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riiK nisrATcii.
Oil v ul. V IV M>VAXCK.
, , s|| i N \ l * iw. i
!>\!l * MISl' \T<'H J" ili'llvortvt Irt OTih.
\ . I irTf.v a- < k\ts jmt witI?. |>ay;ihletrttho
, , .v ' M i.t'W ?I */? |wr amnini"; fur six
f'<r :? shorter iicriod
?i Ml-rt i- f Kl ^ MIM'ATCM at pcraii*
1, ; i m\ nu'tilh*.
: mim* MVfl *t *? |>cr annum.
jlirh mo mi pispafrlt.
> \Tl iav\V
i f . ; i;t I i M1?'N<?K fl(K DISPATCH
|_ ' , . . v I !! \\ TiH < OMRINFJ) CIKCULA
JULY o, 18T5.
( it v.
V v
i . , s I o-)> a v.? Tin probabitiU&t
- r '.ortoy mil be cool j
vF,-"is w-tjkpay was cloudy and
t|io day, wit h threatening
fill of ram at night.
?,,'Ur fit t'if IhMJtOtch ofct
J i in 2. 1N7?.
" ! ?' r M MO I
n: 6 r, m? 77
v ; ! V t.inltrht 7y
Julj ]*?4.
.< r M si? ! ?t r. M SO
i ?"> >?
.ra?u??", of Hus
? lit'
; cm liif 1 J
, ^luiion" I'iio^kI by ll*?* Fnrmvillo
:..b:iav?-growiug counties of
. ?.>?_? i i [ meetings held
.. i. of their respective coun
the State .grange and
, . .r. n .ti ami district granges,
i. g -! ?: tire for tte retention |
? f p'iMie warehouses, and for
to tl ? inspection l.uvg as would
MT-v. r?i..n of public into private
vvbe;ea<? the Legislature, re
. Mie* of tobacco-planters, wbo J
? ul it i?il Misaj w hatshali be done
a : .r< -?i !ia-? s?? have indefinitely
! u !h?!?' stion of tobaeco
;i\?. and t u (i> placed it in the
;i? ri i\_r- and wateuouse-own
; ,i : of t!ie puhPc warehouses j
?. a ? ; v\ i:e one- before any ac*
i- (?<;: be iikt-n bv a future
: ! v\ Jj. r? i> we are convinced
.;?!? !? "i private warehouses will
. ir_. ? . ii tobacco, and will un
i - it m of appointing in-l
? : ? r u Iv ]r,?iir?- the election of in
??!' the to'iaceo rin^s,
' liie ] '.inters to imjust
. i r >:iu)piin^ ; and whereas
r n - ?ns '?'<? niunerous to
;\ed' ?fn ii oi v l! *1 iiupor'ance
? ? iiii .psr planters, in or
? ? i ? >.:?!?? ??ii>u of their wishes
? lit i: wti^bt in theuixi
? I. ,'i- a'lj;-; : tln-refore
. i (;a! we ii,\ ite the planters
">? t :;*?t iii! !e u it D N- in cOUVeU
* ? il l W ( 'iiir.-d.ty /lie J lib) o{
?? : ? -t ?: *"iiH ei niial |".>ii;t in the
^ ' i'iT i < - i m "f I he 5>'ute, and that
. ?? ? t?.u ii i.; Knj j...N j;;,. .H t jlt.
'! I ? ?!- hie j.-jint lor Mi>-b e;?n
i .' ?!'.?/ ! ? ol I lie tolnocci ^row
? I, eif- by rfipiestuJ to hold
? ? 'ir . ' a: ? i'-ef ! ?v?t dele^atts Irooi
?i' , H"iiil t hi-iii in said cor.
:?? dislri'l and subordinate
? ;m In iiiviied to cr(i;ierate
:ii- in >\< lit*- lit, and that the wor
!)<? r? 'juoteil to seed a copy of
lings to ? at ;: district grange, as
d, a?king their concuirence.
e In art ily appieiiate the ell -irts
liagland in ?;iir behalf, and
e hiui our thank-.
>l approve of the principal fea
e hill 190, and deem the e^tab
uniiorm svsiem nt public ware
1/3 return to the former ni'xle of
''J i at Ho trrirt honors necessary
"4. in i.ii our interests.
'?j, district and subordinate
[ A 2 ??^'PWe.l to send delegates
'/? ri only to take such action a*
fht election of delegates by pub
.r of FartnviHe l>i<trict Grange.
.1. X. .Muktos, Secretary.
. 1ST.".
i? Mas. White- Qm.r Weddino at
tnI*Ol.lTAN I lll'HCU ? A ivEIVKTt'H AS
II- !??? ki d a little nei \oii' a> he
line J>' /'?W ? an reporter, and said :
ii do ii ? a tavor, sir?" The young
p"i 1 1 1 !'? was lather goOii-KiOkin^ I
Pac.i r. i> _r ;iod-!ookiiig as ;be re
e?s<(| i i. sti-rv-clothOs, had his
:he !? ii 'ind li!? h'lir <>iicd. He*
mI? p' v i ii nji lor a special OCCa
fiii'l ' 1 _? 1 ti:is in ul u glance,
, | ?rt . <j rrit (1 what the favor
? 'ii'. II. had in bis mind's evei
; - i'.j .! i .i put)' u?r some pateut pavt
u ihvui red nil Four- led-a
t tn* ?i?nin^ of his name on a
? r v. - Ik. <ii liic sii j predion of a
; to. Ii was i ion-- of tties<% however,
a'.-.M-r came slow, hut sure: "i
.?nit' wi:ne?? my ;veddirjr.M There
. , ; g vM?mfi in lliat, and, anxious to
t lit* \ i m ^ ?.'< ir.lrtnan and the ixt'cct
? . ii it not too nnicb trouble. an
ut sigintied. " lt'x unly In the Me
? ii." i i tie would-be groom, as be
? ?i . if. a wedding in i be Mei.'opolltan
? * 1 to in -rt than one witness, uud the
:ter ;iirsjfd in an aid a well-known
. M-liitj| hacbi lor lawyer, and the trio
? 'ii in lb-, vtstrv-room ot tbe Metro
ilUUil -
ta! t!..
i .a.
? tup
in re the f-xpfctaiit bride sit, radiant in
?! iini n do s?, and wreathed in smiles of
-I" e:i\e 1 a|i|. ii' >s The groom omitted
i :iiuh:> ui |ire>tuiing tin.- witnesses to
t-.iiiy. at'i.l wi'fn ii' iurth?r ceremony the
;rtiu- man Ik U into the s'udv of Dr.
