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The daily dispatch. (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, April 01, 1883, Image 1

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NO. 78.
. \-ii im iiaivi IS vt'\ i\. i.
The omi v oi-rv i, ii i- delivered to lah
aewtxwi .1 ; ii i ? i \ . > m - per week.pal alda lo
Ute cartier weakly. Malled t Sdper anaam; SS
f,.t -i\ month*: si.oti for three saoatha; rovr,.,
om I .alli.
w I Mm V His|> \ i . ll m SI |H-r aniiuiti.
ll TU 1 Uk ttl ^11DIIIS.
Ni \ \ l I l. l hi MOM, SALT
Killi V. \NOs( ROFI I V.
, \ i ;, i ll \ Kl - d-Iiu
. il. RA md l I I I
I ? Farra, exii
, \ '? -kin and
, . tnor-.
, -.'i-i.:? m...
-k Blemish-* and
I il.
:, i i: v i: . \ . ? wlthi
i i
, i in als.
t'l l.^i ll ,.
i . 1. I I. \.
?; v -11 . v '
I, vi . ?>..
(ir rn i i:a soap
; i -*.! <*.
? ? -
. I . R. C.
- ? . ? -
' -. \. i
Ki i - ll
V\. ll. p
li r "HARD
- -
- ? HE API SI - i"i . Ol ENG
? I
\ : ?: , : W.
1 Bi 'K- ? ? ST1
I that t a FIN UL WK CLOT!
SI ll * ,1 KIT isTORE.
'li il PHONE ll TO YOI H IMX 1 U
I ? ? . VII i I
L Ai INO CL A 1>H thal
DKI -- i
M I -1 I I -
I li N I D', id I,u\ t
W I DOINI, -I I 1 .,' I. ? Ml I I I NTORE,
? ? i- it ','lU VI ;
1 I'l.nV I . - lh .1 ll Hu v i- nu io ,! .
MISFIT n , i,
M i . - Ml-I , i aTOKI ,
a I ii'l.lO ? i - tilHI III. Ml.-I I I ? |,,-);|
- I
1'J LEPIIONE ll To '???{ i: wm
Hi ?: .
twelreti 'iiiii -iid'.i
flllCSt ll! li III i, hi . i ... ;
- : roil E. 012 M
I Biat we han PANTALOONS tar tbe aili: .
I-OOD vs o|( Kl KO |" wi - t ? - ' -, ,: i ,it. i r
BU; 0. per i..r?.i: nlee ones il *1; elegant at ll
satM-rh al ?(>; jud . xii.. tine .1 *7.
?Bh:i0-:>i MI-HI - iOl.l . oi ? vt ,.,, ,,,,i
1 NH i Al I aI'o" i . wi abearfalh n ran
tue .-ash lo ail '11m.ii|->.< d purchasers, ana timi v
ke< |. 1S.1H1 lil" H ..'.foik every < veiling, uml h.itu
day till tu a'ch-ck.
Ml HEH KTOflil. 012 Main ?tn.-t,
rab 80-8t brtwwm sjfiutb u:?d Tenth ilutU.
iUrumoiiit pijiijatrtt.
l M>AY.IPRIL I. 1888.
?? Mit i ll:, i |.\ ii.'N U| no DIRT v ,( ll
t- l vi;.;i i; mian nu ( OMR1N1 '? < IRCU
i. v i ins OT vii. i in: ii i mi i; DARLI ni v\>
k viii:-* OP li!!' (UV.
Vs.. as
[xi ?' stioks ron To-Dai .- -For Hie Mid
tile ah mt.'? States, .iou.iv weather, with
ioctl nins or-now. win.i- BAostl) north
. si lion 11 or In :!i. r ti inp ratsire,
iii'- WRATHKI W.-tl i:i>\y tv i. rill I
We in thc extreme, Rain fell the ki
portion of lae (Liv. follow.',i l.v bail ind
snow. At tr.iiln : ii tb weatber wis -till
thrcati niu .
FtTRBRORI rtl i i -ini'vv : t; v. H., 88;
8 A. "M.. 88; ti" in, 88; ;; p, M. 81: 0 P.
M.. 88; midnight, 82.
?fi in temperature, 84f.
lAiii; ssvjs, mail.
A lllcliiiioixl l.iit.ii uri lei- I iilniili.
fulinllis Tutsi ii. K Sen sled
nml Ceaafeaaca Hit < riane.
Pi i st iiiiinv ,,f our ni i
bavi li id ? cc isl ii to complain to th | ?-?
[ losses ol
-. "ri- rs, a. . ;
'", n referred t i the fl
:it W:,-!r.n..'"i>. I- -; eel irs 1' ll di i-"U ind
? ? Richmond
?u'.l wi rk un th' . . I
1 rid.iv. ma ifh r ? onsulii tion ss Ith Mr.
"i I. ti- :.i- ir
lier*. ! I in In
r (iiddi
- - ? .
sid .1
?dh -I ti-, i. -t- r- in
ddn --? 'I to didi nut parlii -.
I of I so reached their pi
. lint !!:? iii li I. tter, contatnin ?
VV. ?.
E. Il rvcy, thc white li tl r-carrii r on thal
ni .-.? nts w. rc ?
, and with n ; ri
- .
? .1 and pul in thc Pin lier
was found in tin I irncd in.
Harvey was ted, ? I,
;' n ..- ki .I mom
. upon bim. 'Ih.
us and
il." liosvcvt r, a lit
amination, and vvm
thc jr ind Jurj "f tin
. wbich bk >t-- i-.
rcs bas I
? .'- .. ?. Upon Ik ins
; Henderson he
said J liv- .1 in < incTntiati,
r. in i
similar ? . . h* record
ss iii doubt I into bj lin
ll ? . I
liv itu in this city.
Paw tte and itri< ts.
Colonel H. C. Pan m Im*. n turn
V . M i ti'.. E?q., "
IC I l*t
L< elsi i ure, ss ill i nh 1 up n I.i- duties to
morron. Hbn near At tomi y?
