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grtcrtmimd dispatch.
Financial Condition and Taxablfj
Values ?f the (irt*
*11irmr?nvfrnini<nt ??* Operafran*.
nf tt^ *tm\tfrmt ttopmritttrmt*.
?*ae\?Aent m??l Oth?*r tlnlcm Rurli
??Work nf thr Coroner.
He., ??r^ ?*?>?
_Uoch?*?t*r, our sister city on Uk other
?ide of the river, ls hound to us bv lien of
bustncM* and i*ocial Intercourse. The jxo
p*e of Richmond are thrown into daily in
tr-jrourae with those of .Vari.'.i-'-ter, and a
spirit ol good wilj and harmony prevails
between them. Mam-he-der has made rapid
profrrras during Um pa-t few years. Her
people have worked ?earnestly, rndeavorlnf
to pince the city on nn equal footing- espe?
cially n-RardloK Improvements?with the
breer ellie* of ihe Stn!e.
Mandu snr. it is true, Im** mit withflanan
eis! cmlmrta*-ui' t.K nndt o have numerous
?ther cities. Thin is attrll>ut?*<l solely to the
fnet that the ex pence* incurred forlmprove
cnenU proved to tie greater than wat* at first
?contemplated. Thc people have chown a
determination to abokc oil tin- financial
?enil?arrtwsmcnt. Already honorable plans
are being formed, whWi will enable her to
?rl?e plxrtiix-like from her Indebtedness,
and it ls hoped that ere BV*M Ibi will again
lest upon a solid and auhstantial financial
DtBplte the temj>on?ry eml)ari*a**nicntH of
Manchester, itu paWtH witluti the last six
or seven year.* in tiie matti r of htiildiiifN is
gi cut Iv crcotirtigi'ii'. Prior to that time
framed houses of -undi dimensions were
being built exclusively. Since thut time
the mle has heen MTrfWd. Neat brick
buildings have wufcRi that time, n- :i gPBO
ral rule, been huilt. -Our (-Miniate i- Hiat
more brick buildings Rave beeo elected in
Manchester within the last "even vcars thiui
were exi-tinK therein at the bejflaatag Of
that period. An laopoottOfl ol lecent im?
provement, we think, will verify thi- -t Rt*
Themanufacturinir Interests of Manches?
ter arc graduallv laonotlag. All alon? the
??water-line" ihe busy hum of thc spindles,
the noise of the runnin:.' machinery, and
the sound of the hammer and the mw, each
In its own particular sphere, bring a cheer?
ful and contented look IO thc Utm or honest
workingmen. The great water-power,
which, it is Bald, cannot bi surpassed in any
?eitv in the word, drive- machinery which
manufactures ROOdl that are sold at, tim.
profit In home market* aud in many foreign
Thc flour mun n fart u rod here i*. particu?
larly adapted to foreign shipment, and cspe
ii,ill\ to the South Auicniciiii maikets, as it
better stands the temperature of the Torrid
Foi) e.
Considerable imnrovement has heen made
in the water-work*. The dam has he* ii ex?
tended several hiindied feet, thus ftYlOf
Store water for maiiuf-w-tiirin;; purpose-.
The Information we today present will
?prove of j-rcat interest lo the citizens of
Manchester, and especially to those who
were boro and reined in the old '? Free
(Hate"; for they eau look l.nok over >curs
that have posted away, and willi a fooling
?of pleasure and ad in inn ion note I he rise and
f-rogres* of their native place.
**l ii ni lu ?H r'? Mev i nu*-?.
TThe estimated expenses of Manchester
during ||M |?ust yeal wen BB follow*.:
lutero! on bondi (I (1* Lt. t'JBO,7()U at 8
per cent.|W).('*)fl 00
Hm-.iNllll "Hld lill.k- I .(.'C.>ll ll Ml HU.'<!? 1,1 8.000 HO
e?iiM!i*?(*r <.nic*.|*.<*i iiicciiv. ?c. 4.&.*>.*> <?(>
a -l.** t *>t police and three policemen..., _.4-10 on
t-irt*t lisnrls.-.? (inonu
lls-M-on maier-llnc. Ai". Mild Oil
("ott of ohy .i-Min-.-jO.i un
(**st nf ceiii.'lciy. -,,|? um. (.?!? -.i and
lahor . l.n.Mi no
Hue j.1 ilkina land. i-t7 no
f.ivciioii rxpenses. ion (Hi
Kmi*. -??? ..I lln-tliikr-i ..in 1. BfiO 00
?,.i.i.i), ??* i tax on bonds. Him no
Kiiel. I xiii*. -i;.i|..in ri. ,V.. 400 01)
??? Lei .-ii) |.*.i. innis)
, ****** itt
Uer receipts for the year arc estimated ns
Willer rents.A8.537 R0
("rooiiillcsM*. . ia.') HI.
M-tiery. (10 on
Muni,, ic-i?- ll,cl - ',. . I. ir> Ol)
(iwiiH-r-t.il .|. iiii.I slave-lacioiy. 7flt Ol)
Hewet.#*.. 160 oo
Helmut rt: u ls. 4oo RU
I.ICCUCll. <*ll() lill
ItoRaand a.*at*. .-ino nn
WBfonamiiiI carts. 1 lo on
Kui.-s. :,.. ou
Neal*".. 51) 0,>
< enid* i v recclel-. ROO 00
l-t'll|.<-u?-ill litxi-i.re.imt* to 187H. .1,000 OB
Itrnl ?ii?l |K r-*,iinl Ux 1H7U, nt 2'j |kt
eeut..,._. M-000 00
? (kl-l,4f'7sil
.The .1 tty (iovrniDrui
The onlv clian-'cs made in the-'ity pov
(Turnout w il Iii ii the past year wot. Hie cl.v
lion of a I'Uv ( o incilitiui, to ill ?? vacancy
caused hy thu iev,-nalion of a lueu.Lei. hihI
Ihe redaction ol the police ItaOBrfO three
IDCtllhf at.
Thc citvernmcin appear", to have bera
well aditiiuislejcd.LUd thc ililleri-nt tit&ici_s
have curb winked rilli an eye *i_j.*li lo the
interest and wilful- of thc eily. faVloa
will be ftrtlAd UMBajMOOf thc elly ..itli- id- :
.Mayor, i. A- K larhe: (itv Attorney. C.
V. .Mcl.'.ic. Tieastircr and < olleetoi". ,| \\ .
i:r*'ii:iii_li. .?"i.: Audit >r and (lc rt* lo,', he
< oiincil, J. lt. N'aden . Siipci intend, ni of
Puhlic Schools, H. A.llinciek: (.Riff of
Police, Jami-* A. J.ip-c*-nih : IlitrlM on-ca
Ide, B. J. B. !>u*hci'j ( Unf ol Fire ivparl
nieni, A. A. V biirIi: (iv. Sergeant, limn j
Fitzgerald; (V_iuis^iv)n?r of thc Betcaue, 11
A. A. Allen; -toroucr, I..??*. Ingrain : C00>jU
anon weall h's Atlnrocy. A. C. Attkin-on.
HoAiti) or Pq-?*?.t; (.'o-vinksioNKiis.?j. A.
Clarke (Mayor;,.pi*-*iden!; II. T. Ballowe,
etiuncilaian from ?hc First Ward; J, IL
Perdue, from the Second |Vard; B. H.
Owens, from th* fill I rd Ward ; and J. II.
Pail* son, from Uk - (Toort Ii Wr?rd.
rfepnMM or Tat' Pijji< e.?J, A . (icntrv, of
the i'u-t Ward; ,1. H. Perdu*, of the St**
0OM Ward ; II. JU |Toster, of the Third
Ward; and F.. Stiej.-R th. For-Ui Ward.
Cor mon ( ot xciL?tT. W. (iemry, H, P.
Italloac, and T B. *"-}ims of Hie First
Ward: J. K. Periiuc pN0WtM| A. C.
tubb*-,and II. A. KtM__T, mt the Second
Hard: B. K. OwmmtW. II. WalUr. and
Isaac Ka**!!, of the Tfctrd Ward; andj. H.
Patteaon, Auirtiatlne Ku*.'ail', and A. 1).
Mint well, of tbe Fourth V i'd.
c*itt btRfjoi. trna* lat W. a. ca?i|)
bell, presltfent; II. J. W?isjl'.*er. clerk: O.
B. Sims, MT. H. Harnett, Ur. K g. WOW*
ger, of the tirol Ward; T. lt Fendlev,
Jobn E. Tanior, and li. C. Vundtralice. of
tb* Second Ward. Since ||r, f iuideralico
liati removed from thc city a vacancy ha
Leen created ir this ward. W, A, Ccmm>
md*, D. J. Wernher, and F. </. ll farmer.
?Ll>* Third ?jrd: Dr. 1>. B. Wjjifrec,
Charier Turner, aid E. W. Welalrer, of tbe
Fuarih Ward, litas Board meeta on thc
lbjr.4 Tuesday of -i?ch mouth in thc Baird ix
oebooa-buildiaj:, ajiiPifth and Hull streets.
HUBrUMt: <Cot BT.
