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The daily dispatch. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, October 11, 1864, Image 1

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i ,\ V > "
- Hunt*,? ■ v -it
lo ..-I. •->
.~i i •.i, ■ i■ i thus
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11l ...
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~ ■ i 1,1 \ 111.1. \!
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,111 I I I; XI. N "i
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pted, 111 kll'l
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ii. •'. I : * '■:
T . 1.l
11 : * ll
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I ' ll
I tl. 1
, I ', , ~ IMkNT, 1
rit |..|i TKI ISURY NOTES In or
-.•.-ii! i piatti .'. .lis
* I tin ni r-i ANDINO
, mi *, i tlll.t Ii- ili
1.11 ■ I. ; i .'.
li' _ ■ ■
i iiuLl \i,- HEW Ai;!' i:an
j ■'..-. 1 i - • '-.!.: lii.l
--• - , : ii.l.. ~ I AM Ki
ll 11 . • ■' l • .11 i
1.. • I .-ii
I. luiiltol licti.li!
jI - V\\ ''i II .ii mva} Il in Ih. Niili-
It Ith iii.-t.ttit, il M.i. i. l.t
t -~.,!- t i. I;.. I '
i . uid Urn 1, Tl, ll
'' T • "I a "'
11-ol I.'i'- | ■ !.' I
.I? I ill, 111-11 l , ~ i
:, , ,11 .I whith ll ith- ~■ '
. i l lb, tpplcli . ',
.. ;i .' i to .a i 1.l i. .*. li'iU
in I .i 'i liv in
. i.> li |l ~ Dl '~ . It ,\
i il i ,ij i..; ;■ i.
Mi M til, i.' ,ai tl.,
11111 l ' III.' I'll i 111,, le (.I-
■ Man. li t.a, wl.ele he bus a i-.. i
:. ... tt V, ~,!,, .
IV< X 11 11.1..
i i idling ol th" l.t
... -. -,MI-li..\l' i-.'i I ib. .; ;,>. ut)
'.. ue !,. ia- i. iliJ
tell oil tin I It t-lcLloM
. laid 10l hi appl't in 1. lei.
ai ■ !.. .\ li -IVlliali lie li
.i-l i H. -,t ion:
I I. 1.l- t I , amulh
ital I, i "I M I.'. Xi I
;., in .irw «itl, ait i. .i .
. j...,, it i .■■ i. ..: ; ni
l. I -I , little .tl.a. lllil
I . 11.1 l|| i, ' - i tliil, ll
11 ... ,\ :l -1i.1.-l.
T II i,i; \ i.i.i LSIIRoWN Sl OAK,
I ... 1.l -1111. s| oAR,
1,1" VXD li 1f It Ilia i, ~1 iI I
• J I 111 Al It I I A
'i i.i r in.!. \ - ; .
ii .t ...iu
1.-H'Li, l Uol -.11 \ in.
No 11 I . ~i -ti.. i
I \l. '.'nl IM \! tin rt-iuitsl ..I
i i I lIKXI l\ a I. 1 I
'• I ' ' li.-tl'i. 11l it I Hill I. „, IV.
~'l 1'...il !.~. 11, !1,
i i Ti. i, lei ol tt, • Ijliul, ol
■' ■ I II id.' i, I i.1., 1,1. .. iit..0,1, iol
A an 11, I! I ,
i. I. ~, ~ I. Main .-ilt-'l
i'l ' ■ Sl' AVI Nt.l'.l,' I'tlf Mll'olllel.
iit K'AYT .M.lilt.i!
--.•.1. . ...,ts, bath yard-,
Ild ... ,le ?,|1 liUlr.tll, e.s
Itl ' !. il' . .1. I Oil le l-oli.-i ~
I. I c. .L.i p.-t ~!hM ,I. |
. , Ut] I ittl 111 l -li.
i: ll ALLEN.
V ' '< II IOW FOR Hallk I
i - , na. tn I I Oil VY
'ml ■! tie Uli Mai ket, ..t '.!
'I»W'.l •II un ;u ,n it tut h
■ : ILL King -*ni!iri I In nt li
t .i
i. V» I.uMN. ON, i t
|I IV| -I- N"i l« I! IJ NY JONES,
1 ' " • IU Ml I, htiVlliK opened an
itt, ~. i i.iai, m i Ninth
ft' "■ th .11 .| ol 1.ie1.11,, He c
bun lion. U l„ 5, ..„.!
1 • Uj , iv ~ -liy iii.d Sututd >
V"' 1 »I.X Iwo J,!,..- I'.U'TAIiU:
■ '-''OH M l.'iil.l.ll>, wol. |„,,.,., ~tti l„d,
■• i with , , ipw-iti -I ii. hundred ..nd
1 ■ \;i'l-, lo
JOHN iy (,| M,iV ft I'll ,
No 78 Mum .str.it,
i•I b> ll I. lie kitisou, ILilt.i |
! f, \ ' uv AND RECEIVER lull 1*1:.
--.. ' ■ "lo 1, t l.i- ~!!'.. to til, I..lilt*
' ' t'lea-i ..mil .. „| Franklin and
..- lo lw
V v s A LE, ,t L.T cliis., WORK
: '<■■■ large, ...liiid .md hind. Mini ,
" ingli oi d0i.1.1, lame i. frit**,
■;-At !•> j c iiAi.i;y (
At N uy I liii Stable-..
ji'" 1 ' SALeTm No 1 itiii .-I UIJLEU;
• IU., >ouag ].AY MOUSE, A Hue btylc. |
'''■ -'" ,e,ii „t ii,,, li. bona* ucitt to the
' ''- v -' ; til .-. "it- tuinii.kt
Uicljmoni) p.iputcjr.
I. I I'll M"t.M '.'. in li.li! li 11, I-?.I
li. Inn -. D.»l ti. i. i .', Ito New Dcah-1 ■'
■•.-...,■ ~i• ■ i '. I.i t . n.l, ii i. - .ti. iulh i -
ito -:,,ii. ■•T.i -i i i,, t.i, rim 11 • i i" j
t». !, t.|. . ulal -al ! it- :
lin i\l 111 I.i HI lii, || MUM.
I.li I \ tlllli;' till \l ,!, til,)!, vv o, pcrfeclljj
!•!.. I .-!! I "ill 1111. . I!.. Itlllli. ' 111
t.ikons tii.tt a -.■.■. i. hattl< i pendiii i
1 I.U hi I*l.l LH i.l li, ,
li.oll Illl' I*l Id -i.iiie /- if) < • lie
rutin i li.- follow id ■ ;,i . ~,,!it ,i! all tit .
iin ih. south ■ t'lt i.l tin- rivi'i
\!.u.it lition uti Saturday tho eiii-iny,

'l oil:- tolCt', lltl vali. c.l hull! till 11
'.I.'i !t -ii l*ei Lie?.'- |;n in. .in iv c IliOtll until |
Hill-11l -, .tlol ,„ , (ijilitl a pOltlOll 111 tilll
'•''• .1 I -'. H X ii lit. il tl ilt ;ili.t!i.lullt..| til'tl-l
tin . .-i|.tiii. til I 'oi i Vie line It was sup t
|i.-.-. .1 .it lii.at tii.tt thi-, Tt.lt.m, , ,i:i made
im I-ti.ilti] v tv a general at Lv k mi our
present ;,ie itii.ii, art.» cover another
ilitiik movement, iiin) everything u.t,
-.•.itti ii i.i ie i.li ne ■; to meet eithei event,
lint, it oiich ii.ic theii intentions, the
auk it - failed lv carry tlu in out
Ve.-tt i ikiy morning, having probably
as. et tuiiii it that tin- Confedt rates were in
too stroii}? force to rciulei even the ad
villi; -al ground they hail gained safe, the
tiitiiii fell hack, and oui vtdctlc posts
a vi ie establi ilu ti.
Siiu'e tin- in ■ u|i.itii.ii .ti lYi-lili'.,'-, !,ti in,
it.i taieitii have only lv Id thai portion ot
..til I-t. t lilie.i :|.||.lti lit t.i Fort M.'Kle,
iimi hi.i never, until Saturday, thought
propel to throw troops into them Even
iv case they were to hold them perma
nently, it would not IH lhe le-U.-.l .itiei t
oui present position or brighten theii
prosper tint na. hii..' lhe Southside rail
\\ t understand from good authority
that tin Yankees have erected works ol
the most formidable character on IV
gram's farm and .-ill along their present
line ol Lattlc from ChappeU's to Indian-
About four o'clock on Saturday aftei
noon a small bod) of the enemy wa>
thrown forward lo lhe "MS Davis '
house one mile west of the VYtldou
railroad, who ;.t flit i set tin. t" that
Itittltliiii uud letii'ed. 11.. hoUae, whiiti
ne ol tin- in.it country buildings
iv thi- section, was soon iv lull blu/i?
iii i.l cntiicl) consumed by the dcAouiiiig
1 ll llll'lit.
Allan- Min.liy were remarkably .-un-l,
ami the Sabbath seemed lv be properly
n |ii tit! Nni a cannon was Ihvd along
the lines, viol onl) the occa ioiml crack
■ a •: rille could lie heard.
