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' siitlnnunu §apti|
o• <■* __ -
~ i.,,1-,1 tod daily. *_*_■
. •• ''" v .ii.i.v.*, .*" •**_£ *_ lU ' v<
.'" ' ' ..a--" one ni.i«itl..m.'idv:in,e.
, Wi-attben e holtho..'
*,-.' I ' ka^""
'iosTTsmYKii jMfP. _________
I (<>l ' ■' ~\ u bl »•<"'- *. H.ii.*>n th.
1 ■' , " l ,, 1 ";:; •'• <•<< "••'' »° «■■•-■ '^ r
» >— ! rrVuii.
11 .111 l .111U...U .. \ •
/ It»NH I • '• ..„-,v, Vi^ii.la.b,
[ * ..... M 1,.. ll' Mi- M
. ' , -~!.. lU.Mc, AMI
-- .:>■'•" ■ i-' ■•■••'" *•
•>l"i i' \ mwl, , 1 ... ~, i.,|.|i..,t. *.
, , ,| 1, .!-!« nJ laillnl, f.l
1 '" _,".u,l- :. tl.. 111 it.lb,
I ...
, .11 ~1, M
, , ~ ,11. 1..t. ', I flelll 2.M
\ 1,11. I.'l, IT2 iii.l
IVI .. !, I I 1 1 *ilb Hsta 1
,1 1. 1 ,1 « ■•! Au;n-l Mc,
. -,•,!■ ,! I : |M*k\ ■!•'
--. .11.. r»*j
1.1 IN. I.Alt.
\| \ IT \< 1., -'it ll - l''t. 1
1 1,1 II 1 H. ->:>. "M-b
1. 1 , branina M*
, ~ .1 v. ' 1 I. \i. «.- l"-t in
... 1 ~.i • ll lie
1 .. .1 : .1 0
111 , v..1 It .. iv.
I II t lltl KIU.Y
~ 11 1 ii.l M .ik I .Hid
1 . , 1 I , . pHI ol
111 riic
1. I 1., |, .V.M.. tin 11. dt
~, I i' I'll 1 \ I;.-- liE
-1 MABE, .("in
I.' r< .1 .11,
■I. ill » bile |H»t HI
I . • .. I.WIIiI will
~ 1.1 RANEB,
.1I it 1 ...1 treet-i.
.1.0 luiI.I.MIS I.E
--II , 1,1 1.l ■•! 11. I lb
II llm ii.il. from
1 ..1, s iini.'-l. 11. 1 li
1%, I I. •:, 1 I IMd
' ' 'I. • , li, I !•'.
1 m immh
I ■ vii.ii. i
kb*irj i" in hi .'uv
.. 1 \
.. M M'.i.i.i :.i 1.
\ .
, 1 \ 1 hi 1 \i.mi:u.s
, 11 .'.,., I W.i 111 .V
J ' . , ,1. 1.1 -I •', I'.f.
.M M I
iti .1 »;. ii
1. , .1 llulil
. I 111 1..\ I \ I
. ; \i l.i W VltlJ St. I« ii
. 1 .. I light
. ~,1 bl Had. I W
el 11 di -
\ni I MiKl.s.- -, ... in "A
•.. i 1, .1 •• *.i- liatktd to
.1 lioKSE Found in m\ com
, 11 mv.-. Irian
1 . Ith in t ,',i, , LAY MAKE.
v r 11, tv, In:. Ir. be -tiff -
1 . i • 1 ■ ''■'■. piy
! ■ • ii.. WW !ili I ■!!. Ed
". ■.;.!•
i.|.ii|«.t: N WILSON,
Nu I-' M .:i< street
■ ' \ li l\V. Ist (I i..v I'l.-iiii... ■• "II
. • my COW, red Mid Hhile
m-, turned iawanh>; one
..;,. •il. 1. .Ui- r coU ir on the aech
. \.,» 11.1 .1.0 .'.l :i that Will lead to
.UI 1. bb. 1 dly rewarded by
a 11.1.1 AM c. WOOHABO,
,i, . M 11 li .11 ilia llviiry btreeta.
J, 1 ... the lil lei N. D. tlhaiwherlaine,
lvi eaTalry, betatw the c.itk-pcu
. .i.i I*l 111 b, on the i'.rottk turnpike.
i - it-liberally rew_rded by having the
. J. riuliii.- .v. «jo.'-, M.iin street.
ROBERT W. .STuitlfi.
I ~ . BAY M atr. The owaar will
. ; rij cij .en., aid ta km her away.
U I.II.VAKIKj, B'.o.iUe AVeUUe,
Comer ol Monroe street.
Si i; \i t.l» - ( iiiij up villi my tattle,
1 ~ .h.li.u' Linn, on.- lame RED BULL,
,Ui owner v-.n ret by proving property and
1 „ , !. W I. Yol'NU.
.' J) X, ~, th lasta' i la'.lll
!USl', \cctcidav (ilteiiKii'ii, DO Main,
i I raaklia, or Broad atreeta, a LADIES' GOLD
ITCH AND (MAIN The Watchwaa doubb.
--! ' •!. iL 11 1 • hip i in. I'.iVel oil lb bat k ; tht chain
1..ii..i i. 1. it a rcaaonabk: reward will be paid
i:I-i c. is I, .Mi. MUELLER'S Bakery, on
Mioa li-.-:. i. iwtiii Eighteezdh and Nineteenth
I Bg M 3f
I DTUAY HOUSE.—Taken mm in Mun
% ij .. bls. v t tuber 2-' d, ISM, a HOUSE of niid
r : . Wind iv butheve-. The owner will please
i.,ui prove property, pay charge* and
iy, 01 he will he dtapoaed ot accoi iliag
. Iw« M ii.eh.-:tei, near the limine.
DTSAYEB OR STOLEN", on the; night
I ' 1 Uu - '.h iia-t Uit, a dun-colored COW. She
l.i ,i slit m hi rear, a white spot in her face, and
ii'..i i.vi ns sawed ott. A liberal reward
1 b 1 ud ii returned to un : at Edie Hill, Henrico
! e'.:._n_ -~■ Ii- til'j R. 11 STYLE.
" t aVAitli Strayed or aUd e» from niv wagon,
A i.i.;. 1 on the Wight ot the -Vth of Ihl^
m BLACK MARE MUlaB, in good cotidi
'■ » ik- w. 11, anl i ~iy madia. The above
'■'I sal be paid i,ji i,er hcovcit, 01 tor ..uch in
; it. il.ii.li H 1, c__ j, 0 till- ■ ..III"-
'ie.i'.ti Junction, Septetuber S2, WM.
■..■ 27—1u\ I'-f
iV'Mlii:, NOTICE. Stolen from my
i* f» tm. a li.ji-tiuahbred DARK BAY MARE,
■'■ '■■ >• ii- laid, ..nd about tilte. n handr. tstgh,
! -' 1.«- ou fkhag a. nit at thi imu aha war taken.
! '.• 1.1 11. huuuh about her except a Mliall
11 . f■■ ■• ttaUiug iv old burn, between the eyt and
•• 1 ■ not pare, but be- a line aetii.-trot
■ : • « l rdl girefita) i.a hei recorery, 01 dou
a. ..at tvl thi dtUctloli ol the thlel
:: ■«*' Dove:, Uouchland county.
,i 1 i :,< mi at my „_lce m the County Courtliou:*
holy i.aii j u'tJock a. M. to 6 I. M. until the 2.th
-1.) «j tin preaeat month, iSeptember,) to receive
1 iA-XI.-j kvied by the Court to parchase provi
;l -1 r the poor of the county. It is
''<>'i...-i>ubie to icaaaH the amount at once that
"i' Wrtaaw may be made during the early fall.
h Sheriff of Henrico county.
