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The daily dispatch. (Richmond [Va.]) 1850-1884, April 04, 1883, Image 1

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.1-11 IM lill lill 1 IN AM IN. * .
Tlc ll Vt! \ DI JIP V I. I! IO -lil,
tmt-cr- it i ii ti v n . i \ i - p. t week, paratah Ui
t'.. , s:., i wi. v ii Malled it SB per annum: IS
for -Ix m. ni li?. tl.Ai. lot Un-.-.- monti-; otic. I.,i
One month.
Thi s'Mi-wMMV DISPATCH at Sliper an
V ? ! i
lin WM iii \ Di -i' V I ( ll alli V minium.
r.-v?i i ii i \ ri ur.
lilli! ooo V V \ I,
i O V >. \ A I.
KKK ii o V \ AAA 1.
!. i; 0 O I I vi
fl i: o.'i' ^ a A KU.
\ K K ll NN \ ROO
ll ll V \ K K ll VV Vi, (J
BBB V V V KK ll N N N (,
ll ll \ A K K 1! N N N ., io,
PHI! A A K Iv li N NN (.,,(.
1MM' ? 0 W VV VI l'l>]\ I I Kl KKK
f r ,. n ll VV VV VI D D K I R
Cff .... IV VV VA V\ D Dil I KKK
I. VV VV VI VV D DI II l{ ..?
r i>" B vv u\>i* u kk i; k ..
no l'.-Ii 1
N1MMIOS I.I1IK ltl.4.1 LVI4IK.
!>\ -Pi I'-i v. C09T1VI Ni Mt,
.1 it SDI ! ? I v'l 1 Bl i V "i Ul! KI.ont).
FEVER and vi.I I. M \K vki v.
AM' vi l Dl-1 v-i-( vi -i Dr.v DCHAKQK
mi n i or iiv i a,bob bxs, \nd
kidn ra
s\ MI'i'iM- Ol \ I'l--I V-l D I IVER.
lade, i
e IWiwclsjtcu
: ii. 1- ,!uli an i
p -ai !? e something'
imptlon; the patient complains
;\ ; ii. 11,ai-. . isl!. -i.ir
.le-..- ?
:i afu r death luis
KU 'a-'i !> i!'
VND V'l N.,. Vi ill NEVER VNV Ol 11.1
ABOVE -v MPTOM - kPPl ! B.
.-?ii- st
N rcssloii
f spirits. J
.. ie<L
Dil: ll i -' :
, t may ne. a thea
. . iNi, roM
? ITU l-l .-IN!
it is rn
i -
A HOI n - 11 -i IMOKY.
a in my
?I.GILI !*Ui
in. .n- l.li, ii il a lur
-Tiir Only Thin,; th u v
I for Dy
t never
?-.! ? ad iiinhcr
li i-i' nil who
i fulls torcLci
Dr. r. W . Ma
.ii n.y
Bar* Tal
i - ? tux and >!'?
.1. ll. /I il IN A l o.
?ALE BV A] ?
< K.
' . ', .
aid mil BBSB.1 Um ni lo ? rder la tl
i call, and i
i , ii. -,- ? ? N.
Ililli-. il.!.
Joiiv 1 i i. a ? ill . Km : li.
v t u -i'i;iN<. GOODS :
Ni v\ SPRING '
(.iv k i - a ( ILL.
JOHN I.AK.Kl 111 ft -ON.
N ,. 4 I. I r
vv. . i : , ? k. sad
lt p. lie. v.
). Iwaaldal bri him kn. If he BbeaM gi
... If thal 'ii
1 . - n tint!), 1 ., 1 ii
t Uni Ki ha
... bal i son Hud li.it il v.lll i,
h.i v. m.l... Uotb ' ad im ? t. Hoi- a
i- vv.ii.it un- i.i i lot), in/ ti, a .i.i ii. Bi
tttillv !.? ? ;>; SSI 11 ? ?? ? \p, :
? rasa, 'i i u garataata l
: . it. it. ii.'-;
Mi it, , |. : ? I ? l beg Klux B coi
j!- .1 I), . ii: ! I fl UT, Win re iii,! li. gal li
I vvi.y. af Baa mi-hi BTOBI ll
KOod clo I.lu." !,.r al.I ;.l. ll v i, M" ' Bp ii'.
BaBBBBttl ar SBBIBsBS" H. lr!.". IBS Ml.-ll
BTOBI i- a grasl hiisalBi t" Baa assasl Bid
mond. Ku*, ii did lacciad la ra*"**! bb* la l
I" .it lull) ??!.!. VVcK, aller jil, lin ,-lad BBM
patronly l?.Ml-llj - I ol'.K, Kr ,t i
K( liol BBll J.rai Hi . - ii on.,i:,y l,m Wa,.ci | S BS
K*!li Ulicti la ?
Mi.-Hi BTOBI -Di-' Mun bbs**,
bptwSBB Nlt.tli aaS -lentil -Ire. t
Banaj SSBBBBJ till 8 ..'clock; Saturday* till:
o'clock, ap 3-3
BBB p.us, ililli grade, for talc low bf
ml. J--lui A.B-Ll.fc,
n EDNESDAl.M'Kll. '. 1888,
? sr-rni en;, rrj STIONOPI HR DIRPATTB
- i vi.i.i i: rn \n un e oMltiNi i) e Uti i -
v hon ol'.ski nit oi ,11 | UAH v ni ss-.
"Vii I,'- ,,|. ill! (IIS.
? !' ' Bil hmond. Va.,)
IN!.;. siiiNs' i,ot T,.-I>ss. For tlie Mi,1.
Ile Atlantic States warmer and renci-illy
kl] vt, .1 tie r. followed on Wednesday night
'> lijiit rain*, southeast to southwest
viinl?, stationary or lott ir l.aioinct. r.
TRBWEATBEB vi RBBDAT was ,l,:,r and
;>!. is,int.
? \. M., rn: nona, ;.i: ;; p. m., .-,.;; ^ pj
M.. fm: nidntghL 38.
Mean temperature, 4JA,
1 Nncnk-lille ls Haul Ho inls Amy
AS lill BU5.UUI) In lionels.
The New Tori lt 'orU nfl \< nerti ij -as-:
I series ol sncak-thicl robberies a
Manfully rounded MT Saturday by tbe ali.
?ir. ellon ol seemiiii. aggregating
About ??0 p. u. Bis* P. II. Doty, tbe
ashler flor E. B. Treat, book-publisher,
So, ::.: Broadway, wi ni to tbe *;.f>-1.. j.i
-nt an account-book, n ben she dh
iiai the Inns r door t" thc -afc st
ind ti. il a l urge nomi* r ol bonds and
a liiii.nt. * ol stock w.-re gone, Mr. Treat
x in: ibsen! in t hicago, she thought beat
o telegraph to bim anti a*k him if be hat!
ak. n the b dui* willi liiin. In i Ii ts hours an
nnss. r wm n turn' fl aa) lng thal thc Loud*
WI re in th. inner sate. \\. rd Wis at ono
; thc Ji fferson-Mark t polli ? -i itfon,
:iinl in a I. ss 'muir- lbe dil. elise* learnt
ihai thc bondi undoubtedly bad beet
stolen, a- the cashier nfl the Metropolitan
li mk had cashed about 80,000 worth ol
coultons. Mr. Treal arrived Irom i hlcagi
>. -', oi is ?.?\)t\ gav< the follosving li-t "I
these urit les Stolen: 93,000 Metropolitan
first mortgage bonds, N?>*. 8,704, 8,70.1
-." ? . 8,707, and >.. I Ohio Central,
lirsl division, N. *. .'.?.,; and :;jj ; fiftj
shan * . I New ^. ik li ntril, flfltj sliarci
.?I Metropolitan stock, and fifty-one sbarei
>f i?!ii.> i .-ii',, il iii*t mortgage bonds ol
In ddltlon thi re wi n souk
phe k* ini.1 in mi y taken and twi
r-1,000 income bonds "f the Ohio t'entral
Ni *. 5,753 :iid 2, ICC, for '. li, ss hid
will pl loss at not i .i- fi.ni
I ss hi ii held I!,.
ti. - i* placed ni .r tbe door |< ading Into tin
in lin hall, in tbe fronl til. A half-doze i
n .m. n) wt rc W .>i kill".- all di) in ll
imo r i ."in. md thc . ubler -,f tbe i rtab
li-hincut only remembers leaving the Iron
room for i Ii tt mlnuti - dm lng Saturday
Tho ki jr I -? st I* found I) Int
In thc ballway, where ii wu evident!]
dropped by the thief.
