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The daily dispatch. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, June 10, 1871, Image 1

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T11 if n ISPATC H
5 rAv,l-T>-VAHlAm.V IN APTANV*.
V, x- i?si?\TrH lsdelive-redtorobwrt
TliflOA*''^ .. -?v-? i>er weok. payable to 0*
tv- ?' rirTKKN CKVTJ J*^ ^ . f
c%rr\cr in* month for R shorter period.
\S-KK1.Y PKrATCH at *3 por an
F"Vi "rATrii *' t" r,-r
>! nnFK KfrXORTS^
u%\ow npF.s and ready fok Msiront.
- h K v.s . f.' per day ; *!> per wV.
I'herry^ton?, V*.
, *? From Baltimore by Old Bay Llns. and
v !<v \. r. Banks to Cherrystone.
; je v im 1 ____
"VrrKNWO* >l> 1>K1'0T. on tho Chesa
( I aVV,..! Ohio rallroid. and *1 the foot of
" ... i-.,i ... ?i'i t>r * plo*?ant retreat for tho
. Sii^w.lSh#. Excell'ut free-tone ami chaly
Vsv*s' ?:. per month. *10 p?-r wiek. or #5 !?? r
; < hi.?lren iin.ser ivelvo J ears an. I colored
. : %iaU halt 1>rlee. Appl>^?? ,)JN>vlpi>|K.
D? p-1.0. .* o. ??_ ?1
(11 ;? l< K D Ml f- *? I ? *
r Uu reception of visitors ou tne
. . , :i\ $?0 per month.
' i :<:??.??. KI.vNIKKV. Proprietor.
? , >1 \t MKR RESORT? famous for
, , :>...>?? nai!ai;:,etal?*e plunse baths (tempera
i s-' s- we'.'. ??- ? tonic waters?'will in*
: ; -isrvn ou the 15th June.
j. i. ?? ? iii (he h >t? 1.
.11 \t, nM.ve livery In conjunction
? Moment.
a ? ;;>! -< LA*S BAND OF MUM - engaged
,? .? -laso' ?
. i:?; K > l*er day. : for one month. *75;
- :r more months, at the rate of ffli per
i r im years and colored s-er
_ ' i -.>"'0v.
. - ou> of taking rooms for thesea
. t'.l.i !" it;formation, ad 'rr-ss
GK? K Mci;qVKKNt, Snp't.
"ir'KST KNP JIOTKL, Long Branch,
n. ?J.. (furtnfrly i-tetsoii II ^use.) Just re
?lune l.Hn; inivlern in structure ami
eM-ry respect. Will t>e under the
.. ? ?: : .'f ?1 *me? Svk< s, of WlllanTs,
i:. snil t'cter GAidacr. now of the Gllst'v
f. vt* \ork. tVirmeriy of the New \<>rk
i:? for rm^ins. &e., received at
\ >ir. tiardner. at (illscy House, N.
Kfc>. GAKDNKK A C?,1.,
I > wv iTe y sr K 1 N G 6,
< ' ? ? on the FIRST <?F JUNE. 1^71, for the
n I'f c ?mpany. Sltn^'ed as It Is In the
t -o' thr irn-at Valley. Ills n.^tonly oneof
??;( 'ill stnnmcr resorts In tbe Mate,
-.v ; r.ul c'lrMtvc properties arc bceom
, ?? ? ' V . ' !? V illt da
^ , o; the water by Frofessor Mallett,
? : versitv .??" Virgil la, together with the
. < jiiauy eminent physicians, prove
??the Springs" lor suirerltiii females;
;? - it. woivlerful ionic properties, as a
i't-ju ral rtcbiliiv. anemia, and diseases
: ? :< uialcj It is unsurpassed. In ilie treaT
tte various forms of ?>y?-pepsla, and par
: : tti ??" sufi'ettntf from a torpid and In
w . r. jo'tiou upon th-Uvea* well as the
and d-elded. Very in ail Y re
. k..:?It f.ire? could tt cli<.d of tliisclassOl trou*
? ? : i.j.
j -v of a .t --. situ*ted only twelve miles
. -or urir. the present terminus of the
. >unas$as Gap railroad,front which
? : e*. w.. daiiy lilies of stages* tnorn
; vV? III! k*.
t f jmincr Tirr. HUil.DIVGS HAVE
\ 1 L*i 1V rut>Vh I), as well as tlie
? . ? :n Harris->.n!".r>r to thv ^pri!iir?i. THK1-.K
? i'!:.1"..' l'Kk?o.v> can uow be very comfort
a ? iiv"inm<" di'ed at these Springs*
. ? /Ipli olil.'o at Harrison burg.
MM 'i>.y I I'.'.N : will ba &TKICTLY
r'.c-i ?< x- siiMicr the man age inent of Joseph
n \> v,.t ? writ v known as a hotel manager.
:.! /'; Gordon A Williams, one
??1 oui will be in atituUduce duriuK
^."0 00
.... .. . 15 00
i ? v : 60
i . servants li?U-price.
A. I?. I KICK.
I".--. ? ' 'the Heard of Directors of Hawley
- ? : : v. mv 26 lui
?. 1'KN JUKE 1st, 5 ?7
f..v-T?e and ceh'.ited WATFRING
1*: \?* I: w il! ? Slvr additional ai r-*'tl- !;s U U rca
? -lif itiicr iinpfiv- ajciits. Hit re h#? b*en
? |t ;Cl>>U9 t'.iU lot ill, adjoln
< the parlor has bieu enlarged .is <1
? au-1 tl:?* pp.xlni'.f ?.| tin two renders
ieasily acct-sMlde. ?: wpi >,<? kept !n a style
t surpassed anvwhtre in Y)r?eluhl.
?\ iTEi!? "l'lbTi s cel.11 Sprlnes either
? r- "r ir:*.?-?! 1 v relieve most c<s?> of Scrofula, in
' i :i ?Uj; ;t< n. lir-'iii-' lir-neiiUs. (. liron
?\ - ? 1.r-i.i- l'neuwonli, Cliroui<rl>ys
i hfonie l>iirrha*a, Chrouic l>yseniery,
? .i ? a i :i e-t value hi iii<.se afF -cti>?"?
v> r>- f-cnilar to Hie f< inale COii?tlt>:tk-li. sitd
?< !!?? !?? r, a to >le. and Kenejui icatoratlvc,
t? ir". f r'naii-j, u.trivaijed uuiHiKit ibIiivcm
, l>ropr:< ! >r will bave provided f<>r the
-r ?? r. a iif?t-? i.tj-r Itaii'i <>f Music,
..)! :he sourc*s ?>f Hmucemcn ami
r i r? <i >>u u-uaiiv found .it our lo st summer re?
? ;it tl.f coilllnaii'J of the guests -ii
? ? r 1 ?>K Ai.r.H," Tt.f place is within
!i t-. tiar.tvu hours of Richmond, Washing
i>:? mi r-. by rail, all in daylight. l'a$
? sr.-??: the ?'ut-sapeake and Ohio
? .'i at : til pot. and new and ekgaM
ij ? :> ? ?li.c rapidly over ft smooth and
. ?: > iu'.jI miles, set down the visi
- . ."i'.:? a.
?I v *?. \. FSAZtE", Proprietor,
li. it. Not., ? f ilaltitnore, Resident Physl
( . ..
M . -. .[.KN. late of C&pon Springs,
i h- ' ? I . > St .'1SM1.
: ?..( khndgt- Wa ? r i< for sale by PCK
. t.A ;> A < ?!.. IJ!' liinoud ; M. A.'.t <\ A.
