a _!..__,.
| > Hl)( aniiiiit-) ink - ».»_
|V -it lul im . ii.iiilu, — all warranted mt mm
nut t|ti_liiy. I'i.r tile whoiea-lr ~i, J rei_tl j.,
Jf -I* — lit t U.1.-I fcn.'ti:tii|tr Utile I,' Mi. L|
Y'l .1-* _i U li.ket_i.il'. Tltti BlgJaeat inlet ■i.1.l
lt)l cl. tit ailt-ll VIIU au.l li.k-iaii.lo, i., ai.y
I«t»i lamt. liv Ui* Uf* in Hoyd.of t'liluai
t tipt J a Hgerta. af tverta rmoiihi
. J HKI'iIINH \V, ditnitut-r ul the lit
d VI i tt Bit Itni.'fil. V ■•
in t'll.lav, tin ■_ •> li'"'. Sf wai nil- n tflvt tl t
lillUi.s Mill Mi\iVn-li H I.TO-a.tjt Ail
viiiiij. I i tiuiiiv. W.l : if'J 'JO yeata
lv bis Uiu . ii i' t'l'i.Tt'- i'l'iii|iliti.'.l ill- putlt
il in. pant >i an. oi il' il vi'iili ii martyr* blond til
uvf m prtactate, n -i iii iiu-, leaaaa aa a ".'a-1 t
- ! "iii lit: wan tb ai lln- t i. hi it-purl Sf a l.'hrlttia
aaßKar. *
i-ls iri/i.il.. ißefc of Ids father, J inns A rultmi
mil Mis I! i i.i li.tiit'a at- !• .|iii-»lnl tn alli ml hi
iin r i.it ;tt it it'cluck tv day, limn ttu- Mi'iMiuit ni !
aa-n ihlai m peat is aB aaa «spy. *
all ill'- 1e.1.1.11.'i- ill Ills S'lll IV tslitntMini I
tt.'.k. uu tli.• .' li iii-i.itit. Mi M M tlfTLtafOl
tiM.'K, in Ui. .1 h ft at his .tan.
His luit-iil _in take {Macs mas ha* late real
. .-in-t- mi •: , h "tt i I, |B_f .ill.ii.iii.v .il -I ~ v'< lot-fe
'iif tl irii.i-Mini acttaataiaaeei <n mm i.uuiiy at<
HVlt. tl lU Hilt till. •
HiiKilili) t vi nl ip • 'ii ti In.'.lit the- Tf.lh yet
.1 In t;i,i , Mis MARY IIKMtY, it-ln Aoi Ute tali
Jt.hii lb itty.
Ilt-r ni. mot nu.i at qeelaiaeet « ate n qseated t.
ut. Hit In i liiiictril this ill. ii,.inn al . ti'ilnik
litiiil ill. i iitit. i ul loth ;it,J i l.i>■ sis t
He I. tut I -l. < •" _iit) Hill, on tin' iimn-inr/o
Be ■••• h, i_BX INOeK I'll.una, la!• af Beat
i.i i>> i lv- , i ■• rear <•! hi- age
His in uf 111 at IU i iik ■' |il it-.' tint t-vininjr, al i-ii
Kt-luk, when lvi liiiiiiis, ttiil iii.isr of || L'ahli
ni I X ll.oi vi- iiiMt.tt i.. tit. nil. |
Al hi- ~. ;,),..,■.•, iv H.tii-v. i roiimy. Mt if.c '."i.i
mt Bet AShtiiM M LOWKLL matt, SB year*.
Hi- iiii.ii il tviil itk.' |.l i. ti-oiii his i.51.1. ti,
5t Maattef iii.iiiili.i", iff Slsi last, it it i.i i.i a
le il. u.i-; .nui at i|.i,nui,tui.i . alt invil .1 {~ il
li.l st lilli.lll iililLii i notice. |
• ihtlint-i y.
Hi. .1 il Hi- I, i.i ,n,l, I a li. II "l h .if Itiiif, i-
S-ibotd i vi iiiii.ii.ii. HABBY fVIUTK of Ate 1
int. V i, in tin- '..ii vi ii ul his B -.
The —titer nl tin -i- itn. i keew iht- Breeaard in
iliiiiiily f«f t'iiilitii y. are, and .tiring nil laai
titii*- nut tint' I.lv, r thought or unklint wnitt reel
|iaHsi il In IW. in lis I '.It IlIrlldMll", li It-mi i!
:it ;htiiil. win )i- are were if-era of tbf taut
t.i--. . (itirln ih tt l nl tin- Instability nl lln- iiu
I'iiiiy ot .mil iiiiiiii ii it ■. htn In iiH.I i.i ti miiiiit
ling wih .Ml ti'lin il tii-y il.ty.s.ijii-tv in.l s|i, it, i:
wiih nur yean c)ur si'lit.ol day Ufa Bffor-*d _r
in t \i.-etli*iit ufii uliliiiiy nl siti.tt itig thoroughly
Ins character, lit- |.i'-s, s,-tiii i tjitlcs unit original
inliitl. a „-in r.it- lii.,iit, ,nui vi. iiitltipt'iitli tl ami
f'.- ul. M .-|.iilt. 11. tvo never known niii: of loniei
principle t»r nunc nobto afltictloa-. Hut It wen
vnin in atteatpl t" ifirtray al* atee* vni_.s.
At ifa- ctiuiiiii-iK'i int'iii ot, tin- war, alißoagb n
•ii ,i.' .in lie .nil In' w.n e_f-f lo uk. uo aram in
■It li 1,.-.- ul uiu glotioa* tilit State, iitii! volunteer In
oho uf iti. eoafpaali s Uu a bring rain d in our va
uvf iiiwii. Sad ii iv:i.s inn until liv was initl l.y
Ins irlciul; :niii t.lit.Ki,in tliat such a bit aon hi.
|.itr! wotilii lit-Jtiuitlal. Ui.tt be I'-til'laiilly ulin
.(iii.it.tl Hid Idea He reatalaed Is Ali-anUfl.i
•..uif sly oi elgßl iii.iiiilis ,i;i,-i ihe . racaadaa l»y
..t>t l-inis, ivln-ii im Blrtile unit chivalrous tt.tuiri
citiltl brook oegef tiit* instiiis ami Segrad-lfb*
lii'antitl liiion lur il.l, ncf 1.-ss clUz mn I y 111.- Int.
iitii- sniilii'iy ni Ute iii.iiti/, nui he rtso'fed ii
Intake his i'_c*pt! .n.,1 j.iin oar army. It- was
twice liiif.l in atU iii,ii, but uu Ute lliirti trial
v. i- ni,itf luilJtiati
tin BH atttfal tt Mau_s_ai, ii a ta sonn' nun- tn-
Info In* lliultils CalUld (ill-It.nit- hliu nui lo |otn lit.
lie li li hi aad vvi-ii tv kicbmond, aad wBIM
ißere ... ctpitd :. |iu-i.ii.i in in. n i oi. muster,
l-i (..ii inn in i hi-. ii,v,i -ti:ii .I bl* tt-iliss ,ii,i
leesltive ill poaititui, an.i Ui mlj ate t.tlt v lhal in
11.nli! niii n.-ai Ui.- ihougbi oi reiacnitig tv "Olt
iii i i Mavt-u" alibtioi having situck ont- bow v
iv- i-nii b>-i Aboai ..in- i. ii in- vt a- ili i_ii-J
l.li iiii-iiaiit in , ..i Hi. liu'hiii.iiij local J. linn
t illl|i It'll . at.ti 101 iftii li.Oiilll.. (Hi .-altilaP bl* ill all
Wa* .ii lively engaged in Ut- utteati cc i.t SicbßlDßt
lit in.- oui- • mt.' A* was ti ai. Jbj itn itifiiii.s, h.