A Re wiall on RpollacB.
I Kuli BEX .
Tho following telegram from I
rerysci Rational ** n : Mist \ mt
. the chaperon! and tister-in-liv
ol Mrs. Langtry, who wa* reported tole's,
eloped fmm Niagara Palls with a Carndhu
gi ntlcman, i* in this city, I j iui -
gentleman who wm said to nas*e exercise*
such strange and potent fascinations ovei
Mi-* A j n - j.ro vi * to be an intimate fi lem
. f iii" Langtrys in langland, who went te
Buffalo t.. nice! her and bring her t,. Ibl
ei'.v. There was no misunderstanding
your correspoudenl i* informed, betweei
Mrs. Langtry and her rister-ln-hiw,
The trCSS "'"!'!'? -J" -llel.il l fol!.
Langtry to-day al I I !.? r fri nd*
Mr. and Mr*. Mackt nzii. d rt sidt nts o
Toronto. The) wer all extremely indlg
nani at the dispatches which were publish!.
r-il ding "ii the young lady's character]
There ssas, tl te ry al out ht
re from Uii Jo. < k. the ro) _ I
Ni ts 'l
mee <ii ibipbo ml ? i Mr. and Mr
Mackenzie?vcr) rentiectahlc pe iple Itvin
in Um .-its'. Thi ! 1 pr< ml* Iii.
win ti-lie cnn' to Ton
lier id'.
sencc In rc ls in fulfilment ol the |>romis
i- on the very '?< si tc nu* wit
Mr*. I
about i
t" I'. ii . I .nil,. -iras. ! in jilli:, i ",;
? . . ??
. i.e. ts.,- made to tl il i iii
! . man, Miss I i
buried ber face in ber handkerchief an
murmur d : ?? How c uld
(?niel ;.- : ? t such a stor) afloat aboi
mer ^
A t're.Lulile- Wile-Mureli-r.
sn. . ; \..i I ,01 BALTIROR1 . TERBIBI 1 BEAT!
IS 111 i: IH 3BAXD.
A Baltimore special ol tht 2d says: Mr
Susanua J. En j le, the victim "f :i dastard
assault "-ti Saturday nijli. ls in ? sn
critical condition, and thi: i ri nine she I.
came unconscious, Lite last night, wbt
trite wai seen bs Dre. Cuddy and i'""k.
i bange f"r tin- lietter st i med to bav< *>; I
bul she awoke tlii- morotai only to -mi
increased rain. l-i"in the effects of tl
wounds in her fact *ln could nol opi n h
month t" n c iv-' an) oourishmt nf, ind il
e of tho skull -
in r brain m to rt nd< r her d< iii hm* ii
Mi*. Engle, who i* a young and han
lome woman, twenty-one years
... bas ls en ol thc n trident e <-f her bi
th. i-in-lass, Mr. Hurley, forthepaM ft
wee ks. -he wa* afraid .-f In r liutbni
:i!nl the dread she had ol re Iving brill
treatment il but bands caused ber to nba
.i"i. bun. 'Winn -h.- sasv bim lying
svai! for heron Batnrda) nil ht lo i lom
s,. lion ol lbe city she could nol mnkt I
escape by flight, und so thought it best
! <? a- braven possible and v, ..Ik pul bl
Ile would nol illow ber to <l<> ibis, ox
elute bing her b) the throat, be beat I
over tbe lund and lace, then dragged l
to the back gate ol ht r I rother-in-las
house. Much sympathy lor the injin
.. i- man if est i d lt the nt Igbborbtx
lier husbtnd, the laniltnLwbom sba
... nixed, i- iti j id twitting a lu snng.
i* intimated that be i- alto married to i
other woman, and bc will probably
called upon to MMWtt thc charge of li;
ny. _
Mu-; ni Ile e ill DI lt monds.
A Washington telegram lays: Nol as
th.- famous di-l'las ei (linni'.nd- made
Mi*. Aslor. ol NSW Voil., at two rec
ion* in Wa-hiiuton In 1880, excelled
lustre those worn by the win-of Presid.
Ilia/, who has on ono ofl In t bracelet
Single stone ol twentl carats, a* well
? ' s. ral other limiter MlUtirtt. Tbli bra
Itt hi composed <>f several tiny Lands
froid linked together, forming sev< ral rc*
each having ? diamond on it. Her <
rin^s have etch two vis large Millah
one i..loss ii e other, t um iel ofl dlimoi
which ber husbtnd presented nar wi
tins wore married, fillet :i monthi tgo, c
125,000, and Include! c-ar-rinj-, beTOO
pendant, necklace, and titre t"r Bm nt
Another sal wm t bridal prtstnl Iron
pr' si ni Preatdetit ol Mi Nie". 8< nora Ii
i-vry V"'iin;j, more titan ordiiiarilt bl
t if ti U and highly accomplished, speak
English win. tin- grant eil fluency, i
Inisltiiul duos not sju-ak lt at all, and
trun*lati ? rapidly into Spanish thc coin
hat ion ot those who talk with him in I
Mr. Oetasins Hit!, n.Li Uer, a weal
merebant ol Haitinioro, wal lound deni
his lied Monday morning. He wis iu
usual health win n hu retired.
IrOCAL mvitkiis.
A l>< fertile*, lie of Sion.
SI IT KN I1IK . ||:, , n , -,? ,,, U , K]ny T(, Jjrj
' oas iNi. m., ,,\, R1 ,,, , ,,., m j.MK.-s
Tbs case of Mr. J. C. Angel, frtighl Bgeal
el lac Danville road, n rainal Captain James
whs tri, i| i? (beCit] circuit t'mirt'in Mon
OB] . inn! ii \ ,i .li, t fer ilef. n.liiii) rendered, li
??n the iTth ol .ii,h. i-s-j. .i.uiies. beiag a
; niuiiit to leave the citj sa eoodustor aa a I{
frelirht Irslo, requested Ans*! to do him 11
the kindness to take charge ol i package | a
? i - 1.138 in gre* nbacka antll be (James)
returned to (he etty. Upon niurnin- to
the cit? from thal rea .linns wssunex
licctcillv ordered "ti duty again, and asked
i Angel to luke thc money an.i deposit it
lin the First National hank. Upon going
io tin ?.ifc to gel it in mihi it t'> bank the
; m.'Dev un- found missing, Thereupon
Angel Immediately employed Detective
Wren and areal np the road on a passenger
train gad overtook James at I bala mid In?
formed James ol iln loss snd the employ
j lll.Ilt of Wren, lt Wi- ll di-pllled point BJ tn
I viii.tli.r or no .lune, assented to Um ar
I ranaemenl v. 1th Wn n,
I lloll tile li ol ell nf I lie llli'Mil'V ?allll flO
t4wtimooy showing from whom lt was re?
covered waa allowed to go to tbe jury??
