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gtirhmoiul |>>3patch.
Those Questions.
It msy pretty safely lie scumed tbnt the
questions wblob Uovernor Q-RSAM-M. hs*
submitted to the Supreme Court of Maine
for -Jecislon are not question* whose deci?
sion csn mskc sny chsngein thc composition
of Ibe new i>glsl8ture before its or*rsi)is?
tion. The Governor snd Council, having
given certillcates of elcct.on to certain mea,
have nothing more to do with the matter.
TI,o comiHO-iltlon of thc Legislature ts Axed.
If s member-elect, or rather one holding s
o< rt I bV j ti- of election, were willing to get
Cit of tbe way, snd sbontd get out of the
?any. his plsce could not be taken by tbe
man wbo contests bis fest. Anybody
in Maine would In tbe cyr of tbe btw have
as -food s rlgbt to Ibe scsts* thc cont. int.
The cquitie* rosy be In his favor. H.* ..??*?
have s moral right lo it. tai b< ?anno! get
il until Ihe eerliflcste of the Governor liss
bcea superseded by Ibe action of th'- BOSJM
to which bc claim* to have been < Itttti, A
legislative body made up ol men having no
sort of lawful evidence lo show that they
were entitled to seats would be n mob. So
?whatever iquestions Governor Garcklon
auhmits to the Supreme Court, the re?
sult must Im* the ssroe, or, nu lier, ought
to l?e; for there ls no know tn;- what the
men will do who io 1876 cheated thc Demo?
cratic party out of a President of tbe
I'nit. il Slates.
P. S. We hsve readOovcrnor Gak<'Ki.on\
questions. They s-em tobe hised upon the
facts upon which he and his Council acted in
Ki antin** cei tl fies te* of election to the mem?
bers of the Legislature. Yet, let the Court
dieidetbem a* il may, we cannot Imagine
that (Iovernor Garc klux would claim tlie
ri;*ht to ri'conaidcr his action, recall I.i* old
ct iiilleatis. and at Ihi* late day make up a
new Legislature.
A New Sensation.
The Baltimore American ot yc-tcrday
contain* ai-picial from Washington, which
represents that Governor Gakcki.on was to
bc tumid out of ollie.* without a moment'*,
warnim;. lt says:
?? The constitution of Maine provides tba!
tue (iovernor shall bc elected bf the t-uali
tied i lt 'doi --, nnd ** 11 u 11 hold Iii- oilier one
>o.ir from the fir-1 Wednesday ol January
in each JOST, Now, the first Wednesday <?f
dmnary [I.1T8] WM also tin- first day ol .1.ni?
nan. lt i* asserted, then fore, tint UoV*
ernor Garcclon'* term of office expires lo?
ll, orrow noon, and I hat any exercl-,* bj him
,f functions of (iovernor itlli-r that Imiir
wmilli lie | imiipillion of authority. Sena?
tor Carpenter say- there eui be nothing
p.'iiiii-T than lhat under a proper construc
iion of ilu* nratuage of Um Conatltutlon
Iii.vernor tiiiif. lon cannot i \t reifM any au?
thority w hatever RI QoVCfOOf one hour af?
ter thc < xpiriition of one yeal from lin- first
of Ltd .lan nary."
We don't believe that Sriintor ('akpknikii
cv t*r Mihi snell a thin**. Tilla question baa
been fully discussed in .Maine, ami Gov*
ii iiortiMici.i.ii.v tata* w ith a full knowledge
Ul what the ( unsiitiition provides in re?
spect of this nutter. We have forgotten
the fnis of the case, but we think lhat a
ItH of the Mate requires the Governor to
hold his ottilie until his successor is eleeted
and qualified. At any rate thc law supple
liit Dis UM Constitution. We saw n few
days ago ? ssttcr from Mr. PlLLOn uv
in which, alluding to this very point,
lie gave the Hepub luaus warning
iio.i ihe I'-.vcriiiic noaa, ia adv for them,
ii I Hint if they attempted to extrude
linn from ollice, I hey would ealeh a Tartar.
We have M-en n likene-s nf Ihe old man -
lie i- about seventy year*, of lg,?which in
dktttl that he i** a ngubu- Ambit*Jack
HHL Wc don't think that he I* to in- gol
rid of by >uch a side-wind as that of which
the almfrican'.-r^peiial *| eik*.
P. S. Thc telegrams received by ne yc
tcrduy do not iiulical ? that OovOTUOf Gar?
ik!.o.\ isawaie that his (ci in of oflicc nwt
expired. Ile seems to be pietty aotlVOfor
.'i defunct otiteiai. Perhaps be doesn't know
what hutt him.
I.nnil.- vs. Nt'ifroes.
Theic are some Btfaoge facts presented in
the present condition of Virginia, which it
will not do our noithern frit nils any hann
tc con?ider, and which may when properly
vveij-hed make our Virginia land-owm rs
inoic w illili*; than sonic of tin ni hate seemed
to Le to encouraj-c the migration of negroes
from this State to the States of thc North
and the Northwest. The DitpatOk rei-, ntly
contained the follow ing little paragraph:
?* QesjN ral Bebofeld made a map ol Vir?
ginia which he colored black or )\ lille, or
abodes between, a-thc eounttos eontatned
more or fewer ne*: roes. The ju ices of I in?
lands could almost lu- |UBjied hy looking at
tlie map. In white counties the hind .-.old
IiItjIh st, and BO on down, down, down, till
the black counties were reached."
The Columbus (Ohio) ,N7.i(V Journal ic
produced this paragraph a few days ago,
mid rotnni' ited upon it as follows .
?* If that be true, land must lu- exceed- '
iiij-ly cheap in tin vicuiitv of Itichmoml."
The fatals. Journal guesses aright, though
lt did not mean to do so. Thc land*, in Hen?
rie > county, >n which Uichmond U)Situated,
arc valued at au average of Ieee I hun $.'14 an
acre, though the BObttl hs of Uichmond, iu
clud.ng many lbiekly-populated neighbor
lioods, are within that county. Yet the ne?
gro p ipulatioii is by no means in Un- ma?
jority here. Wc claim 40,OiK) whites to 34,
<&.?> blacks in llichm-ind. The lands are.
li.wever, very cheap hereabouts, and tlie
Journal ought to advert im- (lum for us and
Mud us buyers. We will vent un* to gue-s
lhat tho land* uround Col umbu*, which has
a population not much if any over half that
of Hieliiii.iHl, v!! for more than twice as
Ul ut* li per acre a* the lands around Kich
uiond. What cali ' e thc reason} There is
no mire beautiful- i healthful locality in the
world than this city and its vicinity.
The Stale Journal evidently has doubts
as to whether General Solon urn's ump was
or was not Mich a one as we have repre
sented it to have been. Wc w ill, therefore,
luriil-.il that i?apcr with a few statistics
w Mets may o'-en its eye*. We will compare
a county a majority of whose population
are negroes with one a majority of whose
population are whites, and also with one
Which contains twice as many black-, xs
Clarke couuty returns 1,000 whites sub
Jut to thc capltation-tax and 3.M negioes.
lier population in 1870 w as 6.670. Number
of mOtn ot laud, MMH, assessed at
?i.447,78'2; or over |22 jht acre. The
surface ls undulating and mountainous,
bul its valleys are very fertile.
LuiicDburg county returns 965 whiles
?Object to tbe capitation tax, and 1,079 ne*
gi.-c. Her population is lO.tOg. I-.-umber
of acres of land, 211,906, asse-sed at |1,720,
iM\ or a little over |8 per acre. Tue laud
piodtiees win-it, corn, tobacco, sud oats.
Clover, orcnaid-gr-nw, and red-top grow
Well. It ls one of the bea 1thlet. counties ,n
Viortnhr. and *. railroad rom upon its bor- j {j
ttff* Wu? tho ewraordJnary difference he* li
tween Um prices of tho land* lo thc two
Now, let us look at a county lo willett the
negroes arc twlac rm numerous na thc white*.
Niiilumi couuty ict,un* 04*) white* sub?
ject to ihe capitation Dib, and I ,*W8 nen roe*.
