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aw m H| Bit,. 1 MB JB KS ? tXO t BH '
* v iiii*) '5o .'iiiiS ? fio hi ;??; it 71I
iv n\U.Y MsrATCU Is delivered tAJinb
. ?t > i i'tkkn ? kvts per week. paynMo to the
. klv. Mnllod hi ** i>or annum : for six
V i'i? ? :;.o tvr month for a shorter period.
The' SKWI WKKKl.Y- DISPATCH at *3 per an
, , r or *1-V? for six months.
The WEEKLY DISPATCH at *: I>hr annum.
n i w -r vrrn< of the city.
V( )N DAY NOVEMBER 10. 1873.
\ < :r, >.xR Broken- Into and the Pastor's
^ x it vsr.KRKn.?On Saturday morning
V. \;.'T. ot' tin* Second Baptist church,
' ? into the church to prepare it for Sun
V. "noticed that things were not as he had
? Cu re.. Tpon looking lor his hatchet to:
, ore-ome kindling-wood, it could not he
i.d. and While searching for it he discov
. that -omc j>ersou had entered the basc
?..r;;t of the church through a window.
;Y.?i ing that some mischief bad been done,
.v T.\ton went to the pasloi's study and
y,;;nd tin- door had Imvii prized open with a
;. l;c? and many of Dr. Bitting's jxtpcrs
y.;r si-altered about the floor. The thief]
..vooia iit the pis. w hich was still burn
lirawn down the window-shade, and at
;* ioMire opened the desk-drawers and
' -\ tinm.
Bitting, upon examination, found
of his nooks and papers had been
Among the latter was the manuscript
.tore on ?? Solomon's Temple." It is
d the scamp may yet he captured.
\ ( ATiint.tr Cm'Rcn.?Bishop Gibbons
? : ed m Friday last from the town of
< .epcr. w hich place he had visited with
\ ew nf selecting a lot for the erection of
v cher h. The Bishop preached in the
yy., hdl on WYduesday to.quite a large
? erin" of people from the surrounding
? -trv ~ the countv judge adjourning his
to ?-nablc those in attendance to be;
- s'jav-^ceooi. l*MON.?At a meeting of
?1 -? d 'n-ct tv of the Young Men's Christian
\ -i.t i ifinr..* held ??n Friday last, it was do
? ? ?!!.<: in*, ite all the superintendents
iv-'l:ooN attached to the evangeli
r;: clitircries in this city and Manchester to
! at the rooms of the Association at 0
y. iuckon Tuesday evening to consider the
?proprietv o: forming a Sunday-school union.
-rt;;ot> Accident.?As Frank Myers, a
(..ired lad. was driving a loaded cart to the
. donee of Mr. Hudgii.s. in Henrico conn
jv on Friday night, one of the wheels
1";, i- k a root in the road, which caused the
,i i to fall from the top of the load, the
-.wheel passing over his right leg, frac
- i,j it a: "the auile-.ioiut. Dr. Trent was
W-ni i"f. and rendered the necessary surgi
a :n_' cast - wens disposed of Saturday:
. _~ r ,v Sands vs. Madigan, xYe. The
, decree having been satisfied, the
.x > removed from the docket.
k?. Ac., rs. Turner. Decree refer-]
i. uHe to u commissioner for inquiry
audit port. , t.
HwnU.g. etc., is. Richardson, Ac.
D r?-iVrrtng cause to a commissioner
in.juirv and report.
-? Itallcr" Ac., rs. chaffer, Ac. Decree
rring cause to a commissioner for in
..Tii v and report.
i-Vulkakr. rs. PficflVr, Ac. Demand of de
saitstied and cause dismissed at
' lY.kY gtuirdiuu rs. Becks, Ac. Decree
< . tinnim: report of eotntnis-ioner and di
a >:tk of the property in Hie bill and J
pi-i.M-fediug- mentioned.
lb-Hand. Ac.. rs. Ferguson, Ac. Decree
Living and continuing sale of pro|>erty
Hie hill and proceedings mentioned.
Wilkinson rs. Wilkinson, &c. Decree dis
ti outing the fund ou hand.
.Mm Lindsey rs. CorkeryA* Millward, Ac.
1' ????? dismissing plaintiff's bill with costs,
in av 'fdance with opinion of the court
???(>!ore delivered.
e .-rkerv & Millward cs. McGuire, Ac.
1 xxftting aside restraining order liere
mad-, and making dual disposition of]
the ease.
Harris.m. Ac., rs. Ca?kie, Ac. Decree con
firn.ing and approving report of cominis- :
and making a partial distribution of
the fund. ^
Angle, Ac., rs. Griflin. Ac. Decree fori
acaiust (^ritlitrs administrator and Grif
ip. -ru-tce. to show ixiuse, on the ISth of No
v-miK-r. 1873, why they shall not be attached
t r di-oheyiug decree of October 10, 1873,
t'.i.Jered in this cause.
M.utrv, A<'.. rs. McGruder, Ac. Final de
cir approving and continuing report of
cjiniuissioner as to collection and dispost
ti.?:i -.t the fund, and directing a deed to the
Hustings Court.?'This court was not in
?.-ion on Saturday. It meets again tbi,s
uimuing. _____________
At the Police Court on Saturday Bos
Mer.v A Brother were fined 82, and Colonel
ilobson (two cases) $4, for last driving by
their drivers.
David Gardiner (negro) was fined *1 for
sn a?ault uj-on John Johuson (negro).
I he New Link of Steamers between New
Y,>::u asd Richmond.?It was announced iD
t :;<? I>i.<}>dtdi some time ago tbat a company
been formed under the name of " The
l.orillard Steamship Company,'* and that a
l> v. line of communication "between New
Yiek. Norfolk, the regular landings, on James
i :wr, and this city would soou be established.
W <? ate pleased to state that the company has
perfected all arrangements, uud one of its
-?earners (the Twilight), as will be seen by
Meivuce to the advertisement published in
? ehcrcolumn, will leave every Tuesday,
T : .xl iv. and Saturday at half-past 7 A. M.
? :?>:!! Watson's wharf, making close couuec
t on at Norfolk with the splendid steamers
Mediator and Regulator.
