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The daily dispatch. [volume] (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, February 24, 1882, Image 2

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^iihmond ^iap\?
Tho Dobt tutd Other Qup?*tlons.
Tb*" tlttr) inqharn ticgistcr bas thc Mi
*. wtnr- HM.*" "*ang1Bf-l:
'? Th*" Lsnehbnr-r .iih-anernnd the Rich
mon.l Dispatch ure in favor ti* the Deni
.verney'* closing out the ?tatt-**deH <iu.?*
non, sud In future lo hare nothing to do
with it. 1'iv.n whal i"'"'* At you propo-w
I,-.clos-r nut, pntb-inen? If ire <"?'? get
. .r-(-ivhi.*h w.? foul- will BBfBf Bt donc
?t mv let Inr so."'
Tpon Just stifh !? rn,* H th*- courts may
-,-?, ri I***. Tb*' I""!.-*-!.-! ti Vir_rinin
.ne foiurbt ? |Btd ti?bt upon thc i-suo of
ts*yin-' th** pul'lic ibid. Tiny have btSB j
OW r mid over Bgalfl defeated. Not in MW
BtB_M only, hut repeatedly h.ivithev *.-o:i(*
,!f,w*u li. f,,rc thc **-ih"it* of n .iMjintiiK nt.
rhcy tin r done their duli. It la BO MPMTt
.minni', nt upon them lo renew tlu- batik
?pta,thal i-ii,' Cum i: wa* ti*>mi (sen.ral
,?.iK.1i.iis--i.,s to I'liitinne the late war be* J
tuen lhc States after thc *um*t.d? r al Ap*
poS-ntto**; Courihonse,
Tht case tl Iii*' t ir. nil iinl--.? now ptnd*
int- h.fun thc Jin-nt Leg-dat-tre wili h.*
?.?nth. r i (iiiu*t of thc * un.* noil if the ll, -
???tju-rirrs -hovM hate the hardihood to un
?i? r-ikc to Icr-i-latc Ihttt lud-v* out of of*
? bi nader tht thin pretext tl rekrraagiag
ih.* circuit-, lt vvill n d H.* ncrcsssry at ad
? i th, I?-iu,eu! to tike bb appeal to tbe
i-u)|,|i. 'fia (|H.*rio:is involtcdar *|iinclv
? ulina!. If lix- I., -i-latur.- lin* the poa <*r
ro legislate the preseni drcuil Judge* out
? f orricc. .Mui to deprive theasof -n* *i ff -
whieh the Constbutlon says shall not bc
nena*, d nor (llmiui?'i- d dm in. their ti rm
? ' i.-iit Mai*-, tin 'oiii- will io decide,
Vnd if tl, !.? kslstui i is n i Bitch 1' 'f. ? .
tbaaBurifl wiii declare tin (actasad,
I-..- deckui d it, will :?? * i-t.iii: d i,i only
e (,on rii' r<d \ r lula, hut t!i?* I
Matta (.ot nunCsBt,
Th* debt qm dion t,;:i bt mft in the
' ini- ol' K, K.,nill,old?i*s. Ihe p-ri
i h :.'\-r .*. ital,!.* eoU|
? ? nd- a.. s, nin*.' (ural*- ni < t i
?;? ncc tint t'n conpoa-kllli r and th.* otb* r
RtBbu ki v. tun, -uen irded hyVIr*
.'iii '-1?)?? '1 it--r- a- uncontttitutional
(tntaaed t.? bc pronounced null and v
e United States Supraim? Court, Theutter ,
, -.? n ii - ," : ic ( Ircull iiii.-e- aa lo Um ]
action of iiu* i..: lalature in regari* I ?
(. nure . f iil-.i* sh'tu - thal they, too, havi
f ini.'-ia*' mt.:- ...mt-. Again: an
,f t! ? ! tin - find a lawyi i* vyorthy
of the Barine who will agree I >c *v
ik uk-'.- righi to kobi bin ilDc* for a full
i. rat, A' act ini", ti, ? debi qu il
dy I <? ti i :?*-. i upon ly tl
? I a- r i ih iv.!.- -1 ;i s. tht qi
which ar* Ilk Ij to orb* i* a r>- nit ol tbe
.. *.i,>n of Un- -I*, - ? * ' lalaturc in ?
tiona no* proper to be nibmltted ti thc
people. They arc qurwtion* which on!;.
Uk eoart- caa decide. When they art
thu- deefdi ?! bj th'- United Plates Supreme
< '"iirt, it i* to bc hoped Uku the jj, ,t jj.;,,.,-,
frill t>?* a- nady t . acquiesce iii thc 'I -
-inn- a- the lan-l'*>itv*.- Democrata willi*
-vn ly Kc.
Hut can these .pi.-tious bc taken up to ,
tte Supreme Court ol thc United Btatesf
Thi M i- n.. toto ?)) Bl ail for doubting Unit ',
Ih- I.'iddk)"BBB* ii: 1'1!- vtiil have to ur.-',
deign th>* oiil.a! of thal court. As to tbi i
? etd! and other lu-dges, they nay bi ?
?safely en-rusted arith their own case. We ?
have h. awl a well-known lawyer ootonl*
vive hts oj,inion thal ii in begot before
? Supreme Court of the Ualted Staten, |
(?nt riate hon if migbl be don**. A' ruy ,
?. is ihe (juc-tion* Involved can I
? id..I only Ky thc curt-, il i- not fol the
Deaaoeratk j arty tn take those qu-stionn
t'cfon* the i--?pl.*. If neither th'* State
court,-nor th'- Federal courts will protect
ihe creditor* ol Virginia, thirteen mllliomi
of the State deli mari Bland repudial .!-.
?md if neither thoStattfcoarta ncr thc Ped
? .-..l aanrta will protect the judiciary of
Virginia, ihe Judgeti muat bc turned ont I"
??ru.*. Bat ih.rc i* not mach dangei
Um (Jailed Btate- Bapreme inuit ttill be
sraattngln arlllingncssto perform ii* duty.
?? Theta i- no tvroag vt it', cit a reined} " i
? ? mell? "f iii.it court.