I HUM IHi 1 til I 1
I.i ell 't IS IrOin lhe \ ulll V h\ 1 ibt
I'ential train, giv* ad aeeoii its
ut the hiiv." euiiiii.iiti-1 Ly the eneni) in
till \ii uu! v lit Hi! - - '!il..!i?.' t i.tl Lei' 11.
Sheridan ha been doing all that 'ay
to hi (tuAi'i tv ..ni y toil iitrii'tly, and to
lhe letter, the iiil.iliiull.-, ordi:! ul
< irant, lo bum, deva; taty, and eai iy aw iy,
ayd io.tin the Valley ahowling wild a*-*
ne... Hi-, menials have burned all Jiu
'mills an.lcit ii L.tiit ii ithui their rea-h ,
ul ai, ,il! the outstanding •• i;itu iimi buy
slat It.-, the country ovei and near which
tin), hilt i- juts-e.l 1;, ;l WaStV r'.H it ll )ll
dor, the) spared Urn tmiii ul Harri on
It l. said that ,ih.nit tWO hiiii'iVil
Dutch Lui.ihe, went oil with tlu \ in
Imi-s thi, trip, bag and baggr.j .Lorn
Rockingham county I'r > were a worth
i. - ~,oil.! tin population, and burned
! then houses ami barns before leaving.
1 liii.\i I'KNNI >*-! i
Uui forces in feiuies.sei and Soutli
western Virginia arc active, and meet
with continued mlcess.
i/tii. i;tl dispatches from that ipiarter,
received at the Wai Department, ..i.ite
th:.i Vaughan's cavalry drove tin.- encuij
from Uogeisville on lhe Sth n. ,v nt,
killing and wounding a good man) Nn
enemy in lorce this side ol liull si gap
Kogersville is the count} seat ot Haw
kin.-, county, Tennessee, and is ou the
line nl the Virginia aud East Tcuoes.see
raiboad. Hull's gap is un ihe tailmad
i also, about thirty mUes from Knoxville
uid some .-.cveiiiy live miles from Abing
doa, Virginia It is thirty miles south
of the Virginia State line, and neai the
junction ol Hawkins, Jelt'erson and
(iifiio- counties.
Generals Breckinridge aud Echols art
following up their successes with vigor,
and have completer!) neutralized the if
forts' >.i the enemy in that quarter
.(,,,. 5j, ,;.,.'( ,u. ..j thi Ditpati ti i
Si uNf..N, Septcmhei -'*, 1864.
uu I'luliv, lho 2Sd instant, our town
w:i-s thrown into a state ..1 painful excite
ment bi h rumor that tin- officials hail
received orders to pack up ilio Govern
Ittent Stores; hut tins was cmisklerablj
allayed lin- ne*d morning by the an
nouncement that General Early had tele
graplted tn tin* «'ii!uiiiMiiiia , it nl tlif post
to till the ntizcr.is not to be uneasy.
Early Sunday naorning the excitement
which hail been thus hdled to rest broke
out afresh, and with more intensity, when
it was understood that a third dispatch
had been received during the night, from
headquarters, saying our army bad left
the Valley turnpiki, ami ordering the
stores to be suit oat The chunhes re
iiiHini'il dosed* the :,iili*walks were
(TOW'ded with men, women anil children
hurrying to ami fro without any apparent
object, the streets were lilied with citi
/ens, demoralized Ottawa ami soldiers on
horseback, carts, drayt, warons, ambu-
lances and carriage.,, droves of cattle aud
burses, all Hying from the dreaded Van
k«. , N,.i was the scene at the depot
n.me in keeping with the sanctity of Uie
day. I'raitiH of ambulances from the
army and hospitals jostled each other iv
their hurry to n acli it ; th • platform
was crowded with goods uf every dea
cription civilians andsoldiers - some *\i
dently in full health, others ?iek or
wounded, some on crutches, some on
*in tehii.., some perched on bales or
boxes all waiting for a train, which no
sooner arrivedfthan it was filled with the
■i"ii -, it|. and mutilated men, withoul
surgeons, nurse:*, oi even a supply ot
water Nobody appeared tn inquire or
lo cure loi its destination ; it was enough
lhat it iva-s leavine our devoted town
lhe in ai morning, while tin- citi/.em>,
filled with dread aud apprehension, were
watching aud ti.tittit? lvi tin approach ot
iht enemy, a rabble ul negroi and whites,
t.i both sexes and ail ages, surrounded
lho deserted stores «-i lhe commissaries
and quarti rmanteib aud plundered them
oflheii contents 11. ic, u.t.-, :i white boy
rail) in; oiii> taps enough tv coVei tho
head of a t'ompait) , there, a negro wo
man staggering undei a load of cotton j
yarn; here, white men removing whole |
bales i.t i .itt.iti cloth to some secret hiding
place; there, negroes rolling away bar
ids of "hard tack" —all laughing and
making merry, doubtless congratulating
themselves upon the rich harvest they
were reaping But with all their force
anil industry they could not gather the
hall of it before lhe) were scattered in all
directions b) the cry, " The Yankees are
coming! And, .-ore enough, solitary
horsemen, dressed in the bated blue, came
dashing, pistol in hand, through oui m>w
d< suited streets, These were soon til
lowed by Tjiit-', ul three or four, and
lowardr-. 4 o'clock I*. M byawholeregi
iiii nt. They passed immediately through
the tun.",, raptured a number of tin- sur
'. i.i, ul our hospitals who where ut this,
"tht; eleventh hour," trying to make
tilth escape Then came regiment aftei
regiment until a whole cavahy corps had
■'.. eil*. It was evidently composed of
picked men ?-ttt-i.-j, robust, superbl)
iin nn itt 11, equipped and ariiu d, and urn lei
perfect disriphne, Theii lit-neral (Tor
lull) promised that he would respect
private property .111? I protei t non-combat
ants, hut announced his intention lodes
Iroy '.1 carry away tl! the public propel ty
he could find, aud he faithfully kept his
piomise iv both re peels- The l»ovclii
im nt tobacco, stored iv Mr I'ipei's -i-.-ic
house, first attracted their attention
This was in pari served out to ih* 11 sol
oiiers, t-i given to the negroes, and there
tuainder carried oil in wagons They
next destroyed the hall erected Govern
nient shops in the western part of the j
town; carried awayagreat uumbei uf j
bridles and saddles lelt in the 01 dnanee |
itore; burned ;i largo i(uantit) ol old hai
..1 . sadille trees and parts ul old wag j
to . taking pains t<> ;-airv them some
distance It. in lhe t. 111 i.1111;• ■in which they
t'.'*i. -stored; burnctl a uumbei ol mus
kets and carbiiu - ami ;i large amount ol
atiimuuition the repeated detonations of
which did not contribute a little to keep
oui citi/.eiis iii n constant rstaU* ol alarm
during the v hule day , took away, or gave
to the negroes, a considerable amount ol
sh!i 1.-ii in the commissar)'s store; took
awa) a large number ol tents which they
toiiii-l on the hospital grounds ; carried
away all the hospital team:, but one took
unit vi the able-bodied attendants pri
soni i.i and tarried them au.t,. c.v using
them elves b) saying there were moieai
u-iniiiiito than necessary took away some
of the negroes hired Lo tin hospital and
ail those belonging to individuals who
were viilliu r to go; pressed -upwards, ol
-.Hit t% r.egiomen to tear up the railroad
of v, hi. h it is Raid they destroyed a mil
ortwo; and all thi - was dont with udmi
ruble system ami ordei *hi Tn. -In
evening about twenty fuiii hours aftei
their first entrance the) left us, going in
the direction ol Waynesboro', and we
heard nothing of them until this morning
aliout one o'clock, when they passed
through oui town so noiselessly ami with
such ordei that the majority ol oui eiti
/.en., did not know anything unusual had
taken plan whilst they were slumbering j
They an said to havi I- tl the Valle)
turnpike about a mile from town, and to
have Liken the Spring 11:11 road, and thai
theii hast) retreat was due to a cheek
which they received at the hands ul oui
brave e-oldieis neai "the tunnel '
I lEtt s f pu\ PEACh Mo YE
ME.\ Is
I in- following lettei from V ice Presi
dent Stephens, giving his views upon
"peace movemeuts,' .was written in an
T,tiet i«. ;t letter addressed to him by
several gentlemen iv the hiteiioi "t the
State ot Georgian
t II m , . ~! ~, ' I li i . --. j '. io' ' --■ i-"l
it, nl i, iin :■ Va will ila„ ex. us. in- loi list
in uei;;:.- youi lettei oi thu Uth ui.tt.mt ?>ooliel 1
have been ,i eltl lie tily a Week ou a Vlalttomy bio
thLr in Spai tii, who ha~ hi in iiuite utol health 10l
-0i... tin.- V" •■ b"■ - 1 toiiiel hi ie on in. return
I, ,1., ;,. -.ti.tday. ih. delay iduiy reply thuso,
, a-i- led, 1 regret
With ni I.iith.a ixulanatiou a apology, alio**
in. now to ;,,!', to leu ttiat in, p. I.- 'ii living •, ni',.,1,
--,! It feel a moil ardent desire l.a an -aid to be •al
i , ttiisonii itni d md ii.jalc-. war, upou honorubl.