VI ??? : <,.<>. M. McINTIRE,
' li.jrh ? ? vi; ? .
r i?:!y sent free oa application.
W/ AIl.M >ri:LNG5.
?? 1JAT
1 .v !? the <? Spring', mid they are n*?w
; i : ':>?rs. 'Ibty have t-'-en much Jill
s' :u ihtsr titr<? -a for Comfort* aud f>ball be
i' -i'i ? r..t li mil' - nim Mlliboro1 Iicftf'l.ilve
i m tfjeilot.andei^nt miles from tlie ileal
? .? ??
a ? i-.r ;? i<nph'erJ.
iVi , .-i *. otlit'e ill the hotel.
- ? . ::io':th- f.luly. Aucust, and September,
v-; !??? r ?.??? k. itT.so; rer mouth, <^so.
? after u.a: time, about 20 per cent.
J Oil;,' L. KU IS A ft K,
- vt- Late of jbc I let I i o; ^prl^^;s.
}> ATil A I. I'M <i'lti>:GS, VA.,
? we:: ? r*Mi!bom' i>ei?oi, cUi'^apeake and
I. *?" mailt ^tai-'t- road t>? Warm, Hot,
? ? .-prsa-teessible fr"m all points
? I : i . State;. one day's travel from Wash
K.il Hi >rt-. Klchmotid, and Lyuebourg.
"i: ? tiealth-xlving waters anl pure mcuntain
? ? .?? !. resort fvr Invalids and
; i- it. t.rs.
? ? ?j::;in<-d.it!oav are llrst-class, and open
? ard per month (four weeks) $15.00
i or (lrcuUrs n ;.-i :>arti?'ti]ars. address
JvSLi'Ii liAXTKK, I'roprlctor,
? -t - to it.jtli Alum, \ a.
?t>M i;rnoM iiii:s, na ns, dc._
I i .3lu.\,S LKMOJSS.
?-0 :>oxes PltlME SICILY LKMON3
/? ? :vt>l on oon Ixnmeut aud lor tale by
it'!' V. WILLIAMS & CO.
( |I(A .\ Ci K .S, OJtAHUES.
10 boxes 1-lilMK MUSSINA ORANGKS,
i;st r<eehedon c rn6!>:nmeut aud t\>r sale by
1W> cases 5 L'?. KKK>H PK ACHES,
Xoo t aftct -i tt. Fl'.ESH TOMATOK8,
5o casts 2ft. KUF.-li I OMATOKd,
) ?0 C#st s un til HKA NDY t'K/t'liiCS,
100 c u.- FrtH ? II COVK t it,
KKMoxt-s KKKMi L?VKR ItAlnlNS,
All i<ti f-ait, at xidu td prK'Cb by
' * o ? l j 12 Main street.
L'lNJ; liOHI >KA li A' I'liUNES,
H iS AN AN A Si,
I'i N /? ATi'L ES.
r'' el Vtd JtV
<?-!,? PIZZINl'B.
i 1 t!.-r f tr ralr tb'il. splendid bt'***i etigravit't', 2fX
?'?r- ; tallied in it(<- vcr v aU-st of inou!du:j< to suit
Hit- woik ?/l art, lor payable by wtekly instal
H.i uii o. ti; touetber wi'h an assortment of 'I ooo
i'lt'lures, all descriptions; Looking Glasses
.:. s./.fr, Family Llb.es, ('lockii, Carj>ets, Ac.)
i oi iii?; iM bt descrip'i >r.
t- it A MESof all tleserjpth ns made on 'be ptem
lbt#. W M. isAKVlit* N,
? and 10 l'Mli st., bet. ilaln and Sra?.Kl:n.
Je l-liu and Hull fairett, Mautbesler,
LIST or i,ktti:iw.
OEPICK JUN* 10 ts?l.
Persona railing for letters la this lit* will plea?n
*nv Advertised. 1
Adktn?. F. K1 mrnoy. S. p. Nevlll. M.
Ad.tni*. Ju?H? Gtb?on, J. Nov 111. tJ. W.
Alnsiio. !i. F. (illlt*nt, M. Oliver. W.
Allen, Sn<?n M.Gordou, L. T. Pebbles, L.
AMhonv. A. *. (S) Von ale, K.
Andrews, ft. V\ Greene. J.ino Pettna. If.
Arnrstv. Mrs.G. Grlfll-*, ??. Ponder. M. A.
Attkmon, F.*. H?rdiug, M. Parcell, S. C.
Anttltn, K. M. Handv. W. I'urd'e. F. J,
(?) Hearty, E. Randall, J.
lUUv. v- v- Hi* ftl**r, A. J. Rhode*. 0.
Baohraib. F. A. Riley. M.
Jlioks. S. o. i?oSertAon, L.V.
Holmes. Mar* Robertson. ,T.
Bov'. V. K.
Bond V
Brown. Jnila
Brook*, II.
}<r- >\n, Mr*. ,! J.i. k on, F
Hoinley, toolllu Rose, Sarah
Hudson, . Sherer, J. A.
Hughes. I). Sheffield, S. B.
.I"?<K^ n, Kinlly Koannon. E
J ckson, r.
Jam*, M.
.Icier, I).
.1 Ann's, (?.
.lackson. S. E.
J>hnsou, L.
.i< hnson, S.
Jon r, ?1.
Jones. K. M.
Ktuir. I . K.
Wv, II. W.
I .HUl'HTt, J.
1.00. C.
l.dWO, M.
l.yson. M. A.
Dcmps'ey, M. F. M.tr-h ?!'. I*.
IMckson, M. Mieon, M. F.
KlllotU H. Vooie, S.
Karrnr. M. E. M McDonald. K.
Kantroy, M. A. XcCo;t, Sai'i.}
Feudlcr, A.
V i.t K AOS.
Bloomer. Virginia A
Burns. K.
Rinrg. v.,|.
liunis, V.
Call. A.
< 'snroy, T.
Campvell. 1*.
Cloptou. M. A.
Clayton, C.
l'Ia> brook F.
Comedo. i ?.
Crump. E.
Cronle, G.
Cultin, A.
Cnr.ln. K.
I>andridge, M.
Smith, M. F.
Smont, M, F,
Strong, G.
Stern, K.
? nrane, J. B.
Sutton, S. li.
Swann, A.
Thomas. W. A.
Thompson. M.
Tiin'njrlake, M.
vhiIo'w, r.
xv. lls, MlssK.
White, M.
VI Ho.
V bllo. u.
\V|lc,.y, M.
Wil I V. b. E.
>v tlll.'.iuson. M.
Wild man. S. F.
\V(t?>Mrldg'C. K.
vV\ud.vorili, M.
Anderson. J. Oll?'S. J. Nhiux1 .t Co>
Alfred. T.J. Glenn. W. F. > ?sh, J.
r.arnaM, M.,tD. Gleu n.C >1. ". Ntlson, II.
lUtos.d. M.
I>ark< t. W. (*.
Karret, \V. T.
Kae<>n, N. W.
ttakv-r, Ij. K.
B*tie, C.
BeHch. S. F.
Klrd. E. T.
Blackbura, J.
Boweu. S.
Bovcl. F. M.
Boyd. I).
UriHiks, \V. S.
Hr ili^on. K. C.
Brown, s.
Brown, J. T.
Brown. J. C.
Burrns. J.
Buriuat A
Buford, 1?. V.
Kurton, A. T.
Carttr, H.
!w'n J. G. Nm1,C. T.
Gordon. J.
liraiifur, A.