Aagel paid thc detitu\f |400 ont of hi*
, own nu an-. This SBSB or any par! of it
James refused lo return to An ni. contend*
lin.-tl.at Kc m.i-in bo wise bound for tbe
expense bseurred, and so the Jury found,
irsterdnj morning Messrs, < lay and
Tucker moved fora new trial, claiming thal
Injustice waa done Angel, inasmuch aa it
v. i- aol i" rmitted them to abow lltsl Wren
did reeovi r tbe malley.
Mr. John llowsrd,counsel for James,
i nil' h) li c. -i-'. ?! tin- m..Don.
Judge Weilford said tint though th'- tes?
timony waa Inadmissible when oil'nil. it
might possibly have been received if prof
fi ia 'I after tb< found itl rn for it- introduc?
tion had t" en lui i: hui in- b as nts" pn -
. pared t" say thal If admitted it would li ive
l.iiii -lull a- likelj tn in-! iii a different
finding. i>n thsl point, thal Justice mi il.i
be done, be wished to Inform hims, if, and
therefore iii. motion was continued until
j the next ti nu. md mean while tbe Bland* r
case of Minnigerode rs. Potts will be tried
lu fon bim. I'roi!) tbe testimony tin n t i
lu- produced lie v. ill probably be I'd!' r in?
formed iii thi- particular matti r.
Suit About ruiu|i-Worl*H Mnehliuri.
ii. I. iiw-iy. or mi iivi'iii, .kum- hut
Iii: VI A- I'Kl.VVl !> UV HIK ( li Y IN I'llilM!
TIT1.HI> id 820,000 DAMAUI
}!r. ll. A. llama ly, ol U dilmon. baa
brough! -nil again*! Ui>- city in thc l nib d
stat- - Circuit * oiii't i ?!? -J 1,0) 'i 'I i'
He aile-. - thal on tbe 24th June. 1880, he
, ut. red into an agn i menl '??? if,i di rend ml
to furnish three whole nets of machinery,
consisting of three vertical, aingle-acting
plungi r pumps, ? [th all thi ii attachments,
all furnished and sci in place compli te and
ic.id\ ? He i ontracti .11
uiu :: . ni -lid mai hinery on or
in fi.; 1,1881, tbe i :? ting
to pay him tb rcforc ind to fur
nl* . and have ready the buildings and
I foundstio for I n "f tbe
I machinery on tbe kt?t*nsmed date, Aad
' be furtln r aliegca th it in ord* r to fulfil
-aidi mtr I ii became necessary for him
to ie. u] v the -i. ai r poi lion ol ' ia foundry
or works snd ta employ almost his entire
force "f men in tin- execution of -aid work,
ami tint onlj by tbe exercise ol lin "fri a*' -i
,!iii renee ..ml by < xcludlns :. large amount
of v, iii, oiii red by <>: li. r p riles wa- be
. ,i to p. rf 'im b I infract,
and " -Mit of -in I .-. nee
and ' sclusion "f i ther work ?". the l-t day
. | .! nual J. I' -I. a- r< quired in -aid < "ii
j traci, be was ri ady to commence the di -liv
eryof said machinery, and io offered, but
tint ow lng !'? the failure .,f the -aid
di fi mlaiit to furnish tbi - and
foundation- for the ri ci ptlon and <.
him rj '- it had bi en coi I
ed to do, pi tint ff b ia unable to foi
. ; Kilt.
' ? :
?? city In fui i build?
?I. r/urth. i.
when illowed ta begin, bo was compelled to
pay a great adi that -nv lng
id failure he waa unable to obtain
', .nie- in Richmond, and wa?
lu lied to iran from Baltli
and ? in Ikichmond; that
he was a
? eu (iii the fall, impelled lo
. ,n bad weather. V\ hen fore bc
. IV ? j i' .ul and
I \V. W. 4 IK T. fm i.-' I.
Sen ? ??
low in-: i-i- - w< rc di | ?-? d of yi it* rday :
Commonwealtb vs. Sheekels. Writ of
error awar led to a judgmi ni f tbe ? ounty
Court of Westmoreland county rendered
25th Si pb mbi i'. 1882.
i , - n: . . Bord, trustee, and als. Ar?
gued by A. -'. la" for appellant and N. T.
Green and nv. W. Henrj for spj i llees, and
continued until to-day."
IlrsTixos CocBT.?The following rases
,-- me np I elora thia ? ourl yosterdsi and
'? wi re duly dispost d ol:
1 j'.,!. Sullivan, charged with allowing
' nuning to be carried on in but house, arni
r i,. g Hi i ns. i liquor- b ali r. Fini d 8100,
''. and security for twelve months required
'\ Tbs order for revocation ol license wi
. mh ,1 until nexl Tut -day.
j, \v. Snelling, charged with felonious
. ult, was found guilty, and wa--,ut t..
Jail for one dav and lilied on.-cent.
Mm- Tv!, r, charged with vtoli my a>
aaultlng Alice Twymsn, was convicted and
h ni. I to] ul fol .oin mouth- and lim d
? lie Cl 111.
The cs '? "f the Commonwealth against
George Bolling, char -? <l s Uh thc I I
oi v, a. ker, wassel for lu irin \ nexl Tues?
Polk k< toi w.?The following cases were
(li-po-i d of va -tciilay :
Charles Branch and John Willi un
i,ot q colon . . ' barged s llb U lng drunk
< and disorderly on tbe strainer Manhattan.
I j
i r
? I
Branch was fined 82.60 and Williams dis?
San.ucl l?':?n (colored), charged with be?
ing disorderly on thi street Fined fz*30.
Margaret Morris (colored), drunk nnd
disorderly. Bent to Jail (or six months in
def:.uh ni sun ty.
Willi; in Nih li.']-, charged With Iiiiii.'
disorderly on tbe -ti" t. Pined tl
Waiter* (I.le (colored), charged with
forgery. Sent an la Um Hustings court.
by ! Committed; no bail allowed.
p-1 Joseph Mai-ini, ?iiii- red with feloniously
In -iaiiitin. rad wounding one Joseph Janes
with a gua. gent on to the grand jury.
Committed; no bail allowed.
Joseph Mai-ini and William Sblaauit,
charged with assaull and battery, sfalsiai
timd |9 rad BhlBault fined |i0ud sen
fenced to connueraenl in Jail for twenty
ir* I four boars. Both appealed ta the Hast*
Mi Inga Court Kail allowed la tha sum of
'Is I ^lii'l each,
I.viiv or Lyons. Thia popular play will
1, | |. -i uti tl at Mo/.U't Hail in\l l'l ida'.
night bj a ii lim! i f Ol Indi' - mid "autli'luci!.
Thc caste comprises -onie of our i?-i in
i'jiz tlve histrionic talent, aad for some tba*
Mi-* Maru- Kowen In- gtvea lunch Hine
and attention i" the esretui training ol the
troupe. The pro grew Blade reflects gresl
cn dit upea tbe young bullet, and Hs ii
er- labor and Beal d-ames le be amply ra
warded. Tba pi".aid- of the cute! laim
mint will I"' Bjrrefl for Un' Ik n. tit ol Un
Lye and Esr Inlinuntv, anti this charily i
another commendation for Hie play. Th.
box-ebeet opaaa to-dai foi' tin-.hale ol ra
serv i d -.eal* Bl Kain.- # MoScb'. Call bal I)
and secure your scuta,
minni Ilutliii'tt ?oattUBJ c?r Hie vir
e..e.lu Illili.. Society.