INipiil.illon, 0,191. Number of acres of
[land, 19fi,207. assessed si f?l?.155>; or lens
thsn 85 p?r sere I And this In spile ot thc
fort* that thc flourishing villiie of Burke
ville* is In Xottowsy, and two railroad* pa*s
through t ht county !
Most of these flffiirca sic Liken from the
Report of thc Commissioner of Auriculture
of this State. They arc Mrlkinjr OMS. R ?'
have no doubt that a xmall proportion of
negroes may live in any community without
apparent Injury lo Ita prosperity or (lamas:*
lng effect upon the value of Mic land*; but
when they become an numerous as they arc
in Southside Virginia, their presences' iost
talc* sway Hie selling value of lani! ?nd
exercises s most deleterious intluence upon
thc prosperity of thc cimmunity.
Wc Invite thc attention of the Ohio Slate
Journal to this subject, lt ls an interest?
ing one. If ll can explain away our infer*
?ncci?, let it do so.
The New York Herald Mill attention to
be fact ,hat New York and lYnnsylvunia
idded to thc southern Stales could make I
nomination in the Republic.? National Con?
tention?that is to -ay, lint Qoatral Grant
.viii be nominated in exactly that way if
Ui.aixk's and BMRMAM- friend* arc not
rmTf} active and vigilant.
We last numiner icmindcd our Rcpubli
*an friend* in the northern States of tin
'act that " the solid BfOtb " would make a
lomination for President fvr Hmm if they
lld not guard well against such action.
I'hey **S*M with more propriety cry
.nt against that soit of solid South
han atain-t the solid South winch
ia-, elicited from them so many de*
mneiations of our people and our northern
lilies of the Democratic parti. Thc sj id
mirth and forty-sevtn northern vote- ORR
ioinitiate a Republican c mdidate for Pu si?
lent | bul it requires a iolid South and IM
muthern votes t-i nominate I Democratic
nmdlditofor tbe esme ofllce. And thc mat?
er as-iiin,m the form of Ifl outrage npr>n the
northern Itcpuhlicins?or a fane, which
rver you croom t" consider it?when it is
recollected thal not one of fie State- which
?a-t the 118 southern votes will give a sin
|le electoral vote to the Republican Childi*
tat*. '
The Democrats are, (hen fore, much bet?
ter protected from the ac!icu of the mi?
ndi itv Btttei than the Republican!) but on
die oilier band tbl candidates having a
largs followiflf may Stand ? better e',.iiic
in the Bepublieaa Convention than wil|
the same sort Ol candidates in the Demo
iraiie Convention. A disc intent* d and in
Iractable minority of one third cor prevent
the nomination hythe Democratic National
Oonventlon ct any man they dislike. <>r,
a* the Ihr<i(il bil it, there may be one third
ol the Convention Oreennlckerii who will
east their votes all tbe time against men cf
sound flninclal opinions.
Bo theie are objections both to nomina?
tions made bj I majority vole and to nomi?
nations untie by I two-third", vote.
The Southern Churchman is out in a ROW
und beam ifni dmf?-M evidence of pros?
perity which we ai (-glad to soc. Richmond
i* l icb in lier religious prcis. It reflects
moro honor ttpofl her throughout thc coun?
try than any other one thing that could bc
wo iinv? reallied tbe December No. nf
The stoic Agrtcmltmrai Society Monthly
Journal. _
DrORMRRR tli l*-*7!>.
Editors Dispatch.- Gentleman,?Ia (bi
Interco! ol starving Inland, I a-k you to
publish the enclosed, Clipped from the
New York M'scstan's Jomtrmalot December
(?th. Hay God forgive ua being io ilow in
responding to tbe erv tbsl has been going
up to beaven all thee weeks! Respect*
folly, R. M.
Kw. 1 . .1. ('inion Hurl*. I). |iii is thc
Nor rou k null Null, ri iii;-, ol' Ihe Irish
til role rs?A Ph I Ill-lie *. |>|>. . ? - VV lin i
4 un he Done ?
\V IRHIKOTOR, November 2!?.?The follow?
ing is ihe copy of a letter received bera a
lew dayi ago by Mi-* Emneratda Boyle, f
whii'h, ll will hi s.cn, makes a-ad exlii^i- *?
lion ol illira among thc tenantry in Ire- *
land. Canon Barbe ls, I understand, re* i
lated io ibe eminent Dominican friar Fattier .
ron I'.iuK.-, and is a priest of eon-idi'table s
Influence In Mayo. Mis- Boyle bal decided .
io place i eoiiy ?f Ibe letter in tbe bands of x
\..\ -tn.tor nnd represenllve when Con
ireai meeta next week, willi tbe hope that '
HHnetblng may be done to allevl tte tbe sm- j
faring al present felt in Erin: .
Claiii M.innis, COORTI .Mayo, IflRLARO, > .1
November Eve, isto. \ I
My Dear Miss Boyle,?.Il is now- ala i
m.nth- since you hid a liter from tm .
List May ..ur people were hopeful that, i
ittei tbe unusually severe winter wblcb bad b
.,(--. d. the summer would be very lue and i
be harvest would come to crown wltb an v
ibuodaot return tbe la' ots and tr al- of fie ?,*
?ear. Tbe eontranr of all tbla baa come to t
.a--. BIdoc 1646 tbe Irish people hive not t
iad so bad a failure la tbe potato crop, in t.
.onie districts ll is il present one naif, iii a
dh. i-lime fourths, and I have been told I.
hat slime fannels hive lost even more linn a
h ree Lin tbs of the normal return. .The ce- f;
Cal crops ATC not all thal one .'.mid wish.
rbeooldol Pinter i- felt .dread) in the chill I,
million blasts, and even in thi-, the !a-t tl
?vening ?>f October, there ire manv com- *?
ii'ld-, unreaped and a few not wholly ripe. .**,
"eal or tun is, in Connauibt. the only t,
ucl; thi-Mar'.-peat for Iring is not yet |>
I ried. A fuel (amine threaten-. Along e
sith :!n se mi-fortunes -ent by (Jud for thc a
?ha-li-i-im nt and Improvement of our |>eo
ile theie i \i-ts also >;rcat comnictcial de
ireasioo. Tne pi ice for ibeep, cow-, oxen,
nd all kinds of live -tock, is only on- ball
rbi! it had bun two yann |go; and this
IcprcMion'is notably low in regard to tbe
ro.n man's stock* bronnie lhere is no de*
lian,I fur animal*, that ale not marketable
rm food condition. American farm pro
loce _m t bcipcoed eur mn ket- immeaiely. .
lb me vou will ace thal our people can- ..'
int pay the big! rents which they are ac- ",
u-toi.x il IO pay- tia, si.tm- of Ibe small ,,
[trimr- cannot continue to hold on to tbe
irms thev have Hitherto tilled. Tiny Will
ave quita enough t.? do iMa year to exiel
lercly. i'hey will not tte in a position |, J
upporf their MM and daughter! and prc
are tli.-m for thc battJe ot life.
Air. adv the cry ha* gojM forth. What is
* be done for the reduction of rents J" r
lost of the lindeman in this parish have #
emitted M por cen'. (l*bOM I .ndlords who t
old extensive property have gtvoa no re
Abatement such as tlil-, however, is not ei
uffleu-iii. All UM priest* and Dappil of lt
onnati-'bi have, under one form or an- tl
t-er. BeflMWialtied the Lord Lieutenant te
ho rules Ireland to nive thi* people em- ft
loyuient at some remunerative work. Yes- ti
?rday the Rkhoptfll Ireland implored her
Udeaty'i TleegeVrNM lo oave tbe people's td
ves. TbU day's Freeman's Journal con* ol
um. the strange uew* thal bis Uiaoe the it
ord Lieutenant ha* turned a deaf ear to bl
ie npjieal of the li*h Bishops. To-day the at
>r|>oration of Dublin lays the prayers ot a e>
imllblflg nation al the feet of ita governor, ol
his day will witness tbe Hame callous re- fs
?f* . fl
I munt expressan opinion which i* known fd
F jfliay tobe Um tbat bis (irace the ps
like ol .Marlborough |* rsmnallv feels for tl
i iieoplt'.-j wants, but as a meaiber of tbe fo
?ul ol Dc*c.*b*-ifciu,e govcrowtut be will le
do snd can do nothing. On tbe first Beek
fri November all tbe Irisb members of Far
lisment will lay a similar appeal before the
Prime Minister. IM-rseli will simply laiu-b
nt their spfiareni earnestness. Whstdoc*
bee ire if 100,000 Itisb peopledleof famine?
