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ffikhmond .fl'SP"''';
Counting tho Volo lor President
The laet that Georgia did not vote for
rr-esittVnt and Vlcc*Pre?ldcit ol the I'liUe-d
.- .-(son Ihe dav fixed bj law for the per
fnimaaor al ifcat duty ha* aaaaalaaae) much
dtsenssion. both in piiv.de circle* and in
tm- pr.**, of Hu eptoMiou whether the Vate
of that Stale ataSM-M be c .nott d air not. In?
cidentally, l\u reftue, lb.- irimbia * one 0,1888
tioti as lo Hie rivbi of the President ol Ibe
Senate tb eount all thc vote* for Pie-ulent
and Vice-Pre* ide nt ol tho I'tnled stan
h,ts ,.1-to f.iwt' np f.ir ?! t u-ion ; ami in tb,
two hon-t* ? f Oaaftees bell qamtteBimaat
?sonii mme up for dc i*i.T. If tho Prcsi*
dent ot ihe Senate has tue light M count
the vote in Hm annatal daeWMatttultMot
two -I s <af vanna -.'-id bm from bm State
shall be counted, then the President o^ lin
**enito had faa pawer la WTTtonanal aol
M . Tn !>?:** 8Bd count in .Mr. H.wks, and
BBB)the ri^bt now to count or IO n fine la
conni tbe vt. a.f c. asrgta, Senators Bo*
Mivi)-a and (Onki.im; -:lu- foremost nun In
the Kepti'alicaii partv, Hie fm n.ei a* I t--n
Slitlit ional I .nv vi r .mil tba latter a* :.n ora?
tor and gnaeml dehatar?halh streonousij
I i.teiitl.-l in 1ST7 Hi it BOBUeh po.ver wa-*
po>*e**.ed by Ibat otllee r.
ll a?.-? diiTionit a(\ii*t! .11 todci'.ile whether
the vote of Qamain ought le !"? eounted or
not. Certainly it would be in aoam reapeda
:i bad pree. dent, li would lead ii> make
(tn a vv!)(tina they voted
ujion tho day fixed bv law Off not, 1' would
<io in >re: ii would raoourage Ibemtodefy
the li?* of the da it id Btatra, especially lu
ihe matter ol eleatiag presidents, nnd would
W a anti of lleeaee "f extra-lawtul proec i ti?
ing*, i; would ahao-M authorise j BUti?
N-vv Y'tk, f'l instant!?to wall until all
the Oilier States bsd VOted and theil "put
bel vol-- where it would do the most agood.''
lt waold encourage - ilea to think thal
tht*y itd-'.it evan hill te east their popular
voil' ea t.hn Tua ida] after the lu*' Ifoadai
in november; far if ll is not Impartnnt for
t>he electors cho*en on that dal lo cast their
fata oo the day fixed by law for that pur*
I'ttsi, it < innot h.- Important .'.'i- tbs i e iple
lo vote on .my particular day.
Oo the other band, it would nc vt el ? io
nllow the candidate ol ibe roioorily to take
Ike presidential chair#slropl] i'("'.ui-i ?
move of ibe- Btatei wblcb bad ca?t their
popular vote for Ibe candidate of tbe major
bad faibd i' compel tin- electors to
im ?; and corni itt thus begun by the
people. If, to, i \ un] le. tb< vote ? f <?? or
-;i: -vonld Hii- rear elect Haxcock, the >pe '
pb of tbe United Btatei would be apt, a*
Ali. K'.vu M'S. quoting Mr, LiKCOLJV, *iid
like other da] In tin- >Ben.itc, to sec thal Ibe
eli.-en man wea "sit np." j; can hardly
Imagined that ihcy would allow Mr.
(ia.i.i ? i.n to take Ibe office undei such cir*
cuan! it c ?-. In England Ibe attempt thus
lo m flt- the popular voice would cause a
lt voil.'.ion, if wemat judge from the com
t:,.- i that wa- once iccisioned In that
0 countrv by the exetosl >n .af a single mein
beroi Parliament ?'Mr. Wilki*.
Mr. Kout nus made a remark on Hu- lid
I>".:nbcr la-i on another point, which
whit h would be quite ss spplicabk t-a the
e-:i-> Ol thc attempt t'a a Xi hide lb) vote of
Georgia bec.inc i' iv;t* liol c .*l < ri Ibe tir-t
Wc in.-,1 iv la December. He said:
?? .Mid I wish le add ibai I think, '
whether tbe House id Representatives
?Brees willi thc 8c n tte tat mc el bore or elsi -
win re, if there le- any constitutional power
!?<.-a,',..j..! tbe apresldent ol tbe Senate to _"
c-i*cvvi.i'te to open ihe vol ea (a tM>ut which
1 tay nothing now) or not, wheo tbe da]
fixed by law eomei I bave no doubt tbe
votes will be eomtllUtlonallj opened and
tin: >. ne eonst it ut Ional connt, if a conni
Lc eonstltutionsll} di ci Baty, v. iii be made;
and tba person who sppears from those
votes trots States n> have ?? majority, qn.iii
lic'i ia tbe Constitution qualifies it, win bc
Hm President, lor the Constituti in * 13 * that
hC shall ba , illili In Will !, ."'
Thi* bas been .eamtrucd to be n threat.
Whether U wai ao taatended or not, i .\
pre**.* pretty clearl] thc idea that them n
who * aleeted President ol tin* I'
Sui,* will !?<? "set. up,"' whether in bis
eb--non all the form-i of bnj arc compiled,
with "i- not. Mr. Knvn'v..s's poinl wa
that ..lihou rh the tun houses t,f e'oii-ii.
migkl ado|>t 1 i=t-t caf mia* for counting Ibe
vote, y.t HM failure lo comply willi tin- rc-.
quir.'ini un of those rulea would nol Invali
el,;- Mr. (aiAKKii.i.u's lilli to the Presidency,
If ii '*. o' ??oiii-*t itu- mere faiiur. ol a 81 d<
lo east tts vote on Ibe tir-t Wednesday In
1> a-.---iii 1 won!.1 b rt invalid ile anoib ?
man's title.
If, abowever, thc von ol a SI ile 1* ever lo
la- left OUt a r the cann! !;. t-.. t:-t- ol ber
laches, now la ike time to do it, when tbe
vote el Georgia will not change tbe result
wi, lor iJu1 one candidate or tbe
other. -m?l cf cmis" when ll tbai vote be
omitted altogether the i%mc nun will be
eleet'd Preside nt a f the Gaited States.