T.i?* Twiiii-ht, we are informed, is a large
' : I v.-ry fboat of light draught. She will
t livinht lor all regular landings oil the
livt-i". H,t i>a->euger accommodations are
i .mplrte in every resjieet. The .Mediator
.? i!? i Itegiiator: which are to run between
\? w York' and Norfolk, are first-class new
of line curryiugeupacity and very fast.
'I !:? -<? tw<> !:>?-named steamers will take no
-imer-. d -voting their entire space to
< .-habit- goods, truck, etc.
J !;?? aaerit ot the company in this city is
Mr. John W. Wyatt, lor many years con
iiccted with tiie Uld Dominion line, lie is
a >oi:ng man of great business tact, and of
oM'i.-n- a<; -oain'ance among our mercan
tile community. ill- popularity, we have
doubt, will add greatly to the patronage
of ! he iM-w line.
.Mi'. Wyat* iju- opened an otlice at the
< ot i, i (.j Main and Fourteenth streets for
the t-'onveuience of our husiuess men.
Fjoikes rouKtCTEi).?The official vote for
Judge Ouid in the city was (JJiSS, and not
as heretofore reported. The mistake
<? 'eurred at the Citv Hull.
Anotiiek Convict.?John II. Mullory was
? tc-ivcd at the penitentiary on Saturday to
-ei \ <? a term of one year for a burglary
committed in Gloucester count v.
('< >imissioNhK of Deeds.?The Governor
h?-> appointed 31 r. Henry Phillips, Jr., a
? ommi-.-ioner of deeds for Virginia to reside
in Philadelphia.
Cotton iKoM the South.?Seventy car
loads of cotton?nineteen hundred bales?
have arrived here from Atlanta, Ga., en route
b>r the North. The train left Atlanta on the
State Convention of Disciples.'
annual mf.ktikci.
?? ?
Pursuant to adjournment the Convention
mot sit 9 o clock. An hour was spent in re
ligious exercises. At 10 o'clock President
Pendleton took the chair and called the Con
vention to order.
On motion of Mr. John B. Cary Rev. J.
L, M. Curry, JL). 1).,- Rev. Mr. Ilutsou, and
Rev. Mr. Butler wore extended the cour
tesies of tlie Convention.
On motion ot' Air. Cary the same courtesies
were also extended to other ministers who
shall see fit to attend.
Elder L. A. Cutter, from the State Board
of Missions, to whom was recommitted the
report of the funds raised by the Board, read
several corrections; which wercapproved bv
the Convention. The report shows that un
der the Louisville plan the sum of $5,200
was appropriated to the cistricts as follows:
Piedmont, $1,000: Tide-Water, $I,ft(>0;
Southeastern, $500; South Piedmont, $400;
Southwestern, $1,^00: Valley, $500.
The following: amounts were raised: Pied
moid, $1,007.35; Tide-Water. $1,059.30;
Southeastern,$512; South Piedmont,$100.50;
Valley, $!W; Southeast$1,582.75.
The number of additions under the mis
sionary (ffbrt of the Board is 750. This does
not include accessions to churches under the
labors of the local preachers.
In concluding their report the Board take
the liberty of suggesting that while they
deem it important to build up and take care
of all the churches, at the same time they
feel that there are certain points to which
they should send tried, prudent, and expe
rienced laborers.
?Elder C. Bullard presented the following
"Resolved, That, in harmony with the re
port of the corresponding secretary, which
has beeu unanimously adopted by this Con
vention, the State Board be instructed
to concentrate its resources upon a few of j
the many important commercial and intel
lectual centres of this State."
The subject was verv warmlv discussed
by Elders L. A. Cutler, R. Y. Henley; W. C.
Dawson, New York; A. N. Gilbert, Balti
more; ?J. W. McGarvey, Kentucky; C. C.
hoote, Maine; Dr. S. S. Henley, King and
Queen county; Mr. John B. Oary, Rich
mond; R. L. Henley, King Wiliiam; Elder
Reuben Lindsay Coleman, Albemarle ; Pre
sident W. K. Pendleton, of Bethany Col
The following substitute for the resolu
tion was offered by Mr. John B. Cary aud
unanimously adopted by the Convention:
"Resolved. That, in harmony with the sug
gestion of tl, ? rej>ort of the State Board and
corresponding secretary, the Board be in
structed to piu - lore attention to the educa
tional and cowl. cial centres of our State.''
At 12 M. President W. K. Pendleton ad
dressed the Convention in the interest of
Bethany College.
Duriug the very interesting address de
livered by President Pendleton Dr. Robert
Power, of Yorktown, Va., presided.
At the conclusion of the address Air. John
B. Cary, of Richmond, presented the follow
ing resolution :
"Resolved, That we have listened with pro
found interest and profit to the very able
addros of President Pendleton in behalf
of the claims of Bethany College; that we
gratefully recoguize the great services she
has rendered to the cause of Christian edu
cation, and hereby pledge ourselves to con
tribute in proportion to our ability to the
complete endowment of at least one ch air in
that institution to be known as the Virginia
Professorship; and that we cordially recom
mend to the brotherhood any agent whom
the authorities of the institution may ap
point to facilitate the accomplishment of this
The resolutions, after being discussed,
were unanimously adopted.
On motion of Air. Henley, it was ordered
that a committee of three be appointed to
nominate a corresponding secretary for the
Mr. Cary moved that the nomination, be
made by the Board.
The amendment was agreed to, and the
resolution, as amended, was adopted.
Mr. Tyler, from the Committee 011 Sun
day Schools, asked until the afternoon to
complete hsreport; after which the Conven
tion adjourned, with prayer by Kev. K. Y.
Afternoon Session.
The Convention reassembled at 4 o'clock,
President Pendleton in the chair. Prayer
by Elder Z. P. Richardson.
The report on Building Fund was taken
up, and after being discussed by L. W. Cave,
It. L. Coleman, J. W. McGarvey, and L. A.
Cutler, was adopted.
The report states that a building fund is
greatly needed, and recommends as the best
plan for the accomplishment of the object
that a society be formed, to be known as the
Virginia Christian Building-Fund; that said
society have a board of directors, president,
secretary and treasurer; tbut branch socie
ties be formed in each district of the State,
and that members be received upon tbe pay
ment of 50 cents each, and 25 cents monthly.
