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The daily dispatch. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, November 12, 1864, Image 1

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.iiirbmoncT $pisjnut{r.
h\ J. A. OOWABM-I * CO.
I nt tnava.cn ispT,iitin.l-'piea7*ra- , ,_t,t^Uv,: v ..r,> n
e-V at io.it ta l__,_i i ..• tWrivs m-mtha; t-ivtt
i.. i tfts :,,r *,t rru'n'!,:. , i-. - i»in mo foi threw
n»a.t)is, or rocs aoi Lans f.»r i-uem.triOi.insdmr.ee.
All remittances by mail in «t the nsk of those
-fet m.iko tl.em.
etWt/et A T
____sva. D_r_aT__sT, \
c..M-K-,r.atrs STitmoi Airmct,
l:., KTjfliO . November ~ ItJtt, |
(IIRCULAR,— -It being decided! that
i\. r ■--.■ii; e*rtr_f-lt~-, srd tho Is*
n .bl" in payment al ths t-»«
■•■ I ■ L bills ol exchange and
.1 h ,t c ri .j.[ ►.- taxes
■ to ths !• in n cf '.!..• n ,'< s
i . . ■ •. • ii , A««istant rrsaauesrs ana Fay De
| . vc, ~\, I tbs d-~*>4ts ol lax col
■ ■ . ... -■ hi■ »-i -, !i. r :i%t tiIS
notes nd ' i-. ■In lieu thereof an equal amount
• ' ' ■■-•.-..•,:., ,I._. ot !• 'li Is. v; ii tl.e ,'..■
manl t.t A, State Tan Collector. And tha bonds
■ .-i.'.i shall bs endiorsrd as
■ ; the « ii!.ui (or attached]
... ni — ■ ill 1.. v
i tax ....-ii.s.'i-;y ■ ..lie. t'-.l tix.m him in
... . . m_ thai il. •■ same has
■ . • . for nev lssu«t to re-imbnrse him;"
. . Tan I -acta i.
ti. A HtENHOL-t
'.ci S', pi t uf "t ths l • ensury.
1 ..1 tsl 11 | Hki-lh; _->T, .
C-.iNH.i-iii,tr Si ni- or A Manic a,
Eti ny .Ni.. Octobar 12, l*M. J
1 (I M XVI i-M i 1 .i.luN I.' ).V\. -SALE c< »*.'
ou* ar i lii .i • -tn. 1.... Ing i .»u
n ralsat tb, d prb eof one Biui
.-..'-. and interest, and er cir
• ■ .• -. • .'.-ii: to favorable consider
i -■ mined to cantian ths sals
» lie of th, -•■ li ii I* not In-tru, I«1
1 1 , and the BtU i-
IU-rs of the Government is par
(i A i ill NIIOLM,
Been tary "I tl"- '1 reasuiy.
iill.-IKV II' I'tliTMl.ST, .
t'... • •■:■. i. ,i k .TATax "V A«r.!i t,
II ihm, nd, August _, \r<A. )
/ it!!: riFirATEKOPlXDE_nre_>_.l-3fi
; . ~M» i :;;::'. iKAM-i.W viluN.-hy
: ■ of the -i t :•. redace th<> cur
: I ;■.' ..:;. 17, 15.., the Secretary of
to i mis tho above _ r-.i-
I two year.i ifVr the ratidcation of s
t ■ the ti iusd suit.--. They ean
rto be i' u.sl to such credi
• - ■••. • . - i- are willing t. receive tin
• .•:•. .; letnands. They mnst alas
: , . ' . i:. ~ ■!■ :-.•■ from taxation.
.. • . i | . , '.' ~■-. ■■•: m, l ili-bnrs
■' ..... Nt i" catfbi to this clasi
i■• i- off. Tina pc uliai aiv mt._ *
. : A - ! •.!..' Government
n-t lof.i ■ Late •-..-■ use ol them, c.. ki
• . - rig officers upon ti-.c depo_t—rie.
: . , and marked aero*- the fad
; . iti ii ' n.l-bt-r.css," will b«
l.'-. . . n.nt ..:..:. th.rewi
:a. I and require.
i .■-.-.:. a. . .-1 ilaiion, and t>» make appli
'-.• .i■ .* .it,! -upr'oes of certificate-a.
i ■ , . k Si_a_dj 0 A. T-J-NIIOLM,
, . • ' Baeretary of Treasury.
T".1._.-rHY li-Pl: 1 -_> f, I,
."' • fl. EU.ii'i Bvarß. i'l AMiC.Ii, i
$.i : . . HU.VDRED aili.!.M.N SIX PER
MFI ■••.< IMS OF . lfi> < I iIR-NO.
;. . .--'- on - '. will be t.i.-iv. iby tv
. -i i« .-.v. a .. '. mt lA-rt-iii. rs in
, . . I thi Ihsj-isitarfea si
•., r .'.. .' • ■■■■ 14a, A_jr_-ia, __>*__•
s_.,at. . ■■ i■ • •.'.lei.t''---f.'- '- : __-
~••-.•;••.; _te --I foui i-<i
... A- . .i-i by the hypoti tioi
. i rids >■ •■: •■ ' th. "t.tn
bonds tv 1•• sat spari by ti—
■ ,: . ..-;-, ■' 1• n *old, applied ex
-. • •■ payment of the said cert-teat**.
-, '.. s ronvonionea a_for_ed to bank*
irati • -, an- to the publb generally
i -.- :i ■- !"!>• investment, and thesf
|.. i»" tl n ■'■• ":- Renernlly adopted, in keep
- . • _in__xb__tebo_--_,itiah-pcd
.iit tt the ian irar__-eo___d_r__ion of th
i mn.uiiitv •' i se-ues their prompt co-operation ii
•' - - intoedect. <>. A. TKKNIIOLM,
S.-yiet[irv of -te 'l're-.i:-,ary.
Tu* t-r»v _r_»_jrr__nr., j
Court;.. Mtf -i ir** ..f Aatrnnn a, :
i...t.rr..-nl. Ca, Attgnst *t. 1-6-. /
It Elt-ia'i mX ACT OF IXJSIUKE-«
S) ,V] •■ (UNI ■ - 1- - T.M-.-AA/ASO
~W . . . r itMiIsrEkEDEtGHT PERI ENT.
1,, m • Li..! tti l\ND__h
~i, . i AFFROVED MAY 16. IH6I, DO EX
--,,,..,, ~U I, . . ; , t ,.- red eight pet cent, bondi
and,, the actoi May ie, l__t, desiring
them for coupon bond-, will assign tnem. m tiie
manner point, i out in the printed -_d..rs.iuent en
~ . . _Pf the oertifli ite, to tho " C_i_feden.te
sol imerioa, in • s =^SJ%> W
~ i ,' r -,'v v partm-nt, who will tharonpoßwin
compliant with tha provisions of the actol June
IS t'-"i is, - soap, it bonds t..i the __t_--t
in'ther-gistar-dUtude- s]U)lM>
_ v _~ .. a-.;i tli-Tiea-iiry.
. iV.htsckv I>_F_at-urr ( i
Coirr.n-_Ai- Btav-s or Ams-ica, 5
Richn I'-i, July _»i l"-*> - >
i drr to 1r in ■:■. as iir a« pr* ticsble, th.- early
i ;, the To isuryof the OUTHTANDINU
i JtKll N'Oi'ES, the iTeasuier, A-istant IrtaMi
. '.", ;l . cries in the difleront States, art
I . ... .1., receive the -..id notes, except
.'.,.' ~,,, . .„...< ~.r ■ eii'.um, on deposit, issn
,'; .. ol loan, upon tiypoth-en
. .-. The -udc-rtrfieatesto
n ■;..;..i.i -!'.-rtt:c-expirationof mucty
deof the abo-a bon_sar*
..-. . :-. receivethe taxed nobse, wrti
-.. ~-. eptionabov. nnmed, in payment at _«___
when sold, at Uie-*--of^P^*^ kotM|
Bu2J fa Secretary of the Tr__-_ry.
iA-iiM •>!>. FaßDEnrmsßvao and^
I - k, I! 111 ROAD • CMTASV, l
.. _mond, November ~ 1864. J
W_DN_BDAY, tho 9th instant, the
- y ,.*.. this road will bs run as follows: _
, ..:,.. leave fti.bmond dally at .:l
--.,; vat H ■.•:.■!:■::'■. at 1":4, A. M. E
, , , .. .... Hamdton'sat 11-JOA. M .and
d ..t . i' M
. i isti •. frain srill b_va ruehmond
• ... ' - ■ A-l- lit -:-0 r. U . ar.a arrive
- j- M Rotuinimr, (riU leave Mi.
, .; ,-. | „nl.o nt Bich-M—U Ht t'l'J
;.-..- will I- runtwbsaawaan —
. . ; >.;■. - ,i,t .ri'.v..-iii lUehmond-n
.._ j . ~: . .. >t :,- --.n,- Freight to be d_
"... ■ ■ i, •-.... i n-ii.i, .'il-. 'l-fit.
i-.\MVKI. RUTn,
i , ;■' *•' Soyrintsndentof Tran*porta_k>n.
N.tVA iMrinr-i--.'!, .
Oin.'v. rsVi-.tti. __-rrto_; , >
l_0«i_«-, W.fri.t.mi"-.-. 19« L > I
1 "" y iir l' l.«bA- M . t____--I at aU the piin
dr^b«dJ_-!S.«ut__rt- < r. onjj n rABOB|
v 1.-, ut*-itant in ciiaiw
' ~, ~»,.. -si.
j»n u.'iM'. O-toL-er 1, U'''*. )
e |.i, i the andlmnTUle
- < ■'■.;':,l.-
oc I—tt
t w»R RALE, tit- HCUOf.fT
■ , i. nit.,.-, - T__ei._i_-e ; Owsn S
l l^., A _-te--_-- 1 8l^^
. . i,.-..1.M F,e„.)'; Anthoi.M «.l
- ;; 1 ,,;'J'..-s_Ci._n,,i.r;.;."ken
J * , . ~...-< UunUrsmmar l-ai.-') n « Eivy,
J* ... j. .;- sal W. n ; Horace,
'' '" _i «-.:•. „,„s Al*-, a ccv of sICRi.I
--"" ' i-• ai" " : iNI rt Apply ti. Mr. J D. cIIAL
«. v! ,V t : " v,NMiete,ntn VU^nUb.tialic.n,
>. ' •""!. HO 11 It*
li_ l.n. icC 2iiA_!A__~——- — ■ '
V l Vi a '. K_ _tO_-tb_-_-_ BAHR-Ig.
lA.n.i. tpAKi-ri_.M *' ' a thaabova in any
Kti4 S FOR c 's' ' ''al'tvlVnd dcliTorod
-nantity, and a:, ol ... J ( t - §
£ __y part o. the ■ v -«- M - XkUE-laV.
Xo MhU-n atiasa.