.-onie' twenty veal- aga Ibe vite of \v -?
e-onsin wa* BOOOted though 8881 ll DOH I i\i\
ililli n td f.'atn Ihat figed bv law. a Etepub
lie.ui j tiiii'ii nov before us srgnestbal In*
a?mii, a as .1 dci'-p SBOB OSUied the VOtC IO
ha Hu.- ct*t, the ease was a verj different
one tram timi. (?! Qeorgla ol ibis y ir, Bul
we c,mia,t admit the argument i" i? >sound
TIm-plena ol high water, aad drep anowa,
and toa raid weather, sad Impassable ta->ad-,
Dud railroad or steamboat accident*, are all
of e.pi.I digaity and entitled to tbe same
re-p-c'. ll ii was right la teethe the vote
of Wi-c;.n*in in ls,7, il will be right to ii
eeiva- tba vote ol Qeorgla In 1881.
Notice Served on Conklin^.
Wt Mid tent week that we could nol na
aWntaad bow .Mr, in.aim: could go Into the
Cjbin.-f, if Mff. OOBIUBfl bad over Mr. (,\i.
HKI.D Hie influence wliich b- was lUppOBa il
lo hav-, Hi.aim: be ino the BM! who defeat
t-il (iet). ral Chant. Mr. COBKLIBO'a candi.
date, of t.'.-e' BoflrtBatioaol the C ileane Cen
veiit.o:). Mr. Ui.aisk's claims upon Mr.
(?iilifli.l ti (Viced, however, thrtSL- of unv
Other man, fat his friends not only dc teat?
ed (JRANT but went over to Uakkiki.d and
nominated bun. We read willi pleasure tIn
following from Mr. Hi.aink's oigaii:
York, Jsnasrj ?> ?The Iribunt to-morrow,
in s etuu-peuous edlloilsl, witt say : ??The
time sum* Bl for al least aaa statement about
tbe approaching BdasiutstraHen ol Pres!
dent (iarti. ld. It is not tc, be Band 88 8
inake-wt-tglit in pending sen donal contests,
whethei in New Yolk or else where. Wean
Tully tallMrlaed to say fhn, mid thc words
are emitted to their full significance. It is
projter ta say, farther that the incoming
Aduiinis'iatlon will see lo it Hut the men
from New York and from other Stabs wbe
had the courage at Chicago to obey the
wisbt-s of theil' districts ou thc ballot.
lng for President, and who finally voted
for (i?rficld, aboil not -title r for lt bot lose by
ll. They will not fail of honorable n c.agni
lion for their independence, their courage,
their resolute pur-U'l of Hie policy they
believed beal for the-Itcpiiblieao party and
lor ibe country. Gentlemen at Albany
?who ha\e been linvale ned with a different
fiur-eiai Washington may reaasure them
lKlves. The administration of President
Garfield i* IO lie an administration for the
ii boh] Republican porty, lt will foment no!
qnarfTtf. Il will n>o*t earncslly levk the
tblnn itint iv "ik for peace, snd for the t>o?t
intel,?*?!* of Hie parly H rt presents. But tt
vim not pet tu tl its friend* io ba perseeuted
for their ItlenaSsMp. Whoever lias hean
pn-iiadtd io doailit this may as well make
iienccfotlli a deehnluui of Independence
from ihe dictations of any auihonn ?V<
ile m-lie.cf nat ?cituen'r* snd his own a Mh
vielion* of poUi'v nnd right*"
Thal li short, -Jiatp, and derisive. Il
reads a* if Hi.um. would hi Secretary af
the Tre-u-ury ; tor a'oMtl.lNU'H min Mouton
will hnrdiy |t into Hie a'abinet altOf Mich I
notice ie* tlie above Im* hcen eUtfi d upon
Hit ni:i*ter. Il will lie ob-cfled that the
'tribune piofcvacn to speak liv Ibe curd.
Tennessee United Ft ates Senator.
\ \Vii*iiiPctou lesaftani In ih<* Balilaaoie
American nf yesterday *a\* :
?*A Democratic ietne-i nlittive who lt*
tiled herr trotn Ti nnc**cc lo-dav laid thal
lt was alnroai eertaln thal tnt HenuWIcin
nu inlier-of tin* 1/??: si ilurc would hold ot
ind throw ttie ippolntmenl of senator Into
Kn h..nd- Of Hie (I"!'mot. Who inleud- 1"
?ppolnt Mr. Maynard, the prevent Peat*
iDiMter General. Tue httei's son toolgtu
vialed thai hil lither was very bnpefnl of
rte iviii-* the appointment.**'
Win tin American pleaK explain how it
i, ju *,Mile t> c ti ry on! 1 Iii-* mee lillie Re*
publicantchetneto i inncawifol end:- We
culied attention lo il a week or twoigo,
We now dil Ibe American's ittentlon to
wini! the 1'ou.v.iittition of tbe Uolted States
i, i- to -nv on Hu* inlereitlna lubjeet. Tint
instrument reatta ns followi :
??ll vacancies .happen by resignation or
otherwise during the recesi "f the La glala
mic of ney Stale Ibe Rxceutlve ibereoJ
inn nuke icni|ioi':irv appoiiitnii nts until
the next nuetin^ of the LegWituie, which
shall theo till such imcum-ics."
It would ieea? lo bc plaiu, therefore, thil
ss the Executive hai no power to appoint i
Kniter to fill an* vaciocy noi happening
du rind the rectieul the Legislature, ind is
tbi n will i>' no vacancy until after Ihe 1th
ol March next, tbe Governor ol Tennessee
em appoint no lenator before thai day.
? ;.i : The n.'t of Coos-rets on Ibe rob*
|eet in express (erm* provldei thal '?tie
Lepi-datuic of each State which ls chosen
:i vt preceding iii" expiration of tbe lime
for which my aenitor wai circled to repre*
lent such Mute In Congrats iball, on tbe
second Tuesday after n.c meet ina and or*
aanizirlon thereof, proceed to elect a lena*
tor in Cog t n-."
Hon telba! lan to be got rid of? I- it
like!' thal the Republican!of t.. Legisla?
ture will conspire to render il fnopetative!
Journalistic Rxvbbpbibb?The Near*
Vt ir's issu ? the Richmond Dlsp
a fine ii *i ni I-, r. ll li i double sheet, full of
-taii-iif-. and i- .i *? ni i*- ol lui-1 lu*.'" iu
Richmond foi the yesr ju*' closed. The
exhibit i- i good ona for our capital city.
aiKt -how- :. steady growth In trade ind
tn i iufac ure- -e*| ? dilly tbe litter. Tbi
-.iii-oi manufactures for IS80 were 124.*
7 I,*i92, showing an Increaae of 91,218,243
over thc previous year, Thc growth and
proxpeiii) ol Richmond will lie -.'ratifying
t > all portions of the Stale, for ill Virginian*
1'ij.ui intered aod pride in the fail md
faint d city.
