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iiitlvmoiiii Disuatclr.
BY .1 a <\nv.\ui!iN _ co.
. BaUiM-ATcnispiii liaheddaily,(Snndnyaaaesid
. - roarv Msiiii.i,,, t-.-lve months", r.wn
' \_** ''' ma months; ran _ai.t_.aa Ih- three
. "* ■ '" ''"* '■• '"■< I »'"-f"ionem.>i,th.!n-dv„n...
•-•'"• bj mail aie at tl," nsk „f thos.
vt." m a,, it,,.-,
c.. I.LL.F, ,!.i,i.i„ ~t in § w ■„ „
" A I. th. twelfth \.._ ..I h. r .. .
] - i '-'...1.-.5.,t the family arc
J litis: MORNIMU nt
■ '■ ' •■! by irr-r-tfather, Oar
-•• '■ .x unty c! IL-riro, with

. . 1 Ith instant, Mr RUt-iIA
■ thirty-*, v.,i y, -~ -.
nil t ike . I leeon TURSDA*! . at II
'" I ",,- ... his lather, Jo ■
• " " ■ md Adam* •?!.. •
■- era Invited tv .. i ..I
■ • ' '■ I 1.. '; . ,
nf, ~.■:!',.
...s-.-t.-1..., .
• 1 his unit „„, ..
' - i trait-
It. ! lh- < rc-dutlon-, Ui i .
•"•■■ h appieaatiou it- lua
: •• « I icudel • h.*f.imih
' bin meiuorj isen
fl wherever we n iy -
■ irn withui
■ more inthnnti t... □ l . '„
■ give them the awurance oi
uiiped ii. v -.;.. .. _< ;,.. , , v .a
' them ,s th* k.i..i. A ol friends
■■-. -■; th ' so resolutions he
ad si.:! .:...( to tin
■ a OROE ii. BAVAOE,
\ :■■■.:. ■
-—"' ■
t n i■:- riucT court ofthe
I • _1< cm, IM*..—Ordered, that Recover*
■ ti . A nn L. Ri -A, Thorn is 11.
"'■ ■' •• l-un is L. Smith snd
iA. Maury, d each of them, on the 12m
■ ■ BLR NEXT, render and .tat,
• '•'• illi .;■, 1 Watson, -, . omm --
111 • llllt -tnd -.-'•:■ :;;, nl
as is' . ■:-.-. i- foi the six months
• ■ -. • ' ■ i ite ol his last settlemenl >.
aof th, Ait of < ongress
" ii._ t for the se.iuestr__.in ol the esl .:•■.
". - --I all, n euemiee, an i foi the
' i . ' ol A.'- (V.nfedt rate Si .-...." -
■I '. i-1 .il Hut it any'om of f .id
• 's hall no! !.;.. ii idi an 1 rendered such
• v ttlement a .'i.iii the 1 >-' twelv.
I he tin .i-i lv an a, . .urif i I ;.,
. !■•:• . i foi ■ ■ :\ ii mouths li. Xt
- • •-. rent And it i. furthei
• ttl Mai I of thi 1' -a: t . ..u— ti
• . lit mill, r, Ku'juirer and Ois
: " . - ;•'. i i,, mi. r, I, ::... ,. !\ week, t..i
~ ..1.-' • 'Alt 'i\ . I'.'.U the .;.. i d.-.VOt S. t
rder, and th if the clerk ol
... a ■.. 1 i., wsp .|- i i on-lining
■ th. Attorney ■•: tbe < oufcd.ral.
It tl ' • a. a
.- i. Cl.-ik.
■ ' . . ii] ('. .-■■, ,- i ... ,ii -, \i, -
.M il :i mt I i i.i i.n.'in,
i hmond, Si -.- !-.:- i 1". 15.,1 I
fi I'l Ll-01-Vl-n 01-RATORd, and the li.-.-e
--,•-, f..i • li, d m. ii I ■ be in th« le 11, has
... • d a.- ri mi •.:•■• oi na 'I RLEURAPHIO
■ - i toR Yol NO LADIES.
•: : ..i. ■tl : mi's -.vi.
. ■■.;. mil •! by t< stim iiiial • of ruali
ri«, iddr. --.-l to •' I*' leftraph Rox A, Itii-h
---■. " All whose applications ar, fa
il I will be furnish, t with ai ;i ~1 ir,
■ - - through ti,- ;-.-;- ifli •-, con
mioi ii. ai.i: relatinK to the n iture oi
.:,;■, ns tti -ii, &h i. IU It, ■■ I
~...-'. mi .-. -' and hildreii' Shoe*,
[lilmor-_l_, from Ito 9 the befit
:.- . :. ... *.. :i .'. -. .-ri.
•. ;. i v. nth m, i.'- 0 .-;■ is and Pie
i very lib :..i d. iunl by lb.
_ . , i rties tltat ;. i>■ mull) shoes !-.• buy
-■- . ivail !l ■ ; : :.:.■ thi - ■ (roods i .it
-. ..-.:.' liAiaiY, i:i \l> - r.\ STRY,
.!.,.;.... . l | .:,:. ■ " 1 ibove Mam.
. !
•v '. , I |i|:. IHKIK-? OF ST'I'.SCIUP
i. i fills HAY ••' thi li mkiiifi II •" "" : " ■'"
.. .- . .-. App.Ts.jn, and remain open forono
.. Un ■- i the t.'i'it'i! stock shall
~: id foi - '.-'l.l. Ibis company
■ r-r.dei ivdl ervi.n to the ■ '.ui.tij- by
a ■ • tii■•• Machine, an 1 the
t:il i idu in -ias !■■ capitaliats.
..• ■'..•■! is foi sale.
i a a; s \!.t'\ the following HCHOOL-
I"' ■ . .-, ■ ..... ".'- I. it.:. Dv ..A. ii. . Owen'
; . ...' - I. An: Orom
. i . ■ ,- < . nip sition , Rob«rt
l-*iencb; Anthon' ■ X il
iimi ; lick, ring's,,-,_ j.
• . irHiurii ti : Lincoln's Livy ;
i•. v >n ii '■ i -Vinh ,ii'n Horace,
Al i, 'i caw- of BURGI
,AI.| IK.Vt'H Apply t«i Mr. J. 1) < HAL
. •- ,-.. A, Nun . uth Virginia batta ion,
no 11— It*
| /;.!.•-. ; s - ii.A.'X SHOE STol.'K.
I ; - ■-~;. ,r. a itooraabove Main.
..| !| i,j -'in!.--, now in store. Ladle, and
„ .. liy waited on and shown tui
. . iriety not now to !«• ex
.. :..- timoß. whii b we offer at tlie
V. ... -~; -..,-, ~v, afford, r-vc Or nix hun
. . ,i M-_V'.S ENGLISH _HOE 9, which we
'.• .. . Parties having o_utr_et_ to till
■ | ,■, ■ tiieee good-, as they are very
I w _
■*• ~ ili I] A gentluinan prirpoS-S to
\ . , itopein ibout thirty days, and ia«
,. .....'.,,( of supjdiee ; "- 1 '-'"
Venon-tly, b_vi_g a Imve
. tint-tig.. I- is <.i.e.\
--[.,! loi thu ewho m «y have buainewi
. .... onuiu nt If-wiO return m four
Phi bestol refcrenoes given. Ad-
U,x aa, HnlbdnuT. North Ou„ l.ua, v
..ji w . - W. F. Prion, L-i , Ri-hmond,
, J ; no '.»-_. t
_'i'l ■ -jai. notice.— Th_ p__}iri--ord
N ti. ALAILVMA.oi ''_tW."l_irtng-giiinop«»__d
,~, i.i.l-AItIMKNIA..I hi..-tubll-hiiH.iil,
i, ; iin bis patrons and the pablie
...- he aid endeav, i t i keep on hand
a i'l I! vNOt-WLS; OYBTERdiu every
I-, ■ ut .i a take regular, as well as
, -. „DEH - ■ heupci and betterthan any
!_l__Z- ,K __
-VT(»TI< 1 Alwaye <»n hand, H i"l i,,r
~l,'-, FLOUR BABEELd and KKGUot all
' , i\u. , 1-L-tKLI-s, TLiIS. fcc-Ordew
. .-■ it . Dtd '- gi ry.No 1 Vraokliit
. , . | | hop, on Sevimteeuth street,
. | .-....! the i • n'-'rtl Railroi.l uoi_
b i-i-i iTes, leeches,, lekches.-
I . M. vi Mi HOR -N.Ouppci . and I>**H
■ J .......... .-,,! Ui, citi-Miaul t_lchl_o_-'
..... ~..,. ,„ ti„ n.-iii- ' , -■• are eu«
-••,.., 0r:... _nd rt-s-dence, Frankbu
. |iaßardHous_.oi «t Gab w.u. r -
I uoU-'t
rVTO. II i: NVEDNEKOAV, the 16th,
X havin. la-n eet ap-rt _a _ d.A of basxing
-/ , 1 ,,,. < L, Pre_.de.it Im,- th.-i. •w. R be no
Market Ltd on that dny
Clerk oi rttsond tiarket.
L_lOKOlUJf_ KOK HALE.-I iwve aI I
!*V ■ a...- t-JIUiUUM, tin. k »"Jv;'v^l""" r '
.. ' ... tb_ barrel and ntail. V- LE C Ait,
■ ~,,,.., U I I rulikln. and TWeliU.-th Jrttg;
11N.1INK POtt SALE.—An ix« .11.-iit
_ ENGINE ol Sj-h_n_pon_r. ilightly out of
l ep't,,;.lU,l_,,vh'^e, < Hl ? U.M'of iiooLKKi
|IU ii ;j..* Co<_-d_r_U» gtltW_W-_ly.