COBld In! a lli.l Ilii. tip. i.f it,eld. lit in i- mi}
life. Hi waa taken ill; but. being the only iffice,
wiiii tu> eeaipaiiy, Would ii«.i l-.iv. it iii.nl dtbcaat
Bid taken *o auoai i bold on bid con.iiiiiU-n that
whin bllHlght to City, his i.,i.,liii,in wa* aot-1
as to j.i.i'iuJi- atl i...|..i ol tt.i.viiv He waa loii
ilii' ii.llii.' ul t.i - til .as ■-, nui liaiu bl* bright
clii rtiiill iilii,;. .... i.. ■-. tlilin :; the two .lvi . tbat hi
Ittlgi i. .1, u.usf bave kiiiitvi, ili.ii tuna ditiu'
Hi- e.nj i,i, it-, when .i it.ii fit itis : i-it-r bow ut
fell, "It 1* all ili;iil II I Jn, lvi.l go loii< aw. n
in. I ut ty tint iii. \ • i ' Mi* last Wofth<, lb-1 CituK
i.i- diMlMgeifb-d, W.ii-, "I.uitl .testis t..k,; in,
hllUlH "
TbtU b*s o*. ,i,i ivy.ii ,in,i,h,t rinliii tuaiiyi i,
till.in -i- ni nut hi int. ,i ii.tiian, for although no,
cut down b) tin- ,i. aJI,* mi- -ih- it) ibe . u.ni), tv
ha.- li. v.-itli It i :,!,, ,r_ in i;, ~, j,, , ~.,,,
catwi . I'-i lint wi.o now Bay* him mi huai-lt
liiLti'i' his y. !,', tan lt , v , I 1.. -Outled I'aiaw.i)
tiL.ti ft- lit.-, i.ivin.i in, ~,;. ~,,j i 0,." . ii. tisbi-d is
-oclaUou, ivbitt- in- i.,-.,i ti,.. win. r felt aa ifh<
1i...1 -ni.it- one to ti.tiiiii in. i.itniv,,, and nl,
v... uitl til t.i... wiih bid I.,iiifiii. Hi taurial re
""'" '" i' 'i ■ in. liy .it UilyvVotid.ivi.il..
ins |.in.- ijtutt i atieai | M ~ i.iiiiiu-i and belief
u.i ii. u _
Hi. .'. :u his ii , ;,l.„, ■ , |.|, -.1,1,, -if, .I, hitwcti
--!t_,l__tTa-iwV__ 1.,- i.'..,M- ~v;rii_ !'/-;^ v - >
Mi SAi t I .-. Sl mi i.'l / , a Will (nowu and bigbl)
i. -~. . led tan ii ni Iht* city, wbi r, n,- reaidea toi
itiHiiy v. ai-. 11,- iii a U..HV.' ul I'm-Mi.
In u.i. -t.i iii-,.. .is.itii.ii bia latiii y bave ii.si
their |*fO|> and-lay In life, and suei-ty one of in
bligble-t lui-iiibi'i.s A* a tni-fjuii! aud Itth.ii uu
niie say. in- bereaved wMe and cbltdrt-o caa ap
i.iici.tif iiitir iue*. Aaaaeighboi and iilrud, bi
will Ing in- it in ini,i ~ d He leavei a Voaeg
wile lo'ti inteietiting children, (one toy and ihiet
ai ..if tn I-, > tc. n liinili. i.. and in. -isi.-r, and watt)
n laliv'i s and tiii tnU, in itn.inn in, M Imjii.-ttal'i.
''• -• it i ■' iic.iv s. v. n atoataa ago Hut to
bad buried Ml Jged mother, and imw bow aoos
ti.- had 1., iwiiovt bi i Bel -in n i- iii,-. mm i
iwou irt, aud limn Jn t -1- an itn ii it-tu<a,"l* tbt
irrevocable d.ci..- vi lleavea. r.u.w.il dcat
-.M.ii. s imuii' is ut ih,' -ruv,-
Here dwells iht ii.ictiiiiit • V\-m/• i.,.,i,,,i
V\ t- road iu.tr iiitn.iiiit■ vis . we ai_b. ainl
Wi- Btgtt Wi =iiiv )
An .tor ..in- mat-io-ed ou 1.1, iiili ii iut" 1. All 11 HI.
IH'I), i:V H'.MJ'.s uiiuii'.a m. ml., mi company
X, 31 l V i iw.-iuii m ;tlter hi- d. altt. tiy tils cntlslii
Aiiiauda I. J.iiit-s H-wa* ■ native oi Baadolpb
ciiiinly, Va, and was killed tut tin- -Im Jane.
In; i. ,i (l ,| is.;, bttrti dvi ar tbe MecbaulcaVillt: load
nine iniit-s from Bicbmond
I." ' ii{i;.ti ibe battle du-ld be atoott,
Aiming lite brave he le I,
I iishii-l.i. .1 lniiii f. ni;. or iiwoiJ —
eiiiiit iiiber, for liis ttitittify be hied '
I'.i.linti ,1 in- is now uii.lt i- the l.iiin.ei.s nt I'bti-t;
lit lis caa*. to nn.urn lie', happy tv d. ..in.
Dearest oee, tbou in (*i>u..
Into a Inn: v vvo.l.i ol y>, and |..a.,
I), aili lias -liiiiiid, d ton in bil anus —
l...uu_ .tud kind iiti-cds ac more will lee
■ytitir lace.
Hvei ii thee we iitv sadly weepiag -
V -it aii in ytiur I.uu iy gtave -leeptug.