We congratulate our esteemed cintcin*
porati ou tin enterprise il bas displayed on
tbi' occasion, and commend it un one of ibe
lu-? papers in thc country.? Lynchburg
A ..c.s.
We reproduce Ibe above ii one of ihe'
hi -' notice** oui No. for the Isl of January
ba received and ss an excuse foi saying In
reply to questions thal our manufacturing
statistics wetf outlined from Ihe beal of
? i, We make our politest bon to tbe
Si ir*.
Bpi rikir g ol our friend K. T. Cbaighill's
booti u Thi Virginia Peerage," the
Wilmington |N. C.) fSfor sari:
''Thia reads * omen hal musingly to an
ordinal* Amertcao. ? Yin-inn Pceragel'
('uni', friend Bbbnabo, you are a Virgin*
i in, neil inuit excuse Virginia foiblea. They
ii*, iiini dou'i hurt my body else, is
Mr, LixcoLii macbl hive said.
Bul Dr. KiMiancRv v.rote tbe pirtgraph
quoted]' Nev wed. Ld lum own (bat
W i-iiiM. ,o ., .IcriiMisiiv, ihe Lbbs, tbe
Ranooi.phb, ftc., did c instit ute s pei rage a*
ic wu ld tvi i nw,
White Bcblev Tobacco-Skbu.?Wc bear
Ibai pul.mi ol (iii- lyce of tobai
be procured from Julias [Iublbt nnd .J. T.
Boogkbh, boib it Felicity, Ohio; slso, from
tbe editor of the Weslem Tobacco Jo
i' ncinnati, Ohio. The puce*, as stiled by
thc latter, are: line ounec, Tor.: four
ouncei, ?-2: eight ounces, 13.23; ind one
I, f-fl Where several personi In Hie
eight irl o id desire it, they c in club
ogether and buj i' in Qtiinlily?tbe prlca
being io much lc-* Hutu by the lingi
ll i- sen I i oil free for tbeae prica *.
The We-?t Virginia Legislature tn ets to?
il iv. TWO wuk* hence, i! will ell Cl I
rmi' d States senator to succeed Mr. IIkim:
roan unless bc shall be elected to succeed
himself. Johnson \. Cauobm is the Mrong
esl min opposed to Ubbipobo, Job** Bbak
min. A. V. n whom), and Governor Ma*
im.w ? ;,|i (ink bones.
General Schofiblo bas been Interviewed
on the inbjecti of West Point md (lie r.e.
grO cul. ? WBITTAKBB. The New Yolk
Herald aiiure* him of tbe sympathy of tin
public with hi.* views, and idda tbal Weat
Point will lose ill Interest In the public
mind if it i> to become i primiry school or
a philanthropic experimental station.
It la worthy of.mention thu General
-iii.iMt* lid ;n ispeech which bemidein
i: i-' ni lan week tbat be wu- one of thone
people wbo did not want to mnex my
more of Mexico. We would wager i dime
tint the goong irmy offleeri are poi of n.e
Mme opinion.
Thc Pbilidelpbla Telegraph, one of ibe
fin-! ol Republican journal-, proteiti
?gainst tbe election of i Caineronian.to the
United Butti Senate from Pennsylvania,
Ita tii-i coolee i- Hon. lt. ll. Bmwbtbb,
We hive received a eopy of tbe Baltimore
San Almanac for 1881?1 well-known an*
mini. . _
Flint Muil*.
I PMCtatNai Index- An* tea I |
Thc niall*, like death, have all Mitton! for
their own since the cold -ump baa -et In.
li in illirie ia il may m. ni, eieti the Kit-li
iiu'ini papen de not reach ni now until
twenty-four hour- after pnhllcatton. still
vic do not repine; in tact, we are happy.
Tiik Kxi'okt Tax on Tniucro.?Mr.
O'Connor, of S'Uth Carolina, introduced i
hill in Congreu lani week for inc repeal ol
Hi' rxporl tax on tobacco, -trull, and elgin.
The hill was drawn up bf a wtllknowti
-cnMitnan pf Kichmotid, Va., and intro
Bleed I'i I'Mpiot. As 1.:oinmi--i(.iier Kanni
In his annual report .-.lal et. thal Hie (tavern*
tnent eau dn-pen-c with about tifioeti mil
lion* ol iu pfeannl revenue, lt might he
well for tobacco lo onie in for its -.hate ol
he reduction, alon*,- with matche*, hank*
?heck*, Ac? Western tobacco Journal.
Mayor Grace aud the other newly-elccttd
?ublic ucl vants of New York cm entered
j jn-u thc u U ut v N t vv - V tti'i day."
Tho ttcrenr*)-. Ifltr Pinyin* Belem
Zero, (eiinri linea A gm h.
ami lUKDAI vu.ur IfTOOO at twkstv
DBOBatM AMY I /Uti a i.i ri t.i Mufti
ICE-BOAT l.ATI.'tUii: Miltnl'M) AT Units
1*01*1 COLD VHU.IMV.
I ItiUlliiore Anii-rlrieii. j eitc-t'l i\. I m
Tile we-uiher ve-lerday modi rated c-ni
?iib lably?so mticli, in fact, tb.it we iciMv
bad | little thaw?a genuine. bOMM f"l>
thew wilhotit ilia, aid of -alt. and ttM *' f
mw s-iow which feti on tmttirday night ans
reduced eonalderBbly, That mbmsbow, by
the way, which elii*ied the ground lolita
extent al m inch aad aae-elghth completely
destroyed tte hopes ol ihoae sanguine lov?
ers af tbe skstortsl art * bo btai laid their
lilaes to fracture tbe Bibbetb and rehearse
theil' feet OB the bcailllfnl icc Which Ibe
w bole harbor ami river offered yestarda] ?
rn* rather aould have offered bad nol the
saow covered lt. Tbe temperature yester?
day was delightful m >?amfmred with thc
last f'aiir dav -.