B_iLTFI-TBE for sale ly
i.o —in l-'ourtli and Prhj-Oin -tr. ets.
ajjj. J—— -j,-,^,--^^^^
VOL. XX VII. "Z RICHMOND, 1.A., M<)NDAY, _ffIV£MbERI4, 18CL NO. 117.
ilicbmonb Sispttfr,
y~ _- •s--' Jl v
Th, i>ui v Deat-n ii i< -...Id to News Desders at
r,t awn , i si- per copy.
(tub tr, •!.. d. n Cue [in . „, tr „.. ~, X ., hni.'ii I
and Ct.il.ui_ yesterday. So tery quk-t, indeed,
ba* Orant'a army been ol latetbht its e__J___—ais,
t • judg.- from recent Northern papers, lot gotten or
'ii.'-l in Yrinkeeiand. The New York If, aid
an* '■■'■• <> down tn.- greel sbrn "GRANT," that
'• ■ I ' • tare at in in flaming capitals from the tup
ol it* iii-i . iliiiuit, sud has not ;i word to throw
"• -' the Army el the James . xl-Am-. ..t
'ii' •' ' ■■•ii i-. The y.i„ ■ nation is bu*ywith ..
more important ntlcr I'reiadent-making. Grant
has good reason t... bis inactivity. If< it al Iv
wit's end. On t!.. _7th of October he net onlyfaifa l
t>> turn eithi r "iir right er left Hank, but v.a- badlj
mt up, und not himself into such ~ trap on our
ri .-I.t tli.tt, but for In- ha .'y midnight retreat from
the Eovdtun ptankroad, in- must have lostngood
portion of his mn.v. II id he held his advanced | -
-ition till daylight on the 28th, be wonld have fur
ui-hed the Northi m i-emmls wit ha sensation article
md, ii, niiii. r.e which woul I have defeated U__a_o*s
i lection, if anything would. What Grant saw in tli.tt
advance or *♦ reconnoia-ance" convinced bhn tin!
be cannot attempt te reach tha Soutbaide railroad
without eithei storming our work . putting himself
in the dangerous position he occupied ou the 27th,
or making a detour of twenty-five or thirty miles to
th., southwest, tie may well pause lei-..- before st
biaptii :.ithei of these experiments. Wesee noth
ing Utter foi him ;.. .1" than '.., : o into winter
quarters and iwait thi ■ anpl.-tion of Old Butler'!
canal .ii..', the return ol spring Thiswould certainly
!' his wisest course; but it is not likely he will Is
permitted tv adopt il. When tl..- .->.. itement attend
ing tlie Presidential election .hall have died away,
and tie- '.'.nil...- press md people !..•• _ time again to
turn their attention to war matters, there will be
such afire in bis rearbecausehe doi - not tiike Rich.
inoiid that he wiR be forced to attempt something,
1 owever desperate the prospect of success. Thereiaa
rumor that Sheridan is coming to him t-> strength, n
ti.iii for future operations This shrikes iw as ini
likely. Sheridan's campaign in the Valley has long
u-.i.se.! to he off i.-i. i Bin, • hi- ;. tn at ti"iii II .i -
ri .nburg his movements have been pundy defen
sive. II •i.i-1- •:. ,ti th- \ all, >• not to ' apture any
town or destro) any ul • ut lines of communication,
t.iit solely to keep Eaily out of rciinsylvaiu. 1
Maryland. Up t" tins time 1,- ;i - bar, ly-tnaiutged
to holdrour troopa in check. Il hi- _i my is weak
ened by the withdrawal of a force sufficiently hug,
t.. render Grant any practical aid, Rally wil
irctri h into -frirylan 1 at 1..- ; leai are
111 view uf these f_e_ we doubt wbethel < ; ml
ian expect any addition ul strength from —heridan.
lie must look t" another drafl foi i. mi.»r. emenl -
Thisdrafl will not be lung delayed; yet th, I
raised undei it wiU nut he r_ady fur sen
this i imp-igu. ihorelore, looking also tv the nial
;. rul i, iiu.il.. m.-nt ■-, Gn__t'- beat plan is to quit
■'.ii.:. r/i irters. He haa fought it iut on this line
and it has tuk, n all i uiniuer, and inu t of the l dl
al*.. He has kept hi. word, though it was uttered
only as a sounding boast; audnowthuri ia v thii
for him to do but slumber on the Lint during thi
coming wint, r *
The Yankees dei lintd t.i ox hangc pap, i yester
day, and the pickets in front uf General Pickett's
lin. are reported to Itavo said they were ordered to
■~,iy of ivi in, i: that ii iv.vi. ..1 with tie
pi • .-.■ ..I exchanging. Yankee pickets on th.
--v. line shit. : that there had been a greut riol in
..-■a- York city, during which Old llutl.i had been
assaasiiuit-d. We dii un tin i absolutely, v
entirely to i £ood, 1" • :.1 litt'ul, to be true, li theie
had ltta-u twenty riot' in New York, ; :_tK ri. not
foal enough tv expose bimseUiutbi street- Ai__u
...1: roul■! i.. I ■■•• illn .i i iii the down-trodden city
uf New* Oil, vis unless when chid in uinioi r.owoight}
that hi L.uld .n. 1c «-..1k mil. i it,;- led • Xi ■
the , o ;.'i_• :n I ii, cious ;. rsoii iv uiuh .of in
rbriiit, i and • -.<.: pirated _opperl——d . "i. no!
Butler still lives, and is now r, iping a harv, ■'. "t
honor and glory (.a having kept X. w Y.>i!a thi
great t.....'l.iiiiiit' i , Ol C'.'l'i"-I'hea.ls, ••!>. A. X.'-"
and it-bels, quiet during tb. election of Last Tucs
Lit.- Lis*, night we received from our intelUgent
ageut at Petersburg tbe telegram—to be found in
another column s»ntaining it summary of ncwr
from the New York papers ot th- loth inst mt. The
naws is intensely intero-ting, and most important.—
Lincoln, tbe momeut his re-eL—tion isat vi.-1,1. i
issued his prod imation calling foi a million <•'. men
t., -m -A hu iiiiiii. i. Now, for the first time, I- ■;• ne
at the N'urth the reign of the sword, in tho heavy
I mdof the IRinois raU-sphtter. Ititherto he ha.
hut showed it occasionally in terror; heraißer ft_
Yankee nation are !" f.s*l it'-'..!.. Lim oln is di
tutor '..'..' word in >ne hand and purse in tbe other,
il.- caHn f o r one million men. Ho does not "call
spirits from the vasty deep." They -ill come, il,
will have them. Revolution alone can prevent it,
snd thai revolution must not be delayed to l«r ol
any avail. It may l'<- too late now.
General Early pas-ed through Windlestei Sa
turday, at one o'clock, on h,s way towards thu Po
tomac, l-iaarmy is efficient andenthuriaatii Oui
cavalry had a suooc-Hful engagement with T !e
ci.eiiiy .-ii S.iturdiiy .-...nie -ik <v st-veu miles beyond
Wiucheatcr, on the Martinsburg load Wo hay,
au itartieulan o! tho fight
Sheridan'ii army bad, as stated in Saturday*!
Dispatch, boon weakened by sending two oorpt
across tb ivtcuiii. vi the direction _l Washingtvn,
The enemy removed the rails from the Manas a.-
Gap raiLroad as fosrdo-n as its puni-iou with thi
Orange and A___u__dr_i road. Thej liavc now I__
that section oi couutry altogether.
Tie- foUowing "lti-i.tl diapaUh was received at th,
Vt'.i: Department on Ba^irday:
••Ti ni i Mm*, Ai MiiMt, November \ IW-i
•■ General .'. Coop* r,
" Adjutant and Inspector-General
"Chaner-l Forrest reports ontbeoth instant tha
he was then engaged ighting the enemy at Fuh
,.iivill.; li,tmg al.en.lv destr„v.,l foul gunboat
sf eight guns each; fourteen steamers andt*renti
barg.-, with ». large quantity ot quartermaster an.
onuiii* .iv stores, on the lauding and in wnreh .uses
~,„„ated at botweeh seventy-five and one bundre
-housand tons. Six gunboats wore then approach
ag, which he hoped to eaptni- or de-troy.
v. T. Ba- vaau un-.
Forrest it a ____». B-Venty-five __-_and ten
rt uunrt-a-naster and ______i--hry _tor_«! Thi
„ould_l.n„*t tin the C-pitol Bq_--e. *** euX J v *
e-t is the first Of our *_-_»- _ho _-« I'C'-n ohliio-.
:.. ( ~l tl, ,i,ti. by th. ton the cne.ny-s stores wind, b
__i destroyed. The loss to tli" inemyui stores, b
») iiuthiii-- ul gunho-*-, traiwpo-t- «*1 barges, i
~;.t , y millions ot green harks; i,t,i even thi< is no
h, worst of .t Th.y rdied upon the** -tew- b
Mpport _h_-_-an*aarniy,_ii_ theii -eatructwo ■«
rarr much e___«UPr—W its moveuu-lits.