?.!i . t;. ami b'nn-d in a m uii-ciiclearound
a- ?k <?! t Ut- divine.
iniJ bi-n infer viewed by tbe young j
r ? s i ' i. - ; \ . a I'd b :d dropped bis Chi
? ? ii 1 up the blank* in an or
iii;'.i criitieate, which he
.is ui- filtered. That tinisled
>v.:c I'.n, tlie Doctor, in a
? r. e m.mmr, performed the
1 1 m I pront-unced Mr. Thomas
Iti'f- ;rj?i Mi-s |{ )sj? Tbaekei\ e
?' ?!. \ i . in in Hi ! w n< . The '?vjtuessvt
? ' > in v*ilidii> of tbe contract
sivnif ilun s.^ii-nuro in ibe pretty cer
?? Jt,>.l ri:i'.?ii iij vMsbing tbe uewlj-j
????' < lc c'ji us of bli??-: after which
u - u to be followed by Mr.
W in;e. aim u>. arm, tripping gently
ui ami ;. h d! slice: in tjie direction
^ . it did not transnire whether
i' Ma- u romance in the afl'dr, whether
^ .i tb.- ii g from oppositiou in the
? ? > t>uti in ori ents or stern guurdiuns;
1 'I- .' !>c i he Cj.sc, what was romance
? iru iv i> jeality 10 day.
t; ?' boi,e\ moon be a p!ea*aut one, and
i 'ided I !?? i. >me a^ luar their ixpec'a
hajijiine--. is accorded to (he chil
: ol men.? li'f.s/u/t^o/i Ilcpublicon, 2d,
u 1
A 1" viniKi i. Stta ant.? The melancholy
?I ' ! nn'i Thonns 11. DeW it L, tbe
l-uiic..lar? of which are published else
? lo.-cs i.j Lie Mate of Virginia a sou
; 'tif pattern ot tbo-e who illustrated her
i ia}-. J ur twt-nty years in the public j
" it i>> ?; villi- u it to oeteruaiuc wbetber
! ^ mo-t me li'Ji hty or the ability with
? '?v. iy uquueu?(ui of oilioe was met.
? hint liiuy term, iu w uicb thrie have
iuuii> i-tmi si,jji(> sad vlscfesitude^,
1 bnatn o! sUspiiiMi husultucbed to his
? 1 1' tiji si luticr days fie has stood at
? , %k - u btiomuk, represeutiog tbo-e
? a in-ri to be a S'aie cflicer was to be a
. man, a rciiolar, a ?tainles-s servant ot
? iioi j :,ii piop'c. Accoiiij hsbed, ol geu- 1
* uiid te-.der character, oi mild manner,
-? '?bii-jmg d .-po.-.ition, Colonel LtuWUl |
?' in i i-j.i i;i jnd kindly n gurd of all who
^ -??? ill i-outu.-t V, lib him. Ills .-ad end was ,
? rehuitof a disease of tbe brain (UperiOrJ
? "i b\ mi .ital ub:jr, aud no doubt bis ar^
J' Up applieution '.o the duties of his oiRc?
' fcd th<- milady and lmutcued the cu?
jphe.? tilqr.
? ? i)
local matters.
Rftuaiors Services To-Mobkow.? 1 he
usual religious services will be held in all or
the ciiv churches to-morrow, except the Job
lowing special appointments:
City Almshouse.? Special services in i the
chapel at 5} P. M., conducted by Mr. J. D.
second 'Presbyterian.? 'Rev. M. I>. Hoc:?,
D. 1) ., at 1 1 A. 5. and 5 P. M. The erd.na
lion and instalUtion of newlyelected elders
and deacons will take place during the 11
A. T.Gray bill,
mi^'ionarv to Mexico, at 11 A.M.
Broad ? Street MrthwM.- Rev. S. > . Steele,
chaplain University of Virginia, at 11 o clcck
\ M and Si P. M.
" penary Methodist.- ^.Bishop Dog
gett D. 1) . at 11 A. M., and Rev. J. K. hd
wards, D. !)? at P. M. j
Clay- Street Methodist.? Hew I1 . C. A\ ood
ward. st 11 A. M. The pastor at 84 P. M
Trinity M> .//io<i/s*.- Services at 11 o clock
A. M. aiid at 8J P. M., by Rev. A. C. Bled
80 Union Station Methodist.? Rev. D. P.
Will" presiding elder, will hold his third
quart t-rlv meeting lor Union station Sunday
morning and night; quarterly conference
Tuesihiv night and love-feast Monday nigh..
Kiba Park Methodist.? Fte*iihin? at 11
A. M. on " The Fourth," and at ? P. M. on
" The Gospel of John."
First fiaptist. ? Kev. C. H. Ryland at 11
I A. M. : Rev. N. W. Wilson, D. D., at 8^
Second Baptist.? Rev. X. W. Wilson, 1>.
a. at 11 A. M.; Rev. C. C. Bitting, D. D.,
h(jpti?L-Kev. W. T. Lindsay at
II A. M. and Si P.M.
Open-Air Meeting* (in charge of the
Young Men's Christian Association): Seven
teenth and Washington streets at 5J P. M.;
Tenth and Byrd streets at 5$ P. M.; city jail
at 5 P. M. __
Death of Colonel Jons B. Dakkorth.?
Colonel John B. Danfortb, secretary of the
Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia, died
very stiddeuly at bis residence, corncr of
Eighth and Marshall streets, yesterday morn
iu" Tbursdav he was as well and hearty
as"usual, and on Thursday night, after eat
in" >om" ice-cream, he retired apparently^ in
perfect health. At 1 o'clock be awoke with
what was believed to be cramp-colic. The
u,*unl remedies at hand were applied, but
without effect, and about 2 o'clock thy family
physician was sent for. The doctor stayed
with the patient a good while, and when a?
4 o'clock he left. Colonel Danfortb bad been
id neb relieved and said he thought be wou'd
soon be able to fall asleep. lie remained
<iuiet until about *>? o'clock in the morning,
wbeu be suddenly died. .
Colonel Danfortb was about six-y years of
u"?> was a native of Richmond, and received
a i:ood classical education in this city. He
studied medicine for a short time in the oflice
of the late Dr. Mie.ijih Clarke, but never
practiced the probssion. In early manhood
be became clerk in the olhee of Colonel
George Wythe Muuford, then clerk of the
IIodm' of Delegate* of Virginia. In IS.li
Colonel Danfortb was appointed to a clerk
ship in the otlioe of the Mutual Assurance
St c;etv, aud oil the dcith of Mr. Thomas R.
Blair, secretary of the Society, was ap
pointed in his place, and continued to dts
charge the duties ot the position with con
spicuous ability and fidelity until the day of
bi-> death. , . .. _
Colonel Danfortb was a man of sterling
bone-tv of character, and was one of our
purest, best, and most respected citizens. In
addition to a large store of business infor
mation be was a draughtsman of uo ordinary
^k'll and displaved a decided taste for archi
! tecture. He wrote on insurance topics with
ea^-ind vigor, and contributed a very lull
and valuable sketch of the history and ope
rations of the Mutual Assurance Society.
