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.• I, 1,500 i
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II •■■ | th.' m.in „f A,. Kt.'li
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'• . Aii ■■ Hill, ,
• ■ : Mi*. MARY V.'J KN
li* II „.,.,,. it thi- M,
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WHO! 1 11,1 - :■ 1,, i .i;.
Ll t. l) I,•» v 1 I, \I() .
No ~ UII ;II v ■
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1" ' ■ I \i.l .
i * LARII, lAI.L'-V-,
•- - \i. Ai i . i-o'ITON LOTH,
1-u..- ....
litOMA i 'IMS,
I'AY MORMNU : : . . .. ;. X ~ i., ■
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' ' - • ' it IWI . , , . . . ~ „ ~ j
' ii" ' th ■ ■'■ ; i f. ir -, ■, .
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tin i -. |il a .... ry-uvi
'■■ 'I"' I to '. 11 -.■ , ...1.,;,,,;
'■• - urn -■-... to tl
Ihe hea*. \ boom of big gun wa he ird
n this . .1-. thioughout ■c- ti rda> givin ;
: thi h liel either that a battle wa
on below the city or that an nn
ommonl. I .-iv i was being had in
: *"' ''■ •■•"-} oi . ~-r's canal, it. how
-•• r, tunu i uut that all the noise - va <
made b* oui guns, at dirlerenl |.i iotson
-anil river, pra< tising to obtain certain
ranges; trying to see how they could
have knocked the i'ankee monitors into
i hats if they hud been there. The
result oi the practice is aid t-> hive been
entirely satisfactory t.> the parties en
raged. With thi exception all was as
ijuiet a> usual un the north side yester
i i,
' I i ■ t 1 i. . I i ....i.ii VOXD
11 all we hear be true, Grant has made
i i.. i important movement on our ex
treme right, south of Petersburg. A
. • -nihil.un from lVtersbu**g inform-* i.
thai on 'i'hor da* nemiing. the enemy,
•■•ill. .. I.i '<* ii" ■' ' if. airy r and tu., .i,
visi ni i.i in! intry, struck the \\\ Idon
rail roa i at Stoni •. - reek, twenty ni li
southed 1 eteri-bni-.-, and having burnt
the railroad bridge at that place, stalled
south, towards VV'eldon, destroying the
railroad and laying vsa: te tra* country a>
ih'-v advanced.
The Petersburg /. ~-. m states, on the
information of pas engers by the South
tide rr»ad, that Stoney creek sititimi was
seized by a large force of Yankee cavahv,
,\ ho held it at hist accounts W . \^ v
he account above given by lis is ihe tun
mc, and that the movement ,s more se
iOUS than a cavalry raid,
li i-, proper to state that we have been
tmmmm mmmmmm-mWS* i* m~ _
unable to obUfc from tin- War Depart
ment any information in leg*"***] to this
important erent
l.i-t Thursday, two Yankee gunboats
catne int.. the Rappahannock, attended
by .1 flo uli dt oyster boats. The gun
boats fired on ..ur oyster boats in the
river, ami drove thorn off to make room
foi the i ankee fishermen. In the course
"t the day, some barges from tin- gun
boats attempted to land in Essex, hut
•• < ' l '- ! '!. 1 "ii tttiil driven off hy our local
I? v.« ■ reported last night that Mo by
had inn,,l another wagon train, and
burned it after some fighting with the
'-> '1 He l.i-i ts\.. men in the engage
ment. I In- prei ise locality of the affair
' nol certainly known, but is supposed
t'» hi: (Hi the ill fated Maitinsburg pike.
si ' ' i •*■* i' i. 1.-'-.l 1.1-Ii [ON AOAIN-il I 111
t '-In I 'i.i. AMI OHIO i. Hi i. -AU
Maj r-General Rosser, on Monday last,
in ide -i succ ■ - ful tle.scenl up >n the Bal
timore an ! Ohio railroad at New creek.
-<■ !it the I ii i that he i aptur'e 1 five
pieces of cannon, the particulars of the
rtHair are . ttntained in our extracts fr..in
the '• irthern papers, published in an
othei • "ilnnin
■' Bom sol I|| i AROMNA THE I.MIMV
lea i i ' a i or nasi: \ 11.1,K, 9. C.