White Bari. -.' T
rvn- Appeal puNi-he- tbe following note
to a Peteif-burg. r. it cut. in* lugge-rilon-i
..Koli! thc cultivation and eulin.- of the
??Whit- Burley*' tobacco, with whith *??
many of tin planter, int' nd :?? e**.** i ?
ihi- "rear, thal maj provt of Interest:
"Tiik Fa ki-," KoTTOW-tT coi itt, Vs..J
I . ??ti try H. 1861 \
My Dear fdr,- Your* came duli to hand
Bgahoat l'n cultivation and mai
m. nt *?! Hie "Win'.- Burley*' tobac* i
whieh yon -'-ld for in,* at iib per hundred
? ? roar city. I verj igladhrgtv, au] infor?
mation I can for thc I., n.iit of my broth* r*
Kii-m.i"-. I i lanted ii on gray, Band*/ -oil,
thr.*. let throe Inches one way, and three j
-? ? t lour in,in * tin* other, jmt aa I did tlu* |
I'ryor to!,;icco. lent Rwhca it began to
?v. and (bea bung it np in a clone
Bonne, lt cured up, of ci.ui-sc. without
Kt. i need -alt, plash r, and Pacific
. bum on it. l Intend to try it again.
Your-, t. ry tn.lt,
.'?his W. Maii-Hiki .
W, piiKlnh ii-t w hen* in our column* to?
day, from a *.-? ntlciirtu j,, Danville, a letter
>tlieh th. pl niter-nf thc South-ide will
mid worthy of their attention.
Thc IVhi</ says that if there ita* ant
? "ntriMl with the |ttdgCS Sleeted lo till un
'vpinri t.rm-, the tMtlBtl tva- lhnt IbtJ
-bould ?crve only duriu-e. the remainder of
Ihttt term*. Sup|'0*ett. ((.nc dc th it tlii*
I- mt is wt 1! taken, it lui h ill the Whig do
arith Uii icbm of thc * inuit ledges:- Mod
.?i them wart elected foi full tenn-, which
, not aspire until Deo in),, r gi, 1 **>,;.
lint thc fact i* tli* Whig, aa la Ri wont,
laaMtfather arrong a* to the mala >pi<*
n-*u. The fontr.ut i* *esiire(l hy Uici'oii
ii'iilion. 'Ihe I.c.'i-Iatiire ha* no roloe iu
th. B-Btttr, Il Diiis'lif a- ttell uiul.itake to
vain arith the Go-rerBor that he ttill
-erie Itt* only a >? ar. ur fort-vo thOUaaad
.lollurs a year, i- t,( undertake to make
with Um count*. Judgtaa contract binding
Iti.Jiito sos. only a part of ;i n nu. All
?neb contra. t? -Rtuld Im- no .<.nlr.it* at
nil. They t\ould bt a violation of tluMiil
*tituti*>n, and l'n* r, lor,- null and void.
The LsgiststBrs (iii ca*i!> pa*- on or be- i
ur- th.-Kth of Mtreh ?!1 the hill., tvlii-h il
i* neccssiiry to pn*,*. It i* not Qi-ccetafJ
io paj*M any BpptfHt__M_d MR. It would
')? ttron? to pa** any one ol a dozen hills
which th* leading' lt* adjiist.-r*. desire to
hate paofi-il. The pr*-s*-nt hc*]*ion cannot
? ixtendt d ttithout the vote* of nonie !
H? loocrut-t. In th. Senate, lt would r. - '
?piire twenty-lour vote- to doit. And as
to an ex liva Ho-ion, vvr eunn.ri iina,','ine j
what good n'sttiii Uovernoi ( abkkon could
-'ive lor Baiting our. Ile is a youn;- man, i
ard ha*, a future, or hoi*****, M nt lerot. It, <
is not to Ik; Hssiiined thal he will act aa if j
i hi* wa* bis last apjH*arance on tbe piiblii' '
Tbe 8UU Na-arapapar.
Thc followiug aunouncemt nt L* made in
he State of y*-wt_-rday :
?? Till lo-An- we h.-vd aot thouj-ht lt nc
?e-*sry to my that tbe State nett-iwpet
viii continue lo be published m heretofore,
tlanv .jtie*tfons, however, bat.- heenttked
?onccrn'n*. thc continuance *?f lids Jour
inl, fnil ilic-vc tpiotiions begri doubts i
ikclj tv* Ix injurious to R. We, therefor.'. |
nake th" announcement that th*' Slate
mwapapcv I*, nn establish,*.! bisUtirtlon,
nd will rd-intl rut a BBSDVBB* nt (? il* BOth
iant nml lamented founder.
?? RK-UU-B F. I'khvnk. '
We had ??'?< ?**'<?**' ? fBtr or mon- aga to
vpn? OBI* high opinion of theabiliiie* of
dr. BBC-BB. It ttflord*) u* much gralitici
|0B toi-iy now thal, if we are any judi.'.-.
lt i-1 VTBrihl -ratet-BtV of th*- univ* r**ally
imented C*it*.--*i ki.avnk, and eapal'le of
aafartalat-g the Ugh **tp-_ath>a of the state.
.titeevei.t* prove, loo, I hat his lt.-art is as
ar-ve i's 1 ??* K.titi. He i* BB honor to the
? lit,-ri.il pt'Of-BfllSB.
Mr. JOBB F. Ow!as ha* joined 3 -.tock
ompnr.', ni Nev York, and in ci.ininciit
ag upon tht lad Iht fltaBsayi thai he is
ifiy-si*; yearn old. Wonder if lu- does try
0 pas, l.iuiiolf oil a* only Iif1} --in :- W<*
atv John K. OWB3*S OB Ihe "B-gB in 1841
r 'H. If ' tv 1- tht lit t r yea:*, and he was
lien only tveuty-oiic, ht it BBW t-t-ty ***___
w. return (bank.* lo Rev. A. 0. Bbowx
or a pair:'h!ii top] of the "Minutes of
be Nine'y-nintii Bcasloa of the Virginia
Annual Coaferenee of the Metbodisl Bp-**
?opal Church, Roath, bald nt Chariottes*
r|||e, No*.-l'.i-ci I0-S1, IgBl." Thepamphlci
rontafna much more thaa tts title of it In*
We tchno'iriedge tbe receipt of rarioaa
lublk (lo'iviT's from-et i ml congrcsa*
nen. _
i . -i-tt, 1'iniiiir; '.'.", 1 **.*?_'.
Mr. W-HHi, *ht lie-id. Bl /??' '? l'~m., i.i the
ibair. No ,-i ?