The seventeenth annual buantfaa nett
If Ofl th'' Vii'j'inia lillie Society ssh hold
i its ofnee yeaterda] at ."> 1*. m. [athe
'*en.?. of ii,,, president, l.'.v. Dr. I>a*hiell
a* called upon to pi e.ide. p. y. Dr.
?nos ..il', r.il prayer.
TIM -. (-rotary presented tho r. j.orts of
io Hoard of Manao.r.. ilcp..aifiirv. and
naturi r, which, tn notion, svit- idopted
ni MM thousand copies ordond to he
tint. ,| und. rthodiro.tionof th. -. crettty,
he secretary ssas ropiestcd to BMtt HI
-I rad ..f Bm report and read the HMS at
)?? atinivei-ars Meeting to he held in St.
aid's eiiur.ii ..ti Sunday nijiit.
'Iii.- foUotring (.llicor*im.I Hoard of Man?
resa wen- tdesRed:
President, Btv, Chnrkn Minnie-erode.
?. IL
Kir-t Vic-I'r.-iden!. Key. c. H. Uead.
?? I).
Second ITct-Prtddtnt, Kev. J. E. Ed?
an!*, H. D.
Third Vice-Pro.i.lent, Hov. M. I>. Mogo.
?. I?.
Fourth Vic-l'rrsident. Hot. J. L. M.
iirrs. I). I).
Fifth \ic.-Pro-ideiit. Hov. P.A. Peter
i "orrespontling Scent irv, iUv. M. IV.
Treasurer, Thomas r.rane-li.
Msnagers: lt. v. William Brown, D,
'., Hov. T. <.. Ihtshii ll, l>. l>., Btv. J.
. . .lon.-. I>. I>.. Btv. J. W. Bledsoe. H.s.
.illi un A.I .'lilli., ll. lt. v. \V. 1 . Schaeffer,
ev. - Bledsoe, Hov. Ptul White
red, D. I)., Btv, .I"hn Pollard. !>. IL. A.
. < lark.'. Asa Snyder, J. L. Williams,
ion. \v. \v. Henry, Judge i: li. Pits
n.di. Dr. .1 un. -, and John P. McGuire.
Tho .-i.ei.ts alto elected rice-presid. nts
i tbe -'Viral eiiio. ami villaj-es in tho
tm notion, the Society adjourned with
: 11 .n diction bj the presiding officer.
A ire; i" Li HKInrieul Society.
A me. ting of the Exe cutlre < ommittec
i thc VirL'iniit Historical 8 iciety wa* held
[nii'lay eventaa al Bit ir rooms In the Wi -t
i.ireland Club-House. I'r.-ont: Messrs.
[onrv (chairman), Anderson, Caben,
i.rk*.lil-'. Dtt. Brooke, and Brock.
A number "f jin* ofl books,etc.,wen
ported, Including a crayon i ortralt "I
..loll. I Th.dna- Nelson Hurss.il, fron
[ugh Blair, Eaq, : and i map ofl Prance,
? tinl' tl, IT-1, from Mi*-. Mary Jane Eui
>n, Bit hmond.
Letters were read from Professor I'd
ard Arlu r. Birmingham, England, am
ouncing thal be had In pren ? limited
[litton of i <?- raul n print ol thc com
Icte works of Capl lin John Smith, ind
"in Kev. Philip Slaughter, I>. !>.. statins,
i it he had near!) n idy for the press a
ket.i, ol tbe Life ol tbe late ll m. William
I reen, LL. D., with a historical paper ol
slue by him,
Thc f..|l,,ss itu- gt nf I- no n were
li in'" rs of thc >-.,.-i. ts : Iii- (.io,- il,.
larquiso! Lorne, Ottawa, Canada: Dugald
'"ii..--1'anip!,>iI. K*'j.. London, England;
. r. ? prey, Esq., washingt in, D. C.;
farvt) L. Byrd, M. I>.. pri rtdenl I titi,
ion Medical Coll B nore, Md.;
leorge W. Be arie. Esq., Boston,
'. C. Taylor, H.*').. Bordeaux, Wyoming
erritor): James P. Harrison, Esq.,
burville. Va.; sh rsv.I Haywood,
:*.(.. librarian Mate Library ol Nortl
ar..lina. Kihi,h. N. C.; Warrell
. I.urts. Esq., Ilarrisonburg, Va.:
I. M. I.' v. ls, Esq., Alexandria, V i.
hariet E. Hogg, Esq.,Point Pit asant, W,
a.: Joseph A. WaddiU, Esq., Bl
Life-Member: Ma] ir W. T. Sutherlin
tans rile, Va.
Corresponding Member: Isaac t'ni.'
l-'i.. Allegheny, Pa,
liaee ?..
The spring meeting ol Ihe louisville
a nci - ll ?; I, ' I
olin ?'. Wharton, cominis; I
"ii'ii.-, i'l. tl ??!. who i- n >sv in tin
. ? ii el limn '.
tinsel more strang! r* than any In thi
. ask. t of A Bg rac
Highbred*1 ii' K ? i' nm -
. . mi from other j n
ountry, mee t to < tend I ; remact
. Kt mn' k) and I ? n wee 11 inj
t bret liiu -' ?'. - . f the I'nion
md the LouUvillt J
lent, 'i
ss,.. nlrb * for tin ?? ? ting -?? far
In Sc] I ml' r ?? I I Ch impioi
stallion . ' '
ion* ia the i I, t i'l be run
uni all the eastern hornes ss ill li ? ??? I
lille t .
. There u III bc fourtet n dayi
?acing, i-iiil the ni - ises to be
t event ol tut I lu I, - il
the mhbit ol the Southern E.\|H>?ition sci
-on, w ben tht ss lil bc li
? ii'., w iii offer unusual attraction!
I h. horse * th il can w in lbe Derby, t lari
-.. i.._. r, ' mp, " - w i
rank as thc horses of th year. Mr. Whai
ton says these races ittrect nol only td
fanciers ol the horse, bul ibm tbcae wh
admire beautiful women, for il th n ma
ie -cn tho uio-1 charming ladlee ot ti
.-itu * ind rurel districts of the Ohio Vt
ley._ _
I lie l'ulr un il the I Itl/ens'< oiii'iilfte-i
A general meeting ol Hi.' citizens* con
mitti ?? -ii' 'luted lo colh cl fuodi to td 11
tb. premium lint, mein ( pm is . and mil
tar. prizes at tbe Fair, and n> pros ide coi
.?nu ork*. ftc, in the city the nigh
ol that wt ek, w iii be held in the room i
mis i "f < "Hini. ree Ihti i
G o'clock.
;- :i w idespread opinion thal if tl
.atone "f the Lee i nm ni cou
I,- I .id as lbe das before the lair coi
i,,.I,,... thou ni- ofl old soldiers, fruin tl
South would rome to the cit) and rene
old associations and friendships.
Tin re an two Lt e Monmot ni A.il
lions. Each otighl to have ? large imou
ol ln'.'i.'s in ii* treasury, lt i- getting
be time for action. What ?l" Ihi j * ij
this proporel '?
I'ity -CttMSMb BUBB District leimplct
The p.'li.e ofl tl ?? Third district yeah
dav coinpl. ted tht ir dut) intaking the nt
census, They int.- made quwk and go
work ol it. The totals are as followi:
iistrl.i. ''?'
- er,..,.! district.?"-'
TUrd district.'-'?"