WllWaRj I.CIoptoR.Judife: ||. ?. Dural.
?lerkj A.. r. Attklaao^ ( ommonwcaltb'.
^oimm*'lJ*utu A- ('u,,lw,' m?yo*-: J"---**.
< . KoheHacyi, f). L. PoHiaR), John t. Tay*
IO/, and 4 . t. Page. comauiHSrfooers lu cban
cery. Neeta an thc third Mvsiln in every
mooth, except AuguM. Ut* Jarlsdlctlon to
war and detcrmjiieall^aiiaea i# Riw or chan
oery arising vvlibOi tbe city or rn ithi.i one
*Ue of tua corporal* limit*.
B(*?iKca?D''iiM>iiR Y?4a.--KelaoycB8e?
EroBecuted, 7j eouvlcied, 6; Btqujtied, 1.
T_fIDe'oor" P?'->-**-?ut*Rl. 7; oonvlctad, 5;
?quilted, I. AotiooB at Ibw commea*!ed,
?; JudffioaalB rta tiered, li ? peoding, IA.
VwtmtxrjeauMt proding Januar), 18M, 711 >.
-~A tfartof tko rur, 30 u>*a\, n, im
Final dee roos, 19. IX**** re<_Irdp'L m
Marriage license* isMted,fjO-wblto, jw; co?
lored, _I.
rHB?TEKnr.i.n ciacxrr coprt.
This court eonvea**** scmi*-snnnally*--tlH'
101% of May and l**h i-f November. ** N
Wflt-i-Trr ia Judsff and E. II. Ftournov
chrk. There wr-r* 40 wwwWCtrfJBBBBB and
?ft common-law 4-n-.es on docket during thc
year. (Inc hundred rk*inci-ry -wiKrr* an*!
15 common-law cases were ent-rrcd st tke
last terra of tl* court.
matobN porBT?poi.trK rowr
.hme* A.narke. Mayor; Chh-f of Police,
Jam'* A. Lipscomb (clerk to tire Mavor).
lither M?-a??wr* of thc Police Force: lt. P.
Sm>tt>, br* assist aat; R. C. .loni**', second
as-.l-.tant. Tbe foKowmg ls a statement of
tb.* number of arrests in ide during each
montb ol Ibe yesr: January, 35; February,
18; March,-Xl; April, 42; May. 45; June,
?M; July, 40; August, 27; September, 42;
October, 21; November, 2",; December 26?
tout, 400. For felony, 18: misdemeanor,
ordinance violation*, ?4; derangement ol
mind, 2; civil process, 6.
I**, baa, nm* Vrbirl,*-* Lir*mie-U
During the pa?t yesr there were 287 dogs
ll goats, snd 39 vehicles licensed. The ordi
nsnec conecrnia/. Ikt licensing of vehicles
wbs passer] by the Council in 1875, but did
no* go Jato effect until 1870.
VLre Ur i? ri-ur ni.
Thc Fire Department of Manchester con?
sists of one hand-engine, one hook-and
ladder truck, and three hose-reel*. There
kart been no tires of any consequence du?
ring tbe vear, and the engine ba* not been
Mod. The following are the officers of thc
FircDcpsita-fut: A. A. Waugh,chiefenai
BOtPj I, Mole* and li. A. Jordan, .varden*.
J.J. Wirt, captain; J. A. Lipscomb, a ??ere
tary; J. T. llrown, ciptaln of truck.
Itu uk of >laiiiti'?t*r.
The Hank of M-inchcstcr was organized
noon after Mandu ster bCOBM a city. It
bas u capital of 915.000. The following are
tbe officers: diaries W. Turner, presi?
dent; Henry J. Xunnally, vice-president J
R, W. Nunnally, cashier; with the follow?
ing dirc-lors: U. C. Mt Kin. F. J. Hamp*
BOB, W. II. Parri.il), lt. 8. Whitehead, Dr.
A. Montelro, Harrie J. Nunnally, and W.
EL Walker.
Thc 11 a nu fut lorie*.
MABBBAIX MILLI maniIPACTI kim; company.
Tkla company hus been stier-t?sfuMy ope?
rated dining thc year. The following are
tin officers: John L. Rion, president; E.
T. Jame*, secretary : (i. A. Papal*, superin?
tendent. This cotton factory In* 7.ni."
spindles nnd 196 looms in operation. They
employ 150 hands, two thirds of whom aie
They manipulate about 1,800 babs cotton
a year, at bb avenue weight of no pounds
They manufacture from 9.000 to 10,000
yards of brown sheeting and shirting cloth
pel day, which is worth from live to ,-ight
eeatfl B yard. Nearly all of the cloth made
is consumed in tlie southern or home mar?
This establishment hi* been ii: operation
aereral years, ai i employs about one
dozen hands. During ihe period of its ex?
istence it has ground sulliciciit sumac to
denot4i a capacity of 100 tons ,-i yea;-, lt i*
put ii[i in bags weighing aliout 190 pounds
each. Philadelphia and Wilmington, Del.,
are the consumers of thc production, Nvhich
i* BBOd for dyeing and tanning porpoees,
Tha min* ara operated by Marlin Brotben
& Baker.
These mil)*-, formerly known as the Man?
chester Cotton Mills, Brew built in 1989,
and were put In operation the following
yeal. They were sold several years ago to
the present company, and hive since been
In slice s?ful operation. Thc following an?
the otHct-is: Samuel 1\ Artineton, pia *i
dent ; Kdward (iiali;ini, general agent and
tn:i*iiier; J. E. l>,?wn?, super!-leaden t.
I lu *i mill* have in list- 9,000 spindles and
200 looms. They employ 990 hands?three
fourths ol nvl)om an- fem iii *. the remainder
b.-ingincii and boys. They OOBBBBM 1,000.
000 pouads i-f raw material during the
year and manufacture 11,Ono yartl* ol -.heit
lag*, shilling, and drilling per day, which la
sold et from live and a half to ii. ht tani-, pi r
yard. They sell goods in but li ihe northern
Ullll aotlth.lil m.-ilh.l-, but jw im-i-mlly to
the home ti ade.
This mill hasebaa?ed hind-- during the
yesr, mid is now rented by Mr. lt. a. La?
tham, an expire need milh i. lt is an old
establishment, and is being IttOOeaafullf ope?
rated at preeeat. It has taro pans of burrs,
and can grind about 998 bushels of cu ii :uitl
ll bal iel* of flour per day.
This establishment, loan known as tha
Manchester Tannery, Park, and Bom (
Mills, employ 6fte-gi hands. Twenty tons
of sumac can Ix* ground here in one wc-1.
ll. also has a capacity of grinding,"?,) tor. of
barb per arees, ne tanning eapaeit** i**
9*000 )i)dcs a year. Tin* uiiilcroil hm al iii
the business is laoiigbl from avery portion
of the Stale la ritilraid ears, w hirb eui be
unloaded on the premises. The proper!J
i*. valued at 99S<009, aad i* owned i>,
Bowaa A. Bradley, it is situated near the
p,*tci*.buig railroad eroesitia in tb** upper
uart of the city, Kiid eperated by "Shot well
I Co.
K. T. Pain, ?f Porb-raiouth. president;
John Ott, treasurer.' and W. H. Parish,
Becretary and aapaaintenAlent. Thia is the
oily est:ilili-.|inx-i!t of alu kind (oftfonse
?linnet) this sidt* of the J'o'oinac. All of
the cedar used aaaBM from Ihe b>lemal
swamp. Thc loga ute b).*uglit to tile fae
lory, and there ma-de into buckets, lobe,
chums, Ac. They un buund with li,.--,
BahoBhlsed iron. _*i.l piala iron. ..he-..
goodi- are sold almost ?|| over tbeiUatted
States. They i tu ploy li 'uin ?.,"? to 100 banda.
< ipari.yof works 199 dOBea buakeleamd
150 ne?.ls of tubs perdunj,
rBBBA*00m wuias.
Tlie iwrra-cotta work?7 of Siuim-I AttL'n
soij, ?lt?itcd neal- lb? ffatlBaail on upper
Hull sti*,-f, la perhaps thc only eetabitab
ment of this kind in tbe 9|Bt_ Aboal
forty binn.* ara n_ ulai tc aaaploped there..
During tin year 91,490 teat of terra-,otu
pipe, ra tig it! j; from three lo ten ituhe* in
Jiamelcr, un.! 150,000 feet of drwti-tile w m
paaBfaeturad at the e works, a bridk*
rard is alsoe-onnected willi thaaatahllsba
?_*nt. The wctrks eover atnuit tbre*- Borea
?f groOnd.
BABOBBBaBJ Tai-ek-mii.*. OOMTAinr.
fi., lt. WeiKndyke, president; J. H.
?lucid*, aeeretaas; r. ll. Wallaaa, geaaral
at5*ii-_ and aaaBadateBdeat. Papei-tfrlae
Md TB'tilte and uiiMiilla papt |*| are uiauifac
uro* l.y Ibis ooay_oy. They have a ca
MM! for making J?>oo pound* of twine
*i'4m?, and 1,909f BJIBda of paper. Work
urifl** the past year BBB been confined al
Baataaeloalvely te ti,*- manufacture of pa*
t*r-twi*c, about 4,0t^ harrell of which has
een made. This etfytWlisluneut aatployi
bout liirty-five hand*.. Npiv York and
l.iltim.rt*. arc the |rb_Bi|ial markets for the
tlc of l_?\u good*.
