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The daily dispatch. (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, January 03, 1880, Image 1

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ufi>lS PATCH.
' ? ,,,v|.iT( il f .!< inet-ti lo <*iil??er1
? ?"v''"Vx, ms i**r v,ecV. twyata-* to th*
? *rK SI W BB ihrn. mtnith.; IBO. for
^,.fMII.V OlsrATCH ?t lajwrM*
? tV ki V- r ".:* " ?? ur"""*"*'
^ ^f r-r* *J_ ^_ ..^....t,.--*** i ^??w?*?????**????^?*-?*^??
,,*- ii.roi.K tiik rrm.ic.
lin. omi
? V v "I
| r:ii**.
.t kb or
| 111 VU Ml IB,
. . . : IheHtW,
. ti,.- pata ls ta tbs
, * ..'?, to rn.... tba len
.? ,,'? .).,,l.!et
, io uw ice tt uss
miemkm hw rhsnM
?'.,:..I with kW
.-?,-n, ,*,.,* r,l are
- ta las tibs Bani 1
.Mtll a:lull.lie,,.
. , ., , ?t-i.llV.
. nf in-mwy. ?eeompBBlea win, o
I mdryeoBBh
. in** -wtleal c'.ii.i.iii'.
iltty.hc Bsaalli stanlelhli
, ,i kt on.!.:.:*.- ufa
! UMl ,,.-r.t"*wo..l.l!v
eaa ware, ly tanUBOB Bp
li nerer-,
I atti .lille
I wlirrr a li W Bf
? at tin- body altar
? ? baaa ?lmitrs
and nra.
PB. Cl P ' '
. With QOtttll
. go betta
? iff r laking
te sn wi i >m:1i
\;i: l ai M..
hf wauk, or mn moxs.
*i ? fi :-.? -ir*- tiri-r M!BX***C<**atl 4.
\ -.;il . li tbs lld. with Hie
Ll! 1 li I'll I -.
1 - i ii i ii nu s t.ear IBS
, rj.l' ' tl . ! FUUUBO linos, "ti
l tine lui. C. Md.am -
I * aBBMJ Hr--., >.:
? ? betti! full of iinlJait'.ii
:'? r. alli bal
Hiv l'.'-.lei.w 1 y
Ul III', v. EXTRACT lit' Ml AT.
? iND ' Ml M'l'-'l' MEAT*
? k i ob boura, M \i>::
? -. . -
I 0NPANY*9 I vni.M T "I HEAT "l
: v.. . d i. ttl di- iboaM
! \
1 ' I ' " ' ' ? xi'i.ih,
I ie ID l.li.e ink KTMI
1 . I ;?.-*? . ? i tenfoK
? ' MPANY*. i XTRAt i OF HEAT. Tl
. (.nc. re, mad t i.t in
I ? I nlti d -:..;. - (wtaoleuik
Haft Laue, I.'.n .'nt,
mil IS-Slj
? Wattan**** Soap, All
;- bs i ton i? ,.., toal-u-felal
? ll ?? Rm -mata*
' "l.'i.VIK A ( (..
? ni two, ihe oral ea
? .-i end won
'?'??? di- nil Hi. lr
? ;.. can fal bo
' nt as in IV.rm iii
tue'. .
- W.v-K. 1--I
"IM'\rilOM .
***** I - Hil, ITU TO HKAlt
r?WOHTHl vu.-,mm og THE il I iii,
ANI>'Hil. in vi ANO DUMB
***** AM. i.i:ai:s lu BPI vk.
"?Uliii. at tbe
IBU Main miiii.t (iij. ?t?lr-|.
' l-*?<-" lrreit.e.lti?.i of the t'kristin
i *,,,,., 'Sltiutl'inl J
o*u.Bi ? u." < \i*. iJmeiiN ai.*i teal
? y? ?ii.' .- ul ?> ??,.? itatt it i? m
'"t". I!.- lieut w,|| lill.I III it
??''?it-i. th. >? m(.|?-i,illij?H-,uiiii
?'?''? arr ear-map*.
? ii etiei .'..iiumil.on tim
" j f?cutle, ?re unluioalwa.
? .dylM. ali j,?, ,,,,.,?,, ,? ?,,,?,
? > u>e a irniiiH't or not, met doubt
rr, lo mouyu
?*wteS?.fr A<fir^Sil*l*t,,ttv!,'lc fu" i'*u'u<:u'**r? **e
i,,V.. {. *?'"?'"'<? Hole AiteM.
i' 4-4 j*J:>410--* Hala street, Itielnuouti, V?.
KifuA!!*1' Jh" mtH* NEATLY Kl
*Bj*Bgnmw U*Mm UlBfATCh BltlNTlBti
Tiichmciul Dispatch,
SATTJBDAt.i.vM'AHY ... 1880.
H L -BOI I i it AR i . I ? '.i-i N
r. Uti or THI i
i at tl.* Vn-t oftoc st Richmond, Va* os
'i '?- >i lifer. J
ilit- Stairs, rlsiBf barometer, warmer si otb
weal wiiitis. veering in tho Bortbero por
tim) t'? northerly, i-tring followed by stn
ti. n nv barometer- sad .fear cr portly
cloudy weather.
FOP I ho S.iiith Atlantic BtsUs, variable
wimis. shifting ;<| southerly, rt?rog followed
i?v falling barometer, sod sllgbtly ir si mer,'
t lt at or partly el.Ij weather.
TB! WRATBER TESTBRDAT vv ,- clr.ir. mi]J.
anti pleaaaat.
1 ii lao-arsa Tbbteiu>at: 0 a. M., 18;
;i A. M., Ml n "i.. .'..'J; 8 P. '??' . 68, 8 P.
M., 68: iiiid'M ? 'it. .Vi.
. M taper itore. -".'-i.
(pint, "ii 'pi ii Boilfilon.]
Tho Ki-t-l-scri I rnnsLitlou or tho lilllie.
This -i;ip, r hes | Iver*, from time t<> time,
narratives ol the progress and Balure nt
tin- vvi..k ol tbe revfal 'ii of tbe sn-i-aiii'ii
Authorised Version of tbe Bible ss lt w;is
belnR conducted l.v tbe appoir-ved c >mmlt
iris la tbls country sod la England. Tho
wink upon tin Ni -v Testament i* nour com*
I'ltttil. :iih1 rn.i- wini bore n >t followed
lbs mstter eloselv may be Interested tv>
It-ai n s.'iiii I'i'wi more ol tbe detail! of tbe
chaos;?-tbal will be made In botb ol tho
dlvlrionsot th" Bible. Onli a lew of the
most promt ? . can be Riven within tbe j
limits of a newspaper article. One of the
changes made v. as in the matter of tbe bead* '
iti_- tf Ibe chapter j snd the pages. In the
paragraph*, Italics, and tho punctuation.
Anotber improvement Included the removal
of obsolete word*. Tbus v;ii* is Bubstl-j
tllti'tl lor fat-; haul fir hale; capitals for
chapiters; astonishedfor astonied; betray
for bewray i magnificent for tti'tgnifical;
delicacies lor delicates; cloak tor cloke;
ilnce lor sith} lose lor leese; hos,- for j
j market-men lor chapmen; umpire
tor daysman; s-eke's lor ouches; drum-1
min- for tapering; ploughing for earing;
hamstring for hough ,- plunder lor ravin ,?
iiul coat t>f in ul lor habergon. These are i
bul a lew of many such words thal will be j
il. lind ilir advantages of tbe ebange :
in making the meaning clear is obvious.
The obsolete phrases that nqotrc change
al*t> are noi lew In number. In the present
version, lor example, tbe daughter ol Hc*
rodlas P?k?. "Give me by and by in a
. bi i i> v" lin- head "f John ibe B nitis?;
in.-min-', ol course, "Give me forthwith
tbe bead f Jobn tbe Baptist in a dish."