\\ v h.itt- previou Iy stated that the
n...im were landing troops from four
teen gunboats und transports Tit Port
li■■■• •'■ An official dispatch, received
at General Bragg'a office, in this city, on
'I hursday night, state? that our forci .-,
lj; • ' ,: ' '-<■<' and routed the Yankee-! at
tirahhinsville, Smith Carolina, driving
tr » e «" ' -•->* miles; the Yankees leaving
tin ii dead and wounded on the field. —
•; - hen- mentioned as routed are
td lo be the vinu who were landed
'■>' Poll Roy ;i. Th, ii . obj, cf, doubt It'-*
' ' ' ; ''- ' : ■.•'■■■.■•::.! !■. .. :;,| ,| ~,
''* " ' ' * lUI I, ~..-,;; il] j.,..
':' ' I i'Hl ill h laV.H 'I lit- , ~i,
~.; md t.i : hi . xjH-diiioii was,
'•'"' t*»ink, '-, neral .John 11. Logan, I ,*•
~11- * lv ' t the Tenth corps. Though the
dispat. li above meutione 1 does not men
tion ti,.; fact, we are inclined to believe
thai Genera] «;. VI. Smith .-onixnanded
our forces Grahamsville i- thirty miles
noi the t-t of Savannah.
'-A I i.i: I-ROM I it!. I ;,,,.. i A | ORAHAMS
- "-' : I'R ' ■ Hi HA ;il Willi ri |,
1 '"• followm-* official disp.it. h was re
■ . tl last night -
"At . : • -.':.'. 1- i
' ■■'. i
I ■ ill .- l , ■■ ;.. t-;d 1 •.,...;
il til
" * - i turn ifi - : . :. :. t:! ; .. .
t -. . .■-..*■. :. i
....... :. -■ r j ~ •■: -.- Lh.nl--.fon
thn .ten I, 1 .-. l i •
'■-.■• . .-.-:. k -
' i . • i .-..,. "
• • .' -'.
Prayer by the Rev. M. I). Hoge, oi the
i : :> --b* tei ian chun h.
Mr. Garland introduced a bill to amend*
the act t.i increace the efficient ■, of the
army by the emplo*. m< nl of ni *iroe.< in
certain ■ ipa. ities. Ri ferred tothe Com
mitte. on Militar* Affaii .
'I he t 'ommittee on Finan -.■ vra - dis
■hif.ii ,1 from the further consideration of'
the resolution in relation to the receipt,
in payin. Nt of taxc ,of ceri licati and
stjitrd a< count
Mr. Hunter present! \ Ihe ; ttiion ol
the adjutants <.l \ irginia i , ,„
ing to I-, advanced lo the rank .
The Finance < 'ommittc c was di
char '..I from the further i on i I. 1 ition
"I the ret olution lelative to n i eipt
->iven for ta.\ in kind i.*, nii -take to .tt.
authorized person.-.
House bill relative to the receipt of
counterfeit treasury notes Lv Govern
mi nt officers was considered-and rejected.
S. nate bill regulating the mileage and
. atii-H nsation of the members <>t the *c
cond session ..i the second Congress was
tiered and passed.
Mr. Sparrow, Irom the Military Com
mittee, reported a bill appropriating
Vl"oj.'i"i, i.i in expended in furnishing
supplies to our citizens held as jjrisoni i
1.-, th. enemy. Ordered to be printed
The- bill t ' allow transportation to any
officer travelittg with leave of absence
was reported adversely by the Military
Committee. >
Senate bill, with amendments, to ex
empt from import and export-restrictions
the cargo*-!* ol vessels owned by Slate**.,
was, after discussion, postponed till
House joint resolution relative to the
exemption of State officers, way, on mo
ienof Mr Watson, of Mississippi, ta
ken up ; and, alter discussion,
<»n motion, by Mr. Semmes, of Lou
isiana, referred tothe Cou-mitteeon Mi
litary Affairs.
on in it. m, by Mr Uill, ii was order
id that when tho Senate adjourn, it bu
t.i Monday next.
On im.uon, by Mr. Hill,the Senate ad
journi d.
The House was opened with prayer
by Ri v. Dr. BtftTows.
The unfinished business under the call
of States, being the resolutions of Mr.
Foote in reference to ;i convention of
States, coming up, Mr. Bland ford moved
t". lay the resolutions on the table ; upon
which the ayes and noes were ordered
and resulted: Ayes, C 3 ; noes, '.:!.
So the resolutions were laid on the ta
Mi. I note offered a bill to increase the
pay and mileage of membera of Congress]
fifty per cent., which was referred tothe
Committee onjPay and Mileage.