**2_',5- : lioWMAN. Au.■ti-nerrs _
V, w»-h--| ''^-*' r l ;' s 2r_-^-_^_ws_ity-fc«th
r.Ai. .-1.. t' w ;* c a.kbu Ch-rehH-l.
~ , . Ustween Ora -4 lian_-u. _ g^_*g-^
OhrfciiCNNS 'ELixiß OF Ol'IC^T
Pi?£iw roUrt-^_-_--i_uWi»»t«^
1 J/% I JL_ j_
11ST OK LETTER- ntmnming in tho
j RICHMO-D FOST-OFFICE on the -tli day
Ol N.V.'Tllb'l, ISO-1.
_QT P-raoß- cailmjt for Letters in the List will
please sat they are aiivrhtihst..
La? -_- pe*t-*j_ will be two cunts on each Istler
A,—Mrs O 11 Austin. H A Aclkins. M A Anthony,
M \ Ali.-n, It E Allen, A Aud.-rton. H If Anderson,
J It Alexander, _•__» Ar.i!er~.n, P II Allen, Miss.
J Acne ~V, A Ai'l.e, B E A-***>, L C Allen. , M J
Al . M A All.n, l__Ais Allyn, Alley, N W
Aikins, A I> Atkins 'A), X Armi-tcad, E C Atkins
. E'.'c Atkins -2 , MA-kfW.
/. —Mi- M iry l'.n.wn, Mary p Brown.L V brown,
Car-Tins Hex, Lienor Bumit, Judith Burton, Bean
he I liain.'s* Amanda Blendele, M-Ueent A Vokmt,
J,.im .) B^tH-r,.,, V L_U_e_,John E bradkry, Den*
ii'iiin W Bragg, Etta Baggies, U-ebia Brock, Miss
Catherine Burk, Lucy T Burton, Mary J Burns-,
Ho .-hi" Pell. Sue M Blunt, BUsabeth Bernsrd, Marj
V Blake, Laura Ann Boncy, Emily BioeUcn, Pink
Brown,M_y£Br-gg. _, „_. .
C— Mrs J W Cjtr.ler (_), Ann Colcr, Mollie J
Carver, Mary E CTiilens, Ellen Christian, Lucy A
Childress, Maria Cbandlsr, Mary Christian, Aim E
Ccliill '.) Maitha Collins, D w A Christian, Susan
Copi-land, Lucy l» Cowhw, Betty D Courtney, II
Cram, Annie C.ii .cv. Miss Julia A Carr, Julia Co
hen, Octavia Christian, Sallie. Ann Clark,.Mag
Christian, Agnes Cleary, Mary Can o'l, Pauline A
Corker, Lou D Courtney. Rebecca Couiing, Mar
garet Ann c-ivrrv. Mollie E Carran.
It -Mrs Elvira J Davis, R P Day, R B Dabney.
Mi* I' A D. nr.ice. Il Di\i«.
A'—Mis Mary Eddings Fontaine Eddins, Sa.'le
X E .' Lo. Mi>-Jeinic M Evans, Jennie Kliy-on.
_'. -Mr* Lucie J Fipjr, Mary J Ford {.), IVr
rt.s-.ii, A M Fertru-on, Sarah F Flournoy
U Foil . . John Forsett, Katie Fleishman, Mi*«. 11,
Fra_ier,C S Flce-ei.
_ —Mis, Mapeie Onv, L T GR_in*, A Fu»|r
nor, E A W Gibson, Virginia Grant, D L Gtiiwb
II irriett (Laves, M C Green, Jsiii"S Grace, Elista*
O/t'brath, O V Orav, V i Green, O N
E Grey, M Given, ilia* M E Garner, Criruloltc Gill*
nan, ii M Gordon, ■ Bon oeter, M Gray, Han
nah Gnndlah, Mary E Garrett.
Bf.—Mits Elizabeth Haberman, M M Hansford, s
Hampton, Julia lla___tan, A A Hasker, Mary I
Uendrirk, Sallie R Hillvartl, Mary G Uollaway, M
J Hou*e, M A II i.i-lihi-. A E Holschcr, Mil Ann B
H-irdv, Cornelia __ar_e_ty, M A Haywood, Richard
Heath Paulina Helier. Wi'lie Henningson, E c
Hill. M W U--llowjiv. M E Holt, B S Hopkins, M C
H'.'k, v Hopkins, Anna Hudson, -Fancy Heath,
Johnson II tgood, Maltha Harris.
f-milim, :>f.irv E irl.v, Annie Ingbtnd.
./.—Mrs r-,r.i!i A Jennings, Sarah R Johnson,
Margaret Johnson, James 0 Jonas, C Jones, Mar
fraret Jones, iiwtie C Jones (21, Jane M Jones (_},
Oporgia Jon.e, MiM Marthii John-ton, Willie John
son. , _
A-—Mi- F J Kelly, Mist Amelia Kaufelt, 1-ar.ruc
B Reeling, Bettie Kinfcr.
I _Mrs .1 s la-ughbn '2.1' L Laid. S Lawienc*.
•i V 1... H D L c J II Lindsay, Wm J Lindsay, V
r Love, M Logan, M J Lord, H A Upsoomb, C M
•, pscomb, Win T Lindsay, Miss c E Limb, h, SO
L unbart, C Leigh, L le-oy*. F D L- wis, J Lee, H
Lindsay, 0 Lydon, If Lumpkin, s A L-dtman, s\
If.—Mrs M.w Maddux, _. Meade. J Miller, BMb
•or, C M Moody, s W _fo .. il A M-n-fonv.-v. J E
>l_nin. -i E Mounteastte, M Murphy, H E Moms,
Mi«« L MirWleton, J Milee, M Miller. C Moor.-, II
Moss, '.. Miirphr.
Mr —M,i M B McCarthy, M W MoAUiatar. BJ
M 1.-.1. At MCc-tc-inv, J -IcC-rter, M E M_l -a
land, ,MV: s M-ftea, M - MiL.Bv, A McGinn.
A.—Mrs Mary S Nerd, Susan T rtbxd-, Nannie
Nodin, Miss O C »aw«Il. Maiv I-tll >" ■•'>■ i
it -Mrt Uenrv O.i. Miss S_oUi«Od,il.
/■—Mis II Curdy fi). I. B i'ltrt:. H Fhv j i-"k. C
Pinl'.ips. it i. a*, L E Pollard, V Pemlleion, MJsa
F It rage, S __rriah, B J __illipa, R I'.w.-r, A E
Phillips, Peyton.
Q_.\iis\v v Gtainey, M EQaailes, Misi S P
It —Mrs M L r.iiters, C Boh-Ltaoa. A M Robert
son. T R ivster, J R Beid, H H Bradacke«, Miss M
V lio~s M C Ropers. J D B-ddeU, O Ititchie, O
Rerrv, A R liaymor.J, M Rsndulph.
,v' I'm-, EAC S, "tt, B F Shell}, J L Secie ? t G
Shepherd, A J Sims (J), V Smith. Bettie Bmitber.
EJSm'tli. M Zeta -MS-, A F. fcpenco (2>, R r
_t_a-_. _1 J Siritton, A L Staples. XJ Swan, C -wata.
Mi- M aavaaa l_E M A Soott, B L &mons, E **
Slater, M L With, M B Spraggh-N LA SUOt .-,.
Botdeßweeney. _ __ t.-tm,.-.. t> t
/-Mrs l -• -__r, N H Thornton. JJ __■». BA
[homaa, N l-tornton, B 'iaUy, ML Tnce, B 8 Tj«
£' ~: ciAi.r, M a I bom*-, U FTinden, Maggie
T.:.vman, MUM A E Taylor, k T«Tlor. J g^S
LCTenney, A M Thmman.'lannle itlc, L i
Turner. Jennia Talbott. , »._—____.
F-Miit Eb-abeth Via, Mlv 1 -r.r,.« v_a_«Bt,
V'.icinia M Va!l, Mnith?. Jane V.-ni. IrOTO.
IK-MiaJ J Wood, BC jn__u JWiMton.o
Wiro-ton, Maty E WTngor, MttTAVjmtt. U*J
Willianie, Jsr.o E Wilkms.n, J It Wey
mouth, E A White, II White, HPt**_* %Jf;
__. EC Watk___ M A Warren, Dr E L.-c Wair-r,
__. "X ££b sf___nl_ I :.^
loredLAlioe Wake, H V Walker, Behoeca W_l_er,
-.-Loftm D Alien. larwisPAlttch-w, L MAI*
La. LAbrama, MA Allen, M PA_-b»ws,J «Al
-brecht, P AJa-h-ma, Page Audi, w-, __cut 1 Mar
shall Archer, Tho-, Allen, Wm B Arera, Wm Allen,
Joseph Alderman, John Alley, Jesse Adam*, J L
Archer, J II Anderson, Henry Arnett, Oeorge *
Adams! E W•And.-iron, Dr Cyius Alexander (2;,
i u.tChiisS Anall. DrChas Anderson, Baldwin l
/Ulcn B Leach Andersen, Mr A_b_i (ororsee. on
*lE3£ MBuiklcy, W H Baxtm, Sunt, on Joto
0 Broadnajt. John Bfckey, John M Brook-, I<*-0
Boyd, Capt J B Boyd--, _-0-» Boone, John O
Booker. J B Bragg, Lieut James li «'^'» l '». "'" nl '
Barrr.J D Bodesord, John Barrett, HH Looker
G WBaker, George W Pane, Oeorge W Berry, Capt
X E Bridee Col Emory L Beet, E li BU_»,'Col Ed
__rddeV Blake, C 8 A, Edward II Bnwe, Ehjah
Baker, DC Boothe,CharlesE Baikgr, 0 H Broun
u-t.„ t A Baker, B H Brown, B II Barry, lUo
tviu Blake, Lieut A P Barrow, Albert WBondurant,
A_„<relo B.riatta. Alex Bowie. A }i Mount, _. E
Blelsoe, Win M Bagg-tte, Win H Ba c .homes
Bradford.TC Bowles, Stephen D Boyd, Capt S _
Be_u-_(2 S Bassett, Samuel F Brown, S II Bussy,
Capt Larson_b>g_,Pßurton, Col Robert Breckin
ridge, IU chard Ba-tm, Wm E Barton, J m Baugh
man, __-___-- Burrussee, Martin Burehton, J
'*—c'-it It L Christian. A W Connant, Alonzo
Chad 'in/Cant Cone C B Crenshaw, D AOowcU IM,
Cai.tFLCook, Geo ChappelL. H F Coc_», 11 s
Coo 1 ' ' W Cnx, John C'omdfn, Jesse Cockerl,
Johnston B Carter, J E Clancy, J A Christiar., J A
Oorder Jr.-. P Cook, _-_-k__h Carrd«y, Sylvester
Cocke ' Adit RE Conner. Clopton _: Robinson,
Ri< ha'i 1 WCarter, Role-rt nark. M..j M H Carlin,
_t_mr Martha Oarßni-), Si*-Crt_4Wj v.m-1
Ch ten Wm Coffey. Wm Carter, Wm J Cairne, Jas
ii ii; ~, rinniel 1. Corroa, H 8 Cornwall, TJ J
,\- ' lle'nrV Cc oko, Wm E W,n T
C___rm-«?W« V Carter, W B Carter, Wm Carter
t>otoro-b Will Camp*, Wm Roy Coleman. Lewis S
i>,.,'ie- (3 lenar.l Chalkiey.
