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RICHMOND. VA.. THURSDAY MORNING, MAY 2;'.. 1872. .. NO. 124.
the dispatch
, \sM INV Mil Mil. V IV AOVANrK.
! . \ : I > I ?lsi' \T? 'I I i- ilellvi'l'Cil lo sill-M'l1>
i i- 1 v t i- \ i ? |?t w.-i'K, |viy.ililo i?> iIhm'hi
. - < v. nl.-i .. S?*> ?????? aumiii): iV?r st>
? t ?iitii li>r ?t shorter |<crli>,|.
i ? : : - v\ I A IMM'ATl'l! al jvr tin
- 1 I. >1 UtOlllllS.
\v : i , 1 \ i?l>l\\T? H it j < i4 .iimmii.
ilirhmojid Jifipaldi
nil s: -i > \ > MAY :\t. l.si?.
nn ? IKi i I \ Vl?>\ ('F TH V l) IS-.
.. ;i i K Til vN I'lir ?
: ; \rii?N ??K am ntr othi:i: haii.Y
,\ - 1 ' \ r i k s < > k inr ciTV.
u 4 HON s 111/* THIS I>AV.
X ^ \\ KK1SM- will svll at II A. M. v?<\eu
It:. J i I.' ?? ^ t'ou^rv-s *v:Urr.
? HIV"" ?* 111 -<?!! a I "? 1*. M. ;? tin Will ii> lut i.ti
i.ii.i ?? -iwvl. in-\l lo t!u r
. . t i> Mil.
, . \ w ii n \ Ms vtn m U ,-.t i\ .? iu.
K ... ! ii I Oil tll?- tt.Nl >U!?- (if IVllll. U
i in ii .in-) l;v r\l s|iv?-l<s.
v - U K h' I >K.K Mill si-ll ;?t l.tj \ . \i. :? I .ly.
lit >'l Ii?>IImIii>1iI I ill 1. 1 1 1 ? ) ? ;oi>l .1 I.ik'1
I . .
I !('rll?ni*l>nt Nti|i?>.
\ . . i . : . ii vn ill ? h* In-Ill in tin- citv to-da\
i. it v >< ict -ant. Commonwealth's
(olhvtor, t onuni? iom-r of ilu
Niidilor, >hi rifl. Mi. Ii < \>n-lal?lo,
. . ; 11. i ml dll-ti.W Ol I fit- IV,n'r. I'll!
. >. . !?: I'i'iii. ii at -nnri-c and elo-. J .il
I Will- i- tin' IViMllal' It -ll.tUuUuliil
. . i ti. ki t :
\ . M. Krili'j .
. ?. I?. K?n
. ?liUer (?/' ihi' UrCt'HUC.- 1{. I'.
i., Attorney. ? licort.e U.
.John NN . NN rkfhl.
r. r. Moore.
I.itm F. lov ii. mil .
ii A. Bean I >ne.?l?erry.
: \m> itV'i'UTs Hf TUB t"K\CE. 1
r, /. i ntnii ilini'ii : Messr*. ?l.
? i i*. Lipscomb, .luliii II. Bo -
v II n. \ Met/ifer, and Kobeit Ker><
li.uiiel lliggins (?eon:e
v . NV. 11. CrcW.
?, ? Couneihnen : M?>si"s. W.
? - ,1. M. Talliott, Charle.- K. Whitloel ,
\\. Hytrin-. mil! s. >. Cot troll. du
v. . .!.* Holmes, *?. NV. Taylor, ami ?>.
, u 'ouneiliiieii : Mcwrs. A.
- Louis NN anm-r, William 15. l>:t:u-,
;?;vk uiiil 4". r. 1 i-- .JiMi.v- : \\ .
\\ ,l;iiiie> l>. Itrowm*. and Ma.wvrll 1'.
1 . .i .k -
H',,' /. ? Councilnii'ii : 3i i ? r-. I
- i k . ? > ? ?-?r^o Har^amin. M. L. st rails',
.:,i ! si. ' i-!?. ami Thomas 11- \\ yuiu*.
.i. ,1. t riitchtu'hl, U. II. l"lk'II, ami
? U ; i Me( "ai i ii> ?
ii i :- i!. v i.iiiu-ilmi'ii: A. P.
-Ii i :;i ill, Mil\V?l'*l ?'? Kllktl", N\ . t . N'W
. NV, 11. S?*o(l . and .lo.st*l?li Ilali. ?'u.-.
i . M.xituideiX ?>. V\ Meivdilli. and
?' I ? ? ?
ii,,. /.? * oiiiic'iliDon : Pi*. Itrisrht,
I y; I., . . in. ri -a-aiii Ucniry, M. Irviun.
i W. iiiluuiu. MagiMratt*?' : < ? H ?
>r?l. i'liavh*4 Uatfan. and <i. !? ? lfiilHicr.
,iiij. >i i;iiit thai volfi's wliould rxaininr
i !- 1 ar* hilly. Spurious ti< U> l- i*;*
:.il ioii, tin names of ltadical or Imli
: . iiididat* s In itio ?-nb>titntfti lor ilu
,, i ?UMiAaiivt! noutiin ? AN*- w.n
1 1 - 1 v i - ?":? l ut -nch l?>i inirht.
!? , i.i \ ? :i_fi ? .iii iinU j'i iith'lil ti?'ki't for
t: i i iiiiiiiit I coin MoiUin' NN ai'il mad?*
ii- .. i ra net-. ?'n it \m ??* the names ol
...in | NV. i . Knight, i'aiitain NN . < . <'ar
.ii.ii, iitii Mr. Cieori'v K. 1 nil.-liliilil.
i . i -I mm i?k* tcenlleiiit'ii have promptlj
.i? d ' it*' lii kii. and of course had no
. . i. . in ;:i-niiii.r il lip. Voles '"i-t lor
. v\ ill !'i* thrown away.
it i- a hil t worth) of note thai all iln*< nil
- \ isivo ??uiHdati*< d-l'oalHl in tin* t'oiiyi;
1 1 htiM' graeefu I ly a?i 1 1 1 i?*J?e?il in tin* ih-ei
( tin? i oiix. niioii and niiiUd in iir^in^
, irii ml* io rally to I he support of ihe
i,i tielo'l. M'*?rs. Handy. I ?ui-sln-rry.
I I lu'iiiiii^hain, ami KaKton
u-h I .i (.oil to liii-, cll'tel M-Vi-r.il da> ?
\ii. .N. .M.Lee i< also working lianl l??i
I. Vlhi lloW We teCeiXe ill'' lollow
i . ?i*? I :
!>? , ./:. /i,- He kiml :i- to an
. t fi.ii i i iieentillv arcept l h6 decision
i < iii?i*r\ .ti ive i oiivciil ioiu ami liol?l
. i, - ii!\ ,-oimlr> hiirlier lhaiianx
, i'l%ate ?r |? i~ -n il iiili'i'e?>is. My InoiiiN
,i, in milt -i i In ii devotion to me in no uiui>
. , j , .i ? ti-r- i-tahle tli. hi . I?\ renderinjf . n
? w;:.a?i.e*lii- ami generon> >nppi?rt to tie
.. ; . .i- i uii-i'i vat ive t ic-kot ?
?' 1'hoMA^ V. In I'l.KV.
\j:' | . 1 tul/iii. i*r, one ol l hi- late oandi
.!? - i 'i lli.li ? on-talile. aiitliori/es i :** to
i.i.ike the -aim* announcement in remind to
iiiui*fli. ll<- i- . ntliii-iavtii-aliy for the lickel .
