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- ? ? ? ' I
iJirlunoiwl dispatch.
j Kll>.VV SEPTEMBER 2?, lKf,6.
II niir* Solium In An?ihfrNhoo(<
Iiik Mrrn|M>.
fi m th-' F?lUmon? American, ?7th.
] i*t night about a quarter after 9 o'clock
,?ti -.z affray occurrcd in front of the
} Hotel, 011 Light street, which
?, ,i l>r awhile eonside ralde excite
.. . which resulted in the nrrest bv
? ( n Scott and >V. Mitchell of ]f.
\ I*. . !?:?!. one of the former editors of
X, Ku-l.tiviwl fcamhur. 1I?* was con.
i tin' middle district station, when
, ? ;i ??c detained to await nn investiga
Ivterv Justice Spicer to-day. lie in
| with having fired two shots ;it
I , ,l"c: i k Hn^i,,H ?hilo at t ho hotel. It
i!< i that Poilard observed a cairiagc
, ??ri i f near the front entrance, to
was taking a bird age. lie
? 1 II ; and iu>kcd hiliiwh.it he
- t" do with the eage, which he
,-hisown property. Hipkin* rc
: it was none of his business. An
,? ? istied. and pistols were drawn
? . i r : : . >? . I'ollard alleges that Ilip
. . m barged one or two barrels at him,
?taking e ll'eet . lie diseharged Ida
' r, cue ot i lie taking effect
? ? t Ji of Ili|>kins. who after the first
. ir .'i ret reated into the hotel. A sur
summoned to dress the wound,
h was if >t regarded as serious.
H w.in subsequently removed to his
house, corner of Saratoga and
I *.i : 1 streets. ft is stated that the dif
v was in ceimcction with a female,
,t day or two since readied here from
]; ?!;??. win re she is known its llattie
\. ? .i h r. She put up at the Susque
:..ih II use under the name of Kate
,v. :? i > ? 1 went yesterday to the Koun
. i i tel. where she was known as Mrs.
I'ollard stated that he met llij?.
. ui- Ik roii Culvert street, near (iuy's,
at?> r: on, and had some words with
?'..??utening that he would punish him
!,. t\er mw him with her again. On
? down I. 'ght street he found the
! hearing the cage to the carriage,
.? ? female behind about to enter the
e. Inn ing the difficulty Mrs. Mor
!??:"? , but it is not known positively
. !' ' w.in in the carriage or no. She
v : I.avo K-ft the city tor the South to
U? 1 ?
.1,1 whose account Mr. Pollanfc
? the fairest, states the ca>e as fol
,.i ;->-ars ftom the tiest information that
1 . htained that yesterday afternoon
\! i* ' nl met a hark on Monument
?. Iii' h were seated Hipkins and
ui oia Pollard was making an el- 1
? :?? ;???* sirii to her parents in Virginia.
.ar.dcl the name of the man, who
? mie was .). 1'. Taylor, and that
? . if (I at the corner of St. Paul and j
:i -treets. Pollard ordered him to
, , ? < ari i.?2v, which order was at
? n ;. lied with, and he directed the
1 1 1 .10 to the house of a friend on
r street and to wait his arrival. He
ll . -I w jit to the corner of St. Paul and
) - _? . -trects, and learned that no such
, vid there; after wliieh, he went to ;
i>e -?f iii> friend on Hanover street. |
Ma!'? had heen there, but had left, i
, returned to the eeutr? of the !
, ? ? . j ]? ?? i ute his search for the wo
? : ; the Fountain, recognized
c- ritf r of the otiicc a hird cage |
i I t ! : .red to him. He entered, ,
i. . > >. ; man who gave his name as
? ? 1 . * i _i the hird ill the rage, and a '
.t!.' tiiiig rOadv baggage to re
i . .. minute or two the baggage j
? -I i." ? ui' the hotel and to a car- j
t the private door. He told
?; van! u??t to put the haggage on the
when Taylor ? or llipkius, which
1 i" he his name ? defied him, and
!u?* hard language towards him.
!.de? that llipkius then drew from i
? i a 1>? i ; inger pistol and lired at .
i at a distance ?t" only about two
v.i 1 : in . He retreated, and made
; ??!iaw his pistol, but before he j
1 : > - llipkius had draw n a revolver
. i '1 a M'v oud shot. Pollard then cora
? . tiling, and at bis second shot llip
icll, nil he ceased to lire. The
? Hipkins then put him in a hack
?<>ve oil. The ball is said to have
! \< t in one of his legs, but the ex
? : t!:e injury could not l?e ascertained.
1 t: at time policeman W. Mitchell
in il the seem* of conilict, when Pol
. handed to him lii^ pistol, and asked to
? 'lu< ted to the police station, which
i- . and where he was held to await
? . ? tigation.
Ffoin the Baltimore Sun.
I. i ; : iiiht almiit hall-past 9 o'clock a
"titi^r adray occurred in front of the
i: . Hotel between Mr. 11. Hives Pol
? ',"1 Richmond, and Mr. Fred. Hip- j
*. of Norfolk, Ya. The ditlicultv, it is
? . 1. jrn vv <>ut of a misunderstanding')
ti : ! ^ i i' male from* Richmond who I
x'Mtitiected with Mr. Pollard's recent
ial , that cit\ on the charge of trespass
1 e tult i i taking her from a house in :
?a!i v.h, .as at the time residing. This j
'< tie cai.ie on to this city, and Pollard
? ? - ; liquid her, a-> he alleges, for the
1 '? i> "i r?- -t? >rit?_r her to her family, yes
? ' r ? !.i_, aiteriKM?u found her riding iu a
with llipkius, who, in obedience to |
; request, lett her, but who was 1
? : :'i l in her company last evening
' about taking a carriage at the Foui.- .
: 1 lot ?* 1 . Pollard attempted to stop the I
after some angry contention, it
1 i llipkius lired at him, the ball
' 1 : ? t.ik.- etlect. Pollard then drew a
s; and tit ? .1 twice, one ball taking etlect ?
?' th.- rir'iit h-gof Hipkins, indicting a pain- 1
i; 1* Mipposed not dangerous i
? P< ?third then retreated, but was;
?'j ' "'v,l i>;> policemen Scott and W.
1 il, ??? 1 taken to the central police |
: where he i> held to await anexatni- t
t i . b< i<>re Justice Spicer. 11*1*? {
' ,v i in vi-d to his boarding-house,
1 1 ' '>?> wound was dressed. During the j
! ? "iiM'ijuent on llie shooting, t ho ,
?? . who appears to have been the prime .
"i the ditlicultv, disappeared, audi
!?1 not be found alterwards. Tlie Pol
> tin iitioued should not be con-'
: with K. A. Pollard, author of
I ! t * ?
?' *? >? i a 'im), as has been done sevc
? Uu., recently iu the public prints.
' iu '.L' BitUiiaore Commercial.