V'-W BAKERY.—Th* subscriber, in
Ll addiUoa to hia NEW BAKERY on Franklin,
1 :. Seventeenth and Eighteenth atreeta, has
'''"'"J in. ull Mam, between Thuteenth and
a -'1' nth li,-.-t , JS.,. 11-, w helK he boiled* the
l_, ' : i-a ul dl 1 ~i. untaucea and the public geuc
zfL l»U-4t*) J I'OWER.S
j)• - N i AI, N i >Tl CB, —U. YV JON ES,
« '• 1 m.i.e..S' DENTIST, havnii/ oammmi m
'■' /'' tiaiiliu, tteet, between Eighth and Ninth
I'Ultii d..oi fruiu t1,,.. earner of Eighth, l%am
•;'"'•• In :.ni„ «,„ ~,, _, m trom il ti. 3, and
'' *«>*, "i. Tu. dm,, Thursday.aud Batuiday.v
__ hi*
"•> I -"', i/t tbe uieeat <iualuy, made to order at
, •;" t ' I i...U..- ut from 53i to t>iu. Hub: sewJM
•• "«hed ur jyed. Abto, BTRAW, prepareil
'j'-fdiiig.forNUe. Call on Mnsa CHALKLEY,
■iiil "treetjone wjuare above Adaiua, Shockoe
~ ac 27-3t»
i ii LT**?**! *"uld infoini the citizens of
.«w«d, and the public ivneraUy, that «he mat
i'ui'i' , * k • 4,J ' ,r,l ttb »*«-• Monticello HoU»e,
i'lUiiii'i' 1 ' ual *• prepared to neeoiiiniodat*'
I \i .. «' U ' U ' WgHUM aud tranuent.
Mafcnta, se 29 -st*.
, e,'.l''** »ALE PRIVATELY, GVER W. H.
*kMn STORK, No. 3o MAIN
I, '' ■'. ,*«y oue witddiig to purcbaa. a good
' WUI We _ t,, y.JJ .yjj kK>k jjt y-^,
Be 27 -3t»
|~ (> K.SALE, a nice young SOW AND
r ;V;. 1T lINE WOM, sia weeka old. For
*** r 1 Vl'l 4 * *» Bw. BIiUHANS, on the Cen
. taw!- 1 "* «W •* SLtiuwl PureeU'i*, ou Bey.
RICHMOND, VA., Till)US 29,1864. " ~ NO. 79.
toMii'ir.in: Wftam 00 Ammict, '
RiiHMoMi, Heptemlnr 17, IPO4. '
MENT OF Font ill; CENT cElillFI
nTATK < AI.MY Tie i t'. itifi, al.s or Bond- limy
1., i u.i.e.t iv presence of the MMHltn t.tfii'ei
..i i.litit.iit ot the i.pim.nt to which the pirty
\. i.iiili' the Siliie 111 iV to In- endolMil by
a. b ..lb. 11 in tin wolds, " Emi uted before mc,
.i,d dMM d oth. i.illy. G A. TRENHOI.M,
m -I la't Secretary of the 'freaf.my.
1,. .i iiiu \i i SriTKs or AairaicA, 1
lii. I.imciid, H. ptembt-r X., MM, "
MINI »«.i tfc* M(B ©f the prcM-nt mouth the Si
i.l.n\ vi tit. li. .mry will withdraw tiie lone-date
-i\ pi 1.1 nt non-taxable Unids from the nmrket
an I hi'l.l tbeiu tor i rati' All paneiw hold
miribnui mjeammt the (iuv.innient for earn istenee
autre*an heieby infoimed that if they wish the:;,
l-iiidx in piMiiei.l of their i l.niii • they must notiiy
thi« I'cureau or the purchasing offieti ot the fact,
in tinting, \amewM tlic 80th nistaiit, in order to se
ture tin bonds at the present lnw price.
Cunuui»s;iiT-<»enenil of Waaaiatammo,
Offi. ml:
I. B BL.wm, Mij./i and Couuni..sary of Sub
-1 t. ne I m t/-tyt:«>
Tmaaaejea Dki'aktmknt, 1
luMiininii Miii-iit Amnii'A, (
Richliioud, Va, An. 11 t -li, 1..l J
Parties uwnnisr tmajeetnA eight per cent, bonds'
und. r the act ol May M, IW, deMnng to exchange
•In in li«i oaaamm eamam. will them, in the
11. iiiiici pointed out 111 the printed endorsement on
the b.ick of the ciltlltcatc, to the " Confederate
States of America, in cxchanne tat coupon bond.-,"
iii.l i.ium'them to be presented to the Begister ol
tlie Treasury Department, who will thereupon, in
c...Tii]'!i line with the i.roMMons of the act of Jun.
IS MM, 1 vi 1 >u|mii binds foi the amount specified
hi tbe regiiUred bolide 1-0 ■veatgnfed.
«v .".1 ti S<irctaryof tlieTreasui'y.
( i«Ni MUn Srtri:.; or Ami:bica. i
LAW DeMstta on call will be rtveived by the
li. i ui.r m tin utv, A i.taut TieaMiieis at
ibirlcstoji .nl Middle, and the Dn|i»aifllM at
W.hiuii'.'tan, llcihiL-h, i oluiiii'ia, Augu-ti, Havan
u.'h und Montgomery, and certificates wili be bnaed
lvi the ~vie, beancw iasen t at the rate ot four
end per moamm, and seoKed l v the hypotb. 'cation
I vi .miouiit of the aliove boliJ.-; et|ilal to the ,-urn
I tie .• 1., lie Tbe bands to be Ht apart by the
li. i in. i. md the piocccd.-, winn sold,applied ex
.ln ml, to tht p.iMii. Nt ot the said certificates.
lb. ciuutv nod ciivcnieiii.e atlorded to b ink*
in l *!■• i i lasrpotstaoiss, niiJ to the puMii genenatty,
I V ti.i mode cf telil|it.iaiy lliVc: tlllellt, nild the it
m ' "1 the nie:i:-uiv, it p.-ncrally adopted, in kecp
jl.ti t1..-1 urn in y wiiliiiiiuoJi mteboawds, it ia hoped
■»UI mtWimd it to the favorable con.-'.ider.ition of the
ioii.inunii> and eiurt their piompt co-operatioM in
carrying it into effect. O. A. TRENHOLM,
Secretary of the Trea.uiy.
Ri. hmonii, July 22, l»t>4. au B -tv
Comma ill Statw oi .Immci,
Riihnu.nd, ABgutfi, lst.i. )
Ike foiiit.-'-iith -utioii et the act to reduce the cur
re:., r, approved February 17, IBM, the Bcaetary ol
the fie.i-.uiy l auth'ii: j t.' l OS the above ccVti
i'n.t!'-, payable two years iflu llm iirtift wlioii id a
treat) ol peace with the United States. They can
not be old, but are otiiy to be issued to ,uch ci»-di-
Mn oi the Uov. muicut is an willing to rooeire the
same in of thi irdemand-. They mv: t aha
be .'iten at pir, though free Irjm t.ixatiou
The attention of purchasing nyents and diwhlll *
tag ollkxi;: of the Uovenuiieiit ie called to this daaa
of public securities as oflfariac peculiar advantaiiei
to those from whom the supplies i>f the Oovciiiment
are bcui?ht; and to facilitate the use of them, checks
drawn by disbursing officers upon the depositaries
holding these funds, and marked across tiie face
"payable in certificates of indebtedness," will be
paid in conformity therewith.
Depoiitaiies art hereby authorized and.ie<iuir(d
to comply with Oais reKulation, and to make appli
cation to the Bccister for Buppi.es of certificates as
reuuired. [SignedJ G A. TRENHOLM,
| au 22—tu Setretary of Treasury.