Grose, 'l. li.
Haw. J.
Harris, C.
Harris,.!. (91
l adl'*y >frr>, l'ecdlcton.J. D.
llanlnVt'). . J. I'endleton, K.
ll-trdv, J. C. Hharla, K.J.
Harv'e. J 1?. Pitman. E.
Hardin, H. >J. l'ollard. M.
Harrison, ?. T. Preso,ott, W, E.
Harwood.S. W. ti'imrlos H.
N<* iri>a55,
O'rMl. V.*. J.
Ou v. W.
Patterson. K.F.
Parr, W. J.
Hei??s.s. y. Q rney. J. \V.
HcmTTMBi. A. Kausom, H.
Helt'ern. \V. Ubodi*s, tf. II.
Holland. W. Rlt<*itie. A.
Holden,.!. G. P. Hook, ?.?. V\'.
Hope. O. P. Kidierts, K.
Hopkins, 8. H. Saunders. H.
Hughes, C. Sanford, E. 31,
HuVfeon.Dr. Samuels. B.
Hudjiens, 0. Sfldeo, M.
Caraorlste.T.F. Hyle, G. telden, K. C.
ChUdres, VV. *i. Jackson, D. K. teyton, G. K.
Clark, U. B. " Jav kson & Co. Shields, A.
Clopton, \V. E. Jackstm, J. Shields, M. C.
Coliyer, S. Johndon, K. Shackelford, J.
('offin. C. T. Johnson, E. Shafer, B
Coles. \V.
Conolly, K.
< '0"ke Co.
Cooke. J. K.
Davis, P. C.
Davis, L.
Hcm.c. H.
Dewitt. B. M.
Johnson, L. A Sheppard. S. C
'ton, H.
Johnson, I>.
Jones. J. '1'.
Josl, J.
Kinney, I.
Koy, J.
Lacv, C. F.
lArWlS. It
Slnfrleton, \V.
Slaughter, J. 1>.
Smith, W. K.
Spalding A
Stevens, W. N.
Delamater, J. J. Lewis. 1>
Dorphley,K.\V. Lomlis, K. F,
Donovan, J. Maxwell, J.
Drewicv. J. Muiou, S. B.
D-nmheller, L. May. L.
Lelj:h A C*?. (") Svaiuper, J.
Swcpson, U. K
Taylor, (K
Elder, J.
English, W. W
t pps. K. O.
!? vans. B.
Fear, W. E.
Fi^'iier. W. C.
Forrest. Dr.
Ford. M. J.
Tanner. J. F.
Teirfull. W. H.
'\ h .mpson.C. H.
Martin, It. A. & Tlmnilns. C.tpt.
Martin,C. II.
M?nn. A. J.
Metnls. W.
Miller, J.
Toumbs, H. Si.
'J iler, J. a,
IU?r?pht. S.
Vauthft A Hro.
VanlndU J
Mluor. J. W.<5) Walton. J.
Morris, M.F. Wa.-Jiner, F.
Morris, K. Wass, J. l>.
Moselev. VV*. P. Wills, C- E.
Franklin, A. J. MuuLgumcry A Winston, P.
r ray, W.
Frcnscli, 1*.
(jpel". 11. K.
(ieooncnpe, G.
GUI. J. K.
til ha, M.
Mony, J.
Murphy, D.
Met lie, L>.
MeC'abc, t'.
Met.all, J. E.
Winston, \V
Wi'liini", V.
Williams, 1>.
Woo Uey, \V.
Wood. W . K.
M. A. L. (2); C. W. M); y. C. C. and S.; Wln
nlfied; IT. and Mecliaules* Savings Bank; Unitn
Mannfacturlnjt Co.: Union towing-MiChlne Co.;
jLodpe No. 11. A. F. and A. M.; James lliVer
MnnufVCo.; Kopistrar of I'.rook land; i?3o Main
eirett; oroinar/ of Court; IJuslues^ l*lh street;
Clerk of District Court; Schlanu Watkius' Dra
matic Co.; Proprietjrs tpatswood Hotel (2);
Pubs. Southern 1'ress; iiiclmioini Medical
Journal; Sapu i;eKi>tration Coil Harbour.
G. Gutb, Bremen brip Lepold; G. A. Gratff (2),
^prap*p. schooner Jln'h tlnw; b. VV. Da
sliloil (2). schooner Llzz.e; C. H. Bre-vsier,
schoonurFrank Walter; C. U . Hudulns, soli >on*r
v\'Marten ; a. M. Howard, boat Norwood; C.tpt.
J. s. llipbee, schooner H. W. Benedict; C-ipt. f..
Carey, schoouwr A. K. Moore; J. II. Davis, boat
Art'ct; Capt. E. S. Dailot. boat Eliza and Marti,
of Jeisey. E. L. VAN LEW, postmaster.
J L Nfc. 10,1671.
Persons calllnp for letters In this list will please
say ??Advertised."
Kurnett, Mr?. Mary M. Harris. M!ss Mary F.
Ilamiitou, .Mrs. James
finllii, MI*b Sutaii J.
Taylor, Mrs. Susan*'.
Wooldrld/e, MissM. J.
Winlree, Miss 1-elia S.
Cox, M' t. JaceQueliu
< ay. Mrs. hlla
Ellis, Mrs. Ci arlty
<; ties. Mis? Mollte C.
Draves. Sir?. Mary 'c.
Atkinson, John W. Hopkins, Martlu (ccd'd)
Anderaon, Cspt. \V? B.
fiurie^s, \\.
BaMer. Alex.
Ka s. Win. A.
Brown, Joseph
i;:a<>kinshli>, A. J.
Fore, ni.J.
Fritjn in, i't ter
(Jroiuun. i'l.
Haneoi;k. S. T.
Hall, George
Ilwrner, David
Mosley, Dock (ool'aj
Mo ?re, C. F.
MoCrea, C. C.
Mori is, John A.
Miller. Dabuey
Sheppcrs;ii, Jack (col'd)
Vadvii, J. iJ.
\V .'odtill, S. E.
Wllkersou, J. II.
Hot springs,
j NA'l URAL CURIOSITY arc situated in the r?
mui'ic Warm Springs Valley, The season ul'lsil
* 111 commence J UN k 1st.
These thermal waters are celebrated for their
I CUtiATl'i K virtue In chronic rht umatiHii, gout,
torpor of liver, chromic eul-irgtmcut ot-liver or
fepUcn, chrculc dlarrhu?i or dysentery, nou-or
Kanlc paralysis, oM Injuries, diseases of the skin
(especially ol svpbllltlc origin), clirouic diseases
oi the uteris, anectlons o? th^ v\ornb. and other
diseases of a delicate character incident to fe
Itatlisvary In temperature fr.>m 80 to llo decrees
i he accomm- datlons nre flrfX-claPS, and offer
unsurpassed attractions to tii? Invalid and idea*
sure frceker. 1
Tcl? graph cfflcc in hotel.
I'roi. J. L. CABKLL. M. i>.,of University of Vir
ginia, resldeut physicl in.
Descriptive pamphlets, vrlt'u full particulars,
furnished on application to
b. G. TAK1?V & CO., ) _
?illos. Ii. PRICE X CO., 1 Klchmoi?J?
JAMES A. AUGUST, Hot Sprlnii.ti
my ie-tJ)l Bath county, Va.
y KOCKBRIDGK <Ji>U.nTY, VA., two miles
from Gost.eu IX pot .-I th . Chestpe.tke and ?-hlo
ruflroal, and thirty- ou miles west of fcUsinlon,
will l>e open for visitji 6 on the FIRST UaV OF
Being furnished with entirely new furniture, 1
can rive satisfaction.