Nothing t
He regard* Irl*bm*n lust as he re_snl*
their Aryan cousin* to the east and west of
thc Indus. Like tbe lark io the fible, thc
lush people seem to think lhat they must
de|iend on themielv*-s and on the child-rcn
of their race. Tb* distre**) which has fallen
on this country 1* in tTDth great, and the
people, 1 fi sr, must suffer. The only im?
mediate .md direct remedy ls employment.
This tt)t*v are not likely, a* you sec, to ob?
tain. Immigration, therefore, to America
in winier and in the coming sprint* is likely
to be renewed. You cannot but Obsetie
the spirit in which King AMOftO of spain
has acted towards tho**- who, in his pro?
vince of Murd*, sodded from the late
floods. He, like a father, ran to aid his
children, the Spaniards.
How differ, nth. compared with our
ruler*, the Kmpcior and Kmpress of Ali?
dia acted Ixst spring to those arnon!* their
subjec's who in like manner had sunVrcil I
Four years ago the Garonne, swollen by the
rains of tbe Pyrenees, committed great de?
vastation in thc south of Fiance. The then
President, Marshal MacMabon. went in pel?
ion lo relieve the ?OfleftM*. 'Ihe |>eople of
these nations ask for bread, and they re*
salve abundance of bread and every re?
quisite. We ask for bread, and are
given a stone: a tish, and, behold! a
icrpent is present'd. disraeli docs; not
-fOVerfl on a principle of righi f>r of
Attributive ju-nic* Ot with fatherly con
vrn for the subjects of this nation. Ui?
rule is ont, of policy and statecraft, directed
Uv imperial interests, and seemingly the
.income of political pressure. You wen
never in Ireland. Many Irish men ind wo?
men now* in your country were in Ireland
in 18iti, 1847, and 1.S48. They know now
multitude* then asked for bread, ?' and there
wen* none to break it unto them." Then,
ts in Jerusalem during Ihe captivity, **Um
children and the sucklings fainted away in
the streets."
I myself saw strong men anti young wo?
men die of starvation : one yoting girl t?-pe?
nally, of nineteen, the elde-t of a poor ftm
iiv of nine, struggle in tin jaws of hunger
for six months and then perish, literally re*
juced to a heap of bones. 1 did my bes! ai
Ihe time to help that family. I wa-then
inly eighteen years of a_e. I -aw two nun
lead with grass in their mouths, having
,h iva n in Vain to obtain stitticient nutriment
io sustain life from the graat of tbe Held.
scene- like the-e wen- then common. Many
would not belli ve that such things occum il.
hut I s iw them. I saw hundreds of chil
ilren, from the age ol two to tw. Iv, with
hair on their skinny atm- and cheek- fully
une inch long?a false growth csuaed by
decay and hunger. I latv over one thou*
land mon, women, and children of all sises
and ages out.ide the poorhouse of Cast le*
bar, aasembled for Inspection by order of
Ibe poor-law guardians, le*t any name
-hould be on the relieving nffleer*1* In ex*
i*ept those who were actually at tbe time
dive. I cannot suv in the tb sh, for flesh
they had none. Their presence at tbe time,
youngal I waa, reminded me of tbe vi-ion
nf bones beheld hy the prophet
shall sc in s like these occur Bg lin } God
forbid ! Shall the children of Bl. Patrick?
Un* sons of saints ami Rages; tbe descend*
ants of n noble race: the O'Boylea, who
who have come down from ihe conquering
Niall the Great; Ibe CK Briens; tbe Don*
nells, your cousins from Donegal; ibe
O'Lougblins Bnd MacLcughlins; tbe
O'Reillys, O'Kelly-. and :ill the O'* I Dd Macs
rif Ihe gland .Mib-ian Itoek- perish inl-t
rably from neglect,* siciii toe children ol
tbe high-minded and Bery yet noble Nor*
man families share the same fate j* Away
wit ff thc thought !
The tiuus are chanced. Food, Bl all
events, Ir cheap. Our friends in America
Rilli ?end relier, the fir?-t m..ttl'nf the real
crisis, which is hastening, shall come. Let
not Ireland be rr Jeruaalem wrr in tbe day*
ol Jeremiah, ??A rRUgblng*atock or a defi
-ion io all thu people?their song all the dav
If*dod has not bl.s-cd ns with abundant
wealth JIi bas gt timi u* a. noble brr lt ave In
an aneestry illustri >u? for nobie deeds Bnd
ror the greateat ol all Mis gift*-?the bless.
Inc Of tin-divine faith. A people io gifted
with natural and superior endowments i*
worthy to be saved, .inda- Maccabeus no?
bly stood up and VRllantly fought for Ibe
lesra io tbe days of Antlocbus Epiphanies.
Indas was their savior when Holofernes
threatened them willi ilestructlon. Esther
rvas culled to the throne ol Ah.iBuerus lo
'oil the villainy of tbe 1'iiu. Minister or
will ami moa uki.i* p
Can you do any good for your people In
he hind of America f The two gnat cud,
o ho attained are?first, to relieve lin pin
.le in their present dlstresi and trials; tne
BCOnd, IO liv them in tin-hoinc-of r f i * - i 7S
itbers hy making them proprietors of 'heir
arms, 'this latter is a difficult task; yet
be erv has gone foitb, and ali Irishmen, at
tome and abroad, have echoed the call snd
iroclaim lhal tbe Irish race n ill he - itUfied
villi nothing h s.. There is a peasant pro*
irietary In Belaium, Prance, Sweden, Ror*
ray, Denmark, Holstein, Prussia, Ru?sia,
Viistiia, Switzerland, Greece, i>7nt of Italy,
kmerica. Why not in Irelandf This is
he teaching of the statesmen "f England
nd ber scholars?Bright, Bobden, Lord
olin Russell, John Stuart Mill, and ol
laron Von Stein, the gnat Prussian states*
Il a peasant proprietary has made America
nd other nations rich, contented, and
appy, why should it not maha Ireland
lob, contented, anti happy? It i< worth
rbiletotry. Tboque*tloniR,bowll laug*
est to I eda im the waste land.-, to buy those
-tates offered for ssle, end to subdivide
'icm into f.-u ms nf twenty Berco among tbe
.?mints now in po-tseesion, BO !li7il in three
ears or In ton tin* tenants would become
into and owners of their own farm*. V7e
raul to st cine free homes for our Irish
inners dwelling now or Irish soil,
Tbe Government enid, if it io pleased,
UV Up Ibo rlgbl of tin* landlord- :ind lettie
io matter al one. Bul tbe present Gov*
nnil'nt of ibis country will not do this.
ill available persuasion should be brought
? bear to convince tin va thal notbin
ut this remedy, except -elf legislation, will
vcr make Ireland? as sin- -ought to lu ?
raaf, glorious, and free.
1 am your f .it hi ul servant,
Ulick J, (anon Botnuce,
P. P.. m. ir. i. A.
'" Miss Banu rakia Boyle, Wtukington, JJ.
C., United States, America,
he I m.il Mom uh iii bu I isl ii* tttiot.-Aii
I ii* *. pl.. ni. .1 Mister.*..
Posion, December 81.*-Additional de?
lila ol the shooting ol Mrs. Ward i>\ ber
?tighter vi -st erda y m.niing afford do Idea
f tin* existence of any motive whatever for
lat ad. Thc Unhappy 7itlait *v:is a lUbJe t
f ut.ivers il comment hst nlgbl : bul ti"
rn-is aMc to Jtifltlf] a abatement thal Ihe
lOOtiOg was in any way the ia-ul' ol
iiiliec. The gill waa \i-i*? tl at the j.- I re
:ition last night, and wept bitterly over
i-r .situation. She expWRRCd thc rn ,-t
noora alice! ion for ber mother?a stu c.
nut tliat is horse om by thc intimate
lends Of the family?and Rbi lias begged
iat her mother bc not interred until -he
in -ec her. The friends of the young
'Oiuail assvlt that ll lliu-l have h. cl) I ca-e
here great nervous excitement rn ide her
it ir, ly irresponsible for the act, even if
was committed by her. 'ihe OROfl is one
iat will be vi ry certain to engage the ,-,t
?ntiou of medical scientists io no small
Cleat. Intense Intern-t is expressed in
ie forthc'imina examina'iu).