.Iom ph NV. Laiihe, ilu- most promising in
di-peUtii-iit i-amiklate for Commissioner ol
Hi- K.-v. uue, ha- withdrawn from the can
\ i .in 1 1 ill ) i>im! i\ el\ tlellie- the 1*111114*1"
h * tiu> advi-ed H iliu*ioii Ol thet'oli
-?.i ii i v i- tirhet. lie Wi"?lii-> I lie eon*eCtit?li
Nlr. .John II. I Yin, a worthy (ierinan citi
< I., itiil editor the AnStt-jt'r, t Im^- resent
iim- ol Iii- name l.y tin- iJepuhlican ??art
till (.lodgers":
?? I ?* ? i 1 1 i.* a-ked a few day - a^o |o run a- an
itulcj" hiletit itiudiiiate f??r tin* olli?-e t?l et'in
.. i. --I. .in T o| the i"e\ i-Ulle, I 1'efllM'd oil tin
i-i .lilid I hat I did not wish lo >| lit Ilu- t'on
native lii-lo i. which I, a- a representative
> ! .i (h riiian ( oiiservative pap? r, \va? -ii-?tain
iii.'. lo-dav 1 understaml a party ha- put
Hi) irniii- mi the He|tuhlicau ticket, which
will i.i- i-?ii.-d to-m.irfo\\ morning. 1 heuto
-ay, ii ii i\ intention hail l>i-i-nt.? run* foraeit\
. iii . I would have announced myself as
? ndidate. I'nder those eircu instances, had
the i oii'H'rvat ive Convention nominated me,
.iid I -hould have accepted it, and luylellow
? it!,/?-n- \\ ouhl hav e elected ine, I would havi
i-i'iMth-red il a threat honor." As the ?is?
*t.uid<, I eann??l allow my name to he placcxl
i. . kt jniiiliriiiliil.i t. ii?-.-pe?-lfully.
" Al i\ -2. 1ST'.'. . loliN II. I'KtS.*'
Kaiirai Tn K>n% kok < ivy ?m ii<-i:iih. ? The
I ?ilowiii,' i- the 1 i? ket agreed ilpoil hy the
lit tii-.i!-, ami il will receive their support in
i ii> !? ??littii to-day :
|. Mil t'KNDKNT i'ITI/Cn's Tlt'KKT.
( ,:? t/taiil. ? (> eorge A. Hundley.
N\ illiam II . Allilel diee.^
/ iji.- John NV. Wright.
* ' nuiiis toner of ' ? 4.. John*
? (ieoi^e NN'. Smith.
Ut i ? hi. -'.able.* John Keinhardt.
! In- hi !,. -i nominated for Monroe NN urd i>
u- lollovvs :
I in ' U'HH t NVilliain l?. Isaacs, J. I .
1 II. NN ?-ndeni'Ur,f, Andrew N\ a-hhurii,
s . Ih-chiitjrer.
t'vr ?/ Hf'i'i'Otr. ? jloJlll ( . Pierci", Ii.
Mitehell, .1. 1 >. Jll'oW ne.
NN e u.ie nnahle to learn the names ol
? alidiiiaies nominated inothi?r NVanl-.
Mi. ilolin'on'i1 i'iir.1 i n llil* ?inriihii'.\ l>is
jt ?' >\|j|,|i h,- vk illnlr.i ?'.?? IiIh IIUIIU- u* 4 i'.ilnll
?I U ltliit;-i tli?-r.
Amtuu: A i.vji?knt at tiik 'IVnnki.. ? An
uicnlrtii orcnri'tl about lioon ves'terdaj
at -hall X t ?. 1, ( lniivii ilill tunnel, which
< viiiit- war proving fatal to a very Worth)
vouiijr man, .Mr. IVhr < Tivndcnian,
an a>M.tanl in the work. II seem# that
Micro had Irtcii a lull ol earth limn the
??ide <>j t ho hiiiin'l, anil Mr. Treudcinan
v> i> ni/tkiiur an t-vuminatiou of it, wheu
another jiieoi* (btaehed, ami, lulling, struck
him on Hie head, knockuii' him senseless and
' uttin^ tin* scalp vory badly. Ho was taken
to hii boarding-bonne,. and Dr. .Jackson
di ?->.-? U hi* wounds. Neither tbi> aocidcnt
no i the one noticed yesterday is attributable
to bad management or earcleasness on the
Jxut ol the bosses,
Nuurr. 1? had been announced in the morn
ing and afternoon papers ?>f yesterday that
there would ltoa g.and mass meeting of the
Conservatives of all the Wards at the City
Hall last night. Long before the appointed
hour a larsre number of citizens had congre
gated on Broad and Tenth streets, and it soon
became evident that there would be a tre
mendous outpouring of the people. Three
hours befo.e the meeting there was a fear
it the went her would be unpropitious. and
5 lie " rally " prove a failure in consequence;
but this was not the ease, for a clearer sky
nnl a nuTv.' beautiful moonlight night could
hardly have fallen to the lot of the Conserva
tives. '
Hv i> o'clock the streets were lined with
enthusiastic voter- and earnest workers.
lite Columbian ami other clubs of the
upper part of the eity formed their line
. horth after 7 o'clock at Monroe Park, and
i>r? nvt'-dcd at S o'clock by torchlight in ti
L?lv down Main to First street, up First
street to I 'road, thence by lifth to Main, by
which street thev proceeded to Ninth, where
thev formed a junction with the Old Do
minion Club. of JelVcrson Ward, and marched
together to the liu ctiinr.
The Old Pominion Club met at the Old
Market at 7 o'clock P. M.. and formed their
procession at S o'clock. They moved in line
l.\ torchlight d?>wn Main to Twenty-tilth
-.iivet. up the latter to Broad, up Broad to
N i net cent h si reel .do w n Nineteen! h to Frank
iin. up Franklin to Fitteenlh street, dow n Fif
teenth lo Main, and up Main to Ninth, w here
thev met the other dubs at halt-i?ist S
i M'jtH'k .
Never betofi' in Richmond \va? there so
tnuch enthusiasm on an occasion of this kind
w as displayed last night. As the clubs
marched tot lie scene of the r. illy, rockets
were let oil', cannons wi le lir? d, the streets
lighted by Roman candles. while cheer alter
cheer from the hundred- who were hi
the procession tilled the air. It wa>
remarked, too. that never before had
there been such a number of lanterns,
transparencies, anil torchlights. I j*on the
I rahspaivneies devices ami inscriptions had
been inyeniouslv painted and lettered, and at
the City llall the si red was bril'iantly lighted
hv lanterns hung Upon wires, and now and
then a beautiful red light, made from chemi
cals, added to the already brilliant scene.
Before half-past o'clock General Wise,
chairman of the City Cent nil Committee, in
troduced Mayor Kciley, w ho was received by ]
the v:ist concourse of citizen* with cheer
alter cheer.
Mr. Kcilev '> address was stirrimr and elo
quent, and was loudly applauded. He was
followed bv* Judge Meredith, Messrs. T. W.
McMahon. N. M. Lee. K. T. Oanicl, W.S.
Oilman, Major Turner, and others.
After each address the occasion was en
livened by stirring music from several bauds,
and it wits not until a late hour that the
meeting adjourned, ami then only to take a
brief rest, ami this morning go to the polls
and elect the whole Conservative ticket.
Cokonkk's IsyfKST. ? Or. Pctei held I rent,
coroner, held an inquest on the body oi
Thomas Irvine, who died suddenly at the
Monticello House, No. ll.'Jti east Main street,
about 11 o'clock Tuesday night.
Alter viewing tin* body and an examina
tion oi witnesst s. the jury rendered the 1 o !
lowing verdict : " I hat the deceased came to
hi*- death from I he excessive use ol alcoholic
liquor-." Young Irvimr was about twenty- 1
live years ot aye. and on the evening ot his
death seemed in good health. Y\ bile engaged
with a friend in gy mnasiic exercises he was
suddenly seized with a lit. and inafevv hours
alter he had been conveyed to his room in
the Monticello House was a corpse.
Police Coi kt, Wei>ne-i>\\ ? relive J.
Whit*' ? The following ctses. were
disposed ol :
Klcmini; Gentry, John l.ohuian, and Ed
ward Street, charged on warrant with steal
ing one lot of lumber, the property of the |
ehihlreu oi' Herman Lohuian. iusinissed
matter for civ il action.