Il-.,|J1N,; A1FHAV ? A fcOl'THEKN'
About twenty minutes pa^t U o'clock
nijiht considerable excitement was i
I ' ' ? front ol the Fountain Hotel, on j
"?'?'vet in ar Baltimore, by a shooting 1
'-y 1- uxten Mr. 11. Hives Pollard, late i
1 the Kichmond Examiner, and a
' ( ' i-'taed Frederick lHpkius, of i
^ ? In the absence of an official in- J
' 'Ration, we are, of course, unahle tot
' '? d .t oritatively, but from the fctatc
,i present at the time it seems ,
. 4 Pollard encountered young Hip-'
front <t the hotel in company with
v , 1 " toriner tri?-nd of Mr. Poll ir-d's, '
1 i , :,V' a|tercution ensued, and it is al
Jiipkins drew a revolver and tired
" "jt, which failed to takexdfeet ;
u " ' I '1' ilr. Pollard, it is alleged, drew j
, , | and lired two shots, the second
;; ."i !,u: l,n h-g ??f Hipkins,
dun* .r" ln?'c^,*f severe though not
?' ^ ' NVoU'?d. Mr. Pollard was ar- j
lim 1 ' , ) v|uau Scott, and is now con- j
an eV ,.cillra' lM'liee station awaiting
lun, v 1,>e w?u*?ded man was;
it' it ton' iT ["* c<?rDer of Lex- j
Sl' ''*ul wbcro Dr.
^ fcuiuiuoned to attend 1dm and J
? . ? ? -
to drew hi* wotwdn. From what we ctn
learn, it appears flint Mr. pollard, about 3
o'clock P. M. yesterday, discovered Hip
Kins in a carriage in company with the fe
male referred to, and approaching him,
ordered him to alight ; Hipkins did ho, and
Mr. Pollard entered the coach, but after
driving a .short distance, alighted, and, it is
alleged, agreed to min t the female at 4 P.
M. ?he failed to nppcar ; hence the scarch
for her, resulting in her discovery at the
Fountain flotel, as stated. The affair pro
duced considerable excitement, and was
the subject of general conversation up to a
late hour last night.
. I
As t ti?> Johnson Departmental Club is
much magnified by telegraph, it is but jus.
tire to t !>?* clerks in the department* at
Washington to say that they number over
5.0(H) ; tli.it they have all been wen and in
formal that their places will mainly de
pend <>ii their joining that club ; and that
\e! but 103 out of the f>, 01)0 have Wcotne
members, ami when the club marched to
meet the President, on his return, their
numbers, all told, were seventy-lour.
The Commissioner of Internal Kevenue
having been asked " if carriage-makers are
allowed, under the present law, to deduct
from their returns of sales the value of
Mich articles entering intothc manufacture
or carriages as iuuy have already pai<l the
manufacturers' tax," has replied as follows:
The new law exempts spokes, hubs,
bows and felloes, poles, shafts, arms and
?heels not ironed or finished ; springs and
wire made of steel ; axles made of iron or
steel, rivets, nuts, washers, and bolts used
iu the manufacture of vehicles or carriages,
and also paints. Hut the iron and steel
from which many of these articles are
made are subject to an ini|M>st or excise
duty, also the leather, cloth, and trim
mings. And tiie finished carriage is liable
to a duty of five percent, ad valorem, with
out any deductions whatever of articles
?or materials, taxed or untaxed, which
enter into the construction of the car
riage. If any assessor has allowed de
ductions of any kind from the value of the
tinished carriage before assessing the tax,
lie has done it on his own responsibility
and w ithout authority of law, and measures
will be taken immediately to correct the
erroneous assessment.
One of the delegates to the Pittsburg
Convention, who was refused leave of ab
sence, and then left without leave, was to
day, on recommendation of the Third
Auditor, dismissed by the Secretary of the
j Treasury for insubordination.
No surprise is manifested at t ho remarks
? cul<?iri"iic of lint it It reported to have been
| made recently at Bedford, Pa., in this city,
I where *urh things as cheering for Booth
|uiul havis, ami otters of money to erect a
I monument to the memory of the former,
I are daily occurrences. Since the Presi
dent's open sympathy with the enemies of
I'ninn, ex-rebel* and rebel sympathizers in
this riiy have carried their heads high, ami
art- beginning in talk holdly.
( oNhinoN or TIIK 1'ltKSI liKNT.
There is a painful feeling abroad, irre
sistible by reason of many corroborative
? ircnm>tances, that the President's mind
, is more or less atleeted by the cares of of
! lit-e: that be has been in a morbid condi
tion fur months past- is the belief of many.
This is realized more particularly by those
who are in almost daily intercourse with
him, and it i> thus his best friends account
for his many vagaries and inconsistencies.
A close observer could not have failed to
notice when the President returned from
his recent trip West that his countenance
indicated great mental tribulation : his
smile was forced and unnatural, and it evi
dently required an elfort to appear at ease.
The li ar of impeachment, a lingering doubt 1
aN t<> the success of his policy, and hence a
failure to be reelected ? an event upon
which his heart is unquestionably set ? and
ab< ve all, the dread of assassination, are
constantly before his mind's eye. On the
'other hand, there arc those with good op
portunities lor observation who scout the
prevalent rumor and profess to believe the
President as sound in miml as at any time
i during the last live years. Without at
tempting to decide between these two opi
nion-, 1 give the l iets as 1 li ltd them.
(The last two items were taken from the
! Baltimore Antfricm, a Radical sheet, and
[ may be set down as unreliable.]
Virginia Itntlon Keport*.
Special dispatch totho New Yerk Tribune.
AYitfcuiMiTnx, September 25, Istitf.
K I ? lfMOJin.
No. Rations. Value.
Is?uo to refugee? I, 1?>4 22
Issue tu frmlinen 20,557 4,23>
I>sue to refugee* 25.1 2(? 5<>
Issue tu lreedinen 13,752 2,2uu 32
!>?Kl'E To tKtKIUK.V.
Lynchburg 2,2ol *4!>1 04
l>unville .'(41 7<j e7
Staunton 325 72 W>
Liberty. ?. 325'tf 72 01
Norfolk city 7,48*5$ Ss7 SI
(Mange Courthouse 7, oil) l,Wo >4
Kli/.abt'tli City 51,313 5,5?9 S5
Spotsylvania 3,955 255 C7
Grand total lo7,*37 $lt>,2o2 04
The l>e fa If Hi ion.
Fortrkss Monkok, September 25. ? Ex
aminations made by the banks, and at the
Gosport navy -yard, where Mr. Flint, the
alleged defaulter, held the position of chief
accountant, have discovered the aggregate
of the forgeries distributed among the vic
timized institutions to be as follows: Ex- j
change National Bank about $ti,000; First
National Bank, $3, GOO ; Insurance Trust I
Company, $t),20l) ? total, $15,800. Tho j
forgeries were mostly upon Government
bills and vouchers. In some instances
these bills were fabrications, and in some j
instances duplicates. The Exchange Na
tional Bank will lose nothing, as it holds a
deed of trust conveying the Old Dominion I
newspaper oflice proj?erty to the bank.
The position of .Mr. Flint in the navy -yard ;
was that of chief accountant, whose duty
it is to examine and certify toall accounts,
with a view to the prevention of frauds.
The present whereabouts of Mr. Flint are
merely conjectures, many imagiuing that
he has already left tho country.
Special dispatch to the Philadelphia Evening j
A Mnrylnuil Governor Alarmed.