. in iii. I.'ii,.-' r bsiildinsr,
hmond .ii-, could ss*i il afj i
neerv ? ?
.1 ii,t , ii., si-ii. ir. usury sven
turned into thc city trc isury. Tin j
amounted to nim
i ? linell ..I Royal Arcanun
?:i iii on April 2Ith.
i.i !'? -? . . W il.I WOllId lr il -J.1 lll.Ul tl
? iii. *- :.! thc las lng of tin
- ? new City ll
\| ril term ol the Dusting I
During the w.. i.
der, iui'l that ". ex-Councilman Tlnslcj
i w Uh Iel . :
. i' Hi-' committi ?? appoint
r thc ]
: its coi lil
? th I'.
.-.i:tli may l e coi I Qted upoi
Ml I
? i ?hl ? ra
. - ? . lui bi - di' p ii.' n
and thal it bad boen .*;. i iy.
, No. 1713 trcef, wi
: ? . - "
. 'I In iii.
?| I,, i Council i. ? ? i lo-morrov
? v. nin .
i eason for i
[nseet- li 'r.v. i?- ?
Mi **r*. Lellos I. Bi i an I VV. -;
Da>bicl J. Iii inp-"'
Br ss h. nd the th tn ls J. i
li ?',-. : . ' . ' itC :?'. > ll!-, ftc,
I li Moodon Cases.
es (lushes and Bond wi ri I otb ii
i.i.,'. and i' was expect i
thc indi- Inst Richmoni
parties cbij u Hies in tin
lt .li ii for '? nun ssini ii would I.,
tri. d, bul Jud B - '? msentei
tb J . ? : i t-sin ii. ese trials, a i
i to li i\ in iii'- afternoon f i
South Carolina. TIm eases will, therefore
not I.,- il:-|i)-.d of thi- week, but will b
taken np on I u< -day. April lOtb.
Ri lmn* from ti,i lummonsi - *. ni ou
for petit Jurors wi re, In about six oi i bib
thal the parties wintet
v..i. .|. d, absent from the State, orothei
arise oul 11 Hie rt m h "i the officers, and
suppli nc nt -.1 list will nave te be made ott!
if in.I...I it bas ii"t alri adj I" n.
Judge lin .h. - i- -nil iii the < Itv, nt\
wa* ralbi i unwell yi iii rday.
'jiu: < i \ i .-The police bad to work I
il mon yeah rdaj, and tin ir mic. *
w.i- t!u !? fore not n bal it would nave I" i
i.. Letter weatber, The totabi so bur ire ?
i o ' -ii tried. 14,11
.ni d| I'l'-t.17...I
Hi,id district.
n timi cr of names Rited yi sterdty, l?17(
Kati bi i M l?Thia wei
known comhlnstion will commence an ei
??. ri m.ni ;u ibe RI hmond Theatre o
i ni .1 j ni/ii. The Ilnvci Ij managi mi i
innounee tba! tiny nave pun!.'*'
th.- entire Bain. Hagnc British Hinstn
i otnpany. which enjoys .t high repulatlo
for Bulging and inatrunientatlon. Tl
programme prettnted i*. entirely new t
fi. Richmond pRblic, and .viii include a
the popular lin fl om air lin- itt iel omni
ssaapein well aa the bett hit.s (tori Hair
k:hi ft Halt's Bartel New York iBtetti
"McSoricy'sInllation." Wednesday Hui
will ?*? a wiitin^ especially for ladles.
Tntmom or \\ i iai sm> \s io uni
RI RMm; oi rilli liv.
Bsaasrl-ailsaa ssT aHiiaaaaaassd lu Has sVassI
Dims ol Hie Win- lion Silo
Was Sun-. 11,1. retl.
Eighteen J ear. -in, . (I,,- i:\acii.ilion of
KIcbtnoBtl: The children ol thsl dsj us
men ami wotni n bow. How time Hld !
The " liii, - ? have ic n broken through
In roan? places by tbe hahdol thc bushsBd
niau. Tbe earl1 wheal ha bur ling Into life
trots, tin ground v\ ii, ra rifle-pits were thick.
i non Hie batteries, hail overgrown with
Irees, the bud* are op min - and thc blrda
ag. Thc plowman afield bob and Ru ri
? ? wes to whistle, and raises from thc fur?
row a -tia\ bulb t. a broken cant., n. |
runty bayon t, or the thigh-bone of a aol*I
Tin river i- open from falls to mouth.
Tbs forts are -ii. nt, i ad Ihe earthwork*
washing away. Thc iron*c1ad* bavegonc,
Thi lr hist shells have burst. A f. w piles
OB either -hoi'.-. s-->ri only al low vv.it.i-,
mark where the pontoon and mil Uar j
bridge* -in ni. There ia not n t- nt or camp
firs on thc banka ol thc rh . All the
? hosts are absent -tn my ne more t..
answer a roH-call in thi- life,
In and about the city there i- life, bul ii
i- in! the life of our Troy. The pleki I*
watch tin- roads no moi e. No codi li r
v nt- eager to tuk< the iir-t al irm of d
to the i] ll '. The provost guard i
banded. On the stn el no di va ind i- made
foi- ?? yonr pap* rs." At thc car* you arc
not asked for your pa sport. Oom arc Hie
-un-! ion/, ii nu ii in horn, -;.nu grsj . i
f idctl, to neb-si , 1; their bronn
blanki t- tvt m.-,I frera should* r ta hip;
ile ir haver>fa< k* with bare supply of hurd
ind, "ii Inckj il
muskets -consul nie:;- in battle
and hivoip ic - i!; bat ri il.