Taw mural Dri'AHTJiKNT, \
Ruhmeiid, July 2b, MM. ;
I Jei to preinote, as far ao practi. .ibie, the early
liquidation by the Treasury ot the OUTSTANDING
TAXED NOTES, the Treasurer, Assistant Treasu
rer, and Pay Depositaries in the dif.< rent States, ale
hereby anthoii.'.ed to receive the said note:', except
the 5100 at M'ts per centum, on deposit, iusu
uil: fur same nitiiicates of loan, uj>oii hypotheca
tion of non-taxable bonds. The said certificates to
l.c payable ou demand after the expiration of nuiety
And all aajmta for the s.%le of the nbove bomb arc
hereby authorized to receive the taxed notes, with
the exception abo\e named, in payment of bond.-,
wheu :>old, at the rate of Giij per centum.
au 22—ta Secretary of the Treasury.
\_y at 159 Mam Street, funmily Watknn i Fitk
T*o pieces superior 6-4 BLACK FRENCH DOE
SKINS, for Ladies' cloaks and men's dress suits
Two pieces tine 0-4 REVERSIBLE BEAVEfi
CLOTH, foi ladies' cloaks and men's overcoats aud
Attention is invitc-d to these rare and destrabh
goods, se 2:> It'
Coffee at tea dollars per pound,
Souj' at four dollara jier pound,
Ei pi-er at ten dollars per pound,
W ishniK Soda at four dollars par pouna,
Cheese at seven dollars per pound,
Brooms, Buek.-ts, Beeswax, fit,
And sundiy articles of Groceries at lt-s-. than nidi
ket prices, at wholesale and retail, by
mSf> H' Ttdrtcetith street, near Cay.
SIXTH, an asuitoient ot Red, Blue and White
Flannel, ol ml grades; and a variety of Children's
Morocco aiidf uifskm Shoes; also, anuauUtyot Shoe
Thread, Uuu Plaviug Cards, Round Combs,
DresMug Combs, Pocket Combs, Chalk's Black Ulace
Spool Cotton, Ela.dK- Buspiudel-s, Bluestoiie, Pre
si iv. Jar-, and the Uoual assortment found 111 a well
ipp..mted dry good., and iancy se to— fit*
NOTICE -Tin; annual inoeting of the
RICHMOND will take nl-ue at their Banking-
House, in this city, on MONDAY, the 3d October,
18G1, at 12 o'dock M.
The transfer book will be cloned from the 28th in
stant till after the day of the meeting- of the stock
holders. J. B. MACMURDO, Cashier.
we lit—2w
NOTICE.-- Always on hand, and for
kinds and sues; BUCKETS, TUBS, arc. Oiderseaube
left at F. Delurue'o Grocery, No. 7 Frankhn street,
01 at my t ooper shop, on Seventeenth street, corner
ol Baldwin, near the Central Railroad Workshops.
Delivered anywhere in the city gratia.
se 12-ltu* H. MET/AiER.
taamamJa Bioeandlc Window Curtains, lined,
with loops, cornices, _v., complete,
1 hit of Gas Pipe, with Chandeliers, «c.,
I Wheeler 6i Wilson Sewuig Maeltiue, .
1 Tup-Bu^gy—very little used,
I set of Tiiuiei's '1 ools.
k 29 -3t BI„VUGHTER & CG.
("1 laOVE FA(/TOHY, over Uio atore ol
j Williams 4j Elliott, No 93 Main street, where
will be found OeiiUemenN BUCKSKIN GAUNT
LEI'S aud Ladies' GLOVES, at wholesale and re
tail. Ev«»ry variety of Glove made to order.
be 29--6t* 8 BTBRLINO.
THE POTOMAC—Porsous de
" r uou- of going to the Potomac, by getting
proper passports can secure seats in a pleasant con
veyance aud at moderate charges. Apply at IR>
Mam street, between tho hours of 9 aud 12 o'clock.
mat —Iro*
NESS, both in good order. Apply to Mr.
ORRIS, at Staff Stables, Eighth street, where the
l iutiA may bo s«ai, or to •
BKy f Caitaim J.O GRISWOLD,
Be 2S- 3t* Genural Post-ottice Departtiaeut.
_ BALE.-l have a LARGE BGIJLEB, hidding
over one hundred r<dto»», for w»le ou n-asonalde
henna. JOHN C. KNAVFF,
W 9 - jrv.jsoidALttktt,
gQM'AhTU-l'l.Att ATTENTtoN IS Hr.i.L'EsT_f>
lo tbe K«li> THIS AFTERNOON of Oak Grove, a
tv autiful little farm ol thirty-three arrea, one inilo
east of the city ; i« earn* riiitii.il of which will be MM
by it-fciviiee to tbe auction column of the Dispatch.
M 29 ORUBBH &• WILLIAMS, Auctioneers.
B_o~ Lcrr. Aiouvals of Block.\i>e Ooons
MiMM Hint Children*!. Shoes, with i large stock of
M. i,' •m. iii Heel and .si tot s A nice assortment ol
I lata this day rcrcived. Having tbe teßfmm' stock
in the HtiHth. W will try to pi. a a as many ot »vi
customers us we can.
se 29-lt DARBY, REaD _ GENTRY.
tiouie §m to rdiow*, tbeatre!*,
Altil others to thf ball ;
I go where our MAC iateiv
To ■iwiwi the temmt ol ail.
1 t*»ll you why I go there, too,
Why I H often call.
The PARE ami DRINKS are good and true
Pop- oi i:i i.\i. Notice. —1 havo en hand
and for I al. a fresh lot of FERTILIZERS the heat
in tin- < 'onfedenu-y, and in good shipping order.
Stock limited. Pemoiiß wishing to purchase will
plntinc address their orders to me ll||im illiltlil]
B. H. cIIESTERMAN, south side Dock,
so 22 - eodtit* Opposite Nineteenth street.
WANTED. —I desire to mnga the
services of an AGED GENTLEMAN who
is familiar with tlic FAMILY GROCERY IUJSI
BB9B. One who would make him.dr generally
useful can hear of a good situation, in n central loca
tion in ttak uty, (with board preferred.) A good ac
countant, with good city reference, is required.
None othei need apply. Address, for three days, in
own handwriting (and give ■ plain address where you
m.iy he found;, through this office, "A. B. C."
he 2<J _Jt» .
WANTED— T wish to rent a SMALL
STORE, with back room?, or one ROOM.
Any one having such I will pay a liberal rent. Ad
dress R. A. B , through Dii patch office.
se 2tf~3f
U:*.-of small arana. The best of lelouneea
required. Apply, on bi.ard the I'onfederate State i
School-Ship Patrick Henry otf. Drewrv's Blurt, to
se '.'ii CCiIW Lieutenant commanding
Examiner tad Petersburg Express copy three times
a week for a month. _
npo MEKOHANTa—An twperienc&d
I BOOKKEEPER, exemj >t ftm military duty,
Vhoae time is but partially engaged, would like to
have a set of hooks to keep- vi write-- up, account
■lea to make out, or other emplovmt ut ot that eha
l.i. t.l Addie.v, "f. N.," Dispatch office.
»• g -it*
\ir ANTED TO HIRE, tot the balance
ff of the year, a good HOUSE KEItVANT
AND NURSE. Apply at VdT'BYS,
IV., t> Twelfth street, wllll. ot Main.
St. -■■' Tt-_
.IX to ti.'ht-feme puWer, either upright vi
horizontal. Apply at COX'S Foundry •
M :■•.» It* »iirn.i ol CauaJ ~nd Seventh rtreeta.
Goochland, as«—■teea milt- above Richmond,
near the canal, a nuantity ot HIcKOKY AND
WHITE OAK, toi fellow:, and eoga.
,»- 31- _ JoHN W tOTTKEI.I.
Shockae Hill, for wluch a good price will be
paid, and satisfactory city references given Address
"M," through box l.j'io, pu-t-oULe, or ..t E. 11
Mean!.ry's No. iii.l M.iiu street
WANTED tv HIRE one or two trust v
SERVANT LoVs ur MEN. at th.: YIROI
HIA ARMY AGENCY, comer Thirttknth and
Cary streets, sA2B 3t*_
WA NT E 1), a situation vi WET
NURSE, by a healthy German woman with
i voting baby. For further lllftimiwliw cill sit Mr.