Baird's P99JWK,
This eslAiUbment, manv vears ago, was
inoag tbe fweroost of Us kitd in the State
wasfousdkfrd by Mr. Robert llaiid. now
BBBBBBi. and was worked waeeessfullv for
number of yean. It bas not been in'ope
_ion for M-??-*al years, it Oas recentlv
Bama Um prtpaHj of the es,- of Maa*
Thi* factory ha? ? capacity of 1^00 tons
?r a ut-u m. and it cuusumes .tit IhaahOBka
be procured from Ihe country w?bin a
dius of twenty or twenty-live miles. Tbe
ucks, af ter being worked and bal. it are
ought to Mr. Stacy's Uichmond bout* or
ijiped to northern and southern .'Uaik.t-.,
here they Bnd ready sale.
OiW r Muuufu. iori.?*.
Dunlop ii Mct'ance'-i and Walker & Ssun. \*P
r*** dourlag mills (office In Kichmond) VaC
* situated here. -M.
Besides Ibe itiaoufaetories enumerated, I ,r
ere st* three tobstvo-stemmerics, one to- ?
eco (chawing sud amoking) factory, one f*,'
ittr*ws factory, snd Ure brick-yards in
ls city.
Htre. slso, ure located tbe coach-, mt
lae*, and paint-hops of the Danville and
tersburg railroad companies. Tbe shop.
tlie former cover an area of about eight IT.
ea. They euiplvy *$m &uuojtf iijakf their ' ttl
own coaches, and repair their rollin* Block.
The shops ol the Petersburg railroad cover
ahout two acres. They employ twenty
banda, who an; engaged in repairing rolling
In lite manufacturing luislne***; In thlscRv
f2,000,000 of capitol I* used aad 1.000 bandi
are employed, while Just bevond the o?rpo
rate llmiti arc the extensive woiks of the
Richmond Granite Company, who eaiplny
some 2.V) hands in cutting and dressing
granite from the quarries of Chesterfield.
Bri. k-Vt*. Wi ru:.
A comparatively new and iaiportant
branch of indn*tiy In this citv, ami a result
of the erection of the F.ee brtdrc.ts that of
hriek-making?4.i l'i,o<)0 hartog heen nwtde
dining the season, which cimaiences l*t of
April and usually ends ahout the 1st of
I**st?ii< s. 1.0..1-.
The public schools of this city have heen
well conducted during the pa?t year and
largely attended. An efficient corps of
teachers are engaged at the <**hooK and the
-eh,-lars arc trained under careful and
rigid discipline. The total nnm.ier of white
scholars is 280-132 hoys and 148 girls. Be?
low wc give the number of males and fc
mil.- in each Behool, together with a
rl'1-..tieation of the gradi s and the names of
the teacher* :
Blfh School. No. 1 ? K. Morrissetteteach
er--13 females and 16 males.
School No. '2-Mrs. A. I*. Walker Cach?
er?30 femalia and 10 males.
School No. 3-Ml? Hettie L. Irving
teacher?34 females and ll male*.
School No. 4?Mi-- Barbel Lyon teacher?
22 lemah- and 28 males.
School No. .**?Miss Nannie Hatcher teach?
er?31 females and 1!) males.
School No. 6 (primary)?Mrs. Sarah Hall
teacher? M males and 28 females.
The last named is divided into two
schools. Some of thc scholar- are taught in
the morning and others in the afternoon.
This arrangement wa* made on .ace .lint of
thcliir-'c munt.'r of scholars in the primary
department. All of the-e-chools arc latiirht
iii the Ilnird huildin '.on the corner of Fifth
and Hull. Mr. Elihu Morri.-settc is princi?
There are only three colored public
schools in the city. The High School luis
twenty-bIx scholars on the roll, and is
taught in the basement nf thc colored Bap*
tist church?Iii v. A. Biaga, Jr., i- teacher.
The two others are taught by Mi-. Gibba
and Mis. Wooldridge: the farmer ll thc
corner of Twelfth Md Baiabridge sfr.il
and the latter iii the corner of Fourteenth
and Decatur -neets. Tbe two lust named
hare ahout thirty scholar- each.
Chan han ?'?id < hareh RreletteB.
VIKTUODISK "iiritcii.
Thi* eburefa is ibe oldeat lo tbe <itv. and
was liuilt in is.p;. and ha- a membership
of 686. Kev. B. F. Woodward is pastor
and J. ll. Perdue r-reordioR Howard and
li ea-ii rei". The amount of money raised
donog tbe year waa fflJUO. TbocborcbU
valued ai 612,000. The parsonage beloog*
in-to the ehureii is valued at 62*600. lu?
ci -ease ol membetabip dorine the year ll").
Tbe parsooage is situated oo tbe corner ol
Ninth and Porter streets.
Mles Sallie Walker is presldeal ami Mrs.
h. J. Wiisigcr sr-cretaty ol thc Methodist
Pan mage Society, ll meet-every Monday
afterooofl lo tbe pastor's -tudy. in rear ol
the church.
The Ladies' Bewtog l Ircto of Ibe nmc
cburcli meets every Tuexlav afternoon ifl
rear ol the Methodist church?Mba Sallie
Doolordi presideot; Miss Ora Va.icu. rice
president' Mlaa Linnie Tenelle, secretary j
Miss Cora Morn-, treasurer.
Thi- Booda*/ icnool has grown eonaidera*
hiv during the >( ar. I. c. Wells is super*
intendent. There are 100 scbolsrs on the
roll and 6 tea<-hers. It meets in Ma?oolc
Hail, on Fifth street between Hull and
Bainbridge street*.
RAPTMT rm i:< ll.
Thi*1 church i- situated on tbe corner ol
Eleventh and Bainbridge streets, and baa i
membership ol 600. Ber. J. H. Bager ls
pastor. Tbe followlna; are the offlners ol
the church : W. L. Moody. I?. A. Chalk*
lev,.I. B. I),ivi(i-(.i), (i. '1'.'lil.inion, Elihu
Morii-seite, Wellington -Brandi*, M. .-*.
Adams, and A. \v'. Tra J** lor, d?Moa*. John
w. Hali secretary, aad P. A. Chalkle*
There i> connected with tilts church B
missionary society, which mies on tbe
third Sunday afternoon Ol each motn'h.
The offleora arc: w. T. Pitt, president;
Buford Adkins, seeretarj; and A. w.
Irayior. treasurer. A society lor tbe relhf
ol the poor wa- organlRed during tbe year.
The tallowing ate the oflloers: Ker. J. ll.
Eager, presldenl; 8. E. Woodtin, seeretarr ;
and E. Morn--, tte, treasurer. Directors:
B. H. Morn-sette, of the First Ward; lt.
W. Nunnally. ol the Second Ward; A. W.
Tiaylor, of the Third Ward; and F. A.
Lamb, Ol the Foin tli Ward. Dr. T. 1'.
Matthews is general director. Meets when
in .-. -san at the church.
The Sunday school in connection willi
church has a membership of 660. T. E.
Owens i.-, superintendent.
Ilex. J. H. Stringfellow, rector. Beti*
.flence, Tenth i-treet between Decatur and
Stockton. Nuinher of couiniunicant", 186.
The reatry i-- bi present *-,>ii,i.-<i ol Colo?
nel s. Barnett French and (J. T. Newcomb,
Wai "dens; (;. A. Pep!.-, register: I>r. g. _,
Ingram, treasurer; w. I). Toler, w. s.
BlankingSblp, -I. c. M(K)rc, and John T.
Whitlock, vestrymen*
Ti.e Babbatb sch,ml in connection with
thi-.church i?, in a flourishing ( ondit ion.
Tbe Increase laeoawsuR?'cant- dining tbe
veal wa- 66 per cent.
NiimiM r of scholars, 166* average attend
ance,BS0. Kev. .1. h. Stringfelloa i- super?
intendent and s. Baa?ett Trench asaistanl
superii tendent.
DuriRR the paal vear thc church hts Leen
neatly -Refitted and eolaiged; a handsome
(urnaeeshas also been paecbased. Thia ex?
pense aaaaunted ta 6S6fi. and bas heen paid
io foll, aad tbe church al preseol i-out ol
.PRE .-UV I hi. I il CBI BOM,
?orner of Tenth and Parter streets. iJ.v.
Willum A Campbell, fMBtOI : loider.ee.
rwelltbaad Decatur streets. Membership,
06. 1'he paator la itleo ibe supariotendent
d the Sunday school attached tn thc church,
il.i.'h numUr- Hs-iliolar- ami if tea.-li?
l's, w. t. lithgow is aeaasi u j and James
.. Rogers librarian.
riniMR-R sim*at ooRoaL.
Scholars on m\\: Mu'V, ?(>:: female ,-)7 ?