LI" v.- a* a prominent member ot (j race-Street
Presbvterian church, had been an otlicer and
secretary ol the It. L. 1. Blues and captain
of the old Kngle Guard, and during the war
was eomiiiiudaut of a regiment of second
class rnili'ia. which was often called out in
defence of the city. ...... ,
Tin; tuiHTtil of dcoc'Hi d will lake plflc?
from G nice-Street Presbyterian church this
evening a* ?>? o'clock.
Anot.ikh Scni'ES Death.? Mr. John C.
Frank I >n Oied yesterday evening on bis way
from the city jail to his residence, near Hax
aii", mills. He left the j ?il about 0:20 o'clock,
renin kiug to his brot tier-deputy Mr. Cum
mings that be felt unwell, and was going cfl
somewhat earlier than u<ual ou that account.
It seems thai be was taken ill near the coi
ner of Twch.h and Main street*, and that he
went into the offlce of toll & Rhodes icr
deider* to re-t, and that they gave him a
chair and invited him to sit down in from of
the door, where he could get fresh air,
which it was hoped would remove the dim*
eultv of breathing oi which be complained.
In>tead of taking the chair prollered he went
across the street to one of the stores in the
unfinished Kly Building and sat down on a
truck and rested bis head upon a bench.
P?.-r?ocs passing by notified Policemen Hulce
land Walton ot his condition, and they went
to bis assistance. Mr. Franklin vainly es
saved to speak to Mr. Walton. Dr. A. b. >
McKae, who was called iu in the emergency,
raised Mr. Franklin's head and seut for a
do-e of brandy, but before the brandy was
received Mr. Franklin give one or two gasps
and died. The city ambulance wa- tele
graphed for, and iu charge of Dr. Brittan ar
rived in a few minutes, but it was deemed
advisable not to remove the body untii
viewed by the coroner.
Coroner Taylor, upon hearing the state
ments of a number of persons, and exaratn
iu" the body, came to the conclusion that
death was caused by congestion of tje
i !un?'- Mr. Franklin sometimes sutured
from "sbor'ness of breath, but it svus gene
rally attributed by him ana Ins friends to he
?Teat fleshiness, as he weighed about 2o0
! pounds. The body was 'turned in the city
ambulance to the residence ot the deceased.
Mr Franklin was seventy-one years ot
u.uia miller by trade, but lor eight or
ten years had been employed as ci:y watch
n"n a' the city j??l. When the City Council
i!,olUh<d his" position a few months ago
iorgeaiu Cook made him one of his deputies,
jyi r. Franklin was an upright and good man.
lie was a member of the irst baptist
church, aud was a noted Bible-reader, lew
persons in the city were better posted than
be cn biblical subjects. He wasaNo a mem
ber of Friendship Lodge 1. O. D- *?
Death or' William AnoLFHrs.--Mr. Wil
liam Adolpbus, the bill-poster ot Richmond,
died yesterday. He will be buried to-mor
row attcrnoon by Jefferson Lodge Knights of
Pvthias, of which he was a member.
CniLU Killbd by a Locomotive.? Euima
Jane Smith (colored), aged 6$ years was run
over aud killed by the locomotive ot the 8:o0
accommodation train of the Chesapeake and
Ohio railroad yesterday morning, while
standing on the track uear the corner or
Washington aud Concord streets. An m.
uu.-st was held under the direction of Coro
ner Taylor yesterday evening, and the jury
?lfier reciting the cause ot death acquitted
the engineer and olHcers of the train of all
S.-rf DECintn.-lo the Circuit Court of
R chuiond yesterday Judge NVelltord dis
missed the bill of complaint of bi^mau ^.
The Fredericksburg, Orange and Charlottm
vllle llailroad. Tne object of the suit was
Z procure the foreclosure of ^certain
mortgage or deed of trust executed by the
railroad company to the National iru?t
Company of the city of New Yo^.trustee,
dated the 1st day ot November, 1872, to ? m- |
cute certain bonds and the interest thereon
Issued by said railroad company, and Jo ob
tain a sale of the property, rights, and fran
chises thereby conveyed in order to satisfy
I s>!u bouds and Uuerost and to remove said
I trusiee."
At tbe meeting of the City Conservative
Committee held lust night, Mr. William F.
Drlnkard was elected Assistant Stirertntend
ent In place of General B. T. Johnson, re
signed, and the following plan for holding a
primary election was- adopted:
Within tbe period of sixty days next pre
ceding the State election in the fall of 1875,
there shall be held a primary election for the
choice of cmdidates for the Secate and
House of Delegates in tbe manner and form
herein prescribed, os follows :
Section 1. There shall be cbosen in each
ward of the city of Richmond, by tbe Con
servative voters therein, three delegates for
each \ Dtincr precinct therein to represent the
city of Richmond, in a convention to be
thereat ter held for the nomination of candi
dates to represent the district composed of
the city of Richmond and county of Henrico,
in tbe Senate of Virginia.
Section 2. At the same time, and upon tbe
same tickets, a vote shall be taken to deter*
mine tbe choice of the Conservative voters
of tbe city of Richmond for five members
of tbe House of Delegates to represent the
city of Richmond in tbe General Assemlby.
Section 3. The tickets to be cast at sucb
election as aforesaid shall be in form as fol
lows?viz. :
_ tb, 1875.
conservative PRIMARY ELBCTION.
For Delegates to Senatorial Convention :
For Members of the House of Delegates:
3 .
4 .
Section 4. The persons in each ward, being
three in number for each voting precinct us
provided in action 1, who shall receive the
highest number of votes cast for delegates
to the senatorial nominating convention
shall be dcchred eleeted to represent the city
of Richmond iu said convention. The five
candidates lor the House of Delegates re
ceiving the highest number of voted iu the
aggregate shall be declared by the City Com
mittee the candidates of the Conservative
organization to represent the city of Rich
mond iu the next House of Delegates.
Section The said election sbill be held
between the hours 12 M. aud S I\ M. at all
of the precincts in each Ward, oil such day
as shall be tweed by the City Conservative
Committee. The returns of said election
shall be made out and reported in the same
manner ;?s heretofore provided for such elec
tion*. Eich voter shall fold his ticket, and
tbe same shall then be deposited in the bal
lot-box by one of the commissioners of the
election; aud the names of all persons vo
ting shall be recorded in the order in which
their votes are received by the clerk of tbe
election, and tbe record thereof made a part
of tbe returns of tbe said electiou.
Sectiou G. There shall be appointed by tbe
City Committee for each precinct two well
known Conservative citizens, who will act as
commissioneis on the day of election, and
there shall also be appointed one clerk for
each precinct. In case of a tie between said
commissioners ou any question tbe clerk may
act as umpire.