(iriiid t-.t.il. fl 1
Nuiui,. roi nines listed yesterday, Li?
nnie, r Chesterman si Hod one mum
.Ink-.hi Ward yeaterda) and luted t
resident*, and I" f. re he gol OUl nfl thc j.
the heed ofl the home, a colored man nain
Hill, wa* di .ol. _
m.-i:t! sky i:n'"KT ron nm ITbbb Bj
inn Itasca 31, 1883.?Causes of Dea
Burns, l colored; canct r, 8white; cong
tioii ol' htngt, l ullit''' l ''"lorctl; et
sumption, l wiuic. 3 colored; eonvuliii
(inf:inlile), I while I eoloredj etnbolb
l colon tl; be irt-dlseasc, l white, i col
ed; hernia. I Whin : iiiiiniti -ii, J .-o|,,|-,
pani) -i*. i colon d : i'm iimonia, ;j colon
premature birth,! white, Si colored; tal
ni' *. nb rica, l white; tubt n Biotin, 1 i
ored; unknown, I white, l colored; who
inj-i.dU'h, '.' White 1 col.d.-d. \i/n
number efl .hath* In lbe city, exclutivi
atllbhirtbS, 82 st hilc 13; color, .1,
localityi Marshall Ward, I; Jeff r
Ward, B; MadI* a Ward, l; Mon
Ward, 4; I lay War 1, 1 | Jack.-uii Wald,
slmsboust, 1.
Hate ol non dit) nfl wuom populal
wa* UM |)cr 1,080 ptf anniini; rate
mortality of White |)opulati"ii wa |
per i,ism) ntr annun; rate ot norhdlt]
colored population WM SftJSpeT LOCO
annum, ?'? '?? C^aWt M. I>.,
president Hoard ol liealtl
? 1
? of
i Insurance on ToKuei o-Fuetorlea in
till* Mute.
The f.Mowin-, i-ncl ali..ut a nek aro,
: though of general inti rest, does nol apply
to tin- city of Kichinotid :
"OrrtCB of thu Sr itu Boabo ok -\
" fjBnBBWBITBBB Or \ IimiM.*, (
*' Kn uvioM). March 26, 1888. )
" Tim ICxeeiit iic I otniiiifi..- ha- advanced
thc r:it.-* one half I per cut. additional OB
I all clas-.es ,.f tobacco ri-ks (public to'mci...
wsrebousea excepted), to (sseeffect on and
ofter the Istof April, 1888, and hi* adopted ,
tlie Thre--Foiirtli Value claus,., uliidi bl I
to I e attached tu di polideS un said tol.aceo |
ri-k-i (pul.lie tolsieco-WBrebousea except- i
'< Agents ol all companies will correct
their tarbf li-ts a.irdlagly.
" w. L Oowaboib,
''Secretary ^t:tt.- Board cd Datlerwrlters of
?? lt i-< understood fha! lasveal of los* or!
I damsge under this polieylhat tin-, company ;
j -lull not be lidiic for Blore than three
j fourth- of Hie actual essfa msrkl ! value of
the property hereby insured: and in ev int
of other Insurance permitted hereon, then
j Millie for it* proportion only of tbnee
j fourth* such less,
'?Attached ta and aasde part af poHcy
j No. -."'
in view of tho misfortune attending la*
* ruraaees on tobacco-faetorlea In Danville
several companies have directed thsl their
risks on all -ii'-h property there be eanci i
ted. a meetlag of reneral and apecbtl
1 agents of companies doing tire business In
thia state will he held in tbe office of the
I Virginia Home insurance Company here
on tbe otb to further consider the subject.
There i- no unfriend lintis fell towards
Danville or any ,,f it, citizens- nol the
slightest?but they'myths! tbevmust re?
cognize tbe fact timi tobacco-factory risks
there bart not paid them for years.
Uriel*) timi Personals.
Tl.mission of one single little word,
?? uni." iii th" report of the Council pro
- pul Mr. Bowie In n false lighl be?
fore 'ii- constituency and spoiled whal waa
-aid al-.ni the building of a new engine*
bouse af the c irner of Mai h ill -ti', ci and
Brook svenue. Mr. Howie was opposed
lo the removal of the engine*hous< from
Third rtreet, and hi- amendment to thia
effi ?! W 1- ll'loptl ll.
I ut lin Lem. Jeffries, the i dltor ol the
if, ol VVooster, <>.,
waa ye* ??? d maror ol th i city.
Captain Jeffries i- a brother ol Mr. J. 0.
' -. "f thi- city.
I lol bub T has niel''a demand upon
?' Auditor for bia wtlarj aa Judge of
Ihe Chancery Court ot Richmond, and it
In- i'la;', refused. The matti r will doubt
ii -i. d in the courts.
Emancipation-day i anned out poolk,
Hie parade Im in. a failure ami but little In?
tercut Iiiiii'.' maiii:- -li il.
Mr. W. P. Giddings, who was arrested
with Mi'. II. B. Gaines ."I nd i ?: fighting
in thc stn et, was bel ; ? Justice
Richardson yestenlay. Mr. Giddings
to Hi" Court that thc difll -i1
? nt . i some hasty words spoken
. ind til il Ihe matti i had been ami?
cably a IJ u -'? d. Justice Richardson Im*
I ??? ! i fine ol - '? grains! \!r. Giddings: for
striking tlie first I.low. and this B - ; ;
and the c iso di-mi-- I.
Henrie.> I'olilies.
There will l"- held in ilenrico county
on Thursday, April ilth, at 2 o'clock P. M.,
a mci ting Ol the 1 )i i ai ie ni ti ? roten ol each
magisterial district for the purpo.f se?
lecting delegates to thc convention which
court-hou.n Satur?
day, April 7. 1883, to nominate count] i ffl
? c. rs. Al thc mi i tings in thc difli rout
i dlstrieta nominations for < 11?t;- i > I ri
poor, and -up' tv i-.r
(Tc. Th* meeting* will he held
tat the following-named places: Tuckaboe,
1 Forks if the Rc ul-: Bronkl ind, Kelli i'
Ston , Harden*! Shop; Narina.
Township ll di.
li i- said thal I >tli polltl I p*n
hard I . the
? making an neth
iii bc
much lui'.'
The ci,,- ??-? ,-.;,!, -t v. riff. W.
i !.-???? i ; :
' J. C. Jones, ti" 11' -? ur In
lid tte. lt
i ii: id] u?t. r leaders
in the cou,ni tl I yl r, tte
i.ilin ? r, viii I c
1. ntl n, ind that Mr. Mei i r, --
cnt I t< d by a band*
Ballrs -I i <ii.ration.
Jud ll terday for
Iii:- will t -day bear
i - Baltimore and Ohio I! li?
ri md Company, which sets up elaini to cor
k - i/' ll !i\ ,'! ?' .? ' I I
ti - due, am! payni. nt
of which v. ii ; nd n d In c iuj ona and n -
The Attorney-General and Auditor I* fr
tn atti ml : r -reeding* In tbe same c ne.
Judge Hughes will return here to-mor
\i ul- all of the "delinquent'*railroad
companies hi the State, the ( hesapeake rad
Ohio Included, have paid up in nen' y, md
si the rate ol 620,000 pi r mlle, In
i, at w I ii*- ti rate they could have paid
if the) bad promptly.
Iluverly'*! Minstrel**.
I ? ii !,t al the 'Iii-arie these min
Btrcls commenced i two-days'enji
Il b*almost u-e! -- t ' wij tlutl tbe bouse
? d'll, for this i- the case
Ravi rly'a Mastodon Mina!
pear; still it la true thal hurt nlghl galleria
ami all vu re crowdi d, and eonallytrue that
!;. n - d' li !?' d with tlie pi rforin
:,,,?,'. Thi r- la -"ni' thing distinctive about
li i,, |j ?- Minstri!-. foi whll
all the mirth and music ol other i
rompenies, they al tbe - im ivold all
thc obji ctlonable fi stun - thsl sometime!.