?t_l, llg, Amount of fTilartlona from
ipril, *>17.:ii.
I'hi- school i- hut one \ MTafid, and is in
flourishing comtiiioD. inc ***jiooi * held r
? Lyceum Ball every Boiofiai afternoon. I
r. H. l'harr i* siiperiiunidt nf, ??auI Qaarge )
','iy secretary and treasurer,
CelorrS dh ure hrs.
The Manche-ter colored liap "J**-rtmrali is
ui-idcred the handnom.-t t% bb*M aa tit-'
ifgeal church in the citv. n j< iMMioAaa
ie corner of Seventh aid Perry Bl .*?*?**. Jim.
. Ilinga, Jr., is pastor,and re*td?**a n-rtarth.
u tn r of Fourteenth and Decatur Rfc ac la*
emberahlp, i,5oo. BaptlaaM iinri_rt- Uk
'ar, 26; deaths, Hi: contributed Un aui,
onary purposes, f-jo. This chBircb WMre
odelled durn.-th- year at an exp* m* oj
I,uliii. Two thirds of lin- amount lia*' I******
nd. The Sunday m-IiooI OORBOOted wit -itt*
lurch has a membership of 150. Jolur t
ewiirtt is superintendent.
lt. in-?*il* in Hr.:. r-.
Manchester Lo4gr, No. 14. A.F. and A.
.. meets every Saturday ni_ht Lerore the
ill moon. Alexander Fitzs-ciuld, W. M. ;
H. Yaden. secretary. Membership. 100.1 r*
OIUi-KEU.oVl.-'. IH
Stuart Lodger >'o. HI, meets every Tues%r**
(J nijrht at the Nunnally btslldlof.ea the n
mer of Eighth and Hutj straeta. t. M
? uslns, X. u.; J. h. v_l,n. * cretafy. la
embeishtp, *50.
Hrnderson Lodge. Xo. 103, inerts every
i?sday night at the corner of Tenth and
Jil streets. J., p. j^e--, X. CI.: C. 8.
el's, secretary.
Priendsblp Lod-;e. No. 20, Knights of
lilias. William H. Owens, C. C.T I R.
^en?, Jr., V. ft; C. P. Walthsll, p.; W,,.
Litbirow, K. ol H. and 8.; W. B. Mis Mi
*iy, M. ol F.j J, U, Foster. M. ol E. I
Trustees: F. C. Webdger, W. T. Lithgow,
snd .1. H. Poster. Representative to the
Grand Lodge, which meets In Lynchburg
In Febmsrv nett, W. T. Lithgow. T. W.
Gentry is pa?t chancellor,
nan BBB*
Indisnola Tribe, No. rt', I. 0. K. M..
meet* on corner of Ninth and Hull streets.
H. H. Hurst, P.; W. A.Oibbs ff. s.; c.
S. Wells, nCimi A. W. Pahr, I.S.; T. W.
(.entry, C.-o! H.: A. C. Gibb**. K.ofW.
*vo, ia I Orcani-e-itio-aB.
l.YCEl'M Cl.I H.
Meet? at Lveeum Hall every Wi -duc-dav
at 7 o'clock.' C. S. Wells, president; C. F.
Lipscomb, vice-president; 9. I*. KOtera,
secretary; W. IL Bradlev. treasurer; .1. F.
Bradlafi a- w. owens, anti w. h. i barta
ton, trustees. Membership, 18.
bkethovkn HD9R-I I9RK9ATI0V.
Meets at Odd-Fellows' Hall every other
Friday. William I. Clopton, president: l>.
.i. Wcl-dgcr, secretary; W. II. MeCrnry,
treasurer: E. A. .Vin bold, director. .Mem?
ber-hip. 190.
A?lab Merritt. president | George Kearns,
secretary. Memt,ership, 6.
This Club has a membership of 2S, and
meeta each Monday nii*ht at tlu-ir club?
room?president's house?on Decatur be?
tween Ihrhtl and Ninth streets. Tbe fol
loarlag are the officers: W. D. Lilli*,'.w,
prealdeat; H. P. owen, Jr., -fee-presl*
dent: Emmet T. Duval, secretary; .lames
Webriger, tren-urer: dosi di Hinton, _er.
Son* of Tempera ncc.
Manchester DifhdoB. dunes A.Oeatry,
worthy patriui ch: William F. Harri-on,
worthy associate; W. S. Motiteiro, reconl
ing scribe; William A. Foster, assistant
recordtag Berthe. Kev. J. H. Strfagfellow
is thc retiring past worthy patriarch for the
term; li. C. Traylor the local deputy.
Mi?mbersliip, .*?0.
I'oronrr's Keporl.
The Coroner fl>r. s. l. ingram) rtewed
Uteea bodies daring tha year and held invo
inquests. There were no poaf-merfeai ex?
aminations made.
Maury I ,-nirir-rj-.
The foBowIoft is tire report ol iBtertnettti
Ib Maury Cemetery lor ihe year: Number I
ol whites, IS?-28 males am' 17 females; t|
of which were paupeta; 97 nader twenty
one year*, and 19 between iwetitv-otie and
eighty-three years. Number of eolored,
?JO-Ki mal'* Bod 19 femalis; ll of whieli
Mere i sopers; 19 uodertwenty-one vear*,
and io between twenty-one ami eighty
ft ara.
Matu hester ii.i*. two newspapers, both of
ar bleb are published weekly. Tbe Virginia
i ourier wat eatablUbed In 1874. Tin- I'm
t/rriiiimc is the organ of the BeetbOTeB Aa
social ion. ami Mai orgaalced during tbe
p:i*t year, ll laowoed by C. F. Lipscomb,
and is published every Friday,
The I riisu..
Tin la*t eeuaasof Ifsneb-ester was taken
in l)*7n, when Ibe population was estimated
si 5,140. lt i* now believed that tbe popu?
lation is between 7,OOO and 9,000.
i.Colornl Hr ii i-1 olen, Often anti Soiii-tir*. a
111 >t ,-*. > 11 Lodge, No. Ki. M;i*t.n*. A. S.
M.'. W. M.: W. II. Hiu.-I.e-. -eel. (arv.
Erergreen Lodge, Nu. 1,999, u,. r. o. of
Odd-Fellowa. John E. Howlett, N.G.; P.
E. Richardson, Becretary.
Burdell Lodge, No. is. I. <>. ti. ?*'. Charles
Darts, W. C.; I . II. Bobinson, secretary.
lt..!.iii-on Lodge, No. m. I. o. (;. 8. A.
Warner Behool*. W. C.; C. H. Robioson,
Sharon Lodge, Mo. 99, Daughters of Sa?
maria. Mi*. Sally Mayo, P. !>.: Mis.
Howell, I), of H.
H'.pson Lodge, No. .".ti, Daughter! of Ba?
maria. Matilda Claiborne, P. 1>.: Elizt
betta C. Carter, l?. af B.
Friendly Division, No. 9, s. of T. Lewis
Baptiste, W. P.: C. W. Logan, H. 8.
East star Division. Daugbters of Tempe?
rance. Mary Stringfellow, w. P.
Keystone Division, No. 02, 8. of T. A.
ii. Powell, W. P.; William rt. Coghill, B.
Blstng Son- of i,,ve. Thomas Ford,
un -iib til.
Old i-hoiiix Boclety. W. II. Hughes,
-t ereiarv.
New Llgbi Society. Lewie Clarice, nro<
Daugbters of Love. Sarah Edwards,
im siiieht; B. T. Edwards, secretary.
Humble Sainta Society. Mra. Maria Hen*
deraoo, president.
Bialag Daughters of Liberty. Mrs.
Wooidi Idge, president.
Knights ol Jethro. George Jefferson. P.
i . M. M. M. c.; M. N. Wt.Irldge, preti.
deal: C. E. Wooldridge, lecretary.
Blslng Son* of Liberty. BicbardWool.
dridge, president; M. N. Wooldridge, sec?
United Sisters of Love. Mary Simons.
president: B. T. Edwards, r-ecretary.
Blslng Star. Nancy (iiei-n, pn-ideiit :
B. T. Edwards, secretary.
Striving Daugbters of Bethlehem. B. T.
Edwards, secretary.
Maaebeeter Union Binging Association,
fohn A. 'ruiner, president; Miss M. V.
Edwards, s.a-retarv.
Sumner Literary Aaaodatloo. W. H.
Hughes, president; M.A. Hani*, secretary
uni critic.
Military?Union Guarde*** J. H. Caa.
Bingham, captain; James S. Baadolpb,
arderly sergeant.
Mure 4 olorci Noel,-ilea.