I .Sal lie t.'larke ami Maria Walker (colored),
chained with being drunk and using iiule
(?cut laugiiejfe on ihe -du els and lesisting
the police. Filled each.
>i|iiire Harivis (colored), charged with fe
loniously cutiing John ( i raves w it h a knile
wilh intent to maim, dMiirure, disable, and
kill him the said John Craves. Continued
to ^.sili instant in consequence ol the in
ability i & the accused |o appear.
\\ illiaiu Ferguson, Stephen Turner, and
.lohu Grave* ^colored), charged on warrant
with feloniously and maliciously attempting
to Kill Squire Harris. Continued to the 28ih
UoAim ok Visitoiis Ai'Ioimei?.? His Ex
cellency Governor Walker has appointed t he
following "Board of \ isitois lor the \ ii
uiuia Military Institute" fori he year is?2:
Hon. John Letcher, Lexingloii, presuleut;
Colonel Edmund Pendleton, Botetourt;
Colonel K. IL Calletl. Staunton; Colonel
J. M. Fat ton, Albemarle; Colonel W. U.
fay lor, Norfolk ; Robert Mayo, Esq., West
moreland; Zepli. Turner, Esq., liappahan
nock ; Colonel \V. Skeen, Alleghany; Gen
eral W. 11. Richardson, A. A. G. (ex-oflirto).
Tlie Board will unci at the lu-litute on the
-.'Mil of June next.
I'Mi.euates Ai'I'ointiu.? The trustees ol
Kichniond College have appointed Rev. IL
Sears, O. O., of Staunton, and ltev. A. L.
Oickinson, of this eity, to represent them at
the National Baptist Eduwitioual Convention
,o be held in Philadelphia, beginning the
??sih of this month. Professor Harris will
represent the Faculty of the College. 1 ro
lessor Winston will represent the Hichpiond
I'cmale Institute.
Wis AW a v.? Yesterday morning about 10
o'cliK'k twt? hor>es attached to the wagon ot
Mr.J.K. Blake, who resides about a mile froui
the eitv, took fright on Broad street and ran
oif. \t the corner of Jlarsliall and Ninth
streets the horses came in contact vyith a
wai'oii, and one of them was badly nijuied,
the shall running through hix leg.
was made from this city to New \ork last
niuht tin the Southern Express ('onipanj.
I he shippers were Messi*s. F. Oavis XA o.,
U. M. 'i'horne, Mosby &. Cooix-r, and E. J.
Ceosino ok LiQi'oit-HoesEs.? Under a
state law all places where liquors are sold
must be closed from sunset on the day pre
ccdiug an election day To sunrise ol he ol
lovvint' dav. Orders have been issued to the
police to sec that the law is strictly observed.
Kain1.? Passengers by the ( ht sapKtke and
Ohio railroad report that there was a hea>>
rain-storm vestcrday afternoon along the line
of the road* from above Trevilhan's deimt to
this city. *
List ok Cnmaii.vklk Li:iteks Kemainixo
,s the IJiciiMoxn 1'osT-l iKnt'K Mav
\ brain Harris, Baltimore, Mil. : Mi>. Mag:^i?
. Wright. Old Point, Va.; Ku-hard Morris,
The Can' a i. a.^aix Oi'EN.-The reptirs to
.i Lei- nine-mile locks having been com
pleted, the canal will be open to-day lor navi
gation. ?
The Fashions. ? But(cnck'.< Mt'trcr) uhlan
Mtmthli /, with numerous fashion-plates, is re
ccived i rtiiii ,J. T. Ellyson.
M \N? nKsii:it rro<s.
The Election To-1>ay.? To-d.iy the elec
tion occurs hoth lor town and township
officers. For the former the regular Conser
vative nominees are as follows : p. l>. Me
Kinney, \Y. Ci. Taylor, L. R. Chifcn, T. W.
('row. (?. N. Wilson, T. H. C'ersley, and E.
VV. Ha ugh. These aiv the candidates for
trustees. Do not be deceived.
For township officers the following is the
ticket : For magistrate, J. D. Craig ; super
visor, A. It. Wooldridge ; clerk, M. H. Bcaz
ley; mwssor, .lowph Mann ; collector, M.
A. Cogbill ; constable, (J. W. Cox; commis
sioner of roads, S. A. Kord ; overseer of tin
poor, G. W. <Jox.
Declination.? Mr. E. N. Weisiger, who
bits l>oen annouuced as mi independent can
didate for trustee, respectfully decline* the
candidacy, and declares his intentiou to Hiip
ix>rt the Tegular nominees, he having been
present when said nominations were made,
and acquiesced in the same.
?k In iny wife purrhuedonc of your machine0.
After UAing It four year*. having thou to travel, (Un
disposed of it. Last year, becoming nettled again.
Hlie whs Induced to try a WHEELER & WILSON ma
chine; hut the complication* of the latter, as cnm
liured with yours, have brought her to the conch -
slon Umt she will never lie satisfied with It ; ami hIm:
now wishes* to exchange It for-another WiLLcOX <fc
//. Vu r ill to it, Annapolis, .U<L
Gentlemen will ll ml at Pack's, 1203 Main street,
a* fir.e a stock of boot*, shoes, and gaiters an pan be
had In the cltv.
Nowlan A Co. are receiving direct from the fac
tories new designs In
and new novelties in Bridal Silver.
Corner Malu aiiii Tenth street*.
?Iohx C. 1'agi ..lis., kts At all times and sc:n>oi;s
the liest boots, sln.es, &??., to ho had in the city.
Emporium of fashion -.it the new store, villi a
fresh supply of i:owgooi"n,at Madame Dkmi:l:.j .v.Ws,
13'.'3 Main street.
Call ami examine liielRunllfiilassin'tiiieutof dre\j
caps at Madame Memelman's.
Come and sec- the I'lirUirn bonnets and halo at
Madame Dkmklm an's.
To Candidates.? Have -your tickets and caitii
printed at the DUjwtch l'riiifiug-Llouse. Orderj
promptly tilled .it iiu?d< rate prices.
Election Tkkets? Our ionutry ami ell'/
friends can have their election litk'.-ta printed at the
)>i.<l>iitrh office at shot t notice an i on the un*t rea
sonable terms.
Call and see ti.<- tte.v 51 v lea of chigaous, switches,
cm-Is. etc., at Madame llEMELMAN'S, 1323 Main
If you wish to buy jour liootsjoid shoes at fair |
price*. goto l'.uik's. 1-93 Main str? et.
Notions.? All Winds of notions fur gentlemen, jit
K. K. Si'ENCE A Son's furnishing store.
Attractions ? 1 There are various attractions In
the way of ueck-lics at K. It. Sl'KNCK Jfc SON'S cloth
ing establishment.
Made to Okhek Every variety of style in goods
and every style of make-up al E. 11. Sl'KNtwc A
Son's merchant tailoring establishment.
St liters made to order and ready-made hi every'
style at K. 15. Si-knte .t Son's gentlemen's furni-di
ing establishment.
Itndkh-Clotiiin(j <d'all kinds at K. I?. Spence A
Son's. lajoMain street.
Clothing in endle.ts variety at E. H. Spence &
Skvevty-Fivk-cent n.vczi: SmitTs at E. TL
Spence & Son's. moo Main street.
Receiving daily, nil the novelties of the season at
Madame 1 > KM elm a n's.
Page Keeps >' vles of good* In his line not to lie
found elseujieie iu the city.
The Religii>1's IIkiiai.u I* read iu every neigh
borhood In the South.
Advertise ill the I'ei.igiocs Uekai.d.
M. EllYs'ON Jc CO., Advertising Agents, hlsPATClt
building, will receive advertisement:) ami lia\e llieui
Inserted iu any journal of the country at regulai
Cotuc and *??? tin- U-autifiil French flowers at
Madame I>emki.m vn's.
advertise ? Our merchants seeking trade in any
IMirtlon of tho country should advertise in the
pa|H-rs of that section. M. Eli.YsON Jt CO. will
tike advertisement'* and have them inserted at pub
lishers' rates.