Section 7. All part9 of the former plan for
holding primary elections in coDllict with
this are hereby repealed; otherwise they
shall be in full force, as far as applicable to
______ ____
Citv School Hoard.? At a mcetihg of the
City School Board held in their otiiee, 805
Marshall street, Hon. A. M. Keiley and
Messrs. M. L. Straus Alfred Moses, William
C. Kuight, Alfred R. Courtney, Charles P.
Rady, and Superintendent J. U. Binlord
were present.
The Board appointed Mr. Jullen F. II ill.
a resident of Kichmond, to a State scholar
ship in the Virginia Agricultural and Me
chanical College, at Blacksburg, Va.
The entire faculty of the institution has
earnestly recommended Mr. Llall for this po
Mr. Alfred Mo$(s, tbe supervisor of school
property, in a report called the attention of
the Board to a number of improvements ne
cessary to supply the increased demand for
school accommodations at the, opening of the
the schools next September. Wings to the
Valley and Madison buildings were found to
be most essential.
The Board instructed the supervisor to
procure plans and specifications, to be sub
mitted to a subsequent meeting of tbe
After the transaction of considerable rou
tine business, the Board adjourned to meet
at the call of the president.
Tu?* Cost of City Ccreing.? The joint
Committee on Sireets Generally, of tbe City
Council, have been looking over the records
since 1843 m order to procure some iulorma
tion as to the comparative cost of street
curbing, then and now. It appears that be
tween tbe years 1843 and 1852 tlis price
ranged from 25 cents to 31^ oent9 per foot,
the work be.ug mostly done at 25 cents per
foot. Tbe price aiow Is 80 cents per foot.
At no time up to 1800 did tbe price go be
yond 37 cents, and it is understood tbat from
about tbe time of Captain Dimmock's ad
ministration of the Engineer department up
to this period the specifications were much
more exacting, ar.d that the prices went up
accordingly. When the curbing is let out
by coutruct the specifications have been and
are now so exacting as to require tbe best
monument granite to fill the bill. Hence
the increased cost. Tbe Committee on
Streets Generally are now endeavoring to go
buck to the old style of curbing, and to
something approximating old prices. If
they succeed tnere will be a saving from
thirty-five to forty-five cents per loot, and
consequently there will be several tbousmd
dollars more that can be made available irom
tbe annual appropriation for street improve
Robbery Committed in Gc^ernor Kem
pkr's Kitchen.? Between 8 aud 9 o'clock
Thursday Dight tbe kitchen attached to tbe
Gubernatorial Mansion was entered by way
of a window and a silver watch and gold
Viug belonging to Mary Thompson, tbe cook,
stolen. Suspicion fell upon James Camp
bell, a colored convict who had been work
ing about tbe Capitol and Executive grounds
for a long time prior to Wednesday, when
bis term having expired he was discharged,
aud Dectective Joun Wren, iu whose bunds
the ease was put, got ji warrant for Cump
bell'a arrest. While Wren went down town
hunting for Campbell Mr. Roscoe Chester
man, of the capitol police, went up on Broad
street and found Campbell at the Mason
Dojg aud took him into custody and carried
turn to the Sccoad statiou-house.
It is*bolieved that there will be no diffi
culty in proving tbe burglary upon Camp- 1
bell. He was sent to jjilfor twelve months, '
and afterwards to tbe penitentiary for twelve
mouibs for thefts.
Tobacco akr Rosin.? Tbe American bark
Horace Soudder, Captain Joshua Gould,
cleared >:,t tbe Custom-bouse yesterday after
noon for Trieste, Austria, with 800 hogs
bp/ads of leaf tobacco and 200 bairrels rosin^
shipped by F, W. Hanuiwincliel & Co,
Excursion* and Pic-Men ami Mow to
3pen<! the Foarib.
As the Fourth of July Tails on Sunday tbfs
year, Monday will be observed as the day
Tor the celebration of the holldav, and the
JJispatch this morning C3ntains "notices of
several trips which will no doubt be enjoya
With the heated summer weather always
come the various expedients for furnishing
the dwellers In Richmond with healthful and
| pleasurable amusement. The rich, and those
I who are able to do so, are packing their
trunks for the sea-side resorts, or the Vir
ginia Springs ; but the vast number who toll
from sunrise until evening ctnoot order their
wjngs and be off to the sea-shore and moun- 1
tains. Except.aE brief Intervals, they must
remain in the beat and dust of the city, glad
if only for a few fleeting hours now and j
then, fcey can breath? the life-giving air of
the beautiful spots in old Virginia adjacent 1
to the city. For the benefit and enjoyment of J
this very important class of Citizens do we J
this morning mention several excursions and 1
pic-nics for Monday. For a Firnll sum the
laboring man and his happy iamily may avail I
themselves of tbe pleasures of a bealtn-glv- 1
ing excursion to salt water or to the coun
try. Efforts have been made to increase the }
attractiveness of these excursions tbis sum- 1
mer, and surely to no city in the American
Union has nature been more lavi9h of her |
gifts. It is needless to recite tbem all. There
is surely no better way of resting mind and I
body than by escaping as often as possible |
from the dusty, heated, and crowded streets
of the city into the fresh, pure couotry air,
which can be bo heartily and innocently I
enjoyed. But to our notices. " j
Midlothian Lodge, No. 211, A. F.and A.
M., w 11 dedicate their new lodge at Coalfield
to-day, and a special train for Coalfield will
leave on Monday from Manchester. The
car* will start from Richmond at 8:30 A. M.,
and will stop at Manchester, Belle Isle Junc
tion, and Granite. A dinner will be provided J
free to all who purchase tickets. Rev. C.
C. Bitting, D. D., is announced to deliver J
tbe dedicatory address, aDd ex-Governor G. J
C. Walker aud other guests will make ad
dresses. . |
Round trip tickets, which will entitle the
holder to transportation by any train on the
Richmond and Danville railroad on the day I
named, as well as all the privileges of the oc
casion, can be procured at the ticket office of
the Railroad Company, at Richmond. I
Persons living near any station along the
lice of the road can procure tickets, when
ten or more are desired at any station, for
this excursion at reduced prices by applica
tion to tbe railroad authorities at Richmond.
Mr. Robert Marks is chairman of the Com
mittee of Arrangements. i
Such is the beading of an excursion and pic- 1
uic to West Poiift, under the management of
Messrs. R. T. Adams and S. R. Perdue, well
knowu excursionist-. No improper parties will
be admitted on the train, wbich will leave the
York River dej ol at 7:30 A. M. There will
be two match games of bjse-bull by the Bo
nanza and Red Stocking Clubs, and the
Manchester Juniors and the Virginias. A
silver medal will be awarded to the victo
rious clubs. Among the other amusements
will be sailing aud rowing upon the York
river, daBCing, bathing, &c.