I.', Mr. Atkins, of Tennessee : Rein
-.it ii.•tin., the S|i.-.ia! i 'ommittee on Oon
scriptio-u to inquire into the *-xitedienrv
of i.-polling a -.ill prohibiting enrolling
officers from acting as such mora than *
six months in the same district, and in
structiii» the committee to inquire into | f
the manner enrolling Officers nave uis
<barged their duty. Adopted.
Also, a bill t-i authorize the agents of
the Treasury Department, in the Trans'
Mississippi Department, t<» receive mo
ney on deposit .and to draw on the trea
sury at Richmond to the amount nl said
deposits. Referred to Committee
W.ivs and Means.
Also, a bill to regulate pti--.es in the
case of rapture.! vessels. Referred to
• ommittee on Naval Affairs.
Also, a resolution instructing the Co
mmittee on Military Affairs to inquire into
the expediency of allowing transporta
tion home ami back to all officers and
soldiers on furlough. Adopted.
Mr MeMullen, of Virginia, offeted a
resolution to establish a joint committee
of the two Houses of Congress to con
sider the propriety of fixing a maximum
of prices. Lost. Ayes 14, noes liJ.
On motion, the House reso'ved into
secret session. Adjourned.
We have received New York papers of
Wednesday, tlie 30th Gold closed on
Tut**rday at :.' .';, and on Wednesday went
down to 229.
The movements of General Hood in
Tennessee are creating as much anxiety
at the North as those of Sherman are at
tie* South The Herald isoul in a long
editorial, warning the Yankees against
believing that Hood's march is as sue
cossful as Sherman's, and denouncing
those who express that opinion. It
claims that the only advantage he has so
far gained is in the " accessions to his
army by indiscriminate conscription," as
he marches thro igh the country. A let
ter from Nashville savi:
Since Hood's occupation of Florence
he hi i been resting his army, gathering
in'supplies, and awaiting events to de
velop themselves. r'rn.,l th.- Strong li:i
tore of Lis position i,,-.-. • ,•;; in-
Ir.-ll.'hei! ;ni,| , Omill.ll|.|||,e | ||i< |... , - ,
"I Ihe '!', mi..-«--,-,. ||,c : ■ ii, i,| ii,,pr.
->"" M.l: ''■■■ the i .!! . ~.■ ■>;, , (1,,
1:1,1 , ~.,,,. :,, , .V, | „,
Hood's :.) ii, : again on (In ,-..;
••oi impui taut tigln might be the result
It i currently reported to day that we
have evacuated Pulaski and fallen back
t.i Columbia, as a much stronger p isition
and more available as a point of .-..:..■•.,
•ration. General Stanly, Fourth corps,
ordered ..ne hundred tars for bringing
stores'and supplies to the rear, and all
tin- sick and wounded have been trans
ferred to Nashville Columbia is a small
town ol some sis thousand inhabitants,
about forty miles from Nashville, on (he
Decatur line.
It is a strong position, admirably situ
ate.'! for defence. Ab-...ii (our days ago.
Cheatham's corps marched on the Gaim -
boro'road towards Mount Pleasant, so
a? '•"' comn an i the Hank ol Thomas's
position. Hoo I has eros d the whole
ol hi.** army over the Term* -see, moving
j towards Lauren eburs* and within ••
-•I" rat ng .1 tan -• • ! Cheat has 'i hit.
of course, compels a counter movemi nt
on our part; and, as I have said, it V
likely that our army will occupy Colnm
bia, and th. re Hood's moveim tits.
As Hood knows too well that Thomas
lii- a very large army, he will scarcely
risk .a battle on such disadvantageous
terms. Hood may be impressed with the
1 belief that Thomas's army is chiefly com
posed of new troops, and therefore not
as inn,.b to be t.-an ,1 a- veterans. In
thi- he will lind him . If mistaken shot'] I
he try the experiment. Indeed, my own
impression i-, that Hood i.s not anxious
for a battle, but is striving, by Hank
movement? ol hi cavalry on our line of
communications, while he himself is ma
no'iivring on our front, to perplex Thomas
ias to his real intentions, and thus ■•.■(
some opportunity of wedging himself
into Kentucky.
The weather is verj cold hen- at pre
sent. We have had a heavy fall ol rain
for about a week, followe 1 by a cold,
bl,i. k frost.
i A telegram from Nashville, date 1 the
2'Uh, gives the latest the Yankees hive.
: They try in it t" get up a "repulse ' for
i Hoed, In it with very pon* success:
! Nothing has been heard from Hood's
| army on our front since yesterday eve
ning, the telegraph wires being down.
Hood made an assault on .our works at
Columbia, south of Duck river, on Sa
turday, and was badly repulsed.