I The amount collected to be sent by the trea
j surer of each church to tbe treasurer for the
j State, to be used by tbe Board In aiding con
gregations in building bouses of worship.
Tbe following resolution, offered by Elder
R. Y. Henley, was adopted:
1 " Resclveil, That we, the Disciples in
1 Convention assembled, hereby declare it as
our deliberate conviction that tbe churches
in Virginia should raise tbe sum of tive
thousand dollars, to be expended solely for
missionary purposes under the general plan
ot missions."
reported that as no authentic statements as
to what had been done in the Sunday-school
department had been received by them,
thev were not able to make a satisfactory re
port. They made the following recom
mendations; which were adopted :
1. That one day at each District Conven
tion and each State Convention be devoted
to the interests of the Sunday-school work.
2. That the churches of each district be
requested to send to the District Convention
statistical reports of their Sunday school?
these reports to include the following items :
1. Number of officers and teachers in the
Sunday-school. 2. Number of scholars, 3.
Number of conversions from the Sunday
school, i- Whatever else maybe regarded
as of iuterst to tbe brotherhood.
3. That the district secretaries report to
this committee before tbe annual meeting of
the .State Convention, so that they may pre
pare a report to present to the State Conven
4. That our preaching brethren, and espe
cially our evangelists, be requested to pay
more attention to the Sunday-school work
among our churches.
Elder Joseph Z. Tyler offered a resolution
requesting Elder J. L. T.IIollaud to furnish
a-copy of bis introductory discourse before
the Convention for publication in the Chris
tian Examiner. Adopted.
The following committee was appointed
to select pi ice uud time for the pext meeting
of the Convention: D. A. Snow, K. Y. Hen
ley, and It. M. Kent.
Elder Joseph Z. Tyler offered tbe follow
ing resolution ; which was adopted :
"liesolced, That wc return our thanks to
the Baptist churches of the city that have so
kindly offered us the use of their pulpits ;
to the city papers tor their full and accurate
reports of our proceedings; and to the rail
roads for favors shown delegates to the Con
On motion of Elder A. B. Chandler, it was
decided to devote the first day of the next
uunual meeting to tbe Sunday-school cause.
The followiug resolution, offered by El
der Peter A ins lie, was adopted:
^liesolttd^ That the thanks of the Con
vention he returned to the member* of the
Seventh-Strcct Christian eburch and the clti-1
zeua of Richmond generally for the hospi
tality with which they have entertained the
delegates and visitors to the Convention."
On motion, the Convention adjourned to
meet at the clone of the discourse at night.
Benedictiou by Elder T. D. Power.
" Night Nemion.
On Saturday night Elder C. C. FoOte, of I
Maine, addressed a large congregation In the
mnin audience-room of the .Seventh-Street
Christian church. His text was from I.
Peter y., 7: " Unto you, therefore, which
believe, he Is precious; but unto them which
be disobedient, the stcne which the builders
disallowed, the same is made the bead of the
The discourse was very able and eloquent,
aud was listened to with marked attention
and respect by those who were present.
At the conclusion of the discourse the
members of the Convention assembled in
the lecture-room of the church, President
Pendleton in the chair.
The committee appointed to nominate a
secretary for the ensuing year presented the
name of Elder L. A. Cutler, and the ques
tion being put, he was unanimously elected.
Ths special committee appointed to select
a place and time for the mee ng of the next
annual Convention reported recomraeuding
that Richmond be chosen as the place, aud
the Thursday l>efore the second Bunday in
November, at 11 A. 5J? as the time.
On motion the report was amended so as
fix the time at 94 A. M. instead of 11, and
the report as amended was then adopted.
On motion of Air. John B. Carey it was
ordered that delegates he appointed to at
tend the next General Missionary Conven
tion, to be held in Cincinnati in October
next, and to invite that body to hold its next
session in Richmond.
Alter some discussion on this subject, four
delegates were appointed, as follows:
Messrs. John B. Cary, Joseph Z. Tyler, W.
H. Clemmitt, G. B. Stacy?alf of Richmond.
Ou motion of Elder L. W. Cave, the blank
in the plan for the Christian Building-Fund
Society was tilled with the following gentle
men, who shall constitute the board of di
rectors: V. W. Hundley, P. II. Cutler, J. L.
T. Holland. Z. B. Ricbardsou, F. W. Jones.
Uu motion, Mr. L. W. Cave was made
chairman of the Board.
Mr. W. F. Fox presented the following;
which were unanimously adopted:
Itcsoloed, That this Convention heartily
o*/. iinends the Christian Examiner both in
its iiiechauicai execution and its editorial
" Hesolced, Tiiit is earnestly urged on
the brethren of the otaie the necessity for
their hearty cooperation and aid in sustain
ing it and extending its circulation."
On motion of Mr. Holland Messrs. Clem
mitt, Dearborn, and Ainslie were appointed
a committee to jirepare and have printed the
minutes of this session.
On motion of Mr. Cary Mr. Joseph Z.
Tyler was appointed a delegate to the Illi
nois and Cincinnati Conventions, and R. L.
Coleman to the Pennsylvania State Conven
On motion of Mr. Cave Messrs. E. T.
Powell, T. G. "Wallace, and F. D. Power
were appointed delegates to the Christian
Conieivuce which tneets iu Nansemond;
Messrs. T. D. Quarles and F. D. Power
were appoiuted delegates to the New York
Convention; and Mr. Holland to the Mary
land .state Convention.
On motion ol Mr. L. A. Cutler, the Con
vention, at 10:35, alter benediction, ad
journed until the time of next meeting.
Penitentiary Statistics.?Total number of
prisoners ou hand October 1, 1873, 759?
white men, 147; white women, 3; colored
women, 03: colored men, 209. Number
hired out: To Old Dominion Granite Works,
275: to Mason & lioge, 62. Received from
October 1st to November 1st: White meu,
4; colored men, 10: colored women, 16.
Recaptured: Colored man, 1?total, 23.
Grand total, 782.
Died, discharged, and escaped from Octo
l>er 1 to November 1: Died iu prison:
Colored men, 4; colored woman, 1. Dis
charged: White men, 13; colored women,
4. Escaped : Colored men from Old Domin
ion Granite Works, 2; from Mason Jfc
Hoge, 5. Total, 30.