Tbe shooting of Mrs. Helen J. Ward v. s
rday afternoon continues to be a subject
' universal comment. The daughter, who,
is thought, -hot her mother, will prolia
y remain in jail until January 7, when
i examination will be held. A medical
cauiiuer made an RUtOURf upon the body
Mrs. Ward to-day, which developed tbe
et that two shots wert* tired?one of them
aeluri-ig but not eoleiing tbe skull at the ii
rehead, tbe other entering liehind ihet- r, ?'?
issi ni* into the brain, and producing a fa-' a
I result. The bullet in the brain was prob, d M
r und extracted, and a flittened bu!- H
*, which undoubtedly caused the wound ?
. ??
. ? .i
N Um forehead, was found oo jj* Jj-' jj
i the room. Th! discovery involves tilt? rv
^deeper **??*"> as thc gentleman who
caned the revolver to thc ladles for their
SJlnn stales that he left one ehnmber
unloadeil Tor the hammer to rent ort. ..< a
prer nillo., against *???^X???>
and the revolver as found shows but two
empty chambers. Friends o the parties
te-titied to the affectionate relation...existing
Ix-tvveeo mother and daughter, and no ido
tive for the deed has yet been discovered.
Grant Sntb* xiii UbbaLu.-^shing.
ton, Drremb. r .W.-The New \ ork Herald
i- largely reapWMlWc for brlnginif (..nerd
(irani before the public as a pres.,1. nth,!
candidate; but since the furore bas started
it has bec. irvin* io hedge, and recently
that paper has contained many povveiful
argument'" why (leneral Braal should not
be nominated ssrain. These articles have
eontained many severe criticism* upon
(irani, and no doubt he has read them, for
tbe H?r*a_fappHed to tbe General resUrdaj
f..r permi-sio.. for Jerome Siil-on. one of Ita
eorreepofldento, io accompany Wm on bia
trip lo i nba and Mexico. Th. General re?
plied by telegraph i-uite curtly lind it WOUld
not be agreeable to have Mr. Bitwon accom*
nany the partf.?flipeefctf io thc tfacttMfl
it scc-n-. to bi gananlly eondeded in
Democratic circle! that Horatio Seymour
will heed the call of bil party and grasp it*
st ind nd again if tba cali i* made with any
degree of vehemence and unanimity.?tin*
cmnati Commercial.
A telegram signed hy over ono hundred
prominent Ban Francisco Democrats was
-.?nt Wednesday t<> the Governor *>f Kaloe,
endorsing hi* action, on behalf of the
Democracy of ."-ats Prandeeo.
W AltltlAI.KS.
Married, I', n.-uil.tr '..'.1 1870. Iii HiKrltv.iit IhC
retldenceof tbe bride, bi Ber.-L R. Ha rile*, JA MES
K. Ill, '.NI anl Mi- MATHEW. JUN Eg'all of
I'I.'IiIii.iImI, Va. *
Married. Dweasher 17. 1879. it '-trine.
lin*- ? -..nu' v. \";i., tba r.'-l.lciic- ..t" du- bride's pa*
rent-, hy Rev. O. T. Yii\i\m. WILLIAM ('. vvil.
.-??\. of Ul. -IiiiioiiU. Va., IO F. I.isl,IK, duii'litcr
of Dr. icm(-pta A. Hippo. Ro card-.
Med. i "Stertaj murnini*- at 7 o'clock, lUWlN"
RL'HTON. v..uni.?*' -"ii <>t ihe late ( oldomler i.ur
t?.i). In Un- seventh rear of bli aae.
The t'lini.ii srlll take place TODAY H-'iiNv) ?t |
ll O'clock at Miock..(-111,1 ((-M.-Kiy. Cl lllHl- ol'
ibe t.iiiiii-" ara lavlted. *
incl. December ll. 1878. al 11*80 o'clock P.
M.. .-ii ii..' residence oi hsr I ii-ii.ni'l. Lin lon,
llanoverc romy. Va -Mr-. VIRGINIA LIPSCOMR,
in i.rr italy ninth yt -ar.
Uer burial will tale place TO-DAY, -Janaarjr ld,
-it Me- hu-bano'-i n -i '. ' ?
Resides ibe in?ie*erlbstilc irlef to ber Irnmeillate
relatives, the rreatli >.r ihls noble lady will U-rlai
nih. . io n,.oi" borne* in which ber boonu.
charil*/ h .- di-pelled Ibe dark rloon* of p iverty Bud
-ll i rm; lo manta bearl thal bat been healed by
IIW halli. .,1 ber - vn,|.;itliv; 10 ?< >.-' munt.cr to
wbora h. r abonndlna lore and wlaecounsel wert
health lt. ?.lek** -? tiffin In darkness,fortitude
in ps in. --ii i ??..mi, >rt In bitter adversity. To aile*
- late bumai-ufli rln*r*eemedtobe Mr- Lirai omb's
chosen mlvlou an.l Intense dtllabt. *t haine -Im
wi .- ,-ni iimi. c. i< v-1 f. - rmi iiivot-.i mother, Tbenr
n .m. it oi ,i meek and quiet pint wat ibe attrac?
tion which monopolta cl Hie admiration of uren*
rer*.an*d cemented Ibe hearts of ber loved one* so
...iiiv ant fit ni ty aa that ibe dread ?ecrets of tee
tomb uno ii,.' witbeiinf torch or grief can Beear
in ik ri-.ii,,1. r nor crumble aa .\.
?? liic-.-i m. Ibe dead that 41e In thc Lord. Tin y
I., r. i hoi,, tin ir labors, m.il their worki,!,. f, How
iii. m."" *
lill ll M.S.
Masonic NOTICE.?The mem- 2
bei of Tl MI'I.K LODGE, No. I. \ XX
K. and \. M.. will sit. nd i rtal.d pommunl* *?*
?a tl..Till*- (Knd.vi i;\ im m.. al -t. Alba ni
Halt, al 7 i.?.-,... k, vi--ii1*, r- ol -i-u-r loa**es aad
r in-i. nt brethren are frat, rn illy Invited.
Rv ord* r.,1 fi" W. M.
J, J-1 ? ?_lt. I*:. TVI.KR. Secretary.^
MYRTLE LO DUE, No. 35, K. Ol /- k
I'. ? v t* i i ? tated convention ofA-W'-JV
roar Lodge lill- iFridsri I vi sis., at J :
". . ..". lock ;>t \..nr < ;i-i lc (i *.ii.?*>;?? lia) Hall.?'-... " rf
['sndldatcs for raak will be prompt in ?'l,*\V_--v/
ends nee. Those wbotave >.i paid H.-lr v*?7
luatierly duc< will doro al thi* meelina or become
i .ii-ii.n. Octal. Rs order of the ( . c.
ji-j-li I,.UN \V. ("I.KXN. K. of lt. mid H.
ifNIOHTbOFPI rill\s.-The A* k
l\ in* ml., r- nf IHM- I.OH.ir. So. fi'*ot*\
17. RNIUH1M or PYTHIAS, will attend ff +7 -J
: men I Kin Wilkinson's Il all on Nv " Vj/1
lill*. Uri.I.n I'VI \'\(, .1 .i.ic.f-\ '_'. VS__y
[URO. si 7 i.'cl<M-k. oilier- will tn- In- ^tiSs
tailed. Member* of sister lodgi iare Invited to at
cn.l. Ry . i.i. r of Hi, i.e.
R.8AMI l I. HI WV.
ii ?_-11* K. "i R. aad -.
N \ I IOS vi IliSK OF Vlli-.iM \ /
I: I* 11.m.. m>. Vi,, l>.,-. m., i i j. 1970. I
1 ol THE >l"( RHOLIIEKfl ol' lill- BAXR
sill bc i .nt on TUKVDA1 lull rtai of Jai uary,
1880,al 13o'clock M. ?(? W.t.ot ininuii,
<;*? i;*-eodidl_Tja-!i!er.