In the poignancy ol our carlj ?_: i i * f we
swore lim! they should ever live In ourl
memory. We declared that come oppres?
sion, wo.-, contumely, nnd povi m. ive
I -i g< t ih, lr -i il. iitiir-.
watchi -. wound*-, di ith. ^ ?' n
i dd in Rlchui ind In i monument lo
Lee and Ids vctei ns! \ ? \ '' - a
struggle t ? doll ir* ni cessarv to
?? keip green their gravi ? ' I
Tie - ? itheannlvei
of El acu ' ---Til?i ip] ni ieh( -.
ll vs.:- -linday in truing, April J. I
fair apring daj,
u re quickening from hud t" li af,
. hurch-lu ll- nmg "tit th ir monition
?.-(? from lal or nnd inv it dion to wor
-Iiil per*. Hundred* of the women who
. nt en 'I the bousi - of God were in I
' .I. neal ly all wore black, and those
who were In mourning and tic-, v.ln
-,.-; illgtli?b< .1 1 i -oin.
bright ti ? ?a n il Laud oi . I
tary braid s ipsol euell
ii!- :i- had nol I upon to ni
? ? trothed,
lin men were nearly all in uniform.
I r wen regulir offl - rs and *ol lier* ol
th post or from thc lines ..:i li
? in the Ini-i ? I* ol '
? J ison or
Winder, or mem!x r of th< 1 * il bi,
thi cmploj ? I
gar, Arroon ? and Ar- I from the
' eli rical forci - in tic \\ r, '? . and
I' - -?
: men of thc citj who w ere i Ubi r t io jn
or too old i >r regular sci i Ice In Ihe
? ann;, in tho field. Hnndn walk
< tl on cruti hes : many more c in led one or
nth' r ci I na <>f
' WOUnds lac ive| iii ll
Though no ree ?rd of thc text* of that da}
ni-, it mai ,i'. i red thal the
[d'- aclu rs
... i i be pr ij? rful, t" bc submissiii.
lt was a time of great distress, rile store
bouses were ncarlj exhausted. Thc rtid
;'l -ti aling
horses and buming farm-house* and barn*
. and earrj lng oil the onlj agricultural I
pul i stop to produc?
tion, w lol- bli ? k tdi i p rt* pn vi nt< .1 help
from the outef world.
The army Buffered for food, bul In the
i-ltj thc i ",|- v omen and i biidren, d< -
I bj thc n ? -
-. alli oftl I, i .
??the (Suffered yel
? ?ii r
i al" many artieb - nov, n l-l i- ol
ju ime ii- ci --itv.
I'..,- the ;
hLli. 'I h< y (I, ii ant le irned t ?
Uki. a mixture I Of w heat,
or rt c. <.r h ans, Bi
ground and mix<.' as ? -.- . I:
i Uitoes were
? . , i ? | pie did no!
Thal to i.iain' d ? .1
m took its p . .
A: ; ? i il of w omi ii?
mani Ol th tn ?
i ..ii- to Hie i.urary notwith I
1 u paroxysm of distress and rage again*)
- .
..rino for 'i'ad. Governor I.
to their patienec nnd i atrlotism
? ii,an ti. ni ? iceof bayonets bj th. Pul lie
Guard di-M i-. d tin m.
In these 'lo- no man k- |,t a famllj c ur
. The horse* h al ill bi en -? pressed "
rmy fen lei, and -, ? ctr ? '
i . thej were; ? did thi lr
..i ? - i tracks
i.i N : ri, ?-. t ? ! Hill) hud
., n i tken up for usc i Itber a* armor for
. j battery al
til .ur- muir.
\ ld om
j'rival ion, wounds, desertion, and death
hud wasted Lee's armj', Eor Grant's army
the wino r ol "'? I ha I Iseen one ol accn lion:
for Lee's, one ol dcpli lion. Granl b i
|, ngtlu ned the lines till L< c hud sol the men
to properlj man his. The time lonarforc
ai en had com.-. Lee must drive in Grant'i
left wing, or his own communication* would
i?- ruined, lb massed several divisions and
fell upon the enems; hui tbe object could
ned be accomplish! il. Retreat only waa
. hit.
i L'resldi nt Davis, aluin : In Bt. Panl'a
china li April 2, le-M, receivi d from Lee j
1.1( rraui U liing bim thal be i auld bo
l longer hold bis position. Boob tbi resit i
. vscuation ol Richmond was 11
Tin- horror* ol thal afternoon and nigh! in:
,' man ol feeling then present can efface froni
bis recollection. One of the departmentt
, ol the Govi rumen! wa- in tbs pn ft nt St.
i | |re Hotel, ami at the corm r ol Nilli!:
and i'li^f they commenced lo make a hon.
in,- ol th- lr pap* rs, This advert! i d lbj
: ie \. ?. Panic followed Lah r the wari
- houses were fired b] governmental orders
di |itc the protests of Major I. ll. Car
, ncion, I'rovosl Mar-hni, hui before thai
ia ding had commenced. All author!!) wai
Blend. HaBgers-oa of the army, city rougha
amt th aperadoi i m ho had made tb lr in id
, qU lit l-l- lille, Collllilellc. al lo |,illie;e. ||o|l
I . -t nen, and w oim li loo, belil'l in , liri! tb
i flr? would destroj evi rythln . thou h
I lin v llll^llt :i> Well lolli Ihelll-i Ive- lo loo,
, and 'loiiiiin' from Um -ion-, and po Um
The city aiitc lighted Um country fd
ini!e- around. From Benita to lasnioi
the heavens reflected the Hames. A- morn
lng udvuuml out of Uti hideous night th
great Confederate -ton-house ol powder, t li
poorhouse niagiziue, WM fired and ex
ploded, and shook every building in tbei
.-il\ and nil but demolished sonic. Then
followed the explosion Of thc iridi-eiads
:in.l wtr-ehlps in the river. Then thc fire
retched the menai and armory, and thc
-li?lls there stored commenced bursting,
TBA ionvkt-' i.oo BJ,
The Pul.li.- Qnard hiving been with?
drawn from Richmond, the .-iir. ..I the pri?
soners in thc p. nit. utiary devolved upon a
few officers of that Institution, vtin> long
h. ld them in subjection: hut rJ? ? - | rison
erssaw thi: thc city was burning md dis?
covered the sbsence of toe guard, indi ajttd
i: mijlilv 'ii'inor for release. Pill
t.n .1 th.- Institution, and between tin tn
and the prisoners who freed themselves
tlc thorn and ..tiler buildings were rob?
bi d :iiul Bred, 'lin cons i. t- then spread
thetnselvi * over thc etty. After doing
much mischief, many escaped entirely.
iu'.. r* were recaptured through tho. Dort*
"f oil'i cr ('aid. Jacob and by help ol' the
Tin conflagration ii th.- penitentiary waa
onij suppressed after great I..'*-, bad been
on, ir tv t- m;mm ti.!