Tb'- following eolored societies and or?
iel** in Richmond wen- .-et nu .ami dc
u Bed lo tx- irubli-h.-d in otu edition y. -t. i -
la) . but wen- crowded out :
'...o.I Templar*' Assurance Boclety meeta
wt J >r. FurgU-son-s offlce monthly. Dr. J,
_.Ftorgassoa, president; IV, ll. L.Combs,
lice-president : t). M. Steward, tn-a-urer;
[l ,i. Franklin, secretary. Tbts Saciety
.-ive* tin* tum af |1,000 on the death "f a
ll, >?>' tu IKu'K.- I>iekei-on Band, No. 1,
aeets at 5)15 n -.int Seventeen tn street everj
miiuIhv at _ P. M. Amanda V. Waiker,
ireaMaut; Harriet {'ilea, secretary. Mern*
lersblp, 7t.
foaagLadles' BocialSnow I'nion aseet*.
it 4o>i Nvc-; Cary street iir-t Friday ale-bl in
?adi ssoatb. Sopiiiu Patterson, president:
kuala Randall, seeratary.
I'no Bod ii. Btebacd Hewli tt. preafdesBL
fenxbemblp, 16,
KaMkeehacker linn.iou- Club. Joha T.
rombo, (it?itb-nt ; A. P. Fled, -ecr?-Cu \.
fembersbip, ld.
-f.ir ot _li-,ie, ('burch Hill. .lame- I>_l<
iey, prealdeal: William EL Bolmer, - ? ?
arv. Membership, 10.
WtAnJtmg 8aBS. .\aior. Patti iBOO. Jr.*
ire?ii|e_t. Weeping Daijgbtl r-. Eliza T.
irani, preatdaat. Combtaed membarshii^
Wonderful -C_ii>. Bill A*.iui?t4*ad .lone*,
re-id" nt.
(..oil Mm t-herd-. Horace Terrill, -een
iry. Mein_.t*r-_i*p, 41.
Mar of J._-7ob. Janie- I). Allen, pres!
ent; Lewi* Ptehereea, seeratary. Mem
erabtp, ti). MeeBMt Fu-t Baptist church,
Silver Star ?***?.<*'>?. Peter _L t-u-rdon.
."Slar of II. tbleb. i_ (Woodville;. Joshua
iv, prealdeal and maaaarar; M.<.'. w.ire,
laratary. MaajfeanUp* -9.
?rishermen SiK'i4-ty. Royal Hacks, chi.I
Virginia Mar ltss?"-Bs[l Club. H. C.
ur|i--a president; Jsuies Morris.-.ecn-taiy.
Vanguard of Freedom. Dr. T. li. John
m, wwat, Msmhsrahlp, ?.
PapiSr*Maatiag Hand meets every Mon?
ty tani Friday ni|*ht* at B o'clock al the | di
atfeaaa of Mr. Boban Price, Hutier'
ill. <?_}?. i -: Silas .Smith and Janies lin.
Hising Ditijfhleis of Vin?-\jid. Ann
mdolpb, president: M. A. Pollard. Beere
(lold Key. Willium II. Tomlin, pti-l
ut: Jost-ph Arnii-teatl. aecrttary.
Wi-itiinjftonian (Society. Alfred Lee,
i-ident: William H. Wise, secretary.
?r_t>ership, 33. 45
lasiHrites' Association. Kev. EnnU
cklnson, Sr., president; Enni* Dlckin- pr
i, Jr., secretary. Memliershlp. 43. 31
\uburn Social Club. Willie L. Carter,
??ldent; Jonea A. Turner, aecTetary.
mbership, 19.
? alloy Uuotiog Club. S. D. Turner, al
president; .1. II. Smith, secretary. Mem?
bership, IO; select.
Smiling Sons and I> nighter- of Love.
Maria Walker, president; Virginia Preston,
secretary. Membership, 15 (limited.)
Prohibition flub. Samuel Sheppard,
president. Membership, l.VJ.
iMunk'ird*' Club. A. Smith, president;
F. A. dary, nccrctiirv. Membership, 18.
Valley Starlight flub. Joe Jefferson,
president; Joseph H. Burke, secretary and
treasurer. Memberabip, 61.
Free Lovers' flub. M. II. (Jriffln, presi?
dent: Philip 0. Rodget*, secretary. Mem?
bership, 66.
Married Ladies* flub. Cholla Anderson,
president; Lucy Storr.*, secretary. Mem?
bership, 40.
Sunbeam Foetal < lul>. William IL Carter,
president: J. il. Griffin, secretary. Mem?
bership, 18.
Blooming Violet-' Social Club, meets at
Hill's Hall. Nineteenth street, between
Main and Franklin, (very Tuesday and
Krill iv night* at % o'clock : II. W. I layton, |
president; a. E. Meredith, secretary'
George E. Harnett, financial lecrcttt v ; Ro?
bert Hill, treasurer; James Meredith, tttt*
j-eunt-at-arm*.. Membership, ,'H.
Sweet Lily of the Valle. Jami -J E.
Halyard, prealdent; W. H. Judah, seora*
tary; Jame-, Moaa, treaaurer. Meets on
Maddox Hill cv ry lirst and third Monday
olgbta. Memberabip, li.
Starlight Social flub. Ophelia Winston,
president ; Mo?sie L. farter, secretary.
Membership, Is*.
Lincoln Aid. Peter V. Fox. prealdent.
Loving Daughters of Hope and Charity.
Maryjane JohOBOO. president; Plea-ant
Jon*-", secretary. Member-hip. '2'.).
Loving Daughters of Blebmond. Mrs.
Bebeeca Jones, prealdent; Ploaaant Jooea,
-. cn tary. Membership. U**.
Ail Nights. J. H. L.Carter, president;
Boberl Jones, secretary. Memberabip, 880.
Beeta of Israel. Richard Carte**, worthy
father, ni'cfs at Fuii-luc-Street Hall third
Bruce Livery flub meets on f hurch Bill.
A. L. Mooroo, president: William Faun
tleroy, aeeretai v. Membership, 4u.
Bio,,ming Lily. Church Bill. Nelson
dray, president; Tbomaa Gray, secretary.
Memberabip, M.
Charily BelpinpDlub. Ann Davis presi
dent; J. IL Patterson, secretary. Mern*
bersbip, Vt. Thc object of this Club is to
h. lp.di indigent p4 rsoni bj in,.nilli) visita?
tions and contributions.
Golden Bute Club. J. T. Patterson, pre?
sident; 8. E. Pattereoo, secretary. Mem?
bership, 15.
Rising Hons ol Liberty meet- third Sun?
day monthly at Will laius's Hall, Grace
-ticer. Alex Hider Christian, president;
Patrick Bugbes, iccretarr. Merni* i ship, .".<?'.
Truth Tabernacle of Love aod Charity,
N',>. Bt, meets first and second Thursday bi
Dung i ?'- church. Barrie! Holm.-, worthy
scribe. Membership, 'in.
Corner-Stone Tabernacle ol Love and
Charity, Bo, -h* (Accepted order), tm eta on
Naw Bill. Tbomaa Minor, cbief; Jennie
Brown, icrlhe, Membership, 18. This
order has -cnn lodges, '.villi about BOO
members, In i hi- city. Bev. J. H. Holmes
i- the clii.f ..(licer.
Bising Daughters ol Liberty. Mra. Delia
Payne, president; Washington Willi nu-.
secretary. Membership,48. Meetsatsame
National*Phoenix. T. I>. Payne, presi?
Followers <d Moses. June- n. Borton,
Son-of Providence. -Barper, presi?
Basbawaya < lui.. J. H. Richeson, presi?
star of the Union. Jere. Pago, presi?
dent; James Washington, secretary. Mern*
bersbip, 88. Meet- at ill Fifteenth street.
Twisters'Aid. Albert Anderson, preal?
dent; ll.'tirv Burton, secretary. Meets on
Navy Bill.
working Sons ol Hope. Pat. Lightfoot,
president; Gallie Lightfoot, secretary.
Membership, 40.
Young l.adi.-' Temperance Union, Miss
BallieL. Whittle, president; Annie c. car?
ter, secretary. Meets on extreme end ol
Twenty-flftb street. Membership, "il.
A.PK- Social Union Bachelors' club.
William j. Johnson, president; Richard
Baker, secretary. Meets monthly al each
member's residence alternately. Member?
ship, 89.
Temp, lance Victory Dramatic Ci'ib.
William H. smith, presidi ni; Edward Law
ion, director j James H. Burke, manager;
l.c-wi- H. Johnson, secretary. Mem Ix rsbip,
IO. Meeta al 015 north Seventeenth street
Young Men'- Bloom of Youth. Claiborne
Myler, president; Gray Bania, secretary,
Meets al Toliver's Ball, Leigh street, every
second Tuesday In each month.
Board ol Honor, of Benrico, E. J. John?
son, president; Miss Maria Green, secre?
tary. Membership, ll.
Fred. Douglass Association. 8. K. Tra
ria. presldenl: ?'. ll. Bicbardson, si cn bi j .
Membership, 19 (select).
Unique Dramatic Club. A. P. Fleet,
presldenl; B. J. Franklin, seeretarj*. Mem?
berabip, If).
Workingmen's Club. Blcbard Carter,
presidi nf. Memberabip, 8 ?.
Bising Son-of the East. I'. Bobinson,
prealdent. Membership, 28,
Bising star Sisters. Emma Davenport,
president. Membership, ?'.".
Lily of Ibe Valley Club. A. Jackson
Brown, president. Membership, 18,
Minerva Social Club. I. Bogers, presi?
dent. Membei ship, 18.