The excelsior gaiter 1'or gentlemcu. something
new, can lie found at Pace's, r.'oli Main street.
Ihtcher's Lightening M.y-Killku sweep
theui (<fl and clears the house speedily. Try it. Sold
tiy dealers every where.
?I OB I'lMNTlNO ? We call tin- attention of mer
chants, clerks of courts, shcrlH's, lawyers, railroad,
steam -hip and canal nfllecrsaud aycnts. anil all others
having orders for printing. lo the facilities oifercd at
the DISPATCH I'ltl.VllNf} Establishment for the
prompt and faithful execution of all kinds of .Iob
PltlN'TtNi;. We can furnish at short notice < 'ard>
Bill-lleails. Letter-Heads. Programmes. Halt Tickets,
Blanks, Pamphlets, Tags, H.iml-ltills, Catidi >gue5.
Mills of Fare. Show-bills, t hecks, Oralis, &c.. Jfce.,
&r. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Talk AT THE Toilet ? Every lady's loalri knows
that the bewitching lielngs who pave their tri
umphant way with conquered hearts regard a splen
did head of hair the most elleetive of all womanly
fascinations. They helleve, ami they are right, that
they can hmno as many beaux with the luxuriani
ringlets and glossy braids us tlttvcau "kill at sight"
with their beaming eyes. Itvncc in their "toilet
talk" among themselves and with their attendant
the merits of preparations for the hair are freely
canvassed. and the latest lesliit of this discussion
sec ins to he the almost universal adoption of Lyon's
KatuaikON as an article hi tler adapted to promote
the growth andUauty ofthe"chief glory of woman"
than any other at present before t lie world. They
say that without irritating t|?e .-kin of the head it
eradicates daudrutf, and that it penetrates below the
surface to the roots of the hair, endowing them with
new life and vigor.
Means What He Says ? Though "continua
tions strong as proofs of Holy Writ,'1 and as nume
rous as the sands on the seashore, were produced to
prove that I>r. Pierce, the proprietor of Dr. Sage's
Catarrh Remedy, is In earnest and Menus w hat he
says wheu he oilers $<ooo reward for any case of ca
tarrh which he cannot cure, yet there would Ik- some
skeptics and fogies who would continue to shout
" ilrMBl'w ! P' "It cannot he, lie
cattse lb-. Homespun says catarrh cannot lie cured."
Now, thls.Dr. Homespun Is the Identical, good-na
tured ??l?i fellow who honestly believes and persists
in declaring that this earth is not round or spherical,
but Hat as a ?? slap-jack," and does not turn over,
oil., rwise the water would all he spilled out of Dea
con ISascoufs mill-pond. But astronomical science
'has positively demonstrated and proven that I)r.
I Homespun is wrong in supposing this earth to lie
tlat and stationary, and medical science is daily
proving the fact that he is no less mistaken and lie
hind the times in regard to the curability of catarrh.
In short. It has lieen positively proven that tills
world .i/otv.v, and that medical science is progren
sice? tin- opinion of Dr. Homespun to the contrary
notwithstanding. That Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy
will cure catarrh thousands who have used It attest.
Then buy it, and use It, in doubt do not stand.
You \\iil Hud it in drug stores all over the laud.
Pleaching and pressing done at short notice at.
Madame I > IC M El. ma Vs.
Tin l ol.c- will tin. I at I'aoe's a splendid assort
ment of i: liter-. Imots. and shoes, of all kinds.
The Kki.hmiu s 1Ikuai.1i is the organ of 4uo,ooo
Baptists- -a frond advertising medium.
Come and see tlic handsome laces, crepes, ribbons
iu all tin* new shade-., *\ it h a complete assortment of
gros piaiu and plain ribiious, at Madame Demel
A von uk' lady requested I ? lie released front a mar
riage engagement on. the irround that wheu con
tracted stie belieVvd her h-ver a "duck," but since
found him to lieu ?? eoose " This is no reilectiou on
the gooses which .11 ?' K? j?t iu pcr|>ctual motion at E.
B. Spexoe Jt Son'- fa- hlonable tailoring establish
PAOE keeps Mcoustaut supply of Hlchuioud-nwte
shoe* and gaiters for gentlemen and boys.
Call and sec all the noveJiie . of the season at the
uew emporium of fashion, Madame DkJMELMaX'S,
1323 Maiu street, two doors above Fourteenth.
Book and job printing neatly
Ken York Stock nnrt Money Mnrkct.
Nktw York, May '22.? Money, 0 to 7. Ex
change, Oj. Gold, 11.11 to 114. Loan.", 2 to
4 tor carrying1. New 5's, 1 121 ; 'C2's, 1 1 3g .
States cloned dull; Tennessee's, 73; new,
same. Virginia's, 48 : new, 54. Louisiana'?'.
00; new, 55. Levee's, u8 : 8's,77. Alabama's,
8ti;*5's, GO. Georgia's, 70; 7's, 88. North
Carolina's, 34 ; new, 20. South Carolina's.
50: new,CG.
Weal iter Probabilities.
Washington, May 22. ? The lowest baro
meter will move northeastwardly over the
northern portion of the Middle and New
England State*. The area of cloud and mill
will extend eastward over the latter to-night.
Clear and pleasant weather will prevail very
generally on Thursday from the Lakes to the
Eastern Gulf and South and Middle Atlantic
coast, with westerly to norlherly winds, and
extend over New England on Thursday af
ternoon and night. Hrisk easterly to sonth
erly winds, veering to southerly nnd west
erly, are probable for the Must and Middle
Atlantic coasts to-night.
Latest News from Washington.
What Is Tltousiltt ul Mr. <;r? clry-H I.et
ter in WuhliiiiKi?ii ? 't'Ue Amnt'Uy
Rill KlsuMl.
Special tek'KTiitii t<? tlie V
Washington, May 22.? There is extensive ?
and favorable eouiuient in Conservative and
Democratic circles here to-day over Mr.
Greeley's letter of acceptance. The influence
it has exercised over the feelings ot promi
nent Democrats is undeniably great. The
opinions entertained that Greeley will he
nominated at Baltimore are visibly strength
ened by the publication ot this important,
Tlu* Piesident received the amnesty bill
from the office of the Secretary of the Senate
at 4 o'clock this afternoon. He signed it
immediately, and the bill is now a law.
Special h-H'mii I" llu- UUpatcli.
Aimicslj? liuklnx Bill? fivil
Washington, May 22.? The Senate was in
session all night, 'l hc amnesty bill is now u
law. The Senate passed also, moditio , Un
civil rights bill and the ktiklux bill.
Washington, May 22.? Se/wh*.? The
Senate adjourned this morning until I o clock
to-dav, having passed the House amnesty bill
hv a two-thirds vote; also the bill extending
the suspension of the half it* eor/ms; also
Sumner's civil rights bill, but soeii.ascula
ted that Sumner him-elt entered a motion
to reconsider. These viral measure- were
passed bv a bare quorum.
The supplemental apportionment bill u.is
passed to-day. U now goes to the Presi
dCHouse bill to pay the award- of the South;
ern Claim* Comim-ioi. was repol I.- 1 v >
amendments striking "til the appiopi...li..i?
tor a few small claims. ,i?11A
-Nothing of importance was done
to-dav. Indications are that Rogers, elected
from North Carolina, will be seated t.Hiior
row ? . u ; 1 3
'fiie Amnes<> liiii.
text of the amnesty hill passed in the ^enatt
7. s, I'll (!?? Si'iuih' anil lfoiifr
of rot h i "in uri'nnj thm-tii), lh.it all
political disabilities imposed by the
[ion oft lie I HO article of amendments to t he
Constitution of the rniled Stales are hcvcl.y
removed from all persons whomsoever, ex
cept senators and reprcsinlalivcs ot t he .,(> i
?tnd :iTt h Congress, orticers in liidnial,
tarv, and naval service of the I Muted suites
heads of departments and toreign ministers
of the United States."