Call be eo'llpl llll'll Of,
Nothing i isl nlghl i onld be found fault
willi: ind'-d. '" tic contrary, there wai
much thal excited the most exciting and
pleasurable emotions.
This afternoon al 2:80 o'clock the rain
-tr.!- will vive a matlm e, and to
it niii be an occasion ol pleasure ls need
I,.-. doini music, fun*] roi.,kin; remarks
and old-fashioned plantation talk will mik'
evcrybod) satisfied. The performance wll
be rep* ited to-night, and there need be ni
li.-itan. y on the part "f raj In being pres
mt t" enjoj an evening ol r.-al funwRh
mil disagreeable concomitants.
si: iiir.o.vr l'.\THtri:l-K.?Tin1 VlfglBl
st. mu!... ,t i ompany (L. B. Tatum, aupei
iutemieiii) baa withdrawn their ab ame
\riel fr"iu tbe route between hew am
jforfolfc rad plaa d the attractlvi
Nellie White Kl her -ti ad. This i- one i
the '.ii"-' popular i rcursl rn hteamera i
Baltimore harbor, wbeaee abe rmi bs
itiuimer to ion.I tba rea >rti In thal \
cinitv. 'I'll'" lad, together with tbe n
markablj low passengi r ratesol tbe Jamel
river r mte, canaol fail to dna over it
large travel to Norfolk aad Old Point.
Mr Tatum Informa na thal tbe Ariel bi
been ienl '" VVoodall'a floating dock, I
Baltimore, where ihe will he Blade a Ba
and .1.-mt boat. Her iron hull, machim
n -il,i' ;i-. A''-. Brill be thoroughly renes
cd! rad ahe will be splendid!] returnlsbei
painted, *c, and be llnlshea la full tin
for tbe uld I'oini -ea-ui.
LiullirV U4?ir.?'ollur*i.
Tlie blest Imported novelti In Jewelry
?Han tt? Kii.iviiia.-n "do :-i-.dlai?
li -t. ld
a lilVi t '
\ inc assortment WAssbown us yesu rai
f- iJessrs, Goddard .v Moses, BSD Mu
itreet. Thi j received al thc Banal tu
over fifty dlflereal style* af illvarbaai
bract lets, ;it prlesa from $1.00 to ?10. C
and *CV U?'UK
Our ?? rtoom " of 1SB3.
ll'T thc ll-.pan h.]
In BoVtnba h*f. as the result of meef
iti'j* ot --ii auMberofl our bsndiieeiHMefl t<>
dlseun the nntter nfl whnl wt iboald pr.
-"lit no\t f;,|| f? attract Irtdt to the city,"
the < hsnber "f Connierct inul the Cttn
merd il < tub, over the ilgnatartt of their
presidents snd Committee) on Inland
Tnitle, in addition to other ittnctions,
proposed to utilize tbs Stets Fair for that
very Important oldest, and to batt ? grand
military competition ob Um Paur-*Orotmds
between the militia troops IrontaMvsrMBM
States thal they de -dded might bebitRMtdto
nnik-e Blchnond their piu-cbasiag point,
but ssiio-c people (,, -\ mat extent base,
principally from habit, heretofore raBBed
Ly Biebmond and gone to Haltimore. Phila?
delphia, or New I'ork for their goods.
Haltimore. to get this trade, IntUfUrtted the
Oriole, and last year Biebmond, m an
initiatory -t.p. had a grand Trades Parade,
whteh,thooghi perfectsucbccm In itself, had
not lien long enough advertised to effect
the full intention, dur l.u-itiess-inen hate
properly concluded that tin rc must 1,0 a
variety offered fo iliac, vi-ilors, and that
it will l.c advisable this y.,r to tflftf snine
thing in the place of a Trades Parade, and
f"i-thal purpo.e that it will I.e.- helter to
taketh.- time of the State Ftlr, and liv a
linc military display and improved ra.ins
tinn, willi I'.-iMitifn! firework! anil other
ainu*, miiif* and ittractions in tho city the
same week, to lettie I "boom"' which.
through offering pleasure and enjoyment.
will materially benefli and enlarge the .gen?
era I business inion ?!*? of Iii, hm..11.1. With
ihi* view, titer 1 full understanding with
the Agricultural Society, collecting com?
mittees have been appointed by tin-rom
mittee on lilian,t Trad,- to carry out tho
proposition, and thete -.'" ntl' men" are nosy
canvassing th.- city to ol.tain thc funds dc -
ceasary t.> make tin' occasion worth) of
the business and enterprise ->f Richmond,
.?<> tliat our visitors may Dot only partake
nf our hospitalities and plettures, hut he
Impressed b) our vim and capacities, and
satisfy themselves ol our great advantages
,-is ;i distributing centre. There h tm doubt
ih il t'.e 1 nh.. -.1 inul .-tii.-r transportation
? '..niiiatii. s ss Ml cooperate to facilitatethii
object, ind ii now di pends upon our bust
tn --linn!., make i grand success h) roi
utUiirs and llb ral contrtbuttona. 'Lin
prop,.-.,1 pian promises fulls asnnchMan
Oriole . 1 Ir on s Parade, ss ith lessi spense
t" indis id.mi- or linn*, ind if i* hoped snd
expected thal every man or firm called
upon by fbe committees will contribute
si.rdtng f" tlnir means. Hie gentlemen
comp sing thc conniittees ano do more in
tcrest d than the rest of us, bul are patrioti?
cally giving their tine and bani labor for
the general progrcsi ot business and the
pr --p. rity ol "'ir city. The programme
and particular details ol the gala festival
will ho d. sign< tl and formulated by the
?'ommittct - .11 lui md Tr ide and our bes!
business-men, and wi ma) aafel) rely upon
th. ir e|..in { thi lr dui - well; bul a* their
ihllit) and the d i-j -Lin tm:-' depend on the
amount "f fund* raise d, tbe hnpoi!
. s, ry ol.ontrihllting be aelf-i sid. nt. 11 i
we call on ill to speed then In tht
Help ii (_ eicrcl tunaej.
Mr. Willbun ' . VI ..- ?. ss ho his Just been
appointed "Soliciting Anent" "i the so.
cii tj for the Previ ntl >n "f I ruc Ity to Ani
mais, will begin to (bs) to solicit nemben
for thi* Socletv. Prom all tbe indication)
be svill n.i et w ith cordial support fruin al
,1 citizens, lioth ladies aRd gentle
un n. One dollar will constitute any one 1
m. in1., r for twelve months, and sj,) a life
nu uih.r. lt is believed thal many citizen
will not content themselves with givinj
one "ioli.ir ;i >. r t-> such ? laud ible undei
t iking, in w bleb *?> mu h good may be ac
i-omplLsh. i. \'.-? bespeak for Mr. Mayo
cordial reception.
Tho FOwla* Kcill-I |i Spring-Iti'.l
ls entirely metallic, easily handled, durn
Kio. free from noise, cb in, and full o
e ip nits for ?'? H ls, ii I'l'i. ?
luxury. Sent on tri.i
h.. - 13 \. 1 ;?:,.
iBI! a I>: CABTBI sr
ce. l ll
i 1: "i - 1 lt.
. I
, -that /',
en :: t l 1 :
or ni!'. Purur."
: om. A. - sn*.'. '?.... : OBI
j I'll, i Itt: ' ... I SII.11U-, : Pille K
i OM.V. i lois M.U. si ii kit. j Only.