Washington, September 25. ? Governor
Swann, of Maryland, has asked for live
thousand troops to be stationed in Balti
more, in view of apprehended disturbances
at the coming election.
The Oprrn nt Philadelphia.
Phii.adki.piua, September 25. ? The
Kichings Opera Troupe are creating a great
furore at the Academy of Music in this
The Indiana? War Again*! (he Whiten
?A Ureal -Number Killed? Train* .
Lkavlxwokth, Kansas, September 25.
Information received from Fort Laramie,
Keno, and Big Horn river, states that 150
whites have been killed by the Indians.
The road from Laramie to Powder river is ?
tilled with graves of murdered men. A
whole train was murdered on Big Horn
river. Numbers of men and women have
also been killed.
4The Indians have become emboldened
by their unchecked success, and defy the
military, lied Cloud, principal chief at
Laramie Peace Treaty, has taken the war
JMiUi. A band of Arapahoei attacked an
other train on Big Horn, killed seven men,
stole all the stock, and compelled the
people to stop travel. ScouU from Fort
Tfono report' thAt the STohx and Chey>nn?H
attacked that ]xwt, carrying away alt their
Reports state that a train or 256 wagons
on the road fought the Sionx and Cheyennes
all the way from Fort Laramie to Reno,
losing twenty-two men killed. A groat deal
of stork was lost. Thirty-nine men have
been killed on Big Horn river. The In.
dinns are well armed amh equipped.
The grasshoppers have taken possession
of Kansas and Western Missouri. Huge
swarms are devastating here.
Poht-offick Afkaibh.? Postmaster-Ge
ncral Randall has nj>|M>inted route agents
on the night lines of steamers and railroads
from Washington to Richmond. This fully
restores the service as before the war.
Virginia Moil Contacts. ? Route No.
4,700, Monterey to Mountain Grove ;
Strother Ratclifle declining, contract is
ordered with Richard W. Ratclifle from
July, 1866, to June 30, 1867. Route Xg^
4,588, Yellow Branch to Leesville ; con
tract with Charles R. Rice till June 30,
1S67. Route No. 4,485, Dinwiddie Coiirt
honsc to Goodwynsvillc ; contract with Lu
cinda Smith is ordered till June 30, 1867.
Route No. 4,257, Meadow Blutt' to Nicho
las Courthouse ; contract is ordered with
James J. Bryant, of Nicholas Courthouse,
West Virginia, till June 30, 1867. Route
No. 4,446, Tappahanuock to Warsaw; con
tract is ordered with Richard S. Aver for
this service till June 30, 1*07.
Tiik Conspiracy to Hano Jkff. Davis.
In another column will he found a commu
nication from Judge-Ad vocate-Gencral
llolt, in which he denies tho authenticity
of certain letters purporting to have been
written by him, which wc have heretofore
published, in relation to au attempt to su
born witnesses for the purpose of impli
cating Jeff. Davis in the crime of assassi
nating the lamented President Lincoln.
Wc have no desire to impugn the motives
or to assail the standing of Judge Holt,
but upon comparing the original letters
with the manuscript of his denial, wo are
forced, in the absence of a microscopic
test, to pronounce them written by the
same hand. The letters may be seen at
this oflh^p, either by the Judge- Advocate
General or any other person who may feel
curious in regard to tho matter. ? New
York ller obi.
A Pock KT- book Stolk.v from tiik
Hands of a Bank Mkssknokr. ? Mr. Moses
Cummings, employed as a messenger in
the National Broadway Bank, left the
I'nic.n Bank in Wall street yesterday, and
proceeded up tho street on his way to the
hank in which he is employed. While in
Wall street a man came suddenly behind
him and, after a severe struggle, wrested
from his hand a wallet containing United
States pohl certificates, bank checks, drafts,
and treasury notes, amounting in the ag
gregate to $24,500, the property of the
bank, which lie had collected but a short
time previous, ami tied down the street,
pursued by Mr. Cummings. Before the
thief had run twenty yards he was inter
rupted by Mr. James Nelson, who, despite
his struggles, held him until Mr. Cum
mings came up. The prisoner bad dropped
the wallet upon the sidewalk. It was re
covered with all the contents intact, and
restored to Mr. Cummings. ? New York
Tribune , 2G th.
Kansas and Virginia fxtiik Tittsiu r<; |
Radical Convention. ? Major Wit/.eii, of
Indiana, 8uitj| lie observed tin' delegates
from Virginia and Kansas sitting side by
side in the Convention. It would be re
membered that the first lighting of the con.
tliet just ended occurred ^.'tween these
two States at Harper's Ferry. In order
that the humble individual at the White
lhuiso might have something to shed tears
over, he suggested three eheerslbr Kansas
and Virginia.
A Delegate. ? You should make them
take a hug.
Major Wilson. ? Yes. I move that they
take a hug.
Tin- Chair. ? Major Wilson moves that j
for moral effect. (Laughter.] That the
humble individual at Washington may
have cause to shed more tears, the repre
sentatives of Virginia and Kansas who
took part in the conflict just ended by the !
boys in blue should embrace each other. 1
The motion was carried, and three j
checrs were given for Virginia and Kansas.
Almost a Prophecy. ? The National In. \
UUhjeucrr says: " Mr. Calhoun, as far back j
as 1KJ7, proclaimed a great truth when he
said :
u ' Emancipation itself would not satisfy j
these fanatics ; that gained, the next step
j would be to raise the negroes to a social
and political equality with the whites, and
j that being effected, we should find the pre
sent condition of the two races reversed.
I They and their northern masters would be
the masters, and we the slaves; the
condition of the white race in the British
West India islands, as bad as it is, would
be happiness to ours ; there the mother
country is interested in sustaining the su.
premacy of the European race.'
" If Mr. Calhoun had been a prophet, he I
J could npt more exactly have predicted
| what is now taking place."
Bishop 1). S. D?h;{;ett. ? The Conference :
of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South,
i met on the 5th instant in the Christian
Church at Richmond, Kay county, Mo.,
? Bishop Doggett presiding. He will next '
1 hold Conference in Illinois, and afterwards
1 the St. Louis Conference, at Lexington. i
i Propertv Restored. ? The many friends
I of our respected fellow-townsman Major
William E. Taylor will be pleased to learn
' that the Willoughby Point property has I
been restored to him by the Government.?
{ Norfolk Virginian.
A Revival of Rhlkjion. ? The Rich,
mond papers report a revival of religion in
that part of Virginia. It was needed. ?
Washuvjlon Chronicle.
R a t i k i c ati on. ? Jho constitutional
amendment has, so far, been ratified by the
States of Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode
Island, New Jersey, Tennessee, and Oregon.
John* Minor Botts. ? The Hon. John
Minor Botts was to address a meeting at
Newark, N. J., Wednesday evening.
Two distinguished gentlemen now in our
city arc very ill ? ex-Governor Hunt, at
the Worth House, and the Rev. Dr.
Hawks, at his own residence. Much
anxiety is felt by friends respecting both.
New York News, 2 6th.
Spagnoletti, when speaking of his first
viola player, declared that, both as a man
and a musician, he was most praiseworthy ?
as a man, for the tenor of his couduct ; as
a musician, for the conduct of his tenor.