,li.l|ii->t!.llii-.1h.1i I do. liutllt.ll> doi..,t -i-clliil
it lain my power, oi yoiiin, ..i Lhat ot any ntuiih.t
i[„imi in oui t isiUon, to iihiiu.nitt.- ..ny in ...
i.„ m thai will uvou l-i. I 11 aid in briuging about a
i. uli that wo, and ko many more, *o much deau-e
I'he movement hy oui LejrniUtumatits laataea-aou,
it the sugj-eaUoU oi thi fc.xeeuU.va, on thu subject,!
ftitiby authority propeilj i-ountituted loi s U ,-h .i
~„,..;„ that movement, in iii) judgment, h'w
uuiely judicious, and in tlu. iuht direction Noi j
1.1. it i.e.-u without le.nlts fin? oiKauiraUon of I
ih.it uaity ai the North to which you r.i,i may
illlU Le cllllllled .IS a I'lU.'lll'i: IHllt-olU
'fheae, It i-i to he honed, wdl I- tollowod by 01h.,i»
~! t. iii--it n. uli..! ch.ua. In, il 'll in both »e< tutus
Who slliill.il ,I'.i:-iro I'til't' UUOU Collect tcllll.i Will
givu that iiioieiiuiit. thiw mau*curati*d, au Uie aid
111 Un il l' IWOI
lin i,....1uii„n..l Urn ilcoirfi.. Legndeture, ut it,
t.i i s, sen upon tl.c t,i.l.|t-ct of peace, in my Jtldg
in.nl, embodied al.d rat forth V.l y ib.nil th"-'
ni un iii. - upon winch alone then; cm Im ite runt iwmt
pet.v between Ihcdillclcnt ac tiotu ol thu cut. n
,ite, ..nee ha)ipy mid prospef-ou*, but now distracted !
country The eaay ami perfect solution to all oui
un -i nt tioubh-s, .'nd ih'isc t.n more gricvou* ones
win I. i--'i" "!''" in, j-.at.iiid i oitt ntoiisl;, threaten
in th. coming future, i- not bin*, un-i, than the -un
jde leco-aiilioii ol the liuilaiu'. nttl principle and
truth upon which ~11 American eouatiti'tioual lib
arty is L.tindtd, and upon tin- mtintciiiiiicc of which
iiloli. It cull bt lUC-ii ll'cd , that 1», lb* ..oVi.iili'lity
lhe ultimate <il-s,.|iile aoveretgutj -of the State.
I'm- .1,., tin,' oui' l.t iittliitiiie-'iiiiioiiiucd to the Deo
pie ol th, North wild to the tsoill It ia the only h«y
--n-t- to l-elctt '.ci in.ill. Ut. Itl.ilill,.' |tc.t, c colu-lntcUt
With the security ol public liberty. The old colitede
i.itiaii was formed upoathia pnm ipi. , thu .-Id union
wui itiitiiviiidi found thia pniiipi. , uud
in, union oi HMfIM i-ili till be loillitd ol liiuin
tHind betwe. v mn siiitci, North ..I 8 .uth, accuriag
public llbcily, upon uuy oUioi principle. The whole
1ii.111.-Wolk ol Auiel'K Hi lliitltulloll!.. Which Ul M
i.hoit U time had won Uie admiration ot tho Woild,
and to which We were indebted lor -.tn h uu unpar
alleled eataut at prosperity and h.ipniue»», was
loiiucd upon tlu* principle All oui piootit trou
ble-, pting horn v departure turn thu piliiciple -
from a violate ti iii llii. us eutiu] Vital low of our po
i iti. .it • i-.iisin
Iv 17;.. ...tu ancestors, miJ tha ai. cstots of those
cii ire wooing this unholj m idu cunt us, to
pi thoi •■' , I imi 1 tl. -.'■ ul ■• i■'■ru -I truth, f->.
the maintenance ol v. bi.* thoy joint!) pledged theii
i? -, their fortunes una their Huawi honor, that
'-.',.. 1 1,1... ~; . Tile in tlt'l*. 'I .llUollT.' ■• ln.il lelivllltr
Un li in : ; .-.v. r- lie!;, t!. • • iit A 11,,I 1 ,, .... 11„ i,-'
..ul that ''whenevci mv form at government bi
fill. . ll- .till' tliC Ot t1?..-'.. dele (thOJO |~| ~,1,1, hit
wan foim. ■!.,■ it in tl.t right ol tii. puopbt to alter oi
.1 li ih it. mul t-. institute a new go* rament, lay
-111.- It l.aill.latloii - 01. ML II I'lill. I'll -, ..til oi_-,1,
--l/ili- iU l-i'.lel. ia il h toliii, ■-- to tie lv li iii , m
ii, , : lilt.V. toil! t theii - ifcty mil bnppiui ■ "
It ii. io i. i, to t it' Ihit 1,.v •■ pt onto" an I
" gIIVI lU'' I " Hi llii i lllliliU' latl'-ll ir l..e.ilit collillill
nitii .uli.,.' t ne ii . .I-ii.l., i-t oi:'ni,i/iii_- .iii.i
ii. ni.'.imi:,- ifovcrnmont, not iadividual members
,-t -„ j, tv n, ••, on ...|,t ol the fjovt-rtM I" refers
t.i ih. tiiii ..i ti,.. qui v"I lho t ommuuil, .a 31 itt; in
it- organized loim, ami espri . t through it • le-giU
ii. it. irn] [»ropi il\ - oictit,!?. 1 ..ii.-tt.
It Was Upon this pnlli'lpli til-1%.1.-hi. .sto: »l llls
tili. .I 1,. ;..,. ti,, WOll.l ill i tf. tn,',' It s p nation 1,,, ie
11.,. luotb.'t rouutry It Me- vii.-ii thii piiu-lpf
ll.at t).. oil .-11, .1 tililt iII -■ ill ll ,1. I . --.l.lllel,
-•;.:., tim lthr-1 1"i il i ii.|.let ~i the ..i.i ~lho,
111 17.-11 111 : ■•■ ii ih -,liie pillicl|,i: tle.t ti,. ~i
Stilt equal 111' I '■' 11 I- lei" ''I lies ~| ~!,, .. ll
t, lei i-, i. .in- i then ne* .on,i..ii tof union lie
1,1 , llt.it tilt ,: i union, oi any union between any
1 '!."ll ■ ~J. ! I, ilt.ie- . . ,i, ,l..te ilti 1 (Vltfa ii.l I'ttlk
bi.'ic a! il tlii!!., .. ill I oiiiut liii'.-il 1., toi. ■,- I- pi..
, ti • lie 'I ),,s »,il a;-,11.i: , fft'tll ,1, .It, iu| tto J ,
iiii. pi-.i .si.. i..a.- il.i'a ? SU[Kilioi powol may coin
i".l .1 uiuoii ot S..IU, sort, but it ivoiil.l uot bo the
iTie'l. ol the oil ! IllStltUUoU CO- ot :.UI ll'.W it
-.I'.ul'i bo th.it ,-. ,i .a liui-.n iii c. . ~.;-.. i,.in j,...,.
poll, in The subiugariju oi la. people of lho South
liy tie, people ol tho Noith Woul Jno . -aui'. involve
;L- ,1 UllctloU ol tl,e laUUftltUtlOll ail.l tbU otei
throw ..I then iitiitii , .i.;, ,v,:il as our* lb- in.n
oi puiv ut thosXottb to whom you i.tni, who fuvoi
pom i:...,L 1. i..'U:l.t t, ,i t„ll realization of
Un- tiiu!., iv iii i: i. • .ni:.'.,, >,-toi-. ::. i .it.ii,
villi 1, -nit iU loi. I. i .... tl. :i c.„,,; i ;.,, , ; ~ p. ~ o
_i> \sll:_- vi ,i a union oi •(.'■ . tablishi'tl
bj folei; ft ill l.c a. ililiioil. to them a, to ll , —
I |... Hot 101 l •.; tb.i I Ul ■ t' in v.-i.ti.ili, so far .it,
Us pi,itt,-uii ol pinuaiplo- c- -, |-ii -. nts, ~- | have
■uiiii ai ai. tl.i , . i ,i,.n, "a ray ul light, whi- 1. itn
■ loi ii n.l, 1,, , . 11 ay pi ".- tie.: 'I,ii.ii ot .i.n 1., this
1,1,... a...1 .he l!e, ni.i.t ' Tie. til I 1 :\ ol light 1
bavt ». tiiiii.ii. ti.. N'oitb an... tl.. V.'.it 1.....;,
llii . i In., i., tho te „ii, uud towards it I toiilJ dm -t
in-,,; l tt. 1 limed .