Mr. Mtv, v ti ni tl ' ' -eon Game,
vp .r; d, with amendment!*, Senate bill to
.. rmi! tl ll Bf "t-l* lt OB Sunday ur
"'???" j reoncat)i Petttli n of
! ods for a law to
I., niii thc -aiv manufacture, and Im
tor-iti< .: of intoxicatl 1 * liquor*.
. Wis,,in ku ; Petition
il ii, B. " * and othem for reU*
: : . i's bond.
By Mr. 11 *: Iii! to Inc i
'? --* I li '.il Institut] rn, ol thc
?iii of R
. Bi tun : Bil! i lng ad in rc
lat ?-. to pilbil
>| Amln ;?-: ind Kelson count]
Itt Mr. '.* vi > bb : Bill toen le th i it]
? ? . ? ? d ita water-main*
!iti.i.*.*h [| ? .''? ? nue to l!roid*"treet
o d itnith ? l'n:-' rounds, and loImpr ve
be r.roti-in ? ? road thence ea.**tvvardl) to
: -
I. Bi ?". i lilt fl v i : Auditor ol
*uhllc A'-'"-nd', and Oeorgc A. Martin
. and th -.?nat- ad
The Ho'!-,* met at 11 O'clock- -
'ottiik in th chair.
vvn ei.irKti. i.ntk:.i. tb.
Tlu-< ii tn*-Kid before the Houseacom
nunication (rom tbe Comm_*-toner of Ag*
"iculturc jin respontii to a resolution) re*
lomincndlng cert, in l -glslatlon i*i the in
cresta of .1-1 icUtturc in th!* Btate.
Kii-ui no rana ronBiTTBBB.
IIou-i Mil Ko. 870, to am, nd and n en nt
be hw to relatioB to. the duties., powers,
ia'-,ilitii *. nnd ((dupein itiou of certain
iHIIltt (ithc'i*-.
Uour-e I i;i Ufo.871,to amend and re-enact
?*iiiiii 1 01 s-hipl-r 1-JI of the Acts ol
i-Tc-'T, and to provide for tbe working of
be roads in thc (?ountlca of Le, and Rus
' K BS tsn !*i. 1 BRED.
By Mr. Detr Gbbbn: I bill providing
lor ?iubmittin; thc qiicstion ol repeal of the
i,ne, btw in 1. "i ! 'i precinct, Potomac
district, King George county, tod roten
af Mid precin* *.
By Mr. Di s'.i.v: A hill for the relief of
John A. Booker, late treasurer td Cumber*
lmd couaty.
Bj Mr. m.itu.n.t.: A bill to Incorporate
tht* 1 itt!: ol ' ::il'*li:tll, in tlifcou Kit 01 I n:
Bj M; .< vi:)-.--. 11 : K bill to provide for
thi working jud keeping in ord .* t!).- pub
lit road* i-.i thc county ol Han ? 1,
By Mr. Paiui : Petition of oy*tr-rmen ot
xt countj anking that a law be
cnacti il prol Ibitii .* ; ? r*on. from
lura! Oj -tcr-beda ii, .
11 san* ike bay.
By Mi- I*. 1 1 Ul : A 'ill foi tl
ol ishecii iu the magi terbd district of the
Island, in the county ol Aceomac.
LOCAL (i-iius.
Petit ? .. 1. 1 , i , ?] option were
prenunted 1- tollow.:
By Hr. IIoka-bb. From citizen*! *>!
Bland county.
Bj Mr, in. mi, : ii om e d ol Barry
By Mr. Ki: itv. Prom citizen* ol \ ??
. itiiae COUOtj .
lilli IVt--i.li.
House : Ul No. 188, -Teatiag 1 board "i
harbor eoiumbwionen for Norfolk and
Portsm sith, and i rovtdlng tor the Im
provi 11,, at iH.ti pn *en*ati ?;> of Ihe harbori
ol' Noli, Ik and I'oi'esinouth. **? ?) 1
bk ni- agre* d to.
iSenate 'ill No. ii, to amend and ra
enact Beetloo i of ta ? t ?-ntit i? ?i aa a, t ti
confirm i law passed bi the Li .Mature o!
North t-ro)ina ciititied aa bi I to I
rate the Elizabeth (itt and Norfolk Ball
road Company, ratified tbe 20th da] ol
January, in.'', and bb act aupplemental
I herr to, i-..( iru*-l the .''th ria*, nf .January,
1872, and approved on thc -.vd day ol Feb?
ruary, 1878.
Senate Wll No. ::i7, to Aetna tht tn*
bouadaty-llncbetween Maryland and Vin
vini 1, to designate tbe beadunds upon Um
Fut.".na.- river, and lo prohlbil unlawful
oy-t.-iin'. ami dredging in Ute Potoimai
river and Po-ootnoke Bound,
--i'.ate MU No. UK, lo in,'ot nord Cu
i.tneiiKun. street Ballwaj Oonapaay, an.
to make rand tba ;c't* ol said comp my ua
der a ch ntcr hen lol.,n granted ton bj
the ?? rc,lit |adgt td Ute city of Lynchburg
KlMcnos ol Ol lin:;.-*.
At 1 o'eloek the Hri.AKKi: BBnoanoad thal
tho hour had arrived for the execution ol
tht joint order, which had for it- object tin
election of certala others.
It haring baea aai*c*rtalaed tbat the Sen?
ate arm ready an Ita part t,. proeead, tht
M'K.ikki; announced that nominations foi
thc tillie.* of Auditor of Public AcooHit?
it, n in Bider,
Mr. (.inti nominated Mr. >. F.n.ttn A!
len. o| Augusta co,inti.
Mi. MXAitT noininaled Mr. F1.1n.L- I.
liro, kilt, of Mi samlria eily.
Mr. Yuknu aondBBtrd tbs pcatB-d in
cuniKcnt, Viv .lotin B. Massey, of All-t>
niaiie countv.
Altai Cu- elis!..mary BBMSBgtS bt-BTttt
tile Jloi'-e nnd h.. niite hid hu 11 sent am
received, (he Clerk tailed the roll.
The (i:\it* "mpotated Miaait ___?__?
BAVBBa, and Uakris a committee on th.
pail ? f thc Robbs lo count iht rafe-.