No ni n hi,, w u ben thc tire would '?'"!?
S ' man kmw v. h..! thc enemy, upon ('der?
im:, would do. Illili.Ind w.rc hoin i.*-,
and had wit it Un v had Rived In ihe < Rpitol
.-.pi ure, subject t<. thc general pillage. The
roads wi st "f the city were fu?
gitives. The prominent men went ont on
- i - or borsi -; common-foil fugltis *
foot.il if up the canal-bank or over thc
Dans Hie railroad. Vi rj fi w ? onf< d
troops passed through RI 'bmond. Prom
th. Hm . north of the Jan* * ni"*t of tin m
crossed the rivet on tl e militarj bi ld . ,
isjk i li:i:
\ for til On. i' swept from Hayo'i
wan house 'ip to thcTredegar lu om direr
lion and lo Main -tn ?' in the other. <rn
< 'arv ' ? rain it ext nded
from I north
side of Main from ab ml ss hi i ll
.< I . -V- -. ..ii' , roi El rhth,
and "ii Rank street from Twelfth t.>
L'. iii. Nt i Ij the ' ntlrc iquarc on
n Dicta Ihe st. Jamea II itel stands w .- de
stroyed. Thc present front and columns
of thc Exchan l I "> ona ll mk with?
stood thc Ram I post* flice w
irt. 'I lie Mi. h inl *' Institut" War
Department), on Ninth street, went down,
a.mI Pr. Read's i burch, ni the nortbwi st
ol franklin and Eighth streets, wa*
di stroyi I.
Arnon? ..iii, r rtiii tun di stroyed wi re
thc Knit iiie ind Pi!, rsluirp di |m.' . Ai i -
rican and Columbian Hotels, I)
, ir-rand ?' -. ' ..
-li", h."'. Public, and *,,'i!e othi I' v. :H . -
- : Mi i's, l> .uv lllo, and Pi t r-i.urj
? i. jo Mil!*, iiu.I Ih -SI
- "ii i irv sired hi -
tween Twentieth and Tu, nty-si ?? ind \ i rc
i and burnt, I mfi ? !? r it.
navy-;.ard- on both sidi - of the river nt
Rock't.- and lol a ??? > fm lol li * by the
Histor* or tba evacuation lir.-.
i h h ? hlstorj ol ? ind burn
Ins . ; 1 i? in iii. i illoss ins lest!
mon; t iki ii in i-T' I roughi nd
in ?? r, .loan il 'Wini. Esq., in suits
p. ndinji betwi cn Gra mc and Vlah.
i cul ors, sn I th Mut i I \ - ;" 11 -
. f Virginia, In which Ihe liability ?
"ii buildings ti.-ii d" -tn.y
. .1 '.\ as tri. .1. "> lons h. rc siv< n
therefrom arc those "i Colonel Ewell, of
? lien Ewell: ll m. John A
Mi redith, .iud j" of Ihe < Ircull Court;
? * . Esq. ol thc i Its " e mil.
and I;r. David- ' i. ll.
? ari i... on, Pros ?sl M rsl '. and arc aa
? be capture cjfl Savann ih by
lioiii rd Sherman .. lan was passe i I
di rate Congress i ? ruirins mi
oniraanders I i destroy all
within th ir commands rather ,;..in i.i them
hands of th
A rn nth or two bi id. th ? radiation of
Rlcbni md <>. rn ral I ? I i notice to
ral Kw. ll "f this lass*, \\Uh directions
? ii to cai .> ii mit should ii
rj to sive up the t Ity.
ll wa- msg" *ted thal k> presenl iiii
Ide ofl a tn n a thc
- bc af once consulted, ami
tlc ai tides to 1 e destroj ed I lacvo, of
whi.-h th.re wa* a large quanti y ii the
. ind w Inch ciihl "lil; I-- il> I.".1., d at
short notice by tiring, wa* i specl I s mi n
tioncd- ston ti In Udah d biilldin
i. n< ral Ew< ll had fri quenl i onsiiltation
with ,:. M other ' i's amii'.i
and wiih the holders of the tobacco, which
r. -ni- ri In th n li "-ti.f ci rtain ware
bouses from w bleb the il I not
it wa- boped spn ad. should it
c --arv I., applj thc ti- -h for H.. pm
,.f .'? m."I.
I -I Ewell
to prov, nt disastrous result ? iii tin
ixcoutii B : i' thal
u iv.- him much anxiety, and to which he
, nu h time a.il attention.
Thc tin d ord. rs >\< re (riven on tl
thc Con*
i ? .
- "i i.i* military bu
. ' . applj thetoreh, and ii w
."I M mdaj morninr.
Thc liri spread rai!'''*? '?'?;| Ibc wind
: - (beast Iwcamc brisker, and thc
entire cits thc il imi - I" | an ut the south
e.ivt?w is iii Imminent d ngt r ol I
pn \ i" the advancing conti
bout 1 o'.-'o, !. p. M. ol
v . . -ipii;y bj the il
United *
ri to ihe . "nun ind ol Oem ral W. i
/ |. mid w if . lind i nten tl the city.
i . .a. ii! of Ibis officer, ii ought to
a thal w hen hi* command, con?
ni two div i*ion?me t\ I
ii cd ii "p-, ih" I .IK r being In
I ont Ihe >-ii t be chan .-. .1 the
order of hi* march, and pul th. s
di. i* in fnml si In n be aaa the Ure, a*
bcina less likclj t.mmit i si - *-? *. ind
i..-iii. more skilli .1 and d In ex
tinj-iii-hiiij fires.