Juhriisonville. Which it named alter Andy Johnson
_Uit_ry Governor ot llMlll and VtC_-_-____-
le. t of th, United Btatea, i.i on the east bank of th
.tnnu-flr- tU9t,totu m*** ***** H.yiioldsburg
.nd.-lheterrnmus of the No.thweste.i, railroi-d
____ ...nn.cts NiuhviH" with the inv.r at tha
'!j n . Andy Jolms-ii caus-d tho Worthwest-n
a ,„;, u d to bo ,01..p1'.t-.l to this plate in older t.
a',„y Nitshvilic by tho Tennessee rt-er it_W
;;: .liiM-rl-iddiould NT'tN mwmmmm^tm
li ivigation. Since the completion at) the railroid it
has grown t-. be .1 place ul ttie.it import m.-., being
the depot oi Mipiilici lor Niisiivillc, Kn_xv__e, Ikaa-
and Atlar.f.i.
General PotT-st attacked th" place fr.m ...hove
~t,'i i.elowut the mam tun.. Baring 1 (anted hk
1 .-. ri s dorlne. the tii ? ht ~t the 4th, he, the Best
in irning, opened a oonocntrnted-wwlUi eight piece.
upon the lour gnsboata lying at the wharf, which,
__ef an _ajmgt"___i_t ef tan miwitea t it_rtng whidh
tbe boats replied rigorously, were set on fir. and
. oi.s.un. d The enemy aim duncted against v* a
brisk tir. ~; bowttaen front, their tort. After actting
fire to th. gunboata, at—• batteries opened on the
• ■ ••■ . rt* nnd bargee, which w«-ie also soon de
stroyed. Th. vasl 'iininlitie- '-r -t-.i.-s whii hciowd
ed th. wareb use* of the place and covered acres of
ground along the wharf, took lire in someplace*
trom the burning b",u., and in ___eia were bred by
r.ui i.-i". 11, -. th..- rapi i play ol which also deterred
the em m from mak ng _pye__ll _. extinguish the
il iiiii'..
i.-. ugh, aa wv have said, the enemy's (ire was
very heavy, it wan not e_tcieiit. General l-'..i_ v—*s
• ntlre ees- in this affair was only ten men wounded.
At last accounts his batteries still oummand I tbe
town, which, aftei bo disposed ofthe -it gunboat,
that he mentions aaapproaching, be either destroy 1 i
or Captured.
l'i;'n I'-ir Southern n, count?, the 1. port is eon
finned that -Herman has returned to Atlanta with
four eoips, havimr Iteii unable to catch Hud. He
basin Tenneesee, however, a force of about W,OOO
men, under Thorn...-. We niuy now expect in carry
advance by Shi rman on Augusta or Macon, with B
view of forcing Hood to return to Georgia.
Hood did not take Decatur, as has been ro posi
tively stated, but man bed around it and crosaed the
renne—see near Tv scum bia. 1T..-, new base of ope
rations is near Tullahoma. This i-. .i little town 011
th" Na.-_l.lEc and Chattanooga railroad, about
.-veuty miles from Na'hville and * lit': • more lhan
-'■vi-i: 1 ;. from Chattanooga. Tullahoma is in th, edge
of Cotk. i 'iiTily.'.'ind ' ntl ruous are tin tail 1• •
W.iri. ii, Franklin, Lincoln, lied. 1 i tn 1 ii iv
rich iotU.il, md hllod with a brave people. Il
General Hood ran hold the Nashville and Chatta
nooga road at thi 1 p.anf a while,-wo do not _•• why
he may not no utterly destroy Sherm in's communi
c ition .is to make it aec. scary for him t-. wa •.:. and
foot lt out ' " .-sjuirta or Last Tennessee.
From all points on tlie seaboard we find n thin
but the monotonous "nothing lining." Flu—vara
• ■:■• same ai [us eyu ;on the iratrh, and the sam
and 11] ■••.!!.: mas-s ■•: tie- 1 -~.. i. idet ■ tand
a?ainst the sky to-day, to-morrow -»-i 10-iiioit..w
till one fliink' ' lu-y rut ' we 11 -■• n with I t.m.i
i.i hill -. "1 '.".11 .--'llth.-11l . ■•.-,-'..-.... - but they I
al. ii'.'ie-, oui itie. until iii a ,-vi I w.u -hall
\ .%> '■ Ui situation .- —aroelj inter- 'ii./
tho enemy merely oif iv the hay md ivrr
now and thoii Liking a turn up I '.nt th, city U.
I it i. doing
At Char] ston and Wilmington the Uct ir.
.-A,. Ill) .- '.A-'-' ! ... 1. ide-llii.ll. I■. Llld .
-.. .: ~.._.>• e,i.l-e _k-_jff*__~ .- 1 •- as thouijh i;.. •
Were sti '.-!. . ; .: '.:.' thi - v. ite!
.1 m o lt r. ii x a x 2 .:. r s
] i i an thi Chi ■■ ■ .• Tim,
In contemplating matters iv tbe Shenandoah
\ll ley, one -Mi lind hkuseii at a loss aheth r to
mo-t admire the va-t r.niubel ..nd extent ol bh ::
.'em's vi toriea, or tbe remarkable stoUdity with
\\!:; ii the rebel Early nn.lures frequent annihila
tion, l-'.-i' tbe laat two months the eut.uy have ex
hibited the remarkable pc- nli riity ot being ! ii-ated
otvi-wlieltjungly .ii tiiv .-;....! i inletv lis, an i -lthm
, :. : i ymtttel ■ icb lieh—t pic-eiititi;' themselves
ih 'tioiigei ii".- th.ni ever to undergo ii le
ft ~t ii..ii.- di ..-ti'.u- th.ii any •■! its predeeesHui ■ —
l'neie was once, iv some olden t ible, .i dnigoii that
j., useed the soiiiewliat singuiai (wwci ifpioducmg
-i hall do-cti • i i.i.'ie ie- # j., nd- ah. never on, of its
old ones was chopped off; andiuKarly,
.torn prototype ol this tabled n v t. I'l ........
•:.. ni.ii tops away his luaba, tlio greater U.oini'_
he t■_ k, for, Rom ea-ih bleeding stump spring ■.
, ~,:■ , i • .-. limb ', t.U tin- rebt I chi, i.,.iii :. ,
.einbles the luindred-haiid. d Hiiareus
Pltrly Was first routed i.t Wiilcht ter, and a Uttli
biter is found at _._-.- llitl waiting to b. routt_
..-..■:;. 11. is once more, routed, '.vl;h trcm.-nd
and three days after, his dcmoralbieu cohorts
l>n ent a fbm iunay at ll—rrisoiihurg. Fiom this
pin-: h.- is routed, with li-.irf'ol -i.r.i--hter, - that
there i- ■■ >-' ely , nough It it t... *r i y the tale of dis
u iter t , the nLI capital. A little 1 iter, and :•■-.-. i
daufaUsbacktuMtraaburg, but hi hardly rea hod
ttu-re ere Early's broken legions pn apitate them
:.-. n;...ii him with the fiercone—aof ttgei-s. A„:iin
nee they r mted with tremendous laughter. Sheri
,i ,;i -lis h ■ k to Cedar i reek, and has but jii : gont
.nt.. camp when the routed Early is .i r \i'ii upon him,
drives him four miles, nnd captures twenty • unnon
Hut '.:. •tu -wsisonlya mumentary one, for the gal
l-.n' Bheid_ui dashes upon'tho ti. id, reforms in- bio-
U-'ii regiments, and turns the tide of battle. Again
do,--the unlucky Early undergo the crucifixion v!
i' tug routed in a style which, tor etfei tivcaoss, the
record of defeats furni-hc- no pi.i-.il;. 1-..
The worse Eaily is routed, the spi-dior and dead
lier is his next attack. Lii.o the oh! Auta-as, he
only strikes the ground to arise a stronger, bigger
iriant th at bt-brc. The mure violently ha is hurled
i.. irth, the higher i.-, his it-bound lh. more •m
--pletelybo is ••■iT-Acd" by Sheridan, th" less he will
-t.t " aettled," and the sooner be regains itr.-ngtli
to tw •' settled" again.
Wonderful as i-i this re, tiperative ; owei in Early,
it is not more so than his uu—haustiblu al-ilitj a
furnish chnnon. lie lost a large number o1 • ■-.:. v
when Sii.-ri.ian first "aettled" imu ; and he 10-t.i
e-ii-i h ~i!.l. i..iv. r number Ihe -• • iaid time that he
tt'is "setthd" by -d.eii.liiii. A little later, and
Sheii,b,u oiiieiiiojc "aettled" Early and cupturod
all his cannon. Witlibi a week h rttk-T* him
again, "ii.l again captured ~ gool many cannon.
Day before y__terdaybe on.,- more "settb _" Un
unfoi t uuate Early, and captured fifty . unnon ; and
wo have no doubt that to-morrow or the next day
he wUI afiain " settle" Early, and one mur, cap
ture ;i grv_t__any oannon—probably not leas th in
fifty or sixty, flic more cannon Rt y lost , tin
ii...'.. he.aecm.sto have left; so much c.., ti ia! it
Sheridan keeps on "settling" him for sis mouths
longer, the Pederal Gov. inment wiU be able to i top
~.1 it foundrii -, having chough cannon for its own
suppiv, aiul a large surplus tor tho next wai with
Canada, Maximilian, or Urcat Hntain.