Dr. Charles M. Swett, of Kennebunk,
Maine, was poisoned with morphiue, and
died on Sunday night, llis wife was ar
rested for the crime.
Montgomery Blair is the Conservative
nominee for Congress in the fifth district of
"Colonel Forney," D. D., is tatteningtm
the Pennsylvania canvass. He must lu1,
says the Boston Post , a " cauvas back."
The London Standard places General
Lee " at the head of living heroes in all
that makes a life noble."
Kkottt. ? Some say that European af
fairs are in a knot ; others that they are
The Western papers call Jack Hamilton's
travelling troupe the "Niggerdrome."
An actor in Mobile baa bequeathed his
head to the theatre for a u Torickfs skull,"
telegraphic news.
From Flarlda? The F reed men? Cr?p? ?Officer*
Washixutox, September '~G.? General How
ard has received from General Foster, Assist
ant Commissioner of the Freedmer.'s Bureau
In Florida, a r?j?ort of the operations of the
Bureau in that State during August. He re
port* an evident improvement in the treat
ment of the freedmen, both by the courts and
the planter*.
Ex-army officers who since the war have
purchased plantations are reported as doing
well. The prospect of a flue cotton crop is
very promising. The corn crop is more abuu
dant than for several years past. Cholera
prevailed during the month at Jacksonville,
Apalachioola. and Cedar Keys, the victims
being principally negro*"*.
Bi-forengener.il court-martial convened at
New Orleans, of which Brigadier-General
Charles A. Hartwell, Tenth United States
colored infantry, was president, the following
named officers of the Tenth T'nited States
colored heavy artillery were tried, and being
convicted of the charges preferred, were dis
missed the service, vi* : First Lieutenant
Henry H. Gardner, Second Lieutenant Wil
liam I>. McGulrc, and Second Lieutenant W.
C. Reddy. The first two named werecharged
with conduct unbecoming an officer and a
gentleman ; the latter was charged, in addi
tion, with wrongfully and knowingly dis
posing of the property of the failed States.
General Dix'? -\ri>olntnient.
Wamtixutox, September It true that
General Dix was offered the position as Minis
ter to France, but at the same time ho was
offered the position as naval officer at the port
of New York. Both commissions have been
sent to lnin, that he may t.-^ce his choice. The
General only recently declined the Ministry
to the Hague, which was tendered him some
weeks ago.
Mr. Bigelow, the present Ambassador to
France, is recalled at his own request.
Additional Foreign News per Cuba.
Loxdox, September 26.? The Paris corre
spondent of the Londou Times states that the
Czar of Kussia will soon announce, in a diplo
matic circular from the S*. Petersburg Fo
reign Office, his position and policy towards
Kurope in its state of transition. It is inti
mated that this paper, plain in its language
and very decided in its tone, will declare that
there is no reason why Kussia should be bound
by the Paris treaty of 1K.V5 ; that the Black
soa must be free to her again, and that the in
jurious obligations imposed on her by a coali
tion of the western Powers are no longer
binding. The writer expresses an opinion
that the Eastern question will be re opened,
and a war result therefrom, France and Prus
sia coming out in alliance against Kussia.
Joseph Maxxini is circulating a fierce invec
| tive against King Victor Emmanuel, his cabi
! net, generals, army, and volunteers, for con
cluding a peace which ovei whelms their conn
| try with dishonor. The Loudon Tim** dis
; poses of M. Ma/.zini's most prominent argu
j meats in a very severe and personal article.
From the two California*.
Sax Fkaxcihco, September Judge Field,
of the t'nited States Circuit ( 'ourt, rendered a
decision to-day in favor of the Cni ted States
for ?Vmh)0 against Michael Keese on the hail
bond of Jose Saiinant**ur, given in ls.w. This
case, which is considered very important,
springs from the effort of Suiinauteur to ob
tain possession, by means of forged titles, of
the greater part of the real estate of the city
of San Francisco.
Passengers from ( 'ape St. Tineas report a
rumor of a counter revolution in Lower Cali
fornia in favor of the exiled governor, An
tonia Pedna, who, with four hundred men,
has started from San Jose for La Fay with
the purpose of reinstating Salvador Yallarius
as provisional governor, pending the arrival
of Governor Pedua, whose return is expected
by the next steamer.
It is rumored also thru the Imperial garri
sion at Mazatlan sallied out to attack Co
rnnna for the pur]H>Fe of raising the siege of
that place. They were disastrously defeated
and chased back into Mazatlan. Corunna
followed and captured the town, which he
still holds, tin- French fleet being at Guay
mas. The steamer Continental, unaware
that Corn una occupied dlazatlan, ran into
the port, and was seized by the Liberal com
mander on the ch?Tge of being engaged in
making war in Mexico. Three thousand rifles
and a quantity of ammunition were found on
j board.
j The corner-stone of the United States
It ranch Mint was laid at Carson, Nevada, yes
j tcrday, with Masonic ceremonies.
The Hndlrnl Convention nt I'letelniul.
T'ittsuck'I, September 27 ? The proceedings
of the Convention yesterday were animated.
Several amusing songs ridiculing the Presi
[ dent were listened to with fivor. Resolutions
| were passed hostile to the President. General
Uutler made a characteristic speech, and Ge
neral Willich denounced th? Cleveland Con
i vention as made up from the stragglers from
the army. A dispatch was received from Ge
neral Fremont, which elicited three cheers for
him. General Uutler was the lion of the Con
vention. Among the resolutions presented by
Colonel Straight was one asking ? 'ougress to
i direct the President to remove from the late
! rebel States all arms and ammunitions of war
not needed for present use there, which was
adopted, with ono vote in the negative; the
first and only one of the character cast iu the
Convention, and which created a sensation,
j The resolutions also endorse the constitu
tional amendment, and assert that its propo
sitions are the mildest terms ever granted to
'subdued rebels; that tho President has no
riplit to a policy as against the legislative de
partment of the Government, and that his
acts have converted conquered rebels into im- |
pudent claimants of rights which they have
forfeited, and to places which they have dese
I crated ; that the right of the conqueror to
j legislate for ihe conquered is the public law of
i all civilized nations.
| General Ilutler, in his remarks, said : 41 As
soon as these communities have shown a de
sire to be received back in an humble? mark
j the word? in an humble thankfulness for the
I clemency meted out to them? because it is for
men who have erred to be humble when they
I acknowledge their mistako? they should be re
ceived back; but not until then. Air. Davis
is ]>erhaps by no means the worst man
j in the Southern Confederacy ; but ho chose
to have the place of a representative man,
he played for an empire, and staked his life on
! the result, and let him pay the forfeit, [ap
j plause] as an example for all time that no man
shall plot (reason in the halls of Congress of
the United States. [Applause.] General
Lee left the army of the I'nited State* and
went into Virgiuia, and was at the head of the
rebel forces of Virginia before his State sece
ded, and carried her out at the point of the
bayotet. Now, gentlemen, we had an Arnold,
and he escaped punishmeut, but he did not re
main here. We have, as it seems tome, an
equally guilty traitor, and the question to be
decided in this country is whether his surren
der as a prisoner of war when he was captured
shall avail him against the desertion of his Hag
to take service in the armies of the enemies of
, his country. [Criesof " no, no."] 1 therefore
again say that 1 would make an example of
I this man, so that no soldier hereafter should
ever be found to desert the flag of his country,
i [" Good," and cheers ]
Now, then, fellow-soldiers, what shall be
done with the soldier who deserts his flag and
takes with him the secret of his commander ??