I'VI'iV ll WK OF Rl( HM'.M). /
Richmond.I).nberSS. 1870. I
I ..I" Um *-|(i. Kiln!.DI Rs ol lin l\l\
,\K (>K RH HM.imi win be lt. i*i la the room ii
... i Ihe I lr-1 National lt mk ,,,, nu I;-,. v , . -i n
li if .1 'lin.ii v. IHM?. at 12 oVIoCs M.
(I li"* .lt.I .1 Wit??- MILLER, i hi. -.
,.| l: SIGH I - \\n - \ 11 RDAY ll ITINKE.
I (iiiiiiiiin I lu' Wi HM*. > V\ . .1 ii,nar, 7Ui,
ih. eminent ti is** .Man
JOHN Mi ? I"l.l.nl'i.ll.
?, l-l*.. i*. <1 li*, lin- (,.,',, Jar a-ti-t" RR ED. I'..
VAK" I . .I..IIN A. i ASI . II. A. I AS".I>.>S.
ti-- RATE I'ORMYTH. Maa. \ I (. I - I \ I * >*
I I r. and > mosi pow< :-i al ,? .moan].
VlLLIAM M. ions i u.Ha nagi r.
WI DNE8DAY i \ i s \.,. i , ?.,:, 71 h?
I Itt It.-DAV I* VI Slsi. .1 mn tri Pih
..| lll.l I. -.
KI.'IDaV I Vi sis., .1 muan 9th
itu in-i ir.*
B \ 1 I RDA V MA I iSI- I lilli- ( E** VR.
-VII i:n.\Y I \ isis., Jan I,, > 1 nil,?
I tress c rc', orchestra, and parunet te, -?*i : i.in
I)-circle, 50c. \<i kxtiia * 11 w ... fob aa*
1 lil ni -1: vis. Mai lue. nrlci i ,:. -, r . ?! ->.. -.
."..-. : a.'.ul. i 11. BOC. '? al" ..I -. 1 - "...
londar.Oo'el ck A..vi,ai JohnatouS aud l ,.? ure
..\ .in..-. |a 1 01
FIJI %\? I M..
aJOTlCte?TO 'i' ll I! HOLDERS Ol
.1 '1 HE ** 1*1-1." < I.*- 1. ROXI -
.,1 1111
CHESAPEAKE \si? 1 inn i:aii.h Al
( "MI'AS'i .
CU Et-AF! Vhl \S I. "ill I,. I." Mt .vv IV (..iv I'\N) .)
(il I i. ) OF Mi '>M> V ll B-I'B 1 -1 1 1 1. '
Rn iixono, i> ? 11 :8* 1870. S
Tin- < IIF.J.API AKI IND I 110 I: All '. \N
* iMt' WV wii. .1 l afb be r DAY Of
v.si ARI - 1880. upon Itu ir :?? ..i ih.
iii.-. ? 1 tl. "in1. m. In tbe cln it Richmond, oat
il ill 1 their - P. ll Cl sa i:>.si.-.
I a lei est on said ii.m.i-wiii i-.- flbat
Till- not I.-.- i Inti 11.1.-.I t.ver alike outstanding
i>* r '?? nt. noni- ki*. .1 bj ': ? \
liii-i,.-ni ( Dm (ubi .1,1 tho . 1 ? in il :,v lu
? .,!.> .ucl 1 llilo Hallway ( I lUDaU) In ll" i ol - | ? i
1, . ii nd- ? ni n nd. 1. 1.
li desired bi Ibe boWi 1 of lb. e 1 on is, the com*
m. will liv. iiii-iii ibe opHou ol taking I hell
"? al] i' it c. per <? ii. imrchti-i -in, ni \ luLdlua
.c foi tl*, ir 1 nd it par.
Wll.1.1 WI- |J. WK KH WI.
.'. l..-]>?t -? 1 \ 1..-I'l. id. i.'.
Bk BMoao, -I. 1 1.1880.
Th. andi ntane I has opened ai lils old
, Mi- . iii.-, of tbe M. 1 ?: ; md Mei
1-1 ran.-. 1 niiii, ic *. next dom to Parcel 1, I. ...d a
r,.'-. sn.) ..tier-ci -ervlins to the public tor .be
1 Bi li \-. ..i -hu Ks. RosDH, sn 1
ni .ecaritle-offered In ibis er anj iber market,
-1 1 st ..-.11 \l 1 1...vs- ..s RE IL I - 1 \ 1 .
??'ii ?CUI Lilli VU c. ii.:. 1 . ,.\i M't'l i-uv ..11
ar.-in -I" >( K- ..1 ,1 kin,.-. I iX-Klf : IVAllLE
(.ri-<iV- bonrrbi vid old.
: iii. i*.iii, iu(?. ,.1 ail ?? .1 friends sad t'.,.
ii.i i- **i Derail) for ,1 conti mm ol 1 tu li
I In foi mi r r. .r-.
If?l-6t C. W. PURCELL.
I willi THI ("S-l-si ..I BEV. UR. ED.
ARD! :
ci. iim-.m*. v v.. i). rathi 1 I 1 -7-...
1 ta'e i*l?_viire lt) *ui)lt!c thai Profta at i . l>.
Al l" Xl Ls- in iruct-da il im iu Vim AL Ml -U
ml , narri 1 1 n ai Parfc-PtaOf ehureh. a>id on
1 ii.h.I-1 heaahi*mada al Hupartloi InstroPion
1 ki 11 "i in ssjquanl 0 1.1 in...t . iiinii, 1,dali.,h.
r !?* tli r..ii.lil- %.r-*d Iii tue (ctenci ??! music,
cl |iiin;- ?- ran- caoabl 1. of carry lue lu
1 .rw?r 1, from it*e ^ croea tars prlaetpli - 1 1
I- i.,ki,i-r and m*.r?- .u>\ drpanasea
lejiea. HoodytCgtereaard bim a-, Uailni* no -u
?rtor ?? s *.(. ? isful es lc r of rocil masic. He
sn sdvocste of ??*?? *n-i'?tl dial -ln?lii?*, and lie
in* ? Ic-w u* teai-'. > dillis sic old to -Ins*. S -..iii.
i>. 1 ii ,,1 or coi rn .- ill .-. ? ? ? ? 1 . a- .. >' ma]
**bia 1 tn*:, will n?-dl-41.Dollin* i. herb.al
in\ ju.Um. m from isl)**.' I 'mk--en and leard af
rotettet TAXI M. J.'II.N E. EDVABDR.
I'a-t* r Paik-I'ls. c M< Hi,.,' ii <!,nr b.
Kuli,00nd. Va.
Wr. tlc iiniiT-iKiie.1. .. i.-iii* raeelted luatrwa*
? ri I,.,111 Pr- (< mot ?.. H TWCMinv.I 111.1-n .
id hsvln.* wini -.-,*?*! ld- mod ? 01 1 ti.|*_i*1 ??_ 1 .
rucii h. ,*i;<i ni,, saaeem n bia i?'.... 1 *>?? 1
r.utk.eriblnj'to thi* f> res*. I rc lesilinonUI ol Kev.
r. K- w.r.i.1 as 10 Profc- or TATPM*hnaatiata*
> ?inii lewehert
I take -creal pl. s^^re ti) ei.,i.i>inr ll >? abate, and.
? US' Unpin by .ll I- a-l tl1 e. U "I H
a.Ii i - ku ih..- Cn t?*t stat s.ataonff tftdni l?*--- \.
snd I.. C. I vereil. rv no- he. Han to -so Hial a?
1 iii-iriutor Mr. K. D. '1 ATC vi surpsve Hi ni .all,
Ml ll li. I . NIH HALLI.
j__ wpkciai. hoticem._
tar srcui brothers;
mut bavbbsbm in Oaton to
MDtJCI TH*.'"* faftflatbl
artxK bf., ' n
CLOAKS-A very hsma -tatt "!' LADIES* ami
t HILDKKV.s to Im- el.>---.| out at cst:
SHAWLS m jtrt-st varl.-iv. such bj RROrHE.
Lvrrj ian. h? *, ot BOUL-VABD an-i kai.Mo?
ll Af, SK IKTs;
CAKI'Krs.uIL-CLOTHS, MVTTIN'r.*-, aii'l RUG!