I.oiii'iy and weary are lb* ddya —
th ' from Us you ,ii« forever guilt ;
Nt vt t more wt :n ia* your amltlag lace
UooJ bye! toi our bmeeeaa .in we'll mttara,
J» ; *_ MAJ-ONI »i.a lie i.vvß
Ml kMa Will pruauli iv ih* M.tbodiut Bit les-
tant OBar_a, on May.i hi, tx morrow ("•uuday)
niomuig.ai 11 oVI.-k lv Iha/vaalig, at r-«.
oVl.ok, ibesfs„n,| fj i-i;Or_a at tbe ou th
iun,i:red l.sts tl ITite .Muitniry, (p. stao-ed from
Itiot SouJiiy inveui_ t ,) wi,i be deliverad.
Jl 88-ltf
ft'-j— Htttuidi ctiuich, cum. r Maia and
av-r tin itreet*.- f.ov U -3AVSH will preacb il
tilt eituic'i to uiorr-w (Suutiai) tuorniog at H
oV-lock imiiio-ftat.-iy sui leriioetho l/inl's Bea
per will ue aSa_a_terel. jy so—ltf
n *_ Hk h.\f).\ aai reaaaved io ihe aeaee mi
wv-oT '_.j;i, Mn-at, aexi door id Mm coram mt Mar
.hall -iinif, Dearly opp__U« the fataeaaee.
jy ay-idit
N\>vi.K~* =====B=_S___s__
Ihe guhpcribtr r (firs choice M-aodd r'aiai > __
li* 11..U1, fir sal* _t*i 6l>).erib
Alhii, N.w t'lc*, fcait Hatd, and ni,-e lar*«
h'• J '-"- , • I W s TATIMt,
Jf Jvl If 6th st, hat Br. ad and Marshall.
|/i)KS.It- ftasl leivtreJ oa . ..uef r 'aUieJt
F tllMlu.-illiu- l,_, ;v ,n
ti) bhla eui> d mt
-' do do
io jaikagm |_ r 4
t*ppU tuaudy
Old IVe aiil key
hla. kbnry Wluc, Ac
ttblih will he _cIJ teaaontttl*) bf
1,-M ti; uibs..i>i BABMBjOtrrstaast.
Si B Mirmara of K.a.utiiL BaahwaaM
i„tiai*.|Ut'a h.iiiiti.iii
Balli y 's 6<;.i»llio . ~iu i .i
l.uonr O-ii-tic
U" '/■ ne, taMMt, auj lanuii a-.lJi
l- .'-.-*-)vd-.i al
MMAM ft BiKKK'tl l)r.ig siora
J yi " "•'-''• * oiuf. Main auJ lOifa "if
|i> I- <) l X
F iv 'uiib nil _go nuts heet fl.„,r, mad* it ...
|< it'»r -lii.o vjdiimi at .iv- pci hat. U
l- .UtnUiett
8 tibia .-Uji-illai), Ml * !f.O p*f i.i.i
rartMaßf lAituv _ WiLLIAMn
MBllli.l.vAl. T.i VI
it) 10 yalliiu kegi hfst Ja:n»lo» iuui
I. a gaflnu do do no do
"•Basil lor ui-di.iinai purptboi, lor tale by
If J<i * T»au» a WILLI AM 4.
d \ i 11 lur Mn l!a..
\JI Mii*d Uum Ar_iit.:, auiubla lur mui-ilaif., ail
whit* Uum s-.iito, lor v .„ tor sal* at
___a _.. ***** *- aUMtm-a Haa -Baaa,
•" ___■_! £___ !__* __! ___ __;
J D_T recelvud Tfoui lit* eounuy a alee Jot o
baton, new Hour, run itie.t, butter and egge
whnb win he sold ou good I.IIH-. by
I st HAtlfCB a • ii.ltj.is,
iy Jo — Jit I'laukllit <tut ai lii-il M»lkt-l,
'■_--__*'"■ a- ■"*
ITtb street,
AcroM tb* Dock
Cora aal a best
Urouud oa toll.
irn-ioi* MMiforMi*
ll_~ ma, loe, lor me. -Oaa b* bad la aay quau
illy.al all bouri or Ibe day.al tba Aoisrioau its
If ivor oi li)H) aud i Uy ilrieta
H v -L__ , ._l RK • , • , •
Coraar of 7lb aad broad tv
land flat;* Saaaisr ...anils')!
"* liKBAI tt -0--M
Ol Ui) Nautical IKamt ul Ibo
i bo r-pesu-d lv ulfhl tat 100
Itßßff liMh
Bougf, HiDCfi,
Duetts, Fuo, Frolic,
Facts an'i Fannies
awwav _r_ui_M, Jub, .11, lr-i.i,
» pa**___t*e.llte
Mise :.<-.., i ..;.,/. -,
log llaliad M— ,- ,; :,.,
-UClUtl*. —I li till
Benca --Tba ■»___•*,•*_• rial, le cor.tntint*
l-i it.* sil—BWl llf IBs patrons oi I.i -.-;_f....tt
tusot. r . ji.-.ii-Ui*! a wtrficti-.fat silfei vval.i-
S ,rilu WATKIi-jia
.ghtly b- .liHpiatit I Cj tbt pair* M ot the
Irelrt tie- of cßmi*.
Kiiiiri—Bex ufflt-a cpeu beta l|_ IStoil'S,
» ~*a : -.i- nay ft- aoi-ured.
l-uaus or OfMM It oca.- Doon cpea st half pant
r o'cl.'-l; p-rtt'iuiaam to eoininenoa at hair H
(iraol/ialy. ,y rO -It
WAV'I iii)—A Male Teiebor.—A graduitoot ibe
-ulv-rnit/ if V igiuls pfiJMred My ict-»l
,s v.iy email, and teru'9 v.-ry liberal T'-Mlmouials
'.t)a**-, BTBB_UW X KDHUNOM,
jy 1..1 -iKi{ N- w'f t. Try I* O. Uulifas c.*, Vi.
VU AN! BO—A youlb, wi.o ii-n 80uio km Wl-Mgeuf
*" tbe drug beafasee, and wao would iii .k* bim
ttll geuetaily u-eiut, 11-li-reuf) required.