[cries of " Hang him " and " Shooting is too
good for him."]? who desert* for the purpose
of takiug a command, bribed by a higher com
mand in the armies of the enemies of his
country ?
Mr. Raymond Declines.
New Yobk, September 27.? Hon. H. J. Ray
mood has withdrawn as a candidate for Con
From Fertrrse Mssrw.
Fobtbbii Moxbob, September 27. ?The
?tMjMr lafeoit em Jfedjr island U the Shtrldan,
from New Tor* for TTewOrleanr Hi# pa?
sengers, twenty- three In number, have been
safely landed. Assistance has been sent by the
underwriters, and hope* are entertained of |
sating the vessel and cargo.
Death or General Lradketter.
Nsw York, September '11.? General D.
Leadbetter, late of the Confederate army,
died at Clifton, C. W., of apoplexy last eve*
ning. He belonged to Mobile.
Special to the Dispatch.
Robertson Confesses to the Limerick Murder.
FaiDEKi' 'Rinnan, S*pl?-mber 27.? llobertson
made a fnll confession to-day. He says he in
vited old Mr. Limerick ont of the house, mur
dered lilm, and then killed his wife. He then
set fire to the house. He says he got only
eleven dollars In silver. Shockob.
From Washington.
Washington, September 27.? Delegations of
Southern citizens recently sought to have
modified the existing rules and regulations
under which cotton is tranajiorted to market,
the revenue tax paid, and the final shipment
of it is made to domestic ports. Secretary Mc
Culloch has referred the matter to the At
Arrival c.f Specie? General Beauregard. ?
New York, September 27.? The Yillede Pa
ris, from Havre, brought 658,900 francs in gold.
General Beauregard was a passenger.
Cholera and Yellow Fever iu Sew Orleans.
Is'ew ori.kask, (September 27.? Five deaths
from yellow fever and eleven from cholera to
Queen Fiunia.
Saj? Fiuscisco, September 27.? A dispatch
says Queen Emma will bo conveyed home iu
the Government steamer Yauderbilt, which
was tendered by Secretary Seward.
The KenTouiullaud Lines IVenrly Repaired?
(General Sweeny ami the Fenians.
New York, September 27.? A dispatch from
A spy Bay says that the Newfoundland lines,
which were ?o badly damaged by the equi
noctial gale*, are nearly repaired. Cable news
is momentarily expected.
General Sweeny announces that he declines
having anything to do with the Fepian pro
subscriber* lira manufacturing at the "MONTE
federate State* Nitre Beds, near i>, \'A.,
the above celebrated FERTILIZERS, which they
offer to the farmer) generally as being the BEST
and CIlHAl'BST Iu tho United States.
This being strictly h Virginia enterprise, com
mends Itselt to the \ irginia farmer.
GUANO will l?e made if desired, hut to the James
River farmer this is entirely unnecessary.
Tbeao Fertilizers have been analyzed by the best
chemists in the country, which analysis will he
exhibited for inspection and information. Address
an 1? sw?in Richmond, \ a.
P~ H<KN IX GUANO.? Two hundred
tonsl'IKKNlX Gl'ANo, sal I to be one of the
most valuable fertilizers in tis?. for sal* br
an 28 Eighteenth street, south side of l>nck.
In announcinK fo the public onr FALL OPEN
ING for 1*0", we desire to express our grateful ap
preciation of the very liberal patronage thus far
extended to our lionee, and to return our thanks
for that generous encouragement which has re
ward? d our enterprise and been an incentive to
more vigorous efforts on our part to meet the pub
lic wants in the presentation of goods of our own
DIRECT IMPORTATION, and from the first bands
of the original manufacturers of Europe and A me
Our senior partner has Rpont tho whole year In
Europe anil perfected the most complete arrange
ments for the reception of the eurlie-t invoices of
so that we Khali always be in advance of other
house* purchasing of Importer*, and off< ring only
>niM 1 1 selections thus made, which may be enume
rated In the limited space of an ordinary advertise
ment, hut which becomes impossible in the grades,
character, and
which we pledge ourselves sha!l always embrace
in every department. We are now opening in
Double width IRISH POPLINS,
superior SILKS,
BLACK FIGURED SILKS, very handsomu ;
WHITE POULT DE SOIE, superior quality.
With a special der ire to meet the wants of
we have imported sonio chaste, "mall figured,
POPLINS AND POPLIN ETTS, charming stylus;
Having spared no pains in the selection of
floods for this department, we fuel acoutldonce
n asserting wo have on hand
to be found here or elsewhere. Among which
may be found
of all grades, from the coarsest to the finest ;
LUPIN'S MERINOS, tin quarters wide, for
shawls ;
PopLIN ETTS, ke., Ac.,
comprising every article of
and all other goods for
Wo cau enter upon no enumeration of our ?ery
full lines of
DAM A* K MOREENS for curtains,
DOMESTIC GOODS of all kinds;
and we assure all that they shall bo offered at the
lowest poaeible prices, and no such variety a* can
seldom be equalled and no where excelled.
(Late of San Antonio, Texas, )
No?. 12il and 1215 Main street, Richmond.
Messrs. A. K. Parkik, B. H. Epps, P. G. Baylt,
J. M. Job.nstox, R. M. Nmxo, L. Yebot, and E.
Fla.ihardt, well known in our city, are to be
found at the houc* of Messrs. J. STEENBOCK k
CO., and they respectfully Invite the patronage of
their pergonal friends to this establishment, assur
ing them of fair and equitable dealing and the
moat courteous treatment at
se 24? u Nc>?. 12U and 1215 Main street.
the newest and most elegant goods for
are now opening at
1213 Main street. 1215
T?AU DE COTiOON K. ? K now i na the
Xj scarcity of genulno Cologne water in thla
country, 1 hare imported a lot direct from Cologne,
which 1 can offer aa something ^
Mo. I Exchange Block, ftuUMik street.
NN li
* * ?; \ tifcf
Tbpwdat, September 27, IM.
The following are the wholesale quotation*:
Alcomoi. M * gafcon. 4iiiMJ
Alb. ? Scotch, nest brands, pints, fl.lS f down;
quart*, $5.50.
Bacox.? Side*, clear, tic. : clear rih sides, HJ?.;
bor.e, llje. ; bams, new, tirtMt. ; sugar-cured
hams. 2?c. : shoulders, l*i&lsf?- ; Virginia hog ?
roand, II fjtic.
BiHH.-wnUe. _ ^
B k a x or!? t rench, floe*** ; *PP1?. ??.?? ? Phila
delphia, $2.40tt$2.7?.
Hiwwii.- Nominal at WQtte. V ft.
BcTTia.? In demand at ?5c. f? ft.
Coax.? Supply (rood. We quote in fair demand
at$l&$1.05; yellow, &56#74c.