• ll.ii. holy light, offspring ~t Hi iven first born,
i-i ot ',!..■...[• mil ,o-,:t. inal 1., am,
Mn 1 express th-e ~ii,iii„uic t • since Ood i»
Indeed, I could mute ~ have o\. i..iiii--.i, hut foi
tl, ' ...id I, tie. tion that Whi'thi I ll sll ill bllUg Ie .lin.
ii, i, - l-uaiii-, -a |„. I, ,t in J al. and oiuin oia c lipsu,
t-lti its good C-,.ik l„: 1., lie , dupi nI, , , lull, li ll [ ~!i
tie ". il.'l, ~| oil tl,, ~, lV 1,, t le,.' lid It Hid VleW
it :i-. Ido ... •it I' "st it i, i:t i raj iiii -I! and
tremulous ray enough only to gladden the heart
Uid lltli i.ill hop
Tlio pioiiuiiciit und Lading id. .ot tl.it conven
tion s,„m-» to have been a ■!■ -n- to r»ui?h a pea
(ill it Ij, lltli.- lit '•! >'~! | * . !.t lllil' UltlC'S aUd Titlllc
tin oltgh tbe lin liillli .t i convocation ol theStttteS
in. t | i-up is.; to ii-] it bostlllti i tn si c what ian
! I Hn ,li allvttllll :, I , 111 ...1, itloll "| „ ane ,olt
llii •> .-ie step in Uie right ..iii."ti"ii I , such i
i unieutloii vt tin SUti . I shoul II: tvo ii übjei li -n
o,i|c fill i iiltlortilice -.nl iutei'i l.tti.-e "I Views
1., t.i..-a. cilia I uud "i'i-i. IVwery m-l as Uie
.o.i»e.i.ti,;. ~t UU/was called ~,. Ia- , mblcd Tin
iirolH-ily-ion !ituti 1 mithi.iities it Washllit'ton nnil
Kill .in..nt. tb -iiiii -'iiitli-.i i, t repiesoiititto ol
ite tV. i, , ll.'e |, lo|. ,ol StatCH I, •? et '■'•' I I Mill.
•a- I. othi 1, ii.l 'ht 141V.T tllell as „ lit t,. ic h a plopo
ati. :. v- t ?ni_r!,! i. ~,; t,. n, -.: li would be an
~;,.! >v both side 1 floin thi .Word to lea.oU unl
1.. :i . .iii wars which d., not icsult in t1... u&tim
t. :. .: ixlt linanition i i... id: ~i tUe olhel
,'n i-t 1-. 11. Id, ~00. 1 ... later, by :■:..-. aoll o!
1 • ..• li ill "o l-i.-in the aio ii ton und 11.r 1, h,.n.-i
■ I ticiv- in hiieh U luuvt-utioii the history, vi
iv.-il -c- the tine nut Ui. I ..in in tiliit, on - -:.!
ih- lelutioiiol tt.. --;.;., towuds , >!> other and
tow.trdti ted..i.ui'.'. head, v, .il l doubtless bo
m , !. bett, . tin loi itooil reiieraily than thu) now -iic
1.,.: I .'.. uid tuioi sui-h ,1 piopj-iitioii only « v
~a,.1.11 uli-ieut'..', as the t'onveuUon A 173 i was
1 !. -iii.l 1 • pooried tv le iviim theu it -Uolis .it l-ssut
! th« .!.--■ !ll!e ■.!•-. l-101l .-! -11 1. • 1...L' ill-'/1t.,
--might he clothed With poWcl'S 1 :.-nit and iei...
,1 the) could, upon 1 tne philiol itiljustiueut, to he
iubtitlttt Uol sn!■„ '.t. i.l : tti t. tion by the .-.-.. i
nt), 1 St iti ■ v. i. a. it ".li'-i-l Iteloii; it should b- ef
1 li.-.v. ■ t „i Llii nn . aii! tli-'ii t.lli lili- ..nil OU aUeh
1, =1, ..ii i-0 1 I'.ltl. It I i ti. 1.1 ■-II el thu
> .u:h .1, 'I'-.U a , ih- i" ,;■:■ if thi N'oith to bu quit.
a- wutehl'ulautl jealuiin < 1 thi ir Uf-lits as tt.tiu i om
moil nii.rstois were 11,. luaintrnau.t ut liberty
ii. ill a.- time.-., .1.1 ..untiles, when and
Where it has ixisted, has ie-craned Uot only
e-uistmit tigilanee and jealousy, but L.ts ottt-.u
inquired the iii-.it, it pnvatloiis tv t s uli. lings and
mv nth • . thai pi ...picoi St Ites are , ivi subj«i ted to
through in h mi ordeal we are n.-* pissiug
i? . .-..:!. in.l even . '■ i ideal our nun
tors pa -1 in tl. ii sf::;. .1, ful the pltlli Iples whit li
~ 1.-VulVt d llpoll US tItUS lo del. l.t illld ill itli
-11 but greul , ~.: .'.itt-i11:..--an Io i lilii'cs li .-.',
--I.i m i ■••■ to whii h y.'ii iillu I. . thi / it.-, is y ',
~, -I. at ~1 li,. 1.1.c uli tiiiJ Hid -a iiii •-v. hi ll
,',l I ,!te I , 1.-. 1,- Wlttl ' ttlell , aUtagH I t-'l'i
I tud. iii th nt-th ;' tii -1 !,. it'- so il, in theii
',\ I 1,,.-, .c IL ail. -. Mi it -, I •.. ■. 1 ihl l-i lit
; li, .i !, ~ , ~;• I tin li llii! ' ■ 1..H . ..nd glol'lulle
I, i,is,, -n i ? ..' lei im it thi iii,, i. -,
•' y uthltVei loi a- at .. i • ■-: Ol
tit . ~ Ui ibl 1 Ul' •! a- iiri It: its we a -
• tie > ~, i, ,1 ..-•, it, i tii ,n those
. . . ■ ■„ ■ • lull) ttiti .'!■ il
- ... i oui u.liti hi .- not t ■ lie
:; hi bil., Sai .i. '•■:.
1 . ..- di '. M iit-j iiitry, ?.i. I'
ii ii; , iuu, i, i i al. m , oiiditiou
.. t. ■ . . a |. -s 1..,p,-!ul tl, vi theirs
.. k : '. in th it n ,:• i on ih.iii t.i -
Will, .i I ... a. id- pc tot th . who c .li
,, . 'll I. till .Hi till ll in I Hid 111 thO lii Id, IU
lii ,!li i| c, .teilll,.' ulll lesullltea lit
th. li , inn in I, ?:, Ims iii,..- t1...- In.-atts and the
;,.,!:, 11l i" It , 111-- Ol lii. i.t
Hi.l I .lin I , lot uliKh Wv lie ..... nil
i. th- l< -■ - ir.dt ai in.nn s. ,v. Ign ,'.. .
■ '-. H 1 !Hl 1.1.....i.1. 11l the on,i .\t IT— vi
|, t, -~ I I ||.| 11 .1 se, It IS| 1te.,1 ~, ~,. ..„.-.., ,|, ~
1 iv, .-I I. -i.i,. liUUll ! 1 ;- a on- m 111 po»itioIl,
.-.ill |. ..;.•.-!..:!■ toWalds in i Halfill in.. any new
vi \ Tie nt 1 I-:.,- i■ , ... i, ,tnl ,li.': -ii ol tin pre
Ut .iille
li,, ,i.,i. ■:. an part,is fairlj tn 1 t ntin ly t t ~-
,-,,. n, 1? , :..,i i tei llOvt 10i... it will eontiiiuu to
li. thus wit kedly aii,i in-1 ilessiy against it
t|.i.i■ ni a. t1... '~•,,j,i,. ~t ii,,- N„ii|, ii, ir.-iu, oui
..-, ii: ; ite, to ah mi we ow. alloaianee, has, with |rre?tt
~i ,1,111.1.,, ji ■ i.,ii:.'l the pnneiples upon which
tpi ,i aud i" .in n.eilt ]~?.i ti,'bt lo be s:,in.t,i mi i
i,t-nied dt,,. Congress ol lhe loi,l, delate States
has followed with an endorsement ol these princi
ples All you, an.l I, aud titers in oui | isitiou
tie.-., fun ,■ if I" .ii Unit line, at t:.i time, i - :•. su ,
tain tie" in ,e,n,-i,t thu ■ 'lie idl ill hi .'oi it. i. tud to
the Utmost of oui iialitt to hold up then puiici
[.lea us the surest b ;, ol restoring soundness to tim ;
iail.li. mind North „ tl, brazen serpent wj held
i.t. t„i the L. stbiig ■ I Israel in the Wllderii
lin i-hiel nl n.1,!, .in i-'i-iiiTiit We in give th'i
i. , , party nt tti.- North i- to keep 1., t..,, th.iv
•:..■, .-,. , ; -, mi ~t,; ( ,ni,.'ipl.»- n.l tiuths, I
»hich alolie Will lead theluuild lis to . pain -ie i.t
~. i I ,-tn,- i . •.' c with lhe ]~,,„-on .i.l enjoy
meut ol ■ ■„■ 'ii-ei'.- il hi- ily Will, ib. -i p.iini
ll ,il .~- ■.-;.!/:.• i. the tului. w a.ld tal ?- !■ >-t
its< li fhoic . • :ii no in-ue wai - tlu v
-I ,i,| Il„ it.lt, nd to -In | „ illi.ii ml ' ii lanes
elite U-..,t le- St. I lilll ai 01 UU'OIIS W lilttltlUll illy
and easily adjust themselit a oidiu- to th" intei
,t, i.t the p irtii an i tl, -:-• i; it - : the times
lit nan lies tb trite law .1 tha balau -~i..i. t
il,, harmouy i t St iti -
V..ms i. - : • tftdly, .