1 -l-:.,„;,d Dur.ford, W J Danaaon .Win D.r.r,
rnrt Thou J Dor-b, Dr. Sam Davis, Lu-ut Bobi-it
L°?nK I*w_on, _>r B FDuvuU CAlhipru,,,
capr_Miiven. Dr Dorun, Lu-.it B DeUhne, B
_n.Wi.sF M Droso, H P Ban--.. <> A I*lKn
D_lv. H A Davis, H B Davenport, J B Ml .c 1, Lt
I B Davis, J Dtiiknnth, J L Darby. J W B Dodspa,
J Q Duiinam, R-'-' J E Dobb, J Dixon, Capt I C
X ,_\v P. Emotv, R T Evan*, Corp R A Betas, W
Ka-ion N C Edmund*. C I Ellis, A C Easton. Jas
A D Eliic-tt, J M E lisoo, J«s E'Jill.ngs.
F—L B Franks, Lewis Frank?, Leu Farmer, M
FoUiar- W P Fowl, if- R Rfderkk.Q TAroaaujn,
Jas W Foster, J W *_-nvng, J M Fisher.
J Q -I „Ootf_ian.L COi!l_spie.Uon IOI>MM
8 Ooforth, W A Griffin, W P. Gibson, W P Otßbsrt,
W G VaTy. John Goraham, J OoodalL J 8 Oro_re
lare John W Gentry, J W Ountar. J A Gordon, J
t_f__-Jp_T_k«t J Goodman. J Oa-kiUCT. J U
Hall. A BttWto.
Wm'Eto__ .W _lo_ii W Howai,L W Hill Sors /
S J Col V M
Mark 1 ji&m,
H J _-Uncb. G-« E g capt John m
Knott, Joeepb Kir* h. ££•- ' K l^. kor l t m-J P F
o »*. f # l
Wm c Lippord, 8 - M
wy. B W Lowiy. B A / L*ps CO mb, M F
R F ._ Co, M H L-a'a-a. W-> i awTaHC ,.
Lvnrh. O Lsia-wii. B A Lacy W'PJ wt W L
A L,-*eut__ll. T C Lovia, 3 A Lao, oars
1 8 A Marshall ML Dr 9 9 Mitchell .tjjg I
L JuiU, 3ant H C X
M'lttl'i'Wi. F C Murelti_d, L P M-reaii-. *-
W M__S i. B M tv, R Morris R D Mtb«-1. Uaut_K
H ___ r_an. D EM vers, C It C C Meads g),
M NUrtl ' M. IoTMs;. M MuddiiH.' Z M M irable.
TTm -___ Hl' Moiris L F Murphy, L Mairruder,
a M.l" ,'v -b Mavm. CsptO k Marshall. Cap
't I _Xr J R Min-h-m. O P Mdler. J Murphy, J
_ i It -inter, J 0 Muldon. J M Moore. J
RM--.by. - " »^' » j w Mitchell, J Mattblsf,
f 1 Sr_ MlUer. J Mooro, Captain J
Capt J Wm H Mwrman.Win
-* ,k '' » _ n „e_ O -ot*--, V Morri_..WT
Mdl-r. WJ Mortt*, » *» \iuUwtck. Wm kven
Murray, Wm MOes'3,^*» » Maulp. W a
* * IP*
LETTER LlST—Continued.
Mr-Cirpt 3 A McDonald, Capt 9 F McQueen, O
M Mcßlair, D 0 McCann, S_rgt C W McCrary, Capt,
MeDauicl; McDsnial &.!£♦>'. J' McKinney. Lieut
MeDo-.'e, Surewm JPM. Be [-), f art J P McMul
l.n, J A McLein, GHMcCaal, . McCraW, J Mc-
Donald J M"Nab, Wm Mc'lentrd (2), McJlwmn _
Wil<oi (2!. Wm MoCauty, Wm McNa r. Prof Wm
McCauby. F McKewer.
;y.—j V >*ewrcsn, J X Nemyer, T Nunnally.
(j _I Overhv, J M Oliver.
P.-A D r'ulHips, A M Piper, D Fatewon, J G
Palmer, Maj A L Poor, E J Parker, E M Power-. E
.1 I'atker f_h B M Powers., Capt E R Peabcly, E M
Pollard, r W Flea-ants, G E Pegram, Mrrj George
Paso, O H ['!), G W Preston, _T_ Post
pone, B Pinckney, J R Page, Dr J D Fatten. John
J'atrain, J B Page, J T Parker, J C Perry, J Plea
s mts, Dr J A Peasant, J D Powers, J Pence, Lt J
A Parcel-, W p Pomprev, W II Polk. Was Pierce,
W T Parkersi.n, W W i'hiniiey, T M Polio-k. 8 C
Pollard, N W Pop.', J A Pelry, 8 A Pernors, A
Pilkinson, N I\,p,e, 0 I' __*____, M V Pstion, Mai
Paten, I. I*, rronnt-tt, L O PMhus, L N Pugh.
Q.~ O RQiiincry.
JL—W B Raw.son, W D Robin?, Capt W 8 Reed,
P Lie.-. N 1! Bobbins. B F Rose, C B R-lle_ian,
CaptD liice :_),EEarasev,FWßo i,r,E W Robin
son, G E C __k_ta*_Ktn, H H Ray, H F -it-bey, F
A Ks-t-oa. J Pvo»s, J V Ramos, J c Redwood (2),
tergl J Beid, J G Ragsdale, J L Roger*, J Bedford,
J Redden, J M Robertson, .Ist Rutl, D t_i-__3-Son,
T H Ri'bersnn, T L'Ro.ers, Col J C K-id, X F Ro
binson, 11 Roberts, I' Bornare, N M Ruff. 0 A
Reeves, M L Ecbinson. Maj W B Ri< hards, Maj T J
Randolph, Redwood, Phillip*. - Co (2 .
S—Z BneUing, J J Si/cr. J F Sanderson, Capt J
Nhitetß, W E Simons (_), W O ela.tr, W J Shire,
t Sharp, >' F Shawklin, W M Sett, W If 8to
l)r W A sh mis, w 1) Sneed, W A Sroru-e, W
inev Wm Stagg, Wm Btep_*n_on. Wm Baan
,- WII StinJey, W L Sowell, Alex Sim«, A
IMWS, A.N t.t t, A JSU'Mith, W H S.-ott. S< hull/ &
ffi&r. B Jf__iti.,l:ev-(' FSturgis, Ailj't - V St.-p-
EfcC W Spicer, D D Sullivan, D E Shields, E W
laßr.-lAJE P Starr. Surg'n E A Sick-r, E W
SEE.. BSR-snndcrs, oeo Spaii.c G E smith 2i. 11
_fG_*H"2r. H F Sharp, M»j 11 D Selrl.n, L uhaip,
fM.n'Y, Smith. L Sciiaap, O St even inn, N B Sr.ell.
P Sulliviiii. P Sniper, B Sallaut, H sn.it-, W X
Sledd, 8 T Straton, Lt B D Shannon. S B Stevens,
8 J Smith. S Simons, T A Staples, J W Smith, T W
Sue., T H Sanderson, T Swc -ney. Dr R St'in"!. 1
-lot~ X A Stub!.-, J C Spalding, J M St linback, J.,s
i Sprigg (2), J T Shiick"l-ord, Col J M Smith, Capt
j L Smith.J II sriii.it, ,!»< Staples, J W Sexton, .1
Leay, Dr J E Smith, J M Sibert, J J Smith, Jno G
.Smith, John Strang.
_*.—Mr Thomas, W R Tune, \V N Trier, \ P
rnrrtor, T Tyler (_}, 8 B Thorpe, Nick Tupperee,
MJ" Thompson, » Townsend, O II Thomas, Major
Thorn, 8 B Ihomas, U Terry, JCTutt, J A Tie Ker,
J A Tyler, J B Tun«tall. <1 W Taylor HI, OM
Thomas, J U T rlvin,.M R ___rin, Capt F Thack, N
F Tinder, E C Tack, C W Turner, C Tounray, C B
V.~ M B Vinson, A J Vanghn, W J vicars, Thos
Venn BV-nghn, HeriryT Vaughn, FC Vanghn.
W — i'hil ri Woodho-se, Lieut N W Washbnurn,
M Walters, Mr Whitings, M H Wood, M D White
hurst. Lieut L Washington, Li, ut Walback, Cspi <i
A P Wharton, J II Worsham, Li. at J O WLitrilL
John Word, John Williams '_), Jus Q Wet-ins, J H
Wood, Ja* W Woodward, Joseph V. ren.Capt J J B
Walla, k, Jaa W Walker, Ja- F Webb Henry M Wi -
b-mson, EWev 11 H Wynne, H< nry Watson, o w
Ws liic-t-i-.L'eilt F< Wilson, Edaard Wafrnnr. Xi
W Week-Edward WynnisßK Wooddy, E B Will",
1> M WalthalL C H Wingfleld, B T Wir.n. P. J W il
ls.~e, A WhiW A Ii We*t, A T Woodson. Rev or Mr
Wellinpton. (apt W Hams, Lieut N WWllkins,w
Wai.l.W HWhit_head.T Wicks, Thomas White,T
We-d-n.S M X Wilson. R-.bi OWaddill, B
Wicker, Lieut-Col R 0 Whitt hi a.., P 5 Wlglcswoi;..,
Philip Whi_o_k.PCWln«rß_ld.
F.—Capt P X Vcatman, F L V..nnr. Copt L
Vounablood, H 11 Toung.
r.o i'l—lt JOHN O. srEGF.R. Postmaster.
|lifl)ntoit- giii^iitcij.
Tlie Dak.- _>!*.r_Tva Is sold to News Dealer, at
wbntt cant- per copy.