Good ball-room music If in attendance.
B?>AR1>: Per day, K; per month, f5o; two
months, f-15 per month; three months, ij*40 per
i month. . ? ,
1 A dally line of stages to this place from Go.hen
? Lh pot
ior. JOJIN K. WOOD, resident physician.
J. H. GUODLOa, J'roprletor.
.Major P. H. VVoODWAiti?, so well kuown to the
travelling public, la the manager. my 25-im
This desirable and b? autlful cnmincr resort,
eitutnedoa the summit of the Blue Ridge Moun
tain. on the Hue of the Chesapeake and Ohio rail
road, one mile from Afton depot. Albemarleco.,
commanding a full view of the surrounding
couutrv, has been enlarged and thoroughly reh.
ted, and will be open on the 1st of JUNE.
BOakd : l'er month, fc-tO ; per week, $12 : per
day, 2. flil dren tinder 12 years, and colored eer
, vanfs, half-price.
The (,'U ALYliKA7'E SPRINGS are equal to any
In the .state.
Coaches will run dally to and from the depot,
uiy 2I>-1 in JNU. -N. BALLAK1).
AFTON HOUSE.?This now and beauti
ful summer resort, Just tin'shul a: d t'ewly
furnished, bituated ou the Blue Kldge mountain at
Aitou depot on ;hj (Jnesapeake and Ohio rail
road, will be open on the 1st of June. Boo.rd: +40
per inooth, i*12 per week f*?r less than a mo.it.li,
and $2 per day : children uud?;r twelve ycar^ aud
coloreu servants half-price.
my 17*?m S. 11* GOOl'EOE & CO.
VTOTICE.?I have just received a large
JLl lot of JiEFltlGH Ka T. 'KS AM) Wa'J>,K
OUOLERS. wblch 1 will eel! che-p. Hhvciubuou
HOD. which 1 will put up at short notice.
Jollu BuW'EKS, j
Iron Bloc*, Governor street,
Je G-lin Klchmond, Va.
gidtntoiul jjispfrh.
The Difference.
[From the St. Louis Republican, May 20.]
Hl1 bnt unantaous proclamat ion hv
5.1c. aTcdttaaVth^n4, TheTconfidently
\ouia do
confident ^ream of vleforvZ/T"1 V
en'ieaTOrin^tTSeVl,""i? """
I>e.?oeracy lias at la?t relinquished !t"nrin
amUw'il'"tZt" t 'u "?"'ins '",l olli':cs
I] t,ut tho Democracy has tfik-pn
all tlio spirit and life out of the next ProX
dential struggle by accepting the Radical
Platform. A few ultra southernl ane?
take the same view, and despairingly {??
mato that it will uot be worth while tn
light if there is nothing to fi-hl for
And yet the differences between Democ
racy and Radicalism are as irreconcilable
as ever. Ihere is no sympathy between
the two. 1 hey difter in philosophy, in
policy, in spirit, and in practice. The fact
that both agree in accepting the same
amendments is no more proot of harmony
between them than is the fact that both
agree in recognizing the same constitution.
Radicalism has again and again violated the
Constitution; but it would not dare to "0
into the canvass of 1872 for the overthrow
of that Constitution. The Democracy
while some of the amendments were pend
ing, opposed them; but it does not logi
cally follow that, therefore, it should con
tinue to oppose them after they have be
[ come established political facts.
J The banishment of the amendments from
the programme of 1872 places the comim
struggle just where Radicalism does not
want it?on Grant's administration ; and the
Democracy, embracing it on tliut ground,
gains an advantage which it* opponents
clearly recognize. There is scarcely a soli
tary measure that the Grant administration
| haseileeted, whoso wisdom the Democracy
does not dispute?unless it be the sul?tan
11ally reproduced 'Johnson-Clarendon treaty
which Radicalism rejected in one form to
adopt it in another, 1 hp, oppressive mo
nopoly tariff which Radicalism imposed
l under Lincoln, and contiuues under
Grant; the harsh system of internal taxa
tion which Boutwell insists on keeping
up. in order that he may pay a hundred
millions per annum on' the public debt ?
the economical policy that has destroyed
American shipping, and caused us to con
suuicjess sugar, collec, and cotton goods
in 1S7U than we consumed in I860* the
squanderings of the public lands on cor
porations instead of reserving them fur
actual settlers; the degradation of our di
plomatic service by appointments which a
distinguished Senator declared were " not
lit to bc^ made the startling usurpation
ot the Executive in endeavoring to force
the offensive .Santo Domingo treaty through
the Senate, and in deposing the chairman
ol u Senate committee to facilitate the,
scheme, the social and political ostracism of
distinguished members of Congress ford-ir
iug to differ from the Executive: the inde
cent prostitution of federal patronage to in
fluence elections in the States; the extortion
of party decisions from the packed benches
ol the Supreme Court?these are the issues
on which the canvass ot 1872 must be
fought. One-half the schedule would lie
sutheient to give unusual animation and
interest to the struggle; nay, we might
properly appeal to the people"tor the over
throw of the Radical administration on tin
tariff alone, lor that tariff in its naked
meaning is nothing less than an imperial
exaltation of favored classes at the expense
ot the masses. 13ut even the issues we
have mentioned do not complete the con
troversy. There is a great constitutional
questiou that rises above them all, and that
cannot be debarred from its true place in
the campaign. It is applied in the extor
tion of the contradictory legal-tender deci
sion from the Supreme'Court, and in the
force bill, giving the Executive discretion
j to proclaim constructive ??rebellions" and
j suspend the writ of personal liberty at his
pleasure. These two measures are an af
lirination by the Administration that Con
gress and the President may set the Consti
tution a?idc whenever it stands in their
way; that they may make up their own
decisions on constitutional questions and
compel a degraded judiciary to utter theiu;
that they may violate the very organic law
which they seek to amend ; that the State
may be rcduced to humbled provinces and
the liberties of the citizen placed at the feet
of that party that chances to be in control
at Washington.
On all these issues there must be con
flict. The administration of Grant cannot
be ignored, it will lead the Radical party
in a realtirniatiou ol' its policy, its mea
sures, and its acts; it will even compel that
party to defend its blunders and its crimes,
and the party will have no choice but to
obey its master. Grant's administration is
to be the centre of the struggle. The Dem
ocracy will assail it, and Radicalism will
be compelled to shield it?if it can. Sena
tor Morton thought to place the Demo
cracy on the defensive by accusing it of the
unpatriotic design to undo the settlements
of the war, but the Democracy spiked that
battery, and gave Senator JUorton clearly
to understand that it will attack, and he
must defend.
It matters not that intelligent and patri
otic Republicans do not indorse the Admin
istration, and would prefer to light on other
questions than those which its evil meas
ures presents; tlie^ Grant party will uot
permit such a shifting of the ground, eveti j
if the Democracy were willing. The Rresl- j
dent peremptorily demands an indorse
ment, and it must have an indorsement, or
the opposite. The personal element in af
lairs at Washington grows larger and
stronger every hour, and intelligent men
already discern that in the canvass of 1872
i the Administration is to be the itepublicau
party, and the Republican party is to be
[the Administration ; and even with the ac
cepted amendments dismissed completely
from discussion, the differences between
the contending parties will t>e deep and
wide enough to furnish the most important
controversy we have had since the Radical
party came into power.