Temperance Legion. J. H. Carter, pres!
dent. Membership, 351.
Youngsters' Union. W. c. Roane, presi?
dent. Meet- iii-t Monday night on N ?
Hill. Membership, i;u.
Palmetto Club. A. Walker, prealdent.
Mem Ix l-Lip. -jt.
Bona and Dougbters ol M..-*--. Bebeeca
Scott, president, Membership, 80.
United Som ol Love, Junior. K.G watti*
imy, prealdent. Membership,80.
Secret Sons ol Love. W. B. l-l) nu. prc*
ildenf. Mi m hersh lp, 25.
Son-and Daughters ,.f Providence. N.
raj lor, presidi nt. Menibershi'i, i't.
Indii-ti i il Brothel hood, Grand ? bief,
A. Binfoid. Meinb r*?hlp, 35.
Toongsti r Mech mies. J. Tomlin, i resl*
lent; A. Fleet* secretary. Membership, 40.
Virginia Human Club. I.. Tin-lev, pre
iident. Membership, 20.
Bailors' Union. 8. Briggs, pi*-id. nt.
demi., r-hip. li.
Juvenile Templara. R. Gaines, grand
. mplar : J, Gaines, president.
Batchelors' < !.*(?. -'. Lewis, prealdent.
Ht mi.* rabin, ol.
Star ol iieinii-ii.-iii. J. Fry, prealdent.
llembersbip, 88. Meet- at Woodville.
Gallilean Fisbemnan has lour council*..
I. Burke, Depnty Euler; A. Binford, W.
..: A. J. Brown. W. B. 8.
Daughters of Bebeeca, Lue) A. Carter,
f, a. Membership^ 18.
IrautrlC.-i- of Ktur Solomon. Aim F.
mott, president. Membership,47.
star of Venn-. Mengerson Baker, piuei*
"nt. Memberabip,88. Meets on Second
**.*i<_ Wi-e Moo. Kdrard Walker, wor
by BRpanore. MetuberaMp, 28.
Lmif'? Ilelight. Kev. A. Met oo, pre*-i
fBt. Mcniber-liip, .'Hi.
Living Council of the( rm-. G. H. B')*
ell, treat king. Membership, 180.
Seven Wonders of the World. Peter Gor*
on. pre*ident. Memberabip, IS.
The Pa Minos of Jericho. W. T. White,
resident. fJeota third Monday evening
;{ o'clock. Meaaberablpi 49.
Hising Son* umi Daughters if the Baal.
)bn Brooks, pa-ealdent. Meeta tJr*?t Tuen
ty night tmtk month at B o'clock. Mem
-rship, (J9.
Loving IluugbUis of the Vineyard. L
iebnrdaon, prahUpt. Modi mooM Mott*
ty evening at f u'dLick. 3leml?er-bip, !',?<.
Blalog Mount Zioa. Virginia Banaaan,
*-id*-nt. Monta third .Sunday at I o'clock.
smberablp, lt.
Junior Sons and Datigh/ers of the VJne
ird. Dinah Jackson, president, fleets
cond Sunday each month. Membership,
Cedar-Wood Association. W. F. Brown,
esident. Matta second Thursday night,
embership, 2'>.
Supporters of the Vineyard. T. Blchard
n, president. Membership 49 J
Independent Daughters of Messiah. Meet Sj
Temperance Hall, BeT/entli street, first I ,'t
tfunday at 3 o'clock P. M. Mary E. Orlffin,
prealdent; A. II. Brown, secretHry. Mern*
hersh! p, 02.
BMng Sons of Messiah. Meets at Tem?
perance Hsll, Seventh street. President,
Valentine OrifRn. Memnership, 80.
Young Ladies' Benevolent Ar-ioeititlon.
President?Susan Bank*. Meets second
Monday. Membership. on.
Sisters of Lott, Meets third Stolidly.
Me ni lie r*. li ip, ."i.s.
Emigrant* Help Society meets evi rv
Tbnrsdny nifflit at 8 o'clock at Willlani?'s
Hall. Fredeilck William*, president; W.
C. Boone, secretary. Meinbi iship, r?00.
Biting Sons of America meets third Mun?
day at Brown's Hall. No. 217 Seventeenth
street. Isaiah Doyle, presidef!t: W. II.
tiriflin, secretary. Membership, 60.
Hisinir DaUgfctCTB of Mooni Zion ? Sii?an
~TaaMngton, president. Membership, 32.
Voting Ladies' Sewing Circle meets every
Tueaday night MUa SaMle Boone, pre?
sident; Miss Addie'M.^Iolin,rtii, secretary ;
Mlaa Victoria Pollard-, treneorar. Member*
sin (i, 16.
DaUfbten of Disciple*.?Hannah dray,
pr- - ,i, nt. Memberabip, 60.
Ivi-t<rn star Daugbtera? Anno Burke,
leader. Meinbersbip, H'J.
Sons of Elijah?-Memberabip, IO,
Daughters of Good Hope?Anna Ileane,
prealdent. Memberabip, tu;?.
Pilgrim TraTellera-Elisa Miller, presi?
dent, Memberabip, 60.
Silver-Mar Daughters. Meets tir-t Bon
da\ al 3 o'clock P. M. at Burton's ;,-i
Aooce. St. Junes street. IMullis Brown,
prealdeot. Memberabip*, 47.
Bona and Daugbtera ol Ruth. Meets at
Mount.Tabor Bapti-t ebuteh Second Mon?
day night. Beuben Ilail-toek, president.
Memberabip, 60,
Prienda to tbe Cauee ol ciuist. Meit-at
Bocketta. Member-hip. :;*?.
Kingdom of Wmitii. Meets Rt Bocketta.
C. Robioaoo, president. Membership, 60.
Bising Sins of th.- Vineyard. Meeta
lecond and third Monda? nigbta. W. B.
9eldon, president: B. TrlWy, secretary.
Memberabip, 4").
Triumphant Soncateraol DaYld?Jobn H.
Bill, prealdent; gilliam Smith, rloe-prral*
lent; William Barrie, secretary; Tbomaa
N'. Erans. ireasorer. Meets on Sixth stree!
between Baker and Preston streets. Mein
Nsrsbip, 22.
Kosini Binging Club?"Aleck McCoy, pre*
? iden': Samuel Jackson, H-cretary. Mern*
M-i-lup, 25.
Eureka Songsters Bey. George W.
'rou ii. I- .uh r.
I idt [? ml, nt Glee Club?Meeta al the
-esldence of M. L. Evaos. Mattie L. Erans,
ireaident. Membership, 18. Meeta tit-t
?Jonday in e icii nionlli.
Voting Ladies' t ni,ni (,!,-,. Club?Miss S.
1. Lawrence, president. Meeta on Ninth
ti.e' between Cia) and Leigh afreets,
Donizetti Muaical Club?w. Isaac Jobn*
on, leader; Professor L. M. Lee, director,
fembershlp, 16.
Union LeaRiie Club?P. II. Fox, pr.-i
leiit. Membership, 250.
Catacomb Singing! tub?Annie Boward,
Radical Drag?Hsrrj I.. Page,president;
V. J. 8. Bowe, secretary, Membership,
Young Men'- < hii-tian Association, Ho.
. W. ll. Dalla, president; J. a. Johnsoo,
Ice-president; w. H. L. Combs, corre*
ponding secretary.
Voting Men's Christian Association, No.
!, meeta over Harris's store, Third street
m tween Jackson and Duval. Il-v. Evans
'ayne, president: IL C. Buford, vice-pie
idem ; Daniel W. Davis, secretary; B.T.
Ellyaon, correspondini* secret ny.
Young l.adie-' Christian Association
ne, i- on the coi ii, I" of Duval ::tid Sixth
(reefs, Fannie Burrell, president* Uni., rt
lrook?, secretary. Membership, m.
AllTKI-l SS ll Si--I his tttCJ.
I5> (lulim, -(ai I.-- A t ....
Real i
No I north Tenth
I <>N THE -oil ll -l I il "I vi -| R| li. in -
ilNMM. lol i-1 I i i Ko.M lin i \ 11 i:>i '
I..N ?.| I v\ in I V -F< I tl l ll - I Kl 1 I I HON I
\<, ai ill l""os vt -ii:; i i. iMUU'VXIMi
lAl l< 331 IM I I" I. -I Kl- li ?!?) virtu*
.-it.-.lii deed ol uni from I. M. Xi mi fl, dat* .1 idtltli
inioi-i. 1878. hu.I ri ? >nli .1 ", Hie .- ? rk'? i ttl.I
(I, h IDDll-l ri,,m.-. n ( - ni *. i > l?. B. I 10 R, i* K"
B2. default havl uk tic n wade In Hie |iayiuenlol
lie debt thereby ?ecured, and beliiK ->? n.|uli
be i eneBcl .i \. I ?ili -.-ii. on ;
KID AV . -I . ii nu v !*. 1 ?*-,'. ll 1 ,*C ?> I. I'. M.. Ihe
,i-.,i?-i-.\ above de < ribed.