Tickets for the excursion by tbe Richmond,
Fredericksburg and Potomac railroad to Sta
pler's mill on Monday can be bad at Wyatt's
music-store, on Main street. Trains will
leave the corner of Adams and Broad streets
at 8 and 10 o'clock A. M. Fishing, boating,
dancing, &c., will be the order of tbe day.
Strict order will be enforced, and tbe excur
sion will, no doubt, be enjoyed. The com
mittee of arrangements is compo-ed ofl
Messrs. James H. Blackburn, William E.
Cree, W. L. Baldwin, J. L. Butler) Tbomas
Jackson, J. 13. McKiocey.
Professor Kessuich'sBind will give a pic
nic at Hattorfs Garden on Monday.
Superintendent Shaw, of the Richmond
and Petersburg railroad, announces this
morning that on Monday a sp?cial train will
leave Richmond at 7:45 A. M. for the Cock
ade City, and returning will leave Peters
burg at 5 P. M., thus enabling persons to
spend the day in Petersburg and return in
the cool of the evening.
The Richmond Howitzers will have fheir
annual target-practice at Strawberry Hill on
Monday. The invited guests of the com
pany can leave tbe city at 9:30 A. M. in a spe
cial coach attached to the Cnes.ipeake aud
Ohio mail-train, and return home by tbe I
down mail-traiu, which reaches Richmond
at 5:40 P. M.
For the benefit of St. Joseph's Orphan
Asylum there will be a grand pic-nic at the
State Fair-Grounds on Monday. Traius will
run on tbe Fredericksburg road every half
hour during the day to accommodate those
who may desire to attend tbe pic-nic. A
game of base-ball will be played, und there
will be various amusements, including a J
trotting- and runnicg-race and a parade off
the societies during the day, and an exhibi
tion of fireworks at night. I
The Richmond Grays, Captain Bossleux,
will have a pic-nic and target-practice at !he
pump-bouse on Monday, which promises to
be an enjoyab'.e affair.
In addition to the excursions and pic-nics
already mentioned, the Dolly Varden line of
boats will run to Riverside Park and the
pump-house every hour during Monday
alternoou, commencing at 5 o'clock.
The Richmond Ambulance Corps will also
have their annual meeting aud dinner ou
Monday. ^
Inspection of the Rivek. -Tbe joint com
mittee for the improvement of James river,
composed of members of tbe Board of Al
dermen, tbe Common Couudl and citfzms,
yesterday afternoon made a trip of inspec
tion down the river on tbe fast steamer
Craighill. The party left Rocketts about
half-past five o'clock, aud weut down as far
as Aikes's, noting many evidences of the
improvement of the channel. The- par;?
were hospitably entertained, and returned to
Richmond about 9 o'clock, having speni a
very pleasant afternoon.
Officers of the Corn Exchange.? At the
election for officers ot the Corn and Flour
Exchange, held yesterday in tbe Ex<tbange,
the following gentli men were chosea ior tbe
ensuing year: Lewis D. Crenshaw, presi
dent; Thomas W. MeCauce, first, viee-presi
dent; Alexander Walke, second vice-presi
dent; W. G. Dandridge, John <fer. Friendy
R. B. Somerville, W. H. Smooth William B..
Tyler, William IXGib-on, George It. Barts
dale, J. M. Conmd, Henry Newman, and A.
S. Lee, directors.
Fish Inspections. ? The following is a
statement of tbe inspections of fish for this
three months ending 30ih 3une: l.O&ibarceb
North Carolina cut herrings, 1,022 barrels
North Curohna gross herrings, 1,857 half
barrels North Caroliua ?oe herrings, 1QU half
barrels North Carolina cut herrings, bar
rels Labrador herrings, 12 bal hbarrels Pot?
maci Wrings, 10 barrets Nar'.b Carolina roe'
herrings, and 18 twif barrels North Carolina
shad. '?
Rkv. R. Fufuian, D. D., distinguished as a
lecturer and poet, will deliver bis first lec
ture at Association Hall on Mouday night
next. Subject: "Poetry aud its Uses."
Those who have heard him speak in the
highest terms of bis ability to interest and
instvuet bis audience, aad wherever he has
lectured ^e bR8 ^>?ea requested to lecture
4gain. As this is not under tbe auspices of
the Association, members will not be ad
mitted upon their annual UcKets,
Pouce Cocar. Yestfrday.?S. Taylor
Evaos was tinrd 9 1 for drunkenness.
William Jick*on (colored), guilty of throw
ing rocks in tbe street, wnsflned ?1 and sent
to jail for six days in default of payment.
Wil llano Butt, n small colored boy. gnilty
of stealing one satchel and one geld ring,
was sent to jail for ten dars.
Thomas and Tucker Patterson and Wll
Jhm Lambert, were charged with malicious
ly aasaulting and beating Willis C. Carter.
The evidence showed that the offence was
committed In Henrico county. The parties
were turned over to the county authorities.
Wesley Lawrence, charged with having In
his possession one horse the property of J.
R. Gathrlgbt, Lawrence proved that be
bought the horse from Mr. Day hart, who
purchased it from a colored individual, pay
ing a full value for the animal. Tbe Justice
ordered the horse to be turned over to (Sath
right, and honorably discharged Lawrence.
Enile Salomonskie wa9 fined $5 for tres
passing upon tbe premises of and assaulting
and beating Lewis Livingstone.
. ft .
Personal.- Mr. John II. Montague sails
from Baltimore to-day for Europe.
Mr. James Grant, who has been absent
from Richmond for several years past in San
Francisco and other places on professional
business, arrived at his old home night be
fore last.
Officers Electeo.? IJamunkey Tribe has
elected the following officers for tbe next six
months: W. S.. JosepH^I. Taylor ; 8. S., W.
S. Brooke ; J. S., H. B. Mathews ; C. of R.,
J. R. Spencer; K. of W., Joet T. Asbworth.
Tbe Concert.? A good audience was in
attendance at Leigh-Street Baptist church
Thur? day night on the occasion of the con
cert given by the Manchester Baptist church
choir, assisted by the Eureka Quartette. All
the pieces rendered were received with evi
dent satisfaction. Fulton church, for who?e
benefit the entertainment was given, through
their pastor, R*iV. Mr. Crews, return their
thanks to tbe ladies and gentlemen who took
part in the concert.
Debate.? The Sumner Chib, of Manches
ter, and the Valley Club, of Richmond, will
debate on Monday night, at tbe Navy Hill
Free Baptist church, tbe question: Which
State has produced tbe greater statesmen,
Massachusetts or Virginia ? The debate will
take place at 8J o'clock, and is given for a
benevolent object.