On.- would think that eitlier _b ridan woul I 11
Ui. ! ol " . ttiiu , " TEarly, oi Karl;, ■ : l« ii>_ •' • '■
tied." But they donot ludging by the past, She
ridan having routed Early aU th« way from Stain -
t..i. to < '■• lar i ret.'.. will i ontinu ■ routin ■ and " . : -
An,j " mill lioin i--1..i creek to tbe Rcunsylvaiiia
bound-ay ____,
Li..11-.1l l", 1(1 t_-l_-.lt> - 11l LoVK 111 A.ii
Lot m ,o nn. I'kisi-*,;, Mil. oi i i.Mm
the pages o] /'_—.'. ttr» among tic last tiuiu almh
we Would hope t., glean .. p.«r-.iei.,pii ol gossip, bul
vet th. Ie i.. on. in. n.le iui ih-.t u.v-itic brother :
who c.ii.'.itiitc the Stall at No. il 1-.--■! -tu.:, who,
iivm hi- } o.ti.'ii, and social position, i- genernlly
ihorousjbiy liitonued ad to -hat :• .. n.c on i
this geutlcinau we probably owe Ute uitom.ati :.
covertly given iv last week's number—tovertlj', w, .
■it bet in .• th.-wm.-i found. 1 his p;u tKraph on a
.•„-,iu.-i.t in .. weekly paper, uiniparuUvelj un
known, and graft. I thereon fits own Jnuirmatiou;
thi result ol whi-h is that what Mr. nuwkeraj- de
li mbdtociUla " R-y-1-p-n-age," and which i ■> urn
have tht«least diffi'-'ulty in ib-tecang as the Frin
,,-- M iryot Cambridge,j> _ught in m image by -
noble i-iscount, who-e aimy eervi - entitles hi__ i-.
M of noble and gallant epithets, i..- uidj and
the ludl 111 i'l -'!• ti. I "id-- '■"'.: • i <■"'" • ] ■■
|,*.A . "tr.e t.-.0.- ai.- not ilvray- •;.;- iiyiu.. -
~., ~,:••• andaUthati* disagreeablei*that sri.-t n
;.l T.le.e ..I' !..'.-|«.l:lli.'H, Hi" l_y_l "■s I 1 1 1,1' •' ■- ■ !
Which 1.'iU1..-. Ihe consent of the -"t.-l-1.1. A'
~, uniw ; v , ~ memlaa ul the i ,yai l.tu.il)
~','., pe,--oii not ol .»>-. blood, 'im- _-.n__ntbe,
i,r,__it " Vfosi _r_eious" is not gracious t uougn to
'~.,,., audthouirb Alt. /W.-ith an amount ol
wvkariw matter -huh .bows that h. has not
..uidi.'l Mr. t-ui_ng*s pamphlet, a nope
thatthiSWUl be foilhcollilll-. yet the Withhold!llg
r,he,„v.a approval U ovulcuUy the hitchi- the
~,,11.1. Let us hope tha It »_i be
!k uAv and gv* eft-Jy Jh_L4 Di the whub uaA
.del t'.iiulv th.re nn.. one mora populart&anuie
'~,.,.5i,rv, und the people ol Ktle-.atld Would
i- iiiin-iv rt-h-i sco herw,-i'U to anfc-gbahno
h • uioi v.l.'.ru -he cares than to a U«-___-lotte
whom .he may nowi l-.te -n. As to the name -
v - '•.',.ie..i-r..t1.at,i.,.-.iya..iv.-.l„t Our mend
:-■"r'': u ''■^''^:'"tirl i :!•;:::d M ;o.^n::t
_2ke'the monk • and t__n broking **>* ■* }^ r "-_ l
wl ■'_h . very w-U-r-gubited Union keeps by bun, #«
B 1 tt V.-".u..t Hood .cried in th- i.u.ir,s . and
~.. tho bun-do-- prmcipla aa-rib-d to the vi«
;ot r oi p..v,/; t-o'ari't two together, tho whole
my-tcyii solved - London Star, s,tube, S_.
t 1,11 hi- been i_trodui.d int., th. Georgia Le-
B ,itu,. to t,^di.:dU- rt -ailO-.u-o,ai:d %\<*> «
.very t-aiiou diitilicd.
Sevral id The L.-udouthoatre* k.l. b*. n „"".'
cd forrciiglLotsWol-hiJioii ___-_•!»>
T\ T C. "O A HjFJP 1 T-T
We have le. -eiVed to|'llS ot X.w Yoak Hid L.ll-
more papers . I the . V—U— _ of WednAJ.i)', lh( Mb
in____. W give below _ ■_■___■. di ti.ii ■ ._.
Tim im r ii.,M j-.-r.ii; rsurro sTir-s—' l-• oi'i at -
iT.KciKt. _. ..:. r_-O-rat „.woiiirv - ~', 11 v iis
i .tin:lPs uiiiri: iiti K-.
There were heavy lams in tho North-est oiiTsiei
4ay, rend—ring the __H__n of the telegraph wu<-s
in that poi Uoa of the C-ited St ites inoperative and
preventing the reception of any lull intelligence
from Illinois, lowa, Wisconsin and M__neeo—_—
Without these return-, bow-Ver, il is certain Hiat
Lint oiu ia elected bjr a very heavy majority, t-oii
n..-ti'.ut,in thirty-one town-, in. lading _F< w Haven
v i Hartford, gives Lin, ..In a majority of 1,169; and
it ia considered certain that th-Stat.- haa gone foi
him. Delaware was considered doubtftol, the D-nio
.Tiiti. vote showing gain- oui-.-'. Wilmington gave
a RepubUcftU gain of SO.. Indiana, from scattering
returns, has gone for Lin-in; and Ohio, it ia con
ceded, has i-ir,-n him abont "-,00. majority. In
M line, twenty-eight town ig--_ Lincoln 5,50. major
ity--- Repuhii, ..Ti gain of -Mon tibe vote lasthep
-.mber. Maryland has, danbt_d ', gone for L.n- oln,
as the voting seem* to have been putty much all
oneway. ll.ltimore gave Lincoln 11,_7* and Mc
i leßan _,9C_ The Baltimore American thin esti
mates the next Leirislaturo : .Semi;.- -Abolitionists,
11; Drmocrata, 13. House—________-___*__'• Dirn
o.ratt, ..".. The ——Owing tehirr-m i hows liow the
election wa i worked in Cecil and Frederick eoantif s:
Ki.ki >:-. November ».—The First, Second, Third
and Ffth districts give Cs majority for Lincoln and
the Union State ticket—,i rnion gain of about 60
ovurthe vote on the Can iTitution. The Fourth di .
tricf polU were clo-wil at 'l o'clock on account ol a
l ..pperhead riot. Ttii distrkt . ivi I '{.'. ajrain.: the
( onstif :•; i.
I',i,, lAi-.-ii, November S. Tho Second district
.■ • 18_ Demo, ratie majority. The Fourth district
polls were closed in conseqiien eof ■• row, and the
vote will not !■•■ counted.
I-'i-vi'i hi, •:, November B—Midnight - Rebel rtti
zeii- took j ■■■ ion of the polls in Wo d^boroujrh
di-_riel, and would not allow any one to vote until
tlie ". :■■ took th.-ir votes without the oath. A
,w ■. .if i*iptain Saunders men went out and ar
rested thn i-l the principal men, who hay, been
•uuiJtf li. ■ ... Ou .. two mi o were ightly
Illinois, .1. cording t. the i iteat returns, has given
Lincoln .0,000 majority; Chicago city gave him
1,745 majority. The Republicans claim to have car
ried lowa by 25,000 majority. Maasarbusetta, in
one hundred and seventy-eix t wns, give. L.n iln
bo.OOO majority, and this will be increased, ii ~
bum 1, by 20,!KW more. All the I—'-publican mem
held at Fan ■' ! I■" i--: -v :■ : Ever, tt in I . t.ci
, ' • A iv ni; ' In Mich is ' Lvii ..:.' i maj irit
- !• ..:•:■ : ..1 1 ~"■• . O. tn it gat I • ■' 1' in
m.j .hi .- Mi■. •; • .., r linji I-.--■ ■■ l.
i': l* . ..' n the llth, is "claimed IV i '--A' Ri -
i., a .•• • • . ■ ■ l.v lill • i 'i. jol il ■;
Fhc only return troai Mi__.>un i .no from-SI L ..
which -■;:-" I.ii. dv will irry >Ji mi" New
Hani] An. give Luu-oliiljoo nutjoiityin one huu'
d.'.-l A-'.'-r. i N,w Jersey is elaim-d by both sides
-.: . : turn too: .A a : mdi it whi. b o v
j .
New V-..- i nti ts hoard lrom. gives Lirieoli
'■■■■, . .:. : ... " Ll.iu . '.I *'l .' !■ ' ' •'■>■■ maj-
ia- ■.-i ...I?.), and a g.tiu ... i' " ' i-,_-_. t:•
'/,-,' I put i,..v!i ::.. t ci..-i. n..i... ' i i ii
1,. ii.... i-i.- ~' I as- ■•.-.' Ri iA. in- i •■■•■■
. ■ ..._i: ,1 by t •:. ,!. -, Th. r< suluti -ived how.
in ruv teas, >, Rcpubli an ... ..- over the vot, at thi
October el-ction. Mc'Ch-laa has gained _. som,
loctlili, •> in'iT Hi. majorities givont.i tbe D-ni-.