Most i' isons know what is mi ant, bul thc
meaning should be clear to tbe very igno?
rant also,
Sf. l^ii I is made to -tr. In Ibe Authorized
Version: ?? Alexunder the Coppersmith tl il
me much evil. The Lord reward bim ac?
cording tn hi* vvnik-.'" This some what un
cbristian sentiment Bbould be made lo read,
??The Lord vvili reward bim according to
his wink-." Tbe version In ase raake-i
Moses iby the Egyptian who was smiling
a ll.hu v., where tbclrvolceli aol beard;
whit h should be made lo speak "f a ?? na*
lion scattered and peeled," "whoso laml
tiif riven have spelled " j whereas be did
s:i}' Ibe " nation tall and *bav?n,*' " vrboje
land tin* riven divide.1" Borne of tbe
mistakes of tram*, lat-on are almost com?
ical. Where the lam prophet is re*
port) tl as speaking of '-all I bal make slucien
;ml p .inls for li-li,' bc nally ^:ii< 1 "all that
work for biro are sad al heart." Joseph's
*? coal ol ni iny colors" was merely ?? a long
Minn* with sleeves: " ihe word ?? inuits ? |q
ihf thirty-sixth ebapti i "f Gem il*, twentf
lourtfa verse, si,mum be rendered "warm
springs: " certainlyi* very odd misinterpre?
tation ol meaning. In the thirteenth chap?
ter ol l-'iiah tbe word "owls" are os*
tiicbes; tbe "dragons" are Jackals;
lb "sstyrs" ire goat*, and tho "wild
- ol tbe isl uni*" are wolves. The
?* be id ba rids and tablets and earrings" ol I be
third chapter ol I-- ii*tii are sasheM snd per
fun)' -liw.v sand amulets. In the tbl "d cba|?
ter "f Ezekiel "pillows t.i ;ill armholes"
should be '-cushions lor thc knuckle*,"
"Thick clay" In IJubbakuk should bc
pledges, or goods In pawn; "the groves"
so often relerred to in tbe Old Testament
were not groves, but pillars; "flagons ol
wine" in thetblrd chapter ol Hosea ought
t-. be "cakes "f rressed grap*a"', and
"galleries" in the seventh chapter ol Can
- - nilli be ?* curls" ol I", ka ol hair.
Mistakes in the conan action "f sentence
sre many snd grievous. Thu*, -I>7ivi<l is
made lossj ; "There I* no speech nor lan?
guage wheres* the Egyptians plew the
man." I -ai i ti rather be rendered: "There
is nu speech noi language; tbeirvoloe Ls
noi beaid." In Ezekiel "ye my flock are
mt-ii " should be "ye men are my fl ck."
In Job lt is said of tbe hippopotamus: "He
tbal made bim can make iii- swoi tl approach
unto bim." Tbe re.il meaning being "bil
M.-iktr gives him bis sword," that is, a
tusk. Multitudes of persons have won?
dered vv liv ihf (i""ii Samaritan was -<
mean as to give only two pence to toe Inn*
keeper and why the householder sgreed
with tbe laborers fur univ a peony a day,
Tbe coin tbal u:is used was the Greek de?
narius, wort b about seventeen eenie, 'l >;
translate u Into an Eoglisb pen nv certain I j
w:i- injudicious. St. Paul ilitl not snj
?-?*'.' 1 ii-ii* as not beating tbe air," bul
I box as not beating tbe afr." st. I.uki
hi made to say of Jesus m tbe cross: "Ant
when Jesus had cried with a loud voice bi
?aid, Father," Bc What be wrote was
?? And Jt bus, callina w 1th a loud voice, said
Father," Ac. lo the fifth chapter of Act*
??whom yt- slew and banged "ii a tree,'
sboold be ?? w hom y e banged on a tree ant
slew." Tin- beading ol tbe i -c ind cha| U
..j Daniel bas ibe lim, "Xebuchadnezza
lorgetting his -jr un." The Ibeorj that bi
Uni forget it is not warranted by ii oorrec
translation ol tbe text. Besides these am
similar examples <'f error, tho tt\t ol tb<
Authorized \ ei sion maki ? mlstaki * in gi og
rapby, in proper names,In Hebrew gram
mar, and in Greek grammar, [rj insertini
itali. * impropt i ly, In dil Idlng the chapteri
ami in many other matters.
Thr-o things have long been known t
scholars. Our t xeuss for quoting sn man
example-) here is tbal (bey are not knowi
t" thc ma*- ol the people; sod it serin-' ti
be Important t!ul these should have give
tu t Iicili stunt* indication nf th" tn n s'ltv 0
a revised traoslalloo so that the prejudlc
against s change may nora easily be ovet
come. Much service la this dtrectto
would ho done by ?' wide rlrcub
ti .ti of ii huh* honk upon ibe subject ii
si i,| itv tbe Stinihy-School Union?-a Loo
Iron wbleh we havi- taken these lllustn
lions. The Authorised Version i- not ?
all sacred. lt is Itsell a revision of otbe
tiaiislali'.lis, BBd the tune sti'in* IO h:iv
enna* winn supetlof lnodtin seboUrsblt
witn tbe vast information which it bas ba
pia.til at Us command by ibediseoverh
und la vest (gat lons ?>f the past two hun'dre
vi ars, should ttlt'it another revision. tybt
wc waiit lo know, after all, is what lin IS
crod WlHe-n really sahl?not what Kin
James's tian-hi'oi*. guessed tin-v said. .
man if eat error la tho Authorised Version
eatttled to bo more reaped than an error t
any ottit-r book, and it intensely OOBBPfVt
tlve people Will once fairly gel t bat Idea tnt
their beads they mav be willing to welcon:
thc corni nj* revision.
Governors Bishop und Blackburn pardo
bo many bott potpie that they wi.I kooii '
known as tbe wicked pard'oers.
t .mi-* uv nu: lar-orJabuabt Dovblb.
ISmbt Daily Dupatob, pul up for mail.
j Inp. tuny In- bad Bl oin eountlna*>room.
Alt) for Ii:ki.ami-Tiik Pt BUG DBNON
BTBATI0B NiM IrrsnvY Ni.iiii. -Tho I Bee*
ultra Committee of Un* irish Relief Society
in*i(i an adjourned meeting ia-t Blgbl il
Bishop Keane's residence, aod^hearly oom*
pleted the arrangenteata for* tbe public
meeting to be bald n.-xt Tuesday nlghl ii
: Mozart Dall in the Interest ol tbe soferit g
poor ol Ireland. The oratora selected for
: the oci'.'sion. Mtul WbO nave t xj>t??.I I',, ir
wtlllngm -- lo address ttio people, are ll*>n.
IA. M. Kelley, lii-rht Ber. Biabop Keane,
Kev. Dr, .1. ?.. Armatroog, .innes n. Doo?
ley, Ks. j., t apt; in .P.liii 8. U'i-c, and Wi1
liam I.. Royall, Esq. Theaddre*ie*, while
thej will be brief and confined Mrictlj lo
tbe ot j e? for wiiieii tbe meelina is i . be
I:- ld, Will no doubt DO such a- lo fully ciili-t
tbe sympathy ol iiio people In tins nollie
chanty aad result ba the most luhotaotlal
Ab address to tbe people r-f Virginia bsa
been prepared by the committee for publi?
cation, lt will be found elsewhere in these
In addition lo lin* distlngtilahed pcr-on
ages heretofore mentioned as baring b en
invited to ha preaenl and oceopj prlrlleged
seats at the meeting, Inrltatloos bare heen
extended to Hon. James A. Walker, Lieu*
tenant-Governor and Presldenl <?f iii- gen
ate; Judge 1?. \v. Lace, Speaker of the
House ol Delegates; Ber, Dr. M.D, Hoge,
Kev. Dr. ?!. L. M. Curry, Ber. A. Weddi ll,
Very Ber. F. .ian?ens. Kev. Tbomaa .J.