Thb Air-Line Railroad.?We are in
formed that the Pennsylvania Central Rail
way Company have bought out the interest
of P. P. Dickson, under contract for the
construction of the line between Charlotte,
jS. C., and Gainesville, Ga. When this fact
became known in Ne w York, the company's
bonds advanced to 87.^. The Pennsylvania
Central is the richest company in the United
States, and the contract for constructing
the Air-Line road being assumed by theni,
makes its early completion beyond all doubt.
There will be* no lack of money, and money
builds railroads. If President Buford's ex
pectations are realized, that the road will
be completed to Spartanburg and the trains
running betweeu this aud Charlotte by the
li st day of January, 1872, it will exceed
ihe hopes heretofore entertained by the
moat sanguine friends of the enterprise,
and will ailord a cause to our citizens of
self-gratulation scarcely to be equalled by
any other event. We learn that the first
instalment of the subscription bonds of!
Spartanburg county and of the town have '
been sold at seventy-live cents on the dollar, i
The next annual meeting of the stock
holders will be held at this place.?tipartan* j
l>"rn (S, 0.) Spartan, j
The PreftMent nnd HU Pence Poli
cy?Defence of the Indiana.
The New York Herald of yesterday con
tains what purports to be a conversation
between President Grant and a represent
ative of that paper, in which the President
expresses himself to the following effect:
" There ia a great deal of nonsense writ
ten about me. I don't want to do any*
more than carry out the wishes of the
American people, as they are expressed
through their representatives and the
press. I try to observe the oath of office I
took when inaugurated, and I believe I
have succeeded. What good I have done
the credit Is to the people; the faults of
the administration are mine. My faults
have come to the front and centre; what
good I have done is under guard, in tba
rear. It remains with the people to decide
! on the merits and demerits of my adminis
j " As to the Indians," said the PresidenJ,
"those people who clamor for the destruc
tion of the Indians on the plains either are
interested or know nothing of the condition
of aflairs in the wild regions where the In
dians live. I have lived with Indians and
know them thoroughly. They can be civil
ized and m ule friends of the Republic. It
takes tact nnd skill, however, to deal with
them. They are shrewd and cunning, and
won't be shaved out of their rights it they
know it. My policy is peace. When I said,
' Let us have peace,' I meant it. I want
peace on the plains, as everywhere else.
That attack on the Apaches'was murder
purely. The Apaches are warlike ; that is,
the young savages wander off to rob and
murder occasionally, but no doubt they
have provocation. 1 will investigate the
murder of Apaches at Camp Grant, and be
just to all concerned.
The Indian question is not one the Gov
ernment should be called upon to settle.
The citizens of the outlying States and
Territories ought to be able to fix that.
The Quakers arc doing well, have done
well, and will do more. Other denomina
tions of Christians are also laboring with
etl'eet among the Indians. They are all la
t boring for the same cud, and I will givo
| them all the support 1 can. I don't like
'riding over and shooting these poor sav
i ages/ I want to conciliate them, and make
them peaceful citizens.
I The pulicy of peace, sir, is much prefer
able to the policy of war. You can't
thrash people so that they will love you,
| even though they are Indians. You, how
ever, make enemies friends by kindness."
Horace Greeley on Southern Whites.
Having, with an unconscious intimation of
his own estimate of the relative importance
of the two subjects, first devoted a letter to
the condition of the blacks in the South,
Mr. Greeley next devotes a column of Tri
bune "editorial correspondence" to that
ot the white race ; and this is the subst .nce
of his conclusions. To the question "Do
they acquiesce in the abolition ol slavery ?"
he answers: *
I " I am entirely confident that no consid
erable number of the southern people
either expect or purpose to reiinslave their
I former chatties. None know better than
the great body of the southern whites that
' the reenslavement of the frecdmen is a
moral impossibility. Their very general
complaint, he adds that 4 we can't control
lour labor,'has a very real foundation. A
[ friven force, sav twenty families, will not
i pick so much cotton iii the mouth as thc-y
I did ten years ago.
He thinks that emancipation has borne
! loss hardlv upon planters than their wives.
Of these he savs : " Many of the wisest and
most resolute among them have learned to
do their own work, with their daughters
help ; some have obtained white help, main'
lv of foreign birth ; others get on with hired
black servants, but most of these get on
The poor white next claim his attention,
and is found to be much less black than he
has been painted. Certainly there are idle,
trifling " poor whites" .-till, as there are
equally worthless blacks; but they are fewer
than they have been, and growing lewer
dav bv duv. The " corn-crackers," " sund
I hillers," " clay-eaters," ifcc., of the last gen
! eration, will be unknown as a class alter
I this century.
I The political views of the southerners are
thus intimated : "They propose to renew
the tight, but not with gun and sabre.
I They expect to regain as Democrats
! through elections the power they lost as
rebels" through war. They herein evince
that wisdom which protits by the lessons ot
i experience. .
And while a bitter spirit is cherished by
many, 1 leel sure that the number who ac
quiesce, it they do not absolutely lejoice,
in the restoration of the Union is daily in
creasing. Thousands lute the ?carpet
baggers,' with their alleged corruptions
and spoliations, who piotest that they do
uot hate the Union." _
Upon a review of the immediate outlook
in a partisan sense his conclusion is :
"Should the South show an anti-Kepub
liean majority in IST'2, it will be a coiisc*
quence ot injudicious appointments and
removals, of actual or reputed prodigality
iu legislation or in olliee."
A summing up of the situation in a mate
rial '?ud moral sense is stated in these term-.
"Teat the South is steadily recovering
from the calamities and lo.-ses consequent
on our late civil war, i< very obvious 1 he
process might be more rapid, but could
hardlv be more substantial."
" li were irrational to expect that all the
bitterness engendered by twenty years of
sectional collision, including four of bloody
war, should be ellaccd in a day, and ot
cour-c it is not; but the tendency is right
aud iinie wdl exert its healing influence if
no untoward event should interpose to pre
NCAnd'in this connection It m iy be interest
ing to quote the extract from one of Mr.
Greeley s speeches, as reported, by the
Vicksburg Herald, if only as throwing some
lifibt upon the character of the man, and
his mental attitude toward the Southern
people while making the observations upon
which the foregoing conclusion were based:
"I greet you here," said Mr. Greeley,
k ^ citizens who will in time feel lionoi in
the "lory of Stonewall Jackson as well as
those who were iu the opposing armies,
[cheers]; who will glory alike in the glory
of li. L. Leu as well as those who fought
against him. He felt that the clouds that
now hover over the country would soon be
! sweut away, and vanish iu the grand, gro\V
I ing/aud rising republic, which will one da\
| embrace all the countries and all the people
of this North American continent.
I A Passenger Train on the Western
I Pennsylvania Railroad Saved from
Wreck by a Woman.?Oil Thursday alier
noon as the express train on the Western
Pennsylvania railroad was proceeding east
ward, and rounding a curve about midway
between Leech burg and Apollo, in Arm
strong county, the engineer observed a wo
man on the track waving her apron vio
lently in the air. The lirst thought was of
danger, and he immediately applied bis
brakes aud got the train stopped just in
time to prevent a teirible accident, as a
mass of rock, weighing about fifteen tons,
had fallen upon the track a few rods from
where the woman had given the signal.
When the train stopped the passengers
were not long in ascertaining the cause and
appreciating the noble conduct of the poor
countrywoman to whose presence of mind
they owed their rescue from a shocking
^Colonel Hicks, the conductor of the
train, at once consulted with some of the
nas&engers, nnd iu a short time a purse ot
to her. She gave her name as Mis. I rank.
a nas*en"er on the train, from whom we
obtained our infoimation, desires that we
should commend the case ot this humble
woman to the officers of the company. Had
it not been for her warning signal, the
train would have been Uashedintothe
rnck and serious damage to the train, it
L nasseivers, wonldhave been the
???,&SZSSum CommcrcM. Ju,?