Jy 30 4t» N'i »fcij Mala it
WAN I Sl'—f -vi ut'.ui.'ur., to ft) It. Ur.-i.lJS
t.om'.N 0 Adlrtß, ••Kociu Ko 6b," Mai
ard tlou-., l.r oaaweM.
jy HO-61* U-eoi)Bt>i.rii'. H tt,
WAMTBD— Twe laig-- stai lieges, sat|S)t>l* n.f
mo-kIUK b.rda, I n wbii-ti a lib.ir_l price will
io paid Addreit »•»," DMpateA ___o*, -jutlag
.rriiiß aud vtbtro tbe eagM e_u be seei..
jy ?o_f|l
tvANiBD. A yoaeg i.i.iy iviio ts ~t pn-M-iii a
* T leiiui't', bi-iug eipert-ac-d in tescaiag lb*
blusli-ti braaSbes, d-abes a -ttaatt—
■ BELLA," ImeHa UH, |y S3 ■.'j V t,f_i
UfANl'tKll A lady wlatoM lo obuia a ailuaUu
»» M Wt-I nuirii- 111 S__M? Ktintl laiuiiy. • l>fll tv
Mr I'i-litt 1., ut li."i Hun-,'. jy ;ii_-ii(
ti. AM 'till lili.li, -Jlal.-.v- *li ..' I>v Vt.ik.i-
Vv it> ii. -1 class wuikiiiiii liberal wages will
lie paid. Mcuilt also paicbase nipfe, paiatai
nii'i), batch aad beach log*, 11 iaeßr* mug, IS
iacbe'a unJ la*gei in ttiaa-eti r
jv 29- 3 ; luiiiti 7tit aad Caaal ois
»it ANTKD —A Biltiiiioii aliovt- Kit iimuiid as
W in it. ._;• ml.i i inn Ibe be.-ii it it-it uoi
t\\'i n _jml r- 'iniit'l. .nui ihe Seal recoMmeaßaUaßa
•ivcii la icg.ii'l in i}uail6caUoaa sad cßataetei
ito t'.\t.'iiipii-d lit.in iiiiliiitiv iluty Apply in Nlf
LEE Prartkila it, Bicbtaoad, below Excbaagt:,
tar AM tMU IW a Virjptiia i.i iy, v ,-i Sanaa la aottte
*• prtiate f_iuii> ai tci.-ticr vi BagtaW, rtaaeb,
,nt Mii.ii'. ur lv au iustituto v- Mscßsi of BuilO.
Adareaa-A L." Cbaru-Uoavtlte, Va. jy'aD-ii |
aja/ AJ-TSO A c .lured iM.y, lo or I- >f„i_ ..id*
VV to vtait iv tb* li.uae, lur vtiiuti a I bt-ral
Eice Wi I btt girea. A|.pfy In uiu m llilli »trrol,
tvtocu Ma,a auJ I'ary. U A t'I'RKS, fa l-UM.
Jv '*»' _*_
•y.'i.i'fci . A gfliitlMjau woo Im-. ti « j tf-at-blug
*" tin*-litiji ru laiigßiga-lasitMssattllr irhruli
a B_e_Mead, dasßrM a serMaasai sitastisa io a
-Ollfge, or lu.'titiitioii vßataMa vßod* tim.i-.ulJ
Mdaroteß. ll* )*wllit.,g, aIM, tv tab*
thir edaaat-_-.l braarasitl u.aehird Bseaa
Malib sa* Ugbast nssiaaeM m ta iattgrtty
tuJubiUty, hat" no ft.j--.-ti* it ta gi Houtti. Ad
'Ti'*- j_s*a ■" v - •'" Ktohsiwr^ru.
11/A.XVSII—A JirtaOtii l.j|(u_r.i . markel
T » farm u.n tbo city. Aitr.si".*. gy," al
ta/ANTB-l I i:-...u , nn, wi.iiir, . u .t mo.-i
»f also, a aorae, white or color-d b..tu iuijjio
?■ lanl _. ■ I .lattl.i _l. i teilli 111 Uu -iiiil.ir.i i. .
•fiHut btiuio tacared. A-UtrsM
i. ".i-B't li. t vi 1' st (ftllce
a* anii-i' dy i»'. yoaag msa, board auJ
W le_s*«g lv a private taaMty, ap lowa , a
»iuily ta wbi-b lasre a a ma n. r ; ..'.i--,..
--crir.i ai!).-.m-j ? b~,» tiiagalcßo-See.
li --—ell j_
■jjay IMI-O lln,. I utffi mil -ne b*_f lw_B
**V nut.d linn, iv auv quantity, Im wtiith I
fill pay 76 i-.-nt* per |-ouui, al my Hlat-keiuiib
• "p.ln lii.-Cl't kU'-i-u 14.hai:d ii.lt, otit-t-.ti,
:: -.1 Old l>i>_Ullli-tt Nail W.- In,
jy'-•- Stf W L BOTK lonlraclor.
UTANi'BI) tiuiu-fi'ii Hcotai -Two oi tliitt
•w Jttrttir.lt. d IDOIU.. will, ass t'l klKii.il, Im J
n-iill. 111,111, wife, ;i_.l dtagbtel t- >tiii-< old —
'luiicli liiil pi.itiii-d. Ad-Mess --I"' [Mapatcb
'II'"- _*_ |V.,.-ii|
WJ A * ' '-"~-" ciiuii.i. ii ,f borae ibtn - and
W niii.-, .ti Aiuili iy ;<ii.if,i(iclnii 'ii.l Araeaal,
.mi "i iii -treat. J STUCKfiB,
jy '.'t r . Capt Artillery.
11, AN 111* In lvi.- ii ii'-giu Ula.k:, ulHli- ID
W ui.iki- bane _bo.-- juj u:iii> e\in>\y l-
Vipl J .-< Itl.'-.i. Allilltiy Hunt-, -UcßMiNtd Al><
i.n t__to_u* as.. Da.tui.LK i: it snoes, I
July iv», l-BI j
WAN TED - Several Eflaewra is tun mi tins
road , ;ti-u, »t_ mitratalsti tn woik in
hops. Apply in U 1' EUMONI).
m M .-ii i M.ttiiini-I.
ltij~ Exatlilut'i copy, jy-'.< t._
WANi'al) i'ulliiw, JawageJ cardi-d, hap
graass, a-ioiied bacon, b«ef aud aa_b,__i
• I.i ii ti.* liigbfut ■ «..fi prica will be paid by tb«
Me i. tttlli selling soap at $1 prr pcuod.
jy iß—tßt* l-t-bSt, bat Mala and Oary.
11/Aifiau— A Oo.oiu-u euiupetunl to teacb tiu<
" uiuat branc.nes ut an „ ..-n-ii sSaaattoa, wiiu
r«ocb, Mufic lirawtug, aud I'aiutiug Nou.i bul
b.te lolly qualiUt.J u-t-,| ap-.ly. Addreil, with rs-
MrsMOM. Aa, "a v 0." OarlioKtoa itiurt liouio,
Cer-HM jy le - -_**Bw|
tyAf'lEU —A lady ol ci|)ori.a.a, quaiiScd to
"» loach Knglitib, Prencb, aud Muno, deaires to
ibUia asilualton ia a private family. Baal lefer
ibt-es can b- given Addx-M, ataltng tcrmf, "O
ii." Lnneubuig fj H, Va jy 14—•_ta\*Jw*
————————____ —i ___—■
| MfOBtfATIOM Wauta-i. I'f.TKK OaaV.a tree
_ man ot i-ilur, lt-ft kruni .r i uu Suuday.July
Alba-M Ibo aelgtborbood ot Onver Mills, Go. ili
aud county, auarlog a brown c.p sod do cost, in a
artdrawabya duk bay niu.e, biiud to letl eye
louTobaviag uevor ba_u abod. Any i_toraiaiioi
bo tbaoktuiiy received nods amiable reward
»« -Bt AtOU'D I'LKA-lANI.s
AUUti.N. 1 tiai.by uarcbauis aad
all ctbiix tv allow no peraon wbatef sr to ena
net debts witb th'iu ia uy uaun- or va my _*.-
uot. as 1 will pay aoiie unUsa coutr-ctrd by
Dyseli io |.«i- ti, i.r by suthoriiy ia writiiur ttu.