A small portion of the rebel cayairj*
have succeeded in crossing Duck river.
Hood has made other developments of
his plans; but thu> far he has accom
plished nothing further than eon eiipt
,ing some of his "dear friends."
There is no foundation for the rum.-i
of the evacuation ..1 Johnsonville, except
a proper preparation for possible con
tingencies. .
The military situation is satisfactory
to the authorities.
The impression gain- ground that
Hood will move east, across the Chatta
nooga, possibly with the hope of ac
complishing something by co-operatini*
with Breckinridge.
The Herald, commenting upon <;-.n*
ral Hood's movement, says:
Hood appears to have had his whole
army acrosTs the Tennessee on the 13th
instant, and the latest rebel accounts tell
us that his army was well supplied, in
good physical and mental condition, and
wa- to advance immediately towards
Nashville. He has probably about forty
thousand men. For him to have reached
the neighborhood of Columbia in si.-.
days after the pas-age of the Tennessee
would not have been a very rapid move
menl, and be certainly ought, therefore,
to have gotten that far by Saturday
Moreover, it' Thomas did not intend to
hold the li'ieol Duck rivt r, he also should
have been In motion bj* that time ; yet
he probably left a force at Columbia to
observe the enemy, and Hood's advance,
feeling the place, encountered this force
and met with the repulse mentioned.—
These were probably the real circiuti
st.ineesof iin- case; for it the repulse
had been one of any greater magnitude,
we should, druibtless, hoe received a
bulletin li out the Wat Department in
■■elation to it.
Many intelligent persons may very na
turally dislike the appearance of the re-
iiii-iitc..i ... m •****— >o.'.m -nuances.
But no Li. I can be more positive than
that there no reason in thi-i for the leas!
alarm. Sherman c-imtemplated that flood
should even go t<> the < Him ■ ar,,- •. - a .
that if he amid be drawn so far .. I( *,
I.'i 11 thousand men thai there i■ no other
way in whit It we could deprive the ri-Lel
lion ol that Ibrce a cheaply and >> easily.
The Philadelphia Inquirer, speaking
of Thorn i-.' ■• retreat, say-,;
If it were not for Fo*frest'fl heavy force
of cavalry, against whose marauding ex
peditions General Thomas will have to
provide by judicious posting of his force,
the problem of defeating Hood would be
a much simpler one. Hia retrograde
movement, as we understand the cam
paign, grows entirely out of that neces
scccEssrrt raid ox toe Baltimore axd
Telegrams give the particulars of a suc
cessful raid by the Confederate-; on the
Baltimore and Ohio railroad. One says:
It appears that, about 1 o'clock on Mon
day afternoon, fifteen hundred or more
rebel cavalry-, under Generals Rosserand
McCansland, it i.-i said, appeared in front
of New creek, twenty-two miles west of
Cumberland, and attacked tho two earth
works there located. What force de
fended tltt-tn i not definitely known here,
but it was only a short time before the
rebels were in posse! sion of the post.—
It i-, believed that but few of the
son escaped.
New creek was a Government depot
for West Virginia, and the warehouses,
containing a large amount of quarter
master's and commissary stores, wein
burned by the enemy, as well as the
buildings at the railroad station.
In the meantime, the telegraph wires
were cut, and the rebel cavalry pro
ceeded thence westwardly l.> Piedmont ;
but found, on about live
o'clock, that an alarm had [.receded
them. r,nd -,11 thu rolling stock of the
railroad had been n mot, ed 'I In v, I ■••■,*.
ever, destroyed the wor! .hoi - l.itiu'iai y
'■■' " hill "I. • ■ ■ : |hi ■ I .;..,; , lb, !,•,
-!' '' ■ '111 vpi .-.nli I li.. l llli l llJl l -1 • ,p a
' iln.n ! -\ *rln ilhtiiti'v «>l i ■ oiit'i mi ...
1 ni. ■; ti-.. j. , und, i( ' ,;.- ~.: i.i,., .. ;,..
ii.it.,- • : , ,;.,
' -it l> d.-J.n I; . ■'. lh.- t ii, ~. , i„.,| ...
■• ;•■ i.ill*, in ' ..a ol tin- .!..i, ■■- ■n| ~ ■i I
I".I • oncentration oJ» troop ■ by Gdi i.i!-. j
Sheridan and Kelley to i tit them oh.
The rebels went in a southeasterly di
rection when 4ftiay left, in..\ in r with
ha -tt-.