The e**_et which sa-ceeded the bnttlrs of U>c Srth
01 October remains Bnhroken en the tinea below
I_._ur.ond. There la no wo;- of pirl_p_, no oannc n
ubrar i.it.l no mortar pr_.t_v. The Ua.t of the
Yankee .adjutant of the First division of theßeao-~
coips, mnda ten day a ago. tiiat very K'on bis troops
w.uld disturb the equanimity of our lines with their j
mortars, has not been made good. It i« cor.c : Jere.l I
Re a mstter.of oonxaa that the enemy" lutve mortar
batterhM at Fort _larri_.-.n, but ti_ry hr.ye nevor yet
bc.n _____--—d, and upon the only -Oca*-—- tn
which w,t borabaribd them they lap-ad to our m»i
t„r Ira ooi> with th—. -__-U i-iiie guns. It -*-_■> it
onetime beU-vedthey were planting mortar batte
ries behind a -kirl of pines thraa hundred yards in
our frontand about the same di-tanos north of Fort
Harrison, bat they were surtsequeutly a-* . i taincd
to be cieoting only a slight breastwork at that point
Our batteries continue, with only brief intervals,
to -hell, day and night, that unfortunate portion of
the Yankee army whose fate it is to labor on But
ler's Dutch Gap canal. It ia difficult to get any
trustworthy information a* to the progress this
work has made towards completion. The Yankees
say it will be done by Christmas; hut it should be
borne in mind these same Yankees have foretold
sundry things, during the war which have not come
to nans.
FROM P____-_B__-0.
There was nothing going on at Petersburg ye-ter
diiv. The hostile pickets having, for tho time,
ceased to fire upon one another, were busily en
gaged talking politics and discussing the election
news. The Yankee pickets insist that Lincoln lias
carried every State. Whatever may bo the facts
about the election, it Is probable that in what they
state they are actuate- rather by a desire to make
themselves disagreeable than to promulgate the
Tho firing about seven o'clock on Wednesday ewi
ning, on the Jerusalem plankroad, to which we al
luded yesterday, was brought on by an onimportftnt
movement by a small body of our -roopa. It \ra_
thought -xpedbrnt to shift the position of theee
troops, and tho Yankees perceiving Urn movomant
opened upon them with musketry, rar.non and mor
tars. Our guns replied, ami the firing was kept up
for half an hour. There were no c_s>uaiu.-a oa <mr
Pnasengfirs by last night's train bring the Info-i
--_en_e that r___rl-_n"s fore* let* been eonsidrrnhly
di-ur-.-i,.! by the sending elf of troops in the direc
tion of Washington city. Soma ..r bis cavalry have
likewise disappeared.
Mosby Is repcrts-d to hay* made a descent ou
anchor wagon train, on tho road from l____nsburg
to Winchester, burned a tiutr.lwr of wagons and
carried off safely some hoi-so*. arid.mules. Tlio train
was guards! by a detachment of iutan'.ry ant one
company ot oasstiy,
The Vanke. derre-atlons in tha Luray Valley
were very rC\'ei», an innno.r.«e quantity of grain
having been ifeti-oyed; but than is now no Yankee
force in that viamty.
Ther* bft- bean no n.-.-** m.t-ived ft cm Oeorg_i for
_ noral days. Piiermar. is in a tie----**- *iat<\ iud;- t
tng from hi* *rratl.> myr»nu_U, and doos not kit,-*'
whether to go baclitvard towanla A_anta. push for
wa.dto7.-aMs Tenner, at' He stiUand awuit Hood's
a..-tio_. Son_*_hlM will shortly te _*»•, <* l "' tlv
MM will b? ompcßod to go into winU-r -pftrten.
We c-p-ciM to have receive.!, yesterday, Yankae
papers of the Oth, containingsutfii-iently full i-tunis
f.-ota the kaosat electi'- Ito b«re csaUed us to de
cide who is to bo the. ne_t President ot the Yauk.c
natiou; but iv this we have been disappointed. At
eleven o'clock yesterday morning, tho Yankee offl
cois at Fort Harrison stated that their mail boat,
d_o at 4 o'clock P. Al. on Thursday, and which
would have brought papers of tho Bth, bad not ar
rived. If this statement be true, which i* po-sible,
though coming from a Yankee, we have at least
the consolation of knowing that the Grand Army of
the P-to-ift., and the Bttta less Grand Army of vie
J imies-important branches a* they are of the Yan
kee G-verament-are, like ourselves, in the dark a*
to their master's fate. If, however, the u.n-arriv.l
of the mail-boat bo a fiction, we may certainly au-
that son-stbing has gone very wrong in Ysn
£*__» Though Linooln is most probaUy _h-ted
by grtL majontie-ttbe papar. of the -th nmy*ou-
ding in the streetsoor. r ths great dties of the Union
Heaven grant ia may be sol This consummation
were better than the defeat of the Hlinois Despot.
We may, with reasonaUe oeitainty, count upon
receiving to-lay the Northern files which _____ B
yestarday, as va are not entirely ie pen '..nt upon an
ezcbar.ee with flu- Y_j__.-es. In the meantime, we
mention *uch reports as.reach us concerning the
Yankee coition. A gentleman who reached hers
yesterday, direct from _far}land, whi, h place bs left
on Thursday night, reports that McCl.lian anted
Pttr.n«yivania, and obtained heavy matoritk* in
New York city, Albany and I'uttalo. He also de
nies that Maryland gave Lincoln tho vast majority
that ha, been reported. In such portions of the
State as he pa*sM through on Wednesday, McClel
lan everywhere had a majority.
Fm-av, November 13, MM.
Tlie Senate was not in er_—Oß to-day, it bs ring ad
journed over from Thursday until Monday.
HOUSE OF B_____i__rTA__v_-».
The Hou.se met at 12 o'clo, _, and was opened
with prayer by Rev. Dr. Duncan.
The II"U*e". on motion of Mr. B—-aril, or Vir
ginia, resolved it*elf into secret sea-ion. and. having
spent some time therein, adjourned till Monday
next at 12 o'clock.
No Northern papers later than Tuesday were re
ceived at our linen ytatariay, th, _aa-ee mail-r>oa?
in the river having failed to make the connection.
We give some farther extract*, from our files of that
TIIF. _-P_--_t or the
Tha following are tha ______ dispatches pub-
Usbed re_—tve to Urn capture of tlie Cta_e_erat_
CTuisCT iljlidd :
Boston, November 7. IBM.
Hon. Gideon Wtllee, Secretary of the Nary •'
Sir: I have the honor to report the arrival cf the
Kearsarge oif -dtnata, from ths B-x os,
1 bit the Waohuaetts and Florida at St. Thomas.
The Florida was captured at the harbor of Bahia by
the Wf__iusetts on tha "th of October. We bring
sixteen ; riionc.s and one offloer from the Florida.
Jobs A. Wissiow,
Ca__m*_-*t_r of the __earsarg».
St. Thomas, Wear Inx_A Isi.-no*, October 31,»
»<>» BosTOsr, November 7, IS.I. J
Hot. Cide.Tn TfoUeo, gseretaon of ihe Xary .
Sir: I hay? the honor to report the snivel bars cf
this ship, with tho rebel »t.amcr Florida in cc_a
p- ••. .he Florida, with fifty-eight men and tw Ire
o__eera, was captured about 3 o'clock or. the morn
ing of tho 7th of October,-, tha Bay of San Bal
rsdor,_Bra_ib by the o-_oers and crew c-r this v.«
■el, without loss of life, a-- fiv.i .f i,..r ofS-era, in
oludi-a her co ___-___~ and the rs_n___ubu of bet
crew, wen r, ii >re.
The Florida had her rr-.1-.oii mast ai id rris'.r. y ixd
con :c-d away ana her bulwark, en*; iivrv.. This t os
bol kt-ttained no bijnry.
A (le'.".list rep 11. Will _• banded to •«*---*-*_
W. W. W.lliani*
Vary r__peo_f__ty, year obedient, servant,
>', COMI-S,
C_-tman-_r __ita_ $_»te-: st-a___hlp Wachusetui
bta-T a ~ tush f* f-W TOftft— _-• stti-k Of r>cnr_
Btesanaa— he hoes sot w_-r to neat _>*-
The Xcw York Times cams ou*. on tha morning
of th* election with a le-f_r deaerfptieaf of Qeneral
Butl.r's arrival in the city and his methc-.l ol wo
dncting bu.«in«s theie. Oue would Uiink that this
gentle ent-th-oat mid thi'al had been actually sus
pected of seine design oa the election* in S"v Yoik
from tha smooth and oily *t< lc in which tbe _*•*•
leeli lta-lf caiied upon to ft-pUb. «w_y all-U'h •,_;-
I-i-'ioui. It -ay*:
Ou tha (J-_ar_l"l arriv_ in tie* nt v ho first went
to the Fifth Arenas Ilou., but the bustae-fl ol his
headquarters reimiriiig more room than v naspos
sibte vi obtair there, be removed to the B '
Douse, a now hotel on the coiner of Broadway an '.
iwantj -tilth -tieet. lii this new and splendid houra
the v. naral and hi. -tail o -tipy twelv. rooms on tbe
first il ;.r hnmsdi—telv adjoining th* suite o. rooms
occupied by _en_ral Scott. iii>. Butlet and Mi 33
But'or art, wbh the O-'i-.-ial. -*-_-_ of these " om«
axe u__ as offices tor the numerous staff-se retanes
and oide-liea. In the o-ntral oiiho U _ _?Jea**rJua
iitsirtrm*— 1, .iie »ire-. tr.-—r,'!i_a c-....c_. si—. trie
War Department at Washington, with every city
and town la the .Hate of Haw York withwhubtte.
is tcbgriiph-.cr.m.-unicssuon, and with every puboe
station-house in tha efcy of Sew Yoik. An opera
tor :s; n• .ait day md night, an I w.- will only men
tion, as an incident, hint tha G_n_ral _mtted :or
ball an hour last night with tho _ecretaryol Wax.