TEAI.i.NO'S, comer of Eiuhth and Cary streets.
cc 88—at*
bIXTY-EIVE ACRESyifithiu two mile.- of
the city, and on » tirst-rute Ufrnpike. It is mostly
ckareJ, and would liifike afi excelli-iit market gftr
den. APl'ly at iiiv ottli.e, iv the building corner ol
Tenth ;ind Broad streets, between 9 o'clock A M
and 3 o'clock P. at. \
se 27—it* J. 11 SANIiS.
MT ANTED" inuviediutcly, a HEALTHY
YV WET NURSE, of goodcb.ii.i.tt-i', with no
uiciinibr.uii.e, aud Mutable to nurse a <hild three
months-old; one vv ho will uinke hetadi (reuerally
useful Apply at Mi PHILIP PRICE'S, near the
corner of Twenty-titlh aud Fianklin ttteeta.
Bg-tf F. W. OOBDON.
or (Jeini hi piefcriiid -to go in the country
one hundi'i d null a, miuiediately on .lame* liver.--
Location pleasant aud healthy. For furthei' par
tieuljis address CHARLES Y. IIOKSLEY,
Willow Rank post-office, Nolsou couuty, Va.
se 27-3f
MAN, to a-!.si.->t in cooking and learing in my
l'aiiuly. For one that will suit, liberal wages will he
paid. Apply at once, either at my residence, on
Marshall, between Firit and Adams street, or under
the Spot .wood Hotel, to
■so 27—3t* R WEXDF.NbURQ.
WANTED TO HIRE, by the month, ■
competent NURSE and SEAMSTRESS; a
woman wilting to make herself generally iwnftll -
Apply to lira. QttACTK, at Mrs. Southall's cornel
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Rumors from the Valley are plentiful, but a»ost of
ihem are of an uiii.li.ibU character It Wfts re
ported yesterday that General Early whippy Uie
oncmy on Tuesday at Wcycr's cave, but of tlai-therc
is no confirmation. From all we can learn, j* heavy
skirmish took plain: on Monday at Brown's: gap
since which time there has been no fl,;htii»%. In
thi. affair the euemy Eccm to have made tSt at
tack, and were repulsed. The object ut the enemy
was, doubtless, to engage Rally's attention aWhile
their cavalry occupied Staunton and went oawriiii<j
iv various direction* They entered Stauntorv*k» we
have before stated, at five o'clock on Mon.h# uve
iling, iv force variously estimated at fiom rt\*f hun
dred to five thousand meu. We heard notiiiag fur
ther from them until yesterday morning, when, be
tween eight and nine o'clock, a body of cav
alry advanced upon Waynesboro', ou" the
Central railroad, twelve miles this side of Stapiton.
Here they destroyed a splendid iron budge, the
best on the road, two hundred and thirty feet in
length, and built in the most substantial icaliper.—
They also burnt the depot, eugmif-houses, wood
sheds, and in fact, (according to the best iuft*rnia"
•lvii at hand,) destroyed all the railroad
at the station. Waynesboro' is at the western foot
of the Blue Ridge, on the South river. We have no
account of the enemy's subsequent operations,
although it is reported that a party of cavalry had
gone iv tho direction of Lexington. Between
Waynesboro' and Staunton, with the exception of
the iron structure just mentioned, the only railroad
bridges are of wood and trestle-work, averaging,
perhaps, twenty feet in length. These have proba
bly been destroyed. A report reached us last night
that the Yankees were advancing towards the Blue
Ridge tunnel, but this lacks confirmation.
Au impression prevails in some .quarters thet the
enemy contemplate a raid upon Charlottesville.—
To accomplish this, however, they must first pass
through Brown's gap, winch we are confident of our
ability to hold. Meauwhile, although we have no
positive iiifoimatiou as to General Early's present
position, there is a report, believed to be authentic,
that he has started iv pursuit of the enemy, and it
is hoped he will be able to punish them sufficiently
to check their destructive operations. We arc as
sured by a gentleman from Slauutouthat there isu 0
truth in the rumor of the demoralization of our
army in the Valley. The men were never in better
3 pirits, and only await their general'a , ~.,i...ui.l to
go-forward aud meet the foe.
Parties who arrived last evening from Me
dium's river inform ns that all the inhabitants of
Staunton and vicinity, who could do aj, tied on the
approach ol the Yankees. It is represented that
the road between Staunton and Charlottesville i"
lined with wagon*, honesj cattle and negroes, their
owners all seeking a place of safety; the whole pre
senting, us they niuVe along, the appearance of an
immense caravan These unloitunatc people, thus
driven from then homes, will douUt;S? locate tem
porarily in some of the upper counties until '.uch
time a;, the depatture ot the Yankees { under com
pulsion, we hope,; shall leave them free to return.
As a ineature ol pruduice, the public stores at Mc
thum'rt river were ycsteiday removed. Should th.
enemy happen to udvaueu in that diiecliuii, they
will find but little to gialify then thi it Cm plunder.
Everything of value belonging to the Government
at Staunton had beeu removed previous to the occu
pation of the town by tltc Yankees, and the sick
and Wounded were carried to Lynchburg.
Wo add the following to our list of casualties in
the Valley . Captain J. Livingston Massie, of the
Eluvanna artillery, killed; Sergeant-Major Wil
liam at. Abcli, oi Charlottesville, acting adjutant
of the Fifth Virginia cavalry, killed j Majov J. M
Wilson, Seventh Louisiana regiment, wounded,
Edward C Minor, oi ChailottesMlle, v member of
the New Kent eaviiliy, arm shot off, l.ieutenun'.-
Colouel Pendleton, assistant adjutant-general to
General Eaity, mortally Wounded; Captain Duncan,
of Louisiana, killed , L'.cuteuant_llem , y Long, of
the same State, wounded ; Captain La*ley, company
X, Second Virginia cavalry, and Hugh uarth, of
Aibeuiaile, same company, killed ; Edward Wills,
of Lynchburg, a member of Massie's battery, killed ;
Major Scatou Gales, of North Carolina, captured.
General Wharton is reported wounded.
Since our last report no movements oi importance
have transpired on the lines in front of Petersburg.
Save the occasional discharge oi a musket, and, at
long intervals, the boom of a cannon, everything
continued quiet yesterday. On our right, where, if
anywhere, a tight has been considered imminent
for several days past, the enemy show no present
disposition to make any movement, and the couse
qutnee is, that our brave boys ill the trenches have
nothing to do but keep a sharp lookout aud hold
theuiselve.-. ready for action at a moment's warning
There is no doubt but that Grant is receiving rein
lorcemeiits, though in what numbers it is impossible
to say Parties from the enemy's rear report the |
I arrival et large bodies of recruits within the past!
eight or ten days, while steamers crowded with
troop- are continually arriving at City Point.
The Yankees on the Weldon railroad continue to
destroy private property, though, to far as we can
spe, they have no object in view except the gratifica
tion of that bpuit of malevolence which ha s charac
terised their proceedings throughout tlic war. It
will be recollected that wj mentioned the burning of
the Davis house some two or three weeks ago, an j
we now learn that they have burnt the houses on
the Wells place, miinedicUely opposite. Iv the
woodo on the Davis place, ueai the railroad, the
enemy have been bus.ly engaged felling trees for
several days feat, and it is thought th-'V Mt pre.
paring lor the erection of a battery there.
It is reported that on Tuesday the Yankee pickets
udonned ours, m language more emphatic than
elegant, that '■ Eoirest was playing with Sher
man's couimum atioiis, and that, if not checked,
Atlanta would have to be abandoned" They hud
piobably heard of Eorrest'ci e-ploit ut Athens, Ala
Though everything continues comparatively quiet
in front of Petersburg, the storm ot war may, any
day, break out afresh.. The present lull iv events
means that the enemy are making preparations for
a desperate movement, and we doubt not our au
thorities are as actively engagod in preparing to meet
it and counteract its effects.