The railroad track was in no wisi in
jured, and the communication between
Baltimore and \\ heeling remains unin
terrupted. The' freight and passenger
trains go mil , n ~, |
• : '. '<■ ' 'li |' it.b I it. lh .i f!,,. i ", ~
:• li ia:. hi, w up the d. f, iV- i,c ttoii :,;
.--..•,-. itt.-l
.'-::-■.' 1 LAXEOCS.
Major-General Humphreys has been
given command of the Second corps,
from win h Hanco k was i ..• i foi hi.
failure in the great rec«nnoi--s-ince
■■• • r A. Pi . ■!• has been -•. ' lo Fori
I .I. yette. A \\ ashin'gton telegi uu -..*.
"Roj-er \ 1';.... anivtd h.-le
mm • ..;•! le ... :, ~ .»,! f..r I orl l.a
• ly.'tt. He un ... t, ,| ii, M ~ -,| ; i,i,..i, ,
he U i . it.it'll d.»\l ti tile .1 elm:- In Llll
Old t.'apitti] under miard, and i* , r. . •.
n ■■■ -1 bj many of his Ibrmi ri - piaj-Vl
vi "■'.■- here. It is prohahle tii it be ft ill
soon be returned, as it is uttdei tond thai
Captain Kurrige, for whose capturt In
was taken in retaliation, i> tn be re
General Pope has gone to City Point
on tt visit.
The Florida was lying off Newport.
News when she was i in into and . imk.
Xi iga.lit i General Paine ha ; left Wa h
ington f.»r the North on , .
■ ..iilie. It .1 vii li [he ,li hiLiii i,.|i ol rln
thing-. 1.. ( onlederate pii ..net • '1 he
Confederate General lleale has been pa
roled and appointed In Miperiliteiitl It;.- 1
purchase and distribution ol blankets,
clothing, A.*, among them with the
means furnished hy the sale of the i-arg-n
of cotton recently shipped from Mobile.
.Mrs Sarah Hutchius, recently on
victed by a military court in I'lltitnore
«.t acting a- an agent in furni h the
rebels with -mpplies, has been committed
to the house ol correctional Fitchbin
Massachusetts, under a sentence of im
prisonment for live y< ars.
Major-General John A. Logan, says
the St. Louis Hem cent of Saturday, is
on his way to Washington to join hi*'
command in Georgia fn*tn (in eusttrli
■ L,. ■■•■■. ..-,
FRO 1/ t.i i'/r., i a
lin- <..' .1 ••. i pap.-! I.i ii, niiiu fur
liiel 11.1e|!i...-li, . ~| the p.. ,|j,,;, ,-,| -~,;[,
iii v arl'ait *in that Slate I In* *. ". n -,!,i
/.■ tiatt ■ .! the 27th -a- s
The news yesterday was eery interest
ing. From up the • ieorgia road, we learn*
that the enemy's raiding parties hart ap
proached very near, it' not quite, to War
ronton. Scouts report them as being
near that place; but, as far as we can
learn, they were in small parlies. These
parties are no doubt scouting, or small
lai.iing parties
Fighting is reported to have taken
place al Sandersvillt* on Friday between
Wheeler's forces and th* ear ray's .i* valry.
The. enemy were ih-iv.-n Lath on then
main body. The best reporl we have
place the main portion ol the enemj
near Sandersville, in Washington county.
Sandersvilleis a few miles north of the
Central roadT •
Wayne i- reported as having retired to
No. 10, on the Central road. Hardee's
vigilant eye i.s looking after thing . in that
quarter, and we have no f-*ar.-**>£*r the re
Milt. "Old Reliable" i.t. i Well tt.
formed on Mr. SheM-an's la.'ties t.> be
outwitted l>\ him. He is one ..t tlie in.. -,
vigilant and energetic ..iii. <*t . in Ihe -.. r
vice, and knows how an.l when lo op.
The enemy's position is becoming de
veloped at last We will soon have lull
knowledge of his whereabouts, and we
have iim a ,i..ii!.i tit our ability to puni: li
hi*- temerity.
The Savannah .We.* of the 29th in
slant :;iv. . some a Iditional pa: ti- nl v ; of
the tight an.! n-jwdne of ihe enemy tit
Macon :
Un Sunday, thf 2*tfc instant, at three
on bast Macon at the same place where
btoneman ami his raiders made their at
lack it was principally an artillery hit
tie, but small arms were also used The
v iikshops ol ,he cential railroad but
' ; ln, ""l'i'.v.andnoom.wt,sb„rtbA*.t
| a , Hted^r i f l,n ? ***<&** active/ami
heeneC' ri **B«Wtime
hut ', w - SL tured "» <>f "•*•' batteries,
M.ant ii prisoners taken.