The bill has been signed. It covers a i out
two hundred eases. Unly ? u,n,,tl
and Nye voted " nay " on the bill.
Tlie Civil
Washington, May ->2.-The civil rights
1.01 as passed applies only to inns, licensed
puS of public entertainment or am u<e
meiit and stage-coaches, railroad-, and oth
public modes of conveyance for freight oi
n 'seugc s. Equal rights regarding ceme
lliie "Schools, and benevolent institutions,
U,(Vdemc<kas the bill now stands, are pun
ishable bv thies of ? not less than *>00 nor
moire tiiaii ?5,000 for each oflence, and the
person or corporation so oflendmg shall
liable to the citizens thereby injured uidam
urrCg to be prosecuted before any territorial
or district or circuit court of the tinted
States having jurisdiction of crimes at ^th
place wiiere the offence was charged to have
En committed, with a right of appeal or
0 luive a writ ??r vrror }n ^ to tl,L
Supreme Court ot the I nited .states
* The hill is now on the
tii*? House. There are some lift} or sixty
1 lis in order already ahead of it, and as t
It "two-thirds vote to take tupou t of
i (.i.ai./, no possible show ot its pas
.ill s!^o" ? i' rir
bv^ the time of adjournment, and the m lis
^irv tw "thirds .vote to take it up out ot
rc'Milar order cannot be obtained.
the Senate this morning extends the pow
to suspend to March 4, l?.o.
The Depredation* ??
tier? Commissioner* of Imresuir
^U!hv?' The President to
Washington, -May ? , . . , o).
the joint re>,lutU.? - ^'^ti^
suiiuo and inqniic . ( ))()1, ,|lt,
alleged to have ^umi'ttCT i ^
frontiers ot lexas tor . ? . ^ their ex
lwil,ds ?\ bv whom committed,
tent and tharattti, the persons uiur
their residence or 1 eharacter
dered or carried ,estroved or rar
aud value of the pro] e J . ^ ol-' Texas, and
ried away, troin w h. t.0mmis
to whom the same ' :ttothe l'resi
siouei-s are to niakeaiid^nyt
dent a full report in writing ot
UejoriueU l'redbylerlau Synod.
New Yokk, May 22. ? The Reformed Pres
byterian Synod re&semhJed tbi* morning.
Various reports were received and .adopted.
The report of the social committee on
church properly in Philadelphia was pre
sented. He v. 31 r. lictli objected to the re
j>ort in its present shajn? and dissented from
its adoption.
Dr. Steele said he knew all about the la
mentable state of atfairs iu Philadelphia
touching the property now in litigation, the
details of which liave beeu laid time and
again before the public, and it had been ut
terly hnpoHsihie to bring abmit any compro
mise whatever.
The debate on this subject continued for
nearly two hours, and was jiarticipated in
by all the prominent members of the Synod.
Without ttciion the Synod adjourned.
The Ceiatemiiai C'elebratiou?*U oo]]cu
Mills Burned.
Philadelphia, May 22.? The Centennial
Commissioners met here to-day, Judge Bond,
of Alabama^ presiding. Twenty-two States
were represi nted.
The Green wood "Woollen "Mills have been
burned, '
Adjournment or 4'oiirt-JInrtiul.
S|H-clal tcl?ff.iin to tin; IHsputdi.
Kalkk.ii, >f. C., May 22.? Tlie court-mnr
tial which has been in session during the
past week trying the case of Assistant Sur
ireon Mackim, United States array, completed
its Tabors yesterday and adjourned sine die.
The members from other stations are depart
ing for their posts of duty. The decision is
not yet made public.
Xew York*, May 22. ? The Methodist Con
ference lias elected the following Bishops:
E. G. Andrews, Gilbert Haven, and Jesse T.
Peek. This concludes the election.
Edward S. Stokes was arraigned to-day.
His counsel asked for an adjournment till
Monday to decide upon what course to pui
sne. .fudge Ingraham granted a delay until
to-morrow morning.
The coroner's jury in the Lowden mal
practice ease found a verdict this A.M.
against Dr. Gyles. He was without l>ail to
await the action of the grand jury.
The annual meeting of the Texas and Pa
cific Railroad Company took place to-day.
Thomas A. Scott was elected president and
Edwards Pierrepont treasurer.
The indictments against the Jer?ey City
commissioners have been quashed) hut those
against the police justices and Board of Pub
lic Works are held good.
The New York Strikes.
Neat York, May 22.? The rumor thnt the
carpenters intend fo continue their strike in
order to get $4 per day is gaining credence,
as they have not gone to work, and theii
committee is still iti secret session.
Some of the German cabinet-makers, ujh
holsterers, and furniture-manfaeturcrs held
meetings to-day and resolved to resist the
arrangement to abridge a day's labor to eight
hours, while others have granted the de
mand of their workmen for the eight-hour
The laborers who have worked <^n the
new post-office are about, taking Steps to ob
tain pay for the two extra hours per day
that they have worked since the passage of
the eight-hour law.
Woman's .Missionary Society.
New Voitk',*May 22.? The Woman's Union
Missionary Society met to-day. Addresses
were made by Dr. Waugli, of India, and Dr.
.Mat-lay, ot China. The receipts of the So
ciety this year have been ?2!>,077.
Pah is, May 22. ? The commission on
capitulations, in their report relative to the
surrender of Strasbourg, blame General l'l
rieh on all points for the capitulation of that
city. He is especially cen>ured for seeiirimr
for himself and officers exemption from the
conditions imposed upon hi* enlisted men by
i he German commander to whom lie surren
Vkrsah.t.es, May 22.? In the .WflmMy to
day the debate on the interpolation ot the
Government with regard to war contracts
was continued.
M. Pasquier replied with severity to M.
Rouher, and vindicated his own exposure of
the corruptions under the Emperor. He
vigorously denounced Napoleon, and called
on the Empire tw restore to France her
legions, her provinces, an. I her glory.
The members of the Assembly anil the
crowds in the galleries were ureal Iv excited,
and repeatedly interrupted tiic speaker with
passionate oull>ui>l.s ? >i applause.
M, Rouher followed with a speech of two
hour-' duration, which was listened to with
impatience, and was pronounced nnei|Ual t??
the occasion.
>1. Gaiiihctta then made a violent and bit
ter attack on I he Empire. The audience was
remarkably quiet, ami although deep interest
w as manifested, t he speaker received lit tie or
iio applause. \\ ith his speech the debate
closed and the sitting adjourned.
The Treaty ul" \\asliiuiaoii.
New York Items.
IN ENGL A\'|l.
Xkw York, May 2-J.~A special from Lon
don, (latfil Jlst instant, to the Herald says:
*? Thf English papers continue to discuss the
treaty of Washington, and the supplcinen
tary articles thereto, with undiminished in
t crest. The editorials generally are inspired
by .a desire to previ lit the failure of arbitra
tion and save the troaty.
"'An article, in tlic contrary *ense, puh
1 isht (I in the 1 'all Mall Uazrih- to-night, is
remarkable tor its truthful and just apprceia
tion of the danger of endeavoring to save
tin- tnaty at the expense of national suscep
tibility. The following is an extract :
"The whole drift of feeling and opinion in
England justifies saying that the worst thing
to do with the treaty is to save it. Saving
the treaty means oii'euce and humiliation to
America, or to England, or to both nations.
It means the renewal and not the abatement
of the ill-feeling it was intended t?? allay.
How to save the treaty means who shall eat
the 'leeks,' or whether some means cannot
he invented whereby hoth parties shall agree
to eat in each other's presence. The Ameri
can papers appear to exclaim against the
adoption of the supplemental article. Here
there is only one opinion, and that is that its
acceptance would be discreditable and dan
gerous. Both people would be pacitied and
content at once if the treaty and negotiations
connected therewith were dropped as an ir
remediable blunder, for which the two Go
vernments are alone to blame. That is the
proper fate of the treaty, and the only sale
and peaceful way of disposing of it.