Ai 7 A. M. ibe tbermometc r areglstered 18
degree*; at ll. 21 il-na*: at '-' P. M., J**
degrees; al xoi. SBdegieea; al 9, tt de*
mac*; at 11:08, m tlegiee-. lt will lac
icnliiv s, en from Ibis that thc tln-ntioim -
t. i did nol run 81 all haw. and Ibe tempera*
(Ure wa* i .\ ci cd in'Jv ple;i*int. A few Ol
lae exhibit* of ibe thermometer st Hi'
prineiapal cities mn) beqonted as follows:
Albany, 16 dagrme; Alpana. 19degree*;
Boston, 88 degrees; Buffilo, 84 degree**;
Burlington, Vt., it degrees; Colcsao, 88
degiee*t; Cleveland, ol degrees; Cincin?
nati, 81 degrees; >Detrottt 33 degrees; Mri
ison, 88 degrees; Marquette, IO dcgi^es;
Pnllsdelpbla, 25 degrees; Nea York, 3-t
degrees; st. Paul, 18 degrees; Not folk,
\ . degrees; {leavenworth, 24degrees,
To ia fa r again to tbe inow, it msy be
enough tn state that lt was Jual enough lo
maki lt drcldedly unpleasant under f""t
Tbe nun was too f ebie na bave Ix en abie to
make any impression on tbe frosted and
Iborougbly-beaien-dowo fall ol last Wad
nesday night; btu it bsd poaer enough lo
convert the new snon In'o just -ea mucta
i slush 'iid mil-!-, and unhappy were thc fi el
J of iiiiii who went out wit boin goloshes.
The reaction, however, from Ibe gaieties ol
Ni iv.Vi n's dav had Un- effect of keeping
inn,-, in thc bouse wbo would otherwise
have shown themselves, rbe j mng men
b i worn ihi lr stalwart limbsoul tramping
around, and their constitution* wi re 'mm
what ibe worse for wear on account <>i thc
boned-tnrkej and boullli, and?bul no,
'twould not t"- ri-ii! to ;.-ive tinm sway.
Whatever Ibe reasons be, therefore, Ihe
streets we re ni'eily deaei ted yesterday,and
i person, though bc ii id walked fr iu ld
extreme nortbwesl t" ibe extreme south?
east?from tbe cort.f Pennsylvania aud
Boundary ;iv--ni!"s to Clinton snd aBoston
streets?taking in all tbe bignly and lowlj
sections etf thc city, bc c nhl not h ti o
c iunt< d a* iii my people as might h n e been
?seen on anydiyol i similar calibre. New
** ? ,i ti id used them np, and the? vn ic
taking advantage ii sundiylo recuperate.
Ii was a d iv ol n--!. and lhere was vi ;y lit?
tle going "ii of any kind. Kvcn the
church* -, which -I: mid ce ri 'inls lu
patronized, were slimly attended morning
and night, -md the >'.11i.-lt men generally
wen delighted thal Sunday followed .New
Ve..;- 'or obi i is n - ins.
ki: ami sxow.
As it did in" ni ni- rate muck until Sun?
day morning, consequently the ice c ni li?
ned to thicken until aboui :? o'clock, and
Ruuday morning found thc bub ar and
river, and Indeed ihe entire bay to a consid?
erable extent, with an avt i-age i f nine loch*
is, f ice, topped oil by an nub ol snow. Ii
v.a* fair na look upon, but not particularly
pleasing, it may be imagined, to (bose who
are Interested In marine circles, lt was a
stolid and Irigid prospect, and tai acixiial
observer, say from Ibe Light-street bridge,
it w.i* difficult lo disiinguisb win re ibe
river stopped and Ibe laud c >m mi-i; eel. All
w :i- ahk ? covered over wit li a wit, paiw del \
snow. From tbe aforesaid observatory on
tbe Light-street bridge ono could ree far
down beyond Pori Carroll one vast expanse
Of white, with bert and tin re thc Inti /on
blurred with thc sharp outline of tin' *p,.u-*
of rome ice-bound fowl, or a taint itn mi
of dark sun kc fnun sa,me heavily-laboring
tug in the cbannc I looked Mk'-a dirty smudge
against tbe w bile background.
The ice lana: Latrobe came to grief on Sat?
urday night. Phi went down tn ibe morn?
ing and did no! return, and every one was
wondering and surmising where on earth
she could have betaken herself >??. A re?
port from Annapolis yesterday clean up
ile matter, however, bj stating ili..t ibe La?
trobe ian aground on Saturday night on
Horn Point, which ia iu*t inside the uieutb
ol Ihe Severn river, on tbe soutb side, above
folly's Point, aili! ls -Inek fast lhere. Seve*
ii! t n -_* s. went out toil y and aether off, bin,
on bc '? raul ol tbe Icc and tbe force w I th
which abe ran on thc pol ut, tbey have nol
been successful.
Other reports sa) tbat Just below Sharp's
Maud th. re ate tn veral tcbooners and in
oyster puogy or two which are ic -bom I
and are unable ta. j, ?. - ed. lt ?- probable,
however, thal Ibe Maryland will bc able ti
them off.
?e ol.la tim; S IX I inOI.Vl \.
A gentleman w ii , ai rive ,1 In ibis elly i Le
otha relay from Hunger's Whait, Accora c
county, Haslem Shore a.f Virginia, states
tbat everything is frozen up around there
to tbe thickness of a loot,'and the weather
lits been something frightful. Tbt
lour Crisfleld oyster-boats which wen
dredging on the bar aboul n ball mile out*
*ide oi the creek have bun caugbl
ira i n np completi iv. nial will bave to re.
main lhere until it iha wa.
A gu., leinan ju-i fi om Predericksburg,
lays tbat the Jama* amt Rappabanuock
livers are completely blocked up witb ice,
and thal bc bad on one occasion skated on
Ibe Kappabaonock from Predericksburg
ibtvv ii to (loose Ponai, Carolina county. X<>
wonder the rbcodore Weems could nol irel
up tbe iivci to make ber landings.
A pru ate letter from Rattlesnake mouo
n tba- Minc Ridge, near tbe lineof the
Virginia Midland read, says thal i'm re bas
bren great suffering In tbe Blue-Rldgc le?
gion, and tb it tbe roads are nol onlj nt teri j
impassable, bul Ibe fences bave been bid?
di :i nulli vie w by tbe drifting mow, and \>
i- po**ibit to go out In a sleigh and drive
over faence, ditch, and log. le front Royal,
wblcb i? in*' over thc mountain*, the fill
ol -now na- ben >?om aft bing tremendous,
and tn,- succeeding w<ealher exceedingly
Demil from .Slarvnlitiis uni I old.
POBOBA, N. J., .hilliary il.?Mis. .Mi.-ha- I
T weeda sa J bei two children, living in a
-(?uattctN bul nen Bed Valley, wen ?
by tei-'libois on Thursday night suffering
tn m the inti ese Mid. Tbey bad bc
without food for several days. A**istenc8
esme too late to save the woman's life, and
she died on Friday night. Tbe children
were In a pitiable con.litton, but will proba
blyyee ixur.