Brief Local Items.? It is said by an old
citizen that a corner-stone was laid for the
old City Hall, and that the box probably con
tained copies of tbe daily papers then pub
lished ? the Compiler and others, as weil as
other articles. 4
The "Ely Block" of buildings, on
Twelfth street between Main and Cary
streets, built partly of the material taken
from tbe old City Hall, are nearly completed,
and are un ornament to tbe city. Nearly all
of the stores have been engaged.
The dedication of Trinity church will take
pi ice to-morrow.
The work upon the new scale-house, near
the Old Market, which the Council recently
ordered to be built, is progressing satisfac
torily. It will be ready for use in two
Company G, Captain Paraler, will cele
brate its auniversary on the 12th instant by a
pic nic at Berk's National Garden, northern
extremity of Second street.
Editors DUpaich : Can you please inform
your correspondent if tbe pile of dirt that
has obstructed west Main street for the past
week is to remain as a substantial evidence
of official economy ? Who are neglecting
their duty ? Tax-Payer.
City Council.? A meeting of this body
was held lust night at tbe Auditor's office at
o'clock. Present: President Mcttieand
Messrs. Bradley, Crai> Eubank, Moody,
Morrissette. Monteiro, Perdue, Jones, White
head, and Ffndley.
The President announced tbat in accord
ance with tbe charter tbis was tbe time lor
tbe election of a president of tbe City Coun
cil. ?
Whereupon Mr. Craig nominated tbe pre
sent incumbent (Mr. Mcliae), who was unani
mously elected. *
3Ir. Monteiro took his seat for tbe first
time us a member of the Council.
Mr. McRie, prior to his election, stated
that he would be absent from the city for
some time during tbe summer, and that iffie
and the Mayor should b? ab.-ent at tbe same
time, or the latter should be sick, the city
would have no Executive.
On motion of Mr. Craig, the subject was
referred to the City Attorney (or bis opinion.
31r. Moody, from the Water Committee,
presented a lengtby report, leasing certain
property to the Richmond Stove Works,
which was read, and on motion of 31 r. Mon
teiro it was adopted. (It will be presented
to the Stove Works for their approval.)
On motion of Mr. Perdue, tbe Committee
on Water were author:zed to lease out the
Mr. Morrissette, from tbe Commitee on
Cemetery, reported it inexpedient to recom
mend a suitable person as permanent super
intendent of tbe Maury Cemetery, but recom
mended Mr. John Biowu as temporary su
perintendent at a salary of $2 per day. Also,
that two additional hands be employed at u
price not exceeding $1 per day each, 4c.
Mr. MeRae, from tbe special committee
appointed to confer with the Danville Rail
road Company in reference to certain en
croachments upon the property of the city.
Ac., presented a report requiring the Dan
ville road to build a suitable passenger depo:
in this city for tbe accommodation oi its in
habitants,, and to open certain streets now
eniroached upon by said road. Adopted.
A number of bills were presented and or
dered to be paid; after which th& Council,
at 10:45 o'clock, adjourned.
Approaching Completion. ? Tlae addition
to tbe new City Hill -is nearly completed*
and the interior nearly ready foe tbe plaster
ers. When tbis building is finished it nSM
be a decided improvement upoa tbe presesjt
place of meeting of the City^Couacil.
RELiGiots.? A preparatory commuaion
service was bekl last uigbt a.t the Presbyte
rian church, the pastor (Rev.. Mr. Campbell)
delivering an appropriate discourse.
Po3T*osEn.? Tbe conctwt which was to
have taken place last night at the- Baptist
church was postponed fo? a fewT we^ks.
Installation of Offuuuss.? Lastafgbt tl <?
officers of Jackson Lodge, I. O. QkF., we.,
instated at tbeir lodge-room, c&er wbieb
tber repaired to tbe eourt-housv* where re
freshments were served. Speeches were
made by Mayor Cbties, R. H. Seazley, Past
CUand Farrar, and others.
gakkttbs, ClKai?'.te-4J?ck&i cb?J?e Tabascos; three I
yure HaTanas lev iyVcenu, or *lx Boufjuet Clears,
j for 25 cents, fic?toJ. B. LAMlstfuT & Co.1*, Nluik
aud il*lu^re?U.
C. ZiMMMu i&36 Alain street, can furnish excur
sion ami i?lc-t^c parties Ytyk. the biQi ick-chuam
cheaper tikAawy establishment U the city. lUstUci
Utics belu^wnple to mnoafac urv 1,000 gallo-as per
day. ? ? ' 1 '?
_ ?
; Ik yov want a nick, cool to sickle
BnofHEHS, as Ui?y.lwve Ju?- opened TvohU'irfml
piecc-i handsome atjtlq Lnwai iu all co!or? at lS)sc. <
pur yard. 5(ou 1*4 cetttr so at ouce and taKe you /
qtvolce, as th^y are seulqp very la$l,beliuf so scar ce.
? n ~ ; t
we have t/Ccu iclieveu from slewylctri nights mi pam
ful waJchlnp with poor, smtfVrmg; teething children.
It gives not only rest, but t(gor aud health? the lit
tle ftUow will- wake up btltfht, ch^rful, and re
freshed? ?oi tens the gums, curea -wind-colic, and
. rfgulatos the bowels.
The best collar ever mruie is ibe ?lwwood.
i It flu kite* aud looks bttu-t: than uuy other,
Sycle Brothers have received teven ca?<? Khali
Palm-Leaf Pods, which Ihi-y sell ct three eo>ts
apiece. Supply yourself.
Psre Tce-CreAm ?Leave your order* early to
day If yon wish PizziffT to fanrieb 70a with I?
crora lor to-morrow's dinner. ? . .
MEATAND I>BEfK? U80 Lfet>lg% LJipM EllrtCt
of Beef, in pint bottles, far tea, aoapjtaad ?bc?;.
Gives 11 ae flavor and great strength. ,
~ ??????
Gre*n" tnRE-ctOTir for window-screens, at
BOOTH & Co.'s, 832 Main street, tMid door above
Ninth. <
Go to Pizztsi's and get some of those Inaclous
peaches. ' r
We would advl.ee all who want ?oo <1, pore ICE
CREAM to go to ZimmerV, 1536 Main afreet. He
delivers free to any part of the ctty.
Seventy-fiye cents will buy a good gauze
undershirt at Henry Miller's, 916 Main
Peaches, Peaches.? Go to PizztNi and get
tome of this delicious fruit.
Henry Miller, 915 Main street, Is selling good
GAUZE shirts at 75c. and $1.
All who want good ics-CREam for the 4th of
July leave your orders with Zimmer, 1530 Main
street, early Saturday the 3d.
One dollar will buy a flrst-class summer un
dershirt at Henry Miller's gentlemen's fur
nishing house. ?
Zimmer had a rush for his delicious CREAK
yesterday. His pilce3 art? to suit the times.