Last night the euemy opened on our right, ia
trout of Petersburg, with musketry, and tho firing
gradually progressed towards the left, where mor
tars aud artillery were used. Piling still going on
at tune o'clock.
Ou the 22d ol September, an Alabama paper held
the foffowiug language iv regard to the movements
of Forrest: " There coutinuos to be much specula
tion as to the future movements of this favorite
cavalry clucft-iii. We can only say his present pur
poses are important, and will bear a more intimate
connection with the progress of the campaign vi
this section thau heretofore "
Since that period Forrest has made a brilliant com
iiatmcemeut by capturing the garrison at Athena, aud
is in a position to give Sherman uiuiatc trouble by
operating in his rear and destroying his lines of com
munication. The people expect much from this
brave commander, and we veuturo to predict thut
they will not bo diwippointed. It is stoted that For
rest has been placed iv command of the whole cav
alry of the Army of Tennessee.
it l» reported that tho position of Treasurer of
the Confederate States haa hem tendered tij John
B. ilcndren, Esq., of Staunton, Virguua. \
I, m ml. — west
Hsatu or a» Old Laut.—Mr». Grissoai, wdict of
Mr. James Grissom, of Granville, North Carolina,
departed this luV about the 15th ultimo. Her hu»
band waa a soldier in tha old revolution. They were
warned eaverat yeara before that war. She vm
about oue hundrvd aud ten or *me hundred aud Of*
M«U yeajrt old. i
___ ~ i. en, ,—.■■— i— ,i ,«,,*, ' in
AJUitt ia Georgia
Tha latest tawu-entt m Georgia give renewed iu
tereat to intelligencefroa. that State. Tha arrival
of President Davis at Maeon fe aaamaeed in tha
papers of Bud city, and tha further fact that he bad
gone to the Army of Teiuifltbte. An exchange or
one thousand prisoners, between Hood and Sher
man, took place-au the 21«t at Bough and Ready —
A letter horn Oriußi, dated the32d, nay*:
A portion of Lewis* K*u*w«i» brigade walked
down the track and reached hare bat uight. In tha
true reporter style, I coruutvd three or four intelli
gent feiluWd, and, by a <iy*t<ut of questions, gained
some interesting mioiuuiUon from then in relatwu
to tho enemy up about Atlanta and froaa their rear.
These a-iiii were taken at the battle of JeUPsboru*,
were -marched to Atlanta, and Busre placed uadfli
i: uard The railroad at that tune wan not IU opera
tiou in consequence of the of General
Wheeler, but as soon as trains commented rauninr
they were put on board rati darted tor Northern
prisons. Seventy of them made their escape be
tween Chattanooga and Nashville by cutting holes
t-hriuch the bottoms of the can Mil! rtrirjMnnf In
the ground. When they got to NaahvubVlMt
Thursday night, they were ordered back by General
Sherman lor exchange, and arrived at Atlanta on
Tuesday, and immediately came down to Bough *n_-
Ready, as stated above.
From Nashville to Atlanta the railroad is in fine
running order. General Wheeler nourished a great
deal, but actually did little damage. So vast were
the preparations of the enemy for rebuilding bridge-*
and relaying track, and ho great were the guards
and detail* along the lines, that as fast as one sec
tion of the road was torn up it was immediately re
paired. The enemy have new cross-ties and new
bridge timbers in immense pilea all along the track,
and engines ad injhtilum.
Chattanooga and Dalton are garrisoned by three
brigades- of negroes. The street* of the former city,
erected by Southern industry and walked by South
ern chivalry and beauty, are now petroled by our
former slaves, to whom all white men axe forced to
exhibit passes; and if he tails t0.«..*-« tatth, he is
marched olf to the guard-hou*e, and tils Case exam
ined and his punishment adjusted by the negro !
The negroes scrupulously exact the military sanita
tion of all passing their posts.
They have barracks there in which all ("oufederate
and Eederal deserters, "bounty jumpers" and mili
tary criminals are confined together und constantly
watched over by negroes. The Yankees seem not to
have any respect fur deserters from our army. The
"bounty jumper" is a man who enlists, receives his
bounty money, deserts, goes to another point, re
peats the operation, and so on until ho is appre
hended .
Atlanta is described as one vast military bee-hive.
Sherman's soldiers throng every street aud are
crowded into every house. The most active work
prevails on the fortifications; and it the enemy re
main there long, it will be the strongest fortified city
on the continent. The streets are swept perfectly
clean, and everything kept in an exct-Ueut sanitary
condition. Several hundred frame houses have been
torn to pieces, and their timbers constructed into
barracks for troops outside of town. Prisoners re
port also that they saw an immense pile of railroad
iron in the city—"enough," they ssid, "to build a
new line to Nashville." I presume that they were
deceived about its extent, and what they saw was
rails takcu from our owu roads about the city,
Iv ielation to Sherman's men whose time were
out, going home, they say that they met a great
many trains of them many of them were without
arms, and many Were not. They were not able to
learn whether any that they saw were going to Vir
ginia, or to reinforce any other point They heard
nothiug of the whereabouts of Forrest and Wheeler,
but as they saw no Eederal cavalry along the entire
road, it is presumed that their force ran along the
Tenne.v.ee river.
The Yankees are organising what they call the
"Fust Georgia Regiment" at Atlanta trom de
serters from our army. They otfer fourteen hundred
dollars bounty and a new suit of the hated blue. —
Emissaries couuuinirlcd freely in the barracks with
our men ana ottered the oath of allegiance. When
the i. ■!! was called for tii<an to take their departure,
all who wished to take the oath were requested tv
pass to the left and the balauce to Ihe right. lam
soiry to inform you that a good many went tv the
left, and uniting them were several subaltern otheerb
of the line." They passed out to infamy aud shame
amidst the cuiv-.es of their comrades, aud have ex
changed honor either for a life in the ranks ot those
they have beeu lighting, or a life of infamous ea.se
iilid shame.
The result ol Sherman's proposition tor a " peace
conference" with Governor Brown ia given ia the
Macon CemfiuJerate, which says j
He scut mi iuvitation to Governor Brown and
other prominent gentlemen to coma up and talk the
matter over with him, and see if some scheme could
not be devised to withdraw Georgia from the war
and save -her people from further suffering. He
would like, if Ocycmor Brown de- tied it, that the
latter should ride over the State road to Chatta
nooga, "tee the condition of his people in the real - ,
and realize the stroug claims upon his sympathy it
presented." The reply ot_Governor Brown, we un
derstand, was very much to this txh . t , "Tell General
Sherman that I understand him to be only a general
of one of the Eederal armies, while 1 am merely a
governor of one at the Confederate States I dou't
see ho*' wo can negotiate ; or, if We should under
take it, how our negotiations can lead to any practi
cal results."
President Davis made a speech at Augusta, Geor
gia ou the :.i.i iv passing through that _!&<>.' lie
said t hat
The enemy must be driven from the soil of Geor
giu, and that the meu of Georgia must aid iv the
great work. They must leave, for a while, their
wives and children, and cast their gold to the winds,
and help to drive back Ihe insolent foe from their
borders We are struggling, hiiid th.; President, to
perserve the heritage bequeathed to us by our fath
ers—the right to govern ourselves—the right to be
freemen ; if we succeed, we shall be happy and pros
perous , but if our Confederacy should tail, consti
tutional goreruinent, political freedom, will fall
with it, end we shall lie subject to such outrages as
that lately cjiaeU-d at Atlanta m the banishment of
women and children from their homes—au outrage
which would surely bring down upon the perpetra
tors the vengeance of a great Ood. He exhorted
the people, therefore, to he firm aud faithful, and all
Would yet be well.