Hon- (lilli Wenllicr.
I'ETKlisin itu, Va., .lanuaiy 8.?The eily
wa* vni'.al Int Digbl by another licvv
snow-storm, which lasted until Hu* in'Hi?
ing, when il cleared off cold. The liver ll
fiia/eii foi a di*taiita- of several miks, andi
nav igati'ti is c unuleti-ly broken np. Thc
livers and pot.ds adj iceni io the elly wera- ? (
crowded to-dav with skaters, Tba train i
from the North and South arc >cvcial boura
late.. I
Kin Hank, N. J., January 'J.?Tin i
sh.evvsburv river ls frozen itt Whola
length, and a score of Vc*sel* ale held fa*t i
by the- ic,c. i
WlllTK IHVKR iltNCTICtX, VT., .1,11111 UV %,
The a >idc*i weather for many yean bas pn
t ailed lnic since Thiir-day. At das light on
I'liui'sdiy thc im reilly *lood at li) degree*; I
below zero, on Friday at daylight UdeBreaa |
uelow, and Ibis morning at 7 o'clock ii I
Mood 80 >dafraea below. At i.unionv lilt, ea j i
he Pnaaampsle railroad, Friday morning, ' |
ht* mercury was Xl aflcgresa below. The . t
avater in springs, wells, md streams is ex- t
musted, aud funnels aud oilier.*, arc cum* e.
pi lb (I lo haul water a long distance for cat
He and eitier purpose". That indication to*
night are that nie excessively cold weather
wilt continue.
1.1 ll li I er* n ll. m i < * il. lou Zorn lu I'riiii
si ll.? lilli
<'tiiioMiu.K, Pa., .linnirv 1?Tin* iher
motnetar reflet eran ll d**treni below aero
iu Hus ein at 7 o'clock thi* lnornitur. The
iialel'-pi|)i * con ifftui!* willi UM city mun
extending to Ibe reaetvolr bunt Inieveral
n lldeOI -? altnoNt loodlag ont the inmate*.
Tba *n"w i- ita'iii drifted through tho ear*
rounding OOUntry, Train-men are ia em il
inic a ehapta t ol iecl-lenii whleh ira due to
Ina -e.11 if. of the weather. The olde*!
n iltfeoti claim thal ii li the eolaleat weather
that h:w bern known in thirty lear-.
Min Vii rn Inlliln Mltlti liner.
l'i:nsi'Ki r Hoi sk, Niau u:\ Kills, J in?
ti u i i.?Thc eoniiniicd cold weather in rc
ha* eiused enorONHH ipianiitic- of iee lo
?t-ctimutate. The li'irsesboe Pall i* froxen
?olid for two hundred feel from either
-lune, in con-c'i'ietiee of winch the ? liff oil
\v itei-w uk- ( ompany have ceased opera*
lion*. Th? y cannot control enough water
t-i keep linn macnlnerj lo motion, their
reterVoin have nm dry, anil Hu' town
i* wiihout ? water supply. ? Tbe rni
sive mounds of stalactites, the formidable
lades suapended fiom the grlxxlr rocki,
?ie grand bi youd description. The ice?
ni i ti n tai u* k?'t|i vi tn kin*.' their way upward,
and now reach i belgbl of iboul I'M) feet.
Tbe spiny iniN made wonderful formiitom.
The prettf cedati ire so loaded with lee
nial they droop nesily lo the ground. Thc
irand "iii net* on Goal l-l ind ind .In Pn -
ped Park ire completely frosted over.ind
groin undci their besvy coats of ice. Heavy
tee continues running over Ihe laid Into tba
river below, ind threaten*) even momeni lo
form an Icc bridge. All lee-bouses In the
vicinity ire nen iv Ulled oitbclear Ice Irom
twelve lo fourteen Inches thick Numbers
of risitors, prlocipally from Sew Tori and
i'.o-lon, have found llieir way here to et.joy
tbi -c merv,
. A Si-Mi ol Ice AI on if Hu* lon*.!.
I.i iM; Ba vm ii. ?! mn it j 3.-?A magnificent
sight vi as presented lo the dweller*: dong
ile' shore titi- mot nlug. Tbe drill lee from
tbe tiver* and buy, which bid floated cul
tn sea, wa- drifted to tbe -here by tbe
morning tide. The massive e kc-, from
forty i" one hundred feel long, and inter*
spelled with boge masses formed by a lame
n um bei ol cake- being thrown togither,
were Brail* bound togetbi r b* ibe frea /.nu
of Mic lim- Ice between tbe ck'-, miking
a solid ii. ld ol Ice extending mila - along
thc shore, ind from one to iwo mile* otu i"
se i. Two *u all vi --? 1- v\ i re -cen in the Ice
i iniic from the shore. They appeared Io
lie fro** ii In, bm on th eli inge of thi tide
most of the Ice wa* broken up md drifted
tn ile- louth ward, leuvin : thc -hore south "!
the rici lined with huge c -k- - of ice. I ii -
alie!no.ni ihe -ci was calm, and on)) one
nailing vi s**el was in sighl ol 5 P. M. All
i be r Milieus in iii- pat < of tbe country ure
? I ol -li'iw. and all ii tin- are iilnnlnc
ss usual. Prom Sandy ll mk the shore -; li
td (he ba] pii -eiit* the upi i ii ance of ti p -
!ar -i i for one mlle out, un i di.*
i ince as one goes up thc ali ire toward Staten
I-!,mil, i xteudlng as f ir na tl e eve c in -?
I'clesl In I l?li i :t nilli* un.
|*;.e bl .li patch to ile ti. ct. . Ti ?
(.i.m v i: vv. Ui-.. Ii.I..,;, t gi,. The
Ihi rm' iie ter h-i* lnen rt hove z ro ilmo?l all
ii iv. A : ema I k ?!?!?- and In aul ifni phen mi*
t non waa m ii i'i--i il heit this morning ahoul
IO, and lasted till 1 P. M. Two complete
circles appeared In tbe sky, ont around the
-ni.: nd the "I icrex'ended clear around the
sk] and about foil] degrees ibore thc bori
/ :i. Ihe -hu it-i I! forming |i irl of thc ? it
li r eli el . *?un-doi -. (vere \ Isible ni ii gular
distanc - on ho ii circl -. Tl ? crow nina
limy ol lin 'li-i'liiv was a beautiful cre?
cen! bow, whlcti appeared nearly in ihe ze?
nith and in a northwestern direction from
thc sun, tin- horns ol tbe bow ffhlutin-- in
Mic same direction. The cohn a resembled
those of a rainbow. Thc sun a'tone ? 111,t <
-irotig through it all, The atiuoupberc wa*
titled w itli tine -now dm iou- thc di?pl ij .