Coax Meal Bolted. fl.W; unbolted country*
ground meal. [email protected]$1.15.
Cisbkb. -Northern and Western, ; tag
lish dairy, 22&2SC.
Coppeb.? Rio, S9c. Laguayra, SOQMe. ;
Java, H>tfUe.
Caxolbs ? Adamantine, light weight, [email protected]|c. ;
full weight, 24^ 27c. ; tallow, 17?^ l?fe. ; paranne,
Cmia.? Apple, 15040c. V gallon.
Oottox.? We could only ({ire nominal quota
tion* for cotton. There are scarcely any transac
tions in Hichiuond.
Cottox Cards.? $? f? dozen ; wool card*, $??
CoTTox Yarxh.? Country, from No. ( to Wo
U, ; Manchester, No. I to No. 14, $1.75;
North Carolina yarns, $2 50.
Coxcbxt bated Lib.? 43 fl doien by the case.
Drt (loons.? Prints : Spragne and Pacific, tic. ;
American and Durmels, 2oc. ; Amo*keag. l#c. ;
Arnold's, l"Jc.j Wainsutta, 15c. Brown Sheet I tigs :
4-1 Battersea, lie.; North Carolina Sheeting*, 1-4,
li% 20c. ; Standards 4 4. 2.??2?c. ; i, 17tafiuc. ; 1,
l?c Plaid Llnney*, 3.'>fc45c. ; American Delaine*,
20{?30c. Bleached Shirtings, J, U?Dl<Jc. ; 2, 1?*l
22c. ; 4-4, 2?JviJ0c Kentucky Jeans, na4tjc. ;
Printed Satinets, ?o^,H5c. In hoop skirts, threads,
spool cottons, and notions generally, no ohange
since last season.
Drum and 1) r 8 STrpps.? Alnm, tyc. ; copperas.
4c.; madder, l?c.; indigo, -$l. ?o ; cochineal, $2?
12.25 y lb.; extract logwood, ISc.; sup. carb. soda,
llic.; bla? stone, ISc.
Bona .? 2Sc. ^ dozen.
Ki.ort ' The market is steady. We quote Vir
Sinla Superfine, $l2.so{$$i? per barrel; extra,
13.S0fj$li; family, $17. Northern (chiefly Bal
timore) superfine, $i"$4?$ll ; extra,
family. $15^?$15. 50. The difference in the price of
Virginia and northern Is that the Ktcbmond in
spection is of a higher standard than the northern.
Fbkd ? <>ats, 50m 55c. ^ bushel; supply mode
rate. SblpstufT, from the mill, <oc. $1 bushel
Brownstutf. from the mill, 50c. ^ bushel. Shorts,
40c. Wheat bran, 30c.
Pkrtii.izkrs. ? lames River Manufacturing Com
pany's Manipulated Guano, $7o&$*o ^ ton ; Peru
vian Guano, $f2{j$i'5 y ton: Pacific Guano. $7?
|l ton ; 1'atapM'o Ouano, $45 ton ; Bone Du?t,
f 55 y ton ; Zell's Phoephate of Lime, $71; Zeli'a
Bone Phosohate, $?1 ; Zeli'a Ground Bone, $53;
Southern Fertilizing Company's Manipulated
Ouano, $75; Southern Fertilizing Company's
Crushed Pure Peruvian, $w2.50 ; Southern Fertili
zing Company's Old dominion Fertilizer. $70;
Ground Piaster. *13 ; Phospho- Peruvian, $75.
Pi.ax Sehd.? - f3.05<itf$3.10.
Fish.? Herrings, Halifax, $4.50^$5 fl barrel ;
North Carolina, f? W barrel for No. 1, $? ^ bar
rel for No. 2, and ?".<6 V half-barrel for No. 1 roe
herrings. Mackerel, No. 1, $20<<#$21 ; in kits, $3 ;
No. 2. none in market ; No. 3, $1<. Mess shad, in
kits, $3.
Fkathrrs.? ?5^;70c. ^ ft.
Giksk.no.? Little coming in ; brings [email protected]$?S.
Hats.? Wool, $*JW$ls y dozen, according to I
quality ; fnr, $l'>to'$4S y dozen ; moleskin silk
iats, $(ii!^p$72 y dozen; dress cassimere hats, $?o
W dozen. ,
Hi dfs. ?Dry, lo$22c. ', salted, 12f^l3c.
H*r.? There ia very little hay in market. We
quote it at $1.25 from wharf, and [email protected]$l.|tf from
Iron ? English refined Iron, ^ ft; coun
try hammered. 7tf{7Jc.; Swedes, Sc. lb.; Naylor'e
cast steel, 25^2Uc. ^ ff>.
Krrobrxr Oil s#c. V gallon; retail, 75?.
Lard.? Prlm?, 24^2Sc. in kegs ; 2ic. In tlercea.
Lbathrr.? Sole leather, oak, 35?g45c . ; sole lea
ther, hemlock, 25?4'?c.; upperj kip. %<
dozen. $52?i$H2 ; narncsk, 35^4iW:.; calf skins,
French, $4'.i&('u5 ; domeMtic. ilo&$40 ; moiocco,
$3?^$44; routfh skirting, 25^33c.
Lk iiek r ? Stick P. 1 8., 41c.; Mass F. 0. C._
He.; G. k F., ?c.; G.C.,4<ic ; X. X., 4?c.; C. 0.,
joe . ; J. C. At Co., 4Sc.; Sanford. M?
l.i hr. ? Virginia, $2it$>. 25; Rockland, $2Q$2.25;
Wilson Viruiiiili, very superior, $2^$1 *.
Li'mbbr.? White pine, one inch, $361618') V thou
sand ; one and a half tothree-inch, $ih?W$W, from
the yards. Yellow pine boards, $14^)$1S ; joist,
$140j.$l'?? $23 for long Lengths ; shingles, 13
thousand ; laths, split, $2 ; sawed, $4 ^ thou
sand, and dnll.
Loxdox Portbb. ? $3.25 Tfi dozen for pints;
quarts, $1.75.
Moi ASHE*.? Common svrup, which 1* a good
name for a had article. 4*f*$3Ae. ; genuine goidiin
syrup, !'5c.6b$l %' gallon; Cuba and I"
molasses, 72c ; Pofto Rico, 7l(|*"c.
Nails.? old Dominion, In store, 7Jc.
On,*.? Linseed, [email protected]$t.l0; machine, $lf^$2.2S :
sperm, $3(ft$8.25 ; tanners', $I.26?$$1.S0; sweet, $<
dozen ; lieHt naiad, $15 ; castor, $3. 1O^$3.?0
gallon ; Virginia lubricating, [email protected]$l.
Oxioxs.? $3%t barrel.
PBprKR.? 3'o^iS;36e.
Raob.? 8c. for cotton and linen. No demand
tor woolen.
Ropb ? Manilla, best, 25c.
itMH.? urai'ic.
Ryh ? Supply good at ?l.osgfl.l# H bushel.
Rack (jlJH?hK ? 2*$IOc.
Ki m New England, 80^2.75 ; Santa Cruz,
*3.50(}$4 W gallon.
Soi>a.? Hal., 5{i,5Jc.; Bi. carbonate, lfljc.