Iv another address at Macou to the people, made
by President Davis, among other things, he said :
I know the deep disgrace felt by Georgia at our
army falling back from Dalton to the interior of the
State; but I was not et those who considered At
lanta lost when our army crossed the Chattahoochee
I resolved that it should not. and I then put a man
in i •liiiiauvl who I knew would strike au holiest and
moldy blow for the city, and many ■ Yankee's blood
wi:, made to uourish the soil before the faint was
It does not become mto revert to disaster. " Let
the dead bury the dead " Let us, with one ami aud
one til oil, endeavor to crush Sherman lam going
to the army to confer with our generals. The end
must be the defeat of our enemy. It has been said
that I had abandoned Georgia to her fate Kbame
upon such a falsehood. Where could the author
have beeu when Walker, when Polk,and when Gen
eral Stephen D. Lee were sent to ber assistants I —
Miserable nun. The man who uttered this was a
scoundrel. He was not a man to save our country.
If I knew that a general did not possess the
qualities to command, would I not b« wrong if he
was not removed I Why, when our army "was fall
ing back from Northern Georgia, I even heard that
1 had -cut Bragg with pontoons to cross into Cuba
But we must be charitable
Your prisoners are kept as a sort of Yankee capi
tal, I have heard that one of their generals suid
that their exchange would deteat Sherman. I have
tried every means, conceded everything to effect an
exchange, to no purpose. Butler, the Beast, with
whom no commissioner of exchange would hold in
tercom.se, had published in the uewspapers that, U
we would consent to the exchange of negroes, all dif
ficulties might be removed. This is reported as an
effort of his to get himself whitewashed by holding
intercourse with gentlemen. If an exchauge could
be effected, 1 don't know but that I might be in
duced to recognize Butler. But in the future every
effoit will be given as far as possible to effect the
end. We want our soldiers in the field, and we want
the sick und wounded to return home.
It is not proper for me to speak of the number of
men in the field. But this I wdl say : that two
thirds of our men are absent - some sick, some
wounded, but most of them absent without leavo.—
The man who repents and goes back to his com
mander, voluntarily, at once, appeals strongly to
executive clemency. But suppose he stays away
until the war is over and his comrades return home,
when every man's history will be told, where will
he shield himself' It is upon these retlcctions that I
rely to make meu return to their duty; but after con
ferring with our generals at headquarters, if there
be iuiy other remedy it shall be applied.
1 love my friends aud 1 forgive my enemies. I hare
beeu asked to send reinforcements from Virginia to
Georgia. Iv Virginia the disparity m numbers is
just as great as it is iv Georgia. Then I have beeu
asked why the army sent to the Shenandoah Valley
was not sent here ' It was because an army vi tha
enemy had penetrated the Valley to the very gates
of Lynchburg, and General Early was sent to drive
tlu in back. This be not only suecesstußy did, but,
crossing the Potomac, came welt nigh captuiing
Washington itself, and forced Grunt to send two
corps ol his aim vto protect it. This tbe enemy
denominated a raid. If so, Sherman's march iuto
Georgia is a raid. What would prevent them vow,
if Early was withdrawn, peuetrating down the Val
ley and putting a complete cordon of men mound
Richmond? 1 ouuuselled with that great and grave
soldier. General Lee, upon all these points
The American Queetien ia England.
The prospect of an uruiistieein America continue.*
to be the subject of anxious debate iv England
The London Tunes continues to represent tluat
the feeling of tho North in favor of au armistice ia
rapidly increasing; but tho idea ia strongly corn
batted by many who refuse to Brheve ia au armia
tic»j because it would at once »«***tate the raising
of th*. blockade.
Tha London Timet, ia it» city arttele of the Sth,
under the feeling of paaie whioh tarn peace pniqiloß
bad created, «-2» to amdify
«*Wa4«luura»aod by arguing that it t* pwM*(t
to regard peaat aa certata owiaf to tin Jft*t&m_in
taiaiag the matwatiea ta* tbeOatoa aa aotM the
abawtata euadittoni It, however, fastwn 1» show
that if the part* ot tbe Saath an abaolatahrlkrown
open by aa arawatke, aad tbe stood et mftab seri- i
eualy aggravatea the r-bding pwatsttw lw Jtpney. i
couateracting tisfliamces wOl ba at uwf _fp«ve-t ,
the drain of attwey which Is Rrared.
Tha London Timet attributes tbe indetb&f tbar
ucter of the war to buatb toafcra and ea-Hworks .
Ito<wttrrt_-sy -Asaartarof an kmrrf Usfln.i \
good troops, well armed, eajt fiow imlgjplii, is ,
enough to strnebWhole diiMtoua on the gfpud — ,
Iv Virginia aad G»*o«gia bulb arwutw are tOmftt ch*-d .
aUke. The lestdtis, that tbe nuu*. bodyaf each
army holds a satsne poiHioti, aud tbe ipxjsiug
bodies fight eacboßfe, aatt W**e. by a»W_*«.*
The latest dirpatches by the Hii>>Tunva*n£ort - :
The Lon.fon Ttaars, ia an editorial, ri masks that ,
the eouictdenett of ci* wndtane*n ate htvaflptW to ,
peace; that tbe bepele-« deadkwb of the ajples tv ,
the ht Id hatppena to came with the period #i*u the ,
people arc fo<mally called upon to either httMraratv ,
v new policy or denbevateiy- appiove tha aM one — ,
They must pat one decision or the other bjpn re
cord', aud tbe series of military tailn,«ai'ijiisum- ,
mated by tae dretdful kna« of the |W»I yc.tr \
leader it almost impossible tut them to ymnouace (
fur war. • ,
The ixindon Berald thinks there ia etjaalderable .
e-agKeratiua iv tbe eswaate formed bgajm« as to j
tbe probability ar a speedy tenuinuttou of Ma- Ame- ,
lican War. j
A con-espondents writing to the Londea Times. ,
thinks if Mr. Lincoln proposes aa araiatke it will ;
only be to intlueace the election, aud Witt lead to .
peace as the result. He also says, one thing is rer- ,
tain, if Mr. Lincoln is rc-olectod, by Whatever ,
means, the threats of the Democratic patty to resist j
will be found to be mere tidk-
Inte'.ligeuce has been received at Ueyd'->, Lou- j
don, that two more rebel cruisers bad evaded the j
Union war steamers and successfully ran out of the .
harbor of Wilmington, and since then had destroyed ,
no less than tlurty-three Union merchantmen, j
Yankoe Jtagtilaa. *\
Major F. P. Wirity, who wa* tMhe j
evacuation of Fort Wag iur, in the boat which was
conveying him, wounded, to the city, aud has been'
held as a prisoner ever since until the late exchange
at Chaileston, furnishes the Darlington Southerner
with the following interesting account of Yaiike c
prisons aud the treatment our prisoners receive in i
them :
Fort McHenry, near Baltimore, is not now a de- '
pot for prisoners of war, but is one of the most noted
Yankee bastiles at which citizens expiate offences, '
real or imaginary, committed against " the best gov
ernment the world has ever seen." Frisouersof war
axe collected there and sent to some regular depot as
soon as a load is obtained. I shall endeavor to give j
you a description of this place, which was once vis
ited with pride by our people and alhctiouately re- J
membered as the place where, during a certain
" pewlous night,'' our fiag floated detiautly and was
found proudly waving at returning dawn. That !
flag, theu reverenced as the banner of liberty, has
now become a badge oi despotism; aud the fort,
then so gallantly defended by fieemeu, is now a
prison-house for their chUdreu.
Within the enclosure which surrounds the fort, J
just upon the water's edge, is the provost-marshal's '
yard. Within this are two long brick house*, which '
were once used as government hor.e stable*. These '
are divided above and below into two rooms; the
upper rooms are reached by long flights of steps- ■
lv the " upper story" ot out- of these stables is the
apartment known as the " officers' room," in which I
was confined from the 11th of February until the loth n
of June My fellow prisoners were mostly officers, |
wounded and captured at Gettysburg, a majority
of these poor fellows had given a limb to their couti- J
try, aud all had beeu severely Woiiuded. In this
apartment there were buuks without any bedding, '
aud during a part of the winter the wounded were
unable to procure straw to he upon. The rations
here consisted of meat once a day, aud " hiird tack
aud coffee " twice. Occasionally lush potatoes WCM
also given to us. Compared with Fort Delaware,
the only regular d. put tot piiooners at which I was
coiiliiied, we ictred finely.