About dark, ou, , ))n . cs sum , eil , j
driving the enemy bru-k . • !
i .i ,* . a k > piirsuui'' them
aU.iir a mile and a half Th „ v ~?, '.
ii i i . "• i iie\ it'll their
dead and wounded on the field. Their
force we have not ascertained. They
were dispersed and driven in the direc
tion of Griswoldville. They app* an .\ t 0
be fired and frightened, and many of
them leftdheir ranks and wandered off
beyond the range of our guns. They
tore up about three miles of the road be
yond Walnut Creek bridge, but it was
-'on repaired. While- the engagement
was going on, the employees of the Cen
tral railroad removed all the engines and
cars Mom Kast Maco-i and rim ihem ia&L
the city. -a**
On Tuesday, the enemy made their
appearance at Griswoldville in some force,
and, before being attacked, burnt all the
buildings in the place except three. A
fight tool; place, lasting some three hours,
when the enemy were repulsed. Our
wounded in thi-. engagement arrived in
Macon on Tuesday evening. We have
not ascertained the extent of the loss in
the engagement on either side. •
Passengers who arrived this morning
from Millen (leaving there at 1 o'clock
\. M.) slate that a squad <>f the enemy's
cavalry appeared at Sandersville on Fry
day morning last, tint! that a brisk skir
mi-h took place that afternoon between
them and a portion of Wheeler's cavalry,
in whi.h the enemy were repulsed, leav
ing their dead on the held and fifteen
prisoners in our hands. They carried
off their wounded, Our loss was two
killed and a lew wounded. The priso
ners have arrived in this city.
Il is reported that, the Oconee bridge
is burned; but whethei b- oui forces or
ibSl nt t1... , |~-!i,\ |s ~,,- . j.,1,.,1 ( 1,,
1 hot- il ,i ni •! -, •, !„. |\ ~| the . nemy's
■ a-, ah . 1.1 tt-mpb-d toil,- - Ihe «'. .Un c
.'in- Im • 1 •■ ol lourteen miles i. el.ot th-e
■ ■ i.i .-. v. id. t'.-i m, ..- .'I i 1.,-, I and
driven into the livei They tin-en away
ili.i: arm.* and ran into ihe -ae. amps.to
t>-, ipe.
There is mm h straggling among the
Yankee troop-:. Those picked up by our
cavalry report that the army is worn
down and almost destitute of provisions.
Romantic Affair.— There is a romao
" ; ,r! '"'' T^, '■■■ ■- on in England. That
"I ni hair, i daughtei ~i the house of
■■' " '■•' the Prince ; i Mai j* of Cain
istei of the Duke of Cambridge
:.!.-! a . 'oil-tin ~J th,- i.;»u,-,.,. j. ; attached
i" - iseoiint Ho id, a • oldier ..I good fame,
.■•l belolt -in-j ii tine ~| the bistoi ie ,1
families ol the Engli.-h patriciate. Ho
is a bantlsome man, too, and returns the
lady's attachment, But they cannot
marry, the Royal Marriage Act-—an act j
ii% i lor the promotion ol pride and
•tii.-.- lying in their way, iml-ss the
should con ;ent to their union ;
ami . nmmon report which, in tin , case,
1 Lewd i...t i.. be i ,- iiumon liar
■•• :'i .i Her Iti itannii M*ije i v will not
■•'.. her . ..i, .-nt. Repot i further says
thai ihe i'line.-.- Mary has asked the
thieen to allow of the marriage being
celebrated, bu lin vain. I'rineess Mary
is an excellent woman, and also "a line
woman," of **the fat, languishing and
i.i.v" style of beauty; and it is very
haul that she should hi* deprived of the
comforts that belong to the holy estate of
matrimony, especially as she i.-, poor and
hold Hood is rich. It is to be hoped
thai they will have the sense to marry
without tiie Queen's consent, as their
union would be sacred in the sight of
Heaven, which is the main point t«. be
eon iil.-ieii. Society would regard them
as man and wife, even il the rays of
loyal lav .1 should never fall upon them.
Princess Mai-. i; thirty-one years old
.iin! \ t .count Hood i- a few years her ju
nior ; so that they are old enough to de
.tde foi themselves as to their future
A Silent Gknerai —The Charlottes
filh i ' '~./, compares General Lee
wil '«-tii.- of the noisy characters of this
war. It says
" Here comes a man bred in the army.