In -rreat variety, te BS cl'.-eil eal ?l BUS timi
tliilr vain.-;
7100 pair* IILANKET.S at lew BBSS irtlOBTSBlS
lu DSESfl GOODA as saes all lbs Maat aevslUss
an.I -li i'll - 7
ItoMHAZlNES-U v hav.- a I n-1 itOCB ;
n. M .".c.. t IBBMEBB la the city;
mir ?1 CA-MM KU KS n-'ln, ,,| t,. 7 -. ? .:
A lar-p mci will a- url.-I -to.-k of -II.Ks .an.I
BATIKS In nil Hu- mow -halie-? -*it li thiiii sn
some licautir.il EVENING slIADK.S;
Oaf 7.",.*.. t>l. an-1 tlM SILKS arc Un- h. .t In thi?
a full Mae of DOMESTICS. botajM Rafarstba i*eeeal
rl<e. whloll will lu- ..ill .at tbs "I'l price;
Another I.e of ItKM .leap REMNANTS of IB18H
A very lame as-..rino-ni ..r UAMBUBG EDOISJGS
an.l INSERT! Ni.-;
A full lint- of TO BC HOK sad BEETONNE
lu ROSIEBT Wt hr. vc a full a-*'?rtiin-iit for ladles
anti children;
Another lot") tlm-c cheap BALBR1GGAN8 :
ROO -I"*'11 tuore ef ibosa LIMN HANDKER
CHIEFS si 8 ?. a.-ii.-'-i-:
j.in o \ini- u ul:- 1 Kl) FBI-NOES t<. be closed out
ac.sysrd.st -Yt LE BBOTHEBS',
Js8-*jo*J SI 1 Itt. at -tr. . t.
: rills METE*,
i;.n BBO \l> -TKEET.
iK-inif iii-it-nniiii"! lo i*edaee bl* stock praistratort
10 makin-: a ebsn*~? in boals) ii, bas marked bli ea*
tir>- Mock ?av down.
DBI '-- ??' K iii* elortng ral si .ih.1 in lo** coal;
1?I:I-??-s GOODS redaeed "rom .ci j t-. j."..-., tran
:io toSOe., t'ri.ui 80 t" ld c.:
Dnl'ltl.K-W Ililli NOVELTIES 1-. lu. <-.! from
*I gfi loSSc;
-I llll'l |. MIA) MA -t 'LOTH*. Bl - C. :
iliiieil ;
M.i.-Wi.ul, COLOBEDI A-IIMI IM ?* nduttdto
4."i--. 1 .-upi al'.r'i uli7\ 1. .I.ii.-.l fruin 7Sto00C ;
ULAI K ALL-WOOL <? A8HMEBE si s8c?very
Clie.lp :
(Oe. BLACK CASHMERE rc luced to BOc.l
M 1 a-mmi:i:k redueed t..n.">.-.:
? p. clally 1-0*. pricei made In K.l. Ai K an.lt OLOB*
MERINO ind Al.l.-w?"?:. (JNOEBWEAB Bl
sn mv rt doced prlc *;
BLANKET!) clo*tns ral nt .<>-t:
[.ADIEU sod 1 un.mn s's eeks closlnc out
in,? i-l? lu l.w c..-I ;
tint lot- of "tin rg.li below rraalsr pi lei
Ja 8 .ill. ll - Ml . i li's.
i BOM Ifj to IIB -
A I I" IC I M I t i.sr.
ritit ??-.
Ja 8 St JULIUS kt TEE'S,
Nolwllbslsodlnf lbs recent beary adranct 'In
n oil cai, >m- arc -tin Brillo*' our celebrated
i.i\KN-i!"-"M -nu; 1 at ROc.j
'l in-1 firs ipii'it\ al goc.j snd Ibe
l-l- 1.1.10 -I l-l AIM. SH I RT al it.
I Ja 81
\. iii 1/1.ki: ' **i..\,
ROO I'.H'.au BTB?:iIT.
U'-- ba vf bul 11 -. ived a full snd cora pk I* ii..I
s't.VI* I.I ll> tulUblt ror UOLIDAY PRESENT!*!.
? ILK ll \ MM, 1 IK lill- I-<. Til -.-ll I 1.1 .BOXES,
li LO V KS. II'" >l's. Mill IN-.' 1 IMPORTS,
I i.l.l. \ll- AM) . I Tr-.
: wi tb many 01 her article* t"" oumerou 1 to
? iitii.ii.
tl ACE and 1 GLORI l> CACHEMIRER, full line,
from l.',.-. t.. * 1 .*?..-,:
I'l.is ll -11:1 -. mi' line of rotor*, al 1.
'I KIN STRIPES, in -ILK-. >AliN.ai,l VEL?
?'??' m mu' -mk- run iii.1
\ 1 i.\ 1 1 kens:
1 rewmoreol IuomH HEAP DAMASK 1OWEI.S
ai alic;
\l,it- ~ . 1.1 n 11 1 mi S'S, and CHILDREN'S
I M.I KU K \i;:
IO-IKRY. WHITE i.tii.l.-.. and t ASsl MERES;
."ll'.N* oi 1 :? ll. \ Milli -i .
BlEBl ll \N 1 I All.. IB,
ll .-I Mai.1 . tri'' .mer al otb i ??-.'-., ii.-j,
Blt 11 si<?**. s?, Va.
Tl- t ck con 1 1- "i :, J.Al.'i.K AND PINE A9
0RTM1 ni OF Gi"'!?-. Imports 1
ho, ind in eonitsn Ij receiving ni u GOODS,
I VI.I.-, a I PATT I l.'N*.
Prli > -1-- ''ii the lime*.
-1111:1-. 1 OLLARH, snd CUFFS of Om 1
rei. lo on* r. no l 1
HAVANA I [OARS. Just recclv
1 - r lo! of HAVANA CIG tRSdli
1 ?? in ll iv ins of tbi 1878 crop, tbe bi -t
-..p ra] ed for ?
id rt t-.il. ??>'
"-' A!.'' R \\Z,
?I' -J'.' I "? li Governor street,
ri ns,,\ \ ta.
t I.I, PERSONS 11? \Vllo\i | mi; LATE
V Wit.1.1 WI MOI l.'ll.'ll. Mi -I - wa- in ?!? lc, .I
? |. .,',? i,--i to pr. . .. claims, m.I all pei ion*
h., were In ebted I
* llb lil, " . hil train-.. PEN I SA S.
? ,-i.-. 7ii.-, ? a t i ' i> ii., t, Klcbmt no, \ a,
1 A lt 1? .
lt bavins come t.r i,..-.-.- 'bat om mn it;-.
i i'?
ll i .pi.- ? ari <| n~ I., om I rad* ii- ;
inarki i i i Rli 'nu nil . pui I
h.,if-..m. artic ? of food t il led tl
...lllaT I'.'W.I'l. ?*4* nm h lo ; ' i. ?? - ur-. I\f
;r patr'-n- ii tine Ihil wv
illeve. , - I'? i.-i i. - iel '' - ?- I ' 17 1.1 Ns. I! \l\INi,
,i\\T?! || to ? r Cream ? f Tari .i
? i -lor- ?! li. a nt ll' .Iii rell iblt tuan
i Rainmore, and li rcoa lo none m (be marfci .
? ? ni lon "i ii - dlcal
i'll,ai': . 71 c.n wr ba vi ri -
?I, ihf
si'-r Ins" and ' Psiap .? . |
hi hei l
i.tlK r A'-t .t BROWN.
i. -.Boa \ roBi or 1
.- 1 > . \ M. I III.Ml- l.
i i- i ..li \< I. -I l:n I . (
Rlt DM',M-. Vi ri I, ifl'J. j
Uutr* ??
i.'-iim- men.? U yon i re made sq
live et*. i lins Rsk*
i i rn. st, rllii|K M
dorins i--n.|.inv. aud of the P*,t_i-*eo Biking
? I ' . M - ri. -inllll. Haiiwiy
i . | : .. inp-.neill- lo t?-:
I i, ? i,|i,,..._, oktui 't .inil < re;,m nf Tar?
f th*- Pitta -' - -? l?11-,v Sa.ila -m.i Ali...-.