Kelly, and Ber. Hinno llegele, <>. 8. I'..
The committee would be grateful il Ibe
paster- of the various churches ol all de
nomlnstions In the city would make an?
nouncements (rom their pulpits on Bunday
culling attention !<? tbe mer-tlnar, and tbey
are kindly requested to accept tins a- bo
Invitation to do io.
Dr. John Mahony, a menber of the c ina*
mitt ct-, reported that be bad rec-ned from
Mis. Lottie Bf. It ullin, of Banorer, a con?
tribution of three fine turkeys, accompa?
nied by a lette! requesting bim to dispose
ol them and devote the proceed-* to the pro
p sed fund. The Doctor ins already done
so. 'jtiii realised ? nice little sum as "tbe
w Idow's mite."
McCullough, the eminent tragedian, will
appear at ih-Theatre Wednesday night as
Virglnltis in sheridan Knowles'* greal play
of that naiiic. Ol :i unlit performance a
well-known critic says thai '-Tn tbe scene
where Virginia shows him thc (tainting In
which be recognize* tbe fae." of Icillius, be
was tiie vi ry embodiment ol lat ber I*/ lore
and tenderness In the camp scene, where
orerthe bodyof Dentatus be mourns bin
own and his countrv's I"--, his manly grief
appealed to all hearts. In tbe forum icene,
bis denunciation ol Appius was terrible in
Its strength nnd Intensity, When, ia the
saiiie act. be discovers tbatdeatbor dis
honot only arc left for the daughter in whom
bis very soul and being were absorbed,
hi- airony was bo real aa to I"' almo-t pain*
fill to vvitnts , and t li t.. 11 ?_-11 it all and until
be had Blabbed ber and rushed from tbe
-I IgO, t be au(lience sat I.I cat III. -- Ct if Spell
bound. Tin n. iin:iliv. when tbe noble Bo*
111:111. the persoD.flcation ol strength and
manliness, breaks suddenly and becomes a
laugbina madman, tbe -enc was pitiful:
iitul at thc very butt, when tbe raeanteye
brightens as reason for a moment resumes
it* -way before being < xtinguisbedforever,
and wiih tbe utterance of the single word
?Virginia,' tbe great soul psssea trom its
earthly prison, thc silence of death reigned
ii.,..orl-i...iit tn- boase. Then followed such
a tumult of wild appian e as is teldom \vi:
Pbbbokal?-Bbibf [toms.*?Bev. M. i>.
Bweeney, of Austin, Texas, ls on a visit to
his old friend- in Un- City.
Garner's Msln-etreel 'buses now nm only
from tho corner cf Nineteenth streel to
Mortoo's garden every half hour. Former*
Iv thi y ran from Twentv-flfth and M streets
to Main, and from thence to Morton's
Main and Broad streets yesterday were
thronged with peopleshopplna or enjoying
thc pretty day. The fair-ex predomlnati i.
j This, j "ii know. i- leap year.
Tbe Common Connell vvill meei Monday
afternoon al 8 o'clock.
The January term of thc nuntin*** court
commences on Monday at ll o'clock.
Feed < 'ontbact Awarded.?The Commit
tee on tbe Fire Deparimenl mel yesterday
alu ruo..n and awarded thee mtrncl foi feed
for tbe horses of tbe Fire Department foi
Iheenioing three months as follows: ft
Lange Brotbera: B?y at f 23 per ton; sheol
oats at |1.2-5 per c.vt.: brown stuff
11 r lon : nblp-stuff si $20 per ton.
ToW. H. Briggs ii Brotber: Shelled osh
at 58c per bushel; corn al 6Sc. pt r bushel:
and -'raw al 58c. per cwt.--ail to be ol thi
bc-t quality.
?? Webb or Pbateb."?The Young Men''
< hii-tiin Association will observe the weeli
appointed hythe Evangelical Alliance by i
general meeting to be held everyeveninj
from ."> to i; o'clock.
The first meeline will be bold al A*soein
lion li'il on Mond iv evening, and will bi
conducted bv Kev. Dr. J. K. Edwards.
CoMl'l.lMKNT TO A kl IMS'I BB.? 1 >ll NcVV
Year'- nlghl tbe members and oongregattoi
of thc Second Baptist church called on the!
pastor, Bev. Henry McDonald, D. D., al iii
residence, and, after spending a pleasant eve
ning, wishing bim a happy New-Year, etc.
left fl -:oodly n na,lui" of substantial token-o
their appreciation ol bim and bia amiabl
lady. _
Installation or Officeb*.?P. i>. ?;? C
8. T. leach install.".I thc following officer
of lillie- Lodge, NC IT. Knights of Pytbiai
*.n Fridar Dight: W. I>. Courtney, P. <'.
S. 8. P. Pdtti son, C. C.; J. L. Apnersor
V. t'.: ll. W. Shelton, Prelate; W. ll. < n
il / i. M. of Ex. (tenth term): T. L.? our!
inv. M. ol F.; B. 8. Denny, K. <*f B. an
8.; B. E. Cox, M. at A.; L. W. Allen, 1
(;.; W. D."Sutherland, O. G.; L. L. Foi
ter, C. Blankenship, Jr., G. W. Smoot, I
ll. Poore, Attendants. B. T. Beach, rcpn
tentative to Grand Lodge; T. L. Courtuej
Elected.?Charity Division. No. i. Son-,
Temperance, has elected tbe follow in.' "tl
ni-: Gloater Anderson, W. I'.; Bile
Johnson, xv. A.; Kate Brown, H. 8.: ?
B. Smith, F. s.; Caroline Hatcher, Trw
surer; E. U. Whiting, chaplain; F. Barri
Conductor; <?? P. tonkins, A.C.; If. Hui
ter. I. s.; s. Burke, 0. 8.; J. P. Willis, I
XV. P.; .launs ii. Peters, L. I>.
Friendship Division- No. 8,Sons ol Ten
peranoe, haa elected the foBowlog officers
J. H. Wilson, NV. p, : .*-. .1 mes. W. A.
Thomas Scott, lt. s.: T. lt. Jobaeno. A. 1
-.: lt. T. Klly-on, F. s.: Fields Moon
Treasurer; William L. Jseksoo, Chaplain
A. Morris, Conductor: lt. Smith, A. C.j l
Smith. I.S.; Georae ll. Perry, U. 8.; >\
li. Taylor. P. W. P.; B. T. Ellyaon, I.. I
Asbury DivMbn, No. :t!?: Beolamtn .
Franklin, IF, l*. j 8, A, Whittle, lt. B.; I
A. Williams, Treasure]; Mooee Taylor, L. I
A Haw Lomb ob (icon Tbmtlabs.*
(lean View Lodge*, No. IS, L <>. (i.
(colored), was duly organix.-tl I,isl Blfft
with John Day worthy chief templar; E..
Hamilton, reCOrdlBg Scribe. This lodi
starts with a chartered membership of rig
At thy annual election of Hie In Jope ti
ent Daughters ul Messiah, Mary I*, (inti
WS/4 floated president and Charles C. Flei
lng Meretarjr. W. H. L. Combi deliver
the annual address at the annual ri'dulan
Odd-Fellows' Hall lust weuk.