|jyV7 -et'j B F OMOUUNIMO.
itn i-ii,.sii aaa ffcaaaiua k*h as is. ■
Nlctimoiid, July -iv, 1.61. j
liril'K.— 'l'be fVflilug |> littlii on Hit'
in- -i,i..,,i,i and ii iiivi-;. mil toad will he .Us
ii.iii .1 t. fiiii lii A liv r iniK't- ilit- iiiiii9i.otiail«n,
inruiiit nl frelgbl n i|iilrliu ilun-i lite eutlit
clly of tbe rujj 'I'tio tiitituiiig pa.at-ogt-r
will iuu aa u.ii.tl
J tW CIISU ti 'I'ALCDTT.fup't.
~ llit-r.-will be a lieliibl li.tlli leavlug K. fi
d at 4 I'M, and luuuiug it) Danville eetbe
dalei ot ibr ■i.ea.ru.i'i it .tin. and p-waragt'ia
tt- jieruitind in rldf la tbe t-iupty it. ,-An cms
iU train iijioii ibtli J i»uuilit_ jll risks lo Itirsi
•a and i ..•!■
i« raMSMM cniii|i«iiy Betebf givt- MttM tbat
Willi uol be itia'totislblt- lor lujiliy io M-MS
and '~. ..a. caultd ou ibis IMM.
fatuity btton and laid
1 tii.l, -ti,.-1. hi,i but- i] .hi -~..'.,.,„
(ii- ti. SsSTm, Willie greaii', allot ,
r. r. U uud ipple bliitidy.iye wblikcy
l-iv lint- rope, yard tilde plaid douieaUca
ii-lipitig ~,i,„ i. 4 1 -in , Uog
Id i> .ni,ni,.it itaila
--.iite.l iii.iuiii.ii lvi.-.l sad Miii.il,i k ml, ii i-..,
( liaise briiida.) -o.t|i. nil sklaa
:rap It-jiut r, laaaera' oil, couaa vara-, Be.
Hi i ...ali'iiuiein itil -ul.' by H B SUBEBTS,
if -'iii _jU| louiiu'o If eit'b'i, cur Cary sad I -it'll sis
|>t'AKII|NO-lfrsM a"
I > t ..it ai i ..unit id it.- a few ntoie gentle ate* .. iiu
....t.i mi Ittdgiug al veiy Uiudtutc i
Ai'C TtOM SA I. K.S'-_yp-ui*B* _>_-_.
I VNCllbtßl City li.tid. tt lu-.H-.a - .)«
I j Too-day, 18 h Au.uit ant, wa will nil tn
Iht) liighttil biddar, |« front ot th- ClHcaa M»r
lug* Rani l.yt rthburg,
**..) i.im if Lf oohrurg City ill par o*ll Bond*
'I'l. ff hj-ni-t .ie ni 1 i,,,,,, detas; tn* In tarn
[)_,?_! ta t -.. vi 14m.1,-1 , , thi pa v |ry tor rrilanip
tn'ii v i t u»fiti .iimr..,., making ibis ii- iar.it d«rfr«
bfi ft>p..i iiHiu- f ar ._(, | B f .atm-ut thai wit: MS
bably ccmr |.r yiari.
Ttu faio aillc. uiiurii,'* it II o'i|.>r-_ A M
jy -0-TttSrUalO* Uotumitt-a.
Ut Wtlliamxistt __ i\ t ., ,-t _-,-(>•.
|N.i 1. j Main ltr..t, b,.-twa-u Dili »uJ i-.iLi 1
B. I'isNin 1.1.
P I'.ll. i.'i.ltt IV U( tlfM,
I'-iiicy At lit In, *f»,
lAt Aw 1i....
0« VV.-.«i..--,fitv, tin "A Alii* COMBI m in;- .1 II
• itiel, A IM, „!■ yvfli nil .ti i.ut wleifti__i Mt
' Bala -t.aii :t-.-..iiu,, 1,1 vi
ftec u_i.t iv.iti ii .
Ciiity Article*, ate
ie follawlaf an.l other anil 1.1, n ill be ill 1. ti
I'iiiii h, r-aage.aa- .'it.' 1 be_.li .1,1,
I'.tilur, cam-, :ih j m In Hi.r t 11111-!
I'ailtir, illiiin., nui 111 ti, 11 !,!,„ 1
VV iitlri.t.iH, -I.JI |i,i,i,i.,
§.M. üblf itiji 1 .itiliit |s
"oftts, It-aspa.
I. atliif bi tla, ||,i-r tml riUKI Bl llMl M.l
B _ek--_i, <juill-, :, ~t
I'llltivv.iiii.l Ik.l r. ri
rtaies, tli.-Jt. 1, i ii,,, ,!,,). ,(i,,,-
Kulvei j,,,i totk-•
I' 'll'.r, ClliiklUg lliil 1.|f,,-a . |..v. -
faty gut-da, 1, „|v i„it. ckttaiag
C" >l tin.i I_H9t*S, I ,i t .y _-|i ( |,
Ai 1 1,
I --lilt I Imn lafe.
f» it ll„- vv.n „-, „ MI . .„ „,„. 1, ..,,. ~r, ft .
11 be mil 01 ! it'eittok im 1 i„. iy.
iv "' . U 11.1.1 IM-nt % i .). tu.
tiy Rdddood, t'n ,/,- .y Co t j ~-,... I
iti Main street,j
Wt. ulii ».'ii at oat -i.il-. Mi 1, 1 i*ii.ii 1
C-fltntt 1, m. .( 1 (~, a A M , g, U( ~,
li-ii'ltUttiiil ul tj'iiiii.-, 1 'Hiijiii in;j -
Hli.lt «,
Bi »i nu' uiu •in 1
Wat-he., Be,
BKUWOOD, l"i_ I 1.1.l i*-t B i' ) Atieu,
_■•! Malusl
f H Fridays aad MouJav, vvill be our rc-oiai
■ale day*.
l'ilii*i_llH|.-|lta ;,)lli'llt'd.
jy n B, r .v co, Abci .
iiy Thorn, W, Aat ■-. •, -I ■ ",-,
fOtlic. c.nruor ol l_th aad Oary _.rcci« |
4 MHNt-ttBATOB a
__\ rial, of II ti'cb-1.l huJ
It li b'.'.u filtu.litrit,
Ini ;.i ulii) 3' 1... !p, A ,
at Aim ti _
VV, i be n,)!.! .vi ruesday morala*;, AagMt 2J
ea___*eria_l 01 10 ~'.- ~._, _i ti._ ~t ;. ~_,
M" nnuiiiri, Sttra.r _f m StepSus a_a f__ei-_! _v
an mo
Pease bold _ J
Kit h-,i I arattare,
p.MiSHtiug ol tße u!u_i raiiely, aad all tug. ; m
2 itionts i-i earpei tin ■•*■■ - . • «M
ÜBNRI I nil 1 A.wti'i-
Ha|aoonduola-l by itus w Bssiss A i_i .