I bari '? ?' Bsklrnc
rm lr ti InJ irlo - . u|***rltl*-S, ami flnfl lt fn-e
..tn ? h*_i.
I nd olber mlhni ,-,i - nu il.I- su1 Jr.-t
every, -' l*oar*
.- ra .ia ?? iii en i -a?-v! la
? ll,: nf val ol- -i in- n - i" "I" *"li a'Uiit.
oi pl. - ii .-.I i'i -lo ? x ? ? i:..ti'-u **?-r,- u'li
ia-.-l ii) rn- from pl* - ? i" ''.i- ell" osiers i*i?*y
ereo v tli-c-oi yourBJ-o*?le*l**e.
\ en rt
w il.l I \M ll i \, LOB. M. Dm
DUI* ,'h* n,l-t.
Wt BaBl ? n ! -i ? ll" ? ??'?' -'ii'-nit-nt iu*.l'- I.V
i,, ? . , .*. i; ... ind su imsie* tte
? ri* - sr l: ? ^ ii I'- * '? ' ' I pun, ?'"t t ti ai ii
i .. am uo to Hi pre-eol kiaodifd. Itu-ut.pr-?
,i. ni..! ??,.?." -i ba ?'-? wlib i's a a ts. ,
nar .Un*' j*i . i'i- r ? '" " i" '"
, ,.;, ii ;i..s .?w.. si ??*? ei kll?,*? n.
llsrllhatBU' UM IDS b* ? ? ot IffS i
t'r.RLlTWi M\ni ?AOTI BIIM ? i.MI'ANY.
t'e a-ia**-**! ,Vl "?'"?', ?**?
j?.tih AM? JOB ?VoRh NEATLY KX
Klri'UTEIl \! 'll' H ls: PATCH rBINTDW
BiniMoaa. Va., JenC'l *?? lw"t)'
THK NKW > r AR we greet our namema* friends
nnd patron-* w ;h our t*'?.| wishes that lt mar brinjr
to each aad all much pnnriierltf ami happiness.
We tliankfitll)" appreciate the patroaajce ("xtrndcl
'?? ii-diirlnjr thc ptist J car. Wt t*e?|S*.ik tt tttf old
customers, ss well ot Ihe many who hsvo not dealt
witt, iii In the pa-l, a lllioraj^iliare of their favor-.
duce urti") sn Increased nun-Hier of cii<tom*-? wa
will he belter enabled to BulBtata our 'dali nt -ellina
itu baal ?*.>.?*!- it the Iowa**) price*.
WI lind I.) actual .Msricnce Hut the larder thc
liiantity oi" g-BOah we s,'il the lower wi* can afford to
-ell thom.
W" aak, therefore.tha baartyaad Barnett .ip
aartof Hi- .-oiiunuiiliv In ..ur itr,irts to ki*'i> 4o~a
-f.M?l- to the lowe-t price*, a-i.irlnj'Hm in we shall
i-M-r ti-*-our atssasl ?"?doavon to do BO, and tru-t
iii tin lr g neron- patron ig.f t*> Uiow tkal our.-tr,? 11
ai, really appredatad*
Ja I 1017 tnt) 1010 M vin -i i:
\ i
Haring an extremely large -t**ck on hand.and
.iiiiB>vci-y de irons to close for ti.i- -i. on.thav
Mil .???inll.euee .1 \NI'AI,'*i 1ST IO Oth t their >!". k
it considerable
VI.I.-Wool. MAT EL ASS E CLOAK! at |6.I0?
? l?:
rhelr stock of COLORED DIM -s GOODS will ba
.?tl. r. d n ira rd less of coal:
ILA! K andi OLOBED < A-HMl I'l *- >t 1J. ,-. a
' ISHMI RES il iT ? .:
i'H I.I.I -u HUH < l:.--l. MOM IE I LOTH, In
Black at 33c, rom i rlj
;-i ai.I,-w<ml. i I.-i ii: i LOTH at 75c
rally rallied at $1.30;
burge ittck of BL Ki K and . OLOBI l?
BILKS al con Iderabk reduction from former
ILA< K -U.K.- reduced I rom 11.20 !?> B7c.s all
ile- daer qualltl. - n doced proportl mated;
l lull itock ..I COLORED -U.K.*" at reduced
price-; iii.., NOVELTY DRE88 and TRIM?
MING BILK p. el me for thli reason;
treal bargains lu CORSETS every variety "f
? IO -HU -ri.n ADJ I STABLE ? 0B8I I** at
1 donen PUBELINEN lin K TOWELS al ifl .*? .
ramed generally al f- i dom n ;
ii pi.e ? ENGLISH < v Ni i is I l,\ssi |. it iee,
bought at a great bargain ;
Ibo,averyl siss i. *? .tock of HOSIEBY at great
reduction to close;
AB PETR and PLOOB Ulb*CLOTHSatredaced
prices; besides sn Innumerable amount of other
good-i. Jt 1
INN! nwt i: (OHIMMIS.
IASH DIVIW M'- I" \ ? \lil.i:,
ni* r v) Mi n i - i: i i^i .it i i. i s 1880 OM "ii i. in v
liV l.ll I POI ll IKS i--l M. Bl 1 III.
I.IH -.-in-i i: A N< K i OMP ".N's
-is. I I l - ORGANIZATION IN 1 868.
hoi vi.lio.oooi Aaa.sa.
I -:
Dividend - Paym'l
vii Premium. in No. h in
, %. 1890.
- ? . - i ? -ii in
- ? -"' J." I RO '.'I nu ti 30 I7H 00
I HUH -.'.- 7.. tua 10 ll I ?
m t 268 7" 150 00 id .'..". ll*" 70
-7 ?-*? Ul
rh** n , i !-d ?? compare iii" above
?un- viiiii tho ??? *>i snvothercoinpanv. Tbedlvl
nds are paid In ca*A ami u ed to reduce the pre
lum, lt Un* were applied lo i?r hast ..,/./,
.. ?-.,.,...,-. , -. ,,.-, ...,.,.
oii'ii i n ? dd be i f largely
?? a . /.
\ thi NORTHWESTERN pavi a dividend on
ich premium, two addltlwusl dividends an due
il i - .'? ?? if . i- death.
i ? NOR I HU i HTKRN i- ti,.- . nh coi
in, li iii. in lei coi > ? ,, i,i inti il it iirreni -i * v I*
lu Ini i h. . ; i Idle.
lin NORTH "A l-l i I.S this |,? i|?
-I I,in*- -. -
Eor imilur Information, iddn *?
.inns ll ? IKY. -?.'. \?-, nf,
loir* Hain -ii-.-t. Richi.id* Va.
N. EL?AGRN1 s WANTED for Virginia.
i i EVEN in wu ii\m>. -I REI i -
Rll MM*.M., V V
. * '
I ii*veon tin- day admitti.1 my ??-.. u i 1:1 i>.
II \- \ S I -.. in ii lul.-r* >1 In ii
iclic ted "iel. r Hu Hi 10*11 un nf lit i (RUE
. I'l.l.l- W I - A ->,S.
Rl.E l> I'l 1 \- \s I -. - . \
Referring t.. the above, are :. k om friend and
? I i\\ I . i ! Si HOOKS o| I- A KM
i,'. .pi i: i ?, to ( Munn, ihe '
.h. ii
.ii ann . ? .!.--.
>RGI l>. I'l-K \-A\ I - A MIN.
Um im 1.1880. J i I-ci
N-t'J'.W E, INS! li ANCE,
VI; OF Till FlBMOl I.M AIH1KM..V .. ?>.
.lil ll GI RM vs l IBI -is i ll \s. i. ( ..M
?li *. I mi i I \l M ,BINI is-( l: \M E
? 0MPANV, Di SI \\ VORK,
mn. i s .. I !??'.. M \is -i in i i
I l 1 MU- m\ BB W. D. III. MU A ( 0
. h. und ... to Inform bia fi
?i iii. pa alli Hut io- lia., mored ta
... ral las).
I HE i. \i:..i -I LINES
lIl.'K is-t'i:\S( |
COt si i,". \six ITT PBOPBB1 V
I'l. ai Kl) Al LOM BK J I vi r-.