Tin: OLD capitol oma ai.*- CrO OUT ami
Bl W hm Bl OKI IN?M*'AV llMBHff Di lill:
ortnci of -rax auditor or pvblicao
('ni'x Tf-aTHI ul WU HBADBt ? DKPABT
Of 'lill.' ni adm r___B?' evins COM*
M III I.) . _
AU of the nevvly-eh-i-leil ?':ipi?ol officers
except Mr. Brodrenbonragb entered noon
be rueebarge of ibetrdotie*i yertetday. Mr. I
Broeken borough will probably take charge J
lol bis position (Register of toe Land Offlce'
On Tin--tl iv. Mr. Mm-ey was t he tu; ly Offlelal '?
who annouoeed hi* derk-. The following I
I "4 his li*t. with tbe names ol toe retiring I
clerks ami amount of pay (lass tax) received
per annum l.v i ach :
*?v. M. Newman. RockfDgbcm, viet a. ty,
t Munford, elerfe of accounts, |-,50-JM.
\i. ,\. Sot i, giovanna, via a. a. Lorentx,
flr-t clerk l*o, i. I1.I09.2S.
w. B. Mnlth retained a- Brit elerk No. 2,
Flunk Millford, Itiehmond, vier John (?.
Mosby, second derk Mo. 1, 11.064.88.
ty. H. Milker, Albemarle, viet E. M. Nor?
ri ll. seoond ch rh S >. 'J. 11,964
A. H. Miller, Shenandoah* vii- v. Bin
ford, third clerk No. l. 1998 it;.
J. A. Seddon, Stafford, trie* Min mt. h.
15r<''(lin, third clerk No. *j. ?983.76,
ty, ty. Maisey, Albemarle, vice Jobs c.
Btanard, third clerk Nu. 8, 9998.51.
Georgie ty, Doceberrv, Richmond, clo
T. i'.. Bicger, fourth cltik|N"... i. |s_0.50.
MUs Julia Rein*', Richmond, vice .Mr*. M.
B. Crouch, fi'iirth clerk No. _. 983060.
Mt. I - i:it* Newman was rekupointed mes*
sl IlL'l 1*.
Mr. Smith was retained In his old posi?
Mr, Bioford was advanced two grades.
ai ;.ito::'s CLERK-L
It will be seen that tbe two ladies In the
Auditor's offlce were noi spared. Thal was
I tbe worm moveol all. Mr. w. S. Newman,
I who take*- tbe desk i-f Colonel George
; Wy I be Munford, ha* for Bev-**"-., years been
: in.j.h.veil in tbe Treasurer'* offlce, a tl is
i from Rockingham. Colonel Bigger, one t>f \
I the der-osed clerks,wai a soldiers the war j
\ ol 1813a :intl was for many ye?i - po-stm mt) r I
lol Richmond, and though eight y?_ve dtd
faithful wink, ll- i* tbe lither of John
Bell Bis-ger and William J. Bigger, late of
the dei teal force of tbe House of Delegates,
Colonel .M'inf rd h:<s long been In the
public service, lie was clerk ol the
Gonventiooof l ?*_!)?'.';<): wa*, at tn* time
Bi iretary "f the Commonwealth, and
codified the laws In I860 and l-T.i. Mr.
.h.nu (;. Mosby had i"<-n at Ibe Capitol lor
about ibirty years, and posaessed extraordl*
narj capacity a* a clerk. Bo, t<n>, Me*srs.
Lorentz, Sorv ll, and Btanard. Mr. W. W.
Vi ins) y, who tak) - tbe plat e ol Mr. Btanard,
ia a son of the Auditor. M< *sis. Smith and
I'n" rd, clerks, and Ike Newman, roi
uer, who have been retained, \>iil prove i-f
valuable service to Ibe new Auditor. In?
deed, it would l.e ilmosl Impossible to nd
along without tin m m- others their equals
inexperience and proficiency. Mr. Noel,
(int- of the new elerk*, was r-.r :?. lons time
employed in tbe offlee "f tbe elctk ol tbe
cum i "f Fluvanna county.
Mr. M..-*' \? *t iie.i to fl representative of
tbe i i'< sa iii il it wa- his desire lo *!> con*
duet the office i-f Auditor ol Public Ac?
counts :i-1'? latisfy hi* friend* snd -ive no
just cuni- of complaint to hi- rnemies. All
of hi- appointments sre temporary. Ile
has taken a number ol men npnn thc re?
commendation ol others, and if be lind.
tbal thi v di not come up lo representation*.
be * n < be will n<>t bi *u tte to t mpl ij otbei *
in their place--.
tbs iTitii-itiT tu -"i.i nox.
On the night when tbe nominations were
mada by Ibe Rekdjusier?but iiefore any
narnia were presented to the eaucu?a re*
solution was adopted "thal every gentle?
man nominated and elected to any Capitol
offlce accepte I his nomination and election
upon the condition thal the patronage t?f
bis offlce sbon I be appinioned among the
congressional district*, tu far an practica ile,
in accordance with tbedeterminatl ?n "f tbe
committee t-> which tbe matter i* r tern d."
II ls undi r*tood thal Mr. Massev, while
Boxiou-i if n"i determined to run his own
"ilic', will, :i- far aa possible, endeavor to
keep in harmony with his party. Tbal
may b one reason lor hi- de-uriou that tbe
a pp liniments made yesterday shall be con*
Biden d as merely temporary.
'l be othei head* nf tl ipartmont conelnded
lhat it would be better to await the re
bling ol tbe member*) ol tbe General
As-i -n.hiv, and tin- act iou ol the Rt ii IJuster
committee, c immooly called Committee on
Spoils, before committlni* themselves one
way or anotber. Thal committee made an
api>ortionmeni ol tbe Cjpltol and otbtr
office.**, and to them wa* committed Ihe
task "f distributing the minor places as
equitably as possible among tbe several
congressional di-riiet*. The) had not
completed their work when ibe General
A**embly to ?fc it- rt v?.
While tbe committee ischarged with the
work ol preparing a plan nf apportionment
ii I* expected that tbej will report to tbe
caucus, Mr. Massey bas peal influence
with thein. and if any man In the party,
except the Hos-, is allowed to have his own
way, ii" i- tbe on*,
Mr. ("'.ullin M. Reynolds, who his suc
cecded Hon. lt. M. T. Hunter sa Treasun r,
nald yesterday that there would be no
changes in bis office fur tbe present. Mr.
Dvson, the new Bceond Auditor, said the
same: Bnd added that if be could consult
hi*, own w!?bea there woulJ be lew cbangt -
thereat all. Colonel Broekenhorougbi who
will -iif'tcl Colonel Randolph ll irrison as
Ite.i't -r ..f the Land Offlce, called upon
ihe latter and * il th I he would
not enti r uri rn bfci dutb? lor a lew
days yet. Colonel Brockcnborough, bav*
mg ab-iolutel*- i;i. patronage to dHpense,
lo be a corni aratively bappj man.
Thi ? ! b -' ? and much bedevillt d
by applicant*. Mr. Fauntleroy took po.?ses*
? i f Secret iry of th I
monta- eal'b and ii id a I mg ml m et able in
teivicw with t i McDonald. He ap?
points on ? lei k. Tin re are dozt ns "f sp*
piii'.ni!-. but non ? with the qtt ;i.ii iatiou* ol
tbe Incumb nt. Mr. iii shard F. Wa kei
-Jed Mr. Frayser as Supcrlntendenl
of Publu ? ri nt lng. Il-- hu to app tint i
porter al t}8Q per m >nth dui in-r t
ol ibe Ge u i .1 A*"iembly. The fortunate
follow will probablj l" a eolored man.
lin: i.i reiDE Ol PICS-J.