Sai.t.? Liverpool, ??.2J4?$l. so ^ sack ; for fine
ground alum, *2.5'>. Transactions limited.
8k.na< a Root.? 40ii 45c.
So a p.? Common, aj^c. ; beat washing, 15c. ,
toilet, 25c.. and fancy price*.
Sl'UUT.-i Tt'HPKNTI.NB.? POftpOc.
SHOT.? $3&*3.JS IP bag of 25 fts.
SriiAR.? Brown, llJ^Uc.; extra "("'and " B"
l^t l"?c. ; cru*h??a ana pulverized, 17{%?l*c.; cat
loaf, ; maple, I2|c.
Tak ? [email protected]$3.So barrel.
Teas -Black. 75c %*l.45-the last a prlmo artl
cl?* ; imperial, #1.75^?2 : gunpowder, fl.75^$2.25.
ViXK'iAK.? Cider, 55?*>c.; manufactured, 40Q
4<c .
Wheat.? Wheat is scarce an<l in demand. We
quote good red. 1>2.?C?/ f2.7?? prime would bring
?2.80; good to prime white, $.'.lin?#j? as high as
*:i 1?) nan been given tor a choice article of
white. Wo could give no reliable quotation* for
need wheat.
Wi.ve Port, common, ti.HQtS.
Wiiihkt.? Common, #2.S5Qts.50 ; pare Rye, $3.5# i
Q$i.Su. Fine brand* higher.
Wool. Unwashed, 2<$30c.; waahed, 4-fil6c. In
good demand.
No change in the cattle market sine* eur laat
.[notation*. We quote common to good at *45|7c.,
Mrrrox.? In request: but no prime la market.
We quote fair to good at 5$?c., grogs. Common
gra !? * of sheep seil at ">3 per head.
Hou*.? Heavy lu>gs sell at $14 per cwt., nstt.
Veal, V head, ?5fc($l2.
Markcla by Telrgraiili.
New York, September 27.? Cotton strong
rttiil firiu ; sale* l,oo<) bales uplands at 37He. ;
Orleans, JWfcc.? holders Making 4oc. Flour
quiet atul unchanged. Wheat quiet and un
changed. l'ork quiet at $32.9oQ$32.9f. Lard
New YoRK,Septeraber27.? Afternoon.? Cot
ton strong? sales 3,000 bales ; uplands, 3S ; Or
leans 40. Flour aud wheat unchanged. Pork
heavy at $.'<2.90. Lard heavy at ItiVQltf. Sugar
steady ; Muscovado, 12. Coffee dull. Na
val stores steady. Tur]>entiue, 6?Cii87. Kosin,
New York, September 27.? Gold, 14V?. Ex
chance quiet ; sixty days', 8'/?.
New York, September 27.? Afternoon. ?
Gold, HS'?. F.xchange quiet ; sixty days' AH.
Coupons '61, lll'? ; '62, 111J? ; 0i, luto Tens,
till. Carolina sixes,
Mobile, September 27.? Cotton? Sales to
day of j^bales ; middlings, SAc., and Arm.
New Obi.eaxs, September 26.? Cotton* un
changed ; sales, 1,200 bales. Sugar, 13c. for ftiir.
Cuba molasses, CO. Gold, 142. New York
exchange at par ; bank sterling, 58.
New OBi.EAss,Septeml>er 27.? Cotton? Sales
of 1,?)00 bales at 34c. Corn, 8o?S7Hc. for
mixed and white. Superfine flour, $11. Oats
firm at floe. Bacon shoulders, 18c. ; ribbed
side*, 21c. Whisky, $2.30. Gold, 142 Vi; New
York exchange, S discount.
These Instruments having been before the pabllc
for tho past thirty yean, hare, upon their excel
lence alone, attained an cxrcacMisBD pbb-bmi*
jibxck that prouounces them aneqaailed. Their
combines great power, richness, sweetness, and
tine singing quality, as well as great parity of
intonation and harmonlouauesa throoghout the
entire scale. Their
Is pliant and elastic, and is entirely free from the
stillness found in ao many pianos, which causes
the performer to so easily tire. In
they cannot be excelled. Their action Is con*
stracted with a care and attention to every part
therein that characterizes the flnest mechanism.
None butthe best seasoned material is need in their
manufacture, and they will accept the hard usages
of the concert-room with that of the parlor epoa
sn equality? unaffected in their melody ; In fael,
they are contracted
All our Square Pianos have oar new Improved
Orand Scale and the Agraffe Treble.
Every Piano fully warranted for FIVE TEARS.
Sole Agents for the sale of the above celebrated
Pianos, No. M3, corner Main and Ninth stceeCs,
Richmond, Va. \f
1 UATjMtrecelve^r^a^m^jd^.
?e is <15 Main street.
location Wl11 not* the temporary *ha*if**?
a Ti-2 *? f??Q* at his for? f yl;
?" *??*?? ??*??*
M? ^WrtlMl.
U thematical school or jou cart*
alumnus or thb university of TO!
(JINlA ? Th* room at tbUechool U now mnfil
the reception of pop! I * at No. IM ofl Plfth ?reet.
between Clay and Lelg h. T.nai notoiM, a?U
adapted to tl>? condition of the Ome*. Jrnmber <*
paplla limited. Encouragement U follctud
THE MISSES FORBES will return*
1 the dntle* of their *chool MOHDlT, Ut o<
October. ? *-?
Hebrew and English xmto
TDTK ? The flrtt ?M*!on of tbe abore will
begin on WEDNESDAY, the W of Oetob?r next, at
No. lttMayo, corner of Ro***treet. A m.
The course of infraction will eabra?tM Ba
brew and English langnagea ?? ,*?* JJ"***
branches, and will be thvrvwgk la iMf F**
tlcnlar. . . . I(
For terme, Ac., apply between the boar* Of *?
and 2 P. M. to the ind?nl<neJ
ae t7? lw !to. us Mayo, corner of Roe* at/eel _
J. profeMor of CIVIL, MINING, IM TOPO*
and LAND SURVEY I NO, conjnnctlrely with
engagement. Iconic experience and lrst-claeetaa?
tltnonials. Addrcwt b<-x llv. poat-oAee RishmoM.
?r 17? .It* _
The exerciae* of thla Institution will be reaumed o?
the FIRST OP OCTOBER NBVT. A thorough in
struction In all the naual Rn?u?h studies, the Lathi
and Modern Languages. Mu*lc, 8lngin<r, Drawing,
and all branchea that belong to a Antlhed female
education, will be Imparted t>y highly competent
teacher*. The school-rooma are being reltted,
and atrict auention will be siren to everything
contributing to the comfort or the pupil*. T?rai
a* before war. Circular* mar be had on appllet*
tlon at tho school or the principal bookatoree.
Teacher*.? Mlaa Makia B. Cook a, Mia* PAjrvia
G. 11 a i. t Br RTo.f , Mr. O. A. E*tr*?ow, Mr. A. SB
dbibim, Mr. Caatoa C. Mbb*, Mr. C.W.Txi
low. 0. A. ER1CSS0*.
au 14-dAawtlstOct Principal.