Remaining in prison November 1st, 752:,
At work in shoe shop, 74; coopers, 90;
carpenters, 13: wheelwrights and black
smiths, 16; broom-makers, 9; weavers, 9 ;
hospital stewards, sick, &c., 30; cooks and
gate-keepers, 30; old, iDfirin, one-leg, one
arm, &c., 51; unemployed (but jobbers),
51; sent to Capitol Square, 12; women in
weavers' shops 24; cooks aud washers, 14 ;
sewers, 25; men at Old Dominion Granite
Works, 254; hired to Mason & Hoge, 55.
False Alarm.?The alarm of fire on Sat
urday evening about 5 o'eiock was caused
by the burning of a chimney in the west end.
Personal.?General John B. Gordon,
United States senator from Georgia, was in
the city on Saturday.
Retail Market Prices.?Tbe following
carefully-corrected quotations are an exhibit
of the retail prices of family supplies in this
city :
Meats, etc.?Beef?Porterhouse, 165 to 20c.; j
sirloin, 16c.; roasting pieces, rib, 12$ to
165c.; roasting pieces, chuck, 12 to 13c.;
round steak, 16c.; shoulder, 10c.; rump. 12$
to 15c.; corned, 10 to 12$e.; smoked. 20c.;
tongues, fresh, 50c.; smoked, $1; shins, 10
to 30c.: calf beads, 15c. Veal?164 to 18c. for
choice cutlets ; roasting pieces, 165c.
Pork?Roast, 10 to 12c.; chops, 12$c.;
middling, 12$c.; corned, 12$c.; smoked sau-1
sage, 12$c.; tripe, per pound, 10c.
Mutton?Sirloin, 10 to 165c.; leg, 16}c.;
shoulders, 154c.; breast, 15c.; rack, 12$c.;
chops, 15 to,20c.; breast, 15c,; loin, 16$c.;
shoulders, ll$c.; cutlets, ISc.; nick, 12 to
lliims?Canvased, 18 to 20c.; country
cured, 22c.?scarce; sugar-cured, 19c.
Pig's Feet?Per dozen, 60c.
Sausage, 15c. per pound.
Fish.?Smoked herrings, per dozen, 20a ;
salt mackerel, each, 3 to 25c.; catfish, per
bunch, 25c.; trout, 25 to 35c, per bunch;
oysters, ?1 to ?1.50 per gallon?very fine.
Vegetables.?Potatoes?Irish, per peck,
25c., per half-peck 15a; sweet potatoes, per
half-peck 15c., per peck 25c.?market
well supplied. Parsley, 1 to 2c.; herbs, per
bunch, 1c.; onions, per quart, 10c.; cabbage,
per head, 5 to 15c.; tomatoes, per quart
12$ to 15c., half-peck 35c.: horse-radish, per
pound, 50c.; navy beans, 15c. per quart or 2
quarts for 25c.; butter-beans. 20 to 25a per
quart; egg-plant, 8 to 15c. apiece or 4 for
25c.; corn?market very poorly supplied
on Saturday; 30c. per dozen; turnips, 5c. pen
bunch: parsnips, 6c. per bunch; hominy,
10c. per quart; carrots, 5c. per bunch.
Fruits.?Apples, per peck, 15 to 45c.; dried
apples, per pound, 5c.; peaches, per pound.
15 to 20c.: salsify, 5c. per buncli; chinka-;
pins, 10c. per quart; chestnuts, 15c. per]
Butter and Dairy Products.?Butter?
Choice mountain, 35 to 40c.; medium, 20 to
25c.; Goshen, 40 to 00c.; country, fresh,
40e. Sweet milk, per quart, 10c.; butter
milk, 5c.; smeerkase, 10c. Cheese, prime,
,25c. Eggs, per dozen, 25c.?abundant.
Poultry.?Chickens, per i>air, 75 to 90c.,
or three for ?1; per dozen, ?2.50 to ?5.50.
Squabs, per pair, 25c. Ducks, ?1 to ?1.50 per
Dressed Foicls.?Turkeys?young goblers,
?1.75 to ?2.50; chickens, per pair, 80c.
Game.?Wild ducks, 75c. per pair; wild
geese, ?1 a piece or ?1.75 per pair; par
tridges, 18 to 20c. a piece; robins, 12 to 15c.
a piece; wild turkeys?very scarce; ?2.50 a
piece; venison, 16$c? per pound.
Post-Office November 10.?General Walker,
city; Mrs. Fannie K. Tdrpin, corner Grace
aud Twenty-sixth, city : Mrs. Martliv Tay
lor, west Franklin street, city ; " L," city;
John Hulcher, Second between Duval and
Baker, city; Wm. Gibson, Jr., city: W. A.
Gnretb, northeast corner Fourth and Clay,
citv. -
Pocket Picked.?A colored roan by the
nime of Jenkins, who is a shoemaker on
Franklin near Fifteenth street, bad bis
pocket picked on Friday night of ?30.
Virginia Opera-Douse, as uow recon
structed aud arranged, is really one of the
cosiest little theatrcsin the country,and each
member of the combination of specialists now
exhibiting there is a star iu his or her par
ticular line. The performances are quite
popular with gentlemen, and a full house
?attended on Saturday night. Mr. McKee, in
his r6le or the "Jersey Farming Man," was
excellent. Miss Daly, the pretty songstress,
was the favorite of the evening. Ling
Look, in his egg and sword swallowing, aud ]
the Man Serpent Yamadiyn, in his wonder
ful contortions of body, astonished the peo
P Carrie and Charles Austin exhibited per
fect mastery of the Zouave drill and manual
of arms.
The managers have announced a reduction
of prices, and 1 lie addition of Annie and
Andy Hughes iu Irish sketches and jig
dances, to the attractions for this week.
Recitations by Henry Nichols.?Mr.
IJenry Nichols, of Londou, a reader well
known and popular in this city, will give
recitations from eminent English and Ame
rican authors on Thursday and Friday eve-!
nings of this week, at the rooms of the
Young Men's Christian Association.
The members of that Association who
have paid their annual subscriptions can
obtain their tickets by applying to the libra
rian at the rooms of the Association.
Richmond Pharmaceutical Association.?
An adjourned meeting of the apothecaries
aud druggists of the city will be held at the
rooms of the Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation this evening at 8 o'clock, when a
draft of a constitution, by-laws, and code of
ethics will be presented for adoption, andJ
officers elected for the Richmond Pharma
ceutical Association.