Hare all tha business connected with the troops in
tho city and State is transacted. Ordeiiica wait iv
the ante-room. ______ come and k", eon*nlt__o_s
are held, maps an- pondered over, and wise pn cau
tionary mcasnres deckled upon rvhitire to the -a, tj
of the State of New Yoik from rebel raids or riotous
mobs. ~
No more appropriate term than " writhing can
be applied to tbe actions of tha Copperheads under
the (calling infliction of the presence „f a man like
General Butler, proverbial for his nerve, energy
and fcjule-ne-s. They start the wildest ru
mors in regard to the General's orders, personal
appearance and doing- If he asks a personal
teend to call and see him, it is maguifled into the
arrest of half a dozen prominent Copperheads. Aa
hour's liie gives the rumor strength, and the num
ber is increa <-d to twenty, und your informant n..
irive all the nanus and ihe color of the horses at
tached to tho hacks which conveyed the nctamsto
Fort I___yetta. The allege,! arrest of Judge Dean
"resv out "of _hat might have been an ordinary
„ ansaction between two gentlemen. 'It..' CI. lie, a.,
being much engaged, sent Captain Puffer,.,. his
staff, to ask Judge Dean to call at his {u_-_quarter
tluring the day, ii' c-nveiiieia. It wa*-npo-_bieto
construe it into an oder ; a-id if it had bet n. Judge
Dean would undoubtedly have refused to obey
it Tho interview betweeutha two gentlemen being
of im unoflScial character, was perfectly'quiet,
friendly and pleasant, and no threats were thought
of or use-l enh--r by General Butier or the sutl of] -
cer who talicd upon th- Judge. Hut on Saturd ->
Keniloii the Copperheads had it that G. .'«U->■.ar.
hH.I bvs-n draaxed from the home of his BamUy and
:,., li.sl up in Fen ___ayat*e. The eatttement among
the Copperb-ads passes tho query among loyal men
whether the presence of the Oaneralhtw not really
killed some cherished .-heme of r___iny whin bad
been concocted and waartpeaing forexecutt-nontne
day of oled-on. Kbt the least prevalent are 1 umors
asto the numbers of troops scut bora, th.-. loca
tions, and where they earn. Irvm. Icn __o_sand
U.OH were said to l*« encamped '« the upper part of
t'-e city; a careful reconnolssanos P-n.- to o_s
.-."v»r any signs „f them. Seven thousand;W«re to
ported in gMt___ «t Fort Hamilton, but, in feet,
nothinirmore than the usual number are pre~i..
at that station. One thing, however, is certain, the
troops. ...re within -all, located, _n« vi
Bufll ient force; but, as befoie stated, tu-tesa an ab
.„.i-,..,v.ui;y ; d-mands tfamr ap-wnmin*,
_mv .1 wldi-r will bo taea in the city ot Now YOl,
to-day. Among Ctdoa man the feeling of ___* ic
li-m nton the nrrival of the _isting__hed geitci'-i
1 snnlv-mftl. Many weU-known -b__ms have ci-i-.d
upon him and pss-onally enrassad their grat.L-h
--tion. Lieute-ant-General Winflfld B*tt WM
.morigbisvwioisy.-iei.iay, rernimung for ftbout
aa hour. I'artieulnily in the op-town waidi, where
__a-t___na_ro_M-«__s»-edto the „*. !._
\::tlU h « «_i«ai change horn
thu previous doubts anrt fears. The opinion 1. now
out-spoken by every one that tho eleCti-Ji to-day
will pa-— oif - in as quiet und orderly a w_r_'.i.r
is if it ware on evt-iy-dsy occurrence, (icnernl
butler hun-elf ia nnnsoved emid this busy whirl
of rumors and aii-temsnt. H- reecdves vis.i
_rs.i«-_M ordiTK, makes hiiruelf acquaint-d wiu.
or_.-r.i-auon of the fore-,
w.hiV dinner with a pood appoWs, andlatosps
r\~_«. X.O Utile curious Hresom'iOl th-' im
:;.n:r:,,^,ui..'ationa »
him by nervous individuals. Una man iaiioj.en
-•• G'nrra] y-rterday, sent -fthw card. and. hav_...
OM-B-Sl an inteiview, sut-l that a ****«*££
,-'i.i.v existed, having tot ?5 l
_____ of General Butler, and that at IP* hi— ot .1
was Z mm r. limn than mm of th. IV
mtcrat. in this city, __
was under obbgations to his ri_tor, bu.i... .
_bu_a for bis porsonal -t-fe*y. On ti«r.g» g.>. tl«s
gintl.maa" left bw businc-- ...:-d.
-omething in the habcrdaamiw, _-». Ojon the h*-B.
sir-iVsiU-s-ted G*_-ral_«*Uar tsnw hmiat_., n
"to 1 «n need of anything ft! that kin- ■ Abu
mt-o and threatening lafeff un, reosived ftt bit
__ i every day. Tu-ix"tylo 1* usu_uy i-i-"-
Lnonvmoua T*» run over the h_c___y_- ntupe
™t_-.Tpiihets which the rebata and the Coppar
b.aishave ~iaUy invented and
_____ titer -anally hate; they inioim him that he
sm.b__7e.id 1 man before the sun sots to-day.ana
-me- they detail tiu.- manner snd f*J_*J^*
B taking off. An extract from one of them
>w their tenor. Leavina out the outisge-.u
itr auc!, bla-phemy with which tht- letter v
the concluding -rntence i* aa WhrtW I
n_-ar_ of your maater that is to bo-tbe W
aiidmXb. -I'-Clellan. I have at my command in
-O. Jit. u-i, thOU-aad m~n to rospon-i
Lifane'__ei_"*«ll to cut th,. throats „f your
s ** r . A Nsw TnaftKß,
now re-ruiting in thi- city for the purpom man-
svposiTioN or Lincoln - r_\n pun at* miit
Tran—now nt: r_***.cTS uir "rubsls". imms
niATRLY to tost k*o_r»__M_ ana ... roa macs.
The speech of _-_rs__ y Sownr.l at Auburn the
nicht t-'foro tlie sJeiAk- very denilv shows the
tank*, dclusim that the Cfmfc-Wtes have b.».
looking to tho Northern Df-MfTy.tar peace ,_
--■ t- cf the rktoeies over the Yankee arm-is.-
Bswa-d has GaUen into the mi- take M -_•£-* M -t>y
of the _•_-_-. and Wads party. Ws give an ex
tract from hiss-dress i
You have already abandon! evb-cncesof fheox
baustion of the rebels bnt not yet evidence
consciousness of that exhaustion, those rvwen ■-
will appear i_o_*__i—tell •■"■ the announcement ot
rli.< re-election ef Abraham Lincoln. [Cheers. —
You would have hi I tin '■ Unci eaiii rif you
hid rendered this \ rdiei sooner. You sri'J have
them all the sooner after, the rcrdict in proportion
to the nDAßimity and determrhaUun aithwhi a itii
spoken. L mdchei rs.] Tl c asessengers who come
thither from th* rebel regions will l- d—ferert
i.-uiu those who are' now Ungering and loi
tering on tho Ca&acl »hores to aid the
execution of the plot conceived against you at
Chicago. Cheers The _—engsrs who tome
■ill come n.t its those last n enti ,n« i. with commie*
Aons addressed to the saisillanimous an I factious
minority of the North, but they will ome addressed
to* Abraham Lincobi, the hon red l-thei of the
American nat-O-L On it applsuse md three cheer*
1,. "Old Abe."] rheir message will not be con
ceived in the insolent words, "Tour war I>i the
Union has failed; desist from arms and frivsus,
through negotiation, separate independen c." But
it will be, "Father Abraham, we have sinned be
fore Ood and again-f our brethn n. We repent c-.;r
error: we disavow and offer up tbe traitorswho
h iv- led U3 into crime. Ex end protection over
us, and give ii-.,or.cA more, pea c and communion
with voii at our altars and our firesides" [Pro
longed ar.-l vehement cheers. This is the way hi
which I think th. war istoend. I know that, m
_iat way, it will end man. -know it because fe*
civil wars to whii h a strong government and ; opJe
Mend thcmselvea with unanimity best cc long as
four years ; and it i- cort uLn thai we are three years
and a half nearerthcend of thi, corrfitct.if so m du
t lined, than we were when we began. [Cheer*.]
Nov.- let us take the other view, buppote wa
Beck peace i n't. r the .owned of ________
whethec according to thi naked and detest
able te__tofthe resolutions, or as evasively inter
preted and glossed by tho candidate whostsnds
upon that plattoi in. [Laughter, and •rka of " IPs
tooshakey. He can't stand on it."] It is to pea
peacebvoow '. tingtbet bals and sub-Ututimt di
pirmutev oi theartsol statesmanship forth"vigai
of war. rA voice—" Little Mac for Grant"—laugh-
ter." Adopt _bat pobcy, ar. i dis-WCti n -.;.-• rn'iy
seize* the-iorth—-jurage and new reiolution in
spire th South—your soldier*, betrayed st home,
either: ill in despair in their ttenche* a what
would be worse, recoil b fore the enemy advancing
upon Washington and Cincinnati 'Those ;-. rb
sre mistaken who say that Davis would n«l
ti v- sr„l that he would not grant us sn _r_— tiee.
He would grant v* both si nee, md grant them,
too, with b view to an ''ur_m ito convention " H.
can ; ffoid to be very aooommoJ iting to a.
antsgeni t; bo can afi ■ I to t. ■■ :■• ■'--
you p_s_r«. Bui. lik .:.y o ber _,!::/. rent, hi "■■■■
gi mtyov armistice and i - rotiai on I n his an ad
rant ■_■-. not foi > -"i . an i no -ill negotiate net :.i
Union, but fordi- -■-'■ ■'■■■ - _- ; ' aigue this
.re int. Any oaudi'i, thaarhriu! man, ot whatava
paity, must admit lb - thi- ricw r>l what tb- rebels
_uil cio ... i' '-i-i. __. it t er_on» will con •-'"• that
It i* emlneatly proba-la. Then I say In rcaaiJ to
the Chicago proposition, with tha __nt In " ______
lot" .
" Let's further think oi Dm*.
Weigh what conveniem a both e_ tuna «M maaiM
mar fit to oiu shspc "
' "It thi* sii-.-i 1 . fall.
And xh-r o-a a ift look I -rough or-.r bad performance.
•IWi re belter not essayed ;
_n this prole, t should hay* a b_<_oi ~.>c ~
ThAt might:._;_ .' Ihi. ihould blast ia ' toof "
Ala.', fin-* tbtt C_lea_n plan nsast f_.ll, tt t.*i r._
baofe or s*»nd. 'C - ..jor. snd laaeht-c '
When &cgotiati<_ and all tbe arts ol Mntaiman
ship am -Xhansted, tha navy wo_..! be B_attare.l.
wit-drawn from tha blockade, and ths armi-i Ja
; irsed in th.sr h m i»__t_* treasuiy empty—theha
'i-.n-i-ici-Ut vj.r,k—Fi_r.i.i an'l Great Britain will
bora raeegu-eed the rebels, aiel ev-n cur *teadi_.i;
tacn.!. the Emper-r of Russia, [ehcarsj
with tt_ Sultan oi iurs-.-y. t__, Pu'ha oi Erypt and
thaEmrerorof CMna, wttt __va given ovar, with
pain and mortifloation, the f.iendly r-ft'.i n that, In
a p__Ul-n__ou_ bo«-r l 4_jv,iei itsalfto se_f-des_~_>
t-.'-n. 'Cheea_.]