Business was pun iii, suspended, nnd thc
cilizeni ural ri. 'I iheir i &th< Ile ta*tcs b* c in*
t< rn pintie i* tbe beautii - "f nature.
A Mollir I'lieiioiiiciMiit.
A < Inclnnati piper ol Pridiv, l>ecertibor
.!l-t. says: ?? The heavy cloud* wbicb have
hun','tiver the cit] tor several days i
away night before last, and yisterday abe
inhabitants ot tbe Obiu Vallev were treated
to a beautiful mett orologic il pht-nom 'non,
which, common enough in th.'Ak tie re?
gions, is not often -cen in tbe Temperate
Zone, I'lie exceeding cold weather hud
fi*i /? n lire, vap.ns iii the air, anil the lippi r
iituospbere was Ulled with minute crystals of
ice. When the sun was lir*l seen above tin
horizon, or even before, a parhelion oi niovk
sun s'ood before bim 'Jil degrees from tbi
c nt rc of the sun. Through this mock **un a
brlgbl patch td undedned light?only paler
than the sun?ran a xone ol prismatic lis.'ht I
fainti r and more Bray than ibe rainbow.
v - th tun ai"- in vv ?- -e. ii ju bc attended
by iwti brighter attendints, muk -un-, t
li -rn of ihe Ice mist and the sub's i iv *, ii
the same altitude as himself. Thu- at?
tended Ihe ? i h of day travelli d through hi*
paib, thc un ck sui * atti ici!n*j . . d at?
tention md much winder arnon-- those t> i
whom -ucii phenomena w,ie unfan
Thest -im:* were rattier I ii ?:?? r th in itu
sun, wbicb wa* Itself a blur of light, and
as Ibe dav ll.i-r.--. a| Mi y -? pal itt tl l
11.?elva - further from tbe -un, leal lng
th ? circle or hain which, spn
round thc sun al a distance pf neat ly I
J2 d frets, bad Brown fainter in por?
tion*. This was not Hie only Leanly
w Itt] which lim sim vv i- adOl ira! v -?
I . :- be atlvain ed on in- ivith. ind es* -
dally as he declined toward Ibe horizon, a
distinct arc ol ? elide, e imp si tl ol full! '
-i parap d ti-i.r, n is seen to follow him at an
angular distance bf Ifl degrees in tbe east.
It was patt of a system olj halos with which i
the sun would bave painted tbe -kv bid the
canvas upon which hi- i euciisol i"_i i w re
working?ibe fr.i-t mist? been rvenly
-ih ul over the til niau., nt. Tbetheoi li - of
the ii il"- "i icu I' lia I* one chimu ch fl inti
lii.i'ciy wiih th.- -dence of cry-italllzitlon. i
The ii dos, or mock -un-, are tbe n -nit ol
refraction "f the sun*- ray- by the minute
crystals of iel In tbi atm* sphere, a- tbe rain*
bon i- nc rt -ult nf tin ii fraction of the
name r.a- i.i rain-drop*."
StimiiK-i* l( !li|?etallure ut San Ililli |
San l'r \m i.-i "..I muli v 2. Bl way ni*
contras! lo your Arctic c dd, the thi rmou c
ter ber? averaged yeal erday fifty-seven de?
grees Fahrenheit. Tberc waa no rain any?
where on tbe coast ind Ihe-weather wis
delightful. Scared] sn overcoal wai nen
i. Le -Mee'.- lill after -tiii.luvvll.
Hi nth in the Mitta*
I \i. \ irni.i-i Gas ne |
Large numbers ol partridges have
- en in tbe streets "f ibecitj during tbe i
pas! week, Ti.es arc here evidently to
leek food and protection from tbe Alexan?
dria Game Association. Tbe extreme c ld
weather has diiven them i" thia their I si
resort, and then cry ol bea il dem indi c ire?
ful consideration. Then birds feed on seeds
ind berrlei found on tbi ground, and as ii
i* hardly iikdv thu the beavj mow vile ii
covers up tin ir i""'i vi iii be ntl tbe e ., iii
for m.mi weeks, their dent met ion fruin
starvation ii limos! eertiin; at leas! Ihej
Will die to an extent -tint will th cl
bunting for several yeirs. a few tbal
manage to gather iroond the straw*
Mick* in tbe Seine may be preserved, biri
their lt*- fortunate eompsnioni must die.
A i.eiitleinaii from the iMiintrv says lint pi
ru--.i.ry ic-t he lound -onie twenty part*
ridgei buddied together, too weah to ty.
He cm lcd them linne and put them in a
coop, where tte intend* lo feed them anal
Ikii ht them go, nhiih is an t sample
Worthy of tuai limn, it xs auain-t Hu- law
lo natch Hum in trap.*, which would Ma rn
o btr Hu? univ war Ibeir live* eui be pre*
?eiit fl now. Ail k uni* nf name are from*
ng tn death, and if the present cold tempe*
aiitre ii'iitintles mneli iiui^ei, tabbita ami
ill kinds of bud* Hid be very ?eatce next
? mon,
Tsteno-six lt. loo Keru.
[Al*xi-ii'i'l* Marctte, H*lurday.J
The weal Lor "dill continue*: io furnish a
opie for a ?-lea! deal of talk, {-gal Bight
* -ml lo have been the colilts-t bf Un -ci
ion, bul before uioiniiiii Hie mci cur' began
o liar, ind the tbeimouiett i* that regie*
ered 12 dtagrntw below zero yisterday tit "
/clock ouly rcgUiLitd ti tkgltci below this
morning at Hie same hour,showing's mode?
rn! lon of i degn es: al 9:10 it was 2 degree *
above, and at VI o'clock IH degrees above.
ht Woodlawn, a short dJataaca berna this
dty. Hie Iberiiioineler registered 'Hi cb gie.-*
below zdo y e-n rtlay mornlt sr.
VI emin I- ill thc* VI CMI ll I lt I fl*.
[1'iarl-liin/ (I'll,a coman.) Vlik'tnlun |
Wi dm *<inv wa* an i -xe iilinglv dnagrce
ible: iind bllVtaiy div. lu the altenio oi
In- mc reilly, which bini I" M si andu g Bl IO
legree* above zero ll) the fill Boon. - flt! -
Sealy mn down to zero, and cn Pride"
morning sliaod nt || de 'gre t ba low 801*0.
rbis i* *iax degrees eolder than we have any
a collection of ivar asaetng mereui v register.