Ai I X IT.'IILI, 11 Si 1 i it'
In thu cit) t likhmond, on Saturday, the Bth ol
11. ;..!* I, ,it l!.- lesl.i.'Ut-e- ot.tLu li' V Ml I'ct.lkui,
HLHtl'i A DULANEY, anijittci oi tuc Utc
i'Lolflr,ll UuICoIl, ol i-'loilotl.l-bui'.', VllgUlla
TIIOSU t'lltM. Mill' II ,tIC tlUltlllcJ 111 Tsi.vlUsie.lt, Ud
Whit b .tin -....il'iulv lloUcid by thu OUaj Mul 1,1, lno.it
3ai,.1, mil, .it. tii* lollowei oi I hi ut and p renin c a*
for thu grtMt lcahtic-sol rt iiiinii? Ufc. Such were
tii, f*T*OW ot l.ct tJiaiat tt-l- t'oti'-lit c 'llul ..u Lulls-
BlUtll -goUthttU .to ?tn,l huiiiility —cutv/tiif.l togethei.
iv .1,? up tiiu onuunotit ol ,t luck and jmi-i nuuit,
wtuuh to, in the «ght ut OA, -.1 i?io.tt pru-tj
j lfi,a.ii. I Shuttug, "s-j to ;l.',
lliowii , - sioitiiij.'. 3I -.;
Fill* T'-Ul.si siiiitiu,.' ;'• '•'*,
Fancy Woolen L'ouiiort*, Jli ,
Lall- >' 11.1111101.il Stocklllf'o, !?.
l-ltic l'.urlMiiiil Huttoils,
Extra Hue IV- til .-H.nl LuU'ii...
.'-usi„ 111,1 Ituituiii?, Aaata buttons.
sLwo Latxa lutt-.n, sillt ,uui L> taint,
W ic.iiis EngtlaD L.Tltct 111.,
I'Uliuir i»i.l- Hciliu Ulovts,
Kinjii-li Shoe Thread, Si-o-.l Cotton,
Hit) tlo.'.i li ttclltlcllit ll'-s ILlll Hose,
in iah bj W H I'ol.K I ,: Mm, t.c t
_ " li*-
ill li K'LN
ovtrrEtts, i». i
„ lii* lU>t ItccilcU .til,l 10l A*lc b>
No J I'Wctltb -itl cut. Inf Mil
uv U oi* M-iin .inti dry
17MSE (.hi. EN TEA,
iu»t ruuvi-l and lor stilu ut .. L YEUBY'S,
H.i J TwuUth ttxuot, b«twi)«ii
Mvtlu jii-1 l .11 v ]
Citi Coi'Ncn —A regolar meeting "I
the Council took place yesterday alter
noon at four o'clock Mi Saunders, the)
President, in the chair. The following I
business was disposed of
Mr. Hill, from the Committee on
Claims, to whom had been referred peti
lions from Thomas Bradford and John
Freisch, a.-king the remission of lines
imposed upon them by the Mayor for
purchasing melons in the markets con
trary to a city ordinance, presented re
ports adverse to the petitioners ; which
reports were concurred in hy the t\.itit
Mr Hill, from the Committee on Po
lice, reported an amendment to tin- or.li
nance concerning the privilrres tit ne
;',r.>|r**, in I'il'ei I that no -.lave shall I'M pel
milted to Keep a cook-shop, eating-house,
drinking saloon, 01 room for the sale of
anything, within the corporate limits,
unless the owiui or hirer of said slave
resides in the house where such business
itj conducted , neither shall they **ell
anything on the streets, except such
things a» are raised by then owners oi
hirers; and no slave, free negro or mv
latto ..Imil sell newspaper., in tin streets
vi about the markets and railroad depots,
under penalty of stripe-;, at the discre
tion of the Mayor. After striking out
the words "in the streets," the amend
ment to the ordinance was adopted , ail
ordinance to go into effect on and alter
tin Ist of November. So horcaiter no
negro will be permitted to sell papers at
the dejiots or n the marketplaces
Petitions were read from John Pry and
An,he\i Pizzini, asking for the remission
of fines imposed upon them by the Mayor
on account of violations ol the »tini kt-t
ordinance, which weie referred to the
Committee on Claims.
Mr. Crutchiield offered a resolution
permitting members to remain in their
seats while addressing the Chair. Aftei
a humorous by play of words among the
members, ami a suggestion from Mr.
Scott that the privilege should only be
granted to those who were too old to
itainl up, the resolution was withdrawn.
After the appointment of railroad and
canal proxies to represent the city's in
terest the Council adjourned
t'l.srri.iiii hi. States Disthut Cocrt
lhe Octobei term oi .luiloc Italy burton's
court commenced yesterday The iul
lowing rases were taken up
Morgan J Wilson and bis surety were
each iit <>;. ui-'.v'tl in the sum ul tile thou
sand dollars lor the appearance ol thu
ibrinci at the November term tv answei
:tii indictment foi misdemeanor
James li. Pollard's petition t.n a writ
il ftttbtits corpus uai continued tilt to
11 1> Stephens w.is discharged from
service, uiidei a habeas corpus petition,
on account ot bis hun- a justice ul the
peace ol (jleorgia.
The .-lilt afterwards adjourned till
eleven o'clock this morning.
IllsilN.s Col'RT Ol M Ai.lMn* 11. -
The regular monthly term ul tiie Magis
trates' Court commencetl yesterday,!
when the following business w.i-. trans
Thirty nine lashes apiece were order, d
t-i In* inliieied upon Kulph, slave vi N\ il
liam Turaer, and Willis, slave <>t llich
ard James, charged wirli stealing >-,nuii
in gold from Joseph Bruminel; Itiek,
slave of Francis 11. £mith, ami Cyrus,
slave ft William Sinit, charged witb
stealing live hundred pounds ol bacon
from William 11. Uhastain; ajid Mary,
slave of W. Pollard, charged with steal
iii?' .me gold watch, the property oi Pow
hatan Koborts.
John Francis, charged with robbing
Philip Lyberger uf three hundred aud
eighty dollars in Confederate money, one
silvei watch, and a large lot ol valuable
clothing, was remanded for furthei ex
amination Inline Judge Lyons
.ij.ni.-. Ikawson, charged inth stealing]
foui ten diillai notes rrom i.'..i..it 11
\\ alton, was acquitted
Patrick If artin, cluurged with stealing
one mule belonging lv the Confederate
States, valued at one ttiousand doll irs,
was remanded to jail in default of se< si
rity foi bis appearance before Judge Ly
ons to answer the offence.
The Court adjourned till tins morning
Kobbekv —A soldier in the Second
Market yesterday morning was robbed
nl a pocket liimk containing two bun
died and seventy live dollars and In
furluugli Tin robbery w.is supposed tt>
have been lommitted liy a little white
boy, win. followed the soldiei tor some
time around tin* market Wheo in- dis
covered the lus-i of his money tho boy
was nowhere tv lv- found
< uai'LvMiicM BausFound —Detectives
Charles and Pitchett succeeded in find
ing, yesterday, liity '."Ui Government bags
in a house on the ba.iin occupied hy a
Mrs Coniey. Sho accounted lor their
bi-in;' there bj saying that she bad bought
them from a negro who had permission
to sill them. The matter will be iuves
Aiding raa Enemy. - Lorenzo K. Moore,
a citizen of Vankeedoui, and William At
kuiintin, of IMymouth, North Carolina,
were brought to the city yesterday, and
committed to Castle Thunder on the
charge ul giving «id aud comfort to the
Mai a hi.i — We have received from
Messrs West st Johnston a copy of this
work—one of the twentieth thotuand,
just issued. Its run has been more re
maikahle than any publication Bade
since the war.
VTOTICE. A WAGON ill l-.t>- th.
l\ I'-.i.t.itciutc State* laboratory KVI.hV
Muli.MNii .tt 'Jot tot* toi Urn AllslNAl. BAT
«,■,-. wtsliilie lo MU 1 bulollc?! ol lotUri lo tbcli Alu-
UtiTi ol tllcluli Will lone tliclii, inaikil,
Willi Llclltelialit J tl atCAL, Lttbol.ltoiy olllc, ol
ill It I' l'l-'MHKh'roN, Ai .eititi otiliv, mill tlicy
will be. lroiui'ttv loiwui.ltd I. J I-INM*,
Liculcuuiit-l oloiii-l i '.'Uiiu .1. 1n..
--yt; II 31* Al'ntrUttl L.tttllllull
UONXKi'Siiiuto to tiltlcl, 111 the vi.M luiti-
ItMMbUj *.t> le, ou totammaht* tat—a, ptmoiit.tuiui.b
liig Uiulr own blulU Also, ILAI'S mid bONKfcjS
dyed und blenched t'-il ou Mi** LL'i'.Y KAY AN I',
between lUook Avenue mid AiLun> »trvt?W
NO. 88.
Nil FniTios.
Bi Ai .i.n I ten,
Alitli.'ll'ss Ol " li. lli-11.