FaU-W-cittten.*, rou are all fr- s and in *_pendent
I an., and you m_y, -ir._ mm' decida the «jues-
Uon tor yourselves I cannct doe—to it foi■ 5 a, noi
shall you decide it forms ism not goinirtosnr
rendertothe ebcls. Clears.] KoI though lh_y
az-nsdthe desolation ol oit-ii nt ovcrthe h -
land—though they came hacked la thar unholy
ii-ii!Tt4 bv~ vi..' ..•':■ many foreijrh. __itee. I r,!_
soing to sn-T-nder now. l_e eforo 1 want no ar
mistico.no ce__ation of h-a-Ui-ies, ;.•> negotiatl_n
With rebebKia aims. . -Cb««l I.oTCTVi :r rn-ty
o- wj.i. others, " i —-.kc.l before I It-aped —
:•h'-,"5 , . If 1t",,' 1 ho .-.- >---• i. ready to surrender
now, I should hare prcposad surrender at thabv
jflniuti. I hould have -Crapted terms _iti-»ut
sraitim; foi Bull Bua —o_rta__lv after Bull Run.—
I would hay. availed myself of the first Rieamo.
victory i" M-ure urn.-, as litt- humtlisliag :.n
rw««ible. I shoat.t bare negotiated *Pei aic
'.i-.tiir.' of Net- Orleans—aftn _iurfree-ta*o'—
~::'.. N..:a;.i -altoi Antietam aftvi v. I burg
after Oettysburg—l t uld aa. g.,ue, uni i tin
prcssi r national a_fti.t ion, and made every •
reat a claim to r_l» symparb; Htilcleracri :-,..; : --'
the first Bull Hun battl if: i '!» i*-ond Ku.ll.ua
|.. j j e —after 0 tine's Mill at ci Fi. dcii k-burß
ttfterCban.. Uor-vjll uftei the deft it ol Bank? on
the lb -I river - 1 am i. : goinst lo surrend, .I - -
nor never Loud cheers. As for tbe arts ot
st-teemanybip, I know of mm apptieable in this
, ~,. The ..;, a t ol A- e-m mship thai Ido
know is to be i ithful I >G »1 and to my d antrt
\... ■ US e I „>k t-j cultivate chanty and pre
e. it' war, ■ ivil or for, ijni.. as long as.
with national ju ti i and bo_or suid eaf.iy.it tan
oe prevente.l; but when in war, to fight with cv
,,,.,'.,,' ii ,t..ii v and res lution, and thus t .aavemj
~,n,;_y or fall with its defenders. rremc-ndou:
The Tribune - an_ out Tuesday morn- I
Ingwitha string if short editorials, which give a J
goodidea of the Lin idn appeals to the Yankee
people. Wo give sum of them:
[First Art: '. \
Th, rebel Governoi Watts, of Alabama,
c ill-i his Legislature to meet in extra - - _on, ai .
it met aocoidingly. 11' amti it m»_w.«sting
that he wished « to make addition- appjo
and m-vi*ion for tl i-lil iofe- •'. "hat is, I
j';'.. atensn f the rel The L gislaturt ..
fused to do anything oj tht tort oy ten re jontj in
lh. S'-ri'i ai—ttwehtj in tho House, ai - diourntd
inthatmooi, attor having recciv-d, but u-t act. .
on, a proposition by one ol its members to op . _ -
Botiateona for ar< turn to the i aion A rebel retu
rn nt was on _ in I, thai ~ add, ii —bile-., l,_ve I-- i.
wi.ddedU • :-!> the LegielaUire b d r va-I a
reutra to loyalty; but the __i«_ vi.-tory a' "
pol'a to-day will oouvinco the -»** doubter thai
{.- . ■■■ and »c uoty ai* '.o ba found no wham but
in A.-- Union. V
[■Second Ai ?—•«• ]
Y_Uiwret bee, who value th ir votes at tha price
of tt gl >ss -.f whrskev, •.:■..'. :..-i'.y twv i from poll'- >
».,_ i_'K...t._-a_. ; trauda upon __-__ _U-V.;s -
M-uof both parties, il is y ur d_:r to stop th
base busbi - Spot the follows, and follow ____
-__ ■••' '• get evidenis- enough t" warren! tl ■■• ******
byapu-o-m-n. IlwatypaponekamiroJ '.-lUr-:--: :
t v,,,; person co arrested; i-- S'm* Tank State. **on
(Sommttleeotfrr one thousand iottar* reward for fi?
r,.-A arret* tmd ednviotion of a p rson off-ring «
fraud-lent soldier's vote' and smart, active work
ers at ths pol 1 , msy ea ily -bsu tier;-.' expenses and
a handsome bonus beside* serving w_U their omu.
try ia Buppr-ssLog these ki ___rie*.
Certain hotel. in **<**
swarm srith -cow no-is s, t..:-it t.om ta- Wb oi re
__..__! If possibic, these fellows will rote to ao
Eat which their friends at ho__thavel_th«tob_*-d
__s_compU*_i Tba-k-tothe bravarj of our _.d
--d-ers.theiarme denemy has bean, -v- »-- ■
Sorti_ i---
--oM h--u. hoVv_r. ;,t..,K_-.iet:.airw.i..- v . - ;
have stolen through our line* to e_.o oui
the __.-. Fathers and br. thei. of __ -beent crave,
lw. yours the duty to meet th. aa an lw- ;<< '"" :• * "
ana put thssn to flight. Ibis is a duty ___sa y*u
.-._ to th. c of joui .vn.l-ot now Uvon-_-~r,g-n
• heb_ttle_et_ -heeti.-tr.--f_:.> ana __IM-_ly
l~u-f_rn_Ki. .
[ Foarih JLrUaJa. ]
Baware of Last ( ard*! U the C-M*. ha*.ts ifcmU
otrenlata to-day ft story that the a.- __-..*■ i- -*~ ■
or uenarai Grant d-isated, oi «• aahtt. ■_- ■ -ken *,
eurt'iis*, never -t.p i- oontradlet them, -* ju»i
powinthe r.„o". rows : U snadoan.! It _r*U U
Soon enough t. regard thftlr-•©-___-**«»_ taai-vus
r1.._l have UOi.si
ni'- r_o*v*.'no* roa unano —HU'i-a* ■■>. tu_
Tha Hew York «Y«w«. andse dm -cad of "The
Bla_k ile-iorves .- u_s __S-t-i -_3 • :
Them 'V-nic.i*.'an.n_ the _.__-_— "ta*w* J i_—fmfl
ato the fi~ld 'ha a-ormo-l ;v-_rv.i __a; th.-,- may
d'uw.o at any B_o-_-_ from thai ne_T_es gaii.u
,rea.l_i a_.l foroa. It -_r__nly -">!« those v.ate.s
_ „.„a! If toe w_i le* idi-wtd ta d.as; cv into »-•
ih"r c-mpaigo. C-ahfonow to do ma h saore than
~;.•. oui can against it- whita tro.pt o4 the Mtt-tt,
b..wcfen -c e-peat todoto when they ahall _•»•
-en iitti'oi\«l byfo-rot live bu-wlred tt-ouaana
abla-bo-i-d ft-*"--*-* 1 __**_ ,lu '* ,|a •"*"*_* T';'
U.en now oast (a_rflan_»and o«r Utr__rs
from tha k-Mtsaipt- to th.. i -_ In an _r_n_anon ot
-.. ♦ dials-* it-v.i-en. Woe t* to the cay.whan twt.
i dr>_ tho'--t"i «_Hii-civi__.d AiAcacA, tmiaad
in lif»4ong ahodienea to the aflscers b> tt-oi U-'-y
wiU be ied, -ball tat-. glared in the spirit ot •"***:"
trota lo_„ _r»d deer, ranks i.por. »•«"»!•
and ra-nr-teads and »*._ aud woms-, of out !*<-«»
em border.
NO. 116.
A s<i_.!.h, w.-i.hing ou*" hundred and fllty-me
pounds, ia on *___-__—■ In Auburn, X, W York.
A worn in wh, whs jsalom of her husband w s
binned to death in Canada, the other day, by hi*
thmwtn. ker ism-oil, Ii rated, all ova. her.
John Ic.ln. of V.rmnia C,ty. Nsrrada territory,
w.s-raaantly -navkted of stealing sewta hundred
■1 alar . -ii.i'w v, hung within twcnty-l'-mr h .ur. af
A drover ia f*in_b_*__l lost f"*ar hundred dollars,
w.u t • •• ". «wr ill, wed, a fad that wa* ascertained
b '~ , ~_. ), ', _„. mouth ri .e;..f the _•.<•, nback*.—
I!" iad h.«r tuiel, ;-r.d picked out cf the «d< much
-nd jsl togethi.- enoui Ii ti. .iiriciiint to one hun tr.d
and Ighty. ig i ,*] ....
A fiag-«ta_ one bun bred and seventy feet high,
in a -angle st, v, has been erected at Bridgeport,
C .me" t, ut, >.t _ ,„t ~1 fifteen hnndred dollars, by
Eiias Howe. Ji . the cA!n,-;iischine rn.iu.
From a lite nun-bar of the Les-km ntahk-M
.Vev* we eatraet the anbfjM-si in-itrty «i„i kindly
notice of same pi tares of cur great -ouiVd»..ratu
To those who ar« readin,; the pt-*ent patp or
to . n hi-.t.,rv, these pictuics—authentic and re
■ -.ni or the Spartan lenders of tho south -»l
will be Aiv.iluiible as __n*_»tiona. A cuiiou. in- j
•.,e-t attaches to them, moreover, from tlie tact
that they have "ninth" Ux.-.ade." They were
i . .tigers on *oms low, black snake of a steamer
A -. 'pt through the beleaj'-'ieiii-: vju.lron and
sped away to sea, all pursuit to scoin. We
aim wt picture to ours* Ives the canvs*es hanging in
the little cabin, gasing, With strange ..peculation in
their painted eyes, out toward the .sderal cruise* in
chase. They hive passed the peril, and are hare
among v.- to bring before us vividly *ome of the
chef ii t .is m the (treat tragedy of endurance that
-.. being ena, ted South. Mnny an ex ed Conf.de- j
ran- will doubtless vi»it thi.-. ooU-ctae .tt No. 314
Oxford stree*. and Snd bad nr ____-_. iv the pa'.e,
- ci n bi '•- ot the mori who guard tho freedom of his
country. j
By ~ane "trance freak off nature, Jefferson Davis,
thoT'lrsident, whoseportrait i e Uw __-t to which I
c-i-.r attention is <lia<vn, has inuih in it that ia n-u
--slly io-ld as indicatr.o of tha "V.inW type.—
This may, perhaps, i«e owing in some dr arc* to the
peculi irka_r_-~0- tha same cut as that so familiar
tn ths portrait* of his rival, Abraham lA-sata —
Them is more refinement, though,about Davis ; and
the inteiicct—cool, ca'.'ulatinir an-1 indomitable, —
which Looks out or hi* clear grey eye. -exerta a
■!,igber piimum** on the physique than ia usual to
the commOß run of Americans. Or.c impression
which the portrait leaves on the miud i* that tho
sword is fretting tco thin a.sheath.
(}, neral lute's honest, lino face, with iv silver locks
and bi ai i, and bi bjht brown eye, might wall look out 1
of a middle ago casque, so marked is it by a ehival
rons nobility. As be s* and-., in an easy bat com'
manding p'Mure, clad in th* pidn grcv axdfo m,
with tho umpie three stars on lha M—tar, he I--k
--tbe v- iv in-parsoaatton of dimness, bolanam .tn,'.
vigoi , tot the snows on his __M_i arfttb.*-of cspe
r„c, not decay. In Urn original sketth, the eye
has n jov_l, ro_u_ung __piessi.n, and th* face a
merry, kindly -mile, whack, in the absence of the
uniform, makes us fancy that wa arft asgaidiag tha
: ;,. dm of soma veteran i*ti-Tatc\tr, running over
with bon meet, aptgrams m.-i nn-ci itafi.