"I kum- : EiiohkM lu '"'-li tn '1
r . ile Md i . pal ..fl . i". -i .-i ???-?-.."?.>. m ii, i.i
i r-.-t till |iii.l. an.I the balance u|ioo lueh termi U
iiav be aiiuouuci .1 ni il,, i ni', i tale.
II. \. A I l\i\-"\. ii: .Tm
( ll \i I IN. -I mm en A i .... Auetl.11- ?
*ic -si_
Uv da-. Macdoufl ill. Itu Hone, r,
*-.... lOOovi ri...I f?r 1 iii ii ? mil) -ir. .-r.
II ll \l III R.RI I.-. -I..V I ?*. .*.< .. Al' At i -
IOX. I iii- DAY. it I" n'click, 1 win
is tu 'tlou-roomi, rltboui p** i \. ,foi partlei I mt
IK Hie cn v.
|."i-l \\1K,|)-I V-I KIAN >. i.i ni- -In I'l 'li. r A.
i ... ul v n V url, :
VI Vll<>(. VNV -' V- I'l V M.
\\ m,m i I' vi:i..ii: -ill,, overe i with (.rei n
Ri p
u vl.\ I I. MARRLE-TOPI ll I MB ER -lill
i. ir pieces::
I IA Kl and HR! --!'.- ? VKP. I -.
il i-i i vie* I', lt: ka I - \\ vi: I.K. 11 ".I--. v\ \ -11 -
-I ...ND-. I Mil.I -. VI MK m. V\V ai .i .V vi.
M 1 -(.KA- ai I I.ol N'.l -? H V I III K
l'.| l>- -.ml PILLOWS, i v si: aud \V,,.,I<
i HAIRS, ll vii: md -III t K M vii Kl -.?l *-,
>i I n I- in.-i\- an ' . ll vii:-.
<>< My. I Nd-mel III V I I m. -- I "\ I - - \. ,-( .
.1 v-. \I V( liol >. vi.I . Auction** r.
r B. ( ?),*k. s.n.- man, \e -'
iii ti. ima ri; ai vut\ \n: NAI.K.
noll BALE. l?l.-ll: UlLE Bl ilium.
V i . ,|-. ,,,i i i ,,.[, in .ii.' .,'??. treen . . ar
loin- ,*? P n k. for ale ai rca*.* nab i prli (a* aud in
ce rnm..-I..iin^' li i .?.-?
Al-... LOTS iii . il" i parl ? Uk
( ll Ml I s. - I vl'l I - A ( o .
I,-, ,1 I -: r. uni I,oi VKrui".
1/Al.lAl.l.i; lt" KU I >l ATE on niE
V \..i: i n -mi oi urti' \i? n i i u ' i %
lilli ami -i\ i il -i RI ii- mm: - vi I. I
pei ?,.*?,, I
- .,i?,\... willi lb* I lll.'KK HRH K I I NI vu \ |
*? i.I, occupied b] Vii. \\ lin un in..' /< :*i..| other*.
he lol ba >a li .ul >?f til i mliiK back J SO
, i iu .in .m. v. Read lan ou Broad nra t iii ii.i .
ic illly i in dem iud i u I ntbei -. have
,.? , , opportunity of pun banlna propert) ? a thi.
i -ir.iM** lli*?r. ivlif.o. . A|.|'\ .it'ie-e.
U. i,olilllS.
.i g i- I", I ? -? Vii. h.ai.-, r.
l/oi: MALE, \ I ABM OF SIX 111 S
l DIM- D AND -INI V M RI - Ol I. VND Bf*
* i, nu * - fe*.xi Hu-. ri\ i.r I'- ? .- In ii,,-.-'.r.ii
, ,,i I )lnwl*fcRe, I linn* -li ,'? .' ? ob Hu I'
id Vi > Idoii , j.ii-..j.t. ibe railroad nm ni uk ii." uirh
poriton .,f Hm laud. l\ I'
torte county, wi Hil ii * i* ?? hundn :
i ni. a I^i-.-.- amount ol limber and n? .. r ?'
?ter; a Bm place for ?< mw-iuIU and uni- of tb*
.i pi,,-. , in tin com ij i . , ,r in*.- .I.** k
iel-. I will -*??! Ibe |.l ?
-..r-.-ili'-i- ??iii' 'in- .tock, farniluB i m i>
euia, eoro. f..i-)?r. I,,, in-ii,..- wheal and o I
.v. ii. roi. I ll' .1* -tr.-I ? iii iii. ?'.1.1 - Ibe lunn! -h. and
,-?<??ion irivi-u a' ..I... ??? I trill excham
?operl jr in RIcRwoud ei rlclu 11 la pan pa) went,
., .j within tu, aeal on ur flriwn da vi. i ,
nh. r liit'oiirt.iiw.ii appl) lo - -.. ol 11.1
li.. 180*1 ?>-! "ton. -ir..' Richmond. Va., oi ...
. R, -WKr NKY,?mi Hm place.
fT Tl univ, TlfANKR to ourfrtend .iel ihe
tttit In ten.ral Tor their Ter** liiM-r.l t>i>,
ul c..iifi.i.-ii.-.? i*-...w<-1 upon ii' in tbtpnat,and
loeetfnlly i-i. ,i eonilnaanee .,r ilnr ~ia*.
VV- (.-ii. ..ni -irl.-l iM-r.-xial Btf BtlOB IO
ELLIMO, REKTIMO. v\D i\, msi.iMi
ike <*ltv nnd -uri..i,ii.|l,ik'i-*,niill('". OttfChaTRCt
<? Ih k**-|<lio; -Mill th* I in.-,.
A>1 six! -? <? u- bc l'..r>- BMklagl \'.nr irm|ni ur,
r ti**e iii.-'iiiiiiik year.
IC. al l-:.-lati A.-* n'* ami Aactione. r-.
le -j.l^w Xo, fi north Tenth -in*-t.
\s KKMoVID III- ll itNlll RBWABI
ROOMS To ISM M vin il ROT,
?fean >"U eau buy
All tlc- ri'UNII KKK vu want,
All Ibe MAI I lt I--sr- vou want.
All Hie HA I UK Ks v ii memt,
hint Kl)i* bim a look 1^1..re l.uvluK and le- how
ll be eau treat foti,
UOMnbej*, liriOS MAIN slit I" KT. .]<? 1.', lin
I I Iii in-i r**i-1?.*l. Un-l-.nr-'.l mil beat .
iiitiii*-)!.' of I'jrl.ir HuIU eur i*r*?rf *.*R'ii-*l lo ihe
r*. ill llllr
f. at i*i*i*'. ' nit > <i'uil> ?! t*> any. Kail linc of VV il
an.l l'..|.|_r Sun-. >i*|.-iiunl-. U*?,1n?-.-. Hat
iv- v>i.. ii. i'ait Lake, and other ?' >.??* . Kan y ,
)y.aud Ki.i.Uni, * lour-, f..r l hnHuiai prrMrUo
r ti,<ck 1- Tull Iii every iiarilrulir. lt will be l*? .
,rliit....-v?i. t.'.-all. K. (..VTHKli.UT A H)V. I
;4 ltJV.uyt.ruwt nrwt. *
AH-THI1 MALTA?Tnt ure l?MT,.
Hy BoIm-i-I B. Lyne.
Rfll F-tUt* ASTf-ftt mel UnllSBSU.
l.l'aJ Main-tra,'.
J ABI.K TB ACT of LABI) -j* |iA\ nm
< ??l NTV.'IMIfKK Mil K-. I-Kt.M AM...,, , ;
of nt-. *. vs iii, wi or.ptrr, ash h.ki *,* Mn , ?
FKOM MK HMiiMi.. ONI AINIMi t''*i \t 'i
AflJOINIM. I.WHs i.r.l'UIS \y Hi I'll l'
Kl_ -..A-KO. AMI "ITU KM*-. Ii\ ll |-,l|, ..,
'I ION. UPON I UK li:K\II-l-. is ICM,-,*-!*
IOl NTV. ON 'IIK-OW UH ;<,,( |,vv,
.iam'aiiv.laao.ati o*t I.'., k I* \i i-o,
IBS BXS "l S 'l.-rr--** Ot tin- t ic nu t -ol ? i ||. , , , "
coiint--.iiit.-ri-I ..ii wu-I 71. la- |.. | . ,. |o7u
lu Milt af \.ih.-rl?i.'l rc. Ht Itt
taa.wtwMtMutweewd to nil. upon .Ut
named, iilioit the |.r*-iiii<. , '
la A BI), "f "Ililli tin hi. I?. , . . S',7h,,|.
diedteii-da- .1 \?r- . -erf. Th-, 'm-l i h.in
*inl *-?-ii.alit'i-r Iii |f""'l-i-ik aid i
ti..- in m. <? mity road i. u Int l j
lion lo lli.rre-nanii |
ImiirtirriiK'Hi. an ..r.lli.mm ? i'i ,/ ,i , -\i ,, .'
llinlwr*v:ilii*hl?-. ii ln-f ... . ? ,, .
-,.-* It.-*ii.I "lillian...*.).