Catawba's Peregrinations. ? Reserved
seats may be secured at West & Johnston's
for the Interesting lecture which is to be de
livered at the Theatre to-night. Of course,
the bouse will be crowded by those who
want to hear of " Catawba's Peregrinations
Around the World."
Rnflcring among Unemployed Mechan
ics and their families?A Sujjjjcstiou
lor Relief.
Editors Dispatch: There are numbers of
very worthy men thrown out of emplo;. -
ment recently, through the stagnation -d'
trade, some of whose families are sufferng
for the uecessaries of life. It will be worse
as the winter draws near. Caunot some
thing be done for thcui ? Let me suggest
something, and ask your aid to give it pub
licity, that the matter may be thought oyer,
and result in some good: In a crisis like
this such of us as are fortunate euongh to re
tain employment should contribute as libe
rally as possible to those who stand in need
of assistance. .
Good can be accomplished by organized
effort; and I propose that the employed me
chanics in each ward form " Shoulder-to
Shoulder" clubs and contribute so much
weekly or monthly to a common fund, to be
placed in the hands of a reliable and trust
worthy person, to be used m the purchase
of provisions aud fuel to be distributed to
those worthy of aid. As an earnest of my
intention I leave my name with the editors
of this paper (who know me) and promise to
devote a portion of my salary to the object
named, though I have a large family to take
care of. In the mean time, will my brother
mechanics think over the matter, and prob
ablv fall on some better plan?
Mechanic op Marshall >v ard.
A W13E Selection.?Several months ago
Mr. Burr, the secretary of the ^ irgmia
Home Insurance Company, ot this city, was
stricken down with paralysis, and has not as
yet fully recovered. The management of
the company necessarily fell upon Mr. B. C.
Wberrv, Jr., the assistant secretary, a
young man of strict integrity, known abili
ty, and experience. Mr. Wherry managed
the company with so much success that the
directors, at a meeting held on the 9th of
la*t monib, unanimously elected him secre
tary ot the company. The writer of this has
known Mr. Wherry from his boyhood, and
takes real pleasure in being able to chronicle
his many and amiable traits of character,
and joins in with his mauv friends in wish
in0, him a long life of usefulness. The stand
in" and solid worth of the Virginia Home is
a Mviu" monument to his ability as an expe
rienced underwriter. At the same meeting
the directors, not unmindful of Mr. Burr s
past services to the company, and wishing
toretain him with the company, elected him
general agent.? The Insurance Adcocate.
Public Schools.?The following scholars
are on the roll of honor for the week ending
j November 7th, at the Female High School
Misses Nannie Snciling^Lula Reams, Susie
Lovell, and Ada Nnnnally.
The following received certificates of
merit at the Male High School: William S.
Campbell, D. B. Winfree, Jr., R. H. Winfree,
A. W.Moody,Charles Sharp, E. S. Moody,
B. E. Bransford, W. L. Walker, and John H.
The Wide-Awake Club. ? The Wide
A wakes at their Just meeting resolved to con
! tinue their organization, and to tight at all
times and under all circumstances under the
white man's flag.
A resolution of greetingto the great Con
servative party of tbc State and nation on
the victory just won was adopted.
F ? They also declared in favor of the employ
ment of none but white Conservatives by
the town, and in favor of a r<U<scssment of
property in the Lower Bowery.
Toe Town Trustees.?A regular meeting
was held Friday night, whena number of
communications were received and referred.
The Board declined to order a reassessment
of property in the lower district.
No other business of importance was
Personal Notes.?Itev. D. B. Winfree has
moved bis family to our town, and taken
up his permanent residence. On his arrival
be found his house neatly furnished and well
provisioned, through the liberality of his
Mr. J. E. Laprade, the new county sur
veyor, is not, as has been stated, a resident of
Powhatan county, nor was he a candidate
for any position in that county at the late
election. He is a registered voter in this
Rev. ?J. H. Hammond, of the Meade Me
morial church, is about to remove to Oregon.
Our New Delegates.?The county clerk
has granted a certificate of election to Soc
rates Brooks and John W. Walke as dele
gates from this county. In the election of
Mr. Brooks the county secures the services of
an able gentleman and rewards a faithful
public officer.
Appointment.?D. C. Bowman has been
appointed ageut at Mauchesterstation, Rich
mond and Danville railroad, vice W. C.
Morton, transferred to Drake's Branch.
Joseph Pbaup is agent atRocketts and the
Granite Works.
The County Clebk.?At the ensuing term
of the County Couit Judge Cox will ap
point a clerk to fill the unexpired term of
N. H. Cog bill, deceased. Mr. M. A Cogbill
}b the most prominently-mentioned candi
Police Cocrt.?The amount collected
from lines, sales of peese,'plunder, Sec., for
the past month was SfrS.
Court-House Square.?A stone flagging
is being placed on the Court-House Square
and its appearance greatly improved.
The Courts.?The County Court meets
to-day at 11 o'clock A. M., and the- Circuit!
Court on Wednesday at the same hour. ;
On nil win of rr.nl estnte mad* between th* 1st of
January and Mth of Jim* thr, taxes fir the pre- J
sent year have to be paid bytht purchaser. On
all sales made between the let of July and lust1
of the year the taxes have to be paid by the seller.
GRUBB8 & WILLIAMS, 4l* P. M? brick dwell-1
Ing No. 024 north Eighth street, adjoining the
City Spring.
JAMES LYONS, trustee, lot of land, with a fine
dwelling-home thereon, In the town of Bow
ling Green.
IIILL & GODDIN, 4 P. M., two beautiful brick
tenements on the east line of Third between
Main and Cary streets.
At A. W. CAREER'S STABLES. 011 Ninth street
between Main and Cary. 11 A. M., horse, bug
gy, and harness.
W. B. ItATCLlFFE, 1OJ* A. M.. groceries, Ac.
THOMAS W. KEESEE, lOJi A. M.. at Mrs.ltoscoe ]
It. Heath's, No. 9 west Franklin street, piano,
furniture, &r.
REDWOOD A CRENSHAW, 10 A. M., furniture,
mattresses, bedding. Ac.