Itbcre, however, contend thal they bnve
icen it as low a* VI at tins place; all agree
:hai tba lam few days have bet ii the coldest
vperii nca-d la ibcsi- parla for maaj years.
rho river aad roads are almost Impassable
ti seconal of the Ice, and business ls praeti*
?ally at aa end until ibe weather moderates,
abicb will probably be t<be csse io the ac i
lay ar two: al le ist* ii ia improving tb:*
norning, and'the Indie itions are timi ii will
noderatc lo sunn thing like agreeable Tbe
uomb of December, which ? soires lo-day.
n* been cold ill ibe way through, with the
tround covered wlib snow and ice lor tbe
treater pan ol tbe time, and will compare
avorably, we think, for extreme .cold wnh
my month since I8W.
Sue-it Weiiiiier Mover ito litre lin own.
[a i.rii'-|.oila'eaia a- nf lu Ult ? i'. i. ? 11 < I llll'ltc ,.|
Woodstock, .-iikn ixdoab cobxtt, I
* January |s\ y
Thc iheuiioni't( i Thursday morulns si
I o'clock wei lu degrees l)elowzero; l-'ri
I iv morning il ibe same time ll wes m be
ow; thi* morning si 8 o'clock 18 below.
? neb weatbt r vv as nevi r he for ? known.
[By Ai octal <: i'r. - |
Iha Tc in po mt o re nt M ni ions I'lnet-s.
N'KVV Va-IIK, -llllllil". 3.?At 7 A. M. ta
lay (Washington time) ihe mercury stood
is follows si tin place ? named: Moon -
nail, .Mitti)., 25 degrees tielow, a fall ol ll
i trees; Duluth, 8 di gre i s below, a full aaf
IT eh'-ina*; St. Paul, 7 ab un a'- below, a
fall of 20 degre ??-: 1.1 Crosse, Wi-., :: dc
tree* bi low, a fill ol 22 d**grt < -i; Vin
D. T., 'JI degn is Im low, a lad of '.> degrees:
?in iha, 20 degrees btdow, a fall ol I*' de*
trets; Pori'J ai>, ?_'l il> mie- lu low.
\ ('lliy.i'ii ul' i hcsle-i Helli I'l'ii.ii lu
Ile nih.
1'ki i;i:-m i.o. Va . January 3?Yesterday
I lim A. Atrina i. a citizi 'i of e '??? si
?'.univ, wa- found fi nzen to death
Hickory ro id ca "? ? i\ church, in ilia
?-linly, s ringi n - ie im
?ti > nurd iv. While on bis reiui n he bi ?
? ii e -o chilled w Iih ll e cold thal Ix
a de itb be for bc could ii nc'i borne, nnlv
i short distance fri iu w here he \\ ts f mnd.
While i:n:le.y In ibe llark*t-t ille
Him rici,
Talking with Mr. l.i ck ?" n tl subj a
I White Bulli vi a u ;,, ,| that
ie v\ a- pei fi elly - itislied Ilia our I mus ure
ni.Phd io the growth ol \v bim Hurley,
?*| -I illy on Hie .ontti - di. nd ; bal in or
la a- lo ai.ci,iii age it- growth be b atigbl '
- iv- away len d ulai -' wort h ? t ? -il la*i
.-. [tl! ,. a ' i 'bu * liol !. ? W ''1
bal 1: sa ! ? iiilcl gladly pu*
-I. per Uunclri ti for one hu; died
ii ni- of it, bul m'l _ a
n lit" li' i. .' ,- that
'.nu ?!.- vv in no i\ bite Hui li y
iroper .i!n i lion, i n e try \nn il have
i-'. .I iii-.- and man i; ? -I the c; op in t bc ord!
tai y way, as if ni i abac
?o. vv bile the Hu le j - much easier t aised,
- li- for double
i a- money. ii' re is no doubt tb it both
rt ii ?' Bini - md ?! di, il <? i; lu -slice ss.
lilly raised bel If pi apel I) n i ties
ire suited ta, bonn consumption, win re ap
ai a dali il, and liol ih i endent mi a |{< gie
Monopoly . inti ?. heap lob iceo or li. od
? ii acco foi le.*s than the cod ot prod i
il would be ia-; f r our - ellon if wc wi re
lot to i i'-t :. p .ind of extort lol ut ?? a nexi
If our fal While
[turley we would ?'?? >n have mnuufaclotics
ii our tow ii, umi now we vv mi IOU i mer
arising faimets who will [iledvc themselves
ia pl ml lilia' acres each a,f win ? Hui lev
lexi va ar and try thc a ?,--,. i,.;: nt.?Ci irk t
nu.) J' bacco I
Di milt Ten *? Schooners.'
Sr. Li i ; i. l>ec< mber 31.? lb orv Min?
ti ckcr v.. ii: into Hie saloon \ -. 2201 I - -
itreel I i-i night, li. ni >* bad always I dd
?I din lo being a gnni drinker, and the hov*
n Ibe salo in comm need chaffing bim, tell
Hg bun Hi il tin '. ki.a w a in -ii w im could
uitdrink bim. Ha- told Hu tn lo bi lng on
heir man, saying be was willing io iccoui
nodale bim. They brought i I ii: in
tamed -I seph Piuzz . I'be lei nt* ? f Mu
iiiiti-li w.ie n,,: the losi r should pay for
i, the winner to ri eel ve len ci nts.
I ic- -ai i tbat be c ubi drink ti
i - of le er in live minute*. p tatd
ie could be.il ibat, bul I 'ld il un lo -? ri
n. lb mv -* ii teel in. and ai ibe cxpir dion
d tin- live i. : ?? dow io '! " tbe
en schooner-, ann it as an drunk
milli nol *t ii d up, I v\.i- In,.VI aek w lc n
ie h ni linlsbi 1 the woik. At ll i 'clock be
va- ii di id ni m. T n lt dian ii
i inpt to w ju lin' ma'ch ? ii f tcf, ? n id noi
i:nl any idej ol try lng to win it. Ile bad
nade tbe wagel ju-' t >>ee ll iii j sw [ll Hit?
it er.
The de-' 11*1 il VV ;?S I '
wenty-f 'in- v, ai -
I ' un r held an it qucsl
.-nd, ri 'I a v i idii" ii.