•."Tbi in i.'iiifl. • tit s,,nil., in Nuvol, fiiiu ile
aifW mi .... oi.ii-listici n.ini ..I Me, l i;iu.s. ul
M i-ii., ..'itii "if ioi " H nl ile" and tutu., iv . ill-d
"ile • M ..I .in-: l>. Si .. 10l till.- St.,.tii," I ... IV Ll It*.
-••■ ~||.| c dltleli, 1. lis. li ,-11-t • -urn -t t',|,
11,. I ,|,„* ing . tti a t-, s. 1,- {~ I tioin i; i.t, I, , i i(,|, i
lthl'l--i ol -.lull il ' .11.111- 1,1 ':• l.s .)., t _ ~|l ~.
it' l\ . ! its -ilCeli I 1t... Ht ■
! , Mtht I Htlt *. 1 .',,.
" rin- South o,i|>i-- , ti.- North ic.; only in i.i
--' v i!i \ ii, i li.il.t -i> •• in us. I-tit in -tic Li-ft. ■it ,n- i
tiii.-ict uipa-sinir literatur*. also Mat , i-ti,
' |'l, -111- t ..; a t.-hi ii 11.111-l I".t lilts, 1.1n,e i.-;iii. i
illl I'll!. |, (..julij tii, . H t.t l' I"- lis v iIU /. 11, .
' Uli, 111- lit ■'•'..., I licit -a \ il ii II unci tel,
.'"i • thi (tooth 'i ii i • ful i its tiiiuie
y .. tht ,V- f £••/-* Haiti ■'<■■ l
"It • iiiii,*. be d. ni..l that, in "Ma v . M
•' Ev hi- 1. i- ii.,in t1,..1. a. -i lined hoi -j.-i, i. ii Ij. t j
"•I'. ..;n ; ilinstiatcl in 'Beuliih,' La U,c lel
•lll.ll.st.il S!l|. 110 l 111 L-i . Illiii. 1'.'..i.1, 11, I p |
" ti'.iitiiii, to the Utter; while?,** . ftoTyofili, a v
*1t,..-t- lit I il. ?li. ill el. til N life -I. 11. .1- '
/'. .-.. ~ ,' .If' I ~■ „
'• .Mi-- Evan - bids I til lo !•■• ,n, ~| tt, most
■■ -l.llillii I.li- ~t o.il 1,1, lat'al, lv this,
" i -.It-in ill i.m j m.l . aitti ti, i( t ill a,, M, , ; I
" iidllill atl 111 ! i lltlbll [.riH-11l !., 11, illl I ..1..- * hi. li
•• in-.~t i-l it tht ,'.li a "ii - t.i h nil I,- Wl,, i .
••tl,. Ie ai- i thoU all I merits, It »»Ul II" ill. ill ■II ,
" t" ,|i-- i i ii.i it a: i in fa Vol I .. . a I a, .1 oic - I .
"lit-ial 1 « •: Id Mill I-, it -,i ii '~ 1.,- ,i tt-aii M. ..
•• Xv ii.- .Ken she i-i bill it tin- I- Mi,,.,' lei
•' , 11. •I . 11l 1 'A' ell. I l|||S ?•.••■ ,k ,1,1 i1,.l ,I, I 'lill,-.
"at hei shnne, and Id I h..i -.1 ,■! ~i ~ I '
~,. ~,!?..
*," l'l"!i the it- ~|t•i". |ti, ■ a will i iv. aI j
thin I k • ■ •!.-. a l Irt • in th 1 i nft tiers v. |. .st
• ltd. i- ton • iv. i 'i-t.i. ■] t .it- t:ti ti.si, uli l. .1
l'ill.ilsl,. . , Itl 11' ' 11. IS.
11. Mj n ,-tn ' li,- i.m nl
.Mi Tl M P..1 s . \s„„ IATION.
James W I.i vii it.,, i ti,,- Otsjiatch >In »
fv lit ,
A M Bill it, ~t th. V, ntintl. >Vi -la- il- Hi
NlllllMH fVI.KR, I ill t'lltJU.ltl I li. ■ • 1,1111.'.
; .>■• i. tan ,
I' I! on.-,-., Oeneral Agent md I'orresponduig
se, I, t II V
I; I' W.iLKIH, ~t tb, Examinee,) In isuni
It M. Shi i ii, oi tl,, v .■,..; i,,„., m 11,;.-,, i, i
of the Eeamtnei ,l\ b An mm ~t ;i„ Enoii.
Hid J till- A I'olVlßl.lN I 11,,' ll s. ./'. '-. Uli' ' "
tori Whll, With till tle.t. oil! els, s|,.,i"l I, ,t- 'I, ....
ol till -111 .11 Ot til" As ... , ~,, ~
The |-n ;. i, t.,i ~i my ~, .. .|, ,i„ |- in th ('onl 1
,1 i.> Hi ii I', i in. Utbel ul ll,i . A ," l ttoll bl ■ nil ■
till.Uf,lie tit. dollar?! p. i in uth in : Kin- 1,. 111.
!>>■ i vi", a, I toi t. i? iiii. r , ?:. i ■ i-iu i,i A ti! .1
important i,, w- li oui hi io iliti
Air. lilt ti.bt'l iii. i \ Wltlidl ny 1.,, ii i tbt A •■' i..r; ..ii
jbl i.'ll lll r lte 111 llltO - I.li el t i. In il- .it lil.l
p lyntit iifi el I,is .1u,.-.
11l- li' 11. i i A*l lit, ll tb: ** .' ol OoVi l.Hi. lit,
.tui to, a,, I 1., ~U in lull 1 '.'! 111! .1 llttl li, I
" it,l !-.!• I-'I . ll- oil MU'-ii till I.' .1 -ll 111 t !ll -
pi I t , t ,».:.',, I Alii, ,j 1,,| ~ .• I ,1,1, I, .'!!!;• 1 0t,,. ~ _.
-l-11-l |-i - ...111.. ,
Ile | 1.l et ,1 ll Itj 01 I -■'. i. ..11l lltalll?, |.-1 It ,
"AU ttgclll) ,1.1 ( ~', ,11 ,:.,:.-,'- ful tl -tl|s|l,|'t 111 ■
llle -one !,, tht 111 '.'UI •
111 M 1.-, AND A LA Uti E STABLE Will Iw
;, nt, 1 at | viii' .ni, tion ■■;, t;,, pn mi •■- on -a -
triiil.lY. tie- latb ■! O, tote, isi.l tt 12 o'. 1.-.k,
tht BALI.AHD UoUSE containing -i.i.t, • -.-•
room In ii i lien, ol We in't ult} in i,,,i,, ,h
inn .. fn ■ hotel, the Bulhtitl Hou.s, 1,., I ,
lt.ll i. 1 tl ~-. . lit I "l.c I . •!,,, UliludlU)! 'Il e1..,.
room, In.n. •-..., in. kit. I. ~, luuu.lri tnd ,il the
- - i„,i: iiin, lit- >i tl„ 011(11 liii I. iti'l 111 -■: Uiii _ ,i ! i
Also, two i. ,n. I -tii ml l ii.l iii --lIH Xi i. •
liolltllUj "ll li X till i. H.l • Ht '.mile-' ■a, ll elT'llt
-ill,l l. ll 1.-.-li. i, ii, .'.- I I jill, ttltll W it. 1 .111 ,
llXtlllc ,
.11 .., .. I irg. Ivl' I. li -i AH! I 1.-.-.t.:,. ll
I . mkliii stn et, mi I atl ii hi •! t i lhe h .t. 1
1,',, renting aril! be foi one v,mi
Tlmms. Bond, with good bet unty t nditioi ito
-It tb it nt in ?.*!.'.
1 b ;;::.:.., x, il m I t... n ibl) known lhat
a filltliel description is 1 - 111 ! viii,.'- -
1 -.' • th l.t I I 111 l 1: io 'tl leak,.md
a .., •I. pleasure in ihowm the preiawe*.to parties
..: ;.;:._ lo - tdiiuiie tleic .i 1' BALLARD
•: utin , uidu led bj M. -i ■ Ui t bum -v Wh
! ' «ms, A ■ ti Ol 11—J'i
Supt rior Ureeu .?. : : . . i. i •-,
li. ■.'.- It, I lai in.-l .Mi U- lit l ,_' i! -,
littSoU'a tll l.llile 1.l t king,
Sorghum Oa! -, t'oiu, ha , .v.
- li.l HI l-i 1. ft.lilt,
... 11— Uf t oiiiei ..I - ixth an Ula} ti- '
I 1 !,ai\.- ~i, bind a 1,,,-, iupply I Id I.F,
i Inl-.K VtINEOAR, suitable t.i pulling
Al I -I ll I
|.L.-VI s,
M.n i:
UROLNII AMi liK.UN II 111 ri
t 1! AI'I.KS i, lilMi.
11 i-i" oniii- i fiixlh and t| ~ -~.,.t .
IIOHEKT 1111. 1. \ SON ~,- tin- .l.s
\ i. -, ii'iug an t .rt.a i a -I|.