"This article states exactly I he situation
in England, and is a just expression of tin
best opinion here. It is certain that per
sons ? bankers, financial agents, and others ?
who are determined to save the treaty at
whatever cost, without regard to national
dignity or honor, are bringing about, a dan
gerous complication. The same with those
unwise politicians who are willimr to make
party capital out of international difficulty.
The further negotiation of the tnalv will
only continue an irritation that may event
ually put two proud nations in an attitude
from which war can be the only possible
issue. The treaty should lie dropjwd imme
diately for the sake of ainitv, good-will, and
Berlin, May 22. ?The Imperial Army
Baud, which is to take part in the world's
peace jubilee at Ho? ton, will leave this city
for the United States on the .'list instant.
MENT.? Having added to my ?*a*>e of instrument*
one of Dr. Morrison's i t lchr.iicil " 1? I "If KN'01 N'KS,"1
1 alii prepared to 0|terute upon the nulur. 1 teeUi
with LESS I'AIV A N I ) FATHiUEto tlie patient,
ami also w ith greater rapidity and thoroughness. tlmn
is pobill'le to obtained hy the hand.
,n?n. B. WO<>I>, I>. I>. J>.
OKFICE : Xo. Si Ninth street. ap3(MSjd
Dental notke.-i>r. -'"Hs-figa
G. WA YT has this day assoriau-d >v iih^^HKr
him In. the practice of di-iiUstrv his son. UKOUGE
i; W a YT. M. D.. i>. 1) S., and tiaying Jd* a*-, t -stance,
ha? resumed the practice of MKCIIANp'AI. 1>KN
TJSTHY and will iusert whole or parts ot *enof
nfn-r ill the approved meUiO(ls,nnd 1? now pre
m!Ja SiiSJSScr1 S'lTKOl'S OXIDE G AN for the
uainleas extraction of tf*tli.
OmcE: 104 Ninth street, uear FrankJIn.
March ii. 1 11" m
7i ? W. JONES, DENTIST, has!
\T ? always pure and frc.il> M p,V.X"
l nF < r A.*5 for painless extraction of teeth.
ARTIFICIAL TEETH made ot any description
&,OLD GoWrLATE takon In exchange for new.
All operationa thoroughly performed ami war
"oSm: FntaUlnsimi.So
sadEUrbth. mQ 1
Uk iimonu, Va.. May 22, lilt. (
C'ORV ? Wliite, 102 bnshels.
Rye.? 10 bushels.
Black Peas oo bushels.
Corn ? White. 29 bushels very tool at private
terms; ji) biiiiicU prime at *2e.: Sj Imihels very good
at ile.
New Voi'.k. Mar 5?.? Cotton firm: sale*,
bale*; uplands. 24|c. ; Orleans. 21ft*. Flour quiet ami
unchanged. Wheat (hill aud slightly favors buye?>.
< 'orn closed dull and heavy at RIcr firm at
Pork steady. Lard heavy at Tur
pentine strong at 8".v, Riwln tlrm at
fallow steady. Freights lirm. ,
BALTIMORE markets.
Baltimore, May 2-.'.? Flour Hrm and unclKimred.
Wheal quiet and unchanged, Corn liriuer: white,
yellow. 7 : mixed western. 7.v. oaf-,
lirincr; we.,teru, 5i%i7c. ; *outhertu 6 c. Provisions
?julet and flrin. Lard tlrm at 9Se- Whiskey. Hoc.
Virginia u's. old. jo; coupons, old, ?7: consolidated,
503. West Virginia's, 17. North Carolina's, old, 3i:
new, '.'0 ; special tax, 13. All bids.
I.ori-'.vjLLK, May y.'.-Tohafcn ? Sali;s. 177 hogs
heads : lujrs $7.5(X8>ilB : common leaf. nie
diuiu to line. $0.5e(ri$IJ.5o; good cutting, $l3(gi:i6
Galveston*. May 22.? Cotton quiet; good ordi
nary. 20je. ; stork. 5.3*9 hales; sales, 5u bales.
Wn..MiNf;rnv, N. C.. May 22.? Cotton quiet:
middlings, 2Jic.; stock, 2,4i?7 iKtles.
Uai.timokk. May 22 Cotton steady; middlings,
2lc. ; sales, .7 J hales ; stock, IkiIck.
New Orleans, May 22.? Cotton tlriu; middling.
235c. ; net receipts, Co 7 bales ; gross. 72 j 1 talcs J Mies,
2,2#o tialey ; stock, bales.
Moiule, May 22? Cotum lirni ; middlings
22le. ; sales, 7ou 1 tales ; stock. u.iSi hales.
Sun rises 4:5;i | Moon rises 8:1s
Suu sets.. 7:o7 ) High tide 4M2
i'OItT OF RICHMOND, May 22, IH72.
Steamer Palisade. Nelson, Norfolk, merchandise
and passengers. 1>. II. Rogers, atreut.
Hark Wild Hunter, Liverpool, via City Point,
sail*. Lee, Seddon Jt Co.
Schooner 11. G. Ely, Philadelphia, coal, Tredegar
Neliooiier Robert Ilealy, Baltimore, . shells, A.S.
Bark Louisa, Lenz, New York, to load tobacco.
Steamer Eliza TIancox, Gilford, Norfolk, merchan
dise and passengers, L. it. 'latum, agent.
Schooner Moderator, Rulon, New York, via
Chlckahoiulny, wood.
Schooner L. D.v Cobb, Harris, Norfolk, .staves.
Curtis ?fc Parker.
The Pauline, Drevar, for City Point. Va.. entered
outward at Liverpool lot h instant.
The Hermann. Lange. entered outward at Liver
pool 7th ipstaut for Richmond.
Bark Adelaide, Peudergast, McVey. from Rich
mond, at Bahia 2->th ultimo, aud would sail for Rio
laneiro in a few days.
T[,( NEW YOR K.? Virginia JrlV,
JL Steamship and Packet Compan Csu^e&&F2%
p-leinoit steamship W I LLtA M P. CI. V I >E. < V-iiilHln
Scot r, '.v ill leave her wharf at Ttockelt.* on TUES
OAY,M:iv 2?. at l o'clock P. M.. connecting with
steamers tor Fall river and Itoston from same pier.
1 lose connections and through bills lading gl\ en to
;dl southern, eastern. and western places : ako !?
Europe and Australia. Cabin passage, +lrt; steer
age, ??'?: round-trip tlckels, $15. For freiyhtor pas
sage, apply to D. .1. lit; If R. President.
PJ14 Main street.
R. & II. ChaMRERLAINE, Agents. Pier l'J North
river, New York. mysa-Bt
I^< ) 1{ HKE3IKN. ? Tin* lino lwrk ?"H
A LOl iS, Captain Lis/., Is now at t
Point, loading lor the above port, and
Imve prompt <li?palcli. 1. literal advantages grauleil
011 consignments to our friend-:. Apply to
IHVJ.1-2W 10. o. NOLTfNG & CO.
t*Olt I'll 1 LA hKT.PIl I A.-.
I- The steamer. I. S. t. It EENE. Captain
t a 1; it, will le.eive lix'blu for the above port til'
'1 II I KSI ?A V the :'3d Instant at 12 o'clock.
Freight taken lor all 1 >a i t.-> of t'enie.ylvanla. New
lei'sex. ami Oelaware, sir." for Norfolk ami New t.ir
leati: . at low rale.-..
Passage to Philadelphia, inclmlliiy ine-ilsaijilstate
1-00:11,^.1. \V. P. PORTER. Agent,
| my 22-21 No. '2 IV.< Dock si reef.
VfOll XKW YOKK. ? Tlw* Old
.L l )i iiniiiii iii SlfUlll-liilt 4 '??liipau \ ?>h'-cbnM?S&
?Tinl sl?l?? \\ liifl >ri-an?.-nl|i w'S'ASOKK, Ciijilali.