He had been reared a gentleman, Lie
ih [i-i'd humbug. Ho loved order, and
everything and everybody in his place.
Keloid the ladies alCulpeper Courthou -c,
in l .1, who came out to greet him, to
" ti.!,-,. lii lb. I jii'l, they t.aitl he
bail no manners he attended to his husi
in atid poke little. They sent him to
Wr.-"ferii Virginia asmalltheatre when
i..-rt.,,. ci; l.\s .. it M.iii.i .' Mini John-*
ton it \\ .!.. to i< i, be went, an.l made
ti. >" omoient. The campaign failed ; they
called him Turveydrop ; he did not at
tempt lo excuse himself. Soon we find
him in a blaze of glory, the hero of the
battles around Richmond. He is still
silent, lie marches to Manassas, and
achieves another great victory ; not a
word -{scapes him. He takes Winches
ter ; \& foiled at Sharpsburg for tlue wact
of men dtWeatS Burnside ;tt Fredericks-1
burg; Hooker at Chancellorsvillt; but
1..- I.i, oks not his silence lie has the
terrible* trial of Gettysburg, He onh
reinarlCed, It m.tt my fault'; and then,
ni the present year, he has conducted
ibis e ) .**-.u:si ,t all his rampaigm*—un
doubtedly one of the finest i" war. Si
lent still. When will he speak? Has
be not king to say * What does he think
"t o»r-affairs. Should he speak, bow
the (Jountry would hang upon « very word
that k-U from him -'"
MIItITiTEKIAL CttASGE. A . bf-Jige has
li.eu ni*i.le by Bishop Early iiicbeap
pointmml «" 9**** for Ccmet.-ary
Church i» Lynchburg. Dr. I* M. Lee,
S tii,. ban bad charge of the church for two
yen.-, a "Ml remain! instead of going to
I nioii Station, Uiehmond, as announced.
. , —
Captain dacob Mickler, a noted scout
md patriotic citizen of Florida, was killed
by hi ing 'hroivn from bis buggy against a
tree, in.Si ls\iinee county, on the I'Jtb ul
. ■ .—. — —
Slight ie* good counsel, Jeome from
what tpi-ytii*-" it ma**.
jfcbmimft Dispatch.
*"■»■_ MR I» : ' IM»» « BAAT EXSCtJTKtD.
A tTM-toM-tMBtl -r,-j Le,;,.,,.,! * iw«
•M-i.--.aM (~t nq-o-ure tr,, *; ... , rr t.. i. iv«
■' .. i nitmite • i
!..*-.. si-.. r:... U1 ..,,.. : . ~., - p. ;-.,n:ari.
A.lv.Tt -.-ii,,,. IU ;:, i '~ If |; ~ ... | »,,; b,..' ia ••••*•
5- p»-r |.ii... lur . viy ,i. ~ ir'uu.
! ■
CoiiFfi.KK.iTi-; Sra-nrs Disrrnof Coirt,
yestkui.vv. John I. Cornell, claiming
exemption from service upon the ground
of non-residence of the Confederacy, was
A writ o> habeas corpus was awarded
Benjamin Grainger, returnable today.
The conn then adjourned till 11 o'clock
this morniii"-.
Richmond CmeriT Cot ia. — One or two
cases of unlawful detainer were tried in
this court yesterday.
Several eas.■«• of habeas corpus were
taken up raid partially heard, and further
consideration ol them continued till
I uesday next.
The Jkabeae corpus eases of dimmer
an, llodenkii- eher. and others, claim
tM.i' s, i' , ". l, r" J ' 1 - I,u '" ,Militia (I,lf y »« tm
l, ~,«*,1e,l f, ;rci( , tl ~, „, postpon , ( , |1I; .
til Wednesday, tlm Bth inaUnt. Messrs.
Lyons an. Ay,,, , counsel for t ,, e v .
turners Hon. J. tUndalphTucker fo. the
•li-r-r.F* Lvo«8*l Co.KT.-U'iili am L.
Carroll, one of the parties implicated in
the robbery of .John Werner, some three
weeks since, was tried in this court yes
terday aud acquitted by the jury.
The Grand Jury, who.had had tin*
cases under eotisideration,\¥eturr,ed into
court and reported true bills against tho
following parlies:
Franklin done.-;, charged with burgla
riously entering toe house of Ann
Thomas and robbing J. 11. Dilkes of a
new suit of clothes, a gold watch and
chain and*sl)oll in money; Patrick Mar
tin, charged with larceny; and Isaao
•Jacobs, charged with obtaining money
under false pretences.