This I- Hu- sulist ince ol niv know! dge
,.f th burning of ih- city.
.it Ml Joli', v. MEREDITH.
I t a* residing In ibo ciij on the ld ind
:;.l of April. 1888. and ? * requetted on
v, ning "i the .1 of April bj the Cltj
i ouncil to iicoinpinv the M ijor, Judge
Lyons, and a portion of iii" I randi ta
nnet the Federal troops and sum nder the
eitv. ami uk for prot< tlon to persons and
II perty. A I- Ker lo thal ? fleet wai pn ?
pared that ni Jit. and thc next mornins de
, livered by the Mayor lo Ihe officer com
I mandina; th. first (IM .- lin" ntol troops thal
.ni. rd the city.
We !? fl the .itv aboul li ilf-ptsl - ?>*. 1 ?-1
in the un,min- of thc 3d, ind reach, d th,
om,r line of f.'iiii" ill ?ns before day?
break, md i ? fore sunrise the bul di tach
i? ai ,,f Cou.', derate cavalry, under Gene
ral Gary, passed us on Hw a way te Rich
A -h ut time thereal er a c >m] any o
Federal cavalry, commanded bj M t] u -:
t. ns, app. m I. u" met them, ind Un
M ivor handed the letter to him.. On read
i ii he remarke I thal they bad learnei
; ut morning ol th. eva nation ol the dtj
:iml thal stringent ord" r- had ?>een i* uei
t , protect persons and prors ny, md the
we m-il not feel inj apprt benaioR on tba
Aft.r -.onie conversation ebon! the bea
mode of peelers in ordi f In the cltj b
proposed t" the M iyor to accompanj bin
;ind th.v Braved rapidlj on to thteBy, Tb
rest ol us followed in enrria et,
We w, nt inim. di ih Ij t" the city ||;l|
when- we found tin- Mayor and Major st,
vin-. Thc littler Wis Hen dictating a vi
stringent order for the protect len ofl th
citizens ofl the town and tlnir property.
Ile advi-ed in to repair to the the, an
set an example to the people of the city t
arrest, it possible, the progress of the Un
All ol us, except thc Mayor, it once n
patrsd i" the (ir... We found thc engine tit
work on Thirteenth street between Main
and f'uy -licet-, MBf Hie corner of Main.
We went to work, and OOttUotted itt work
about lil'tc' n minutes, when Hie fire, which
wa- thea advancing from (arv to Main
street, foreed na to basti Um engine to an?
other point.
I then left for Isantfaasj. having hc.en up
all night, and without anything lo eat. A
aooB a- I had lncakfastedl returned to Um
tire, and found the . ngitM on Ninth stree!
between Main and Gary, I icm lined lhere
i.ut a abort tine-, a- we were forced to move
hythe advance of the Ure mid the explo?
sion of ab ll- which had been stored by Um
Confederate authorities in a building Bear
liv. Thi* Waa lu tween 10 and II o'clock,
I think.
I then r-paii'd to Hie ( apit.d Square, Hu'
loWl r -ide of wliidi wa- covered with fur?
niture removed for tsfety from the adioin
Ing buildings. I soon -aw lint ihe state
Court w.;* in danger, Hie lire having pro?
gressed to Um comer of Twelfth ami
Franklin streets, Theportteoof tbe State
court-bouse -ooh caught on lire, and I thea
united with tbe clerk and such oilier per*
-on- a-. I could induce to sid BS In remov?
ing m.my of the papers, and depositing
til, III ill tlie Auditor's cilice.
About this lime I -aw Mr. II. Rxsll in
tin Muthera portico of th,, capitol, and
learned from him thal "tie of tin window
oi the Capitol had anea sa Irs, UV .1 ia*
-.mic Hine the railing around the steeple of
m. Paul'* church caught on tire.
in r. turning !?? Hie 1 itv th it morning i
saw thu. Hie city wa- on Bro, and when 1
enton d th" city the lire had . r mus d (arv
street t iward* Main, and wu- aboTc aud
below Thirteentb street.
There waa a brisk wind blowing from
the lilli' o\cf Hie ,-itv uln ll I e||t,.;-,?.I tile
1 it\. I :i'"'i ' d it -. veral times during Ihe
mornin 1 lielli v< d ll would be
almost impossible i" am si thc Ure until
tbe wind lulli d. 1 am natl ti. il the wind
wm- strong - notigh tn - arr) thc sparks nv. r
-evi ral builditi rs and i itch al more remote
point-, and iii th-- |m w - bj th it
. , largi 1 exti nt.
M> Impression i- thal Hie wind lulled
. '"o' i. ' . ind thal the progn s* of
the lin " .I ah ul 1 o',-.i,.ohii fly
bj the '??.. mi m. of l 1 i ,1 tn ops,
Mr. 1 oe v ; thal he was
a ne ni., roi th 1 1". 1 louncil comml
i to surrender thc citj : thal somi -
? r midnight he, with others, pro
. - ded to discharge th il duti : that they
went down th Oslmrn ? turnpike about
two n.i!' - from the corporation lim . and
? ich ol the
a le ,, tin formal ? urrcrider wa* m ide; thai
li ral commander stated to Mr. '1.- 0
he would -end a 1 arty to destroj all the
ii-iii' r in the city ls fore Ihe arrival 1 f Hu
main 1 ody ol troops, when he w a- inform
? d bj Haj'Oi " his a d'..ii had been
ited bi thi 1 'itj ? I, ind iii it
returning to the citj li ? saw I
- - on lire. This a 1- ah.mi sun*
! Ihei n -p. et* Mr. Scott's testimony
? d the same .- Jud ? Mi rcdith's.
\ arion* parties have . stiui if. d the los*
hy thc 'vaeuaeiou lin .it from
$lo,0t 1,
1 'I. 1. ni
1 iii" on th it day, and I
. ? . particularly.