The eoumHttiv, after being out h shot*
tim., returned sad announced the follow
inj* r. sui! :
Whol, nur.il*. 1 of vol.* ea.*!, I..".; n,-,r,
*:iry lt a ( hoici, h.'i; nf v*. Itu li
H. Ilrsittn Allen iv,md.7(
)r uiiis I,. KrtM.ett rei 1 Ind.41
Join) K. Hu?-s n<.Itel. (
Th.- next on ihe lint w.i> th'* oltice o
Bailroad Comuiisi-ioner.
Mr. WtMO nominated Hr, (IttJlgC A
Mailiu of Noi-fvlk cit",.
Mr. (.kavss nominated .IndiTe I***-** R* |
Watt-, of Port-mont h. im
Roll-call. ... .
The-.ame committee waa splinted, and ?
the result ta-*, crtalu. d ** follow*:
Whole numl-cr of totes cant, 118; n.-cct**
-ary to a choice, R'.l; "f which i,
(k-arSBA. Mr* rim r. eel srf-d. "Il !>
I..a.). IK Wain ree. lied.*.""i*"i__ li
Tht farther coBslderatlon of the lolnl v
order was |ro*tp..riid until 1 o'clock to* ,
morrow. "j
Adloiun* '1. I
******^*****^********m****mmm. i j
Thc Tobacco-Tax anti I?arU Tobn.ro. (
Dssvn.i.K, Va.. February '_>?_. IBU (
lb Mt ANftf Of the Disptdeh : ,
I hat.- noticed *>f itt*- in the paper* i
articles designed to show tbat thepresenl |
1 i\ on liiuiiifa.-turcl loKiiceo is Ute chief ,
ea)i-c of the well-known want of pTOSneritJ ,
among the ?.'rotter- of Bhlpping tot,.,???<..
and therefore arglBg an Immediate redue
tion or abolition ol lin* tax. 1 MB heartily
lu favor of the abolition of UM toKiic-o-tax
loraaveial goodwaaoaa,hal Bal because
I think it- abolition v. iii bi lp the r.,1- ra ol
Bhlpptng tobacco. 1 take the deeperd ia*
t.r.-I iii the ship];iiie-'" i.t. cu region (I ,
wm bora aad raised there)* and weald ad* ;
-.neate any and all ur mun * tending !<, n- ?
-Boro Ito prosperity. But I think that those
who lead the-e farmer- i" beliere that the ,
tax i- th.igreat burden which ernabeM out f
their life and prosperity do them agrcal .,
wrong, lui' "i eoursc not an Intentional ,
one. 'i'liey resemble Iht pbysfcbm who .
mist ike* thc disease of Hu* patltal and *
glvi * medtdne either hurtful or u-.-!??-. ,
win -lioiiid thc removal of the tax on i
i manufactured tobacco help the rafsen of jj
I Bhipping tobaeeo, when almost none ol
their tobscco cnteiM ii"" domestic eoa- ,
i sumption } All ol it i- either exported a* i
, leaf oi i- manufactured for export, and in ,)
I neither case pin* anv tax.
Ainio-t ail th,-factories in Virginia which ,
supply the domestic trad, work either
bright or western tobacco,
lt is also worth) of notice thal !"?:!) In
\ it .iniaandlli,' Wi -I. tin BbippingdohaccO
ili-iii'ets, whose i io,iud paya bo tax,
not prosperous on account "f tbe lon price
of their lobac* o, white tim** which raise an
article suitable foi Uh d mctitlc trade an
1 t i ie roi i*. a- i- proved bj thc tremendou*
nicrca-t in th'* production ol the bright lo
baccoof N'ir.iiiia and North Carolina, and
of the While Buriev rd Hie \t
While the production of nhlppin I
cn ha- ii,,ain, ,l in \ Irginl i. ami Farrai ill
and Petersburg probably do not nov m
a- mu,'h lobar**,* tte tint - i'd Ibirtj
? i*iiit il!.*, a lui ' ?., ni irket, ha*
in a few .tears Increa-tcd Itu -,1,- non
I.,?,i,?,()(.,. o*r ',."'v u i pound* !??:: i,oi ?
per annum, and in North Carolina pi-"
n rou** marketa hine l*ecn cstaMi*hcd In
luiiiiain. Win-t,h. Henderson, Oxford,
K.id-t iii,*. 81 itOflvillc, and A .h ville, v.
before tl." wat thc publl *
-...ts unknown. There i- nol a roimty In
North i undina on a linn from \\ ,t t
c, , asl io Bimi oralie in the wesl ????
j doi - nol r i*e bri ut t .ba ??? ?. In mj opin
' lon, thc main ri ason of the wai t ol
perity in the phipi lng-1 il
; thal it oontlnui * to rai e au
I which thc demand decreai-e* yeiir bj
for in England and in Hie Fmrli-'h ?
. ? . ! .iv, i -tent, and in Brenn
a Iimi!! tl extent, i righi lol act o i- *hi?*i
.. the old-fashioni ,1 i co of:
Thc only comillie* of Europe Ini
? vt- not lound ii- way arc
.ic Mat.France, Spain, Italv, and
A.,-'iva--and i" these countriest*b.pj
tobacco look* chief)*) for i market. Now
all i'i contract ? for nupplj lng the i?
ar- Iel to tin lowed biddi r, and it i- ?*:,?> to
sc. tbe depressing ??il"**-* i of *uch a -t-i'-m
on fie punter. Th-* ""-collie ol tin* r*hlp
ping-tobacco region tiiii look vainly lor
help i" I be aboli lon ol a tax n hich d ? -
not touch them. The true .lution of their
difficulties i* I" c a-e ini : . ii ai tide
shown to be unprofitable, and by Intelli?
gent c\|" rimeui to tin i oul sou . thin .
ttill pat ? either some other tj j"
or a diUerenl crop altogether. aVben ?
navesacbslgaal case-iol ?uccei** In*
rimental agriculture -.- Ibe r>eed-lesf cul?
ture in tonne lieut and I', tum lt a,ia and
bright-tobacco culture In -tVe-stern North
(!arolina, I don'l -,*?? lhal tl,,* farnu r- ol
South-tide Yir.ini:, need despair ol finding
some more profitable crop than ttblppln .
tobacco. Danville.
tApres*. 4 hm- ll., iricri.