Jr **
Ir i"t coaoai-Naß v... . -
76 BMMkHMasd Moreas aad M.ii.=b,
i 1 saM w. am ttoa
Will ti.) SOld OB fli.Uy iv liii-x, Ai1.,.Kl mi.
m_i_B_aci__ m lv „ clot b, ai it;_ 1 n v. t :..»■ ■.
ia ntrtef Braacß -
i*,o soaß-aaaid 'Attj*.'!,j
.5 h.ifi." aad luiiu-a
By order ot « ■■ a Kill t: I
Mi,.,i aad .< .1
If:i)' VV Kg|.|K AllN, |. _7
_ -'Oji -tt-tarj -i ..a _aj_b
BTUBBBNr. >.. v. 1.,! in.-, ~„) ,1. Vl „| ~..„„.
P liiini-iit-ti. i.i-iiiii-i,._ _ fruttttiud back I
i.iuiii ;it,j"ii in,, a t). lt .t „, „( bed it, uud lvi
limited ~. in.,l t laige fn-i il mi ,1, mil ci ..
kIU lla-tl 111 COaak. S-||>l| 1..1 live .1
ii, iiu-. doon t.i low iii.
a, on BEStT.— A nt-.Ui i,i,„,i, i ~,.„ „,,,
F ■»*, aaitable 1..1 ,t - in/,: get-Ueai-H
..f Mi., VV.V BlWa-t.olttirae. .1 1.. ,„.,
-tin, li null .iouj liuni 0.1. in 1 -im -.in , 1
jy -HI - 'il
«. va ticut-Two jiMi-i.!.- ruoiai, ~, iv. art
F —'""■ Al'i'l* va ri-t.-iiii m, ifi.i.i a .... 1 run
IBecttraerol 2*l al, batveea -.t aad .lib i
o .tl—ir
tMJB Bant -r*., ~-■) t i-)»i._i t i_.m_ 1 ur_.ittit
witti or m.tiii.it board oa r_B ttraet, Srst dot
b-yoes i.eijfii. east lido, a tew tUj boardeii cal
uta • b.'tskti.i. | y ■ ,)_•_(,•
a. 1 lit .- ; ,tl.' 1.1 li. ut Aii uu.- linuit iiiiiiiii
B* «va 1....in-, „ii j,lll ~i,,,|, j „,,,„ (;,
twee- D.iiJi' _|«. ~ M BO ,j ,„ t| _ lti . j
will 1,.- unit ,1 uiu by itn; u,„„i_..
, , J Mi KLO-*.
. M *•' "t ♦in Ui.-.i lat iii.l Bi ... Avenue.
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ly "J 0 11," b-x j_, bj aoßburg, v_
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Apply it) A.N.ii.atl IOUNHTON,
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Md c iiivfuieui. Aapiylu A O WILLIAM
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and tlio.'J .Meats.
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busmen, ;tt~r_ liiJuitimsutd abieb .i-ai* >!.. tmi
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Uoiweoii Mam aad vary, by tb. v . i- •• _>< a
~~ By Ooddin A A,n*r*m, Auctt,
felt-able ettale raited "BoMtssd," oa lbs
j_ Appomalli.t., lv Obi'sti-rfisia, eoßtaiolsc 7id
aural, about 'it mil-i firm, p«|.,Bnorg, BbJ _7 ffntu
Kicbuvoed, fOT aale at aai-tiou wm bo sold at aec
ti..ii it iuf otßc*, in itii r-tty of KlsbmooJ oa To •
day,ibe »t of Auguit, istil, at I. o'clock M, iba
ab'fe ralsibla firm, bow (coupled by Mr tkotnia
f- in-..fci_»ii.ip, cootaiuiiig by reestit lu.vey 740
a. r. s, B-aily .'•"' ball ot which _ ie original and
..'.•Hilary r row lb. SMMeelSg BSSM vary BM oak
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laSat-eo, t-iirii.ac Tk» Inprovt menu consist of a
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ekSMll to »'i ol IMm, and, tAlh.ugh . omt.wbal not
t.r i.oair, ia 1., w,. r yv.«rtfd~lT. luiiiie I lur ti two
Ttie 'IwelllDg .- mii BwdM by _MSBBdc If.-a, tuJ
a wtilof tl.t-Hiitet water iv Ibe far-. i»u I tbu pla-a
lirtabty beaPby. ma ..ul oulimog* are au.
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ul IS belie',al In ab.un.t in c<al, is it Is
)Hi i.'iuvur tliil |l".« PrcMCSjM given in
sue I wheat, an I nil ,o«-u*aii,u by tbo 111
in*!*- ni ll
1 -..ii. 'li.rlra.i, balance at one Bad Iwo
br beads i. 111,1,1 MICMSI, eeeased by a
:td, <.r ail .alii, at IBs 0pn..0 ol the pur
UllfclHl A APflBMOlt,
An If.iuetWl
iii ■ I iriu rvi ba prtvalal. before
tlniday "I •-'■ If ..-Tu.N-l.t
... At*. .)/ lay/or, _ti
IMi ISAM,K Harks! larui of Iblrty acrei.
•ii —IMS al> It Ka iiuiiiit.l, .41 Ibo I)—;i k--.ii
iiko. with IM ti. . i . srufS, be,fs* 't't'it anr
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1-a, al li ..' -1..,-* • *i .„ |M imaMM. Thiabui
I-. r :n. i urti. Tm balldlega ctfiatst wl a dwell
inf, w.lh I'm- ~~, au I ll,* tianal ti, i.
lllll' '.»'• . lOi I if. I Well tU|ir.,t;'l ,s 'in,.!!