.; "; lt.- K. '.O'.'l.T. .
t 1 ' *i Lsrxi
la a pare and Ii I I brr. re e
|, iv re ! a .."? ri I .1. 8 B. ATBIBSOX
. I VI IP "'ler.
-kinm vii ??? ?? ss. i-'. 11.alt!. Bisntssr'
" ???'?<? Itap
I ? ? _.
SS RI B ri Bl I! -.''?? I -'?! 1
l? ir lil nile! Ihl1 Ul '?.rilli MD I V
Lia-si beal B tlc m.uU.t. Vor ts
by all lea..:!nj-.''-if lie lana.
. nie it Bl t;.-. busty Moa 1 I ?. 11 1 '. 1
?? \s. in- May-Apple k.k-." .vii. art io. 10aad81
TO BABB t t, ti- IBM !? 11 ilain IO plBBBS
! '
KO. N.i!i BB ? i'i 1! '" it vt ia . vt 1 :T, r
sad none 10 i- 1 al ir. it I l Ms unsee,
. 11 ? . , _? t" 11 prtaUai taas
,. |.:-c\i. 11 I'll*. 1 is-,-ll"! IB. ovod IM
lots Brie 1 1 ' I.- I 0 i.occel.
ager Oa all -?' - *' Beal itatate Bsarttbetwesc a
talofa 11 "i .lui., 1 .. t .\. - 1...
- ' ,- pal t ll) tl.r 1 Ul' I. '-T.
l?t "' J "ly noil'*.
thc t. ' - her.
1 Tl,I-cu,los - - leura
,,t all Un ..tl. ld. ??'' ?' ?'? ??**
it intts.I
.1 THOMPSON BROWN, 0 ''? IL, brick st
I IBU 1! *ti'ti anl ttv., In
dwelling*1 n -'.i 'salley.
,! IM0MK-0N BKOSS N. 1 I V. M.. lion (Soli
kitchen tai aol 1 . N ' Ninia Amt,
tween ' ' "> and Le1 b.
lil VIM I - I. ITOLZI! V< ll. la M..i'.fn, foi
-ini.-u*. bay, i .I a..s, sasl (Bsatbtj Imi
BM ' ?
The te.iilv ic .-"i-i'- a t imN STIONS l
1 III. eil.I? PEOPLK v. Ill !w- nn-t.-.l ll
... 18 BS i'll Hetttt stn ; i. liv UM Little sjtstei
lilt' l'ool,
eousmenelni wtih RON DAY.
I hose who ii mut rueem venleat to tilt tt.cll
can leite their donation ai any of Bat tollu'
......e.: Koli, it I-iui,ii,curu. r tecondaudt
.?re.'O; Messrs, 1 liit-U .lt A SVIiim, Hit ces-l ?
struct; -loini M. ittaatua, 1010 oaai Krai
strutt i J.,,,,,-. Uayija, RucKs-Ut. Wb '<J?M
the dispatch:
CA8ii-ivv.\i:iA?r.v is; idvav E.
on*?.|ii io . , i.ai'o.i.I 81/
One-,itt ur. two in cit'.ni. 100
One t.|uare, three Insertiona. 1 (JO
On.? ,11 ir". -Ix 1'i-ertlnn*. S Of
on. ,|ii.iii..twelvefnse-ttoas. 5 60
on. a,ure. one month. 10 <>0
? in ne. t io nii.tilli.i. \H I 0
?'l iain . tl,rei irioti.h?. SS 09
C'li'i ! \T OK PSBBBBBsl
ar BssBaaaBBs >
/MaVKKAl. ptsUBCTIOl Os* TilE
RXOTIC T( 1: vi ( os.
Ninia io TUB TI.'ADK.
Thc merchant* who roar tx- wlllinir ti wSPi?n>
I'li.N ion \. ( irsl.r tbe -tipi.lv of the iaK.h il
manufactories ut Stance arr hen l.v Inf uti'.! lb.it
Hie a Itnds1na on *.nfM ? ni,ini.,i,.ii. wm 1* BsBdn
at Uta oilier ol' the l??u*iir-. Iii I'arl-, lu BSBIta
se-.sl.ui, an folluwi :
on vv EDBEBlTlTtJl ne 6. 1*.^ t.
rirat. ?i.iiiiii.oiio kuVa-nssairi ?.f I.KAF td
1KV< emf Mt, rv late I. or e*- rr.,p ,,f 18*1-188?,,
eoircauunAlBs i" Utrea -viie*. in bc .livid. >l n*
tlirie inls of la mo.(ino klV-ffvammeseai a.
-ie..11.1. 2.000.004) kllosvunme* ..r I.KAFTIK.
Uti roof ohio..,r tin- .rt.* nf 1881-1882, mr
1 -lionHi.k' lit Banal (vp.-* In mir |..t.
om tbcbbdai "aaa?, lats,
ku t. ?.01 (..mill Hi 1 ai a ai? ..f i.kvf ti>
BAl.'t'Oof K.niur' y, of the . rv <-r l'?si-ls-ci.
rorresiHvndlna tn ihree tvpes, -.. '.edivnl. .1 in lour
lol ni l.r.oo.oon kilr.|rraniii.<?-nr|i.
Second. SV o".'do Uloarataam ..f LBAf TO
llAl lil of Virginia, ol the crin er I880-18SI,
c.irr.Hpoii.llnit U> ll r>i> tvp.*. to il. divided In Imo
lots-.f 1.1100.(100 WIK pi.iinu. ? raab.
fabmlsslons must 11- ma,:,- for each -upi,ly -aaa*
-at< ly. which will oe deposit. I on ike taMe "f the
Connell on each of the a|i|wdn'ed dav., ai thc
'<li*Tiliur ?.f the iiesslon, al -j. o'clocl P. M.. th. ?d
Jaalcatloa will take piara.
Copies nf the books of the roadmans, ipprofasl
i br the Minister of Finance at Parn* to aerva ia a
. hub of thea Jodie'lions arr .t tha disposal of
thr trade rn the office* of thc. VdmdiNtratloa of
Tohaecn and of the national tn.tt, ?".<-i.,i t<- .it
I Paris, Havre, Marseilles, Bordeaux, uti .1 Baa
onet of ti., v;.-,-i on ulata ul 1 ? ia?a -ii Bleb
mond, Vt.
?| h. -li j*- itt c.nf irtnifv with Wk , |, Sta *nr.|)ty
of tobaccos wu-i ... rn t-i-- will be di n ?.I ?t the
Diaanfaetori it Tart*. 11.. lyn. of Virginia to
bucro will also Tm-deposited it the Vlre*4'on il c.
?l iriuo. In l.'leti.nd. N?, (J tooth KM lh -H., t.
froiuj toS I'. M.
lb. Dlr-eior-l.cinTil. RBQWAULT.
I*\iii-. Bares 0, I--- t.
l'Btiit?tie<l by >i li ' *ul of
Kline.. J. LA PLACE.
Un hmi.ni>. Va.. April I, 1R8"I. sp4--4t
I\SI |{\>4 I!.
[N>l'K.VM !. lil \ I IN-I IM..>.
No. 1 li I .Mus -11:1: rr, I , 1 i raOBB N'?-. I 14.
a aa the v..en i:ltubai.,i f araaartvwa:asa
11 mihi Hu 1:1:1 Mi s.of... nu .1 1 . thi -1 S.of
London, and the RIX ill - 1 1 !: 1,1' 1: vi \ v. rom
liinliiir nulli. 11 .1 . in i, ,? 1. ., . ,,.
ranee "f ucl.?? an.-?? . ,, 1 iieea
e,.ni|, ners are remelt ted n 11 .- tri., '--lin
thc. -itu ri for talr Jailing* and prompt and ?iuare
Mr. W lia 1 iv ll. Vi B 1- int-. I ita < f Hie linn
if Gordon v Pl< a ni .1 ? ? . 1 . 1 with n .. iud
will he .-I el tn nan* Uie patrol ? ol al - frli iel- ni
the !'.tine in le tlie put. i -? ?l:ii
1$. Il 0OI I .
is-l R iv 1 .