Mr. Williams will enter upon blsdutiei
as Superintendent <'f ibe I'enitentiary to
d;iy. Tbe seven ?.ssistani keepers then
(Messrs. *'i "s*. Gates, Mcauley,Ac.f] eann -;
M removed Irom tii"ir present poaitioni
witboul the approval ol Governor Hotliday
and then only for " misbehavior, Incapacity
or neglect cl duty." Governor Holllda'
win noi return to the cit] t'.ntll next week
The Superintendent, however, has lui
sweep at the v'-inrti. Hr can ti,etc remo*.
and appoint al Will, it sOc-m*. Bul it i- un
derstood thal Mr. W-lfa-mswlll noteoU
upon tbal disagreeable duty immediatt Ij
Ile. Hid, vv til probably prefer to await th
action "f tin* eompjittes lather than tak
the chane,- of h*iv'iii_ hts BppolntmeotS D<
Mr. Winfield sc .tt will nd enter upo
his duties ta Btorekeeper of tbe Penltei
Harv until thc ijih.
Messi-sj. McDonald, Frayser, Taylo
limiter, Rogers, Harrison* Swan, and T
ii'iferr..)?those to ga Md tboee goae ? wh
ther liends of th partin. :it ur subordinate
have our good wishes. May they BOOM b
tonie sett led in b.tleraiul happiei pot-itlot)
and have cause to rejoice rat her limn lumei
that alter lon.' and i.mbini Hervice th
were turned out of the narlee of ike Coin*
lil in weall h.
Coxvkntios OP BOOB Tr.Mi'i.i'i.,- All the
ol tins order will meal la eoovea
llOfl Monday Bt Comb-'* Mall. Sryenttenrh
Itn et, Bl IO A. M . Action B i'l be '-it-en to
eoaw under the legal Ugh! Worthy Gnni
Lodge. _
BTBABrBBBBJBfl tv BLOOM.?Strawberries
atc in Moobi la gardeas around tbe citr.
The SnfFerliiif tn I r? I a ntl
Bu iiMOM.. \ ?,., January ?;. 188 I. \
To the People <>/ Virginia .
Ti." greal want an,i suffering in man)
nirts of Ireland, win.-ii bare been declared
Ly pulpit, piena, and private letters, make
forcible appeal to inc better Instincts ,,r
.1,1" naMii". .
An almo-l (o'al de-tritction nf cn p- in
i burge BgrienHnral district has beea fol?
lowed i-y grievous want, wblcb tic poor
people cen.- iled until st-irva'inn was the
mc alternative of appeal i-. public rlbarity.
lu tin- ciiy a- elsewhere, in many pim-s,
t noell Ij ii i- I .".'ii formed, coosUtlng "f
.'fiitli men "f sll creed- and perth -, for the
Mirpose of securing aid from thc kind,
tearted for these nnbappj people; and on
ru....Hy oremin?, .lian,ty r.'li, a public
neel log -.viii be held m Moim il di to i
angiblu expression t-. tbe sympatby <>f our
titizena with tin- great di- ri --.
An ? xecuttre committee in bet n formed
ivhich tv ill take eba rite of ail n,or,ev col?
lected, and i ir-er by tbe purchased pro
.1-1- ns or otberwbe make most efficient use
>f if for ti..- r tilt f .f tin- starring. Tbe
society expresses and entertains no opin?
ions on aux religion*., imlitical, <>r lodontrl .1
luestion wblcb maybe Ihougbl involved,
mit sets and appeals alnne in Ibe Interests
>f .-ur common bumanitr. And as in an*
it ber day. when like appeal was rn ide from
ho same land. Yiri'itiu Blood amid ibe lore*
most in the lisi ol Amii uni States contri?
buting to miligate lb" horror- of li isa f inl?
ine, so now, we doubt not, a like generous
response rn iy i e expect! d.
We trust tbal organized efforts like our
dwi) may be made in other pans of l be ?'om*
moBwealtb; but wbtre this is uot tbe caee,
are shall be happy to accept and irive Mie
best direction to tbe off rina* *.f tbe i ..
table, and o:irm'-tiy solicit them.
Remittances may be made din ? tly to
Thomas Potts, K-tj. treaauier, i-oat-office
box No. 1. or lo an*/ ol I be < ommittee.
A. M. Kbii.kt, Presidi nt.
Tltomae Potts, m cretary.
Jobn Purcell. Thomas Pott-1, Frederick
B. Scott, John ll. Claib true, .1 din M. Ili.:
gins, Dr. Jobn Mahony, Alexander liter*
hoi/., i", executive commit h .-.
? v\t ui:vn;it AMD Vlt'lJIITT.
Chesterfield In 1879.-?We w Te unable to
obi,nu a full -t:i!i-:ie d report from Chester
geld In tillie to publish in ye-t a tlaj 's i-s'.io.
lint do -o to-day. Ti..- inf..ii,.. ' ion which
ire now rive m ill p. 11, it - lulen *i ti;" eli i
rens ol Manchester bh much as tboseof
('iii.-!crticid. Tbe only chunge m de In tbi
aovernmeni during thc year wa- tbi
lion ol a connty j? ctl:??:
County Court: Jaiue-t M. Gregory (new
Judge) pice U'illiaml.i lopton; M. A. Coff.
bill, cl.ik : 1'.. A. Hancock, attorney for
the Commonwealth; <'. ll. Flournoy,
sheriff, During tbe past year 12 cases ol
felony have been dis,;..-id of, s of wblcb
were convicted; <i misdemeanors, I bf
which wi re com Icted, an J 2 misdemeanor
cases are now on the docket. Amount of
tim s Imposed, vJ". colleen d, -rb".
There are at present only two inmates In
jail, one of whom ls confined ai a lunatic.
M:ii ridges: Tic foilotelng mnrrlai*c*lt*
censes wire issued during the year: Janu?
ary, ii white: 2 colored?total, -. Febru*
ary, I white; 8 colored?total, 7. March,!
while: 9colored?total, 13. April,6wblte;
8colored?tomi, !?. May, ?': white; 2 col?
ored?total, o. .lune, j nrhite; ."? colored?
tot d, 7. Julr, 2 white; 7 colored?-totti,9.
August, 2 white; T colored?total, 9. Sep*
tenlber, l nrhite; ?; colored?total, 7. ne?
tt.ber, .'{ white; 'j colored?total, **. No?
vember, 12 white; 5 colored?total, 17. Do*
com ber, "16 while; 8 colored- total, 24. To?
tal for the vi -ar. 123.
Board ol Supervu 'i-: Clover-Illll di
trtcr, D. M. Goode (cbiirman); Dale. B. J.
Diiv I; 51 ito ic i, I!. L. Joni -: Midlothian,
William ld. Spears; JJ in J ?-. | h
Walker; Bcrmudi, Jj mes B. Jones. Thc
Unsocial condition "f Chesterfield i- very
_*.I. The c.! i u ry ls out of debt, and bat be*
tween $1,500 and $3,000 In ber treasury.
Taxi -on the ?rin - \ due "f propertj i- 15
ceiiis. Thli Includes county and district
-<? 'loni ta\.s, pom- fun,I. roatl tux, and
c iiiiitv expt n 'iiiii'.', a lilch i- 5 ci ul
lb m 1878.
Poorhouse, William R. Gill superintend?
ent: lina it'- at present?16 colored and 6
wi.i'. ?beal, -J?vi/., i; whit ind 0 colon d
w omen and 10 colon tl men, Total amount
of costs?Including provisions, clothing,
medic ti attendance, fm I. and superintend*
en:'--il ny during the vear? wa- ; viJ 6 ?'?.
Number p uiper- died, 7.
The amount <?! real estate sold in tbe
eui,nv i- e-'iiti ited to be $275,000.
During the year more than thin j n irtht rn
families li ive iettli d In the neighborhood of
tlie< 'ourtbouse. Thi y are active and indus*
trinii- people, md appear to be d dog well.