Special Notice Whenever we recommend a |
worthy object we feel a double satisfaction i First, i
that of benefiting those who avail themselves of
our suggestion; and second, that of having as-j
slated a meritorious article. These remarks are
suggested to us by noticing the advertisement of
that truly wonderful medicine The Globe-J
Flower Cough Syrup, which occurs in this is
sue ; and iu referring to it, we most heartily recom
mend It to those of our readers who are afflicted I
with any kind of cough or lung alfectlon. Willi our
most distinguished physicians and oldest citizens
ihc merits of The Globe-Flower Syrup are as
familiar as the late rebellion; and to all who ar? |
needing n safe, pleasant, and most efficacious cough j
medicine we would suggest that they use the
GLOBE-FLOWER COUGII Syrup, which has borne
tbousafcds of human beings?who were languishing
under that terrible disease consumption, weak,
hopeless, and despairing?out of the depths of
despondency Into the paradise of health and cheer
FOUR Baptist clergymen of Virginia, photo
graphed, aud In one magnificent picture, by the ]
"Lee" Gallery, has never been surpassed, so
far as my observation goes 1h this style of art.
J. L. Burrows.
Helmbold'S Buchu Is still In the zenith of its
popularity. Notwithstanding the absence of Dr.
Heimbold, the celebrated medicine is still manufac
tured at the laboratory at Philadelphia, aud is sold
iIV Hi n- !1 M- -'nTSists. it Is warranted for all
d: ...:es Ui tlie kidneysaud urinary orguus. Beware
of counterfeits. Genuine lias proprietor's private
stamp. John F. Henry, New York, sole agent.
Great Panic in* Trices of Fuel?Good piuc
wood at 45 to 45.50 per cord. Oak wood from 46
to 46.50 per cord. West Virginia Spllut Coal, j
suitable for grates, for 45.50 per load, at C. II.
Page's, Nineteenth and Cary streets.
Wk are pleased to see that the WOULD- I
renowned "Lee" GAllery is producing thej
enamelled and satin-finish pictures.
Wall-Papkiis, Wall-Papers.-A11 the Latest
stales of Wall-Papers, Decoratioua, &c., now In
stock and constantly receiving. BOOTH, Sl'ENCE
\& CO., Tenth street, between Main and Bank.
Transfer Printing-Inks will copy clear and
distinct for an indefinite period of time. Send your
orders for work to be done In these inks to the Dis~ I
patch Prlutlng-House.
Without additional cost?the beautiful
enamelled pictures at the "Lee" Galleby.
Heavy merino undershirts at $1 each at
One dollar will buy a heavy merino ship.t
moM E. B. Spexce A Son.
Medicated red flannel shirts, warranted
to cure rheumatism, for sale by E. B. Spence &
Son. .
All the new styles of scarfs and neck
ties for sale by K. B. Spence A Son.
E. B. spence & Son. ?
Pembroke white dress-shirts, warranted
to fit, for sale by E. B. Spence A Son.
Clothing at panic prices for sale b\ E. B.
Spence & Son,
for furnishing goods at panic prices call
t E. B. Spence A Son. __
Transfer Printing-Inks?Invaluable to rail
ad companies, steamshlp;companles, banks, mer
jints, manufacturers, and others. They are en
ding and changeless, and will copy sharp and
ear for an Indefinite period of time. Having Just
icelvcd a fresh suvply of Uiese inks, we are pre
ired to execute orders promptly and at moderate
Silk Hats, all grades, at P. Weisiger it C'O.'s. |
1201 Main street
Ladies' Furs, a splendid assortment, at P.
Weisigkr A CO.'s, 1201 aialu street.
Fob the Toilet?D'Obsay Cologne and
Capillina. ___________
Ladies should try D'Orsay Cologne*
' We find a case of RANDOLPH A ENGLISH'S
containing some of the most perfect specimens of
ever seen."?Enquirer.
" A Fine Set of Books?The Southern Fertiliz
ing Compauy has had a fine set of account-books
made by RANDOLPH A ENGLISH. They are not
only very handsome, but are convenient and dura
ble.'1? 11'A If/.
If you wish GOOD BOOKS give early orders at
1318 Mat n street. no 0
1873, 2 volumes; and all the other new LAW and
MISCELLANEOUS BOOKS, at 1318 Maiu sireet.
Beautiful pocket-cooks of
Russia leather, calfskin, and morocco:
Portable WRITING-DESKS of pairter macliie,
rosewood, walnut, and mahogany ;
POR1'FOLIOS of various styles;
Ladles' WORK-BOXES in great variety ;
GOLD PENS of " Levi Brown's," "Fairchllds's,1'
and '? Mable Todd A Co.'s ":
PIIOTOG R A PI IIC A LB UMS-a splendid stcck-at
ali prices;
Ladies' CARD-GASES of pearl, shell, and leather;
LOPES of the latcstaud most fashionable styles;
PAPER-FOLDEKS-pcarl, Ivory, Scotch-plaid,
and other pretty styles; with other nice station
ery. For sale by
Special attention called to the well-known Nos.,
50.1, 75, 23, 20, and 22.
Factory, Mount Vernon. Office, 75 John street,
New York. au fl-3m
LERY opposite the post-office being no longer
occupied by W G. K. Fruyser, he respectfully asks
bis rortner patrons and the public who wish first*
pictures, to wait a few days until he can re
open on Broad street with all the latest and ap
proved apparatus, and will make every sitting him
THIS 0*HC1!>
Discharge of Government Employees- I
r [Special telegram to the Dispatch .J
Portsmouth, November 8.-rTbe election
ia oyer, and, as usual, comes the wholesale I
discbarge1(of employes in the United States |
savy-yard at Portsmouth, between two and
three hundred being discharged this after
noon, and tbe remaining force are to be
worked at a reduced number of hours per
DcatbefHn. It. F.. I?e.
Wasswgton, November 8.?Intelligence
has been received here of the death of Mrs.
Lee, widow of General Robert E. Lee, at
Lexington Va^ on Wednesday the otb
Instant. She h?d been an invalid for some
years, and tlae reem! death of her daughter
bore heavily upon ber derliniDg strength.
Mrs. Lee was the only daughter of G. W.