UBIRR tv**. BARI I i \M^ N I" ILL I'M" i
di rai wobld i i'..n iuk m?.si
--(?- PBOMPTLT Aiut-iH) ash caid.
Persons arho msj find it loeiJovenli al to .-all anon
-, ?lll plea-.- . iiiuinnlcute willi me l*V rEI.r
lr?M- Off |..-t*l-.-ar.t. and I will take l-l. mot,- III
,11.1/ noaa tiMrnn.
:. (l-l* THOMAM 1. Al.lttENl).
T fJEVKR KL INRI lt \s< i u.i-.s r,
Na f RORTM" Ttsiu -nun.
social \y> ni i..i Vlra>nta fag lha LOMDOU \*?.
BANCI i OBP1 RAI i"V ?: l.ouUou
.113.77 1 -l,i I .)
(ia iierai Airt nt f~n Virgil ts an I Nurdi < ur.illus, ot
? m-f.... t7('* Hld <?4
\ hare nt tl,* I ttbln* i-airoms* I reaprOtfnih
ilKUvd, promulna 'sir tales, e.-uiu^is s iju.i
lents -md promol I'uyiii nt vt t's*-v*.
Ap-ut*. waute-J. . -jd I ??
HOLIDAY 4.Oo|?a.
?Q^ llttOAD ITIRT,
!__?<*? YiOi UFA, [.AMP**, will, |*?re. mi,.,
and Ru *T'-r. *"" O'-sr ? Ile Kin* rsvi d slirid*. ,, j,
Full .lue of SILVER- IT. ?* I Ml AAI.'I. I,
.STAND*". I'K K UM \-l..|'-. CU Pl
IVOOM ? a'"' FORK! 'I f v . , ,
Lsri**'* lot ol" l.VI'VSr-K BOXM Mi I II? \", -
more of ;?ie Tra* -at c
Hain'some 1'INK, KABOOM, ..nd Ul | CLBVR1
PIM I HULK I--KI'S, v.rv |o?;
In DOLL-*. ALBUMS. V \-l.-. |. ;? ? ?,-..
and Hi.KID'S I liav.-a full li hm -
BXW MODI i.- ot 11 IBBA i .,?? i v j ? ->. ..
Hand-*.,,,'? WORK*, SI RSI R*| ,, , . , v >,..
i?\sKi. i- stall arti
DBI KR, u vi.ns-. p| \v.,-. Im.mis..- i
BETS,TB! sk- in..,, k-...*, ,?.,,,. .... ,-. -.,
< HILDREX- BOOKS, ?? lina '
Those BILI DMBBI ll. v- il fi i
Maka ant ral ( brlstmas ?riri--.
Three netr*styM NICKEL CL(Xk*j
willi cai. I,.', r I. inti r, ik . ? ? .
ail fatly warranted
W. \ "IrUV
da 19
HOLIDAY <*um.- : mw (,,.,.|,
S..IIIIM, OLD OR i R \-i;\ i \ i i;\ , |
M \L Willi I V\-l - . m| ...,si *| | ...{,
DI NMOKI ORN .Ml S"i?-. v
( i; 14 Kl l. \ v-i s, r...i ...i . |
I i: I l? I - ( rsi i;..t (>i i i .,, , ,.'.
\ rsi l IAN \ v-i - URN \Mi s i - |r.;
I'.ollKMI VS \ \
.1 Vi'VSI ?-:? BOX
M \.l?i| |( \. In ri. w .|. -i.
I lil S, ll ll I I S(.l.|-|| LISSI ?
roi Ll T-SI I--.
II UH i <>' is viii R.OINNI Ri
HMM I 71 IS ll \-:ii,l HI??! ?
I \r\SSI n i i.\l \ \-l - uni |'| \i | \\ \|\|.
i i:-.
i ' ? I ,
i-an I* foi Oil (I
i. ii. i v*. Lou, i. : i ??
I'l i /i.i i: UROTHI Rf
i ni mosi >. iods i ..i 11" i > \ i \. ah
I v l.i.l -I IND CH ETTI I I I
is nu un
... M. i*i \illi ,11 iii Lil)
I .,, . -ns si H Im
-ilk Itufflln-ri; Rid i.i.? i cl
.Ilk lian ker. hp i- . I tosh r>. i. r i. li.
Mid .III I
lan he -: I'm > -. ? Uh and willi i
Hld lil nil, III. n". I ci -|..|. I .'.*
'? ' ! .' ll! I
el SnailS, Ac, and il ? -? ? 11.1 HM KV
ii Ihe Mal* . d. M.
I HE I. M l-l s..\l 1.1 ll - is un u ?
GLA88 isii I "I i i lil
vMREH ? R \< RLE i.L v?.
? LORI si isi-. ul I - '? a pli ?
. until !
I Ita ol. v--. which i....k the prenti
i nlsii;
I ll: IK .1 IS. A. D- < 'I ll I - nd I
I'l ll I'l, <i ll - H
>i ( ?.ir vi1 i? dissi it sets i
II Mll'.l ll -I I - Mi.ii ,i, j.
I \ -I I- all |..|. . , Slid ' ?
Will have opened on iii* sm is-i\si
RM iii: DIM -DI V
isn i ..st.u *, \\ ire ? ?? i ?
Irely n. *?* design . (jKORO I ?. 11 -- ? s i
_ i
4 l'l'li: UK WDV l;l Kl,
A > tri s< ll RH \ sin
l (CMS., VA ISK. I.I I. \ I ISt
ld 1. VV lll-M ** -.
.--. |, cl*.I ,t. -
1 lioll I. I'KOI I I ll
I , ,
.*. 1 _-11.i .l(.MS M. lil-., i
IVJC'i BLANK-HOOK** \nl? ? ? i Ul ll
LOO" '. - I VI ION| RI i ,.i- III
E ML?1 ? I in
il kinda >?i i.i \ **i\ in >oR - ? ?
took-Hlnd. i ?
I Ililli I III ll f.lill lr* lill
lu ?. hive i in-. K Hook -
liecliy. N i- s
ni l\ I l(|.ll,-- I' h.* i- -.1 .. I
,, .? v niel) : lin i i
uk-: Mu, i .
. I- vi'll \\l.
I'l* RPI H *l l I \i:n
. \ I.ks DM.'- I i *-'
AIM ' -
: \ s iv . / ?? iv I :
MKM.-K \ sui ll
? '
i s
4.ico< i it.i s nu Matron*
JA LT. 10,000 *ack- l.l\ BRI.I ?
7 SAL!
DJ VMS'*-.
M \i.-ll \
ld ol bel - I
DA VI ?? '
(KO! I- i. I !
ci, ? < "i i i i
, VI VM" \ ? "1 !
IA V A < i ii,
!*ftO . ,1 .. M -
, I.I I'-.
d* rn K. V store* A ro.
iTEW I'.I" KW HI \ I .
.um:. v DR AV
si v', RAIS4NV,
l i
I I Ol IC.
?|{||m.i;u v ii li i \Mii-. i i "i x.
.i. I-., ru
? Sr U Mt'*. I --" 1 AMII *, . I
. ,
o SLOP .v *.!? - \n? ll Lol
ration <*' <t ?
-I p| RIOR : "ii; ri.O! R*
I X LOP DEI OBTir \l MM'Ml S 1 r Win \
c* . CAN<
Di < OB i K M BO sis RH ? * I ?sl'l I
il. . vs. K DE! ..i;i; MM) Si vv I'lMi t M
r s ii; v.
TBaaaatnn<* ,. I wi
I'll* ll ?? '
t-, i . he etty, and
nf..i ...td
tutor ,n i. ,,lit>.
I,i BR BAD vi' ? orru Bi
|?ll i. ui > Hi*! '"-ii.
vsd vi lllf ?AMl u?.i BBB
..? . , ll v>.rs l
ll \l. WORTHAM,
21 s.jt lu Ki) ni s ni -i i-? ? '?
All Ihe l.-?.ilus ret *i
omi iba ??? : * ?"' ?"? ?i"'"'*,J ???"??
tx uM*"t fsv.u-sfeie it-rin*- . _?_____?_
di-R4-awll.il WBUOYm m **AJrV*

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