City Council.?A regular meet!n sr of tbe
ruy Council was held lasl night. Present:
J, k. Perdue, president; and Messrs. Bal*
lowe, (leotry, <.it?!>-. Kahn, Nunnally,
Owens, Pattcsoo, Royall, Sbotwell, and
Mr. Gentry, from tbe Committee on Pub?
lic Lands, presented a report ri <? immending
tbe i. a-ii.T?.f ? piece ..f propi itv in rear ol
tbe Marshall mills; il-oa reporl in reference
to toe leai-lng of a piece ol land owned by
the cit! ol Manchester; al?o allow ina ;
M.-\I,i!i..n to erect a temporal*) libed on tbe
Danville railroad between Hull and D< c itur
-tn* i-. The reporl wai a lopti J,
Duval A Bobertson i
.; .-? a wi o li n building -ll I
Rev. B. F. Woo Ito < ! was i cted ?
. r ol the Scho IB rd Bev. G.
i . Vam', i >Vi .1 from the city.
Mr. Royall offere i a res ilution in ri fer
ene.' to unsafe awninga on Ililli
winch was adopt, d.
- ?, ral communications fn in tbe Mayoi
and sevei il pei 111 ma wi re ap; i opi ately re
; i -I.
A nombi r ol billi were ordered t" bi
id; and al 8:45 tbe Council adjourm d.
.Y. rr. fear Si un a.? \ i irge numb*
of our -o.icty beaux and bellea wen! oa
i,.i nif it to II ?lh >(i i.i--. '!"? resident ? e
M j ,; .I.i-. ph Walker, to attend the ! ??
feat's rolri ol tbe I 'il- *Boses.
The kfusii.??{/'".?Tin- stteodance ?t lb
tait night wai quite small. Mi
A ? . od- r K. Si ha ip favored th -? pn ?. n
with a rltber *?!>?. which was loudly af
/ .Saltation oj Officers.?Dale t-ndgi
Knights of Honor, iostalled lb dr offlci i
Li-t night, after which iber had th r i e
..iud iuppi r .it Fireman's Hall, and bad
mosl pleasant time.
Brief /feme.?Mr. James M. Gr
who vs vt I- ?? ntlj electt d Judge of tu. I tt<
terheld County Court, h,.- qu dined.
\ teleph me bas been placed In tb ? r
, i m.*-:-". Joba Dladen *V: Brother, al th
che-tciiiel.l eoort-bouse, thus ,- more In
thi- elli with thal place. This li som
wblcb tia- been lonj needed, and will prof
vcrv il-- lui.
Judge William I. Cloptor will oenrer
Sunday-aetfbel ad Iress before th ? Foti
Street Sunday Khool next Bunda* ..fie
noon at :t o'clock in Masoni." Ball.
V pirtyof fnx-huni'i** "1 Ibis eMy su
ceetled in kfllllR tMtSB f')\?"? W*4B*tM
DttWM? .bi-, ---ty and e^mmtmtf
lb Mb FtoWtT******* ********* *****>
,_A.'' "'"""?? l-t a Bibanilmianitlii-r aresel
.Hurl , ^ ,' :'n" f"" *"" "r '?-??? ->"? SM
ow 1, n ? I*** __*' "-? ""? Ix.MIc M|
'?""??????J ???tn."*?t4U '.- omer NMrratfaa wv
?wm rtaflrn, an it *?**..tdprwKtWlTitJ!
B"IrM- "*?> ??????! '?H *Mi.*in.-H!?t-i t'..-cr?.r?r*/?
?SBUBinillT. (0lU:>r BuoxnaBBL
r !_!_?_ "r i",P",,0,, "r '*?" "?'"?~*?'?' ?? '"?*
IT vi ,"r _ M,,s,?--? ?'??'?? M THnU- cliurcl,
!JJ_i v J''"' ,)r- *?*w-*?s-?i?_ i-t-r she
I'VI. I.I-KIVH. 'llst.lltH-l >.,-,?. |??,,,;1 ?
iBtCBiiiMi.-ll-r-niii iii'..,, bop BtrraM.
'."?v..,|.-T.., ,.,,,:,.r M?1:i;.|M,,?,?a,:|1
' '"Kt Powder, t.i ...ir i-i.i- man wc
??'?"'.iri.e-,,!.!..-. K.ArKls--,,N*s I: ... Wli.lc Kim?
mi Violet Pow*** r.
ii rr. r tv nt
I ll kSBRS
Oaaat adv ubi a
C0S1 OP I. vent.
nt* sImII. lu nii.l -it't.-r
?I AN'CV HY 1. 1680.
' SIXTY li VV I OSt.V."
tkn pan riv r.
rm. MARBRT fiti. c.s. --
Coo dh
A. BABB ti (??,.,
"h.-Trio.' ?? Ca-I. '
I'll') M.iln -...?.
t i'miiim:. oppoBlM post-oflL-e,
I n.i i: is.
nv. I). Blair a io. not only bare tb
Liquor) of .ill -leda. Inti their itock
li ron. Ainu ii'l-.t iii--.-i,i-.:,,i,| K|| (-|,,.i.. ,?iH>.,?, |,(
are unMirp-n-ird in ihe city. They hare lu-*, r.
I'.lvnl .-i But; lot ot Virginia llama three year* old.
Vou'ii Bi >l their prk' ?- rery 'ow. and the qualltj ..f
ihelr goods al wa- i the beat. 1108 .*? I,., ? t urt ? I.
'-" HORK I'll! 1 M VllsM:_'|'|?.,v ,. ,? |?. no? no
excuse for ?u_i rina the pin-is of rh. um ill m. I he
crotch La Ines* ls becoming "asl played
"old ita ms.-1 and acnteand Inn-ntiuatory i
the worst -.rt are i tslly and ojutekly cnn i -Ince ihe
lntio.1nct.on ol' Hr. Hbrnuo**!- UfrSY'fl li i
which any .lui -.tit an mpply.
IIOLID vv Iii i-vu r.viKN r.
i. .v v Broth rr*, will keep th-ir Holl l
l.ii nun: o|M'ii nml Hie rmi ol'Hil* weeli, lu v
?bow a hvrftt issi rtment niltab e for
Nrw.Yk vn'-t Pr rs rr ra ?
also, a in',- ii- . nt m. ii t ot' 7<i vet. i: and PA**) I
Dav Goods. They offer areal Indocemt ats to par
chaser* of < loarb, Sjiawbs, Blarrbts, Car.
ri i-.iiu. i ii.nn ni ?:... .....i ac***.
A 1 B -ORAN r URRA lit 1
If your trbtu are dceaye-J or*fcl\*etl**t' Ifyooi
t.i'M*.' arr ipon-ry, iii.-v-.iin*,', uk-1-i'.'it...i. 'i i..--:in-*
H.un Ula tc,ili. ii-i
Mi..vuI'. A BARI R'S
CARBOLIC IfOI i ll-W v-il,
which i'.mi'.m- tba tied odor cRRS-d bi Ila c.and
rapt ol) lieab sad cteRBaea thc "Roath. Impai-tla*- a
ni i.n mrs in vt;nam B IO rUBBBKATH.
Hoi i bj di iirii.--i i- .it .".ni-, a I, Kile,
Hi. nun i. Win ri: '1 k:: ni :
Mi vnK.t Him n's
- 1IMMM7 I n: -. ti i-f: )t ?
WU.!, PRBSRRVR ill: i;i : il, l: : m-ivi:
im l I'l KM' r vi: nu,
KBBP I IB Tl BTU SI lt HM Ll V I i.i \ "I
8 lld bj di ii/-'..-' - al 50e, ? box.
?-. \ ??: UORSV by ii i. nu* ynir prtntlag dOBS a'.ilit
D 'AT) ?> I, u.ty.1 ?.ork, los
. tit i .'...raiiu-i-n.