--crati, candid*t< •' ■' « 'iij;r' ■ ; but il thebtl in vol
the Stute shows liie same Repubbc.trt gain a* tie
p.rUoii ahi-idy heard from, Lincoln ha* , niedth.
State, l.iiladelphiii -'-.v.- a Republic.in
1,500. I'll. Philadelphia _V_.ii Repuhiicau „!___
from 8,000 t 10,000 in ;-.iA in I'ennsylvania foi
Liiicohi on th. ian va- ti... .A- till claini
the State, behevuig, it siiys, that" gains in tb, ml ■
1 101 ■■' .v n, .;. ,'.■ thi • ■ in ■he ■ i:-. !_..■ ■
i ihind trivt - l.iiu ;u !.;,....,....., md iv VVnn ,■.:
jhirty-loiu towns give hiui ,'.--"' m '.:".• .. R -
puUic-u raitiol -."'" ov.i A. September vote -
•'W l\ ... ■. . - ....:,,::
i v li n -. ;.. . it_.-: - ,-■ -• L '.. ■ ■ .;. ti. ■
e.iuv. 'I'!..- . tr. the li;''"-- pubh U. tin Hi ■■ ;
n. '. •'. The n.W-1-ii-U i—lcut-tiou will turtbci ...
tighten tl i i. id, i :
'l'h.. \,w Yoik Tt ibitne claims nil the Noti Eng
land States, I'.i.i. ilvania, DelawnTe, Ne-w Yoik,
___ryi_nd, Ohio, Indiana, Micbigan, Illinois, Wis
consin, Minnesota, loir., and Kan as tor Lincoln,
making .: tot tl of one hundr, •: and uinety el, - tor»l
Votesindepondint of tha Pacifii btatea, which, il
says, have probabiytho en eleven Lincoln elittors
The it ■'■ lioii' over 10,000 majority for thi
Union ti. -> t in New York, and that members ol
Congr, -cm ugh b ive been gained to aeciu-the re
quisite tu-o-thirds vote in thi • ■ ~,: Reprcscnt-i
--tives lor paasing the prohibition ol .lavery by coa
idtutional amendment. The New York debgatior
-tiiiids twenty-two L'nioii to nine Demo, rats
The ir'oriti cone, d. s Lin. oln's cl,. lion, i laiuung
however, -Nov Yoik. Kentucky, New Jersey otii,
ouri foi UcClellan Pennsylvania, Dt-iawaie,
(Iregon, California and Si-va— -i it cr.nsid rs in I
i.ut thinks thej : .... ■n»■ i — g , ;;; i i Lincoln
The /A,..- . iaims I A ele, toral rot !•:!..
with a probubilitv of hi. ie.ei\_igall tlie le-t ex
-. atuckv, Missouri, and l bably New Jei»ey.
The i'rib ac puts on its buu-tiii board that -N> "
York has in, toi lam In by not less than _,woi
The majority lor Brooks lor Com .« i, Lighth ..;
trii:, _, ft '<'■■. i. •ilv, - ■ report a ■• U
The States clai medlar McCb— aii coitainly are
!v ntucky, 11 electoral votes; Missouri 11 and N. -
Jersey 7, givin • him 2_ o'.'*- .i -' i'■ votes vi tb -
11 1 .iloi. :-1 I M.» i.N Xl.t. i
Though tbe ele tion of Lincoln wa -. i
arrangement, tlie Yankees made the same fuss ovoi
.■ , il there hud been a chant- toi both . I
Fhricwas the usual tftrniug-out excitc—uint an.
K.peecheS that would hay. itt.-nd.d tl ''-■'■ -It -
tiou. Ar, ti a .'.' ■•■'. ... .\ . ifoik, tht
• Ai.:.- arem if tt'er.; fitted up in the .. hierS
,fli • i.i Ihe Unit I I.utl-hie£j, uid ill tbe window
,,; Me .dltoll.il loolUn, So aiTHliged .'. to ll.o« ti..
.. ,;, .;•■.. ity by wards, foi th Uub mat rial and
j-. idelilial tii. i Ites, Bl nil • IB - I tui '.-.
-.- -~ ,„ , devoted .\. hi-A. ly to th, an
uoiuiteiueiit ol th- liunl ~ •■•' in tl '" it. -nd t_t
Ami., a I iw, driKibmr rain, tiu irowd.i oiiiiua Iron:
every part i the tit v, graduaUy inn cased, until by
. iiint •■'■ ■■'- ■• "- - '' ' kadtdi
::i i oi tv itiin il on : t an lin vein
aim a . utirel r- pi ■ ut' i I'l.c rum <bd not ap| e.u
todein the ciii eiisfroiu venturing ...:, :
itatb-red by thousands, exposing tbtm_.lv.-s 1 I I
we itt.er wiiii i-rrtect ii-diih rent-tt cveivtliing fist
but th, n nit uf the Vote. Tht-y i.tood iv th_ ire,
lit solid phalanx, as compactly nad regularly ar
: ... oi ai ~ regiment in t—e field, sw lyinj; md inoi
ii. r .i,*i-ii.- .n_:.. ji.-.r b -.ly. 1 .'.•- rain pouted dowi
upon t:. ..e'..ii"ii',t*.u.t anxious races ut.;., A-1
.i i -.-, 1, i-i the e_.:t. ti.ei.it bt the _.i_i, b-r_n|
~;,-,, beads • the .toiin :u order to wan
theii : r if..! I ittle Mar. The st cue an
the, r..wd were truly tbara. teri tit "1 -ew \"ih
i i.i Aa■: ■.: I but i.t:..- fuv.n m it A youthful
-. .le ii. .ii in •.!:•.itei irj lin ..- -* r_d the ..'-•
_,rc»s for sale, Willi the tiuiouucemellt that thai
'.... .' . Aim. ,t oiilj two '>:_t-- foi McCMlnii, Hn-1
'..Oil little cl_oUt..-;ellu lit tOl 1..S IlllSt-Uen .1.1.1
--[•rise. As the heavy raajorities foi ' > .-n. •■■■ )'■ '■ '-
1 ,i. u-ie .no,..in,- e.i. i..i,i -rid ke.id cheer: Went UJ
iuii, the i-roa'd b,d, ■-.',, _i___rb-g at tunes tnti
hoarsely-sunj( patrioUc asra, mil returning, in tht
eulhu-iasniol'Uie moment, to repeat, t cheers _m
Little Mac. At th.- moment that tbe majotityo
the Sevc-uteeutli ward _,_ti_ for McC—dbin vaa an
nounced, li«s Drummoud light was sudleulj
uidhtly darkened and theu ibooe up with ►',''■■
bi-ulLiucy, wheu wni'i entbusaastii M lUrl -
claimed, to the gi_—t _muacm_iit 1 tbe crowd
•• Fbat _v. n makes tho Herald* Drumniond Ugh
wink. What-UlOldAUi my'" '--— ann,
mint that thok-teeuth ward had given Lin uln - -
majority tv.- reeeivod withevUence-ol int_n_edif
. :ll .t As the I'Uil Vote ,A the city lie.llct . ...f1.[.1, •
Uuu, Lbo enthuai—_n ol the- increased iv a
rai .'t ratiu .is the crowd lMclt, rea. 10...- the high
est pitch at .t i|uort. i to ten o'clock, when the Mc
i k lian majority in the city wils announced in-full
When this importauttotal w_sannounced at thirtj
ehrht thousand, tbe vast crowd broke loitu into i
wild --hoiU of tuuiin h Than, for a lUoiiielit sti-.iy
tim- to .md no, thccxcit. I crowd in part dispersed
\i m\ iictci'th'ile.-s, ivm uued behind, awaiting thi
tt_noun_em_-t of tha r_-ult iv Urn State, and as wi
yo h> prea. the curious still rein un bel rw, anxiouali
watching the bu_l*-__» board- for fic-1. anoounce
11.l lits.
The B-publi '.m- !l ••' •■ fraad at th-ii
headquarters, uitb music, -pea-haa. md m toiUi -
Quo upcakirr ■■mw "** t_w (act that that. n_«i
heavy Unlun ■unli___r_il u> Ruhmonl, .mri added
Then -n ::: iA ' "io-i I a-1,, , .... r . t'..r«-r.;. i
lion of L"ni a -_w wl • would Dm
and hie minion -bun <i-r--,.i Uiuni and General
battel __u__n_ur_b into X— __a.n_, »_d take pos
■•a un of th .I city. Applaufe. j And not th, |. *
man there to hell ___i -•»* Join Minor H-.tt-. -
Loud ______ Ih. v had heard a great __) ,i.,, u ,
raid*- mini here to take posaeasionof S«w Y..ik
and be knew there had been a conspira y_xts__m v
the Soith a rerolntioni-. the t-o-th by _"_.„,
from Canada: and while these anw might tall
about Denst butler, they had been frightened ti
death that da* by the fact that he waa prea-nt it
the ciA,. rli't'i' and laughter.] But Bmlernevci
int'iter.sl with any one except ■ rebel. and ahen lo
got a hold of one of them, he would h ing him to ri-'
bunp-poat, or any wlui.- else. [CheeraJ Uehac
heard threats of asaas-inating Uc_et_l Butler _
pri'minent Democrat in the city had aaid to him
within ill.- 1 i-t four or five days, "We have losi
t.-'ir thousand "i' livt thousand vol . by Butlt i l .ii.
in h. re." We I, said the speaker, it is so ma b
i«l foj n. Laughter.] He then saw Butler
and tokl him that they und thevwoulda laasinaU
i, M. '• Well," -itl Butler, " th*. V Said the -ame ir
N. w Orleans," and he ;• -::t.-I in- •. r f'l i-
Judge 1 lean had got up in the P_rk aud .said di-
tii. •.... thai .: But i to i. !■■ . -'■■'! ..t Sfew Y'.il,
and pn lim I mart I law he would nut !■ able tt
got far ";■ -roadway htitb. .t.,s told thi- and said :
"If th.it matt D in understand' me, he wall find it
ivrj convenient t • leave in .i thort time." Ap
pi m
■Rx-.Siii-V.-voi An li--*'- then, heing inti.-ln i ' it
Mr. I.;:-!-...!, said ' 'tlie people of t liscountry h*-.t
mi—lo up theii mind* that tins rebellion i- to b,
suppresaed "Bullyfoi yon"] and tlie people 1 ivu
in al. up their minds that Abraham Lincoln is tht
man to -v; press it. [Chen _ j And they have mad
up their min.ls whether the rebellion cxi t...it the
North or the South -w.heth.r it is repte i■i. t. -_l ly
J.ti. lvivis er Seymour —it is to be _arar_e__—
["Bully for you -ml the givateat triumph w.