11 r BPBONI v . T l,
< ILL lint i p.
ail ssh 1 ra
rriii -ii- 1 -i..\ ni rm. iN-i -
I ll V\< i Pl UKI"
lan ? ? tad rat! ?? i?i tal as - af the
1.1 :i:-l N -ri; v s ' I COMBA BT
OK vi 1 kw vi 1.1 i .
I' 1 ll lil 1 I ll! of ll iel ? 1, e.
I ? .- ? Dil Ml p II M"l' l-l:-!?.'?' SS, li'.' 1 -I B
??ia -. : 1 io.!. !? . ii" -? ??? . ind 1 1.'i 1! 11
Aninuutof ni-;-!' in fare. Jana
, 1--1. iai '.".:."ii
1 ? a -manie in loria .Kuni?
an 1. 1882. 7 I-"."<.'.'10
v h. ml ..f ia ?? 1 ? ? ? ? a mn.
.ny l. 188 ?... - I. >"'i 't
Surplns over 4 per cent, reservi * 1.014.073
.-nilli-.???? 1 1% eer cent, reserve. 4.184.04)0
lt- ill .- li ?..! ? r. I ?- I i.ia- -I |.. |t I theoMLT
...v win. ii basin recent years printed tablet
.??ii . i-ti mi ilk-.ii- foi nc Informitlon
of the t ul Ile. Th. SOU rtivv i--i t i:\ . ?- feme
Hil- f. r I -1 ? 1 li Vi. 1 '
In 188*3 wail i-iH'1 11 r ?
l-,,r fm LL, 1 Inf. 1 in .'. >n a lill ? -
1. ms ii. . \i:v a BOM.
1 North 1 mam 1.
r Hank snd lentil nd, Va.
eili I-. ....'tiny 1 1
?JOB BALE, -ll VIM. ? Is A \ VI.L
' ' nu.
. ? ! lilli
.? 1.
i-oiniiri In v -
. L. Lol Hr r. I
1 . treet. -. ?
rpiIE BlIOADvl kl B iLOON,
l OB -vi 1 .
? lu.*.
m. |-8t? ItUIN 1 : kim.ki: pn tsMar.
TMiR -.vl.i:. V -I'!.'.\Hil? ' I N I'!.'V
I1 -?. rwKvrv ai ? ii
i ino k tarni .?.??
.. ,i n ii. l. hi i-i 1 - a cn. _
I'.'i: SALE, I ll'-1-1 l \? l Kl IT
1 M. , ,.\i Ka 1 .is ' i:v - ii'i:i . dolas ?
> ll.
ll. I'l-WI.
ill v.. -t 1:alt.it. ? ?!
,., -.; ? r. iiiiinor.. MS.
AWMM.s A"\l> TP.BTB.
'|M!i: SEW ^??!{K 1 HEAP AWK1SU
1 AM> 11 Ni i'iMI'vnv Bsarasteataaalflp
th.- han i ? m.-i -lui:!-, liiiiii:-. WINDOW*.
and POBl ii-a\vmnii- thal Bara stss pal ui*
in tblt eft]. m.1 u 1 iv-i. iv n If area.
WINDOW- ind -i'"KK wv ms..- v. ?-UKl>
au.I UKI' VIKKI)al Factory, ll north lourtctutb
.i,.,t. kl. ' mond v ,.
i:,f. renci 1: .1. F. ll. .ur.it. T. w . Wo. d.tiraab
-11, Bi mn .v < ..1 vv. .... I I il'.
Re. v. . v Kiln v - i-H*
Ml I.M MK..
U h. 11 -vi mu :>. J*V&
I,,, 1 . . New Ynrfc wltfe !!??
I ABU I -i am? if v M)-.. vu -1 v--..i: 1 vit;\ r
..i- vin kim i:v ?.?M?! 1
? ??? 1
. i;.'i: PALE, ONE Ol THEaS-^k
1 L ll \\D--.|I -i VXD Ml W
- vlei vi-.l.v 1 ?1:11 i\..ii'if-! 1 .i; ? 1 1: Uv).
i ii. \i.,.k w BLL-UBOkl BILI
11 M. ?'?"! 1 :i M
i;i l-.l Vi-' ? I ' '-? I
\ii 1.1 - LND uoirsi -. . ^
Anv 1 . r,..n nt' I U M>V
1 tali- UhK 01 Itli -''"?
V. V-l Ml I ll - I . IN V 1 I I. " . .ml
;i ., ns near - ; '? -ul
' 111/ 1. r v.-, ,t euri ?????..., ? *' ? oilwal,
II I l *,'.l Bil 1'..
Kiiluitf or li r- ii tontersa *pe
Mv laleaaaan, Mb. JOHN ll P.\< 1 . .- 1 il way*
, . -1 .ni>ph ni' 1 md ol \" i 1 - wi)
IImi:-i - for lh< wi trade.
Katlsfaetii niruaranl '
lh. 7.H1.. ..mu:.: ll. Ul s\: rr.
a ..
1 i.r
I aa
i au
rfMj ,1'illN IHAUV: Taki I ? asal I
1 ill eu S ATI i:nvv Bv l Ith >i ??' vpul.
I--, t. tnovi the Jo Ire ef the 41 ? art iir
til. lt) ol' Kl. linea . t I e, ... UV
-jKI . .an I, V) Sn bat! tu W
tiii-tivtn yoarpkiei ind sii?sd In tho tmi-dma)
i-xeraudh) VilolphusU. Will lams, traH ? ?
s. U< i ? ? 1 ucl Jain. Ni it, tn ? ? Mariana
1,tannin!, md vv il'i tai t.at etl ta 1 va ?! 'lad iJ?o
:.i>i il 11 of - i>-. ie er, 1 -.. 1. j: i ?,.,?
eli rk's Bee 1 1 th it ne- ? I city of
Kl. liiii-.n I. In lM-tf.l-Ii.iuk 06 l?. |>-?je
V.ay r.-M-.i- ll) '?? ILLI Iii kBBI IT.
Bi loun-.t. ll nv A NV in:.11 1
vi iw 11 1". 188 1. iii 1 U vv ll _
IkJOTU 1. IO lil:. I'i .il.li.
Mil,ll HIM. Al.' M K.K Hi' V li-'.IN v
Mot'I KT Y FOB TIIK r*f V I N'l l?'N? e ' ,;? -
1 1 1 V lu \viMU\ vu lh..* w.o .re t.?
,-..uti linne 1.-io. , 1 1. ? 1, ..I u,. ? *let>arer-s|a**a?
cl to du ?>. Hu
nih vin-lv. I, ' iBMSTBrtN4l P ? '?' .
Sun iv., ,-ut < ks, sin i ks,
--u: wv - ii: wv, -icwv.
"oraakionsenrlahale-.d Imml inanj ynini'y.
ai kars* l-l "' MVMo villi ? tt:t\-l4?l>
liK'a. v Pim vam* m i-; fm y-h.
tu.'IV to 1. I- Il-Vslllt,
1 corner Kmukllli and I .in*. ...Iv -lr,. I..
UJli li -w l-v, ttvSl Bl'llUU'|ld?.vi|i<v*.

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