<ni ill. Mill .-ail on l<'lr I MAY. Alav 21, at 4
iiYtnrk I*. M. Pnis/lit mi*ivv?l until :i I*. AI.
'I'liruiipli hills ol' hnlint; .sij;m-il, and jfnoiJ^ for
ivuvili'il wit It ? I isjiiit ?*li In all |M'iini.i mil-Hi, Miiitli
I'asl.aml wiv.t. I nia'lr with t 'iin;m!
l.lm* iW I'luvi/u |Hii'i9. I V-.^riigi-r acr'inuiiiVi.tiiiii -
?l 1 1 - \ll"|?:i- >???!. I'aiv. *1?'. ? |i-. |-i;*f, f i{ ; Hiilll'i-ll 1|
u. l;i i . n'.'ii. Km- ???.? {?H?k:iK4', aiiply tn
.ioiix \v. \W a rr, ARpnt.
tuv SV-St No. 3 ?invcrinir-.Hi i t,
rIMIlJ()l'<iH TO LKXlN<i-3s2^^5.1
1 ion ANII MVHANAN ? '
I 'ANAL L'ACKKTS ? Kar<- tlirnupli wmn.ni im nls.
?ft: wit li tiuals *7. l>n anil after the '-'"Hi ln-t.iui
l> i-wi-n; i t.s tor theal?ov< will not In* lU'taliioiI
iii l.yni'lilitirir. as Inntofort*. tin* 1>??. ?t- ??niilliiiiiiu'
rljfht uii.aii'l rfarhiisji l.cxiiifjton ami Buchanan ii>
lil'l v-l'oiir hours.
N*<> fliati^i' in the running of tlif boat* U twi iii
1. irli tin mi I a ml l.v urhliiii jr. !!? >M >.
May is. i ' ??>' is-'-'w*
17* OK NrUlKOJ.lv, I'OKTS-if-.
<?X JAMES UIVEI!.? The elegant nteamer 1'AI.I
SAOE, Captain NlCLSOS. will leave Iter wharf (at
Virginia Steamship and I'ackcl <Jonipanv\s ?
.ii f.J o'clock A. M. Freight received every (lay iron.
7 o'clock A. M lo ri o'clock l\ M. All way treipht
must he prepaid. Applv to
On and al ter FK1DA V NEXT ll?e hour of depar
ture from this city will lie 5 o'clock A. M.. instead
of 6 o'clock, as heretofore.
_niy 8 D H- ROGFHS. Agent.
W K.V1. in < ON'.VI'K.TION" WITH I'.ALTl
The steamers of this line leave their wharf al
Rockelt* every Monday and W ednesday night al
high tide, and on Saturday at 2 o'clock I*. M.
Freight received everyday up to hall-past 0 o'clock
P. M. Saturdays until halt-past l o'clock 1'. M.
i*a?&ige A i
For freight or jwissage apply to
inh 7 -.mi WILLIAM 1'. BRETT, Agent.
?J COMI'ANY'.-FOR N hj W YUJili.Si
BY LAND ANH WATER New and popular tirst
da.-s route to New York via .lames river and Chesa
peake Bay to Baltimore. and from thence by rail tr
Philadelphia and New York.
Kurf to New York $12 50
" Philadelphia * u 5t)
'? Baltimore fl uu
?l Norfolk 2 50
Tickets sold and hapiniperhpcked through at Garbei
& Co/s Kxiiribg, No. Main street, and on board
?.tcauicr KI1/-1 Ilaucox.
The aliove varied route commends Itself es|M-clall>
to tourists ao?l iilea-siire-seekers, eiialiliog them ti.
PASS THkOlKill DUTCH I?AF and see othej
points ol' liiU.re.st on <1 A M KS IflVKJJ I'.Y DAY'
LltillT. r.. 15. TaTI'M. P lu ral Ajfcnl -
daim* River Steainitoal Company.
( mice, Ninth and .Main streets, and at Kocketts.
no is
N'o. S?iy BltuAl) STltKKT. MKT. E1UJ1T11 AND NINTH.
A l.i iyc assortment of SHOES, GAITERS, ami
SI. IPPERS, suitable for the .season, which we arc
soiling very low. ('all and examine our stock,
my 18-lm
BOOTS, SHOES, &c.? Summers vis-?-A?
ltiuK tlie el I y are respectfully invlle<l?r2r I
to examine my stock. Just received, con-ist-f ajj
lug of all the modern styles of best grades of
BOOTS, SHOKS, anU OA ITERS, fur ladies, gents,
misses, and children ; all which will he offered at vcrv
moderate pro tits. ?JOHN' O. PAGE, .In.,
my 17 Pi03 .Main street.
No. 4(H Broad street, between Fourth and Mtth.
Kichmond, Va.
A large assortment of Baltimore. Philadelphia,
and Ka>.t?'i u-inade work of every description.
Repairing doue in tin* neatest and U-.it liiauner.
my 7-1 in ?
HENRY < BOSCHEN n now maim factoring 9^.
hl.s own poo da. With all the Improved apparatns
of the trade and the necessary machinery for a com
plete manufactory, he hits determined to make
lif-re alter every article which tie offers for wile.
With unsurpassed facilities, lie contideotly a--ks the
patronage of the. public. Ail be desired Is a end
from thoM'.iu want before Purchasing else where.
Selling oil' northern jroous at cost. up 17
JO&N H. BuSCilEN' & SO X,
made to order and a fit guaranteed.
Goods of our own . manufacture, made from the
beat materials, alwavs on hand.
A larjrt: assortment of Baltimore, Philadelphia,
and EaAtern-inade work of every description.
We receive our jjooda direct from thu factories.
Repairing doue in the neatest and bent manner.
?p u between fifth and Sixth.
, , . _ . . w ?. ?,? -??
r! : <\k * . iCASIA-IWV itlUHKYy in AMUS^t
Due.s<|liar(i,o?ieliis?rUou.,..?... ..5 * 16
i*ne sijnare, tv*o Insertion* l is
On* iquare. thrf*' litM'rtloiis 1 It
ih?j> ?r|iiarC, M.f Insci ttotAV. ? on
Oiie square, twelve InMTrtkwtfu.v.." r. fo
?' ntf- lujaurt', rail' month..... u co
Out square, two months.. j* (0
one square, three mootlis, ;??* . is co
more, Norfolk, I'urtsmoiK
rsasos TUB .JAMES
J?&rS?^?-(rtar*nt United Stale# mil ->team*r
I ;? 8YL\ ESTkli, Captain Z.C. tilvrcsu. leaver
ft"'!?"? a.yfV?ff at Rockettw f>?r the above-named
'*C , *L ,a.~ Mf-.and rtturn" -m Tuesday,
Tbnraday. snd SatnnLy afterr,.M.n?, at ii o'clock .
Passenge; connect ?, Norfolk with the old liny
Line steamers L-r Baltimore. Philadelphia, and New
York. ? ?? ?
Train leaves City Point for BK&burc ,jo aVriva
t if steamer.
Fare to Nc\r York . %i2 50
Fare f<> 11)iL-tdclpld^.yy- a so
Fare tJ> ?
?Kan* to Norfolk... 1 So
Tickets .<n sal; atOARHKR & CO.S EXPRESS,
mid bajijrayt; checked through.
Freight rei-elved TUESDAYS. TT1URBDAY8,
aud SATUUDAr&for Norfolk. iVrten.oirtli. Fus
ion. Haiti 111. <re, and principal landing* on Ox-cw
l?*r?kc* Bar, and all regular l&nfflnff* on .fa Irites river
Freight rvc< i V>>.1 froni 7 A. M. till 6 P. M.
Freight for wav-|andlngs nuiatN* prepaid.
Tlic steamer Sylvester will he chartered for eve
ning excursiotia at reasonable rate*.
I- H. TATUM, Oeaeral Agent
Office, Company's wharf.