In the iii.,!* of Ihe live -suit** 11 the ex
pr ?*") eovii ailie- againt-1 tbi railroad com
paniea wlthbi Ibe pasl two weeks, bcin-*
n -;, ctivel] Ihe -nit ol lhc Ad nm Ex] ret-s
C.,in pan. :i:':iiii-t lin* Penn ram! Ilioi .ramie
railroad, Uic Adam* Expres* Companj
? i lie _tcbl u. i ? i - aa and Kania Fe
road, tbe Adams Expresa ('omimny .
the tl*, -.uni. Kail-a- ar.d Texas road, the
BoUthl rn ! . ?' ' vt :i. liint |h<
m. Linn* and Iron Mountain road, the
s,.ililli rn Express- i ompanj against I
Mcmphi* nnd Little Kock 1 ? . ?'
Miller, ol the i nit'.I State--: Supn-mc
<krait, tb linreii au opinion Tm *daj
upon tbe general pnnciple* involved m
tlie- vi:-, finding Ku the exp**e-*. coropa*
ni* ?-.
Tbi m et Important i*-uc in thc ?
wa* the right ?! ?" do
Irasim -- upon a i Uro id, and lb.
of Justice Milli
and importance bec uxc ol thc confinnn
, tion fr tra ? member of Ibe Supn*iu ? i? nch
' of ii,,* vaiio*.:- decl-doni I n n
' den ,1 bj the di-n i. 1 < mri ? tijxin th*
j principii. ii:, ks. autta wen ni ui I
! I..*!,,- Ij l? lon iii-ii,' Milli.' and J
McCi in v.iul in il ki -t. I. .Hi-. K.euri,,n
; of which iva* mad*
: time ol thc trial.
lt maj Kc p.*: iii*,, ni to -at Ibai tbe nil -
I orb Inated bl i*am*e i .
railroad corapanic* to exclude tbi expn***
companlef, and eltboi i , ?> emt io tbi rn
-.iv- - a monopolj .i (bat biu-inc
i .elusive piit llegi iloi imi otli
?? mi:iem;.. The opinion ol Ju**tice Milli r
declares thal tin-;? cannot do thi*,and mu-t(
:i'-cfi'il io tbe complainsnt* tbi expre**
c.him ?nte**' -tn h ;' ni i it ii - a* may be re?
quired for tlie proper production of their j
baaim -* an '*,iniii in eu ri. i - and w rvanta
i. of lin- pu',li,*, upon the pajrnenl ol a com- *
11*.t:i-aiion lair and reaaonabk', Thia i*
probablj the end ol the litigation, which
lau continued for over two yea**s,and In
which powerful corporations wert arrayed
against each other.- Baltitnort Netts,
lion Hm ScIiimiIh art- lo lie Kim on
M '.-uiM.iux, February 5J.?A rig
crusade aninal thc liquor tiaflic uill.
shortly be inaugurated bj Senator Logan,
; who li m e.u, fully ina pined a -?? , .ii favor?
ing thc bill providing thal all Yen -nu, - ,i
! thc <-ot, rnmenl bei*c_fb r di rited from the
, tax mi the manufacture and sale of distilled
Rquora aball be divided among the Stater
land Territories in proportion to their re?
in* i live populatioi * ? -Clu-dvelj foi educa?
tional purposes.
Hill*, are already before Cou* n??-. -
looking to a reduction ol the tax- ob db
tilled --liri;., from oinetj cents per villon
to Blt) ,'tuts, and other, to the repeal ol
all i'liernai-icseitiic taxes. Mr. Logan will
oppose both the reduction and thc repeal,
hut it iii urge most energetically tbat tbe
proceedi oi |he manufacture and sale of
IHquor be devoted to bearing tbt expeate
ot the m-.-at lyatem ol tree iteboob, and
thus nliet( Un* ptoplt ol' that barden, lil?
lias lu in collecting -tatistlcsnn tin* lUbJet K
and-at-thal they -hon that the ? \|-.*ii-m*
nf earrytag ob the aehool lystem ol the
Mat.* and Territories do not exceed
17*1,000,000, tt blcfa i* )ii*t the .sum that ii is
(??*tiinti- d uill be received (ron the tax ta
liquor during tho prasent fiscal year. Hr,
Logan think* thal ll *u*h i Ita i* pa--.il
lt will at oin*.* btBOBBiptfB-hU a* ttcll at
ViKt.iM.i Postal RBwa.?The folloarlng
lH)stmastei*s have ie, n lecntiv coaaals
sinned : OtOtge W. Dillait), at Soltsiille.
Albemarie eouatj; < 'orneltua B, Van Liew,
at Nan lien; Dilluvn Smith, at Dill
wyn, Bncklngham countj; M urj E.Ortta,
at Hopeville, Greenville county; Abner L,
Qltatatki ai I'ari*. Pauqutci eonatv,
- mt,
HOBBfOBB*! Ai ID PMBV-tATB, ifl I'dpidi
ty of liver and extreme gastric Irritability,
reuniting from malarial pobofl,baa given
good result*.
Itl.K-l'OX Hllt-TIT-K Ut-BNKI'--t" UH H
fCorreatit-tDdco**-* at tl." ?kbraninl UUp-teli.)
FEB!!) A lt Y _"_. |H8**.
Apprchcn-ion* in regard to -mall-pox
'?eoming epidemic in the county have
bout -ul.-idcd. The hospital, which tia*
ullt hy order of the proper authorities,
a* destroyed ht llr** iKimediali I) after Kl
Dtnpl* tlnn, snd bene." tva* of tin-( rvic.v
Tie barning of thlsptot>crty ti a* evidentljf
lie act of aa hwtmiflsry* hut whether thc
uilding waa tir-t -robbed of notate ttro-rtn*
)Bt tthich hal ju-' beea itored therein
ml then burned lo eoneeal tbe crime, or
eatroyed bj tome ona la tbe neighbor*
ood who was opposed to having such sa
l-tifiitic.n in hi* nnd"'. Ul IO far only a
latter of conjecture, with pt*ohabllitlea
trontrlj In BBj-port of the iii-t-m* ntion. d
beary. The lots lo the county i- not very
A *n.ldcii and -ad affliction ha* n culls
"fallen a family in our mldal in'tlu di aili
f the uif- alni mother of tin household.
h.- wife of Pride-sor William Bolling, one
f our t?-teemed citi* v*. arni taken with
I'hrit wa* a! tir-t BBpposed to ''i an acute
ti "k of neuralgia, hui vt hlch proved to he
lid ?> niall' di*ea*c rcrebral-mcnlngitt*;
nd despite the best medical -kill and the
lowest attention of kind and aympalhizlng
rli nd*, -in- lingered .>ulv i few dat *. Bbc
ni* a lady In whom were combined no
nany amiable and womanly e-ualitletj thal
o be esti rrned *h. ni edi d bul to bc knott n.
i'h. lu irtf.ii -rt Hip'ithy of thi* entile com*
nu it it > willi thc Kenat i ,1 family in Ulfa
in lr ul affliction ha* In ? ii Bound ratly
oantfi *tet'..