'I kum- ; I ii.i> i .ti.... ?
hnUii'i- ni "ii arrsrfll of M*. tan
iwiniv-li.iif in.iiith*. wnii i ,-,..-. ,
i-tiit. iDicreM no't'-.l. met uti. t.-, i onui ?i
Die rurclia*i-iin.ni) I. pii.l. nil . ?
<i.-n-<i i,\ tbs .-.-mi.
?i N M Ks V. M M11 I \ \ |,
TiK'MA-NV.I'r Mt.i
i ..a
_BOBI R r ll l.v vi . Nm 'i au cr.
Il**i,nil.l., A H III
Baal fasal, \. ? \
F.h-v, ntli -lr. < t li.'t-A,-. ii Hal
fpB08TBE'8 8AL?oFKR wu nm ,*.
1 A Vf? LOT No I I 7 WK*-1 l.l \ vi M
AT Alt IloS -Bj Mri". '
Dir-.in iv-ut..I l\ stainer Bro* ? . . ,
lib ia if.- .lat--I Un- "Killi -I M
oilier frniii S|a*uc, r Brown.'I*le.| ihi
1877. ''. Jamel Pte_*a,iti, li
,11111 of Sl_". i Nilli ie ' ?! ?,
li..til of wlilch du ,1* ar. recorded lu ,ha* I
Curt of Ihe elly "f Mkiii ....I s ,
lion, .ni Uk- eri tnU- *. on \\ l;|.\ I -ii \N
a.iiin.-ir v. Issn. .,1 4'.. o'. '" k 1'. M . - . - \, . . ,
1 lt A MK HOI -K I-.-.C. I i
H I ll 1 I Ul ll. I.*i* 1 U I II a. thi. '
front- a..,.itt ?_() feet, ind nm- ' i a
?ort "r leas.
I BB l I.I'.ms i'.v ??-?;.-? Bl) Will
ti.i- balance si -i\. Iwt I,.-. tod i ??
ni roi I ll.!' i."l.-a. in', r, -l Id'tt i
.liol. ,1 \MK- I'l. I \- > \
cS.ili-lii.i.li-l.v tim i.e.-.1 \N ii lt \
in .i. M ?
kcal Estals Boral ind \
\ .. i toa m
-ri't-iKi:-- salFof a vam mi r
I i "i in nu un "i mw* i
Klft'N I IN'i OS UH. M?K I ll MU
-o\ -I Kl I 1 111 I \N I . \ Pi ||
lli'lln.i -I Kl I I*. Kj r|
from K ii P. Hi '?- \ siul wi fi i
Wa [.J ml Hull.tin. \
daj ..I .1 un I B7H, .'. i ?? "\ ,
oin, o ,a iha? tin-tin*'!
ot. iii |l?."i lt-. >h ro
? lt r-i. Qi -I. Ill*, ir.' c.- Inuit
I toll, li- lil;' r***i
-i.ri.iii-.n.the - iM l> r. li i ? .
i-.'lii|.K valli ll ! ,
?aid di. .1. ?? III
lg. lH80.al I Vlorl r. M..Hu
di ..I, .ed. The lo I I
of .) irk on Hreei I"
. f !?_.", t.i ?? i" .,n ill,- li
Tl HM* : WI I '-. |*lTi.'ll il
I.I OIN.I '. -
k< nu i
Tiu*t. ? - ? t th' NV' *'-l n i Km
'? l KM _
!:? ilEitai ls* nt, A
Bl r. V.i
( ii.m\|I**-|<?vi i:?- - \i i .ii i \ ,
I / IN i III * I I 171 '. I ll . "I VIA
. ill Cf.-* of itu rn
\\ un li. I
1879. I will
I-J td -I iv "I I noi ii - ? ISSI)
|_ o', I.. , M md *n> |* \|
etti I'l < ...UH'. ?? 1.1 ' -O'.-r . a I I: \> I
ii intoned :n nat"! ileei ? . ? -. ?
more or li ?-? sh ?ui b.iii'ei ? NI
.a- i'i'.iihi,.' oi, ? . i
loin* John I I
I lol.
Mil ll I 'I" ?!? I
made i nln Hill* farm
I i i \\ - l'ash i ttl aoiit t.. p i
1.Il ? I lil | '
I i lou I ,\ . i
Ililli all ol' Hr :
i,l I,Mi | NI
di ll __ _
l!> J, I li'lm '
17. a; '
11 rt ni in, h.m.
ri:: -ri i:- - \TT7 <?i \ ism
I nu i i i i m. 7 \i *.i n vivi
'I N| \l.-ll \|.|. -| 171 I | !'.' I U I I S I U
r ll- I ll AM? I N\ I \ I , ? \ ? il i
,-in.i a deed .-i tm i dalt t Ki
.. llio mi . I -vin il. Iril i
.1 Kl' lol."lol 'i
i ?' p. .'> i. to -
" no . tl.- ?
HM I. tioi'l- III III' I' iv ll
UH i- iiuirt -I '' tl,' ?.H. Ul I -Ita
oi- lil i. Mt 'M' ' N
' i '??? k I*. \l . ".i im | n
, lin.-.,i \| -I
- ?
il I Wi lit)-flith ind NI ii ll ,
I" I I,". I.. t ?
IK Alli.I ll All.IJM,M willi
it I I* \ Ml l?N\ I I.LIM,, s I
i li: I.al mr.' ni I \. .?? .
I.I Kt tl I I'.l.'.A N r
.1. I IIOMI'SON Ilma** s. \ ?
Bj i. r.'"n,i oi Ki
'; i I i . v \
11 ia m
rill -III.- -M.I. i'l \ SKA I N
I I 17 \ XII ll"l -I' t'\ U I - I I I I'.ll - i *
II 1 U I I? N Nil M--II7I. \ SI. - I| VI
? I
ho a,,.|, i linn il. ti'.
lune 2. l-7'? I
111 hil- nola- '
ia- In - '... ii in
linn.ll,' 'In |i- in:
it ha v..i
I...O,'nu i i.i.im. i
ai thc ...nih lin. o, .v I
'ni i .',?! iullin ?
I KU*-)* i'.v on ? ul "i
?a ' : i.il in- - in ix. f... 'v. .
, lilt d, and art ri i li i
I i i'.,*i i Kilt. I
?I. I DO
I ? . v U
1 ! ? v,.. ?.- . a i '
\". iii-., nih -tin 1.1- ?
rm -iii;-- -xii oi \s l .
. \l;i,! UKI) K |.'.\ KI.I.IM. \ sn Lol
101, \ i I UK sol nh \*i roi \
?IIAI.I. AM. I H.Il Ml -I l.'l I I * \
? i
i ot -. i-i i.ii,. i. 1870,
, ..I Uh- ll-"O' -I. ni- 'I I
lon, ni"'ii thi |.i. ml ? on M- >si. \ N
I a. M. aiil'Ml
. iIF<-NI Fol i: i ii IN Mit I'M'
f".v.I- I I ll .
II.' "ll lill V*. '. I
. rt n
II hm* i - ii i"i ? v
..1 ? t I " ? t... |.
nd whteh -?* 111 he m. '? -
lollN M. N| l-l Ml KIMI I '
oin nu- A \\ ii i i ? m \
.!. I -
koo i m. -iiit.is. atm.
i KN I 1.1.MIN - (nil lt Kl.
' -ul.) II \M> M \l.i I '"I * i
,)? vi i I mi s - IIRAV, I"
I. sr..km - i v I s||< ?l -
i \ i i ?
Mill - I ii"s i IMIll
B ' 11 *
:? 'V- ll 1 t lilli.!:--V- -' li
FIS! DBI *- l!""l *
M \S I-' -Hi,I -i.i
, Ina lim a 01.11 ol N l i ; N
BROAD i:"ll'.Nl. H. vi Hit I BW1
Kl Sh-, \\tl-i-.-vi.ini , I
'?VIII i- -.
Tnt I MN I i:*>l \\hi ? i : i" I
1 \ .171'..
? l-l frnii* M?l
yoru ia.v-i - ii wi k.
u. ii i-..-iri\ ll v ?
tt ..f J_in.4ry. AH lu Baal ? f
ItlMf-l- ASH >li"t -
lout.) ? _'l twf.-r. Hal lin.. . I ':
has ii im r \- H aaa -
arixoo hmm v. - ki mi',
,k .M-tJal_1 v
ihi i RA tu, am*
517 UHiitti -IK, ?i, I f^
x\t. \ ' ui'.t imiw-i i -ii ,. in> ire* b "r
BOUTS, -ll"!.-, t Bl KM v
hli-h tlirv atr?* nus_a "ff ?i vol > I-"* i '
ol*b .."..I-- n> kbi U"i ..in |'*^:[:;1
il l? 4 1 I.oNN KA I KB. , ,
|?oi,r?i..-*..-iiU; louie! *>mt flwt ???_*'?"_
-.t.uia.le ??..-!. ... tt.1. ...ui.trv. W_Bhu ?????
noia-tJ*! ^ tllmno
^i.l-Feads, fi.ao to i.s w"**- *
J IBs -UBl'ATtiB ri-4BTU.?.*Mt>b?ur.

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