Bananas, Bananas? Pizzini has & fresh sup
ply of this fl-uir.
Save time and money by golug 10 Boschen's,
509 and 511 Broad street, for all kin Is of boots,
shoes, truuks, valiies, or satchels.
Parties wishing ice-cbeam can do better at
Zimmer's than anywhere In the cily.
Custom (hand-made) work to order at
BOSCU EN'S* 509 and 511 Broad street.
Ledgers, Journals, Day-Books; Cash-, In
voice-, Order-, bill-Books, At., of the best home
make, and u large stock of the cheap northern styles
at 1318 Main street. Randolph & English.
August Flower More than 75 per cent, of
mankind are ntillcted with sour stomach, sick head
ache. habitual c siivenes?, palpitation of the heart,
heartburn, water-brash, yellow Skin, coated tongue,
aDd oisagrceable taste in the mouth (coming up
of food alter eating), low spirits. Price, 75 ceuts a
bottle. Try It. Iwo bottles will relieve you.
Save money by having your printing dona at the
Dispatch Printing-House. Good work, low
prices, and satisfaction guaranteed.
GRUBI1S & WILLIAMS. 5^ P. M.. bulldlmr lots
In the plan ot' Magnolia, on Leigh and Moore
q si reets.
GKUBBsf & WILLIAMS, 5M P. W? framed dwell
ing on China strtet, Belvldere Hill.
BRONAUOH & TAYLOR, 5)< P. M , residence In
Manchester, on Liecatur street beiweeu Eighth
and >luth ; also, eleven building lots.
E. II HUMPHREYS. Deputy Sheriff, at the horse
lot, large bay horse.
J. L. A PPKRHON, 12 M.. on the east side or Sixth
between Grace auj Franklin streets, a McCor
mlck mower and reaper and a four-horse wagou.
ROBERT B, LYME. 6 P. M., brick dwelling and
two lots oh the south side of Main near riuni
It Is a compound extracted from barks, roots, and
herbs. It Is Nature's remedy. It is perfect!^ harm
loss from any bad effect upon the sjateit). It Is
nourishing and strengthening. It acts direct ly upon
the blood. It quiets ihe nervous system. It gives
yon good, sweet sleep at night. It Is a panacea for
our aged fathers and mothers, for it gives them
strength, quets their nerves, and gives them Na
ture's sweet sleep-as has been proved by many an
aired person. It is the great blood-purtfler. It Is a
sootlilug remedy for our children. It has relieved
and cured thousands. It Is very pleasant 10 take?
every child likes It. It relieves and cures all diseases
originating from impure blood. Try the VfcGE
TINK. tJIfe It a fair trial for your complaints,
then you will say to your friend, neighbor, and ac
quaintance, " Try it? It has cured me."
The following unsolicited testimonial from Rev.
O. T. Walker, formerly pasior of Howdoln-b'quure
church, Boston, and at present settled in Provi
dence, R. 1 . must be deemed as reliable evidet?ee.
No one should fall to observe lint this testimonial
Is the result of two years' experience with the use
of Veggtine In ihe He v. Mr. Walker's family,
who now pronouuee it H11 valuable:
Providence, U. I., 164 Transit street.
II. R. Steven#, E?(
I feel bound to express with my signature the
high value I place upon your Vegetine. My
family have used it for the last two years. In nerv
ous debility it is invaluable, and I recommend it (0
all who may need an Invigorating, reuovaUug
tonic. O. T. Walskr,
formerly pastor of BowJoS?-Square church* Bos
j I. ! -'All' i I 't.U.
* ' * ~ , ?
The fellow I ng letter fwan Rev. E, S. Bostt,. pastor
of the M. K. church, Nitflck, Mass., will; be read
with interest by manypfcysiclans; also, those suf
fering ?ro;n the same d&se^.e a> alHicttd tho son of
Btv. E. S. Beat. JSo gersou ran doubt this testl- 1
mooy,as there is no about tha uuratire power
Naiks, Mass., January, t, 1873.
{ i ? K > /> ' ? > * ? '
J*. II. B. Stevens .- ,
Dear Sir,? We 'jave good rtaaou.f&r regaidJbg
your V EG k TINE amcolcine ot the greatest value.
[Wc feci assured that It has beea the :jieans of sav
? iiitr our sou's lite.. He la nov* seventeen yeaw of
age. For the la&& two years he has srfere-d frumne
: crosls of hLs leg), caused by scrpt'pluta affecUoiK and
was s o far rtiix ed ihit cturly. all who sa* him
thought his r(<cavery lmp</p?ibUv A couucJU of able
pnysidans could given* oui. the faintest he^e of his
ever rallyinft? two of the number Ueclari?g. that ho
was beyond 2>e n.-ach of iwun^n. wxueditti? iliatevtu
anipufatloa.eittld noi^avc hlio^as he 1?<A not vigor
enouirh to?odure the oi vmtloii. Just tii?n we coci
niencedgl^iairhlm VE GffTiXE, and fjom that time
to the pya^wuhe h?i fccen. continuously improving.
He bus .!a,*ely reniro*l si wiles, fhs'nwft away his
cnitch?&uud cane, a"a<Ji walks ubout t-aeermjiy aiid
strong. ? ,
'Jhoj?ab there Is yl.ll some di^lurge fcom the
t>I>enl*>r where: his litjibwas laairt-fi we hive the
fullest, eouddi^ice ihat lua liule liiae lit will be pe.
feclly cured.
Htrbas takfn rJu>u,t tbrerp (lose a bottTes of YEGK
TIN.H , tait late! y uses but little, as he '.leoJares he to
too, -tell to w t d&ing ueiiiciue.
Rcapectf' a\iv 5 vurm ? E. S. best,
Mrs. 1 . C. F. Best.
Prepared by
: : ?' I r* O' ? r .? v
IS SOLD BY .\UU 1. . ? -?
Je 30?W&S2t ?
it prepare,! TflgflSJftJr0 StR*W
, "" " ? " ' " ?
the dispatch,
OM aqnare, one Insertion .... . -90 75
One aqamre, two Imertlons 125
Oo??qiMxe, three tn*rtlon?....i. ............. 1 79
One ifjuare, ?lx Insertions...... 3 00
Owe ?f|u*re, twelve tniwrUans...... 6 09
One square, one month ................10 00
One sqnare. two month*. .....18 00
One Bqoarc, time 20 00
The Xexlcaa Border Troablm.