The two most interesting points at Fort McHen
ry wore the " Interior " and the " Middle Rooms."
The former were rooms within the fort, to whicii
Colliledeiiites were assigned when under iharges or
sentence, for Bjieciad punishment. When one is
consigned to the " Interior," he die:; to his compa
nions, who are aot allowed to communicate with
him. 1 have seen officers who have beeu confined
there, and «I 1 agree that it is far from being a plea
ikint place. - Frequently our men are confined in dark,
damp cells for mouths at a time, It is to these " In
teriors" that the Confederate o..vernment should
direct attention, and by Uinvly .md severe retalia
tion, rob them of their victims.
The " Middle Room," otherwise kuowu aa '• Hell,"
islhu- gitiphically and tiuthiully described by an
other. " Imagine uU the dead rabbits, plug ughes,
blood tubs, market thieves, pickpockets, wharf
rats aud murderers of the great cities of tha North,
gotten together, and the most choice selections of
this conglomeration of human iniquity selected and
placed in four brick walla with no aindows, and their
native qualities stimulated into full and free activity
by c-jpious supplies of mean whiskey, the subjects
upon which to exercise their varied taleuts utterly
hopeless for detence, with all restraints removed, ami
the approving smile of the authorities ready to re
ward their worst achievements,and you have a pic
ture ot the 'Middle Room,' known among theun-,
foituuute Confederates who have experienced its
honors as ' Hell.'"
There is still another "permanent institution"
at t'oit McHenry deserving of notice —a gallows,
which stands in the middle el the parade ground.—
Occupying v wry prominent position, it 14 among
the first tisiags whi-h attiacti the attention uf tho
stranger. My ttaoUghU often linger about this gib
bet, for I saw one of freedom's sou.-, offered there as
a sacrifice to Yankee vindictiveness. It was here
that young Leopold, of Mai ylan,!, died. He was a
member of a cavalry company commanded by Cap
tain Burke, of Virginia. Tbe home of tho Captain
was within the enemy'u lines, und ho ventured on
ouo occasion to visit liis tainily ; a neighbor, a Union
ist, discovering that he was there, gave notice to
•the enemy, who surrounded the house and mui
dered Captain Burko iv the presence of his family.
A short tiuia afterwards the Union citizen met a
sixil.ii late. At Gettysburg young Leopold was cap
tured ; as soon as it was discovered that he was from
Maryland aud a member of Burke'scompany, charges
Welo preferred against him for the murder of
the CuicoUist referred to and to* being a spy
He was convicted and sentenced to be hung —
He was incarcerated i« a daifc, damp earn in the
"litteiioi" for more than oi+ months. Early m
May, he was one night notified thai he was to die
the next morning at five o'clock. 11,, brettu r sol
diers saw him MOBnd the scxtfolS, and, bearing hint
self as one who was not afraid to die, gave his life
with apparent cheerlulness to his adopted country
His enemies aud ours reported what ho nuid. " lie
thanked those who had been kind to him, and tor
gave ail who had treated him with uulunduuss. He
was stilt--n ci to suffer an iguonaiuoUo U, _v. as a
felon—hut he would soon be iv the presence of One
who knew his innocence. He was surrounded by his
enemies, and yet he would venture to make a U»t
request -bear witness that I die ti ue to my count iy "
He adjusted the cap, the drop fell, and the patriot
to-opold was with his God. Fellow-soldici-s, to
whom this account may come, aveuge his death, and
label the vitlinis whom you offer up, that your ene
mies may know the avenger's work
Fort Delaware is a regular depot for prisoners —
Here I was confined with sin hundred brother offi
cers ; we were not allowed to communicate with the
enlisted men of our armies We were told that be
tween eight and ten thousand Confederate soldiers
were confined there The enclosure in which the
officers were kept coutained about three acres ol
land; three sides of the square were made by the
buildings we occupied, and the fourth by a high
boa i J fence. Here we received twanicah. a day :at
nine o'clock, about two ounces of meat and a piece
of bread, aud at five o'clock the same. Our soldiers
receive but one piece of meat. They volunteer to
do police duty for an extra ration of bread, and I
have seen the poor fellows pick pieces of bread from
the refuse aud eat them with greediness. Ido not
intend to siy that all prisoners live on this allow
ance , If they uuv <• money or friends they can get
whatever they want, but such is the diet of those
who are oblige 1 to live on prison hire.
lv the prison at Delaware there were several po
litical prisoners confined with as; among these was
the Rev. Dr. Handy, of Portsmouth, Viraiuia, a
distinguished Presbyterian divine. He had been a
pt ls-jiu-r for near twelve months , hi* discharge was
offered whenever he took the oath, but he persisted
iv refusiug to purchase his liberty at such a price.
Tbis old, while headed man, shut up iv prison for
opiniou sake, was one of the thousand living monu
ments which I witnessed attesting the perfect free
dom enjoyed under " the best goveriuneut the world
ever saw.' Dr. Handy labored assiduously among
the officers, and was doing much good. Ilere w«
had preaching, bible class, debating societies, a' mu
soiiic lodge tor instruction, Ac. Of course, where
so many aero tot.fined, we could find ways tor
amusement aud iusti ucUou.
The BcaaiNuor Govaaxon Lure use's Hot as —
The Yankee papers contain a card id F. H. Fat
ton, Acting Medical Fiu veyor to Hunter's army, iv
reply to Governor Letcher's description of tbe buru
iuh of his reaafeuce in Lexington It ia peculiarly
Yankee, as the following extract wiU show :
" I was unwell when we entered Lexiugtou, aad
being introduced to Mrs. Lett her. aud family by a
mutual acquaintance, accepted their hospitality a pun
invitation, which I should uot have done bad I
kuowu, the beam was to be burned. Instead of
' telling Liaiue it would be tbe last meal abe would
take iv the house,' 1 endeavored to quiet their aa
prehensiou by repeatedly assuring them I thought
their bouse waa aot ia danger, aad bidding them
good luoruiitg. expecting to dine with Iheui, I waa
certainty very astonished upon returning al ueua w
find the house iv aabes. As a aalabmTrato w* pre
sume to ait ia judgmeat upon the m-itou of ■*/•** ;
pettom,«tber to apwave ar ixmdeam, «>f£_*i2—
iZ, right to
been amity of tha tlmk it til ~ » t*_*s«"""_T
_ba_a-al s_a-a€l -a-a-as-a-l __c__i__iK_W__sM __MstH-HF l** PWBttssH*—• S-ss_MsP
merit ttda ■liaMbiatat Ibts*^"*""*— *"* ~-** tv —
maoawam* w JwSuwK ■»■
ftffjnwtuj £H»ptfs.
Advert tements wdl be inserted at the rate «f two
Miixsa* per aquare for each iaseTtion- algbt tar*
(or leas) constitute a square.
Larger adv«-i*tiseme_t* ia exact proporttea.