The court thereupon adjourned till \&£
o'clock this morning. I
Mayor's Coikt, yfs.kkiiav.—Henry,
slave of Lavinia Claiborne, charged with
using insulting language to VTilliani
Burnes, und resisting the officers in tho
diiu'l-arf f theii doty, wss ordered t,»
be tt hipped
\itl.o. mid ,b. oh Breier, youths, were
• " "•• ■• with .r, .H.iiii,, ari t beating
•boi. Blake and ihn utenin** 1.. ad
minister tin- r-me punishment upon
Charley' 1 brother Alt. r listening t.i a
long .story h 1 the patents of both par
ties, the case was dismissed.
John Millet Was lined in two cases
(twenty dollars eachj for retailing ardent
•spirits by the drink without a license —
Officer Moore was witness to the pay
ment for the drinks obtaittetl iv Miller's
Cynthia, .lave of Robert W. Leckay,
was ordered to be whipped for stealing
groceries from her master's store. Mr.
Leckay has long suspected the accused
of robbing him, but was unable to fasten
guilt upon her until Thursday la t, when
he caught her in the a. t ..1 fitting a du
plicate key to his store door.
Patrick, slave of Maria Goocb, wai
charged with stealing com and offering
it for sale. Watchman Week-, detected
Pat, at an early hour yesterday morning,
in the act of taking .-.in. from In. wagon
into a t, 1. on Cary • treet and when
he accosted him about it, the ac . ed
run hi- hand into his po. ket, and pul
ling out a roll ol notes, offered it to the
officer to release him and say nothing
more about 11. The Mayor ordered him
to be h hipped.
A charge of assaulting und beating
S.uah Ann Schwartz was preferred against
John haw n ; but when the case was
called the complainant failed to appear,
and the matter was therefore dismissed.
•Joseph Kempner, an Israelite clothing
merchant, was charged with receiving a
lot. of grey cloth belonging to the (io
vernment ; but it having been proved
that othei pat tie; than the Confederate
Clothing Bureau had the same kind uf
goods ou hand, the case was dismis ed
Fi mekal Cebemonii The funeral >>t
Lieutenant David li. linens, who died at
the Officers' Hospital on Thursday morn
ing from the effects of a woun i received
on the sth ultimo at the hands <>i dame,
Scott, of Caroline, took place yesterday
morning from the Broad Street Methodist
Church It was attended b) the officers
and employees of the Fredericksburg
railroad, the hue bri tide and the com
missioned officer;, ot ('..loiiri Frans's re
giment of reserve force ...| which he was
a lieutenant, besides a I il ■<■ com ourse of
relatives and friends. A tine baud of
mysie headed the procession.
Robserv.—On Thin .lay night, ihe
grocery store of Mrs. Mary Raynor, on
Broad street, pist outside tlie corporate
limits, was entered by thieves an 1
robbed of about three thousand dollars'
worth ol butter, bacon, ugar, coffee,
gars, .**.• Her rear dooi was opened by
means of false keys, and the «rocera*'s
Were carried through Ihe '.a* h. yard !•>
an alley, where they Were put mtij v
wagon and carried on
The Libsv. —The only arrival at this.
institution was that ol* Dr Finley, a Fe
deral prisoner of war, sent from Danville
to this city, to be forwarded to Ins North
err. home, on parole, bj iho next flag of
tin.v. •
Richmond, Va , December ", 18*4.
T> the Editor of the Dispatch
In the New York* Daily Tribune of
November 2«th appear two or three
'olumns. containing what purports to be
the account <*1 what 'one •' Edmund
Kirke," alias .1. 1). Gfimore, saw, and
raid, and did, on the occasion ol bis re
•enl vi--.it to the military pitsons in thin
•ity. A portion of this account appeared
11 the Dispatch of the 80th ...iimo. The
-tateineiit is not only tilied with faLe
lioods o£ the grossest .haunter, which
must be apparent t*> every leader, but •»
"very particular, save the single one ft
his being at the Libby, ia utterly wi«
nit foundation. The whole *-•-"> J*"
I" j 11 -.- . 1 ti.-r kli.'Mll lt>
he, and as well, it yot bctui. •
1 ti.,.■ •1 " o.uii anyoodl else.
ho such by Knke bai JJJ -
1 have conferred « J t . in
the subject, ami I, ub . i , allOU . S
tu«ngita-.ii^--'" tl ;r;V TIK .. KK ;
M.yorComdgM*)^*-') 1 ' 1^*1 -**

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