.t. 1.m,1- vi,- l.\. I lour,
.a :. ,n,|. S,i|„ hi,,.. It. ..
i bam L, X, - I , .ai
1 1.-a i,
lottoii Van,-. . U in., a, Ti .-1 •
111.,, I. 1,'.,. -a,' . ..It.. slJt
Salt, •. '.-nt- , il It*
1 \ Ui-Vi, -, I Hid In
in fun is Blown -ii..' .1
l.i barrels English i rush I -n/n,
lv bam I ■•- In. and M iri , -ifeut'offt c
111 bill- lie-., I! 1. 1- I: I
I I' 111. I- Oi I Uf WI,l-„. I
iti'uii i; r iioiuii a- ro ,
" II _ '1 No ll I'e.ll tr.et
N" U TIC E -ST FA M sA U .Mill,,
Ml: AMI Vl.'ii 1 'AH I I I l!>Ii SALI Al Al '«'
--llt'.> 1, .'> old it publi, luetlou, on tiiy pre
-lUT rt, "He nni,; ti ,i,i 11,, „, s', |-i itt in (!,..-•.!! II
eouiity, on SAI f XI.A V, Oc! bet 22 it 11 ■'•" k, i
st, uu Saw Mill, -ill', i. b ■ ■■[„,». i. in . • I i an
imi.- .a i- i wit! two ..i - itl ibt i i i it i -
-llul, three W.i :.- Oc lis, i.... 11l !,ll,k
I'i,nk veasoned), .i.l a 10l ..1 V.-.-.t .11. s In 1. l*o
tat ~- i ,i,i.,, .-• md I.
li inn i i»b i; a WII.I is
li - ,U?v ltd*
130K SALE, one supfciioT PI.A I'l'oli.M
J si ALP.-, capable ol wtagtuni ..u. thoifbtunJ
trt , bundled pouudi; Me..l BEAM, with huge
TIN stool'atu, in-1, -uu ti. !•■ l.i weurhum dom -,i
in, .1 , i.i.,- Counter 91'ALEM, will weigh aa high aa
Ihnt) is,un,i- All the aba-.c.n---t suj.. ik-i quahtjr
lb 1 iin I.t ,-H.c'li by . alllim "il i.-filcclitt. itnCt,
:..i *, ci. im., v ..ud \tiu .I sine; nub am in-iii
OflllU >'!• II il*
1J»OK SAI.K, two in lio.U NEOROES
iltoV und OHU ll".c Ito*i ijahoutauUwu
yearaold, and the oliil. is about thirl nt. n .
•Id, I'utu ne v.ri u.t-iii-:-nt -'ll- ipatUe. Toaecun
th. ii. t buiiie liithi:, it., tbt) will o,- Mti for 1--..
rlian iiijik.t iiiU . Ku. liirtlici partkulara addreaa
•• I. A," Dl-i'.U b Hi,,- oc 11 if
1 a beautiful Rhliug an] Draught UOR3E,
Young, s uud and rfeiitli. Alse a liwht and Inn l
aom liotKAWAY.ii. perfc-t order, well idtpt.d
for a| In -ai inn A|'l>l> ii ""• Sl -' ll si.bk-s, t>a
Eighth -.licit, beta-ecu litacc »nd lnilikllll, wb. re
i, ,til 111..) bt- se.ll OC II H
Ii tit HIKE, .ui./i-i P-*»V, stid tv ».t* .i
L-.t'.d dllVf! Alva, i lie/io Olrll., itti tLiellivd
1,, beuavwork i.-i tciuis, ttc ,ai i-lv to
i Lol ft.N a I.VNK,
OC 11 Uj t't.niel ut _____ .Hid li ilikllli -illeet'i
IjHJUND, by Mi H. ii|iiitiu S ii.ttii, i
FOCMKT-itUOK, eaatatauaf amnefaMntf
and a l-t-o, which tha VWM ctu get by d.s. -übiug
the colltclitk altd I'itlll.' tol this adt.ilUscUHlit
Miss KA» HEI. SKMoN.
oc 11 if No '« Maj u _^^. l _.
I 1 tic i-.tities who took t.oui my -ton 7-**tartt*ty
•£ ol a Mt It trntft aid ____^______Z
OI.ASSOOBI.ETS iv«) .uv. '.'"T
bl itsiiuiutsllateixtuili I* 1. \. t
it, 11 It* No iH Main street.
1?llK SALE, mi Juvk.-ioii str«***t, ut-ar
< Adam, a nu;* tihs X MM and UWKL-
on mm WAL^U
\ !-. t•,.....!.-. will ! ■■ :i.* .'• I at tht i •'■■.-! rata
W«l lti'< j ••' qU.ll ■I,?• "b II ' I, ' .-.. lie -i
01 i .. • ~- iit-.' . ... ■!
i aii- ~:. it- - ?'■ •• .- •'
.1 ivertl en., i.i - - ii..i -c -I 'lii' '.: . Will tl ' WgU
«. t i |..i ?..! •ri :v •.:.-• i*. ii
I WARD ■■'■.' tt, i. W ! '■ mil "
ii- -■' .. -ni i. .. 11 i •■ - ti lof Oi -• .i :
t..■.. ',i WS. on ~l.it- * : . i. ?. lo' i .
oi i end -i. :.'.•. ; ..; :. *•i ti
,■ . -.:. ll .- li-tl W ti .'.
-..• t ;... ki 1I i ••• . ~ .1- ~i. I-I•uk ■ ■ 1 I
I. ~ v.. i. .. II Mil,iii,.- ? p -ii • '.: 1' •- ll . I
loll.n ill lur thr return i.f tl
in.ition th i! ■ • ' " • 'V
\ l i'- . - i il 1). Ml 110.
v. 11 31 ' . -~. I. -
Si>»l .EN, I : •.. Ll ii :i Paul Ii k< n i
-.1 -: ' ■ ... Itl .. ~ r •
a llAltK ;■ IV IK Hi -i |on In*
furcl t, mil ■; ■ . it,..] 1,.- ~ ■ eft
OS 111 l i:. UT'). , .„• " l.k . . ' I •
~,, I ,1, i.i. yen ,• . . ....
■ lift tl . i, - t
, ■ l .. II :.
I'All HI [CF.N-s
ii t..i. . nh, '->.»
}"il"l •■•, DOLLARS NEW VRD -'? ii -
■ I from ii,- II -.■,"'
I.'l II Wll V. HI IIS"I•? I' '"c .
: - ( , i ~. t - , ~,i ,J the N ' "' •
:. t. •. i i:,. a - '-i
ii ri.i i-1\ i- i ii •■ ?
vMi Willi !'• ml > '
! • . • ' ■ ? nd Tw.nl nl
I OS T, iii Sati'liltl fi- ll.il: ■ •'•■ •
J j -ii::.- iv • nl' ki.\ . -on ,-?...
■ •iT, villi iKtt • !. -i • -t. I . .. i" f. ' : nn, with
i-vi'ii Tb -Lily
il. ,
il I ■ IV
Sn; \n i I )\\ i ii:-. .1 .11,! -i■. ,i I
- ill 1.. i ii.l i .i it.- i. nirn I nth
Ti- I, t : ' -"i n 'ii id i ■ li, "1 • HAKK lii li
. nil' I .Hi ■! rivtiiT. milk I In lips t ImUi Ii «nnl
~,..,;.,, -a i ROBIN- IIM
... -|1
J'l \ i If UN D I.' I l> DOI.EAIIS RE
w i.lil. tit , • •, i
, .i, ..ii ti..- , ci,' ~| Hi >tb ' t
w, ,„.,,,... ~ , leii.it lilluWN 11 .li ;.. ii i ..-.
,lil latin ilm-■■ th ,n th" to I,,im a• . 1.1 '
~ I.l', ? ".I '. -I If.. 1.1 Wlllt' :., !| ~. t,
ide ,t !... I '.. I litis 1I 1 -a- tttill II . UU I.
• . ml.. an ••' ■■.'■- ."> ii it 'it i ,'■',
I. tl li i ■■■ I .ot • 111 tl "... i. w,ll if 1 -..:.■ I
.'■. he , ' li !, I , I ■ HI .- I
M Hi Io .',' : 111 ?■ lie ! ! . I . 1 - -~.| ,
li. il lit Wat"
SI'OEEN i -Vn hi ndked md
II! II lii! I.li 1 1.'i.11 IKI I -.'.! !.. i,-'.
il.t-11l el 111 -"i ill I lilt, ■ 111 ill lie. I ilil , oil I ll.id
■ t>. •i. !., .; Hroid, . |. . O-T li .v I. .iii ti iii l'u\ V ,
Id. i at iii. ii i t.ul, -! n tui ; «r< !.. iI. hen, :
:,tiTi,| 111 l lla" tw.twt.it, su,; - a miTiiiv -il ai i.l, I
!., - - I : . ■ ,
i,,j. it- In, und ;un !— ■ mull s uid • .-■,., !, -, i
.i,i !. I i,. ,1, -.• i. -. ii I will Ik- ;.ii 1 ii thi I' i.v i.
.1, in. I.i il i ,1 i. I l.iil.i, mitli - "tit ■ and ii,
~i. -;, • .It, i I lit Xl l(.