~.ii ;i. in v.- in this cl.-i ti.oi isintheabrolutede-tru -
t; mof Horatio Seymour. I mean tbe destruction
ot Seymour nnd his infernal cohorts, who havi
raised themselves up _tga—_— the prose, uti.ni ol thb
w:ir since the firing .-i Fort Seymour. A voice
"St nd him to the stale prison "" Th it is too good
a place foi him. [Groan, for Seymour.]
Mr Busf.-e.i i-i, r ! three cheers tor Governor
.',;..,' ii, which were given with i he—rty goodwill
•Aluhn Brown" '.v.... called for, to which toiae one
responded,'• Do let John Brown's bon i rost foi i
few minutes." Cheers and laughter
At ball-past In i*. M. the Chairman said 1 find i
have done inj n :i, eto Maytachusc.-i. lann .••••■!
the majority it sixty thousand. Fhe teb ■■ r, ■ in
forms nic that it wifl exceed seventv-fivi thou ii I
ih... ■!.. ; .v ;• given "foi Ma -
.-. a
It v.-1 ■ thi ii anno in i. amkl irr, at ehi m;.:, tb it
Maine, New Hami-diirt m.t Vermont bad all pone
for Lin >lv -Vermottt giving i tu.ij irity ol thirty
tliousan I.
I lie h .j..t '.Vet,.- , ..11. .1 Up in tO pi IJ ' \ ill X.-: lA_
dle," i ut hundreds in the audience anticipate! th_
band by takn g the matt, i into their o m :i md - and
whi.'.;.-. ".:. ' : nous Yankei tuiu in the moat ef
f__tivo style. Which brought doWi n roar.t
of laughtt.
It vit-i then anVionnoed that surl ientr.l ••■ - ■
I .-, :. .. . iv, i !,.■!" • ;.- : I. '■ tt.i-.lt
i.• ■'.. ; il Lin, idll
j ••■■ ■•. ■A.. :r- :. '..-.:: 111 ii,. ell ... md "■ '•'
. t the '-V i ■ •:••• ■-n , ■-• .' hal gn ibv in ■
■-.I-., en in tl .ipi'f. ot the r 'i i.i
At 11 'clock _' \, ••; t ~.-•: . '.'. .
in ■■ii ii ' ••...."■- • ■ md vii
1 ! •■'■. 1 ; i • ■ I ;-■■-,- ' ■ • - • ..
.nd A. i .a. -..i; i. i ,■ . .... .tn L—i
..-..: end it to hi • ■ _ i •■ •'•' • ham i."
A lo ■ "fl , r, v i ■ ■ -. im, .a i . ■ "
iin -.- lei I ion' i l •■" U -.' i .'-.. Vir _
la,- n . „,.', . .- ■• tl T .S ': ii HI •-. an '■ I
li IJ . ■ .1 V illn A ;;■-' !U] '. He
i H- ;, . fn Lai t
and i-i- - la.i '•;■ :. " 1 "G. I -il't
ioyi I men I NewY rk in" - ■ r It •• uti i -i-
■.' ; send you th v most he irry ■.<■<■ 'iiitul .tioi
■_•(. n your re-elt ctioii [Gicid a.::.-. ■
ru.lien_.rnt-.nl*. lt_d a m. — lvi.rut lA'iiin.n-.
EtiUl, though, a then was not mv hb .! i th.
Aty v. t A'.i. ; i a .:■. .. i - , th
not v. ry •_ ' iug An a rut of if
T ru Wh. . l.in itpp. lied on tha rostrum and m
• . ... I tha the F urteenth rord Would lunt
hundred majority l'"r Litthi Mac
picntly ■ oirccted him eft, and said it Would b
at h_t_t threo tho. md Xn apology was made tt
ti..; crowd for auderrnting thu patiiotirm I th,
Fourteentb ward, tn". h was received with lor I
cheer*and criei ■; "New Yoik go-d foi fifty thou
- ir. 1 maj irity "
The i.'-turns fiom . i-ht di trier* in th. F.ij/hGi
waui j-ivc Mcl . , ■• ij nity ••• fil
i.i- '. It, . ' Ith tl.e :■ ..i'; ipl'iaus. -,-i tl ■■
au inn
A Voice -What maj ~'.-, will -c hay. iv
k ji ■-'.■
Mr. I'.tyl .We wdt i rry tl ity by 1 iit> :.-•
th, ■. md ,it ■ • lobiibiy l.y t'ily-ii
~ . i '. -, -i, ", r> nd a i • .'.■:.
;,:..- . ill a ■;.,.!•. f,M.J of the
Ucni, r_i ■ . I iU ■ ■ •'■ ; . '.-!'. vi - ■
L\ ■ . Xi ■>' '.'• . • .'. . libel Stli. I.i - Itii I I
lh Itl i. I abi ■ " I'.jiu ' '
I "li 1 I, ; ti tlie> '
.'. -. . . i ■. m. . it ie in ij"i iti*- ■ un. !.•!:...;'
in, ti ; ■ • . •- - i i c hi hi i md I
• ■...!.. ■ . , ,i -1 . th.-i r i
ry «,f til'tV t! i md 1 : -. I I Hall I A
i- v. tl Iti thi , -A. :... ■■ nth :■ I"- •■ :■' 'i th
-. : . - *~.-. ..i. .r.'i :..;■■ fi i ror, and it wa*
conceded . I l_s that th_ triumph ru complete
At Butler's h,....i ~...A.i- idl wa .uiiet
. couple of hoi .. ;. bearinjj the w. 11-kiioWn bland
whereby Cnchi Sam denotes his hoi id. h, und ex
hibiting the ii •'.'. il .piiviiud, toiiv appearau c il iiil
lUliin ■;-• Ol '. it In. I, itood addled at tb
where they Wen ■ i ionaily n. uutcd and ridden
aw.iv by —mv oidtalj , with doc-unu nt iinhi - belt,
wl pui; t„■- oi ci ... tb j"i! '■: tht ut
mo tcuiiosity on t.i - part ef tht f.-w by tai ■■ .
who Were ..••'.'ir.- that in this ci'inm r ordei ifrom the
-eiiaral were ti mauiitt. it-; the fort ■sn igni dto his
comman -. , within the hotel, and lounging upon the
L-usbioned s.-ats at i itlier side of the entmntu ■•: re
. tht •. ordt rlit ■ iln ■ .-i in nitty li'tlu jacket an I
"rtanfoiced" p nts, with a sprinkling of ..;!•:
and ' 1., n oil er _J itL en U ; nil Rutlei
i: "i \ '~.,, :. 'cption loom. iLionii
ord.>.tv •'''« tatioiiii'l, and | ivt ft I ' ' If- -
whoa ' ' '-. '•' i-vi " :ndl
.jii:-.e... ;. -.. ■ th.-v. a-.-, al
.-1 ... gVlli ' Il I te. lllS -t iff
11.' ■■- ■ r Tl
, irt . in,. -■ V ll ■' th est Uf Ol I.- Ie 1.. I
authority may gb m oute itifotru.ttlou li..m the
•.t Ai it", ti. i.tl do ■ a ul '■■ "• ■■ '■'" rd n. nd
from "llca.l.|Ultt.-l-, "citvot -NeW T"lk " I :-. ; - l
;., ■..-•■ i*- ' ..' '.. .•:-.-. ■ i 'lour I
mystery to a in . rity ol tin : >\ 1 ■ ■■ " Ui
i _ | tint i '..: - itv nulitia had ijui. tl -. _ ■ mb I
the different unnories was isjually unknown Hi i -
i h.rdoit, _c.s_npanied by ith r members of Gene
:.. itiitler' ■ : iff, m,; .i •it oi ii ; tioii ■....
theufteinuoii, i itinj •.-••• rariou lets hm nl I
troops, but, f com c, without r, nibing uiy unto
ward . rvice ol th m
by vi- an of a I bgra] h wire intro I i A mt 'the
(>( '..r.'i' - >■:!. ~U il ' • ' ' h all part
ity and ■ ant ; the, d ! i return -.-.-. ~
received ■. perused at ti i rnetil fl hi I
in taot.t ulbiact d thi •■ : -lie ol ill. -'.
a ; .