Wm. Connolly, fireman at the
(Mass ) armory, was touml dead \V
day atternoon with his head crushed. ^
supposed that his headgotcaught botweon
the belt and the pulleys.
On nil public or private, snb.it qf Real Estate
made between, the Lirt of Janusiry awl the 1st of
July the pur chafer* pay the taxes far U*e pre
sent year; but on all sales betwten the first
day of July and the last day of December the
seller pays them.
GRUnnS A WILLI A.MH will sell at 5J P. M. a
lot of ground at the southwest corner of Main
and 23d streets.
P. H. GARY, trustee, will sell a three-Btory
framed dwelling on the southwest corner of
Bth and Porter streets, Manchester.
COOK & LA.TTQHTON will sell at G P. M. a lot
with a framed tenement on the north side of
Elmwood street, on the first sqnare west of
Monroe Park.
COOK & r.AUr.nTON will sell at the horse lot
horse*, mules, bnpfjlcs, tic., Ac.
Religious Services To-JIorrow.?.We
note the following special appointments :
Episcopal Christ Church.?Services at 5
r. m.
St. Marie's Luther a n?(Odd-Fellows',
Hall).?Services nt, 11 A. M.
Presbyterian.?Third Church (Church
Hill), llev. A. H. Rutherford, of the Tabb- j
street Church, Petersburg, at 11 A. M.and I
8X P. M.
Presbyterian Grace-strcct Church.?Rev.
Win. Brown, D. 1)., at 11 A. M.
Jiaptist.?Manchester, Rev. J. B. Jeter.
I). I)., at 11 A. M.; Rev. W. A. Campbell
at 8 P. M.
First Church.?Rev. J. L. Burrows hav
ing returned to the city, will hold service
at the usual hours. At night, sermon in
course on the 1st chapter in Genesis,
Methodist.?'Trinity.?By request, the
pastor will preach at 11 A. M. from I John.
4-8 ; and at 8* P. 31. from II. Peter, 3-1.1.
l-Jiion Station.?Rev. L. M. Lee, P. D-,
at 11 A. M. on infant baptism, and atS# P.
M on the mode of baptism.
The regular monthly meeting of the
Methodist Sunday-school Society will be
held at Manchester church Sunday after
noon at 4 P. M.
An open-air meeting will be held at.
Heckler's, on 25th street, at 1 o'clock P.
Services at Virginia Hall in German at 11
A. 31. by Rev. John Blenner. Sunday
school at* 9 A. M.
Prize-Fight on thk River Road?Ko
Interference by Utly or County Officers.?
.Notwithstanding the explicit announce
ment of the programme in the morniog
pipers yesterday, the prize-fight between
Joe Kersey, of Richmond, and Bill White,
alius "NVhitey, of Baltimore, came oil' ac
cording to appointment, and no effort was
made 011 the part of the officers of the city
or county to stop the brutal sport or arrest
the participants. O11 the contrary, the ar
rangements were mule quite openlv, and
the principals, their seconds and backers,
together with numerous spectators, left the
city in broad daylight, boldly announcing
the object of their little excursion into the
The spot ehoscn for the fight was about
four miles below Richmond, within a few
hundred yards of the Osborne turnpike,
and not far from Throckmorton's. The
number of persons present was about two
hundred, including representatives of seve
ral grades of Richmond society, some city
i officers, and one or two officers of Henrico
county. Kersey is about tive feet six inches
iu height, thick set. hair cropped, very
active, and with something of the bull dog
in his physiognomy. Whitcy is about the
same height, but slimmer and lighter, and
showed considerable nervousness. Both
parties were enthusiastically backed.
At 10 o'clock there was a toss tor choice
of position, and VVhitey won. The men
thcu took their places in the ring, and at
ten minutes after 10 walked to tlie centre,
shook hands, aud then commenced opera
tions. Nine rounds were fought, and not
more than ten minutes were consumed.
Every time Kersey struck at bis antagonist
heavily and brought him neatly to the
ground, without ever breaking the skin or
inflicting any severe punishment. The
impression prevailed that Wliitcy's plan
was to weary Kersey out in about a dozen
rounds, and then put out his own strength
and wind up the mill in a hurry. But
these hopes of his friends proved without
foundation, for 011 the 0th round he went
down as before, and when 44 time" was
called was unable to respond. Kersey was
then, amid the cheers of his backers, pro
nounced the winner, and, having pocketed
the stakes, was borne away in triumph,
while Whitev remained in a corner of the
ring tor some" time neglected.
The sporting men present were disgusted
at the quick termination of the tight, and
the Baltimorean was soundly abused by
his friends, among whom was Saui Collyer.
.No blood was spilled, aud the men looked
l'ully as well alter the light as before, except
that VVhitey showed himself considerably
fagged iu spirit. It is probable that there j
will be another challenge and another light
in this locality witliiu'a lew weeks. Vir
ginia seems to be the only State iu which
this low and barbarous pastime can take
place without the intervention of conserva
tors of the peace.
Painful Accident?A Young Gentleman
Severely Cut Wulle Using a Hatchkt.?
Yesterdav morning between 11 and 12
o'clock, .Mr. (ico. \V att, Jr., met with a very
painful accident. He was at work with his
hatchet iu his father's plow manufactory on
Franklin street, and while attempting to
brush the Hies away from his face with one
hand, the motion so jarred the other as to
cause him to make a miss lick. The hatchet
came in full force upon his knee, cutting
away the tlesb, severing the ligaments of the
knee, and, indeed, going entirely to the
bone. The wound is a very painful one,
and in u dangerous place. Dr. (Jhas. Magill
was culled iu and reudered tho necessary
surgical aid.
Personal.??Governor Walker expects to
leave the city to-U;iv on u visit to New
The condition of Messrs. Garnett and
JIulcbcr is now represented to be favora
I John S. Lipscomb, Esq., of Staunton, and
; Judge F. It. Farrar, ot Amelia, are at the
Gen. R. Ransom, of N. C.; M?j. J. C.
Woodson, recently :i member of the ilouse
of Delegates; Messrs. John li. Cocke, of
Powhatan ; 11. C. Eubank, of the Warm
Springs: and George W. Wicks, Esq., of
Louisville, Ivy., are at the Exchange Hotel
and Ballaid House.
At Ford's Jlotel are Messrs. A. B. Good
man, of Lynchburg, and Isaac Overby, of
Prince Edward county.
Military Examiners.?Col. R. T. "W.
! Duke, Major J. C. Hill, and 3Iajor W. 11.
Southall have been appointed on ihe Board
of Military Examiners, under the militia
law, for the town of Charlottesville and the
couuty of Albemarle.
The following gentlemen constitute the
board for Prince Edward county : Col. J.
P. Fitzgerald, Col. W. II. Berkley, and
Lieutenaut A. B. Yenable.
S. C. B.?The following additional com
mittees have been appointed to act with
those already designated :
Marshall Lodge, No. 12, lv. P., J. C. Fel
ler, C. \ . Clash, and A. S. .John, Sr.
Harmony Division, No. 50, S. of TL, G B
Davis, Theo. Johns, and D. B. Collins.
Old Domiaion Section, No. 1, 1, o. of C
of U. and T., Robert HoUzbaek, Charles
Crawford, and Geo. M. Smith.