Charl - '.', ck : a ?!???: . '.i: ? ?. :
rs of unu d in |
v'a h Vol k. Thi* in ti n .- ? , di -
(ruction "f a ban
it n the len or ol I iv a c ntim nts for tem s.
lt orge Will I Pe le
-. i im c of theil te*, i in
a, i* >n In Flon nee, I cry, in
vhich H eke r and l.i . -
ii i for vi li c!) they arc now !i id, nw -
xl radii ion. Al. Wilsi n.
ig. I* lu the M irv! ind pei
ni Henry < ny, ,is in tin \
tiarv. O'.'ot H ;. wi '- n'so
n neel a tl w i!h thi band, i
(vnPiiig further l I li'I
5ait!i ii md E I. !'? irm - re I
In I'.ro. kton. Mas*., iboul t A. .M ? in?
lay mon.in?, Warren Shaw, who ?--?
i! a -iel. pi ? - m,
i, rmi
. j found Frank IS ? ?- le, iv ho lia* I
? af. i ? ai, ed a lei m in the -St de |it i*)on,
Touching in ' he room. \ . ter cu?
lled, during which Shins shol Hie intruder,
nfl id mg viii.i' physicians ?? msiala .? fatal
Tb.- m.' bani M.-. lt Hun i \, li ded her
loller v. ile to-a iug an oil hui ;i on ' he
',- '' II! ll, ll' '. '?
lay, BcnJ indn ll ?> i-. cap1 Un, ti iel '.i* .aim
iroki ii itv tl e billi! i sm
baric * Winston, i apb in of a birm
ie o', bsd bi ? -hoi.! ? . ' ken by i pi e.- of
lying timber. < aptain Burke die d >-f bi*
iijiii-i'-s sund
An Om iii i bu ber, nan ? (Black, n
idney. Neb , Prldav, with Hie a voa tl t-i.r
killlng aDeti c Ive Jam - L. Smith
rn eau-,!?j in 'it i - \ ai tiele to be pnb
- a d iboul bun. He foir 'i Smith at the
.ockvvood Hon*.- ind t.iaa! two shot* al
Im, w>ben Smith returned tte fire, f itally
rounding lu* assailant,
The Hvuri-btli -,' Virainian lays tbat the
rgsse nuenl shows a deureelation of 20
er rent, in Ibe value aaf lands of
aunty, .md remarks : " The averase v dna*
inti* ot laini* in tile bounty under tbe tata
--a *-un nt i* *?! Ul and a fraction per aere.
?rett.v aheap when it'* rem. nd" ic! tbsl ?--*?*
er acre will not buy many ul tbem."
.lo-eph W. Milne, the fugitive |?iylng-te!l<
I of tba- I'ot-f-ft NlltiaiUllI Hali's.. Fall R ttl.
I.-*., has been ari eat ed it ibt **'. Klctiolss
loin, in Ni tv Yoik. iii- account-, are
bon r?;.'-o. Ifs confi's*. d tia' bil |ieeaa>
dh* t-Mtamicd over *ix ye at i, Bc bad $1,
Oil with bim.
Hui i nu' the pas? ve ar 7,-*.)" v. * -a I* arilved
r New York from loreign put*, atlast
.OTT in lin. The number fn>ui ea?tern
? ni-'Uc pori- wu* 7,tti, B| ain-l tl, Wo. aud
rom -mulhern pcm.* :t.*i,*tn, a>gnlosl S.35I.
cn nt ral nnil M<*. (iaille'd ii'ietidtil a
amliv n anion on Ne ta Year'- tiny Bl Salon.
M e bvi'lanil, eihio, at the rc*idcnc-' Ot
trx. Msiv l.atialaa e. *i*ler of tiencral QBts
Icld. They ulsj >i>cut BODefe) M JroluUt
(oil) Wk/uukr and BjHTizibo.?[Alex
findrii t/atelti', Hatiirdaf.)? A note from
t)ce*oc|i?n af ve*ferdiy's elite siys: " The
thermometer last iilgbt about JU o'clock
stood Bl 1 d' 'greets below zr', and Ibis
morninir lu fore BBB up ut 12 Olearrres below
aero. i)bb r (fm>oof, nocaltbsi uuiing tbe
exeeaalve <"i'i yesterday, had tbe ietbt ken
and >baptlaed Mr. -I. W. Ii.tvn.of Hus place,
late lia Primitive Bnpttet C'luircb."
Bev. vTlllafnm Pell,ol Bsn>BOlph, N. Y.,a
MetbodM nitnisiii. was killed SstBlMaff
night al Bteamburgb, Pa., bv a ruBawny
accident, bis lioiaelaklngfrlghtnl a >pssslng
IO. H. Luther,for Baoareyearn prominently
eoaoected with tiie pYiai ol Sew V. iglsnd,
?ind laHeriv a W (-hiiiuton e'.>rrcs|.<mel<-ni,
died Bundey In Woree*! i. Ma*-.: aged
sboul thirty ya us.
eimile- Hamilton bas bren B>ppointed
?.?eneral *ii|,ci Intenrieni "f t be < 'Biro .ind **t.
Louis railroad, vies L. M. Johnson, re*
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liefct t", 30 c. D'*. Ml .ri v^l trilta mu h. Oht.liit',1
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iM. : - - i ?
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patt.-I .in ?
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I lea "f '.-in
IM -I l.'i ili
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totted. ? ? | , . I
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i : . ?- i ?
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I'm*, i i I
luff I
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mum- : ?
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-i ?. I.Ks.
I M lill"! I
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i "i: i.\ i ki in-Ill
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hiss: :?-.
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l"*.\l I ?..?KUI'*. At.
\ HNS',
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I lill'-;
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- IKIUMI ' v
li: v r li
i. n't** i lt!.UM ICU vi lill ?
I M ;
-..lill .? iv . I ii -' > I
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?ii.'N/ 11. .it: r r ism i vv.i'-.
: \ s ".vin ol'-,
IM:M 1-li HA l Ll)
.-i sn i \ , i \m;
tl ILL I 1 vlt -
I HUI IKY I 1 Ul'*
I i: li Kt i i iu"-.
i. tuis writs l's ; . ? *
t.AUt j- V\ ' TH I'l.lll III
... V ll
- I I lit \ l I lUPS, IN S'( KKI .
- I I ni *> t I. lal PX, IN KM IS*
v ? i i vu- ilia l vault am
? ,..
-Il VIM-, i.i "I
KKIi.li i"i: ? Mil HIS i !..i:*
i IM1IM- 1 *, l.l UM KM,
IV If K>. I
1 , itali ll *l
'Ihi S
il Vnti i! Ul. cv I
Hill- Ill ? I.?>**1 l?
*V?'H( K TO I \N d'" -1 Ml" v
M IMO iso lr ' ? UM >** ' ,;*-11 ?'"-" '
i.i sut ti ins v..Mi - tun t
I lt HMO-IU, I'M'"' "?'- ' ? IMO
ikfj t CUM 41 M**Mf*kf?

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