Bt--ai.g-rd's face la probably tho one which
woul 1 besakcta- as the handsomest by a lady visi
tor. I*, bears __-__t—tabla signs ci hi* French
origin Indeed, with shaven cheek and _____ iron
irrey mcuatache, ha migi t paaa for a hero of the
Ciimea. A Bna, thonghtfnl bead ia his, and there
la :.. lack of t_r___ess and _e_L_on iv tho thin, com
p -. ( '. lips, half hidden by tho tamll Iran-gray
ir. >u**_—hs aforesaid.
U'Ti'i.ii Bt_art Is ano-hej whoso _n_o_a_lty lata
j Us read in _ii _atures. C-aaistaknhly Beoteh,W—h
I a bold, laughing blu. syo, a t-twuy _ss__. and tha
I length of Isatnre peculiar to ths -forth, bo l__k» h_*
\ ..ill'.- gallant oavalbar who followed tbe young Ii .-
I tender. Tho lila-on Is assisted by his Riouch bat
j and black plume. I—ia picture Is ena of tli* meet
J telling cftahe group, in.rzod by eon-uderable vtar,
and _i-racter. but, ___to_b-ed_y, tha beat ia that
■f Stonewall Jackson. If »' see tho cavalier in
Stuart, m J*Vson wa ftianast .apect to find ths
brown -■-■ tie had uesit m.iv gently with thu
g eat eaj •.. an t*e w_v led to suppose) swrhng
p.i_*ply i. _ the rtsal jjotgat and butf asaft a. t_s
Puritan, Ha asaau like a modern Hampden ffa
fact, thai- Is soaaa iwaaitilaina t" on» picture .fib.
patriot that wo bavo -.-m;, and U painted, aa his
mta ••'.-.-_ to •--« ldm, in tha act of reading
j s] era. His arms are flung out right and left al <,v*
the hostrontal l-mb of a tree, and his head la thrown
ba k almost
_sninlne. upper part of the baa, -.. li ha aawinst
prayini forth. » m n nd children j Lot in __•> urm
iv uth we ."_ -f-e U us spirit whWi whi anon tall oa
the Ood of liattlr» to fight »or the efpiasssd, lk
head ia a v, ry Aobis one, meet eiptsasivs ol the
lofty and unsullb— eharaetsi of one to whom may
bo aapliad with fax rnpre truth than to the Knight
oi the Round Table the elegy utteieduver SirLan
celotaf the Lake :"Thare thou bast; thou weat
never mat-licl of ru-_« ■ oeSMy f*
thouwert the eoutUit-t knight that ever bamaiual- ,
ana thou w,.rt the tru» ? t friend to thy lover that
ever bestrod torse j and thou wart the trua.it lower,
of a sinful man. that ever loved ______ ; and than
wott thokiodettmast that tear
and thou vert,th. goolUest parson that ever cams
among prsasof kaighu; and thou wart lhem___>
. rt man and tho gvatlest that ev.-r cat in hau among
Indies; and thou vert the sternest knight to thy
inort U I c ever put spear in rest."
W e o.s_r*_d in tho galicry iiraitii-h.-.l likenesses
of Oi oemls Fltahugh _.»-, Bweil, Price and Bill, aa
~.", i- s portrait of Mr. Volck, the sculptor, to
wh., n is entrusted the noble task of raising the
monum nt oi the great Ja.-kson. __urtographs_rom
i tures an obtainable, und will no doubt be
„ ~. .I, •■ to the admirers of tha mdomitable_ra and
on . i the South.
Wi -lould re, ommend all who take an interest m
, , it struggle now waging in America to make
n. point of visiting Mr. IJob-rtaon's pictur. - W«
kn vif no bet- i oomm -try than they afford, by
dof •!. hto read and understand the he
i. . iduran md long-su-tering of tha handful
of Confederate States
Till. IItSI.-WHTTIs.-o Of TWo *,OkN .HALS.—- .. ..
A ," at the Savannah B_p_M»e__, who alwaya in
vests bis letters with interest, no matter how dr;
the subjects upon which he writes, has the followiu.
ab "it the ehirogaphy ef Oenarala Lea and Grant :
The ".ii.---.i-i".'!" b-tweea*Oe__ral L*> an
;-,. o.ral Grant isnowb-foroxn*, und I have _«co
mv h stru k by the hand-writing of these tax
'::.,:• £Ztol, the war has brought forward on
,'. ;,.., T,;,. (Jen. r..'. is boid and
rather stiff, bis letters being large, round andTerj
distinct, lie la ars heavily upon the Mft-*P--e--lj
quill- iii sbbi-Viat-s m my ol bis words, -
• ,\u w, .•• a laboi to him. The following is an
cxa tti m . iript ol the tir.t lanfea in hi* h'-tter tc
'•■■ -: Grant:
1 b ivo reed your letter of the lS'.b ic*t accomr. 4
'.. ~r Utter* lrom Judge Ould C_-__- of Ki
thani i Pris'i-oa the part oi the ("enTataStates,
_ the U_nble E. M Stanton _co"ryot V»ar and i-t
c ... Mulfoi t Awt Comm. ef-Bxc. of the C. States "
He does not, as you perceive, punctuate does.-;
and no where in _:* fetter does he write ont tht
v.- »rd and, but invariably uaas the shhrs-Ution, *
__ . ret be p tusea long enough t. dot all Us ♦'. and
. to,_~ all his I'e. Ail bis lett-rs ate- dtawn neaiiy
.might up and d.-.va the papor ; in othor words,
they hi- bae bimseK, round, nut, bold aiid upright
... ;ii eg neither to the ilgbt. nor the left, and
.t -■ bi "firmly on thei. haai a» it th_yo_da___- »_
BHsistance They a-e w -tear a_d fweim, so round
and weight-, snd dtali-Ct, u-._t each letter reminds
one _ a aofid oanaca h_U, -nd _~h w.adoi »uu s ta
° General t-t_nt*« -ic-writiruj, on tho coritrary,
t 1 ugh not 6. bold ___ distinct, nor tha -iters <•<
large und lour.d and erect, ts, iicverthcle-,, V ery
- rible and vary striking. It is full of cnerfry and
a-uon i and tvs letters all ______ to the right, and
mom .sa>A^ { .r ¥ a^ ( ! £ V^.r;i*--..H'ilfiu__-_o cTc* 101
briaades on a rapid mir_. aiound General fceri
rfr_L Among __-v_graf-ara. Lis tft-d *ouU *
a r_n_lng __£■ The ™** *_mjj_*±
...... from left to right, sr.d rtill **»Ff^*S_____
~-.1 le* iWe. Ilei-nvsniOi.aU.rUVioUtop'_RA_i . D
" -,t).-.i 1 lai, -le-revist-- less, and is equaiiy
careful of bis ft and re. It ■• T tUc w °iV!
-a-uofttion. Tatm saadmg hia ietu-r I oau-.-". bu»
;,"■.?.„;" : 7 1 .,-i t ;:.er aaat-Stkea, n_.vo__, _u«rgeu<
_a u-ot-m e-J
dwava in ft hiunry . _„_ _
Th- hand-writ.* of both of thaas great, menu
*■•-..,» would ie denominated at expcrt.__~* »";
cbAi-ctartatie, Ne-tt-r <.r th_u write* wv-b ana
naithor would ha lfljiiiti*! u» __.«• -ha-** « * eesas
UT sch 'i v' '.heir setecoon depended v; ou caw
.hirorrapby. -"v» w- 1...- t*-» ir - '*■'*" a !?*l7 ,
t_o Sen who oocnpy mors of thl*
at thu tune than any o__er two hviag, that ;) ri*.x
Ilirfi WiiKt pOwl baiids,"
TRb<L if_r-H-r •« Pf-i'.-r. F__u«r_s..-*I i _
(--!___ ain!kOr___t_-J Cfcr-*-ah **>» **»
T-tSSS _!-_-*£ hal d.„bftrgeda mmm
d leu.-.i farmars In Angustftcounty.m__srwrtu
ot a_6 --. eerans. op-a lha /round tbut tbe detau •<
a c-r.'-Ti-". with the Ouim—taftt for one ysar
nta _ssSr__s
111 . W-J, -» I*'-' Il* _o_-vor_uv ■-
~, fWesmbe* neat; *"tetwt>«** vUi
Ui- DU-Hmt LiUii.-lte .-ad v-» ""- 1
u«.-ud da) of Ihst ni'-'Oth- _
~, „_ »._i hi« wae -io in the south
Al._A__er.s ~'iuiimaud'.U_t
0 rrauce for t t-f-f-f-a-l at 10-*,
will talk over great man-.
I ADII» HTIL\W HATS. Utest atyle,
' i k«i.t ulwavs on baud.
*ffA__ mads to ordt r at the shortest noUos.
D__l.N- and i'ttU-tl-f _ Jon* to order.
A W td VAHM-H. saltahie fo* vam____g
straw hats, for sale at _-_ — _~-,,.,--
-u. Lr—lV'* ■•. "4 _lA_> emi-ST
A ksstfaHaants »•': bs swnwtsi a*. das rate ,f t-w_
i-.i urn T->r ifaasa f"r.-«ii, insertion--_ht due
(or teen) c.'Htitut.' ■' *•' ' • ■
I_>>T(.r n.'.e -•• n !.' n • »,. •at - rt m.
tt On dsi in ii nta y-biish, I tilt forbid will bschaftfa
o- pea sqams taetweotj y>* rr. m
Wavrwa r». It.v* V Mthl wl. i i-« in thl habit
of »h"ii. I al_nysboyaftte_-_- ahesH hard
ling ti* .an. *ii!. h Ai' yshoot with. A n.-liniitoiy
rc*-it of ti... 11 W .it Q . . I . ssW Ivy* ■__—
lo Lu'.i.-r ... -~'..1, , v j, ..,,1.,,.,. v ■•,.»., son sf Mr.
Henry K. __ly«_n, ~f -.;.., ~-,-. V.>- secident or
mrrs-s* h.s father's f'rm, m No—away e__nty.
Coining ••• i hal*. in ti»- w.>; i•. -~ «; m- .an 1 .«,• ,
which wit i . bed, and placed bin band • ■«*»■ th*
muzzle, th'ii bis foot I a gainst thetrtgjrr
und ttn-l it o*. '•' » "gin ' ths -hols load '.lit", r*
the centre of hii bai i, .battering ths b..net-■ 1
mutil—ting It in nshockT-*; mean. 1.-. beit medi
cal skill was called in, and foi twhile tbe wound ana
ii..t c,i.s,.t. ret s. dangerous ens, on- ;- ; sday ..- •-■•
he ;,"-. w wo.--, nnd nmpnt t'i .. •: the band tutsans
necessary Nothing, however, < . ..'•; ,
fir 1". n '"iw •:. -ii t< ••'< plueot and, •<:■■ .;■■ it nlji
ing, he died "ii 1 '-ic-Uv Uvt
S-arwrews t_*natTS_.—__• *■_• *«■
riUs yastss-sy brought to tf_ ity Mmt Uetrj iane
Bayne, charg-d with bring _■_§__-•• __---*t_r.