-?'?.'? ? ' -, in-', ri aa
. ? i all of the nevi
. Orders left at tbs bit
om will rai tin pn .',;?!. aStta
Il i I Ion ?* VII s THIN l>\ Y.
TB" Ot all taltt ??' .'.-??' Saatt mile hettuett
i I ? Jo ii ????;? ??<??? ' it of Jun.* I
tent ',? ? r ia tt tn ' ? put-* byt ?
? I ?*? ht itt of Jv ' ;<? .Han
? the year tItt t*&:ti have to ot paid by titi ta
-. ?? -i about flftn ii yi ai ? a**
In t:iel a md, _-.'l ip
J.THOMPsON BROWN, l!| P. m. rnmc hons)
on w.-;i l.'ijfti tn-11 i-t w". ii Munford and til;
BK IIMONO BAZAAR, 10 A. M.. ii * - r.R
W Alf Ttl.
Wami::), to RENT orr \ pirst
c|.\'s HRVKN and A ll Al.I' ?" i v\ I
I'l v \' i. l-esl make. In -- --i i rder. and < u rt i iona
ms. Apply nt *-*17 Marshall itreet, rornei
COI.OttKIa) ti. ::i\- char-re of two chlnliri
;iut| Jo | -. Apply t ?. - a i _ y octweeu 10 an<
- k i" I i . RDBI.NSO-V,
1 ?_117) -.'litti Tin*.I -??.'?.
IT or il.-., ttl ,\ssl,|' IS MIXM, nil .1 , .
ll'H'-KUt.KK. Mut come w-li m-nnimin-lfi
I Main >tit-et._ u i(-_i?
f\ CATION and t and roo.!
: n ? -1 tr....?! BuRland, .1. -h. ? - ni '? rmplo)
ii .i 'M ii which lie caa ..ira l, * litlnu
i li ind. and I try auvthlua
or traTcl.on a vt-rf -.luall salary, i i-t ? v ?? , ?
?ii.-," .*._tl 7|..'.?
\\r W i lu. BO MIDI I,- AT No. '
IT \.i: Pl SIX! ii * I Bl El ?*"?'? ? n Main ii
I* i-i-.
lu tt.' nu;. --'? nieul i ..* ? re of i .
M ... I WllXaN -I
KKr.l'r'B 'mt u -. vi
v v lt \l. Blchmdnd ps.t-oSlcc, wi :. i ? :. rt ih ?
WANTED, TWO -URSON-, win. ar
T T ih.r nahh ic-|U ih ted with 'MM kv pi
I7',M, I.HM, t I T -'e-KIMi H.ll V ? '.. R ,
:-. .i. 'ii ,, in oue si in- htnrt i fa
.-.if,ti i. n- ? nplj i.ni... they can liuol
tti ? full.- i i-t'.-r-ii'i'. Bo -i'll ii.r'i ,
Mull will bl i
??I.hv ? . I ? ?? i"
ti 1 V _ _N.-w VorK .-ily.
ER, i ', m iii i tn M. i" ba wojMci i? "
-7! Vi: ' s. | -. V illili/ tia PHI I'l -"Ul- . I PU . V
I Vf Ml 7 |:i l-l*
I \\ AN 1' \l.l. lui Ml. W BO t'A
I lo sec th* tar-re :.rcHK!8T_3**-.-* (XXH>
i : Ung ..I t HI.NA. I.I, V*s. i mLI ? t
I Kl", . 1 |. Vi I la..\ t-BPa, 1IV-W SB*. WOOl
l\-WA?;l., 'I.Vl'.VN').'.1; t.'.t'W*. ,'tr.. il
tl. II. WM.I.Vt 1 '-.
Int. Nth 1 *:;.-1.
I HM. SI it AV KO. )\rt FOI MU.
*}Qt\ REWARD.?l'LH?A\ I IIKtTv
V4-J AtUJVK f -r t Hf r. eo*-?ry, .r m f ii 'JS%
UBoRtO li" i?.*..v. r?."l it lt ?i . vlv.i
.. ii old. vith thet ' ' ' i dtto
toll a ti"n tnt rana ? a 'le. mitti "' the %d
vi, pm! ttBot I* Lynch's HR4lion,( auipbe I t-uuul
Ir9 wit*
M. la. I'ISII'.I'
Bl DOEW A T K lt V A Ml 1. V V I.O I. R.
J. B. Kit Kl KV A ??)N-_
fcllf PSOGtBS" FAMILY H.ot'R.
FA.ry Uir?l warrant"! to pk**-, lor Mle l.y
OAVKM'OUT A MOBKlf. A?*tuta.
po le-'.iu Dwi avrtct
_,__ CASII-.IIfTAIlIAlll.-i- IBAOVA4M ?
(7R? tavare, **j-*** i h**ru--*n._,
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teacher* .ti tl*-Tinted -..st a. arnon* tn* tn in-, a.
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Bobina Powder, ipi wi n tn rlaee oarvelvea rairiy
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l..'!ieve. aa i- ri i-ii'inio .1. ti ,?.s| i Hi.I Vt; l; vKINti
POWDER t*i Le a -Iii* :'v-.ure t nain of Tartar
Powder, lean Taetiire I !iy :i i.t-rl' etlv rt-li lld*, rl-an
In Baltimore, and la m-COBo tanoint In tte narke*.
Vu .Iv. u on ev* tv pnekajre. Af. n lon ur tn e. Ilea I
antin ritie- I- called IO ll. lu .i.'.M tun *??*? hive re
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600 i- A-r lu \??; -i uki- r.
Ru iiMoMi, va.. Ute ?! irrnr, 1879. J
r, Qrttkam ,t- /;,-- mi .
li n-'. m. a.?Ar yo tr r* *,r|.--' I hive ina '*> | iiuill
t-ti'M-eli. tni'ai t>\riinle.a'ii.ii of tko M.-etiur liiit
?'<?? Powter, manufactured bv Un ateritnn Hana*
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l*.*n.|*r. ill I'.'i'.'f* ,tr. .| i.y ***** rs. Raith, ll.nway
.tc . I lin ? t - t trill eni',iit..it"iis to lie :
<rt ti-, ? KterltDf?C'ooklnit Boua noJ I'leam ol' Tar?
ur thc I'afao-.-.i?Ooklnf 8 ''in anal .Mum.
I have fnriHT esaaiitwd 'h" stt-iitiiL' Raktaa
Powder for lajurtoui laapurttlea, mit lad ll tree
t'r.'in them.
I'ii"-1. I.ok an.I other :ui-'r:*i'ti.i iht? Mbftaa
?n mtv _.-ii.d r.ilv . I th. ..[.leii.ti thal I, .. n,i? |mw
den tn 'ie ?iiii ei.ii.il >.f tartar av iiperlor la
point Of ?h..l .. m. te - ? ta itt ??? I.Vi'le m lill alum.
rue 'ani|.;.-- n eil in tills e citiiitinti,ni i tn l"ir
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?I-,-.:.. nel altlioui your fcaowieafe.
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WILLIAM ll. T'.Yr.o!!. M l?..
Wale t in tni-t.
We miiv endor-a th ni.,oe tatemenl -aaec bf
v;.-. ra. (.i.-li.oii A Urown. md imtiiin Uta
BaklD ' Powdl i |? 11- .'f1 * ;?iin', ami thai lt
trill be kepi up lo Ita pit -ent il iud ird. 'lit'' anora*
ee.leiitt.1 ?ii.'.-. ?> ii baa met "i ill imikin,
-mihi edlng all nilli r- al. ll hat i.e. n la tm*
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s^it.?. uirriuN- von ? ".
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lWl'Ki! OH MAOAZI ll.
vi' ..i- i'l. l .i: vi; ?,
I SD TOUR "i:l>Ki.- TO
i. r, .!<.!vsi .*??,
New-- and Matfe*!>raler,
?ta BB 0? I Via 'i -ire, I.