Tbe continuous bad weatberand wretched
-onditlon of the roads in roiucquence
!i' n "i hat ?? -? rt'-d i" Bomen bal d
iii-in, -- here for -onie timi past.
An (iloi'i i- Ixdng made to organise a
iiilitai-y com| in;, ht te. Al ll
Hie 1 itu rly 1 Ire.
IOB v vt mil !*. K DM Bl V WAI ii IBOTBD
i ROB lin; LAI I or I run. Hvivu.i Bl
u t!ii:--t ill t M i ORD.
I.i vi.'ii t. \ _., I', bi nary 22, 1882.
rr oj <:?? li
I write you n short not" m reference to
lu- coull' i ition t\ iii,ii ocrum d h<
- rd vx pvt ning. About fi o'clock j i
vening, -?? lu ii lhc a ind tt m u ,u [nj -? -
ren ly (montly from Ihe southwest . ii ?
dann of lin- wa- g\\i B, t, |
lions. i| tile pe ip|(. of niii i,-r t!'.
age. On i ? ? | hlch Ihi
'anit wan -it. i li ii-ts | mod thal lix lira
ml can ht fi
'?tit' ron rhthi roofof nn old ?
ml then used i* ? '.and it attn
if ont,- lei n thal tbei i u ir, no -
?. The bnildii tooti i tbi r old
i nw i biiildin' -. one of a hlch
litchi ii od Ci/ other lin routh end
ill] dil, ll :* -
n Main street, and I
I ? Samuel I loffi dry
ton room Mil dwelling. Stn nu
rain, a* tin*
'liiii- ans, and Ibi ?
ladder*, nor w nb r?dcej
? ! n-' to d j end ,ii. Soon tb, bri k di ? ll
ng-hou.se, with lai
be propertj ol Mr. I'. I?. Bell, and
s - rapidlj envel -. Then the
lld Hoffman n nidi ncc, n-.-xl in ord r
i* mentiom d, thc dwi lling-hoiue ? I
be v. j,l.itv ol Ihe ! rte Mi i r J ime* <?.
!!??-..j. i (form* r memlx r of thi 11
Delegnt* * from thi* county);
iousi ol Mr. x\. V. -lol I
louse I Mr*.8. K. I1 ?? ll lou of thi I te
.villi.,11 -. Holt, formerly men-bant In thi*
i: ? . I't' roidi d< - oi' Mr. Bell mid
Mrs. Holt were brick, and Ihe fire wa* h. n
itayi d In lt* j-i' -.r? ' i eau.t tl
Bit M In trtreri i in linn -- dm
nest. All the .Its Vu.* I,?nil! front. I
north on Main rin e wi rc i num
"i',,f framed storehouses and dwelling*
fronting wrath on thc same -tr- ? t i nd
mmediutelj opposite thc burnl
li ii caughl on Ure. birt by powi rful efforts
?!l thc 1 li Of :: fl M ,! ' IM.'ii*)- d iild Id'iM
nen thc fire wini there extingui*riu*d. Wi
?ame ne ir lo aln a a oul one fifth of *;ir
loam. Th,* furnitur ? ii. thc dwelling* and
rtock ol Koods In Mr. BcIPh store were
ill -ale,| f|,tm t!|e fJr . bUl t i l
large part verj much broken and Injured
We fa it-- i",t bet i, al i aln t!;,
-ti-.nut of iii-uruif . Wc suppose thc in
riirancc will imounl |
-?-.huh or -10,< 00. Mn*. Holt** d
na* nut itniin .1 al ali. nor waa Mr. Jor*
lau'-: the other dwi liin md -' x k ol
:.I -. ??? ? nu,!. were insured. 'I ii
l riniiii.' t?t;.'-1)-'i ? - ul "i tl- * Bcdf
lo* ah -I i oaii buildi
na* pretty much di troyed.
A good h rok-und-htddi r uoin| ant might
v iv. -ai- I everythli i thc hiiildin-.
ii thc r.ie I In fifteen or
hm nt;, minute*-, i be vt id .vt * whose pn - -
- Ihiu di .troj ? 'I iii1 ubi
lin*'I,,-., ami Mr*. 1'" ''* v. ,
I.'.:. lt tia* Ihe ni"-t u, -t.'
town ha* stifle**! d. iiu".!* have bi ?
In rc .rom timi t" timi to in.n
[or i'i itection in ? ase of Dre and for all
other purposes, t, -" .it iva*
d i't .i ?
li,,i,l-i*-. and thi effort* wire fruitli *-.
< lur popular.able, and i
Kin in thi Iii ns* ' Mr. (li il?
lili) non h :- a bill Ix fore Un t'ei
.'. itt] tt; tt ;?? ii *. i'-i* foi
hm* lot.ii. aiiii wc -Kn'cn lt 'lope be viii!
iiim noa , * io I ad if |
?omi borne till you bring tb law willi von,
Illili, .liv -. .-iii--. \. !',. ' .