Tl c ~, ased s .yi si.- is • n iti- iof North Carol ■ t.
bat acb-owledgvs living upon" intim ,t- t-rnvi at-fa -
_ akee Li ft want in Kno_v__e, Tenneasnt, f-f
SOHMtime past and up tO-_S_-M %b—- -h« *■•
siisstsd «• _rist.il, ii an •■•>., *Mr days unai '•»
appearance,she secme i to beak «_ttw*ntj I oof _■»
of see, gui tv _» i :.*'C.. md Was attired !■ *
bted. silk dress, aaaisatt and mantle, sil oC whiai
weie much worn. Captain Thomas tt _io-we_.
asstant ptovost-nutr-hal, before whom she *"a
Ukeu, cnass—rtted hot bs' astle ChmnlsrtoftWfttt ex
amination .atnoft eaort-menial.
1.-»«rtTiNi> L*.in.—On ThtU—hvj aftan..ss_,ft
nearo fallow named John, t'uit.-r of s lis. kbelo-ftaf
to Mrs Schriver, was taken bsabrs JftStiOS B iksi, —'
Henrico,, to MM-** IV >'' 'hoy of net a | ia__M_ag
language towar-K ■<>—-» ladies. It '.•■'■ ar* t it ._.>«_•
ladies had attended a isfttral in A>_a'« hack, and
_e_t_cL on their roturn, to be enrtted til Ihe way
home; but he paremptocfty refused to •._-•■ then,
mom than half way. whan h« g..t down t n hia
sent, enenc - ths hack door, and I ■ '■ ' ■*- to ssA
out, r-fluurksng at the same time that k -_~*"r *
a white woman who would r. t walk fbm n.J sto
_~: ,i iid*to a rni.eAu. Ths Justice ordered J>).n
to be whipped to the extent whkh the Ir.*-ai! >-i
GTstftftftoftom ___ai» Captain L'Eyenre, captaJ-l
g. the Foreign L <-'-- ' n - n "• "'-!' *J ****** -' *-'• \>
uel Lvans't rsssn • forces, -i this city, is _--_«
ming trial by court-martial at this time a;- a i m
-targe ot eonnsebng his men lo ' rt wh Is m tha
ttss-hsn. a rti-rl hms ainee. At ths >•■ _kingt.nl
>f tho war, the a.- u-c.i er li*ti d ia lha *noA ;•- boot*
irs, want with ihtnt to Rich mmntaii . aul «as
there taken pri-oner. Pu -eg wutly, t..> w,t re-
h-.i parole, rstumsd h-ra. and anti! i- •
xntly was rt'.irio U-A ■•■: v t .j -S—SftJoft Club ro*«
'.auxant, ou Ma.v s:m:.
Oti<<> w t_ra B-tin —Taa pn omh>mttnmti a
Ljftohk-rt. Virginia, sent to thu dty yn_b_4»y ih-i
t-Uowtag pat-sa, arreftted bi tho assghhoaii -«1 of
thatnlaee while att.-tapfinx to im_> ioen w_y to
theens-syi K. lt»**st, J blight, * .!-. Ms j soft
John I>Taut. Thsy aru ssen __-__>< t s * w -** oa
<>iverTiment work m Lyncbbttrg, and _-db.'_ii_
siding thai s for .t r._mb.r of > -ai. 'Chey ;?_.-
to Cast— Cbunder.
ta Mahxets —Tha two ftMuket- yeat-i lay wera
Inlaisblj weil supi-.0-l c~ti.u.lei-__r tha vaty in _>-
aus_ stats al -i" wa ithef iv '.ho past week Y.e;e
ta_es v wa%_J_;;'j'vd o_ at tha u«aal Mteoft, but U.
bntchars showed a -i-ru-i'ioii to l«u,i _..*-.. r
Rcures Cnless thor have t-> par more toe '.'--v
rn-deh is d-niedO It la in i»ad_«p»*
rii to advai.<; ths pices foi to ssh____-, 'Ji 1 '"<-h>ps
thatso-seol th-bat. heii wIA set-sa to
in th.» efi'■>!♦ to fftrthi r inf. - •u_-r__ffupoa ..urciU
_ar_t '.y •_-____: htth;r pri •••* tha nesaesaalaiel
1 Trr_ CaWftta —-feithas ot ths o-urti fatl«f„af
di.po»t.t .f any o__N «r__-h 'X. r il.l interest«.-•> pub
be-. !-<ev_ral ,*....__.. e.rrp%a _a-«a w.re bc-l-'si in
Ju-bt* Lyons, bnt ot them w„v dis
;__o.t Of.
_l_.ii* the Miiyor the _____ ln_.'i of or.ljnanon
cases wrrt tUttyiTTil ** att«i whioh -La Eloaai va«
catvi hia soat t_l this mat—Ug.
fira_tiyo Pias.—Two wiaT.en. Cir_lr-reU.i Hloka
and Bliaa Fay, l,.i__ ir. H. i. 100, wata _rraete_ ca
Wednesday lait, by l.'on*tK>,. IF. W Befc-Baan,•**■
fe charts of U-ing pi_e-i haff__a_an 11 -
1 carc'aa.4 ot A... hogs of two rssblswts of Tlcn
wflre found ou their pramtsaa. Tn.i «om__ WW**
boiled in tha s.ura ,f one thou*-—— dollaiato unr-_r
the iharjra ImtOie the Qssiftty Com—
On the id instant, nt tiu r_ad__i .• f tho >■ IVs
father, Mr John Edwardi in Han ■*.! rc.unty.v__r
Asb'.-itd. Mr WILLIAM I PRANCIS, o/_Ua
mo_d, lohfiss ADKLI.VK- KDWA__J_
On Fr.day, 10th in.-i.t, at th, W ! f-tn
3 R R'-.-" 1 ,-*, in i'n"s-'--t'' Id t".:
inj( Uln.—, BUWAMD - I-' V-AN'I -. ol
utv. in the f rry-rcv . .•
IliS fill:" al will Ii- ■ : • ' ' '
byteiian Church (f'hm H 10-MOl ' '■< •v -
day MORNINO at II o'clock Tha fnends <t •
family are inviti i to atb nd.
On the morning of the llth instant,'at S«'
of consumption, JOSEPDINE MOOKL, a«MI D ■ •
years and b n month
De irest < toi thou hast
W. thy loss most deeply 1
lint 'ti-. i.'-l i "• hath i ". aa.
Be an all ai i ' , »'"'
Her fun-ral will take place from the r*_iden -f
her skrter. an Bnod itreet on BTJM»A. ■ ■
l\., . ... a. .■ _ Tb : trie. Is of tha 1 •■ y •.'«
iiit.L'-i to athtnd
, ■:, 1DI: V;- STATL-3 "'■ A '-'< "-■' ; A
},)i: l 111 Ea : hU> Ul ITRICI Ul Vi
Nw\ fc-tfbLR I • a>.i ordured, oreltM
v....... i ~. . it c. i. bi ok. r. - if.
Cami.ua, J h-. M Xi - L Sn th »n1
Vf.1. : .::. A. M"''.v. 1 ■'".'. ' : then , --ii tho I til
li vV 01 Ura'! MH> Il SICXT, m lei si d tatvi
and make before William 1 Wai .....
sio-_i of thiso irt .utb „n i ■-.'■' •' I _»»t__mtnt
of his transactions as rw;oivei foi tl • i 0.- ;t "i
net! succeeding ':.• late ol hit latt -' •
r.gui.oxlhvt*..; !• 'r, -a --:t. -a '». r.grcsf
ciift el "an act foi lbs - . i< • • ■-'- -'• I ths . U'».
~.... erty and t-rfe. •., of shsa enemies, and '•• i tt«
L_-_.nitvof -i:--"" '■' '•'• : ' ''' oUit f ,
j Appwed Aua_*t ». 1 «»: ■• - ■'■ -' ! ' .' }
.e-I.v-i's shall not have made and render, i • _
account a...t settlement wu_n th< I:- ' ■;«
months, than be it.all rendu an ac.uat dU
tr-b-actions s» nA__a-l - twel-a i • •
suc-t-eedir.s hi. but set_-_-_.t And .'- ihn bsi
ordar-d r A_t--*Me I I ' :- - * ' '
ba wbU-hcd m the E»._ni_i a -_-,
natU, of the city .1 i "•"«»". *- : -
r-AU Weekst.-n-.a. '.'•-•" bafotl '.'.•-■•• '■ ■
ticm-nt, a e-tiy v U.i. • id< r, and v si i- •
this court AAA on« : - i ' ' -
totbeAtVornej -MM
! -ORDfll ELLrrrr.
nO!t---lt-iW ' !
Oft; _. r Coni > '' tu. M .in j
\ii:rr..tv i. * _ lavra r
rpriE iscKr-ASiN't dkmaM' roR
I X-U-MEArB C>__-U\TpSW,_*l ih ».....
4-for_;i _by W-ed m-t itobe j - ■-
&as_tpns. ■ » < *• v .
■Bn'toth-tr sd-rasi _._ :- -__->*i .-«'
tn-Uirr- -I -* __for__a___i » fill '-'_ •»
_w__i^_->ioef.i,..,,mi--'"VA'U, _-.■■ i-s • ■■• - J -~ .
ft IfKUAL MF.KTIN** -li#na*t A>
>\ HUAL MEETIM- ' -■'• fl -'- " ..' '' _Z
P_r.v will ba bald at tha offl «• - ■ , u»
the'e.ty of Its _n_oi '. at ' j 4
.NE_DAY,Uf : «-i.---'.-;.. ..' ;: :
tn_o__-S_-i«-f t '-' r ••*"'■
i tn-'c*._---'ei'»t- 'Vl' •■ *
£b__sM m s;* »•*'• *-T« * iv L •
_f thu m—o'-- , *•. : . ....
JN DI (> 0.- l-tp* »«•* IJt.t-B -t*i th
t.;.p.__i. Hwas-sa »K*trei* I** ■ I, \**_*
Boap, ___rni_-i-i Arrow Root, Ha*-; *£_*?,
luUa B-b-ar .tippl-*. * t **, *;*'-
Di _g*ri*i. i-»-i and Uf-.'. '..—.«
I wish to buy eanaatitJ «_ _«*« k »wl*i -at
E_--m_) d Loti.v. 80--. , -*0. __3p*.y \ ;_■
no JL-.
f__ o.ut-_-.,t haa ansa lull* -_*•£ «*-P «~
lied at -No. 11 Governor -trees as •***■•■ j,
Or,_-is wtii bo prompUy altO-del Ift- ,

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