I <Ht lt I'M.
X ai..I w.-,li...-at.-i TU Will liVVH.LIM, Iii
So. OOO wi -i Prauklin ?ir.-et. rec mir occupied t.v
lr. L.T. Baird. The dwelling eontiltu Hfhl
i- i,ni? it-i'e- kitchen, all in tm .1 <>rli r. Kent.
low. Vi! < lll'WMN.I I l.'i.K,
li l-U _Vo. 5 m.illi tenth Vicef.
< inuit t our! of IL i ii.1 alli.ob MOSDAT
Hit* l-jiit ..I .illino \ (that being court day), real
..m. ai l2.aVlnck.tha KARM ai i-.*--* i.t necupletJ
hy Tbomaa J.< arter, of 300 \? BES. near Meadow
siafi-.H. In the lower part of IBnrteo ihe rani to
i,. |,il.| .i.i... tu,'.. ll.I and .-. leeurlly t.. Ihj
Hiv. ii. WM ll VM U \|.SII. H. -..
di .*'?>?:? 1 .vi.t:t.7.v l ??_i,,-.i "i . ?'-"( -. -. ll ?'.
1 BRICKDWEI.I.IXU So."'"? K.nii -'\'iiU:_
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-.-v. n rooina; aaa, aral. r. .<?<?.
Several or He-. IlKSUIABI.I .1 .\r-'--l'"'.V
Tl N'KMKSTS.on ' ; i i
:.nt- .I*.- doro,
rait-re, bath, .v*-.
DI -ll! Mi. I BRU K I" !''i * ' I v... IOOwi t
hoi ii,..,- i i i md Adara -". vvei y?
i n ... ii :: n ,
Ul it ls Rf -Hil \> i N< ? mklln at reef,
,,!-,,, i i e..i iii r I'' > ii': --ixlii; ? iht rooma,kltcb*
. .i e.. ftc
Ml i- Ul I \t Hi II BRU K DWI I.I.IM. V>.
?o; i.-, i ? i. i,.*t wt en ' ? uti \'ii and
I ar, i.t v *ori ntb ? Ix too a -. rm*, ".r.i.-r,
kin lien. I
vi .i-ii iii -tr.-, i. i,-i v.. en I i.-li';: and Mutta! im
r.i, .it<-h> .. -' il ' ' i' -' comnle *-.
Ol--IK VI'.I.K.o r*H '?\\ KSII ill.Vl.iM AND
i:i -mum i. i,, ? . v. M. I.yoia. L-*j..
, ,, wi i I lr i,l' es I"- li .Irrct itel ? ?? to -in an Moy
Urti la; len i ????!?- * id all i
SK E HRH K I EM Ml y I v- ?? -tlH M.n.'ia'l
ktrcel, i*-t?.iii rwenty-thlrd nd rwenty-fourOk
ritrteta : seven rooum and ? "?;. ? '?"?
I have . -i mj 1. 4 ???. boo ea, which I
wi 11 pul In iborouKh repair, If a 1 already bo; nil ol
wll ell I ..I?' 1- Bl \-i' I" * d' n ? .'? ' '''"??to
rent wi 1 |.i. . <? aire rae a 1 ill I un utlofted I eau
uti ibem. Ui 1 -:*i t lt??BI BJ B IV SK.
DEVhltAL ItUUiia IN Ll>Lb'-3g|
ii lii'li.DlNi*' .atti..- ,,,ti,ii ', r. , ul* Main IB
ar. I I ? il, -:?*'. l-'lt Bl ST. wi i.-.-..:..|.i.-.i r..r
, a li erl . -? rot-ran. Afp-at*
.urns t. i.diiiny.
j.l-it_ Heal IaU't \-'? at.
l.*i lt RENT, BRI v ~.>\VKI.I.IN?iflj-|
I1 So. lil north Kevcaih .treel. 1 .-? *-.*-? t-?Lil,
\! ir 1, iii an I < 'av '1 '?> a .??- ? " i mi rentren ???
Anolv st Xl l?. "'I: or at N , MOO Main - r*-.-i.
. .vt-Hu_ll. ?slll.lt.
i/tii: rent, rwo Ti? v.c.): >TOUEs*fi
f* is Pl vltl. BLI ' Bi l -..1.". - uti -' CcC.M
Si i- -*r . I'iij.m.v. lie 1 III ni- I" -'O' :ti.V
A, p|. 10 I vn. -?: . i: I i.n Kr:.
.ia 20-ilw_.
/ lF F 11- E > I ?>t KKK I l Wog* .
' " 1. vio.l w: l I.- ....ll;' i? bim! WI Ll.-ILi.
v rs 111 \ 11 i? 1:." " - ' ? ****,
. . , Vo. 1 . I Ha . ? ila 1 *
r drntl'ta. Appll *'- Oltpnteh 1 mee.
au "
in kin:>s t ii\%< 1 s.
\ RARE <-ilAN? E.
v\'.- o- authorli ?! O tn ?? ? *?
* vi 'X.
- h\;i i-. !>.\VII I. of a KIH.-il I
11 vu and l:i -1 vi BANU, ? ? 1 1 1 in ona -1 ibo
? - ? 1 ortl luaof t.'? *" .
The bouse li well turill i**! t- 1 nmod***
Ii,,.. .,!" ire.ii'... "tte tt ?*?
n ? 1 ce, "-i'l. ??< ?? ?' ?? "*? ?'
.!,,,1 ...ii; . , . ? lor a u\ ? man or
l ? ?-? i;>. A
h..,.- ii * nc "-?
tlitw sis*, .v t.n-: .
Lia. * '.ti* A*< ntf.
?, \ .-,. S.. ,". MTtta I .mil tree!.
|*i I. LnUl'ONT, Di Nl ^l" Ita .v I <>.,
I u ?'> it-*.****-??. i<iy- 011 ?
Mi:.manurer- ..1 'b. .- ' ?'-l
I vi ; 1 uri BIMI, t\ot r. Iflri.B, met
IMAM??y|? (.KAIN fl/VV ?t:It?
'll*, iii" 1 laiuu ir Toto 1.1 tn ute.
( .r HdfB- M--.UJ'." I, 1 : 11 'll. tnt ir ?! 1 ?'?.
ic PotBtarr, lorant*) ? ?. '? "?* wblMBea,
l uto il >?*?.?-> ?.*??? rtoui'ii. >'.-.(? aoL ??' ? lha *'"
. ? - nrTfp ru.-, nhl 1 .."*-. Mi'.in '? ?"?'?
.. .' ??* hr*.
MKS RV M. wm: IMAM, kasai.
.-en- r ....I I fte* Btl All 1 uv ntn-rlS
. ( .:...?.**. ":i 'V ?'?N *? .
l tulls A. A U.r. VOeXT, ?
'?I vriMl.s! V-* Asim vt-NS 1.10R8ATLAW,
kl vii llvS-li Ul II.IHNO.
lill ".U'.*" ITBBJ 1 BK BMOOM.TA.
pMrlOBtB aHaaam,iWuaB*J N?**K?y*L!!*
t ,. , ,-v nt UlcUmoxot. aud ih? eitiriaof ll" " '
and t lie derfleld. J* 'T^!*iJ!L.
U IX IUVU* I Jta.-liuN".-".
nf VIK8 * LV??N-.
\T'...!tSt V -* ' : 1 AW
SI NTH -IHl.t I' Sr*? MAIN,
tn HMONU V v.
PoBT till ll K Hov 1B3
I 0MMBI 1 vi vs Vi Tv-I" lt AM I I AW
8Pk.l IALTIKH. -
_ ldc Mt-fl'J_-.
I IL-HK ADS. f?.w to ?M^'^??? mi

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