Branch ofllce, coruer Main and Ninth ?t reels
my lit
AND PACKET COMPANY will run their splen
did steamship WILLIAM I'. CLYDE tut follows;
Leaves New York every SATURDAY at 5 I'. St.;
leaves Richmond every TUESDAY at 4 P. M.
Cahln passage, *V> : steerage, rohnd-tilp
ticket*. *!.'?. i iMDjrlJ
T(i\V\, ISl.A?s<J0W. A N I > LONDONDKUKY ?
IN ( I'RRENCY.? Tiie s;ilV, llrst-elais iron
??hlp? of thin line will null as folloWH: WTIDNES
IUV, ntii, and SATURDAYS *i'Ui and iTIh of
April, and f? A lTHTiAYS. 4ih. lu??, ..?.?! wu. of
Mav, and twice everv following week, from CU
N'AUD'S W11AKF, .li'rsey ? ity.
A (rent. New York.
SA^fTTTX Ax RES. Apent,
Richmond, No. 1339 Main, corner Fourteenth street.
ap ??:5-3ni
WEEK.? Stc;iuier? NORFOLK, EMI'IIIF., :oid .1.
S. C3RKEN. compofsliij- tiii? line, will lesive Kt.di
.non.l pu'rv MONDAY and THURSDAY al H
o'clivk M.. and l'liil..l? Iphia e\. 1 y WEDNESDAY
and SATUliDA Y at the ssune hour, alternat. ly.
Fr?Jirht-s received dtilv (^unday? e.\.:ei?tydi for all
jKirts <>f Pennsylvania, New .Icrwy, niid Delaware j
abo for Charleston. Savannah, and "New Orleans. and
hills of ladinjr slpiied through.
Freight taken for Norfolk at moderate nites.
Passage to Philadelphia, Including meals and
stateroom, iss.
W. P. PORTER, Agent,
No. Q VJi) Dock street, Richmond.
No. .12 South Wharves,
Jail No. 11 North W'ha r\es. Philnilelnhla.
I Tor new YORK.? OLT> DO-,
The side-wheel stisun?hlpn Ol.O DOMINION*
New York for Norfolk. < li \ I'oint, and Richmond,
tL 3 o'clock I*. M,
Leave Richmond everv TUESDAY, FRIDAY,
and SUNDAY, at high tide.
TIi.'M' ships are cnilrcly new. They have elegant
.saloons, stafrroom-'. and' 1 1:1 th rooms.
The far.', accoiiniioddMiic, and attention, arc un
Close connections made with steamers for all South
ern and European jsorts.
For further In forma I Ion, applv lo
?lull N \V. WVATT. Agent,
my 2fl No.:t tiovernor itrci l.
fH>K li I V !?: lil'DOl,
tiATF-s uf i\\
Payable in Gold. Payable In Currency.
First < 'alii ii $75 | steerage ^30
To London ?.? To London 25
To Palis 0o I To Purls. 4 35
'J'it Ut-!.- rtt.Ki to ami from England, Ireland, and the
Continent, at moderate rati -.
' Koi fin tin t iiiiv>i-iiiuiioii, apply at the Coinnanv'i
office*. JOHN G. MALE. Agent,
l.? Broadway, New York: or to
JOHN \V. WYATT, Agent,
J<- si Richmond, Va.
and Liverpool. callinc at Cork hai lx>r.
Rv the \Vedw*day steamers, not carrying strrr
<u.'e :
First Cfthlii....$130 gold. | Scroml Cahin.. .^o. gold
First C'tthln to Paris $145. (Told
Return tickets i'.'Stf. gold.
P.v the Tnesdnv and Saturday steamer*:
Firnl Calilu fro, gold. | Steerage.. ..930, currency
Return Tickets $15o. gold.
Steerage tickets from Liverpool ami l/iieeji.'tnwn
and all parts ol' Enrol c, at lonift rates.
Through hills of lading from Vlrglnlalo Liverpool,
Ik'lfast, Glasgow, Havre, Antwerp, and nlher porH
?ill tile Continent, and for Meililei ranean port*, \> 1 1 1
lie issued hy the. VIRGINIA and KOlt II I <) N
THROUGH LINE, they having made the necessary
arrangements with the '>1,1) DOMINION STEAM
SHIP COMPANY' to New York, and with the I'U
NARI> LINE thence to Liverpool. Ac.
For rates. Ac., apply t.? the Agent* of the Old Ho
minion Steaii'ol.iii ? 'otoU'inv.
General Ajoa.i Uuitord Line.
A. I>. Kiai.r.v, -'r., General Agent Virginia
| k- 21 and Foreign Through Line.
s i: ? i\<;huiiix en.
The ladies of Richmond nnd vicinity are ro.-jx'ct
fuHy informed that the " DOM F.ST I ? " SKW IXG
MACHINE COMPANY have established a branch
otficc in tiild city for the sale of the
And thl? ectchratcd SEWIXT.- MACHINE. the
KIVC OK TlfK L'K K-S| |T< It WAOm*E?, may t?c
i'ouud at oil) .Main street mifil about June 15th. when
llicy will occupy the inn: :?J1 Main street, adjoining
Messrs. Nnwlan Co/s.
mv 17-3m
The very larpc ntunlierof double-thread machines
cxcliunged for the W ti.LCOX A' OIDI?S machine haa
compelled the company to arrange for quarterly
clearing-out trade sales atauctioa of these so-called
-lock-stitch" machines. Country dealers buy at
these auctions and sell to their customers, who soon
become tlri'il of their purchase, and tra*le them
antlu for a Wrr.r.rox A Gibbs machine. Douf.h
' bread machine* are thus, becoming a sort of circu
lating medium to ourcliase
Willi. At :i late auction at 3JI l?rot?d%vay, X. V.. I.WO
of theese captured niachlnei were sold by the \\ lllcox
<? Gibbs Company to start on their old rouud and
come hack to oc exchanged for the reliable WILL*
A full stock of WlLI.COX' GIBBS MA
CHINES kejrf on hand for sale. exchange,
at \\ ILl.COX .t (ilKI'.S'S olilce, Ninth and Uaulc
- treef.*, Richmond. Va.
i*l? -? .IAMKS F. A. GIUBS.__
rJ/.u&i.'A!itl';,K? T,w* m oat ki.i.hth' skw
ING-M.\<1IINK.x ISO! nod S??I.D. We sell
*" "" m"aV
..... f ,?,? NLOATJk ADDJXHTOX,
c J^Hary street, near Fourteenth.
vokth Biu risir
il AVI)
Capital, tlo.tKto.nno lu gold; Invested In Hie United
Slate* ?ve* ; d. ,vo0tfc.d e of
Virginia, ??u.uoo In lining FUtiv f
Having becu appointed .-menu to U)e ?J*?ve-named
company, we are prepare ?-, |??u? if; polleie* Jan,,!
lorn or damage by tire on bnlUlint-n. n?rrtmi.,u??l? j
personal i >rop?*rty ot all kinds, on Mmj moot liberal
terinH. >* ft* ?
Losses equitably adjusted and promptly ?aid
D. X. AVALKl*rt A ( o..
or 7 No. 2014 Main ureet.
I have lost received a fine a-vjortrocot of V \SFS
suitable for Kard' Us and cemett i les wliicb ! ill sell
vcrv low. .??HX BOWKUs.
Successor to Vale, A Vale,
li-ou HlOek, Governor street,
mv to- Hifbiooinl. Va.
A. KOTI1W t. ll, <1, y . rownXL,
Superintendent. Secretary -tu>l Treasurer.
O OtMce, So. 4 N. EUEYJCNTH VTUiXt .
The trade suppllod with thU c%Wkraled granite by
the cargo or diiuciudoo
CLE AH STONE, for mouuniental and eeuiotery
work.aitpwcialtv. ^ my s^un
, : au.?9CitOLL-WOKK,
In ail their varieties corner of Xfuth and Aren
Streets, Richmond, Va. .
MUi?Du4iou guaranteed.
S?anl for circular. tar

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