1 wa* coming up < rj -tr., 1 ju-t almtil
W lu 11 wc cana- bj - -
a man wenl by with a torch Into the ware.
house, ami 1 efore ?e reaehed ren
we I"..I,' d l>ack to -? e If thc warehouse I. ??!
hi 111 tired, a* we suppo* .1 li was iii- In?
tention to fin it ??'? hen he went in there, and
thc -molo i ? it bel .-ht
from thai warehn
I th< n caiec borne, and wcnl un 1 > the
part nf my house an ! 1 >ol
and saw the column of smoki rising per*
pendieul irly. For som< lime it
-?and p'rf. c:!i -till timi straight, without
tiio\ in.-, except upwards. Ina little w bile
it comm. need f.i bend ' M in street
V'erj ? 'ii I could feel the w ind Mow lng- -
thc morning had bet n verj -til! bi I 1
the smoke wa* dnwn up toward mj house
and over the city ly the w Ind.
\ >t I wenl dos 11 '
stn ? t near the Gall* .i I*. Tin w Ind
il In against these mills,
and verj - on tin j were lid. Tin ure
-..ill-, until verj soon the
ll m.
nth 1 oof f< ll In a -how r of Arc
thai ls, ol coal and shingles, chunks or
'iain!-- ami coals were 1 arrted by
the v. ind ovi r toward Main stn 11. and fell
on thc top* ol ii ni-- - vin beyond Main
1 .\ thc mill* wi re fully on
1 ind went !? ??!?!, t" iuj li nisi. and
wateln di lhere. In the mean
lime the can il connan 1'- shed I
and all the build
u ol thc mills fell in I wa*
al io\ bouse. Stonie "'' ;: ' Ure wen
through thc open dormer-w indow -
ol mj house, and mj lcii-- eau li! '".1 fire,
1 mt thc first bouse that
il Are on th
? the iii. I gol
mi house and foil flit the G
. pul olll the coal- and -
with buck< 1- ? I wah r 1 - thej fi ll ti 1 ?;
ol mj house. A ifreal >n* wen
1 in '.hi- w a} .rn the housi - on thal
A- the tile [nen a?ed Uk -
nen asa d.
. aw hile I could no 1- ii.- 1 -t.nn
v . Hld had lo .i\ ?? il Up
other house* on thc stret; c iii ir I
' top about the -ame time a- minc did. Th
w m 1 v. .- !':? 11 blow lng v. n strong. M.v
onsumi d.
? II ll fl
ic ion savi the Are afti ;
-1 to . ut\ thc liri- over Hi" city 0
Ita ow ii foi
< ertainij it was, for ll
thi lin ovi r the citj. The wind grew
fer until -"mewh re 1 iwaid 11 or ii
. bj which '
the citj bad bi ? n burned,
pi rson* cari li d tin lr furniture to I I
tl Squ ire, w herc thi y had to pi
fi-..i.i the 1 dim c,a!- 1 low 11 bj the wIn 1
i di al ot thi* furniture, w huh w 1
not propcrlj proti cted, was bural up.
remember to have seen a good .ny per
sons on the Square whose clothe* wi re oi
ii--,., eau ed !'\ coola dr >| ping 1 a Ihcl
' hick-.
About the lime the lire gol to Nlntl
: itreet the wind - rn I to ch inge it
course, !?? lng mi n south or aotithwesl
li came from the south or southeast In-fore
The change ol the wind gave thc I- I ra
tioop, ai, opp Tinnily lo stop th, lin
Th . bad leen fighting it beti re In \ tin
They had trh d to stop it on T< nth atn I
Thal waa tbe first I aaa <>f their atti nipt
to atop it. bul the wind a is th< 11 t-1
it*,. . ami loo manj houses wi re on Bri
M-..I .,: IH\i ll. 1 'ILIUM.TON.
I tun request d to at tte bh know
facts connected with lb< Are 0! April ;
I860, in the citj 1 f Richmond. I waa 1
tna| tilt. Provost M urshal ol the ell
' undi r app >inttn< nt 0! thc Secret .iv ?
! War 0! tin'? onfederate vt.<t' -? I reporte
toGi neral Ewi I
' mall matti ra r< latin to thi city.
Some wi ck* 111 re thc - \ 1
. Richmond Oem ral Kwell senl iv bm, an
; inform, d me th it he b td order* to di -ti
j uii tobacco, c at ni, sod mtlliarj and nai
-i,,i, . in tin 1 ei 1.1 the ?\i nt ili.it it- e\
? euatlon 11 < amt ni ? seary, lie Instruct!
,! me to mik. in,pm) sa lo Um amount ai
? location of these articles io Um etty.
1 . j afb r reported ba him that tbe
v, - no e mslderable qaaaUty >-f any
? I thean articles excepting tobaooo, ol wak
1 there via-i a large quantity.
General atwell look atsps for having tl
l.af lohacco in tin''-itv, as fara- poaslb:
ke|it iii Bboekoe and Von limning'* wm
soanas.OB Cary street, and In thc wai
house al UM ivrcrsburg depot.
We had frequent conversation, on t
(Object, In which he deplond thc neixstiity
: or executing the order, and expressed the
! hope that il could bfl avoided.
j On Sunday, April i, 1888, (lenend Ewell
, leni for me, informed mc that the city must
j DB evacuated, ind directed inc to prepare
for burning toe wirehooset daresaid, but
j not to apply (ir. until Bal ItSt moment. I
I sent officers to these three wire bossscs with
j orders to prepare eombnatibies in such
; luann, f that they could be quickly Bred,
I and to pia.c ;l suflkk nt guard at etch to
I prevent any dlstnrbtnee.
I al-o sen) in officer to eoeamnnlette with
the chief of th.- Fin- Department efl the
city, to inform him of the location ">f tire,
1 and to n-ipiire him te btvc the tin men and
j their engines on the ground to prevent the
?pread ofl Bte atna -. The effleer report. <i
j that in- btdeommunieated with tho person
second in authority, the Chief of the Fire
I Department being Old of the oily.
During Bundey night I wm several times
at toe office ol the Seeretnryefl ffar(Gen?
eral Breckinridtre). I recollect tint 1 In
forined him of the orders '? had roedved,
and of the action I had taken. Tie said th it
it wm ? necessity ?, thal the orders iini?.t be
carried ORt, with all precautions Liken to
prevent a iprttd ol the tire.