P. Custis, Kiq? of Arlington, who was the
youngest cbjfii of Jobs Parke Custis, a son
of Mrs. Washington by her first husband and
an aid-de-camp Co Genml Washington at the
siege of Yorktown. Hn two youngest child
ren, one of them the father of Mrs. Lee,were
adopted by General! Washington. G. W. P.
Custis was brought up at Mount Vernon,
and remained a number of Washington's
family until the d?Rh of Mrs. Washington
in 1802, when be went to reside on the Ar
lington estate near this city, which he bad
inherited from his father, and where he had
erected the mansion known as Arlington
House. He was married in early life to Miss
Mary Lee Fitzbugh, of Virginia, and left an
only daughter, who became the wife of
General Kobert E. Lee. The late Mrs. Lee
was a lady of exemplary conduct and unas
suming and gentle character. She was be
tween sixty and seventy years of age at the
time of her death.
The Labor Crisis.
New York, November 8.---Two hundred
and thirty men were discharged this week
from the lumber-yards in Greenpoint.
One hundred laborers and one hun
dred cabinet-makers were discharged at
Long Island City.
In Brooklyn four hundred men were dis
charged from the city works and three bun- [
dred from the Pro9peet Park improvements.
The Rubber-Comb Company, at College j
Point, L. I., have reduced their time to four
days per week. Tbey employ 600 men.
Boston, November 8.?After a week's]
careful consideration of the matter, the nail
and iron manufacturers doing business in
New England have decided to reduce the!
wages of their employes ten per cent, the
reduction to commence on the 1st of Decem
New York, November 8.?The strike of
bricklayers and laborers continues, but
without much success. There is a sufficient
number of non-society men, who work at
reduced rates, to meet the demands of I
buihlers. T
Three hundred and fifty laborers were to
day discharged from the public works owiDgi
to the appropriations being exhausted.
Others are to be discharged next week.
End of the Railroad Strike in Tennes
Knoxville, November 8.?The strike on j
the East Tennessee, Virginia and Georgia
railroad has ended by the submission of the
men to the order of Vice-President Jacques
reducing wages. The company will employ I
as many of the men as the Interest of the
company will justify. The strike was
terminated through the intervention of the
committee of merchants of Knoxville. The
excitement lias entirely subsided. All
trains are runniug regularly without inter
ruption. The company moved to-day all'
* * "* ^ ! 1 4 J tifnc
tbe iiccumuluted freight, and traffic was
resumed along the entire road from Bristol
to Chattanooga.
The sheriff served tbe balance of the I
notices to-day on the Circuit Court'suit1
brought yesterday by tbe company against
the strikers to answer fn February next, iu
five hundred thousand dollars damages,
for obstructing the business of the company
by interference with trains and intimidating
the company's workmen.
The Knoxville and Ohio railroad also
resumed all trains to-day
A. A W. Spraffue.
Providence, November 8.?All tbe gen-1
jmen designated as the board of trustees
the late meeting of the Sprague creditors j
ive consented to act. It is particularly re
jested that every one holding obligations
' the said corporation of A.& W. Sprague,
' whatever name or nature, will forward at I
ace his address to Rufus Waterman, of]
rovidence, chairman of said b?>ard. '
The Cincinnati Clearing--Honac.
Cincinnati, November 8.?The clearing- ]
tuse committee of the banks of this city, to
hom was entrusted the issuing of clearing
>use certificates, have asked to be dis
larged, as the certificates have all been re
irned, laucelled, and destroyed by the
immittee, and the securities received have '
een returned to those depositing them.!
bis closes up the arrangement by which
je banks have made common cause to check
? toov fha manaorptnPnt
e panic. In every, way the mawge^t
3 pauii'i iu civ*; ^ w
the affair has been a success, notwa bank
re having failed, and only tbe sum of
50,000 of clearing-housecertificates having
feu necessary to ride over the period : of
iePaDic- - iu iftlaoo
Wow York Items. ?
New York, November 8.?The directors
of the Union Trust Company had two hours'
consultatlon to-day without result.
The customs receipts to-day were ?219,000
and for the week91,396,000.
The total imports for the week were
$5,022,754, of which ?403,527 were merchan
dise and ?1,009,229 dry goods.
The sub-treasurer paid out ?235,000 gold
coin to-day, and ?03,000 for called bonds.
I A. D. Williams & Co. have been sus
pended from the Stock Exchange for over
drawing. ')?'
The total specie shipments for the week
were ?299,300, principally silver bars.
The steamship City of Richmond, which
a London dispatch announces as overdue, is
i one of the largest vessels entering this port,
I and is one of the latest additions to the in
man fleet. She is remarkable alike Cor her
[great size and completeness of her internal
fittings. The agents of the Inman line in
this city say that no anxiety need be felt
concerning the safety of the vessel, as the
i delay in her arrival is probably due to some
, accident to her machinery.
General Quesaduand several other C'ulmn.8,
; it is said, will take immediate steps to hold
| a meeting in this city to express their iudig
j nation at the recent execuitou of their
friends in Havana. It is also said that Gene
ral Aquileros will soon have in readiness six
hundred men to lead into active service in
The bankruptcy of Kenyon Cox & Co.
has been amicably settled. Daniel Drew
was a member of the Arm.
Railroad CompmayOrfantaMl.
Corpus Christi, November 8.?The Cor
pus Chrfeti and Rio Grande Railroad Com
pany has been organized here. Colonel
Thomas II. Robb, formerly collector of cus
toms at Savannah, is president.
Heavy Robbery ot Gold.
Salt Lake, November 8.?Evans Rogers
and wife, upon their arrival here from the
East, di.-covered that they had been robbed
of ?7,700 in gold. < 1
St. Louis, November 8.?James H. Thorn
ton's iivery stables were burned last night.
All the horses were saved. Loss, ?100,000;
Insurance, $08,500.
gj." f S
One wjoare, three insertions 1 jg
Qna square, six Insertions ... $ ?*
One square, twelTe Insertions s m
One square, una month......... ........ is M
Oue square, two months It am
Ono square, three mouths net
WashioRtw Ilea*.,
Washington, November 8.?The Clvtt
Serviee Board have fixed the 17th of Decem
ber at Savannah for competitive examina
tions for the southern district. Applications
for this competition will be received at the
proper departments^p to Peoember 5Uu
Forms and Information mayjie obtained br
addresstng E. 0. Graved, cliief exAmlhef.