Richmond college.? The next
session of thia institution will commence
OCTOBBR I, UN, and terminate JULY 1, IMT.
The college baa been thoroughly reorganise*
intoalz independent ?cho?>la. Brerr student may
(under the ailriee of hi* parent or of the Faculty)
ieleet the achoola which he will attend, prortdea
? he number la not lesa than three : bat the Pacalty
mar. at the rrqneat of hia parent or guardian, or
for other eatiafactory reaaou*, allow him to attend
* The 'method of lnatrnetion will b* br approreg
rext booka, accompanied br dally nral cxamlna
tiona and explanations, and ?upplemenUd In the
higher claaaea by lecturea. The aim will be to af
ford accurate and thorough academical ln*tme
llori, Inacouraeof atudy similar to that panaeA
?t the Untreraity of Virginia. To be admifted, tha
indent mnat be at leaat fourteen year* of if'*
though for apeclal reaaoua the Faculty may M
particular raaea dispense with thla requirement.
Examinations, for the moat rart In writing, ar?
held near the cloae of each half a?a?ipn. Diplomas
of Graduation and of Degra?* will be awarded only
iftor rigorous examination to those who** atan?<
tng is sati?/actorr. The discipline will b? i fouudeA
upon the Impartial aduilulatrallon of a f*wpUI?
and reasonnblo rulea. Tho deportment af aChrl*
tain gentleman ia the standard to which *?*ry *ta
dent will be expected to couform hta owu. Brery
appropriate mean* will be u>*ed toderelop and coo
tlrra a aenae of personal honor and a sacred regard
for truth, a* upon th?*?* will be placed tha aaala
reliance in bannlf of good conduct.
The religion* advantages of the college ar* an
surpassed, but attendance on religion* *X*r*l*e*,
whether at the college or In the city, will b* en
tirely voluntary, a* experience baa shown tbat
they ar* thus productlra of th* b?at reaulta; an4
the luatructlou glrau shall b* ff?* froM all M*?
tarlan bia*.
President, Her. T. G. Joxaa, D. P.
I. School ot Latin and French, Bdmp?? Hi??
aiaojf, A.M. ? _ _ _A_
U. School of Greek and G*rinan, II. H. H*a
"'iVl. School of Mathematics, Bdwabo B Shitb,
iv.' School of Natural Science*, Ba*J??TT Pf*?
TVVhW r>i Moral Selene*. T. <1. Jo*i*, D. D.
VI. School of English, Ac., C. U. ToT, M. A.
Tiana fok eansio* or .usa mostb*:
Profeaaora' lees, (if ono Professor be attended,
?JO; if two, fJo; If thre^, ; If more than
three, ?2oeach| say .?????? ;???;; W
Boitrd. puyable lu threw lnstalmeiiU? October
1st, January 1st, and April 1*t ???
Fuel. llgbU, washinj;, Jtc., about....; *?
Matriculation feu, aS ; loom rent, v<? ?*
Of thla, lioa 50 ia required October let. The re
maining Professor*' tee?, s.ty are payable
February 15th.
For Engllah hrarcheeand Mathemattea. .
For EnglUh. Mathematics. Utln, and French... ?#
For additional schools, as abore.
Payable one-half October 1st ; remainder Pebra
arr l?th.
For further Information, address
?? faculty of Richmond college,"
an 10? dAawtOctl Box W4. Richmond.
1. next session of this school will begin MOM*
DAY, September 17th, and clone Mh June, 1M7.
The school ha? beeu transferred to the neir,
Ur??, and commodious school building, erected for
the purpose, on Eighth, between (J race and frank*
tin street*.
The course of teaching Is intended, M hereto
fore, to prepare boys, from ten years ?nd upwards,
for busitiesa life *<>r lor college. Mr. SreoTKia
teaches Mathematics, the Natural Science*, and
Book-keeping. Mr. Fbnb teaches the Ancient
Language*, together with German, French, and
Italian, for wutch he lm- been prepared by long
training in Kuroi*. In the Junior knglish Classes,
the prluoipals will be aided by skilful aeaUtnut*.
Tib : The same as heretofore :
For Mathematics and English ? Tt
Each language, additional 14
For circulars, Ice., address box 814 Richmond
Dni?er?t*5r of Virginia, pjat|Mia
TUOMAS K. PRICE. Jr., M. A., > rrlMlpnli.
University or Virginia, J
an 2*? dtOcM _
Boarding Tnd day school
SCHOOL will be reopened on the 1st of October
next. Further details will be gi ven lu future ad
rertlsemeuts. Circulars nuv be had on application
to Mas J. W. PBGKaM,
Linden Kow, Franklin street,
or through box 124 Richmond poet-oMee.
J y 17-eodts j
17 DIBS. -Mis* MARTHA T. MA YO will return*
the duties of her shcool on the l*tof October at her
residence, No. (<*1 Leigh street, corner of Fifth.
She will be assisted in the English Department by
Mrs. C. B. MAYO. A competent profnseor will b?
employed to teach the French and German lan
guages. ^ au tt? MW&FtOl
11 COLLEGE, WASHINGTON, D. C., offer* snpe
rlor advantages for a thorough business cdocetion.
The course of instruction embrace* Commission,
Importing, Jobbing, Retailing, Bank and other
Book-keeping, Penmanship, Commercial Law,
Commercial Arithmetic, and Business Fraction.
Spenceiian Penmanship is taught by Henry C.
spencer, th* leading author of this system, and
celebrated as the editor of the 8p*nctrian K*y t?
Penman*hir>, adopted by all flrst-clas* collstfc* M
the standard of cntielsm.
The system of Business Practice, originated and
successfully taught by the proprietor, receives hie
special eUeutiou. This is th* most valuable pert
of the Book keeping course. Here the stadentnp*
pile* bia theoretical knowledge, and 1* prepared
for the more minute details of actaal buslnsss.
Scholarship for fall course, end life membership
In thie Union of Colleges, forty - Ave dollar*, If M*
cured before September 1, WW.
For circulars, specimen of penmanship, enll?fe
currency, and merchandise ^address
Jy II? la _ FroprletoT.
classical and mathematio
AL SCHOOL. No. 711 Franklin betwena ?*?
Tenth and Eighth street*. Br KOOEK MAKTIM.
This school will be resamtd the FIRST 07 OCTO
Tibms (payable semi-annually In Advnaee) :
English Branches .$*
Higher English, with Latin M
Greek, extrn If
Modsrn Languages at prof**eors' fees.
A limited number of pupils will be received, te
whom 1 will give ay exclusive personal attention.
Address me thtoo^h the poat-oflfc*. box It.
sa w KodER MA?T1?
SCHOOL ? Th* twenty-third session c# tnr
school will commenee on the lit DAT Of OCT (J
Thankful for pMt patronage, I hope 10 ?erit And
receive a continuance of the same Ifoawr flMMl
and the public. MARY E. I. IT ILL I EE,
Third between Clay and Lelf h etrcefc.
se ?- 1p
^Powsll. -
l\fR. SALTISH 9 DAY BCflWiji
U ?!J colon u4 Ik,
foodf Ijb ported from the Frene* nwliiHim ft|
J. ITflXIOCK * CO.f,
Main street. ftf

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