My filial ord' r- from QentTtl Kwell were
' to remain in BM (itv.'is long ii I could
! w ith itfety, and to pn serve order bj far u
I possible wita tte tr<>>p- under mycott>
I niiiiid, and te Bte the tobeeco In fore I le.'t.
(ion'rd Ewell and General Rreekinridge
: lt ft fin- city (oj. tin r. by way ofl M ? ??'
bridge, aliont or a little before i\.> break ofl
I Monday, 3d of April, f parted with them
ii tlc corm i ; ? nt li and (arv
itreeta '? off,
General Ewi ll - dd to me, Jual aa bi I m.
thal the firing wf lob i co i ould not be
del lt. fl.
I rave the ord of thi mi n with
nc . :iiid tin v ,i . '.Kimmi' ill d tm rn
to i ie "tli'-i r* mi lard il the wan housi *.
i be fire lal it I h
and Von Gronin '- n sn b iusi -.
The "i'i ser i sc al the Pi -
tcrshtn . depot -. ni m< word thal a num
'" roi - ? . ? had
i" ? u laid In th I that they
could not be n movi d. I din ct< d thi i
biistiblcs colh ??< d ut iii il pl iee ie lie re?
moved, and cot ed thi ord
Thi night w , i marksbly -fill. 1 ri -
mark* d the fad si vi ral tune* durinj I
night thal tb< sot I nil
stirring. Von r the warehi us< -
were tired tin is Ind i ? e fn m Um south?
east, and in . tc n I n ??/?
bl 'u4lh_ from thal
I !? fi londaj
m..nih' j hy I I i I or 1
join:; up thc riv-;.
Re ii I tn ll.
Lj nc ft Co., . . N...
1113 M..ie. street, tly m di
ol thc folloss lng properties I ranu dsvell
Ins on ll ' Grove,
i Vcn trcet,
i; lot, wit
Uroa -
mi ni N ?. 251 i ti -*..*.:
si trshall
. i ? : '
tween < ind Lcigl
for 8783;
I .: Iii *!)? .1. - . . With Imj :
men:*, c >rni r)l ? ? .ii
'",: brick st ' ? .. nth
and Marshall -
t. n.".,i. ut Fotirt lot cn
H ,-?.' ? nt No.
.V'i n .rtb VJ 111 : I : i- - '
Cn;.a ii . rester
d ly i*-u "I in ' I In otb* r
from thc c!< rkV . thi. ol this -1
Peyton E. [fut ? Tl
and Ol ? I.
Moses Arniisl I ll
!!i":d. I''
- muel A. Sst i in, ss ho i- -
Hon and for thc ?? i f Hie
I "iiuiniiw. iltb, I City of 1
mond. Damagi *. - I. .1
a cons ll t toes ape.]
Charles ,1 : . ! Hit hmond
v. *t Point 1
w m house < i - ,81,000.
.I..1.ii \ . I* rite i
Ohio Kin.
IP . ?
I Jui
; the Apr;: I Hustings 1
which m. John F. M
Gustavus M i
J. lt. Mai , J Mosby, G
J. Hunt, and ired).
Police <
das :
Thc . ? I
aiding tocie.il
lilied *.'.
Tli" ' - f In rles 1
:'. - Dbl 1
Mills, of M il I
; ' -
ult ".' sun tv.
witt] " e.:.ii.i" il
'..ut il 1 .
Pi m : I '
? m ' tm j w ill Ki lu Kt undi r tin pices
the VVoint n's ' i el
in the |,,tun -room of the e nd Baj
Audi'--' I I
Landruui, Rev. IV. 1 ' ? Mi :?? r
I f ol I-".;.
I i ? ? a the I hmond
Am iteur 1 ;;
- ., h of April i f the Eye
? I " ll I '.'.ill Ki
. the din . or. I' ' ? I""- rt Rem ? 4
, Most ' T.ic-'l e.. ? ' i" k A. M.
TRET R IX l "i'' "'- Dt>< ,"!:.
tunta for the dod i n bs i
I isl thing i* thc rn Uti i with Um m
? selvt - or tbi ' Ofl < irse tin
? .;,,, tor ni . . ?- gets tv. ii | .nd fi i
I ii. Qm th< ? w wh<,
? the Judicious usc
? Killer will do ill thc d -tor. a, Mr. li
? v. Milli r, ol Sj rai . V V.. * ys h. bai
tor twentj t, i- uti I i' ln-Ki k r fer nut
.?.?lian. "U* fsmiij - '"l Ihal ll -
io valuable thal it ought I i be ki 11 li
even h mi*".
li, iMtSJllllaisrri IlieSiiiionil Tile|>lioii.
. I.Ml.aii^t-.
Please note th I ? nbiei
I i., rs f" April li W-'< ?<l cuter the sam
l on your'
r Bi ': ? ? ' ''. ' ? ' IH ?'
tv,,. ii iv. ntj I Twei j?-? ?>? tl
il .ii,. i-. I.. -.. '
il B, P. Harrison, cornel Ninth it)d Mai
-t,., i*. I.. -.. No. 71.
N. p, ll uri i* ... 1301? i-t Carj itret t, I
-., Ko. 18.
H. p. lei' bw . i Itt ? -i ' irj ftreet, I
-.. No, 10,
Dr. rhomaaJ. Moore, 108 north Pwttl
street. L. >., El ?? I?-.
.1. 15. Moore, lill atti Main stn.', I . -
a No. 10,
Milhr m I Li ,vi-s litt etti ('a;v BhRR
n L &.. Btv. -i:.
(icorgi: D, Plca.-ants ft Son, 11041; H
Mani -Ired, L. S., No. lil.
J. C. Smith Ice Company, 1881 ea*t Ca
street, L. S., No. 6'2.