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Iml M) in crops t) ' i.i, ».y„ublt a a*l .tbi.ll Will
bsso 1 a lib Ibo f aim AftM atid-aiM bccoM eM
tn* stock, fartalag nap' Mtnttj ~ft. fTMMMig si
i» •'. 'i.,r». carta, aa* slagls earl, pteaa, .iiar*
be tad spin ..i good Males. TS-*_MS-MM me
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, . iii for gsttl ig am fuis mm witting to se
, bMirabte fSrai n mt U>e sMy, iv a c ".J
•n.ii, aad »a a good road, win ,u> wni to
lb. cads. tia.iucJ.alo posit-niou wilt he
i ....
i fat tin- fam eas BeYes-B; Ibe balance
iii ti a.i 11. ~) talhs; MHi m -aili, at the BpMaa ot
oaser. J AS M TAVIOB.
iy i ti'. Am ".'eti.-.'r
i'<j A, t). •* ilhatns, Am (.
|>| i.dinu I, d ntbc West tilen J4:n etroat,
I > Ui''.it- i, H Hid I. elf al aui-it,-.u - Uu M.in Jay,
.August i I, ni ■ ~ clecfe V M, wifl be mid up>u Iho
prrasiaM a let, i graaad sMaatadM abovestated,
I.i nea-iy oppoaM* of Mf J>-bo f ilfa-nou, bong
Ho 18 o Warren's plea. It t.-cuts IS te«t, auJ
*BSbej*_ | -•_ ie-t lo au -Hey .) led V...1. Ttllt
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ii To edit Barebecw
A 11 IV II I IAMB, Au-t
■. "' , ■ ' .V CO, A ' t'l >.
T&IWTBB-S Sal it a Nsgte Uirt.—Ov I'uhs
toy the _.i. r lagwet, a( n a"etscß l win
Ball. b> >.iiu» .l a .. • I . ■> t, „„t laiaj mb. May
ll_3, and iwseadad ia Btefeaioad II 1 —-_ca Ueart
at tba suctkn be use (I M-tats Hid, B.t-k-M ad
l S .. tilfl OUI-' I I c ji,.. '
a i. WILLI tiijj, rrastte,
liiil ,1 ... i , V. i.. , y ..
t,y t. i .' • . ■ l
J J Hill
I |. ib ri.i.n,
t ii. Mb i. in.i
Lnutag i ...M. t ai alian
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Uiassarav, ir,
ai kactloa,
t>u tv f.. v i.. vt, ii..- '.i.'i lag ml nlUot'ioef,
I vtiii , :i ,i ibe atote ol Ml W H Tyler.No JU
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. -• Id -in ■ 1- red, .iiu.il ■• win. !•
ti.it bi tOilil f -
<mi- < i i•.-..;: , .ii.n uu, . ii. i,i-i n.. ~,1. ,■:,•
• i ■ i.».-I. • v , -,f «i I, 11 I, :il

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l do r do
I .1. lb. r ,!•) |i ll Ilii ..ll 111
. 'i. - .it:, .u.i-. .I.i :. ,ii mill in i.. ~,
- .mi ' -in hi giitbiil i i. ill
I iv • v . ~ I rtrgtt
.ii t .till- i, « ltd ni libit lops
'■ 11. 11.l. X.II I -111. -1. 11.11 J J,! ,1,1
- ik ,|.i So dO
i M-abogaay < >i> h-i-iu table,very t,.,,s- an
ii,, 1 teat li I-. J les-ti
I J-' nn .I) dv v, yl. i.,,'.:,,
I Vi iy - 11,.. if, ill t!.l, • 111,11..1
' illlil ,1,1
Very licb oil \) ilnling >
ai -hi,
I -lirsdid r.. ut It . lit., t dtaai i -• t., ..in
|.i. t.-. witb Ibl plot, , !.. itiuiiille del -,
, iti ,f
i.i. ii .ii i., '. , tot*
laet.'i li. ni v ttiriy ul . in, am sad .'I nan we
.1- ii ~
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iib 'i ts, in in-, . ii. ~,,.i ,_. t _v, j
• '■• ..--.;,
I a. i I eul ll I lii I b| ,1 . ~li, H .
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I. it l.«r |M i
,N '■' i ii. ioi i.i iii 1 1- it awwi t.it lor c lauit it J
U • i |) -
Will b. added lo tbe abovi -
1 in,. •i. miii i dsppei graj in ~ , • ... i
kind tisdg-mUi | tad I i
1 elegant, i uge top buggy, tviiii pole aad bai
n, H
1 tn.tin t.iii i nut mill. .1 > i.ir.i old.
.- '> ' i: -s i>.
IJBIANO. ti'--u.-'. h..' tan i Kilvi.-o finoin,r,< at
surtn'o -ti.. Moa day, Aax aal in, ut It
..: ,», i »ii Mil -; iii.. rest-eat.- of tio.,r> v aeu
vi.v. ou Maraaatl, b-twsaa Stbaad 'ili-tn.cU, ai
bM ti'' bold aad Bltcßaa Bat-jUu c, sMbra-tai
a li.lt v.:.. i-..i:..i SUM, ;.. lOMWOOd, aud ... i.
-~ii silk .■ :- oaaajalag al
h .I*. '. ii.ii i ... i ~„, cbaii
M.roio top t_l*itii
t -".I it », i at|. ta
five euritti tags, ii .lis. itn ta,,_3 *~.
. i.... ■ i ••«., m i iina* in-j,
by Saab. a. t .., Balttaittr*, Mid U bi ai
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1 ■•- I ll la' f,|. oi*bt-a Wltll
i">_: j.. sbali ■ ,11,11;
J-. •. -!,'! t ', 101
I'ogeta*. witb lbs uatial tsrlM]
kt.li'n.i. . reckef] au 1 . inetit at a
lv lbs C—iatoerl n nl bu louuj
Riegaal w»r,ii-. i,-a
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I i,ii, i,i.i aad i iii'.rv it. i.-uaas
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Aed a vary ix.*itaai rariMyal
i t i, sbaaii |aiMs ____Mffaaee.be
• .i b- v i. fnult _~ bOWei the uaiial fMistf
wuicit M a vei ■ gM I I lag MOM
k i i t.r.._Atv rM, A.i.i.
i B fSs MM VlB M :.■! 'ci.i iv _7.