Washington. ^
It is understood that Governor Sean. Bard,
of tbe Atlanta New Era. is a prominent can
didate for the post-office of the House of
Representatives, He bas assurances cf sup
port from southern members and Is fovorca
by many northern Republican*. '
Fnawalef Clfssrei;
Selma. Ala., November 8.?The remain*
of General W.J. Hardee reached this city
this morning, and were met at the depot by a
vast concourse of citizens. The stores were
closed and business was suspended, and the
whole people united in honoring the iiiuo
trious dead. The remains were escorted by
a long procession to his late residence. At 3
o'clock this evening the funeral service*
took place, and another immense procession
escorted the body to the church, which wan
packed, and hundreds were in the streets
who could not get in.
The military, Fire Department, municipal
authorities, bar, clergy, and people, all did
honor to the memory of the illustrious dead,
and the bells were tolled during the day.
The funeral procession was the largest over
witnessed in this State. It was not a for
mality, but there was genuine grief in the
demonstration. The General's old black
war-borse 4?Sbilob," with empty saddle and
bis old Confederate gray coat upon It,
brought tears to the eyes of many a man
who bad seen the loved form of the gallant
dead on the fields of carnage and amid ther
smoke of tattle. The burial ceremonies of
the Episcopal Church were performed by the
Rev. l)r. Clements.
The India
Waco, Texas, November 8.?Captain J.
Elgin, from an extensive reconnoissonce on
the frontier, reports ibo Indians bad as ever,
Satanta remains on the reservat ion. Others,
under the leadership of Big Tree^ are on the
war path. _
" Yellow-Faver.
Memphis, November 8.?Three yellow
fever deaths up to noon to-day, and two
from other causes. _
Alleged nail-Bobber A treated.
Pittsburgh, Pa., November 8.?Charlea
G. Henry, clerk of the post-office here, baa
been arrested for robbing the mails.
? England. . , . [
London*, November 8.?The withdrawal
of $750,000 in specie from the Liverpool
braneli Bank of Jtogland, for shipment to
New York, caused an advance in the rate of
discount yesterday, i - j
The steamship City of Richmond, fronk
New York for Liverpool, October 25tb, is
several days overdue.
Madbid, November 8.?President Castellar
and Minister Sickles were in conference yes
Bayonne, November 8 .?Intelligence. ha?
just been received here of a great victory by
the Cariists over the Spanlah Government
troops in a desperate flgtat near the town or
Miranda del Arga, in the province of Na
varre. The loss of the Republicans was very .
great, Including among the killed Lteulen
nnt-Genetal Prirao.de R&vena. General
MorionCs was wounded and taken prisoner
by the Royalists, with forty-one other offi
cers of the Government army. < The Car-'
lists also lost heavily. Among the wounded
on their side was Genera] Olio, and other
chiefs. '
France, o i> j * i-.. i
Pabis, November 8.?The three bureaus
of the Assembly which deferred the naming
of their members of the committee on the
prolongation of McMahon's powers until to
day, reftssembled this morning and elected
Count de Remusat, M. Leonsay, and M. La
boulayle candidates of the Left...This give* ?
the Republicans a majority of one in the
committeee. The result has given rise to
the most Intense excitement.
. It is said that the Right, which, on the
opening of . the Assembly, submitted the
motion for tbe ten years' prolongation of
McMahon's powers, bos offered as a compro
mise to make the term five rears.
M. Leonsay has consented to the postpone
ment of the debate on bis Interpellation for
a failure to order elections to fill vacancies in. ,
the1 Assembly.
Bebliv, November 8.?Germany selU
20,000.000 thalcrs in disused silver to tbe
United States.
Havana, November 8.?The following I?
a copy of the official dispatch confirming the
execution of four of those captured on the
steamer Virginia;
u Santiago de Ccia, November 4.-2*0 his
Excellency the Captain-General: At S
o'clock this morning were shot in thb city,
for being traitor* to their country and for
being insurgent chiefs, the following per*
sons styling ' themselves patriot Generals:
Bernabe Yarooa alias Bambetts, general of
division' Pedro Cespedes, coaunaudfng
general of Cienfuegos; General Jesus del
Soli and Brigadier-General Washington
Ryan. The executions took place in the.
presence of the entire corps of volunteers',
the force of regular infantry, and saik>n?
from the fleet.'. An Immense oonconrse oT"?
people also witnessed the act*, The best of
order prevailed. The prisoners met their
death with composing ,7 L< '
[Signed] ;u) * fJ Btrtwiio."
, u m '? ?
By W. Go^SriP^ '' ~rf~T
Auctioneer ami Heal Est* to Agent,
corner Eleventh and Bank BlneU:- , j
authorized to sell, on reasonable terms, that very
valuable LOT located as above, fronting *0)4 feet,
running back 151 7-12 fret to an alloy.
This is regarded as one amongst the most valu
able loia n,w on the market. Apply to
no 10-81 W. OODDfN. A uctloneer.
For sale privately, three
to ten rooms and modern Wlin pro vein cuts, oa
Shockoe Hill, located In a irood neighborhood.
ALSO. - ?
A lance BRICK STOKE on Main street between.
Fifteenth and Slxueuth street*, kor tern, Ac.,
apply to COULLING & l'ENDLBTUN*. .
Real Estate AgentsanJ Auctioneers.- '
no 10-6t corner Tenth aud Bauk stroaU.
. NEW HOUSES, now renting from *10 U?
920 per moutii. I'rlce* from fSOO to tl .000;"
Also, valuable unimproved property 4a aooUio
callUes. Terms liberal. Apply to
Ileal Estate Agents and Auctioneers,
office corner or Seventh and Hull streets,
ocll t t -t . ?. Manchester,(\a.
jTiE: limeTT^
2,000 barrels of LIME dally expected by schoonec
Louisa Crocket.
For sale low by A. S. LEE.
oc 17 No. 108 and 110 Virginia ataaafc.
900 barrels "INDIAN KOCK" LIME reccl*c4
this day. ? * '
t'oasunt receipt* FBKSII ffoaa kltofc _ __
For sale low. DIIXONVELLCTr A CO,
Manufacturer*. UCJ Doc* UrwL.
RICHMOND. Va? Augutt |? USb mi
?-.r -

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