A Driiiila.-ii "-toll til "tn -.rot s
m:\7i: um i I iv ol I i os t i uk- vim vki
ixo, mi t rm ' ,?,??? i -
he B
li ? ? ? ! ? tt . t v.. /
1 .'. 1882. t
twelve or ihlrti i n bi .:?????* gol ??!
bo ni i' t--. n_, r train N - inncltoi
last night to come un to ("'redcrick, when
tht j work. Mo-, ,,f tb<.,, ,N,,-, unrj, r thi
Influence of liquor, They wenl int., thi
lii-t-cl:i-* car, and acted In a ti ry disordi rlj
manner, iwearing, sluging, tv., to tb.
great nnoyanci ofthe other naBscnfrer*
ninon*.' whom wa* :i lady, who tt i* f>I? 11?_?. i
to li ivi the ear ind go into tbe forward car
The conductor, Captain Beach, tacked bi
-om.-of iii, train-men and passenger*., eoni
pt Heil ibe in -i"- - to **o into tbeforwan
.?ir. When tbe train reached Fredericl
the dbordeirlj crowd roi off, and, as the trail
moved on, began shooting and thron-in*
utones, Ac, through tin car-wiadowa. Th<
I'd-sen.. ra, i ? k.?( p from ; ? ii', hit, "*o
down between Um -cats, one man tva
-Maiek on tlie .boulder bj ??< large stone
|,nt was ii"! -? rfoaaly Injun ?'. 'I hi ? i
ti .ia ronstdi ml ly ,1 imaged. Soi.f tbt
ini--.il.*- wenl int., tli-* sleeping-car, bul li
far a* we are abb; to l, ara Bone ??( the nc
eui tnt* vt. rc hint. Tl..- part ic ulan ol thi
occurrence were furnished m.- Ky Mr. tt
B, Rigg, ? I this i la '- who tins on Ux
train al the time Th* rai liv i i
mi: lit io 11 tn. tbe n<. rot * lo pistil i. fn
if they allon -M. h thin*****, lo p isa Um tra
veiling public will take some other rout-e
Tbe perpetrator* of thi- kimi of disturb
au,a* un-not tbe B liv. residents ol iii
tection, bul arc -renerallj tho*, ten ,
herc. .1. t . ff".
I'.tltir Iii lli-i-.ui'te.
A moiliiii ii ti ol the -du, lit
poker i- th.* poputsr amuMoment al evenlnj
' "iiipani, - in .","1 cbui*cb-fl in : Brook ll ii
lt i- disguised undi r lhc nain, ol "(?!ii
m, ree "; tin poi* sre little i rlaes providt i
bl the ho-l ; the eleni- III.- Of billilli*. . X
discarded, snd, after i certain amount o
draaring, hand* tn laid dowa aad th
!"?*! win* th-* prize.? i rn* Yuri, letter I
DalCnmir, Sun.
a inhhfium dated Paris Febraarj :
M. Huu/aiid. Mim. .\il-.*oii'* husband
who baeame insane during tnt excltetnc
alluidln- th. !'?' Bl financial cri-i*. die
t"-ilay in tin* lunatic :i*vluui in which li
bad l'nin placed._
A-k von* id:;, "i*i tot a mpv "i *? Ml ?
Mge to th.- liifoiiunatc" if -uti-rlu*,' froi
aili blood di- n*' ? ' ' w ni1 >"m' **-*-* ?
the Mvift .?*|m.iii, Compaay, Atlanta, Gi
Price fl and f l.Ti per boHtr.
yirt-inlrt Sewn.
The Norfolk I.if-lit Artillery Blues cele?
brated their tifly.fourth anniversary on the
'lld Instant.
Person* who visited Yeatt*,the murderer
of Atkinson, in tbe jail nt ('liathsm, n-cent
ly, say he is completely broken down in
spirit, and presents a | id uro of abject de?
.Marring** license* turo lamed in Wash?
ington Tuesdaj to Joshua Boblnsoa, ".
i aroHnecounty, Va., and Susie Armstrong,
of *?V. -tm..i'i m.! county. Va.; winiam J.
I- ? ,i-,,ii. ,.f (.e.ii:_'e!oivn, I), ('..and Fran
ees ES, Gooding, of Fairfax county,Ta.;
and John .1. Tiiiina-and .I'nnie C, Ma'li
cf'tc, both of Bllzabctfa city, Va,
Colon.'*! W. A. Maupir. died at !u* home
lu l'ort Republic, in Rorklngbam couaty,
on Bsturdajr la-t, of naraljrsis. colonel
Msupin was a rood citizen and a promt
neut mu), aid hi- death will bfl received
with sadm-- bj many friend*.
On Wedin-uv las* l.u???'. nant PhillpP,
Kennon died al hi* home, near < oote'a
Store, in Rockingham county, of pneumo?
nia, aft r only i fen das*' lllnesa, In the
fifty-eighth year of hi- ??-?, Mr. Kennon
ua* .ane of the first volunteers al tbecotn
!!e bo un ut of Ibe vtar, and wenl Into the
*'*i t i.f the < 'onfed, rncy as a lieut*
of the Brock's imp Rifles, af tern ard* Com?
pany B, Seventh regiment, Ashby's cav?
alry, and continued lu adi-..* service until
the close of the war. Hockingham Regis.
tt r.
A !'uHons story.
John and George Thoma -. two voting
colored mea, were yesterday charged I
fore Judge snell vtitii being suspicion*
characti rs, thej hat log bet n am -td u Mle
tn inv to sell asatchclful of rare and ? '
?ti,I ? old Ko,'!,*. Tbi I ithcr ol thc deli nd
?? -tiii ,| tl ai thc books ii id corni Into
hi- p,,-s, .-ion In lhc I ill .- lng manner:
They origin ill) M -nj-i d to a min
** in the .-"Hi!i, ii mk, ,1 N. Q. Russell,
! whose name ww fonnd on tlu t';.-:
i,'u-*,il had married a woman of unusual
beauty ami lit, d tt it!i !c r ? ? ut tim, ,
when h ? had di nd left for |
. Mrs. Russ '. ???? bo t
- ? v. i.V.tv. itt i- -- don ol Vi r- lit!!'*
ii - lui iii- *i. noon I)
Il ...
deli n! .:?!-. vi. i- t: voung
j Thoo " .
irred. Sb ttl this p ul ? I
m.' Mr. Russell' 111 rary came Into
. ?
til j-i .ti rd j. t. lu n '., ?
? a'.oi ? snell took
under adv I
? ?i
tile llii'SI-. ll ' V
I - * from *? '
. and
?dy-pi |i*v!. il' in ol'
hurtful tb
I It* till H.
ll) !!.
' : i :
il .His.
Dd ? i
r.ii ii!
11 IH tl li
; ? v
i lit lae | I '.*. *
? ?
V ' * * .1 -.
WU] Kv I fd at Hull
* t i l l-l, i i .
.r 0 v. vi. i , mis, : i
*ii:i:nx *-.
* ?- ? -
. *?
CH: KNIGHTS, Vt ? i\ /
? **\/*?
t. VU te- Halli 111 i". i t i - A.