Uij lardy & WUtiams, AuetJatt
A Uia'iu.N Balecil
_fV mtammtmattum* aud
-_i I ~b| -.i,
I Igarl, Ac
'Cardy A Wlititui' ie wnh I'ati W 1
Mppord, ptopt c bating s laiga and atua-tivi
.lis Si
HaeaaMtersd an i
btu'.kiug Tabeeea,
Cigira ba,
n i t.twiijay, -.!,. ttb day .'.I August mil, at tb
Tobacco Bacbaagc
Ci|.t .-lifiipai- will mat M au.U.near, sad wi
»- -i in itiiai.ejittg .aiu'i'e_.
a Put MS Ja.lit,Uei t-t luak'ng I .Lligit ni«Dt9 lvi lb
Mis a Uf bl.-a-e tr,,jit at ou. »> to I aot iihappard o
ourarltJi TABLV A W.LI MM?,
jy !B 101 m Au.fiauesra
mmT _*el*fa*_»a Kiarafs, suj t.vneoßorg Vir
. .... Mi,,! Bias.l-MB, Mpy mi UtuM aud lur
a_S- 1.. I- M Ta.ly Ja M>IMIaSSS
i.f fc.i«habl«l',.,| l ailx, A-, at An tl _
_~> I will Mil oa WoUueaU-y, <I o. Angual al 1
«, at tba lathi .1 tjaiitkaasrtj, ,n< j
u-ai the VVrl'.htu |iUulai.aJ at. .ul iwj m.i_
BSteSC I' CI It] all tt
MuiiSß) moJm, Mars, Magi
r.i 11,.- .a
Alid M I'burlU-y, Iht, tti. of An/lltt, ll (ta* 1.11
ICBjfauJ 111 I I*lo S tlto ,hUbdlo. M lilh It,-atl. u«at
i Msikst, tba M-u___tt id ao.i Ktt.b.u laral
lute, be, l.ol.iugii-g lv Iho ituh
iy '** Ide- r«> ..i snii ti.„ .inn..,,...,.,i.
IAKOB nui Am tstiv.' s.ii« „i Hoiei fatal
j lilt.-. Be, AC I he uuhat i||.,i li.tini? j, i.|
mi""' i" '■ i" • t.i"- "liaiiaid Maa*»," t.n.i i.i
-~. .11 tl„- .I. ,-rtl,l Itllttltlite, apilUllt-lt-lu'ea, 4.
.1.. ~.,! ..i.lllii. lie, t|„,|| v,„ |,| Oavol Mt 1
IrlUl.rl ll Will. itgyliU' unit , ,||«p.K,d t'l |,ltl j|, I,
lllt-y Will . t.tlt.eli,,-, i,,J iirCllaill lit. Ml* not
I.lUiit •► il.-ill 11..- wlml. |, SfapttSl dot
»t...i .'i ibkl tUlullUlc ta 11.-*, ,u,| ,-,„il|
gfrM ~..111.... I.i it hiving be.-,, |. ... h.ts. j r,,-._,n
.ti.i.ty tipeaaa. All ..I wl.i. a Is in rscwßcs
,otiJllli.|i, tm _. tottiil o| veil ,-j|,nil v t#..
li.- .1. psM-MBS v,ry lu> MMMMat-Bf ft
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I ■ i.- tu.ui tot 1n..il k, . iSiig, bl I l.a . , .1.1,.
wiinei wiilbilitf luigi utiwda in |M ripMll. M
|.. , i.i tl.ii.l.i im itf i,, „t biilueas east M dost
li, If ill i..1 11..U . will l.a CMMd ailei ib I lda
... t, (I tei j.i t.i H .ui|«._ wiMiitig in , taitila
ibo iuiuiiii.t . At- ) W, call ihe ttsptcUl lltTaßr
ni pa Mb aba mssm io boy tm- wt,..i. aitb
yl, »V ~| |S Sf lllllg tbe lit.Ua,..
Fit* trttaa, -'inly to l' c ta-Ult-iitt A fo, ~«
'" w g| i t ■• '1.,
tl * < Bo UMata ti.
| » f uVi in; :u. -Juat taicivtid a pittoa lot I
— «>«'e.aMre., OIT
By L U i.usk, Au.j
l«o as a.-..,.. , j •
IJf»_ J KH, " —
II Male.,
VV »|0!«, Ar,
Flo?- ** n,>r " , "«»»'"- .•ul 1 , I ';*.
rVvtial good farm 1,..,-. ,
- llae cav-liy Bam ■ w.r,.,
and lllle " Ur ""- ll '„.,„,
BeaaMMM*. "'
J tarnlinir w '(out
1 st.uad l.aad .atr|_ f , fc ,
'>;:> -*•*-,
' _%iii-iißi_aiißgj ci~_t_? "
|f»_M«ti.s,.„ | " , ""'i
WB Will MB Bl lio,a«T!i i
anaalsg .1 in ~ . bick
ft v.-i.i MdßMi sad wuiii,,,.,.
.-• v..i.it eavi
■ate*, esfta, i,.ti_, ~, -~,
I 'ii-- itin . 1,.,...... ■ >,'
|fM -"-"*••••», MiiU.M-,.v, „'•,•/ -
A;/ It. T '{~; r ~ ,
I Vt 11 I. .;, , t.uiut , r tl II
I -M ...aalitii*. today £. M,',"*
..'«Hr.'vdl.cw,»,lb > ~ ~.,.. b.t r ,
ralel,. Rmmm „..,*.,„< •» I-. ..
I.ata will ;! ..i ~,. ~„ ~...,
* lln-',, Meats as-..-. i, . ,
jy •) ti ii c .
_*_, <e*-*___e .t Ai... ~ |
[\EHIB«BI.S Ke-l|., j , ,
•"J **•-»> sne-la. I'r im.i _,"* T" '»
' to*, at , v In.a -11,. ,', ' '
i..bhr ttcni.,l _~..,. ia , . '" * -
iow lltaglid l.y IM,p p a r h_* •
B raut.,l i„| ai ,urti.„ i , ~. .< Bill
..Jay it.,. .',-1, (> ,|y |M| _„ ~. "' _
•elo. k ai>i ta* ~.„,n. , | ~,. «' -
i-it'i' parti „„t ii,. ttammt . '- I. m,
- ssld,! MnUsgal IBs i ',""-••
h. yny bant am |. H I t 11,. .., ~ '
'iy tu t e i..ro seta*. »,,„, ,
■iKV-itu.) y|n tmrmtt an f] -','..',, "* , « >
il-Ok,lur..lHhlii- 1 th..,. ,! .„';-"•• -
uriiiiiiraiiif o, )H ,,„.„„ r wi ' "j-,»iit.
I i«li. At .air-. Psaa, ~i,,„ 0 , , ',
ii a weak or tee day. *-'--«J»«.„ ...
Jr* ( ->wiivii|. u „ v .
By >' ■•-. n. ii ii- , ,
I No- -_ M,..,i gt.| '
IWll.t.fiiiaf, M_a,M__rsie t . -„_,. r ,
. July .km,, _; Li,,. , M ■*"
_~ ut - " * ' ' C'
Dry gMtlf, akMbkag
•ba«, mi*, i.t__a.-t_t.»,-
Ooid aud MITM wa:u..-a, ~.-„.,•-. ~.
.!! I*, a iv au .. ,
By Thorn. W. A be, Aacb
tO-MeUscM -i ut, ~ | Cat. ~,_,-
-iv .li bo i.i j ..•, aaiii lay _,_,,,,,. I
"« ■ ■-■ ' OBsutMf Mill, . „ i£V, *J
H«vsral good - .. r -
I vary ll,e ba> !
t.Vta. Bad . aiVrl
< t-i) gaodsartaad htree»t
ly m ritti.-i w r kßsfii i,
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