Chicago, July 2.? Advices received by
Lieutenant-Genera! Sheridan from Browns*
ville, Texas, this morning, Indicate a crittea?'
state of affaire at Matamoras. A conflict to"
day between tbe eitizeos and Mexican sol
diers is imminent. AH tbc business-bouses
in Matamoras are closed, and armed citlz*n?
are gatberibg and threatening to take Cor
tina from tbe soldiers, who tbe viee.constil
thinks are not strong enough to prevent tbe
| rescue,
Nnr Okijaks, June 2.? A special dispatch
to tbe Galveston Neves from Bicownsville,
Texas, says an order bas been published that
Cortina shall be shot In case an attempt is
made to rescue bin. Judge Costilio and
wife, Corthia, and fourteen others, are pri?
sonera. A general order prohibits the as
sembling of groups or hostile demonstra- '
tions. All public places are closed. Outside
of Matamoras tbe people are reported to be
arming themselves, arms having been smug
gled out. It Is reported that a gt^bfcat is
coming to tbe mouth of the Rio Grande to
carry Cortina to Vera Cruz.
Tilton ts. Beecher.
Brooklyn, July 2.? Tbe courtroom this
morning was densely crowded with spect*.
tors anxious to learn tbe result of the de
i?eiriatt ?Df W0/* dnrl0? tbe P*9' ni?bt.
At 11.17 A. M. tbe jury came into court, and
after answering to tbeir names were asked if
tbey bad agreed upon a verdict, Tbe fore
man (Mr. Carpenter) stated that tbey were
unable to njrree. They were thereupon dis
charged. The jury stood nine for acquittal a
and three for conviction. Tbey left tbe court
room without any excitement. Wben asked
who the three were in favor of conviction
they replied that tbey bad bound themselves
to secrecy in the jury-room. ?'
A report is current that Moulton will be
arrested upon the conviction of Loeder and
Price. In answer to an inquiry, Lawyer
Shearman said tbat Moulton was not ia
Brooklyn to be arrested. He is coniultimr
with General Butler.
Mrs. Beecher f?) shook hands with each
Juror as he passed out of the court room,
New Yoke, July 2.? Francis D. Moulton.
In a card published in tbe Brooklyn Argus
Dotices a report tbat tbe counsel for Beecher
are .to proceed against bim for conspiracy and
subornation of perjury in the Loeder-Price ?
aliuir, ana says: " A judicial examination of
tbe origin of the Price- Loeder affidavits and
of my connection with them fs exactly tho
thin? I desire. Accordingly I have returned
to Brooklyn to meet the menace of Mr. Bee
cher's minions, and I hereby cballeugeand
defy them to institute tbeir threatened pro
New Yokk, July 2.? Admissions wrung
by the reporters from tbe jurymen indicate
that they were divided as follcws :
For Beccber: Messrs. Carpenler (fore
man), Case, Tbyer, Hall, McMurnn, Hal
steaU, Wbelan, Taylor, and Fitter.
For Tilton : Messrs. Jeffrey, Flate, and
Mr. Taylor, In an interview with the
Eagle reporter, said wben the jury went out
tbey stood pretty eveu. After tbe drat day,
the average balloting stood eight to fear,
and finally the vote settled at nine to threel
Tbeir debates were at times very violent
and demonstrative, but there was nothing
like coming to blows.
Killed by Lightning.
Atlanta, Ga., July 2. ? Three young men
in Milton county, while in a field on June
30tb, threshing wheat, were struck by light
. ning and instantly killed.
Wenihor Beport.
Washington, July 2,-^buring Saturday,
in tbe South Atlantic and Gulf States, lower
barometer, southeasterly to southwesterly
winds, decidedly warm and partly cloudy
weather will prevail, except cooler weather
and possibly light rain in tbe former.
For tbe Middle and Eastern States, falling
barometer, winds shifting ft) easterly and
southerly, cool, cloudy, or partly cloudy
weuther, with rain areas in the former and
southern portion of the latter.
Eobuceo- and SnulF- Factory Seized*
Philadelphia, July 2.? The revenue offi
cers have seized tbe tobacco- and snuff-fac
tory of Henry Mehl & Co., and taken into
custody Henry Mehl, the proprietor. Toe
accused is charged with having removed
snutf from bis factory unstamped and im
properly packed.
Ttie Xliaek Hills
Chicago, July 2. ? Private adviccs from
tbe Biack Ellis expedition tbis morning
show tbat investigations are proving the
country to be richer in gold than first sup
posed. Tbe earth down to tbe bcd-rock in
every direction is tilled with particles of
quartz, and shows rich veins.
Obituary. , '
[Spt<Hal ttflejfrau to tho Dispatch.] ^
Auxasdmia, Va., July 2.? Dr. Jame ; Hill, t
a native of Louisiana, died here this more- >'
ing. He was a surgeon in the southern
army, and was known as a politician, and
among other ofi&*s which he held flfas an
elector on tbe Seymour and Blair ticket.
. *
WaahbHttoa Items.
W asiunsxon, July 2. ?All thepubl/ .office?
will be closed Monday.
A telegram trom Key West reports one
death from yello-w-fever and two new cases ?
there tc-day. The atmosphere and present
; indications are unfavorable.
Proceedings uuder the civH-rights act have
?been commenced by a white man agalmt a.
negro lodging-house keeper for ejecting him
froai a room, which the negro's mother bad
reated the wWte man during the landlord'*
absence- i ?
>'?? York Items.
New Yokkl, July 2.? Alexander Hamilton,
ex-ireasurer of Jersey City, has plead guilty
to embezzlement and been sentenced to three
yeara in toe penitentiary aud to pay ?1,000
fine. A suit is pending against hi* bonds
mdb for tbe amount embezzled.
Under arrangements with tbe creditor*
"tbe great locomotive works at Patterson, N.
J? will resume work. It wiii take ibree or
four mouths to complete ten locomotives for
Judge Brady denfp? tbe motion to qa&fta
tbe indictments against Tweed, except la*
iwo Instances, where ibe indictments b??e
"been superseded. ?
Tbo iiaiion*. >
Newton, N. J., Jul 7 'J. ? Hughei was bung
here to-day. ?
London, July 2.? Tbe Indian Govern -
ment Is communicating with the Indian o?
fice here relative to the action neceisary to
pass troop* over Buniiiib.
Sir Douglass lVrajifc IbCt for BurWAb.
London, July 2. ? A special dlspj'.ch from
Vienna to tbe Standard reports that the
jp?L<ant9 of Deva and Transyfvaota have re*
I yoked, again*', the nobles and defeated a bat?
;.talion of mliilii, and mauy ptr?on? we<c
i killt d.
I Tbe report that tbe King of Burujab re
j fu^s to allow BrUUh troop* to pasatbroogll'
j bin territory Ib oootlrmeiJ.
franco. ? -j .. v
Paris, July 2.? U is estimated that tti?
destruction of property by tbe inunaattoes*
to Southwestern France wilt uoiount to
300,000,000 francs, and the nouber of p**w
sous who have peribbed totiiu uated&L$,0ti3.:.
I I'm idem Macftlahou continue* feU tstif.
| Ihrough the inuuduicd dbtttet.

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