A- ..' ' os , '■ i .-.urn
. - • .-.. - .1. Hooded '■ •
l.ly i..i.. ' '• '- ; '- : '"• •'- ;
l. ■■ . :"..:■ • is very dull ..-..'
.... ti ... ou Mint! '
roW'.li 1 util 1 lute I r t i . --' :
ti, .-, . . ! • thi '-. :■ •' -' urn i th
iv :i m :■■• i vii I A. U'- ■ vi' ■■ 11
v. i .■.- uVerWhtimitigly i f.tVol <>1 Liv fill ill-
Johnson, chi t-i _lt.: cbei i rent It -aii
.m. an 1 speakers Were can I . -" i" n i-l-
I rej ."." and exult.it.oi and gave vent to
rs and shout. of '.1 '
■.: ..--, a. .- .-:, rally espn 11 .' Ln - ... '- • I
;...: i ile.io . •; , and that it - .
whether MctUilan bad cariii 1 i singb _Utt
The _tepub_u_i__i here genendiy to-uiaht art al
■t pi [do m .-i del ~ i •..- i 1 ■" it
.... ...::'. ... it -er, n■li ; with L) n ■-
crats thl -•■ rung eaget h>i el, I.n r.-turr.s IT '.
wbu ii.- ." tn m*ii •■- '-.• to trie i< • •
:.._. ali . il.ni ng ti I [_t_l n.itr.ui
iv the-district ih. let.ter* of the mo.ni •.-.'. ntlt
inn. .put. ,i A.i 1,,-. ..-,.! .lid '■■ ■' ' I the
.'. ilatioU of Uu itbubtlUg ue__ er.-.ItV .-.'...•:'.!'
--ii- 'i feeble -i • A ' ' - .. i■.;!.- hitrryiti up the
■ lt,i 1 '
.. :ml d i. A altli - :.....• .: A ■ othei ol
gOod _CB I yet tO colfie, 1 hit ll • .- "UI 1. . 1
n ■ ...... i It *a •x; ted that th, Ren
A. ; .-! .v Would al '• Ill] ■ ; ■ ' •' A
'ii 1 the tiului i h ittiibuted to tl
Anothei. tin. I al midni ;t.l
Tht p».ple .i I. rally I. iv, -•■■<■■ hrn .ti-fl.d
that Mr Im. >ln v to I th. n a r.. ad, ...
in : th, only w it, hers ar. th< • vho * inter, t. d
11, tb, ie ...'
-V t"W of Mi lor.- ■_. friend hay. ledtocjn
gratulab him and b_r what n - !-•■ lis i. ivrd
but no public, ingratuiatarv nat h .- ouuried -
1':.:. vVhitofl t, an >i:.'.a.... unusual is
apo... at th. r_-bouts
Fbe Kepubbcans take tho result a . __att_r ol
course, a_d tht Democrat grin and bear it
iQi. ni.'..i:t: of ihi: .'oHir.t- in. r.ixet IM •
• M.I 1,. 11. I'ulil.
The uapturc ol the I; nd i nui uotcau-i' o mu_h
surpriae ..tt. r ;t..- folio-wing account, _f it is read -
She w.». lying b» the rwutral p. ..toi Bahta, ______
under tha gun* ul .. ttra.ilian toit, and, under the
__a_ of ii.-ttiou-, rhuuld have been _•_. if h. had
not had n man aboard. The Yankee rt gamer w.
a. whit h • n't-.:, i her, u.i. one ot tt... c pert
boat which p .aai; _:. I intbeflgbt al Drewiy's
Llutl in May, isn: :_ was .o_______-_d bj l N»"
tun C'lliin. The ii.'iidt wna i Ht-te-i •_-_-_-*■
.ioinicil. th • Onoto , i.i.J.l UM voiuiiian.l ol -i,s-
*-- : : : r. • ■ ■ a m. • : .. ".
tenant J. __MUMganit Henri , CbaJfc—prate Btatas
Kavy i •.. teUowuagis tfc_ Taiikee account ol t...
ap art
The Florida arrived tt Bahla, Bay of Su Salva
dor, on the night of the 7th ultimo. Captain Cul
i.ii having held ■ i______b__m with In '.ih ,-i-, U
-I.lmint dtj auk the Florida in p .rt A-Curdingl/,
.r- about ; o'ehx k, tl".- caMea were dinned and. the
TVRchu i-lt steeled lor the Florida, luttm.f km on
*-'• -. I—iter, without ikdng Itr incit injury.
Captain CatitM now called onfcto thuaa on board
the piii.te to surrenderor he would ana L.r. 'Mils 1
I' ie md was replied to by the First Lieut, n.int, that
vi,.!,-, ~,.. e__»n__itan__e he M_.-_.-_d.-r_d." A
.;.-.. _r vim now mad- hat, the chain aUfnrd. and
th, .londa towed to * i.-in th, nek*,, „A_nd pi -
toi shots were ftred, and, H..,d.i.tal.y, two gUU
t'l.m the -•> , hi...... captain Moini and h_'.f th.
r londa - crew were aahoi. on liberty
No Uvea were hat. it.- i i„,,da'w_s tak-n . ,m
--ptetely by -iirpns.', - v.nty ~t tv, M , t wa*known
being on diole, and the other*, |ust returned from
liberty, were a*i__p an I hal int.___at« I 1:..- _| ,w
piren tbe Florida by the W__b__rtt earned _w»v
the miii-enmast and mawiyard, which i._ on the
I*"'".-, j i .•i'-luu- ai.i' one lioin ir.'.Viy ... ir ~,.
le I'.W
:-... lii'i.iiis.. .ii - T:i- the oAoer ol the d.-. k~r •;».■
intention of the Wachu_t.« captain that he aaaa
.i.t, " You will run'into us if yon don't take care,
tt Tt-e .tin., time calling Rn a fight)
Twelve oil. .-r and ti'iv-ei.ht of the .re_r of the
1 . uida were capturtd The Wachiutetl and l""ii.lt
vi'it to leave M*. Aetna ■ _ the Id in__.nl i a *».-\>"
V. i
-111 -, toi ition -.i the neutrality ol lh______ w«t< is
is not lik.ly to ttiitoiuit to anything, ai Braati i» a
weah power; and but year. _> aootha the Tentiae
l.s'ici! _a ord.r pi..hil.itir;r the AlnhnmH ft..in .ot
. oiling in a Brarilian port tot ____• alleged ii_a__
u .r. ■ ; tbe law of that country.
iui- Hanaui'a ir\n rvi—rnnw ___tt___.
The New Y"ik Herald Ins one of the—l rterfo*
typ. ! uditoii <i- whi h il r *» -ia oil after the out 'irt.in. a
a . ...v ■-'•■■■ thing" tt the North, containing ita
suggestions 1.1 winding up the " rebellion." It
Lt: C ingre issuperoedetbe vinlutivu. .n
--li---.tli-.-i let , 1 I I'd ::1..1'l the W__| Ul J -pill ot tie.
ti. litioii '~'••.', -, nn 1 tt..- impfm ____te ut useless
" - ipation and ret—n*tr___on ptujeca i _.«ei
■lent I-i" -iii, bj i bbural act inviting the r.-b. Ilioii
Stilt, i A" 1- to the 1i... n. ted but Utilea_ur. will r„
rr.urit in lone Give the masse.ol theMouthrru
A to understand that their rights .1 property
,-, .:i i iv..; ect d, and tn i' they will only Is- require.
I . ret ignix. •!:■ supi_m. authority .a theCwnatitu-
Lion I the United H I , icavnig the *lav_ry uurv
in.n to the -.'.Ai.. ___t_s coucctried, and ar. dart
say that even South Carolina -ul 1-. luily repte
_ uted at Was__ig_— within■ v arfr__alht ciiptun
of Ri-hn -~..!
Iti. Secretary Seward, iome two years ago, in ■
disptt'Jt on tho ut.jett lo thu t..{■'.■ GoV-nunent,
uga—itrd that the best t invention of all the Stat—
• : A. ■. :• I'll ti ". -i il.tt- ieii.es wa
:v- JI . • ■ ItheNat'.ol ill ' .'i--.. . ..ut'!...'
the _ac„ it Seats therein vi T _ ■ ;••;•'■• IS due fit
;. se.ed A 5,.,;, wero ready to! __o_eU_r_ul -
:..-.- at any tim_ u.-t lis. oa the general i..c
; -. ■. i. ~ • -..:. .. have in dual d, • the p ir
• r ring back lii . ins; _ tera," _n I tbej
. •■! "-ii, ft*. ut 111 tin .- A "
■ . .• ■ | - a. . .
.: i. bng ■■ unti .. ■ :■ -
; . ...: . . ...
■:■ ■•• it ot tb. .Yon v II tl
- ~..:■• i. ir.J luti •■ n tiontn 1 1 v
the Can • . . _ I o -Ul I :. aIU; th
l'iuvG i---"'t lid • J i mix I . imj : ;> rtht -i
• I - ith -i. v • i -. hue Ired thi
.■ Qeti the i -... vi .'■ b rI.A ,v.d a du.lla
'. ■ Kio Gr:inde ( would not only -_.it
*.. lurluent • .;. brmging I—rd n____ratu
.\u. i ~; md Loui —. -atanuctui
Urn . bul '■•.' Old ..p. rat.- h_— a __...:!., p. iic- ■
w .i, vi re-estabU bin - thu _hity ol car i-opt*, i
:i ■ t 1.. purpose, North and _outh
r_i i our ; r-. -ri.iiiiiii" iii.uiir the Wai ur
i. •. ii.,. the r.iijii In good taith w • —i—nit it '
both the poll!.' ... pirti.....l th. lay foi th-lTeol
id tati n, iud t tht A4____U—'utiun iv the U—orv.