Needs Attention.?The lato rains have
washed up a considerable portiou of the
gutter on Franklin, between 25th and 20th
streets, leaving large holes in the street.
These weie left full of water, which have
become stagnant, and con>equentiy very of
fensive. Besides this the city may have to
pay for somebody's broken limb, if the mat
ter is not speedily attended to.
TnE GRADING AND gravelling of Broad
street, between lUth and 2ikl has been coin
? m meed.
Police Court, Fbidat?Justice J. J.
White presiding.?The following cases were
disposed of:
Miles W. Jenkins and James Davis,
charged with attempting to pick the pocket;
of George W. I'almer. Sent on to the Hust
inj:H Court tor 14th .June.
James Fisher, drunk and unable to take
care of himself. Bound over lor three
months in the sum of $10.
Henry Tyler (colored), charged with be
ing drunk and disorderly. Fined $1.
Wm. Wright (continued case), charged
with assaulting aud striking Jas. Hulcher
at Talbot's foundry on the 2d June. Con
tinued until 17th inst. on account of the
inability of the injured party to appear.
Fielding Brown (colored), lor shooting
York James in Rocketts on the 3d of June.
Case continued until 17th on account of the
absence of the complainant.
Pat. Watts (colored), charged with tres
passing on the premises of Susan Trailor.
.Bound over for six months in $100.
John If. Johnson and John Colea (col
ored), charged with being vagrants and
common thieves, aud having no visible
means of support. Bound over for six
months in ?300, in default of which they
were sent to jail.
Dorrell Cooper, unlawfully abusing and
using threatening language to Ann Cooper,
his wife. Continued until the 10th.
IIenrico County Court.?in this court
yesterday none but civil business was trans
acted, which is lacking in interest to the
A Steam Laundry.?A want long felt In
this community has been supplied by the
enterprise of Messrs. D. H. Blascow <fc Co.,
who have recently opened a steam laundry
in this city, where they propose to wash,
scour, and dye the clothes of everybody in
town, as well as those of all travellers who
j stop here over night. And now, just as all
I housekeepers are taking up their carpets,
and consulting as to many of them whether
or not they are worth putting away for an
other winter, these gentlemen come for
ward and say that they will renovate them
and make them look as" ^ood as new.
Unmailable Letters Remaining in the
Richmond 1'ost-office, June!), 1871.?Miss
L. Lottier(3), Richmond, Ya.; F.S.Brooke,
Fredericksburg, Ya.; Airs. it. A. Wise,
Williamsburg, Y"a.; L. A. liar vie, Amelia
county, Ya.; Mrs. S. Walker, ? ; F.
W. Ko*s, Washington, D. C'.j F, Ovnus,
Talbot, Ya.; T. Blumliug, Richmond, Ya.;
Mary 0. Brooker, llanover C. II.; Win. II.
Brown <fe Bro., Baltimore, 31 d.
Pardon Granted.?Gov. Walker has
pardoned Wm. Dulaney, convicted in the
CoilUty Court of lioanoke of Telony and
sentenced to live years' iiuprisoumeut in
tlie State penitentiary, on condition that
lie will forthwith leave the State never to
return. Should he return the pardon will
be null and void.
Another Bridge Across James River.?
In older to accommodate the transporta
tion to all part>< of the country of the im
mense productions of the Tredegar Com
pany, the .Richmond and Danville Railroad
Company have agreed to extend the Belle
Isle bridge across James river to the Trede
gar Works.
TiieStkeet Cars are doing a very good
business now. The warm weather drives
many persons out to Hollywood to ?et the
shade and cool river breezes which prevail
there. A large number too prefer paying
a small sum for a ride, rather than risk a
sun-stroke by walking the streets.
Assault and Battery.?In the Hustings
Court yesterday tlie only case which occu
pied the attention of the court was that of
Edward Street, who stood charged with a?
saulting Easter Howard (colored.) He was
found guilty, lined one cent, and sentenced
to ten days' confinement in the city jail.
The steamer Palisade, C'apt. Nelson,
running to Binn's, on the Chickahominy
river, is building up a line trade for our
merchants from that action, besides bring
ing many articles of tratlic to Ibis city,
which otherwise would not have come.
Baptist Sunday-School Association.?
The regular monthly meeting of this asso
ciation will be held at the Leigh-streei
Church to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock,
iu the form of a mass meeting.
The State Treasury was replenished
to-day by a deposit of $'21,000 paid in by
the Richmond and Danville Railroad Com
pany, bcin g the interest 011 the loan made
to the company by the State.
Tiie harvest season has given employ
ment to many persons from l he city. We
learn that formers in many instances find
much difficulty in procuring a sulBcicnt
number of laborers to secure their crops.
Tiie Norfolk JIail.?Arrangements have
been made by which the Norfolk and Pe
tersburg mail will be delivered here at 11:30
A. M. each d ay, as before the recent change.
I Convict Received.?Samuel Anglin, (co
lored,) was received at the penitentiary yes
terday from the county of Patrick, to be
coulined for one year lor housc-brcakin".
Qualified.?Mr. E. Carrington Cabell
tiualilied on Thursday as an attorney to
practice in the Hustings Court of the city
of Richmond.
The work on the public school-houses is
being pushed forward by the contractor?
as speedily as possible.
Executive.-Gov. Walker has appointed
Samuel tt. Sterling a notary public for the
county of Rockingham.
Sidney Grays.?There will be a meeting
of this company at St. Alban's Hall to night
at SJtf o'clock.
Range op Thermometer at Dispatcu
Office, June 9,1871: 8 A. JU., 78?; 3 1'. AL,
82?; (i P. M., 82?.
Eccry Saturday, Christian Weekly, and
Hearth and Home, received from hllysou
& Taylor, 111(J 31ain street.
The Young Guard will meet at Old Mar
ket llaLl at o'clock to-night.
.Haucl)at<>r Items.
Magistrate's Court.?E. W. Weisiger
was before J uslice Martin yesterday charged
with an assault upon Thomas Guode. Both
parties were bound over in the sum of $100
to keep tin; peace for six months.
The Court-house.?The new court-house
is beginning to look like a house. The plas
terers are now engaged in putting on the
(Iressiug on the iuMue of the building, and
it will oe iinished next month.
The Poisoning Casb.?The case of Daniel
Walker and Sarah Scott, charged with the
murder of the husband of the latter by
poison, will be heard before tho County
Court on Monday next, at which time the
regular term commences. Considerable in
terest is being manifested by their friends
iu the result of the trial.
Exhibition A free exhibition will be
given to-night at Hey's Hotel by a well
known troupe of artists. Sparring, danc
ing, and singing, are the principal acts
upon tho programme. .No charge tor ad
mission, but refreshment tickets will be
sold ter twenty-live ceuts each.
The ffreateat triumphs of photographic ait are
achieved la the beautiful pictures now being
madeatifce Lgs Uallkuy, No. WO Main street,
it la uulversally coactd-d that this Is a fact, aud
scarcely a day pawea without the renewed ex
pression of adiulratlou by some true lover of art.
Mr. iMvics Is determined to be at the head of his
profession. He spares neither pains uor expeu&e^
and brings a cultivated taete to the execution of
beautiful work, and his prices are la accordance
with the times.
The beaux of Richmond are not made of the
material we think if they fall to ro to Pizzini'6
and go: some of hi* nice cxeain, and then talk it all
over on Gamble's H1U. J
One #quara,one insertion.,.. I ? 7f
One square, two Insertions 1 *
One square, three insertions...} 2?