I,u-ll tin ill iI ■' i.li-. itin-j ~" a\ ■ •
~ II Xl
jfs i' l; \\ ( -.\\ \ s.i.iii !,.-:., ~ I
| t ■ nil' .nil, i ; ii in t, ,i r |„ ,| m.i . ■ , ,
bi. i- it e,i vs.it \ ,;. ii o, ii -.i I; .' .. ai. ..
ii •! 1,. '.-I. il .' " >| ,: i. •,1:.I> ,". ai
l'!i" uti ii,.< : . ijtn it i ; in. i .t ii ; •■, I ,i. ,
ii I •' • ... ■ . |< I! lit'.,l. '.-s,
~ il llv M -I
SI I, A \ li» fluin in. ;.i. ::.i -. -• '
| > ,i. i. s v . ut, . irt, ~, i; , ■!.■ , •! ,
■ii tl,.- -I. ~.-: tut i Will II I . ■
111 mill .i I 1 L!" ~1 1 • ~ ! ..II ' Uti I! ■: .! .
it-turn , " il li*. At" WUki it
I i i.s I . SH \\\ I. PIN in tin 5!,.,| i
l, I, ill ~ ■'• ,11 ' M ~.!!.11l .11 i . 11l Ilk !
■I , .1-, ( i|,l un Hut l -lin-.-. ■' M iri N I a, I li. '
1.1. s ;., I.| ,', ~! IL, tail. >.i -I tie Ul I ■' I. I I
li ■■', - ?:. it th • ; 1 > . .'• i it Ul ■
at 11..111 -• i i ii. :■ i till I. r Will ..',,
--nauJ.li ti, ,- .!.-"!- !!:
II ll' M '.:'» \' I Il'i'V
Ii »S r un in.l •>. thi ,A. instant, n i
4 1 ii..l. lvi i, i i.i ■■ ,i id « ,
,1. ,tl ri.Tt t.i\
i i:i\ii s iii v ,\n r-.,
11- It* Maddux Hill
jKI VV li: li I.- t- i ,•. >;i i !--i 'i ii M
i ill l I-. ■ ~ I It. . . ". I ; ! mm ■ ', v a
il- i,,,, fill | ii-, ii-i null I it, iii 11 • -t, in
... it., !■ tr i Irtwu'ituot 'I te- ib-vc n-waril will
l.c |..ld lot It • -I, In. !\ to 1,,.- ,- tie I Itt, , ; at,!, ,t
.' thi ill • t 111 l I -i.lllile iI 1 ' if. I - ll
i i t. v i:»
1:■ ||» I! lilt ••' I 1 'It:. 1 lj| •,| -
Nil '• :'II ■!■ •'- • ,i -: v.
■ lv -"-
! X \N' lIOKSE - ! mil I :?. :■.-. m
Ij■'i■•i• • ■ • t, ■ i ■
:.. •■. ■ - * • i i-.i ut.t, h*y *ii,utK,
■ c.-l
tit • r 111 ti s 1 ;.'•-.. i i»
.... nd tal • I .-*.., a ' ■:, anil b> » I
•I it li:..- '• i.' A; ;lv t .
.■ ,- :. ■.. m -. -ti"i.i
Xi a a,.ii i. • i-.-.11 i.... ■.., i
i; ■ si ,i :iii !--.! i
VJi'TH I. Ih, I.VKNiM; I'\ssi:n-.
il i.llilli AIN un the Richmond iu-1 li.ii.viiiu
i ulio.-l ?mli! ■ UISyiNTINUKU until furthai no
ti, ,• Ui tnui [i- :' tie a. t i. ... , i.n,. al bn ighl i. -
...ni., iliu.it th rutin i i{m< iti •:•!■■ i- ■ I 1 b,,
\...|.N1.\.. fASSENUI It I U.\IN '.viiiii.t. t i.l
t BARLi i I- r.Vl.i OTT,
• i ta 5,|,..,,.., v j, , lt
__*_ KSli I ill IH I iMII.II — j; VIROINM
ARMY AOfN, V, ,< thi -.1 I tuinbi m ll '-~"
i irntT fur) in-.l Ihn I. entli itrt?. *
WAV.SIDK HOME I-. \n ii.ii -", i.. i- ;.-n.<-
Ull a I- tl.!-' If? . 5i..,,., s„,|, ||, ..,,;,,-, j. . ..- , - j
'- (111-lit.- , 1.111111.11t1011-. -el.t ttll IU :_ J;„ 1 ;,,, ._ f „
ii ... -.1 li. !- ,1. tl.e Hell, o, ,( |~..|.|:.,|. ~,,,.
fi,?,a 1 : '■■ :i.a t t.e iii nl. 'I to r|,e . i,,- „i the ii- Ji r
!- -,' en i.iii, • ,iii,.,i „t tb. m M in* i .
.(...il.ti. --, lost fur -a mt ot 11 ;•t i, *. ~,
rtlll All \!.I- ! ■ '.' .•I'e l< .w ---Tit f',
tht "ii!"-,-,' li-1.-1 A.-... i*. !, ' ■ arij , th. i
■i. It ■I :■ mi,, ii, mi. alii ~,.1;ti ?, '|~:.I i • ~ ■•. B{
ji., I -i niv -, s. ia a s nyi«nti».
Virg nia Arm; i•• ? *
. At ims ,'.ia'„iiii|... t Mihj iiivti,
i. nier of Twelfth mti irv -ti--*-. iii-I.n. ia, Vi
il ll llitf c-.llli. , t.-l tlitt. .11! ; rt sot.'. l-i.Il: tliat
,1 .M.I'ID.V SALES, we nai!, ». !• tft. i. s. I ~„),.
ll' ll -li I-l liol.. ~< 'A. ll J. I'llV-lt- il. ~. i. I ' '
.11,1 |, ii fi ul ulv s.,|i. it ,on n!j in ,i taw
bu'lne'a from oui fri i-I-. laauriaf then that even
. if.it wiii I*- iii cit to.-it., rt .i t, tion ni c-.ir vii •,
11. I ' I. bl Hi Il"S of , ,1 t'Tl Hi. -
We wai i. it.- aa auction -.ne iaaooa a* waewti
n-t -,vi ni i" ■ i,-i.'i,nu Ms in ,i,i i.ti.ii t-, ai ji. .
- • • ■ I which vi' i. ■'! • '* :u '-. ,'i\. ii tin u_h
tin - ; . im
111 11. I Si'l.iii > |
lii *.-.. c \ . -■ ; '.-mi . i |-> I',, i )
N'iM'K I. lim .til aftei MONDAY
NEXT, thi ..:. ti. '.if.:. ',!.h aTTEAMKI
-I'llll \i\l I, Will ' , ... ?! .- if -.
\ M ,i. iJ. '■ lot k r M t ~. bn •il -H -■
■ .![■ ti l iiel'ir/st.n tha ir.ci
JulIN II I'AKKl'.n,
sc .11 tl Lie;.!,a, ,!|t ll» i. >l«f.
I VI.UK.Ii ii "in hia lata illaaaa. mil „tt«ud hi
..in ■ f.,,ii, iti-n.w. .ti.,l will aa piaaatal t-
!.i'i-i.ts tad tha l.c; MMtaU] m -ji-i, li I.•
.i.iluliti.t IjOl.l) FOIL .Hid ttb«r IL..»U'. .
hull 1
I. t I li. wisbiint ta see mc e-II bllillMtv, .f.> i IN
I our--, h i.l plaaiaa i all ti n.\ ra -i laa c, -v M»i -ti*ll
■tntC, batwywaa Pint aa i A-tnavi
Surijcou -»ud DaaUat, U M«iu ,tirrt
a. Id t-i
I'lttilil'i'E Havuu, i* i'i> -en' ie I ■
. ...i , ~', ~.,.„.,:., vi ,t Kill I fji IRON, i . ,ifu
tutii-n use, wt mil n bair it i-i country pi -Int..
at tl.. Hi. 1.ii.0i.l ii.tikct ptita tl..- put t«s.. t,k aix
l.vt l. s. t1.,1, i.M«I tlortl, a| X Itti*- ol we Will • I It
Urn aaoal »»v Im Pi**JaaVai**# ataafcaj In liuud,
Bi . I Iron, tut Wpaajha,
N»ii K«l- -nl Hi isiti... Iron
JllllN N IH»HIN).N \ BOM,
H . «. || Kouitrs-nlh -Im-l, X hui-'l. I
|--i,,i; SAlJ*;a htnil-M'tii- «.-t ef PARLOB
ft A Mi tlllMlilK H'KMII'KK knaaaa
i* in m. iaaaaa n*l eud.i.tdi
i.' jt.'.ci iwdv uid !■■ 1 1-nt: uf nil ki! t- » uaa-aaaj
mdttlici I.' vt mtm *t S.t lil tiri«»J
,tnet « •» *^*
CfOM Ft llt I'A BI <E BOAED, Willi
j I.nlnUNO. na be i.t.i.l.- dby a-a-*-****"** «i
lhe corner ul *kititth uud fjnaw slictils, uuitU-udw.
A iVw I'AY BOAJUXRS can ana ha t*n*nf-
Jan-4 v * l *_
I tti, vtlc MM UviUui.
ttUV gMoun, tb,. ottwr aboul. tllty, siuUbl* tot
lu-kin* *.rKhuui At-oly at tusuvruar of Nuu.W-ntt»
autl 1 1 uukliu -Ws'..

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