NlNti iv / N,
?? / \
s - - - V. -
fe ..-ll
N'01 1* !'. THE MEMBERS <*'?' OLD
lu,'.! * xiii. x,.. 116. Win,"
CAN I i." ?**? ' >K III 'V' '?'? ? Ht. tal
t;. ?
.1 VMK*? t. IMIil'l,
? '
tx, t Hall, <??
K. Kli.KN n- t i-.
-rilli i tltt Mil II 1 S.
?fiBAl ? VT i B> rioX! t
Sinr ? - - inn.
iv 24-H
i'll "i'll *,IS.
t URAND ? ??'??ll.!, i Mi! I. U \.
. \ (HAR ADI
?*, ll
I ll! ir-n*. t s Ni
Li rn kin.
imh.ai: ALL . P
ll,111 INCil
Il JOHN *. t] || -,v
Br. I
! pOf Ul, ** t ll
? i :,*. i i ? t
-n uni, K til I- i , ? i Itl ll
! KM!) ti MVM li' BRI Hit 24, 1 *fi
al *- ? ?
' s
n .K LE ii RK i "ii:-i:.
vi,,/ vi: i il til..
11 i -nw iv i "mm., rsum tai Sf
niel. ?
vu v- * IIR1MTI VN ?--"I I ATKIN
!K INK ? I Ki Ni. I- , I I Mt- .
THE ( m\h ni i; \ i .* -, ,.i ,.
-? li-ll- 1 : A IK:!' I" Vt t SUING |uN I VI'
VNIi I -ill*
order *< al (" Maa.
? ? Ramosi Ito-cv. , | ,
M I'l'tlt.
ADIE*.1 -? Pl U
rOK Hil Kl NI Kl I ni I il l'i-TKIt i
1'VK-i.N VOl -". Mit.
KKllKVt NI.Ml I. ) i el.I Mit Vt. tl
..i.. Hob *d tie- lad
-?k i i ll: etty.
.a I Ja 11> Hm
-ti|e? r. ib i , !? -i-'-l
DAM TM. Al Allin ff.
)i!i'l*'K-S,)l: MINOR'S *vv
DAN. I Nf. t( vin VIV rfj
hiv* i h-ia.itii -. i vin..dit. f Tt
-. l,-ail Ul.] V| ,i -| .. I du* Ut, *??**
a ll oner, for Um i- ? ?; ,tl an-f - in Kr- ? _ - v ri lr
n VY ni?*?; I. -jiu. i iv vi. iii. > -sm
? ? i.V '.. a (I . 'O' Bbl
-.-ind ti, rn ii-t le itu di pl. a- flatt-IO Bl*! te 1" ?!
Ittllti d it 4 I'm- ll. ? ? to ? . m * , ? * 1
.. el ttt
I titiroush In*! mc tl ,,. (i rye* nu '?? ? Ot
V.ltid-i ni tn -,,u . . I ii. cid i lilldi.-n. IO *.
ntl, i ., h. i ili-.-t*
I-oi> I -. Ml I Ol'*, atc.
Vt. H. DKKtt .t IOU
-ooM MS -I KIM T.< i.l.'NKII KH.HTIK
|f. J.-lV||i7J
?UTI! AI, lf(9TI<TJI.
:r<oNTiNr.Mi()N of the hale
IN NK.tt \ AUK.
!(Mi-ANn- Of DOLL vi:**' BTOBTH ?>K
(,M(iD(-l "i KT I N-i*KU. SO illKKK. I
ttll*) HAVE I vii.H) li- nt Till- THU
TO lil V.
tKKK DA-fABK at SOe. a fart tsrori!,
4-,*. p..i fart atottk lor.. ,,t rac per rartl
wi rt!) HOC. fl! Si* . |MH yard ? -fl Ul BB... Bl 78f*.
per ynrd wot tit T IMO. at -le. i-r vari "'if:
ll.IB, Bl I le, |- r lard st nih thO.1
i'i iNK.N -iii ii in., ki |] worthf] '
.1 KINKS SHEET! Mi it 11.35 WO-rUttl 73
liMKi n ( B t-n lott) i.*t al -tl i*
vuitii s; - -1 on u. i ,: | si.,r;ii |1.75;
) ttl \--K Tott KK- .1*1.-J.", i-rdnriii fl . -
? t -v..iv p-r ?i un worth *-f.:.". t ia per
doma win tit -fi. at Ot see loam ????
? i; rn r Bo?i :; troftl ?
.l-,.t_rr..t !i.ir/.ilii-!ii HICK VK VCR TOWEL)
?-,uHie TUBKEV-BI I) I 'Mill -i nt i hm ,
BB. . 4v,,r!li |1 .S3, al ?1
18.37 ss. rt lt ? A/2-i:
T'BKEY-RED -1 wu-i ,,\i KU il t
1 tl'.K! -(nt -
, M'KIN- if 7le, '.- rtli|1, 11.23,
-' " *
worm | ? ? :
?I Bl I IN'S ( K V-I! Bl ,
!'.-.. at 7'". 1 '
'? l'_
I RII'I I. til -KIN ft!
Ill (Vii 1) aid N MN-t.-Hi tn -I IN .
I- i J -id si. it!) V'.e.. at
? I .-.:
VNI *, !-|,j] )-!.;..
hm KM li i-H.i i - ii ;;., , |ier yard won
INI N |l|. lilt i t ? !
KUM V-BI D Vilnlt
I- t ' -'.:, i';
li I'M! IN MIK riNl
? -ii Wort- I' '.;
'ILLOW-I t-l. IMS I N * iv ni
ilNtlll'. il
M in ti : ? at g
.Mt- i uv, at 12*-,. 14. IS, - .ri:
Il t'-HP liri) I!
CHU ? I lil i it*!. 'si .is
-ii'"' :
i'll QITL1
tl tvn;: . ? . - ?
iimi**. i ? ill:
Kli VI '
sllli ! ' * ' MU-1 t*'
li. vis iud ITMN 11 1) Kl
I.INiill ttl-.
- I NIH KV. r tl.*.
w v.; riMi-i'.vi'i c.' tin.*
? lind.
- i -il:
? ?
li t i :
nv(i (.cons.
nv- iii ni i) ni kim, un: ti ri i,
In -Ht 1 K-KK till)
,.,,1 ?!.- :
A f. si NI tt IH ? ? -I' V I Int- ia ; IV -, , - *
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