One square, six insertions, J ff
One square, twelre Insert 1ons....... ?* ??
One square, one month li ??
One square, two months.. 1? ??
"n? wtnarc. th?w month* H 0?
Elsoari axt> good Clothing.?Those who*
ftudy economy, and ?Uh to obtain a fl-st-rate suit
or clothes, an elrgant fit, mad* in the most ?rt?
stantlai manner and of the best material, should
go to the new store of Wm. Iba Smith, nw Mmia
street. By perseverance. Industry, fair dealing,
and doing superior work, he has gslncd fir him
self and bis establishment a wide and extensive
celebrity, as Is cvlnced In the extensive business
done by blm.
Keeping up with the times, and securing the best
talent and latest styles of goods, purchasing
largely for cash from first bands and most cele
bra ed houses, be Is thus enabled to soli good gocdi
at reasonable figures.
His stock of goods on band Is always large, af
forcing a great variety from which to select.
bcarcely a day passes ho docs not receive some
new fabric. He keeps the best of workmen, which
is a sure guarantee to satisfactory work.
Evidences of his reputation as a Ural-class cloth
ier are shown in the fact that those who patronize
h'm once contluue doing so, and we advise all to
give him a call. Ills present stock of spring and
summer wear is the largest to be found In the
White alpaca coats-really nice?at E. B.
Spknce A SON'S.
White duck coats and vesta at E. B. Spencb A
. White Corduroy veals l\>r sale low by Spknck A
Gauze shirts, 75 cents, at gpxxc?8'.
Llnea coats, one dollar each, at Spknck A
Black alpaca coats for sale low by E. B. Spknck
A Son.
A11 the novelty style* ueck-UciS for sale by E. E..
Stench A Son.
Collars of all kinds at E. B. Spknck A son'S.
Silk, guanaca, and alpaca umoiellaa for sale
low by a. B. Spknck a son.
Pembroke white dress shirts lor sale by E. B.
Spknck a son.
Decidedly cool?Thoee linen water-proof
Ventilators, at Mausiiall, McVeigh A Co.'s,
Mala sweet.
1'IZZIN-I has l'resh caudles and cakcs, plaeip
ples aud bananas, gum ana chockolate drops, be
sides everything else to be found In a ilrsl-cl&ss
The place to set /rood. rich, and well packed ice
cream la at 1'leduk & Jackson's, si7 Broad
Ick-cream, Ice-cream.?D. Columbus, du
Broad street, has Ice-cream of all flavors, ? hlch he
la seMi)^ cheaper than any oUkt Urst-class house
lu ilie city. Families supplied at short notice.
Satisfaction guaranteed In all cases. If you wish
to save mouey buy at 9U Broad street.
Plkdoe & Jackson make a specialty at this
season, of manufacturing aad delivering good Ice
creams, cakei, Ac., Ac.
l'KIZK Boxes?I'lxziul has a tlue supply of
those boxes, and if you wish to get a beautiful
prize you should not fall to give him a call.
English raspberries and cream at l'LXDOK A
Jackson's, si7 Hroad street.
Something entirely ?ew at Wkisigeits empo
rium of fashion-dark pearl, patent ventilator,
I'asslmere bat.
If you want a nice box of French candy call on
I'leoqk & Jackson, m Broad street.
Croquet, croquet, at KLLYSOX & taylor'S
bookstore, Ilia Main street.
For summer hats and caps, call at MARSHALL,
McVeigh & C'o.'s.
Croquet cheap at JCllYsON Jfc taylor'S, 1119
Main btrett. _
KkvELOrKS furnished and printed at fJ, $1.60,
fi.76, and fi.50 per 1,000, at the Dispatch rrlntlng
You will find It to your Interest to effect your In
surance through the City havings and Insurance
Brokerage Company. Ofllce corner of Main and
LJtli streets.
B select Whiskey, a prue article, *2.50 pir
gallou. W. D. Hlaih & Co.,
Main and 9th streets.
Receiving to-day, a cargo of very superior red
and white ;u>h coal, fresh from the mines. The or
ders of my friends are solicited.
J. B. Watkins, lill Main street.
Harvest WuifcKKY?Good ?nd cheap?at
W. D. Blair & Co.'s,
Main and 9th streets.
LOST* STRAYED, Ac. ______
Notice is hereby given that i
phall apply to thH. Virginia and Tennessee
Railroad Company for a ienewal of certificate
No. 3n7 for twelve shares of stock of said com
pany, the original having been lost or mislaid.
Je lO lawlw Executor of Jourdan Woolfoik.
OOCKLAND LIME.?1.059 barrel} hu
XV jKirior ROOKLAwiJ LIA1& dally expected
per schnmer llardscrabb.e, for sale low from
wbarf. Coo barrels In store. A. S. LKK,
It; 10 Virginia street.
loo barrels ROSENDaTe CEMENT, Just re
cti v?d aud la 6tore. for sale by
BIJglirBW < HAS( ES.
We tiler for sal** a HYDRAULIC PRK8S and
FAC'I'UBING TOBACC'O-all iu perfect order,
as good ti3 r.ew, and put up ready for use In a
large and commodious factory, situated la a cen
tral and desirable part of the city of Baltimore.
We will aell the one at a considerable reduc
tion on cost, and lease tin other lor a number of
yeirs at a very low rate.
Ia view of the mimense advantages to be de
| rived from tills point as a distributing market.
[ ami the great saving which can thereby be made
of GovernoieLt charges and ageuts' commissions
00 manufactured tobacco, a rare opportunity is
offered for the establishment of a business surely
to pro\e profitable 11' well conducttd.
For full particulars, address
?3 Exchange 1'tace,
Je ?*t'Od3*. baltlmor*.
li'OK SALE.?I have for Kale two good
JU Tor BUGGlfcS; also, one light two-seat
1 oP WAGON ; will be 6old low. For further la
formation apply atKd. Bossieux'8 stables, Kraui
ilu, between lstu aud Mb s.rtets, or to
J?8?3t 1500 Main st/eeL
For particulars, address A. B., post-office. Je*-Jt
l?01l SALE^
foO.ioe h percent. Coupon Bonds of the Uuiver
jily of Virginia. The ftate, by act approved
March 28, 1*71. authorized the Issue or thet* bonds,
and pledged a* security the revenue of th;i Univer
sity and the whole property u>?ed by tlie University
o wned by the state. The value of this property is
over $600,000. $3u.ovo ts the whole amount of the
loan. PA&KKlS t'AlU'HKLL A CO..
my 22-lm llUi street.
KlCHMONi>, VA? '
$3.50 PEB~DAY. 93.30
This new and attractive hotel is now open for
the accommodation of the travelling public. It*
locution gives It peculiar a'lvauUKe#: suuturd on
Main ctreet. ue ir the post-?.Qlee, custom-house,
all ibe bauks, ulceraph offices, and uiuatof tte
wholesale and retail houses of the city, The bouse
13 new aud newly furalobed; and its experienced
proprietor promises that It ?hall b? llrst-cUwa lu
all of its arrangement*.
The TA1ILIS shall have full advantage of th<?
tud other markets, the B AH supplied With choice
il^uors, and the wuie-cellar witn the moot select
The LIVKKV attached will supply the finest
ita ma At all times. KvKV&JUi. CuBit,
my lS-lm Proprietor.
just above the old Spolswoixl Hotel, and admira
bly located for transient, boarders.
Board, per day
tf JARS, and auotner lot of tho*e celebrated
VAFoa bTuVJCO. ?t MVUN*T1}>8TlK'2j #*>

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