T. D. Wililnuon, Assistant Manager.
Oni?sqn-ire, ..ur In-rttimi.f SS
Oiie*q?-ir<?. two liwtrt!on<. 1 Of)
Oae,.|i.an?.t|lr?-o Inwr'lon*. 1 50
Otu - uir-.,*)! |n*ortion*. 8 0S
< 'it. - mara, iwcn elie enlon-. fl R'J
<)nc?|ii.irr,aiii-month. IP oj
<niew|ii:ir< . two miiitti*. IS 00
'>"? -".'i ire, three no,.rh*. fc.> Ot
rail for ChBSsssasjsasasa sa the Fair.
fret aw Daapasas?j
Should hank* ami basket* d-nate ta thc
fund now bein,' rahed hythe committee of
citizens to make tbe State lair eoalrtbnle
to the btjslnesa Inti nesta f Hie city, and ht
offering sttraetiooa la tbs etty es salli ai
cliarticter at that time a,* to nduea a It?i-?
nuuiher of bringers, bii-dness-men, snd
country people to come and reaaata with us
a week ot- more, ip that our wholesale trade
BBSS illCiea-o Md evteliil fhr-li- operation,
ami our rt 'ail trade get naasedmte !.cn<-flt?
Mast aSBUJSdly they *bould. for no clans of
our bnslneaa BaajpaS derive more Ix-nefit
from ile j lo.p.iity of the eily than hank
fis and linking institutions,
Gentlemen, vraea th*1 eoatnalttes cosnea
around?iompessd of Maasrs. A. I.. Ettsst.
George A. Ainslie, s. M. Itoaeobsuns, and
I-. ll. I'.iair? aniiseribe liberally to this
fund. v.. that the Society will be saabledto
oiler premlUUSI and en'i rtainuii nt in a
?saner to ssaka cvcryhodi fed laodaasf
?Banal tin ir ninney fn ely.
-i aa
Horsi (uti)'- Ann Pbospvatb is I)e
BPOXDBXCTi KT?-.-Dr. VV. S. Powell. De?
li mee. o.. -:,\-: -i bass onad it wi Hi
satisfactory results in dsspeptic aliment
aaSBMaStoi with rna1 mental dcptc-Moii af
A I uni.
I rc-iieetflilly inform my former patron*
BBd Hi'- tm!,it,- '.em rally that I am with
Mr.U.W. DsvK827 Broad street, whet,- i
have every facility for thc production of
8tri( '>?: ??? ? teork. Manj Bovell ? -.
al! the latest impr '\. m nt*, Including th.
in-!,mt nu mi- tropic ,| i|i-,-i* ,(,- pr -
Ul in w i'i' "I tiic '.<? | ll-t, md-B . ?
I om ulm, , tio;:i miniature t i lif, .-i/. .-md
rapht in wat, i i ? ??
eoh rs, crayon, or 1 '.. . ..; j -\
ih. H ' ' ry in my u-e I al
M, .t. Po ?
Ml'. I.. I.' W ii W ill || . ;? 111
othi ri ',,-.
;,ml oUh :? Pictun -..- immeneing 'l m *daj
I ' ls l - \,t ?. ,:?
ti, rm Bali !:??'?. rai 11 .?, - B
Ball cub has 1
i'lai' r : VV ... i ; V, . -I. V
<r; W . '. rt stop; U. U
I ' ? . ?
i - ? ? VV
farr, righi 1
vv, ? like ta bari
I I ! . ? ii.
ii'.v'i i Ral
. i'
. ?'
l '
- i i
P ? ?
?? |: ? i i i
' . ?
. . i
salad thal
, . ,
', \
l-l ' 1 ?. 11 I . 11 o . , t I
AKIION .il.l.S BJe>BjBB4Y?
-. V '.-I1..S .-. ? ?
\. B. w?. .|.-,\. .
. rtl le. le I I*)t
i??i.\, r vv lob a co.,ii i. t<
as,, i.i vi ..'I roX. i'i.. iv. m. ' . :?
. .
.rn ln-l ? lot
a ..ii ii ' OMI
?I vs
'I e ,||
, I . "VU!.
? '
\!-!i .< i Pl i'. I-.
il RMI , I le
H M.
a. I . \; ' \,.,.. ? '
ap i - '
rpiiE mi--;:- !'. & I. Pl. ACE,
I .
i i a
? ?
i lo ---
/ < I'. RI DKORli LAT!
\ . i -
rilAN ' ? I ' '
|>U1 (.ODDS.
t . '-I.'.
iu:v ?
ll "
? -
I. . ?
- -
[lt l tux Ml)
I I ,. VS 1 ' \">V N ' -
. .' .
P - I' . \. I'. I \ ?'
I I V-.ll
.vi 107 BB IAD8TBI t.
1 ?
I i.: v i li \ i
li BJOOI Kl s - VI K(
,-,. ' l ill
ellar - V
HBXTI t; -
\ i, ?!-..!,,- i ..- ? t -i vi\:- :: SSS
- - ii I. ? i ii % I
BJ v. . .? i l ? OKI ll
lue!- ? I DBI - UOOtW -.
li !
i OBS! rt, ? BB! fti '
sTs ha
! nvi? l I Ll "N- U ll
? , - : ?
ts. .
,,, 1- I .' '?
LIME, a. un ? *J
ni Iv! VM> IIMI. - ?
. . .1 - -
Rill Iv I \ND I WI
I.l.ll... .....
ap i-t -:> 4
ijlioilvni: alli IA i?l '-;; ???? l Nl>
n nov \ - i'll v Pl ?*?Ti i Ul*
pustcr ta tba Luwd ?.. imut ?
ViciiM'ir- iM*'i. nv 1 ..m?.u.ro.i.c.l.i I
lo I-' -u .al ? I I'- ?l>) .'lillie iu.nl. I. -I' cl, |
e,.|..-e,t. itle-.1 WABM.K '}"?>: ? ?". "J
erurnl lU.iuli.laor .1 l'U?i... l'..t. i a o-'?N
I cuieiil, Ac svv?uW?uUi ?tn>i ,?h.Ui -i<?? BSSI I.
ap 1-tVly*

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