Advertisements published tulfoAid will he cbarg*
i-' per square for erery insertion
j * \
ID aw Ros-iftY AHii maewr ot Paktiiu Im<
pLKATro - A few day* since, Mr. Joseph Bniauae
kaving occasion to examine some papers which ho
bad deposited in a box fa which bo bad a huge
tmount of gold and silver and Confederate money,
discovered that he had been robbed of about tbreo
thousand dollar* in specie, besides! several thousand
more in paper money, (mspicion resting upon a
negro girl in his employ, he had her biougbt before
bim, and quesuotuvl her about the matter, when tha
acknowledged, bar guilt, but stated that she had
given the most 0 | what «to> had stolen to two negro
fellows who had been visitm,/ her, by the naaae of
Ralph, slay. of W B Turner, and With*, slave of
Richard James. . These negroea were arrested, and
upon searching their rooms and persons, there was
found about one hundred and seventy-five dollars
in gold coiti, one thousand two hundred dollars ia
Confederate notes, a gold watch and chain, and one
trunk and a valise crammed with aa asaortnu-ut of
new clothing whu-h could not be purchased, at pre
sent prices, tor less than five or six thousand «M
---iars One of tbe negroes, upon whom was found
five twenty-dollar gold pieces and seven hundred and
fifty dolian) in Confederate notes, acknowledged re
ceiving from Mr. Brumau-I'* girl thirty-seven
twenty-dollar gold pieces, two of which bo
bad invested with L. Schumann for a gold
watch and chain, and the balance he had exchanged
for Confederate money and purchased clothing
with. From the preparations which these negroes
had made, there is veiy little doubt that they medi
tated levanting to the Yankees. In the trunk aad
valise which were found in their room, there was.
packed away some ten pairs of French (fancy) caa
sinierc pants, several fine dress and business cloth '
and castimere toatw, one dozen white Mod colored
I men shirts (never worn), the finest black cassimera
bats, several ladies' dress patterns, a large and va
ried assortment of gentlemen's collars, one doren
pairs of drawers, neck-ties, one splendid beaver
ijoth overcoat, and a miscellaneous uoUection of
toilet soaps, hair, clothes and shoe brushes, Ac., Ac.
They were taken before tho Mayor yesterday, who
Sentptiy remanded them for examinatioa before tho
nsmqnceort upon hearing the evidea^MQM^
i»ay— Wilharu W Mill-, who petitioned for exemp
tion from Confederate service on tha ground of be
ing a physician, was discharged.
A writ was awarded Charles Mt Alerter, made re
turnable on Tuesday next. ,
After which the court adjourned till eleven o'clock
this morning. '
HcsTiKos CoiaT, vi-1 1 hi, vv - /(»i/ve Lyons art'
tiding.— William 3. Isaacs, indicted for stealing a
horse from Lieutenant William 11. Parker, of the
navy, was found guilty by the jury and his punish
ment assessed at one year in the penitentiary.
The cases of Granville Montana, indicted for
horse-stealing, and Alfred Moss, Joshua Owens and
William T. Spillers, indicted for larceny, will bo
disposed of to-day.
The cases of James U. Saunders, indicted for
stealing ten brass cannon bushings belonging to
the Confederate States, and John Ryan, indicted tor
stealing money and a gold ring, were continued till
next term at the instance of < ..uiis.-l, Messrs. J. L.
C. l» tiinei aud Daniel Ratclitfe.
The court then adjourned till IU u'dotk this
Mayok's Cocmt, —A score of cases
were docketed iv this court yesterday, but, owing to
tbe absence of witnesses, only a few of them were
disposed of Several negroes were ordered to be
whipped, a fe-w sent to the batteries, and others re
manded lor future investigation.
Arrfsthi—Office, William S. Jcntun-. arrested
yesterday afternoon, two negroes, named George,
slave to Mrs. Timberlake, and Joe, the property of
Mrs. Diuuuock, charged with robbing Mr. A. R.
Small of jjs'i.' in money, oue pair of pant* and two
pair.- t>f shoes Mr. Small was asleep Tuesday night
iv the 'I'l.iu.p .1 tati-'ii office, on the corner of Ninth
and Rroad streets, aud as George and Joe were vii
the premises during the uight, suspicion p tut s«l to
them as the thieves. They will have a hearing be
fore the Mayor this morning.
Morris Kaufman, holding foreign protection pa
pers, was arrested' yesterday afternoon by ..tu.ii
Crone with a roll of leather iv his possession, valued
ut five hundred dollars, stolen from George W. Blu
ford lie was committed to the lower watch-house
Ucuui.vKY. Ou Tuesday afternoon the reside me
of James Allen, ou Second street, between liak. t
and Duval, was broken iuto during tbe übs.ii,.. of
the famdy and robbed of seventy-five dollars in
gold and silver coin, several silk dresses, and other
valuab'e articles of wearing appirel. The door to
the budding was forced open with an axe, which was
picked up in the yard by the burglarious operator.
H nieihi:.'.. Dmektemd.— Joseph Raker, of Henry
county, Virginia, charged with harboring deserter*
from the Confederate army, Was tommitted to Castle
Thunder yesterday It is alleged against Raker that
two of his sons, who have for some time been absent
from the army, have been purposely screened from
arrest by him.
lUJoaca by an E!ario«jo!.—Yesterday morn
ing, about 7 o'clock, while Mr. E F. Rust, an em
ployee at the Confederate States Laboratory, was
engaged in testing friction primers, a box of them
-udleiilj exploded, injuring him severely about tha
bands, face and eyes, lie was soon after removed to
his rcsideuco, in the lower part of the city, where,
late last evening, be was lying in a critic at condi
tion. The wounded man is a sou of Mr. Thomas A.
Rust, an old and well-known citizen ot this place
Bibif.s ikom mi. Noam roa Hoon'a Aauv. —
Our Northern brethren seem to ha vv the Chris—a v
spirit of the Spaniards who first settled America-
Washington Irving relates, in his Kuickerbocker
History ot New Yolk, that tbe pious Spaniards, alter
ptepariug the Indians for Heaven, immediately -.nt
them there by shootuig them, burning them, pour
ing hot lead down their throats, aud other such mild
measures The New York Bible Society is trying to
fit us for Heaven, and thai Yankee Generals propose
to send us there The Selma JUississippmn of tha
loth aays
Sixteen thousand copies of the Bible -lid test j -
luct.t arrived in Scliua vastetdav eveuiug en route
for Hood's army. They are the first iu«——lntent of
fifty thousand preseuted the troops of the Confede
rate States by the Anieiicau Bible Society at New
Yoik. They caiue by way of Memphis.
How THKY Thi 11 iiik Ncobo. —Atlanta exiles
report that whilst the exodus was going ou a negio,
driving one ot the Yankee teams, rather awkwardly
ran against a tree, whereupon a Yankee officer,
with an oath, drew his pistol and deliberately shot
him dead. Well may Cuffy exclaim, " Save mo
from my frieuds!"
.-.'-J!--. ■ IL'I.I 1 '.li
rpOBACCO, TOBACCO. — For sale on
I commission by A. MOREL'S, X Main street, -
n> b..x-s MORNING STAR. 17 boxes HUNGA, A>
Uar.ee choice brands. se 27—St
£s mediately, en Broad street, near Sectiud street,
'CHardinfbam-s Old Store,"—COUNTER, SHELV
seii- tt« Mas. McFarland
100 three-quarter boxes Manufactured, suit
, able tor retailing,
25 cases (300 each) genuine old Kulahennuk,
for sale by 1
»»-» W. H. FOWLE, SONS A 00. *
WE HAVE FOB SALE, to remain iv
the city, a likely WOMAN, thirty yearaohi.
without incumbrance, who ia a No. I COOK,
W g-jg LEE et BOWMAN, Attc-oaeera,
1 A nice lot iv bags. FLORIDA SYRUF at re
tail Just received and tor sale by
aeJC—tt* Mo. m Main greet.
O * barrtda SORGHUM, 5 tteree* IllcE, a bates
COTTON YARNS, for sate by W F. MUCK,
an 27-at* Tbutoaath strvet
Vf ADDEU, If AJ>DER.-Two thouuatul
poR aw^JL 1 -!-!^ 1 !?^
t oily hones* aud of e_c*Ueat cbatartar, kmatte
jf\ tb*l>at*ah^
m9 a-tf A-SiSit.
JtUU(JOtfa\ am Mate aanaK mmmA * Urn* emaam at
ssUveatb. ppMp**t!sj?
ii mimmm~mmmmmmmimm*»~*l*m**'***^'?? m * m eammm ;.
w% — w gcOQAMa a wtttat artMsV. _

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