,:. i from an i ..tt.,i tl - - h of March n_rt
un. MAi.i _ ii. ;.v .... m > i-.Lii.tr...
A telegl.im ill the SeW Yolk 11, , aid, dat. d
"•■•. in flii . i en the -th, says.
tleiior.il Sheridan has received iiifnimalinii tliat
tb tcbels intend to mum-lately as _bu> the o__n
,vi i.i mi ,1 !■..-.-. :i 1. i. .-,;•' -1 I Genenil Early
i nun nd < J the t.;.. . tioup ■ m tbe \ all. .
">■■-•.■ : •!.'..- ,! i* i hi..'-, v v -:..,. of ii. ih v was
..; Warden tilie, orii tcapuu river, laabodeii »„,
■:■;i i. I .!'. • lie 11 I- I I "1. > ..t U.ls point
■-. ' lit ll . md iti in- Moil.) has been ra
ni reed bj .i.e. i,e •!■ ul Vi giiiia cavalry, and wm
li rd i\ ut !'. ii t . ill
V i i.i i ~.:• i un Win heater, ur un the tit
id Genera] i_b.i-.daa' 0 cummutuoattoM lh. rebel
v. ii. n?. I ■ ■■■ • juntt iacted The
i - in ved th. ii...iii.ii' To-day, afor__from
AA, lumaiid ill .... lul.y .itia- Ci I x
.' I forct thai was moving toward. Muarthid, A
~ i,-'...'.. luciit i- nowii.'.-Kcdtoi inadayortwu.
a.-:, , it....:, indicating th it the rebel* will at
• - ; i dank Gei i.i t__.r__.__ ut has po_i___n at
■ ■ ■~,- • r»-ek. i-.'.'.iiv 1.1» ..'..ri,.-1.. kith-nun l.
J Im Hail J -it. f Aii hi: t. J...Mi il dlaad ar.d
i'..;ii. I- Lyons, in the -inp: a id Smith a Brother,
:. Wi -.:.. v,"'. hu fui_i_b .... ridan'a army with n_w_
;.,;■'■:;. no. A.. ,',• ~ -.-,. .. ~.;: ~i. -I l,v i."„i-:i , i
■ i,. ~i two siraa while un theu way from Mid.ll.
--t j.'.n 1 1 Newtown with papei. Mi Bride and Lyon
;.■ ■: about hve hun in 1 J...1 v ■ wUh them bulobgitig
to themselves. Hart had just been reb_«-__ lrom
Kit Umond, having o. en captun a in August U_t
noon acßoss inn ri_*____B_ num.
a .Va hville corre-pond-nt of the Slow York
Herald, after stating that Kood'a entire army 11
nt •". i: irth i the r.-nne—>ee river, having eflrcted a
crossing at Cypress creek, two and a haul milee he
low Florence, Alabama, givea his entire tuexe aa
thirty-three tli asand tin hundred, ttv. thousand ol
which .!•■ ' tvalry, He L» aaid to hay..- sixty-one
pieces oi artillery, ihn ilv .ix und twelve pound, i ~
From the important dispositions recently made of
his ttoop: by ihennan, th_ EUratd thin*, thai, is
i,,. |< bt that be now has Hood in that tavotabh.
-. ,i „t in -hi lithe rebels used to boast ol Jotm
. ,1. him |ust where la wants bun '
~: oi -i. an .. •_ •!•
. •, .ii m UToie In-.:.", nd, ou the ."th, says
I j,..-.. ~~• ~; ;,.. ii tor -im- days past lb • ght
,,; v.di .t.-h .: amove .longoiu front theene
m; ;, is ..ii i|uiet .in i i ontinue improving tht—■ works
• A • i- ni men are constantly seen upon their para
pet busily . -gag, 1 with shovel and pi. It The*
i vidiiiAv ent rt tin on idea that -••• ue. to r_-
I .: oui attempts to carry Fort Gilmei and _het__i
riecting . iiit'.'its. lines ot ihrveaus defrise,
i heavy line : -la-dung, and a large numb— _t't_»r
pedo. "■. tti ■ . if-.ii. 1 iiiiini iliatilv .n f.-ar ol tiici
;.■,-.-'- md a, Iront — then aitcii
~ ■ i ;'..-■'.•. 1 ut New V.ik ...ii W__3___day at
A. mint :;t.in Bermuda to th, -ith ultimo «t_r
rhit tht fen i wae tl iting, and that the bb—______
l.'iei Virginia had arrived then, from Wllnung
thl irediiiu and the City ul Petersburg at
v. liming, ill
A di | .itch it. m l"i'.i.t.', C t.'ia.i.i, s.v; that troa
• ■:.,:.; i-i i: ..: LhcFeiuan Biotherbvodhav. been
. itied ni that city. Amu i_.v._ b__u mr-ued
. i - ■ Head, • .-:••■ t md lf___.nl

.:;. us of ii- :.-'•■.. Fobs, Vermont, are very
in', h .•■>.! ".. a in - • i.M-iLi n ■• .1 Uur attamntt t r_—i
..l.!!,. bank .1. tl. A pl.t..- ..n It-t Sutui.liiv mghl
I*l,. . -i, ..',- ..'ii.! .."I thi -treetsol the town _•<;
... ■.-.., ...... i All •.tr.ut.-eti dc-.w.-i.-i lurk
ing about tb. p ice ate iwiiured to Klve an .
. ..
Mi Man Ann Kbue and I>. John II ->
■i. _!'. \ i.<illl.i, -ltd M 1..-, 'tin.. O l"a!i
--i.-ii, theii niece, were irr* ted m Baltimor. -h
i .... barged with having in U-eu p.--- _v_
..,,,., of '.- moneyi ipturwibyMuahy :-•. E--. lat
_ • . . i. .. :. ■•- md Ota ■■ ■ ■■
, ■_■ '■ .__. J
iv i..ii,.i __-—'.___ -Yii.'".''.'
was iremaik-lJ- -lay v. ti.. history ol the _-__■
t.yteriancl .: lu_ in thi* city, and wa* the i at a
.1 i ..--:, serti -s fraught with p< -■—' inter" '
,i'i-l ..lemnitv i.t the Fli I l't, '•' "■•' b ■■
r,. M... .-. ' rbal th a i a __*S '<• undei
t i, - - ii.iv state what has _--_d" been mad
puldi., the Ucl that il..- ioitii-i divt-iona ol tha
. fiiir.r., undei tiu nam. _1 Old -•'-1 ttt a tj-J
. • .- ■~!.', twohavinjj b__n uuited; and that
yesterday, i.i tb. first 'one in twenty -_rv_n years,
it.- . ...i.'t.ui.Aai.t. ol all&v, -a tho ___-_.. s iv t__*
. it" met ""in. 1 ihe •_.!!- • .a • .-. the - i _s -i.; ;.-'
th I. li' HUP* : lo ■•*■ Wa, .lie ol ic-j, lli
r_i church f"t- lull to --'.A-itl.-.r.:.
withst imbng it- -ap-_ttj had b
bi removiug tiu i irtiOoU- betwe. uUa -''-- : •'• •'•'
pei ..'.it-v. It tare-room. On tht p_ut_-i__ •**». a
uumbel i ni ii- h l', .-t !. ■ul Whom had becu mm
. ■ ~t the tillu- Ol the s-l'.l-tlol,, " U l " Sii ;'" l **"
ha.; put -ii Ui.ir -iiiii._r since. *nJ Ulvrv u *;' ,n '"'
J immen-e cungremttbm, with _nly here an 1 tt. re
~., ruber whu had Geen «» * ** m ihe-i n - »l - h
urr. i aim t . _**««* *V ,; VUi -V' k"-i
:„i- hiding were .M"'.'; -by B_v d. , Bud,
\1 .re it:..- -Ai!. ...ndo-h-is. At the cbrn. ol the
- ,i _.- : - it'iieauct that ■ti.xl.n.-'- would be
~" ,'-,' ~, MooreHchurch to-night -fouAy) , l»..
i' I-, t "'•"•• *' "»_hf; A>l A on Wed-M-da. u.'-t
.*, in M">t«'» "i the ___•_!■». I'r _____ at umht.
MB I .il ■' _ Ul Poge* ■_> tti..-.u i .iiiing
lli.att Kooukhv. - *'n Satutdsy in
tgtt room upwd by John Werner,en If am *t_-*ih
IU the ISuiik. ttu bi-'keji pell du
mi ■ in, it.-cii.c and rahhodßl .. tiunk wM-tainiim
By* gold Wat. hi... Uf. .liter watches, twelve
. ii. 1.. .lli -kcts.. a lot ol . theiJ-W'lry, jiccu-
fKtrliiiioTfiy *T»*writrir. '
_ < I _,
j,.r. .nrniN'i *r . ,
AdreltJ n ~
1>"1 I. ._* l«l |
~-.-i. v --_ *_—_
L .'. . -'•
a i-. rV r ..
I- ; ■ .;_._ '
b ' -A nd i .:. , _
aftef :•.. r . a .. rv ~_; ..
* h * I-• ". ■ .•.
_m ••.,- . •
N.itli ___•__M n."iii"iit »>
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